Cheek Implants…NOT!

I have been informed that there is a rumour that I have had cheek implants. Nothing could be further from the truth. My makeup artist got carried away the night of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and now everyone thinks my cheeks are different. They are not! If you see me without my makeup, I look just like I did 20 years ago. I chalk it up to my fitness regime and healthy lifestyle. If you want to look good, get up out of your seat. Come on up to the dance floor! No seriously…Step away from your computer and head to the gym. Kick some arse for mama!

Update: Express yourself don’t repress yourself! I have told my assistant to allow all comments to be published. Nothing is off limits. I want free discussion on my blog. I have never compromised my artistic integrity and I want my fans to have the same freedom. With this freedom comes responsibility. Please be nice and don’t abuse your power.


My New Look

Do you like my new look? Everyone is going on and on about how “youthful” I look. Today’s beauty tip is this…Smile. Nothing makes you look more youthful than a smile. Make sure you brush your teeth though. Just saying!