The Album Title

I am having the worst nightmare trying to name my new album. I have suggested so many titles and each time I ask opinions, nobody likes the title. I haven’t had this much difficulty naming an album since “I’m Breathless.” Please suggest a title in the comments. I have to come up with a title within 4 weeks! It’s an emergency!



I know you’re so tired of waiting and anticipating; however, in reality waiting is not only the hardest thing. It is also an important part of pleasure. Waiting for something can make it so much more enjoyable. NOT! Seriously, I just wanted to let you know that the single has been prepared for shipment to radio! It is going to be just a little while longer before you hear it. I have approved all of the remixes personally and you are going to have so much fun dancing to them soon.

I have been so busy with saving the world and preparing the album release. I think making the music is actually as difficult as saving the world. Isn’t life complex and wonderful!

Crazy Photographers!

You should see the chaos outside. I’m so busy working on the new video and there are literally photographers all over the place! They have been offered thousands of dollars to get the first photo from the shoot. I can assure you that is not going to happen. I am asking for all cell phones to be confiscated and checked for images before anyone leaves the studio! They won’t get that shot. Trust me!

If you see any illegal images, please report them!

Coming Soon…

The new video. The new single. The new Icon. All of it is coming soon. Justin and Timbaland are both here and we are ready to make a video!

I’m sorry I haven’t been here much lately. I am so focused on the work. I hurt my ankle recently and I have been training so much!

Are you ready?

Busy Busy BUSY!

Hello to all of you! I am working with this new kick-ass choreographer and she is literally working me to the bone! I am exhausted. I must be ready for my upcoming video shoot. It is going to be so kick-ass! Sorry I’m using the work kick-ass so much. It’s just that’s the only word I can come up with that fits my new video! It is going to be so hot. I can’t wait!

Bad News

I am postponing my album’s release. Timbaland keeps releasing singles for his album and I don’t want to have my single out at the same time. It would look silly to have my single featuring him when he already has a new single out. Please be patient! Spring will bring something special! I am sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’m involved in planning the Spring promo tour, learning the video choreography, and approving the album artwork. I have insisted on better designs! You’ll See!

This is NOT My Album Cover!


Despite the fact that I think it’s funny, I still wanted to let you know that it is not the real cover. I have received several inquiries about it this week.

What I can report today…

1.) The real cover is already designed.

2.) The first single is currently being remixed.

3.) The video will be shot this month.

I hope this is enough to keep you from believing anymore fake stories! I was going to reveal all the information this week, but I think it’s fun having all these little teasers and anticipation. Don’t you?

I will post more later.