Please Do NOT Buy This Book!


A true fan would never buy this book. I’m sure my brother will use the money to purchase drugs. If you buy it, you’ll be hurting me and my family at the same time. Whatever you do, please do NOT buy this book!


The Queen’s Book Club: Shantaram


Crime and punishment, passion and loyalty, betrayal and redemption are only a few of the ingredients in Shantaram, a massive, over-the-top, mostly autobiographical novel. Shantaram is the name given Mr. Lindsay, or Linbaba, the larger-than-life hero. It means “man of God’s peace,” which is what the Indian people know of Lin. What they do not know is that prior to his arrival in Bombay he escaped from an Australian prison where he had begun serving a 19-year sentence. He served two years and leaped over the wall. He was imprisoned for a string of armed robberies peformed to support his heroin addiction, which started when his marriage fell apart and he lost custody of his daughter. All of that is enough for several lifetimes, but for Greg Roberts, that’s only the beginning…You must read this book! I met with the author recently and actually toured some of the locations from the book. It really puts things in perspective. Click here or click the book cover above to find out more. Also, check out the video below of the author, Gregory David Roberts. Note: The video is the first in a series of videos on Youtube.

The Year of Magical Thinking

Didion’s husband, the writer John Gregory Dunne, died of a heart attack, just after they had returned from the hospital where their only child, Quintana, was lying in a coma. This book is a memoir of Dunne’s death, Quintana’s illness, and Didion’s efforts to make sense of a time when nothing made sense. “She’s a pretty cool customer,” one hospital worker says of her, and, certainly, coolness was always part of the addictive appeal of Didion’s writing. The other part was the dark side of cool, the hyper-nervous awareness of the tendency of things to go bad. In 2004, Didion had her own disasters to deal with, and she did not, she feels, deal with them coolly, or even sanely. This book is about getting a grip and getting on; it’s also a tribute to an extraordinary marriage.

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Kindle Is Da Bomb

You have got to get one of these Kindle devices if you love to read like me. The company gave me one recently and it is da bomb! You can buy newspapers, magazines, and books, etc. The screen almost looks like you are reading an actual book. I was given my Kindle recently and it was preloaded with many books on Kabbalah and much more! I have really enjoyed it and I think you will too. They are currently sold out, but if you order one I think they will let you know when they are available. When I do my book club, I will try to link to the Kindle version of the book as well for those interested in the future. Isn’t technology da bomb!

A Vintage Book and Photo


Since time immemorial mankind has been plagued by the question “What do you do with a dead cat?” I remember reading this in the 80s and just laughing out loud! I believe it was 1988, but I can’t remember for sure. Do you remember this one? Click here to check it out.

Inspirations: Protect Yourself With Light

If you feel someone is psychically attacking you or being energetically hostile toward you, imagine a protective light surrounding you. Some people think of a white energy field; I imagine being enclosed in a translucent blue egg. Find a color that works for you. This will protect you from any harmful energies being sent your way.

From the book: How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation
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That Is NOT Me

Who is that model? I thought it was me until I saw that iron in her hand! Click here to check out this unusual book.

Alison Jackson has photographed the Queen of England on the toilet, George Bush and Tony Blair chatting in the sauna, Osama Bin Laden playing backgammon, and even me ironing clothes. Or has she? The likenesses are uncanny, but of course, her subjects are look-alikes. Her photos demonstrate that while seeing is believing, the truth is another story entirely. In her work, Jackson says, “Likeness becomes real and fantasy touches on the believable. The viewer is suspended in disbelief. I try to highlight the psychological relationship between what we see and what we imagine. This is bound up in our need to look—our voyeurism—and our need to believe.” Indeed, by showing “celebrities” ostensibly caught unawares, Jackson’s pictures show us what we imagine might go on behind closed doors. Her work has caused controversy, not least because it treads in a very gray area between parody and realism by seeming to break down the carefully fortified private lives of public figures. For this edition, Jackson has been commissioned to shoot a broad selection of new portraits of dead-ringers for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Saddam Hussein, George Bush and Dick Cheney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, J Lo, Eminem, Britney Spears, Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, and many more. Expect the unexpected!