I’m the Director! Now. Shut up and do as you are told!

Ok. I know I shouldn’t say this, but some of these actors are going to make me lose it! This actress (I won’t name names) said she has creative differences with me about MY FILM! I told her to do as she is told or she will be looking for a new job! You see…I am THE DIRECTOR. It’s my vision. It’s my artistic integrity that is on the line. You are just the actress who will read the lines as she is instructed to do. Sorry. I just had to vent. These actors are going to cause me to get my first wrinkle!


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  1. So fire her,and give me the job! GIVE IT TO ME !

  2. oooooo………there she is, my dominatrix girlfriend!


    fuck, was worried sick about you for so long, i got sick myself in the process, fuck!


    ah well, bad things happen to good people

  3. well that is not very open minded, open hearted of you…..

    you should take time to listen in oneness with them, and forget about the budget, where in doing so, even if you don’t come into awareness agreement they may be coming from, you at least gain a higher level of moral with their at ease comfortable loving true real self, which i feel is the only true capable actor able to get into character

    oh for fuck sakes, i am so not following you down the path of Director

    i have more interest in Jesus and God the director………of my wise wide awakening heart mind body spirit and soul like your own


    use tact

       /tækt/ Show Spelled[takt] Show IPA
    a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations.
    a keen sense of what is appropriate, tasteful, or aesthetically pleasing; taste; discrimination.
    3. touch or the sense of touch.

    can i be tactful with you?

    come on, let’s get tactful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. uhm, vision, artistic integrity? blah blah blah

    you have a vision?

    what is it?

    i have 2 wait and SEE?

    getting into the deeper realm of vulnerable true graceful calm self of anyone, a sorta trance like feeling, requires admiration and trust with one another, where while the director may be in charge, a good director gives you the time needed to go deep within your own self in bringing forth what only the actor can bring forth purely and truthfully from within

    hey, i know, why not try a sleep over, getting them all on board in oneness direction with the project objective achievement we all purely feel as one in bringing forth what we all feel matters to the entire world in accomplishing our visionary goal(s)!

    what did you say the vision was again?

    oh, you see, i feel so left out all the time! fuck!

    fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!!!!!

    ok, i will be in the studio, you know where to find ‘me’

    just be sure you do ONE day!

    the eternal day that IS!

    if they do not know the vision, how can they become it?

    i would say the greatest ability of a director is sound effect directness exacting communication that starts with the director, prior to entering into the studio

    and remember, there is no such thing as a finished film, it is what it is at the end of the budget, where effective concise precise smarter use of time is what works, and less frustrating for directors and actors alike

    anyway, im just rambling on, don’t know much at all about directing, although i would say that if you don’t win over the true heart of the actor, you may as well forget it

    just sayin

  5. personally, i would alot a portion of budget consideration daily, that actors can use freely before the camera, in your allowing the to freelance their previous evening thoughts of each up coming shoot, then do how you want to see it, where you just never know, your actors most likely may have something special of their own, but if you don’t allow them to explore what could potentially better than your own, you won’t find it.

    if nothing else, you develop a much purer bond with your team players, in their ability to go deeper in bringing forth more believable real self expression in their getting into character, no different that a dancer who clearly is emotionally in step with the music that resonates purely within them, indeed, IS them.

    just an idea, you know, an hour of time well spent, that is of wise growth orientation direction in necessary pureness bonding trust building that may result in what you are attempting to achieve, with the option of better that you all may discover

    ok, i will stop annoying you in my endless ranting, you need your rest and peace of mind, realizing i am not likely helping much, my shit that i need to calm down.

    sorry about that……………

    carry on…………….Biyatches!


  6. oh, and as director and editors know, you do not have to share with the actors, which shoots you are going to use later during editing, where the objective is to have more potentially better material available later to edit, no different than a photo shoot of 100 shots taken as opposed to 10, narrowing it down to the best two, then one

    hope the helps

  7. oh, and remember, Jesus lovingly wisely compassionate restore(s)(d) pure loving heart felt sight to the blind man’s soul, not his eyes……..albeit, his eyes, spiritually pure and true of YOU all

    blessings to all

  8. you know, i really really do know the pure loving hearts of the unborn yet to come in the distant future, feeling what we feel, in holding these stone carvings in their loving hands of the eternal day awakening awareness as my own

    if you do fearless know your own feelings true, how is one able to fearlessly knowingly evokingly cathardically convey awaken another so sadly lost and tragically oppressed along the way?

    it’s not like God can just stop the universe and start over, knowing the capability of our brain, in all it’s useless empty nowhere meanderings over human history like it has and yet does, as much as God would like to start over.

    can we start over?

    no wait, wrong question

    can we start?


    just sayin

    ok, i will stop with my bisexual frustration

  9. my heart constantly aches to be in love, in step, in every blessed step i take, to always feel someone truly truly does love ‘me’ like i do them

    i am in love
    with all of you
    even of gloves
    beating me black and blue

    hey, that’s it, i will take up boxing, good aesthetic value results in so many ways!


  10. he stepped thru an approaching door he purely felt coming up within him, in his surrendering to step thru like he compassionately did

    question is, why?

    what was the single most compelling thinking and feeling Jesus was of in his surrendering processing he was of in the days leading up to surrendering to the cross?

    do you know?

    i am still trying to establish exactly what it is, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually

    i mean he knew once he stepped thru the door, that would be it for his precious loving life……….what is perplexing of the carbon dated text from the third century, is that Jesus speaks of the kingdom of heaven as being all around us, not in the sky, so why would he choose to leave his loving life behind of so many he obviously loved so much like he did?

    he does speak of a spiritual realm he seemed to be of realization(imagination) belief that he was from, so much so, of no fear in stepping thru his physical death door that he willingly stepped thru

    my God, my God, did Jesus love us all hear in the future so much so as to marter himself……..apparently 100% he knowingly did

    question is, was Jesus a precious soul surrendered completely for God’s spirit to dwell in, an humble oppression of sorts in knowing God is the wiser than he was?

    was it all a mindfuck religious bullshit of some kid who became obssessed with the monk teachers of his time?

    there is not much documentation of Jesus outside of the last few years of his life that lead up to his demise

    i will say this, to marter yourself for sake of teaching others, well, in truth there is no greater love than those who lay down their life for others

    such is the soldiers heart, is it not?

    war is always the most foolish last attempt in deeling with foolish harmful others

    and yet, of those seeking to harm my brothers and sisters, you have go get past ‘me’ first Biyatches!

    get it?

    unknowingly asleep at the wheel ‘me’?

    oh never mind, go back to sleep

    i love you
    i am afraid to love you like i do
    i am afraid you won’t love me like i do
    what to do?

    run Andyy run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. i am purely 100% of the eternal day Jesus speaks of now, at all times, everywhere i go, wisely feeling what is of so many of these souls along the way, that i know inside feel as i do too, no matter how oppressed they me tragically sadly be, like my dad was, such a sad homosexual ending of dad dying in a closet he was too afraid to come out of, and yet did, with me.

    my dad loved me with every fiber of his body, and i always that about him

    and so did and does my mom, in always shared our oneness love as though one

    rather than the loving conducive environment of a loving family of kids forever at play, homosexuals have each other as family, of pure true eternal feeling love constantly always there in their eyes with each other, day after blessed day, as we watch out for the new comers approaching along the way, knowing most likely of the ones who will stay, of the so many strays who find there where here to the gay ghetto.

    i live a blessed life

    and i have know this for some time now

    every step, every hour, is sacred, at all times, all of us growing more and more fearless like we do year in and year out, of no difficulty at all in knowing where we belong, along side one another, the harmful others always who are there, with gay bashing glare

    we grow

    we keep growing

    till our last day

    in awareness of the eternal day we all walk in

    while most may be subconsciously unaware in cognitive alertness of the changing of times by means of the pure light within us all, some of us are awake at all times like we are, for sake of the aimless haphazard asleep at the wheel others so lost, so oppressed like we too once were along their way

    it is easier for me to be gay

    never thought i would ever hear myself say that one! fuck!

    hey, that’s progress Biyatches!

    well ok, the bisexual issue, whew!

    like i said, it’s not you, so much as it is the others, oppressive of ‘me’ 2, who i know is just like YOU!

    what to do?

    well, how be i stop annoying you with my ranting sexual frustration manifestations, repectfully so at this juncture in time, so you can focus on what i sense is of spiritual value work for you at this time.

    i don’t want you to fall away from the precious zone you may be of, in my not purely knowing where you are, as much as i want to

    bisexuality is equally as much a homophobic struggle, if not more, as is homosexual coming out.

    i had no idea until i got fully into it that it really is, in likeness and form of transsexuals who are seemingly the only ones who understand their own self in process, something i learned about transsexual transitioning from being one sex to another, where ya, transsexuals know how much the love the female body, to the degree they purely do feel and seem as they purely are……..female, for the M-F transsexuals, like wise of the F-M testosterone injectors

    so be happy fuckers that someone takes time to share their transsexual bisexual issue with you, that may help you or another, even if you do feel what i have to say as babbling validation of my own self

    you should ALL be fucking thankful i bother with you at all!

    and that is the motherfucking truth, where i am way more comfortable around others in my life who are drawing me away from you fuckers!


    there, i defended myself, assertively, less aggressive passively

    so says my therapist

    bless you all

  12. fuck, i can hardly belief some of the shit that comes out of your mouths that is so disconnected from what is purely going on in so many precious loving souls as my own, like WHAT THE FUCK FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!

    go piss on someone else’s grave!

    complete fucking jerks is what some of you CLEARLY FUCKING ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i suggest you read up on Immanuel Kant as regards the true value of autonomy freely given

  14. specifically, philosophical theories of autonomy developed by Kent, which may give you a higher insightful appreciation in using autonomy advantageously, as regards your vision objective

  15. as Rosie says, “Oh for fuck sakes, these two are so obviously meant for each other! Why don’t they just fuck and get on with it?”


  16. i don’t know what the vision is, although i suspect it has to do with natural subconscious liberation processing self-actualization freeing of one’s spirit out of the quagmire that most any are haphazardly are unaware exists in what is of non-conducive world most plod along in aimless like so many do, a responsibility to others that artists fearless embrace for sake of others in what they have wisely take time to learn of their own self.

    i feel there is always potentially more effective untapped experiential techniques available for film directors and writers to explore, as a way to free the seemingly unfreeable who choose not to read much about their own physcological well being unattended, which in truth, we are all subconscious doing it anyway every day as individual directors of our own life, albeit, if you are able to alter and save even one life from falling thru the cracks with your devoted works, the value of the precious life changed forever in however small away that moves them off paths of fate, is indeed, what is of the ONLY true value of the devoted work, mission accomplished.

  17. am i bothering you?

    sorry…….i’ll be in the other room

    Hey, who ate all the Almond Guy Ding?



  18. ok, one last brain teaser for you

    Kant argues, that using reason without applying it to experience will only lead to illusions, while experience will be purely subjective without first being subsumed under pure reason.

    henceforth comes forth the true mark of an artist, yes?

    in otherwords, if you have not lived sufficiently as the vision, of unwavering certainty that comes with that, and ONLY by means of ‘that’, then the vision will seem as though subconsciously always detecting of existing flaws illusionary to others, because of the what is of the unavoidable apparent ‘lack’ in depth required to purely know without doubt whatsoever the eternal day visionary unchanging mind that is unable to be altered or eskewed by any who may attempt to do so.

    still with ‘me’?


  19. nudge nudge……….

    HEY, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

    i wanna have sex!!!!!!!!!!

    oh oh, ya sure, see, that always gets your attention!

    did you listen to me at all?

    are we on the same page?

    well, news flash, whether you like it or not, WE all are!

    where some, believe it or not, don’t ever realize they always were!

    so asleep like some are

    all of us, past present future, are constantly of affect/effect/direct/indirectness of the changing of the of the eternal day light we are all from and swim in of what is this realm of existence that none of us to this day know exactly what is this place we call a universe, and none of us knowing if indeed there is another realm of existence when we leave.

    well, there is actually another realm of existence after we leave that we ALL need to wake up and purely realize does exist fuckers!

    the realm you leave behind for your blessed beloved children to walk in as you have


    damn, my bitterness is not subsiding, argh……….fuck

  20. anyway, i need to get back to the other side of the boundary fence, respectFULLY of you………and ‘me’

    although i do think you will miss me after i am gone, even if you act as though you don’t and won’t

    love is what it is


  21. at all times, always, love IS you!

    true of ‘me’ 2

    believe it or not fuckers!


  22. Didn’t you already replace her,

    I just got the script to my movie, “Still flown” one scene I got, one fucking scene and that’s it… oh well gotta start somewhere, build on it you know.. up & up bigger and bigger ..

    the bigger the better 🙂

    enjoy the Côte d’Azur… it’s so fucking cold where i am it’s impossible to get anything to start

  23. sounds romantic Marco


  24. and definitively cannot possibly be as not as cold as this fucking blog!

  25. i used to wonder why the spirit of Jesus was with me all the time

    i don’t any more

    he is protecting my pure heart like his own from the ignoramous world he too was born into, that we both despise like we do

    ok haters, you best stay the fuck away from our ghetto!

    we know who you are from afar, with our gadar constantly scanning the horizon

    WHOA!!!! did you see that one? So fine and beautiful prancing down the street!


  26. one thing is certain in this life

    we can avoid all self we can run around and play games let our ego assume control and avoid the inevitable

    but one thing we cannot avoid in this life

    is the certainty of death

    life as we know it will certainly come to an end

    be it tomorrow be it next week or be it in 50 years time no one really knows the day but we all know it will happen its unavoidable.

    and in that final breath only one knows what will go through the mind if not all or even a fragment of ones life will pass and in that reflection

    will pass your inflection

    godd night

    good bye


    good love

  27. in heaven, standing next to Jesus, who is always there as my best friend, awareness of coming 100% FULLy into constant flowing oneness loving feelings of our divine true ‘real’ self, no matter how beaten down oppressed one may be of in arriving at heaven’s conducive awakening moment(s) in time along our entire life path, is not of the unfocused feuding futile waste of precious time spinning of wheels ruminating back and forth, back and forth, argh, ego bashing competition

    unfortunately, while it may or may not be our ‘lack’ of mental emotional sexual awareness growth of own self in cause for continuation of such futile waste of time that presents itself in our attempts of bringing out the best as opposed to the worse in another, it is not entirely of our own doing, in taking appreciative note, that each individual is of the makings of their entire life journey thus far, of who it is who comes before us, themselves of whatever amount of oppression of their true self that is of the unavoidable truth of their path thus far, which rather than ever bad on their part, is in fact, always of potential goodness awakening blossoming self-awareness discovery for sake of them, for sake of sacred mirroring truth of the eternal all YOU who are of the constant catharsis process aimless plodding along slow awakening into awareness of what exactly it is most any is subconsciously seeking.

    as ‘knowers of truth’, this is what presents itself as though a challenge for the enlightened wiser student/teacher ones leading us, which is indeed a challenge for their own self yet as a student like the students they seek to reveal awareness as to what exactly is of heaven’s oneness we all have to take a moment and step back in acknowledgment of the truth, oh, we are all the same, where when one does not, all shall remain lost to the ever pervading empty mindlessness that Jesus refers to as bitter gnashing of the teeth outside of heaven’s oneness awakening of student mentality that is not only is required of them to shut the fuck up, so as to listen not only to the wiser student/teacher who in truth is just like them, but to listen to what is of the wiser student/teacher pointing to who they should take time to purely listen to who like wise also is patiently waiting there within them, the flawless feeling pure hearted divine true ‘real’ self of the eternal all YOU

    and that is what is of the challenge for a student learning use of tactful BEcoming conduct of the teacher who is not really a teacher, rather is merely the sacred mirroring of their own loving wiser compassionate older self in their own future

    you are all free to be of futile challenging of my knower of truth words all you want, but the end, if you are not of your own open minded student mentality required to learn of your own self oppressions, you shall remain as you yet are, of all your stuckness mentality oppressions, until such a time as you do, whether you love or hate it not.


  28. it is your life to live and dwell with those of your choosing

    indeed, yOUR entire LIFE is what is of all your choices made

    where all oppression past present future, is always of choices we are not allowed to make because of oppressive controlling others(read: Iran), and of choices we fearfully were made to foolishly stupidly think we were not allowed to make(read:Catholic Church)

    as regards choice of partners, the only partner we really have to genuinely authentically sincerely choose from, is the one who genuinely authentically sincerely chooses YOU

    access denied! pleaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee try again

    such is the truth of pervading controlling binding homophobia yet of this forefather world they left and leave behind for all the unborn yet to come

    change is occuring, but not fast enough for the increasing suicide rates for the 15-24 year old gay youth, statistics which has tripled over the past recent years, as more awareness awakening is likewise increasing exponentially like it continues as it should

    so long as another gay youth takes their own precious life, we are not doing enough as a society

  29. Its good to listen to other people opinions but you ultimately must listen to your self because you have the overall clear vision. Dont hesitate because it becomes someone elses film. this is one reason I love you. you do what you want always. 🙂

  30. the only ‘real’ question one need wisely ask, is who is it that identifies with everyone in the life teaching of sacred lesson film?

    it is no laughing matter, these issues of binding mind fuck trapping captivity falsehoods of death, destruction and oppression of our pure spiritedness ongoing liberation OUT of the horrid forefather mindfucking madflood drowning ignorances.

    we should all buy plane tickets to visit Iran for the next upcoming homosexual execution, millions of us, and then without a word to any of them, peacefully walk(march) away.

  31. of course, if they let me into their country, i would armed and dangerous to their scardy cat bully egos, with the holy sword of Truth and armour no one is able to penetrate like they stupidly unwisely think they can and so unbelievably stupidly try to do, humiliating only their own self for all the world to wisely SEE like we purely truly do SEE

  32. someone else’s film?

    that is abit naive and foolhearty egocentric…….

    what is SELF?

    are we not all of the manifestation of the eternal all one generation forefather binding intrinsic/extrinsic affect/effect/direct/indirect forces from the moment we enter into this yet unwise world surround.

    only truthful pure heartedness of a truly liberated SELF is able to liberate another SELF with ease

    i come in peace and brother love

    bless you

  33. for sake of YOU

    for sake of ‘me’

    for sake of the eternal all

    especially for sake of those of false taboo oppression like ‘me’

    i love so much it makes me cry to feel what is of their current oppression i purely sense like i always do, where becoming maturity compassion is our fearlessness to purely cry, not for sake of try for sake of false ego, no, for sake of ‘me’ in knowing who i purely truly really really AM

    y it’s Andy and Madonna, of course, duh! lol :mrgreen:

    you know, those two really should get hitched one day

    i pray :mrgreen:

    God, i wish didn’t love her so much like i always constantly do

    did you know, i think she inadvertently saved my sorry ass tagging along needy needy needy life from learning high risk self-destructive emotional coping problematic developing behaviorals over the years?

    i thought i mentioned that already……..

    ALL READY!!!!!!!!!!!



  34. such a pure light i stand in of retrospective thinking and feeling of lover’s i lost along the way, like Reggie Rose, so young, so beautiful, in a flash he was gone forever from my side…….

    i walked into the club and asked where Reggie is………they looked me and did not say a word…..their realising i didn’t know…….as i backed away slowly in realizing what i did not want to , unable to stand, falling down into a chair……….as they came over to me with a gentle touch to my hair, knowing how much i loved Reggie……..my sitting there in awareness of him………no longer there with soft words of care.

  35. oh, i realized alot of good things…………after they were gone

    like the night stand i had with one my age, reminded me of Mike from my youth, looked just like him………walking into his humble abode, that took back to the seventies, my first year in hitting the scene, meeting those my age and what was of their life, their so seemingly of no concern whatsoever of having an expensive life of any kind, so purely calm and graceful they truly appeared to me all the time, my god, what is this i am learning of my own self that i feel in oneness with them, saddened deeply of their grave illness battle with Aids, my not afraid to have sex with them, compassionately knowing they needed me in getting their met, the early 90’s so hard like it was………the next morning of me getting out of the taxi cab as he dropped me off, his saying to me, seemingly aware of my deep compassion for him, “You keep on going Andy!”

    i remember those words eternally etched in my heart, always he is there……

  36. he died the same month Reggie died…….my necessary grieving unavoidable, all of it healing, especially of my loss over Troy……..i don’t think we are supposed to ever get over loses that in truth, teach us about our own pure true heart like it does……

    i honestly believe we are all supposed to meet for a reason that reveals
    sacred awareness of our own divine true real self that God’s knows
    about us in what we may not yet purely realize about our own self yet.

    bless you all

  37. thanks for taking time to wisely listen

    to your heart

    like my own

    ‘that’ WE all are

  38. quick question

    does O having for you, as in ORGASM?

    just wondering, well ok, not really……..LOL :mrgreen:

  39. truth be told, i cannot bring myself to leave someone who purely truly loves ‘me’

    and i am not speaking only of you

    albeit you

    a true and faithful friend ‘i am’

    do you know who ‘i am’?

    who ‘am i’ to you?

    i feel only love 2

  40. WE are rising wisely victorious,

    unable to ever be defeated,

    overcoming the unwise self-defeatists we too once were

    the paranoid strings………so annoying at times………is ‘am i’ skitz?

    i don’t think ‘i am’

    doc says im not

    and yet my father and brother were diagnosed skitz……..

    i don’t think so

    i SEE thru a different lens, a magical pair of glasses

  41. manifestations of oppression

    my dad was gay

    gay as fuck!

    when he broke it off with Jimmy, at my moms ultimatum urgings of “or else”, Jimmy cryed, a grown man crying like i had not seen before, wondering why is Jimmy crying, too young to understand my own wet dreams at the time, pffffff

    and still mom ditched his ass anyway

    as dad fade away, everyone gone from his life he once had, dying alone………fucking bullshit!

  42. welcome to my mental break from reality, no wait, from delusional reality, no wait………

    are we breaking up?


    ah well, i am who i am, and i can only settle for one who 100% loves ‘me’

    do you love ‘me’?

    i know you do

    what to do?

    well, keep on loving ‘me’ like i do you

    no wait, better yet………..as i do you!

    oh, i can’t do you, i look fucking horrible in makeup!


    ~ bisexual meanderings

    i am what i am, from a female and a male, ‘that’ makes me female and male fuckers! so fuck you lameass fucks and all your boring fear of ‘me’!

    not you


    it’s always fucking themmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!

  43. my thinking and feeling is this………

    there is nothing more valuable in life than someone you purely truly constantly love

    and that is our reaching stuckness that is always there within of constant yearning without the paranoid strings playing

    make them stop

  44. i remember dancing to this song released in 1969, a different time for our pure flowing hearts so free, of just pure loving being existent, a better remix for sure, yes? 😉 love it

  45. hey, why do so many girls on myYearBook want me as more than their friend?

    and why do i enjoy them so like i do?

    oh ya, i really really am one of them 2 :mrgreen:

    when you really love someone, you love everything about them, including their orientation, or especially their orientation true love 2?

    someone said to me the other day, girls are girls, and boys are girls 2

    ya, well, last time i checked, girls are boys 2!

    and some of them are way more truthful and pure loving than some of you nasty sissy ass viperous back stabbing tittyboys without a big enough boyfriend dick!



  46. Madonna’s ‘give it to me’ is like most any of her songs, fearlessly honest sexuality without having to ask anyone what we all really really do know of our own sexual self she continues forward with, of a sacred mirror in inner reflection processing in self-actualization acceptance, as a gay male female i know ‘i am’, just like her, 100%, i really really am female sexuality!

    as one who does purely relate to how she feels

    as one who does purely relate to how all females feel…….or more accurately, should eventually feel in sexual self-love enjoyment so healthy for our developing healthier sexual attitudes in what we are, sexual beings, no shame at all, a part of our bodies in function like all our sensory perception pleasure, what life is, what heaven is all around us of sight sound smell taste touching sexual erogenous zone bodies

  47. how instrumental has she and other artists been over the decades in our self-love sexual growth acceptance?

    critically instrumental, no matter our sexual orientation, and especially of our sexual orientation towards love!

  48. could i keep up with her?

    hell ya!!!!!!!!!!

    pffffffff, more like the other way around………..literally and figuratively speaking


    i am more about my spirituality than i am sex, in that order, where without the spirituality, i cannot be the pure sexuality of my spirituality sex

    not just anyone

    someone who whole heartedly truly purely does love you 100% is the only way for any of us to love one another, no time for the pretender spenders, or too fickle loose easy bender slender, forgetfulness of my versatile bigender, get the fuck away from me with that pencil dick, fuck, how many times do i have to tell you Biyatches, mama knows what she likes!



  49. i know you know i do love you 100% like i knowingly constantly do

    knowing i always will like i have for along time

    i got hurt by a lot of girls in my youth that i loved so purely like i did

    one girl i hurt badly i fear

    my friends told me she was Catholic, as i ran away

    later in life i realized, i really did not deserve her, of God knowing the truth, i really really did not, not then, not so stupidly arrogant like i was to her, all the while purely loving of my every glimpse of her……..exit center stage, the fool listening to others, left standing there alone…..

    life lesson learning how to unlearn our foolish utterly absurd false unwise hurtful empty ego masks i no longer wish to wear, not around you, not ever, thinking i am so clever, the mr never i admittingly know i really really was…..still i am at times……ending up hear before you of one so dear

    was it really all of orientation denial manifestations?


    i really really purely did and yet do admire her pure spirit my own that i was and yet am

    what is sex with someone you don’t love?


  50. what would i say if i had a chance to speak with again?

    please forgive my foolish childish arrogance that obviously was with you, knowing inside my feelings i kept from you of the TRUTH that all i ever really really wanted, was to love you true like i know i yet do, and know i always will

  51. my life changed forever from that moment on

  52. worst of all, she was crazy for me, sensing of the truth that i too was crazy for her too

    follow your heart on a course that is always running pure and true within you of constant steady flow, and let go of the foolish ones like i know was and sometimes yet am, but not really, for inside i do know how i feel about you

    how i feel about all females i yet look apon the same way, that part of me that feels i don’t deserve their trust, the social norm behavioral of society’s male ego sexism, partly i suppose, doesn’t have to be that way, don’t ever listen to them, i am not like them any more, i am female spirited pure and true, just like you

    so if that is someone you can trust to love you, always know i really really will, as in the same will of you my own, where i really do know, only the female feels the truth like they do of the words i say, that all females need to learn to say, to hell with you lameass emotionally afraid immature males, now please just go the fuck away! :mrgreen:

  53. in truth, i really always do love the female, especially of the timid ever afraid effeminate female of the male of so many i have come to purely know and love in oneness of my own female spirit in a male body

  54. after knowing the truth of this like i do for so long, well, i conclude, that no one is male and now one is female, nope, rather we are one spirited sexual being, our higher subtle intellect oneness sexual awareness that reveals the truth of this clearly for some of us

    such is the effeminate(transsexual) female of the male

    amazing how some you cannot tell were actually once male

    society wants us to be one sex or the other, not multiple sexual beings, that only the fun loving versatile bigender intersex hermaphrodites purely always know the truth of their own sexual awareness existence like they really really are……….of both sexes

    for me, i don’t see people the way they are raised to be, rather i see the one who they really really are, fearfully oppressed in unhappiness not as their fearless pure true spiritedness unattended by a yet unaware awakening society yet learning the truth of transsexual reality check, that should they spend time close enough with them, the most likely would come into awareness eventually of a pure awareness inside as their own, exclaiming, oh for fuck sakes, i really really am transsexual!

    i was like OMFG!!!!!!!!!!

    the day i purely did realize the truth that i am more of a pure hearted transsexual, yet closeted, coming out, after spending countless hours in transsexual group therapy

    blessings to all

  55. did you know transsexuals have a 50% chance of killing themselves?

    yep, it’s true

    the transitioning two year duration can be overwhelming during a sex change, where i do not agree with transsexual sex change, rather seeing it in a light of my truth awareness, in what is intrinsic/extrinsic ignorance of society pressures for us to be one sex or the other instead of what i 100% do know we all really really are

    primal innately spiritually of just one sexual being of both sexual bodies that are not biologically different in their brain sex pleasure response oneness sameness

    i know without doubt some time in the distant future, they will conclude as to the truth of this with evidence that the brain sex pleasure response of the male and female is identical in feeling, our thinking that we are different, and not different at all

    and the ones who really really do know the truth of this are the fun loving opposite sex ones in an opposite sex body

    such is the gay male
    such is the lesbian female
    such is the transsexual

    such is the versatile bigender bisexual i know i really really 100% am

    where you get to love both sexes with me Biyatches, where whether you love me or not, i can teach any of you the truth of your own self, should you purely find your fearless willingness be as my own

    and if not, well i am so not going to just stand here all fucking day waiting for you time and time again and again……..

    did i tell you the time Troy said he was coming to meet me on the train, my standing there like the stupid fool i know i was with him, flowers in hand, of why he did not step off that train way back then.

    which is all fine, ya sure, follow your heart true, but if you are still fucking standing there forever and a day, well, who is the bigger fool? uhm?

    that’s right…………YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now get your ass over here NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  56. in order to hold on we have to let go

  57. let go of the foolish fools foolishly fooling their own self, self of another

    ya, i played the role of the fool, long enough to purely realize i was not the fool i once was lead astray to think i was

    fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    cannot fool ‘me’

    not ever

    oh you can all try like so many of you do

    butt in the end, no pun intended, fair warning, i really am not the fool, where you do have to ask your own self who do you think you are fooling?



    no way!

    not ever again!

    i love of her
    i love of him

    i am of her
    i am of him


    do you know really know who ‘i am’ yet, who i want to BE?

    so why the fuck did you not tell me? uhm?



  58. you want proof?

    ok, as a boy, answer truthfully to yourself of the feelings that come up for you in feeling what it’s like to be a girl, a Beyonce girl, in why it is that all you boys connect so purely like you do with her……..do you not purely know what it’s like to be a girl? uhm? what’s that? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!! SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!!

    that’s right, you do know what it’s like to be a girl and to love her the way she/you wants 2


    and that goes double for you penis envy girls! hehe

    some of you get me, and the one’s who don’t have time for me, well fuck it, i am not going to hang around here trying to explain what they forever ponder explaining of their own feeling self we all know so well like we purely ALL WAYS do! 😉

  59. ok, so where were we?

    oh ya, monogamy of opposite bisexuals plausibility study……

    for the female of the male exists as sorta humilation fear of how the male of the female may feel about her, as relates to the two of them not purely being as their opposite sex other with one another long enough to purely realize, OMFG, WE are exactly the fucking same!

    where the true fearless spirit(spirituality) connecting of both in calm pure true self-love accepting of each other in being nurturingly allowed to exist, wisely, maturely, spiritually connecting first as the only way they can ever come together successfully, happily, calm and at ease as we have been all this loving time.

    ya, i know our love is purely true, always did, always that yearning to always feel the pure true love of another who obviously sincerely really really does love me 100% just as i enjoy being as i purely truly am, unable or willing to want to change from that which i am, both female and male, of both bisexual’s true spiritual awareness of each other’s fearless existence like we did and yet do

    it is not so much that i don’t want to stop loving you, in as much is of the truth that i cannot stop loving you in what is our oneness sameness spirited spirituality connectedness that has been allow to grow for so long.

    can i live without your oneness as my own self spiritually?

    can i live without my own self spiritually?


    so why would i want to live without you?

    it’s not true, rather it is the fearful OMFG bridge getting our asses on that one way bus ticket ride kinda fear next level

    well, it cannot be rushed, no matter the pushings of one or the other, no, we will naturaly run our course in life, where perhaps we do run out of fearful denial excusing away of……oh, let’s not go there yet………..

    already there?

    hmmmmmmm……….now how do you suppose i know ‘that’? :mrgreen:


    ya sure, 100% plausible


    well that’s a stupid question, true of me or true of you?

    the correct answer……….you already know

  60. on par in oneness as the male gayboy top lover loving the female gayboy bottom, who do exist, just as they are, in who the male of both the female and male is the same, where the female of both the female and the male is the same oneness spirit, why they connect so purely like they yearningly do, in constant yearning to exist as whatever sex they identify most as, or for the bigender bisexual, equally as happy as either.

    not just plausible

    it is the TRUTH

    that only knowers of the truth know

  61. fearlessly know that is

    where we are not afraid like so many of you are cause for us to be of your self denial homophobic fear mongering

  62. not ever ‘me’ Biyatches!

    i am your wiser older self you have yet to come to know like i purely truly really really do know………the truth

  63. and now for my delirious dance down the street to the local store to buy whatever the fuck i want!


    why do i feel so happy?

    you would if you were me 2

    truly i tell you all, you really really wood!


  64. the potential disconnect, is the pure true awareness of the female of the female self-acceptance of the truth that the female of the male is exactly the same spiritually true as their own self, of resulting fear in sufficient enough time spent in awareness process of revealing TRUTH that only they can invite to their own self willingly, openly, lovingly, in what also is an extention of their own self-love esteem growth to the same degree.

    and vice-versa is the pure true awareness of the male of the male self-acceptance of the truth that the male of the female is exactly the same spiritually true as their own self, of resulting fear in sufficient enough time spent in awareness process of revealing TRUTH that only they can invite to their own self willingly, openly, lovingly, in what also is an extention of their own self-love esteem growth to the same degree.

    love of 2


    i am

  65. role play gays and lesbians know there self-accepting partners pure truly well

    so to is the ability of monogamous opposite sex bisexual lovers

    where indeed, homophobia is what keeps them apart, just as is yet of all closeted homosexuals past present future

    these truths do not change, but WE can, thru an open heart mind body spirit and soul that is the unchanging TRUTH of the LGBT community, that i know i shall remains as till my last breath as one who walks with them, not against them, just as we choose not to walk against our own self, self of another, pure and true, like we all obviously love 2 do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    our love is TRUE LOVE of 2

    within our self
    within our lovers
    within our friends
    within our children

    within the child of God eternal all YOU are from and really really are, that we can only ever continue to exist to BE

    always we all are

    TRUE LOVE of 2

    forever more

    bless you all

  66. now who the fuck are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  67. now stop spying on ‘me’

    ah fuck it, cannot hide from my own self

    how can i ever hide from you?

    so what to do?

    Just BE yOUR SELF!

    knowing i love you true 2

  68. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice. And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has already forgiven you………..fuckers!


    what load of crap that is………

  69. you have to be God to know 100% if God is willing to for one second consider forgiving any of repetitive unchanging behaviourals i have witnessed time and again and AGAIN for any of you and all your bullshit horrid fucking ways out there in life you all remain as like you do……..fuckers!

    i ask, how is anyone able to know if God is forgiving of hateful that which is not ever forgivable?

    and should God ever forgive any of it?


    and yet we do

    as Jesus asks us to do

    do as i do

    be the forgiveness ‘i am’

    for how else is one able ever to be set free

    without forgiveness that unbinds firstly thee?

    who unbound firstly ‘me’?

  70. so who is the first one to enter heaven?


    but what if Jesus is actually exactly the same as thee?

    seems like a useless waste of precious time, of who cares who entered heaven first, in likeness and form of all those running around trying to find ‘that’ which they already have and cannot find, is it not?

    ok, fuck, you win Jesus!

    fuck fuck fuck, i can never win with Jesus, that’s fucking it, i am so going to quit your ass Jesus, i sware, you’re fucking constant cheating all the time, already knowing every fucking correct answer to every fucking question you ask, like what’s the point of that, with you always fucking winning?


    boring boring boring……..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  71. i suppose second place is ok

    not like i have a choice


  72. who is blindly delusional? ‘me’ or the world Jesus?

    well that’s an easy one, the world that is unknowing of pure hearted ‘me’ and you, who unwisely thinks we are ever able to be delusional of truth all around, i ask, who is delusional as to the truth of all their own ill hearted self of all wretched hateful stupid ignoramus killing of their own brothers and sisters like they have and yet do?

    they are!


  73. so is reasonably priced product of material girls of today, more of a real self fearless fun angst driving free expressing liberation out of the mind-trap material girls of yesterday…….apparently so! 😉

  74. ……….im just fucking around out of my occasional bouts of bordom

    starting a new sculpture this week, staying in the zone of devotion to so many like ‘me’

    i think to myself, of where their heart is like my own, of the only place i ever want to be found, in oneness of the eternal all free

    inspiring of each other we always were and shall remain purely ‘that’ which our hearts turn towards within, where all our flawless healing feelings begin, the same place and time where and and only when all our hate ends

    i was thinking, you know, our brain can only focus on one thing at a time, albeit it we mover swiftly thru our emotions, but in truth, we can only feel on feeling at the same time

    the real question is. what feeling are we feeling

    where all anger is the false mask of our avoiding sadness
    where all sadness is binding unresolve keeping us from gladness

    where at times, i really do appear as madness

    gee i wonder why………..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  75. let forgetfulness depart my heart

    just be fun loving self restored part

    each passing blessed love filled day

    really really is of all sissyass gay! lol :mrgreen:

  76. Oui mais bon quelquefois c’est bien de rester à l’écoute. Il s’agit ici d’un travail collectif, on ne dirige pas un acteur comme on commande un chien ! Bon Courage Mady

  77. from the homoerotic pages of myYearBook……..

    she says, ” why do people always say I will see you tomorrow, I will call you tomorrow, of tomorrow that never comes?”

    i said, “oh wait, i know well what your saying, you are talking about those fuckhead small limp dick dysfunctional jerkoff ones who say they will call you tomorrow, all the while knowing while they say it today, that they actually have no intensions in knowing that they won’t call you, without enough courage to admit openly tell you, that their dick is too small for you……so instead of you dumping them tomorrow, like they think you may, why not them dumping you to tomorrow, like they say and do today?”

    oh, i know those fuckers, always the same limp anal retentive lameass fucking excusing disappearing motherfucking shit, leaving us waiting and fucking waiting like we do and did, of eventually realizing, they had no fucking intention of call us.

    next time they say that, just tell them, “Uhm, before you leave, there is something you should know about my sexual orientation, that i have no intention of letting you fuck me, as i am just not into exploring my gayboy bottom as yet, with just anyone, where i want to be the top in fucking you, so if you are not up to the challenge, then please don’t bother calling me, ok? ok thanks……” :mrgreen:


    made ya smile, your turn………

  78. ………as they laugh………

    not purely realizing the truth i am coming from, in who i am of many years travel the know nothing about, or care to for that matter………that i was not really joking……..

    why do they laugh like that?

    another example this morning in passing of complete strangers, from the homoerotic pages of myYearBook……

    an obvious hardrocker into heavey metal, tatoos, what to do, as midnight drifter asks, “suppose you knew i was going to die tomorrow, what would you say to me today?”

    i commented, “i love you”

    a girl comments after me sayin, “sucks to be you!!! im so kidding!!”

    midnight drifter comments, “lmao”

    …………see what i mean?

    these masks they wear, thinking they can hide from wiser older self of their future ‘me’?


    try and try as they may, they really cannot hide from one who used to hide to as they do, where i really do have a magic pair of glasses that sees right thru……..and after being this way for so so long, it is without effort, and alot of fun like i openly do.

    truth is, if any of them were to spend even one hour, much less an entire day with ‘me’, they would not want to leave, and god forbid evening rollsssss *cough* around Biyatches, of the two of us just sitting there, of me wondering how long i can wait for you to put the moves on me before i do!………..lol :mrgreen:

    actually, i am too afraid of the homophobes, their drinking and drugs, the intensity of their internal homophobia that can and does get violently possessive in all their homophobic ways………not always, but some of them are out right terrifying, been around enough to know, got hit a few times too many………still, they are all worth the trouble i suppose, best from a distance i keep with them all……….don’t play around outside my ghetto grounds………it’s scary out there in suburbia……….fuck!

    my heart goes out to the gay youth who live there………so horrible it must be for them every fucking homophobic filled day!

  79. These six things do i hate: ya, seven are an abomination unto bisexual pansexual me:

    A proud look(1), a lying tongue(2), and hands that shed innocent blood(3),
    A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations(4), feet that be swift in running to mischief(5),
    A false witness that speaketh lies(6), and he that soweth discord among brethren(7).

    Proverbs 6:16-19 (KJV)

    oh shit, that’s why i am so tormented inside fucked up…….makes sense now, i mean how can i go against anyone’s orientation mockingly, if i am of all orientations purely?

    truth serves the real you

    behind all our seemingly unloving false defensive masks, hiding from our own loving inner pure and true feelings suppression, in all our manifestiong outward oppressiveness………argh…….

  80. i don’t know about you Fred, but i loved my dog that loved me all thru childhood……….

  81. the many masks i foolishly wear at times………..passive/aggressive responding transference mostly i suppose, fear of my more true vulnerable self seemingly ever there………..true of us all is it not?

    we go to our concerts, loud and with constant cheer, jumping and jumping, in oneness unafraid openness of our vulnerable hearts exploding in thin air, without care, of who really really is there, everywhere all around, i am found……….

  82. as i hit the ground, drunk off my ass, falling out of tree, fuck, that was stupid………..broke both sides of my ankle, metal pins on both sides up to my knee now……..thankful i survived……

  83. i think my rabbit is gay, he like lick my face, chew my hair, sticks his ass in my face and just sits there……….obviously he loves me

    a rabbits soul is exceedingly timid at first when they meet you, that takes days for their calm at ease unafraid confident true nature to appear, in building of trust the only way possible, for you too to be your at ease true nature true of our vulnerable original self we always were and yet are within, always we are there.

    being at one with nature, is being at one with the true nature of your vulnerable divine true real self

    ‘that’ i am

  84. came all this way
    and still i pray
    what is so wrong
    with being gay?

  85. 2 know ‘me’
    2 show ‘me’
    2 blow ‘me’
    2 soul ‘me’

    ya im gay
    as you sarcastically say, “know way, i never of guessed that about you Andyy? really?”

    no, not really………..REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    say it like you want it, like you are it, you’re it, catch ‘me’ if you can! :mrgreen:

    ya, the truth is, i always was, even at ten years old i was, so in love with David and he me like we OBVIOUSLY WERE to everyone, all the time, every second of every day, none stop happiest fuckers alive, we always were, …….how sad in how he died, the self-medicating needles in contracting HIV like he did, following his heart likewise with others too, haphazardly like so many do………

    i know how the story ends for many yet uniwse

    lead by example is the only way, for those purely gay

  86. fearlessly

    lest the fearers
    of ones so gay
    drink of beerers
    taketh us away


  87. but why do i purely constantly love and think about her like i do

    if i really really am gay? uhm?

  88. my spirit is constant pure loving of her

    is it because she really does love me 2?

    enough to let me go, as she runs away?

  89. WE love them all
    like WE always do
    WE love them tall
    always our will 2

  90. we know their ass
    of hiding in grass
    of breaking glass
    the shards of past

    that remain in my side forever more, always they are painfully there

    fuck, if i pull them out, i will likely bleed to death

  91. i kept on going
    like he asked me to
    i kept on growing
    always the love 2

    running running running away
    of forever and ever eternal day
    running running running so gay
    of forever and ever eternal play

  92. i kept on going
    like he asked me to
    i kept on growing
    our love of 2

  93. WE kept on going
    like he asked us to
    WE kept on growing
    our love of YOU!

  94. thank you Madonna
    for loving us true
    thank you Madonna
    for loving us 2

  95. David died just before dad died that year

    dressed in black at the funeral, they all came
    his mom unable to speak with me
    she knew about David and i
    our sex together later in life
    she knew
    could not hide her tears of too much pride to speak with me

    why David died

  96. i should of taken David away from them in his dying days at the end

    he wanted go live in Toronto with me
    i should of followed my heart like we purely wanted 2
    i needed him too after Troy died

    his dad was a cop, a drunken one at that, my fear of him always that was there

    they loved us as kids, forever and a day

    but the homosexual kids we turned OUT to be later in life

    why David died

  97. they took him for gay
    and cast me away
    they too him away
    and cast me…..a stray

  98. fuck, i got cast the worse role of all that no one wants to play, whether i liked it or not

    and in the end, i grew to love my role so sacredly needed
    realizing the truth now, so sacredly heeded

  99. i walk among strangers now
    who are not so estranged
    i walk among strangers how?
    as though i am derranged?

    pffffff……..i don’t think so fuckers!

    think again!

    for God’s sake and your sake too, i pray that you all purely think!

  100. with a little less drink…………

  101. u r a sham

  102. not sure who you are, or who you are talking to, typical of the cowardice hypocrisy heart……..

    an imitation or counterfeit purporting to be genuine?

    no, although others are free to interpret the way they CHOOSE to, which i don’t care at all any more of what anyone thinks or feels about me.

    cheap falseness? saw through the hollowness, the sham, the silliness of the empty……..?

    perhaps in appearance to others, but who knows our own feelings better than we do? no one actually

    who are any of you to say how another person is supposed to feel of their flawless loving feelings for another, like my own parents that split David and i up.

    who is anyone to tell me how i feel about another?

    i do not care what anyone has to say, i am my feelings they do not purely truly know like i do, so if you could be more specific……..actually, since you do not indentify yourself before God, i do not wish to hear anything of who ever you are, a coward in God’s eyes, and mine

  103. but hey, i am more than used to that, decades of falsehoods most anywhere i went, always they are there, in constant glare of me dancing with another guy

    whatever homophobes

  104. try putting Emotional Honesty Safety into your vocabulary and get back to ‘me’

    till then, what do you have to say besides useless annoying gay bashing others?

    we are used to it

    so go think, feel, say whatever you want, where your own lack in descerning what you turn towards within, is of your own SELF harm, not ever mine

    there is one who does know all our hearts……….God

    and some of God’s children who do purely flawless feel oneness with others

    outside of ‘that’ is outside of what heaven really really is, constant flawless flowing love feeling YOU!

    always of 2

    find the one who is of feeling constant flawless loving feeling for you as your are your own, and already you will purely truly know what heaven is and what heaven is not

    peace be to you all

  105. why would God or i care for those who choose to mock us?

    truly i tell you, we despise their annoying falsehood false witness that speaketh lies, and soweth discord among brethren.


    attack any part of me you like, and you attack every part of me when you do, where of even 1% doubt, you are 100% doubtful of ‘me’

    who wants to feel that?

    i don’t

  106. i run from it, and i am running

  107. who could possible want or need that?

  108. my heart yearns to dance forever with just one, not just anyone

  109. bash bash bash

    is that all you people have to say?

    take my word for it, you will hurt own self one day, in hurting someone like you did and yet try to do me and our pure loving brothers and sisters, and if that someone is someone you do love, in all your foul stench spiritual death falsehood ways, well, what will be will be of how you choose to SEE and BE everytime you perpetuate empty nothingness of your masks

    in every passing moment, these perputuations are exactly that, of darkness that is yet binding of so so many millions of souls past present future

    for sake of your true heart nurturing, look apon the truth you purely feel and see everywhere you go, for always it is there, so that one day you will stop turning towards your hypocrisy hearts of death destruction and oppression of those who are loving without a care, of flowers in hair

    heartless fuckers

  110. holy joyful absolute carefree inner happiness is the sacred mirror that is of God’s divine will objective that will release the eternal all from all the forefather wretched false binding dark deathful destructive oppressive teachings you jackasses actually enjoy perpetuating like you obviously do, until the day someone dear to you dies as a direct/indirect result of what you all perpetuated every single day of your life living as the falsehoods you all play

    may these wise words serve you well, and if does take someone dear to you in dying to open your petty ego mean spirited hearts i search like i do, then sadly, that is how you will learn, the hard way, while the rest of us go on living……….running away from YOU

    forever more

  111. and already God’s divine will objective is set in motion, unable to ever stop eternally for the eternal all yet to come, even if i were to die today

    it is finished

    where all i ask of God is abit more time to finish the 50 stone carvings, which i already know i will finish, just as they are already finished in my heart that i bring them forth from, of what is the treasure i found there……..’me’

    in which not shall ever become victorious over my pure eternal spirit

    it’s just not possible, knowing i am oneness with the eternal all yet to come

    so remain as you may, for i have already come and gone

  112. shedders of innocent blood of so many of you who appeared to ‘me’, not knowing who purely was there, in all the things you have said and done, be gone from my side forever more, as betrayers of truth you deny your own self and others

    hearts of mischief,
    hearts of a lying tongue,
    hearts that deviseth wicked imaginations,
    hearts of sowing discord among us

    oh, we have come to know you all so well, of hearts we know are not so well

    your own worse enemies in misery loves company life that is no life at all…….without love

    without ‘me’

    argh……….i am so fucking sick of this unmoderated blog

  113. to you destroyers i say, your heart becomes destroyed, by what choose to unwisely say, of falsehoods you relish, so empty and vacant, for any love to stay

  114. as i run away

  115. fuck, i so need to find better true and faithful friendlier places to chill

    seriously, this blog is a vipers nest of the treacherous homophobes seemingly always lurking

    i am all orientations fuckers

    but attack one of them like you openly love to do, you attack all of ‘me’

    so screw off with your bashing us at Madonnas blog fuckers, she loves us!

    and always did

    knowing she always will be


    fucking morons, argh, cowardice fucking faker name morons, oh hey, im so brave, i go on the net with a fake name and bash who ever the fuck i want, cause i am a low self-esteemer with no real friends to love, cause i don’t know how to love my own self, and so i take it out on the world that i think owes me something, not realizing it owes me nothing, of the empty nothingness i think i am

    way to go fuckhead morons in all your useless bullshit i have tolerated far too long at Madonna’s blog

    what i learned to expect, time and again

    vomit vomit vomit

    always the same fucking vomit Jesus asks me to not return to

    when am i ever going to learn not to come back to the vomit i so constantly yearn to leave behind forever Jesus, after i give into to their spiritual death spuing all over the world like it does, that i so want to leave behind like i did once before?

    i don’t think so fuckers

    go kill your own petty ego selves after you succeed in killing the pure spirit of one close to you that is not allowed or able to exist around you………..ever!

    as i keep on running away


    peace OUT fuckers!

  116. to you who have no goodness to say, i will take a break from far away for awhile, ok?

    as i said, i live and prefer a blessed peaceful life now with no desire to come near the homophobes i ran away from long ago, happily so, so go play your silly childish mind games with another who likewise will wonder as i do, are they really that immature to say things like that?

    you are

    the empty vagueness yet in my heart i wish to flood with divine self light

    and poof, i turned you into a fluffy rabbit!


  117. goodbye fuckers!

  118. When i pictured the wise robe in it’s full glory
    it suddenly seemed to be a reflection of my REAL SELF
    I saw my own Self in this clear mirror, knowing the see-er
    and the seen were not two but One.
    The King of Kings was imaged there
    shimmering all over, as the true wisdom of God

    I noted my strength grew according to my efforts.
    With kingly grace He poured love on me,
    with heraldic hands hastening me to drink(more self wisdom)

    My love raced to greet Him, i expanded,
    cladding myself with His rainbow hues.
    I threw His royal cloak over my whole SELF.

    He recieved me with open arms and holy joy.
    i was with Him in His kingdom.

    Oneness holy joy errupting all around,
    the whole earth is fullness of His glory.

    For i had found the pearl beyond price
    and would be with Him Eternally

    for i had found what
    i endlessly searched for
    that he help reveal to me

    i had found my pure true heart of constant true love eternally flowing
    i had found my SELF of constant true love eternally growing

    of the eternal day light of SELF i am


    always it is today, right now, of the entire past that greets the entire future of the eternal all one generation flow
    in all ‘that’ which is of greater value than all the riches of the world

    i had found the pure true and faithful heart of ‘me’ where i choose to always dwell forever more

    bless you all

  119. i gave you my heart so overflowing abundant with love
    and you throw it apon the ground as though worthless?

    because you do not yet value your own heart like i do?

    fine, be that way, for all the world to see, each and every day

    with or without ‘me’

    for i am eternally free

    to all

    the eternal all YOU

  120. set free from the forefathers of fucking taboo ignoramous BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

    nothing but bullshit bullshit bullshit, day after bullshit day

    leaving me to wonder out loud

    how the fuck did i survive all their fucking bullshit Jesus?

    i mean had i not had you Jesus, where would i be?

    oh ya, living in fucking hell with all the bullshit i ran away from and keep running from those who cannot find ‘me’ in their blind leading the blind empty robot snared heart mind body spirit and soul of empty nothingnesses.


    i thank God for YOU Jesus, who purely truly really really does know ‘me’, in your helping me to wisely see, and always just be who we both know we really really always are, God’s wise loving compassion child i always 100% know i am, that no one is able to ever become victorious over, even if they were to strike me in the head and leave me for dead like they did you Jesus, for just like you, i too yet walk amoung their pure hearts so free EXACTLY like my own, of my true and faithful brothers and sisters forever more where ‘i am’ so ease to be found all around, everywhere, i am there.

    feels so good to just be ‘me’

    thank you Jesus, from the bottom of my heart where i found you and you found ‘me’, the best friend i knew i could not find, of so many we know are yet blind.

    may God bless us all forever more with peace grace love and inner happiness eternally restoring of the eternal all yet to come, who will purely know who i always was to them, even of those not yet born, in precious precious hands, their own heart they shall all come to see and just purely truly BE.

    for ‘that’ IS what i do know the kingdom of heaven is, our constant flowing loving pure true flawless healing feelings of ‘me’, just like YOU, set free!

    bless bless bless bless you all

  121. wow, you are correct Jesus, they really do throw pearls into shit in making us feel worthless


  122. but only if we allow our self to listen to their blindness yet unable to purely truly see

    not ‘me’

    try as you may, you only your own self in the end, in the loss of friends

  123. i belong among those of fearless hearts as my own

    i dread and despise this blog now, with jerk offs who come in with hollow empty nothingness

    so thanks for all the falsehood spurs fuckers that serve and strengthen me as a knower of truth in what is OBVIOUSLY all your wretched false gay bashing shit for brains!

    the word is BI SEXUAL

    meaning i live and love sex with both females and males as a female and a male

    the word is VERSATILE

    meaning i live and love sex with as both my female and male SELF

    ok fuckers?

    tread on either one of them, you tread on both of them, where they will both stand their ground with you immature fuckers!

    i belong with a versatile like myself

    no one else

    not just anyone

    someone just like ‘me’

    which you cannot pure truly love until you learn to love your own self like i do

    we see you bashers all the time come thru our ghetto, and they tread very carefully, all of us knowing each other, and if you get stupid with us, we kick your stupid ass out of our clubs like we do, and why?

    because you are fucking immature, that’s why

    so grow the fuck up some day, and maybe, just fucking maybe, you will get to meet ‘me’ one day, of some who think i am gay, kinda impossible to be gay if you truly purely are both female and male, is it not fucktards? uhm?

    so fucking lame all your empty bashing sexist homophobic remarks are that lead to no where, and certainly not ever ‘me’

    there, i think that about covers any more venting i need to be of for this blog and all it’s homophobic jerkoffs constantly lurking

    fair warning fuckers, you will someone someday that you love.

    i know how the story ends for so many of us, including you


    that’s what you have to look forward to

    not ‘me’

    i am fucking OUT of this vipers nest of immature egos for good

    you have nothing i ever want or need of extending my trust to this blog, always the same shit it seems, oh, lets go piss on Andyy

    no love lost i suppose when there is no love in the air

    so why should i care for you who like to attack us all the time so openly?

    that’s right, we don’t fucking care, we keep on running away, every day, to each other where we do purely always are made to feel we really really do belong, with ONE another


    so fucking tiresome you fucking jerks

  124. you will come face to face one day with what was of all your perpetuating gay bashing words over your entire life, in seeing the perpetuation harm of someone you love close to you

    where you will purely realize fully 100% in your heart, the error of your ways you chose to be of

    and for some of you, the perpetuation comes to you in the form of a funeral of someone you love

    these are words of truth you need to embrace as purely sacred awareness of the darkness mixture of the light in the world that yet lurks for those you love

    sadly, that is what it takes for some of you to learn the TRUTH of your own wretched self that does lead to death, destruction and oppression not only of others you think you love, of your own self as well

    do you think for one second we like any of your bullshit immature fucking mouth?

    about as much as we like walking thru fire, which is every fucking day for us fucktards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    truly, i wish some of you were dead rather than alive, so hear what i have to say as fair warning, that there is something far worse than your own death, and that is the death of one of your dearly beloved

    so how me God i will continue to purely 100% despise every single one of you fucktard immature ones so harmful to us like it is every blessed day, of some of you who did see how i respond like i did when you do in pushing you assholes back into the empty void of nothingness empty hearts you come forth from.

    mark my words, you will all pay dearly for all of it, and it will come in ways you not about as yet, but it will, it always comes full circle fucktards!

    into your ignoramous face that you recoil sharply from when you do get a sense of the purity of love we all are of that you attempt to kill within us, and WITHIN YOUR OWN SELF!


    fucking haters i purely despise like i ALWAYS have!

    cause that’s what you are and choose to remain as, and be sure you get this…………FOR ALL THE WORLD OF PURE HEARTS TO PURELY SEE, what you fail to see like we do, your own heart!

    fuck, why i am i wasting so much precious time with the ignoramous ones so annoying?

    come on Jesus, let’s get the fuck out of here and not come back to this viper’s nest of ill refute immature jerk offs that we time and time again got bitten by, in all their snap snap snap bitter gnashing of teeth outside our pure precious true heart that is so poisonous to our soul, and the soul of the eternal all.

    fuck them, let them remain as they choose to remain, without our love they don’t purely truly know or want, seemingly unable to in not knowing their own pure heart we point them to look apon.


    peace be to this house
    and peace be to you

    for the last time

  125. if i had millions of dollars as a famous artist, i would NOT allow any open gay bashing on my blogs

    no fucking way fuckers!

    so how ask, how is it possible that Madonna, of all people, allows you fuckers to openly bash us all on her blog?

    well, you bashed me one to many times fuckers

    way beyond where i should of come this far

    and why?

    cause she does not want to endure the cost of protecting us from you?

    seems that way

    so it looks like you vipers can take over her blog again after i am gone, like i know you fuckers will, who are always lurking nearby like you always are everywhere i go in life, no different here.

    and ‘that’ is truly surprising to me, considering who you all choose to hurt of ones so precious to her and i, and Rosie too


    i have truly had endured enough of the unaccepting immature mindfuck trapped hateful bullshit fuckers!

    swim in it all you want, you won’t find us coming in here very often when you do, we just don’t tolerate it much any more, nor should we………..EVER!

    do it to me in public on my street, is a truly bad idea as so many have found out, including all you drug dealers now locked away, of the streets i shall continue to fight in keeping us living happy and free.

    so help me God

    forever more

    go pray to God in asking forgiveness from Jesus and God, and already you are forgiven

    just don’t ask it of me, cause i really don’t have time to waste on you ignoramous jerks any more, that are so tiresome to my soul

    to all of us

    the eternal all of us

    united forever more as ONE

  126. i am in the future somewhere radiant brilliant and shining eternally bright now, having left your horrid empty hateful ignoramous mouth behind, where i always knew i belong in running towards the eternal future unfolding like i have and yet do

    you won’t catch me in all your death destruction and oppression mindtraps


    i was free the moment i stepped on to that one way bus ticket out of hell

    that obviously still is hell for us

    i belong in heaven, with my true and faithful brothers and sisters till the end, where i can shine eternally radiant brilliant bright sacred mirroring happiness for all the world to purely see and just BE what it is we all feel like we love to do, loving with one another, sensitive, graceful, tender, mild, joyous, lifting one another up where we know they belong, with us

    day after day, they make there treacherous way in walking amoung you ignoramous haters, as we catch them before they fall victim to your deathful destructive oppressive mind fucking mind trap ways, like so many of you yet choose to do

    it will all come back to haunt you one day

    and already it has

    for i am no longer here as a once trusting and faithful best friend you all could of had till the end

    but no, you just have to fuck it up for us all

    and now you can all fucking keep your own shit, ok?

    and when someone dear to you gets hurt, you cannot say you were not given warning by a messenger of God you failed to listen to like you could of, like you should of, like you all yet can.

    before it’s too late

    for someone you love

    like we all love

    one another


    forever and a day

    the eternal all making their way with us

    they shall always be




    the way we are all meant to just BE

  127. the real sham

    is this blog of viperous gay bashers

  128. kinda impossible for me to love any of you who think it is ok in letting the gay bashers mind fuck us when ever the feel like it.

    my too loose boundaries that i once was of in not allowing myself to trust this blog any more

    it’s like every fucking time i turned around for fuck sakes!

    ah, news flash fucktards, i have been living a gay life for twenty years now, so how much love do you suppose has grown inside me after all this time living in a gay ghetto?

    that’s right, 100% love for them

    i am them

    not you

  129. i am spiritually mentally emotionally bisexual, but physically i live a gay life, and i am ok with that, where it’s always the same thing, that i don’t really have a choice.

  130. thank you cruel ignorant world

  131. This month has been one of the worst months in my life. I feel so num with pain. I don’t even want to be in my body. Would love to be someone else just for the moment. When shit happens it fucking spread. One situation after another. It started with my fucking friend going to jail because he was stupid to drink and do some dum thing. I still can’t figure out what the fuck went wrong. This shit can happen to anyone. I was with him that night and some thing happen to me too but don’t want to talk about the shit. I will just say that every dog will have its day. Then all of a sudden my grandfather dies. I was the first to see him dead and had to give the bad news to everyone. He was just fine he was walking and everything. It caught everyone by surprise. I quest when it is your time it’s your time to go. It fucking hurts soo much that I will not see him but at least I know he is in peace. I am happy to know that he did not suffer like other people. He died in his sleep. He had two heart surgeries. Then six days later some one killed my puppy “Beba”. This puppy was the only thing that was close to me. I would look forward to seeing the puppy every day some were else because my mother does not like dogs in the house. I had an argument with my mother the day before the incident. I was so sad about the puppy. I saw the whole accident. Beba got ran over by the back of a fucking bike. She must have gotten her lungs ruptured because she had a hard time breathing I was there until she died 10 min later. I have too much on my mind and I hope it will get better any time soon because I know it can get worst but I am hoping for the best. I am just in too much pain right now. Well I hope you days are better then mines. Love always XOXO, O

  132. Iloved that dog soo much. How can yuo ran a dog over. It was my baby. no one will understand. it was a baby dog. at the moment I cant get close to a dog,

  133. it fucking hurts

  134. my grand father died and my puppy it is very hard

  135. liveyour live can give you advice but it is al up to you to understandy what is truly going on. it is a dogy dogy world. shit, thank you for leting me know I cant love a puppy dog. it fucking kills me

  136. i am getting a golden lab puppy even if they think they can tell i am not, oh look, too late fuckers, i am keeping the fucking dog!


    ahhh, that feels better already.

    [Andyy says walks promptly to the owners of the puppy dog, pays them, then walks happily ever after home, with his/her fucking dog Biyatches, and just try telling her, she cannot have the fucking dog, go ahead, try, and see what happens fuckers!]


    there, you happy?

    ya, i need my childhood dog, Brandy, a stray he was, like me, but the puppy dog kept coming back to me, cause i loved the dog more than the kids up the street, so the dog stayed, where it felt more loved, with ‘me’, smiling every day, like we both did! labs are the most amazing childhood pet!

  137. oh, and seeing as we are talking about my issues too, i know, let’s get go make some babies, shall we? :mrgreen:

  138. is that a turquoise blue bra he is wearing, oh my, it really is!

    always loved these guys

    Have a Happy Birthday Madonna……just wanted to be the first to say……

  139. always love his sound…….

  140. i love this guy!

    i could sit and play guitars, singing our asses off all day with this guy!

    has a soothing kinda sing-a-long campfire under the stars with best friends sorta feeling to it……..

  141. finger picking acoustics, used to play for alot, jam sessions all thru my teens and twenties, i just put it down, got bored with it i guess, and yet i know i could punch out some great ones for the world, who knows, maybe one day, the right place, the right friends, the right lovers, alignment of the stars……….love love the ham sessions i miss so much, of endless hours and days at play like we all loved, no ryhme or reason, more than just to feel our feelings flow like musicians come to pure know and love the most about themselves…….so too do we all…….

  142. Dear Mental Madge,

    Crusty Connie said on his blog that you had deleted this blog? But yet it is still on the internets? Are you still planning on deleting it? Or is Crusty Connie just causing trouble again?

    I personally don’t think you should delete it. Keep all the alters separate.

    Besides, what the hell would Andy do with himself if he couldn’t rant his sick-religious-gay-bashing-delusions on here twenty million times a day??

    Sincerely, Travis

  143. delusion indeed to those purely truly unaware of their higher subtle intellectually awake divine real self of nurturing protective macro thinking and feeling at all times while walking among those who’s hearts are unknowingly snared by useless plodding along aimlessly meandering of treacherous untrue roads of death destruction and oppression, some dying, some lying, some crying, some like you Travis……..forever spying


    question is, when will you finally allow that part of you i know well, that is purely truly seeking harmonious constant yearning oneness of YOU?

    it’s only the kingdom of heaven found within our pure hearts constantly yearningly always there of love devoid of fools doubt as your own Travis, remain in what is yet your downfall untrue life, is it not?

    projection transference seeking emotional honest safety s what you are unknowingly doing, but hey, what do i know, or more accurately, who do i know?

    peace be to you all

  144. just passing thru this world but for a short time Travis, same as eternal all you, of no time left to waste any more, must be moving on,

    catch a plane,
    catch a train,
    catch the rain,
    catch the insane.

  145. God does not have to strike you down Travis, where it is your falsehood ego ignoramus foolish mask that does it for you

    you mock the holy spirit

    and yes, that is the worse thing you can possibly do in life, as in no life at all in what is all the unattended divine self thruout the world.

    forgive them God, for they really do not know what they are doing……..the obviousness of their own mean spirited self unattended and unattending self suppression, self oppression of another.

    cannot harm me Travis

    i am eternally protected in pure spiritual ways you know nothing about, nor do you care to know, ‘that’ of your own self

  146. just so you know Travis, you still serve God by means of all your untruth that serves as truth for the pure spirited divine self who do feel thru the untruth truth of that which you choose to remain as for all the world to see, what is of all your falsehood wearing of mean spirited empty nothingness masks.

    thing that gets me most does, is my bewilderment in asking, “Do they actually not realize how absurd their nothingness mean spirited empty zeal actually really really is cause to their own self? Are they really that emotionally spiritually suppressed in realizing the truth of all their empty dark captivity falsehood prisoner masking ways?

    clearly some of you really really are, are you not?

    you laugh as that of a fool who does not purely realize you fool only your own self held captive by the nothingness empty zeal masks you take delight in wearing, as though it is funny, as though it is ok to be of mean spirited bully mentality, as though it is ok, even after someone gets hurt.

    like you hurt your own self every day Travis

    i’ve seen your empty mouth around the net for sometime, always the same nothingness empty zeal falsehood masks.

    fine, go be that way Travis, you can be sure i won’t be inviting you to my wedding, or my child’s birth, as the false self i won’t ever trust you near to ‘me’, and be sure you get this Travis, i am much much closer to your divine self than you may purely yet realize.

  147. trivializing tiresome annoyance that leads to the nothingness empty zeal void that is yet of a harbinger for evil spirits i see of so many of you, who do not know i ability to search your hearts like i do, of those who do not purely truly know ‘me’ like they think they may, in all they say and do, such clarity i am of somedays, in seeing all their pompous falsehood ridicule ways so numerous…………cannot stay

  148. even if i wanted to stay Travis, pretending like i sometimes catch myself doing with others, i just cannot stay around them for any length of time, always been this way, since i was a kid, purely feeling all the way, always it is there, like a dark shadow around them they do not allow themselves to purely feel is there like i always do.

    as i keep on running

    staying true to my own self

    i am

    always was

    it’s not like something i simple switch off, like i sometimes pretend away, day after day, oh hey, i have to get something at the store, be right back………..as i head on my way

    a drifter some say

    a wise passerby says Jesus

    wise to my own pure true heart

    the only way

    i really really even

    can stay


    i did not spare anyone the TRUTH

    even of those who seemly cannot fearlessly find their tender mild sweet loving vulnerable graceful pure true real self submerged under all their self-oppression

    on and on it goes, day after day, generation after generation is handed down, the dark mixture with the light thruout the world that is always right there

    until such a time as pure true light shines into their hearts and pushes out all the darkness one eternal day

    ‘that’ which i am

    always knowing

    i really really am

  149. i find playing softly on guitar and singing as the most easiest of ways to stay grounded and centered in my pure feeling real self, something i learned about my heart while a youth

    teach your children to play musical instruments, and to sing

    always there should be glorious heart felt singing

    every day

    to keep the darkness always at bay

    far away

  150. learn to slow down in your gentle preference at ease in just being your SELF, for how else can someone love your true self you hide away?

    day after day

    eventually someone comes along who does take their time in coming near to us, so dear to us, always right there, of radiant brilliant always smiling hearts like our own

    find your at ease peaceful true real graceful self first
    so they can easily find YOU 2

    and then just go play guitar and sing your precious blessed pure loving lives away in constant yearning harmonious oneness forever young of you who stays, and does not stray like i have for far too long, as i make my to a loving home that always there in my heart, where i can always fart

    grandfather was really bad for that, stepping on ducks he always said, as us kids always laughing, forever and a day

    a family of my own one day

    is what i pray

  151. you can try to bring harm the pure spirited dreamy dreams

    but you cannot ever bring harm the pure spirited dreamy dreamers

    of all the dreamy dreamers born and gone each blessed love filled day

    you got that Travis, so go crawl back under the rock you crawled out from

  152. and be happy that i passed your way one day

  153. if you do not surrender to just joyfully BEing your own self you always were and yet are within……..

    then who is ever able to surrender their heart to you they do not purely truly know?

    besides Jesus?

  154. as another tear of Jesus on the cross falls to the ground……

  155. i stepped thru the door over at myYearBook website recently, 20 million people coming in there, that has a constant stream of people, like a fast flowing river, amazing how fast the chats take place at the same time in the river, a page full in a split second that flashes by, wow, as i jump into the middle of the river, answering everyone’s questions passing by, an eternal flowing river all around us every blessed day, is it not?

    i love them all so much, especially all the girls openly befriend me for some reason, sensing they loving in a special way i am yet learning in seeing my own fun loving self i was of and yet am

    as the nurturing continues in the ever ending story that has no end, even after we are all gone, always they shall remain as we too once were, their pondering just who we purely truly were in life and yet are, in their hearts beaming brightly as our own

    the eternal day

    so says Jesus

  156. Happy birthday sweety. I never forget your birthday. You are always on my mind. 

    Thank GOD I take one day at a time. Even though I miss my grandfather and puppy “Beba” days are feeling much better. I try not to think about it too much. I just need to be occupied. I fucking hate not doing anything. I am finally getting use to PR. The only reason I am here is because of my mother other then that I would leave the island. What I truly hate is the sun. it is extremely hot and uncountable. I don’t need to go to the beach to get a sun tan. It is so true that the sun makes people look older. Shit I am starting to see some wrinkles in my face . Most people my age look older and love to eat rice and beans. I guess I am fortunate to look younger. Anyway, hope you are doing great on your birthday. Sending you my love always. XOXO,O

  157. as a child of divorcing parents like so many are, i always just wanted everyone to be loving with one another like they yet were of in pure memory of when i entered into the loving household like we all did.

    this is the pure constantly yearning TRUTH divine child of God’s heart the world over, past, present, eternal future, eternal all of ONE household of LOVE

    as we move forward, with the aid of our interpersonal worldwide communications technology, we are all experiencing the process realization self-actualization that we really really all are LOVE

    constantly yearning, always it is there within us all to purely just feel what it is like to always just BE who?

    LOVE is YOU!

    constantly PURE
    constantly TRUE
    constantly REAL
    constantly DIVINE
    as though my gay love is spiritual crime?

    i don’t think or feel so fuckers!

    nor does Jesus
    nor does God
    nor do any of YOU!

    i was raised Christian by a minister truly devoted to God ministry, building churches made of stone as a stone mason, of heart pure and true as my own, now as a sculptor of stone, although i am not so sure grandpa would like or understand my homoerotic devoted works, just as those before him, on down thru the mellenia, as is today most anywhere we go, where the light of loving homosexuals is what is needed, that we are not deviant perverts, not at all, as much as some may wish to say.

    i am determined, devoted, dedicated, diligent every waking day to change the dark mixture light yet of the unwise world, no fault of their own really, in what is of how the forefathers left the world they left behind like they did……..like they yet do, all the taboo, my god, so much binding horrid fear in the hearts of some i coming to know, fear of dying, every day they wake to?

    ‘that’ is hell, is it not?

    pure fucking bullshit mind trapper hell!

    purely and truly, it really really is!

    and that is why the kingdom of heaven is a wise macro mental power discerning wise awareness of truth thinking by means of our flawless feelings, a halo mind set indeed, is what the kingdom of heaven really really is……….a perspective…………and truth be told, it is the omnipotent wise perspective of God, who does purely truly know my heart attended to for so long, since i entered into the blissfulness state of being the child of a minister of God’s household, ingrained deeply in the core of my being, where the biggest eye opener for ‘me’, was when i read the words of Jesus for the first time, that the kingdom of heaven is within you and all around you, that made perfect sense to my pure flawless feeling true real divine child self within, who is the one surfacing daily in just BEing his constant pure feeling graceful self, where my biggest pet peeve in life has always been in how to deal with my toxic feelings unwise immature others who approach me……..then i learned to see them wisely, in their not knowing their heart mind body spirit and soul is snared in so many ways like so many truly truly are, are they not?

    entering into the kingdom of heaven, is only of the divine child able to do so, purely so, spiritually pure at all times, the core of our being, where all falsehoods are not able to become oneness with Jesus and God’s omnipotence holy spirit in the oneness i enjoy feeling each day, in each step, it grows more and more less afraid of the bullshit egotistic nose ring masters of deception snaring they don’t purely realize they really really are

    move towards the exit door of assertiveness my therapist says, not passive/aggressive any more, which i have been in transition of in processing all these decades gone by, the same destiny path i choose to walk on, where today, all i ask is for enough time to finish my sculpting and the spiritual teachings stamped on each one, for all eternity to behold in their gracefully pure hands……….their own precious heart as my own.

    mission accomplished

    God willing

    so there, i have God on my side fuckers, so say and do whatever you want, God is protecting my ass, ok?

    fucking jerkoffs, getting my back up all the time

    you know who you remind me of, that asshole bully Craig that lived up the street from me as a kid, who always picked on at every turn, till one day Dad bought me home a Great Dane to protect my sissy ass, and when Craig came around, he got the shit scared out of him, when the dog detected his spirit, and snapped to the end of his chain, within inches of Craig, my watching him feel more scared than he likely ever felt his entire miserable asshole existence………..argh………..i suppose sometimes it helps to emotionalize vent heal it………..just don’t stay in cycle fuckhead stuckness of it!

    right, ok then, where we again?

    oh yeah, feeling as though i am the second one to enter the kingdom of heaven

    i purely do

    fully understanding what Jesus meant by those words

    which makes me closer to God than every single one of you, does it not?

    do i speak like an insane man mind?

    no, i speak with at ease intellectual clarity


    bless you all

  158. i have a confess………

    i think i laugh my ass off like Madonna does……..

    you know, that gut splitting kinda laughing that hurts from laughing so hard and for sooooooooo friggin long?

    whatever Travis…….way to go in making my friends list……..NOT!

    what is it with these nasty queens anyway, don’t they know we get bored with their nastiness with others, of their unresolve stuckness in acknowleging the truth that none of us really want to hear it any more?

    angst is ok, just don’t take it home with you, leave it at the club, or leave a tip for the nasty drag queens to keep on wearing

  159. a gay lover life is tender gentleness of our real self compatibility with another, IT IS NOT A FUCKING DRAG SHOW!!!!!


    ok, so piss off Travis

  160. oh, and someone remind me not to wear my flowered converse girl shoes into the Catholic church…….fuck, i hate it when they look at me like that, so condescending, a stray sinner?

    ohhhhh, one day fuckers, it’s coming………..and already, that eternal day has come to my pure wise heart, has it not?

    so who the fuck are they to be like that?

    oh ya, the mad flood drowning taboo forefather ignorance they don’t know is yet so binding in dark captivity of the hearts, till the day their own kids run away from them i suppose, wondering why for decades to come……….we have change that too, my own mother who rarely visits……….

    i want her to see my child before she passes away, in what i promised her one day she would, always same thing, to see her smile like i always wanted to, and Dad too, always i was their radiance of one i know they loved as i did and do them, as i think of how much i would love my own child……..must feel incredible to give birth to someone who is from you, and indeed, is the mirroring reflection of your love inside, are they not?

    purely and truly wondrous and extraordinary!

    of what heaven really really is

    eternal all YOU!

    bless bless bless bless YOU!

  161. Happy Birthday


  162. the only problem with me being their father….mother…… is they would all be going to school and doing kick ass drag routines and voguing all the time with their friends at school, that would get them into trouble all the time, in being true real self rulers of their bullshit schools, always it is the same bullshit the parents, churches, and teachers yet teach them, in all their lacking homosexual self-acceptance, that IS always of potential growing of fateful paths of death destruction and oppression of their precious children, on and on it goes into oblivion down thru the mellenia like it has and yet does……….or at least until Jesus and i showed up on the scene………fuckers!

    argh…….i really need to get that punching bag……….although today i cut a stone in halve with my bare hands Biyatches!

    and a saw

  163. i love how my muscles feel in responding to when i push them of daily exercise that leaves me feeling so amazing, almost as good as sex does, does it not?

    hey, we should come up with a sexercise routine, combining the two into one……….

    ………oh, don’t say a fucking word, i don’t want to know, ok?



    made ya laugh…….your turn

  164. oh say, that’s a good mix i put together

    an entire life of listening to favorite pics chosen

  165. oh look, the gate to heaven is finally opening for the eternal all to step thru


    are they not?

    are we not?

    yes WE R! :mrgreen:

  166. life without love is not life at all, it is spiritual death suicide, is it not?

    people keep running away from their pure and true vulnerable real self that they need to purely celebrate as to just how purely constantly sensitive they truly really really are……..

    it is the darkness ignorances mixture of the light in the world, in their unwise hearts, that perpetuates the non-conducive environments their vulnerable sensitive real self becomes emotionally toxic from, all the self-medication coping that comes with that, in so many circles i witness along my path of wise wide awake life, forever learning, seeing my own self in others that i too once was of…………the light

    that WE SEE

  167. i am a visitor
    places apart
    i am a visitor
    places i part

    i am a visitor
    spaces in heart
    i am a visitor
    traces i start

  168. in all my betrayal
    i did not betray love
    in all my BE trails
    i did not betray YOU!

  169. i knew YOU!
    WE see
    i grew YOU!
    WE BE

    before WE knew ‘me’
    somebody screw me!


    Happy Birthday M A D O N N A!

    still the etchings are there thruout the city, people wondering i am sure, of who is Madonna + Andyy with a heart surround, although they did re cement the sidewalk of one i did one day, that was like three feet across…….can you believe that, i mean they go to all that trouble to cover up LOVE, on a beautiful sunny day, as i ponder to myself, could i see myself re cementing a sidewalk like they did?

    well ok, i suppose if Madonna does give me those damn boots of hers one day, i would, maybe…..


    they really are somedays

  170. does NOT give me……

    you see, my freudian slip in my inablity to NOT think negatively is true, i really really do love YOU!

    proof positive, i do

  171. hey, how does it feel to love a guy who purely truly loves guys?

    oh right, the same way i feel

    which is great, is it not, so why won’t you marry me then? uhm? :mrgreen:

    not your type?

    bullshit, i am so!

  172. oh, i am stepping over boundaries again………..

  173. i love them all, even the straight guys too

  174. or more should i say, especially the straight guys, who don’t know how we see them in how they could be if they were happy and gay?

    and yet, always there is that part of me that feels they would be happier with a loving family, that part of me that did not come to BE as yet……..

    we all follow own heart like we do and did, of all those we came in close to see and feel the oh so magical fleeting moments like we all do in each day passing, each day that truly is a blessed gift, the gift from and to………yOUR heart.

    where Jesus is always

    easily found,
    always there,
    without a sound,
    feeling care

  175. seeing as i cannot and don’t want to live without you

    tell me, what should we do?

    as regards respectful boundaries……..

    how be i you do you thing, and i do mine, as artists, musicians alike

    and stay in touch with our pure and true hearts forever flowing and glowing the way WE are all meant to just BE?

    and if by chance, a stroke(or two) of luck, lol, you ever bored, which you already confessed that you do, then look me up, ok?

    i just may still love you bi then

    you do realize you are the one i love for my suppressed bisexual side, yes?

    tell me again, why is that such an intimacy crime like so many gay friends think it is?

    i think you would be happier with one of us

    correction, i know you would BE!

    so there, anal retentive fucks, drink up!

    wisdom ‘that’ is

    you know, they asked me to join God’s ministry, my missionary friends as a youth, i almost did, my heart tell something, of his love so pure and true, was he adorable, ya, i suppose it was my latent urgings i was feeling, was i, i mean he was pure loving around me, his words as i turned and walked away that sent a shudder thru my body, “Jesus loves you!”

    my feelings TRUE

    still, i think a better minister than one i ever could of dreamed of BEing! :mrgreen:

    i mean, i have YOU!

    so look OUT mean world, WE is coming thru! :mrgreen:

  176. you know, we see these purely loving beautiful gay guys so sensitive and true, and i think to myself, i don’t care if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or straight, WE all love them like we pure do, do we not?

  177. and that is treasure the future of the world has to look forward to each waking blessed day along side one another, so take out with them, a hug or a kiss, knowing they constantly yearn to feel their inner pure and true love, like WE all should and constantly yearningly ALL do!


    what heaven is…….YOU!

  178. Felicidade a você


    jorge luiz de moraes

  179. I some times may bitch and complain but I still know how bless I am everyday. I should not have much to complain after my attempt suicide. Falling 12 floors and still talking about is a big deal to me. I just sometimes get very emotional but realize God will only give me as much pain as I can handle. I have a positive attitude most of the time. Its all good. I know I have it better than a lot of people who have been misfortunate with illnesses or tragedies. I also know were ever I end up I am protected in some form or other. Anyway hope you are having a great birthday. XoXO,O

  180. nurturing protection of our vulnerable true pure flawless feeling real self YOU!


    reminds me of Jim, who came to me in one of his over drug induced anxiety highs coming down, saying he was afraid he was going to take his own life, as i pondered to myself, that his false leading illness of heart ego had already decided to take his own precious life, of his divine inner child being the one running to reach out to some one like he did me.

    he had alot of severe emotionally impactful life experience issues issues he was failing to address with necessary professional therapy, a long road ahead in his required inner healing, realizing he was way beyond my qualifications to see him thru, his needing to take 100% ownership in addressing how best to fix himself, given the severity of his life impacting issues, his own sister for one, who had taken her own life, which haunted him like it did.

    i asked him to come to my house, and he did, noticed his pot addiction in his cigarette pack, as he sat there next to me on the sofa……..

    two days later he jumped from the 24th floor, hitting a balcony railing on the 3rd floor, severing his body in half.

    i still feel anxiety over that, in my not being tuned into how severely far gone his state of being was, should of rushed him to a therapist, stay with him day and night following professional advice, and well, just hold him till the intense emotional break down passed, however long he needed in stabilizing him.

    but so long as he was not taking 100% responsibility for himself, the self-medication coping using drugs, well, statistics reveal that behavioral spirals downward progressive for how ever long till they eventually hit the wall……..or the ground.

    95% of the world are not of the fortitude in psychological wisdom in order to assist us, which means 95% of our environmental is not of conducive environmental, of odds against us in surviving in the unwise world, after severe traumatic emotionally charging events evoke the high intensity levels of our inner child like it does, like my own inner child surfacing one day after Troy died, of my striking the pen over and over again and again into the pages of the diary, of an out of body experience like it was, trying to recognize who the person is that is so intensely emotional, off the charts, in trying to tell me something………that my loving life is about love, not the fucked up egotistic internal manifesting masking sadly was of the misfortune of in dealing with Troy just weeks before his suicide, today realizing the path of Troy and Andy was what it unknowingly unwisely was for everyone of us who knew Troy, all of us intertwined emotionally in his precious life.

    i blame Troy the most, for the irresponsible foolish 18 bottles of beer he drank that day, and his girlfriend who let him drink that much, her knowing his numerous prior suicide attempts that were of Troy’s life, in her playing on Troy’s weakness of alcohol self-medication coping in dealing with the homosexual lover Andy that she knew Troy was in love with, knew everything about us, having caught us in bed naked together a few times.

    for me, deep seated pure flawless sadness is of the blessed divine child within who needs validation grieving healing of their true self submerging surfacing process we all are constantly in process of our entire life.

    i say sit with suicidal feelings meditatively and realize what the feelings actually really really are indicative of as relates to everyone in your life, in self-awareness discovery of our precious our vulnerable true real self we always were and yet truly are within, where it is the crude bitter false ego masks we hide behind which are ugly, compared to the true sensitive graceful tender mild vulnerable true real self, meditative pure and true divine self awakening validation self-actualization realization processing.

    we all do it

    and it is all 100% good

    however, be careful with deep seated sad unhealed issues on your own, in realizing the potential danger you may be in, especially if you catch yourself self-medicating coping with drugs and/or alcohol becoming more frequent and intense, as that is what is of the inner self reaching out as a way to cope, unwisely of the progressive nature of such developing behavioral, statistically too late, ending in self-injury, violence, jail, hospital, and god forbid, the morgue.

    indeed, Troy death was the end result of self-ignorance, not just of his own, no, everyone of us around him at that point in time, the unavoidable truth we all had to squarely face, whether we liked it or not, his story which drew the attention of several leaders in our government decision making table i attended with counsel, including a friend of the family court judge, whose chambers Troy and i spent time in, of the out of control homophobia enmeshed behaviorals everyone of us were unknowingly unwisely of………realizing too late.

    i turned to Jesus and God as the only one to trust 100% from that point on, and my therapists who knew i was now in danger of hurting myself………i made it thru, i survived, to tell you all my story, of Troy and i, and all of YOU!

    bless you all

  181. Hello! Sou Do Brazil e curto muito suas musicas. Sou da primeira geraçao, quando vc começou a despontar no cenario musical mundial. Parabens!! Que Deus te ilumine mais e mais!! Abraços

  182. Jesus is my Lord…….

    i am ONE 2/2 ONE am i

    2/2 = 1

    Palindrome, ~ A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction (the adjustment of punctuation and spaces between words is generally permitted). Composing literature in palindromes is an example of constrained writing. The word “palindrome” was coined from Greek roots palin (πάλιν; “again”) and dromos (δρóμος; “way, direction”) by English writer Ben Jonson in the 1600s. The actual Greek phrase to describe the phenomenon is karkinikê epigrafê (καρκινική επιγραφή; crab inscription), or simply karkiniêoi (καρκινιήοι; crabs), alluding to the backward movement of crabs, like an inscription which can be read backwards.

    blessings to all

  183. ohh but your at your best when we don’t talk

    Dancing is fun

    it’s more equal

    & i adore



    Encore’…re…… ahey…..

  184. i agree…….

    ok, so let’s dance, prance, smile, hold hands and tenderly kiss, take off all our clothing, and well, just be purely free spirited fun loving as much as we feel like, hug and kiss some more, fall asleep oh so peacefully exhausted, our brains flooded with those happy anti-stress hormones that help us live longer and happier, waking to ONE another the next day, which is actually the same day as before, only BETTER, hey, is it just me, or does my sex feel better than i ever was? :mrgreen:

    my pet peeve for the week: Who is the one i am supposed to BE with, and they with ‘me’?

    seriously though, i am the exclusive lover happy and free to just BE ‘me’, dancing down the street with holy joy running thru my heart at all times, their hand in mine, not at all a crime……….

    hey, why is it parents are so enthusiastic to see their own boy children so loving with other boys, but god forbid they are so purely truly loving that as adults?

    oh right, the Catholic church of wayward merchant’s of God siding with the Roman empire to control the uneducated masses at the time, and still, they are allowed to promote anti-homosexual spiritual death of us in the world, so blindly like they do, as though our sex is a sin, as though we are perverted deviants not to be trusted, these thorns in my side yet there, of so much falsehood despair of our loving brothers and sisters overly tolerating them like we yet do, or should i say, not in our hearts do we tolerate them at all, seeing you all as the immature nimrods so many of you blindly SADLY yet are, our knowing in time, and over time, our radiant bright wise mature hearts minds bodies spirits and nurtured protected soul, pure and true, is what is of breaking of the binding captivity chains of those like us coming out as we speak, on and on we have marched like we have and yet do, our angst purely true, for sake of those we too once were, so stifled, my god, if anyone’s knows the truth, WE do.

    so who is the ONE for ‘me’?

    let me guess, he already died, and i am not just talking about Troy either, Jesus too


    even of the well adjusted(ing) ones, i am abit toxic around them, realizing the pure flowing mature self-actualized(ing) trueness of my spirit nurtured and protected all this time, growing towards one who i do not know who they yet are in the garden, so purely truly feeling as i do, themselves having outgrown the others, of only one they too look for as i do.

    is ‘that’ ONE YOU?

    please tell me true

    here is the thing, i feel it is YOU!

    like i have felt so many times before, that pure heart shining so brightly as before, more so than my own, your wise distance you kept in watching me grow, amazing how i made it thru the non-conducive environments all these years, yes? Coming in so purely and truly as YOU!

    there is someone meant for me, and maybe Troy was the one i let do, God knows i foolishly egotistically did, so maybe it is Troy who’s hand i am taking in the eternal spirit realm, my still sensing his pure true spirit as is of all of YOU!

    God how loved him so much, more than i can say, just feel what it is that i feel, pure and true, without the annoying falsehoods that binding us so falsely like they do.

    i know you are exceedingly wise, protective of your pure true spirit.

    i feel i have nurtured and protected you, more so than any harm.

    my concern is will i ever find one who is 100% wise as you and i are.

    and perhaps you are the one for me, compatibly speaking.

    time and time again and again, they all have their too numerous idiosyncrasies that see me running away, cannot stay, the lack of centering, grounded as i am, most of the time, striving so hard to keep the balance as you say.

    i find as merely annoying, not really bad of them, just annoying, like an overly tired child behavior the get like they do, of fleeting pure moments of connectivity.

    i feel today, i really expressed myself exactingly with YOU!

    don’t want to hold back my love for someone pure and true, other than from the those not yet authentic, sincere, genuine, wisely mature in growing to where we are, and have been for so long.

    no proudly arrogant do i say this, no, merely an observation of my own self around others and YOU!

    wholeness of our wise protective mental powers, flawless healing of our emotional powers that sees us thru to loving pure and true sexual healthy healing of our physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual well BEing.

    ‘that’ of 2

    ‘that’ of all YOU!

    bless you all

    i guess i just have to wait, just go BE my real self, and let who ever comes in for a closer look, ask me to marry them one day, yes?

    and to hell with the rest of you?


    i jest……………well ok, without pure and true ‘me’, it’s hell, is it not?

    bless bless bless bless you ALL

  185. i suppose when i am not so caught up in what to say, i am left to just feel, unavoidable time in self-actualization in just BEing ‘me’

    which is healthy, as regards the truth about necessary boundaries, or space to grow, and let’s not forget the toxic stuff that likes to toss transference around, from and to another, argh……….we all do it.

    but im tired of it now, i just want a hand to hold, a body to love, just go BE ‘me’, forever and a day of none stop holy joy exploding in thin air.

    how about YOU?

    ya, i figured ‘that’ 2

    you did not really hide it

    but still, i am not holding your hand

    albeit, spiritually i purely truly constantly yearningly knowingly…..

    i am

    damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM

    NOW GET OVER HERE AND FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    made ya laugh, your turn

    argh…………..sexual frustration is good i suppose

    just don’t stay in it too long……….

    BE the courage that overcomes

    ‘that’ is what we always did, so for sure, we always WILL

    i had to slow into my pure true self, didn’t i.

    you knew ‘that’

    enough time for ‘that’

    ya, i see myself now

    as do you

    as you always did

    butt now what?

    do you know how many lameass fucks i put up with every day?


    so friggin annoying, and their arrogance is like, huh? wtf?

    oh ya, i was like that once, in all my pretend, and then when you go away, they are left standing there alone, realizing what i too realize, that we all fucking suck at times in unfocused beatup life.

    ah well

    i love where i have arrived


    so bless you, and thank you

    peace grace love and pure and true inner happiness set free BE to YOU!


    and let ‘me’ know if you change your mind ONE day!

    damn it!

    argh……………there, emotional honesty safety

    I AM


    compatibility of pure true surrendered spirited oneness of 2

    ‘that’ is the only way for me, and someone like YOU!

    what to do?

    wait till i die i suppose, is all i can do

    maybe network with others running around aimlessly, argh, that gets so annoying for me some days.

    who is the one with eyes only for YOU?

    I AM

    same as YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now one of you lame asses take hold of my fucking hand, or, or, or, oh, fuck you!


  186. i find if you focus too much on trying to stay balanced, say when in a dance spin of a favorite particular song, you fall away from the zen like pure feeling you just going with the flow of your holy joyful absolute carefree feelings, which is pureness of your soul, not really of goal, because you already scored!

    the victory dance of YOU! :mrgreen:

  187. of course it helps when you truly do know what the divine will objective is………


    the divine pure true real feeling YOU!

  188. albeit, the goal

  189. keep the trance of YOU!

  190. well don’t all jump at once……..chances……of the heart……..ok, whatever Biyatches!

    there is someone special for every ONE!

    not just anyone, albeit any ONE?!


    ok then………well…….what to say……..

    peace grace love and happiness BE 2 YOU ALL!

    forever more

  191. chances of heart,
    navigator chart,
    chances of heart,
    too soon, depart.

  192. and you say, “i’m openly heterosexual and i’m proud to love cock!”

    hey, you know, i was like that too when i was heterosexualized!

    hmmmmmm………who knew?


    WE do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s who!!!!!!!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    made ya laugh…….your turn

  193. ok fine

    you are the director

    kinda dominatrix of you if you ask ‘me’!

    but hey, who’s asking anyway? uhm?

    i am much better playing the sissy boy gay ass role curious bisexual anyway!

    as if i could ever play the straight role, pfffffffff, BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and fake too

    fake as, as, as……………….fake as………………….fake as YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    i jest………………

    run Andyy run!

    run and hide?

    fuck that!

    this world has come to know ‘me’ as i always am

    purely and truly their own sweet ass loving SELF!

    DIVINE SELF!!!!!!!!

    I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    forever and a day, always at play………actually, i got bored with the anal retentive ones a PLAY, so i moved up the street to where i feel more comfortable, with the mixed crowd, of gays, lesbians, bisexuals(me), transsexuals, oh and look, straight people too, mostly the curious girls tagging along, and the fag enabler hags.

    ok fine fine fine fine

    have it your way

    WHICH IS NO WAY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    LOL :mrgreen:

  194. lala lala la la la Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good……..

    love that song!

    video is awesome 2!

  195. SO GOOD!!!

    SO GOOD!!!

    SO GOOD!!!

    SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. ok, admitedly, would not be boring with ‘me’ around all the time, now wood it?

    am i boring? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    annoying, well ya, ok, somedays, the sexual frustration thing……..need tender kisses too, feel loved ALL THE TIME!

    you know?



  197. all of YOU!

    for God’s sake, HEAVEN IS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    always was

    always shall BE!


    and ‘me’ 2!

    damn it


  198. [Andyy wakes early, the morning bike ride to the lake, purely sensing the peaceful slumber at ease sleep everyone is of in the city, the weekend finally here, a few souls here and there, early risers who love the peacefulness of the early morning twilight hours, purely sensing of every noise like it is, the gentle breeze, the smell of the water, the birds that are always there……..]


    come and enjoy the blessed day with ONE another, of eternal smiling faces as my own!

    come on, a special time for us all evolving past where the forefathers left off, are we not?

    does it not keep growing purely and truly greater and greater than before, and yet, as before, in all our self-actualization growing self-esteem as we too were once BEfore, just as our children purely and truly are, of eternal dance and skipping like they do, like they purely truly are, are they not?

    in pondering our true nature, our children unknowingly are the most healthy for us in natural occurring self-actualization remembrance of our own true real self we always were and yet are within, our smiling faces exactly as their own, remember our own self long ago, a blessing for all of you blessed with the holy joyful absolute carefree happiness oneness presence of the precious loving souls of your children, as is your own.

    every child i see walking hand and hand with their parents, i see myself, feeling who i too purely am as a wise parent, wiser than most know i am in areas of sexuality, the older true and faithful brother till the end like i purely truly am to them, surely i really really am, my ‘real’ extended family happier than we ever were, seemingly growing to levels of purity fearlessness resemblance as when we were all small children forever of dance and play.

    oh how blessed i feel some days, purely knowing how sacredly holy my every valuable step is of constant assurance forever flowing like i am for so many, however small, in whatever way, of merely a smile along the way, i always am there, their brother who does not close doors on them, a friend we all need, God knows how much i needed them, and all YOU!

    as we all do!

    one eternal generation family is what we actually all are, even if we do not purely acknowledge that we are, intrinsic/extrinsic of our every behavioral eternal flow i am wisely cognitively awake to, thruout the world.

    grave concern i am of many in harsher environmental out there in the world, of these false oppressive religions the forefathers left behind.

    i see and purely feel their timidness of their pure true child of God, a homosexual child so afraid like they are at all times, the suppression the progress in like some do, the denial, the complacency trade off stuckness circle they run with in these false ignorant homophobic oppressive religious circles binding them there, till God knows when, thinking to myself that as our numbers grow like they have and continue to do, they will all feel our music and dancing forever at play, and well, like a computer game, just get bored with the annoyance of these religious controlling merchants of God ones, and well, easily walk away with us, so at ease, so free, to just BE their own SELF, of we who have no false barriers(optimistc future unfolding) like some of us purely always are, the veterans who have seen it all, have seen enough, no more, reaching purely thru and across all racism, all sexism, all taboo, all language barriers, all false wealth egotism masks, all status quo, all political too

    ‘that’s who we R!

    my god, so many of us, from so many families out there, barely knowing of each other, i think to myself, impossible for us all to ever get to know each other in person, strangely how we all walk so freely like we all love to do each year, our loving bond like it obviously is for all the world to purely see and feel the bond we know is also there within them all, across the entire world

    ‘that’s what is happening

    we are not just of our major cities


    we are the entire world

    10-15% of the world population

    putting us at one billion plus and growing, strong, pure, their hearts as our own, rising up hear in the eternal future the ignorant forefathers left behind, seemingly of no vision unable to SEE.

    ‘that’s who we are

    and it is as though i am holding the hand of every soul in the world

    i think to myself, if i keep feeling what this purely feels like, then they too will feel as i do, not even of need for any words, no, like children forever at play, their pure imaginations of only love that they want to ever feel, like we all constantly yearningly do, in the core of everyone’s BEing, is it not?

    if this is how i feel today, so much brighter than before, then what of tomorrow……….today?

    ah, ‘that’ is the mystery, is it not?

    tomorrow is always ‘that’ of today

    well get out of bed everyone, i want to dance and prance and keep on feeling ‘that’ :mrgreen:

    and you say, “Oh Andyy, just go take a crap, will you? fuck!”


    be right back…………


  199. what if our sexual orientation is merely just our self-love esteem of our bodies that anyone can be of, no matter orientation?

    then that makes our labeling orientations sexism, does it not?

    where i am the male lover for the female of a male lover, or the female of a female like have in the past

    where i am the female lover for the male of a male lover, or the male of a female like lesbians know all too well.

    ya i know i am reaching past what is of todays stereotypical norm of binding group mentality, obviously, where only those like me have sincere appreciation of the sexual frustration bisexuals are of.

    well, there is something else beyond all of it

    someone who may love us 100%

    so if that someone turns out to BE ONE of YOU, which i already know it is, ya better hurry your ass up, cause i only have so many days left to live

    and yet, i know my spiritual oneness of the eternal all will live on forever, of what was of our every step, every breath, every heartbeat, of every blessed day.

    oh, foolish ones, who does not want to feel 100% love at all times like i do?

    like we all truthfully do, do we not?

    R WE not?

    shhhhhhhhhhh…………don’t wake the ego one sleeping, walk softly now, they are all still peacefully sleeping. :mrgreen:

    hey, uhm, some bad news from the scientists, albeit we won’t ever see it………they say the universe will expand forever now, and once the suns burn out eventually, the universe will become a dark desolate forzen solid waste land.

    which to me makes me ponder what is it of my thinking eternal safe passage for the future that ends?

    oh yeah, how can i ever forget, the one crying unnecessarily sadden by all you say and do.

    ok then, i’ll just be in my study if you ever need me, CALL………damn it!

    why is it so many just don’t bother to call, i mean i was so sweet with them, likely more so than any other in life prior or god forbid their entire life………..bah………let’s see, how many days do i have left? And who do i want to share them with?

    oh drats, do i really really have to spend them all with ALL of YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    cannot escape the flow, so let’s go, hurry up, we are latent!!!!!!!!!!


    i jest…………..


  200. your kids are geting big, I always admire then since you adopted them. Well thank god my niece is not sick. I have been to the emergency three timess, she had some virus, This month is been the worse for my family. I guess god can reaaly kick you in the ass. It fucking hurts but I will stay strrong until the end of time I can laugh and be cute about the shit but when it all comes down down to it God helps me all the way through.

    another question I have asked..why are we not togther? I rather die then not feel the truth that I want to fullfill in my life ife. you don’t know how many times I ask myself why are we not together. Or why dont I just look for someone who will make me happy I guess I am still waiting for you. Cant you see that.. by the way you looked hot in your grey outfit. OOOOO I would have love to have you that night. You know I love you tell death. That is a promise to you and GOD

  201. your kids are geting big, I always admire then see since you adopted them. Well thank god my niece is not sick. This month is been the worse for my family. O guess god can reaaly kick you in the ass. It fucking hurts but I will stay strung until the end of time. O don’t have a choce because I did try to take my life put it didn’t work.  I can laugh and be cute about the shit but when it all can down God help me all the way through. You don’t know how many times I ask myself why are we not together. Or why dony I just look for someone who will make me happy I guess I am still waiting for you. Cant you see that.and yes mu baby niece was in the emergency for three times. O had to take her each every day. It sucks hard but I have to deal with the punches. Like rocky did. GOD know how much I miss my chi Wawa. Hey baby you look hot in your grey outfit. OOOOO I would have love to have you that night. You know I love you tell death. That is a promise to you and to GOD XOXO,O

  202. where the end of all hate, falseness, apathetic ignorance is, there 2 is the beginning of all love, truthFULLness, compassionate wisdom of your the unattended divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul within the eternal all YOU!

    forever more

    the ethereal earth, receiving God, where holy people of the great (self-love) light take shape, people of the father of the silent living silence, the father and all their FULLness, already mentioned, the thrown i sit on, and all it’s powers………merely a wizened child of God within, as both, the old man father……

    i am

    to all you who have yet to take time 2 really really purely truly know the heart mind body spirit and soul of oneness sameness ‘me’ as i am within eternal all you yet unattended, as you all can and should BE, eternally free, as……..

    i am


    my unceasing blessings to YOU ALL!

    forever more of the eternal ALL YOU yet to come

  203. argh……..oh, do i really need to take that spelling course over again? :mrgreen:

    hey, did i tell you i flunked English twice in high school?


    i did

    still trying to catch UP in all my manifesting low self-esteem reaching, at least i don’t reach for the bad stuff out there, a beer once and a while, always moderation, therapist says that’s ok, so long as it is always in moderation, lest i return to my old bing drinking behavioral development i was of for years in my youth, the social acceptance binding of the group mentality active alcoholics i ran with, birds of a feather, oh whatever, im out of here Biyatches!

    think whatever you want

    just BE sure to think with your flawless feelings from now on, in FULL attentive attendance as and with your divine self nurturing protecting sacred holy divine self-love awareness mirroring sharing oneness happiness forever more

    who is the one who loves ‘me’ mostly true?

    Madonna of course


    i still want to marry her

    but that is not up to me

    albeit, up to ‘me’

    i shall love her till my last breath

    it’s not like i can ever simply stop loving her

    for she is exceedingly wise

    beyond most whom she does not share, lest the flare……..

  204. binge

    1. A drunken spree or revel.
    a. A period of unrestrained, immoderate self-indulgence.
    b. A period of excessive or uncontrolled indulgence in food or drink: an eating binge.
    intr.v. binged, bing·ing or binge·ing, bing·es
    1. To be immoderately self-indulgent and unrestrained: “The story is like a fever dream that a disturbed and imaginative city-dweller might have after binging on comics” (Lloyd Rose).
    2. To engage in excessive or uncontrolled indulgence in food or drink.

  205. hey, i don’t need to take the course, i have the net! :mrgreen:

    although i suppose discipline is the golden rule of self-love development discovery awareness.

    sorta like if you don’t take time to know your own self, how can you ever just BE yOUR pure true ‘real’ SELF?

    oh, skip the bullshit, just come over, i will show ya! :mrgreen:

    ya well, if Madonna does 100% love me, and i am the one for her, she will let us all know, one day, i pray, hopefully before i fucking die!


    made ya laugh………your turn

  206. you belong to me
    im gonna show ya how

  207. worry not, and just feel YOU!

    same as me 2

    the only thing which separates us is distance, where we would dance our asses off as we all should BE, yes?

    oh, i see, some of you are!

    bravo Biyatches!

    mama has to go nurture her babies, be back later

    blessed is your true fearless heart as my own that we feel when dancing, prancing, stancing, glancing…………….ROMANCING!!!!!!!!!

    hey, is Madonna really that short?

    she would be like up to my chin………hmmmmm, in bed i suppose too

    im soooooooooooo bad, i know

    love it


    you know, i have seen myself holding hand as her lover many a times

    if only she would

    hey, maybe someday she will

    and maybe, just maybe, she already is the WILL within?

    and if she wants to go on faking with another, well, that’s her business Biyatches!


    oh, i better stop



    with you all

    that no one shall ever be able to betray, when love is true

  208. hmmmm……..one last quick note…….

    you know, i have not had sex with a female, and in truth, i sorta forget

    and here is the best part, you can show me how again, and i can show you 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    versatile sex is the best

    fuck the rest

  209. in twenty years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  210. i learned something though……….

    and she said it herself

    i don’t loose

    where if your heart is not purely 100% in love with her, as she is YOU, well, you are all yet of self-defeatism she knows all too well.

    as do i

    been out there pretending along time with so many of you user abuser ones

    and now it’s time for honesty truth

    only way 2 BE

    forever free spirited out of the quagmire bullshitters…..argh

    stand still long enough, and we feel love true, that empty void we keep avoiding to realize that is there.

    fill it up

    with love

    all around you, love is there

    at all times

    just need to stop and feel that it really really IS

    the constant compassion flow, the memories of so many, too much some days, all the horrific stories on the news, need to switch it off for awhile, pretend the world is not so fucked up like it yet is, get centered, grounded, for how else can one lead anyone to their divine self, if not the divine self leading?

    peace grace love happiness BE 2 YOU ALL!

    forever more

  211. i don’t do loose

    ya, me 2, im done with ‘that’


    my heart breathing a sigh of permission relief to stop listening to all their useless chatter going no where around in circles, would you stop, you are making me dizzy!

    oh fuck you, i say to them, and just walk away

    if you do not know what you are looking for, you do not yet know YOU!

    how can find love in another, if not your own divine self-love awareness that is able to see ‘that’ which is of YOU, of 2?

    what you turn towards, you become, at all times

    where your heart is, there too is your treasure and your life, at all times

    ~ Jesus

  212. above orientation i freely fly as the pure true pan-sexual lover ‘me’

  213. Versatile Pan-sexual seeking Pan-sexual of the opposite sex ‘me’

    wait, that makes no sense, when i am both sexes……….argh…….. :mrgreen:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pisses me off that you truly purely know that i do

    so stop running away from YOU!

    who is purely truly just like ‘me’

    it’s the world of projection transference i told you about long ago, yet it is always there, of so much staring ignorance.

    well, sacred is the mirroring truth of our loving hearts, is it not?

    R WE not?

    WE R!

    i am………BE ’cause’…………WE…………..R!

    • Pan-Seaxual? Bi-Sexual? Trans-Sexual? Both Sexes?

      Andy, I fear you are actually Try-Sexual. Try too hard to find sex and fail miserably each and every time because you are a major NUT BAG.

  214. Rosie is like, “stop saying that Andyy!” 😉


    bless you

  215. i want what i am

    and deserve

    true love

    for without

    i keep aching to BE


    i am

    true love

  216. hey, what does love kill?


  217. hence the skull and bones of a BEloved taken from us by hate

  218. spiritual awareness true, that so many do not purely see all around us

  219. ok, a note or 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. I KNOW………..how about a slow dance pure and true, me and you, just one, is all i need!

    come on, i wanna try

    too damned bored to cry, oh wait, im almost healed, ah, that’s what is happening to………..hmmm………..us all? 😉

    i look at it this way, cannot get worse, can only get better, having truly been thru the spiritual death valley of the worse!

  221. dancing is so healing, yes?

  222. i am not welcome among the yet immature

    so ‘that’ leaves only YOU!

    why i am still hear

  223. no place to go,
    the same ol’ show
    no place to know
    the same ol’ hoe?

    oh, that’s an aweful thing to say about me, and it’s not true, well ok, not any more, i did that for, uhm, well, let’s just forget about that, shall we?


    emotional honest safety SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!


  224. there, see, you are laughing again, get those happy chemicals flowing, the best is yet to……….[Andyy puts down his porn glasses for a moment, to finish what he started]…………..to come

    what you look for has already come

    the truth all around us

    you ALLlready know who says ‘that’

  225. argh…..porn is soooooooooooo boring

    real is where i am @!


  226. you sit by the tree of life long enough,
    in pure calm peaceful inner self YOU,
    before long, another just like YOU,
    comes along and SEEs(feels) you waiting there,
    as YOU get up to your feet to greet,
    who YOU all really really R

    the divine child of God’s heart, mind, body, spirit and soul of the eternal all YOU!

    blessings to YOU!

  227. Happiness is contagious?

    seems like that for Spandy Andy, busking the streets of Vancouver….i hear they smoke alot of weed OUT there………the evidence is clear? lol

  228. his self-esteem is off the charts……..

    willingness driving potential/potential driving willingness

  229. ok fine, be that way, whatever way you want, as if i want someone who does not want ‘me’

    i am free to just go BE with whoever……..

    no more lame,
    no more blame,
    no more refrain,
    no more flame


    spiritual wholeness purity of my sex is what i am exclusively for one who likewise feels as i do, which you don’t

    so now you can all fuck off, ok?

    like why say shit that leads to nowhere fuckers?

    you hurt only self

    not me

    as if i am to be of concern for any who do not purely truly love me

    as if i ever will change from how much i despise you hypocrisy heart ones so snared in all YOUR SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  230. only love

    is all i choose to listen to from a potential lover who will one day draw near to what is of their own divine self light, of passion glowing as my own non stop swimming in surrendered oneness true


  231. so fucking lame all you nonamer cowards

    like holy fucking bullshit

    oh, im so brave, i use a fake name, so no one ever knows the truth of how much of a fucking coward i am to purely love someone who might love me……………..fucking jackasses so many of you OBVIOUSLY are

    empty nothingness

    no goodness to take time to say, no, just more of the same shit jerkoff crap time and time again

    ya, well, i am destiny of my pure heart constant flowing lover who is just like me fuckers

    which none of you shall ever be able to come between, because you don’t even exist to us, with eyes only for each other forever more, wise to the horrid mind fuck snaring so many of you clearly really really fucking are, like holy fucking bullshit jerk me off some more why don’t you


    enjoy your asshole fans Madonna, who are clearly not your fans at all, if they chose to treat me like they do, like they likewise treat everyone of the LGBT worldwide community in bashing me

    your time has come Biyatches

    you are officially now history to my sweet loving ass

  232. i am not interested in tolerating any more it Madonna

    that’s it for me

    catcha around sometime where ever these fuckheads are not invited

  233. so help me God i will not be back for more of the same lame boring ass anal retentive useless mind fuck gay bashing nothingness you jerk offs thrive in like you do

    stay clear of me and my lover in the future, where we just don’t have any tolerance whatsoever for the vomit we keep running from of YOU

    fuck, over and over the mindless jerks are allowed in here, leaving me no alternative but to not leave myself open to attack

    the holy spirit seeks to visit your heart, but so long as you remain the ignorance of unwise foolishness, how will you ever recognize the holy spirit of YOU?

    immature jerks

    no love lost when there is no love

    as if i will miss any of you bashers in the future of only love unfolding

    of all you who choose to remain outside of heaven in all your bitter foul stench gnashing of teeth i have no desire of as choices of friends


    you cast your own self out of heaven with me

    way to go jerk offs

    who has even one second of time to waste in foolish cajole mockery entice bitter false cups you offer, of all you of the hypocrisy heart delight empty hollowness of vacant souls harbingers of the evil spirits?

    i am purely and truly the radiant bright eternal zealful contrasting humiliation light of all of you yet blind

    in time, one day, you shall come fully into awareness of your own wretched consequences fully

    you will, in an instant

    that will slice right thru your soul the truth i took time to warn you all of

    your day is coming, and already, has come, that you know not, nor desire to purely truly know, egos so great of insatiable desire which are standing between your divine self’s ability to enter heaven

    spiritual death downtrodden swirling about fear all around you who cannot see me or ever know me, so long as your hearts are black and empty voids of nothingness you spu forth like you do

    you are cast out of heaven, not even knowing you really are

    i want to do with you directly ever again, of zero trust for this viperous blog of wretched tyranny illness of hearts

    be gone from me forgotten by all of the eternal future you shall not enter no more

  234. evil shit for brains jerks with gravely low low intelligence

    mark my words, your day is coming to you, that will slice thru your egos to the real you, begging God forgiveness for ALL that which is not forgivable

    lunatics is what you are to me

    “some, in the grip of spiritual death and corruption, moved on, mocking and scoffing of degenerative crude lies and partnered stupidity of evil malaise, hypnotised as if in a lunatic dream of spiritual suicide, not knowing their birthright is Eternal Life of Eternal Day Light Self-Love Awareness of flawless healing feeling divine self ONEness sameness of eternal ALL YOU.”

    the ignoramous fuckhead YOU!

  235. to the owners of this blog…….

    you harbor these viperous spiritual death morons

    so if that is how you chose to not protect our pure spirits, then how are we ever able to purely have any desire to come into this viper’s nest?

    i am wisely discerning, does not bother me in the least, rather it is the unsuspecting ones these degenerative ones prey apon like they did and yet do me that i am gravely concerned for, bashing away at us day and night, night and day

    your day too is coming

    and already, the truth has come

  236. catch you all in heaven one day for some of you, and not for those of you of hypocrisy heart dwelling wretched spuing of lies, harmful to your own blessed children like so many of you yet are.

    your day will come where you recoil sharply in dismay in realizing just how wretched black your hearts really really obviously are

    be gone from me forever more

  237. You know so much. Kabbalah teaches you a lot. Your ex-husband creates brilliant film-masterpieces. They are simple, as all ingenious. No need to change people, awareness can not be imposed. Be very conscious and will be happy. I love you!

  238. Employees –> cause for constant headache.

  239. The human mind – the cause of constant headache )))))

  240. I love you

  241. I love my grandfathrer and yet never new him. I fucking miss him becacuse we ware a family. you ned to understand before knownig who truly loved him………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  242. fucking minds want to know

  243. I need to stop because it will cause in an arraction. any way I am in enougth train reaction. I dontknow what I am saying. Love is love. XOXO

  244. when it all comes down to be real to your self and others that truely love you. it is all truely condesending but at the end…….. I guess you will know the truth

  245. today I can speak……. it is not easy I really hate where I AM NOW BUT THIS IS WHAT MAKES WHAT i AM i PERSON WITH TRUTH IN THERE HEART. no morw capitals and why???????? what the FFFF I guess I am understanding what the fuck is ging on. I fucking hate what hapened wih my grand father. it is fucking really bothering me.

  246. my mom is so pleasen and great put when it all comes down to crap she may not be like me

  247. it takes a lot of shit to know it

  248. my mom is going through hell becauce she was a daddys girl…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I guess I will know because I am a mommys girl……………………………………………………………………………………..

  249. ohh oh shuck’s..


    not Dildo … 🙂


  250. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
    I can see all obstacles in my way
    Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
    It�s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
    Sun-Shiny day.

    I think I can make it now, the pain is gone
    All of the bad feelings have disappeared
    Here is the rainbow I�ve been prayin?for
    It�s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
    Sun-Shiny day.

    Look all around, there�s nothin?but blue skies
    Look straight ahead, nothin?but blue skies

    I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
    I can see all obstacles in my way
    Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
    It�s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
    Sun-Shiny day.

  251. Fuck the Rose coloured Glasses ( specticals if you are american) ….

    Give me Dark shades anytime

    the sun is too bright..

    be back in a couple of months


    im busy

    right now

  252. haha…..bright indeed, feels amazing, magical flawless healing purity feelings of the real self within the eternal all, is the eternal truth of us all.

    dance without end
    prance with OUT zen
    glace without bend
    stance with OUT end


    get it?

    end, as in butt end?


  253. oh fuck, i am so not going to fall for Billy, s/he belongs with his own age group, i can still love him like i do and always will, as his MOTHER! lol

  254. ah fuck………i need to be careful what i pray for


  255. oh for fuck sakes, God……….he’s fucking perfect in every way!

  256. as if any of us can switch off our pure true loving heart

    what is of any life without love?

    what is of any love without life?

    i am his wise older brother able to nurture and protect his precious soul

    and i will, just as i always have, since before he was born.

    blessed is the pure heart of us all, where i yearn to always BE found

    forever more

  257. linda, bonita, inteligente e infelizmente distante.

    jorge luiz

  258. ya ok fine, whatever

    i need to work on getting myself well again, slowly, and sometimes instantly, the moments of pure self surfacing, rising up and OUT of my past, my present, my……….future?

  259. welcome to heaven’s unceasing tireless bliss

    forever more

    i just want to dance

    forever and ever


  260. i am only as far away as your own feeling YOU!

  261. Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names………..

    which is perhaps a good thing, in not knowing the meaing of such words as selfish gross materialism illness of heart that Jesus speaks of.

    we are all ugly

  262. 1 billion children live in poverty (1 in 2 children in the world). 640 million live without adequate shelter, 400 million have no access to safe water, 270 million have no access to health services. 10.6 million died in 2003 before they reached the age of 5 (or roughly 29,000 children per day)…….

    all the while we of the supposedly so smart status quo fucktards with no soul, hold the poor steadfast snared in debt they cannot pay.

    for sure, our hearts are all so pure and true……….not

    we are all ugly

    Jesus is correct in saying the shirt on our back is more valuable than we who wear it, able to keep a child of poverty warm.

    there shall BE no stone unturned

    you ugly fucks

  263. cowardice ugly fucks who won’t even say hello to me, acknowledge me before God in your own name.

    fuck you

  264. Less than one per cent of what the world spent every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000 and yet it didn’t happen.

  265. ugly gross materialism rules this heartless self serving ego snared world

  266. foolishly led by spiritually dead immature rulers with rose colored glasses

    you know, i always found i could not sit at your tables, my entire life, why do you suppose that is?

  267. Poverty is the state for the majority of the world’s people and nations. Why is this? Is it enough to blame poor people for their own predicament? Have they been lazy, made poor decisions, and been solely responsible for their plight? What about their governments? Have they pursued policies that actually harm successful development? Such causes of poverty and inequality are no doubt real. But deeper and more global causes of poverty are often less discussed.

    Behind the increasing interconnectedness promised by globalization are global decisions, policies, and practices. These are typically influenced, driven, or formulated by the rich and powerful. These can be leaders of rich countries or other global actors such as multinational corporations, institutions, and influential people.

    In the face of such enormous external influence, the governments of poor nations and their people are often powerless. As a result, in the global context, a few get wealthy while the majority struggle.

  268. you need not wonder if Jesus, Mary, God and i despise so many of you

    purely and truly we do

    as ones who treat the most vulnerable as though they are unwelcomed outcasts

    ‘that’ is what you people perpetuate and do daily, some without even a single concern moment of thoughtful feelings of so so many people in the world left out there in brutal deathful destructive oppressive environments.

    so enjoy your wonderful wealthy meals this day fucktards, without me at your table i shall not ever sit at, not in this life or the next, just not where i ever felt i belong, purely knowing i don’t

    so ugly and gross, and what of all your ego boasting as though you are someone great?

    not in the eyes of God you are not.

    and for sure, not in the eyes of a child you rush on past who is without enough to eat this day.

    unable to eat that which was always free, till the merchants of God came along to sell it back to us at a premium now so great we cannot afford to eat.

    bravo fucktards

    truly Jesus is correct, in speaking the truth of our spiritual death fucktard ways that is gravely without even a care for a child taking their last breath

    argh……how could i ever sit at any of your self serving heartlessly blind leading the blind tables?

    you know, they say the over achiever and under achiever dynamically share the same inner low self-esteem, perpetually snared in the absurd perpetuation of wealthy as though better than poor.

    sadly, both suffer needlessly in spiritual nonattendance.

    well, that is until Jesus showed up :mrgreen:

    oh hi Jesus, how is your day going today?

    he’s quit today, but when he speaks, you all really should listen and hear, as in listen and hear the pure true feelings of the divine child within you all to whom Jesus wisely speaks to.

    blessed are the true pure of heart who remain unscathed by all that is falsely impure.

    yuk, would not want to trade places with any of you wealthy

  269. uhm……..i found an early campaign push for the film WE that i thought you might like. haha

  270. All darkness is what IS the abscence of light
    All cold is what IS the abscence of heat
    All falseness is what IS the abscence of truthFULness
    All hate is what IS the abscence of love
    All ignorance is what IS the abscence of wisdom
    All apathy is what IS the abscence of compassion
    All hell is what IS the abscence of heaven

    ALL unattendance is what IS the abscence of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul

    and yet, God is always present, just as IS the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul within the eternal ALL YOU!

    blessed is the truth that serves as the light that pushes out all darkness

    bless you all

  271. still one of my free spirit feeling songs from long ago, that pure feeling of running carefree with a most loving lover who is there beside you, both of you knowing how purely you really really do love one another like you do.

    what profit is there at all, in anything that is without the pure true flawless loving feeling YOU?

    one day, i shall find that special someone that i know God knows is the one meant just for me and i them, thought it was Troy, truly i did, and maybe he was, well, i fucked that up, with the shithead help of everyone else, the intrinsic binding forces, fuck how hate how that fucking hit the wall like it did, for sure, if anyone knows the meaning of Jesus saying heaven is as though a man punching his fist thru a wall, it is me!

    bless you all with peace grace love and happiness true nature of real self YOU!

    forever more

    we cannot know our soulmate lover in the garden until such a time as we know our own soulmate lover self, so take time out to know your own self in order to just constantly BE the constant love of your pure true self within set free to BE, the sacred mirror, within another.

    BE pure true real self YOU, for how else can another know you in order to love YOU when you are not?

    i am who i am, without concern or care of any who chose to think less of me than they purely truly know me, in all their shithead empty void ego nothingnesses of approach, i mean who the fuck wants or needs the fucking voids like so many of you are towards one another, towards me, like fuck you all and fuck right off forever, i shall not miss nothing that is able to be missed, ok?…..shitheads! no wonder why so many die every fucking day, toxic fuckhead shitheads is what you are, that i despise with all that i am, the opposite of so many of you…..for if they purely truly did know me, they would BE as i know ‘i am’, only love

    i hope and pray happiness surrounds you each and ever day, that magical feeling not at all far away, always right there within, when love is true of you, true of another and others.

    what is life without love?
    what is love without life?

    no life at all

    why people keep dying daily, is it not?

    God refers to all wretched nescience as the ‘lack’

    ya, kinda common sense, the huge lacking unattendance void of nothingness hollowness mirror within, is it not?

    i am so fucking out of here for the remainder of my blessed life fuckers, all the while praying you all find happiness, which is not going to be with me, that much is clear, so take care fuckers, i am not of concern to be here, just as is the mirror of you, i am, and yet, i am not.

    i will find that special someone, but not so long as i keep spinning my wheels waiting for more empty nothingness you all keep treating me as, like who the fuck wants or needs ‘that’?

    id rather be dead than deal with the likes of so many of you

    and so i am dead to you, or may as well be, as i am no more here, wanting and needing to be where i belong, where i feel i really really do belong, among those constantly loving, which you are not with me, so high and fucking mighty ego shithead nothingness, fuck, puke puke puke some more, argh, i dread you now, so thanks, and goodbye.

    there is nothing of any greater value than ‘that’ of our flawless loving feelings found right there within us all.

    i found myself, along time ago actually

    just need to get out there for that special someone to find me, otherwise, i do not exist, just as i do not exist in all your empty hearts so untrue towards me, in all your hollow empty nothingness words, the void, fuck you and goodbye

    been around enough assholes to last several life times, no more

    so thanks for you owe so wonderful friendship fuckheads!


  272. fuck, i so need to find better friends

  273. two months eh?

    ya, i should have little difficulty cultivating new best friends by the time you turn around and come back, where’s Andyy?

    well, s/he’s not here any more to be made to feel as though not even worthy of a friendship

    so thanks alot Marco, you don’t even make my friendship list

    con grats to you!

    i have many who purely truly love me in the world, at ease our our fun loving self, i mean what is there to hold onto with you besides nothing? uhm?

    ya, the truth sets me free to just go BE who i always was and yet am, a fucking oh so lovable human being that you choose to make feel as though i am not worthy of a friendship, where Jesus, Mary and God constantly do.

    i thank God for my friends

    especially for my friendship with Jesus and Mary, so holy spirited they constantly are in oneness as me, how i purely truly came to know my own self within.

    so go do whatever in all your too busy for true and faithful friends like i was, note………WAS!

    fuck you

  274. hey, i know, i’ll just write you off along with the rest, as HIV the stimatization fuckhead you choose to be, ok?

    truth is, i don’t need you, where i need those who are purely truly loving as ‘i am’

    so thank you for that Marco!


    besides, you have no contact real life with me of your chosing not to, so wtf, no one there for me to love in the first place.

    cold fucking shit is what you are to me.

    and when you do turn around, i won’t be there, ok?

    so thanks

    but no thanks

    i need real friends in life who without effort and with great ease, purely truly are loving as ‘me’

    fuck, cannot belief how fucking cold ass shit people are with me

    like drop fucking dead already, ok?


  275. who the fuck wants or needs jerks like you as friends who are not friends at all Marco? uhm?

    fuck off

  276. how can any of you exist to me when……….you don’t exist?

    your loss, not mine, for ‘i am’ loved by many

    you have no love for me, and so how am i to be hurt by ‘that’? uhm?

    i could not be cold ass shit like that to my friends who always are able to turn to me in life, for decades, we have been there just as we yet always are, family.

    anyway, go be coldass shit with someone else, i don’t want it any more

  277. you no longer exist to me, and in truth, you did not, as in not in my ‘real’ life did you choose to BE there, just as you choose not to be now, so go fuck yourself Marco, i have way fucking better friends in life who are purely truly sincerely authentically genuinely always just there BEing their true real self like i am with them.

    i won’t tolerate your homophobic bullying bullshit any more

    you are not even a friend

    as much as you may think you are, where clearly……….you are not!

    too busy for me?

    like fuck you forever, ok?

    we find out who are friends are when we hit the ground

    and you are not my friend at all

    so goodbye


    i won’t turn around for more of your same lameass fucking shit as per fucking usual


    i realize how precious my soul is by means of precious other souls in life like Billy

    of whom my time is equally preciously spent as is his own with me, and those just like us.

    so fairwell jerkoffs!

    you were not much of a real life friend to me to begin with, the whole disconnect void nothingness none existence, like wtf? uhm?

    where is Marco in real life?

    oh, right, too fucking important to bother with me.

    ya well, fuck you all the way to hell Biyatch!

    i won’t be back for more of your lameass disconnecting mental abuse, ok?

    you had your chance to purely truly BE a most loving friend with me in real life, and now that chance is no more.

    i am of great value in the hearts of many

    where i purely truly belong

    always knew i did

    in ever step, every hearbeat, every breath, every word, every kiss, every hand i held, just as i always was, just as i always am, the same as they are, i am

    true and faithful friends till the end, with no room for you lameass fucktards in all your distance fear mongering as though you are too good for us

    like fuck you are

    you are in likeness and form curse for so many of us dealing with self-acceptance, take my word for it, as much as we may have thought we needed you ignoramous fuckheads, truely i tell you, WE DON’T

    and did not!

    nor shall WE!



    peace out fucktards!

  278. enjoy your self-important void of nothingness without me Biyatches!

    won’t catch me coming around any time soon, the final truth that sets my spirit free to just go BE my SELF!

    forever and an eternal day alongside my most loving brothers and sisters who are always there in life with one another like we always have been, having run away from you lameass bullshitters along fucking time ago.

    argh…..why the fuck did i even bother coming here?

    for what?

    the lameass fuckhead you choose to be towards me in the end?

    like holy fucking bullshit fuck you fuck you and fuck you!

    i am

    no more of any desire for you fuckers!

    thank God!

    i am


    always was

    not sure why i though i needed your lameass, and now i don’t want to even think about it ever again!


    i know where i belong, happy and free, alongside so many of WE!



    argh……..cowardice lameass no zeal, same ol speal fuckers, like who in their right mind wants or needs ‘that’? uhm?

    no one

    already, i feel better knowing i do not have to ever tolerate any more of your inconsistent nothingness void empty hollowness egotisms.


    i am happy
    i am carefree

    and i am


    born this way Biyatches!


    try it sometime, ok?

    you just may attrack us towards your lameass that WE know needs us!

    the only thing i will miss, is bitching you Biyatches out, not sparing you the truth you keep denying your lameasses!

    ‘that’s what friends are four!




    get with one of us, and you will know

    till then, well, enjoy your boring lameass sex that i don’t and won’t allow myself to ever be what i know i am

    versatile happiness!

    ok, peace out Biyatches!

    you had your chance

    and you blew it

    badly i might add

    not sure why i stuck around as long as i did

    perhaps for you all to realize the truth

    as i have

    and did along time ago

    you know, you don’t even know me hardly at all, the amazing zeal i am within in OUTward appearance like i have been for decades.

    some in ‘real’ life know full well how much fun ‘i am’ to BE around

    too bad for you, is all i can say, as i walk away for the remainder of my happy ass life.

    i mean really, truly, i ask, who the fuck wants or needs your dysfunction?

    not me

    not ever me!

    been down that path way too many times

    no more

    i am not interested in even one more word from any of you at this blog

    unless your name is Matt

    i will always talk to Matt

    and he knows it!

    so peace OUT Biyatches!

    goodbye, fairwell, blah blah blah blah

    really, i wish you all happiness

    i just won’t ever BE with me

    that much is clear now


    what a waste of my precious time you turned out to be

    no contact friend = no friend


  279. All darkness is what IS the abscence of light

    All cold is what IS the absence of heat

    All falseness is what IS the absence of truthFULness

    All hate is what IS the absence of love

    All ignorance is what IS the absence of wisdom

    All apathy is what IS the absence of compassion

    All hell is what IS the absence of heaven

    ALL nonattendance is what IS the absence of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul in true life

    and yet, God is always present, just as IS the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul within the eternal ALL YOU!

    no matter how great the suppressive foolish without love, without compassion, without divine self wisdom nonattendance IS

    ‘I AM’ constantly there within as ONE who knows the eternal ALL YOU!

    blessed is …the truth that serves as the light that pushes out all darkness

    forever more

    blessed is the eternal truth that sets the eternal all YOU free!

    forever more

    peace grace love and happiness true nature BE 2 YOU!

    forever more

    peace OUT fuckers!

    and goodbye

  280. i don’t hate any one


    i despise every one

  281. oh hey, i just realized this is the same happy ending as that of a starving child taking their last breath this day………the eternal day i stand in………where i know my eternal spirit in saying, ‘I AM’ the BEginning of this cruel world led astray from divine self-love awareness, ‘that’ which spiritually nurtures, awakens and protects the entire eternal all future

    i am

    forever more

    i always was

    merely and easily just BEing my SELF!


    sad IS you

    deathfully sad i might add

  282. anyway, i have nothing more to say to deathfully coldass fucks

    and you have nothing to offer me but more of the same illness of heart

    so why should i bother in expecting more of the same?

    to BE sure, just so you know, i won’t



    bless you and peace grace love and happiness true nature BE 2 YOU all!

    i have better places i want and need 2 BE!

    me ‘that’ IS

    forever more

  283. its time for me 2 go tirelessly spin this world like a top

    and for sure, you know i will, everywhere i go, everywhere……i am

  284. Def Leppard Hysteria album is still my favorite album, plus the remixes since, music my pure spirit connected with so hysterical like Troy and i were, as though the only two people that mattered in life at times, magical IS the feeling of YOU!


  285. you fuckin suck big time Biyatch!

  286. and when you wake up after all is now said and done, i won’t fuckin be there any more for you

  287. and besides……..you did not wish me happy pride during pride week, so fuck you and your bullshit ok?

    i am so fucking over your shit

  288. come to think of it, none of you did

    wow, such a happy fucking bunch of noname lame ass fucks you all are

    guess i won’t be missing more of ‘that’ any time soon

  289. are this dysfunctional with all your close real friends?

    do you even have any real friends?

    oh right, we are not friends any more, in you making it onto my stigmatization list………maybe my other friends are right, i should not disclose my status to anyone but my lover(s).

    right, well, you go be that way, i am better off without you

  290. fair warning to everyone on the internet, don’t try to engage in cultivating friendships with people who are not interested in you, for whatever their lameass excusing reasons are, where you will end up feeling toxic from your own unrealistic expectations with those who are not available to you, as did i get toxically worse, wondering why, day after day, no real life friend that i wanted, like i did here all this time, only to end up trying to deal with my then toxic self i came to realize was the end result of such, turning to even worse unhealthy places, stupidly, like the spa, in trying to get my needs met, why i am HIV+ today fuckers.

    so thanks you to all for your fuckedup dysfunctional shit i no longer will leave myself open to in entertaining in my head any longer, that you are healthy for me, when clearly, you were not and are not.

    history repeats it’s self, no different than the fuckedup circle of everyone surrounding Troy and i way back when, how it all fucking went to hell for us, like the fuckedup hell i now have to deal with in being HIV+

    ya, you were all my enmeshed end result fucking shit

    and you still had to audacity to call me a sham?

    and now the disconnect, of having better places to be

    like holy fuck you all and your ignoramous fuckhead shit!

    you are no friend of mine, nor will i ever believe and trust in your bullshit ever again, this bridge is officially destroyed for me, where i will not be of direct contact with any of you ever again.

    so congrats to you all in all your horrid fucking illness of heart nothingness going nowhere, and for sure, not ever anywhere near me do i wish to see any of you.

    that is how i feel about you now

    realizing the truth, you really really are all a bunch of fuckheads, including you Mr.Ritchy, you too Madonna, and for sure you Marco.

    thanks, but no thanks, i really really do have far healthier places and friends to run with in life.

    what a load of fucking crap you all are

    fucking actors

    i knew i should of not crossed the fucking street like i did, what the fuck was i thinking?

    oh ya, the next generation trying as i did, to escape from all your mindfuck useless nonscience of the empty bitter cup you offer me.

    you know, when you really sit with some of Madonna’s songs, they are false ego meandering immaturity mindfucking, especially of the early shit that i have outgrown since.

    just as i have outgrown my need to be here any more.

    the lesson is, don’t overly invest in internet friendships, where real life friends are much healthier for us.

    i really did think we would be friends one day

    now i don’t

    and i don’t really give a fuck if i ever meet her in life

    for what, more of the same, i am too fucking busy to bother with you?

    no wonder Guy is far happier today, away from your dysfunctional ego trip Madonna

    what a fucking head case that was for me.

    no more

    i am officially gone as far away as i can possibly get, lest i get even more sick than i already am.

    thanks everyone, for all your dysfunctional bullshit

    i know where i belong, always did, in heaven with a most loving lover.

    goodbye and fairwell is all i can think of to say

    need not wonder why

    of no more tears to cry over what?

    over the nothingness you choose to be with me

    fuck you all

  291. like i deserve any of you horrid dysfunctionals!

    trust now destroyed

    i God help me, i won’t trust you ever again till my last breath.

    thank you

    and fuck off

  292. and what of the mental emotional bully mentality low self-esteemer passerby social privilege abuser who says things like i need meds? uhm?

    ya, maybe i do in dealing with all you fuckhead dysfunctional social privilege abusers, you are correct!

    ya, you can fuck right off too!

    the world is a snared cesspit of you ignoramus ones, and one day, you will all face the truth of your own wretchedness first hand.

    God knows it

    and so do i

    useless fuckheads that so many of you are in all your ego self serving empty nothingness ways who leave the most vulnerable out in the cold, where i would rather be than be with the likes of so many of you i came to know, in all you bullshit ways.

    snaring perpetual absurdness


    clearly, most of you are, not even knowing or caring that you really really are

  293. and if Iran hurts those American kids, i say topple their bullshit regime once and for all eternity, no matter what it takes to do so.

  294. im going to go live my life now, ok?

    free of your blind lameass conjecture bullshit of any one of you.

    maybe raise a family of my own, who knows, maybe with a lesbian and myself one day, and to hell with waiting on you

    you are nothing to me now

    so goodbye and fairwell, BE happy

    forever more

    i am

  295. ANDY, your in your 40’s really time to grow out of this anger and hatred you harness inside your heart, brush it off we all have challenges in life, no one’s to blame, its life learning to grow evolve, you should’nt be critical of people I wont tollerate it, & really being critical of Madonna’s songs is plain silly, im sure she is the least person on this planet with a false ego infact I know for certain the opposite is true, well except for the acting but im sure thats a protection mechanism & a nessasary one .. so yer stop your bitching Queen ..


    you could be the “Queen of Bitching”

    biyatch …

  296. & I am sick to death hearing about your HIV status ( sick to death ) yer you and a billion other people… you live in Canada have access to the best health system free drugs to ensure you’ll never be sick and live to a ripe old age and torment us till death do you part.. spare a though for the millions in Africa with no or limited access to expensice drugs .. dying and suffering … moron … get over yourself …

    you’ve been told

    you wont be told again by me

    and if you choose to blame me or attack me then I will never return to offer my wise jesus wisdom ..

    i’ll be too busy preparing myself to help those who need it most…

    ok I heard that !!!

    I’m not your booty …so go fuck yourself instead..

    before I throw you out to the Lions …

    You big Pussy

  297. what am I doing to silence Ansy

    flying to africa next year with my film maker flatmate to make a documentry …. Jesus Style

    2011, time to take you to Heaven

    its gonna be called “Heaven Eleven” (copywrite)

    ( coming to a cinema near you soon.. )

  298. ok good, show the world the (dis)connecting contrasting truth, ok?

    BE the mirror of their hearts so obviously obliviously blind

    these kids need your voice

    it is a blessing of God that you get to BE their voice, in your every step, in oneness with their precious outcast hearts

    up close and personal, in astonishment disbelief from the perspective of the pure heart of the divine child, who connects the dots of the low-esteemer led world of blind leading blind to nowhere.

    the world needs to be awakened to the TRUTH, for sake of everyone’s shut down over achiever low self-esteem bully ego mentality that the businessman established for themselves long ago, as though someone great, no longer functioning as the divine self, suppression disconnecting blindness of soul.

    we are making progress as nations who do care, where i feel we all need to be awakened to knowing the value of our graceful pure loving divine self, as the most significant way to help everyone get out of harms way of the foolish businessman’s spiritual death way, who are the blind masters of deception, are they not?


    ya well, you try dealing with HIV stigmatization for the first time, when everyone runs away from you.

    you cannot know what that is like personally, until such a day as you are standing in the truth of it, and well, you are just like them, so whatever Marco, i value our time together, perhaps more than i realize, and well, you just fucking off like that, how the fuck am i supposed to feel about that, and what other way am i supposed to think of you in doing so, than stigmatization bullshit!

    i am not powerless, not at all

    i am God’s powerFULL truth!

    even more so than before

    as all shall soon see

  299. oh, don’t worry about it, im just fucking pissed off with everyone, dealing with my new status.

    i have a resolution that makes sense.

    i wanted to have kids, and so easy it could of been for me before becoming HIV+, yes?

    a mere obstacle is all it is with today’s medical technology of sperm scrubbing.

    where how much more appreciative i will feel one day in the birth of my own child, yes?

    so in that light, it is a blessing for the unborn child yet to be born, of when they are born, they will be born into a more appreciative world of ‘that’ which i now am, and i feel the change spiritually within, so ya, i do feel more blessed with what i cannot change, a door of sorts i stumbled thru.

    and stigmatization, well, when those of the lessor love for me, in all their stigmatization fear like they are, well, in God’s eyes, they are not of the more powerful pure spiritedness i am BEcoming of now, so a good thing that they go away from me, is it not?

    a natural sorting of better friends if you will, as i step thru new doors in the future, with others who really really are better suited for me, much like the pure spirit of the poor i walk among, really really are better suited for me, than are the spiritually dead robotic snared status quo fucktards, of greater ability to connect in our pure at ease oneness ‘that’ of what heaven actually IS and always was, devoid of these petty false snaring blinding egos that in truth, are gravely dysfunctional for anyone around them.

    i embrace my future in a pure light, more so than before, of how happiness revolves around appreciation, so ya, i feel more blessed now than before, but the transition that i am still in, emotionally speaking, is what it is, a changing emotional discerning perception, the letting go of the old self wants with others, who no longer are of option for me, waiting and feeling thru now who is going to be of my future life, and who is not.

  300. God wants me to learn from my current experience, in what is better for me as regards those who God feels are meant for my pure spirit, at ease, rather than the tiresome nescience of trying to fit in where my spirit is not able to feel like i belong.

    who you all are is who you all are in your every waking moment of life, where i do walk among all of you of the entire world, sensing what is of your pure spirited outward appearance, and what is of the lessor suppressed snared spirit of many of you like you are in appearance.

    argh, i really detest so many of these cycle pattern ego maniac ones in all their hostile garbage mouth, glad to be free of their falsehoods as i walk on past, their not knowing at all how i am discerning of the condition of their obviously unattended divine self, plodding along aimlessly like they do, not at all realizing what i do, of how snared their entire life has been like it is, their not asking spiritual questions at all as regards their own unattended divine self, the empty nothingness of words they keep spewing forth like they do in their cycle pattern behavioral that was cultivated over many years of life, not asking at all what is of the greater treasure within they may not ever find their entire life.

    and the arrogance they are of with others, is like, whoa, stay the fuck away from me please, as they keep on in their bashing away at their control freaked out servants who dread them like they do, as i laugh them up later, knowing the path i too once was on long ago, in what i too went thru with all you bully mentality old school managers.

  301. i am what heaven IS

    and so are you Marco

    you have great depth of wisdom

    i know that

    i am in transition right now, to a better future, a more purely appreciative future.

    i noticed the more pure appreciation in the eyes of those who were HIV+ that i met when i first hit the gay ghetto scene here in Toronto, their pure spiritedness like they were and are, so purely and truly appreciative they were in just having someone to talk to.

    it was worse back then, when ignorance of most, was fear of even touching them was dangerous, all the glove wearing like they were, remember that?

    there is stigmatization, but no where near like it once was for us.

    anyway, i ran with alot of them as friends and lovers, naturally drawn to their greater appreciation pure spiritedness like i was and yet am, and i stayed with one for 15 years, who i cannot bring myself to leave, knowing the world is still harshly of stigmatization, and now i am one of them, where as weird as it may seem, i always felt i was one of them, in all my oneness days of every moment with them, oh how they loved my making love with them when others would not, some who were gravely ill at the time to, their appreciation so great in their eyes like they were, mere weeks before they died.

    contact with them changed my spirit in ways i did not know was occurring, naturally so, not realizing the greater appreciation of my own pure spirited self that God wants me to learn FULLY of, as ‘that’ is what heaven IS, is it not?

    i speak with you as one who i know does know what is of greater value in life than anything else.

    so if my reinforcing has assisted you in this regard, in us moving towards the light, i feel it was all of God’s doing, my entire life path up to this moment in time, my mental powers in sorting thru it all like i love to do, where is this world going, naturally so, of God’s omnipotence wisdom that escapes our short attention span impotence?

    well, hell is what this world is for many

    and the exact cause connectedness of all hell is as relates to the ‘lack’ of heaven in the hearts of all others of the one generation that is moving towards global oneness spiritedness, however slowly, it is occuring.

    i see Asian culture as the ones more naturally of their blessed pure spiritedness, for whatever intrinsic forces that exist(ed) thru millennial handed down generational behaviorals, all so fascinating to me.

    i see the pure spirited Asians in our land, who do not see what i see, as their greater value to our country than we have appreciation of them, or should i say, not so much on the surface are we, all the while, our subconscious detecting seeking is not at all blind to what we all take in of one another, hence, why the enlightened ones of the world are of the greatest value in life while they walk amoung us, most of us not knowing their presence.

    you are one such individual Marco, and Madonna.

    i know that, always did, but to what extent, well, i say you are beyond my current scope in many ways as too am i beyond yours in other ways, a combined force of our efforts in your area of life in the world, as is my own, bringing forth radiant bright loving goodness from within the storehouse of our wise hearts, of sacred mirroring that slices thru the horrid falsehood binding ego untruth control freakers we know exist in the world, like child labor camps, and the horrid sex trade world of prisoners, oh how my heart aches for them not knowing i pray for them daily.

    it is the light that pushes out all darkeness

    it is the light that humiliates the falsehoods, by means of awakening the divine self asleep within these unattended children of God lead astray by the falsehood forefather ignorances handed down.

    it is you who is of God’s wise humilation steadfast unfailing kingdom of heaven ushering in as one chosen by God, for sake of your pure spirit, as is my own

    do not question just how valuable you really really are in God’s eyes

    and do not egotistically ridicule God’s wisdom i speak of, that is of open discussion classroom forward thinking and feeling, from the inner sanctuary i take refuge in alone before God.

    i have been of great study along time now, and we need not ever wonder what is taking place in the world, and in our hearts growing brighter in oneness equality thruout the world.

    it is our true nature that is of God’s will that we awaken fully into realizing what is of the greatest treasure one shall ever find their entire life, loving blessed state of BEing your divine self, nurtured, awakened, protected eternally by God’s divine self-love awareness wisdom, ushering in of the kingdom of heaven oneness blessed light all around us, within us, pushing out once and for all, all these wretched horrid fuckheads of hellish falsehood, who seek to hold captive so many precious souls as our own.

    we have in our capable hands, great tools in which to utilize in reaching every soul in the world.

    do not lose sight or focus of the precious souls held captive in bitter dark falsehood captivities who are waiting and praying unceasingly for us to release them as ones sent forth by God into the dark world yet snared by the forefather generational bullshit.

    you are ‘that’ which heaven constantly IS, radiant, brilliant, eternally bright wise light of you divine self-love awareness wisdom, ‘that’ of the sacred mirroring seed of truth, that is unable to ever fail, rather grows eternally within the eternal all, even of those who do not know it does like it obviously has in so many.

    anyway, enjoy your day, im ok, just a wee bit frazzled

    so would any of you who were betrayed like i was and yet am.

    bless you all

  302. of course, the greatest of all precious dreams for me, was one day alongside you with all those precious outcast kids in feeling their brightening faces all aglow, safely out from behind the falsehood ego driven wretched walls of inescapable deathful poverty like it yet is for so so many.

    oh how i really really do despise the ego driven self-serving world blind leading the blind disconnecting that is direct cause for every wall of seperation these precious outcast children dwell behind like they sadly do.

    i pray God that no more shall these walls ever exist in the eternal all future, and already, they no longer exist in our wiser pure hearts as is the divine child of God behind the falsehood walls of evil unloving gross materialism snaring captivity separation, of dismay disbelief astonishment bewilderment these kids feel like they do, not understanding why.

    we understand and see with clarity, do we not?

    blessed is the truth that sets free our pure spirited oneness equality.

    forever more

  303. i probably could not handle walking into these horrid poverty stricken places, knowing i would break down in an instant of my picking up a starving child near death from off the cold ground ever so pure truly gracefully of my pure spirited self as is the divine child of God’s children behind these false walls of poverty.

    spiritual poverty of the world IS the truth, is it not?

    blessings to all

  304. may God open wide the flood gates of our souls in pouring forth streams of blessed compassionate tears until such tears change forever more into tears of holy joy of the eternal all, for sake of YOU!

    blessed you

    forever more

  305. Canada put forth announcement of three billion dollars for the needs of mother and child, at the last summit here in Toronto, all the while the foolish ones set fire to cars in protest……there is the contrasting truth of just how blindly absurd some souls really really are, are they not?

  306. forgive our yet foolish absurdnesses God, as we make our way in heaven all around us, ‘that’ which has already come, of so many not yet knowing it already has.

    forever more

  307. ok, we have closure now, my desire to live a gay lifestyle i am mostly of earnest desire to like i have for so long, each of us to carve out a life of our own in oneness willingness direction with out lovers, now of our crossroads disconnect in going separate ways for this day forth.

    and yet, still there was is the dreamy boy bisexual lover who did and yet does feel what he allowed himself to feel all those years like i did.


    ok, i explored it fully, and realize fully now we are to go separate ways in our own blessed lives.

    i needed closure

    and now we are of closure

    and perhaps Madonna too allowed herself to feel as i did for so long, or perhaps it was all just my imagination.

    closure is necessary in positive mental emotional sexual spiritual health for us both, so ya, this is the crossroad we came to, as we turn and walk away, as regards potential lovers, we won’t ever be.

    i accept it, albeit, not so easily in what is the manifestation of the dreamy boy who does not want to let go of his dreams with her.

    a rejection of sorts, and yet, i know i will be equally happy in life with a loving boyfriend

    ok ok, closure, i will move off the topic and move on

    that’s what i was going emotionally, beyond orientation, beyond HIV status, spiritual connectedness you spoke of like we have for so long.

    well, that won’t end

    i have my devoted works just as you do of so much more yet to come, where both of us will feel much greater in the future than now, as the oneness brightening in the world continues to open wide.

    ok, let it go, and maybe some down time away from each other is the right thing to do right now, fine, let’s do that then, each of us turning with 100% appreciation in others who are there.

    you toss it at me as though bisexuality is not a real issue within for me, that i am 100% gay according to you, stay where you are Andy.

    ya well, in truth, i am not gay, i am bisexual versatile transsexual

    where i feel i am the more ‘fearlessly’ evolved than she is, truth be told, i really am, and so could she of been a versatile lover as i already am and have been for years.

    anyway, the world revolves around Madonna, well ok Madonna, you take care, ok?

    cya around some day, which is always the same eternal day every day, for those who dwell in the kingdom of heaven awareness like we all should 100% like i prefer to do.

    still, i am an outcast to so many of you in all your unwise arrogance approach with me

    keep it

    im done and way over it, always was

    ok, go be happy with who ever!

    as i do the same.

    blessings to all

    forever more

    i will be of spiritual art work presenting in the future from here on, with no more personal interaction, as i too need some time out from the useless ego arrogance words of the battling egos.



  308. my bisexual self was and yet IS purely true

    why you felt it so as did/do i for so so long

    the heartless defense mechanism egos battling foolishly like we occasionally did, slapping one another back and forth, to and fro

    which ego won?

    ego does not ever win in the end,

    where soon enough realization of pure truth takes root and sets in

    truth that it is always the divine real self of loss,

    of lovers and friends

    forever more


  309. the end

    is always where ‘real’ love begins

    blessings to all the families of the victims of 9/11

    bless you all

  310. I just remembered crossing the brooklyn brige and telling my self I should have been working the same morning it happen. shit I was in the 12 floor and seeing the military right above me afterr the incedent. I would just say if it was ment to be. God would let it be…….. God bless us all till the end of time.

  311. some times I dont know whee to go left or right . I cant be expected to know everything or the truth. it is just me. I dont know everything and would hate it if I had a choice. I rather be like forest gump. he is my favorite charecter. like he would say “that is all ihave to say about that” keep runing and letting things happen around with out having a clue of what is going on. I can see the movie 50 times and still feel comforable about the movie. it puts me to sleep because he met well regareless of anything,

  312. wait …

    wait just one more minute..

    I need to light Mariah Careys cigar …

    anyone got a Light ???

    oh no you’ll have to come to Africa with me if you want some Light…

    and not just any old light

  313. no such thing as time in the kingdom of eternal heaven, but if there was, well, i would say your time is up Biyatch! lol

    if what we look for has already come, then what time is it?

    and you say, “Shut up Andy, go back to sleep!”


    come on, it’s a beautiful day, an eternal day, are we not?

  314. I watched “I am because we are” for the second time today, I cryed alot while watching it .. .. ..

    goodnight Godbless

  315. sadly, many there are in the world who are by decision, intentionally coldly left behind by the we of governing prosperity the world over, no matter politic, religion, race, status, all of us inspired by one another in our forward thinking discussions of establish(ing)(ed) mandates for sake of everyone.

    what happened in human history that has led to where we all are?

    the majority of human beings who walk the earth, no longer are of our natural habit we once were, down thru mellenia of evolution of the we the creature that we at some point in time, decided on use of words to call ourselves the Human Being.

    we could call ourselves anything, of any word, could we not?

    and what does it matter at all, when in truth, we are truly amazing extremely complex perfectly evolved celled creatures of vast capability brain power as a celled creature able to move about in our physical existence, which now sees us able to escape the gravitational forces of the ball of dirt we have been on for who knows how long, how many millions of years, of no exact pinpoint in time, of some who think maybe we came from outer space.

    down thru our history, we established more and more forward thinking and reasoning able to assist us in arriving where we now are at the highest levels of vast wealth prosperity end result of not just the businessman, no, a culmination of everyone of church, state and businessman rulers of this world of prosperity, for sake of what?

    always it has been for everyone of first and forthmost, for sake of your blessed children, has it not?

    it is amazing how it is that we can recreate our own self of two of us, truly amazing, mind blowing for me, if you must know, can only imagine how blessed the feeling is for parents.

    thru out all human history, of human failure, is always the truth of ‘lack’ in the hearts and minds of the ruling body governents, clashing of politic, religion, and greed of the wealthy businessman mentality.

    what is often the case, in human history, is the self-serving mentality concern for sake of our own self, and those of our immediate families, and not so much beyond our immediate environment(read: rose coloured glasses), in what is of not purely realizing 100%, we are all the exact same celled creature of perfection evolution over millions of years.

    today, our compassion grows within in our ability to now see into these places in the world which are the end result of the millions of years down thru mellenia point in time that we all arrived at, where all our efforts are of goodness, even if of somewhat seemingly selfish in appearance, in truth, it is none of these things at all, rather merely that of the pure flawless extension of the pure flawless harmonious celled creature, subconsciously recreating our environments of pure harmoniousness in likeness and form of the harmoniousness of ever cell in our own bodies.

    always there are the finger pointing ones of every side out there in religion, politic, or who ever, where the disconnect seemingly absurd shortsightedness is obvious, that we don’t really look at the big picture of where and when we now are after millions of years of evolution.

    there is no such thing as evil badness of any one of the perfect harmonious celled creature of any one of you, rather, it is always the generational falsehood intrinsic/extrinsic forces of learned behaviorals any one of you who had the misfortune of being born into the environmental like you were, at points in time of constant evolving human history, where when you do not take time to delve deeply into the vast capability of macro thinking awareness, like that of all our psychology findings of millions of case load files, or that of the extraordinary vast understandings in science, or the study of anthropology, and of course theology, then you may remain as you are of the affect/effect consequential binding fall out of lacking wisdom that is able to clarify sharply for you, that indeed, you are all absolutely pure perfect flawless feeling extraordinary wondrous celled creatures, who may or may not be, to whatever extent, all of us yet of the forefather handed down binding teaching learning ignorance of who ever you are, in what ever part of the world environmental you were born into and yet walk within.

    globalization oneness growth in vast understanding is occurring, with such ease now to access to all of our vast understandings via the internet, once only available to the wealthy in the form of books they had written and handed down, or those who could afford to buy them from the businessmen who came along to sell them.

    there is a saying in ancient literature i found in the Nag Hammadi Library, that makes more sense that most ever for me now, when i really thinking about, in it’s WISE words, that these wisdom are not EVER for sale, and rather are always 100% meant to BE freely given, and cursed IS the one who choses to sell them for profit, in making them seem only as valuable as the moneys paid for them, rather, the value is of the most greatest of all value of anything one shall ever find, once one enters fully into the vast macro thinking nurturing awakening protecting kingdom of heaven halo perspective, that is able to free our pure spirited harmonious constant feeling divine self out from the generational blind ignorances that really really do exist, do they not?

    well ok, not exactly where these words written as i speak, of the many pieces of the puzzle i am yet working on in my research.

    the main point is, we have stop with all our foolishness if ever we are able to feel purely blessed at all times.

    ask yourselves, what do any of you really need each day, and what of these things stands out for you as most valuable of all, beyond food, beyond warm clothing, beyond shelter?

    is it not your feelings of loving friends and lovers which is of most value in your precious loving lives?

    so so many await for us all in horrid harsh horrific environmentals out there, so horrific, none of you could stand it for even one hour, in knowing you have no exit door or fortitude of virtually any education, no escape whatsoever to go to, trapped behind walls of poverty so great that you may die, my God, my God, is this how ugly our hearts are each day, that these vulnerable ones are left like they are, feeling so harsh and environment, that death is a welcome relief for them?

    forgive us God, for ‘that’ of our heartlessness which should not ever be forgiveable, for ‘that’ which keeps our divine pure spirit blind to feeling the TRUTH

    blessed is the truth which sets our spirits free from the forefather binding blinding ignorance that is not ever the truth of any of us.

    bless you all

  316. i had to take a cry break there………

    getting back to a solution…..

    in witnessing the truth of what is ACTUALLY occurring in these various parts of the world, IS the flawlessly perfect celled creature of everyone of us, that we call ourselves, the Human Being, everyone single one of us, of extraordinary capability of vast mental powers, leaving behind our once natural habitat of existence at one with nature, harmoniously perfectly i might add, as perfect as every cell in our bodies, the exact ability of such in how it is that we are all standing here this day.

    well, with leaving behind our natural habitat for a self created habitat of co-dependence existence, which we all are, all of one giant symbiotic relationship of church, state, businessman, servants, there comes the need for the vast infrastructure that we all have, and do take for granted that we do, a good thing left behind by the forward thinking forefathers of yesteryear.

    in some countries, access to education is free, thru to univeristy graduation, such as Danmark, of my ancestry.

    truly, mandate for free education should be thru out the entire world of globalization equality.

    we hear things like Iran accusing American hiker kids of spying…..truly, that is so absurd, is it not?

    i mean what does Iran have that we don’t, to spy on in the first place.


    of all the things to teach your children, i feel that teaching them that constant flowing blessed pure flawless feeling love within, within another, is the only thing of any true value in life, as one who live exclusively as a spiritual artist, for sake of bringing forth self-acceptance of so many gay youth in the world who reach out to me like they do daily, feeling so blessed in having stumbled upon my life, my full knowing, exactly what they may yet be dealing with that i too once dealt with in my own growing homosexual self-love self-acceptance self-esteem. Truly i tell you, i feel there is no other calling for me in life that is of greater value to me, in what i turn towards mostly in my sanctuary of devoted work.

    from time to time i venture into spiritual understanding research, as you all are aware, in my own steps that i take into self-awareness discovery research of ancient theology of the world.

    the one word that that stands out the most, is the word ‘lack’, as cause for all misery in human history.

    for sure, my own research into my own psychology, revealed the truth of my own ‘lack’ing understanding as to my own develop(mental) behavioral(s) i was snared in, such as cycle pattern self-medicating coping of my homosexual self-acceptance feelings, substance abuse coping that started at 14 for me, a vulnerable gay youth, of peer pressure ‘lack’ that perpetuated like it did, no support of any kind on homosexuality in the paths i walked thru so many years ago in the late 1970s.

    my first male lover died consequentially to his own self-medication coping out of control substance abuse, of the horrid environmental he and i walked thru like we aimlessly did.

    i nearly died consequential to his suicide, in my copycat suicide attempt.

    all coming back to the word ‘lack’

    which can be applied in so many ways

    lack of understanding
    lack of time spent healing
    lack of safe and supportive friends
    lack of healthy boundaries

    i wrestled my lack to the ground over the past decades, and i survived to be standing here along side of all of you, grateful for every one of you, i am, wishing to take time out with you, in open communication of the serious issues that really really do exist, for sake of you, for sake of your children, for sake of your children’s children, for sake of your family from which you all came, for sake of everyone out there in harms way of what God refers to as the most significant issue, the issue of ‘lack’.

    a great title for a film some day…….of subject matter that revolves around the truth about all ‘lack’ in the world, and the consequential hitting the wall fall out that really really does exist.

    anyway, in our exiting our natural habitat, ‘lack’ of education and infrastructure is what is of those in extreme poverty unavailability for them to easily step into, not yet there, of centuries it took in our own transition, and likewise, unfortunately, centuries to take for them as well, unless of course, i have every single mind and heart of every single businessman or businesswoman, church and state at the table……….i checked this morning upstairs in my garden patio, a round table, no one there.


    enjoy the blessed day everyone, we only get so many to enjoy in our brief existence, of each day that should be overflowing with only love, who has time for senseless bickering, so annoying and tiresome, let us be the like minded forward thinking and feeling humble classmates with one another, without adding insult to injury, shall we?

    and no, that was not directed just at you Marco, rather all of us.

    time is of our greatest value, as regards a divine child taking their last breath, let us not lose focus that they are there waiting upon our sacred blessed loving heart mind body spirit and soul of the eternal all ONE generation WE ALL ARE.

    thank you for listening, to your divine child of God’s feelings.

    bless you all

  317. oh, and one last tip, i notice i get somewhat irrational after drinking too many of these monster energy drinks, so i will cut down on both, ok?


    peace love grace and happiness true nature BE 2 YOU ALL!

    forever more

    oh, and Marco, don’t say things like me going to Africa with you, unless you mean it, as i want to visit that place someday, with or without you………and the steps Jesus walked on……..oh, and Hong Kong……..oh and for sure the Forbidden City in Beijing! oh i just have to walk apon those ancient stones in feeling more purely what i already feel, more so than BEfore……..before it all hit the wall……before i hit the wall again, punching holes thru it…….i jest, i take out my negativity in biking, works wonders for me, and well, it is good to feel the real self emotional intensity levels of our child within, so long as in a controlled environment way, especially of no substance abuse, which scares me when ever i drink, knowing my inner issues so deeply of deep seated sadness, that i don’t think will ever heal, unless………unless………..oh, i will ask you another time, if given the opportunity, God willing.

    All darkness is what IS the absence of light

    All cold is what IS the absence of heat

    All falseness is what IS the absence of truthFULness

    All hate is what IS the absence of love

    All ignorance is what IS the absence of wisdom

    All apathy is what IS the absence of compassion

    All hell is what IS the absence of heaven

    All emptiness is what IS the absence of YOU!

    i won’t stop loving YOU!

    that’s just foolish false immature thought

    bless bless bless bless YOU

  318. all is forgiven……by me

    but uhm, well ah, God……..God is abit more strict than i am, purely so, 100% so, much like learning to walk i suppose, stumble at first, all in good faith as we all take hold of one another’s hand in stepping into the eternal all future as ONE.

    bless you all

    argh……..what is it with my spell check that spells worse than i do…….argh!!!!!!!

    i suppose it helps if you know the first letter of the word…….argh


  319. the greatest lesson of Africa, is the TRUTH of the generational forefather ignorance binding the generation of today is sadly yet snared in, are they not?

    my God, how incredibly great the generational evolved ‘lack’ IS there!

    these places are no different than centuries ago in our own history of endless foolish politic, religion, war, poverty.

    implementing our infrastructure overlay on their world is possible, without questioning of how long it may take, rather just question the truth that indeed, they are of the ‘lack’ we too once were of over the centuries of our own evolution, of the world i was born into in 1963 of mandatory education for all children of Canada.

    that took centuries to come into eventual play, did it not.

    it is not so much of optimism that we need embrace, and rather of absolute certainty as was the forefather forward thinking and collaboration concern for all our children then as is now, where sadly, the children of Africa do not have our wise forefathers of forward thinking establishing of infrastructure (winds of change).

    may Luka one day BEcome a wise forefather of all future generations, a blessing for him that you happened apon his precious life, that i pray you look out for him directly involved in his every need of education.

    he will perhaps one day lead the nation, with only love flowing forth at all times in his precious heart as your own.

    they used to castrate all the sacrificed child servants of the Forbidden City in Beijing, of centuries old tradition.

    that was shocking for me to see what happened in your film i watched for the first time today.

    it is not ever without greatness in the future that can only get brighter for them all.

    we of the free world, spend too much time relishing in our proud egotisms that in truth are empty voids of mere amusing outselves like we all do, are they not?

    when greater fulfillment is found in time spent of devoted works of our pure hearts, one step at a time, one word at a time, one precious soul at a time, the entire one generation evolving growth transition out of our natural habitat, and yet, is that not what we subconsciously all seek, BEing at one with nature in our free time as most any of you do, no matter your status, wealth, religion, race, sex, orientation, or politic?

    what has occurred over the mellenia has taken deep root in the business, church, state led world replacement of living in our natural habitat for however many millions of years in evolution.

    just don’t EVER forget to take hold of the hand of your own self exact same perfect flawless celled body of those just like you who sadly are yet of the historic evolving human being migration we all have been on since the beginning, gathering together like we do in our precious pure flawless blessed real feelings as ONE in all our celebrations like we do.

    they need us

    so let us stop question if they desperately need all of us to participate in however small a way, where in truth, a mere smile is of the greatest of all gifts for them, is it not?

    costing us nothing, but what is of the only value in life, our time together, is it not?

    ok then, back to work everyone!

    oh right, it’s Sunday, damn, hey, do you think God really took a day, takes a day off?

    does the sun ever stop shining?


    that’s just silly

    that’s like saying, you are not allowed to feel anything today.


    without politic
    without religion
    without personal business agenda

    without any other focus than future prosperity education infrastructure as the only objective, is what in truth has brought our own generation to a place of peace without war between our nations, has it not?

    and what color of flower was the first to appear after the bombing of the cities in Japan?

    does any of us know?

    does it matter?

    perhaps to the heart of the child without parents, who happened upon that flower long ago, of the burned out shell devastation they found themselves in.

    maybe it was a yellow flower, representative of Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning

    don’t dwell apon the illness, rather dwell apon the future we already are of daily, in letting them know that they too are just as we are in heart mind body spirit and soul, of where they are merely of where their forefathers evolved to at this point in vast landscape pockets of human history evolution globalization growth oneness that is unfolding.

    you know, of all the things of Jesus i think of as most valuable in affect/effect/direct/indirectness………..was/is his/our GRACE.

    our true nature, is it not?

    so purely flawlessly blessed and healing that feels for me like it does in my meditation inner sanctuary.

    peace grace love happiness true nature be 2 you all

    forever more

  320. when i think about WW2, of my grandfather’s generation, and everyone of that darkest of dark points in human history, i wonder to myself how it must of been for them all, as husbands, wives, children, families, of our nations who came thru the extreems of ignorance, just as is yet of all these horrid extremes of false ignorances in the one generation world we all, every soul, are intrinisic/extrinsically bound together in all we say and do, across the entire world, at all times, whether we cognitive realize it or not, the good of the forefathers before us all yet hear within us, ingrained, clashing with all the bad of the forefathers, all yet also yet hear with us, lessening more and more, as goodness true nature light(self-wisdom) pushes out the darkness, as did the all the forefathers face, some blinded by ignorance, literally unable to undestand, and yet, all the while, purely everyone is at all times, in feeling all discord like we all do, in our own immediate environment, and of all environments we look upon.

    walking into these environments as wise enlightened healthy and powerful ones, always know, you indeed ARE a god sent by God, for sake of them, and for sake of YOU, brightening of our hearts within more and more as we ALL make our way towards the wise compassionate unchanging unfailing love devoid of doubt kingdom of heaven all around us and IS us within, our outward appearce BEcoming of our inward pure true real divine self inner sanctuary appearance, that is indeed the eternal light of the harmonious celled body of the human body of millions of years in pure evolution, that we ALL come from, purely ingrained, and IS the unchanging the core of our BEing, of everyONE’s BEing.

    the TRUTH

    forever more

  321. i just want to ask, in few of these kids out there DYING unnecessarily, why is it so many of you have these wants and needs for truly outrageous extravagant pieces of jewelry, fancy cars, fancy houses, fancy everything?

    and the next year that goes by, sees you even more so of the indicative truth of your insatiable desires manifesting in even greater outrageous(read:gluttonous) appetite for bigger, brighter, and more more more……does not end for so many of you on those paths, my switching off the media in my downtime away from no desire to watch just how childish your antics are and continue to be.

    i mean, in wearing something like that, in exchange for saving a precious child’s life, or several lives, is it not an false empty nothing thing, as though worthlessly made of plastic, or may as well be, in all it’s worthlessness?

    you people are gross

    i detest it

    if i was at dinner with some of you, i would confront you with it, until you purely realized how absurd and immature you are, how low your self-esteem is in wearing of absurd things that you think make you look cool or look great, when in truth, it makes you look stupid!


  322. as relates to exploration of a vision solution for all humanity, is not our feelings what is most sacred of all in life?

    why is it so many of you of wealth, still have an emptiness to one extend or another, that is no different in feeling than the emptiness of feeling of a non-wealthy individual?

    oh, you can hide all you want, i have spiritually entered into and explored all of your places in life.

    is not the flawless loving feelings of your divine self the most valued treasure of all treasures in life, beyond all the riches in the world?

    is not love the angst and expression of all music, songs and dance?

    when we look into the places a bit behind in evolving out of our natural habitat transition that is taking place, of various languages around the globe, our unwise false labeling of them as though lessor, as though not at all like us, as though outcast unwelcomed, with words like tribal, or native, where in truth, just as is of all music, song and dance of all those of yet transitioning (tribal), are we too not of the same pure feelings in all our music song and dance, are we not all one global stage in social evolution?

    YES WE ARE! :mrgreen:

    the greatest ‘lack’ of all, i feel, is our denial pretend subtle unawareness asleep victim mentality snaring manifesting falsehood stance that any one of us is different from another, across all false barriers of language, country, race, religion, sex, orientation, wealth, status, politic.

    100%, we are not at all different from one another.

    all sensory perception of our celled bodies are 100% exactly the same

    all emotional feelings of our celled brains are 100% exactly the same

    all sexual pleasure stimuli body/brain response of our hardwired bodies to procreate are 100% exactly the same

    and to solidify 100% that we are 100% all the same, is the proof of our ancestors coming thru the exact same passage in ancient history, in the factual proof that your body, and your body, and your body, of every celled body of the human being, all 100% respond to every single organic found in the rain forests and else where on the planet.


    uhm, i did not want to be the one to say it, Biyatch, but that makes us 100% family, and you are fucking stuck with me as your wise ass brother!…………sister!…….no wait,……..i am both brother and sister!



    extended eternal all family for all eternity

    oh, and i found a sorta magical microphone with a direct connection to everyone there in the future, who right now, in this very moment, are listening and watching every word you are saying.

    do you have something you want to say to them?

    they are of great number, in the billions of billions of precious souls as our own.

    oh come on, get over here, and say something to them, they will wonder what happened to you!

    hmmm….then again, you know what, they already know!

    hey you there in the future, uhm, can you tell me if she ever?………oh for fuck sakes, they can only hear us, and we cannot hear them…….

    oh, but wait, you know what i am thinking and feeling, as do they, so why can’t i?

    i mean, i am no lameass fucking actor, am i?

    hey, i am talking to you Biyatch, get back here!

    you know, you can’t just go around humiliating me like that all the time, ignoring me like i am some ignoramous, when CLEARLY, I AM NOT!!!!!!!!

    well ok, my spelling REALLY REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!

    but so does yours, miss ‘im in a hurry text message me from my blackberry, cause i am even worse on a keyboard no typing skills whatsoever!’


  323. in truth, when you are interaction with another, you are of 100% interaction with your own SELF.

    all these falsehood separations are exactly that, all lies.

    no one is greater than another, not a single one of you!

    you are all exactly the same!

    well ok, sexually you are all somewhat different from one another, physically, and for sure experience wise, God how i know that one well, butt hey, there is hope for you all, i am a wise teacher now!



    class dismissed

  324. my thinking is this, just BE your SELF, and in time, everyone around you BEcomes you, and WE all lived happily ever after

    i blame my twin mom for that awareness, which always freaked me out as a child.

    and what am i ever going to do about his fetish fantasy of mine, in having sex with my twin self? uhm?

    you ever wonder like that?

    how cool that would be?

    did i tell you about the twin gay couple boys here in the ghetto?


    for real!

    that is so cool!

    you know, i always though my mom and her twin were lesbians, i don’t know, i never asked if they ever had sex together, but you know how there is always this sorta air of secrecy in the air around two friends, ya well, i sorta always sensed that of them…….you know, i really should get just get on with a life of my own, and just stop wondering what all you morons are up to, just go have fun damn it!

    i mean what do any of us do, with our pay checks, we all just want to have fun!


    ‘i am’

    well, not always, butt nothing i can’t fix, not that it’s broken, albeit broken, well, you know what i mean…………


  325. in truth, the natural occurring harmoniousness of the cells of our celled bodies, is what is of the higher subtle intellect awareness playing out in every circle of life, at all times, of our intuitive sensing seeking powerful supercomputer brains, that is what is of cause for greatest amount of ongoing change in the world, all intuitive processing of all discord.

    no matter education

    proof is in the child of disbelief, the outcast child, trapped behind the false walls of poverty we all create, sadly, for this child to experience everyday as though not worthy of our love, as though unlovable? wtf?

    we are all spiritually ugliness illness of heart

    and yet we are all beautiful within, as is the intuitively hopeful child of constant yearning to feel loved, knowing they are lovable, all the while they are unloved in feeling as though they are not lovable.

    we are all ugly

    until such a time as all poverty is irradiated once and for all eternity from this world

    what we all actually are witnessing, is the illness reflection truth of our own hearts, blind leading the blind, lead astray from the intuitively wise feeling divine child of God’s constant yearning pure true loving healing feeling wholeness oneness sameness, just as is your brother or sister dwelling in poverty.

    bless you all

  326. and the walls came tumbling down

  327. forever more

    thank you Jesus

    thank you Mary

    thank you God

    thank you to all who love Jesus, Mary, God and each other


    hey, amen is a sexist thing to say, is it not?

    awomen makes more sense, as i am also women! :mrgreen:

    i know, let’s have all the men dress as women
    and all the women dress as men

    then ask them

    as one who is of now of both sexes, attracted to your both sexes of your partner just like you, do you consider role playing self as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or pan-sexual?

    there is only one correct answer!

    that’s right, you are all closeted pan-sexuals!

    only explaination i can think of in seeing over one million of you coming out to see us like you do year after year, makes no sense to me, like wtf is up with that anyway?

    ah, who cares, we all love each other, and ‘that’s all that MATTers!

    bless you all

  328. I start my phycology diploma on Monday, do you think i’ll make a good councellor ? i think I will, i’d be good at helping people i’m really in tune with people like that i’m a good listener well anywaz have a good weekend & be kind to you.. what matter’s most is YOU ..

  329. yeah, well, my therapist, who has three degrees, says psychology is all clinical stigmatizing bullshit…….as we both laughed.

    we are out of our natural habitat, and yet, we tend to enjoy taking time out to look upon nature, connecting, purely so, no wonder why, i mean we spent millions of years at one with nature while of our own natural habitat, purely ingrained in us, is our primal brain.

    especially our naked sexual nature!


    i am most important to loving lover like me!

    i met this guy today, and it is so weird, it’s like he thinks exactly like i do, freaked me out, we connected on so many levels, mentally, spiritually, he’s black, i wonder if he has a big cock?

    hmmm…..let me get back to you on this one……

    [Andyy fucks off, no one knowing where s/he went, or is it, no one really wanting to know where s/he went, other than where s/he belongs? With some wild ass lover for sure! Ya, give me some more of ‘that’ please! thank you]

  330. all the best with that life…….

    im going to keep working at my sculpting daily, just what i enjoy doing, relaxing creativity side of the brain, maybe sell the original collection one day to help kids who need us all to participate, rather than leaving them behind to die, truly, it is a seemingly heartless cruel world, of no one who knows it more so than these kids without.

    the world is tragically yet blinded by the snaring ego driven immature businessman of empty nothingness egos, does not have to be that way, or should i say, it is truly absurd that a child in this moment is without enough food to eat and clean water, considering how much wealth there is of this heartless world led astray from it’s constant pure loving true real self, like we were when of our natural habitat, a natural extension of the pure harmonious cells blissful state of pure flawless being, hence, why the child without is of obvious intuitive inner knowingness even without understanding, that something is wrong with this world.

    they know

    they purely know

    primal intuitiveness

    way to go bullshit ego driven world!

    i despise it

    Jesus and God say the world needs spiritual leaders, you know, awaken the pure flawless core of their being, radiant brilliant BRIGHT!

    kinda obvious the world is indeed snared by the century old entrenched businessman Jesus spoke about long ago.

    and in truth, is what is the distraction that is cause for all these kids in poverty.


    truly, in the heart and mind of Jesus, ‘that’ is what most of you are externally, no ones fault, you were all groomed from early childhood for it.

    still, does not have to be this way, change is coming, intuitively, however slowly, it will play it like it IS.

    honestly, if i had the wealth of some of you, i don’t feel there is anything greater in your life you shall ever do, than help these kids.

    honestly, there is no value in your empty insatiable desire egotism wealth people.

    and honestly, most of you are boring as fuck, been around a few of you in life, run Andy, lameass dysfunctionals, too caught up in their mind trap.

    not me

    i am purely carefree every day now

    love my artist life.

    and one day, the kids will inherit it all

    and for sure, i will do some depicting ones of you heartless ones contrast revealing that will speak directly to your snared souls.

    ok, peace out babes

  331. oh course, you have to start with purely truly BEing holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of your own SELF first, in wise at ease of just lovingly BEing the sacred mirror YOU of everyone else.

    and if by chance you happen upon someone just like YOU, of the same inner joyFUL enthusiasm as your own, able to authentically ENJOY just BEing the at ease fun loving YOU, well, maybe it is of God you both met, as God wants us to BE HAPPY!

    and for sure, it’s not just God who knows how unhappy the world IS out there.

    truly, there should be no other preferred priority, than your pure spirited inner happiness at all times.

    only YOU can ensure this, wisely, nurturingly, protectively, holy joyFULLy

    and if ever you find you cannot just be your at ease real self around others, then use that as an indicator that perhaps you long to belong somewhere else?

    just don’t forget, we may all meet ONE day in heaven, for those of you who really really do know what heaven constant IS……..YOU!

    kinda foolish to think heaven could possible be anything other than YOU, is it not?

    bless you all

  332. I was infatuated with the star

    fell in love with the social worker

    common ground ain’t so scary after all

    that old cross road…. hey

    I was’nt telling anyone my secret

    Only I knew what made my heart cry

    I was 15 yrs old

    i wanted to dance

    but I couldnot let go of the pain of those other souls

    and soon I shall be with them

    & i am not afraid to say I feel what they feel

    I ve felt it all my life

    i have carried their pain

    in my heart

    it’s what kept me real

    and its why I know they will embrace me

    yer I am in heaven always was

    always will be

    & I am so happy you found it too…

  333. lol…

    work comes first, fun comes second

    And I cum last !!!!

    believe me there are some benifits that cum with


    Its called Patience…. ( Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast.Or which you can wait for things)

  334. you amaze me some days

    i set forth with a task at hand, in knowing what is of the greatest value of all, constant flowing pure flawless feeling love, connecting, intuitively within, within another

    i’ve always wanted to feel free from the tiresome annoyance of the blind disconnected, disenfranchised, jaded hypocrisy others, that i grew more and more weary of since my youth, of so so many many miles of steps i have taken………towards my pure true divine real self, as too have you.

    as i said, i am not the most wise, but at least i ponder within my pure heart like i do, where when i sit in my loving thoughts so pure of you, as is your own so pure that i sense like i do, wondering if you feel the same way too, wishing your pure true real self to remain forever free of the foolish world so aimless plodding along robotic-ally like so many do.

    could i love

    obviously true

    true blue

    i am a fuckup from way way back when

    God knew i was, knew my every step thru the spiritual valley of bullshit immature mindfuck(ed)(ing) death, away from their unattended pure true real self, are they not?

    every one of them………..blind

    generational blindness distraction of all the falsehood egotisms

    and let us not forget just how wretched some of these egotisms really really ARE

    DEATHFUL…….like the drug dealer turf wars, truly, that is just so wretched a dark place in the world, make it stop God

    we are God’s children who make it stop, arrest them, are we not?

    In God We Trust

    In TRUTH of our true nature we trust and ARE

    some say there is no such thing as perfection

    i disagree, a flawed false saying, is it not?

    an annoyance thing to say, that does not step from our pure flawless harmonious subconscious always awake celled brain, is it not?

    i question every single word, of every thing that everyone says

    been like this since i was born

    a natural intuitive inquisitiveness i relished in alone, within my calm at ease peaceful graceful inner sanctuary i did not know at first that i was creating it for myself, a place of rest to find shelter in, away from the hyper driven world so toxic for me like it is.

    i think i may be in line for skitz, but i want to say this, it is truly a toxic non-conducive world for the pure loving divine true real (adult) child self, is it not?

    you who have children of your own, know full well it really IS.

    so if at times i feel paranoid, what and why is it i feel that way?

    it is my pure true real self feelings, is it not?

    and is not my pure true real self blessedly pure in feeling?

    so is that skitz, or is that the toxic world that is cause for skitz, where at some point, and this my arguement for the mental health community, skitz is actually an end result of lacking develop(mental) of our nature brain response protection measure(shutting down cycle pattern loops) in coming thru moderate to severe non-conducive paths in the world.

    i watch my brother come thru horrific paths in his life, that would not let up for him, not ever really finding his own feet in life, his own place in life, that was always stripped away from him, his own behavioral patterns like they were, of stuckness tormenting over and over again, of the endless problematic cycle, that i think were of behavioral seeds he naturally picked up from dad, who likewise was most like him, more so in some ways, my brother, who i don’t think is skitz, as much as the clinical lab wants to think he is, still shut down institutionalized, a safe place he always sought, doubting he will ever leave one day.

    some say i have more of mom’s blood in me, of the blue blood syndrome that was of my dad’s side, the interbreeding in Danmark for mellenia, his parents who were cousins.

    i think the starting point of all mental illness has to do with our being out of our primal natural habitat so calm and purely peaceful like it is in nature.

    many ancient religions speak of being at one with nature, as a way to self.

    well ya, duh, common sense in the realm of realizing indeed, we are in migration out of our natural habitat.

    and what of all these stress caused illnesses? uhm?

    who is to say, a more beautiful life is better for we of the so called civilized world, than is the ones of tribal at one with nature?

    who is to say, a more beautiful life is better for we than is of the dolphin?

    i am the one to say, the dolphin obviously lives a constant pure existence 24/7 in it’s natural habitat, free of stress, than are we who think we are so great, when in truth, we are not great at all, and indeed are cause for horrific bully mentality better than you are outcast one, deathful strife in the world.

    truly, we are not there yet in true celebration of this cruel world as it yet is, but in our hearts and minds, we are true celebration of divine pure true real self YOU!

    and indeed, that is the mystery of how the world is to BEcome of blessed equality really really eternally free from all falsehood binding mind traps.

    it’s all a lie everyone.

    and we all fell for it

    how blessed is it to save just one child?


    YOU ARE BLESSED for doing so.

    God bless you all

  335. uhm, i think you got it backwards, don’t you Marco?

    i cum first damn it!

    fuck you!


  336. and then you cum last!


    that’s what cha big penis is for, to keep mama happy ALL THE TIME!

    damn it!

    ok, communication is key!

    so let’s talk about it

    in practicing of just BEing YOU!

    so much easier, of no tiresome whatevers, as best friends, i know i always want to BE.

    just BEing ‘me’

    [Marco pours Andyy a glass of wine]

    thank you :mrgreen:

  337. to hell with the miserable world, fuck them, let’s just stay focused on where our hearts are leading us, in oneness with these alienated kids, wrongfully so, towards heaven within and all around us, of just BEing oneness heart of YOU!

    forever more

    bless you all

    no one shall become victorious over the truth

    it is not possible

  338. for those who come fully into awareness truth, they know why……..

    of no need to ask why ever again

    of all you pure truly constantly thinking with your heart

    like we do

    do as i do

    says Jesus


  339. i was thinking, if i were to be among these orphan kids, i would like spend less time teaching, and rather, playing games with them all day long, laughing, letting them win once in awhile.


    i just want to see them smile and laugh, the truth pure fun nature.

    as is our own

    not weighed down by any bullshit of the useless world without God

    forever more

  340. i set out to save just one

    and the one i saved

    ended up also being my own

    in finding my pure true divine real self

    as is YOU!

    forever more

    blessed you

    forever more

    you shall BE

  341. you followed thru

    you found you

    oneness sameness


    forever more

  342. let’s see now, what’s tab owing?

    oh look!

    ‘that’ will BE one billion dollars, thank you very much cruel lost world!

    hahaha :mrgreen:

  343. and the greatest of all gifts to this world

    IS you

    is YOU!

    forever more

    mission accomplished

    beam me UP Scottie(my therapist)

    thanks Scottie!

    so amazing YOU ARE!

  344. did i tell you she is a true blue Christian?


    bless you Scottie

    forever more

  345. i used to play spiritual things with her

    i would open a random book to a random page, and reveal a spiritual teaching as relates to something she herself was questioning at the time, in an ordinary book of no sorts really of any kind, donated to the ward she worked on.

    she would give me that look, oh, you are a pure one, without need of either of us saying a word, as though God wanted her to SEE what she was in denial of to see.

    look and behold, the truth is there.


    at all times

    but only the pure true divine real (adult) child within is able to SEE, by means of their flawless pure feelings.



  346. give it to you?

    give you what, the cure for AIDs?

    is not the cure for aids your heart?

    with today’s medicine, clearly we already have the cure, do we not?

    our loving oneness hearts

  347. it is yOUR open hearts
    that banishes all sorrow
    from the kingdom of heaven found

    it is yOUR open hearts
    that banishes all cying
    from the kingdom of heaven found

    it IS yOUR open hearts
    that banishes all ignorance
    from the kingdom of heaven found

    it IS yOUR open hearts
    that banishes all apathy
    from the kingdom of heaven found

    it is yOUR open hearts
    that banishes all things unloving
    from the kingdom of heaven found

    it is your closed hearts
    that banishes you
    from the kingdom of heaven found

    always WAS
    always IS
    always SHALL BE


    only tears of holy sacred joy are allowed in the kingdom of heaven found

    within eternal all YOU!

    forever more

    bless you all

  348. 2gather we stand
    divided we fall
    2gather we land
    provided we all

    take hold of one another’s hand hear in the kingdom of heaven found

    forever more

    there, we fixed YOU! 😉

    bless you all

  349. what ya saying !!!!

    that I was broken ?????

    ok you’ve spoken

    and everyone’s


    so I say shout it out


    repeate after me



    ONE can only DREAM.


    thats soooooo funny

  350. Keep Dreaming Babe !!

  351. The End !!

  352. of my freedom as one half of a broken ? other half of a one half broken other one half half

    one and a half maybe

    but never quite makeing to 2nd, base lost in space all fucking worn out from the race

    get of my case… hahah

    just n case

  353. on dont ever blame me…

    because you let it slip first..

  354. omg how long did it take you to read between the lines on that one ??????

    even I can read the signs



  355. gotta be firm with them, they run away otherwise…

    best not to give them an opportunity

    reward the past and honour the futrure..

    as one might say !

    I know I would if I was one…

    ok what comes next

    two ?

    i carn’t count , carnt spell eaither & fuck knows holes in my socks are my worst nightmare

  356. dont mind me i’m just having a one on one

    omg i carnt breath

  357. great well that just leaves me and my cat then ..

  358. you spying on me again?

    and what did you learn?

    about you?

    of two?

    the layers

    all i ever want(ed) is 2 feel loved at all times

    i feel that with Jesus and God

    and sometimes you, i do

    sometimes exclusively

    sometimes your love of all of us

    what can i say?

    to make you stay?

    forever in my arms to hold you?

    where already you are

    even when you don’t know

    i am there

    sitting right beside you

    in spirit

    i am

    purely so

    as you know

    the only way one can SEE

    cause you are just like me

    i know

    feel it so purely now

    more so than ever before

    like that day long ago

    walking down the street

    tears in my eyes

    no care at all of what others thought of me

    that’s what love is




    constantly always there




    i love YOU!

    damn it

  359. you enjoy zeroing in on my vulnerable self

    i notice that about you

    intentional, with wise goodness to

    i appreciate it

    especially when i don’t appreciate it

    pretend pretend pretend

    why don’t you just marry me then? uhm?

    if you love me that much?

    i am not ready?


    but i am the WILL 2 BE!

    scares me

    in a good way

    you scare me!

    vulnerable true

    ya well, you want to always feel loved too

    and what of when we are old and grey and no one left to love us?

    ever think about that?

    and where WILL i be then?


    the same as i already am

    purely truly loving as YOU!

    ok, i will just let the morons wash out like they usually do

    and when they do, you know where i always am

    and you KNOW

    my love for you is 100% purely true

    just like you

    that’s how i know

    you are my mirror, are you not?

    you are lead dancer

    i appreciate you

    i do

    …………i do

  360. people would always be starring at us

    everywhere we go

    our none stop zeal let out to just BE YOU!

    forever and a day

    of our only concern at times

    that someday we will end

    and yet

    we won’t ever end

    what we started

    what we grew

    seeds of truth forever and ever

    overflowing abundance radiant brilliant bright

    the light

    within us all

    oh just fucking marry me damn it!

    you regret not / not regret you

  361. i am not to be controlled

    i am 2 BE LOVED / BELOVED 2 am i

  362. how do you know when love is true?

    you just do

  363. you ever feel like someone is meant for you exclusively in feeling, as though the only one?

  364. Vagina condoms

    i was reading up on how stimulation of the internal parts of the clitoris during vaginal penetration, just under the skin of the vagina side walls, of the bulbs of the clitoris, triangular, crescental masses of erectile tissue, are not so much tactile in nature, of touch, rather are more of pulsing expansion contraction sensation stimulus that comes with vaginal thrust of penis in vagina, which means, the female does not notice any difference whatsoever with vaginal condoms, given the true functioning non-tactile direct touch sensation nature of the masses of erectile tissues bulbs beneath the thin vaginal walls.

    and likewise for the male, who is of tactile sensation direct contact stimulation, making the vaginal condom the best choice for greater please of intercourse, as relates to higher pleasure for the male, while protecting the females from unwanted STDs.

    females who wish to continue entertaining male partners, and yet undecided about not using vaginal condoms, or of partners who are known carriers of STD(s), where protection is a must, for sure, vaginal condoms is the BEST way to go.

    especially of Alpine skiing, naked with only fur, top of the mountain, where warmth is transmitted thru the vaginal condom, for the male to not notice any difference in sensation whatsoever, as though of no condom wearing.

    bravo to the Vaginal Condom!

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  365. what?

    well someone should be talking about these serious issues!


    haha 😉

  366. of exceeding grace, we step forth in the kingdom of heaven constantly all around us, of many around us not knowing who we wisely are in passing, as ones who wisely 100% know why we are hear among them, of constant love at all times we feel like we do.

    spiritual BEing leaders walking among those who do not know us, do not know their own vulnerable true self we come to unsnare, free from the generational mad flood drowning ignorance world unknowingly unattended, unknowingly snared.

    best of all, you get to just be the at ease wondrous extraordinary YOU!

    every day

    everywhere we go

    the constant flow of love within shining outward into the dark world, who get a glimpse of their divine pure true real self as we pass by.

    i notice i am troubling to some souls who sense my presence, but cannot see me, cannot comprehend me, their minds so clouded in bitterness seemingly possessed like some are, their true inner self trapped, unattended for so long.

    i see it everywhere i go

    i feel compassion for their end result path of life, their not realizing they are not wise in pure feeling discerning of how it is the condition of their unattended soul has become so deranged like some obviously are out there.

    always love the story of Jesus and blind man, of sight returned to the blind man’s soul, not his eyes like others think, common sense is it not?

    why is it that i understand Jesus, in oneness with him, purely, where other’s do not?

    i mean even some of these educated priests and ministers ask me to shut up, and i did not even get to finish what i started?

    like wtf morons!

    don’t you know who i am?

    ya well, God does, damn it!

    oh, and Jesus 2! :mrgreen:

    Jesus says, those who drink from my lips(only love) shall become like me.

    common sense

    i feel i get Jesus more than most anyone

    mostly because i have always gone to Jesus alone, and not of the snaring of the merchant of God group mentalities, who don’t know they are somewhat lost, albeit, making their way in the eternally unfolding catharsis process.

    hey, you wanna go out sometime?

    not sure if i ever asked you that?

    hmmm……….hey, i don’t think i ever asked you out on a date, did i?

    oh for fuck sakes, that’s what you were waiting for!

    perhaps i was too shy

    ya, always timid like that

    better that than the overly testosterone driven brute sexist male ego, am i not?

    ok then, pure and simple, i am a female who loves the female as though the female i love, as the male i am who also wants to love her, as the male i am, meant for her, but i come as a versatile Biyatches, so don’t ever think i am anything other than you are as your own self

    i am

    ok, think it over, and for fuck sakes, call me sometime…….oh right, i don’t have a phone any more, damn things are so annoying, argh!

    and i don’t feel i want or need one

    which has nothing to do with you

    i know, how be you just say, “Andy, i love you, i have always loved you, i will always love you, cause like you, i love to always feel loving, like we both do, and when i am ready……….you can count on me letting you know, ok?”


    bless you

  367. our love IS about them

    even of those who seemingly are our enemy, in truth, no one is within, yet asleep in dark captivity ignorance bindings.

    makes sense, yes?

    awakening of the all, for sake of the all needed to BE as we already ARE?

    hence, spiritual leaders

    cannot do it alone

    and yet, alone within, we all are

    and yet not ever are we alone

    our love IS about US and THEM

    of eternal all them who we wisely know are us


    forever more

  368. hey, what happened to the ‘no throwing empty glass bottles in my house’ rule?

    in God’s house of love and peace

    my house

    get out of my house Biyatch!


  369. well ok,

    defensive disarming activated

    commencing in 4





    test process complete and accurate

    all systems go for lunch


    get it?

    lunch, let’s do lunch

    let’s do it over lunch

    and when lunch is over, we will just pretend like it’s not, and keep going, keep running from the fools rain of no more fools pain


  370. sometimes i feel as though i am nowhere
    sometimes i feel as though i am everywhere
    sometimes i feel as though you cannot purely feel me there
    sometimes i feel as though you do not know me
    sometimes i feel as though i am everything you ever ever wanted
    sometimes i feel as though i am why you too feel as i do
    sometimes i feel as though the only one for you
    sometimes i feel as though id rather die without your love
    sometimes i feel as though i don’t much matter
    sometimes i feel as though i am the only one that matters
    sometimes i feel as though i not to be trusted
    sometimes i feel as though i am the only one you trust
    sometimes i feel as though i am you
    sometimes i feel as though i am 2
    sometimes i feel as though God is present
    sometimes i feel as though i am heaven sent
    sometimes i feel as though my life is over
    sometimes i feel as though my life has yet to begin
    sometimes i feel as though i should stop feeling
    sometimes i feel as though i should not ever stop feeling

    and sometimes i feel as though my feelings is what matters, as ‘that’ is who i am in kingdom of heaven with YOU!

    what would heaven BE without my feelings?

    oh right, what it yet is, of all you who suppress your divine true real self feelings.

    peace grace love happiness true nature be to you

    bless you all

  371. there is no such thing as being overly needy, when needs are not being met in sufficient levels that negate overly needy vulnerable self dwelling in the non-conducive world surround, rather we are all 100% normal in our natural primal reaction to whatever path that may be for any of you.

    all of you, 100% perfectly normal at all times

    albeit, beware of the hazards that may come with that of overly needy times along lover’s road

    is where time out in cultivation of our own wise self helmsperson as the true assistant helper who is always with us, always is…….YOU! 😉

  372. oh, and as for the masses of erectile tissues clitoris bulbs beneath the thin vaginal walls, as relates to tactile sensation for the male penis, i am sure they have various ribbed vaginal condoms, do they not?

    you know, that is really amazing evolution of the female sex organs for sake of the male sex organ pleasure, wow! :mrgreen:

  373. proof positive i am meant for the female male me, is it not?

    and as for the rest of you supposed gay denial ones, i am merely speaking openly as humanly possible for you morons to stop with all your stigmatization of us TRUE bisexual transsexuals, where we stopped caring wtf most any of you have to say anyway, but perhaps there is one of you we know too, who likewise is the closet case we once were.

    and as for the male of the female, that we know is purely real for many of us of delight as wiser more evolved mature happier than fuck role players, that only with an open mind, are you too able to step fearlessly forward as one of us, who are both female and male, butt only if you want 2.

    till then……what to do……..i know, how about YOU! :mrgreen:

    in truth, we the doorway to loving yourself more so than you do, in becoming oneness of 2

    even Jesus spoke about it, which makes me wonder, was Jesus bisexual transsexual?

    i mean i am, so perhaps like him, like her, s/he did not find the ultimate opposite sex versatile bisexual transsexual as self…………damn, i wish i could of met him! I so would of changed history FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    would not have be going thru this shit



  374. you know, i get these moments, where perhaps i am the only one in existence who thinks like i do about Jesus, which makes me ponder why no one quite grasped what was of the seemingly sexually oppressed Jesus who i sense is there, as though waiting for that magical one to appear, so as to take hold of their hand and say, “Finally! What took you so long in finding ‘me’?”

    i think Jesus was saving all his love for just ONE, that s/he did not find, i mean most any time Jesus speaks, he is always making them realize how foolishly blind they are, and so ya, the only true partner confidant Jesus had was God, although it is evident Mary, Judas and the others did love him.

    i bet Jesus was like so friggin adorable, everyone’s jaw likely dropped in his presence, as in, OMFG! Jesus! Whoa! You look awesome!



  375. this is interesting, albeit, somewhat shortsighted in sharply discerning knowingness, of a sort of guessing uncertainty, lacking pure true conviction, the real self afraid to step forward in yet BEcoming wise, in their yet attempts of BEcoming wise.



    Man’s whole trouble lies in the fact that he believes himself to be separated from the Source of Life. He believes in duality. The At-one-ment is made to the degree that he realizes the Unity of Good. Man needs, and always has needed, to know the Truth about himself and God; and anything that helps to fill this need would be an act of atonement.

    Now a man who had reached the understanding at which Jesus must have arrived would find the ordinary channels of expression inadequate to portray His concept of Life. Jesus could have had no desire to become rich; neither did He wish to be made a king, nor to receive the plaudits of the world. He wished to show to the world what the Love of God could really mean in the lives of men; He wished to show that the Self-Givingness of Spirit is complete; to prove that Life completely gives of Itself to Its Creation. This he could do only to the degree that He let God become Man through His own Individuality.

  376. could of had no desire for ‘that’ which is worthless, for that which is cause for great strife in the world?



    selfish light flows towards and not much thru an individual, depending on how self-centered they may be

    unselfish light flows outwards from within thru and individual, thru another and back again, uniting in harmoniousness oneness equality, the TRUTH of our true nature SELF reflection SELF in another, who is always there within, no matter how fearfully oppressed suppressed they may be in appearance

  377. broken?

    i was referring to everyone’s heart as your own, of oneness healing ability.

    although i suppose the loss of Madonna’s mom at a tender age, does make Madonna her the most truly able in purely connecting as one to BE the greatest mom in the world of so many orphaned kids

    a happy ending for Madonna, surrounded by so much non-stop love that for sure, Madonna’s mom surely had for her children, feeling so crushed inside in leaving them behind, beyond her control, control now restored.

    bless you Madonna

  378. argh……..i dread being alone

  379. i don’t blame anyone other than the forefathers who left the world i was born into, not even so much any effort or lack there of, in so much as is the world is always of evolving generation to generation of one eternal generation.

    the really really fucked part about life, is the fucking dying, like that just makes no fucking sense to me.

    it’s like the stupidest thing ever, almost as if what is the point of coming to love life, only to have to let go of it, of no choice in the matter, like wtf God?

    what a fuck up that is

    still, a truly amazing thing that we live in this physical realm of existence that no one knows what or why it exists, just that we do, another thing, like wtf God, is this fucking massive thing we call the universe anyway?

    mind blowing really, when you really sit with this place, and the who being born into it and dying, that to me just seems so absurd.

    i want answers, and i want them right now God!

    and God replies, are YOU not the one who answers all your questions?

    well ya, they are all fucking morons here! lol

  380. good morning

    i still find dancing as one of the best free flowing experiential techniques in pure subtle self-exploration awareness realizing of just how purely loving and overflowing our inner exceeding joy really really IS

    that magical fearless place within, without any weighed down unresolved thought or reason for BEing, other than just BEing the extraordinary wondrous loving lover bodies we all ARE.

    much like the point of orgasmic climax IS, without a care in the world of BEing any other place whatsoever, of forever constant flowing pureness of spirit so friggin magical like we feel we ARE, like we always constantly want to feel we ARE, that makes everything else seemingly so important unimportant, compared to the state of BEing YOU!

  381. [enter stage right, the loving lover wannabe]

    “Andyy, what are doing?”

    im fucking dancing, what does it look like i am doing, now fuck off and leave me alone!”

    “Oh, sorry, it’s you, hey, how is it a most magical of all dancers in life ever seen such as me, has yet to reveal to you what i feel within, that i know is the same as YOU, after all this time?”

    “I mean for me, truly i say, it’s like as though you are all wannabe actors at times, i mean ya, we are all subconsciously seeking oneness sameness of our inner blissful pure state core of our being, common sense yes, but why is it we fall back into our ho hum lameass stuckness places without our most magical of loving lovers like some of us do, the complacency compromising cycle patter like i see of so many yet to fearlessly explore to levels we do?”

    “You know, we can all sorta sense where all Madonna’s dancing has led the world to today, after all this time, infectious mirroring oneness she fearlessly explored herself, and brought forth into the world, the oh so magical mirroring of our own extraordinary wondrous self like she has and yet does, reverberating thru the entire world like it does, and the truth of such awareness of all those today, will now continue on as such thru the eternal all future, yes?”

    “how special is ‘that’?

    i mean, we will not know what this world would not be like without her, had she, for whatever reason, i don’t know, you know, walking across the street or something stupid, texting while walking, and wham, our of no where, a fucking bus ran her over, in say, 1984, her gone forever from our midst……..”

    ah yes, they did not have such mobile communications then as now, or at least not of the general public, ah well, thank God for that, and for sure, thank God for her!” :mrgreen:


  382. oh then, so beyond mere survival of food and shelter of any soul of the world, is not our pure loving presence in existence with each other the only true value of loving (lover) life in all our dance, in all our sex?

    it is for ‘me’

    just need to find someone as fearlessly extraordinary wondrous as my perfect penis perfect ass loving lover as ‘me’………hmmmm…….let’s see, China Town, YES!!!!!…….i am off to china town, strut, prance, romance always in there, in the air, in the pure souls such as my own, love the pure asian spirit like my own, as IS our own, of everyone, it’s true, why we all love them so much like we ALL do.

    in pondering what absurd clashing may take place in the future of religions, i know without doubt, the so called Christians who borrow the name, will be the ones who instigate and foolish attacking of Buddah, just as they foolishly yet attack homosexuality.

    it will all come full circle one day, in their own yet stupid miserable group mentality of groups i no longer associate with, of lives they know not are lives of fateful disaster ahead for so many, in so many forms, of their own family members disconnecting away from them, for any who openly voice against homosexuality like they openly do, ya, your day is coming fools.

    God knows it

    and so do i

    the eternal day of God’s powerful truth wisdom that is unfailing for me, of all you who claim you know God and so obviously do not, not purely so in your hearts as i do, 100% so, in what to do, what to always do. forever free from all of your forefather generation taboo ignorances, a wise warrior of God more powerful than any of you yet know, of not only this generation to i wisely lead, no, the entire eternal all future yet to come, of every step of my life, a sacred step in precious precious time spent, always, 100%, i know the truth, of just how sacred i am, in breaking the wretched chains of you merchants of God who claim to know God and do not, not knowing you do not, as evident of all you who speak against the wiser divine child of God you cannot attack or bring down, that which you cannot yet comprehend, not knowing, it is impossible of any of you to do so, even if one of you were to kill me, already, i am victorious eternally now, of that which i set in motion, of that which all veterans of the LGBT community set in motion in their every sacred step in time of all human history.

    i still say Jesus was purely gay in his sexually suppressed heart, as one who wanted to have sex with another male, but only if the other male 100% loved him in the oneness sameness heaven all around him of constant flowing love as his own for another, and all others, eternal all others, as do i.

    i know myself, my pure true real self, and of all things in live most valuable to me, it is my knowing just how loving i really really am of most any of you who do not know everything i see and hear from any of you, unknowing snared by vicious cruel egos, that you think are harmful to the pure spirit of another which cannot ever be harmed or changed, the truth of ‘that’ which is not able to be changed.

    nurtured, deprived, yes
    awakened, asleep, yes
    protected, bashed, yes

    but destroy us?

    not ever

    we have risen above it all for along time now, in looking back, my God, so many steps i have taken now in my gay lifestyle, as i realize this day who i am speaking with, a veteran as myself, who actually came before me, of dearest of gay friends such as Keith Harring, my God, how far we have journeyed, and look, the bountiful harvest of seeds planted and nurtured after all these years, wow!


    in our hearts, we all knew we were already victorious in stepping OUT of the ignoramus world we all came thru and yet walk among, our always knowing, they shall not ever become victorious over our loving oneness hearts like we all are, true blue family of brothers and sisters, lovers and friends, forever more, till our last breath.

    i have loved my precious existence all this time as my vulnerable true self among all of you, knowing you do too.

    we just know

    like we all do

    all the horrid stories we have all heard of and from others, all the physical and emotional scares, especially of the numerous slash scares i saw on a young lesbian one time, up and down her arms, my God, how so much i am just like them, our dangerous emotional properly unchanneled angst so dangerous to us, of all high risk problematic behaviorals, all perfectly normal i always thought and felt of every single one of you, not necessarily knowing every detail of your lives, and yet purely inside i always felt as though purely knowing of every detail, having come thru the worse one could do as i did, survived, where others did not.

    it is as though i march with the unfailing determination of not just one soul, no, of all of us, and ‘that’ is what we harmoniously feel like we do, and why we are seemingly of no effort like we are in unfailing continuing forward each year, as we all reappear, in larger and larger numbers, of greater and greater fortitudes, knowing love is what MATTers most to us all, each one of us, the pure true divine loving vulnerable child of God’s heart, mind, body, spirit and soul within, always knowing, so too is everyone, so too is everyone of all sexual orientations, all all religions, of all politic, of all these useless seperational wall barriers that are coming down.

    thank you God

    for seeing us all thru

    to brighter and brighter days unfolding, where today i look, and ask, my God, where have these beautiful come from?

    oh right, the same place i did……….from the womb of God

    another child comes forth

    forever more

    bless you all

  383. my belt, of many sparkling stones, always reminds me, ah yes, it is about ALL of us, always was, at all times, always shall BE

    forever more

  384. bah, i don’t need you, thought i did, now i realize i don’t

    you are way too lackluster zeal

    and all the insincere spiel at times

    who wants or needs that

    my over active imagination, as per usual, wishful thinking of others in my desire that they desire me as i do/did them, done that a few too many times.

    live and learn

    toss it away

    there is someone meant for me

    and it’s not you

    so farewell, im done with feeling left out, and unimportant, need to get my needs met with those who are consistent and always there in all our fun loving authentic real life

    this whole blog thing was imagination

    so i am going back to my real life, fuck this

  385. i am mostly in feeling most comfortable among those like me on lover’s road, in all our well adjusted self-acceptance that comes with living a gay life for so long like we purely have and do, still the same old homophobic world unaccepting ignoramous lower self-esteemer in not just unaccepting of our homosexuality, but also of our bisexual transsexuality, which go hand in hand with homosexual role playing versatiles like me, for those of you who know full well, bisexual and transsexual awareness are intertiwned, common sense, and so, i am here to say, i am versatile gay bisexual transsexual seeking same.

    mostly like someone well adjusted in a current gay lifestyle

    so if you cannot EASILY say you are versatile 2, then don’t bother with me in all your shortcoming annoyance spinning of wheels any more, im done, i know who i am seeking, by means of who I AM, of awareness that tells me, they are most likely of homosexual lifestyle of earnest sincere at ease authentic self exactly like i am, thus far, as am i, with potential exploring of bisexual transsexuality of one degree or another, where in truth, role playing homosexuality with one who is physically of the same sex, is what bisexual transsexual awarenenss IS…….Biyatches!

    So if you feel you 2 are as i am, then call me, let’s spend some quality time together, and just leave all the wannabe closeted others behind on lover’s road, in letting them watch our sacred mirroring holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of none stop loving fun shining radiant brilliant bright eternal day light into the eternal all here and yet to come.

    There, i am done with all you lameass wannabes now, so take care, you had your chance, farewell and be of remembrance of what has always been my objective as a spiritual artist, merely to convey to you who i know YOU all ARE within, of oneness sameness as ‘me’!
    forever more
    bless you all

    oh, and please, don’t waste any more of my precious time in whatever bullshit going nowhere, as i have already been there far too many times, and far too long did i stay, knowing a special someone out there looking for ‘me’ and i thee, of God who knows without doubt, i am only of love to always feel and BE at all times, every second of every blessed day, from now on.

    thank you

    and farewell

  386. you were vague in all your communications with me most of the time anyway, as though something to do to when you get bored, of my sensing you didn’t really care to bother spending time around me much, or at least that is how i feel most of the time, unlike others in my life who are more at ease relaxed in fun earnestness with me like they authentically are.

    so why would i want to return to those who i am left to feel as though i they don’t care to bother with me?

    fuck that

    i want consistency of those of great self-love delight always of feeling like we are with one another, so happy to feel their presence when we appear before one another, AUTHENTIC, and just forget about wasting time with those who don’t seem to have much of a spark in them, in all their inconsistent sporadic appearances, who are lackluster when they do appear, no earnestness in their spirit to be around me, no jumping out of their skin at ease of their real self delight, CONSISTENTLY.

    so ya, you have others you are running with


    and be happy

    cause i am not much any more in seeking a friend who is hardly ever around, as though i am someone to bother with when ever you get bored, in your passing few minutes of time you have to spare

    that’s how i feel around you

    so fuck that

  387. and besides, there is no authentic real person contact with any of you in my real life, you are all too good for that

    fuck that

  388. i love you so much Macy!!!!!!!!!

  389. get real with me someday, as in holding my motherfucking hand!

    otherwise, don’t bother, im not waiting around for you no shows any more, time is short and runs out too soon for the most loving of loving lovers on lover’s road, that i constantly know within……..

    I AM


    of another

    am i

    forever more

  390. fickle flaky cowards, i am not

  391. closed off, no at ease comfort level of just BEing truly fun loving friends like i constantly am of my real life, as though something is wrong with me, as though i am a bad person, unwelcomed, not ever to BE invited, and yet, am i not invited in your hearts?

    fuck that

    why is it people seem to have more respect for you AFTER YOU ARE FUCKING DEAD?

    ya well, i am dead to all you homophobes i don’t want to associate with any more, not directly

    fuck that

    i am as though merely pages in a book for you to pick up and read when the urge arises, as though i don’t really exist, or should i say, may as well not exist, in all your coldness of ways.

    God knows i belong in a most loving of tender loving arms, every single blessed day, of none stop sunshine and rain, that feels so good, to just feel, if only some would.

    for ‘that’ IS what the kingdom of heaven all around us and within us ALL constantly IS


    but make ‘me’ feel otherwise?

    fuck that

    cya around sometime

    and maybe i will get the chance to ignore you like you ignore me time and again.

    fuck that

    who has time to even think such things, when of none stop fun loving lovers we all ARE?

    forever more


    oh, and in response to growing up, well, i hit the streets at 15, no free ride ever, worked hard every step of the way for everything that i am, and everything you are not?

    at least not in outward appearance standing before me

    projection transference defense mechanisms you all behind afraid

    blame the forefathers for ‘that’ Jesus says

    and blame your own self for being so cowardice in all your arrogant selfish ways with the divine children of God you all abandon and leave behind to die, as though you are more worthy than they are, as another takes their last breath today, and another tomorrow, all because, it is you in all your ego ways who have yet to grow up and out of the mad flood generational captivity blindness you all are to God, to Jesus, to Mary, to i, who IS constant blessed pure true oneness sameness of constant flowing love forever abundantly always flowing at all times.

    who we all purely truly are within

    but not so much in all our cold oppress(ed)(ing) BULLSHIT!


    i won’t be missing ‘that’ any time soon fuckheads

    in truth, you are your own enemy, of the same enemy of God, of the same enemy of the sweet child taking their last breath

    horrid IS what you are to God and these blessed children you all leave to die

    spiritual death IS what plagues this world in all of it’s foul tasting blindness spuing forth of empty nothingness words from the void of empty nothingness hearts so many of you yet stand in and ARE in outward appearance.


    blessed truth

    i cannot stomach being around most of you

    if you must know

    you are as though nothing to me

    really, you are

  392. with God as my witness, i say, some of you are worse than nothing in what you bring forth from within, in all your wretched unloving horrid horrific ways, of death, destruction and oppression

    we are rising up in great numbers in this world, with God’s most powerful weapon of TRUTH, that not a single of you will ever be revered as holy by the future generations who already are looking upon all of you in their history studies, knowing without question whatsoever, how blind so many of you unknowingly really really ARE.

    i am of God

    and i come forth in the twisted derangement of wretched forefather ignorance soul of world, for all eternity to bare witness of my testimony of every single one of you i bare witness to, so beware, i am coming for every one of you, where in truth, i have already come, most of you not knowing i dwell among all your wretched ways, all your falsehood untruths, as a most powerfully wise discerning defender of truth, for sake of all my true and faithful loving brothers and sisters thruout the world, where we will one day crush every single ignorance of every single one of you, arresting and silencing your bullshit tongues forever one day.

    and already, you are silence to our wise ears that filter the truth of your snared deranged manifestation falsehood masks some of you don’t even know you are wearing, of such unbelievable ignorance, so astounding for us, it bewilders us how it is possible for one’s soul to become so derranged like so many of you really really yet ARE.

    so be gone from my eyes forever more, for i no longer wish to look upon any of you.

    you will feel our radiance brilliant and bright of eternal song and dancing delight, everywhere we go, like we constantly ARE

    forever more

    in what you all look for

    has already come

    in all your asleep in binding dark captivity ignorance we wisely look upon, of you not knowing we are there.

    forever more

    peace out fuckheads

  393. oh, and go spy on your own miserable boring ass lives, in purely realizing just how useless so many of you really really ARE to God, and God’s dying children, directly because of so many of you.

    God’s unfailing TRUTH!

    of great numerous sounding trumpets one day after all is said, done and OVER with

    you fucking ignoramous fucks with seemingly no heart, too fucking blind to even SEE how ignoramous all your shithead ego nothingness really really fucking IS to all of us forever joyfully carefree with no need of your going nowhere egos

    ~ all things ‘useless’ to God:

    of no use; not serving the purpose or any purpose; unavailing or futile: It is useless to reason with him.
    without useful qualities; of no practical good: a useless person; a useless gadget.
    Use useless in a Sentence
    See images of useless
    Search useless on the Web
    1585–95; use + -less

    —Related forms
    use·less·ly, adverb
    use·less·ness, noun

    1. fruitless, profitless, valueless, worthless, inutile. Useless, futile, ineffectual, vain refer to that which is unavailing. That is useless which is unavailing because of the circumstances of the case or some inherent defect: It is useless to cry over spilt milk. Futile suggests wasted effort and complete failure to attain a desired end: All attempts were futile. That which is ineffectual weakly applies energy in an ill-advised way and does not produce a desired effect: an ineffectual effort. That which is vain is fruitless or hopeless even after all possible effort: It is vain to keep on hoping. 2. unserviceable, unusable.

    1. effective.

  394. keep dreaming babe?

    you are not who i esteemed you to BE, in all your arrogance walking away from one you cannot possibly know and love, so long as you have no desire to purely know me in order to truly love me Biyatch!

    so do me a huge fucking favor, ok?

    keep on walking the fuck away from me forever

    thank you

    and fuck you and bullshit fuckhead arrogant nothingness vain tongue devoid of God and me

    forever more

  395. honestly, i would not own up to who ever you were on this blog, in real authentic life, to any one, where they would all look at you in disbelief, saying, “Wow, what a fuckhead ignoramous asshole Andyy, be glad to be forever free of them!”


    cowardice jerks too afraid to stand in front of God, to come before me like you yet choose to remain……..afraid homophobe that you clearly are and have been all this fucking waste of my fucking time Biyatch, of someone who could of loved you, but how the fuck can anyone love an cowardice gaybasher jerkoff?

    i know how, shoot the fucker in their ignoramous head, not with a bullet, that’s does not serve God, no, shoot them in the head with God’s most powerful weapon, motherfucking TRUTH jerkoffs!


    ahhhhhhhh……….there, im ok now


  396. belongs to you, not me

    someone you did not come to know fully, for had you, you would not EVER say such absurd mindfuck shit for brains ignoramous things like you do with God’s wise divine child, that i know 100%……….

    i am

    forever more

    and so are all of you who don’t know it, too fucking asleep in your useless ignorance of divine pure true love real self you

    next time try being your loving self around us, ok?

    we don’t have much want or need for tolerating you any more, work your own shit out someday, and in the mean time, well, fuck you and all your bullshit going nowhere away from me

    thank God


  397. ding

    the knock round

    game over

  398. i am taking you off my list as one i have no desire to wait on for you to invite me, and if one day i take time to purely come to you and invite you to me, well, pray to God i do, where right now, my heart mind body spirit and soul is wide open to anyone else but you, who i no longer trust even as a friend.


    you are too fucking cold to me, where others are not at all

    it’s a dysfunctional hazardous friendship i am setting my boundaries with, as in closing it off for good now, too toxic from your shit that became mine.

    fuck that

    should of ran away along time ago, truth be told

    other people’s fucking too good for you lameass dysfunctional dangerous mindfucking zealess bullshit, where in truth, pretty much anyone out there is healthier for me to be around, considering they are at least there for me

    i am a lover first, where i am happiest in likeness and form of my real self

    brother second, where i am merely a page in a book for all to read

    so read away, while i step forward in my real life where i BElong, in the arms of a most loving lover i am

    goodbye cruel fuckheads

  399. and be thankful i did not spare any of you the truth you needed to hear about your own self as the lameass zealess LGBT bashers

    been feeling it for along time with so many of you on lover’s road as i pass by, flowers in hair, without a care, happiest fuckers alive like we mostly ARE

    God’s truth

    i am

    forever more

  400. fuck, i saw someone kill themselves the other day, made me sick to my stomach, so don’t ever stop and question AT ALL TIMES, if you fuckheads are fucking loving or cruel like you fucking are at times motherfuckers, cause i have witnessed what you ignoramus fucks are capable of, where it is all of you who should fucking die, and not ever us!

  401. in·iq·ui·ty


    –noun, plural -ties.
    gross injustice or wickedness.
    a violation of right or duty; wicked act; sin.

    1300–50; ME < L inīquitās unevenness, unfairness, equiv. to inīqu ( us ) uneven, unfair ( in- in-3 + -īquus, comb. form of aequus even, equal) + -itās -ity

    —Can be confused:  inequity, iniquity .

    1. evildoing, infamy, depravity, knavery.



    –noun, plural -er·ies.
    action or practice characteristic of a knave.
    unprincipled, untrustworthy, or dishonest dealing; trickery.
    a knavish act or practice.


    an unprincipled, untrustworthy, or dishonest person.
    Cards . jack1 ( def. 2 ) .
    Archaic .
    a male servant.
    a man of humble position.

    1. blackguard, villain, scamp, scapegrace. Knave, rascal, rogue, scoundrel are disparaging terms applied to persons considered base, dishonest, or worthless. Knave, which formerly meant merely a boy or servant, in modern use emphasizes baseness of nature and intention: a dishonest and swindling knave. Rascal suggests shrewdness and trickery in dishonesty: a plausible rascal. A rogue is a worthless fellow who sometimes preys extensively upon the community by fraud: photographs of criminals in a rogues' gallery. A scoundrel is a blackguard and rogue of the worst sort: a thorough scoundrel. Rascal and rogue are often used affectionately or humorously ( an entertaining rascal; a saucy rogue ), but knave and scoundrel are not.


  402. oh im dreaming alright fuckers……..a fucking nightmare

  403. Musubi-dachi

    Andyy bows OUT

  404. Suicide is a mixture of unhealed unresolved issues, combined with lack of taking ownership responsibility of our loving self, wisely, insightfully, over time, patience, understanding cultivation of our own wiser capable helmsperson inner true self, that manifests like it does, as unhealed hurtful masking rage of truly shortsighted tunnel vision victim mentality irrational final act of defiance in exiting away out of this physical existence with us all like they proudly do, indicative of the truth, of the projection transference immaturity of the world they ran in, in likeness and form of the passive aggressive behavioral suicider.

    oh for fuck sakes, spell check says suicider is not a word

    it is now

  405. which means you all have to stay in class, as loving classmate forward oneness embracing sameness with one another, until every last one of these forefather generational dark ignorances subsides and finally ends ONE DAY

    forever more

  406. and you tell me to grow up


    i probably have ten times your vocabulary Biyatch

  407. you wanna see grown up?

    i will show you all what grown up of your future self IS, in kicking down all your false barriers around the world, in the twenty or so solid years i yet have left, where at every turn, i will speak with clarity of truth you all need to hear, where ever i am in life, at all times, wisely unafraid of all you fools who think you are wise, and are not.

    truly i tell you all

    i shall become known

    and already

    i am


    for those who can purely truly hear ‘me’ within, frightened, hidding, timid, like so many of you have encountered and encounter, your not knowing i see with clarity thru all the forefather ignorance teachings which may be cause for binding your divine pure true real self as my own, as was my own, who broke free, where i am not one of the yet foolish merchants of God, rather, i am the one who calls all of you who i know as the merchants of God Jesus speaks of with absolute clarity, in all your obviousness you think God and i do not see.

    cannot hide from truth revealers fuckers, we see thru all your falsehoods to where you don’t even know how some of you timidly hide, not knowing your pure true divine self yet asleep in binding ignorances of these merchants of God i set forth in freeing so many of you from, lest you become like them in all their horrid spiritual death false accusation of we of the LGBT community, and that goes double for the pope, who will not ever be able to outrun us one day you too shall see with clarity, the error of your mindfuck deathful destructive oppressive ways of so many of us like you absurdly ignorantly do.

    i am coming for you pope of the catholic church, to knock you off the throne of nescience you yet sit upon as one who thinks you are closer to God than i am, truly i tell you, you are not.

  408. List ???

    exactly what type of List might that be ?

    that I have been subsequently moved off or dropped of

    a shopping list ?

    or a Top 10 list

    or a LIST of things I want to do before I turn 90 ?

  409. oh whatever

    my bitter list

  410. why am i so friggin bitter at times?

  411. i guess i am more upset over my new status than i want to realize, and yet, what is there to be upset about?

    i guess it paints me into a corner as far as choice of partners now, knowing not many can handle dealing with a pos partner, but hey, maybe the one meant for me is pos

  412. it was a big door for me to fall thru emotionally, more so than i yet realize, need grieve thru it, and then just get on with my new life

  413. i think i am handling it better than i have seen others not so well

  414. ya, for sure i am bitter over it

    need get over it, thought i was

  415. fucking ignorant people, this incredibly beautiful girl last night, young and impressionable, running with some jerk off who comes up to me an asks where he can get some coke, said what she needed to hear about him and her future, he high kicks me in the side of the head.

    for sure, she will remember that conversation


    then i got picked up by an amazing beautiful black guy i ………oh, you know what happened.


    i’ve learned that if i got more than two weeks without it, i get really really impossible to be around.

    but hey, all good, who knows how here life may turn?

    i was there, at an exact moment in her precious life, a wise brother, spoke the truth that i know God wanted her to wisely hear, what she was in denial of, or more that she does not know how these stories like hers almost always end badly eventually.

    perhaps her seeing him so violent with me, was necessary fear she needs in order to move away from him now? what she can expect to see in the future progression of the drug addict bridge out up ahead…….i know how the story ends, and she got a glimpse of it.

    i really do think God puts people in my path for sake of them

    and God knows, i am not one to sit back quietly in a corner, yes?


  416. we move thru the pure flowing delicate oh so wondrous extraordinary pure true loving energies that are constantly there all around us, within us, what others too purely sense like we do.

    i love the feeling of gracefully moving thru the energy of others, complete strangers, not really, my brother, my sister, all of you.

    there in the moment of us all, where ever we are, that magical pure energy all around us, the laughter and love in our loving circles of life every blessed day like it is, of the only thing matters for me, all the love, all the time, IS who God knows we really really ARE, for sake of self, self another, especially of those in seeming snared fateful dark paths, our sacred light that draws their divine self to us all, to dwell in safety where they belong, as the entire world rises up mighty, forever pure, forever strong, forever true in our eyes, always it is there within and around all of you, even if seemingly not, it is, as we make our way FULLY into the constant overflowing abundant unceasing love and happiness all around us devoid of the useless ignorance false doubts.

    it is more to do with the millions of years of our evolved purely harmonious celled body, biologically so, cause and affect so, more so, i feel, than any of the forefather religions in the world, cause and affect for creation of the forefather harmonious reaching in creating religions, not realizing that all their behavioral of the entire human history, was actually the pure extension of the flawless harmonious celled body?

    scientific plausible explanation perhaps, for those who don’t know God does exist?

    does God exist?

    does the universe exist?

    do you exist?

    do i exist?


    can we explain God?
    can we explain the universe?
    can we explain you?
    can we explain me?


    not 100%

    and when we stop attempting to purely fully understand one another, what happens, thruout human history?

    people die unnecessarily

    why i turn to God for the truth about us all, feeling God is the only one who purely 100% does know, as do we all want to know, and grow faithfully, truthfully in loving harmoniousness with one another of the pure flowing magical energies around everyone that we pass thru and love to feel like we ALL do, even of those who don’t realize they are doing it like i do, do as i do, says Jesus

    bless you all

    i just want to feel loved

    at all times

    we all do

    for ‘that’ is our pure true nature,

    says Jesus

    says God

    says i

    says us all

    forever more

    ‘that’ is all that matters

    the true value of life

    what life IS, LOVE

  417. ~ Cheerfulness and Enthusiasm ~

    Remain cheerful,

    For nothing can pierce through

    The solid wall of cheerfulness.

    To make the fastest progress,

    Be an absolute cheerful


    And take both victory and failure

    As parallel experience – rivers

    Leading to the sea

    Of progress – delight.

    Your defeats on life’s battlefield

    Will soon be ending,

    Because your mind is no longer indifferent

    To your heart’s spontaneous enthusiasm.

    Daring enthusiasm and abiding cheerfulness

    Can accomplish everything on earth

    Without fail.

  418. Oh my, you really need to chill, you take me too seriously I’m a mirror I just reflect your fears only…. absolutely NOT to be critical

    I’m not pos so i guess that counts me out.. hey in your books anyway, not mine…

    Well we can still Dance together, ( that’s always been fun for me )

    Music MATTers 🙂

  419. we all matter to God

    at all times

    of God who knows our true nature

    of we who are learning to know our true nature

    that feels so magical for us

    especially the exceeding pure grace

  420. ya well, there is chilling, and then there is freezing to DEATH Biyatch!


  421. stand graceFULLY pure
    within eternal day light awareness
    the kingdom of heaven YOU!
    of eternal time
    that runs out for many snared in the fateful paths
    of the mad flood generation forefather ignorances
    those outside the kingdom of heaven YOU aware
    of those dying/killing in this moment, are they not?
    of those destroyed/destructive in this moment, are they not?
    of those oppressed/oppressing in this moment, are they not?
    of those suppressed/suppressing in this moment, are they not?
    of those unknowingly snared by the mad flood, are they not?

    is that not the TRUTH of our awakening ushering in of the kingdom of heaven YOU?

    of 2?

    of eternal all YOU?

    is there anything of greater significance in life than the flawless pure feelings of YOU, who are wisely discerning in your pure inner sanctuary awake in awareness to the TRUTH all around us at all times?

    am i not a true and faithful friend till the end of all time, to eternal all you who i know are there in likeness and form as too am i of this eternal place i too stand in, in communicating with the eternal all YOU there?

    as though i am YOU?

    am i not purely truly the oneness sameness of YOU 2?

    i am

    BE Cause

    WE ARE!


    esp’ecially great IS our LOVE!

    bless bless bless bless YOU with peace, grace, love, happiness true nature BE 2 YOU!

    forever more

    hear in the kingdom of heaven all around, found, IS YOU!

    uhm, do we have to wear clothes when we dance?

    i just find clothing to be so annoying on my skin

    and such a chore to have to get dressed whenever we have to go somewhere

    beautiful nakedness of our heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, the same way we all enter into this blessed place called the kingdom of heaven.

    for sure we really really DO know the TRUTH of our own blessed pure true constant yearning flowing flawless healing feelings, true of YOU, truth of us ALL that we all eventually BEcome FULLY aware of in wisely discerningly knowing the TRUTH within, within the eternal ALL YOU who i constantly know are always there, just as i am hear, in the past, and yet, am i not also there in likeness and pure form just as are YOU?

    are we different at all?

    no, not within our loving inner sanctuary of emotional honesty safety of the kingdom of heaven wise discerning halo perspective found.

    who am i spiritually?

    these mental powers on par with Jesus

    i PURELY wonder that some days

    why am i so purely connected in the past, more so at times than with all you in the eternal future?

    am i an eternal spirit like Jesus?

    Jesus tells me i am

    and i believe it to be true

    for that is how i purely connect in oneness with Jesus, just as he too wisely knows too, in how he connects purely in constant connectedness with me, with the eternal ALL he speaks of.

    Jesus knows everything about us

    every feeling

    every truth

    every falsehood

    of the eternal all you

    of the eternal all pure true real YOU!

    as do i

    of time that stands still in not time at all in the eternal unchanging eternal day light aware awake kingdom of heaven wise halo i stand in, as does Jesus, as can all of YOU!

    BEware of the haphazard dangerous aimless plodding along ‘lack’ that has a powerful grip on the many souls yet caught in the mad flood drowning generational forefather ignorances we wisely look upon in feeling the TRUTH.

    it is better for you to remain of your pure places of safety in shining forth into the darkness, as the wise eternal day light truth revealers you are of sacred mirroring, that awakens, evokes the divine self in others we 100% know as our own, that cuts thru and breaks the bitter dark false chains of ignorance of binding captivity of the many yet held captive in horrid horrific darkness, lest the wretched nature of the beast lashes out in harm of us, just as they are of harm to others, in what is the ignorance suppression harm of their own divine self submerged, alseep in ignorance, says Jesus, says i, a devoted brother who loves Jesus 100%, as does Jesus loves me 100%, as do we love the eternal all YOU, as do YOU LOVE!

    ONEness YOU!

    ‘that’ IS what the kingdom of heaven found constantly wisely purely truly IS

    forever more

    bless you ALL

  422. 8 Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.
    9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.

    Proverbs 9:8-9 (KJV)

  423. i will ask again, what time IS it?

  424. i ask this for sake of YOU!


    i already know what time it IS!


    so 2 does Jesus

    and of course God

    and of course ALL of YOU!

    blessed blessed blessed blessed YOU!

    peace, grace, love, happiness true nature of YOU!

    hey, can we get some sandwiches over here?

    they are exceedingly hungry, and so so many of these precious children all around, and still, they have a song their hearts like the do.

    miraculous IS what they ARE

    as too are ALL WE

    as 2

    i am

    BE Cause

    WE ARE!

    forever more and more and more

    thank you

    i love YOU!

  425. and hurry up about it

    they are waiting in horrific isolation right now in this moment

    get off your asses and get moving damn it!


    i will answer all your question you world leaders, of any of you, as we move forward, but right NOW, each sacred second that passes, is able to save a precious life like your own blessed children, from dying.

    WE NEED ALL of YOU to participate as ONE!

    for great IS the need

    as do so, you will BEcome the wise teachers of LOVE, for sake of your children, who already intuitively know, we are wrong in letting any ONE of these precious kids to dying so wretchedly abandon by WE who KNOW we 100% ARE of God’s divine WILL ONEness of 2.

    get a move on!


    i will explain it all again later, ‘that’ which i have BEen explaining all along.

    it is vast macro thinking of every single soul, every single ignorance, every single sacred second of the opening wide the doors of the kingdom of heaven wise halo perspective meant for every ONE of YOU!

    as YOU will all KNOW 100% soon enough

    but right NOW, we have to ACT 100% in accordance with the divine child of God within us all, practicing in just BEing who we ALLready KNOW, ARE the divine children of God, hear in the kingdom of heaven, ALL around, ALL within, ALL of the eternal ALL ONE generation.

    come one damn it!

    we are so friggin LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    take hold of one another’s hand, and hold on tight everyone, for something magnificant IS about to happen!

    and in truth, already happened along long time ago

    BEfore any of us where born, again. 😉

    oh, how love the stringed guitars!


    WE shall dance, every blessed day from now on, ok?

    i do

    every day, spinning around, the pure flawless love i love feeling all the time, forever free from the snared trenches i once ran in, argh, i am so blessed to get free of ‘that’, you have no idea how magical i feel all the time.

    and in truth, all in thanks, in part, to YOU!

    ya, you knew all along what you were doing

    but there is more for us to learn, like we purely ARE learning, are WE not?

    and if one day, you ask me to marry YOU, well, like i said along time ago, i already did Biyatch!

    in spiritual ways that eludes most yet unknowingly asleep, unaware, of what time it ALways IS!


    blessed YOU!

    ‘that’ i love

    forever more

    hurry up!

    MOVE IT!

    there is no one who is able to stop us now, as we roll like thunder with God’s love 100% in our hearts, crushing every single falsehood along the way, this spiritual war we have already ONE!

    of those not knowing WE ALLready have, the kingdom of heaven halo hearts.

    blessed IS YOU!

    forever more and more and more

  426. i have no time left to waste in passive agressive useless false conjecture ridiculing enticing ignorance mockery, so if any of you approach ‘me’ as such, i will not enter respond, for Jesus asked me to come away all such ones.

    forever more


    my heart mind body spirit and soul

    forever more

  427. and don’t think for one second i am joking around hear Biyatches!

    it is YOU who needs to take YOU more seriously like i do

    they are patiently waiting on all of YOU!

    precious sacred pure loving souls

    how dare any of you turn away from them, turn away from your own pure heart mind body spirit and soul, turning away from your own divine children when you, do you not?

    bless you all

    forever more

    GET MOVING DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!


    ALLways time IS right NOW! :mrgreen:


  428. timing IS everything!


    of no time at all

    of all the time in the world

    to love my sweet loving ass Biyatches!

    of God helping you all when you don’t


  429. you know, i bet i am a more consistent pure fluid trance dancer than you ARE, of honed ability from all my practicing

    then again, i don’t know how you spend your day, so i am wrong in saying that, where the only way we shall ever KNOW, IS when we get 2gather, yes?

    i pushed myself to bring YOU something no other had brought you, a gift of sorts i always sought, what to give someone who seemingly already had everything, till the day i realized, oh, the gift IS my SELF!

    blessed SELF

    of us ALL

    forever more

    my love IS TRUE
    my love IS YOU!
    my love IS blue
    without YOU!

    my love is TRUE
    my love IS YOU!
    my love IS 2
    with OUT YOU! :mrgreen:

    come one then, let us dance forever and ever till the sun rises yet again every blessed day we all wake to, in holding to the most vulnerable hands there waiting to reach for us like they constantly yearningly do, crying all the time like they do, not understanding why we are so cold.

    God, it hurts me so much deep deep inside

  430. i think i am over my guilt of the drug using days

    that i was influencial of

    he high kicked me in the head

    a young man

    i deserved it

    i was it

    i was once a contributor to the world he walks in, was i not?

    bless him with truth forever more IS what Jesus, God, you and i wish for his precious loving life

    thank you

  431. had no idea coming before the healing cross of Jesus, meant i would have to get kicked in the head in doing so


    ah yes, felt good actually, knowing i really really did deserve it

    didn’t i Troy?

    and Troy says, “Ya, you did Andyy! And you KNOW y, do you not?”

    ya, i know


    i y ET CR y

    BE and extraterrestrial of Christ’s returning to us ALL!

    “returning us to our own pure true real SELF, do WE not?”

  432. am i forgiven by Troy, by Jesus, by God, by YOU?

    i FEEL i am


    BEen working at it along long time now, working at just BEing my SELF now, easily so, ARE WE NOT?

  433. all forgiveness atonement comes in the form of TRUTH awareness in entering FULLy into the kingdom of heaven wise discerning halo, by means of our divine child’s pure true feelings within

    TRUE of us all in entering FULLy into heaven all around us

    at all times

    forever more

    bless you all

  434. ok, i will teach all a dance step that i love

    with your heels touching, keep them closed together, arms out stretched wide for balance, bend your knees, using your leg muscles to bounce spin around in timing with the clapping of hands in the musical piece by Macy Gray, Beauty in the World.

    see how long you can spin in perfect timing before your feet come apart or you are out of step with the timing of the music. :mrgreen:

  435. it was Mary who visited my pure heart first, months ago, in forgiving me……which kept me on course to today of eternal day light self-love wisdom of the kingdom of heaven macro thinking awareness halo i am

    BE Cause

    WE ARE!

    forever more

    bless bless bless bless YOU ALL with forgiveness freely given of and 2 ONE another!

    forever more

  436. ya, the ideal balance, that only you can discover and find what works best for you, by means of your feeling thru to greater better feeling balance in feeling better and looking better as a result.

    i learned from my pro body builder cousin Lars from Danmark, who i sponsored to work for my company in Canada, in following him around on the back of his motorcycle i helped him get, to the gym ‘every other day’, with a day of rest for the body, mind and spirit, is the way to best feeling and looking results, albeit, working out all sweaty and smelling oh so nice like we did, uhm, and no, we did not have sex, at least not physically, always in my mind to do so like i secretly did in so many homoerotic masturbation sessions of him, uhm, oh yeah, where was i, ah yes, YOU!

    takes time to find that ideal balance, of experimenting with food, rest, exercise, that only you can discover and welcome to YOU, and then once you do, stay adamant in adherence to your newly found balance, and remember, as much as we may feel young and look it too, we actually are not physically young any more, so don’t have unrealistic expectations of your body as being of once before, cause that is not who you are any more, where ya, we do need abit more rest, and not just sleeping either, rest away from the noisy hyper driven chaos thriving world too, in rest for our pure spirit that likewise responds in better feeling love more often than not, as are so many in the world, of flexible adjustable boundaries that only you can establish by means of just allowing yourself to honestly truly feel thru, like we do, staying forever always loyal to YOU!

    i do

    see, told ya i was married to YOU Biyatch! 😀


  437. and yes, those are girl shoes i am wearing

    as much as i may appear butch, of a truly tough school of hardknocks battle shapened, my pure true spirit shines forth as ‘that’ of my fun loving inner child self carefree and happy as once before, i yet always truly purely am

    BE Cause

    WE ARE!

    forever more

  438. i may look like a man, when dressed as a boy, but i can look as fierce, or more so, as Annie Lennox, Madonna, you name them, i can easily do the whole makeup getting into character thing of any ONE of YOU!

    uhm…..was thinking, really should BE a Macy Gray draqgqueen

  439. it is true us NDEs are merely of delight in BEing alive, rather than dead

    no wonder y there, no wonder y everywhere, the TRUTH

  440. where the pure true BEginning of ALL YOU IS, also IS the end all impure false ego you! forever more bless YOU ALL

  441. when we do not make the only correct choice, then we remain as we yet are in God’s eyes, as spiritually dead, cause for all spiritual physical death, are we not?

    TRUTH according to God, according to God’s wise child YOU!

    forever more

    blessed YOU!

    and YOU!
    and YOU!
    and YOU!

    forever more ALL YOU of ALL 2!


  442. SEE, told ya i am powerful! 😀

  443. the power of TRuth

    i aM

    BE Cause

    WE ARe1

    forever more

  444. mirror, ha, a cold lameass mirror maybe

    you are still pissed off cause i left your ass alone by yourself all those years ago…BE Cause, truth BE told, you left me alone first, did you not?


    i know these things, you were there, and you walked away from me


    i got over that

    but i did not ever get over YOU!

    who IS just like the flawless healing feeling pure true real divine self ‘me’, are you not, are WE not?


    i am

    BE Cause

    WE ARE!



    only more yet to come

    of the eternal YOU

    who we know can hear us

    speaking directly to YOU!

    to your loving hearts as our own

    blessed YOU!

    blessings to YOU!

    bless bless bless bless YOU!

    with peace grace love happiness true nature of YOU!

    Biyatches! 😀


    hey, how come walked away from me back then? uhm?

    did you or did you not feel magical inside like i did 2?

    ok then, only emotional honest safety TRUTH from now on, ok?


    bless you

  445. death to the false cruel egos forever more

    thank YOU!

  446. i think we both walked away, most likely for the same reasons, in the knowing we would walk back again in the right time…

    what time is it btw ?

    i think it’s the right time !

    now !

    now time, wow time

  447. ah ha, you did walk away from ‘me’


    of our own pure self?

    which we both are of the greater appreciation for now, than before.

    the lost years

    journey towards awareness of the more authentic sincere genuine pure true divine self, as is yet of so many, like Eminem, Gaga, the maturity of our lives they have to live in awareness like struggled with, as too shall they, all those lost years, and yet, not really lost, our wise catharsis process greater understanding of self.

    it played out like it did, my self as one not knowing at the time, i too was gripped by fear of rejection

    rejection of what, the constant yearning pure true divine self i am

    BE Cause

    WE ALL ARE!?

    i connect with you intellectually




    where honestly

    i don’t with any other, as much as i do you

    and have you all this time

    i don’t turn from my awareness

    realizing your greater intellect about fear than was/is my own

    did you know, the human being explores our own orifices of the body from the moment we are born, out of sheer biological hardwired evolutionary flawlessness of the celled body stimuli response of the brain?


    we all do, at a very young age actually, like three years old

    common sense from the biological insightful research

    why homosexuality is not a learned behavior as much as some may say or shortsightedly say it is, nope, far from it, starts from the moment we are born, all an extension of the self-love esteem building from the moment of conception, why it is the homosexual is purely seen as the greater positive self-esteem, for those who journey well and successfully into the greater self-love esteem, as am i, as are you, as are so many of us now.

    it is our responsibility as veterans

    not just of orientations, no, in what opens wide of our evolving humanitary soul like we have and do for so long as veterans of human life awareness, so many stories, so many precious souls as our own, the macro thinking alertness that is all interconnected, of every soul, past, present, future

    God’s omnipotence BEcoming our own, is what is of all humanitary thought and feeling, are we not?

  448. indeed, we are more of a primal hardwired drawing towards one another, than is of anything else, of all souls past, present, future oneness of constant yearning to understand our own self, self of another.

    an natural occuring primal subconscious seeking awakening if you will.

    not even anything any one can control, truth be told


    far from it

    we are talking about millions of years of evolution hear

    that is beyond our current scope of behavioral intrinsic/extrinsic forces

    of a pure realm of understanding

    that is yet eluding of us all at this critical juncture in time

    although, with the senseless loss of life of even one human being in the eternal unfolding of the history of mankind, is that not indicative of our wayward ‘lack’ of understanding ways, all thru human history, past, present, future?

    it IS

  449. and what of the birth of my own child one day?

    how much value to you suppose i put in that?

    beyond my own life value, is it not?

    are not your own equally sacred precious to you?

  450. honestly, i do not know what is happening to me

    but i will say this, i ventured into the study of the possible existence of a spirit realm, and behold, it opened wide for me, where it does seem as though i am one who has been chosen by a higher intellectual existence in the universe, as absurd as that may sound

    but great are the many strange occurances of coincidence i have been following, as have you, which speak to me, we are not alone.

  451. or maybe, beyond all the clouded illusional forefather handed down teachings of mellenia growth, in the realm of our previous million year evolving existence, at one with nature, is more likely what is of my occuring natural habitat connecting of my own self?

    where coincidence can easily be explained away in that pure realm of thinking and feeling as more towards our primal oneness sameness, like all rabbits, like all sheep, like all horses, like all dolphins, like all human beings, understanding light awareness of self?

  452. i want to meet God, if God exists

    purely as a student who wants to know

    but they will lock me up for it

    a nut case

    it is a journey i have taken apon myself alone

    in secret study

    of vast research

  453. honestly, i am not afraid of the nimrods of thrones of nescience pay check that work for who ever may be watching us

    they are of minuscule understanding of the human condition than is my own

  454. i purely truly am 100% of a time stands still awareness into the subtle higher intellect of the human condition constantly in play like it is, as though a pre-written play, is how i see it every blessed day

    not afraid in my exploration of behavioral of them all who don’t know they are bound by something far beyond their scope of understanding, their seemingly sheer utter and complete ‘lack’ of higher subtle intellect awareness, plodding along aimlessly, haphazardly, not just of others, but their own self as well.

  455. in the same boat as Eminem who seeks greater understanding pure true awareness of his own self, am i not?

    my God, how fierce he is in his own determination to hold on steadfastly

    i don’t what to say to him, would love to meet him

    and you say, ya, you just wanna fuck him Andyy

    no i don’t

    he is a leader of souls

    and that is something sacred to him

    and my own self

    yours too

    is he not?

    are WE not?

  456. i will say something, i have not mentioned before

    we are not alone in our spiritual study

    i sense the presence of pure powerful ones in the world

    i sense they are from China, mostly

    not sure why i sense their geographic like i do

    but they are as though the entire Chinese human history of ONE powerful warrior, who i do not know, only that they exist, spiritually aware, spiritually watching and seeking us, as we do them

    i mean them no harm whatsoever

    only that they wisely turn as we do, to coming fully into awareness of our true nature, as wise spiritual leaders for sake of the many, not just of this generation, no, sacred is our wise knowingness, it is about safe passage of the eternal all, without concern whatsoever of our own life, in our reaching beyond, into the TRUTH, that we must all embrace 100%, our life is 100% about our the future of our pure true loving blessed children as ONEness sameness as IS our own.

    i greet you in peace

  457. as you all laughing wisely jubilantly, did you not?

    so you see, i am as who i know i am, your brother, 100%

    come, let us speak wisely with one another forever more then

    bless you

    and welcome

    to my humble open mindedness as IS your own

    thank you

  458. well ok, i am attracked to Eminem, there, i said it


  459. walking back to one another again, IS not only of primal intuitive reaching, no, you are telling me everything you already know about ‘me’

    i always sensed ‘that’ about you, in your secret sanctuary as IS my own

    and i feel blessed by your presence, of my own awareness that does peer into the truth of you, do i not?



    beyond scope of our current generation

  460. primal occurrences, as linked to behavioral

    ‘that’ is more to the truth

    than we may be open minded about, as relates to our natural occurring higher subtle intellect we fearlessly wisely seekingly peer into

  461. i want to ask all of you a simple question

    how many souls of the eternal all future, are going to BE affected by our fearless disarming of egos coming together as one world?

    is it not the entire eternal future of our children’s children at stake?

    beyond our petty capitalistic platform of learning and adjusting of the laws that govern it, all for sake of now and then?

    primal intuitiveness, i feel, is something beyond anyone’s control, beyond the forefathers of blindness ignorance, of the indicative truth, of their own loss of so so many lives senseless destroyed, over what?

    over useless pride nothingness in killing our own brothers and sisters, siblings?


    is the only safe passage

  462. i would willing drop my sword and die, to save you and your loved ones

    ‘that’ IS who i am

    and only one who IS pure as i am, who does wisely know your spirit, as though my own, is able to say such

  463. as did Jesus

  464. all for sake of reassurance of YOU whom he knows without having met

  465. am i not the same wisdom then as YOU are too?

    we are

  466. oh damn, don’t let Eminem read this, it might push him over the edge back to his old behavioral self medicating coping


    he is pure hearted seeker

    as too are we

    oh hey, Eminem, uhm, is that your real birth given name, been meaning to look that up

    just sayin

  467. why do i feel so purely connected to his path?

    i walked thru his path, did i not?


    his angst is dangerous to me though

    i have arrived at a much calmer place now in my inner sanctuary

    still, he is voice of many connecting

    so i embrace him purely so, wisely so, for sake not of him, so much as the naive others plodding along in the mad flood ignorance of drowning world

    just one

    IS my mission of God

    as IS God’s constant omnipotent divine will in saving ‘me’

    thru the layers we journeyed for so long

    ………………………………………..to finally one day meet?

    to greet purely

    love devoid of doubt

    is who i really really am

    in spite of my own all over the place at times fumbling along

  468. it is not about ‘me’ personally, albeit it is

    in so much as it is about others

    as regards safe passage of the eternal all

    one generation of the millions of years old evolving of the human BEing

    ‘that’ IS who we wisely are

  469. lead by example

  470. ah you see, my word are beautiful and pure

    of tear in your eye

    for i am

    as YOU are 2

  471. am i Buddah?

    am i Allah?

    am i Jesus?

    nah, i a merely a messenger of God

    honestly, i don’t know why God chose me

    intellectually yes

    but emotionally i am still trying to grieve thru ‘that’ of my life’s path thus far

    as too are you

  472. i can’t even spell properly, how the fuck could i ever survive as one of them?

    hmmm……come to think of it, how the fuck did i survive?


    made ya laugh

  473. well ok, what are the subtle higher intellect binding offshoots of behavioral manifesting like they do in societies growing vastly in wealth environments?

    what IS ‘that’ indicative of, or more accurately, ‘lack’ thereof?

    fascinating, yes?

  474. oh come onnnnn!

    you wanna be my friend, admit it!

    who else do you have, besides……..besides……well ok, you love them all, granted, of course you do, purely so

    i am merely greeting one such as my self, who like(wise) is alone in life.

    by choice i suppose, but lately, i miss the intellectual hammerings that forge new insights

  475. who am i?

    i am still the vulnerable pure spirited high school kid, emotionally.

    in connecting atonement with my true original self as then, i use experiential techniques that evoke my vulnerable original self.

    we all all different, so no same experiential technique works the same for one, as it does another, only you can establish which ones work.

    little things too, like a favorite musical group, like Def Leppard is for me, or any of the music back then, as well as spending some down time in familiar surroundings as was then in feeling our vulnerable genuine spirited loving self once again, the practice of just BEing YOU!

  476. mentally i am of many doors that open as ONE

  477. this is ghetto boy six niner,

    im looking for ghetto girl, can you hear ‘me’? 😀

  478. get it?

    ghetto……spiritual poverty of the world

    the ghetto world?

    spiritually it is for some

    kingdom of heaven for spiritually wise seekers

    anyone SEE ghetto girl around hear?

    well if someone does, tell her i am still waiting at the rendezvous steps i enjoy sitting on in the early morning twilight hours at one with nature, at one with my true nature.

  479. I start my Mineral Water detox diet today, 2 litres of Santa Vittoria Acqua Minerale a day, it’s from Vicenza in Italy same place I come from .. The Best !!!

    Italian’s do it better, northern italians do it even better..

    I bought 60 bottles … & one bottle of Vino ..

    did i mention the vodka ?

  480. I prefer Chinotto it’s bitter sweet, like me


    A leaf off the old bitter tree

  481. well now that is a self defeating contradictory, if ever there was one

  482. i can relate…..

    alcohol hits my immune system hard, my viral load spikes as a result, i can feel the change for days later.

    speaking of detoxing, i so desire to feel better physically, sick of being sick, where my smoking hammers the fuck out of my weaker immune system, no fooling myself at all any more of how i really do feel the result of not taking better care of my self, directly, more so than before.

    i find i can force myself physically in my daily exercise regiment, in feeling better as a result, where the curse is to physically feel motivated to work out, when you body is telling you otherwise, where you can mentally take charge of your body in pushing and pushing, for it’s own sake, and yes, you do feel better from it, than when you don’t, no different than a healthy person, but the motivation is hampered by the viral load constantly attacking your body, of your body not always feeling like it wants to do anything but rest.

    i know i could like make an excellent motivational trainer, in bringing one into awareness of the truth, that with exercise, you can feel your normal physical self as before, albeit, pushing too far for too many hours can leave you feeling dizzy, where it is as though you cannot ever get back to once before, which in itself is defeating of one’s motivation, for some, not for me, i don’t want to go back to my career, and even if i wanted to, i doubt i could.

    i suppose my smoking is the worse possible thing one could do, so perhaps i need to research how i would feel without it, yes?


    self-motivation to feel good is easily maintained thru knowing how your body responds to proper rest, exercise, diet.

    i am highly regimented about it, where i know others are not, where they could be, and should be, if they want to feel better, live longer too, live happier.

    we have to physically emotionally yield to our wiser mental powers, of surrendering to the truth our mental powers know, when our physical emotional is trying to tell us the current opposite.

    much like sex i suppose, the longer you do it, the better it feels?

    or how about body massage, wow, sometimes that is better than sex!


  483. if ever i am going to walk back again happy, i have to get my body back to happier existence and quit this lameass smoking! 🙂

  484. well, if Eminem was sexually abused in his youth, that would explain his seemingly difficulty in fearful homophobic approaching his own self of possible loving feelings in oneness of and with gay youth of today who are somewhat beyond Eminem in their self-love self acceptance, of Eminem yet coming in closer to his own self-love self, screaming not at the homosexual ALL us of our oneness knowingness calm and true bond like we are, no, of his own sexually abused suppression catharsis process he obviously yet is of in all his skirting around outside of what is of his own natural occuring pure constant yearning oneness with us, much like any i have seen in their first coming out years, first with themselves, then the world, of how they go into a sorta protecting mode screaming angst protecting defiance for us, the oneness awareness(read: i know i am gay within, dealt with it, hello, my manifesting yet subsiding internal homophobic fear like it is in all my screaming at the world, i love you brother, sister)……….hmmm, you know, i bet i could out rap in a show down if i put my mind to it, yes? 😀

  485. he is rather obvious

    and so is the obviousness of someone taking sexual advantage of him in his youth.

    not sure which one is screaming louder, the internal homophobic kid accepting his natural occurring homosexual self, or the same kid who was sexually abused by someone wrongfully so, hence, all the self-medicating coping since then, the recovery mode he walks in now………..hey Em, i could BE your best friend in life, beyond your scope, come and use me as your punching bag Biyatch, hit me all you want over and over again, me still standing there covered in blood, kneeling before you nearly dead, as you catch me before i fall forward dead on the ground, in your realizing your ego is the enemy of ‘me’ and you, where you realize you are the only one who can tend to my wounds, not of you, but thru you transference from another, to all of us, that hurt us, took advantage of us, all of them, of the mad flood generation bound ignorance like it yet is, seeing as i did surrender to you, for sake of you, until such a time we both heal, stand up in each other’s arms forever more, where i know you want to love me more than hurt me, testing me is all your catharsis process is, know it well, lived it along time, before you were born, but if you go back to your old self-medicating ways, out of control, well, you might actually kill me in a fit of rage, or kill your own self, or kill both of us, or what of those who drink and drive, killing innocent others?

    know that one well too

    was that one

    like you too

    hey motherfucker, i am talkin to you Biyatch, and you cannot ever fucking walk from me ever again, not ever, cause i am your most loving true and faithful brother fucker! So kick my ass harder, and strike me to the ground till i am covered in blood, so that you don’t fucking take it out on your own self that i fucking love Biyatch!

    oh damn………..i think i may have a crush on Emimen

  486. Hey Em! ……Hey you!

    ya you fucker!
    talking 2 you fucker!

    i know a sexually abused kid,
    when i see one,
    i know a homosexual kid too,
    cause i am one!

    put put, put the motherfucking gun down!
    and sit sit, sit you motherfucking ass clown!
    and shu shu shut,…….SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!
    and come come cu……..cum drink from my cup.


  487. oh fuck, how insane would i be running with Eminem as his most loving BEloved lover forever more?

    and who the fuck out there gets him like i do,
    and if the fuck they do, who the fuck could love him true?

    i could

    and already

    i do

  488. i just wanna see him laugh, purely so as his original carefree spirit, before some fuck came along and fucked with him

    and if one day the gun goes of off in his hand, well, i pray it is me he shots in the fucking head, and not himself.

  489. and you say

    “you always amaze ‘me’ Andyy!”

    ‘that’ cause i love true like YOU!

    like i love you and your love me 2!

    an extension of each other

    in all WE do

    forever more

    bless bless bless blessed YOU!

  490. im not some clown,
    when no one’s around,
    im not cum down,
    when you are found.

    i fuckin found you OUT Biyatch!

    and you………you, yes you, know it!

  491. go ahead shoot me,
    thinking you want 2,
    after all is said of thee,
    you’ll respect us true.

    don’t you SEE?
    i have to die,
    so you can BE,
    why you cry.

  492. rather be dead
    than be you
    so go ahead
    fucking shoot 2!

    so i don’t have to
    keep…keep ahead
    of my kicking you
    in the fuckin head! 😀

  493. it is not i who needs you,
    it is you who needs ‘me’,
    it is not i who greeds blue,
    it is you who frees thee.

    i am already free fuckers

    along long fucking time ago

    so fucking long ago, i forgot what time IS
    but not ever do i forget what time it IS

    of time as though nothing,
    in all you say and fucking do,
    of time as though everything,
    in all you pray as lovers true.

  494. Ok , she is the director also for this kind of clips?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ki8NS8QdAI

  495. “This kind of clips” are called obituary, and they are not videoclips. And it´s not the only one

  496. Hi, not a great deal to say JUST YET !!

    just reconnecting with YOU

    always good to

    CONNECT with those you most

    Enjoy your Day / Night

    Im thing ing of you


    in HEAVEN

    the place

    I FEEL






  497. HEAVEN

  498. IS A PLACE

  499. YOU


  500. TO BE

  501. SO


  502. BELOVED…..

  503. your SELF

    LOVE YOU !! 🙂

  504. as a kid, i came from the blessed heartlands of my uncle’s farm and rural Ontario.

    was a truly peaceful at one with nature my entire youth.

    why perhaps i feel out of my element?

    and i am not just talking about living in this city

    you know what i mean, the calm and pure true inner sanctuary of clarity of thought, the true power of our mental powers that surpass this world yet bound, no fault of their own, they are all just yet unwise children of God led astray from their true natured divine self.

    spiritual leaders, sacred mirror equality, of how we not just how we feel, but how we are, as they are.

    is there any other way to be?

    eventually we realize the truth in BEcoming the truth that sets us all free

    forever more

    bless you

  505. as a child i was of the pure feeling divine true nature, not knowing much of anything at all, as far as God and Jesus of the macro thinking halo protection that i feel i naturally sought out in my awareness that it has always been my true natured inner child who was seeking shelter from this world, where the shelter is our mental powers, says Jesus

    indeed, the kingdom of heaven is a mindset of God’s mental powers that the unwise world in all it’s unwise generational ignorances is not able to penetrate the power of God’s mental powers, the power of truth, that is unfailing, is not able to ever fail, once one comes fully into their inner sactuary wise halo of the truth of their true nature they always were, always it is there in their eyes, of every one i meet.

    i know why i am here with you

    my therapist said it best

    i am seeking emotional honesty safety

    where my mental powers tell me, ah yes, that means you are too.

    bless you

    and thank you

    i needed to hear from (you)

    you are protected by God, so fear not of any of the false spirits which cannot see you, cannot comprehend you.

  506. i recall how i felt as a small child, barely able to walk, of how blissful my constant state of BEing felt all the time, that in truth, is what is of the core of our pure true harmonious state of BEing in oneness of the physical biological pure true harmonious state of every cell in our celled bodies, of millions of years of evolution, that is not able to be superceeded by any of the falsehood fuckhead forefather ignoramous mindfucks that exist(ed) thru all human history, all the bullshit teachings yet here with us, are they not?

    we SEE with pure true discerning clarity the TRUTH of the binding fearful falsehoods, by means of the flawless intuitive state of harmonious BEing divine self we always were, merely lacking in cultivation of our wise discerning helmsperson rising up eternally victorious over the false generational teachings, that are the omnipotent mental powers of God’s divine will, in what IS the oneness pure true comprehending angels of God eternal gathering, as the constant unfailing fortitude of God’s most powerful weapon, TRUTH, that is an eternal day light of divine self wisdom that does not stop shining, does not set, just as is the sun above that we know does not stop shining.

    indeed, we are of far more physical, mental, emotional complexity of our millions of years of evolution, where no one actually knows the truth if we were seeded by some life force entity in the universe, a universe we do see to the limits of how far we can see physically, thinking that is the end or edge of our universe, like the forefathers thought also, until another generation came along and says no, there is more, where in truth, there will always be something beyond the edge of our current comprehension, a metaphor of TRUTH, as relates to all our seeking higher intellect gather like we have been doing since the beginning of mankind.

    for me personally, i know i have peered into the possible existence of an invisible spirit realm, beyond our comprehension, that i feel does exist, which is utterly and completely devoid of the useless egotistic annoying tiresome forefather mindfuck crap, that my pure true inner child self is of ease in fearlessly peering into, seeking higher understanding of my own self, self of the eternal all past, present, future.

    mankind is a haphazard aimless wreckless plodding along beast of ignorance in so many ways like we OBVIOUSLY yet are as a global society trying to outrun ALL the horrid forefather binding ignorances that are cause for all death, destruction and oppression.

    there is only ONE safe passage for us and the future of our offspring, and that is of the realm of thinking and feeling truth of our constant flawless pure true onenesses, physically, mentally, emotionally, of the divine child within us all surrendering in humble embracing inner truth awareness, uniting in coming forth out of the generational darkness, of true wise embracing of the truth in what is all our onenesses that are seemingly eluding of us all, the noise of the forefathers yet beating their drums, all the absurdness of it all, i always thought, since a small child, where it has always been my constant flawless feeling intuitiveness that has felt thru all the useless mindfuck fear my entire life, merely lacking of my ongoing decades long wise cultivation helmsperson i know i now am, able to crush every single forefather ignorance of any one of you who come before me, knowing i can humiliate any one of you in leaving you kneeling before God’s powerful truth which i know none of you shall ever be able to escape, even when you may think you can

    you can not

    not a single one of you

    no matter what religion, what politic, what the fuck ever, i will crush you all with my vast intellect scoping mental powers that are unfailing for me now, a wisdom shield which God and i know that none of you, not a single one, shall ever be able to become victorious over me, in all your horrid self-defeating aimless plodding along binding lost dark captivities that so many of you do not even question, in all you bullshit closed mindedness, in all your lashing out into the darkness unable to see the one who is constantly there which you all sense, but cannot see, cannot comprehend the one who is approaching your binding blind captivity.

    that goes double for you Eminem, in all your horrid mindfucking screaming nothingness so aimless like you are, thinking you are so cool with your empty cup, unable to teach me anything.

    i can slice thru your soul several times, and leave standing there in your not knowing where i am standing, right behind you, likely your entire life of not being able to fully comprehend me, in your trying to comprehend your own flawless pure self i know of, i am of, in 100% pure true constant knowingness wisdom and flawless feeling of the inner child i yet am, blessedness in my feeling how i felt while yet of the womb Biyatch! So shut your stupid mouth up please!

    and listen!

    enough talk

    be quiet

    while i constantly am the summoning of the eternal all you i know as my own self within, no matter your forefather binding teachings of ignorance.

    as with any of you, of the many false layers, so too yet am i, in delving deeper into my divine self within, the catharsis process unfolding, that IS an eternal catharsis process…………morons

    that IS why it is called an eternal day light divine self awareness

    it is unceasing, does not ever stop, and sadly, many many more souls will be lost in the catharsis process as we all venture forward, dying senselessly like so many do, where you need not question why, of the truth of just how fucking ignorant so many of you are, where it takes the death of your own blessed children of some of you, in coming forward in embracing the truth, yes, it was your own ignorance that contributed to their death

    you stupid stupid fucks!

    that one was for you Troy

    Eminem thinks he has angst, he has not seen mine yet, in all his tiresome swinging and lashing out into thin air, like wtf is ‘that’?

    fucking static, like someone left the tv on all night

    ha……..i grew up in rural Ontario, back in the ’60s~70s, where there was not cable network, all the broadcast networks of what, eight stations, went off the air after midnight.


  507. Wouldn’t you just prefer to cuddle enjoy & appreciate the silence . We can talk later

  508. at all times



    YOU are of perpetuation(s)

    of DEATH(s)


    of OPPRESSION(s)

    fair warning fuckers, i am God’s most powerful weapon


    at all times

    of the constant time flowing catharsis processing evolving up out of the mad flood drowning forefather ignorances.

    come up against me physically in life, you will be cast out of heaven with me, some of you forever, if ever you attempt to hurt my loving brothers and sisters, you will fail miserably, where what do you think, i am going to stand by and let you harm them?

    i will set your fucking world on fire Biyatches, turn the fucking ground underneath you into a sea of fucking glass fuckers, with you burning and sinking into it like molten lava, forever forgotten, not ever shall your wretched foolish forefather hatreds be celebrated in man(kind)s eternal future.

    rather, future generations of blessed children will look back compassionately on the constant vicious TRUTH of the mad flood generational mindfuck crap we yet walk in, as fools not knowing we are, ‘that’s how fucking stupid we are

    not ‘me’

    i am the exceeding wisdom of God’s calling now

    so back the fuckup fuckers!


    perhaps Emimen’s angst is a good thing, yes?

    raw emotional intensity evoking my pure flawless child within who is coming forth in speaking with crushing truth revealing.

    blind fucking ignoramous fucks

    i will let you all think about that for awhile

    enjoy the blessed day, we only get so many of them to enjoy

    in truth, i am on your side Eminem

    but perhaps you are yet too afraid of your pure self as IS my own, of one who could love you every second of every blessed day, in none stop motherfucking radiant brillaint so fucking bright happiness, of me fucking you every day, cause you fucking love it!

    how do i know

    cause i do 2!


    fuck, why are people so fucking stupid, and then, no, that’s not good enough, they have to go around with their stupid stupid fucking shit, in making me feel like i am as though the nothingness they fucking are, in their not knowing i am not!

    as i walk away again and fucking again, fuck you fucks are so fucking rude with me every day, i fucking dread it, like i always have.

    come on, someone with a true heart, take hold of my hand, before it’s too late, and some jerk off gets a hold of yours instead of mine.

    well ok, that is abit arrogant of me

    there are so many pure true beautiful ones of so many of you, wow

    hey Marco, let’s work it thru to the end, of my knowing, i want always to be somewhere in your life till the end, as we kick this world’s stupid ass, shall WE? 😀

    i love yOUR pure moments like we are at times, swooping in like that time and again, but what i really want, is to always feel this way, where i am walking back to, constantly happy at all times.

    take a regiment of RED40, that i know works

    but only if you work it

    rest, exercise, diet, 40 days to change a motherfucking badhabit (friends)


    wow, Ellen is rising and rising up and up in everyone’s heart

    her own growing catharsis processing inner happiness that comes with healthier environments we all feel our way thru, or should when we don’t.

    stuckness for so many, where familiarity of abusive environments is as though normal for them, like their abusive childhoods.

    ya well, leaving a child to starve to death and die, is the truth of our society environment end result fuckers!

    you are all horrid wretched useless murderers in divine child of God’s wise heart mind body spirit and soul

    fuck, i come near to some of you wealthy, and i feel ill in what is all your self-importance empty nothingness boasting proudly, and then when you speak, i am like, what? huh? WHAT? is that what you have to say, is that all you have to say? SAY WHAT?

    somedays i want to start in on them, in saying, “Did you know God sees you constantly as a cold heartless gross materialistic murderer?”

    well, it’s the truth

    and God says speak the truth!

    i really should start kicking your asses from now on

    with the TRUTH you all turn from within

    i ask, how many more kids have to die in the next century?

    i know, someone add up what the current rate is, if we stay on this course, ok?

    and go sit with that number over lunch, ok?

    oh, and then add up how many offspring will not be born, if each one of them were to have one child, for the next 100,000 years, ok?

    you may want to wait till after lunch for that

  509. It’s my space ship I’m the Capitan ms co piolit if I drop dead from a heart attack the you can fly the fucker but before I die rest assured I’ll not leave until this world I’d fit for the children who came after us for fucks sake it the least one can do

  510. if you could easily take hold of a child’s hand standing there in a burning building, to usher them to safety, you would, without hesitation.

    these kids are no different, and the burning building is definitely on fire, as regards their dying or living, the problem is, we are not in the same burning building as they are, as though not seeing them, pretending we don’t, when in truth, ya, they are indeed there unable to escape, as we the slum lords of the burning building…..fuckers.

  511. the fire these kids die from, is the fires of insatiable desire gross materialism that is cause for our disconnect of them, as though they do not exist in this incredible flawless physical realm kingdom of heaven surround we all walk in, where in truth, they do exist, exactly as we do, abandoned, backs turned to them, backs turned to our own pure flawless healing feeling divine self as IS their own, direct cause for their death.

    that makes us all neglectful murderers in the eyes of God, in our own eyes as God’s children, in the eyes of our own courts of law.

    these kids do not have the fortitude to defend themselves, do not have a voice, do not have anything, treated as unwelcome outcasts by our society that is yet evolving in how best to ensure no one dies.

    it is centuries in the making, and sadly, likely centuries in our yet evolving, all the while, there are those who are purely truly of their flawless inner connecting as you are, leading by example, without effort, of great ease in doing so.

    without question, Jesus IS their voice, our voice too, of the divine child of God within all of us unattended, unknowing where the kingdom of heaven really really IS, at all times.

    YOU are the kingdom of heaven!

    ALL of YOU!

    and obvious it IS that most do not purely truly flawlessly know it as does Jesus, as do you, as do i.

    in truth, the end of the suffering solution IS of our mental powers which are the pure emotional embracing of the divine child within us all.

    i am merely one who comes before you to reassure in you what we know the worldly Jesus speaks against, CLEARLY does not.

    all for sake of authentic divine real self YOU of the eternal all YOU, IS of every word of Jesus, in holding back the tide of the mad flood generational mad flood ring masters of deception, that Jesus too saw and felt exactly as we too witness at all times, the TRUTH.

    while some may argue, we are of primal instinct survival of the fittest, what they don’t embrace in that same light of primal evolution, is the truth of our flawless harmoniousness extension of the celled body we dwell in, just as is of most any celled creatures of harmoniousness with their own kind in nature.

    we are out of our natural habit, and with that falsehood came the disconnect with our natural true nature harmoniousness with one another, i mean ya, we are loving of one another, but i fail to see the flawless pure true nature compassion in us as a society, that yet is of not ensuring no one gets hurt during our migration.

    the centuries old businessman migration interrupted the flawless at one with nature survival mode when everyone was at one with nature in our natural habitat, a failing lack of a global society oneness of responsibility that our greed of wealth selfish forefathers left off at, that a new generation must take hold of, to bring all unnecessary poverty to an end, united as one brotherhood, across all the division separations of church, state, status, and stop handing off the responsibility to kids who are born into what is yet the lacking responsible forefathers of yesteryear today.

    we are making way to brighter day, but the progress is foolishly slow, where devastation exceeds any of the forefather wars, especially considering how many children die each day, directly because they have no voice, no one there in their isolation, of we who are the direct causing isolationists.

    we to think of it as a global catastrophe, or a horrific war, for in truth, it is indeed a spiritual war of God that we are all yet participants in.

    truly, there is no greater lesson of love to teach the next generation who already are of their pure flawless feeling divine self when born, intuitively knowing we are indeed a cold society, when ever the get a glimpse of the TRUTH, they know, instantly, intuitively, just as these kids in horrific isolation poverty, trapped behind the walls of poverty created by we of the wealthy world.

    there are many falsehoods which distract us, such as greed of wealth falsehood egos, and falsehoods of power, all these falsehoods Jesus points to the truth for us to learn eternally as one generation.

    Jesus witnessed it all just as we do, the truth of the forefathers who did not know the kingdom of heaven all around us that IS our wise hearts of flawless constant feeling like we do.

    bless you always

  512. truly we know, the flawless love we feel, is what IS beyond all the riches of the world that Jesus speaks of, IS of, as are we.

    truly, that IS the love to teach your children, IS it not?

    truly, that IS the love of God’s divine will for all of YOU!

    united as ONE

    truly it IS a blessing for so many that we do exist as the voice of those with no voice.

    truly it IS a blessing that i and others choose to BE the voice of Jesus, BE the voice of those with no voice, who like Jesus, die every day from the cruel blind leading the blind worldly, in all it’s grossness i detest.

    Jesus is not a religion

    not at all

    Jesus is a wise humanitarian understanding flawless perspective that cuts thru the truth to the heart of us all, thru all our lameass comfort zone apathetic protective layers, of truth which does not exempt anyone alive from being cause for all needless suffering in poverty.

    the greatest poverty of all is not financial poverty

    rather the greatest poverty of all is spiritual poverty, which IS cause for all financial poverty


    we know purely know the truth

    and so do all these kids, intuitively emotionally, even if they cannot verbalize it.

    ya well, i will speak for every one of them in calling you all the truth in what we all are, spiritual death ‘lacking’ disconnect within, that is cause for all spiritual physical death in the world, (past present future), which is actually of just one eternal day of wise light that does not ever set.

    thank God for ‘that’

    ‘i am’ merely a messenger

  513. co pilot?

    and when we are fucking, who is the co-pilot, pilot then? uhm?

    well ok, i am good a listening, but i want to be pilot once in a while too Biyatch! You can’t go around having all the damn fun, all the damn time, and expect me to be hanging around here like some lost fuckin puppy!

    oh damn, i think i have the Eminem itch, i hope it’s not contagious.

    cuddling……….you know me well.

    cannot live without the hugs and touching, all healthy needs that one should be getting met………….speaking of which, how can we cuddle when we have not even met yet?

    was that a hint?

    or just conveying how you feel?

    or how you want to feel, in the most loving of all lover’s loving arms………and legs. 😀

  514. hahaha………..HA!

  515. oh hey, i can now blame all my occassional needs not being met abreaction occurances on my Eminem virus infection i picked up from him, as short circuiting of sorts……….oh damn, i hope he reads this, i mean, i hope he does not read this……….oh fuck it, if he can’t fuckin love me for ever fuckin word i say, then fuck him, he’s probably lameass in bed anyway………argh……..

  516. action speaks louder than words

    you lameass fucks!

    oh hey Em, back so soon are we?

    you know, you really should check your small dick problem at the door, and just relax and take it all in for awhile, you just might have a good time……….Biyatch!

    wow, there is anal fuckin retentive, then there is Eminem

    ya, well go ahead and fuckin sue me,
    lameass biyatch!
    cause their ain’t no way you can fuckin do me,
    lameass sketch!

  517. ok ok, im joking, im joking, just trying to make your lameass smile once in……………awhile……….it been awhile, huh?

  518. there is no such thing as doing enough, as evident of how the world yet IS.

    undeniable TRUTH

    and for sure, it can always get worse

    and for sure, it does when time runs out, of no ONE there

    of any child who needlessly HAS TO TAKE

    their last breath


  519. your not a lost puppy, I was !!

    & I cannot hurt myself anymore, sorry about that. no wonder you felt the way you did it was coming from me, ok hope that clears the air ..

    not that its been so long, more like its never been before. but it is now & always will be

  520. Can you breath now ? Good because im having a heart attack ! Here grab the steering wheel Capitano

  521. hmmmmm………you know, now that i think about it, ya, that makes perfect sense to me, the whole authentic real you thing, not you thing, who the fuck are you thing? that kept me chasing my tail in circles guessing what i already knew, hey! You are correct!

    but how did i intuitively know you?

    we it because i intuitively wanted to know you?

    i mean i get the whole suppression regression vulnerable self thing, and the all too often layers apon friggin layers of the annoying false self bravado, all perfectly normal when we don’t have the authentic conducive environmental until such as time as God, or Jesus, or perhaps me show up, but why do i too suddenly believe you, the more authentic you i seemingly always knew?

    i mean i saw the play Taming of the Shrew, but this is different from that……..ok, i take that one back……..hahaha

    hmmm, so you ARE being genuine, well, give thanks to Jesus, Mary and God, for they are why i am yet of this world, who without, i just know i would not of been able to approach your divine self.

    only the divine self knows the divine self like you and i know YOU

  522. primal intuitive knowingness certainty of the natural occurring extending of trust bonding in what is the constant yearning intuitive self seeking emotional honest safety, as two way thing, that plays out like it does, until suddenly, ZAPPPPPPP, like an electric shock, or lightening strikes, the two divine self can purely see each other, with funky magical glasses, radiant brilliant eternally bright love setting free our constantly yearning inner happiness.

    ZAPPPPPP………hey, stop that! 😀


  523. oh, and uhm, later, you can upgrade your magic glasses for the newer version, that let’s you see others how we actually are, of no sexual identity pansexuals we actually really really all are.

  524. of boys are girls too and girls are boys too, when ever they want 2

  525. ok, captain, uhm, is this the part where i have to ask you where we are going, cause if i don’t, you get all stupid again, and don’t talk to me like i am some self centered prick sob, making up, breaking up, over and over again, the whole unfulfilled angry sex thing? haha

  526. Every things going to be alright

  527. already IS

    where of our mental powers IS everything that IS ALL right in our constant yearning freeness of our pure true real self thoughts and feelings united in pure true oneness

    what heaven IS


  528. at the waters edge, during the twilight hour, in pure meditation oneness with the universe above, the soothing of the waves, the smell of the air, the realization how long we naturally have been here, looking at the shape of the earth on the water’s horizon edge, realizing how absolutely mind blowing this physical place of the universe we purely are of IS

    ya, for sure, i want to feel ‘that’ oneness within, within all others, at all times, surrendered to ‘that’, where we are not really all the chaotic noise of useless generational chattering, in our attempt to fill the void of a(void)ing our vulnerable true pure self feeling within, seemingly empty in feeling, when in truth, we are not empty at all, NO, we are extraordinary pure true feeling spiritual BEings of constant exceedingly graceful loving flow, delicate and true, sensitive like other creatures are in nature, and fun too, by nature, our true nature we get distracted from, how we all pure truly once were as small children, yet are within the core of our BEing, the source everyone is of constant subconscious awakening seeking connectedness we all constantly yearn to constantly feel in merely fearlessly just BEing our true harmonious loving nature with ONE another.

    instead, the world has become a cesspit of wretchedness the forefathers too were up to their necks in, not realizing they too were all of the intrinsic/extrinsic environmental development of the forefathers before them, and before them, this mellenia old cesspit of false shit we all walk in, thinking we are all so wise, when in truth, we have become wretched as a heartless society, sickly if you will, deathful to children?

    i mean come on people, wake the fuck up and take an honest look at your lameass useless lives over run by petty egotism thinking and feeling, you heartless sick fucks.

    not one of you is more worthy of the child about to die this day, of a direct result of your illness of heart mind body spirit and soul that most of you do not realize you were born into a cesspit of shit, that is drowning heartless fucking death for so many pure true blessed spirited defenseless children like it yet IS.

    there should not BE any other priority in your life more great than looking apon just how ill we have allowed ourselves to become, in following around the aimless morons of blind leading the blind to nowhere that you know not of where we all are, in the kingdom of heaven found, according to our blessed true eternal spirited brother Jesus, who came fully into his divine oneness BEing within, of the same oneness Jesus wisely knows within us all, eternal all YOU!

    ya well, Jesus says i am to think of you people in all your distracted uselessness as though nothing, where in truth i realize, oh, you really are as though nothing, of the empty cups of nothingness devoid of love you offer these precious children dying by the tens of thousands every blessed day we wake up to, as though it is not our problem?

    think again

    illness of heart is a truly serious matter to our society, that is able to fester into horrific war like it has in the past, of what are all these useless generation forefather falsehoods most of you do not question at all, completely and utterly blind to the truth, which is not anyone’s fault, being born into a forefather household, all of you BEcoming your forefathers.

    the question you need to ask is, what are the horrific dangers of the fateful paths of the various falsehoods, as relates to your own lives?

    truly, some of these falsehoods do end in physical death, such as all stress related illnesses, too late for so many of you, as some of you are learning, are you not?

    i love this blessed physical existence of a planet we all walk on, but i do not love the useless disconnectedness in all your empty zeal speaking as fools of no value to anyone, nor to your own self, are you not?

    we ALL have to stop

    and fill our cups up with divine wisdom the flows forth in abundance eternally, or suffer the consequences of the illness of heart mind body spirit and soul the lameass forefathers of yesteryear today continue to leave the divine children of God to contend with, defenseless against when born, and in truth, defenseless against their entire lives in how the illness of falsehoods snare our lives and play out like they do.

    it’s all bullshit, all of it

    a businessman game of sorts, ring masters of deception, such as the loan sharks ever lurking, seeking to shackle you to their prison dungeons, in bleeding this sacred world of the precious abundance of so many of YOU who become enslaved, snare, slaves to the heartless cold spirited wretched worldly, are you not?

    who don’t give a fuck at all about these children they willingly leave to die, who likewise leave many of you to die too, without jobs, in all their cut and run gambling addict insatiable desire gross materialism fires burning within them night and day, illness.

    well ok, not all of you are, but in truth, you of the wealthy status in the world, could end all poverty in an instant, so easily, merely by your power to do so.

    so of you are doing such, and i am pleased to feel that of many of you, so we are evolving, slowly, too slowly, where not a single one of these kids should die this day!!!!!!!!!!!

    not one!

    not ONE!

    bless you all

  529. mourn for yourselves, says Jesus

    that’s it, keep mourning your the death of your useless egotistic spiritual death ignorance, as you all wake up to what time it IS

    always IS

    the eternal day of the eternal place we all walk in

    where everything we all say and do, is felt for all eternity, is it not?

    blessed is the truth that serves YOU!

    especially the truth of the useless untruths i see and bare witness of so many of you

    peace be to you
    grace be to you
    love be to you
    happiness be to you

    bless you always

    forever more

  530. all humans suffering IS suffering humans all

  531. So What the Hint ?

    Im one step ahead of you, I was thinking more, not so much about keeping up, more like the carpet burns !!!

    what the legs ? I was thinking more about the Ass..

    what a gay boy with no class

    I think not

    how very dare you !

  532. i double dare you Biyatch! 😀

  533. not sure why you would bother to post that video, perhaps more to do with you than me?

    personally, he reminds me of all the complete stranger trolls i met in the ghetto, and all their groping me as though ok, until one day i said, “You know, coming up to someone and sexually fondling them like you just did me, without my consent, is called sexual assault, a chargeable offense in the Canada’s court of law, with a sentence of sentence could range anywhere from 18 months to 10 years in prison.

    Sexual assault is defined as any form of sexual contact without both parties’ voluntary consent. Contrary to what most people think, sexual assault is not limited to non-consensual intercourse, it can also include non-consensual fondling, touching, or kissing.

    as if i will ever look like that queeny fuck, yuk, gross, maybe more like Sri Chinmoy, a wise spiritual teacher artist monk.

    as if those who truly know me would ever see me so gross like he is.

    there, i just dealt with all you trolls who groped me without consent. 🙂

  534. it is not ok, not ever.

    know your legal rights!

    Law of Sexual Assault in Canada;

    Section 265 of the Criminal Code of Canada (“Criminal Code”) outlines the offences of assault and sexual assault as follows:

    A person commits an “assault” when:

    (a) without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly;

    (b) he attempts or threatens, by an act or gesture, to apply force to another person, if he has, or causes that other person to believe on reasonable grounds that he has, present ability to effect his purpose; or

    (c) while openly wearing or carrying a weapon or an imitation thereof, he accosts or impedes another person or begs.

    (2) This section applies to all forms of assault, including sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, threats to a third party or causing bodily harm and aggravated sexual assault.

    obtained where the complainant submits or does not resist by reason of the application of force to the complainant or to a person other than the complainant;

    (b) threats or fear of the application of force to the complainant or to a person other than the complainant;

    (c) fraud; or

    (d) the exercise of authority.

    (3) Where the accused alleges that he believed that the complainant consented to the conduct that is the subject matter of the charge, a judge, if satisfied that there is sufficient evidence and that, if believed by the jury, the evidence would constitute a defence, shall instruct the jury when reviewing all the evidence relating to the determination of the honesty of the accused’s belief, to consider the presence or absence of reasonable grounds for that belief.

  535. the only one allowed to touch me from now on, is my exclusive lover who i know does love me like i do them, and God help any of you who touch my lover without their consent, as i will address you sharply with officers of the law handcuffing you off to jail, you lameass desperate spiritually dead fucks! HANDS OFF!!!!!!!!

    fucking creeps!


  536. argh…….the internet is just as bad for these fucking trolls lurking. I put a spiritual mark on them them too, in confronting their grossness of sexual predator behavior.


    blessed are the loving lovers who find one another in life.

    ‘that’ is where i belong

    so you can all fuck off now with your lackluster zealess insincere shit that nobody wants.

    ‘that’ nobody IS

    you fucking morons

    including you Marco, in all your too good to meet me for dinner, that leaves me feeling, maybe you are not the one for me, as much as we may both want to BE, like the lovers who do find one another on lovers road, and walk away from the world hand in hand the rest of their lives, easily in forgetting them all, of eyes only for each other.

    i say to everyone, find ‘that’ with someone, hold on to ‘that’, of constant yearning sweet anticiapation lover’s love flowing like it does for you who know first hand what i am saying, as ‘that’ IS where you belong, 24/7, feeling how you blessedly feel.

    so what do you have to say Marco? uhm?

    more lameass shit?

    fuck, i can more out of the pages of book than i do you, in all your cold distancing too good to bother with me, and as each day passes, i feel that i am meant for someone else.

    it is where we have arrived

    in all your fear of me as one who IS fearless, your future self.

    like why the fuck even bother talking to you at all, when it feels to me like you have no intention of ever meeting me? uhm?

    it fucking sucks, and i am so fucking over it now.

    fucking lameass cold zealess miserable fucks, go fuck someone else, while i spend quality time finding who i belong with, as they do me.

    it is of God’s divine will that i find happiness 24/7 with a lover meant of me and i them.

    go ahead, say what you have to say, where the only thing i want to hear, is your foot steps beside me.

    forever more

    and if not, well, i am not spinning my wheels any more with you

    it will just invite more illness to me of my needs not getting me like one can with a loving lover.


  537. and before you say a fucking word, i always prayed someone would find ‘me’, of the forever feeling oneness i already am.

    so if you are too busy, in the days, months, fucking years ahead, then that will tell me the truth i need to feel thru, that i am NOT the most BEloved lover for you, where for ‘me’, the loving lover i am supposed to BE with, forever and a day, forever at joyFUL fun loving play, always of the sweet anticipation pitter patter of the heart the most loving lovers constantly feel like they do for each other, all the time, feeling blessed by God to BE feeling how they constantly yearningly purely truly always are, the blessed ONEness with the core of each other’s BEing!

    so ya, if you are too busy, then you are not of the sweet anticipation i know i am supposed to BE with ONE just like ‘me’

    tic toc
    fuck the clock
    tic toc
    fucking block



    how’s that for sexual frustration addressing? 😀

    seriously though, i mean wtf?

    what do you want to do?

    or perhaps the correct question is, who are you doing it with?

    well, it’s not fucking me, so why i am still feeling i am? uhm?

    hopeFULness of my loving lover i constantly am

    it is horrible to feel disconnected, unimportant, to all the more important others and things i am supposedly not as important.

    ‘that’s how i feel, for real

    i am growing more and more weary of ‘that’

    time to for ‘me’ to BE real

    as i already am

    push thru my fears, arrive on the other side, with or without you

    honestly, i don’t fucking care any more for more of the same lameass bullshit of any one of you

    time will tell me the truth i need to feel thru, and will, if you do not appear.

    for sure, i already know, another will, of the same oneness will i already am.

    welcome to the crossroads, which way do you want to go?

    either let go of my hand and hold another, so i can purely truly do the same

    or take hold of mine,

    no more shame,
    no more blame,
    no more flame,
    no more restrain.

    my spirit is already free to just go BE!

    tic toc

    forever more

  538. seriously though, your most BEloved loving lover should BE forthmost in your heart mind body spirit and soul.

    i have always yearned to feel ‘that’ with another.

    realizing the truth of my awareness, i really really already am ‘that’

    for how else could i speak as i do?

    as though some fool?

    as if

    not ever

    no, not ever again will i play the role of the clown fool.

    makeup sucks, you ever try getting that shit off, takes friggin hours for that, and then the anti-climatic fall out wondering to myself, wtf am i doing, all i need is a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, maybe some sunglasses, and who cares if it rains, feels good on the blessed body

    oh, and we all need the BEloved loving lover of sweet anticipation flowing constantly thru our veins!


    find ‘that’

    hold on to ‘that’

    for already, YOU ARE ALL ‘that’

    forever more

    ok, peace out

    let me know someday, likely too late, as per usual, the stuckness fearing you

    i am leaving this crossroads this day

    with or without you

    no more time left for boo hoo ers

    WELL, if you were me, you would of ditched my lameass along time ago Biyatches!

    i should not have 2 explain!

    makes me feel desperate

    i will have you know, i have a perfect body to hold, a perfect penis to make love with, a perfect ass 2 make love with, and perfect lips to kiss ONE all over WITH!



    there, i said what needed to be said

    tic toc

    time will reveal the TRUTH

    i am to be with my BEloved lover in order to BE who i AM!

    it is of God’s will ‘that’ i am

    what i already AM!

    the sacred mirroring eternal blinding white light that pushes out all darkness in the wretched cold hearted world

    in my sacred pure prayers in knowing and wishing the same for ALL YOU!

    forever more

    lame ass Biyatches!


  539. and now, i pray God to bring forth my BEloved lover(s)

    forever more

    thank you God
    thank you Jesus
    thank you Mary
    thank you all of ONEness LOVE of Jesus, Mary, God, of the Eternal ALL YOU!

    forever more

    hey, thanks Marco

    you BE happy, ok?

    as i go do the same

    i doubt any of you at this blog will ever contact me

    and i don’t wish to wait any more in hoping ONE of you would all this time

    it’s just lame for me

    not where i know i BElong at all times

    in the arms of a BEloved lover

    this is IT

    as Michael says

    Michael knew our hearts, pure and true, of his own ONEness 2

    of all YOU!

    forever more

    i have to go BE ‘that’

    and try to forget all the ‘lack’

    Just BE yOUR SELF!

    thank you

    bless you all

    forever more

    time for me to hit the lover’s road again, forever free spirited like i am, and just let ONE fearlessly approach ‘me’, take hold of my ass, and fuck like rabbits every day!


    Biyatches! YOU time is UP! UP! UP! UP!

    oh yeah!

    Gimme ALL yOUR LOVIN!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  540. fuck, can’t decide which one i want the most

    i know, how BE i let ONE of YOU decide 4 ‘me’? uhm?

    ‘that’s right Biyatches!

    YOU are either 4 ‘me’ of gay lesbian bisexual trannsexual

    OR YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    as in not in my motherfucking bed ever again!

    pfffffff, way too boring for this wiseass child of God PANSEXUAL LOVER! 😀

    some of you could not love ‘me’ even if you wanted 2, in all your fearful homophobic bullshit lameass miserable boring boring boring lackluster zealess life, of NO LIVE AT ALL!

    LOVE ‘me’
    or hate ‘me’

    just don’t ever BE LATE for ‘me’ Biyatches!

    Cause i will ditch your lameass in a single heartbeat!

    there, you have been ditched

    and you have a choice 2 decide

    right now!

    or forget it



    peace out


    in ONEness of so many of us now

    forever more

  541. dearly BEloved
    thank you for gathering
    for the departing of ALL of
    our BELATEd lameass miserable coldhearted homophobic fucking lameass spiritual suicider of bitter cider cup jerkoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hahahaha 😉

  542. i am alot more fun in my real life, as some of you know, and some of you will come to know

    and for those who don’t

    to fucking bad

    i’ve had enough of your lameass toxic going nowhere homophobic generational crap, always did, for a truly long long time.

    just thought i would come and see how some of you are doing, yep, still the same, pffffffff

    i went back to my home town too, yep, still the same

    fuck ‘that’

    cya lameassers!

  543. these fucking merchants of God, like holy fuck you people are so fucking ignorant, so obvious your true intention is to make money selling your ignoramous shortsighted fucking shit for brains, and worse, people actually fucking buy your shortsighted shit.


  544. oh for sure, i have to have class in order to be loved by you of class

    oh for sure, i have to dress a certain way, drive a certain car, live in a certain neighborhood, in order to be loved by you of class

    oh for sure, i have no class

    which is why you can no longer find ‘me’ Biyatches!

    you know, that magical pure true feeling of love you authentically, genuinely, sincerely, emotionally honestly FEEL for someone you actually care more about than all your class?

    right then, well, enjoy your class people, that so many of us in truth, don’t want to belong to, in realizing the truth, all any of us ever wanted was to feel loved, like we already R!

    oh, im sorry, i am talkin with you all important ones of no real life identity, ya for sure, that takes class Biyatches!

    like wow!

    i feel so loved


  545. BE happy!

    2 live, live 2!
    2 love, love 2!

    BE LOVED 2!

  546. you’re only happy when i am on my knees Biyatches!!!!!!!! haha

  547. if i stay, it will be DOUBLE Biyatches! hahahah

    well ok, some of you get us

    and some of you, well……….you don’t fuckin get with us you lame ass fucks!!!!!!!!!!


  548. breasts!



    hahaha :mrgreen:

  549. oh, you are so owned! 😀

  550. ok, a new dance step….

    hands on hips, one foot up on tip toe, hip jutting out, chest up

    now standing still, switch feet, in beat to the music.

    now walk, like you own the place, in step of course to the music Biyatches!

    no mistakes!

    knowing you are are SOOO owned! lol :mrgreen:

    hmmm, what song, any song i suppose will do, but i like this song right now.

  551. oh, and swing the shoulders smoothly in timing with the smooth swinging of the hips, and for fuck sakes, smile like you want it damn it!


  552. don’t you know what clothes even fit me?

    the girl clothes of course!



  553. Ojh I better takedown the FOR SALE sign then….

    SOLD to the big breast’s over there

  554. why am i always the last to know?

    hahaha ;D

  555. isn’t that an AMAZING pic?


    hey, where did everybody GO?

    oh whatever, i don’t care if he has a nicer penis than i do, i still have the nicer ass!

    and for sure i…………i know YOU!


    i am 2

  556. for sale?

    well now there is a statement, and then some….

  557. Ha Ha ah ha

  558. i love my homosexuality!

    i am my homosexuality!

    Self-love greater self-esteem, so much so of the love of our own bodies, and God knows how much i love dwelling in my own body, argh, all those wonderful masturbation sessions alone once i hit puberty, all these incredible wet dreams of waking up with my penis in my hand, argh, the first one BLEW MY MIND, as i ran to tell my mother this most AMAZING dream i had, my being completely clueless, of what just happened, herself unable to educationally tell me, in her guessing what she had heard about, wow wow WOW!, was all i could feel all day that day, of what i had come into awareness of my sexual body hitting puberty, of the increasing testosterone levels naturally increasing, of no idea at all why i felt so purely amazing, innocently, just beautiful wondrous extraordinarily AMAZING…………WE ARE!

    so ya, i dwell in this amazing male body, knowing that all male bodies are exactly the same, of other male delight of their own male sex organs, EXACTLY as my own, where without doubt, my homosexual self-love is what IS of my pure knowingness of all other males as my own SELF.

    therefore, homosexuality really really IS merely ‘that’ of our self-love greater self-esteem, so much so we easily and without effort self-love all other males, who like me, are EQUALLY EXACTLY as my own body self-love too, self-love of two BEcoming ONE awareness.

    and then, some of us discover our ASS!

    and it’s like, OMFG!

    MIKE! Your cock is so beautifully………BIG!!!!

    oh i so want you in my ASS!

    fuck, i still want him to fuck me ONE DAY!

    admittedly, i do fantasy fuck him with another, sometimes……..not all the time………do you think that is wrong?

    i mean, i actually revisit my self laying there naked with Mike years ago, of us skinny dipping by the pool, all the playfulness we both were of the water jets in the pool on our penis, that made us hard, but then Mike like layed there for over an hour with a hard on in the beautiful sunshine, my brain increasing with desire to go to the next level with him, his not knowing i wanted his oh so magnificent penis in me, where today i wonder to myself, why was did he have an erection for so longggggggg?

    hmmmm………he was thinking about me too, wasn’t he, ah ha! He was telepathically picking up on my thoughts of him fucking me, wasn’t he?

    or for fuck sakes, i so have to make his……OUR……..fantasy cum true ONE DAY!!!!!!!!

    let’s see now, he was of an eight inch penis at 16, and if my penis has grown one inch longer every ten years since then, now thirty years later………OMFG! MIKE’S PENIS IS NOW ELEVEN INCHES LONGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!


    i am so screwed in my head over him!

    can’t get over him!

    hey…….can you fantasy fuck me!


    i realize that i will need a twelve inch in order to get over Mike!

    hey, that’s the answer!!!!!!!!!!!

    us aLiEns need to work our issues OUT 2gather!

    oh cum on, you can role play as Mike, and i can role play as………hey, tell me, who do you fantasy fuck about?


    fuck, coming home to someone like Mike, my clothes would be coming off before i get to the door every day, fucking our brains out forever and a DAY!

    the same DAY EVERY DAY!


  559. and leave my perp out of this, i don’t even know who he was or is today

  560. there is honesty………..and then there IS ‘me’ Biyatches!

    so either say you DO want to fuck me, or shut the fuck up!

    i don’t need to hear all your stories of how big your boyfriend’s penis IS!


  561. do you know what it is like to 100% sexually LOVE someone?

    been searching for that my entire life….

    and what of the female i am who loves females 100% as my own self 2?

    IS not the truth, that a 100% fun loving fearless alpha male dominatrix female like my own self the best partner for ‘me’?

    i am a 100% a female in a male body, who loves all male bodies as though my own, able to love the female of them as well, just as i am able to love the female of real males 2, naturally so.

    butt to live without the male penis sexuality love making, is to let my female self die, and that is not only wrong, it simply is not ever going to happen Biyatches!

    so you need to be versatile in order 2 100% love ‘me’

    open ‘that’ door, of bisexual awareness, IS exact likeness of fearfully opening the homosexual door, where i have arrived at knowing who i am, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually…..

    and ya, of course i love the female body, feeling as though i 100% am female in my role playing, where even better, i am also male.

    how AMAZING IS ‘THAT’?

    WE R!

    ok, give it some serious though, cause i think we could easily process together thru all our issues, knowing i already have.

    just need the fearless loving lover to step forward in emotional honesty of their 100% sexual love of me, as is my own of them, ‘that’ which i already am

    the eternal ONE DAY!

    every DAY!

    the same DAY!

    i always want to BE!


    forever more

  562. physical intimacy ONEness
    mental intimacy ONEness
    emotional intimacy ONEness
    sexual intimacy ONEness
    spiritual intimacy ONEness

    where all fears that prevent the truth of our ONEness ARE FALSE!

    and clearly absurd once one comes FULLY into pure true self-love intimacy awareness with our own SELF.

    once you fully know your own self-love awareness, you always know in what is your BEcoming conduct towards all others, without the useless annoying sexuality labels.

    common sense

    where to BE both female and male, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, IS 2 BE ONEness of eternal all YOU!

    and anything contrary to ‘that’ IS FALSEness, that i too once was immaturely of along lover’s road evolving to where i have arrived 2DAY!

    i have no other choice but 2,
    let you go and say goodbye,
    as hard as it is for me to 2,
    try try try we do, still cry 😉

  563. a rewrite……

    i have no other choice butt 2,
    let you go and say goodbi,
    as hard as it is for ‘me’ 2,
    try try like we do, still cry 😉

  564. making love with your own SELF

    is perhaps what our taboo fear is?

    i mean, if you had a twin, does society accept them as lovers?

    does society secretly wish they were lovers?

    i do

  565. i think that’s just the hottest fucking thing ever, two twins fucking all the time, inseperable, knowing they cannot ever be with anyone other than their own SELF!


    now that really really does make perfect sense, does it not?

    i mean, i love me penis, right?

    100% i love my penis!

    so ya, i would love to be fucked by my twin penis, yes?


    and to see my own breasts of the female i am, that i do not yet have of my own self, or self of my lover………yet

    is not that the same thing of the self-love making with the penis of my twin?

    oh come on people, we need to talk about this!


    fuck, i am sooooooooo OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  566. my mom is a twin

    and i see these twin boy lovers here in the ghetto all the time

    and i remember one time seeing two gay guys dress identically androgynous on Pride Day, that blew my mind wide open in awareness of my own self-love ONEness i seek of the SAME self-love of another.

    i bet they have a strap on penis OUT there exactly the same shape as my own penis………in case you were wondering what i truly want

    i had sex one time with a guy exactly like me, and i friggin love love love loved it!

    ok, time to BE loyal with my self

    no more denial of my own fucking happiness Biyatches!

    i am going BE what i set OUT 2 BE, ‘that’ which i already AM!

    forever more

    so if you wanna GET WITH ‘me’, all you have 2 do, is overcum your fears of ‘me’, who already the ONEness of YOU 2!

    patiently waiting waiting waiting………oh 4 fuck sakes HURRY UP!!!!!!!!

    hahaha HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, did i tell you, i found out Bobby is still alive?

    someone told me, will look him one day, hoping he is not as nasty as he once was with me, knowing that part of him that did love me in oneness of my love for him, even if he did have obviously serious psychosis issues brought on by unmoderated habitual cycle pattern substance addictions at the time, people change, for the better or for the worse, where we eventually die or live, or stay the same…….my optimism that stems from my own self-love evolving growth awareness of the truth, that none of us are purely truly any different from ONE another in the core of our BEing.

    i mean let me ask you this……..

    do you not want ALWAYS 2 feel love constantly flowing of your pure true real self you already purely truly are in awareness of, like i KNOW you are in your inner sanctuary?

    is ‘that’ not where i purely truly approach YOU?

    in your inner fearless sanctuary, as one just like you who does not wish to ever feel any of the falsehood animosity bullshit like those yet snared in the mad flood drowning forefather ignorances so bound in captivity like they are?

    tragically deathfully so for so many, of fateful paths i know all too well

    for sure destructively so for so many, of all self-destructive behavioral, self-destructive of others.

    all the oppression

    ALL ‘that’ which revolves around self-love greater self-esteem ONEness evolving and the OBVIOUS ‘lack’ thereof.

    which is NOT a bad thing at all of any

    no, it is all purely ‘that’ of mankind evolving as ONE generation unknowingly bound together like we all are……..eternally.

    i see with flawless clarity of flawless feeling, how one reads, do we not?

    if you were a perfect flower in my hand, would i crush it?

    and you say, “Go ahead Andyy, just watch out for the thorns, ok?”


    argh…….some days i wonder if it is you who is impossible, or if it is me, or if at all we really really are yet free from the generation mad flood bullshit?

    where are we evolving 2?

    do you think society would accept a female in a male body in love with a male in a female body?

    i mean this is way past homosexuality!


    so therefore, in what yet prevents such, is it not because society expects us to BE one way or another?

    and is that not the mad flood ignorance most our unknowingly bound in?

    for like thousands of years of that mind fuck mind trap?

    i feel absolutely 100% loving as both the female and male i am

    so for sure, ‘that’ won’t ever change, if anything, 4 the better in the evolving direction destiny path we both have been on for how long?

    no seriously, how longgggg did you say it is?

    HAHAHAHA……..i love sneaking up on you…………ahhahhhaaahh


  567. ok, here is the question……….

    of the physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual ONEness evolving, which one of these is most of ‘lack’ing evolving growth that holds back the others in ONEness BEcoming healthy wholeness within, which is directly linked to ONEness BEcoming healthy wholeness of ONE with another?

    hey, why don’t we just get together and experiment with each other in trying to figure it OUT?

    would be alot more fun than this fucking blog, would it not?

  568. do you think i am best as the flat chested boy i am, or with breasts?

  569. someone said to me, does not matter how others want to see you Andyy, rather how you feel as your own self IS what matters, where you need to go and BE who you really are first, in order for another to love who you are.

    well, i love who i already am, just the way i am, without altering my body in any way, in as much as i may toy with the fun idea of such, that i do easily connect without hestitation of my female self having breasts, ya, i do that within, no problem, but society does not want to see a boy with breasts, they want to see either a boy or a girl, but not a mixture.

    ya well, i am both physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, and i have been for nearly twenty years evolving now, easily so now.

    but what gets me, is i don’t want to be something fake physically

    in as much as my female self wants to exist in the world, and seen as she really really IS.

    oh, transsexuality bisexual awareness duality of the female and the male can be a torment for someone in transition.

    my therapist says love BEing both

    and i have, for along long time

    i honestly see transsexuals who go thru the sex change, doing what society expects to see us as, either one or the other sex, in other words, transsexuals are pigeon holed into being one or the other, because of society pressures.

    for me, i purely truly honestly love role playing as both female and male, so i am going to go with that, and as for the fake female body, i don’t want to do that, loving as my female self of the male body 100% harmoniously in my self-love i am

    now ‘that’ makes perfect sense, of the female self-respect of the my male self, in ability to co-exist.

    what disrupts it within, is always mostly of external pressures, and not at all of my self-love inner sanctuary.

    therefore, i can only co-exist within externally as who i am, with a partner who loves both my female and male 100% as i already do, which means, they have to be 100% as i already am, or at the very least, in evolving direction i have already journeyed thru, which i am open to, no problem, just don’t leave me hanging in your fucking closet Biyatches!



    tic toc

    so do you sexually want to love me 100%?

    and no i am not talking about all your wonderful unconditional love here, i need you to physically sexually make love with me Biyatches, of the best mind blowing sex you will ever have, trust ‘me’, i know!

    and fuck you society!

    you are so friggin far behind, i mean we are talking millennial bindings here i came free of decades ago.

    ok then

    you need not wonder what page i am always on Biyatches!

    the SAME PAGE!

    am i not?

    are WE not?

    YES WE ARE! 😉

  570. hmmm….today was a productive day in awareness disclosure and closure