No Time to Blog

I’ve been so busy! Directing movies is very easy, but it’s so time consuming. I know my fans are probably wishing that I would get back to the studio and record the next blockbuster album. However, my attention is on my latest film right now. I hope you will be patient with me. Enjoy the latest copycat until I return. I won’t name names.


The Queen’s Copycats 2


No movie ripped me off more than “Memoirs of a Geisha.” They copied my “Rain” video. They also copied my “Nothing Really Matters” video! I couldn’t believe how similar some of the imagery is to what I’ve done! I’m just glad the “Hung Up” video came out after the filming was completed; otherwise, they would have probably had a leotard-clad disco geisha in the movie too!


Update: They also copied my Vogue performance from the MTV Awards. Notice the use of fans!

The Queen’s Copycats 1


I loved the film “Brokeback Mountain,” yet I still get angry that Hollywood continues to copy my every move! I should have received a credit for at least inspiring the art direction! They copied my “Don’t Tell Me” video and the “Music” album and single covers. In addition, they seem to have copied the ending of my “Material Girl” video as well. That truck looks very familiar! This is just one of many films that ripped me off this year. This is the best movie of the year, however.