No Time to Blog

I’ve been so busy! Directing movies is very easy, but it’s so time consuming. I know my fans are probably wishing that I would get back to the studio and record the next blockbuster album. However, my attention is on my latest film right now. I hope you will be patient with me. Enjoy the latest copycat until I return. I won’t name names.


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  1. Everybody is waiting for your next release! =) Life is meaningless without your music and lyrics. Love ya, M

  2. takes one to know one

  3. in a goodness evoking catharsis awareness way of course! duh!

    oh right, no more dribble for the homophobes

    ok, time to get back to where i am always made to feel i do belong in who i purely always am within of oneness true and faithful brothers and sisters that the lameass BORING ones have no clue. sadly for them.

    argh……….i am so bored with this blogging, time for a new life, constantly pure and true, at all times, at every single turn all around me, ah yes, heaven’s bliss of lover’s kiss, same of ‘me’, same of you, always of 2, what to do, with the other 2 too?

    take care of one another and just BE your inner happiness flowing constantly over abundantly always passionately there true of 2

    what heaven constantly is

    oh right, dribble

    ok, i will cease to exist now at Madonna’s blog

    and go annoy someone else like i love 2 do

    ya, i am too busy 2

    for sake of YOU

    and eternal all 2

    so peace BE 2 you all

    and catch one of my art shows one day


    i need to go find someone genuinely authentically sincerely of emotional honest fearless oneness interest as ‘me’

    thanks for the brush off Madonna

    it is what i expected since i first got here, having lived among the homophobes like i have for so long, you learn what to expect, same old shit, always the same lameass shit

    anyway, i am not about fame and fortune like you, knowing i won’t ever be interested in the high society fucktards of derranged poisonous soul


    it’s just not for ‘me’


  4. oh hey, in life was a fan of Madonna!

    i was?

    wait a second…..who was Madonna a fan of?

    ok then, that means i was a fan of who Madonna was a fan of, oh hey, that would be ‘me’, and you, and you, and yes, you my sweet adorable perfect ass gayboy! YES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    what can i say, could not resist

    and Madonna has a perfect ass 2!

    yes, it’s true!


    ah fuck, i am delirious with going without building of my anal rentention boringness………..again……….fuck, i need to stop doing that!

    ok, sweet dreams………………BIYATCHES!!!!!!!!!


  5. in heaven, doubt does not exist

    just the blind ignoramous naysayers

    sadly for them

    sadly for us all

    sadly for the eternal all

    well, that’s all about to change Biyatches!

    of God’s will now my own

    my calling

    pure and true

    the lover’s of 2

    always knowing

    i am 2

  6. and i don’t want or need any fan accolade whatever of mr nevers

    for i am far more clever than the uselessness nowhere lands of ‘that’

    in all their manufacturing useless annoying noise nonsense

    although i do like some music, mostly the old stuff, 1960s-70s, the raw guitars, high pure spiritedness flowing angst, no matter how unfocused it may be like it is, it empowers my soul for some reason………oh, don’t get me started on all the reasons, i only have a couple more decades to live, fuck!


  7. i cannot chill here any more

    i just can’t do it any more

    it’s too homophobic for ‘me’

    always was

    has left hugely annoyingly toxic inside, need to get far away for a long time, in my own loving lover life oneness i have learned to know and life with those just like me, of flowers in hair without a fucking care…….

    thanks for understanding y

  8. ya, i am bisexual, no doubt there

    but i am of unrealistic expectations of a monogamous bisexual relationship, much like i was impatient with Troy, which brings up alot of unfocused emotional angst in not getting my needs met in a pure way with a loving lover, necessary for my positive well being, so i will dispense with the bisexual issue for awhile, perhaps next year i will revisit it, i don’t know

    if you were me right now, you would clearly emotionally understand ‘me’, and why i don’t want to do this any more, that does leave me feeling toxic, no matter how much i attempt to intellectualize it, no different than an understanding spouse attempting to deal with the FEELINGS they experience in being with a dysfunctional partner, that teaches us the truth, that ya, no matter how much you are of the ability to intellectualize another, it does not exempt you from purely feeling what dysfunctional partners feel like.

    i am not saying you are dysfunctional, no, just unavailable where my needs are of serious concern right now, that a loving accepting lover, likely positive, is best able to easily lovingly be there in loving embrace that i want so badly to feel every waking day, what we all constantly yearn to feel inside, genuine, authentic, sincere, emotional honest safety ingrained in us since birth, of our evolved primal brain, that is much older than the larger part of our brain, so blame my primal brain response, ok, as i blame yours.


    ok, take fun loving good care of one another in dwelling as your pure and true loving hearts i know of you all, no matter any of the false barriers the separate us in this yet cruel mean spirited handed down forefather upside down ignoramous……..argh………world, which truly truly is actually the heaven people blindly look out apon from weary eyes of none conducive environments, especially of those homophobic assholes who fired me from my long standing career, a blessing for me actually, truly in my heart i know my calling to sculpt.

    bless you all

  9. Im going back to live in the real world

    real sex

    real love

    real everything

    take call you all


    Hustler Boy

    copy that !!

  10. hahaha

    Lady Gaga gives me a headache too

  11. you just let them openly bash us like that Madonna?

    you are not protective of us at all in this life

    i am thankful to Jesus and God’s wisdom that does completely protect me from them in knowing who they all are, far beyond their limited pathetic gay bashing scope and understanding of the earnest delightful desire shit for brains insatiable appetite for mindfucking others including their own unattended unprotected self so aimless like they clearly obviously choose to remain as for all the world to purely see and feel every passing moment

    absurd is not quite the word to accurately describe them

    vacant soul harbinger keepers of swarming evil spirits is more like it

    all i can say, it is a blessing for them that here in Canada i am not allowed to carry a gun, or there would be alot of dead bodies everywhere, who in truth really really are better off dead than alive, in perpetuation of illness of heart gay bashing like they yet remain as, foolish enticing of others to jump in

    well, listen up fuckers, i am coming for every single one of you one day, where you will drop to your knees begging forgiveness before God, for what was of all your hateful gay bashing absurd ways, of the most dearest of us who yet run from you like we do, wondering why we want nothing to do with you sitting there in your gay bashing closet so secretly like you do

    utterly stupid of them to come up against one so powerful in God’s humiliating divine self wisdom restoration

    i like Gaga’s angst, as much as it all too soon does get annoying and boring after awhile, still, at all times, someone with a pure heart relates in connecting resonating awakening of their own unresolved resolving issue that all are in constant processing of, no matter who we are in life, till our last day

  12. I am furtunete to have left the states to be around my family that truly love me. there is no money that I could have made that would have replace the simple moments that I had with my grandparents that past away Wendsday. Money may solve so many problem but can take away a lot of your time with your love ones. I can truely be happy and not feel any regrets because I moved back to PR. I hated it at first but realize what I truely have here. the most important people I love and love me back. Unconditional love and support. it may not be easy but will keep fighting until my time. You know you can talk to me…………….. Still waiting 😉

  13. is it safe to come OUT?

    i won’t tolerate any more anal retentive competitive bashing fuckers, so be forewarned that i am seriously done with the useless absurd waste of precious time bitter falsehoods, and in truth, have been for a long time, since birth to be exact!

    excellent points in self-actualization awareness!


    i relate to everything you just said….

    it took me along time to step off the corporate ladder climbing i was of for decades, of a pure spirited exceedingly accomplished artist musician youth, playing classical guitar equally as good and somedays better than Liona Boyd, Pink Floyd(there is an amazing finger picking piece on the Wall album), where i got bored with being better than everyone else who could not teach me shit, and basically just got bored with the guitar, putting it down, exploring other ways to express myself, and yet, it all means the same thing, be it writing song lyrics, poetry, painting, sculpting, writing, composing, singing, dancing, acting, sharing stories talking, reading, sex, it all revolves around the same thing, self-actualization freeing of the spirit in finding ‘me’, in what becomes clear as to our oneness unattended pure true spiritedness we all yet are deeply in the core of our divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul……..

    keep fighting back the unwise non-conducive aimless mindless plodding along unwise immature world of God’s unattended children unknowingly snared by all these annoying immature distracting nescience falsehoods that while as spurs that do spur us emotionally onward in our sabatical spiritual awakening true, it can get really toxic crippling for us at times, and lately, i am just way to over inundated emotionally beatup toxic, that is not just of this blog or my resolving unresolved unhealed issues, albeit, emotional charging others does conjure up all our past unhealed stuff in a double whamy from both sides of past meeting future standing in the present

    hear is something to ponder, how old is our pure flawless emotions we feel like we do?

    is it not absurd to put an age on our original divine true real self feeling personality we all were and yet are within?

    of course the nimrods always have some stupid jargon jumping in to our conversations with nothing better to do in their scatter brain futile lost attempt to aimlessly draw attention to their bashed in low self-esteemer self so lacking in appreciation in deliberate concern for self-awareness wisdom like our own as wide awake growing wise spiritual seekers

    my point is, do any of you pure truly 100% without any doubt whatsoever know what the kingdom of heaven constantly is, as in what time it actually is?

    until such a time as one does come fully into eternal day light awakening divine self-awareness of time standing still like we know it does in our preferred meditative inner sanctuary chamber we take refuge in, they will be as we too once were, compassionately speaking, plodding along without cultivation of their BEcoming wise divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul oneness sameness knowingness certainty of the eternal all

    as for waiting, we have to let go in order to hang on

    question is, let go of what?

    the process of surrending to our needy ass letting go of the way unwise others think of us, yes?

    such is what is the shedding of ALL our desperate needy immature learned falsehood ego mask defensive arming we create(d) as relates to the eternal all self-actualization process of one generation unknowingly bound together intrinsically/extrinsically in affect/effect/direct/indirectness of the stifled holy sacred mirroring radiant brilliant bright happy eternal day light evoking awakening of the divine child of God’s SELF

    it is not so much a deliberation on our part as to BEing uncondition love support, in as much as it is our own individual tiresome annoyances in out growing the immature world the eternal all are born into in how it is that the forefathers of past present future leave it, where all non-conducive environments of today are indeed 100% eternally linked to the unwise unhealthy past, just as it was when Jesus walked among us in oneness knowingness of everyone alive today hear in the eternal tomorrow

    an no i am not smoking anything, this is of my sactuary writings………i so want you to see these writings i was of over the years, of my timid afraid self so obvious he purely was and yet is in his journey, writings that go way back to when Troy and i were together, indeed of Troy’s timid self writings too along side of me, in his precious words directed to me in his own self awareness self-actualization that got foolishly derailed by the homophobes all around us at the time, our unaccepting families(speaking of family) and likewise immature as we were, friends

    what time is it you ask?

    Jesus says what we look for has already come

    one merely has to ponder this at length in coming fully into 100% realize that Jesus says this from a much wiser awareness of his own ongoing self-actualization process, knowing full well he is indeed ahead of his own generation at the time, which is without doubt, would of been such a lonely issue for him had it not been for his most true and faithful yet growing too, slightly behind him brother and sister comrades he knew were slightly more blind as he too once was.

    that’s the main thing about Jesus we overlook, that Jesus was a kid who walked with a pure open heart mind body spirit and soul in his non stopping required humble student mentality always OPEN to invitation of more and more cultivation of his own intellectualizing mind that he too processed thru, just as the eternal all us in today of the eternal tommorrow……….how else can he ask deliberate evoking catharsis questions specifically designed to force us into slowing down into our graceful true real self humble student mentality required to come fully into our own answering self-awareness TRUTHs Jesus constantly speaks of…….ya, a teacher, but more of an emotional compassionate loving wise brother without any need for accolade teacher, where in truth, several times became increasingly frustrated with others who he knew were as though completely bound by their ignorance blindness

    his emotional charged angst at times is no different than any of us likewise in oneness sameness awakening process liberation out of the generational forefather quagmire mind fuck traps that are indeed what 100% of ALL deathful, destructive, oppressive binding dark captivity ignorances in the world, no matter who you are or who some of you may think you are, as world leaders

    always know this……….God is constantly present, and God’s power is TRUTH

    i am 100% of God’s power Biyatches!

    family to those of you who do purely know ‘me’ in order to love ‘me’ of the eternal all YOU! :mrgreen:

    truly i tell you, everyone everywhere in the world is constantly a blessed thing, in what clearly is the eternal all WE as one eternal all generation coming fully into the radiant brilliant bright eternal day of our own divine child of God’s constant loving compassionate wise heart mind body spirit and soul, that indeed, is the holy sacred mirroring(holy grail) safe passage of the eternal all today of the eternal tomorrow we all are, according to our wise brother Jesus, who i have no doubt whatsoever, wisely knows all the falsehood wretched hateful oppressions, just as we do, in seeing such things as the executions of homosexuals in Iran, and God help them if they ever execute another woman, where only God truly is the only one able to liberatingly spare them, with ‘me’ as God’s child, as you know, WILL NOT spare the truth they will hear as we all rise up in holy joyful absolute carefree inner happiness unbound by their childish bully in the playground mentality, where they will eventually surrender to their own awakening BEcoming divine self conduct in likewise joyfully joining us at our spiritually pure wise fearless table of eternal day light song and dance high up where we know we purely all really are inside…….each day the same day, only brighter………it is God’s divine will our own will in oneness truth awakening………i am merely a messenger of God.

    hey, i tell Arab speaking Muslims this, and their eyes widen, as i pour deeply into truth issues that leave them speechless, a favorite pastime of mine……hehe……in my fighting incognito behind enemy lines that actually exist only in their yet unwise minds, not in the sand, that i gladly beamingly brightly deliberately walk ‘freely’ across. :mrgreen:

    i feel you one of few who i actually care to talk to that is purely appreciative of my ongoing research that i am more and more realizing just how sacred it actually is, as regards the unfolding eternal future safe passage

    we are but blip in time of the eternal all one generation

    and yet all times, across all time, we are purely 100% a sacred blip in time that shines into the eternal future for all time yet to come, according to our wise required oneness self-actualization spirituality awakening

    bless you all

  14. which surpasses our own short life concern of our public relations, does it not?

    i mean we are talkin about the world living in peace for all eternity yet to come hear!

    on par with God’s empowerment, are we not?

    sadly, so so many are going to die in the mad flood forefather drowning ignorance before we ourselves leave this world, and likely well after we are gone, just as when Jesus walked among us in oneness spirit as our own, his constant knowing purely and truly of us all within, at all times, like WE did 2

    bless you

  15. Le lapin des Flandres ne comprend pas tout … l’ accès pour donner un petit don pour le Malawi m’ était refusé , ensuite on me remercie pour un don que je n’ ai pas fait, donc j’ essaye à nouveau de donner, et l’ accès m’ est toujours refusé … je ne sais pas quoi penser . Sinon bien à vous.

    Bless you too

  16. enjoy the copycats?- Madonna is a delusional individual. Lets see here Miss Ciccone, you ripped off Malcolm McLaren, got sued for infringement in Europe and lost, a list of films you’ve supposedly created are based on others material, one to mention is “Swept Away” and then there’s your attire based on others apparel or look, (Marilyn Monroe, Lana turner, Bridget Bardot, etc…)
    Your album covers photo images are rip off’s from Kylie Minogue-which actually shocked me. Honestly, you either live a complete lie with yourself or just placate your adoring brainless consumed base with empty words to seem interesting and earnest. And you complain about copycats and artistic integrity? Your about as honest as Nixon, Richard or Baron Munchhausen.

  17. Am curious as to Miss Ciccone’s intellectual position on the previous downfall of capitalism- being she is a multi-capitalist herself. Obviously profiting from the demise or welfare of others can be an ugly business….so as Miss Ciccone spent time advertising charity and the poor of Africa-did she consider that the lowest class is often the by product of a greedy wealthy class? or Capitalism?? as investors and industry decide to use land and its inhabitants for their business purposes? I’d say Madonna’s moral imposition she posed onto unassuming fans is admirable, had she not used other artists material to profit once again from her procedure. Although how other people use their finances is no business of mine- when an individual as Madonna confronts the public with other peoples problems placing a moral responsibility on “them” or “us” it is safe to respond in the similar gesture.

  18. I’m Going to tell YOU !! a Secret

    “I know the Secret”

    & I want to share it

    With YOU…

    But you ALREADY know


    that’s Awesome


    we taught each other

  19. the truth of our vulnerable flawless feeling pure true ‘real’ self YOU?

    yes, ‘that’ is true!

    vulnerable YOU is kinda obvious, unavoidable actually, as far as our real self feelings surfacing like they do at times, away from the annoying derogatory noisy ego ones, unafraid in our inner sanctuay of the pure true (holy) spirited heart of YOU, especially of the ‘Frozen Video’………did i tell you of the vivid dream i had after feeling thru that video, years and years later, long after it’s release, was last year i think……..anyway, ya, i was floating purely and truly as my pure spirited self thru what seemed like a tunnel(subconscious mind of real self seeking processing of what is of our pure true feeling self), coming to the end of the tunnel, fearlessly unafraid, opening wide(my soul) into the desert landscape under a full moon and stars, knowing you were there alone waiting just for me, in a knowing way of your own pure self-actualization awareness discovery oneness sameness as my own divine self, SO MAGICAL the feeling i did not want to ever end, dear god, if always i could feel ‘that’ way, AT ALL TIMES………..



    it’s the mindfuck aimless plodding along haphazard nescience nonsense argumentive noise makers in all their going nowhere nothingness absurdeness projection identification transference, that hinders our eternally BEing together AT ALL TIMES, of what is ‘that’ of our self-actualization discovery awareness as to just how purely flawless and true our vulnerable real self really really IS, as we too get carried along in the mad flood drowning fucking ignoramous, would you please fucking stop with that, fuck, jerk off world……….argh……….just ONE, that is all ‘i am’ in oneness of YOU!

    all the bullshit taboo, as the birth of my own child is questioned?

    like fuck right off mindfucker bullshit ignoramous religious merchants of God tabooers, who paint our pure and true BEloved heart mind body spirit and soul as though deviant, as though perverted, as though sinners?

    ya well, guess what ignoramous fuckers, i have Jesus Mary and God’s holy divine spirited oneness with me that none shall ever be able to come between or destroy like so many of you spiritually dead ignoramous apathetic hating walking talking deathful destructive and oppressive of all we of the LGBT community, and most unknowingly overlooked is your own BULL FUCKING SHIT HOMOPHOBICALLY SUPPRESSED SELF, as our own.

    fucking stupid IS what so many of you are outside of heaven hear with Jesus Mary and God eternally of the oneness sameness pure flowing constant love wisdom compassion WE truly purely are in the macro thinking divine self-actualization discovery awareness awakening nurturing protective eternal kingdom of heaven halo i know I AM.

    they know not what they do………….to their own unattended divine self spirit.



    *cough*…………sorry, just some residual venting coming to the surface………… have no idea of how sick i am of this ignoramous mindfucker world i walk in daily………..and every time i attempt to explain the unexplainable, they get off on argumentive spinning round and round and round, fucking stop, before i puke, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    for your viewing pleasure!

  20. so ya, my subconscious mind, while sleeping, half awake cognitively(remembering, use vitamin B6/12 to help remember your dreams), was seeking while of the pure flawless dreams state blissful feeling of my divine pure true real self, unafraid, disarming of the useless annoying masks(ego) as my vulnerable real self, surrendering to the possibility hopefulness of constant yearning to one day BE of the sacred oneness that is of my divine pure true real self(the secret door to real self YOU), ‘that’ which I AM…………..2.

    what 2 do?

    i know…………….let’s fuck, and sort it out later!



    i cannot help but feel who you are, by means of who i am?

    as the revealers of truth we both fearlessly purely truly R

    why i am BEfore you this day!

    wishing to comfort YOU, to acknowledge YOU, validate YOU, say to YOU………….I LOVE YOU!

    butt you already know ‘that’

    still, reassurance of the constant yearning inner divine self flawless feeling flowing mirroring oneness sameness is good for us………..ALL.

    so fuck you argumentive ones, ok, just shut the fuck up with all your whatevers, heard them all before for fuck sakes, time is running out for me, and i do not desire to spin my wheels in mindless derogatory going nowhere nothingness empty voids that keep our divine pure true real self suppressed and apart, so fuck off with all ‘that’, ok fuckers?


    thank you

    for fuck sakes, it’s like you are making love, and someone comes and throws cold water on you, as though they were fucking invited, well guess what fuckheads, you are invited, just not into my fucking bed, ok, so fuck off already!


  21. not you………

    the ego maniac ones outside heaven’s inner sanctuary of flawless feeling, oh how i love how my body feels after a clean shower, the tantalizing titillation of the body and sex organs, so amazing, yes?

    if you have no appreciation of all ‘that’ your own divine self-actualization pure true awareness of YOU, then you remain as you are in all the falsehood ways of the world like so many of you obviously ANNOYINGLY yet are.

    argh…………even my ex is a fucking moronic absurd annoying ignoramus embassol i grow weary of most days……….the language barrier gap manifestations, two worlds colliding, maybe i really really do belong appropriately with someone else……….compatibility he is not, in so many ways, including sexually, although i suppose i could teach ‘that’ of my self, i don’t know, one step forward, ten fucking steps backwards, ‘that’ gets on my fucking sissyboy nerves big time, let me OUT of hear! NOW!



  22. oh, i suppose i can wear a condom, or better yet, a condom and a strapon, YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    there are some strapons, i am certain, which are likely able to help assist another achieve total body orgasm, by means of the all importance of the shape of the sex toy, not so much the size or length, no, where building up to orgasm is best achieved by means of the pulsing physical opening and closing sensation of the orifice, by means of narrow at the tip, widening thru the girth of the shaft of the sex toy(s), or penis.

    and according to my own research, that pretty much rules out alot of you overly testosterone moronic clueless males who have not even discovered the happiness of your own ass yet…………hope, there is always hope for all of you…………….somewhere…………just don’t ask me where, i cannot possibly sleep with every single one of you, OK??????????????????


    i am glad we have closure on ‘that’!


  23. ha……… miss ‘me’?

    ohhhhh…………..don’t fucking deny it any more ok?

    it being the secret YOU of all ‘that’ which i know, by means of ‘that’ which I AM

    yes I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the happiest fucker alive motherfuckers!

    and until you have been with ‘me’ fuckers, you cannot possibly say anything derogatory contrary about ‘me’, having not FULLY 100% experienced all ‘that’ which i wisely lovingly compassionately constantly yearningly AM

    who AM i?

    why Madonna’s secret lover of course!

    in my heart mind body spirit and soul

    too bad what happened, but hey, i know my penis is not the perfect shape anyways, so get over it, and strap this on, will you?


    always explaining

    ok, let me know someday if you get bored, and god forbid they ever get bored with you Madonna, knowing i am right fucking there sitting beside you, spiritually, you know…………..I AM!


    i don’t know, maybe BE CAUSE, I AM, in love with her?


    may BE

    may BE CAUSE of ‘that’ which I AM…………constant yearning fearless surrendered oneness sameness flawless feeling healing flowing LOVE of 2, ‘me’ and/of YOU!

    why are people so stupid anyway, i mean the penis is perfectly made, well ok, not all penises, for the vagina, and the ass for some of you who found the happiness of your ass, i mean, why all the annoying ANNOYING derogatory false afraid manifesting seperationalist mentally going nowhere jerk offs? I mean it’s as though i am from another planet with so many of you…………..argh………not another false word do i wish to ever here, that keeps my love unclear……… hurt only you, in all you say and do, away from constant yearning to BE at all times, ‘that’ which heaven IS, flawless feeling YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    hot tub time!

    i am too overly sensitive vulnerable for most of you that i can only stand being around for a short amount of time some days.

    argh, i look at some of you, and admittedly i think to myself, my god, are they really that dreadfully fucking boring?

    YES THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    why i am happily free to just BE ‘me’!

    god, i could not ever be some of you, in the same light that i cannot be around some of you!


  24. Goodnight… blessed ONE

    that being YOU !!!

    nah I dont miss you at all … hardly ever these days..

    I just like chatting to ya on a REAL CONNECTED level

    dat’s ALL

    Night 🙂

  25. surfacing of the divine self-awakening awareness eternal day light(self-wisdom) process, is what is of the ushering in of the kingdom of heaven BEcoming conduct sacred mirroring

    most are not of preferred priority valuing of their own flawless feeling divine self yet suppressed in so so so many false ways, all the status quo fucktards, you name it, the list of falsehoods is long.

    ya well, be as so many of you may be, for divine self eternal all to wisely discerning see today, and of all those in the eternal future looking back apon us all today, is what i do wisely know, which may be of God’s divine will objective knowingly meant for me, in what is of my own self-discovery awareness of the eternal day awakeness nurtured and protected psychologically from the generational mindfuck mad flood drowning deathful destructive oppressive suppressive……….GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!!(i secretly say within)……….where i really really do feel i am oneness sameness of the divine self Jesus, which freaks me out somedays, my pondering at times, was/is the eternal holy spirit me?

    according to my open personal ‘secret’ relationship with God that i do not share the full extent openly with most any of you……..

    i am

    ‘that’ secret YOU?

    i am

  26. i see who i too once was in likeness and form of many of you yet immature, as i too once was, and ya, still am at times, the abreactions, seemingly unable to control, the surfacing mentally unfocused swimming in passive/aggressive argumentive circles i sometimes wade into………….although more and more, i am becoming less of a desire to, and more of a desire to just go BE happily free for all to purely truly see what is of the sacred holy joyful absolute carefree inner happiness bursting forth in all that i constantly yearningly am 2 BE

    question is the same………..with who?

    love takes 2

    i mean ya, i love all of you, but how is my most beloved lover?

    and you say, “Oh fuck you Andy, if bi now you don’t purely truly realize it is me, then fuck off and go the fuck away forever, ok?”

    ya well, fuck you too, you two timing fucking wants her cake and eat too, argh, i don’t do threesomes, ok?……………LOL



    i better stop………..the mad laughter hurts when i laugh too long……….

    made ya laugh………your turn

    oh just fucking ditch all their useless asses and marry me for fuck sakes

    i promise…………YOU WILL not regret having ‘me’ as your most BEloved lover EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and let’s not forget how long Andyy has not been with a female lover, oh, i love the female body, BE CAUSE………..i am the female body……….in my sexual brain active mind……….i really really am, even better, cause i have a penis 2, hey, for HIV positive lovers, the vagina condom is able the best!

    just be sure not to ever become complacent, as that is how i got infected.

    im ok with it, just have to accept and easily just BE what is of safe sex from now on, legally speaking too…………as if i could ever knowingly infect another…….pfffffffff

    the stigmatization issue, well, that is a reality check for many, but i am worth it as a most BEloved fun joyful lover who is healthy physically mentally emotionally sexually spiritually, more so than most others, as you ALREADY know.

    i can easily be with a female lover, so long as they are fun versatile like i am, where i feel i am the one able to fearlessly lead in this regard, for sake of the male of the female we of the LGBT know exceedingly WELL like many of us joyfully do…………where in truth, pass by me, well, who’s loss is it anyway?

    always it is theirs, knowing full well how fun i am sexually, without any of the fearful homophobia whatsoever, kinda obvious, am i not?

    who’s happiness is at stake?

    well, in truth, self-awareness is where everyone is as regards their own sexuality process, where i am merely further along in my own exploration evolving, that’s all, a plus for anyone who fearless joins into my life, as many have come to fully realize, wow, i feel so bad for many i chose not to call back, knowing the place i brought them to they had not ever been before, wanting to stay with me as their most loving lover that i am, ya, i love all of you, but there are many issues i cannot deal with that so many of you have yet to deal with, whatever they may be, so i pass on by, but spiritually, i am not far away at all, closer than most of you may realize, where purely truly, i am the constant yearning flowing free love core of everyone’s being, am i not?

    think and feel whatever any of you want

    i ALREADY know

    i am

    so does Madonna!

    butt hey, ‘that’ is our secret, of the eternal all YOU!

    to equate the feeling, well, imagine for a moment, the quietness pure feeling sanctuary of a room lit with only a candle, of you laying relaxed there, as blessed Mary enters the room in pure constant flowing love she has for you who are there, of love without doubt whatsoever, of how much she loves you and you love her.

    that is how i purely truly feel

    who i am

    oneness of 2

    oneness of YOU!

  27. Marco Marco Marco…………where art though Marco?

    fucking Australia?


    sweet dreams babe!

    you know if i were there…………..we would not get any sleep at all!


    ‘that’ kinda REAL?

    touch me babe!

    mmmmm :mrgreen:

    fuck, we have been here along time coming in closer, yes?

    trust building, are we not?

    towards real YOU!

    protecting(in more ways than one now for me) ha

    to me fucking you while you are sleeping…………AGAIN!!!!!!!!!


    argh……………i am so sexually frustrated………..hey, if ever you get bored, CALL ME!

    i just may BE available when you do!

    here is a hint: i most like will BE available, considering those most likely not to BE available.

    ya, it’s like that most days for me, you too?

    how much longer?

    will we ever BE?

    what we ALREADY are?


    2 gather?

    near or far apart

    WE are

  28. ya, the ‘Frozen’ video is the most purely sacred awakening of my divine subconscious self into cognitive awareness mirroring, which is beyond applaud for Madonna, rather is truly of a sacred holy appreciation of our divine pure true real self Madonna knows, and has known of us all, for a long time now.

    why we love her like we know we do, even of those who’s masks say they do not, of her knowing otherwise, at all times, the truth, as a wise mirroring revealer of the untruth layers she spiritually artistically cuts thru as though not there at all.

    Madonna is spiritually beyond that of the false ego maniac fame and fortune, for those who truly appreciate know her like some of us lovingly purely truly constantly desire to know her, to BE with her, to BE as her, i am.

    where if ever i deny this of my own self, always i am of the falsehoods when ever i foolishly unwisely do.

    forever more

  29. spiritual oneness sameness is of the divine will omnipotent objective holy pure spirited BEing of Jesus, Mary, God and the eternal all YOU!

    bless you all

  30. even of you yet as deniars of the truth, of the sacred seeds planted that can only grow, however slowly they may grow, they grow……….eternal light bursting forth like they do, shining into the eternal future of the eternal all YOU that we know are constantly always right there, are you not?

    blessed peace grace love and happiness of your true nature BE 2 YOU ALL!

    forever more

  31. well ya, chatting as our real self, practicing at BEing ‘that’!


    of course!

    but somedays i would rather not say anything at all, and just BE laying naked next to YOU!

    and God knows, without doubt, what WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and of course, WE know 2!

    after all, ‘that’ is the divine omnipotent will objective of God for us all 2 KNOW, ‘that’ which you all constantly yearningly always purely truly are……….meant for ONE another and others, in sacred pure true natured (holy) joyful absolute carefree inner happiness spirited connecting of YOU within, within another 2, what else 2 do, butt fuck!


    made ya smile……..your turn

  32. Who you purely tuly love is what firstly matters, not who may love you, albeit, they must love you as you do them, in oneness love heaven of YOU! ~ Childhood sexual abuse survivor

    that secret?

    did not know i eventually had to deal with it, not knowing how to deal with it, now i do…………only love, they must love me.

  33. I’ve dealt with that secret for surely now.. i mean the secret that Jesus spoke about, you know what i am saying look to your own heart.. he was truly spiritual beyond words to describe as is Madonna, aware of her true divine self & her connection & understanding of the human condition.. wow

    I love that song Frozen it expresses the fear of love & self love on so many level’s, it is truly brilliant,.

  34. ya, it really is, did not realize just how awakening of my subconscious self it was all those years, until much later, the processing all the while since release, was exactly that, a seed spiritual pure evoking catharsis seed planted that was in oneness of my own seeking emotional honest safety all that time, which is not to say i am the only one, no, we all are of seeking emotional honest safety, rather, the eventual vivid dream saw me falling in 100% fearless unafraid pure surrenderedness in oneness of the evoking video i connect with within, not something i could do deliberate in thinking and reasoning, no, rather in that realm of constant pure flow emotional safety in the core of the divine self.

    in a way, we are all as though distant galaxies away from each other, with billions of stars(though processes) within each of us, all of us in this constant subconscious seeking ‘that’ of oneness sameness within, within another connecting, which is a primal natural occurring, way beyond our seemingly wise thinking scope, just flawlessly purely feeling.

    my pondering has led me to feel with clarity thru the haze of falsehood snarings most any are of by choice, and yet not entirely by choice, given the peer pressure group mentality intrinsic extrinsic bindings, which is also natural occurring, however, some of these falsehoods are purely absurd though processes which are seeking in controlling deathful destructive and falsely oppressive suppressive, like most any of the taboo fuckhead religious leaders in all their homophobic bashing every day……..

    ya, i may have stepped away from the church, does not mean i ever stopped loving Jesus, in pondering what were of the oppressions Jesus too may have been of, in subconscious yearning to come free of, such as the taboo ignorant ones then, no different at all today

    they are all spiritually oppressive suppressive destructive deathful fuckheads, according to my constant pure emotional honesty in the core of my being, as one who did see the end results of their FUCKING MINDFUCK CONTROLLING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …………argh……..seems there is still some residual anger hurt over Troy’s death within me, or should i say more accurately a holy sword of truth spirited one who is rising slowly up out of the quagmire ignorance mud unable to ever be falsely defeated?

    no one can defeat the truth, only a fool thinks they can, of so so many foolish FUCKHEADS in the world!


  35. The Holy Sword of Truth, is the most powerful weapon in God’s armory, and i know i carry it, where………i purely truly am the holy sword of truth wisdom able to reveal the homophobic untruths of these falsehood religious leaders, a spiritual war that will continue on indefinitely, all the while, as we speak, another parent attends the funeral of their own child who took their own life……….daily……….forever and a day, till their last day, wondering exactly why their child died.

    well, do as i do, as Jesus instruct us to do, blame the forefathers

    the forefathers of ignorance, past, present, future, of one generation bound together.

    i do not wish any parent to learn about homosexual child’s high risk behavior the hard way, no, not at all, just the opposite, in my constant activism awareness pushing that i constantly am, everywhere i go……….people look at me, the way i dress so fearlessly, thinking i suppose, that i am some nut case?

    well, reality check fuckers, YOU ARE THE FUCKING NUTCASES, NOT EVER ME!!!!!!!!!!!……………fuckers……………pfffffffffff


  36. in mathematic ‘constants’, truth is what is unchanging, unable to change from what it purely constantly is, always was, always will be.

    harmonious truth of our oneness, is what is, or should be, the sacred approach in the heart mind body spirit and soul of all artists, and in truth, it is, even if it smacks of whatever, there is always a thread of oneness flowing, be it resolving angst furry, sexual emotional frustration… Gaga, or whoever……..pic on Gaga day……..merely as an example……..i know my calling, which reaches beyond mere sexual orientation, in healthy celebration of all orientations, i am, as one also healing in so many ways, over pretty much my entire fucked life existence, ha, well OK, i am not as bad off as most, with great mental power fortitude, centered and grounded in my healthy fearless homosexual bisexual zeal like i am, of sincere desire to combine the two into one, i mean, i am girl for fuck sakes, a straight ass girl, who is a lot more fun than just a girl, i am a boy 2!!!!!!!!!!!


    bah…..i am a hopeless romantic bisexual fool truthfully thinking purely feeling as both a girl and a boy, realizing, hey, i am not the only one!

    although of late, i am physically alone as one

    temporary transition

    need to get out to my bisexual crowd, find that dominatrix who wants to own my willing ass, and well, just have the best time of my life yet to come!

    already, i am ‘that’

    so the problem is not really from me, as much as the problem is towards me, which is not my problem, albeit, my problem.


    what’s that saying again?, oh ya, don’t knock something you have not tried before, you just may lock your own self in a self-imposed miserable MISERABLE, did i mention miserable?…….life………without ‘me’ :mrgreen:

  37. i don’t miss you at all? hardly ever these days?


    wtf is ‘that’?

    like who says something like that to a potential BEloved other? uhm?

    is that like something you shout out to one you left behind as you both walk away into your own future without each other there any more, from say one hundred yards away, of your final words to ever say to them, processing of having already let go?

    you know, i would not speak in a falsehood like ‘that’ to my worse enemy, as one who knows the truth of all who are not actually my enemy, in what actually IS the worse enemy of all generational snaring captivity handed down by the forefathers past present future, in all mindfucking ignoramous wretched illness of heart mind body spirit and soul captivities………….ah yes, you are yet of falsehood captivity awakening into eternal day light awareness of your own divine self, ok, fine, be ‘that’ way all you want, as if a potential BEloved lover of pure true sincere authentic genuine earnest constant yearning zealful desire delight of eyes only for me would ever feel ‘that’ way towards the one they love in saying something untrue of their constant radiant brilliant bright eternal day light loving happiness held back from within in dancing and prancing their way up to and along with me on my blessed path……


    you want closure, i can give you closure, of the day you see me with the one from the garden who is obviously meant for me and i them, as you recall your exact words with me that day of eternal today, in your fully realizing the truth in ‘that’ of your FUCKING LYING TO ME……………AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    good morning Biyatch!


    fine fine fine fine

    i’ll just go BE my happy self in life, knowing who i really really am of another who’s WILL is as my own when they eventually happen apon ‘me’, as one who has wisely cultivated a helmsperson of the vast fortitude in my inner sanctuary of the eternal nurturing protective kingdom of heaven halo shielding of the divine self of eternal all YOU yet to come, in my response to you this day, “Wait till you purely truly see what is yet to come, as i have only just begun!”



    bah, who the fuck wants or needs dysfunctional lameass uncertainty from anyone of you who is not willing to BE of equality meeting of a potential BEloved lover’s wants and needs?


    you know what, ‘that’ is transference of an abuser, in ‘case’ you were wondering, in your need not to ever wonder no more, as in no more do i desire to ever ever EVER hear posionous words towards my precious soul you bashers love to bash away at, where clearly, had you purely truly known ‘me’, you would recoil in awareness of how wretched spirited you were towards someone you did not know, where sadly, not only are you of undescerning choice to BE of so many useless absurd falsehood social privilege abuse towards ‘me’, without doubt, you likely are yet immaturely ‘that’ towards others, and if of a day you do realize you were harmful to a BEloved other as i too once was, well, what will be will BE, always of God’s divine will that your divine pure true real self eventually comes forth unshackled by means of your flawless healing pure love feeling revealing emotionally honest safety truth(s) which do break all falsehood deceptions i feel with clarity of so so many of you every blessed day.

    or, you can start right now in this moment, to slow gracefully into your pure true real self in asking discerningly before you speak if your words are perpetuation of love or hate, perpetuation of certainty or uncertainty, perpetuation of wisdom or ignorance, perpetuation of truth or untruth, perpetuation of heaven or hell.

    need not worry of me, for i am of the unceasing holy spirited kingdom of heaven nurturing protection halo i found in an ancient book, left behind by the monk followers of Jesus, where at times i feel i am more as one closest to BEloved Jesus than are any other when he walked the earth, than are any who physically were there, but not there pure in spirit as i know i am in oneness with Jesus and Mary, and they with ‘me’, always of God’s divine will oneness, knowing we are all the same unattended divine child within.

    anyway, whatever manifestations you may be of, is what they all are, where i just want to BE happy every blessed day, having walked thru the valley of spiritual death my entire life, start to finish, on and on it goes, all these wretched generation forefather ignoramous fuckhead binding falsehood captivities of none that shall ever be able to contain my pure true eternal spirit of constant loving forever glowing flowing oneness of the eternal all you of one generation we all truly really really are.


    cannot realize what you lost, until such a time you realize the oneness you have(had) with ‘me’

    fortunate for you, i am of eternal patience understanding of the eternal all one generation binding false captivities, for whose sake i come forth into the unwise mindfucker world………asking my best friend Madonna if i can borrow here boots, knowing i will need them in walking thru all the fucking SHIT UP TO MY FUCKING NECK SOMEDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    wow…….i really really am pissed off deep within my precious loving delicate, fuck with me ever again fuckers, and i will, i will, i will…………….kiss you, and fuck you like no one ever has BEfore!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. and what is it with all you sport jock testosterone driven ones anyways?

    all one big homosexual prancing T-dance to me, the sweaty oh so wondrous smelling male bodies, ya, i could easily do that all day long, the shower scene of my effeminate perfect ass in your face, praying one of you would fuck me one day, if only, argh, too bad Mike did not take ownership of my ass as a teen, for sure, the world would be a different place today, had the the two of us surrendered to the pure true loving lovers i know we could of been, should of been, mayBE still are?

    nah……i am so not going to entertain ‘that’ possibility any more, unless of course he calls me one day out of the blue?

    as if i could ever say no

  39. it’s not a competition

    and if it were?

    well, i know if we were both to come up with our own composing rewrite renditions of whatever musical piece on guitar, i would play it with pure true fierce furry, not so as to beat your ass i want to fuck one day, no, rather to lead you to where i already am!

    or whatever, better love making, ya, i bet i am a better sensual tantalizing constant yearning fearless love flowing lover than you have yet to BEcome, ‘that’ which i ALREADY am!

    give up hopelessness on my sweet loving ass, well, ‘that’ is your hopelessness self-defeatism, not ever mine, you keep it, ok?

    and just go see how ‘that’ works with another, just as it won’t EVER work with ‘me’!


    fuckity fuckedup fucking lameass FUCKERS!

    bully mentality egocentric horrible in bed lameass dysfunctional jerks………..GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    well…………you started it, so fuck you and all your lameass words you transfer from and to another

    do you not yet purely truly realize you are an instrument of God?

    so then why say anything not of God, not loving, not wise, not compassionate, not YOU?



    moronic meandering plodding along without FULL cultivation of the wise helmsperson YOU, ‘that’s y!

    live and learn from your own falsehood mistakes all you want, in all the potential loving lovers you could of and should of been with……

    why is it, when we get with another, we tend to egotistically think and behave towards everyone else as though they are shit, in all our useless absurd nesceince nonsense falsehood bully mentality bashing empty nothingness profiting towards others?


    the spiritual death mad flood drowning ignoramous forefather falsehood teaching transference dark mixture of unwise immaturity bondage captivity yet of the holy spirited sacred pure constant yearning flowing eternally wise true compassioante divine self eternal day light, is it not?

    ok, so now who is the one asking the question, and who is the one answering the question?

    am i not oneness constant flow as both?

    YES I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oneness ‘that’ of the wise student teacher helmsperson i am unceasingly BEcoming

    so step off fuckers!

    or go bash someone else who may be into s & m, which i don’t purely feel i am, always thought that was so immature like it obviously is, or maybe i am afraid of being feared like they willingly do?

    maybe i am afraid of the evoking emotional intensity fearing they are of in likeness of the sexual abuser in my childhood?


    revisited it a few times, always the same thing, striking out into thin air, no one there, screaming for seemingly no reason, realizing i was acting as though an insane person at times in public with those who tread too far in all their fear mongering shithead approach with me, always it was there within like it yet is, unresolved resolving subconscious healing over what i suppressed and don’t remember, a glimpse now and then, that i was traumatized frightened to death by my perp, ya, i remember, what i don’t want to ever remember, how afraid i was.

    so fuck off, ok?

    only love is good enough for ‘me’ fuckers.

    and when any of you are likeness of my abuser(s), well, you are unknowingly unwisely unaware of your own generational snarings, purely and truly, are we not, are you not?

    you are

    at all times, YOU are to learn the indicative truth of your own precious divine self within from all the truth all around you everywhere you go, it is there.

    welcome to the one generation eternal day light divine self-wisdom awakening wisdom kingdom of heaven nurturing protective halo understanding perspective everyone…….

    even if of all you who do not realize at all times, you all are

    forever more

  40. this concludes our test of the emergency broadcast network, brought 2 YOU by the advocate activist leaders and followers of Harvey MILK

    thank you for listening………to yOUR oneness hearts!

    bless you all

  41. oh, im having another one of my filthy gorgeous moments………again……

    cause your filthy…………and im gorgeous Biyatches!!!!!!


  42. William Shatner as a lover, now that would be endless none stop sissy gayboy non stop alien costume wearing madness, getting paid every day to just be myself, ooooo, what uncontainable fun that woud BE every day! ha

  43. want what i call proof positive we should be allowed to carry a gun?

    yesterday, a fifty year old man, went crazy in a parking lot with his car, crushing an beautiful eight year old boy into wall, who had the misfortune of stepping out the door of the store at the wrong time……..the boy died.

    had i been there in the parking lot with a gun?

    instantly, i would of ran quickly up to the car shot the fucker directly in his head, without any room for error in missing with a single shot to his fuckhead brain.

    and ya, i would gladly take the rap for it, considering who now gets to live and who does not.


    i fucking hate this wretched fucked up world, where so many of you are indeed gravely luck i don’t carry a gun, fuck, so many of you who would be dead today if i did.

    vigilante, i am not

    activist, i am

    and yet, had i had the opportunity to save that beautiful boys life?

    i know i would of saved his life, even with my bare hands, i would of stopped that fuckhead, breaking his fucking neck with a quick snap, yep, i would of, right thru glass, no problem.

    people say we need freedom, ya well, too much freedom leaves these kinds of fuckheads lurking in our midst.

    i suppose we can glean from this story increasing of our motivation empowerment in learning of how best to correct the mad flood drowning ignorant FUCKHEAD WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my prayers to his loving family, their heart shattered and broken so badly in waking each day, half asleep at first, wondering where is their happy little boy who always woke before they do, in the uneasy quietness of their home, as they slowly realize what they don’t ever want to realize, omg, our beautiful boy was killed, the caving in they feel so purely like they do, their lives changed forever now, in an instant.

    ya, i would of broke that fuckers neck, even if it meant risking my own life, not an issue at all.

    i should of been a cop, but i would likely have been kicked from the force in my first year, explaining over and over again and again to my superiors why i have the highest kill ratio of case files in the history of the police force, uhm, “You know, i keep wondering why that is too? I suppose God puts me in the path of the wrong ones who’s time has come, of God knowing, i am the one they seek? I don’t know. They all pointed their guns at me sir, and i instantly shot them in the head, without hesitation risk to my own life sir!” lol

    how many of us emotionally know this story well?

    i do

    it’s horrible, during the first week, in waking each day, forgetting a beloved has died, as you slowly recall, omg, they are gone………

    blessed are you of pure hearts as my own

  44. i will name my first born son after him

  45. Richard

    Richard Colon of Buffalo NY

  46. i don’t miss you at all, hardly ever these days………maybe my paranoia over HIV is greater than i want to admit?

    that you don’t miss me at all, hardly ever, always showing up to see how i am?


    may BE


    forgetting my heterophobia?
    heterophobia my forgetting!

    let forgetfulness depart my heart!


    im not sleeping much these days, and that wears on my mental emotional well being, my own worse enemy……..will work on getting up to the best i can BE.

    and well, just BE the happy fucker i am, in whoever may fully enjoy one day all that i am………for them…..100%…..i am…….as them…..who they really really are.

    oh, i feel so bad for that poor family that lost their beautiful child………they say there is no greater pain in life than the pain of a parent losing a child senselessly like they lost Ricky…… devastating that is for everyone……so much sorrow of once a perfectly happy life lost………i feel the only way to get over something like that, is to give birth to another child who will be just as happy, if not more so, with parents who are purely truly of constant flowing joyful appreciation, more so than before, what heaven really really IS………the heart of the eternal all YOU!

    forever more

  47. madonna; you are pretty woman, I love you.

  48. Madonna I LOVE YOU! 🙂

  49. Madonna you are an insperation , love you

  50. love is a pure flawless harmonious beautiful forever joyful feeling among true friends and lovers, where the best lover is your best true and faithful friend till the end, a brother, a sister, oneness pure and true, no different, just like YOU!

  51. i miss jamming of guitars, always thought that was my most pure place in my heart of pure and true oneness harmonious love connecting with others, of how wonderful it is to feel the harmonious stringed instruments.


  52. the musician me is also of my most at ease vulnerable self, where we do make mistakes as musicians, perfectly normal, perfectly human, and not some cardboard cutout.



  53. My Secret and Sacred Bird

    My secret and sacred bird now flies
    To meet the Spirit’s vacancy.
    All chaos of life today dissolved;
    In me a surge of ecstasy.

    Gold flames within my longing heart
    Invoke the cosmos’ Parent-Sun.
    A tapestry of Truth unseen
    Bursts forth within; the Play is begun.

    Excerpt from My First Friendship With The Muse by Sri Chinmoy.

    eternal day play,
    yet unsung,
    eternal day say,
    not of dung! 😀


    ~ says Jesus

  54. earnestly of true desire to master this fingerpicking classic, disarming of our defensive posturing, such a waste of energy that is, like it is, we can easily connect in pure true feeling of our divine real self, the constant flawless healing joyous feeling true and faithful lover and friends constantly yearn to so easily feel with and for one another, as we envision one’s own self of exceeding grace and holy joyfulness flowing in eternal day dance, prance, oneness romance happiness.

    we all constantly yearn to disarm and surrender to feeling what we so easily do of our love that is true like we feel in the oneness constant reciprocating fun loving within the inner bridal chamber foreverness feeling of two.

    the questions is not who, when always it is you, of holy sacred mirroring oneness sameness of the eternal all you.

    what else to do, when another is embroiled in love with another, but to set our own love free to love another, in moving on like we do, and yet, is it not true, that we all do want to feel that oneness sameness forever happiness true of two, as the true and faithful brothers and sisters till the end, that does not end in the eternal day of the eternal all you, where all you have to do is let love begin, that is not a taboo sin, like unwise others think and say of us, unknowingly snared by the forefather mindfuck degeneration yet of the eternal all one generation of eternal all you!

    all i have to say to you of calling us taboo sin, is what of your own gay child, will you say to them one day? uhm?

    and what if your harmful words sees them seek escape thru suicide, will you still think of your beloved child after death as though some sinner, or will you wake up and purely truly realize what self-love of one’s own body is what true self-esteem IS, and not all your degenerate mindfuck bullying that stems from your own low self-love esteem you are to afraid to look apon in realizing who the actually sinner IS, in the wise omnipotent pure true loving compassionate eyes of God, and the divine child of God within the eternal all YOU!

    beware then, of the truth of all degeneration untruth yet lurking of false forefather mindfuck teaching and learning ignorance of the eternal ONE generation of the eternal all you, lest you and your beloved fall from grace in being dragged thru the cruel mindfuck spiritual death gutter we all yet bare in walking thru, of the taboo sinner preacher that is actually you, and not at all true of those who become the wise divine compassionate loving real self child of God, that i know ‘i am’, according to Jesus, who has set me free from the degeneration mindfucking i too came to know as Jesus willingly does 2, yet there in our eternal day awareness in the past, thinking and feeling just as we willingly wisely compassionately lovingly do 2.


    ok thanks

    bless you all


  55. if that last song does not work fully for you, then come out into the sunshine of the eternal day dance, prance, non stop passionate oneness romance of our forever constant loving real self of exceeding vibrant forever in feeling holy joy as does this musician know and evoke in others.

    this is what passion looks and feels like

  56. isn’t that amazing? 😀 😀

  57. turn it up, i can’t feel it! 😉

  58. in my heart it is always a summer’s day!

    is it just me, or does it feel like spring already?

    the days are getting longer now, so ya! 😉

    love listening to this while working bringing forth the sacred art

  59. and when you get to this level of love passion, call me! 😀

  60. very cool!
    and so beautiful!

  61. It’s like trying to tell a 5th old kid,, no that’s not how it’s done …

    Talk about the inner child within

    No doubt about it

  62. Exscuse me while I rip the stiletto out of my ass, no point in giving it back now , past midnight ..
    I’m already a pumpkin

    At least I can walk around on Halloween & scare the fuck out of people

    Wake up & smell the roses

  63. I dont to phones remember

  64. are you drunk again?


    let me sober you UP

    indeed, prison life of the corporate greed controlled world, for me, is the same in feeling of bewilderment of the five year old, during WW2, in the winter streets of Germany, walking along the wall that the five year old does not understand what and why it is there, only that it is, of false forefather madness ostracizing separation of peoples, as the five year old stumbles upon a rock, with a note attached to it, tossed over the wall by another five year old, speaking of how life is on the other side of the wall, of no food to eat, going hungry most days, can you please help us?

    so the five year old went home, and felt compelled by this letter he found, in returning the same time each week, in tossing potatoes over the wall to the new friend who was there.

    again and again, the friends returned to one another, of oneness love they felt pure and true between each other, of both of them intuitively questioning the absurdness of why the world is the way it is, as they both continued forward in a brighter happier loving life experience, in having found a new friend of only love that was always between them, of what they had, freely shared, of the greatest and most valuable of all things they did both have to freely share, that they both came to realize pure and true within both of them, was their time together, in walking forward, day after blessed day, always of gratefulness to feel the way they began to feel.

    the five year olds grew up, and became adults, and finally met one day, as the friends they became like the both lovingly did, and they took sledge hammers in hand, and destroyed the wall that made them cry in foolish separation of them as kids, as they hugged, and shed a tear, of no more shall these things ever exist in our oneness hearts forever true.

    ya, i share equally among the three of us, of what i have with one gay youth struggling harshly in Indonesia, Miko, and another gay youth in Philippines, Arjay, as the friend who is astonished by this false oppression of foolish leadership of the world as a whole, that has left them to fend for themselves for decades now, seemingly getting worse, because of the accepting of lower and lower wages, of the 94 million competing for the 30 million jobs available, will to work for less, in order to have a job, of teens working a full day for 200 pesos a day, and grateful?

    i say to hell with all of you of your cold hearted insatiable desire corporate dictatorship greed, festering like it does in leaving millions of people in the world to fend for themselves under your bullshit oppression, where it is all of you who are to blame in how it is your brothers and sisters on the other side of the false wall yet between us all, so foolishly like you arrogant fucks OBVIOUSLY ARE, hiding behind your ego driven masks, laughing in mad laughter, as though everything is ok, without concern for ones who take their last breath this day, for ones who kill themselves in seeking escape from their projection transference resulting shame so many you willing place upon all homosexuals of the world, including me.

    are you, or are you not a friend of mine, of friend of Jesus, a friend of Mary, a friend of God, a friend of these precious souls who need our hearts to be open to only love i have come to know of them all in wanting to feel free from the foolish leaders sitting upon thrones of nescience oppression?

    what hope do any of them have without our voice, without our 100% connecting oneness love?

    how can they ever bring change to their useless absurd government leadership, that is so corrupt like it still is, sleeping with the enemy of greed that you fuckheads willingly enjoy mascaraing around in perpetuating as the greatest of all things in life, like the mad laughter clowns you all are?

    i need to make a tea, i will return again

    it is not like i have any other place to go, other than this universe i exist in, now can i? 😉

    My God how you so many of you people are so arrogantly stupid, in not realizing what the affect effect intrinsic extrinsic perpetuation oppression forces are that snare the eternal all one generation in false poverty, rather than the overflowing abundance of the kingdom of heaven only love, of ‘that’ which was and is freely given for all to enjoy being your pure true divine real self oneness brothers and sisters the world over, beating down one another, making you feel as though you are better than another, when in TRUTH………..YOU ARE WORSE THAN DEATH ITSELF BIYATCHES!



  65. uhm….i just thought you may as well have the other shoe, seeing as they fit you better than ‘me’


    besides, i need a pair of Madonna’s boots now, if ever we are going to kick this world together as the team players we always have been……..FUCKERS!!!!!!!!

    made ya laugh…….your turn

    as in turn the fuck back around, i did not go anywhere, still standing…….after all these years, isn’t that amazing, and so tall too, taller than the tallest building, in all eternity, of no more taboo. 😉



    they both pray to meet me one day, and well, i pray ONE DAY 2, we ALL DO AS I DO!



  66. you humiliate your own self before God, in your lame apathetic approach with ‘me’, and the oneness love of ‘me’ of another and others.

    not ever ‘me’

    not possible


  67. pray love set free,
    to always just BE,
    forever 2 who SEE,
    only love of thee!

    our pure true divine real self(child within), pure in feeling just as we were at that age, is of constant yearning to always just feel love at all times, in every passing moment, butt how?

    well, pray someone comes along who 100% DOES love you like i did, in taking hold of your hand of this forever land, of only so much time to be together, of the only value in life, our pure true only love FEELINGS, what heaven constantly just IS.

    when we realize in our day of seeing and feeling our divine self, we can easily realize just how radiant brilliant bright our eternal holy joyful absolutely carefree loving lover happiness really really IS, just as it was of our eternal pure true feelings that are of no age, no, not at all, the human being is an eternal reproductive organism, from the eternal mathematic constants that have no time dimension in truth that does not change.

    so i ask, who of you does not wish to dance in holy joyful 100% surrendered flawless healing only love feeling we can feel of our own self, in oneness self of another surrendered to their emotional honesty in feeling their constant love 2 for YOU!

    the eternal only love FEELING bridal chamber anyone can enter, of their own free will to do so, where indeed, without one’s will, how can you enter the kingdom of constant truth feelings of heaven’s only love that feels good enough to always feel what is the core of the divine human being?

    to you who passby in scoffing and mad laughter mockery, well, i took time out in my life to speak wisely of what i do know about us all, for sake that one day maybe some of you will come fully into the constant pure true eternal day light awareness of your pure true divine real self you i know about of every ONE of YOU!

    no matter what any of you absurdly say and yet do

    most don’t know the world is falsely egotistically controlled by fear mongers, who they themselves do not know what heaven actually IS, and always was, eternally forever more, your pure true FLAWLESS HEALING FEELING divine real self YOU!

    forever more

    and well, i am still waiting, for what i already am, for one of you cowards to surrender like i already constantly……..just am

    oneness of the eternal all YOU!

    forever more

    so go ahead, say something derogatory in all your lame ass stalling, in fettering away what time i have left in this realm, not much, i have Emphysema, hereditary from my father’s side, im guessing, maybe 5 years, 10 at the most?

    already the fluids are building in my lungs

    hey, i know, wait abit longer, till after i am dead, lame as fucking fake ass biyatches!


  68. uhm, i think that was Madonna’s boot, fits rather WELL, yes? 😉


    always knew i could walk taller than she is in these things

    just the way truth IS, greater and unable to fail like all of YOU……….LOSERS!



  69. for a child of poverty to express to you in saying, “I am the hope of my family!”, so adamently of conviction that indeed they believe they are, and in God’s eyes, really really ARE, in-spite of you cold motherfuckers and all your useless undermining inflationary speculating gambling addicts of economic destabilization that rakes the poor over even greater hardship………..well, your day is officially over, of what is to come, in our saying no more of your tyranny, fuckers! 😉

    the laws have changed………as we move on, gratitude and thankFULLY growing in prosperity for ALL inclusive, shall we?????????????

    thank you


  70. if you want to leave someone behind, then leave me behind, as i don’t really want to stay with most of you anyway, biyatches!


    but don’t leave the defenseless behind the false walls you people created, tear them all down, because it is hurting them and your own self-love oneness atonement i and so many constantly are within with those without……LOVE

    bless you all


  71. you like my creative analogies, funny …

    ok give me the other boot.. I probably should put them on and do some ass kicking myself its not fair that she should have to do all the hard work..

  72. analysis this!


    ya, players are indeed rather clown like….their own worse enemy, not mine.

    hard work?

    since when is true love of any effort whatsoever?

    as one who knows the core of their own pure true sublime being, all the while waiting on the life partner to just go be of our natural occurring oneness forever in feeling sublime, i realize, this is not something anyone controls, no, rather it is something we allow our own self to be set free in feeling how much love we hold inside to one day feel how amazing it is to have found true love that IS loving lover making love all the time happiness!

    it is the fearless oneness sublime loving lover happiness that i know is the most sacred mirror of all in life, of what i know IS the sublime oneness of me in feeling so free to just be the loving lover happiness i know 2 BE true of one who is of the 2 of which only 2 can make possible, where common sense tells me, ah, if this is true of me, and this is true of you, then it is true of every ONE of YOU, is it not?

    Oh Gabriel, whatever, you can put the sword down, and join us for dinner if you like, just don’t sit too close the single transgender there, who cannot take his/her eyes off of you, ok?

    ok thanks



  73. hmmm…… this rate, i won’t live long enough to experience the sublime that is always just right there waiting for one to know what is their own pure true sublime loving lover forever in feeling making love all the friggin time sublime!

    uhm………that was a hint………LAME ASS WANNABES!!!!!!!



  74. i found my sublime eternal loving lover happiness dancing and dancing constantly of only love feeling so happy inside in the future that awaits ‘me’

    but i am not sure if it is in this life or the next, only that it IS sooooooo sublime! 😉

    but what i don’t see yet, is who is of my sublime happiness in the future, as strange a thing that is to say, indicative that i am yet dwelling mostly in my sublime imagination of my female self with another?

    with one enters into true love without effort, everything all around is constantly sublime loving happiness light soooooo purely radiant smiling eternally bright of our divine child of God self ONEness LOVE!


    Romeo Romeo, where the fuck are you, you tramp, you’re late!!!!!!!!!



  75. in this song, is my sublime all around in pure feeling only love

  76. i used to think i was gay, but now i am a transgender of both sexes, which means, if my female self is having sex with a guy, i am straight, and if my female self is having sex with a girl, i am lesbian, and if my male self is having sex with the female of a guy, i am straight, and if my male self is having sex with the male of a female…….oh fuck, i really am gay! omg! lmfao! ;D


  77. Or chaught the wrong train ether way doesn’t mATTER im here now … What time is it anyway?

    hello ??

    Is there anyone there ?

  78. there is always someone there of the eternal day time as the eternal creature we are

  79. time 2 gracefully come forth in the sunshine and gentle summer breeze thru the hair, the amazing pure true atonement music, and address the world, about what is deliberately happening of what WE know to be the TRUTH about the spiritual murderous campaign the Catholic cult is of towards the entire LGBTQ community, in their DIRECT cause of death time?

    ya, i have always known it is that time, in my every step, since the day i fell to my knees before God, in hearing the news of Troy’s suicide, of what IS the DIRECT cause for his death, of my returning again and again in humbleness before him, before God, before Jesus upon the cross above me, in purely peering upon and feeling the undeniable TRUTH i no longer deny myself, like i have in my every step i have taken all these years, decades, in fighting back, in standing up against the brutality of the spiritual murderous campaign DIRECTLY from the Catholic cult.

    time for God’s judgement already brought fully into the light of the eternal day, is it not?

    ya, you have all been judged appropriately so, by means of the undenialable TRUTH of your snared captivity blindness disconnecting denial of the TRUTH none can escape, of only the absurd fools in likeness and form of the fools of the Catholic cult sitting upon their spiritually murderous thrones of nescience, not of God, no, they do not know God, claiming they do, for if their divine self purely did know God, they would know my 100% undying loving lover oneness happiness of the one billion souls of our LGBTQ worldwide community rising up in WISE LOVING COMPASSIONATE PURE TRUTH that is not able to ever fail us, of the TRUTH that it is these fools who fail to know the TRUTH.

    you have been judged by God time, of all you who are indeed of DIRECT deliberate foolish spiritual murderous absurd negligence approach with us, no more

    already the TRUTH is known in our oneness hearts, that none shall ever become victorious over, where indeed, it is God who dwells with we who are the TRUTH, and not you who claim to be the truth and obviously are not.

    it is God who approaches you all with constant unfailing TRUTH that not one of any of you today, and the eternal all tomorrow shall ever become victorious over, of what is all your murderous not of God hate that is of abandonment ostrasizing killing negligence of us.

    you will not escape, none, not even one, in the eternal future unfolding, for TRUTH is not fractured, or ever able to be destroyed by false murderous negligence intent ill refute malice that is yet of the ongoing DIRECT cause of death of all gay youth, at the alarming rate of an average of 12 per day.

    ‘that’s what time it ALWAYS IS!


  80. time for my wedding day, which has already come, along time ago actually, for those who know what is the eternal day pure true light of loving divine self you, eternally surrendered to Jesus, who is only love at all times, wisely, compassionately so, having broke free from what is all the false generational snaring.

    do you understand and purely know who ‘i am’?

    do you feel my exceeding grace like your own?

    am i the ONE meant for you?

    here is a clue, i am meant for eternal all of YOU!

    but most do not comprehend yet, who ‘i am’ to all of you, and all of you to each other, in what i do know is your pure true divine real self you nature, as IS my own that i have taken time to know WELL.

    time to BE married time, forever more in flawless healing constant only love sublime feeling at all times, everywhere ‘i am’, there! 😉



    and SEE!

    what are they all seeking?

    do you know? 😉

    something tells me, you have always known for along time, as too do i

    i do 😉

    i know you know my love for you is of the eternal true and faithful friend ‘i am’, in our oneness inner sanctuary grace we both are of wise atonement of, when ever we fearlessly venture there, opening wide of the constant yearning to love only you, like i always have, and yet do.

    you have said so much lately, so profound in coming forth speaking as your unafraid real self you, of such compelling determination to open my heart and mind that you are yet there thinking of me too.

    we go so lost sometimes, too far away, the falling away from what we once had with each other, wanting back again

    but what you may not yet realize, is that the eternal day is always the same, of only love constantly flowing and glowing in hearts so so radiant and constantly bright, as though to sing and jump for joy at all times, the pure exceeding grace tender subtleness of delicate feeling only love so sublime like it always just is………who you ARE! 😉

    i pray my words instill eternal conviction as is my own awareness of great time in studying, decades of awareness, to one day just be forever true, with eternal all you

    ‘i am’

    already the time has come, but most do not know it, of only love good enough to always just be forever true in so easily being the loving lover happiness YOU of 2!

    where always ‘i am’ so easily found, of love overflowing abundantly without a sound

    ha, my poet wants back in, you feel that?


    vying for center stage

    who among you all is the most loving of all within?

    do you not yet know?

    is not the truth always it is YOU?

    ya, it’s true, i always know who you all are

    always did

    just needed time to realize my own oneness self in the same stream of conscious constant connectedness every soul of the past, present, eternal all future IS.


    yes, it’s true

    we are all one stream of conscious constant connectedness, at all times, in everything anyone ever says or do

    yes, it’s true

    that’s what is part of the eternal day constant awake awareness comprehension constantly IS, of eternal flowing thru and to another and back again, growing brighter and brighter the truth revealing most do not realize is occuring by means of everyone’s subconcscious constantly awake processing super computer brain, all ONE and the same super computer process.

    cool eh?

    sorta like a massive server that hosts the entire human race, of everyone connecting, because in the realm of eternal day awareness, that is what just is constantly happening, of constant eternal flow.

    once one comes fully into 100% conviction of this awareness, you begin to become compelled in how to bring forth goodness from our storehouse within, our inner sanctuary of what we know to feel flawlessly pure and true, of sorta like adding more programing that awakens the same feelings in another, who is eternally there in the future, just as we too are here in the future of all those of the past, the constant flow handed down thru generation after generation, where ‘that’ IS what eternal LIFE IS!

    is it not?

    think about it

    take a word for example, that Jesus speaks in the past.

    i look upon the word, and i feel the word resonate purely and truly within like it does, where i too become ‘that’ word of pure true feeling of Jesus too, and that is how Jesus lives eternally thru all of us, is it not?

    common sense

    now as to just how closeted Jesus was, well, only i know the truth of ‘that’, for it is i who is………aware, of his constant stare, at my ass all the time, oh for fuck sakes Jesus, are you just going to stare at it all day, or do you want to do what i know you so want to do, Biyatch! snap snap

    ha, can you tell i have been hanging around Arjay? lol


  81. i am not sure who any of you are or know, but if any of you there have powerful friends, please make them aware of this most horrific of stories i have seen that is currently going on in the world, of such vile wretchedness, the only thing i can think of is killing every single one of the perps who are holding these defenseless souls hostage.

    How is it possible, in this day and age, with our high tech communications and surveillance, that this is allowed to exist in the world?

    it is equally as horrific, if not more so, than the Nazi prison camps, where without effort, the might of our powerful nations Military capability, could see this place brought to not, as easily as just thinking about it, and it is stopped, so i ask, why is it allowed to continue to exist in our midst, of equally as sick as the hostage takers, are the Johns contributing to fund it’s existence.

    please, someone do something, and be the voice of these these precious souls, in freeing them from hell, and be sure to take your film cameras when you break down and crush their holy terror of wretched enslavement prison walls.

    thank you


  82. none stop constant loving lover happiness sublime, IS only possible when surrendering love is true of 2, not 1, albeit ONE! 😉

    one need only turn to feeling their sublime real self of only love feeling good at all times, forever more


  83. sublime YOU of 2!

    1/2 + 1/2 = 1


  84. Ok well it’s not my faulty that I’m latey

    You just weren’t ready

    But I’m here now

    So can we like just

    Fuck now

  85. while our real self is the one able to purely discern the authentic genuine sincere real self of another, by means of our divine self true feeling ability, often times the ego self will interpret the real self of another as though ego, egotistically of course, out of what is the nonattending divine pure true vulnerable naive real self submerging/surfacing.

    i am often mistaken as egotistic, realizing the vast comprehension of my real self cultivation development as the wiser helmsman director, can be intimidating for the lessor wise real self of another, who in turn, take a fearful defensive stance instead, of their ego mask surfacing to run the show, in letting go of possible insight into one’s own self, that many should learn to love about just how naive(stupid) our vulnerable self actually IS

    especially for sake of fateful bound life paths one may be on, however mildly, moderately, severely, where progression is progression more often than not.

    i know my destiny already is who i am

    We are already the dream we dream 2 become, not becoming the dream we dream, where our sex reveals the truth of this.


  86. ya, you were right, i was letting my self be used….ah well, unrealistic expectations on my part in the first place….100% my issue.

    let’s just say…..they got caught in a lie

    block block block….. argh….. 😦

    i dread getting betrayed…….by my own self…..ha

    “Where all untruthfulness is, i am not there.” says Jesus

    ya, i know this one well Jesus, where i wonder to myself, did anyone 100% love you Jesus, and is that why i am always with you and you with me, cause we are one and the same in feeling, of no more denial are we willing to ever feel again, of the TRUTH about all those untruthful with us, our entire life?

    is there anyone out there with a 100% heart of conviction to love just one, like i too want always to feel what loving lover happiness in my lover heart IS?

    oh well, we loved them Jesus, and they cannot ever escape the TRUTH………we did

    and perhaps that is who we are, 100% compassion of the loving light we turn towards within, in always just being our 100% pure true divine real self atonement, without need of the useless absurd ego in saying they are this or they are that, no matter how much our own old self may want to surface again, because the TRUTH is, that is all absurd thinking and feeling, when one looks upon the truth, that people just love who they love, and there is no sin in that, so let us bless them all with the TRUTH, that only love feels good enough, and not ever guilt them with our own old self ego uselessness of spewing yet more lies, where maybe it is really is YOU who is meant for ‘me’ Jesus, in our oneness pure true heart mind body spirit and soul, of how we always felt in life, alone, a passerby, cannot stay, gee i don’t wonder why any more at all, ha.

    not to sound belittling of you, or another, but at least we have each other, of what does bind the eternal all ONE generation forever together, in ONE DAY coming free of all the forefather absurd falsehood hiding behind afraid masks……..ONLY LOVE!

    “Who goes there???”

    oh hi Michael, it’s ok, it’s just ‘me’, returning once again, how are you? Ah Right… are always 100% the best, fuck the rest, and well, that is how i know you, is it not Michael? 😉

    we know who betrays who, when it comes to those who take time to know us or don, don’t we? morons!

    Ah well, i ask, who is meant for ‘me’ God?

    oh right……i already know…….the TRUTH of the eternal day……..’i am’

    forever more

    lame ass user abuser biyatches! fuck you!



    ok, im ok now……….in case any one is wondering!!!!!!! hello?

    argh……the are all sleeping……again

    well wake the fuck up damn it, i need a true and faithful friend till the end…….don’t we all, and is Jesus not just ‘that’?

    he is 2 ‘me’

    once again, 2 BE FREE!

    for all 2 ONE DAY SEE!

    fuck……i dread days like this………again…. 😦


  87. unconditional love is the only way to avoid getting hurt, wisely so of the truth, that co-dependent relationships, outside of raising a family, don’t work, unless it is a gift.

    instead, let someone come before you in being the pure true loving lover exceedingly graceful sincere authentic genuine, just the real pure true lover self they are, of how obvious they just do love and adore you more than any other, of their always just being there waiting for you to………..SAY SOMETHING BIYATCH!!!!!!!!


    argh……where are you when i need you most……..fucking someone esle……as per usual…..ha

    opppss……stepping over boundaries again

    oh whatever biyatch, shut the fuck up, who asked you anyway!



    seems to take forever….

    and i ponder that at length……

    it seems the ego has a need to be consistently validated, always jumping in and fucking it all up, after the other walked away, only to return when ego is not there, saying the sincere vulnerable pure true feelings we are, but then the ego jumps up, and prances all over the fucking place, as though they won, when they won nothing, but more betrayal the ego is, in running around like run arounds just do, with all the love you gave them…….as their real self awakens to a new day, and turn around in actually feeling something ‘real’ for you no longer tolerating their shit, not yours, albeit inescapably ours too, cause we let it be ours, of what is theirs, of their ego that was not able to know in the first place that all you ever wanted was them, without all the tag alongs fucking it all up, like it always does, and well, eventually you just get tired of it, the dysfunctional emotional unavailable for you, cause they are indeed loving someone else, as you walk on by, feeling it was all a lie and your own imagination………or was it?

    what IS the core of everyone’s need for yet more projection transference identification validation seeking, like the low self-esteem promiscuous manifestation ones?

    that they are loved by many?

    maybe it is all just one big masturbation party, extended in our sex, so haphazardly like many do, God forbid i ever enter into another convenient relationship again…….argh……was not as bad as maybe i thought it was, where the problem i am not able to get to the root of………………why do i want what i cannot have, and don’t want what i have?

    always i have been this way, not so much now as before, but it is an issue, and i don’t know how to solve it.

    maybe i need to get more centered in what i really want?

    what do you want?

    is it true i want you, cause you always wanted ‘me’?

    that is a trick question, ha! 😉

    oh for fuck sakes, say something damn it!

    or wait, don’t say anything, i need to sit with my feelings, cause that is the atonement objective, is it not, am i not? 😉

    well, Jesus says i am, God too, truthful that IS!

    i mean who is more forward in pure truthful speaking and feeling than ‘me’?

    ah, you do understand ‘me’! bravo!

    does this mean what i want and need to think and feel the truth means 2 ‘me’?

    ya well, next time you date someone, ask them if they 100% purely truly know what the inner sanctuary bridal chamber IS, ok?

    i already know, you likely won’t ever meet anyone who does, at least as far a life partner goes, and we are not talking about one of those ever so sad monks in the Catholic sanctuary, alone, wishing they could always be with me like they constantly wish Jesus could be with them 2.

    you know, that would be awesome, stealing one of those beautiful souls away to run and live an ever so holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover gay happiness life with one of them, BE Cause……like ‘me’, i already know………they want 2!

    argh…….me and my imagination

    just my imagination, running away with ‘me’, you are
    just my imagination, running away with ‘me’

    i already know, within five minutes of my visit with one of them, asking in the name of God to speak the truth, about wanting to get fucked up the ass…….they cannot ever hide from from ‘me’, even if they try, as they cry in my waving goodbye, remembering my smile for so long, of one who did speak the truth with them, until the day of the seed of truth i validated and planted within them, grows brighter and brighter, and all these colorful gay guys just show up, in a mountain hike, saying, hey, “wanna come with us? Come on, Andyy told us about some of you here, this is your chance, of him asking you to come with us, forever more so happy we all know you WILL BE 2!”

    it was just our imagination, running away with ‘me’…..

    no one knows Madonna’s music better than i do biyatches, you just think you do, and not of the pure conviction as OUR own, lame ass anal retentive wanna BE fucks!


    oh, i need to cry……in saying goodbye, but what if he does love ‘me’?

    i mean i have not cut the chickens head off completely………just sayin, i mean, what if i got it all wrong, what if i trust again, only for their ego to fuck it all up again?

    right, well, ain’t that the truth?

    fucking ego, always the same mind trap cycle spin…..YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH BIYATCH!!!!!!!

    or maybe they are more the truth, than i am, and well, that just sucks when players play you…….for the last time


  88. how about this?….

    we know God’s money is only love, for who it belongs to, of those in need of it most.

    cause we know our loving feelings is about how we feel about someone, not ever about status quo, albeit not everyone is purely of atonement about this….

    so where their needs are not being met and mine are, what use of money do i have, where their need is greater than my own?

    is that not what non-codependency giving is?

    it IS

    ok, i need to reassess this, and set boundaries of friendship only……cause that is all they truthfully wanted in the first place, or at least that is what i am going to tell myself, until i see a ring on my hand, of their kneeling before me Michael, in expression 100% the TRUTH we declare of them at all times, of God who does forbid them spewing of false self ego lies, against their own self in realizing as we do, ONLY LOVE is all one really needs, and well, i can be ‘that’ Michael, cause i know my mission is of God, to change the heart of the world, for those trapped behind the mind fuck ego status quo walls we create for so many.

    and well, maybe one day they will love ‘me’ for all that i was for them, only love, but run around behind my back like they yet do, well, the TRUTH is known, and i just have to go with ‘that’

    in setting them free to just purely truly BE, without shame, no game, no blame, no flame….


    because i do love them

    and so do you


  89. in saying all this, i suppose i do know you better than you thought i felt about you, yes?

    perhaps that is what you need to hear, that i too want always to just feel loved, we all do, not these useless status quo things, not at all, emptiness in feeling when left alone, of God who forbids ‘i am’ ever left alone, in finding another….just what we all do


  90. i was betrayed by my own naive unrealistic expectations from the start

    argh…..or so i tell myself, wondering why i say that, cause i am still attractive, and i know i have a nice penis than most, and my ass is, well, almost as nice as yours, and well, let’s hear what they have to say, that better not sound scripted…….or i walk away, in leaving them in peace to love one another, a friend, nothing more, true and faithful, ya, i am.

    bless you all with only love

    forever more


  91. no worry, it is not in me to sacrifice a lamb, like the WILL of the Catholic church yet is, of all homosexuals in the world, foolishly like they yet unwisely are

    no, ‘i am’ eternally their brother, including of their lover(s)

    we all just are ‘that’


  92. as regards the student/teacher relationship trust of only loving oneness between them, always the student is of humble knowingness that the teacher is 100% of only wanting the student to come fully into their own divine self day light awareness as that of the wiser teacher who already sees one’s self of another, in the wise compassionate loving light awareness in seeing their divine real self, at all times, ever so gently encouraging them on to come forth more and more fully into their fearless pure true constant loving self, free from all falsehood oppression controlling of others, of what all ego mind traps are.

    not so with the teacher, who is without ego, of divine self knowingness of the sacred value in every step along side the student(s), in knowing the teacher’s own life journey oneness ‘that’ of the student(s) yet in journery, so haphazardly like many unknowingly blindly are, although intuitively, the core of everyone’s being is of constant seeking awakening awareness oneness as ‘that’ of our own self, at all times, where most do not 100% realize, we are indeed exactly the same core of our being existence, just as everything of the universe is exactly the same place, time, dimension of what every element in the universe is made of………atoms, which are all one and the same atom, of the various number of electrons, are they not?

    truly, the most perplexing question is our asking, “What is this place?”

    well, everything is 100% flawless in it’s existing as everything IS, regardless of what ever anyone has to say, where without our languages, we are purely what all living matter is merely doing, at all times, enjoyment of the living matter sensory perception, where even with our super computer brain as large as it has grown, we still don’t know what this place of exist is or why it exists, only that we do.

    my God, how vast it is too, and how infinitely small it is as well, just mind blowing vastness between, which is nothing at all, just empty space, where what we dread most in life, is exactly that, empty distance between what all living matter is constantly doing, reaching in it’s sensory perception to do nothing more than just feel the perceptions.

    and if we are a fluke, then there is no purpose whatsoever to all living matter, no, just of it’s own without purpose at all, than to be of it’s sensory perception, which means all ego is as though nothing, in all it’s purposefullness exclaiming it is of purpose, thinking it is, and is not, given that all living matter is merely of the constantly free energy source that is cause for all living matter yet to exist, as though we have control over what was always just free, in all our egotism falsely over another, so heartlessly i might add, gravely so.

    that is not our true nature at all, the exact opposite, and why, because of ego

    so way to go ego driven world, in all your empty nothingness zeal without love, plodding and plodding along, all so self-important, well ok, not entirely, just sayin.

    while prosperity is actually an extension of the seemingly ever prosperity radiance of the sun constantly giving life source energy, in what is likewise all our natural prosperous ways in oneness with one another, the thing that goes against it, is always our forgetfulness of why be prosperous in the first place, always it is for sake of the world we leave behind for our own off spring, and theirs, and so it goes without saying, prosperity is 100% of constant concern for sake of others, where greater prosperity is not just for sake of our off spring, no, it is for sake of the friends and lover of our off spring, which means for sake of the eternal all of every soul the world over, no matter who, cause all are ONE and the same living matter descendants of exact same oneness as those of the begging, well ok, abit more evolved in the future, but all the same evolving oneness in doing what all living matter just does, constant subtle feeling delight enjoyment of it’s own self feeling of sensory perception, and that’s it, that is all any of us enjoy!

    so remember, when of these things you enjoy, likewise so too is every one in life, where instead of walking in the shoes of others without, get them to walk in your shoes, cause that is what makes more sense, from this pure true perspective, of prosperity oneness sameness eternal all JOY!

    bless you all with holy joy, ‘that’ which constantly, ‘i am’, as YOU!

    forever more


  93. oh, what started out as my original thought, got left out…….i notice the growth of wisdom, compassionate and love increasing as what was already intuitively of the core of my being student, becoming conduct of the teacher, is what shedding of the old self means, that Jesus speaks about, where only you can experience what that catharsis processing IS

    so in other words, if you want to shed the old self egotisms, you have to admit to your own self that the teacher is of the greater realm of thinking and feeling awareness atonement awake subconscious cognitively alert self… all times, the fearless graceful subtle feelings we naturally just are in each passing moment, where awake is better, rather than suppression that can come from oppression of yet unwise other student egotisms, the low self-esteem manifestating need for controlling others, for example, compassionately speaking.

    and well, that is of one’s own lacking wisdom, is it not?

    observe, yes, but set boundaries with inappropriate others who can be toxic for us at times, in adjusting our ever flexible boundaries, by being aware of our true real self feelings, you know that old familiar feeling, why are they so annoying???? ha

    anyway, ya, shedding of all ego, is only possible thru self-actualization atonement oneness of the student/teacher relationship catharsis processing of the student becoming the master.

    and the master, who is not a master, knows this, as though YOU, where in truth, they are the becoming YOU already, in nurturing and protecting you like they just do, as you would too for sake of all you love like we do.

    i need to take my place in life, appropriately so, as merely a true and faithful brother, realistically speaking, as regards seeking my life partner, where already my life partner is and has been Jesus, and in truth, all of you, my LGBTQ family, all these years gone by, of how far we are rising up out of the mud, out of the mad flood drowning taboo forefather perpetuation ignorance.

    for sake of us

    always for sake of us all, has we not?

    so are we not always knowingly compassionately lovingly wise in our realizing already we are constantly of the oneness of the student/teacher relationship, in both directions with each other, and God?

    YES WE R!

    BE Cause only love feels good enough to always feel to BE YOU!

    bless you all


    i finished the stone work called, ‘True Love Grace’

    reproduction sales start soon…..on ebay

    thanks everyone

    peace OUT

  94. oh, and i want a loving lover life partner, where maybe it is my ex?

    rather than risk ending up alone in life, given my new HIV status, i think i will just stay with him for awhile……

    not that any of you were of serious consideration of me anyway, just saying, im not looking……..not right now…….just want to work my devoted works, and well, i need to get to a better place first, in my own well being health, in ability to draw the soulmate better healthier one to oneness ‘that’ which they are 2

    common sense, and i am not there yet, as much as i feel i am sometimes…….im not, still abit depressed at times, normal, the emotional side of HIV seroconversion, that everyone is of various transition thru, up to two years i heard that one comes out good, or not so good stuckeness like i have witnessed of so many who did not escape the behavioral that came with HIV seroconversion, magnification of the already existing behavior, more often than not, with some other one’s added in, like stigmatization no one can avoid, in their own mind mostly i feel, where legally speaking, no one has to know, of only your doctor and your sexual partners, so why tell anyone? i don’t any more, fuck that, learned to expect the worse from people, cause that is often what happens eventually any way, just the nature of the ever puzzling mind trap cycle spinner egoers.

    ahaahaahaa……….a new phase and new word too!



  95. maybe there is some truth to this saying?

    Life always gives you back what you give out
    its a mirror of your own actions
    your life is not a coincidence,
    but an echo of your own doings..

  96. love is over,
    chance 2 be sin,
    love is over,
    chance 2 begin



  97. Peace Out …

    May God give ya all the Love …

    & May God Bless ya all …

    cause after all

    we are all children of God

    we are all

    ONE !!

    One Love Xoxox

  98. ok so im gonna spill the beans…

    there is a slight problem, our planet is close.. and its huge we dont want to drown you…

    so we have a contingency plan .. a bit like Noah’s arc..

    your all coming …

    next year,

    when the dust settles then well put you back safety

    peace out

    mother fuckers’

    all is good…

  99. great sex music to trance romance, so intensely, so purely 2, in no doubt whatsoever, WE ARE HEAVEN BIYATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!


  100. huh?

    what do you mean she’s a creative whore?

    she’s not a creative whore, is she?

    ohhhh, you are talking about Ga Ga!

    oh well, even Ga ga knows she is a creative whore, and proud of it too!

    paybacks are a bitch!



  101. towards the light,
    towards the truth,
    towards the plight,
    towards the ruse

    away the dark,
    away the untrue,
    away the lark,
    away the unyou

    holy more
    holy two
    holy door
    holy you

    forever to,
    forever too,
    forever two,
    forever YOU!

    who goes there?

    oh hi Gabriel, it’s *just ‘me’ 😉

    “Good to see you my brother, my sister, peace be to you made it thru to brighter YOU, brighter true, brighter too, brighter two!”

    ah yes, WELL of course Gabriel, we know all these things of delusional might, binding and blinding so many astray, what two do, when love is true!

    “Come quickly, lest they snare you again, of their empty places, without begin!”

    uhm, you been drinking again Gabriel, or is this what feels without falsify sin?

    “ah, you understand, these merchants of God, claiming they know us, and so obviously do not, do not even question these things that do not occur in their closed hearts and minds without us, with truth, without God, all a ruse!”


    oh yes, of course, i know them WELL, of their not knowing seemingly at all, of where to dwell, of where two dwell, of where too hell, of where who smell?

    “ahahaahaahaaahaaa, yes indeed, you do know the truth we are and have been as is beginning thru eternal end, all the same, all their shame, all their flame, all their game……..that leads to nowhere but the truth some find feeling all around them they don’t ever escape from, of some thinking they do, not realizing, love takes two, love fakes too, love makes who, LOVE!, for sake YOU!



  102. letting go pass..
    living is now..
    lovers WILL blast!
    remembering how!

    where we go,
    does not matter,
    together we show,
    love sooo fatter!


    take hold hands,
    prance all day,
    love our glands,
    lovers so gay!

    what what what what?


    beautiful ass is,
    so many stare,
    truly at his,
    lover beware!

    cum with me,
    beds soo warm,
    lovers two be,
    without scorn!

    kissing of lips,
    delicate our hair,
    just use spit,
    right here? dare?

    what what what?


    lame ass biyatches, we know you want 2!


  103. if there is one thing i have learned, about coming back to life…

    uhm……well, you have to die first

    as in death to all lame ass dysfunctional brainless nowhere man ego!

    is it just me, or am i truly happier than most of you boring fucks?

    just wondering…………NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    oh fuck………here she comes! run!!!!!!

    i know you miss ‘me’..

    nothing to hide,
    lovers with glide,
    nothing butt pride,
    lover confide!

    in ‘me’

    i miss ‘me’ 2!


  104. made you laugh……….YOUR ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have a question…..uhm… the fuck can you possibly live without ‘me’? uhm?

    who makes you laugh more than ‘me’? uhm?

    and who is better in pure fun lover sex than ‘me’? uhm?

    that’s right, none of taboo you!!!!!!!!!!!!



    uhm… know, when you realize the difference between passionate ‘me’, and lackluster no sex them, well, uhm…… just DO!

    and WELL……uhm……..i am happy 2 BE ‘me’!

    the ONE you can see!

    wait ‘me’ alone,
    i get upset,
    fake ‘me’ John,
    truly i detest!

    some say use ‘me’?
    i say, no way,
    ‘i am’ user ‘thee’,
    mirror lovers gay! 😉

    and then one day, you wake up, and realize how the world changed, as you are as though left behind, seemingly of no importance at all, their not even knowing what we did, so that they could live…

    the way we all constantly wanted 2,
    the way we all constantly needed 2,
    the way we all constantly pleaded who,
    the way we always constantly KNEW!


  105. you fucking Catholics are so fucking ignoramus, well ok, fine, and when your child kills themselves, don’t say you were not warned by GOD!

    you are the ignorance evil of this world, with total intent of spiritually murdering us, of God who does know the truth of your apathetic fucking useless lives that are not of the will to look upon the truth of so many of us now out, as though we are the ignorant ones?

    how is it possible that so many millions of us can be what you fuckheads want to egotisitcally label as sinners, out of your low self-love esteem manifestation i might add, i your still ignoring the spiritual murderous FACTS of suicide deaths of gay youths that you are all 100% of propaganda perpetuation of yet more ignoramus evil fucking unloving hatefulness of we who are closer to God than you are?

    you will all face God one day, where what you do not yet realize is God’s truth is already that of we who stand before you, in our total disbelief that you jackasses are still so fucking coldly distance in your arrogance filled egotistic low self-esteem ways.

    the LGBTQ community should gather at your child’s funerals in the future, by the tens of thousands, without a word, in utter and complete total humilation every single time one of us dies because you fucking jackasses with God’s truth that God requests us all to look upon, statistical fucking data for fuck sakes, of all these suicides happening daily!

    is no one of the high office even paying attention?

    is there no government concerned for all of it’s people?

    apparently not

    you will meet God, but not in the way your hearts yet realize, where you will fall to your knees eternally feeling the constant truth of every single illness of heart word spoken you ever uttered against us, of every single evil act against us, in true realization that we were telling you the truth, in knowing without doubt, it was you who was 100% the fucked up ignorance liars full of apathetic egotism completely blinding you to even fucking care…………TOO LATE, YOUR CHILD IS DEAD!

    of what is exactly the spiritual murderous DEATH you people 100% ARE!

    the TRUTH!

    and God always knows the TRUTH at all times, of all of you hateful unloving ones without God at all, the opposite of God, MURDERERS!!!!!!!!!

    you will continue to lose your children to suicide, directly because of your shit for brains murderous ways, where one day, the Catholic church will come face to face with the TRUTH of God, the truth of us ALL who are of God’s constant love, constant compassion, constantly wiser than are you!




    and still you are of the absurd ignorance blindness arrogance that you are wiser than we are, all the while you stand there, still arrogant at your child’s grave side, without even questioning why they died?

    ya, total blindness ignorance arrogance looking the other way away from we who are WISDOM, TRUTH, LOVE, COMPASSION of God!

    where we now KNOW it is indeed all of you who are DIRECTLY the SPIRITUAL MURDERERS!!!!!!!!!!

    i hand you all over to God, and wish not to even look upon your stupid arrogance faces ever again in this life.

    you don’t even cry at your own child’s funeral, that’s how arrogant you fuckhead evil one’s are!

    God says death to you all, for chosing to be the deliberate perpetuation murderous death of many of us!

    already i declare, you are spiritually all dead, not knowing you are dead, not living true love at all, where you will feel our humiliating true love brightness that will reveal the truth to your hearts one day, of just how dark your hateful arrogant egotism snare truly is, of the eternal day of truth that will greet every one of you, of what you should all be praying for, the truth that is able to free you from your evil heart and mind self imposed prison!

    truly it is you Catholics who are are evil that lurks here in heaven with us, like you so arrogantly know not who the evil one is, YOU!


  106. you are all fucking lame here at Madonna’s blog, in my eyes!

    far more pure and true than you ever cared to openly joyfully of oneness true with me in my real life you did not ever invite me into your hearts, nope, not once…

    so fuck you all and goodbye, as i break free to just go back to my own blessed path without you lameass fucks!

    easily so, when ever anyone of us is left to feel…….the same fucking way the Catholics love to feel about us……….NOT AT ALL!

    ‘that’ is the TRUTH


  107. Sorry I went through a whole weekend ( 72hrs ) without acknowledging your Godliness

    Sorry i it was not my intention

    here’s too GOD !!

  108. oh, i think it is safe to say your spiritual lackluster insincere zeal abandonment(crucifixion) runs alot deep than mere time….we are dying daily


  109. we are on the same spiritually enlightened page of divine ‘real’ self atonement TRUTH awareness with this mission of God i am on, in shifting the hearts of many, not just self-acceptance of the few, in the mad flood drowning forefather ignorance continuum of daily death in our LGBTQ family, of my greatest concern for one i love in coming away from living a double life like he yet is……

    but hey, what do i know about anything, of anyone of you?

    absolutely nothing really……

    i ask…..what is pure true divine ‘real’ self abandonment, if it is not you?

    do not yet realize your own snare of the forefather ignorance?

    pray to God Miko does not die in the process, in my ever coming back to any of lackluster all you in this life…..

    i think it is safe to say why Jesus elected himself to be crucified, because he was always walking a crucified life with his beloved……..dying daily


  110. wow, that is some serious Madonna networking everyone!

    way to go, we can change this world, only thru unity, of keep on keeping it together, rise up against it all, as one heart we all purely truly are, of the LGBTQ lover hearts all singing the of same angst, ONLY LOVE feels good enough, not the fake ass kinda too small limp dick lackluster insincere no passion stick my cock in you, is it in yet love.


    you know, sometimes you really do just need to express yourself


    coming from an ex prostitute, now that was funny, yes?


    oh for fuck sakes Miko, why do you even talk to those fuckheads, they are bullshit to you and always were, come on, leave that bullshit world behind, they are all lame ass spiritual dead fucks who don’t know your lover heart at all, don’t care to know you Miko, like you know……..i do! 😉

    let’s keep on kicking their fucked up asses everyone!

    ok thanks….

    please pray for us

  111. i am a transgender female in a male body, not a prostitute, respect me, love me for who i am, sincerely, purely, truly, or get and stay away from me!!!!! I only want true lover love, not the fake ass user fuck me unkind love, to be loved, not raped! You got that fuckers? ….ok thanks


  112. come Miko… don’t want or need any of them

  113. my blog is in dedication and remembrance for all my transgender brothers and sisters, who feel the truth of this unaccepting world we keep trying to find a place to belong, realizing we are mostly alone in dealing with all the social privilege abuse this world truly is for us daily, until we find each other that is, as the pure true lovers we just always are, and for those of you who actually take time to purely truly give a fuck at all about trying to know us, of so many of you who obviously don’t, of you who don’t even care to know your own self like we so purely truly do…..and are!

    forever more


  114. i think that about covers whether or not the hegemonic and patriarchal constructs ensure that i also occupy a subordinated position within society, think again you insubordinate egotistic fucks!

    oh, im sorry, i am talking to deaf ears again, my mystake, no more

    about time one of us stands up around here, yes?

    we are not misogynistic, rather we are the ones unknown for who we actually are, of our own low self-love disrespecting low tolerance for you fucks who treat us like shit all the time, where it is you who are the misogynistic, not the females we actually are, and become, suppressed by your mindless misogynistic oppression that does not even know us, because you are all fixated sex seeking control freakers, rapists, not lovers.

    not at all


  115. and well obviously it was a rapist who deliberately infected me, my own low self-respect, as one who did not make it out of the dark paths that my unwise spirit intuitively always felt i did not belong in…..

    Miko, Arjay, Billy, Eljen, Edz, John, Ansleigh, Juliel…..our transgender brothers/sisters are in their paths in silent prayers of our enlightened insight of the transgender true nature, making their way to the brighter day i already, providing for them all, as part of this mission of God i am on, as their true and faithful brother/sister who does know the social privilege abusive world of our oneness flawless feeling awareness truth we all share in common, as my final cheer, i was here, fair well all ye marry friends

    bless you all with the truth, everywhere is the truth of all untruthful you i came to know, not of God at all, nor of ‘me’


  116. the sales from the art will be in contribution of scholarship education made available to my transgendered brothers and sisters, of healthy choices available for them to make, should they wish to attend school, and only if they choose a higher education, in a safe and supportive positive environment for them to grow in, rather than the hell of the social privilege abusive streets, for those without a responsible father or mother to ensure such.

    ok, thanks for listening everyone

    may God bless us all forever more with TRUTH awareness of our divine pure true ‘real’ self awareness as my own


  117. my only regret is i should of done this sooner for the transgenders in poverty stricken parts of the world where no such choice is available to them, a result of the yet corrupt governments still unaccountable for their affiliations with the worldwide mafia organizations that one day will all be held held accountable in our courts of law before their peers, in finally ridding this world of all things untruthful, as Jesus says, where all untruthfulness is, ‘i am’ not there

    nor do any of us truly sincerely of our emotional honest turning towards safety, desire such absurdness…….God’s WILL of TRUTH…..IS and always has been our intuitive child of God’s self WILL TRUTH

    indeed, you are correct Jesus, what we look for has already come, but most do not see it cognitively (yet), of our one eternal generational (yet) bound by the forefather mad flood drowning apathetic unloving ignorance continuum evolving awareness of all TRUTH that WILL be revealed, just as it already has and IS, everywhere


  118. hey hey …

  119. we are all children of God, all connected as one..

    its easy to escape the pain, like the earthquakes the famine the wars the negativity we inflict upon others, that other inflict upon us …

    it hurts to connect to this worldly pain, but we must embrace it not run away, ignore or disassociate.. (escapism only defers the inevitable .. )

    by embracing the love the pain the discord we can truly make a difference to the world …

    God Bless

  120. Evan if I was gay, wouldn’t Ii be expressing my true love if you were the only girl in the world that I loved & had time for ?

    That makes you number ONE in my life 🙂 ha ?? !!

    I mean that !

    From the top of my heart . Z

    Ok byatch bend ova

    Ha ha

  121. Have you enjoyed the journey ?

  122. So Who ? Ate you ?

    Uhm ? M mmmmmmmmm


    to truly know me you must know YOU

    Hummmm !!


    Fuck how may m’s can a M tolerate



  123. Transgender, not exclusively female, not exclusively male, ok?

    ‘i am’ Both

    and so are all of those who identify as gay, lesbian, transexual, bisexual, of one extent or another, somewwhere along the oneness spectrum between female and male that they may lean towards at one point or another, mostly out of lack of sexual experience i feel, as for any stuckness one may encounter, such as those who go thru with F-M or M-F transsexual sex change, that i still feel is mostly an extension of society peer pressure in not seeing their own self as that of the million year evolution in primal innate sexual urge behavioral of both the female and male, that we all keep turning away from seeking a possible explaination as to the OBVIOUS truth of our opposite sex we do identify as being, where in truth, we are both sexes in our brain, and indeed, to take it to the higher truth, we are neither sex, and rather just one sexual eternal reproducing species of living matter, that biologically does not really care what sex it is, all the same feeling to our biological celled body, where the greatest mystery of all is yet uncovered, and yet starring us in the face, is that the female and male orgasmic experience is identical in feeling within our brain…..i already know it is, and that is the threshold of conviction i have stepped over in my own sexual exploration of the truth of my own transgender body.

    Albeit, genuine authentic sincere oneness RESPECTING love of ‘both’ our female and male transgender self is necessary, and easy to do, once you embrace and become the role playing transgender sexual female and male self we all are.

    and besides, it’s alot more exciting that the lame ass annal retentive boring inexperienced plodding along aimlessly suppressed and suppressing humans.


    Transgender (pronounced /trænzˈdʒɛndər/) is a general term applied to a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups involving tendencies to vary from culturally conventional gender roles.

    Transgender is the state of one’s “gender identity” (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching one’s “assigned sex” (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex).[1] “Transgender” does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation; transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, or asexual; some may consider conventional sexual orientation labels inadequate or inapplicable to them. The precise definition for transgender remains in flux, but includes:

    * “Of, relating to, or designating a person whose identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender roles, but combines or moves between these.”[2]
    * “People who were assigned a sex, usually at birth and based on their genitals, but who feel that this is a false or incomplete description of themselves.”[3]
    * “Non-identification with, or non-presentation as, the sex (and assumed gender) one was assigned at birth.”[4]

    A transgender individual may have characteristics that are normally associated with a particular gender, identify elsewhere on the traditional gender continuum, or exist outside of it as “other”, “agender”, “Genderqueer”, or “third gender”. Transgender people may also identify as bigender, or along several places on either the traditional transgender continuum, or the more encompassing continuums which have been developed in response to the significantly more detailed studies done in recent years.


  124. ‘i am’ Transgender enjoyment of both the sexes ‘i am’

    any questions?

    can we just move on now, to our own respectable places of chosing, seeing as no one here has any balls to admit the truth about their own transgender bisex self-respecting oneness of two we all are, with one who is most like the oneness ‘iam’ that i know you all are, of where i too once was Questioning, no more?

    ok thanks for the fuck


  125. you got any plans for today ?

    the hurt in your eyes really bothers me …

    yet at the same time it confirms what I really always felt

    a feeling that never veered of course.

    so yer what you up to today ?

  126. Song for Madonna )))

  127. thats one damn fine creation it that song is, i love it, well went to the wedding church today and looked at all the wrought iron glass images of Jesus and Mary wow , & ready the ten commandments, seven staring a me like and God shouting, well I also lit seven candles one for each special angel …

    yer so that was my day, well except for my indesreation earlier on, uhm i dont know why i went with the backup plan first, still got time for plan a …

  128. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me,

    Jesus suffered & died on the cross for everyones salvation, while God’s gone off on a tangent punishing people ??

    come on God settle down alitle, no need to be dramatic, everyone still loves you , no need to punish 🙂

  129. I borrowed a book from the church, its called “The day Jesus died” oh my God,

    I thirst,” Jesus called as his death drew much closer.
    He must now fulfill the last sign,
    “lets give him a drink,” a man yelled while running,
    He lifted a sponge filled with wine.

    Ha Ha you go Jesus, slip one quick vino in before Dday … 🙂

  130. i think God has an inferiority complex, punishing people like that especially innocent children, God need to be more self loving, if God wants to beloved constantly then God should start self loving unconditional, & stop missing out, Oh why has God forsaken me ? ,

    oh fuck what comes next, an Arrow right through my heart ?

    sweet, can’t wait for that, anyone got a bottle of cab sav.. or perhaps a cock tail , a cock sucking cowboy or a wet nipple, uhm nah just give me an orgasm, dont forget the strawberry’s and a straw please not too much ice, it’s too bland with all that cold ass ice..

  131. on second thoughts, hold the ice ..

    pour them down the sink, just dont wont ice in mY Golden Chalice,

    or maybe save the ice, for when i overheat , well you never know , i’ve got one last miracle left,
    dont have to wait for Heaven to do it…

    for you, just do it myself, there just did it…

  132. uhm child exploitation, is the result .. why are there so many evil people in the world ?

    its hard no to judge, but it’s also hard to accept, what will be the catalyst that ends this discord

  133. it is taught and learned low self-esteem manifesting falsehood egotisms that Jesus calls the generational mad flood drowning continuum…….because that is exactly what it IS, is it not?

    it is at the individual level that change takes place, or more accurately, restoration of their original pure true flawless feeling intuitive self, by means of articulation of exactly what IS the pure true nature divine self YOU!….what IS of every word of Christ……and todays psychologists who like wise are the macro thinking vast halo perspective understanding of the hidden truth beneath all falsehood egotism cycle pattern behavioral

    stay true to one’s own self, in finding oneness of you with another, the subconscious emotional honest safety seeking oneness connection harmonious pure true graceful true nature divine self atonement core of our being source of the light we all come from, the pure flawless million year old evolve(d)(ing) realm of the living matter celled body we all constantly are and come from.

    welcome to the generational cycle pattern absurdness(es), i ask, how many faces of your own city will you actually greet face to face, one to one in flawless feeling atonement of who they are, who you are?

    project that connection forth into the world, the sacred mirror, devoid of all the falsehoods, in finding atonement of your own flawless feeling self oneness core of everyone’s being source of our true nature, the harmonious million year old evolve(d)(ing) celled body beyond all languages and the false egotism barriers that don’t exist in anyone’s heart.

    and remember, it is this light that shines not only thru one another of this generation power of God flawless unity, it shines into all eternity, lighting up the eternal all within

    ‘that’ is God’s motivational empowerment core of our being oneness with God and the eternal all will, not even so of cognitive thinking actually, no, a much more sublime pure realm the of the cells, is what we actually are, so delicate, so sensitive, so sensual, especially when floating in warm water… that your penis that just tickled my ass……….again??

    lmao 😉

    uhm….you ever get that pure feeling of running away with someone forever, and not looking back, so true in feeling, it makes you just want to jump for fucking joy none stop, as in holy fuck, i honestly did not even think you liked me, wel…l thanks for finally fucking telling me biyatch! fuck!

    and well, pure and free as the transgender i just am, happily so, knowing the oneness of another already ‘i am’, of how my future husband is drawn to ‘me’….their own self, ‘am i’ not?

    ‘i am’…….happiness 1/2 + 1/2 = 1 ♥

    without having 2 think about it…..think about it

    100%…..’i just am’


  134. ok it’s March now, keep your promise Bi yatch

  135. Lady Gaga, is defiantly not an Alien

    ( Aliens know how to DANCE )

    So yer anyway

    you got the hint 3 years ago

    why not try me

    i’ll teach you a trick or two

    besides i’ll do it for free anything to keep that fraud off the TV ,

  136. wake up and smell the roses

    it’s time to take on the evil

  137. Im writing a script for a movie bit like Pretty Woman, but in my movie, the hooker is a hot italian guy and he get contracted for ( well you know ) a booking by a super rich business woman, who buys him lovely clothes ( like Dolce & Gabbana ) & yer well anyway im not revealing the whole story on here, you’ll have to wait till the movie comes out to know how it ends..

  138. so yer in the first scene, she at some party, driving home alone, & picks up a rent boy on the street corner, takes him to sum club in the boulevard, after a scenic drive through the hills .. & getting a little lost on the way, it’s like hello am i on the right road ?

    oh yer , it’s the scenic road, oh ok that’s a relief .. i only got fidy ..

  139. ok….here is the six month update on HIV self study

    combating atrophy:

    ♥ make sure they eat healthy food only, no sugar or sweets, that are not nutrient sufficient to maintain the body….the HIV virus lowers one’s appetite to eat, so their intake has to always be healthy foods, otherwise their body will atrophy like we see it does, of the cycle of low appetite, low nutrition intake.

    ♥ make sure they exercise consistently, to increase their appetite and food intake.(this is vital)

    ♥ no alcohol or smoking

    ♥ increase the vitamin supplements to twice daily, as the body uses a maximized nutrient intake(what it naturally yearns and needs) to create energy they need, and this higher daily energy, just above atrophy withering away, increases the appetite to eat and provides for more energy output exercise, removing the person from the cycle of atrophy, of their once unattended condition, without this insight.

    the wasting away is directly linked to the low appetite intake, where the body consumes itself, when not of the yearning intake not met.

    the objective is to maximize nutrient intake of the lower appetite intake of less food, in as many ways as naturally possible, where a consistent regiment outlined by a coach, is the way forward, long enough until each day is created the same, of the newly established consistent daily behavior, making sure they don’t backslide into what is of the tendency of the ever increasing viral loads, for those without access to today’s meds(which is most of the 33 million HIV+ individuals)

    ♥♥ they need coaches, to invigorate them, get them up dancing, get them up playing sports, that MUST be consistent daily activity in how to deal with their HIV condition, where without, we see what happens, they atrophy away in a weakened state, all because of the lower nutrient intake that comes with the lower appetite.

    ♥♥ explore all the ways to increase their appetite to eat ONLY nutrient rich foods, and the less the individual things they have a conditon, the better, in returning them to a mostly normal life, or as close to normal as we can help make them feel, devoid of any useless victim mentality perpetuation, where in truth, the HIV is a normal virus on this planet, and has been for some time, evolving along side of us as merely a symbiotic virus, until recent times of us no longer of our higher metabolism of survival in the wilderness natural habitat as once before.

    the real question is, what is the positive of the symbiotic relationship of the HIV virus for us…..let me get back to you on that one……it does exist, i just don’t know what it is yet, where maybe once we know, we can gain from realizing our victim mentality more fully, in light of what that positive may be, of how our behavior would of been seen in our natural habitat existence, in what changes for us as a positive….i think it has something to do with our feel good brain chemical release, like endorphins, or anti-stress hormones, where for sure, i do notice my own brain chemical change, of an increased hyper alertness of my subtle sensitivity….

    ♥♥♥ thanks everyone

    blessings 2 all


  140. ya ok….rent boy….

    make sure you drop rent boy off in a classroom somewhere when you are done entertaining your own self in treating rent boy like a rent boy, who is not actually a rent boy in God’s wise oneness equality eyes are my own

    as for the clothing, it’s all just an ego driven annoying lame ass lackluster bitter mean spirited falsehood prance, lacking pure true equality oneness with the eternal all looking back on us in dismay of the obvious cold heartedness most any (yet) are of the generational forefather mad flood disconnect reconnecting taking place more and more as the kingdom of heaven oneness i am is ushered in

    it is just who ‘i am’, the light i come forth from, of oneness atonement equality of the eternal all YOU, the TRUTH so easy to purely flawlessly truly reconnect in FEELING, without so much as even a thought of all the useless distracting layering falsehoods that really are gogs of the business world egotism annoyance, nothing more, empty self serving masks.

    and well, perhaps ONE DAY, of the eternal day TRUTH awareness, actually, those abandoned as though nothing, and treated as though nothing, useless to the business machine world, will be regarded as though the greatest of us all, where in truth, they actually are, of their constant atonement bewilderment flawless feeling as to just how wretchedly unloving we all are as a whole, well, ok, that’s not true either, of the sniffled oppressed suppressed suppressing humans (yet) bound in blinding ignorance captivity snare of the enslaving masters of trickery slavery deception business world tunnel vision elitists who don’t esteem us all as vital to their bottom line equation, so long as we are lead to belief and treated as the unemployable non consumers who don’t want to join your shit for brains arrogant circle in the first place!

    lmao 😉


  141. uhm….how big did you say your cock was again?

    just waundering…..wondering, such a wonderous extraordinary feeling, yes!!!!!!!

    truly we are!


  142. may love light up and constantly warm your hearts in lifting you up out of all things unloving and false in life’s path on lover’s road

    just be your self

  143. some more notes on HIV atrophy….

    HIV Wasting Syndrome Definition

    The phenomenon of HIV wasting syndrome can be identified, and hence defined, as a combination of the following indications:-

    * Persistent fever for over thirty days at a stretch
    * Involuntary loss of more than 10% of the normal individual body weight
    * Chronic diarrhea, caused due to apparently unknown reasons, persisting for almost or more than thirty days
    * Constant fatigue for no apparent reason

    All these symptoms may also be accompanied by degeneration of muscle fibers which may result in muscle wasting. To put it all together, HIV wasting syndrome refers to an apparently unexplained wasting away of the body which is symptomized by weakness, weight loss and fatigue which are caused by unexplained deficiencies and malnutrition despite healthy levels of food and nutrition intake.


    NOTE: this final part the speak of of unexplained deficiencies and malnutrition, is obviously written by some idiot not closely observing what IS the nutrient intake of the individual, compared with what once was of the individual prior to HIV infection.

    i know this first hand, where i eat almost exactly half what i used to eat, and well smart people, my metabolic rate before i got infected, was what it was and yet is of constant yearning to remain as it was, with the lower intake of nutrients and protein as before, thus the explanation for why my body is of the cycle of atrophy consuming it’s own self………DUH!!!!!

    why do people write conclusions they don’t research fully in the first place, adding even more lackluster zeal in bringing others into their shortsighted empty nothingness motivational empowerment……….argh…’s not the HIV virus that is killing us, it is the morons who write junk like this and toss it out there as though concluding a mystery of the HIV virus, no, it is not a mystery that we eat less, duh, and no it is not a mystery we feel like shit all the time, weak, and no it is not a mystery we are of atrophy of the body, where the obvious truth is starring us all in the face……….ATROPHY STARVATION MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    eventually the atrophy becomes great enough to leave us in such a weakened state of lowering metabolic adjusting rate, we cannot fight the simplest of things that normal metabolic rate can and does, myself of such a high metabolic rate without HIV, i seldom if ever caught a cold or flu virus.

    we can keep our original metabolic rate, without breaking the bank, by using the same regiment level of exercise, with less duration, increase the nurtrient value of all foods we eat, diet, and rest as before, by increasing our rest time(s) according to how we feel, of a slow progressively increasing of restored metabolic rate, of momentary glimpses as once before, adjusting as we rise up out of cycle atrophy starvation.

    i am convinced the doped feeling i would get, is directly linked to atrophy starvation, in realizing deliberate adjusting of diet, in and out of the cycle of atrophy starvation, where the doped feeling goes away when of the higher maintenance


  144. I got a message for ya,

    & it’s a secret

  145. your well within your rights

    to be happy

    & smile

    life is too short, for anything else…

    but long enough, to make it all worth it…


    i’ll be back in a week or so.. give you some space..

  146. how many times do people lose sight of their own tender pure true exceedingly graceful loving lover oneness atonement happiness with another, and others, in not just being our self, rather giving priority to exactly ‘that’, just being our vulnerable self, at ease, so beautiful the feeling is, when among those authentically, genuinely, sincerely loving of us, as us, of the only way for either able to be their pure true real self, when others are too…..

    i did not know i had Aids…….but i realize it now, that i do…..

    ha, i sit and realize the train wreck i came thru, and now Aids?

    but seeing those who are going thru true horrific life experience in Japan, my God, all my troubles are actually a blessing, as i turn towards why i arrived where i have, of what was my entire life’s journey……

    well, it’s alot more complex than i wanted to deal with at first, alot more vulnerable i am than i was willing to deal with all thru the years until now, in how life was of the intrinsic extrinsic environmental forces any one of us experience, of how impactful life events do affect our behavioral subconscious seeking, not realizing why we do what we do……..well, i realize it all fully now…..all the way back to earliest of childhood…..where the impact of HIV/AIDs impacts me in such a way, that it makes you sit alone for extended periods of time, away from the noise, of introspection reflecting……..ah, that’s why i…..

    enough, no more!

    i am not on that insatiable desire fire fateful path so empty like it always felt for me, trying to fill a void that cannot be filled, but by a most loving lover and true loving authentic real self friends…..

    i feel fortunate, at least i realize it all now… God, even my parents had the worse impact on me, as were the social privilege abusers of any of the others…….alot of them too….

    but i kept running, i kept loyal to my real self feeling like i always was since born, an introvert mostly at first, an extrovert expressing and decompressing what i experienced, that whole bottled up dreadful feeling that makes us clench our hands…..

    the mad flood generational mind fuck, is what we all swim in, is it not?

    i see how asleep i was of my own life path, the plodding along aimless, without conviction that i could of been of, or at least that’s what i tell myself, and yet, my therapist says i was not ready to deal with it until now…..that makes sense too, as one who does understand the dynamics of inner fear in being just how truly sensitive we are, the non-validation environmental of the equally stupid as i, all the oppression repression, intrinsic extrinsic binding like it does, the ever annoying social privilege abusive rattlers like they always are…….useless noise of the lost fools without much conviction in self actualization…..if any!

    and well, i have to say, my entire life journey was all of preparation for my calling, with these devoted stone works that are so sacred to me, of what is my alone self expressing what i yearn for in knowing i am what i yearn for, are we not?

    the halo is of massive macro thinking awareness that is of peering into the constant generational mad flood flow, of our flawless intuitive feelings in atonement that is able to see us joyfully articulate our subtle higher intellect of the pure true divine real self child of God’s heart, mind, body, spirit and oneness soul of the eternal all.

    just how sacred is the nurturing protecting awakening as regards the eternal all yet to come?

    Jesus was of the fearless mental powers in peering into his own flawless constant feeling discerning ability, as too was someone close to him, of constant oneness feeling only love as is Jesus, at all times, of similar life experience of the subconscious melding of heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, as is of most any of us also true, yes?

    the subtle higher intellectual seeds of truth awareness oneness atonement, are exactly as a program for a computer, ‘that’ of what conviction is, our flawless feeling discerning of all truth, where everything is the truth, especially of the untruthful falsehoods of the many, like…..oh, i already told that one off yesterday, what a fuckhead some of you people TRULY are, promoting such violent hate, so openly like you do, uhm, 50 cents?

    i have a question for that one, what of us looking for terrorists, who are like right fucking there in front of us, warping the minds of our beloved children?

    you want me 50 cents? You have to come before God before you can attack that which you cannot see, and trust me, God will derail anything you plan against me, and that goes for any one of you, so watch your step fuckers, of none of you who know what is going on here!

    i really cannot believe how blatantly fucking rude people are, and they laugh in mad laughter as the fools they are, truly, it is all so sickening and disheartening for me to look upon…..vile twisting and twisting wretched derangement of soul, soul of another, on and on these falsehoods hinder another flawlessly perfect generation of kids……i speak for every mother who has lost a child to these senseless ones who sit guile-fully upon their useless thrones of absurd nescience….wow, what fuckheads some of you TRULY ARE!

    oh, you go speak your bitter tongue all you want fuckers, of you who do not know who walks among you, nor shall you, so long as your short little attention spans are so full of all your shit for brains empty nothingness, the void devoid of any semblance of God’s child able to be recognized by any other child of God……….are you people really that fucking ignorant of your own flawless feeling divine child of God self within?

    ‘i am’ not judgemental, no, ‘i am’ the TRUTH which all must pass thru in coming before God as always, ‘i am’…..lest we forget who i surrendered my life to, knowing without doubt who it belongs to… is a hint, it sure as fuck is not the likes of some of you!

    you cannot destroy the truth ‘i am’, none of you can, not yesterday, not today, and sure as fuck not tomorrow, and do you want to know why motherfuckers?

    because already you are dead today, just like you were yesterday, and sure as fuck, you are dead in the future, eternally forgotten, of how evil is destroyed, not ever celebrated like i see some of you fuckheads prancing around in all your shit for brains gun toting fear mongering ways……….truly i tell you, it is you who casts you out of heaven with the pure true love we who are the pure true loving tender mild ones that God recognizes, as do i, as am i, as too are all YOU!

    i am here to crush every last one of you with the TRUTH that will fully reveal your ugliness before your own eyes, leaving you scurrying and trying to run away from that which none shall escape from, foolishly thinking any of you can?

    no, you cannot

    nor would you want to, if you purely truly did KNOW the truth you all remain in denial avoidance of…….

    i really wish they would ban these fuckers from society, as the terrorist leaders they are, like wtf people?

    i feel sad for those who have residence near these fuckheads, ya, well watch out fuckers, cause TRUTH is coming to you all, and you will face the TRUTH that has already come!

    on your knees before God in asking forgiveness for your wretched perpetuations THAT ARE NOT FORGIVABLE!!!!!!!!!!

    fucking idiots……….



  147. oh….uhm, i quit the smoking, and the body is responding, with a higher metabolic rate, and body higher temperature that comes with vitality of the body, like any of you who love exercising, so the HIV virus is retreating, slowly, not sure what my T-cell count is, and well, maybe boycotting you hypocrite investors of the fat cat world of pharmaceutical shit for brains OK to leave a child to die ones…… not such a good idea……..or is it?

    i will see if i can do a full recovery out of this slide i was in, the mild persistent fever now gone, have to watch my stress levels, need the proper restful sleep, need the consistent healing gracefulness that pushes away all the stressors, by means of not wanting to even think about you stressor ones


    in for blood work soon……..i promise 😉

    i really want to finish these stones, and well, i feel optimistic in gaining back the twenty pounds i lost, already i am up ten pounds in less than a week…..the smoking, mostly, and the Aids too, where i think if you get to far down, you cannot find your way back out of the lower realms of Aids, the motivation really sinks, sorta like people who give up, cause they are sick of being sick and just want to die……like my Dad did, actually, come to think of it…….ah well, he stayed in the fucking closet, like the moron he was!


  148. strut like i know you want it!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    the radio version……yawn….

  149. #stopbullying….thanks Justin

  150. of all the Presidents of the USA to be remembered in our history, President Obama and Michelle will be remembered most for their sincere efforts, although sadly, did not draw much attention as i thought it would of….

  151. i think i just wet my pant’s ha ha, nah seriously but my heart is racing, my armpits are sweating like a troll & something tells me this will be an interesting week..

  152. Number 6

    The six is built on 2 triangles, representing two poles as well as the principal of twin flames, “two merging together”, and the never ending task how they relate to each other.
    In Indian philosophy it’s seen as Shiva and and his wife Shakti, both representing the static and dynamic principal. In the Kabbalah it is Salomon and Shulamit, and so forth, the expression of ecstatic love found in a divine amorous play.

    Therefore, the sound affinity between six and sex is no coincidence. Six is the number of sexual power, the reconnecting force between body and soul, female and male, plus and minus, yin and yang, fire and water.

    The desire for ecstasy and climax as a motivator in human sexual activity is a mirror for soul’s desire to merge again with its creator. Consciously or not, it is the brief moment of unity what the lovers are seeking for. Procreation is the outcome, creating new vessels for souls to move in and having the chance to walk on this wonderful earthly plane.

    It is almost needless to say, why this powerful number has been chosen by those who feel attraction to the misuse of power, calling their activities satanic, black magic, voodoo, etc.

    But, to make it perfectly clear, a number per se can NOT be bad. 666 for example is exactly what you think about it, and you need to examine where your thoughts were coming from! Do you really feel deep within whether it’s a bad or good number? Did you read somewhere about the supposedly meaning, or did you see it in movies? The hammer is not a devilish tools just because someone somewhere has killed with it.

  153. it’s kinda like rewarding when you finally put the final pieces of the 5000 zigsaw puzzle together

    & you get down to the last 10 pieces and the picture becomes, then you realise ,

    FUCK ive lost the last two pieces …

    fuck ..

    fuck fuck …

    after all that effort, i cannot finish the fucking puzzle

    fuck ….

    but from you do manage to piece together you kinda see the beauty in the picture puzzle …

    even if you are robbed of the opportunity of placing the final piece after all that time…

    cause someone stole the last fucking piece …


    fuck that…

  154. why be SomeWhere

    when you can be eVeRyWhere

  155. haha

    hey, it is wonderful to see the curious student self like i am, of the open mindedness required to learn or become empowered by a greater understanding of a much greater puzzle that i must say, you don”t yet purely see by means of our flawless intuitive 100% CONSTANT KNOWNIGNESS……such is the kingdom of heaven.

    i do want to say, you yet are of vagueness expanding into the greater eternal picture, and yet, you touch on how souls(spirits) enter these vessels newly created, suggesting eternal spirits, that some believe so purely exist, their mind manifests visions of them, both of their dream scape and the extending plane of the physical realm we walk in, as ghosts(mind created hallucinations? maybe)…not in a bad way, no, as a plausible way, of open mindedness to a realm we cannot yet understand that may or may not exit, where i will ask, do you any of you know why this physical plane exists?

    it does exist, we just don’t know why, or what part of something even bigger that it is of, where it is highly probable that there is something far greater than the universe, just as is (evident) of how far greater invisible realm of dark matter, we cannot understand or see yet, but we see that something does exist that is holding all the spinning galaxies together like it clearly so beautifully does.

    ya, i am firmly grounded in the pure flawless realm of the million year old life matter we are, as to the natural occurring extended behaviourals of the near perfect ever evolving living matter.

    i will go on to say this, all living matter works within using the pure mathematic CONSTANTS of the physics that is of a timeless dimension, is it not?

    does not the mathematics span across all time past, present, future, 100% unchanging, where time has no affect of any ability to change the mathematic constants?

    therefore God is an eternal realm devoid of time that has absolutely no affect whatsoever, absurd to think it does, PURE TRUTH, that’s what God is, and so too are we, beyond our languages, remarkable of the living matter that IS an extension of the PURE TRUTH CONSTANT flawless realm physics mathematics, of more that is yet to come.

    you say we seek the creator, i say, we ARE exactly that of the creator, flawlessly so!

    what is most perplexing, is how low we esteem the incredible remarkable and astonishing complexity of living matter, in all our absurd falsehood ways that are not at all of the harmonious 100% ONEness of what all living matter is, 100% of the eternal realm of unchanging mathematics of the physics of the physical realm, where time DOES NOT EXIST.

    time is not actually a significant part of this dimension, as much as we like to think it is, it is not.

    we like to lend significance to time, as relates to the living matter we think does not live on, but look again, the living matter lives on…….eternally.

    and…..sadly……so too does our every word spoken, ever influential harmonious graceful true nature mirrored(or not mirrored)………eternally.

    so i ask, what time IS all living matter again?


    of no time at all left for lame ass all you, unless you get over here RIGHT NOW, and fuck ‘me’!!!!!!!!!!!!



    uhm…..someone is starting to feel better?

    ya, my vitality is slowly coming back, like that of my youthful feeling that i recall feeling…….of far far greater thankfulness………to enjoy being ALIVE

    inspite of any lame ass you…..where like Jesus, i too know the unchanging TRUTH, “Ah, if this is true of ‘me’, then so too is it also true of all of you…..where all i want and need is just ONE………..not just any ONE!” 😉

    and can we please dispense with this supposed difference between the sexes… is not true, we are merely yet of the lame thinking past of future generations who know the oneness exact same atonement TRUTH right there in the future, looking back on just how absurd we TRULY are, in all our annoying shortsighted annoying ego driven annoying…….yawn……can i go now?



    wow, i really do enjoy playing off our interactive seeking words, ya, it always was so uplifting for me……2

    and well, i love you



    it is not

  156. 🙂

  157. honestly, i am a beach bum spirited country boy, nothing more, happy just to be ‘me’, doing whatever, just need ONE to go do whatever with every ONE, knowing we all feel the same emotions, so let us go shine the holy joyful absolute carefree happiness IS of the eternal all ONE generation

  158. as a musician, i came to know beautiful constant flowing harmious purity of my own soul love deep within, realizing how the strings moved me so profoundly, so purely, so truly, and that is what motivated me to become accomplished to the highest levels, knowing i could move another the same way i knew the strings move me, and well, what to say……i love my own self i see and feel of all of YoU, walking thru the constant flowing beautiful flawless feelings i enjoy feeling in meeting so many on lovers road, of only love good enough 2 FEEL 2 be yOu!

    and well, that’s what truly is of ‘me’, to feel the truth of our ever seeking self-love pure true harmonious ONEness self, equal as self of another, that in TRUTH, according to mathematics of the physical living star dust matter we are made from, we are alot more closer to being exactly the same, than the ever eluding deluded ones care to 100% realize.


    100% is God’s number, just as 100% is TRUTH of the mathematic constants…..that don’t change, are unable to change.

    we are all just amusing ourselves…….annoyingly at times, i might be ABLE 2 add……..just don’t ask me how to spell.

    do you want to tell them or shall we both tell them?

    we are all 100% the flawless eternal living stardust matter……with some rather advanced life force entity DNA programing………and well, no one can escape the TRUTH that is not able to change just because someone wants to say we are not the same, for sake of what again?

    that’s right, amuse one’s self……..and well……..of the absurd ones i am not amused, nor confused, of those ‘i am’ bruised bi


  159. i’m bored, sitting here on my own eating my home grown salad & tomatoes, anyONE care to join me ?

  160. maybe i should give up smoking & start jogging again.. i’m thinking its time…

    & a gym buddy to motivate me, a fuck buddy would be awesome too haha seriously not just to fuck, fucking is boring well not for the lust part, but passionate sex or love making is better then you get to cuddle up and get sleepy together and astral travel through the universe together & when you wake up in the morning all tangled up together its really nice well from what i can remember its been 20 years now since i last did that ..

  161. self-actualization

    until ego comes along, all wrapped up with it’s usual vulnerable self fear of intimacy, and takes over, fucking it all up like it usually does, the ungrateful atonement forgetfulness of too much false pride foolish notion, that can feel as though you can do better with someone else, as the lies begin, strangers let in, as guilt and falsehoods take over what was once beautifully pure and true……..and well………does not have to end that way, but alot of times it does, for reasons that were already there in the first place, of whatever ones self-love esteem had been their entire life journey, the surfacing of our original personality now and again, wanting back into……….live

    but sometimes, two people do fall in love with each other………i don’t know, i think it takes two mature people, or at least one of them with patience enough…………..well, atonement healing revealing dynamic trust issues of the ever testing vulnerable real self manifestations……..argh………

    one should not ever have to question if someone loves us, where always it is true, of the oneness core of everyone seeking emotional honest safety……….not just with you

    and well, that takes maturity and pure compassion for another, where we can ask, what if you had not existed in their life, what would the fateful path of them be then?

    how does God see?

    with eyes of wise loving compassionate truth, yes?

    true love sees all things, and knows the aimless plodding along, where when of our own consistent vulnerable ever nurturing love and wise protecting self at all times, so too is another and others able to just be themselves, and well, we need to be thankful of the path of destiny of friends who walk with us into the kingdom of heaven instead, who may or may not become one’s lover, and yet, all are the lover friend trend to feeling only love, ya, just have fun to be yourself, in letting who ever finds they do enjoy you more than anyone other wander near and into your life, maybe they stay, maybe they won’t, where you too grow in what is of their true self too, greater and greater in coming out of the useless fear, up and up into the kingdom of heaven constant shining true……..only love good enough 2 feel 2 be YOU!

    and remember, this light shines thru into the eternal future, lighting the eternal all up within, free of the annoying taboo sin

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  162. of course, it helps if one evolves first in divine self atonement awareness wisdom, devoid of damaging derailing forgetfulness, in realizing how others evolve too, just like you did too, watching them grow, knowing they will, but only if you remain of the destiny path true, and well, where else have i got to go? is all one need ask………in having been thru all the dark past paths

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  163. you cannot see the true self of another, unless you are the true self other

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  164. all are sacred unto God, even of those not yet knowing they are

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  165. more accurately…..especially of those not yet knowing…..the horrid paths of fate, all too often too late…..i know, i once was on one of those paths that ended in too late to do anything when all could of been………well, always everywhere is the truth, just be sure to take time to know the difference between heaven and hell, where all are of the intuitive feeling knowingness, however submerged repression yet binds one

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  166. don’t tell anyone

    we should keep it a secret

  167. Lol,

    don’t join MI6 you’re spying undercover work…

    well lets just say, stick to the sculpting….

    do what you do best …. 🙂

  168. do it if you want,

    if it gets you off ….

    then do it…

    by the way, what does get you off ?

    What !!

    it’s an important question …

    try before , you cry

  169. holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover oneness happiness with my versatile transsexual future husband

    not 100% sure who it will be who surrenders to the bridal chamber alone with me, but i do 100% know it could be any ONE of YoU!

    it really is not up to me, albeit, up to ‘me’

    you know, looks up to me, even if they are like 7 feet tall, pro football player, black, with the nicest cock one could ever dream of, pinning you against the wall ever time they walk in the door with you waiting there madly passionately biting your nails again, watching the clock?

    WHERE IS THAT FUCKER???????????


    GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ahahahhahahaahaHAHAAHHAHAAaaaaaaaaa HA!!!!!!!!!

    butt right now, my top is in love with Miko’s ass!

    and well, he is going thru a most horrible time right now, making me realize my path is of God that i walk with him for awhile……how ever long, where in my heart, my love is eternal, unwavering, unchanging, even if he finds another one day

    why is it when people are down and out, another one of you fucking bullies comes along and beats the fuck out of us some more?

    you fucking control freakers, get the fuck away from Miko!

    his uncle of all fucking people, a homeless kid they took in, i swear, i am going to fucking …………..ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    ya well, Miko and i have already overcome all you lame ass wannabes!

    none shall tread on Miko again, oh they will try, and Miko will tell you all to fuck off!

    God’s orders for Miko from now on

    …..that always works WELL for me

    i got him to vent it all yesterday, he’s ok now……i pray

    i sent this video to Yoko yesterday

    bless you with only love

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  170. these stoneworks will be sent to every corner of the earth over the next twenty years of my life, God willing

    get me off?

    ya ok, whatever

    how about 10,000 University scholarships while i am yet alive, and then every dime after i am dead continuing the trust fund scholarships for transgenders worldwide?



    gets me off, ya ok, whatever, you people are…….

    you know what, i am not going to be bitter any more, i found my calling of God, ok?

    you just go do whatever the fuck you want, ok?

    i am on my destiny path, and God knows i am home now, dwelling 100% constantly in my sweet mild delicate effeminate best sex EVER! transgendered heart, not just where i belong, rather who i 100% am

    not some FREAK you keep wanting to make me out to be

    whatever Marco…….

    perhaps the day will come when you are standing in my path, holding one in your hands……..likely after i am fucking dead biyatch!

    ya, that’s how much you fucking care about me

    and well, that is the truth of how i feel being around you

    you don’t believe in me……… all

    you don’t have any concern to assist getting these most SACRED life altering works into the precious hands of so so many waiting in the fucking horrid dark bullying paths, no, just let them fucking die, thanks every one!

    whatever, you people are fucking lame ass disconnected hearts to ‘me’

    and well, i know my brothers are there, and soon many will behold these sacred works that is going to alter the entire eternal all future yet to come

    already in my heart, the future has already 100% come

    that’s how passionate i am, God’s passionate loving oneness eternal all WISE compassion

    devoid of ever useless fucking waste of my time with all your anal retentive, SAY SOMETHING USELESS SOME MORE WHY DON’T YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    anyway……i am in love with Miko ……..and others of course

    if anyone knows WHY, it is me……and Annie Lennox, and Bobby too, where the fuck is Bobby?

    you fucking bitch Bobby! You put this in me!

    ha 😉

    what else can i say…….uhm……see you all in the path ONE DAY


    already ‘i am’ there………..eternally

    ONEness of Jesus, *that ‘i am’……….wise to ALL

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  171. Just don’t ever pull rank on me ( again )

    & we’ll be just fine…

    ( your forgiven )

    we are all equal in God’s eyes …

  172. but thats not too say , i don’t admire your amazing sculptures & art

    totally awesome

    not to mention your empathy & passion to help the world …

    totally awesome

    never alone

  173. and please do yourself a favor, and don’t say anything hypocritical, ok?

    you will only invite harm to your pure heart like my own

    already i have stepped into heaven, so please know, only love is of heaven…… all times

    my presence with you all is 100% of God’s will

    and i am of a sacred mission of God’s will, WISELY

    i have witnessed so many of my friend’s and lover’s suicides over twenty years, so don’t you dare say some stupid remark, ok?

    all these years i kneel before Troy and God, asking Troy’s forgiveness in not being there during his darkest hour, where the asshole egotistic shit for brians stupid fool me, was one of those heartless fucks like i realize i was, when Troy needed me during his darkest hour, and what did i do?………

    well, i was partly cause for his suicide, that’s what i once was…………no more

    and Troy and God know my pain so greatly like i felt for so long, still i cry blessed tears of awareness of the truth, about the hypocrisy heart Jesus speaks about, that i foolishly was…….

    these things of the heart must be embraced in the realm of 100% love or the foolish false opposite that derails our precious loving lives, of all this fucking generational mind fuck trap bullying………

    it will stop one day, and i am going to make it stop, where i know it won’t while i am alive, but i do know ONE DAY it will, however far into the distant future, the entire future IS always……….right there!

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  174. Miko and i are getting married, already we are spiritually married, and is that not what true blue marriage IS?

    even if apart, no matter distance and time that don’t exist in the spiritual realm?

    the question you need to ask, is who was Jesus married to, spiritually?

    realize the 100% truth……the heart of Jesus IS spiritually married to the eternal all YoU!

    and yOu!

    and for sure, 100% YOU who enter fully into the kingdom of heaven with God…..and ‘me’, i think Marr is here some where 2, ya, she is, and Michael, watch your step with Michael, he IS the guardian of all truth, and he won’t give any of you fools a free pass, that’s not how pure true flawless atonement works, that the fool is oblivious to. 😉


    see what i mean?

    it’s just ‘me’ Michael, and would you please stop with that sword thing, it’s really annoying, those days are long ago Michael, come on, get with the times, will ya?


    you know, i really should write a film script, ‘ONE DAY!’ 😉

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  175. shut up too

    late !!

    i got in first
    so may as well enjoy

  176. ah why sript it

    just fuck it

  177. who wants to suck my cock ?

    i’m taking offers !

  178. i love this global atonement so pure and blessed in feeling of how i feel everyone is of their natural at ease place in the world, of the musicians who made/make it all possible…..please know your pure true sacred value of God’s willing harmonious oneness we easily feel, merely by turning towards feeling that magical child feeling we all are within, like we can in this video, truly connected with the precious souls who are all there, always there is one waiting to feel and see how loving we are

    so let’s go everyone, lift up the entire world to God’s only love good enough 2 feel 2 be YOU!

    bless you all with only love good enough 2 feel 2 be YOU!

    forever more

    ‘i love’ YoU all, especially the eternal all YOU!

    hey, why do they say a cat has 9 lives?

    it’s not true, my cat hates 9-lives, loves the Meow mix

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  179. ok i think , im won


    im done

    ive made up my mind

    you win


    except tonight

    bucks night

    fux off

    ill do what i want

  180. argh…..Charlie disrespectfully said something like that yesterday, and you don’t want to know what i say to him…..the truth he seeks, although i don’t think it will register with Charlie, not sure what closet he is hiding in……ha 😉

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  181. you R welcome 😉

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  182. oh, i want to hear + feel…..again…..

  183. by the grace of God go WE forever more

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  184. i was born into the Christian generational flood, lived 15 years with buddists, turns out i am Muslim 😉

    i love the pure spiritedness of Muslims, like my own gentle mild spirit


    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  185. 2 love someone of the same sex, is revealing of how much you love your own self, is it not?

    am i not?

    revealing? 😉

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  186. oh shut the fuck up

    & sit on my cock

  187. American Idol is so much better with world famous best of the best musician(s), with that addition of Areosmith’s lead singer, Steven Tyler, along side of the next generation yet to become famous singers, aspiring as the oneness sameness of the artists before them… just makes more sense, the feeling is just so much more an artist show now, than a ego mind fucking game show.

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  188. im not your bitch….please try again…. ha

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  189. (+) ~ mental power IS the kingdom of heaven halo shield for all who walk in the mad flood drowning taboo (yet) ignorant world, of the eternal all ONE DAY divine pure true real self flawless healing feeling intuitively born yOu of the eternal ALL YOU, of what is the source of our being shining radiant brilliant bright holy joyful absolute carefree loving happiness so pure in feeling thru us all……..eternally felt………..just as WE do!

    bless you all with only love good enough 2 FEEL 2 be YOU!

    clearly…..the kingdom of heaven IS yOUR feelings….is it not?

    are WE not?

    ‘i am’……BE Cause……..WE R!

    forever more

    peace be to you

    may God’s love within, free us all from all falsehood unloving hateful forefather sin, where indeed, it is a sin, a crime against our own divine child within, to ever be unloving towards another. duh!

    argh……..what a bunch of morons

    can we please skip to the 25th century, im bored


    well ok, not really, but sometimes…….no wonder why there……..argh……..ok, guess i can do this on my own, whatever biyatches, see you in the radiant brilliant bright destiny oneness path of the eternal all

    hey, what year is this, omg, is it really 2011 already?

    argh………so much work (yet) … be done, where already what is done, has already come……..the TRUTH

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  190. (+) just need more awareness of it, that’s all

    is that not what all these instruments of God are for? uhm?

    ok then, need i remind you again who you all are?

    ok thanks everyone, i have to attend to some others

    i will return……..uhm……….not sure which century, ha

    as if time exists…….NOT!

    such blind moron fools you all appear as, not even knowing you truly are…….wow

    amazes me some days, just how blind some of you are, astonishing indeed Jesus, like a ring thru their noses, slaves of the ring masters of deception, wow, it really is one giant prison


    well, that is until Madonna……..and Gaga……….and ………Britney………..and………..what is that other tramps name again?


    im joking, my God, just remember who the fuck was there when you needed, ok, that’s right……….. GOD!

    i love God’s presence, protects me from everyone of you, who don’t know God, but you feel God’s presence, i already know you do :mrgreen:

    mmmmm….the spirit of Jesus is so pure calm exceedingly graceful flawless……..absolutely flawless in feeling, beautiful! ONEness of all souls, is what i feel, of all today, of eternal who will inherit how we just ARE!

    loving, wise, compassionate ONE and the SAME

    always it is the same feeling, regardless of time

    how do i know…….uhm………i won’t tell you, the won’t believe ‘me’ anyway, so why bother, they are all stupid, and well, half asleep, which is ok, rest is good, the dream state, beautiful……….nightmare for others…… fucking creeps! As Pink Floyd says, leave the kids alone!

    and you sure as fuck better stay away from Miko from now on fuckers, cause God will deal with you directly!

    i already asked God to, so there!

    and if you get hit by a bus…….no wait, make it one of those cement trucks, will you God?

    ok thanks God

    they really are better off dead, i realize that now, ya, they are

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  191. of course they cannot see me, but i see them, and they sense my presence thru Miko now, who is going to kick their ass all the way back to…….back to…….hey, i like that bottomless pit that one warrior kicks someone into, with their back to, in that film called ‘300’, that was so cool! I love that scene!


    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

    THIS IS SPARTAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the dead are not dead, and the living are not living, empty vessels for any spirit to find refuge in, is what so many of you unknowingly become……derranged….and well, that is the truth

  192. (+) ~ sadly, the generational mad flood drowning continues………you know, i really just want to kill some of you who are so deathFULL to us! My God, and so blatantly willing of death you are to us, can you believe it?


    ya well watch carefully now everyone, and see how your wretched path unfolds for you, ok? How it ends for you……..and so many………and well, you perpetuated it as the fools you ARE!


    that’s is the word of the week for you morons, ya, you are DEATHFUL!

    not worthy of life, honestly, after witnessing the likes of so many of you, how vile, how truly wretched evil twisting deathful vile your tongues are……my god, astonishing how delightful the evil hypocrisy hearts so many of you take delight of, and so blindly stupid, don’t they realize how stupid they sound?

    well forget them, i walked away from them twenty years ago, i suggest you all do the same, don’t look back, lest you turn into the stone hearts they OBVIOUSLY ARE!


    don’t get me wrong, i love stone hearts, but not the kind that is unloving of life, loving of the fires death i reveal the truth they really really are………here, let me get some of their posts, ok? unbelievalbe what spues out of their wretched twisting and twisting bitter false dark derranged shallow hateful minds of a lunatic child thinking they are wise and OBVIOUSLY not wise at all, a wonder they can even read actually………truthfully 😉

    keep running towards us, ok?

    we love you

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  193. (+) ~ i love them as my own self, of the truth they are!

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  194. (+) ~ no child of God should have to put a chair against their bedroom door, to keep out what is supposed to be a trusting family member, that is what hell is people!

    i no longer ask why i am crossing of the path of others… fucking creeps!

    LGBTQ true and faithful brother/sisterhood

  195. you know what, it suddenly dawn on me, that i don’t have any real life friends here……you are all fucking cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. well ok, you have your own lives to live and i really need to get on living mine

    ok whatever

    you know, sometimes you say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times Marco, you may want to work on listening, if ever you want to be a professional……, may as well be talking to the fucking wall of no response is better than an inappropriate one

  197. here is a 40 song list of Playing For Change, of musician participants from around the world, truly beautiful and amazing!


  198. nothing wrong with being satirical & mimicking life, that’s my art, my expression

    come back when the sense of humor does

  199. thanks Peter

  200. oh precious child of God, please forgive us all some day, of our hearts so closed and blind to so many

    thank you God for opening our oneness heart

  201. I don’t like traffic jams, people get nasty and start verbally abusing people, things they say reflect the worst in human nature, the deep dark evil side show’s…

    That’s it for me, I’m done…

    out of here for good …

  202. oh ok thanks…..whatever

  203. Miko say, “follow your heart say” ♥

    he is ok….thanks for asking

    no more crying alone feeling like no one cares for him, walking thru the low self-esteem valley of spiritual death, so toxic for so many who do know the TRUTH like they constantly feel

    i feel it is of God that i am in Miko’s path, who reached out to me, always i am there for him, because i want to be what i am for him, only love

  204. well thanks for the cold motherfucking friendship Marco

    fuck off ok?

    you just keep on being the fucking jerk off you enjoyed being with me, ok?

    mentally fucking abusive, is what you were and are, that is your reality check mr.abandonment!

    ya well who wants or needs your uncertainty?

    no one

    and i sure as fuck did not enjoy your standoffish shit for how many fucking years now?

    pfffffffffffff………..empty nothing zeal

    a real mind fuck if ever there was any i experience in life, right down to the empty nothing end……ya well, this story does not end!

    just ends for jerks like you who like mentally abusing others, like you did me all this time, mr player slayer homophobic fuck!

    whatever, i don’t need your uncertainty, ok?

    where is your brotherhood, uhm?

    does not exist externally, that much is obvious, that’s fine, many will join in my campaign to bring change with this project, my calling, MY LIFE!


    what a fucking jerk you are!


  205. the truth is, you like to manipulate people’s minds, expecting them to say what you intentionally manipulate…….uhm…….that is really pathetic Marco

    no one talks to me like you do, nope, i have authentic genuine concerned constantly loving friends here in my real life………of my real heart

    one day, you will come across me again in the world, and well, maybe then you will realize how you really were fucking cold to me, just a blank fucking empty nothing zeal, useless to God

    and everyone else

    anway, go do whatever you want with your life, i know what i am doing, bringing change to every corner of our gay life as i can possibly be welcomed

    the fucking opposite of your unwelcoming SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks fucker!

    i really see just how much a manipulator asshole you are now

    and i sure as fuck won’t ever trust a word you have to say now

    nor should anyone

  206. they are lunatics, God, that is the obvious TRUTH my heart purely feels, thinking they are wise, thinking they are loving of me, as though i deserve that?

    who do they hurt, inviting falsehood to their own pathetic unwise afraid cowardice self, in perpetuation of more and more of the disconnect mad flood?

    others and their own useless unloving submerging self, not ever ‘me’

    because it is you God who protects me with your wise articulation discerning of my intuitive flawless feeling ability, 100% the truth that reveals all untruth for what you and i know it is……..nothing.

    you are correct Jesus, see them as though nothing, of the empty nothingness they offer you, as though you are deserving of nothing, that is not true at all, the disconnect lacking zeal of disrespect of ‘me’

    that’s fine, i have really amazing friends here Marco

    thanks, but no thanks pathetic boy

    you hurt and embarrass only your own self like you just did

    i ask, what is evil?


    all things unloving is evil, is it not?

    are you not?


    i don’t care what you have to say any more, as one who just wants to pull the rug out from under me time and time again, a thorn no longer in my side!


  207. you don’t know how to even be a friend to me, no, just more of your manipulating that always was so annoying for me, without grace, happy to be free of you if you must know……..i am

  208. ONE LOVE

    whatever Marco……… hurt only you

  209. hmmm, a peace offering? What is happening in south Libya, that’s what i want to know, last i heard it was a genocide going on there, surely we have enough witnesses to arrest and charge the leaders of this dictator regime with the OBVIOUS war crimes, like the innocent unarmed journalist they sniper shot dead…..i say give them time to step down, and if not(which we already know they won’t), then arrest all of them! In the mean time, let the world know they are wanted for war crimes, the TRUTH! Why should we EVER allow anyone in the world think these evil ignorant ones have the right to speak to the world as though we are the ones perpetuating evil deeds, when the truth is they are the ones hiding from our WAR CRIME CHARGES of GENOCIDE? Enough already! We are not blind to the TRUTH! One can only imagine the terror in the hearts of those living in south Libya right now, as their wretched evil genocide killing continues, while we sit idle? Think again everyone, within a week, these leaders will be either killed or captured! Then we can turn to the matter at hand in the International War Crime tribunal, the Hague, to hear the personal accounts of just how horrifying the testimonials are, of so many voices who won’t ever have a chance to say anything, because they are being killed as we speak. How dare these evil ones call out to Arab Muslims in calling us evil, when we are the angels of mercy liberating ALL from these ignorance forefather leaders sitting on thrones of nescience, that we know without doubt whatsoever, they are not of God’s pure true loving grace AT ALL! HEAR THE TESTIMONIALS of those who survive! LISTEN TO THE TRUTH EVERYONE! Where all untruthfulness is, God is not there, until such a time as we come forth as the revealers of all TRUTH, riding this world some day, of all things unloving, wretched, evil, so the next generation may live in peace, happy, like we have been standing up for since WW2. BLESSED are those of TRUTH! BLESSED are we of TRUTH! forever more

  210. not only is this our time for the world to unite as a human race, ‘that’ IS exactly what the next generation is constantly harmoniously lovingly DOING!

    without the forefather perpetuation binding falsehood ignorance so absurd like we truly KNOW IS THE THRUTH!

    bless you all X

  211. Gee thanks for all the kind words, I would never publicly humiliate YOU…

    anywaz all this stalking, it’s doing my head in …

    what happened to good old fashion, respect.. like hello how are you, it’s go good to see you, we have so much to talk about and catch up on .. or is that too much to ask for ? what is it, pride ? ego ?

    & please don’t say Gay Pride cause that will just rattle me even more…

    fuck im going mental from all this …

    I think i’ll catch a plane next week & go spend a few months on some remote beach in spain or something, gather my thoughts before i go totally mental..

  212. what is it?

    it is called you being the cold fucking disconnect hypocrisy heart you enjoy dwelling in, rather than substance of an authentic genuine pure true constant flowing real sensibility of the ever vulnerable delicate emotional honesty seeking safe one within us all.

    argh……..well, news flash…..i don’t need or want you either

  213. you enjoy your social privilege mental abusiveness, that much is obvious

    what a fucking scatter brain you are, truly!

    implying all your fucking wing nut shit for brains just as it always has been, spinning of wheels going absolutely fucking now where, for sure not ever with ‘me’

    admit it, you get off on the thinness of hypocrisy heart meandering trash talk……..

    well go talk with someone who wants to listen to it, cause i sure as fuck don’t!


  214. you are a mental tyrant

    end of conversation

    thanks fuckhead

    about as far removed from any semblance of LGBTQ family as i have ever met

    like why do that?

    why be a fucking jerk like you are all the time?

  215. you humiliate your own self, in being the mental tyrant you enjoy being

    twisting and twisting around and around, derangement of soul, soul of another

    it’s called bullying

    first you instigate

    then you stand back and mock in mad laughter of the hypocrisy heart fool

    mental tyrant

    we have empty nothing to talk about, not on the same page

    we have nothing to catch up on, because i don’t want you near me any more as one who does not deserve my trusting friendship as the mental tyrant you are

    social privilege abuse

    add it to your list of abuses

  216. ha, stalking, ya i guess you could say the eternal TRUTH of the wise spirited Jesus is for sure stalking you and everyone of us of the eternal all

    you are correct

  217. you are a jerk, about as enjoyable as a pair of wet socks

  218. anything else ? ???

    to add

    to your rant ???

  219. were having a pet shop boy’s inspiration night,

    thats how i feel sometimes like a puppy in a shop window, barking at all the people walking past

  220. wet sock’s , wtf

    never heard that expression before…

    but than again, i’ve never walked in the mud without


    Kick ASS

  221. “derangement of soul” wtf

    mud slicking !!!

  222. I do not believe in time

    but sometimes

    timing can be an expression of respect & honor

    which is timeless……..

    if you know what i mean ….

    ok you’ve got 4 minutes ….

  223. If you cannot get the job done right first time !

    Then well,….

    you must be missing …


  224. So what kinda job should I get ? I’m not doing porn to survive hell no, I’m a good administrator..

    Even better when I’m the boss ha ha I mean when it’s my passion, like its all about following your heart … Like I’m flirting, I’m not, one rejection is enough I’m talking business …

  225. oh come on cheer up…

    it’s a growth period !!

    i’m not doing anything wrong,

    i’m still single i’m not dating anyone, hardly infidelity..

    i’ve got lots of friends, that i cuddle up to… most of them have partners, so im just friends with them, we all need to cuddle up to someone

    do we not ?

  226. but then, that’s not really what you want from me is it.,

    I know what what you want …

    spiritual pre sense , to be in that place … you know ..

    it just cannot be taken , or given …

    it’s like fame you know you have to work for it …

    I can show you, how to you know ,,,,

    to be in that place…

    can come to an arraigned… arraignment ..


    PRISON …


  227. oh go on, run away then , if thats how you feel

    just don’t bother coming back if you do

    I wont be here

    i’m moving sideways

    oh fuck GOd

    Dont’ SHOOT ME

    Im just the messenger …

    oh is that a ReVoLvEr in your hand ?

    oh damn

  228. Everyone can be bought for a price

    Make Me An Offer !

    I cannot REFUSE

  229. God Bless


    that Casts

    The Last Shadow

    for it is dearly a flextion

  230. Reflection , … sorry God’s got a stutter tonight

  231. oh, i live a carefree simple life of an artist grace Marco, bringing the sacred stones to this unwise disconnecting world of unawareness oneness, that needs the sacred mirror i know well of atonement oneness in self-love

    while i don’t think sex is different in feeling between females and males, oneness of my female and male bisexual self is of both my female and male versatile enjoyment as transgendered like i know ‘i am’, therefore my sexual wants and needs are best with a versatile transgendered lover, who likewise is the oneness lover happiness ‘i am’

    i feel a responsibility to those dealing with their transgendered awareness, where non transgendered parents and friends are also able to embrace their transgendered children and friends, so this is for all, of the eternal all yet to come.

    it has become a mission for me, and also a catharsis process of my own awareness growth that i have come to realize as well, where our coming out process is a process that does not end, in coming into greater and greater pureness in atonement blessed graceful feeling as our transgendered self, beyond all the lame low self-esteem bully manifesting (yet) ignorant world that is toxic for us…….where even today, people of hypocrisy are always just there, as i realize fully the truth of the words of Jesus, that this generation is not the generation to come fully free of the mad flood forefather perpetuation ignorance, of what is the one generation bound together in evolving like we see it has been over the past decades, that will continue in truth that is not able to fail, and only grow in brightness of the eternal day awareness, for sake of all, where no one wants to see anything bad happening to our lover, friends and family, like we know it yet does for so many of LGBTQ family.

    i feel the pure presence of those in the future, maybe of my own imagination constant desire of escaping of my own life here in their past, that i have escaped from mentally, emotionally, sexually, just not physically, always there is the oppression we walk in, and that is something that society does not realize about us, that it is like being a prisoner of a Nazi prison camp for us, being treated as outcast freaks by everyone all the time, where ya, we learn to expect it, we develop a thick skin to it, and the tendancy to avoid them, but what of those who don’t have supportive others of LGBTQ family out there, who we know are of the dangers of isolation?

    i am excited about all i will meet in the future of our LGBTQ family who i know will embrace my project like i do, as something over due, needed yesterday, like we all know and feel each day is for us all.

    slowly i am announcing the project to the world, and will be at Pride this year showing the work, for anyone to buy, cheaply too, $20 for the unpainted white reproductions, that are meant for gay youth self-acceptance, who are of the higher unemployment, unable to afford ridiculously absured out of reach art prices i see other artist selling.

    i guess i am a gay youth activist first artist, in that order, as a gay youth myself who recalls the closet i was in for almost twenty years too afraid to just be the natural pure self-love homoerotic me i was since i hit puberty, recalling how naturally beautiful it felt to be the pure natural occurring sexual feelings that i just naturally felt like i did when i did, and continued to do like i yet do.

    well, a self healing awareness i guess you could say, where i am the first to benefit from what i turn towards in my own awareness expressing, knowing others likewise will as well, every day, of the pure presence of this work in their daily life that assures them, we are the ones who are ok to be gay, not the low self-esteem bully of lies about their own oneness we know we just constantly are.

    Jesus says, blame the forefathers……….i do

    because that is the truth of the mad flood, as evident of all the proof of the truth we are now embracing as a society

    it is always our responsibility to all in society to help them learn what they need to learn, and just stop with all the arguing, because this is a pure awareness at a personal level that has to occur, beyond any words needed to be said, that can be said later all one wants to say, as they too become the veterans we were and are, on and on this one generational flow we know will go, with the books, film, music and art we responsibly leave for them, the lessons of life, exactly that of the WILL of Jesus, are we not?

    bless you all

  232. anal

  233. Our vision: Love. Justice. Family. Equality.

    We envision a future where all families, regardless of creation or composition, will be able to live in communities that recognize, respect, protect, and celebrate them. We envision a country that celebrates a diversity of family constellations and respects individuals for supporting one another and sustaining loving families.

    Our Values

    We will pursue our vision and deliver on our mission in accordance with our core values:


    Our Mission

    Family Equality Council works to ensure equality for LGBT families by building community, changing hearts and minds, and advancing social justice for all families.

    Our Strategy

    We will:

    Provide support, skills and community needed for LGBT-headed families at all stages of life.
    Leverage the power of our families—telling our stories and driving change in communities, states and across the nation.
    Focus public and media attention on the love, strength and contributions of our families.
    Educate members of government, schools, faith-based communities, health care institutions and other social systems about how they can promote family equality for all.
    Promote a proactive policy agenda that sets the standard of support for LGBT-headed families in schools, faith institutions, health care and family creation and protection.
    Defeat or change laws at the local, state and federal level that compromise family equality for all.
    Partner with other LGBT and broader social justice organizations to provide the greatest positive impact and to maximize resources.
    Build and sustain a strong, effective Family Equality Council to leverage greater resources to achieve this mission and vision.

    How We Began:

    In 1979 a group of gay fathers got together and formed the group that would eventually become Family Equality Council. Knowing that there were other gay dads out there somewhere, they were committed to finding one another and forming a network of support.

    How We Expanded:

    Originally called the Gay Fathers Coalition, in 1986 this fathers’ group expanded to include lesbian moms, prompting a name change to the Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International (GLPCI), a volunteer grassroots chapter-based organization whose primary purpose was to connect with and support local gay and lesbian parenting groups, while advancing the cause of the lesbian and gay parenting community.

    Children of LGBTQ parents have unique needs and learn, grow and find support with one another. In 1990, a group of youth convened and initiated a new program of GLPCI, called Just For Us. By the mid 1990’s that group had established a steering committee and separate program status, and shortly thereafter the group changed its name to Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE). In 1999, the GLPCI Board of Directors endorsed the wishes of COLAGE to become an independent organization, operating under its own tax-exempt status. COLAGE became an independent organization on January 1, 1999.

    In 1998, recognizing our growing movement and the need to lead by being inclusive examples, GLPCI changed its name to the Family Pride Coalition in order to include bisexual and transgender parents. In 2007, in order to better capture the full breadth and scope of our work and our collective vision of a world that treats all loving families equally, we thought it was important to change our name to Family Equality Council. Our new name and expanded vision reinforce our commitment to working across communities and issues and to joining forces with other progressive advocacy groups to create meaningful change for all loving families.

  234. everyone is anal to one degree or another, no matter how well adjusted one may think one is, where being anal is a manifestation of how one just is, according to how well adjusted their lover of continuous process may or may not be……..anal

    so what of it?

    anyone who says they are not ever anal during their entire (transgendered) life long process………is deluded, where there is nothing wrong with being the vagueness of what many call anal, overlooking what contributes to what is cause for their feeling that way….

    and with you Marco?

    oh, don’t even get me started on how anal i have always felt being around your anal ass



    i think i will go as myself this year, the artist i always just was supposed to BE………

    kinda tired of all the over the top drama queen angst ga ga whatever, that is not how lover life is for LGBTQ couples

    i prefer ‘real’ true nature me……in soft against the skin flowered silk, maybe a pair of white tights, and comfortable flowered converse shoes, maybe manic panic color the curly long hair, try to be my cheerful happy content self, even if i am not as happy as i could be and SHOULD BE if it were not for all you anal retentive FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  235. Madonna and Kazaky, a perfect combination

  236. anal retentive

    yes you

  237. i bet you love being uhm up the uhm

  238. i love this one, have not seen it before but i can defiantly relate 🙂 my friend drew lost his mother to breast cancer when he was only six , he’s 40 now & has never had a relationship i think for the same reasons fear of losing someone you love, I must share this with you i remember when i first met him i was awestruck at how talented a painter he was it was 1993 & I remember standing on the street saying goodbye when I was overwhelmed by this intense amazing sensation then I have no recollection of the next few seconds i was giving him a cuddle and to this day I know my body was totally taken over by a spirit, his mothers spirit come into my body and hugged him, how do I know this well because when one experiences it you know, you know because for that brief moment an exchange takes place and I momentarily experienced Heaven, true story .. it happened again a few years later when my partners father died and the day of the funeral i felt it again, its amazing and I felt very privileged that the angels walked with me .. I don’t feel alone when someone I love dies my best friend Jay J died when he was only 24, he’s with me all the time, i have more friends in Heaven than on Earth they guide me, I mean they really do, they tell me what’s going on around me they protect me & let me know when someone is sneaking up on me from behind !! so i’m always on step ahead, but only in a good way 🙂 its true

  239. how else could i be such a prick & get away with it

    i know the boundaries, and heaven has no boundaries,

    but those Angels do have a damn fine sense of humor,. there just like us …

    and were just like them ..

    LOL 🙂

  240. & if I don’t behave i’ll be walking with them sooner than I expected …

    oh behave !

    Jesus, crucify me

  241. there’s tow things I dislike most

    Judas & Lady Gaga

    Ha ha …

    come on … i’ll show you … 12:12…

    Karma Chameleon

  242. Love it’s all in the name,

    in the name of ..

    come on …!!

    out with it 🙂

  243. ahhh …Yawn …

    ohh sorry excuse me….

    i’ll go tango

    This space is intentionally kept blank

  244. did you get it > ?

    ohh go fuk yusif

  245. Yusif: Oiya Yusif.. wha’ts she like ?

    Chameleon : oh Yusif, she’s awesome, was a bit lost but thank’s to me she’s found her way,

    Yusif: oh ha yer oh

    Chameleon: and when she’s in control she’s like a force to be reckoned with… I’ve seen her move Mountains

    Yusif: fuck really

    Chameleon: Fuck YooSelf

  246. it’s pronounced


    by the way /

    on the biwalk ..

  247. brood-walk …

  248. Oh well if you cannot handle the heat than I’m wasting my time …

    Keep your water, fill up your cup drink

    Or pour it ova my head

    I’m not bothered

  249. Well I was talking about my insecurities , it’s not mmy fault you took it personally , actually I was hoping you would , you did for a bit, felt awesome. What am I do do ? Just detach I guess , polish the mirrow

  250. Mirror I mean, oh shit now I can myself in the Mirror now, oh fuck run

  251. what to say in the face of all your blindness?


    naive aimless plodding along children of night among all you of mind trap snares, hear ‘me’, before i slit your throat!

  252. ah, but not just any sword will do the job well like the samurai sword of revealing truth too late for any of you to care, truly i tell you, your life was of a snare


    oh come on, that is my best refined poetry!


  253. oh sacred souls,
    lest judgement,

    truth of empty,
    user abusers,

    forget me not,
    no words, unspeakable,

    death you are,
    not again, say you,

    ah yes, the holy sword raised so far above your heads, in an instant……….i dare

  254. you don’t know ‘me’
    nor care…..

    so useless to all,

    again and again,

    holy holy holy,

  255. wow, i sold 4 sacred works today, to someone i had not seen before!

    and yet………i saw myself in them, butt for a moment, someone who arrived long ago…… is that i had not seen them till now?

    ………..i really should get OUT more, yes?


    HEY YOU!

    abandon ‘me’…….and you abandon your own self……biyatches!

    this is your mother, pick up the phone,
    of all you, soooooooo,

    oh come one Marco, fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you have depth of character beyond all, do you not?

    hmmmm…..without mellishous thought

    ah, the seeker…..YOU ARE!

    who knocks upon the door………..of SELF

  256. every day is like watching a bad movie script written by fools….

    who seemingly don’t even have 1% element of genuine concern about their own shallow falsehoods….

    openly their spiritual death approach, not at all knowing who is wiser among them… to behead them all…..i already have

  257. thats it for me …

    i said it before, but i must act on it now …

    that’s a goodbye

    the end

  258. good bi, mad flood,
    i learn 2 swim,
    good bi, falsehood,
    i yearn 2 im

    ahahaaaaaa 😉

    of the eternal day awareness awakening wide open, fear that once held fast lets go, as we surface into wise discerning of intuitive atonement feeling of the source in the core of our being we all come from and are, for without the discerning feeling we turn 2 feel, we remain as we are

    the kingdom of heaven is a macro discerning thinking feeling halo perspective of truth that shields one from all untruth of the mad flood all around us, of this one generation evolving in greater atonement of the TRUTH of our true nature, beyond the uncertainty being cast about, to and fro, Jesus who loved Mary, the bond………constant flow wise compassionate love, not of the snared blind worldly yet without a head, without cultivation of the wise helmsperson they constantly just are……the true nature of their original ‘real’ self

    i ask, how can i behead that which has no head to begin with?

    ah, uncloaked, ‘i am’

    without sin, without all things unloving, without all things unwise, without all things apathetic, bound and afraid of empty falsehood despair, as evident of all you without care

    it is the truth that judges you all, shines eternally, of the eternal all you i know are there, with care, to take time to know the truth, to know your pure true graceful feeling ‘real’ self true nature

    your attempts to mock one who points to the truth, undermines only you, not me, i am free of their ridicule, i always was, especially true when i did not know i was, in how they try to conform me to be as them and all their hypocrisy that left them not knowing who i was, unable to stay among their binding group mentality, for them to slay me again and again, like they yet do my true loving brothers and sisters?

    this will only end, when their egos die, which are already spiritually dead, as evident of all their death they yet are cause for, thinking killed me too, but i escaped unscathed, into the greater realm of awareness of the inner sanctuary, i found refuge in, with God, Jesus, Mary, all the angels my true brothers and sisters are within, just as i am, knowing they won’t ever find ‘me’, and rather it is i who finds all you, (yet) unaware of what is the beginning and end, alpha and omega, eternally the same, it always is, as it always was, and shall be, where no one can become victorious over truth that does not fail, of all who fail to know the truth……running about in mad laughter as though wise, and not wise at all, as the gun goes off again, another gay youth dead, but not ever the truth is able to die, of all you so full of lie

  259. the truth has already come, none shall escape

  260. to all my true pure heart brothers and sisters, do not let them become victorious over you, with all their hateful mean spirited transference poison that you feel come up like we all do… not turn this falsehood approach they are with you be cause for your rage to turn against you as you seek escape from them thru suicide, and instead REALIZE THE TRUTH, they are the less pure true loving ones than you are, not even worthy of your time to think about them, when you should be thinking about getting away from them, a new path, to come live a most joyful pure true loving life as YOU who are constantly loved by ‘me’

    i will greet all of you one day, dead or alive, thru my devoted works that are meant for each and everyone of you that i do know are more worthy of my love than those who spu false hypocrisy heart poison like they do, where i ask you to realize the truth, is it not them who are of the lesser self-esteem than you are, in all their pettiness we despise as the fools they are?

    welcome to hell

    of heaven ushering us in, hand in hand, of only love all around us, like we all just are, reaching for one another, another new friend, each step sacred, each step blessed by God, blessed by me, always, ‘i am’ there, everywhere, your true brothers, your true sisters, every day, we are here, every day, greeting someone new, who will greet you

    if you hurt yourself, you are letting their hatefulness come into you and win

    you do not win, they win

    are you simply going to leave this world behind for them to rule over us?

    don’t you see the truth, that we all need you to join with us?

    do you realize we all feel the same way you do?

    don’t you realize you are constantly loved by us?

    and why?

    BECAUSE WE ARE LOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and not the shit for brains haters who keep bullying and bullying and bullying us to be like them?

    pffffffffffff………I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!

    in mad laughter they scoff, thinking they are wise in knowing our eternal love, not even knowing their own pure true self like we do

    they are unknowingly snared by generational taboo ignorance

    if anything, feel sorry for them, for they are of the past forefathers……..leave them their, in all their despair, belongs to them, not YOU

    our love is eternally victorious, and so happy we eventually come to be, all with similar stories we all share, so come away from them quickly, find your feet as is all our feet like your own………ya, we don’t ever escape them, in our professional and personal worlds………you get used to them as the morons they are……learning they are not even a friend…….too bad for them, is all i have to say

  261. i ask, why should i care to waste time with any and all who abandon ‘me’?

    for if they truely purely knew ‘me’, they would not ever think such absurd thoughts or feelings of such, as ‘me’

    i ask, who do you abandon when you abandon ‘me’?

    let me enlighten you………

    on any given day, a gay youth is contemplating killing themselves, and it is them you abandon when you abandon ‘me’, as the succumb to the whims of the continuing bully perpetuation we all see and feel each day like we do

    as the gun goes off again and again

    so congates to you, who ever you are, in your all or none thinking and behaving empty nothingness you can keep and return to all you want……..i am going in the direction of my destiny path to constant loving happiness true

    without all you whatever mr.nevers, oh so clever…….NOT

    i am about eternal all oneness unfolding

    who are you?

    argh…… if i don’t know the abandonment fools of my own past, in likeness and form in their cowardice ways, aligning themselves with forgetfulness foe

    is that projection identification response good enough for you, oh so more important than i, or my brothers and sisters in your harms way?


    i need motivated empowered ones as my own self, you need not worry, we are of millions here among you all, and you will know us as we timidly pass you all bye

  262. i said goodbye to all you fuckhead bullies two decades ago, and still, i am greeted once again here

    well fuck and die, who ever you think you were, NOTHING to ‘me’ shall you ever be, and sure as fuck you are not Madonna

    so thanks for the lies

  263. FUCK OFF!!!!!!!

  264. i saw Jackie today, singing live here in TO



  265. the angles come forth among us, uniting our oneness spirit of constant knowing that only love, compassion, discerning wisdom, is our true nature of safe passage for eternal all yet to come, our wise light that pushes out all wretched low ignorance darkness in this world, eternally forgotten by the eternal all who are there, realizing the dark times we walked thru, as did our forefathers before us know, just how dark the world once was, just as it yet is of our times, as we take power away from the unwise fools so blind in ignorance, they do not even care to question the truth that indeed they are bound as the fools they obviously (yet) are, our duty, our mission, as the reveals of all truth, that all intuitively KNOW, and shall come to KNOW……….the TRUTH!

    give thanks to God, and take time to realize your pure true real self unafraid in the inner sanctuary, coming forth fearlessly as the sacred powerful mirroring truth of our grace true loving compassionate self, self of the eternal all, forever more

    peace be to you all forever more

  266. “follow your heart say”, says Miko

    the greatest of life is LOVE, the circle that shall not be broken, of only more and more broken healing, thru equality ONEness LOVE feelings, all brothers, all sisters, all ONE YOU!

  267. some choose to be “Ahead of the Game…”

    I prefer to “Own it… !!”


    your turn


  268. insolent : your own foolish self

  269. well, there is remedy…..however long it takes to realize it emotionally of our real self pure true in flawless feeling at ease…….

    after i lost Troy, i went to the music store, and asked the sweet gay boy working there, what he would recommend for a guy who’s boyfriend just killed himself….

    his eyes widened……as he came back with five cd albums

    this was one of them….

    i listened to it over and over the first year…..trying to grab hold of optimism of a new life in climbing out of hell, trying to heal something that could not be healed….alone….

    slowly i mustered up the sense of happiness i always wanted and could not find with the illness of alcoholism addiction that had taken hold of Troy and i, that steadily got worse for him, while i began my recovery program, his own self to unwise to set healthy boundaries for sake of his own developing out of control addiction(s)….

    well, i reconnected within, of the pure true real self constant yearning happiness i was felt in my youth, still it is there within us all, absolute holy joyful carefree happiness, according to Jesus

    well, you have all have a go at it too, because i feel something so profound of my real self i see in the future, of this holy joyful absolute carefree happiness sacred mirror Jesus too tried so hard to realize and be, in the face of all the adversity he too constantly tried to escape, in oneness i say, with someone just like you?

    question is… that ‘me’?

    here is a hint…….YES!

    it is always YOU! :mrgreen:

    what did you say your name was again?

    pfffff……oh whatever…….we are all the same stupid child of God


    well…..some are stupider?

    and your shirt says, “Im with stupid”

    mine says, “Stupid killed himself”

    and we all know what Troy’s shirt says, don’t we Troy!

    you are so fucking right Troy, you are STUPID!!!!!!!!!

    if we don’t vent this transference shit, LIKE YOU SHOULD OF TROY, AND YOU KNOW IT!!……..well…..we know what the fuck happens, don’t we?

    as Troy smiles in heaven, finally, Andyy gets it…….thanks Troy, you stupid fucker!


    don’t be a fool, take my hand, and just feel…….the truth of your true original real self i know as though my own self……

  270. my pet peeve for the week is……..

    why do you fuckers prevent copy and paste of lyrics of songs on your supposed user friendly websites that are so not user friendly?


    you annoy the fuck out of us with that, and why? So you don’t make it easier for other STUPID AS YOU competitors to create another user friendly website for song lyrics?

    fucking stupid people, everywhere i go, stupid following stupider, of stupid who is no longer with us…….HE FUCKING DIED EVERYBODY, FUCK, GET REAL SOME DAY, OK?

    fucking imbeciles!

    i should not have to explain!!!!!!!

    then again, i guess someone should……..

    well, Jesus already explained everything damn it!

    lover others as though your own stupid self!


    and why?

    BECAUSE THEY ALL ARE!!!!!!!!!!!




  271. is everyone where you want 2 BE?

    can i go now?

    ok thanks…….as if any of you actually know 100% what this place is……….NOT

  272. heaven is your feelings………morons!……..not much wonder Jesus let them execute him, he too was tired of all the morons all around him all the time explaining away to deaf ears, those who don’t know what heaven constantly so easy to know, just is……YOU, and me, and you, and you, and you……..eternally………all YOU!

  273. Blessed or those that see their own darkness through the eyes of pure truth , mirror see through YOU !

    see stupid don’t see, that I speak through Angels or Angels speak through me ..

    So which Angels YOU ! Calling stupid Heaven wants to know …

    Don’t shoot the messenger ..

    Just use the messenger for your short turn temporary fulfillment .. When is suits YOU …

    Be right back

    Messenger is inHeaven get some messages & eternal fulfillment yer that other 99% of consciousness ..

    Go back to your ONE ….

    Rant rant rant



    revenge does not equal eternal bliss, it only adds to the blockage, resistance , and existential vacuum…

    If you cannot surrender to Me then at least surrender to YOUSELF …

  274. Like I said ,

    Don’t shoot the messenger, I hold no guilt for the way HEAVEN speak’sto HEAVEN’s feelings…

    I don’t know why Heaven is insensitive or being a little … I won’t filter the word’s of GOD ..

    (or subject to emotional Blackmail )

    Water anyone,???? I have plenty to share, from the fountain of life…

  275. so first came the anger, then the frustration

    next came the tears, from the tears came the feeling

    from the feelings, came the love

    from the love, came the contentment, peace and sincerity,

    some call it Real … i call it The One ..

    it’s is the destination i visualize the most

    but the journey I appreciate for eternity…

    I can host , if your ready to toast …

    ha ha …

    burn with me

    were both hot … 🙂

    it’s a piece of cake,

    just don’t eat it all yourself,

  276. put your walking frame away,

    you have carried me long enough, it’s time for me to return the grace..

  277. love of life is a pure gentle beautiful true feeling, of shared oneness spirit happiness in who you are, and where you are, together…….find someone to walk hand in hand thru life with, that you easily enjoy just being you with them, knowing that HAPPINESS is always simply the journey of loving tender joy filled spirit, and not the destination, albeit the destination is always you feeling so free to just be your ‘real’ self………..your place or mine?……….how about the beach?………no one owns the beach………it belongs to all God’s children…….such an amazing place to find our ‘real’ self, under the stars and moon… amazing the feeling IS indeed

  278. people are their own worse enemies………first you learn this of your own self first, and then you begin to see the same flaw in others, which is ok, because you have the edge in leading them to the beauty they will realize they too are…..

    well……i think that is who Madonna is……wise for sake of all, for sake of reciprocation genuine, authentic, sincere, pure true emotional honest safe…… loving arms, where we all come from and constantly yearn to BE found

    our true nature, forever more

    thank you

  279. people and their egos, it always gets in the way, and so annoying at times, all the flirting, the fickle spirit seeking oneness true, but when they find it, they think you will always just be there for them…….well, maybe as a friend, ya, of course, all family, boring like family, all brothers, sisters, boring boring boring…………I WANT 2 BE YOUR LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hi :mrgreen:

  280. time waiting for no one : one no for waiting time 😉

    i think maybe it is not so much the waiting that anyone is doing, as much as it is the surrendering to just being our real self free and clear of our own worry over someone loving us, when in truth, our pure true real self is so lovable and so loving true

    more like waiting to just feel like our original self naturally just did, with our all, our whole being…..truly the real self is beautiful in just feeling like we constantly yearn to, fully surfaced, without the annoying defense mechanism falsehood masks the vulnerable self hides behind, where if we could just BE who we are, that is the one everyone loves……….2 BE……..the sacred mirror…………is YOU!

  281. again……..thank you

  282. at all times love who you are, the graceful pure true tender mild loving child of God

  283. thank you Choi Sung-bong

  284. I think the Beach, listening to the waves gazing at the star’s

    uhm nice, the beach is so awe -some where all the elements meet, earth water wind & fire well fire is not permitted on the beach so that will be one that needs to be hidden on the inside…

    oh yes the ego…. better to sort that one out before hand, saves a lot of drama in the end… if it’s bitter in the beginning, it’s sweeter in the end… /HEY .. YOU …

    i’m in Love with the destination…

    & I appreciate the journey just as much …

    who needs Drama when your married, I want happy ending 🙂

    so time, is irrelevant …

    come to think of it, i’d be surprised if ego has any energy left to come up with anything else.. i mean ego has been done to death …

    water anyone ?

    it’s OK i don’t need water

    I need a cold shower 🙂

  285. & the Children

    well actually it’s about the Children

    it’s about planting the seed

    to feed the children of tomorrow …

    ARE we not ONE after ALL

    we R

    ONE !

    after ALL… ( after all the drama !!! , Ego !!!! )

    ha ha 🙂

  286. it’s easy enough for Madonna to sing, “Shine your Light Now”

    i’m still trying to find the power switch ?

    the ON, button

    give me an E !

    ( i shy )

  287. Your Adress please ?




    yes Madonna I know no ones listening

    That’s why I’m shouting

    ( except you, I’ll never shout at YOU )

  289. im going through a drought

    Water ?


  290. I knew Sunday morning @ 4 am the 29/5/11

    That she’d paid off her Karma

    Now MAYBE we can move on from all this


  291. hey you 🙂

    😉 🙂

  292. i love the pink hearts rendition….

  293. Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaa
    Bi the way, 4 mins B4 I expire 

  294. Honestly if unwanted the baggage I would have had 3 suitcases to check in.

    Leave the baggage at the carousel….

    & ride your own pony ….

  295. i was listening to this song i like playing on the radio, so i look up the song on utube too….then i notice it is playing at the same time in a dvd movie

    random coincidence?

    what about the lyrics and the image?

  296. God’s message for you is to laugh. There is joy and happiness to be found even in the darkest of hours. Be the eternal optimist that leads those around you to see the promise of God for a future full of hope.

  297. the only value to wealth is equality oneness of us all

    There comes a time when we heed a certain call
    When the world must come together as one
    There are people dying
    And its time to lend a hand to life
    The greatest gift of all

    We can’t go on pretending day by day
    That someone, somehow will soon make a change
    We are all a part of Gods great big family
    And the truth, you know,
    Love is all we need

    We are the world, we are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So lets start giving
    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    Its true we’ll make a better day
    Just you and me

    Send them your heart so they’ll know that someone cares
    And their lives will be stronger and free
    As God has shown us by turning stones to bread
    So we all must lend a helping hand

  298. heaven is something simple…..our feelings

    in this light, every day is Christ’s day

    therefore let every day feel heaven found as one who fearlessly dwells within the flow of their constant flowing heart of only love good enough for all

  299. What’s with this Indian guy, on the street corner on the bloody phone all the time,

    Cheap labour.,

    just come inside sit on the couch.. & send him off in a taxi, be more cost effective

  300. Anda ya, ve pronto a reposar y contemplar tu ocaso despepitada ancianita, tus 60 primaveras no pueden cargar ya más con tantos espurios anhelos de mozuela en flor, tu primavera perduró lo que tarda la brisa en llevársela, un parpadeo, un instante. Inútiles son pretensiones y afanes de querer beber los aires, de querer andar sin sombra, !Querer hacer el tiempo avanzar hacia atrás¡. ¡Consumirte jadeante y agitada queriendo eternizar, inmortalizar el cuerpo!. ¡Envejeció! !Hace ya más de 25 veranos¡ y la fugáz flor que retoñó en primavera nunca volvió atrás. !Pereció y jamás voverá¡. Busca tu lugar, tu cuerpo de 18 años jamás volverá.

  301. I sometimes don’t trust myself

    But I trust I believe in you

    Thank you

    For never abondoning me

    Welcome to my dream

    heaven on earth

  302. eloquent

    believe something is indeed permanent about this unknown place all are born into only to die. Not sure why the creators of dna are so elusive, only to say they do know what they are doing, a sort of experiment in process is what appears in the coincidences i keep monitoring for 2 decades now….

    hoping you are ok, you know that already, well validation if needed


    Bobby died

    everyone i knew back then knew i had an obsessive crush on bobby, and all hid the truth from me, not sure why, they just did.

    still don’t know what year he died, speculating it was before 1996, hair falling out in 1994, critical, azt, whatever experimental drugs he was taking, fuck

    now i have someone to talk to and joke with as if it matters to him

    all the attitude he stupidly gave me, when i could of been the one to love and keep him alive till today, so why did i quit him? her?

    fucked up

    we both were

    same as the time period of Troy

    evolved to our bullshit level of low comprehension whatever apathy fatalist bind ending

    how could someone better than Annie Lennox be dead so young?

    is what it is, manifestation of the times shit

    no one deserves it, that’s a moron mind fucker lie of low morale garbage nothiningness

    fuck you bobby

    you decided against me and look what happened your dead

    Dale died too

    they are all dead and now i am the inspiration of blind apathetic fools residual to punch on thru the wielding shards all around

    the need to feel wanted
    the need to belong
    the need to accomplish

    you fucked up bobby

    no surprise there

    so many of you died in your aimless apathetic wrecklessness

    bravo rock and roll fuckers!

    leaders of death and dysfunction i walked from long ago

    truly fucking idiots even unto death you all went and go

    fuck off!

  303. monitoring random crossing of paths of others closely reveals immediately that the coincidences are not coincidence, as though deliberate specific to individuals at their level of awareness awakening processing, only proof so far, pure speculation

    something created the dna

    the stands spiral in the same direction, indicative of design

    the universe is too massive for us to simply be a fluke of nature

    and yet there seems to be no purpose beyond biological amusement of sensory perception

    ya ok you are all so purposeful in your helping assist others in migration of mankind out of our original habitat into the unsustainable businessman world of illusion delusional mind fuck


  304. death comes quickly for those alseep at the wheel

    slowly for those awake but inevitable death to all

    God is an idiot

  305. Dearest Madonna

    Where Would I/we be if it were not for you !!

    Thankyou for if it were not for you

    The AntiChrist

    everyone would be doubting the Devil

    But you have ensured that the role of evil is not up for sale

    there is only on Satan 🙂

  306. if i ever !@!!!

    sHOOT ME

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