I’m the Director! Now. Shut up and do as you are told!

Ok. I know I shouldn’t say this, but some of these actors are going to make me lose it! This actress (I won’t name names) said she has creative differences with me about MY FILM! I told her to do as she is told or she will be looking for a new job! You see…I am THE DIRECTOR. It’s my vision. It’s my artistic integrity that is on the line. You are just the actress who will read the lines as she is instructed to do. Sorry. I just had to vent. These actors are going to cause me to get my first wrinkle!


Crock of Sheep

I am so annoyed by those groups protesting everything under the sun! I mean seriously. Get real. I had the sheep dyed for a photo shoot with Vogue magazine and you’d think I had tortured them or something horrible. My assistants used a non-toxic dye that is commonly used with animals. The sheep also seemed quite happy with their new pastel-colored wool. It was done as a homage to celebrated photographer Cecil Beaton for crying out loud! It would have been boring just to have simple white sheep like everyone else. Give a girl a break! I will not compromise my artistic integrity!