My Favorite Candy

Many of you commented telling me your favorite candy. I have a favorite as well. It is called Hot Tamales! Let me educate you all on this candy! Hot Tamales are a cinnamon candy manufactured by Just Born. They are shaped like Just Born’s Mike and Ike candies and were introduced in 1950. They are available in both paper boxes and in plastic bags. Click here or on the photo below for more information on this amazing candy! Don’t eat too much, however! I am not responsible if you buy the 5 lb. bag and eat them in one sitting! Ha! No, seriously. At my listening party a few weeks ago they had tons of candy all over the place, including my favorite shown below! Have you tried these? I was so impressed when they gave me these! I can’t believe they knew my secret addiction! Don’t forget to refresh this page. You never know when something new is posted. You don’t want to miss anything I might have in store.


Thank You Nintendo!

I was frantic because I couldn’t find David this device called a Wii for Christmas. All the stores were sold out. I asked my assistant to contact the company and the next day a special one showed up at my door! This will go so perfectly with our Africa room! I cannot wait to see his face when he opens this! Have a great day!
Despite the rumours and what you have heard, my family does celebrate Christmas; however, we do limit the gifts to 3 per child.