Please Do NOT Buy This Book!


A true fan would never buy this book. I’m sure my brother will use the money to purchase drugs. If you buy it, you’ll be hurting me and my family at the same time. Whatever you do, please do NOT buy this book!


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  1. What M fan would buy this rubbish?! We love and support you! I can’t belive your own brother would do something like this :(( I live in Romania, and I probably won’t see you live this Tour, but eventhough you may not know about my country I wish you and your family all the best!
    Love Maria

    • I read this book for a auto biography report about Madonna. I thought it wasn’t really nice as a brother what Chris actually put in there. Very explicit. I did a project on Madonna because i thought she was such a great singer. =) I would love to interview her for my project. Rofl. That will never happen though. =-(

      Btw how do you get a account on here? I want to reply to Madonnas blogs but all I can do right now is reply to others replies about Madonnas blogs.

      Okay Bye =-)

      • i don’t care to read the co-dependant words of Madonna’s brother, himself of his own issues like any one is, a book more for sake of his own catharsis processing is what it is mostly, unproductive gossip for those of you who buy it, likely not of much wise insight into divine self awareness at all………but then again, i have not read the book, and don’t want to, better things to do with my time.

        we are not the people we used to be on our path in the past, albeit, we are always who were always yearn to BE in our present future, where we can BE whatever you authentically, sincerely, genuinely want 2 BE, with whoever wants to BE with YOU!

        just don’t ask me, as i am oneness with someone else now, where i always yearn to just BE my at ease fun loving SELF.

        forever more

  2. I won’t buy it my queen!

  3. buy NOT!

  4. If you don’t want anyone to buy it, why include an link to the page to purchase the book???

  5. Hey Gigi,

    I’d written almost the exact same thing, but my comment was “edited” to something I didn’t write. See above.

    Guess we know who’s boss around here…

  6. p.s. I thought Martin Ciccone was the drug addict. This is the first I’ve heard of Christopher Ciccone being a drug user. Then again, I’m not a Ciccone.

  7. I’ll wait for Madonna to write her own Bio. and not read some bitter relative out to make buck. He is not someone I would believe a word that comes out of his mouth anyway. If I remember correctly wasn’t he the one in Truth or Dare that was release from Rehab.

    Madonna Keep your head up!

    Your Loyal Fan.

  8. why did you have to sit in a-rod’s seats, you surely can afford your own seats. are you really that naive, or cheap of what. he married, and you lured him whether sexually or not. stay with your own man, your a mother for god’s sake. arods wife just had a baby. you should of bought your own seat for your children at the yankee game. as a kindred spirit on my way to the 50 mark, you ain’t so hot anymore, your facial features are more prominent, your muscular arms don’t fit with your skinny body, you are not aging gracefully. and you really aren’t that good of a women, and i am going to buy your brothers book because you can deny all you want you did not entice alex, but you sat in his seats, that you can well afford. don’t lie, tell the truth. right NOT

  9. Hey Mimi,

    To answer your question, it was Martin, or “Marty,” who was released from rehab in Truth or Dare.

    Christopher figured prominently in the movie, but mostly as a production assistant. He seemed rather level-headed to boot.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a loyal fan also. I just find it strange to implore fans not to buy the book in one breath, and to give them the Amazon link in the next.

  10. I would read it but I suspect it would just depress me about how my favorite singer has strayed from the One True Path of Salvation through Jesus.

    “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief”

  11. In my religion Jesus is not my way to salvation

  12. ” i want to get down on my knees and start pleasing jesus, i want to feel his salvation all over my face”

  13. what i think madonna is doing is trying to tempt us to buy the book even after she told us not to. she’s testing us.

  14. Hi M glad your back on BLOG! D/

  15. I feel very sad that you would even have to ask, we who adore you won’t fall for Christopher’s tricks. He needs to be a real gay man and stop embarrassing the good gay men by his sick behavior. My brother drives me up the wall, taking shit all the time from me without asking, I know exactly how you feel. I bet Chris is just like Gino, He gives things away that I bought to people without asking, welcome to the moron brother club.

  16. I’d already decided not to buy this family abusing book D/

  17. I don’t understand why your sister did it!!However I will never buy it ( and maybe in Italy it will never arrive ..!!)

  18. hey, M! won’t buy it, worry not.

    you totally smacked your dancer with your witty retort! luv it.

    what happened with your supposed concert in the philippines this july?

  19. ooh, I’m busted. I am a total madonna fan and been so since the eighties! hence my avatar in my blog: hope you don’t mind!

  20. can you give me your msn???
    or yahoo……..

  21. i am 10 years old now!!!yeah~!!!
    i love your song!!!
    you have a great voise!!!^_^

  22. Hey Louise,
    Your brother is bad… You are his sister..
    He shouldn’t do these things… He’d support you…
    I’m really sorry 4 u… I hope that someone will punish your brother…
    Good Luck with ur tour…

  23. Hey will NOT be buying the book, the only bullshit I is this blog! HAHAHA!!

  24. count on it M. i had no idea. i will not support him at this time financially.

  25. madonna my brother michael died of an overdose
    u can testify with ur friend r.o. she knows and i discussed with her and you may have forgotten
    darling it is called tough love
    i know far too well
    michael died 4 years ago this year
    age 34 died
    and so my dear a mother is never supposed to bury her son never

    i gave him money and tried to help too.
    he could have had it all madonna

    i will buy the book because it doesnt matter whether it is me or someone else
    i am interested in what he has to say
    perhaps that makes me a yenta
    or perhaps to get away from my own drama now
    perhaps i need you like a drug
    no pun intended

    i dont bother asking many questions on r blog
    because what is the use
    i know far to well all the deal

    my husband fell yesterday at work
    and broke a tear line fracture in his knee
    he is a big guy
    and now he is getting surgery 7pm standard time

    my son aaron who is lola’s age as i told u b4
    that she would be lucky to marry my son one day
    lol i know they are too young
    he is and has a heart of gold
    he broke his arm football…….will be one a great one one day i am sure
    well now it did not set right and they have to break his bone and reset it
    i know
    my baby has to go under the knife and be put to sleep

    so you see my worrys are mine and yours are yours
    if i want to read whatever about you
    my love it is simply to possibly read for entertainment
    as well as to look at his side

    listen madonna
    i know for a fact you have tried countless times as i did

    if it is in g-ds will that he dies from drugs as michael does
    then he does
    you can only pass so many red lights b4 you get caught

    i dont have your money
    and if i did i would have helped more than i did

    no matter what

    again, if i didnt if you dont or dont anymore
    and i didnt anymore
    then crack houses
    street garbage picking
    the glass castle
    for real
    the real deal

    let him be

    he is and needs the money

    maybe g-d will be good and it will help him

    if not you have nothing to mourn over
    or feel guilty about ok

    maybe that is why your mother died early

    no accidents madonna

    noone should bury their child

    PERHAPS he needs the money
    maybe he will be ok

    their is nothing he can say that will shock anyone of us
    who knew u as a stranger fan friend
    in the 80’s

    so put on your big girl pantys
    and get real

    what is he going to say
    oh my sister is cheap
    oh my sister is minipulative
    oh my sister can be bossy and recluse and lazy or
    oh what a true leo u r

    and i am a true capricorn
    and r is a true aries for sure

    and christopher lets see
    i will guess a taurus

    i believe ur dad is a gemini or cancer
    mom cancer
    and you also have another drug addict or alcoholic brother martin right

    soooooooooo what
    what the fuck can he say that will phase us


  26. I won’t buy this.
    But in better dun show the link…………

  27. Dont Worry Madonna.
    Only A Complete Moron Would By This Book and Believe The Retarded Thing In It.
    We All Have Your Back.
    And We Stand By You 100%.
    I Will At Dodgers Stadium This November.

  28. Don`t worry Madonna ,

    I won`t by this book !

    I`m from Romania and if you can please come in your tour in Romania for a concert ! Don`t matter , we recive you with open arms ! So , please com in Romania ! If you can`t we understand !
    A big kiss !

  29. when will you have show in hong kong????
    i will go to your show wilth my friends,remember me,i am lily!!!

  30. wat a control freak!!! r u afraid we’ll hear the truth madge????

  31. The worst part is that totally unflattering picture used on the cover! That is such a smack in the face if you ask me. It sucks that your brother did this to you…my siblings are my best friends, so it seems unimaginable. Hang in there…it’ll all blow over.

  32. Ohh…

    Why don’t you put on bonus CD “Rehab” by M.Ciccone
    and all sales goes to charity…

    Sister Ciccone do it better!

  33. Can I buy it, shred it, burn it and then force feed it to him?

    Pretty please? With feces on top?

  34. sorry madonna but the book is tempting… couldn’t he have used a better picture? anyways i guess you’re right it would be a waste of money n time to read into these lies. as for his drug problem, it’s a shame he was pretty good looking.

  35. Free speech Madonna.

    I would not buy the book though. I think he has a right to comment on your life but perhaps because he is not having a life of your own because of you, everybody must be saying he is Madonna’s brother not Chris ciccone. However if he is using drugs he might be hallaucinating or exaggerating about some of the stuff he has written.


  37. Madonna, the snippets I’ve read from blogs are nothing we don’t already know. Andy Warhol diaries reveal stuff…I think I told you on your bebo that I WILL NOT be buying the book.

  38. Madonna, according to your brother you’re the queen of mean. But that’s why us fans and ventilators love you! Keep being true to your (mean) self!

  39. Madonna

    Your music is an inspiration. You have heart and it comes out in your voice. You have been my hero for more then twenty years, many of times your words have got me through. keep strong and happy

  40. I’m quite perplexed by your brother’s intentions and your reaction to his memoir. If Guy is a homophobe, as frequently expressed by your brother, why be so accepting of Guy’s attitude? Especially since a component of your fan base (the one’s who have helped you amass fame and fortune) is gay? If your brother is lying, why not sue him for defamation of character? Overall, it’s quite sad.

  41. Of course nobody who loves you could buy it.
    I can’t belive your own brother would do something like this he must be despereted.

  42. Oh… Louise..

    Kiss and make up..

    So what about all this stuff..

    He’s your Baby Brother.. and always be…

    Of course I’m gonna read it.. and I’m gonna send him love.. too

  43. i can’t wait to buy this book. just because you are anti it, it will sell, or maybe that is your plan all along. you want your brother to make his own money and stop freeloading on your money. maybe you should have adopted your family instead of outsiders. doesn’t your religion teach you charity begins at home. you are so pathetic and a marriage wrecker

  44. m stands for marriage wrecker

  45. I’m very offended by the book. I read a couple of the pages and realized that this man is a sad, sad drunk who is out to make waves and some serious cash to buy drugs. I saw him on some TV special and he looks about as bloated as a drowning victim. You can see the hate and resentment in his eyes. What an ass he is making of himself. Does he not realize that there is going to be a day and time where he is going to be so darkly affected by his actions that he might not make it out alive? Addiction is so screwed up. In some ways I feel sorry for him but in other ways I feel disgust. What he is doing is super low and if he thinks he has trouble getting work now, just wait til’ this is over…His life will suck more than it does now and he won’t have the support of anyone in his family!!! He will have to turn to lower companions for advice. Further driving his broke down lemon of a life into the hole called loneliness. What were you thinking? More like…What were you drinking?

  46. Savannah stands for BITTER. Jessch! Can my comment be put somewhere far away from such ugliness?

  47. Hello Madonna and Fans,

    I would like to stay, well to Madonna, that one of the Main Principals in Life, not Kaballah, is JOY. Let´s throw in Laughter too. We must have JOY at all time, there is no need for fear if there is joy in your heart. So, I would not even bother with telling people to buy the book or not, or say that your brother is a drug addict. You must understand the effects of life and that it is ¨NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL, !! When there is pure joy in our hearts, our heaerts in turn become hard and no damage can destroy us, even the most devasating tragedy, cannot bend or break us. In reality, a smart girl like yourself, should of used you joy to laugh and say Hey Everyone, I am just finising this great book and I can´t wait to read some more. In fact I am having tea and cookies right now and later my friends froom my book club will come in and we will knit some sweaters. kiss, kiss, Have JOY. And as for A’rod, öh enjoy it, I would laugh my head of and make light of it. That the beauty of JOY; It´s free and we all need to cultivate it. Your children are not hurt by this because they know the truth. ANd if people want to talk, they will, but lets be real, we all know that what gets you in the papers keeps you still in, so boys and girls don´s be crying for Madonna. And everyone should stop sending nasty comments about Mr. Ciccone, as ugly words show and ugly heart and that blocks JOY and blocks the Love of God from filling your life with Happiness, Instead, turn to your brothers or sisters , friends lovers etc and thank God that they are alive and happy, and not sick or hurting. Embrace your love ones every day. Life is short. That goes for you too, Madonna, remember, life is short, use it as a blessing every day. You cannot control it. So, look and see.



  49. Madonna’s brother Christopher and I always see each other and have mutual friends. He is an old pervert and has been chasing me for years. I dont know what the book is about but I do know that Chis is bitter over his sisters success and has not found his own path.

  50. very sad story but a very true one i am so sorry for your familly that gets trough this and lives with your brother as somebody before me said we will be 100% near you

    the real M* Don’t have the blog
    People!!! are Blind IT”S A FAKE

  52. IT,S FAKE

  53. please visit my site

  54. M
    Bought the book.
    Am smart enough to sift through what may and may not be true.
    He contradicts himself several times.
    I admire you a great deal and have nothing but respect for you and your work.
    My partner of 11 years, Robert is a big fan of yours (Has been since the 80’s).
    And through him I have seen and heard your videos and music more than one should. LOL!

    And I still remain captivated and inspired by your strong sense of self.

    I do not understand though, why there is a hyperlink to buy the book you are asking us not to buy on your blog page.

    Stay Strong

  55. Well, I brought it. I wasn’t going to but i wanted to hear his side of the story. The book really doesn’t reveal very much about Madonna other then what we know by interviews. Big ego, penny pincher, blah blah. What it shows, to me, is that Chris really loves his sister, despite all of the things that Madonna has done to him. For some reason I just keep thinking that he is trying to show her, “look at what you have done to me yet i still remain loyal” So Madonna has nothing to worry about. It seems to me, just another way of showing what brothers and sisters are like. Not all, but some.

  56. yeah, I agree. He sounded nice. Madonna treated him rough.

  57. They should get back together.



  59. I finished the book, among about 10 different books I have going right now… lol.. That’s always the case with me.

    I agree with others that Christopher’s account of your life together is not surprising.
    I sense he needed to write this book to heal and to find his place in this world. Drugs and alcohol are generally a way of self medication. This is a big step for him, because he’s facing his pain. Wow! That’s BIG!!
    We all are here to learn lessons and to grow. The book revealed honest love from both of you for each other and honest frustrations from both of you from each other.. Isn’t that the case in ANY relationship worth a grain of salt?

    It sounds like you both, along with the rest of us, have challenges with reactive behaviors. Could you be mirroring each other? You know, reacting harshly because of a true essence of yourself you don’t want to admit exists, but seeing it in a loved one forces it to be faced?

    My prayer is for you both to be in each other’s life loving and supporting each other. It seems you really are connected and he REALLY LOVES YOU… and you REALLY LOVE him… You know… That’s REALLY what it’s all about!!!!

    Love, light and blessings to you both and your entire family!

  60. Isn´t it a bit strange to tell us not to buy this book, but to add the link where to order at amazon?

  61. Please don’t tell me people actually believe Madonna writes this blog???!!!!!

  62. i have bought that book! i think your so called brother did justice!!!! he’s entitle to his opinion. what? only you are allowed to do so?

  63. Дорогая!!! Я услышала тебя в 12 лет. Сейчас мне 32. Я всегда любила тебя. У меня тяжело болен муж. В детстве я слушала тебя для удовольствия, а уже 12 лет я побеждаю семейную трагедию благодаря твоему творчеству. Ты хочешь нас научить побеждать и идти вперед? Мы слышим тебя правильно и следуем твоему завету. Никакая чушь не заставит нас изменить наше отношение к тебе!!!
    Мы ждем новых лучших в мире работ от тебя. Твои враги не обманут нас. Мы все видим правильно , как видишь это ты.Мы вместе с тобой!!!
    The expensive!!! I have heard you in 12 years. Now to me 32. I always loved you. At me seriously ill the husband. In the childhood I listened to you for pleasure, and 12 years I win family tragedy thanks to your creativity. You wish us to learn to win and go forward? We hear you correctly and we follow your precept. No bosh will force us to change our relation to you!!! We wait new for the best in the world of works from you. Your enemies will not deceive us. All of us see correctly as you see it. We together with you!!!

  64. The expensive!!! I have heard you in 12 years. Now to me 32. I always loved you. At me seriously ill the husband. In the childhood I listened to you for pleasure, and 12 years I win family tragedy thanks to your creativity. You wish us to learn to win and go forward? We hear you correctly and we follow your precept. No bosh will force us to change our relation to you!!! We wait new for the best in the world of works from you. Your enemies will not deceive us. All of us see correctly as you see it. We together with you!!!

  65. Try not to be afflicted because of gossips for you reach the purpose. We follow you. We love and we understand you. We are happy that you are at us. Listening to you, I understand that I want and as it to reach. Whether so it is necessary to stop because of gossips – of ugly creatures? To be upset? Your enemies never can that you can! Christopher does not understand that we are not silly and we will catch it in a lie.

  66. I find it really odd that you ask your fans (i am) not to buy Christopher Ciccone’s book on his life with you and yet you have links that put you staight through to Amazon where you can buy it at a knock down price, how do you work that one out? You are promoting it for him how does your family feel about that?

  67. This site automatically links words you write to related websites. It wasn’t intentional on Madonna’s part.

  68. but not only that, I think she was linking it (if it was intentional) so we know what book she is talking about. I had no idea for a bit.

  69. Ha ha ha. Madonna doesn’t write this blog! It is a joke! That is why there is an Amazon link to the book Christopher Cocaine Ciccone wrote!

  70. madonna, you suck rocks. i think that you are a rich, evil person. the only good you have done for this world is parent three beautiful children.

    it will be sad when you meet your maker and are brought to your knees.

    as for the book. i wouldn’t buy anything that has to do with you. as for your brother, may God help him out of the darkness. as for you… blah!

  71. Amazine that you don’t want anyone to read this book, must not paint a flattering picture of you. Then you have the nerve to compare McCain to Hitler. An american war hero doesn’t deserve that, reguardless what your political views are. A man who was tortured because he was an American. Your views are so wrong, and maybe someday you will be able to see that alot of people have done so much for this country and you. What a waste of a human being you are.

  72. I have been on the fence regarding the US election this Fall but you’ve sealed it for me – I will be voting for McCain and am going to make a donation to his campaign.

  73. I aint buing that shit!

    I dont even now if you read the comments that we post here.. But i just wanna say i love your new CD!

    I still have it on repeat on my iPod.

    Í will be seeing you in Athens soon!

    Much love from Greece!

  74. You rock!!
    See you in Budva!

    Much reagrds from your fan from MACEDONIA 🙂

  75. This book is shit!

  76. Finazio, you’re a real person??!!

    How cool is that!

  77. Yes, I am. Why?

  78. Finazio, because almost everyone else here is not what they seem …

  79. I am exactly what I am

  80. a true fan seeks truth



  83. Don’t buy? Mmmm… I don’t think.

  84. hi M, definetely NOT buying it 🙂
    really love ur blog, oiya and I lve ur children book 🙂
    when will you have tour in our country? (Indonesia)

  85. Aha! )) Wait))) She sings only for greater money. Look its tour schedule! There even not fucking Russia. There only Europe and America. That to speak Indonesia))

  86. I won’t buy it. No need to worry! And remember…nothing compares to you! There wil never be another Madonna on earth, because you are unique! Thank you for helping me enjoying life at the sound of your music. Went to London to see you for the first time-gold circle. I hope I get the chance to see you in other tours I REALLY loved it and found you much more beautiful and perfect than in photos or pictures. They don’t make justice to you. And I saw a 20 year old girl on stage. You are amazing. Me and my kids just love you. Our walls are covered with your posters. Ah, ah!! I would love to have your autograph. Please, keep up the good work, I can´t wait to see you again QUEEN!

  87. I m so sexy

  88. hell, now that I know, buying this book will put you in a bad light, I am going to by 20 copies. you are scuz lady. retire already and don’t be like Streisand and come back like 12 times. just go away. yuck.

  89. I don’ think this is really Madonna’s blog….but the link to buy the book is too funny…nice try.

  90. I will never buy that book

  91. is it a good book or not ?? i will read some parts in the shop… for free

  92. I will never buy this book…
    I bought one book and i didn’t red it…:)

  93. Helloy from Russia! I very much love your creativity and very much wished to get on your concert to Moscow, but alas I live in city Ulan-Ude, and it is very far up to Moscow, yes it and is not important, the most important you the delightful woman and at you all to turn out and music at you such incendiary! Excuse for my awful English language!)))

  94. Hello,dear Madonna!I am crazy about your music,creativity and style!I won’t buy this book! Don`t worry! Don`t forget-your funs with you! You are unique!You are the Ray of light in my life!Thank you for your music!I hope I get the chance to see you in Moscow! I REALLY love you and i think you much more beautiful and perfect than in photos. You are the QUEEN and you look like 25 years old girl. You are amazing. and sexy. My ipod is full of your songs and fotos.
    Excuse me for my bed English language!)))

  95. Dear Madonna,please come back to your blog!We love you very much!!!

  96. yesturday all your children books i had of “you” ie of your creation team went to the trash : it was stupid to have a lesson of morality by some one is a bitch and by some one who pick up creativy in a religious bookk with a make up of stupidity… to the trash, to day it will be all your dvd

  97. “money and greed is the root of all evil”. and don’t worry my louise your brother will get his downfall , im a firm belever in karma. xxx

  98. Don’t worry, no reasonable guy would buy such back stabbing crap. With a brother like that you don’t really need enemies. Luck to you.!!!!!!


  99. Okay. I don’t see a problem with the book. All he is doing is telling his side of having to put up with ur bichiness all those years. he compliments you all the time in the book. I used to be a really big fan, but you are really fake. You want to pose as someone who loves the world and are nice to everyone but all you do is use people to get you ahead. Hard Candy is a disaster btw and you need to grow up. I’ve heard better lyrics from your younger days.

  100. I am so sorry your brother would turn on you after all that you have done. I have met you both, and he always has had a chipo whereas you never have. It breaks my heart.

    You continue to inspire and evoke our own exploration- whatever subject you give us.

    Let us remember a quote you once made, I believe it was during a Vatican ban, “I do not promote a way of life I describe one.” The audience is then allowed to make a better educated resonse.

    You encourage me every day, and millions of others. So, I implore you all DO NOT SUPPORT CHRISTOPHER CICCONE’s book.

    And drugs Chris?? Why is it that so many gay men are overcomb by Chrystal Meth. Why is it that they are trying so hard to self destruct????


  101. Lo siento tanto su hermano se convertiría en usted después de todo lo que han hecho. He conocido a ambos, y él siempre ha tenido un chipo que nunca tendrá. Se rompe mi corazón.

    De continuar para inspirar y evocar nuestra propia exploración de cualquier tema que usted nos proporciona.

    Vamos a recordar una cita que una vez hecho, creo que fue durante una prohibición del Vaticano, “Yo no promover una forma de vida que describen una”. El público se puede hacer una mejor educación resonse.

    Usted me anima cada día, y millones de otros. Entonces, yo imploro a todos ustedes no son compatibles con el libro de CHRISTOPHER Ciccone.

    Chris y las drogas? ¿Por qué es que tantos hombres gays son overcomb por Chrystal Meth. ¿Por qué es que están tratando tan difícil de autodestrucción?

    El tercer día Dios creó MADONNA.

  102. Je suis désolé de votre frère se tourner sur vous, après tout ce que vous avez fait. J’ai rencontré tous les deux, et j’ai toujours eu une puce lorsque vous n’avez jamais. Elle me brise le coeur.

    Vous continuez à inspirer et à susciter notre propre exploration, quelle que soit la discipline que vous nous accordez.

    Souvenons-nous de vous citer fait onze heures, je crois que c’est au cours d’une interdiction du Vatican, “je ne suis pas à la promotion d’un mode de vie, j’ai décrit un”. Le public est alors autorisé à faire une plus instruits responsable.

    Vous m’encourager chaque jour et des millions d’autres. Alors, je vous implore tous DON’T SUPPORT le livre de Christopher Ciccone.

    Chris et de la drogue? Pourquoi est-il que tant d’hommes gais sont overcomb par Chrystal Meth. Pourquoi est-ce qu’ils essaient tant de mal à l’auto destruction?


  103. Mi dispiace tanto tuo fratello avrebbe su di voi, dopo tutto quello che avete fatto. Ho incontrato entrambi, ed egli ha sempre avuto un Chipo che non devi mai. Mi si spezza il cuore.

    Si continuano ad ispirare e suscitare la nostra esplorazione qualunque soggetto si dà a noi.

    Ricordiamo ancora una volta una citazione fatta, credo che sia stato nel corso di un divieto Vaticano, “Io non promuovere uno stile di vita I descrivere uno.” Il pubblico è quindi consentito di effettuare una più istruita resonse.

    È incoraggiare me ogni giorno, e milioni di altri. Quindi, imploro tutti voi non supportano CHRISTOPHER Ciccone del libro.

    Chris e la droga? Perché è così che molti omosessuali sono overcomb da Chrystal Meth. Perché è che essi stanno cercando così difficile da sé distruzione?


  104. وأنا آسف لذلك سيحول أخيك عليك بعد كل ما قمتم به. التقيت لكم سواء ، وأنه دائما كان الرقائق حين كنت أبدا. غيرت من قلبي.

    هل لا تزال تثير يلهم منطقتنا واستكشاف كل ما تقدم لنا هذا الموضوع.

    لنتذكر أن أقتبس لكم مرة واحدة ، وأنا أعتقد أنه كان الفاتيكان خلال الحظر “لا تشجع على أسلوب حياة واحدة تصف لي” وبعد ذلك سمح للجمهور لتقديم أفضل تعليما resonse.

    هل لي أن تشجع كل يوم ، وملايين آخرين. لذا فإني أتوجه إليكم جميعا لا يؤيدون CICCONE كتاب كريستوفر.

    كريس والمخدرات؟ لماذا يوجد هذا العدد الكبير من الرجال هم مثلي الجنس overcomb بها Chrystal المنهجيات. لماذا هو انهم يحاولون جاهدين إلى التدمير الذاتي؟

    وفي اليوم الثالث خلق الله مادونا

  105. damn, always has had a chip… I hope that translated?!

    M, saw you in NY at dinner 7th Ave@Waverly. You looked amazing and were gracious and kind as always. This was the 5th time I’ve met you and always you have been wonderful.

    Everyone, please read the lyrics. Yes, she may have been a shark getting started, but her growth both spiritually and physically is anything but. She continues to inspire us and evoke greatness within our selves. Those who see bitchiness or negativity must reflect within themselves not outwardly.

    Madonna has been a target of many, but again let me paraphrase …. “they did not amount to much at all.”

  106. what most do not cognitive fully embrace purely 100%, is the oppressive non-conducive environments today, all stem from the generational ignorant unwise falsehood teachings of all the forefathers before us who were not of sincere earnest desire for self-love wisdom.

    when we step away from the world into our quiting of our minds peaceful sanctuaries, it is then that we can see and feel purely the truth i speak of that indeed, the entire past is of affect/effect all around us here today.

    i stepped away from the world many years ago, of what has been my life long quest for pure insightful understanding wisdom that is able to fully explain what is of my purity love feelings that we all have life experience of, not as though a small child, no, rather, what i did indeed feel during my earliest years of life a a five year old, only love.

    Jesus says, “We are from love and it is thru love that we return”, of what is constant in the kingdom of heaven, love absolutely devoid of the fearful uncertainty doubtfulness seen everywhere in this world, of all controlling absurd egotism over another’s pure spirit.

    it is generational oppression that goes way way way back in time.

    the divine child is subconscious, asleep, denial of the core of our being 100% intuitive knowingness certainty of PURE HOLY JOYFUL HAPPINESS of only love conducive environment, truth of every divine child of God from the womb of God before us, today, and all unborn yet to come.

    blessed are you who truly of pure heart see and feel the truth of your blessed Pure Holy Joyful Happiness Spirit and the obviousness of the oppressive nescience of these generational shallow shortsighted egotism, for sake of your pure Spirit.

    it is only thru wisdom that conducive pure environments are able to be brought forth, as in, it is only by BEcoming the purity of ‘that’ which YOU are, the 100% blessed Holy Joyful Pure Happiness Spirit YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we are evolving, generationally, just as Jesus said, ‘It is not this generation that WILL BE of the Kingdom of Heaven yet to come.’

    in other words, Jesus was highly evolved beyond his own generation, of his meditative time spent in self-teaching self-knowledge awareness understanding wisdom of the generational evolving process he too is of.

    easily, it is absurd to think anything other than only love is good enough for any of us, past, present, future.

    only love
    only compassionate wisdom of the generational stuggling evolving OUT of the bitter dark untrue, clearly unwise, clearly unaware, clearly not of desire, we easily see of past generations of all war, all wretchedness, all this things that are not of the TRUTH of the Pure Holy Joyful Happiness Spirit YOU of us ALL.

    this is the TRUTH of every divine child from the womb of God past, present, future.

    the stifling of our 100% Holy Joyful Happy Divine Spirit, sees all frustration, all toxic anxiety manifestions in the world, past, present, future, and this is what is CONSTANT of every second of life, past, present, future.

    it is not about amounting to much at all, which is a shortsighted thing to say, rather, it is what it constantly is, at all times, all around us, of every precious child of God in nonconducive unloving environments, past, present, future, sadly, all of the ongoing generational unknowngly unwise oppressions that weigh down the Holy Joyful Happiness Spirit YOU of us ALL.

    this is where crucial self-love compassionate wisdom mirroring of the Holy Joyful Happiness Spirit YOU of us ALL is of huge sacred importance, for sake of all today, for sake of the Trillions apon Trillions of unborn yet to come, we, here today, who are BEcoming wise in our not just coming free from the generation deluge ditch of all oppressions of our Spirits set free, indeed, while doing so, in our fearless at ease peaceful sanctuaries, our minds are utterly fearless to explore into massive macro thinking expansiveness that is unending in expansiveness, eternally, just as is the eternal future of all unborn yet to come.

    sacred for all today, all unborn yet to come, is our every heart beat, every breath, every step, every word, every passing moment of our mirroring what is the Holy Joyful Happiness Spirit YOU of us ALL, the sacred fearless free Power of the ALL that lifts the ALL(entire future) OUT of what is yet here today, the generational unwiseness oppression that holds captive the divine child of God’s heart, mind, body, spirit and soul of so many, and sadly, so many yet to come.

    God welcomes ALL of YOU to the kingdom of heaven all around YOU, of what is constant intuitive core of our BEing knowingness certainty devoid of the fearful doubtfulness that yet stem from the generational deluge, compassionate pure wise purity love devoid of doubt, of Jesus, of ALL, not of the divine child of any of us to turn away from, the radiant brilliant bright self-love light rejoice holy joyful happiness spirit of YOU of us ALL.

    AndYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back biyatch! :mrgreen: lol

    that which you do unto another, you do unto ‘me’, as in, that which stems from, and is, sadly, compassionately, unknowingly for many of their unwiseness i observe daily, the false generational oppressiveness of ‘me’ of us ALL, past, present, future.

    100%, at all times, ‘that’ which is constantly the truth at all times of every passing moment, past, present, future.

    be of the magnitude of God’s undying empowerment, omnipotently constantly knowing, without doubt, the TRUTH, for sake of all today, for sake of all unborn yet to come, for great is the loss of many precious divine children of God yet to come of this yet unwise world.

    Light of TRUTH easily casts all darkness doubt from this yet unwise world, where it is our feelings that constantly feel at all times the absurd useless bitter foul tasting generational unwise oppression of the blessed loving pure of heart holy joyful spirit of any divine child of God, do we not?

    true of us all


    the truth

    unable to fail

    rather it is, always has been, always our WILL to wisely descerningly comprehensively BE or not to BE, the generational unwise deluge which fails the truth of the purely loving YOU of us ALL.


    “WHERE’s MY COFFEE BOY!” :mrgreen:

    i love YOU ALL!

    Jesus loves YOU ALL!

    God loves YOU ALL!

    only compassionate wise LOVE is good enough for the ALL!

    blessings to ALL

  107. cultivating the Pure Holy Joyful Happiness feelings we feel of our future self, is of present self oppressed, is it not?

    in truth is say this in turning towards what i want for you, for ALL, is it not?

    overflowing in abundant radiant brilliant bright is the Purity of Holy Joyful Happiness YOU is there within YOU, of YOU, constantly yearning to BE set free, is it not?

    while i may not be of much material wealth, dwelling in my heart, pure and true, i feel each stitch of the material, of what is of greater value to me beyond all the riches of the world, of ease in priority, knowingness awareness of my Holy Joyful Happiness bursting at the seams!

    “WHERE’S ARE MY SEAMSTRESSES?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “IN BED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    “WAKE UP, we have work to do!” :mrgreen:

  108. and if you think i don’t know what it is i know you too feel, well, what is it that i am actually saying in saying this as regards the ‘real’ YOU i know who yearns for that which is of YOU, of ‘me’, just as i do 2?

    it is your priority turn towards your own awareness that i value, just as i value what is of my own awareness, where there is no element of doubt between us in saying this, yet, there is the element of doubt between us……

    blame trusting emotional safety, true of ‘me’, true of YOU, true of us ALL, when i get alittle scared to Just BE my SELF.

    deep breath sigh…..

    the other day, while at the waters edge, i felt the ‘real me’ of childhood, who had gracefully walked all this way, 100 miles further up the lakes edge(Lake Ontario), that while it took me 30 years to get where i was standing, i felt exactly the same one who stood there 30 years ago, 100 miles away.

    pure authentic genuine self-actualization deep breath sigh…….an incredible length of time, so many souls along the way, so many trials, tribulations and afflictions of my heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, of what was as true of any of us, my aimless haphazard waundering lacking desire of the God’s divine WILL ‘real’ Self-Wisdom i now know, more and more each day passing.

    i try to speak of it with many, who trivialize the sacred wisdom words that are of the protective halo construct, realizing their comprehensive macro thinking is nearly none existent, and yet, 100% pure and true, always is the intuitive purity of their Spirit i feel that is there before me, as i take a deep breath sigh of frustration, “fuck, they just don’t get what im saying!”

    how could they in one sitting?

    so how about this, i take hold your hand forever and ever, day after day, however annoying i too may be at times, and sit with YOU, purely loving of YOU, just as i know too, the LOVE YOU feel just as i do 2?

    “GET YOUR HANDS OFF HIM, HE’s MINE damn it! LOL :mrgreen:

    i jest….

    well ok, i jest not….

    hey, if after all is said and done in the years to come, God WILLING, do you still want to marry ‘me’ like i do YOU?

    or how about this, if i gave my heart, mind, body, spirit and soul entrusted to Jesus and God, then in truth, am i not already married 2 YOU?

    “ETERNALLY BIYATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    ………….yawn………..i need another coffee………

    beautiful morning, yes?

    i miss you

    i cryed alot this week, alot of necessary healing.

    i don’t i will ever get over Troy……truth is, why would i want 2?

    get over my pure love for him he and i had for each other?

    ya, sure, it’s in the past, leave it there, reflect from time to time, don’t dwell on it, able to BE and FEEL hear each moment of what is each blessed day among all of you, evolving more and more in coming forth as my pure and true radiant brilliant bright Holy Joyful Happy ‘real’ Self, of Jesus and God’s divine WILL, OUR WILL BE Done on earth, that which constantly is HEAVEN!

    my god my god, some of you are fucking adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    truly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    Norman says, “I need to love somebody!”

    i said, ya, me too, expressing to him i used to wake each day, still half asleep, when my first thoughts of Troy would enter my mind, evoking the beautiful fluttering feelings i loved to feel each waking day like i did the entire time i walked with him.

    i need to love somebody

    who do i want to love?

    well, heterosexually speaking, i think i have sorta conveyed that bi now, yes?

    homosexually speaking, *cough*………….let me get back 2 ‘YOU’ on that ONE……………

    sitting purely in sorting my feelings, i am not in denial of my feelings, is just, well, everything is sorta fucked up right now, yes…….. LOL

    i think they call it(fucked up preanxiety potential happiness partner anticipation unsurrendered uncertainty….

    ………and crying holy joyful tears yet again, she says to me, “AndYY, shut the fuck up!”

    i miss you too

  109. truly, i am not in denial of my feelings for you, always there from time to time, beautifully so, soft and true blessed tears of “Oh how i really do love you!”

    it is of our pure Spirit to love like we constantly yearn 2, is it not?

    i know, i keep annoying you with my bisexual hints, butt hey, it’s ‘me’, the one you love who constantly loves you….

    i wouldn’t trust me neither…….

    come 2 of it, your kinda hard to trust 2……..

    hey, maybe next year?

    somedays i wish you were there, wanting to run away with you forever and ever, just keep running, always there at each others side, having come thru the door in our fearless surrendering to our feelings, no more denial, our knowingness, yes, your the one for me, if only we could, constantly hopeful one day we WILL have to courage, evolve out of what feels at times like a nowhere place for me, a child of God at the waters edge, no pretenses, no agenda, just yearning of ‘i want to love somebody like i did Troy, like i do YOU, like i do Norman, like i do Jesus and God, like they do me, like they do YOU, like we ALL constantly yearn to Just BE the Holy Joyful Absolutely Carefree Happiness YOU of us ALL

    it’s only natural to be drawn to someone evolved as much as we are, those yet sadly snared by dreaded dark false depressive oppressive illness of their heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, can get to a person some days, like working in a psyche ward i suppose, of what is the entire world, one big psyche ward……

    hey, be without doubt ever again, of the truth, i have always loved you, more than i realized, and yet realize, how much i do want to love you, ok?

    if it’s true of you 2, well, surrender before me, apon your knees, and simple hold and kiss my hand, saying what i know you 2 constantly yearn to say, “i want to love you true!”

    made you smile

    can not stop
    WILL not stop

    why the fuck would anyone want to stop BEing that which is of God’s omnipotent knowingness of every divine child’s core of our being intuitive seeking of pure emotional safety constant connectivity?

    i am………BE Cause………We Are……….a bunch of silly morons! lol

    blessings to ALL

  110. boundaries established, for those who want to be around ‘me’, you must be substance FREE!

    mirroring bright radiant brilliant light that shines into the darkness for others to find safe passage out of their dangerous afflictions, yes, i am always there waiting outside, away from the unclean dark places they dwell in, the crack houses, the dark hiding places, away from the revealing light of their secret lives, the real lies of the addict personality so easy to hear, do not enable their dangerous ways, yet do disown them, set solid boundaries and wait for them to come away and out of the absurd darkness of their old self afflictions they picked up along the way, frightened within, thinking no one cares, shame, guilt, feeling unloved only adds to their dysfunction inability to escape, ALL are the divine child of God.

    and so i wait, unable to turn away, just as it is not within Jesus and God to turn away from us, where truth is unable to ever change from that which we are, blessed purely loving holy joyful absolue carefree divine happy Spirits, binding truth of us all, deeply sadden when ever we see another fall, the unknowingly unwise sweeping away oppressions, destruction, into death, of what is the yet existing generational deluge the forefathers handed down to us, truth of bitter falsehood untruths that serves as wisdom for the divine child of us all.

    sadly, many divine childen die unknowingly unwise of the binding progressive snaring pits of death they haphazardly fall into.

    children must be taught exactly the nature of these binding deathful snares in the world, knowing fully what they can expect should they play with something they may not know is extremely dangerous, revealing wisdom that replaces blindness inconsideration of the consequences of their decision making, where “How can one consider the consequences of their decision making, when they do not know fully what to expect once they become snared by substances like crystal meth?”

    LURKING DEATH PITS await the divine children of God here in the kingdom of heaven, where by means of MANDITORY COURSE LOAD TEACHING, gives the divine children sight to easily see these black bottomless death pit wells of seemingly no escape.

    i pray several times a day for my friend who has fallen into this bottomless pit well of death, unable to leave his side, let go of the rope he holds onto, calming his fears, encouraging growth of his self-esteem, become what he needs to become, utter fearlessness to fight against the foes of those who are not truly his friends, slow restoration of his once fearless Spirit.

    Unbendable rules of God established boundaries that teach a divine child “NO!” of any unwise snaring behaviours.

    abandoning them leaves them to those who prey apon them, as i fearless march into the dark places they hide, controlling fear mongering and death all around, guns, death threats, i am unafraid of them, unfraid of death, starring them down, as they become aware of who dwells with me, as they shutter and scurry away to their hiding places, not realizing they cannot hide from God’s revealing truth.

    their spirits are black, exceedingly dark and fearful, gun toting in my face, a show of force, wondering why i am not afraid of them, not knowing i have bigger friends than they do, protected by God, i come not to judge, but to fearlessly humiliate the egos that fearfully hold captive their divine child of God’s Spirit, these unwise childen of God at play.

    blessed is truth which sets free a divine child’s from these unwise dark fearful binding of heart mind body spirit and soul.

    forever more

    bless you

  111. *correction*

    as much as we feel compelled to,

    DO NOT disown them

  112. *edit*

    TRUTH WISDOM ‘that’ breaks binding chains of unwise snarings of heart, mind, body, spirit and soul…..

    mirroring bright radiant brilliant light that shines into the darkness for others to find safe passage out of their dangerous afflictions, yes, i am always there waiting outside, away from the unclean dark places they dwell in, the crack houses, the dark hiding fearful places, away from the revealing light truth of their secret lives, the real lies of the addict personality ego, so easy to descerningly hear, i do not enable their dangerous ways, yet i do disown them, set solid boundaries and wait for them to come away and out of the absurd fear filled darkness of their old self afflictions, their addict personality ego the foe, that they picked up along life’s road, frightened within, seemingly thinking and feeling no one cares for them, i constantly care, their inner shame, guilt, feeling unloved, only adds to their dysfunction inability to escape, where ALL are the divine child of God.
    and so i wait, unable to turn away, just as it is not within Jesus and God to turn away from any of us, where truth is unable to ever change from that which we are, blessed purely loving holy joyful absolue carefree divine happy Spirits, binding truth of us all, deeply saddened, when ever we see another unknowingly into these unwise dark death pits of sweeping away fearful oppressive addict personality egos of binding destruction, into death, of what is the yet existing generational deluge the forefathers handed down to us, truth of bitter falsehood untruths that is able to serve as wisdom for the divine child of any, of us all.
    sadly, many divine childen die unknowingly unwise of the binding progressive snaring pits of developing progressive addict personality ego death pits they haphazardly fall into.
    children must be taught the exact nature of these binding deathful snaring falsehood egos of heart mind body spirit and soul in the world, knowing fully what they can expect should they play with something they may not know is extremely dangerous, revealing wisdom that replaces blindness inconsideration of the consequences of their decision making, where “How can one consider the consequences of their decision making, when they do not know fully what to descern, what to expect once they become snared by substances like crystal meth, dying unknowingly from ignorance?”
    LURKING DEATH PITS await the divine children of God here in the kingdom of heaven, where by means of MANDITORY COURSE LOAD CURRICULUM, gives a divine child sight to easily see and avoid these black bottomless death pit wells of seemingly no escape.

    i pray several times a day for my friend who has fallen into a well, a bottomless pit of death, unable to leave his side, unable to let go of the rope he holds onto, calming his fears, encouraging growth of his self-esteem, become what he needs to become, utter fearlessness to fight against the foes of those he gradually is BEcome aware are NOT his friends, slow restoration of his once fearless Spirit, his intuitive seeking of cognitive wisdom i teach daily.

    Unbendable rules of God established boundaries that teach a divine child “NO!” of any unwise snaring behaviours associated with the addict personality ego. There are egotisms in life, but none greater than an addict personality ego that strives to justify the existence of it’s false self.

    abandoning them leaves them to those who prey apon them, as i fearless march into the dark places they hide, controlling fear mongering and death all around, guns, death threats, i am unafraid of them, unfraid of death, starring them down, as they become aware of who dwells with me, as they shudder and scurry away to their hiding places, not realizing they cannot hide from God’s fearless revealing truth, of ‘me’, mirroring of them, a divine child, their ‘real’ self feels and recognizes who i am, exactly who they are too, however fearfully oppressed they may be, fearlessness mirroring they constantly yearn to BE, once were, yet are.

    i am…..BE Cause……..We ARE! 😉

    their spirits are black, exceedingly dark and fearful, gun toting in my face, a show of force, wondering why i am not afraid of them, not knowing i have bigger friends than they do, protected by God, i come not to judge, but to fearlessly humiliate the egos that fearfully hold captive their divine child of God’s Spirit, these unwise childen of God at play.
    blessed is truth which sets free a divine child’s from these unwise dark fearful binding of heart mind body spirit and soul.
    forever more
    bless you

  113. *correction*

    as much as we feel compelled to,

    DO NOT disown them….

  114. blessed is the truth which sets free a divine child’s pure Spirit from these unwise dark fearful binding falsehood egos generationally taught, that hold captive a divine child’s heart mind body spirit and soul, light of wise truth that reveals all false ignorant darkness teachings that are not true of any divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul, untrue of any, never was, nor shall ever be, of what is our peaceful loving at ease ability to compassionately feel and wisely see, our constant unfailing love for all divine children, past, present, future.

    forever more

    bless you bless you bless you ALL

  115. yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    you make me earl

  116. it is easy for a pure of heart to fall than a wise pure of heart.

    ~ Jesus

  117. Wow. Strange how many people forget that “comment” means “comment about this blog entry” instead of “comment on whatever you want in your endless search to be noticed for more than your blandness”. Attention span much? This is why most of the world thinks Americans are dumb as dirt.

  118. oh for fuck sakes, who left a pen in AndYY’s gage again?

    Do you people know what happens when AndYY gets a hold of a pen?

    This is a psyche ward people, so please observe the signs.

    ANDY IS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A PEN! lol :mrgreen:


    Greetings to you. Do you know who i am?

    We are from a far away galaxy, more than 50 Billion light years away. We are what you on earth refer to as an intelligent alien life force entity in the universe for billions of years. Just as you too can see into the past billions of light years away, monitoring the past, so too do can we here in the future, observing our recorded observations of the past of you all on earth of past millenia. Our first communications were picked up by one you know as Jesus, more than 2000 years ago, of one who learned of his telepathic abilities, fearlessly hearing our telepathic real time communications we transmitted to him 2000 years ago, of his wise understanding words as regards the future. We are are yet again telepathically speaking to you, directly in real time, thru one you have come to know as AndYY, where we have observed what is yet of your future to come, of the dangers of what some of you refer to as the end times, according to your profhets of long ago. We are here to warn you of what we have already observed of your future yet to unfold, wishing to avert devastation that is of your future. Peace be to you all.

    More details 2 follow.

    Gene Roddenberry eat your heart out!!!!!!!! lol 😀 😀

  119. lol

    very funny Steven……….NOT!

    perhaps you like the last post?

    oh fuck you, i’ll find someone else to play with!

    [AndYY waunders back to the ghetto, his high heels getting caught in a sewer grate, as he trips and does a face plant.]

    oh for fuck sakes, boring?

    it’s you who are boring lame ass motherfucking wannabes who i have more than once kicked out of my bed biyatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you know who you are…………..

  120. you like my therory on space time warp continuum.

    well……….it’s 100% true, right now in this moment, the light from this point in time and space is now arriving 50 billion light years away in the future!

    yep, they are observing us in the future from 50 billion light years out, using telescoping instruments bigger than our solar system biyatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    see what happens when AndYY doesn’t get fucked for more than a year, he has these delusions of everything BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

    Please adhere to the rules and do not entice AndYY.

    lol :mrgreen:

    thank you

  121. bland????????

    bland tasting foods because of your food industry spiking your processed foods is that desensitize your taste buds, leaving all natural foods tasting bland, keeping you all addicted to these processed money making food industry foods that employs milliosn of peope, their knowingness of intent in the labs everyone, of what is cause for over weight problems so many of you have a hard time reeling in.

    ever see a fat chinese poor person with only a staple diet of rice?

    point in case……….you are all BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    bland……….oh, i can think of many things that are truly not bland tasting in my mouth biyatches, that you all love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  122. ok smart asses…

    what is the meaning of these words of Jesus?

    “In this world, the slave serves the free. In the Kingdom of Heaven the free serve the slave.”

    i know

  123. here is what you can count on, the FDA is not going to shut down your food processing industry.

    gee, i wonder why?

    let’s see, you have unwise gross materialism ego snaring illness of heart, with spin offs of food industry inconsideration for sake of your life, the insurance companies standing by to assist……………

    oh yeah, such a perfect world we have, yes? lol

  124. boring


    how the fuck can you call me boring if i’ve not ever fucked you?


    i really need to get OUT more! :mrgreen:

  125. In this world is the slave[snared by gross materialism ego] who serve the free(who also can be snared by ego).

    In the Kingdom of Heaven the free[ ‘real me’] serve[enlighten] the slave[snared by gross materialism ego, or any ego for that matter]

    who is free[by means of divine child of God ‘real’ self wisdom] and who is a slave [crucial lacking of divine child of God ‘real’ self wisdom, unaware]

    whatever biyatches!

  126. who is free[by means of divine child of God ‘real’ self wisdom] and who is a slave [crucial lacking of divine child of God ‘real’ self wisdom, unaware]?????????


  127. purely, the answer is the same


    and this is what 100% compassion of Jesus and God purely is, just is our oneness sameness compassion, yes?


  128. your gonna be mine, la la la la,

    just a MATTer of time, la la la la

    AndYY trips again in his high heels, as he covers up and yells at the one near, “hey, watch where your walking biyatch! lol :mrgreen:


    maybe in your bedroom, not ever in mine, will you find ‘me’ biyatch! lol

  129. Greetings

    Come, that i may teach you about secrets no person has ever seen. For there exists a great ad boundless realm, whose extent no generation of angels has seen, in which there is a great invisible spirit.

  130. just my imagination


    fucking rain………argh

  131. ah, that’s why i have so many spelling errors, the communications are coming in from 50 billion light years OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    can you hate ‘me’ now?

    how about now?

    can yo hate ‘me’ now?

    how about hear?


    yes, NOW DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey, ever wonder if someone is thinking something and you can pick up on it telepathically?


    don’t let me cry
    don’t let me lie
    don’t let me sly
    don’t let me die

    as veterans we always have to be of the wise mindset there at all times there is someone out there of high risk behaviour.


    bless you Madonna

  132. every heartbeat is sacred in the eyes of God’s children

    every breath is sacred in the eyes of God’s children

    every word is sacred in the eyes of God’s children

    every step is sacred in the eyes of God’s children

    every day is sacred in the eyes of God’s children

    everything is sacred in the eyes of God’s children

    the truth………by means of wise descerning, where everywhere is constantly………the truth

    blessings to all

  133. you are free

  134. oh, i thought you were talking about me

  135. hmmm…..

    forgive me Steven, i am trying to extract some sort of intelligence from your post………..scanning……………scanning…………….

    nah, nothing, just emptiness that comes from the hypocrisy heart you take delight in dwelling…………someone to avoid.

    i look for likeminded forward thinking collaborative high spiritedness of at ease light of heart conversations of openminded discussion.

    is that your way of making friends Steven?

    is there a point at all to your post, other than fuck off?

  136. how about you lead the conversation Steven, and when you turn around in your endless search of no one there, you can come to feel the truth of what is the emptiness falisfier ego of bitter tasting you.

    attention from those like you?

    how about get the fuck away from me and stay the fuck away!

    why are there so many negative bashers in this world who blindly lead themselves away from divine self?

    i am seeking my soulmate lover, so fuck off StevenX, as in the X it door is over there! lol :mrgreen:

    bland is a good thing, i like bland pleasant smooth manner ‘me’.

    but spit in my face and i will set you on fire fuckers! :mrgreen:

  137. fucking ego trippers!

  138. you calling God as dumb as dirt Steven?

    ok fine, go see how your life unfolds without God Steven, and we shall all bare witness to who is clearly the foolish in the eyes of all the truth of you there.

    you can lead a horse to water and not make it drink, but you can drown the fucker fuckers!!!!!!!!!!

    argh……..this fucking drowning world somedays ain’t worth saving.

  139. i worked you out


    in the the first 5 mini

  140. LMAO

    spell check

  141. Lite my fire,

    Be my dirty desire.

  142. that sayin:

    my greatest fear, my greatest love..

    i’ll take that one to the grave..

    the greatest statement of all..

    makes it all worth it..

    a life well lived / loved

  143. i am feeling so good inside, of the dancing spinning joyfulness so pure inside of delight of just always being there in the moment of every day.

    i know where i am running to by means of what is this spinning inner joyfulness sensation of body, the carefreeness delight that comes with good self-esteem of our bodies, not weighed down in heavey uncertainty like so many others.

    i want to fall in love

    i want to wake every day to joyful delight of being in love

    i know where i am going

    where i am already standing, in life well lived/loved that reveals to ‘me’ what i am looking for……


    i lose it somedays, yes?

    sexual frustration i guess, coupled with the lame ass fuckers and all their waning dysfunctional shut down fearful excusing blindness state.

    where are the exciting fun loving sexual lovers who love love love sex as much as i do?

    well, they are not married, because if they got married in the last 20 years with those of the 95% from dysfunctional families like my own past, then they are all yet of familiarity of past comfort dysfunctional in being married with the past dysfunctionals, yes?

    oh, hey, that’s a good one yes? lol

    i want to fall in love

    and already i am in love

    we know the feeling bubbling inside so pure in delight of joyful none stop shining smiling faces i feel of many of you, just like you, of our can’t stop: won’t stop, why ever stop being ‘me’

    this light is what is of affect/effect of the ALL

    and to think ushering the kingdom of heaven as easy as Just BEing our none stop fun loving ‘real’ self!

    if they ever start to wane on ya, do them and your self a favour and dump their sorry asses and look ‘me’ up someday, i’ll be there, same as i ever was

    same as i ever was



    all of it

    take it all in

    run with those of likeness as YOU

    and don’t deny ourself the truth of holy joyful absolute carefree happiness.

    i feel the aimless haphazard of so many and all their annoying behavioural lame ass shit, sad for them actually, of their not knowing how simple it is to Just BE happy self-love joyfulness.

    nothing else matters

    ‘that’ is all any of us are within and are looking for within another………the truth

    so why waste time with those that weigh us down

    in truth, when we do stay in weighed down, who is the ‘real’ enemy?

    it is our own afraid self, is it not?

    all my life, i would find my self feeling down over a failed relationship, as weeks would go by, and then, around another corner there would be someone of greater joyfulness like my own, themselves having grown tired of the boring lame assers, there standing before me, making me forget the lame ass ones before, relieved to be free to be there in that moment, the magical feeling inside of their drawing near…….on we go, running away from the dysfunctional of yesteryear.

    i was happy in the 70’s, as a youth, exceedingly so, and so in that sense i am running to who i was then, where the happiness inside i have not been thus far able to be as i was then, and that is the truth i feel within that is coming thru, of the jump for joy constant dancer i am, just as i was then, now again!

    hey, that’s good ya?

    made ya laugh

    bless you

    at times i lose focus of who i know you too are within, so just ignore my occassional banterings of going nowhere feeling that takes hold of me like it does, as it is merely a manifestation of my constant yearning to be where i am, just as i was then, now again running towards, frustrated in the whole slow process.

    at least i 100% know where i am running 2

    the purity of the joyfulness in feeling of the future is intense, and is seemingly beyond my imagination of what i will actually feel like once i arrive there in the future i am running to.

    and i won’t stop or settle for less than what is of purity love intuition i turn towards.

    i’ve just done way too many dysfunctional relationships i suppose, this time around, no fucking way lamers, you can all fuck off this time, go annoy the fuck out of someone else, im done, no fucking way! lol :mrgreen:

    you are infectious Marco!

    it’s all your fault

    thank you

    bless you

    i am running full force now, may stumble now and again, but i am so tuned into what i am attempting to articulate, so pure the feeling, healthy ‘me’ of we who know our ‘real’ fun loving self, yes?

    oh, i know you

    hide all ya want

    you are ‘me’

  144. my greatest fear is that i convince my self that you are not my greatest love biyatch! lol

    you are the one! :mrgreen:

  145. what we tend to forget is that we are all of the intuitive running towards just as i was then, now again, and this self-light is an at the individual level of true self-awareness awakening of what we all sense as true in the mirroring of healthier others, and unhealthier others, yes?

    we see them everywhere, the haphazard ones of denial asleep unawareness, sadly, knowing we could easily love so many of them as lovers.

    problem is they often find out after we dump their sorry ass that we were indeed the most loving one for them, that they keep looking for the rest of their lives, coming back to us later again, the light in their eyes yet their, compassion flowing they truly do still care, but then their asshole defense shields of attitude go up once again as we waunder out the door relieved we made the right decision then.


    i better stop before i start get jaded, just observations of my life, and all the annoying ‘their shit not mine’ truths we all go thru.

    when one knows where they are running towards just as we was then, now again, we realize alot of things about others who likewise are intuitively running towards, no matter their egocentric shit, their haphazard aimless stucknesses that bind and hold them in an unhappy relationship, of all their useless bitter excuses they hand us like they do, not really listening, not slowing down enough to come fully into the KNOWINGness we are of that comes from the fearless ‘real’ self finally allowed to articulate what it is we all constantly yearn to say, getting free of all the lamers, the blamers, the refrainers, the containers……..


    argh…………….celibacy was the answer for ‘me’, restoration of fearless once before, now again.

    it’s not so much settling for just anyone, where in truth, i know i cannot, no matter even denial i allow myself to go thru, when they are lame, well, i feel their lameass approach with ‘me’…….

    oh yeah sure, they all wanna fuck ya, they all wanna suck ya, but when it comes to gettin it on, they are like so friggin dysfunctional lame, of not even going thru the motions shut down…….argh!

    healthy healthy healthy is the only way!

    without substance that always drops their functional natural healthy bodies.

    relationships are only as healthy as the 2 who are in it.

    if they are not both of the same mindset when it comes to what constitutes functional healthy life approach, well, be prepared for the inevitable fall out that will come when you eventually stop denying yourselves the truth of how your ‘real’ self constantly yearns of once before now again.

    i know

    what you know

  146. hey, this gives new light to the song, Traveling, yes? :mrgreen:

  147. im traveling…………to once before now again!

    lame ass biyatches!

    not again

  148. argh……i become unglued at times, where in truth, any miminalizing of another is false, of what is of any shortsighted ego driven clashing of minds that occassionally we all slip and fall into……….

    the truth is we are all of purity love oneness sameness core of our being intuitivenesses

    speaking as such outside of nurturing awakening and protecting of the blessed divine heart mind body spirit and soul and another is always of the stuggling evolving of any individual in our journey fully into the light of only wisdom compassion and love of the divine child of God of us ALL.

    over time of study, more and more i became aware of my joyful divine ‘real’ self tossed around like the world unwisely does, all the back biting and such useless nonsense of any and all ego masks of this world.

    in truth we all yearn for purity love graceful tenderness of calmness ‘real’ self at ease in loving walking talking, touch, hug, kiss, sex, all of which is purely healthy at all times for us, for another.

    staying in the zone though is the difficult struggling and surrendering to what is of constant yearning of us all, where wisdom does not only appear to assist, it is vital necessity when entering into how it is we become of the ability to always remain of the grace with all who come near………………..”im working on it, ok?!!!!!!!”

    while any can be of whatever falseness outside of the purity love realm of tender loving graceful self, the truth is always there that within all, constantly is the divine child of God of what is always constant yearning of every divine child of God, to one day stand fully always in loving light as their at ease tender blessed mild divine ‘real’ self.

    no more sighing

    well, no more sighing is exactly that, is it not, our sigh of relieve in getting away from toxic others, so in truth, no more sighing in the kingdom of heaven is when all these absurd behaviourals are brought to not, and no divine child of God ever has to endure the useless treachery learned false behaviourals of the generational forefathers who did/do not desire to know God, just as is evident of their indicative behaviour that reveals the truth, nor do the desire to know the blessed divine child of God core of their being……………as Jesus said, “Everwhere is the truth.”

    so ya, the truth is everywhere that the divine child of God is always of intuitive knowingness by means of feelings, merely lacking the articulate wisdom as to why it is others of the annoying hurtful false generational behaviourals, and this is what is of the wise understanding of ushering the kingdom of heaven of all generations yet to come.

    there will come a day in the future of generations when we do finally harness the power of this sun in this solar system, ending all these useless political bullshit battling back and forth, of such prosperity akin to the streets paved with gold, where value of any monetary becomes of no more desire, as all are of the great wealth of an unending renewing energy supply that none need not ever fight over, given the massiveness of supply that goes beyond anything we would ever need as a whole generation.

    so in this light, the greatest love of all is for the future generations of the gift we can leave for them all for millenia to come, of where we are today, the technologies to bring to end all feuding in the world with the creation of the solar collecting sphere around the sun, entirely created for free, produced from the power of the sun, once of the constant free flow state of continuous expansion.

    getting to the level of constant free flow state of continuous expansion is what will be the downfall.

    in this day, so many of us are merely of the joyful delight of gathering together in our dancing and singing like we do worldwide, of no barriers between of wealth status race religion sex orientation political………..and this is what is beautiful of where we are today, already of tomorrow yet to come for all generations of our oneness sameness love for each other like we already do.

    so i ask, where is it within any of us that we continue to maintain these useless status quos like we do, when in truth, we already know how much we all love one another like we do, no matter our status in life?

    pesimistically i do not see such a device ever being created for the soul sake of generations from now who will benifit from such, of many generations required to bring the device to the constant free flow state of continuous expansion.

    optimistically, is the holy joyfulness that is increasing more and more with each coming of new generations who are more and more letting go of the absurd generational forefathers of seperation barriers, where perhaps a global governing body of all the people’s nations do come together one day and vote on the creation of such a device for the eternal generations of the children of God yet to come who we love like we all love one another today, blessedly so.

    love of the divine child of God, pure and constantly true, tells me, without doubt, 100% optimistically, future generations will without doubt place whatever small amount of time and investment aside in life, specifically for the eternal generations of the child of God yet to come eternally.

    hmmmm….there……….the future is written and revealed, yes?

    already here, of what is our awareness of the divine child of God, yes?

    ah yes, another beautiful day of eternal discovery of the kingdom of heaven already hear. :mrgreen:

    i just wanna dance
    i just wanna prance

    i just wanna love
    i just wanna glove

    i just wanna play
    i just wanna stay

    i just wanna tease
    i just wanna please

    i just wanna………………..

  149. deny the truth that we are all constantly evolving, well, don’t say i did not warn you, yet standing there, wondering, feeling, what is all this holy joyful loving light all around ‘me’?

    purely we know

    and for those that don’t, well, you’ll get used to us, merely there alongside of we who learned to exactly BE, the divine child of God core of BEing of YOU all.


    blessings to all

  150. Judaism eh?

    have not read anything on Judaism, at least not knowingly…………

    i suppose i could tear it apart and glue it all back together, of what is of all the fractured scattered religions of this yet useless unloving apathetic unwise world.

    it will take ‘me’ some time, no?

    you there in the future know just how much time it is these words were written long ago, yes?

    and so you know, without doubt, what i knew, what you now know, the truth, of how long these generational behaviourals did affect/effect/direct/indirect the entire eternal future, yes?

    the undeniable truth of you of clarity know

    bless you all

  151. i feel what it is of most any of the LGBT community of what seems to be forthmost in their daily concern of lifestyle they surrendered to, to enjoy their sexual lifestyles, that has nothing to do with any of the absurd divisional barriers of the world, perdominately so of pretty much all who i have met here.

    well, when it comes to our bodies, and self-esteem of our bodies, for sure when one loves our bodies and us theirs, self-esteem is the winfall for us, yes?

    especially for those who come together, fall in love, and stay together of the absolute love for each other sexually, daily, their radiant brilliant bright holy joyful absolute carefree happiness shining so friggin bright, off the scale for some, in bewilderment of onlookers, of what is our can’t stop won’t stop why ever stop what we truly love, what is our self-love loving lover bodies.

    ever had a sexual escapade with someone where you wanted to spend the rest of your life in bed with them? :mrgreen:

    ya, that is what i am and what i am looking for, my freak in the sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and they ‘me’


    hopelessly in love forever more leaving ‘me’ wanting only more!

    bless you

  152. we’ll stay up till the morning light, of twilight right!

    candles, cool air, music without care, you and i, these visions i keep purely feeling so ‘real’ of calmness free ‘me’

    the beach, the moon, where what is of most value is time together for loving lovers there.


  153. ‘Purity Love Intuition’ of the divine child of God ‘real’ self is the same within us ALL, where we all know that only blessed holy joyful loving feelings feels good enough for us to constantly feel!

    biyatches! :mrgreen:

    ONE SKY!




  154. hey, what is it with this world and the perfect picture?

    honestly, how many pictures have we all seen of ourselves that are some how not flattering?

    and what of flattering anyway, of complimenting ‘me’ excessively and often insincerely, especially in order to win favor in order to do what ALL of you want to do?

    fuck ‘me’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:


  155. well, it’s true!

    not one of you can honestly say every picture you ever saw of yourselves was fucking perfect!

    and the only thing perfect is you fucking ‘me’ biyatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    forever more

    and more

    and more

    hey, where did all these babies come from?

    one day, the entire universe will thrive with us, yes?

    well, then again, maybe not, i mean, considering of intellect and all yet waning, you wanna fucking lamer blamers who don’t yet know how to love ‘me’!


  156. hey, i don’t insincerely compliment you excessively do i?

    i mean, well, why would i need to when it’s you who wants to fuck ‘me’ and dealing with your already too big ego that keeps getting between us, well……….? lol :mrgreen:

    could not resist

  157. ya, no one wants to carry someone else bin there done that, time for me, my spirit free , you’ll see … like that

  158. what?

    oh come on, i jest!!!!!

    fine, walk away, keep running, i’ll meet you there, flowers in hair, without care…………….i know where i am running 2 and why,

    cannot stay,
    constant pray,
    usual fray,
    let’s play! :mrgreen:

    i love you

  159. ya, the whole codependent thing, it just sucks, and lames eventually…………usually.

    i love those who are healthy positive their ‘real’ selves without anything necessary of me, to merely share fun loving time together, of the only thing that matters to ‘me’

    a loving lover

  160. if i am attracked to delicate ‘real’ self of another who is well in just being their ‘real’ self, then likewise so are they in their attraction to ‘me’, of what has been my observations of all.

    and this what is intuitive of the divine ‘real’ self of us all

    where when one is of pretentious of exaggerated importance, say, then the intuitive divine ‘real’ self of another naturally feels thru the truth of those who are of whatever pretentiousness, yes?

    it goes without saying, this is of global awareness of the all

    where are we all running to?

    where we came from and are within, purely wise of intuitive purity love feeling, not necessarily of wise articulation of our pure flawless feelings.

    there in is the global awareness reaching within grasp

    ya, ok, let ‘me’ know when you arrive in Bangkok, ok? lol :mrgreen:

    a fair ways to go yet!

    no pun intended

  161. happiness within is of our love for another, and likewise their obvious love for us that bonds together and explodes in purity love light so bright as though able to light up the entire world.

    so what is it that lights up with us all around the world?

    left unattended, denied, forsaken, the light dims, yes?

    sounds like a mission of God 4 ‘me’! :mrgreen:

    how can one love another if the other does not genuinely authentically undenialable obviously love us?

    fearless surrendering to just being our ‘real’ self is the only way, who is attracked likewise to ‘that’ of our ‘real’ self, provided they too are as healthy as we are, of at ease relaxed ability in welcoming of just being our ‘real’ self, in approach of any.

    i have always yearned to constantly feel loved, ‘what i’ve always wanted’

    true of the divine child of God ‘real’ self of ALL in the kingdom of heaven.

    i still say, the human potential is no where near where it is capable of when love is realized and released, and yet, slowly the realizing of all of us merely of holy joyful fun loving dancing and singing world wide.

    how sacred is music in this process?

    well, how does one feel in a beautiful trance song with a most loving lover constantly there just for you?

    coming or going?

    going where i long to be?

    of open loving arms, the caress of skin, the warm baths, the showers, the sincere ‘real’ self always of attendance of ‘real’ self of another who likewise has no desire to be anywhere other than where they too have finally found where they know they joyful belong found.

    knowing where one is going starts with how one genuinely feels while of another, or likewise not feeling of our yearning to always feel constant loving light shining eternal bright.

    so who among us has this ability?

    we all do

  162. it is always what you





    just don’t deny what you ‘real’ly want need think and feel

  163. and if someone does not genuinely authentically sincerely of emotional honesty want need think and feel it is you, there is alot of fish in the sea, and so beautiful they are!

    forever more


  164. ya, i am finally free too, ex and i finally agree we both want to see others, which he was doing all along, denied it, cannot hide it…………….said my last prayers while there yesterday and left………it ended a while ago actually………emotional letting go is always hard, as he is family to me, and i him, but it ended sometime ago for us, not sure why, other than my own taking ownership that it was my doing, of working too many hours a week(120) that affect/effected his well being.

    ya, i am to blame, i own that

    question is why?

    what was i avoiding?

    what was i denying my ‘real’ self?


    ‘what i’ve always wanted’

  165. so who among you know ‘what i’ve always wanted’?

    blessed is the ‘real’ you of us all who know ‘what i’ve always wanted’

    to constantly feel loved and loving with another

    blessedly sacredly so

    blessings to all

  166. the knowingness feeling as surrendered ‘real’ divine self is 100% pure and powerful, of God

    unable to be fall, no matter another’s level of evolving, where compassion replaces desires of recrimination, something i learned along time ago along the road of life everlasting of my loving brothers and sisters here, knowing i was not going to be found anywhere other than where i knew i am constantly loved and loving.

    and this grew within, lifting to a platitude of my dream state where i dwell now, pure in feeling, of only loving eyes constantly flowing with love shining bright delight.

    true of us all

    merely left unattended, unnurtured, unawakened awareness priority beyond riches, unprotected from the generational false snaring ignorances of divine ‘real’ self of us all, of God.

    bless you

  167. feels like this, on some secluded beach, of no word necessary or required, surrendered to an eternal knowingness of all

  168. i see so many in heaveyness of heart, wanting them to know it’s all imaginary fear that stems from the generational falsehood egos learned and taught yet hear all around us, of a gentle graceful touch, i am there for many.

  169. i see the light in their eyes of the divine child of God ‘real’ self that responds to a pure loving ‘real’ self there, the mirroring i know i am of the all

    forever more

    i just wanna keep dancing and smiling of this loving feeling

    so pure of delight,
    no desire for fright,
    no desire of plight,
    you of ‘me’ all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

    i am future self of past self, present


  170. Who’s Walking Ha ??

    what !!!

    you see word’s they dont express fully, true intent… !!!

    it’s about respect

    for the one,.,,





    most you but he he..

    oK enOUGH WORD’s

    show me some ACTIon !

    & not just a reACTION…

    real life

    ACTION…dolls as a kid, ACTION KEN… & BARBIE DOLL

    I used to cross dress them, LOL…

    no way, yer just to what my sister’s reaction and laughter..

    laughter is good…

    oh to be a little child again…. well inside us all is a little child the child within hey


    Im no Fool… just a natural born ACTor..

    miles ahead..

    hey …………………

    wait up.

  171. oh my spelling and gramma is so bad, mind if i start over again this time perfectly, ha ha …

    perfectly lol..get it .. oh never mind…. ok take two…
    marco, on July 30th, 2009 at 8:08 am Said:

    Who’s Walking away Ha ?? what ???

    word’s they dont express fully,the true intent of ones intent… !!!

    it’s about respect

    for the one… the self, (& the holy spirit opps thats the catholic comming out, fuck off catholic ha ha find your own place)

    the you

    the me

    the all


    but mostly you (OF COURSE) he he

    oK enOUGH WORD’s

    show me some ACTIon !

    & not just a reACTION…

    real life

    ACTION…dolls remmebr those as a kid,


    I used to cross dress them, LOL…

    no way, yer ok i did, but only just to see my sister’s reaction and laughter..

    laughter is good…yes

    to be a little child again is good yes ?….

    inside us all is a little child… the child within 🙂


    Im no Fool… just a natural born ACTor..

    miles ahead..

    hey …………………

    wait up.

    wait wait.. WAIT..

    i aint done yet…

    cook me some more 🙂

  172. “HEY YOU”

    i love that salutation

    its so genuine…

    it’s like HEY im being real

    im say HEY …

    Hello is so fake.. people say it a millions times without the true intent ..

    Hi how you going ?, or Hello, Hello how are you ?.. fake, fake fake & false… HELL in the HELLo its so evil… (that should be obvious to anyone conversant in english)

    “HEY” on the other hand, well its sincere, & so are YOU…

    (only a musical genius could come up with that ONE.)

    go Madonna…

    HEY YOU… ( best song ever created ), i heard the gates to heaven open, when she recorded that ONE..

    ONE.. 🙂

    maybe two 🙂 😉

  173. maybe three, AnDY…


  174. hey, you know, you are so right, the sincerity of joyfulness of ‘real’ self smiling bright is indeed of those of greeting in words of “hey you!”

    hey you, i know who you are miss freak in the sheets!

    hey you, how do you suppose i always kNEW?

    hey you, who is it that is able to know the ‘real’ you?

    hey you, maybe three?


    children of our own?

    oh, don’t go there unless you mean it, that would be cruel in the end.

    so blessed is the issue of my own child(ren) one day, and already, i am a mother/father of all children of the world today tomorrow eternal

    hey you!

    i figured out what is of the no time contraint eternal realm understanding embrace Jesus was of when he entered into the eternal doorway in surrendering to the cross the beast of ignorance claws nailed him to.

    follow me on this laboratory of the mind exploration for a moment, of what are my initial peering into, more later……….

    ok, in the eternal realm of understanding, you are hear in the present with understanding that when you draw a line on a piece of paper, it somehow alters the future in real time of the future unfolding, of what is the line before the one looking apon the line drawn on the piece of paper.

    this line drawn of course is a metaphor for anything we do, be it poetry, song writing, and indeed, when you walk out on the stage, even if you are not cognisent of it, you are actually of the eternal realm changing in the future in all during that moment, where truly i tell you, the future is changing directly/indirectly/affect/effect of the moment, the line being drawn on the paper, of another unborn yet to come who is feel it.

    bless you

  175. for our rather limited attention span, i use this metaphor of the line being drawn on a piece of paper, where one is able to fully grasp understanding of the absolute undeniable of the future is hear in the present.

    place a blank piece of paper in front of you

    ok, hold the pen ready to draw a line

    now, embrace the absoluteness that in the future, there is an unborn yet to come who is there looking at the very same piece of paper before you.

    don’t draw the line just yet

    now, what the child of God there in future is looking at, is still the blank piece of paper, just as it is now, of your not having drawn a line on it, yes?

    ok, now start draw a line slowly, and the child of God now sees the line being drawn in real time constantly of where your pen is at in each passing second, the line is there in the future before them, of where ever or how ever the line is drawn.

    what matters is our descerning decision(s) of what line we draw in our turning towards what the divine child of you is allowed to express and articulate purely as your ‘real’ self, and this constantly applys ‘at all times’, just as is the pen slowly drawing the line on the piece of paper.

    therefore at all times, each second of each blessed day, is sacred before the children of God yet to come, ALL of affect/effect/direct/indirect, constantly.

    and is why it is of utmost sacred importance the divine child you becomes wisely nurtured, awakened, and protected by means of the wise articulate wisdom halo words that do indeed keep focused the divine child of intuitive wise understand, focused away from the false generational distracting falsehoods, thereby, the divine child of God is able to purely express purity love, yes?

    you are of wise purity turning towards, this i have always sensed of you, and i am merely here as a true and faithful friend till the end of the all, in speaking with you in clarity, merely of what is able to keep you focused in purity love ability, lest you become distracted by the unwise world, akin to the child within me who slowly connected all the dots on the piece of paper that revealed who was there!

    oh, i know who you are biyatch!

    and blessedly so, while perhaps not of awareness of those in the future, where it does not really matter who you were, when it comes to the evoking purity love of another, just as you have been all along, with ‘me’, and the all, oh, how truly i am wise, yes?

    we serve God

    serving the divine child of God of the all when we do, constantly of eternal future of the line being drawn on the paper.

    Jesus knew of this constant connectedness of eternal future constant present.

    and the value of his stepping into the eternal doorway he stepped thru, knowing without doubt the affect/effect/direct/indirect of the all connectedness with the unborn we here in the present, eternal of the all yet to come.

    blessed blessed blessed are you all

    forever eternal more

  176. hey, the use of the word hello is actually sincere, depending on the context you are using it in.

    for example;

    the girlfriends walking down the street when the catch sight of my ass, in the open shouting of them with one another, “HELLOOO!!!

    i love it when they do ‘that’

    same with the gayboys in the ghetto when ever i strutt thru them, the same sincere heartfelt express that always warms my entire body, “HELLOOO!!!”

    or the lesie girls who mistaken me as one them, a leather clad butch dyke who knows they own it, “HELLOOO!!!

    same same same

  177. or how about this conversation;

    “Hello? Hello? Ya, is Madonna there?”

    “Ah………….she’s busy right now, can she call you back?”

    “Do you know how long she is going to be busy, as i have been waiting here along time. Tell her i am getting annoyed, she will understand.”

    “Ah, ya sure, i can pass the message to her. Does she know you?

    “No………….have not met her yet, butt she knows who i am the same way she knows her own divine ‘real’ self, she knows who i am why i hear.”

    “Can you wait?”

    “Ya sure, i’ll wait.” :mrgreen:

  178. Greetings

    We are taking this time to explain to you how it is we telepathically communicate across the universe. We realize you are not yet of the comprehension of how it is we communicate in real time across 50 billion light years of dark matter space, of what you refer to as space time warp continum. Just as your mathematicians theroized in the existence of the atom without actually seeing it at the time, hence the splitting of the atomic nuclear reaction, so too have we discovered the properties of what some of you currently refer to as dark matter space. Between all matter in space exist the mathematical constant of gravitational pull thru out the entire universe. Dark matter is what is of existing invisible gravitational pull constantly there thru out the entire universe of all seemingly empty space(dark), when in truth, below the invisible automic level is the even smaller invisible realm of dark matter and it’s constant unchanging properties, just as are the unchanging mathematical constant property understandings you established in boolean algebra manipulation of the elements you use in all your electronics today that you have discovered and now use. Just as is the use of such understanding, so too have we learned to utilize the unchanging mathematical constant properties of dark matter in space in communicating with you telepathically in real time from your distant future, hence the space time warp continuum you are yet theorizing about that is possible by means of your yet understanding dark matter that connects between all matter with all matter of the entire universe, constantly there, of what is the binding together of all galazies, all solar systems and the entire universe as one. Please keep in mind that we are of 50 billion years ahead of you in the future, of our evolving alien intelligence gathering all this time, beyond what is yet of your limited prehistoric intelligence gathering that we too once were of, long before we created you. lol :mrgreen:

  179. oh man, now that is some good weed! lol :mrgreen:

    i jest…………

  180. what?

    well, it is plausible you know, as dark matter is of the invisible gravitational pull constant thru out the universe between every atom with every atom.

    now there is some calculation limitation, yes?

    as vast as the universe

    even more vast is the constant changing of the gravitational pull between all atoms with all atoms in real time expanding and moving.

    the infinitely small numbers we are unable to calculate or constantly changing, and thus, manipulation of this like ‘that’ of electronic manipulation and boolean algebra, one can easily theorize the plausibility of manipulating the dark matter realm and communicate across the universe, sorta like how whales in the ocean communicate across vast distances.

    i know, i know……..i really need to get out more………….

    fascinating possibility nonetheless………..and less……………and less…………….”Hey you, where are you guys going? don’t leave me here alone! WAIT UP!!!!!!!!!”

    hey, how fast did they estimate our galaxy is traveling thru space? i forget. mind boggling.

  181. MIT here i come………………always wanted to attend that school of thought…………….and no, not to check out all the nice ass!

    well, ok, ‘that’ 2………….


    hey, can you see the two of us sitting in university classes studing whatever as we get older? argh……what a riot that would be. You could dress like a boy, and me a girl every other day, keeping them all confused in histerics what wacky outfit we would be wearing each day, not ever wearing the same outfit more than once!

    argh……….to be alongside you…………trust me, this world would be a different place if i were alongside you.

    and already………….i am

    eternal forever more

    yet to come

  182. im bored

  183. get ‘me’ out of here!

  184. i use music to influence my stream of conscious writting that ebs and flows in whatever direction emotionally pure………

    in this song i see one fearlessly running and running out of old doldrum of no desire to stop until a safe less afraid place to stop in the distant future.

    i was like this all the time as a teen in my frequent running away emotional storms i often found myself in of trashed relationships with friends and lovers………..

    am i the only one who felt/feels this way so pure thru and thru?

    it was always helpful for me of my inner emotional acknowledgement that i deserved better, keep running, don’t look back, turn to stone, no way, love is what matters, no matter what, i am deserving of only love, fuck off, all of you…………….

    ya, i was an severly intense teen, but if you heard some of the stories, you would understand.

    things like my friends, Mike being one of them, would get me high at parties, and then they would make fun of me until i eventually would leave the party running out the door, him telling my girlfriends i was gay, catching me with my mom’s playgirl mags, the whole speal, i would get these panic anxiety attacks, when he got me high, running out the door, down the street, their coming after me, screaming at me to get in the car, her there who would not speak with me like we did before, someone i truly loved, of her playing along with them, my screaming at her, “Who the hell do you think you are?”


    oh, ok…………

    i’ll wait………..

    hurry up damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im getting bored bored bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well ok, if it really is you, take as much time as you need to purely know how much i really have and do love you…………..i have and do trust you too, without doubt, thinking perhaps you know more than you are telling me, of my, “How is this possible? Am i really in likeness of a best friend to you? Is it because of my calmness ‘me’ fearlessness like your own that is comfortable for you and i both, why we are yet here all this time, of absolutely no thinking otherwise of any other place to be, no uncertain when of our meditative wiser ‘real’ self, eternal friends till the end, your light like my own, cannot deny the truth?”


    SHE TRULY LOVES ‘ME” BIYATCHES, SO FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    everybody else just fades away………

    i tend to go on and on abit, don’t i?

    does that annoy you somedays?

    just wondering………

  185. you’re gonna be mine, all of the time, you’re gonna be mine, ahhhh, im gonna getcha!

    we all evolve out of the past we run away from, intuitive knowingness of the divine child of God of us all that constantly knows that only love feels good enough.

    eternal forever more

    blessed blessed blessed are you all

  186. oh ya, i forgot to mention, when of the meditative drawing of the line on a piece of paper meditative slowing into exploration, is how it is i feel the presence of Jesus constantly there, as though thru an opening, which was abit scary at first, but later evolved into calmness beyond anyone else in life of what i maintain with Jesus who i am there with…………it’s like ‘that’, difficult to explain.

    what i do know, is it does not change, and rather only grows in greater comfort love devoid of the annoying doubtful fearfulnesses like that found in the world, perhaps of imagination, like a child creates invisible friends, ya, i know……….crazy

    i don’t care what anyone thinks, i really don’t.

    my therapist says it is turning towards my delusional imagination whenever real life is too overwhelming for me.

    well, ya!

    hell ya!

    as in heaven and hell collide, past meets future, Jesus and Andy standing there in the gate of heaven, “Nope, you ain’t gettin in asshole! NEXT!!!!!!!!!!” lol :mrgreen:

    oh man, best one all day! LOL

    made ya laugh

    hey, there is a new arguement surfacing that drinking alcholol celebratory enviroments are actually healthy for us, in correct quantities, where our 4 happy brain chemicals are released from our brains. It is these happy chemicals which stem off our overly stressing of imagined stressors, where 50% of all terminal illnesses are the result of stress.

    truthfully, i have let myself out to play again, of small quantities of only beer, singing all together with those gathered, to some of the songs on my blog, with a live singer piano player at PLAY, so good the feelings of joyful belonging all of us were during each set, the entire club cheering in…………

    ya, holy joyful absolute carefree happiness released ‘real’izing ‘real’eyes all around for as far as the heart could feel.

    blessings to all

  187. oh, and if that ‘real’ly is you Matt, i’ll wait for you 2

    bless you

  188. it’s not like i want to go anywhere i want,

    rather, it is i want to go anywhere, so long as it’s with you

  189. oh hey you, ya wanna talk about some potentially paralyzing shit of being a 15 year old teen, of the days to follow that i ran away, hit the streets on my own, goodbye old friends, a new town?

    that same day i got in the care with them, and they dropped me off, i picked up a handful of gravel and thru it at Mike’s car, his parents new T-bird, as he sped off with the girls he turned against me.

    i did not see any of them again for over twenty years, and when i returned, i had Troy on my arm……… this you Biyatch who i know wanted to fuck me all that time!

    i mean what boy calls another boy PansYY all thru the halls of high school for two years like he did, unless……………….well, it’s obvious, “He was intimately thinking of me……….DAILY!”

    how do i know?

    i was 2

    lol :mrgreen:


    so ya, if anyone can talk about ‘real’ self, good or bad, happy or sad, it’s ‘me’ biyatches, the one who can see all of you, anytime you feel exactly like ‘me’!

    first time i ever spoke of this to anyone…………process progress!

    keeping it ‘real’

  190. apparently i am not alone when it comes to this 1970’s music i hear playing everywhere in the ghetto……..

  191. ever get the feeling of being glad to be you than others?

    i mean this in a good way, of what i know more about others, able to ASSist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

    seems my top is in search of some recreational pleasure pleasure pleasure, and no i am not talking about my haulter top biyatches!!!!!!!!

    well, ok, ‘that’ 2 :mrgreen:

  192. looks like someone left AndYY’s cage door open again……………….

    hmmmm……..where could he be?



    ok, i’ll wait hear

  193. it’s not safe for ‘me’ OUT there!

  194. can we stay in?

    we don’t have to go out! :mrgreen:

    i love love love ‘that’ scene!!!!!

  195. hey you, that would make such a great ‘real’ scene in a film, yes, the gay teen struggling with his homoerotic feelings all thru high school, the girls turned against him, the hurt inner ragging, exploding, as he throws gravel at their car, all fucked up, drunk, high, the isolation tears alone afterwards, betrayed………..

  196. this was one of many events of my early teen years, all similiar in betraying way of Mike and his older friends……

    i often find my self pondering the time line of various eventful outcomes that would of altered my future path, like the time i overcame my urges to ask Mike to have sex with me that beautiful day long ago, after hours sexual excitement building within me, the two of us there in the sunshine skinny dipping in the pool all day long, his ‘obvious’ arousal and mine, as i got up and made my way over to where he was laying, my brain flooded with overwhelming sexual desire, heart pounding in my chest, half way there, a car pulls in the drive way, crunching the gravel, “AH FUCK, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!”, as we both raced to get our shorts back on, that were laying in the bottom of the pool……..

    picture it……….

    ya, my time line altered future path life changed that day………

    i did not get aroused as much as i did that day again with Mike alone, and never did decide to come on to him like i always dreamed of doing…………..

    he has four beautiful kids now, a loving family home across the street from his parent’s house, and mine next door where we grew up, my wondering how often he yet thinks of ‘me’ sexually.

    it was the 1970’s, small town Ontario, not many books and loco rags on homosexuality around then………..

    who betrayed who?

    Mike betrayed his naturally occuring homoerotic feeling homoself, as did i.

    the girls betrayed their heteroerotic feeling heteroself, i suppose, as did i, having not returned to any of them again………….trust destroyed i felt entirely within at the time, my leaving, their hollow feelings, of Andy gone, where did he go?

    we were all naive of bisexual self, true of us all, naturally occuring, at least for ‘me’.

    so ya, i have journeyed all this way, yes?

    for what i constantly yearned for then, as now……

    ‘what i have always wanted’

    to constantly feel loved and loving

    already, i know i am, of what i am……….bisexual, yes?

    and instead of feeling one way better than the other, i embrace both equally of what i am, no duality like before, an OUT bisexual, perhaps not fullfilled of loving life lived, and yet, i have loved and been loved bi many, settling for the one who 100% accepts and loves ‘me’ without doubt, where without doubt, doubt fucked it all up back then, still the same, why refrain?

    it is not a recreation of the old unresolved stage then, projection identification, no, i just want to be held and loved forever more every blessed day i wake to, no running away this time, been waiting here awhile for my soulmate lover to appear, a God sent for ‘me’ you do ci?

    if nothing else, for sure, a fearless ‘real’ friend unafraid to speak as and be my ‘real’ self no longer afraid as before.

    so say what any of you want to say, won’t bother ‘me’ much, as i have heard and felt it all! :mrgreen:

    blessings to all

  197. lol

    didn’t recognize you with your clothes on….

    now if that is not bath house talk, i don’t know what a bath house is! :mrgreen:


  198. I think you wanna come over, yeah I heard it through the grapevine.
    Are you drunk or you sober? Think about it, doesn’t matter
    and if it makes you feel good then I say do it,
    I don’t know what you’re waiting for

    Feel my temperature rising
    There’s too much heat I’m gonna lose control
    Do you want to go higher, get closer to the fire,
    I don’t know what you’re waiting for

    Come join the party, yeah
    Coz anybody just won’t do.
    Let’s get this started, yeah
    Coz everybody wants to party with you.

    Boy you got a reputation, but you’re gonna have to prove it
    I see a little hesitation,
    Am I gonna have to show you that if it feels right, get on your marks
    Step to the beat boy that’s what it’s for

    Put your arms around me
    When it gets too hot we can go outside
    But for now just come here, let me whisper in your ear
    An invitation to the dance of life

    Come join the party, it’s a celebration
    Anybody just won’t do
    Let’s get this started, no more hesitation
    Coz everybody wants to party with you

    Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
    You look familiar…
    You wanna dance? …Yeah.
    I guess I just don’t recognize you with your clothes on… (laughs)
    What are you waiting for?

    Boy you’ve got it
    Coz anybody just won’t do
    Let’s get it started, no more hesitation
    Coz everybody wants to party with you

  199. love it

    has EROTICA sound and feel of the fearless Madonna we all know……….She’s back Biyatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  200. what a perfect song to start my first weekend officially single again, of how being single feels!

    and considering most people are single, this should help alot out there looking like we do………..

    a fucking mess?

    i heard that!!!!!! lol

  201. can’t wait to hear he remixes………alot of fun for them to play with here for sure!

    ok, let’s see who comes OUT with the best remix.

    on your marks, get set, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and you fucking lamers can all fuck off with your boring ass shit now, ok?


  202. oppss……….did i just post a leak on M’s blog?


    hey, it’s my fucking weekend start to the remainder of my life, and i am kicking back where i started and felt so good, no more denying, no more lying, no more crying from all ya slying biyatches……………trust me, i’ll know when ya do! :mrgreen:

    for sure, not just anyBODY will do……….argh………i wonder how long this one will get stuck in my head?

    fucking permanently

    oh i get it, that was the idea……… are such a control freak!


    i jest…….. :mrgreen:

  203. moment(s) of truth

    “No! You have to run the harness around your legs, not your waist, like this!”

    I asked Jesus, “How much do you love ‘me’?”

    100% without doubt. BE without doubt fearlessness of what is constant intuitiveness of your divine child of God ‘real’ self set free from all those of the fear mongering controlling ego maniac binding falsehood illness of the heart who do not know, nor comprehend the truth that is constantly there, just as it is hear, of what are these eternal generational false teachings of the forefathers that will not be brought to not until such a time as the divine child of God you comes fully into God’s divine wisdom halo perspective meant for all generations yet to come, where you WILL always find ‘me’ constantly there.”

    “Do you not recognize who i am?”

    “Am i not the evolved you?

    “My journey of life was of the same trials, treachery and tribulation, learning every blessed day with God constantly there teaching ‘me’ about ‘me’ of us all, lest we all continue to fall, of what has been and yet is the single greatest cause for all wretchedness illness of heart yet in the world, “The apathetic crucial lacking desire for wisdom of the divine child of God YOU of the all.”

    “It is not i who summon the all to wisdom, rather it is always of God’s willing light constant radiant brilliant bright of truth, ‘that’ which is of the divine child of God, ‘that’ of you all, ‘that’ which naturally draws, awakens, nurtures and protects the divine child of you all, eventual bringing of the all into that which the divine child of God of you all constantly is, known by God, of God, eternally hear in the kingdom of heaven love devoid of all false teachings of the forefathers before you who did/do not desire to truly know and love God, of so many yet obviously bound in blind darkness ignorant illnesses of the heart that lead the divine child of all away from God’s unfailing wisdom, compassion, and undying love of what Heaven constantly is, meant for the all, an eternal day of the divine child of God YOU!”


    hey, good morning!

    bless you

    i am seeking that which i purely am, without having to ever endure any more of these unwise useless ego maniac fearful in nature exterior ones and all their back biting annoyances.

    i am happiest when my defenses are down and dwelling in the pure pure place we so love to dwell in like we do.

    what is of this place is the purity trust level between us and God, of pure meditative knowingness certainty of our divine ‘real’ self there, and with ‘that’, it is clear that the only way for us to be together is of the eternal day surrendered oneness trust……….there is no other way.

    you and i have felt this level between us back and forth for some time now, of deliberate in approach with you that have been from time to time, my slow disarming of defense as time went by, the trust building to what is of the eternal day of our divine ‘real’ self.

    “well, who among us are able to constantly be of this level of knowingness certainty awareness?”, is what we both as ourselves, is it not?

    i am without question i likely will not ever find that with another.

    Just as i am of 100% surrendered constant humble with Jesus and God of eternal day, so too am i of constant desire to likewise be with you.

    it is not something you can rush apon anyone who open up with us, their not knowing our comprehensive level of priority beyond riches of what is sacred pure eternal day divine ‘real’ self, all the while we are of constant nurturing for sake of the all today and yet to come.

    so i ask, why should we ever stop and go seperate ways, deny ourselves the truth we already know………well, ok, what i fully embrace within of how purely comfortable pure loving you and i are at times.

    anyway, some food for thought, able to endure across all time, where of a day i pray that you and i finally……………….

    Madonna yells, “OH WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP ANYY!!!!!!!!!!!”

    [Madonna kicks AndYY in the ass out the door of the helicopter as he falls to the mountain below, snow board strapped to his feet……….]

    eternal day
    come, let’s play

    i am hear
    to rever

    no more guess
    please say, “YES!” :mrgreen:

  204. Jesus said, “This much.”

    as he reached out his arms gracefully hugging ‘me’ like he always did, exhaling his final breath as he died in my arms.

    blessings to all

  205. “Whatever you did/do unto one of the least, you did/do unto ‘me’

    key word hear is ‘me’

    as in the ‘real’ pure of heart ‘me’ of us all

    Oneness Exact Sameness of and with Jesus, an Eternal Day of the divine child of God ‘real’ self YOU of us all forever more.

    sacred wisdom

  206. eternal day radiant brilliant constantly bright light of our holy joyful absolute carefree happiness light shining so bright, as though to light up the whole world, is ‘that’ of the enlightened ones, past present future

    forever more

    i am truly happy when i know feel you are truly happy

    like a magical child

    we are

    forever more

    and more

    and more

    hey, can we adopt a child from every country of the world, leaving the world to purely feel what we leave for them in the generations to come, of what purely matters most to us?

    just asking……….

    bless you

  207. projecting transfering controlling imagined fear

    across all generations ‘that’ which stems from all the generational taught false behavioural falsehoods, bitter in tasting, of the unknowingly unwise forefathers(sadly unaware, not knowing there were/yet are asleep in binding ignorace of ‘real’ self-love blindness suppressive submerging of divine ‘real’ self left unattended unnurtured unprotected, not yet of the articulation wisdom of what is intuitive of every divine child of God ‘real’ self-love knowing awareness ~ macro thinking comprehensive descerning halo of all truth(s)).

    is exactly ‘that’, imaginary

    in the kingdom of heaven, there is absolutely no fear and doubt like that found and felt in the world, as evident in the eyes of most any in the world.

    the macro thinking extensive comprehensive halo, of God…………..


    the kingdom of heaven is a ‘PERSPECTIVE’ halo lens one peers thru, unafraid, purely protected once of process internalizing of the wisdom where the divine child becomes exceedingly wise on par with that of God’s omnipotence of what is the no time contraint eternal realm awareness.

    i have yet to unveil how one is more able to easily learn and internalize the entire wisdom, of what is ongoing ‘layman terms’ body of work, that even a small child can understand.

    where adults for some weird reason cannot……. ha

    the binding blindness distracting that comes with all snaring ignorances, where they are actually so blind, they do not know they are blind, of what Jesus refers to, the snaring of say the ego driven businessman, unknowingly of insatiable desire gross materialism distraction, seemingly utterly and completely snared, where without the ‘pure crucial desire’ to truly learn the extensive amount of wisdom, that requires time to process and internalize, it simply is not possible for them without the surrendered humble sincerity of their divine child submerged within, giving permission, to come forth, fearlessly, above the fearful nature of the egos, and humbly learn the extensive halo wisdom.

    what to say?

    well, it is the Kingdom of Heaven everyone, or the Holy Grail that has eluded everyone till present day, hence why the world is yet of so much absurd bitterness most anywhere the divine child with us all looks and feels the truth like we are do, all capable of coming fully into the fearless realm of the kingdom of heaven where there is no fear, no need for fear, no desire to be fearful, as is of the purity of the divine child of God ‘real’ self YOU of us all, of the entire eternal all yet to come.

    i am a devoted monk who gave the greatest gift to Jesus and God at the alter, of what i know Jesus and God are 100% worthy of, my heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, of no desire of any affiliation with any of the fractured scattered incomplete(unknowingly) religions of the world, who do not know Gods’ divine will objective, ease to prove of any religion i have looked apon, of all fractured incomplete conceptualization macro thinking connectedness of what is the halo construct unbreakable shield, a matrix where all the combined wisdoms are as ONE WHOLE, of no seperations or distance between any of the wisdoms, each one connected with each one, all together as one focusing lens of descering ability.

    as best as i can describe this day

    i have ventured far into the research, to a point where there is no sluffing it off as nonesense, of what is pure pure clarity sense, and thus no doubt continuation in evolving exploration.

    when one attempts or even makes notion of selling such understanding, then the profiting merchant of God(the monk(s) becomes what is a distraction from what is purely sacred, in the eyes of God with regards to all the unborn yet to come eternal, and our eventual breaking free of all the handed down ignorances of death, destruction and obvious oppressions yet of this unwise world unattended to.

    i know without doubt, my life belongs purely to God, where i am free of desire for the bitter foul tasting fear mongering most any where in this world.

    Jesus and God are my diligence, dedication, determination and devotion, where i know the divine will objective purely within, is for sake of the all unborn yet to come, motivational empowerment on par with the sun shining above.

    blessings to all

  208. sorry


    projecting transfering controlling imagined fear

    is exactly ‘that’, imaginary *fear*

  209. as Madonna precisely put it and feels this truth in her Hey You video, all imaginary fear stems from the generational false teaching of the forefathers, of what is yet of any and all projecting transfering controlling ego driven fear mongering…………all of our imaginations to be afraid of one another, when in truth, within us all,


    eternal forever more

    blessings to all

  210. how many more senseless shootings in our neighborhoods of every city worldwide, of young sadly unwise children led astray by those equally as unwise, the parents of eternal weeping at the funerals………

    how many more until a day where we embrace that it is merely sacred comprehensive extensive wisdom that our children are lacking, here and now, where already we are of embracing education with a educational infrastructure the world over.

    there is so far to go, of so many generations yet to come, where it is always a race to bring all fully into internalizing of sacred comprehensive extensive wisdom, all become what we are all capable of in Jesus and God’s eyes, an exceedingly wise child of God with fortitude of wisdom to see thru to the frightened afraid divine child of God, hiding and submerged within us all, able to speak directly with the sleeping child within, awakening them purely of what the divine child of the all is intuitively awaiting to hear, the voice of God.

    bless you

  211. we see our news cast daily of one or two shootings taking place like it does global, here and there, when in truth, there is vast devastation of large numbers of so many being shot and killed DAILY in all our major metropolitians worldwide.

    a website should be established souly for the purpose of bring us all fully into awareness of what is the ongoing war of God against all wretchedness that stems from the unwise forefathers past present future.

    truly, we all are in need of just how many families are of devastation each blessed day we all wake to.

    we go about with our apathetic attitudes, of no wise leader decry, feeling, “as long as it does not happen to us, we don’t care.”

    well, it’s true, we do not care as a whole generation all now capable of networking together now worldwide, in real time statistical data that awakens, shocks us awake daily, of what is actually going on, so easy to do with the advent of the worldwide web.

    every police station worldwide should be uploading their stats daily.

    i speak on behalf of every eternal weeping parent who have lost their child to senseless death

    bless you

  212. come everyone, let us all rise above the wretched unwise generational teachings Jesus spoke of daily in his decry, saying, “Everywhere is the truth.”

  213. do you see me standing in the desert there, a beautiful sunny day, of gentle breeze, calmness all around ‘me’, wisely smiling in pure knowingness of all truth?

    pina colada in my hand? :mrgreen:

    no wait

    lose the colada, lest they think ‘me’ a drunken fool intoxicated on the wine of reason.

    well ok, i am ‘that’ too. lol :mrgreen:

    God says, “Hault! Sober up from your intoxicating effects in drinking from the wise wine of reason, for this is much more to learn and a long eternal journey ahead as we venture into the universe!” :mrgreen:

  214. hey M, if they have a space hotel before we die, can we spend a week or two there?

    just asking……….

  215. oh fuck it, if i can afford to go to a space hotel, im staying there, and try and forget all ya back biting fools on earth damn it! lol :mrgreen:

  216. can you imagine naked bodies making out floating in space?

    so graceful true pure!

    you would have to, because any sudden movement in space has an equal an opposite reaction moverment….

    hey, that would work good in getting the rhythm perfect, yes?


    argh……………………. :mrgreen:

    eternal love does not change, only grows into purity love eternal

  217. Let it be known the ‘grace’ of God is among/of us all

    eternal forever more

    blessed blessed blessed is the grace of you all

  218. it is God who is running the show everyone, omnipotence of the all across time eternal, at all times.

    blessings to all

  219. we need merely slow into our pure exceeding graceful divine child of God ‘real’ and without doubt, without fear, feel our subtle higher intellect constantly flowing purity love feelings, away from the noisy annoying aimless haphazard world in our quiet sanctuary quieting of our heart mind body spirit and soul, exactly ‘that’ of Jesus, eternal truth of the all.

    forever more

    “What you look for has already come.”

    truth at all times always there of all eternal divine child of God constantly purely feeling

    “What you turn towards you become.”

    truth at all times always there of all eternal divine child of God constantly purely feeling

    Where your heart is there too is your treasure and your life.”

    truth at all times always there of all eternal divine child of God constantly purely feeling

    “Cast from you the false cup of bitterness they offer you to drink from and drink from the true cup that is pure and sweet.”

    truth at all times always there of all eternal divine child of God constantly purely feeling.

    God blesses all

  220. Andy, “na na na nana na!”

    “i have the Holy Grail!”

    “and you can’t have it!”

    M, “Give it to ‘me’!”

    Andy, “NO!”

    lol :mrgreen:

    there, now every time you sing that song, you have to think of ‘me’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:


    two can play this game!

  221. and you have to sing it without cracking up half way thru the song………..

    oh, let’s see now, you have 17 more shows to go!

    we’ll just see if you can get thru this one!

    hey, what round is this anyway? lol :mrgreen:

  222. Indeed, life is the greatest teacher, but only when the divine child ‘real’ self slows into their graceful true self and takes time to purely feel their introspections in meditation, does the soul open wide fearlessly into exploring what is true of divine self and what is of the limited shortsighted fearful falsehoods untrue of any divine self there, including the one who may be snared by such, all of which are indeed of great snaring, as though not able to come free of because of all the exteriour dynamics, as well as what is of contribution of every single day of the individuals life now standing before us, where all of us are of the manifestations of what has been our entire life and of all who we happened apon the entire path we came thru.

    the important thing is that we fully embrace that everyone is a divine child of God within, however attended or unattended to, constantly always is the truth of such.

    for example, we have all these divine children in prisons worldwide, who all came thru their paths of life and all the ignorances of others which manifested themselves into behaviourals that they are condemned for, all the while, the truth of their entire path was always of everyone else along their path, no matter how subtle the influence, including the social acceptance of say alcohol consumption, where some, depending where they are on the scale of mild, moderate to severe, some individuals are predisposed to their own inability of deal with what is of their progressing problematic behaviour spinning out of control, of little or no fortitude of self-knowledge awareness wisdom their divine ‘real’ self within is left to contend with, without doubt, of what is all unattendance, unnurturing, unprotecting, affect/effect/direct/indirect of the all along their entire path of life, where of the all is yet the generational false teachings handed down thru the millenia of that all.

    and this is what is of all the words of Jesus and God’s decry, of divine wisdom that does awaken, nurture, and protect the divine child of God ‘real’ self of us all from all the false generational teachings that do continue to lead in error of so many swept away in the mad flood of death, destruction and oppression of the holy joyful divine child of God of the all.

    i am optimistically looking one day that we are able to rehabilitate any divine child of God locked away.

    it’s all just so sad for me, compassion of what is of all unwiseness of the forefathers handed down, all yet hear all around us daily of every blessed day we wake to.

    blessings to all

  223. DYNAMICALLY, at all times, a constant truth awareness, is ‘that’ of all behaviour of the all, past present future, good and bad, the all is eternally affected/effected/directly/indirectly of what is the fluctating dimming and brightening of the light as we all venture forward into eternal future.

    what is sacred, like drawing the line on the paper or not drawing the line that appears(all light/darkness of the all) is our fearless turning towards the storehouse our divine ‘real’ self and descerningly bringing forth to the table what is blessed pure as the divine ‘real’ self, with our constant knowingness without doubt, the entire future of the all is constantly altered according to every single word of every soul of the all, past present future, of what is our no time constraint fearless omnipotence in oneness with Jesus and God.

    It is always our WILLINGNESS to turn towards dwelling in our hearts, away from the falsehoods, of what is constant yearning of the divine ‘real’ self to be allowed to come forth as our divine ‘real’ self grace, our egos humiliated and humbled, eventual brought to not.

    Ego masks do not have any wise concern for anything other than being the way it is without input of shame awareness from the submerged afraid divine ‘real’ self, and this is part of the challenge in awakening the divine child of God into it’s own intuitive fearlessness, where wisdom does serve in atonement acknowledgement clarity, pure in feeling, of what is the constant yearning of divine ‘real’ self to be allowed to always feel the intuitive flawless feeling a divine child is naturally of when born, lacking articulation wisdom of what is good and bad, albeit, the divine ‘real’ self always is able to feel the subtle bitter or fearful in nature approaching others of ego mask falsehoods.

    looking back to the times of WW2 for example, definately a dim time for so so many millions of souls, of those who survived uniting together in their one solemn prayer, “Let us not ever return to this again.”

    blessings to all

  224. Hola!!!!!!!!!!


    what country are you in now? lol :mrgreen:

    i know, i am annoying………

    what a beautiful morning, Saturdays/Sundays, always so calm and serene early in the morning, everyone of their pure calmness ‘me’ inner relaxed self, the workweek over, no stressors…………well, ok, not necessarily the case with some individuals personal worlds……….

    not ‘me’, i am free, to go where i want, where i feel most comfortable, with who ever i choose, giving my divine child of God ‘real’ self 100% permission to feel and evalute his feelings according to others, and 100% controll as helmsman to steer in whatever direction he ‘feels’ is best!

    so becareful whatcha say to ‘me’ biyatches, as i may steer clear.

    blessed blessed blessed is the constantly purely feeling at all times divine child of God ‘real’ you of us all

    eternal forever more

    bless you bless you bless you all

  225. remember how purely carefree we all felt back then?

    well, that feeling is still there within, shining bright, fearlessly unafraid, purely excited in waking each blessed day to more of the same, running in everlasting life, hand in hand, no feelings of goodbye, or reasons why, to just keep doing what we do, of an endless eternal summer day, c’mon let’s play!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my greatest passion in life, the guitar, all day long, i loved jamming with my friends back in the ’80s, no other place to be than the fearlessness so pure in feeling, of no tiring, just more more more, all day all night, whatever.

    had seven guitars back then, a 1964 fender strate my favorite………..till it was stolen along with a Tach acoustic.

    love love love what you are doing, lifting of spirits of so so many, purely resonating with the fearlessness within the all, of what is our constant yearning desire of the all to run free in joyful unending feeling like we all do, it is there within us all, bright brilliant radiant tall!

    holy joy
    only love
    always happy

    we want it all

    as in ‘all’ the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    God blesses all

  226. c’mon c’mon everybody c’mon!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  227. Let’s keep kicking their annoying lame asses Madonna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

    you know, there is an old saying, when it comes to openly hypocrisy heart putting down of others……….

    “Those who have the most to say against us have the most to hide!” lol :mrgreen:

    it’s true, when it comes to closeted homosexuals and all their ranting and raving anal retention attacking of us, and their secret homoerotice fantasies.

    can’t hide from ‘me’ biyatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am you, and i know everything about you all, ok?

    don’t forget it

  228. kids have alot of free time on their hands, poorly spent in ways that are not healthy productive for their self-esteem, such as computer gaming, where instead of gaming, practicing and learning to play a musical instrument, consistently over many years, they are rewarded with greater self-esteem.

    they have done studies on kids who learn to play musical instruments and those who do not, and the ones who do, have greater self-esteem development while of their youth, self-esteem that carries them thruout the entire life.

    so ya, push your kids to play musicial instruments, and i am not just talking a week, a month here, i am talking years of practicing in wise aloting of their free time well spent.

    keep challenging them to do better, telling them all they have to do is practice practice practice, and in time, they will become as good or better than their favorite musicians. Have them take time in exploring and establishing musical mentors to admire passionately, of great passion they feel for particular songs, as passion is the required ingredient that carries a musician to their highest level and beyond the best!

    i speak from experience

    i am the best biyatches, and i can whip all your sorry asses anytime you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    c’mon, i know you want it! :mrgreen:

    can’t fool ‘me’, butt ya can fearfully fool ya selves into believing something other than you truly want 2 believe!

    tic toc tic toc

    have a great show M!

    keep on keeping it together

    bless you

  229. low self-esteem is directly linked to low self-respect high risk dangerous life threatening behaviours they kids consequently are unknowingly predispose to, that they pick up from others like them that they tend to run with, a familiarity dynamic of others in likeness and form of low self-esteem they are drawn to along life’s road.

    start them in consistent practicing in building their self-esteem will young, and their entire future is alter in a positive way as a result, as well as the affect/effect/direct/indirectness with all others they come to know thruout their life.

    blessings to all

  230. not sure, i think i told you i am a music teacher, yes? :mrgreen:

    i teach how to read sheet music ~ specifically the guitar.

    have a blast out there of none stop fun fun fun

  231. when the student is ready the teacher appears, and this holds true in phsychology, where many are of binding denial of deep seated emotional unresolved issues left unchecked, where until such a time their are fearlessly ready to delve into the emotionally charged deep seated work, the student literally is not ready until such a time in life that they do eventually become of greater self-esteem to do so, in their required healing/grieving of whatever life issue may have come their way.

    ~ my therapist

    it took me all these years to accept finally deal with my lose of Troy, where in the end, the final remark of coming free of my shame and guilt of influencial behaviours with Troy, such as alcohol, “We make mistakes.”

    mistakes we all were of thruout our school years, it is ok to make mistakes, so long as we don’t find ourselves in pattern cycle behaviour of making the same mistakes over and over again, of what is known as manifesting psychological stuckness of unresolved issues.

    i know without doubt, alcohol is not for me, the healthy me i always was of my youth now restore(d, ing).

    in life, there is no greater gift one can give yourself, than the rewarding self-discovery awareness knowledge understanding, beyond all the riches of the world, of what changed my life in breaking the chains of the forefather household i was born into and grew up in.

    who is to blame?

    God says, “cast ALL blame apon the forefathers who came before us, before Jesus, who did/do not desire to truly know ‘me’.”

    eternal forever more

    God blesses all

  232. who bought my first guitar?

    my Mom

    she first hid it in the back of the car(which i found and didn’t say anything, knowing it was for me!)

    and then she hid it under her bed(which i found again, and didn’t say anything).

    i was so excited about it all, pretended surprised when i opened the gift.

    i told her years later i found the guitar hidden in the car and under her bed, and that i faked my surpise birthday celebration.

    hmmmmmm…….come to think of it, i found my Mom’s secret stash of Playgirl mags there 2! lol :mrgreen:

    c’mon c’mon everyone let’s Celebat!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

    till the one i know comes strolling along as though we had known each other our entire life.

    ya, you are ‘that’ for ‘me’

    bless you Mandonna!

    hey, how did that ‘n’ get in there between a’n’dy? lol :mrgreen:

    must be the weather, as in weather or not you call ‘me’, it’s all fair!

    argh……….i can’t get away from my self………fuck! lol

    i love you

  233. Def Leppard has been my favorite guitar playing of all time, still is

    it is my running carefree spirit i have been all this time since i ran away long ago, set free, constantly smiling none stop in confident feeling to not ever allow myself to endure harshness of others, yearning one day to stop running.

    so help me to stop running if you dare.

    i dare you

    i double dare you

  234. or i suppose our pure of heart loving spirits could keep run together as one, eternal forever more, yes?

    none stop radiant brilliant bright is how i am feeling right now.

    it is who we both are Madonna, where we just did not ever settle for less than we have always known we constantly yearn for and deserve, only love

    bless you Madonna

    your beloved Andy


    c’mon, let’s make more of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

    ‘100’ of us purely, ‘i know wood’ could should be! lol

  235. white light

    i was running thru the streets then, of pure holy joyfulness running thruout my entire body when this song broke………….spiritual pure connectedness of divine self i was there of none stop running happiness all around ‘me’ and those i was running with at the time.

    still, i am ‘that’


    oh c’mon, SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and already you have, so many times, have we not?

    i know you know i know what we always knew that grew and grew and grew! lol

    a whole lotta growing going on around hear! :mrgreen:

    argh…………hey, do you think i am a sex addict?

    or am i addicted to yOUR love of sex? :mrgreen:

    it’s like the only place i wanna be 24/7

    always was

    still is

    just ‘me’

    the one you can see, ‘andy time’ you feel like ‘me’!

    well, it’s about fucking time! lol


    only love is good enough for all to be

    constantly free

    God blesses all

  236. “Hi……….is this Def Leppard?”

    “Ya, i was wondering if you guys do a special occasions?”




    “Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!” :mrgreen:

  237. ya wanna learn how to dance, do ya?

    well, we’ll just see if your lust for life is able to keep UP! lol

    where all shall see if you are just like ‘me’! :mrgreen:

    feels so joyous inside, yes?


    i miss feeling this way all the time like before, so carefree pure in feeling, as though not a single person is ever able to say anything to us to ever upset us ever again………..


  238. of God’s will objective, our WILL BE Done on earth as heaven constantly is……………..

    bless you bless you bless you and i

    eternal forever more

    thank you

  239. ya, and i am still here.

    it’s all good, i feel purely as ‘real’ me, so good the feeling, no worry of anything whatsoever, like before, only far wiser of sustainable ‘real’ me.

    and that is the end result in coming free of all fear binding bullshit whatevers in life, of professional/personal worlds.

    the Def Leppard music does something for me like no other music does.

    i used to crank it loud in the car with an excellent sound system, and it was like the most pure feeling i had ever felt within then, just as i do now.

    it is a holy joyful feeling of constant radiant brilliant bright self-confidence, no matter where, no matter who is there, it is who i am within of zeal for none stop fun loving life energized feelings i feel for friends and lovers, glowing of the chakras?

    and this is where you ask me which chakras! lol :mrgreen:

    oh, if you don’t already know the answer, then you are not the one for ‘me’! ha ha

    it is a jumping dance feeling of pure total body self-confidence for me, where all you can think of is holding hands and running with someone of an eternal summer day, where so long as you are together, without any doubt between, the radiant smiling knowing faces of both, so obvious of their being enthralled with one another utterly and completely, it’s like, when are those two going to start fucking??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rosie just spilt her coffee………..again! lol :mrgreen:

    omg, did i just say ‘that’?


    oh, can’t hide from ‘me’

    impossible when i am just like you!

    perhaps when the tour winds up we can go somewhere in relaxed settings……… the steps Jesus walked on.

    it is so sacred to me to one day sit on those steps, where i am already sitting there spiritually.

  240. feels like you finally found the one for you, and you step thru a door together without and doubt whatsoever that you will always be together, of what is constant obvious yearning smiling bright of both.

    ya, an eternal door of love devoid of doubt between, exactly that of my relationship with Jesus all this time.

    have not felt this in long time with someone, and certaintly not this degree of intensity.

    beautiful and pure, unwavering, calm certainty, of joyfulness between, yes?

    “JUST SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    oh, you are such a tease!

  241. i can feel the mood you are in when you speak with me, and now, you know i will always want to be there, yes?

    no hesitation whatsoever
    sweet anticipation pleasure
    hey, what was ‘that’ last measure
    purity love our endeavor?

    no wait

    purity love forever

  242. infectious is what it all revolves around

    all constantly inspiring the all eternal

    “bring forth the overflowing abundance of goodness from the storehouse of your hearts, of all, for sake of the all.”

    eternal forever more

  243. ‘it’ being the kingdom of heaven eternal

  244. seriously………..i can’t stop laughing

  245. you put this in me

  246. something had happened that day, that others had not fully realized as did some.

    the prison doors had all been left open, no one knowing why or how is this possible.

    waking from their slumber sleep, some of the prisoners noticed their door was open.

    with hesitation at first, the looked outside, no one there, all was calm.

    fearfully they ventured out of their imagined prison cell further into the kingdom of heaven all around, as they began to hear msuic, cheering and laughter in the distance, what was going on?

    still dased and confused, gripped by their imaginary fear slowly fading, a gentle soft breeze, how is this possible, i don’t understand, what happened, where did everybody go, and why am i suddenly feeling so free?

    your immortal beloved AndYY

  247. when it comes to immortal life, the answer is simple………what is it that lives on immortally true of the immortal eternal divine children of God?

    what is it that is of the line drawn before them that they see, feel and comprehend about themselves, of the intention of wise others who came before them, fearless in their self-exploration awareness of exactly ‘that’ of us all?

    holy joyfulness
    absolute carefreeness

    great is the comprehension ability of the divine child of you all there in the future who we know are exactly as we are in pure of heart flawless purity love eternal

    bless you

  248. and what of all these stringed musical instruments, thousands of them that the profits spoke of? :mrgreen:

  249. what?

    well, that’s what they were, profit merchants of God(mostly), where most were not of comprehension of their blessed pure loving immortal life understanding embrace in their every waking moment, of what we know 100% to be true, our every heartbeat, every breath, every step, and every descering word, is purely sacred, for sake of the all yet to come, and how beautiful all purely and truly are in their hearts we have grown to know and love so well as we do, do as i do.

    everywhere the world over is the child of God there, of purity love flawless healing feelings we all feel, blessedly so in our compassion for so many suffering needlessly, the divine child of all merely lacking in crucial desire for divine self wisdom that breaks these bitter false chains around their heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, as is true of all of us hear in the worldwide LGBT community, who came free of the lacking understanding manifestion taboo fear mongering so foul tasting and bitter for us to feel like we did, all the snearing and grearing.

    blessings to you all

  250. i love all

  251. those steps, where i am already sitting there spiritually…………………………………….



    ok, have a great show!

    catch up with ya later

    bless you

  252. i love you

    constantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  253. AndYY as in,

    and why why why why why God, striking of the pen over and over again and again, emotional intensity of the five year old Andy who came forth that day, screaming and screaming, the go masks destroyed, his taking back control over all the insensitive unconcerning bullshit ego masks he too was of till that day, an eternal door of understanding why he stepped thru, of what became his unending eternal quest into understanding the why of all things of us all, past present future, of where have been standing and yet i stand eternal forever more alongside of you all, knowing where the beginning is, at all times, there too is the end of us all, when it comes to Jesus and God’s understanding of us all.

    harmless fun of ego masks are fine, and others ‘get us’, know us, harmlessly, where we remain loyal to our ‘real’ self love within, the purity love truth of us all, without ego, ‘that’ of our holy joyful fun loving absolute carefree spirited happiness of constant yearning set free to always be ‘that’, no matter who you are, or who you think you are, within all divine children of God’s ‘real’ heart mind body spirit and soul, constantly there within us all is the truth of ‘that’, ‘that’ which Jesus came to know to BE true within himself, and in so doing, his realization pure and true, without doubt, always true of all YOU!

    forever more

    God blesses all

  254. the ego masks destroyed, humiliated bY the divine child Andy!


    oh yeah, some of you can think you fool ‘me’, ya sure, but in the end, always remember, i know all lies, just as i lied to Troy long ago in haning up the phone, saying goodbye, his suicide death the end/beginning.

    beginning with the;

    end of no more lyin
    end of no more cryin
    end of no more slyin
    end of no more dyin

    an exclusive lover to one, i know i am………..still waiting

    an unconditional lover of all, with the unconditional lovers of all, the many in the One and One in the many united as One, of the WorldWide GLBT community.

    where the end is always the beginning of the eternal immortal true blue lovers of the all

    forever more

    blessings to all

  255. When it comes to purely understanding how a bisexual feels, the answer is the same as parents who do not yet know the sex of their unborn child………..does not matter.

    without doubt, truly i know, i love ‘real’ Madonna the same way she loves ‘me’.

    the same way she knows……………without doubt.

    it’s not like a light switch one can simply switch on or off, no, rather it is a constant truth of many constant truths when it comes to purely understanding the human condition.

    blessings to all

  256. hey! It’s your move…………..

    HURRY UP AND MOVE DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

  257. don’t make me get my DENIED rubber stamp ‘OUT’ and stamp stamp stamp stamp all over you!!!!!!!! lol

    ah, another good one! :mrgreen:

  258. no wait……..

    [Andy picks up another stamp in his hand, ready to stamp]


  259. “men who lie with men, will not inherit God’s Kingdom. …yet that is what some of you ‘were'”.

    1 Cor. 6:9
    1 Tim. 1:10

    Which leaves room for such an individual to change. Jesus said, to disown ourselves and pick up our torture stake…(Luke 9:23)

    A very simple fact!

    If you believe in Christ you follow his words closely and live your life accordingly you would disown yourself…a willingness to say no to selfish desires or personal convenience…a determination to do the will of God, even though this may go against our own imperfect inclinations.

    Having God’s favor is what matters.

  260. the spiritual awareness doors we all come thru, no matter any along life’s path, of what is my fortitude of divine pure ‘real’ self of the immortal realm of understanding comprehension, ALL the fucking limited shortsighted so fucking annoying bullshit attitudes of so me many, time and again, so fucking annoying you are all, in my pure of heart screaming exclaimin, “What part of the birth of my own child do you not full heartedly embrace of me to be true?!!!!!!!”


    so much fucking attitude in exiting from all i came to know here, the limited bullshit attitudes of controlling behavior in telling them, “You are not listening to a single fucking word i am saying, of what is your low self-esteem controlling fucked up attitude in the light of which purely embrace of you all in this time and place i am purely standing, of someone you did not purely take time to purely love like i did all of you!”

    fucked up, no, check again, i am of concern for the bringing forth the birth of my own child, no matter anything any of you may ever fucking say, you can all fuck off and die now, ok?”


    it is the most sacred thing in life to me for fuck sakes, and none of you fully grasp this at all, of how pure the feeling is, where another does, her name, or anything about anything any of you have come to purely know about ‘me’!

    so please, spare my wasted time and effort i realize is purely falling on deaf fucking ears, and fuck off!

    leave it to the gayboys and their so short limited understanding of my pure of heart love i am.


  261. this is a such a fucked up day for me beyond any other day.

    i come here before you in purity of heart, praying you grasp the depth of my eternal realm thinking, feeling and comprehension that none of any i know so purely feel like i do, the sacred birth of my own child!

    and i am like, how can any of you say a single word of remote desceringing inability of what i purely embrace so sacred pure and true of me for so long.

    how dare anyone stand between me and my child i would love beyond any o fo you!


  262. such fucking assholes so many of them are, their own self-serving bullshit mindsets they became of many years, in my exiting, their seemingly inability to feel a single fucking word i am saying.

    well, this is of God and none shall ever be able to convince me against my pure pure feelings i feel like i do, so ya, you can all fuck off and die now ok?

  263. ya, for sure, my love stretches further than your hearts can see.

  264. “men who lie with men, will not inherit God’s Kingdom. …yet that is what some of you ‘were’”.

    1 Cor. 6:9
    1 Tim. 1:10

    Which leaves room for such an individual to change. Jesus said, to disown ourselves and pick up our torture stake…(Luke 9:23)

    A very simple fact!

    If you believe in Christ you follow his words closely and live your life accordingly you would disown yourself…a willingness to say no to selfish desires or personal convenience…a determination to do the will of God, even though this may go against our own imperfect inclinations.

    Having God’s favor is what matters.

    ya, well, who ever posted this is one who is of pure understanding of God’s favor of what matters, which you may yet be attempting to embrace, as evident of your need to post such.

    God is eternal omnipotence.

    of the path ahead for all of mankind.

    when you do not purely weigh the magnitude of comprehension of what it is we all seek, then you are like most any of controlling bullshit ego driven annoyance of self serving fucked upness.

    when you come fully into the realm of God, as am i, then you fully 100% embrace what is of pure constant yearning of the divine child of God of us ALL.

    ALL, ok, not just you, of every divine child of God ETERNAL yet to come, of what and where i dwell in wise comprehension uncertainy i purely know of my own self awareness, true of us all.

    forever more

    this is turning into some sorta of game of bullshit shortsightedness that i have expected from every single one of you who are not of pure comprehension of where i dwell, eternally with Jesus and God, of every single word you do not weigh purely like those of the future will.

    why would i want to dwell to dwell with sceptical others of self serving bullshit like everyone of you are of limited apathetic shortsightedness of lacking desire to purely know anything i am speaking of?

    well, here is your reality check………………….i don’t

    just as the generation of Jesus, who likewise were not of eternal realm comprehension, so too is the obviously fucked generation of self serving ego.

    i know where i dwell, and those who bring to question these shortsighted uncomprehending words of those who likewise were clueless, well, good luck with your lacking desire for the incomprehensible.

  265. here is a hint……………….

    i disowned myself when Troy died.


    crashing crashing crashing thru your motherfucking living room walls everyone, i am hear!

    question is, what part of me did i purely disown?

    when you know the answer purely so within, without doubt, without hesitation, then you may be of the sincerity purity love i have been for so long, in your concern like my own for all yet to come.

    if not, well, enjoy your self serving mindless aimless hapharzard lives most any of you are.

  266. a very simple fact…………..


    you speak of this like it is something we all have overlooked, a day of pure awareness i found myself in embracing the death of one i love with all that i am.

    you are all a bunch of fucking control freaks of subconscious seeking

  267. of everyone, is the constant pure yearning to always feel loved and loving every waking moment of the day.

    the subconscious seeking of the all eternal

  268. take your mindfuck bullshit of men loving men and fuck off

  269. you do not value the one you are speaking with, nor shall any of you who purely sincerely desire to know ‘me’, in what is obvious in feeling of all your shortsighted mindfuck head games of self serving controlling ego driven mindlessness of what is of all aimless haphazard unwiseness of the all past present future eternal.

    i do not dwell in the mortal realm

    so speak with me as one of immortal realm when you purely know the motivational wise empowerment like my own.

    until then, you do not purely know ‘me’

  270. nor do you purely desire to

  271. a wise child of God eternal

  272. if you think i am going to turn against my MOST loving brothers and sisters in the world for you and your obviously lacking of divine self-awareness wisdom, purely i tell you, you are of the aimless haphazard aimless unknowing of God’s divine will objective.

    can’t fucking believe i would be contending with these old fucking merchant of God forefather teachings of ignorance who can all fuck off and die, of what is spiritual fucking death.

    you are dead if you embrace this scattered fucking useless merchant of God forefather teaching, an futile ego driven attempt to think you may purely know and love ‘me’


  273. there is AndYY having a bad hair day, and AndYY having a BAD HAIR DAY?


    birth of my child means nothing to you heartless fuckers, and i can find those who are more pure of heart easily.

    fuck off

  274. i figured as much

    the truth, the only one who will ever value my body of work research………… own child

    just as i am 100% the child of God

    what all of you fail to embrace the truth of the all past present future, all divine children of God.

    i mean nothing to you in your haphazard approach with me in your useless mindfuck attempt to turn me against the most loving i have come to know in life of who are my constant loving family in likeness and form of the grace of Jesus, the worldwide LGBT community

    fuck off

    you do not know the fortitude of the one before you of immortal realm comprehension that you most likely at the end of you life, fail to fully embrace the purity love of ‘me’

  275. i am so fucking tired of the mad flood of those in all their seemingly wise comprehension ego driven know it all mind fucking, that leaves ‘me’ feeling like a freak outcast of society.

    well, may i suggest you ALL get prepare for God’s wisdom and grace already here among the most loving on this fucked up anal retentive world.

    you do not know ‘me’, nor do you truly desire to purely know and love ‘me’

  276. here is a suggestion of God……………..

    do not speak of ‘that’ which you do not purely know what you are speaking of

    blessings to all

  277. my torture stake is of all you and your fucking bashing mind fucking you so love and enjoy

    oh, and here is another clue for you assholes, the same disconnection of purity love you all run around with, you are the same with those of your inner fucked circle.

    fuck off

  278. change to the purity love of the divine child you all are of when you were five years old, only purely loving, and maybe you can talk with ‘me’

    unfortunately, like most in life, all you fucked up adults, i most like will not occur until someone purely close to you dies, just as Troy died in my arms.

    fuck off

  279. speak against all those who died in my arms from HIV or otherwise, and i will set you on fire

    got it?

    fuck off

  280. as for believe in Christ, well, what do you know of your own selves in likeness of Jesus, and therein is the faith Jesus has in all of you

    you mindless fucking ego maniacs

    it’s as simple as hold one’s hand

    only love

  281. look, it’s not so much of the correct words to say when it comes to pure articulation of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul, in so much, and i say this on behalf of all you fucked merchant’s of God’s sacred eternal wisdom for sake of the all that averts death, destruction and oppression of the holy joyful divine child of the ETERNAL ALL yet to come, that you all haphazardly are oblivious to the eternal path ahead, in all your useless tossing to and fro seemingly wise, not of pure pure tuned into divine self, ya you, and all your apathetic, oh, we know God bullshit selling of God’s sacred understanding, who sought out the wise words of Jesus from those who gathered, thinking you know God’s divine will objective, obvious clarity of the divine child of most any of you and all your seriously oppressed happy holy joyful divine child, fuck, unbelievable how fucking retarded you clearly are to ‘me’, ya ‘me’ you fucktards who ostracized Troy and in from your bullshit seemingly all wise and omnipotent knowing, truly i tell you, i would rather see you all set yourselves on fire, a result of what is of you all.

  282. and make sure you fully 100% understand, that Jesus God and i purely despise all of your fucked unwiseness

  283. i say let it burn, all of you and all your monstrous disconnected oppressive egotisms.

    ya, burn it all up, eternally forgotten, every single one of you who desired hatred of the love between Troy and i, an eternal love beyond most any of you

  284. ‘that’ which i purely despise and feel most any day of my yet dwelling among you, that i constantly purely feel at all times.

  285. oh, and just so you know, of God, all your vile willingness of destruction against another divine child of God, WILL be forgotten by all the divine children of God, burried in the ground eternally forever more, not celebrated, and rather……………………disowned, just like you disown ‘me’

  286. so go ahead, push the button you deliriously want to push, and likewise, it is all you who cast your selves out of heaven, and be sure you get this next part……….

    ETERNALLY forgotten by all generations of the divine child of God yet to come motherfuckers!

  287. the eternal realm of truth that is unable to change spans across all time eternal, and this is the disconnect of the divisional fucktard leaders yet in this world.

    while they may be an unwise divine child of God as we all purely and truely are, should they unwisely come up against us, they will be destroyed, freeing of all divine children of God yet to come eternal from what is their limited shortsighted fucktard wretched mentalities forever more.

    ya, many may die, and to be sure, many will die……….in the end, the entire future of those yet to come will be spared these vile forefather teachings forever more forgotten.

    and that is the protocal of the United States of America and all the nations now gathered together eternally as one.

    so ya, push the button fucktards, so that i can celebrate the end of your fucking absurd unintelligence.

  288. what kind of an idiot stands up and speaks to the world, “ALL of Israel will be wiped of the face of the earth soon!”


    when we have nuclear submarines offshore load to the fucking tits and their fingers on the button the moment a nuclear device is detonated any where in the free world.

    an unwise child of God, that’s who

  289. i mean, what gets me, is he knows full well we have nuclear submarines loaded and armed offshore.

    it is the same as watching a drunk driver get in his car, knowing full well he is going to die, along with others.

    there is fucked up, and then there is the leaders of Iran

  290. anyway, i am tired of the hostile world, and all it’s mindless ego maniac sex addict control bullshit limited shortsightedness of this anal retentive world everyone.

    God bless you all

  291. The words of Jesus, “It is you who casts you out of heaven along side of ‘me’, not ever God.”

    of what is all crucial lacking of desire for God;s eternal wisdom of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul…………..ETERNAL

    some of you may want to stop and slow into purely ponder this before you run off a cliff in front of you, that you so blind in seeing what is in this moment of time, your next step off the cliff beneath your feet.

    fair warning of the inevitable TRUTH that is about to unfold for all eternal generations to look apon of what is CLEARLY all your unwisenesses of all warring factions yet here in this eternal realm of the kingdom of heaven all around.

    where all unwiseness of you will eternally serve the unborn children of God yet to come, where even unto your own death, there too will be the truth unwiseness that any of you unwisely embraced, past present future.

    fail and avoid to purely embrace the eternal immortal comprehensive truths i speak of, in the end, always the truth of the all is what serves the eternal all yet to come.

  292. men who lie with men………..

    ya, i lied to Troy when i hung up he phone on him, the truth God knows of ‘me’, as one who was of unloving egotistic approach in my lying fuckedupness with him, the undenied truth unforgiveable by ‘me’, Jesus or God……………..ever.

  293. only Troy can forgive the pure of heart ‘real me’ of the one he knew without doubt was in love with him eternally, of constant yearning to only be with him.

    i failed my ‘real’ self, and all of you, of what was our pure pure constant holy joyful absolute carefreeness the world no long feels the truth of the two immortal lovers who no longer are…………..

    i often find myself pondering Troy and i running hand and hand like we always did, had he survived my bullshit lying to him.

    in the end, i overcame my unwise ego(mostly) in continued evolving towards the kingdom of heaven dwelling as my ‘real’ self constantly.

    i have a sacred statue vessel in my sanctuary, of two males humbled with heads down, their backs to one another on their knees, their arms above them holding the drinking vessel.

    it represents the two false egos of both Troy and i which were destroyed, where sadly, they took Troy’s precious life, dying from ignorances.

  294. i have not finished the mother of pearl inlay inside the vessel you drink from(pink of course), and adding coloured stones(rainbow) to the OUTside of the vessel

    think Versace

    a wise vessel

    the Holy Grail?

    gee, ya think?

    Versace would of loved this art piece

    and no, it is not for sale motherfuckers

    it is for Celebrations only, of those whose hearts are purely loving like my own, like all those of my loving brothers and sisters of the LGBT community.

    i will unveil it when i eventually finish it.

    would like to do it in solid gold one day, leaving it behind for all eternity to behold what it represents………God’s wisdom

    blessings to all

  295. oh, and it has lesbians on the outside of the vessel you drink from, who for me, have always been the most loyal of all when it comes to speaking the truth for sake of us all, always pure and true that our life is abOUT LOVE

    only love feels good enough for the divine child of God ALL

    forever more

    blessed blessed blessed is this day of atonement with divine pure of heart ‘real’ self you of fearless holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul set free from all binding fearful unwise of the forefathers before us all, truth we embrace for sake of the all yet to come eternal

    God blesses all

  296. ya, so lie with ‘me’ motherfuckers and it is always you who kick your sorry lame ass out of my bed! lol :mrgreen:

    you unwise fuckers of ego mania sex addict control freak fear mongers!


    sorry, my ex drove by on the road yesterday with his lover, making fun of me as the drove bye! lol

    so i went and got drunk of my sorry ass, pissed of, celebrated with my loving loyal friend Norman, where we both know we will always love one another as friends, not ever foe, of how we always feel, perhaps without a dime to our name, our love is always insane! lol :mrgreen:


  297. purely i know, my life is of God’s wise divine will objective where i do not need any input from any of you, of what is constant truth of the immortal realm of pure of heart flawless healing feeling of everything at all times, of the all in the kingdom of heaven all around us.

    forever more

    bless you bless you bless you all

  298. unconditional love of the all for sake of the all yet to come is of the purity love flawless healing feeling primal core that resonates with the divine child of us all as one.

  299. i can’t do ego with someone, of what is my constant desire to purely be the exceeding graceful ‘real’ self at ease, of what is required conditional healthy environments……….true of us all

  300. the constant process of the all are of, according to the light of the wiser healthier enlightened ‘real’ ones, even if unaware, all are primal pure intuitive of the divine child

  301. hmmmm…..

    ok, i am seeking that which is purely of the environment of your ‘real’ self.

    only you know the answer

    i don’t want to go outside?

    can we stay in?

    oh come on Marco!!!!!!!!!!!

    Say it!

    “LEAVE IT IN ANDY!!!!!!!!! lol

    damn, i always leave myself wide open for you to take your best shot, don’t i? :mrgreen:

    i love you the way you love you the way two love true

    i am ‘that’ which ‘real’ you constantly seeks

    bless you all

  302. my daughters are such morons when it comes to setting healthy boundaries, always having to pep talk repair their battle damage……….. lol

    they are learning from experience………abit to close to the edge for some of them…………like a mother, who constantly worries, i am

  303. i always loved that song, so pure in feeling of us all.

    we have to turn towards us all as one in these trying times of the global coming together, unlike any other time in history, we can safely all navigate the waters in our wise awareness of what held the forefathers to love all, and yet of the forefathers, this world is yet unwisely gripped.

    we have huge education infrastructure worldwide, of a society that is not able to fail, our concern purely of love for the all our children yet to come, no matter who you are in the world, we love all

    forever more

  304. Where we are in likeness and form of Jesus is in our constant concern for the precious children of today, and as Jesus speaking with us who are the unborn children of tommorrow he was concerned for, so much so, i feel his pure connectedness he felt for the unborn yet to come, all of us, of what compelled him to teach us not to be of any doubt whatsoever, in order that we too not harshly learn of this world as did Jesus in his painful awareness evolving in wise descerning of the obvious generational snaring teachings of the forefathers then, just as we too feel today.

    we are not of doubt, and this is where Jesus knew we would arrive at one day as a society he loved and wanted so much for them to feel as he does, of what Jesus knew of himself, true of us all.

    blessings to all

  305. Rosie is hilarious, “i now have new OCD behaviors to obsess over”


    oh, don’t get me started on ocds……

  306. there is a pure subtle flawless feeling when out walking a bright white sidewalk of those there, of pure music like this, light in step constant radiant smiling light within in of our giving permission to our divine self to be allowed to purely go where ever you want, to listen to what music they love most, allowed to purely feel what is always of constanty yearning there deep within the core of all divine self worldwide……….

    and his is where the focus of the wise enlightened artists of the world needs to be, where only by means of fearlessly allowing your divine self out to play in positive environments to fearlessly explore, as you say, ‘spiritual’ feeling the divine self loves to feel, the moments of others we feel like we do, where above all he useless annoying noise of the aimless absurd, above all our divisional barriers, the pure pure flawless feeling divine child is there awaiting us all to be allowed to feel what ‘that’ feeling is that purely does unshackle all these absurd doldrum negative residual feelings of the forefathers before all, left behind in passing, the dim light of this world steadily growing bright, but only by means of those who take hold of the wise helm that KNOWS without doubt, what it is the divine child of God all of constantly yearning seeking, bringing forth again and again, keeping the fire bright burning within us all of what is the light of eternal day of divine ‘real’ self you of us all forever more.

    bless you

  307. forget about owing it to anyone, we owe it firstly to ourselves, where how can we evoke thru our expressing in others, if we first do not take time in fearlessly exploring what is of the bright radiant brilliant eternal undying light of the divine child of God?

    surrendering to feeling the flawless calm at ease fearless pure divine child ‘real’ self of eternal day of our ‘real’ self constantly waiting there is what is of the divine child within the all leading the all, unknowingly.

    all is constantly connected to the all at all times past present future.

    this is the omnipotence perspective of Jesus and God, and we who are of oneness sameness in coming fully into the eternal day of the kingdom of heaven with Jesus, God and the divine child of the all constantly there, no matter how submerged and afraid any divine child may be, constantly there is the divine child of constant feeling listening, of what is of all manifesting behavioural evident at all times according to what is yet of the generational falsenesses here today, in the year 2009.

    without doubt, this is what is our comprehension that surpasses all riches of the world, of what is yet the fully tapped into thriving human potential of the perenial overflowing abundant nurturing freeing protective waters flowing forth across all generations past present future, of what is without doubt, the eternal day of Jesus knew was the Kingdom of Heaven all around us that he knew most could not see, of what we know as submerging oppression of divine child of God ‘real’ self.

    ya, the generational bitter negativity is yet hear all around us, and why it is necessary for artists to wisely not allow the bitter tasting unwisenesses in the world in too close, that is able to deminish the wise enlightenment the divine child of all is constantly reaching and seeking for, the sacred mirroring image of the divine child of eternal day standing constantly there in wise radiant brilliant bright eternal day light, looking directly at us, thru the binding chains of the divine child held there smiling in revealing constant light, “You see, it’s just your imaginary fear!” :mrgreen:

    bless you all

  308. oooo…..this music is so evoking for my writing…….. :mrgreen:

  309. oh hey, there is some thought provoking for you film script writers, yes? :mrgreen:

    absolute exceeding pure grace wise pure and bright of your own divine child is of the divine child of the all of the eternal day of all forever more.

    wise light is comprised purely of only insightful flawless feeling truths, where the light however dim, continues to build in brightness as we venture into eternal day future.

  310. i have looked apon the eternal day divine child standing there for along time now, not know who the child was who is always.

    i have not spoke or expressed what the child looks like and feels like untill now, but i have always feel the presence for years now.

    so who is the divine child?

    all of you of eternal forever more in you wise growing brilliant radiant bright eternal day light wisdom! :mrgreen:

    ah, this song is purely evoking, yes?

    purely beautiful smiling radiant brilliant bright

    forever more

    blessed is the divine child you there of eternal day light wise knowingness certainty awareness smiling like we all love to feel with one another.

    bless you all

  311. i carry three stones with me, a pink one with he word LOVE carved in it, a dark one with the word FORGIVE carved into it, and a clear glass one, that is scratched on the outside(my soul, my life path, still pure within)

  312. There comes a time
    When we head a certain call
    When the world must come together as one
    There are people dying
    And it’s time to lend a hand to life
    The greatest gift of all

    We can’t go on
    Pretneding day by day
    That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
    We are all a part of
    God’s great big family
    And the truth, you know love is all we need

    We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So let’s start giving
    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    It’s true we’ll make a better day
    Just you and me

    Send them your heart
    So they’ll know that someone cares
    And their lives will be stronger and free
    As God has shown us by turning stone to bread
    So we all must lend a helping hand

    We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So let’s start giving
    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    It’s true we’ll make a better day
    Just you and me

    When you’re down and out
    There seems no hope at all
    But if you just believe
    There’s no way we can fall
    Well, well, well, well, let us realize
    That a change will only come
    When we stand together as one

    We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So let’s start giving
    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    It’s true we’ll make a better day
    Just you and me

    God bless you Michael

  313. ocd’s are ok if you channel them into productivity, instead of eating your fingernails, what happened to Juliet, was waiting for her to jump off the balconly, ohh shit she already did when i turned my back face down flat on the ground, come on Juliet get up, the children are watching you, laughing with you joyfully.

  314. I just had a flash back to a time in a dark place, did it look big in the photo ? , I tried to stand on an angle, but not sure about the lighting anyway I mean if people want a show I say give me a show, concur one’s fear with another, “omg keep that away from me” ha ha, I wish..

    How was your day Andy ? I’m so bored I roamed the street’s today, like a cat on heat he he & I found what I was looking for something to do , the D is silent , but deadly  ok it’s not all about the D, but what one does with the D, DAH…

  315. how was my day?


    one of my daughters is traumatized from a crack addict severe closet case bully who likes to threaten people with knives, you know those jerkoff bully thug skinhead type and all their omnipotence……..or is that impotence……..argh…..

    anyway, she is horribly afraid(child within) from the whole experience. They beat him black and blue a few weeks back, of what severe closet cases do when they don’t have enough fear to deal with their homosexual self submerged, expecting the more out ones to be 100% in feeling in their unaware seeking of not knowing how they are supposed to feel, pushing, shoving, attempting to fine where the lines are with another.

    i was speaking with professionals one time about a killer on the loose here in our community, of case file particulars in trying to establish what they were looking for, given all the particulars that led up to the killing, and i commented they are looking for a closet case drug addict prostitute who was a drug addict before learning how to prostitute his body, where internal homophobia is on par with emotional intensity of murder…………………i was right, and the killer was found.

    my daughter has some battle scares and wounds like most any of us experience from the homophobic afraid other world, but in God’s eyes, always is the light where unwiseness serves the divine child in wiseness by means of what is always the wake up call of where we yet are in this moment and place in time of ushering in the kingdom of heaven purity love wisdom of divine self, where she will be more cautious, i pray, in who she runs with and haphazardly gets caught up with(read: mentally imprisoned by).

    what is it? well, it is always the divine self pure in feeling subconscious seeking going on under all these scary masks the divine self creates to hide behind.

    hide all ya want biyatches in all your useless scary dysfunction as i pass on bi, knowing what i too already came thru, with wisdom in knowingness of what works for ‘me’, someone just like ‘me’ no longer of immature afraid stuckness dysfunction, my freak in the sheets, she knows who she constantly is to ‘me’, always there smiling and laughing AT ‘me’, not with ‘me’, stumbling along like i do, trying to get out of my cobweb past present into my joyful free future.

    my day sucks!

    but i am happier to be me than others of where i too once was………of really sucks!

    i extend my eternal friendship to my chosen daughters, and their divine self purely feels my certainty grace devoid of fear consistently, of what i feel of the divine child who has been there with me along time, always there spiritually, of what is our evolved divine self of the future coming to this fuckedup world.

    “HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

  316. some truly amazing song writing out there, of what i feel of all the songs, the divine child intuitively seeking higher articulation of what is their pure flawless healing feeling self.

    fearlessness is what i feel is most integral for the divine self to fearlessly be allowed to explore their feelings and be given however long they require to articulate it, and build apon it further, of what is our constant exploration discovery of the divine child of God within us all.

    who is the divine child?

    all of you

    within all the words of Jesus is his obvious knowingness of the divine child of us all, where what we can clearly without doubt come to fully embrace, that the way Jesus came to know us better than ourselves(and all our obvious absurd afraid masks), is that Jesus spent time alone with God in quiet places of pure quieting of heart mind body spirit and soul, to the degree that his uncertainty was of his eventual self-awareness growth replacing of all uncertainty with wise articulate self-awareness knowingness certainty of the divine child of God………………of us all in doing so.

    as artists, this too is the correct approach to coming fully into articulation expression of our glimpse of the divine child, and eventually, constantly being the divine child of God without fear among us all, which i think is what ultimately goes beyond our devoted work, such as our pure grace with another that affects/effects/direct/indirect the all.

    for sure we are of the magical time ushering in of the kingdom of heaven wise children of God evolving of the highest place thus far in history.

    the rocks are slippery, so becareful where you walk and who you walk among, some can be toxic for us.

    i am strong for my daughters, where all their annoying shit for brains i don’t put up with, demanding of respect at all times from and as being their divine child(mostly).

    they are so gripped by fear that i feel of them, that lessens as time passes by being with me, someone of eternal patience knowingness certainty, by means of what was of the exact same path they are trying to sucessfully navigate without drowning.

  317. i see ocd’s as being merely of unresolved binding useless fear stuckness, sorta like avoiding what we really want to do and just go “GO KARTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “YOU PROMISED TODAY WE COULD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    lol :mrgreen:

    and let our divine child out to play without hesitation in purely feeling what they want to do.

    sometimes we become stuck in a downer fear binding rut, that may be of whatever description of whatever ocd, like my spending compulsion, but in truth, it is really just our divine child awaiting permission to have fun.

    learn to sit with your divine child of clenched hands long enough, and they will speak with us directly of what is fun for them, and what is not fun for them.

    as kids we were only of interest in having fun.

    as adults we get all caught up in all the status quo bullshit mind traps which bind our fun child in mental prisons, shut down, stiffled, almost futile to try and get a smile OUT of some of you……..argh!


  318. but what one does with the D


    ok, i am total fucking clueless on what one could possibly do with a D and no lube!


    “OH WAIT!”

    “THERE’S WIP CREAM IN THE FRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    lame ass sorry biyatches! :mrgreen:

  319. “GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” :mrgreen:

    where’s my freak in the sheets?

    ok fine, hide if you want, they always come back to what i am, their true blue ‘real’ self!

    only love

  320. made ya smile

  321. song writting eh?

    well, find the magical child purely feeling in fearlessness of holy joyfulness delight of

    ‘that’ boy so right,
    no matter plight,
    tonights the night
    of heaven’s delight!



    yes?………………again……………ya wanna go again?


    me 2

    argh………..tease tease tease

  322. now where did i put the d?


    oh, im sure she has a secret stash somewhere!

    likely a fucking walkin closet!

    hey, what’s that noise coming from her closet?

    “SOMEONE LET ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    oh, did AndYY crawl into her closet and hide?

    ya, well, you would 2 if you were ‘me’ out here in these brutal mean spirits of stiffled afraid closet case control freaks who are like i once was, so afraid someone might actually want the same thing i did/do………

    someone like my freak in the sheets!

    and if it gets too hot we can go outside, sit on the beach under the moon, the ocean breeze, oh, who could possibly say no to my freak in the sheets who makes me feel so blessed pure and true of constant flowing feelings that they ‘real’ly do love ‘me’!

    without doubt

    ya, i know where i belongggg

    where i longggg 2 be


    so free!

    with thee

    i belong on an eternal day night beach, but not alone, that wood be boring….


    oh just say it!

    no hesitation
    or frustration
    of titillation


    oh, now that one is funny! :mrgreen:

    blueballs hurt like fuck, ya no?

    you girls and all your titillation salvation, argh, please stop being you!

    (rear-verse pyschology)


  323. fuck, i heard the perfect song today of the divine child of constant smiling bright, my future self within, he knows without doubt.

    cannot remember it

    fucking cobwebs

  324. what photo?

  325. ya, Juliet went out and got shitfaced off her ass the other night, i thought i meantioned it, no, as she finally left her past life behind, drunk off her ass staggering down the street with some cute closet case daughter of hers to help keep her from falling, determined this time not to return……….

    it’s hard

    no, not ‘that’

    fuck, is that all you think about? lol

    me 2 :mrgreen:

  326. ah, found the playlist of the song i heard, ok, one second, let me find it………..

  327. Bubbly, by Colbie Caillat is a nice song, not the one i heard, but i like this song

  328. AH!!!!

    found it!!!!

    This is it, a dancing carefree joyful purely enthusiastic spirited child of God of none stop skiping, jumbing, of no desire to ever feel the way they purely feel forever more, running forever more in life everlasting with those in oneness sameness likeness just like them, the pure gracefulness in extending of a hand to another, smiling bright, who is there to join them in dance forever more……………IS the divine child of God there we feel within, the ‘real’ you of us all, of no fear, purely clear in how we all truly yearn to constantly feel and be, the holy joyful absolute carefree happy dancing skipping jumping smiling divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul set free to forever Just BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so that i can be ‘me’! :mrgreen:

    oh, i know you! Cannot hide from ‘real me’!

    Diamond Sun, by Glass Tiger, a classic from of my youth years.


    wierd, i wrote this on the outside of one of my books, which may have been influenced within way back when this song came out in 1980s.

    When they came to this land
    We gave our friendship
    Gave them our hands
    But it was never to be
    Oh! You must bow down
    They said, “Fall to your knees”
    Oh! Diamond sun has to burn
    Oh! Are we never to learn

    Love gives life and life is love
    But what have we done
    We have walked on this earth
    Since the first star was shining
    And the moon had its birth
    But as with the shadows
    Of lonely trees
    We are in bondage
    But are hearts are still free
    Oh! Diamond sun has to burn
    Oh! Are we never to learn
    Still diamond sun has to burn
    Oh! Are we never to learn
    Still diamond sun has to burn
    In my heart I believe
    Someday the sun will shine
    And you shall be free
    And bless our children as they’re
    Put to the test
    You’ll hear the heartbeat
    Of a nation’s unrest

    blessed children of God eternal all forever more we all are

  329. Love gives Life and Life is Love

  330. madonna,you are a bright shinning star the legacy and romance of your life are forever.augaust 24 2009,i had a bowie knife thrown at me in the back at a truck stop in von ormy texas from a ton volvo 18 wheeler and opened the door to eme.i took the blade for a girl named crystal olivia irene rodreguez.long live mieda,mestizo,mantanza,meheclese,meste-sache.

  331. is it very well

  332. snode virus?

  333. bye bye snode virus

  334. hey, what does snode mean?

  335. whatever

  336. What’s wrong with that guy!!! Is his sister!!! If he doen’t like Madonna anymore, he should face it, but this a really coward action!!! and I don’t think Madonna feels good about this, but, Madonna, we love you and we hope you’ll be fine (: I’ve been your fan since 1983 when I listened Holiday for the very first time, I’ve seen you 21 times never missing a concert of you (even repeating it) because your music (and you yourself, of course) really makes people happy, not only me, a lot of people think the same too and you actually said that and, well, you got it.

    Love ya (:

  337. sergio,
    you dont know madonna, you love her cause you love her music, you lover her fame, thats simply all it is. your obsessed with the things she does, you want to be her, but understand she is just like you and i, looking to have a normal, so saying you love her, is false, you love what she does, you can never love someone until you know them.

    the definition of love.
    ‘1 an intense feeling of deep affection : babies fill parents with intense feelings of love | their love for their country.

    the definition above therefore proves my point.

    you can like her and respect her and aspire her.


  338. follow your oneness light pure and true within us all the world over of the ‘real’ you within us all as equals in concordance with God, of your feelings that reveal this to be true, do they not?

    what heaven is

  339. the one who Jesus loves is ‘real’ you

    the one who loves Jesus is ‘real’ you

    the one who others love is ‘real’ you

    the one who loves others is ‘real’ you

    the one who loves is ‘me’

  340. the same self-love eternal day light within all you


    the same self-love eternal day light within all you

    so why ridicule another what we know to BE CONSTANTLY TRUE?

  341. you speak like a fool

  342. she needs real,

    that’s why i love her

  343. real love

  344. dont talk shit

  345. firstly, i just like to state the fact your reference to religion, it has no appeal to me, i may be a catholic but god i do not follow it in the slightest (i’d like to laugh at this moment) , you link it with being real. but really there just beliefs that people choose to follow, they choose to make there lives meaning around it, it gives the support a framework to see reason in every day, but if you can see beyond what religion stands for and be able to live everyday to your bestest ability well then i have the greatest compassion and true love towards you (to anyone).

    real love, is not saying you love somebody, not money, not anything like that, love cant be said or given, it had to be showed. love cant be taught, you just have to be around the right people who can assist you in feeling it. it is friendship, it is the close bonds with people, it is your love with your children. for i can say i admire you and all that bull, but i dont love you, i dont know your flaws i dont know you, for you.

    you’ll find love, you just have to welcome it with open arms, you have the right people in your life to experience that important sensation that takes people a lifetime to feel. so go ahead, make the step, its there.




  346. i feel a real sense of anger, you really have to well release it, it horrid.

  347. it is the voice of God and the voice of divine self-love true

  348. i am not Catholic, nor is God

  349. cannot teach anyone anything with a closed heart and mind

    nor do i desire to waste precious time with those who toss the words of God meant for divine self into a pile of human shit they stand in

    blessed is the truth

  350. i feel i have had enough of your foul tasting cajoling enticing belittling shortsighted mockery that leads to nowhere and certainly not ever to ‘me’

    The Kingdom of Eternal Faith is purely grounded in subtle higher intellect divine self-love awareness wisdom unceasing TRUTH and not that which belongs to unawareness argument.

    take care and goodbye, as i do not wish to return here for more of the same empty hollowing bitterness

  351. you really do speak like fools full of self-righteous excusing

  352. i depise your generational bitter mocking binding blindness exalting yourself above others, unable to purely dwell in the heart at all times

    what heaven is

    you are not a friend to ‘me’ nor in concordance with God, as are many of bitter gnashing of teeth outside the kingdom of heaven

    i belong with my true loving brothers and sisters in heaven of constant love flowing, and not with merchants of God

  353. i will not ever be found among merchants of God untrue blind holier than thou self-righteous of all those who serve God by means of what untruth of divine self looks and feels like, dressed in their fine clothing, where truly i tell you, their clothes on their back is worth more than they are

    in concordance with Jesus

  354. i will not return this way again, as i do not enjoy your self-importance egocentricity, and instead return to those i am made to feel most comfortable around, at ease of their constantly true divine self likeness and form i am

    not just where i truly feel i do belong

    rather of all those who i am


  355. i do not know who any of you are and no longer desire to

  356. you have obviously taken my words negatively, i didnt mean it they way you are taking it, for i am very well illerate, and well young, therefore everything i have learnt and still am learning.

    i have not bitterness thank you very much.

    i myself am trying to find myself.

    id like to say i appreciate the act of religion. maybe the word ‘god’ gets me a little muddled up in religion.

    and i see myself below people rather than above, i always look and seek or advice rather than give it, i am there to listen and learn.

    i am a friend of the universe, not to god.

  357. my ‘god’ is the universe.

    and i love my mum.

  358. i despise the Roman Catholics to the extent that if of the great fires of holy war that may come to this world as a result of all you who claim to know God and did/do not like so many of you yet do in your open ostracizing of my loving homosexual brothers and sisters, and you are standing there covered in fire burning alive, well, i would let you burn

  359. i am no of any of the religions of this foolish world

    i am a child of God who purely constantly is of wise articulation of the feelings i feel like i do in each passing moment in yet seeing the horridness of so many of you self-righteous who claim to know God when you do not even purely know your own divine self as i do, so blinded and unknowing of the many false masters of deception who hold you captive as their slaves like they do, slaves to the worldly you all serve

    not God

    and when of the day the world does erupt in holy fire, do not say i did not warn all of you of the truth you yet turn away from, of one who purely is of God’s clear voice who summons you to divine self-love awareness wisdom you choose to yet mock ‘me’ about in mad laughter

    currently as we speak, the balance of light is this blind leading the blind world, is yet of potential holy fire erupting, and there are great powerful ones in the world whom many of you do not know what they may be planning behind closed doors.

    so when your glass house are blown apart with you standing in them, i will visit your heart in that moment, and ask each of you one last question, “while your hypnotized worldly possession, how was it possible for you to even eat while a completely defenseless starving child of took their last breath?”

    fuck off

  360. i think the word you were looking for was God, is it not?

    every moment of life is a spiritual awakening of the divine child of God’s pure true spiritedness thruout the world, of enlightenment eternal day light shining forth from eternal beginning thru eternal all of the future yet to come.

    without preferred priority of constant pure loving embrace of divine self-love flawless feeling wise articulation, i already know that this world will erupt in great holy fire

    you speak like a fool with me as though you have something i do not, projecting this light in front of all who come before God in your unwise attempt to mock ‘me’ like you choose to yet do, where do not realize what my intentions truly are, nor do you purely desire to know like i have and do since i was a child

  361. i have had enough of you arrogance, ok?

    i don’t even like you any more

    how can anyone possibly enjoy your mad laughter arrogance? uhm?

    i am about the future of eternal all

    not some selfish self-serving arrogance egotism of a part of you that you obviously yet enjoy in unwareness fueling of arrogant argument

    i serve God and the divine child of God of eternal all

    in the name of God, i ask, “who are you if not who i say you are?”

    fine, be your standoffish self of insult to injury of the glass house you enjoy standing in people

    a nice clear view of the holy fires for you to enjoy one day in your moment of truth with God who constantly purely knows the ignornances in your black hearts who cast down my loving homosexual brothers and sisters in this hellish world they all wake to each blessed day.

    we despise all of your ignorance so many of you do not realize we purely see thru like we do, glad to live freely away from your the horrid pits of human shit so many of you stand in

    honestly, and God knows this in my heart, i welcome the holy fires that will consume the ignorance of hell we walk in

  362. i don’t yet pray it

    but maybe i should?

  363. i know what the kingdom of heaven is

    obviously you do not

    nor do you purely desire to know what i know

    your attempts to come between God and i are 100% futile, indicative of the obviousness that you do not know what the kingdom of heaven constantly is, albeit your divine child of God within purely is of intuitive capability to BEcome wisely aware and fully awake in the kingdom of heaven i stand in

    so piss off with the tiresome useless laughing mockery in coming before one who’s heart and mind purely is of God, ok?

    you cannot bring harm to my wise discerning soul protected by God’s wisdom, but you can and do bring harm to yourself and others in life like so many of you clearly openly do

    i despise so many of you purely within to the extent i wish most of you were dead, where already you are of walking talking spiritual death coffins in the eyes of God, and you do not purely know it

    so if holy fires do erupt, just know that a part of me purely welcomes it

    i do not wish to continue in useless mad laughter mockery of what is sacred to ‘me’ and God, sacred to the safe passage of the future of eternal all yet to come

    honestly, i despise you now, where you speak of ‘me’ as though some joke

  364. enough

    i will go my own way now, where it is clear to ‘me’, you are of greater enjoyment of your egotism than of purely know who i am, far wiser than all of the rabbis who came before us in all human history, although the rabbis to hear the voice of God purely within of the truth i speak of

    as i said, i do not need nor desire your yet unknowingly captive unwiseness you are obviously blind to, as though hypnotized of the masters of deception blind leading the blind to nowhere, away from my pure loving heart.

    and your projection of painting me with horrid anger is incorrect

    rather i am of God’s wise truth of exact divine self wisdom awareness is in purely truthfully knowing what the ignorance of holy fire wrath is that may yet consume this world of the powerful leaders of this world, who they themselves do not purely know the solution i speak of, all of unwise children of God of everyone of you world leaders, albeit your child within is always of intuitive capability to know what the kingdom of heaven constantly is

    of what i nurture purely within my loving brothers and sisters without them knowing i do, merely of sacred true nature grace in approach with them, without even need of any wise words of God

    i serve God

    be 100% clear of ‘that’

    or all is lost

    you laugh

    while another defenseless child dies, you fucking heartless fuckers!

  365. truthfully in my heart of hearts, if i were to release my false masking anger of the hurt i tearfully hide for my loving homosexual brothers and sisters, billions of you would die

    where in truth, you are already spiritually dead, and do not know it

    God’s truth awareness meant only as goodness for this ignorance bound captive world yet alseep in generational binding blinding ignorance

    not judgement

    although your useless judgement holier than thou may see great holy fire fueding of loving brothers and sisters in this fucked world

    you are fucking assholes to ‘me’, ok?



  366. oh look, the Pope is implicated in a sex scandal

    finally, maybe now we can begin the process of riding the world of these false ignorant fools

  367. so ya, keep laughing at my research of God everyone, you fucking hypocrite hearted jackasses who don’t know or desire to know the extent of what i know is the kingdom of heaven macro thinking divine self-love awake halo perspective

    how dare you mock a sacred thing that protects ‘me’ from all your useless generational ego hypocrite liar deniar falsehoods that most of you do not realize are bound and asleep in like i clearly feel the truth of most anywhere i am in life each blessed day.

    i don’t belong to your fascist masters of deception slave worldly ego mindset you so proudly belong to

    don’t believe me?

    invite me to dinner some day

    where i say no thanks and as you all to invite a starving child in my place

    as for me inviting you to dinner, as did Jesus know, so do i know already your answer

    so to be sure, i won’t invite you to my table in avoiding your laughing at ‘me’, ok?


    closure complete

  368. seems God has more in store for me to go on living in this fucked world, suffering merely of hemorrhoids, fuck, so annoying, the hemorrhoids and most of you who don’t purely know how much i despise your blatantly self-serving status quo wealth arrogance that leaves kids to die

    oh ya, you are all so holy righteous in the eyes of God of heartless fucks!

    think again, only next time try using your feelings as you walk at all times instead, ok?


    peace out fuckers

  369. go patronize someone else

  370. flippant

    Pronunciation: \ˈfli-pənt\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: probably from 1flip
    Date: 1599

    1 archaic : glib, talkative

    2 lacking proper respect or seriousness
    — flip·pant·ly adverb

    but hey, what do i know?

    nothing according to many of blindness ignorant arrogant useless amuse thy self-important you

  371. i have spent 6 months of last year, in remote areas here i live, trying to figure out why we treat people like this, i learnt there ways, there stories, the lives, there souls. to an extent i become of them, it is indescribable the hurt i felt, betrayal, but what can a person like me do, yes i could give them all the food i had, yes i could promise them it will all be better. but we say we will help, want to help but to it pointless to say, we should do. i’m devoting the rest my career, which only just started. in progressing and giving them chances, as they were originally the found owners, and we as white people have taken it away. it is foul, and disgusting, i find it hard sometimes to cope at that thought, what we do, we ignore, we treat them like shit. Even though there not in a third world country, they certainly live under the same conditions.

    A good friend mine, has now been in africa for 2 years, i talk her to occasionally, she says that she unable to return, when i first heard this i had to know, she said the emotional attachment with the people was simply amazing, she is then inspired to take action on something i said i wanted and had had thought about taking action of.

    thinking and rewriting all this, makes me realise again the importance, every person deserves a chance of a life (a proper life)

  372. im not an ass.
    those comments are not necessary.

  373. lol

    as pertains to who?

  374. indigenous population.

  375. well a particular tribe, not as a whole.

  376. scenerio:

    a divine child stands before you

    a divine child exceeding wise of who the purely are taught by God, who peers thru all falsehood illnesses of heart

    what do you say to a wise divine child of God who’s wisdom is vast in knowing without doubt what the kingdom of heaven constantly is, if perhaps you do not know to the extent what the divine child purely constantly knows?

    what if there is nothing you have to offer the divine child that the divine child already has?

    where does that leave you?

  377. researches studied these close nit tribes, and realized how it is they manage to survive


    4 ONE another

    as equals

    at all times

    love = life
    love IS life

    that is what these outcast villagers purely constantly know every waking moment of their blessed day

    they do not struggle at all of the truth of the flawless love they purely all feel within for one another

    what they struggle with is in what is taking place in the world that is slowly destroying the world to the extent, none will matter when the world responds to your caravan ways

  378. world population 1918 was 1.8 billion

    today it is 6.7 billion

    it will double in the next 50 years to 12 billion

    today, we don’t really care much about the welfare of third world countries which are to see the largest population growth in the next 50 years, such as Africa, compared to other nations

    it is a human disaster unfolding before our eyes as we speak, of far greater catastrophic consequence than it clearly is now, where all they need is our technologies and education infrastructure that will take several generations to implement, where these are human beings just like you and i, where we look for economic growth consumers, and do not see the vast potential that is there in Africa, on par with China which is not of exponential economic growth with no end in sight, a population as we speak which is predominantly farmers.

    we can all benefit globally from the vast economic prosperity potential that is there, of our own economies now slowing, but if you invite short-term get rich grap the cash and run investors of shortsighted greed over vitally needed humanitarian long term global economic prosperity growth potential………….don’t even bother fuckers!

  379. what most of you economic think tank fucktards don’t purely know much of anything at all about, is the powerful human spirit of all those in Africa, where when education for long term prosperity is given to them, they will leave all you couch potato over weight Americans in the dust


  380. and that my friends, is the true hidden potential of Africa of such vast prosperity this world has yet to behold

    best of all, we can all do this together as one family of what is purely true within the heart of all our own children of tomorrow……


    4 ONE another

    as equals

    at all times

    love = life
    love IS life

    this emergency broadcast has been brought to you by the Bored United Global Think Observers ~ aka BUG 2


  381. oh, and the only way forward is thru solar energy with massive vast solar farms in the deserts of Africa

    the only reason we have not shifted, or are slow in doing so, is because of those sleeping in the same bed with corporate and political America

    the technologies in solar energy research already is proven to be more than ten times rate of return on investment, where once of return on investment, are you ready for this?

    the energy is free, with low cost maintainance

    you people are so naive to global corporate political government that is slow in looking at long term investment in what grips them, shortsighted long term economic prosperity the likes of which is so massive, without doubt, at some distant time in the future, we will migrate into the universe

  382. *spelling correction*

    on par with China which is NOW of exponential economic growth with no end in sight, a population as we speak which is predominantly farmers.

    wake the fuck up everyone!

    we ARE the expertize solution for Africa

    but only long term forecasting thinkers of the next 200 years should be invited to the table and given all the resources and time needed to hammer out a definitive plan of approach that will work in bring global economic prosperity to the world of our children of tomorrow.

    so instead of ‘the sky is falling’ short-term greedy grab the cash and run(which most of you home investors self-ememies are), bring forth the young graduates who have a going concern in their hearts for their peers in Africa in forging the way forward.

    the world belongs to them, freely given for them to enjoy

    let enjoy it in prosperity happiness forever more

    bless you all

  383. well ok, i admit, fuck, i really love the Lamborghini

    fuck you

  384. not for status quo fucktard show off mentality

    it is really fun thrill power plant kick you in the ass of car to drive

    although i suppose amusement rides are just as fun…….and cheaper


  385. put your money where you mouth is

  386. can i go now

    ok thanks

  387. oh, and i love black men the most

    seems i have some black in my ancestry

    hmmmmmm…….who knew?

    which explains the pigment in my skin changing, yes?

    im starting to look like a leopard


  388. i love them all


    when they stupid with me in their gang mentality, i stand my ground, and that is when they realize they were the ones who started in on my sweet as in their racism towards me, especially when i tell them one of my great grand parents was BLACK……….Biyatch! :mrgreen:

  389. spiritually united by nature forever more

    i am

  390. the real problem is in motivation empowerment of billions of people, of what’s in it for us mentality, globally, who without doubt, are the required number of people needed for the solution of Africa, combined with the efforts of it’s own people

    there is no alternative solution

    as God says, “You cannot do it on your own………….fool!”

    some Muhammad Ali BLACK humor

    it was Muhammad who kept calling everyone fool, was it not?

    i think it was him who used to say that all the time

    my memory of childhood is not that great at times

  391. it takes pure fearless love of the heart to purely embrace what is humanly possible for all those of the entire future, where the answer is ONEness of the love we all have for another the world over.

    it is time to stop behaving as the lost ranting immature childish children we mostly are of the world, where prosperity we have learned in recent history, is what brought an end to our own warring with one another of nations, has it not?

    that is the greatest reward or hidden treasure for all future generations yet to come, the love we instill in our children of the love we all constantly are and have been for decades now of economic prosperity we all live in daily and all too often take for granted what wise envisioning forefathers before us put in place and left for their loving children to enjoy, such as the planners of the infrastructure interstate highways of the USA, television, and the internet.

    and what do these all have in common?

    social and economic prosperity

    ok, tour time, who wants to race across America in the Lamborghinis?

    i do i do i do!!!


  392. i feel like i am a ghost most days

  393. so why not head over to the math class and have the kids calculate the clean energy supply of all of Africa’s deserts cover with one solar farm? uhm?

    if you don’t want to believe in me, why not believe in them? uhm?

    what does any of our tiresome in-differences matter after we are dead and gone from the world? uhm?

    if really care like some of the billionaires do, you will join them in their think tank discussions

    already, God knows all YOU ARE the expertize solution of Africa

    mathematicians will clearly reveal to you a 200 year forecast of number crunching that will astound all of you

    so what are you waiting for?

    Jesus to show up and call you all a bunch of self-centered self-serving self-absorbed assholes?

    which is ok, i am 2


  394. and instead of population explosion fear, embrace it in a new light of welcoming population explosion that is going to occur anyway, with or without you…….Biyatches!

  395. what was that again?

    the kilowatts per hour?

    cannot hear you…….could you repeat that?

    well imagine that

    and how many kilowatts per hour does the world use each day?

    well imagine that

    and how much does it cost after return on investment?

    well imagine that

    and how long does the clean energy supply last?

    9 billion more years?

    well imagine that

  396. only when you turn towards the love you have for your own children and they for their own children the same as your own in pure awareness, are you able to make the leap of faith required that will ensure all future generations of your precious loving children and their children to come, prosperity happiness, which is the only thing any of you should be thinking about, which most of you do already, do you not?

    is there any greater love in the world?

    ok then

    make it happen

    someone once said, “There are thinkers, talkers, and doers, where it is the doers of this world who are changing the world.”

    so let’s keep doing it, shall we?


  397. i say this on behalf of the feelings i have for my son or daughter that i may not ever father because of the unwise segration yet of the unwise world, where i cannot change from what i am, nor of inclination 2, a versatile intersex pansexual

  398. everything you wrote is very true, i may only be well you know just reaching my adult years, but learning through my parents, my grandparents, and seeing the upbringing that i received everything you wrote is true.

    im finding it hard to find who i really am, i’m being bombarded with what i ‘should’ be and frankly its hard to resist. for i enjoy what money brings, but at the same time am i sinning?

    i feel and donate my time to the homeless occasionally, and have a very strong view with the conditions people live in here, but i dont feel anything, not that im looking to feel something, but im lost, its not enough. i as a person can do what?

  399. as i a person i pray, and i think and believe. but those motherfuckers just keep fucking it up. how can they sleep at night.

  400. do they not realise the consequences.

    can they not see the truth.

    are the blinded?

    or do they blind us?

    the truth always prevails.

    and justice will come.

    a day of judgement is soon to come.

    where those fuckers will see themselves for what they are.

    corrupt, disgusting people.

  401. we have been blinded, we have been taught false and therefore people cannot see what it really is.

    thankfully as our time is coming near, people are beginning to awake, realising what it all is.

    i may not know what it is, but i know it will be revealed.

  402. i once met an old man who spend approximately 5 days with my family, he intrigued me, much to my mismay, he was well a bad man, who fouled my family into believing he was a saint.


    why must people do such things.

    his disgusting habit, to attempt to attain innocence is sad.

    he wasnt happy with himself.

    although i should be angry at what he had done (lying)

    i feel sorry and no hatred towards him.

    he is lost.

    and will be forever lost.

    he helped me, realise not to trust people, and altho thats sad, i must thank him, the foul ass hole in all his disgusting glory helped me.

    i must enter the realms of uni once more, for another hour of bickering by some lady telling me what i have to know, to ensure i get a job. makes me rethink why i’m here.

    the fat lady walks up the stairs wanting remorse for being so fat, i dont feel sorry for her, just look at what she is eating. she might have issues, fair enough, but so do we all.


  403. lol.

  404. sadly many there are of divine children of God lead away from their pure heart by the forefather teachings, of various extent unique to everyone.

    what all have in common is the divine child of God within

    all of which are purely capable of feeling whatever one may become ex-halted as though separated from the world, however momentarily of meditation, in purely feeling as their divine self as some of you know.

    what is sin?

    anything unloving is clearly a falsehood mask sin many cowardicely hide behind afraid

    anything unloving is clearly not true of divine self you

    truth prevails and cannot fail, eternally, of what is our true nature unattended down thru millennium and yet of today tomorrow

    do not do what you do not enjoy doing ~ Jesus

    what does that reveal of attendance truth in BEing your divine self?

    the judgment you ponder has already come, but not a judgment in as much as is divine self awareness process, where the divine self of any may be and is bound in extrinsic intrinsic ignorance captivity of unaware unwiseness ‘lack’ down thru the millennium

    blame the forefathers ~ Jesus

    lest you to become a harbor of hatefulness, rather than wise truth observing calm and true of the divine self.

    the divine will objective of God is holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of the divine child of God, as most of us were as kids, and some yet are as adults in their dedicated self-actualization maintained thru health choices of healthy friends and boundaries.

    indeed the consequences at the extreme end of the scale is haphazard aimless undiscerning plodding along into death as we know many do.


    as regards the kingdom of heaven eternal day light of your divine self-love of constant flow, do you not realize you are of affect/effect/direct/indirectness in nurturing, awakening and protecting the same self-love in others as your own, in what is the sacred value of your blessed life each blessed day?

    do you not realize how you have an affect on others by means of your inner joyfulness shining forth in the world thru eternal all yet to come?

    there is light within those of light(divine self-love awareness wisdom), if they do not shine forth, they are darkness

    and ya, they can blind us, if we do not slow in our preferred graceful state of BEing that feels so flawless with flowing of energies as though a glowing sensation.

    but one does need to cultivate a wise helmsman within them based on their spiritual path journey findings of divine self truth and all untruth in casting of ghosts out of our heart which can and do prevent us from purely just BEing YOU

  405. if you clasp your hands together and squeeze them tightly, the one squeezing tightly, is the divine self YOU

  406. what some may not realize fully, when asked what they feel while clasping of hands, is not just the sense of constant hopefulness of divine self, but if you probe deeper into divine self, you realize it is a constant knowingness deep within the core of your BEing which KNOWS only love is good enough to constantly always feel and BE at all times, not just of mere hopefulness, yes? :mrgreen:

    so spend lot’s of time practicing with others in loving knowingness, ok Adam, that includes having as much sex as you feel you want to enjoy as well, where sex releases happy chemicals in your brain which keep you feeling good in your mental emotional well being, and of higher metabolism to in fighting off common colds and bacteria, as well as the release of anti-stress hormones which help prevent heart disease and cancer.

    enjoy BEing YOU

    and if others don’t wish to enjoy with you, well ditch their sorry pathetic ass and run as fast as you can………just make sure there are no cars coming in looking both ways before running across the street to the other side where you know you belong

  407. you think you have problems knowing who you are, you should try being ‘me’ sometime as a versatile transgender intersex pansexual female male trying to convice a girl she is a versatile pansexual like me of the most incredible sex i know to be true of ‘me’, of experiment see, and if by chance androgynous twins apear, well holy holy holy, why not three God? lol :mrgreen:

  408. when love is true it is not taboo

  409. interesting point by the way, of any life experience near any of the ‘Saints’ they call themselves, i always felt an underlying deception about them at all times that would not go away

    what is that about?

  410. particularly of a priest who asked me home one time and for me to lay in his bed, which i did, as he laid beside me

    what is that about?

  411. all Catholic priests are BLATANT liars of their natural occuring sexual feelings that any of us have, and that is why they shall be abolished thruout the world one day

    i mean how fucking ignorant does the Catholic world think we are as to their true nature they attempt to suppress, and who do these predator priest pick on………..your kids everyone, and you are all naive to trust the religious cult leaders of the Catholic church.

    truth awareness in the eyes of God

    and the divine child of God ‘me’ :mrgreen:

    in Canada, no religious leaders are allowed to speak openly against homosexuals any longer, a law we now have in place to protect us

  412. brick by brick, we will dismantle the Catholic church in the world

  413. i predict the Pope will be assassinated within the year

  414. sadly i don’t own a gun

  415. Judge says i am not allowed to buy cross bows either

  416. what is that about?

    apparently the claimed i am unstable

    as i yelled at the Judge, “I am not the one with the fucking problem your honor!”

  417. well ok, i take 100% ownership of my issues now your honor, of my now knowing without doubt, an asshole is an asshole is an asshole where you can usually, butt not always, count on an asshole remaining as they are your honor, i flow of nothing but shit from their mouth!

    court dismissed

    i think they tossed me in the hopes of not having to appear again

    hmmmmm……..maybe………………………..nah, the judges like ‘me’

  418. im going back to my gay life

    cya round

  419. and i am not doing this blog any more

    if you want to contact me, contact me

    if not, fuck off and go do whatever

  420. as for innocence

    the divine child of God within all is innocent till their last day

    where all unloving wretched evil in the world is of the extrinsic intrinsic binding forces of the generational handed down thru millennium forefather ignorances that have existed in this unwise world as they yet are for thousands of years as a result of the attentive ‘lack’, according to God, and according to our profession world of psychological gathering of truth findings in all behavioral that is of decades of research yet accumulating.

    the foundation of my belief system is grounded in psychology, and my higher self research is merely that, someone who did go before God and ask questions, where i was the one who God wanted me to search within my own heart the answer to my own questions i yet ask.

    so from that perspective, who is God?

    eternal all YOU

    there is a threshold of awareness one crosses in higher self awareness, where you purely realize the value is beyond all measure, which reveals to you clearly the flawed nature of all merchants of God bound by group mentality that holds them weighed down in uncertainty unawareness of the divine child of God within of God’s divine will, our will, to be set free to just BE the holy joyful absolute carefree happiness within the core of everyone’s BEing, of why the sacred mirroring light of divine self happiness is vital to this world which enlightened ones such as Jesus came well into his own divine self-love awareness perspective ability to peer apon the obvious truth, ah, “I found this to be true of my own divine self, true of all divine self eternal all YOU.”

    on that note, i bid you all farewell in prayers of peace, grace, love and happiness 24/7 forever more, in setting myself free to just go BE the happiness of me i have learned to love about my gay lifestyle for twenty years now, where i am most comfortable being around those in likeness and form as ‘me’

    whatever dreams i may have had of Madonna and i, well, it’s kinda hard to dream of a loved one who is busy fucking someone else, and so i don’t allow myself dream of true love with her any more as before, in adjusting my course now back to where i feel i do feel more comfortable in my at ease gay self like i always have.

    God does not seek harsh judgment apon anyone, of the truth that we cannot judge the forefathers of yesteryear of the ignorance remnants of their existence that yet haunts us like invisible(binding extrinsic/intrinsic) ghosts like it yet does.

    the only way to free the divine child of God held captive in generational binding ignorance is by means of the gentle therapeutic nurturing approach rehabilitation process we know is necessary and does work.

    i do believe there are greater exacting wiser ways of more effective therapeutic approach as regards my insight into higher subtle intellect awareness of the pure divine child of God self awakening within, who becomes empowered in cultivating of a wise helmsman within that ensures their needed behavioral change of fateful path over to a path i do feel is of God’s divine will objective wise destiny, that does alter not only the individual’s life in question, of greater concern in altering the entire future of mankind as one who becomes wise in enlightenment nurturing light of divine self thru and of others of eternal all yet to come.

    bless you all forever more

    and thank you

    i may stop in once in awhile, but i really need to get on track with my own wants and needs of focus on my own life now

    you sit long enough alone, and wake up to no one there, it starts to set in after awhile…………it was just my over active imagination


  421. albeit, the ongoing ostracizing of my loving homosexual brothers and sisters is not of my imagination

    +++++++++++++++++ what is heaven?++++++++++++++++++++
    +++++++++++ ++++ i don’t think so fuckers!+++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++++++++++ what heaven is not +++++++++++++++++++
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++can you believe they are allowed to teach that bullshit your kids +++

  422. i have work to do, and get this, God says i get to just BE myself 24/7 in accomplishing God’s divine self-love awareness work

    imagine that :mrgreen:

  423. this is BUG 2 signing off, over and OUT

  424. and as for Jesus being of his loving homoerotic feelings, you would have to be naively foolish to believe Jesus was not

  425. as for my own kids one day, i have resolved to leave that to the future of my gay lover and i seeking a surrogate mother one day

    onward to happiness of following my own light

    peace out Biyatches!

  426. youve been a delight to chat with.

    i have learnt more than i can comprehend.

    sending my positive energy your way.

    and if you want to contact me, which know you easily can, well do it, cause its so much harder for me to contact you.

    and i agree, we can only help so many people, in the end you need to help yourself before you can help anyone.



  427. lets burn this fucker down!

  428. im sure it wont be the last time.

    now let me go enrage myself to physical exercise so i don’t get scrutinised by people around me.

  429. what does go back to my gay life mean..

    ANDY ???

    who’s Adam ?

    some gay boy that just made friends with Andy

    LOL .. or another Alien ..

    I dont know

    or do I ??

  430. I’m going back to my TRI-SEXUAL life

    TRI anything 3 times

  431. who are you?



  432. isn’t exercise great, escape from everything and everyone all around us, where biking i find is an excellent experiential technique for getting centering and ground our real self

  433. yes for you it might be great, but i’m so uncoordinated when it comes to gym work, that i manage to fall or slip of every piece of equipment i use, however it usually works quite well i usually get some babe, helping me up, and all my worries disappear as their smile lifts me somewhere greater than that gym.

  434. so many precious souls out there who need our reassuring voice of their older more fearless self they are growing into

    that is what is sacred

    i know, i did not have the older me voice of anyone at all in my youth, as regards self-acceptance of my homosexuality, which me closeted until late in my twenties when i met Troy, who’s beauty overwhelmed me and after six(can you believe that?) and a few beer, i got the courage up to ask him to have sex with me………… my amazement he said yes!

    i was so blown away………there he was, a more seasoned homosexual than i was, of my not knowing until later, after meeting every old boyfriend in every small town of Ontario we toured in driving around like we did, thousands of miles, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring………there he was, standing on a huge rock at the lake’s edge, in the bright sunshine, as started taking off his clothes, without care or concern of the boaters out one the water, i was like, Troy, what are you doing, there are people in boats out there? There first time ever i kissed a boy and liked it………..alot actually………..still like it, after twenty years now. :mrgreen:

  435. lol. i must be a real slut. i wasn’t scared to seek myself i just went for it and got what i wanted cause i knew what i wanted.

  436. so do you have children?

  437. lifts you uhm?

    uhm………and just how high up are we talkin here, uhm?

    ya, the gym gets those happy chemicals flowing, and well, only natural what follows from that! Or should i say who follows?!

    You following your own light?

    Speaking of which, i am off on my bike, down to the lake each morning, 20km a day, sometimes more.

    Truly, exercise plays 100% into our positive physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual well being.

    Start with exercising the body i say to people, really push yourself enough of a distance of awareness, indeed, exercise is the way to healthy true real self YOU

  438. exercise hurts.

    i enjoy having sex after exercise though.

    however that combination hasn’t happened in a while.

  439. i used to work out with my cousin Lars i sponsored from Danmark when i owned a construction company in my early twenties, a champion bodybuilder, of two hour grueling workouts that left me so horny, it drove me crazy when i got on the back of his motorcycle, my arms around him, the leather, him twice my size, as though his bitch……….argh…….i so loved Lars so so much!

    i just want to be someone’s bitch

    i actually went to the bike club to find a gay biker, asking around who owns a bike?

    i got scared and chickened out in coming back to meet some guy who frequents the club on Saturday…….still there in the back of my mind though……….gee, i wonder why? ………..NOT! :mrgreen:

    i think i was in love with Lars too

    hmmmm……….come to think of it, that is three cousins of mine i seriously wanted to have sex with…………do you think that a bad thing, kissing cousins? OMG, i just thought of a forth one………omg omg omg, i forgot all about that one! o………………….God

    ah fuck it, i am as gay as fuck, and there ain’t no changing that

    can i be your bitch marco?

    seriously, i need to be owned

    so either take ownership of this badass bitch, or she is going to fly away

  440. dont let anyone take advantage of you, i just find it well hard to believe it can be anyone’s well fantasy.

    but who knows maybe marco will take you in his masculine arms and ever so powerfully yet gently show you what it is meant to feel like, and you’ll go away feeling fulfilled, happy. 🙂

  441. omg i just off loaded Andy onto Adam..

    now i can have some peace ..

    so anyway where the fuck is madoona these days..

    did she get ubducted by Aliens or something..

    or just a big brazilian

  442. dont know you like big right

    omg am i big enough

    ask adam

  443. madoona?

    it madoNNa you know.

    now your just a bitch. i don’t know who you are, but you seem to have enticed anddy here, but boy oh boy, you wont entice me to get into your pants not with that attitude mr.

    she’s probs around somewhere watching from above.

  444. do i know you?


    i was forced here.. by God

    & i came screaming

    hang maybe i was creaming and andy was screaming

  446. who screams during sex anymore?

  447. more importantly i want a threesome

  448. lol. did the conversation get exciting?

  449. uhm…….what’s going on with you?

    where are you spiritually?

    are you still thinking about us?

  450. i don’t want to hurt you

    and i wish to respect your boundaries as regards your being centered and grounded purely in your real self.

    that is what is most valuable to me as regards you

  451. i know i am not healthily stable enough for you of late

    transference transference transference, can you please knock it off with the immature transference Andyy? :mrgreen:

    ive been giving alot of thought words about love

    and i realized i am not yet grounded and centered in self-confidence of so much annoying transference

    ah well, i am in process, and i am feeling more and more centered in my self-actualization day by day

    wow, i am so afraid to be my vulnerable feeling real self

    i need to stop making excuses with myself in just living in the now as my vulnerable true self without expectations

    i was fine in my teens and in my twenties

    maybe i did hit a mid-life crisis?

    someone told me that the other day

    i realize how much i enjoy being my gay self, so easily as i have for along time

    i cannot ever deny this of the truth about my inner happiness of my homoerotic lover self

    and so, to be sure i won’t

    i really am so so so happy in my homoerotic sex!

    twenty years of awareness, if anyone knows this, i do

  452. i don’t want to hurt you in leaving, and i do know your pure true loving spirit so tender and true like my own, where it is not within me to ever make you cry

    but i need to feel the magic of my loving lover self with someone, just as you do

    why do you want to trust me so much?

    what does mean?

    what are you not telling me?

  453. i ask this so that you resolve it within you, or perhaps you already have

    ya, i know the vulnerable you

    of course i do

    and i feel like a jerk somedays in how i am in my immature approach with you, running towards you one minute, running away the next

    well, closure for me, is i do not want to live without my homoerotic sex

    which as both a female and a male, homoerotic sex for me is of both a female and male………duh!

    therefore, without doubt, a versatile love is the only one compatible for me

    which is to say anyone is one way or another, where in truth, i feel we are all in process of self-awareness our entire life, however submerged or cognitive awake, we are all constantly in process self-love acceptance of homoerotic self, that i purely realize now is way more complex than most any are able to even talk about freely, let alone come fully into the awareness i am of as a pansexual.

  454. the past two years has seen me realize i am sexually attracked to females, but i do not lie to them about my other sex i enjoy as a female like them, where they do purely know my female self, respectfully, not just in being politically correct, no, they purely realize, oh, Andyy really is female………..and male.

    honestly, i feel i am the most fun loving lover a person could ever hook up with in life, male or female, as one who can assist one in exploring their other sex.

  455. you are not telling me, where if i do not know by now, then i am not purely tuned into your vulnerable true self spiritually?

    seemingly not willing to trust me

    in not wanting to get hurt

    you don’t have to answer right away

    and maybe i am being presumptuous

    or maybe, i am getting really bored sitting here waiting for you, and if you don’t show up soon………..

    lol :mrgreen:

  456. what’s pansexual mean ?

    is it like when you flip a pancake in a pan

    flip you over on one side your a man flip you over and your a girl ..

    add some cream and honey & you got a pansexual pancake all creamy and sticky

    ok .. well watch the calories remember what i said about FAT

  457. what is FAT?

    Fuck Ass Trannies?

    just wondering

  458. at all times, life is a spiritual awareness learning appreciation journey of the vulnerable true YOU growing fearlessly in our inner holy joyful absolute carefree happiness we learn to protect in becoming wisely disarming of generational untrue falsehood

    speaking openly at ease about sexuality is fundamentally crucial as regards natural occurring homoerotic feelings of gay youth when they hit puberty.

    today, many of our schools your children attend, have yet to make homosexual material available to their students, a movement we are of continued campaigning with school board of directors.

    i speak as one who 100% knew my beautiful pure loving homoerotic feelings i began feeling when i hit puberty at around age 11-12

    homosexuality is NOT a learned behavior

    rather is a natural occurring oneness purity of subconscious extension of our self-love esteem within self, self of another.

    damning taboo ignorance approach with your kids, can and does leave them vulnerable to suicide, of gay youth 15-24 age group who yet hold the highest rate of suicide in the world

    this fact alone, needs to be ‘gravely embraced’ by all parents who are already of true loving concern for their loving children, of a reality check in their necessary informative preparation in how best to positively work in self-acceptance of your children homosexual children who may come to you one day crying in expressing to you they are gay, as many gay youth do with me daily, as part of my out reach ongoing support of your gay children, many of which have not yet told you parents they are gay, out of false binding overly-imagined fear of recrimination of their secret that is highly toxic and potentially dangerous for your homosexual kids who do contemplate suicide without you knowing they do.

    there are tell tale signs parents need to be aware of their kids, such as dissociative behavior that is indicative of something your child may be secretly dealing with, such as homosexuality, and the truth that some of them do contemplate suicide, that is a toxic result in keeping secret from you their homosexual coming out awareness they are in process of.

    parents who to not take proactive informative steps with their high risk homosexual children, run the risk of their child falling into self-harm destructive behavior, of statistical data that continues to be presented to the worldwide mental health community daily.

    Do not let your loving homosexual kids down, as evident of many of you who yet unwisely do, that can and does have tragic consequences.

    bless you all

  459. Madonna should do a kick all your fucking asses with a REAL HARD ON lesbian video with, oh, Gaga? nah, uhm….a real lesbian……..gasp, yes, of course, so obvious, Pink!!!!!

    she’s like real life LGBT hot, not plastic phoney actor wannabe in any way……….

    both wearing the most sexually dressed kick you all in the ass tight old school cut-off faded blue jean shorts, those bad ass motherfucker boots she still has not sent to me, that Biyatch, of them driving the country side in the black Lamborghini, of hot hot passionate kissing the way real lesbians do, no holds barred, as the tour where ever, laughing their asses of, of a 3000 mile one month video shoot of the cross country tour, taking in sights as local LGBT clubs in every town across America, of them stepping out and back into the bad girls car, every gay, lesbian, whoever you are starring in disbelief of “OMFG, is that?” look on their faces, quick 3 second long camera panning zoom in fast, snap picture TRUE HOLY JOYFUL capture of inner delight sexual expression(natural, no actors, wavers, royalties, whatever you want Biyatches)………of the best capturing of cameras rolling none stop………..i repeat………..NONE STOP………..remember, sorta like the Truth or Dare vid?

    this ensures what true GENUINE LGBT spirited oneness really is

    step aside and get the stage Gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and let mama show you, ok?

    ok, thanks

    oh, and lots of the oh so beautiful (still awkward insecure obvious) tranny boys, ok?

    it’s time, is it not?

    what time is it anyway?

    oh, who cares what time it is. i mean really, time is a false binding stressor Biyatches, that all you anal retentive ones clearly know and are like so many are……….just sayin

    and some hot sweaty skin on the car please, of those passionate quickie secret out in nature love stops along the way, gasp, the Gran Canyons, oh yes! the lizards, eagles, nature, and don’t forget the mountains, Lambo in snow is a rare sight…………..

    you know, i really should be your FEARLESS WISE manager Biyatch!

    who you know loves YOU


    argh………now if i can just stop thinking about you so much. fuck

  460. and the best stunt drives, ok?

    you don’t know how to handle that thing, and i don’t want you getting hurt from your own stupidness, ok?

    it’s a dangerously powerful car, so don’t cocky with it, as it has personality of it’s own that can bite you in the ass if you get to into it…….i know, i nearly died a few times OUT there in my moments of passionate inner rage releasing haphazardly like i did……….soooooooo many times.

    one time i was doing 180 in a dense fog, at night, like really dense fog on a straight highway of 30 miles or so, and i came up behind someone going slow, as i instantly snapped the wheel in split second of time to avoid slamming into them, and when i looked up in the rear view mirror, their lights were not there, thinking myself, i must of seemed as though alien space shit out of hell that shot by them so fast they of a ten of a second flash of light…………….insanity kills

  461. hmmmm……….no drinking scenes, just bottled water in their hands at ‘dance clubs’ and drag shows only, in and out, whatever story line………maybe some betrayal scenes caught kissing another in the bathroom, you know? ……………REAL LGBT LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!


  462. oh, and for sure some Pride parades routes of the Lambo momentarily jumping in the parade from a side street, like a cat, and back out, of road trip check all the sights mentality ONEness ACROSS AMERICA feel to the film, and the screaming at each other like we do sometimes, of whatever, but mostly authentic laughing happiness is best, some contrast of unhappy have not got my shit figured out yet of the new cummers just arriving on the scene youth, of the ones we the ones who set it all in motion like decades ago Biyatches………get the fucking boots off my dress Biyatches!!!!!!!!!


    mission complete

  463. and ‘Get yOUR Ass OFF’ my car!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    get it?

    oh, go back to sleep hun, just thinking OUT loud………

  464. and for sheer holy joyfulness pop, use either CG or combination real rainbow confetti poppers out the back of the Lambo, and why not some bubble makers out the front of the Lambo gentle arriving on the Pride scene capture?

    amazing contrasting true real authentic grace, sensitivity, fearless, sharpness of awake souls with the lesbian girls gone wild Pride Day Lambo road trip

  465. uhm?

    my girl wants to talk to you?

    ah, ya, maybe, what was your first hint?

  466. of course, i am the best one for the role, dressed androgynously, no one knows who they are, is that a boy or a girl?

    but hey, i am not the one 2 decide that, now am i?

  467. Troy and i found a huge parking lot covered in ice one time, and we would wind the car up to speed, and throw it into a spin at about 60 miles an hour, laughing our asses off.

    i was rebuilding a fully stocked Camero for Troy and i, when Troy died

    i often think the two of us likely would of died in that car later, had Troy and i got back together, what with our STUPID drinking and driving like we did till the police impounded our car and pulled my license.

    when i died, i stopped my binge drinking

    moderation once in awhile, rarely

    emotionally i cannot handle alcohol

    no wonder there

  468. ok, maybe not a good idea………fierce though, ya?

    im actually way more mellow in life now

    till you showed up marco! :mrgreen:


  469. What is constant eternal gratefulness truth?

    Troy’s life…..awoke me in sparing mine from the serious grips of self-medicating coping with external/internal homophobia alcoholism neither of us in dealing with our issues of homosexuality



  470. Scene two

    [lead in >> after the getting caught in the bathroom infidelity kissing scene outside the club]

    Madonna yelling, “Get in the fucking car!”

    girlfriend. “fuck you!”

    [girlfriend walks past her and starts walking down the road]

    Madonna yelling, “Get motherfucking ass in the car now!”

    [girlfriend, back turned, does not turn to look or saying anything, just lifts her arm high in the air in giving Madonna the bird]

    [Madonna pissed off, gets in car, fires engine, and smoke spins the tires past girlfriend, looking in rear view mirror, girlfriend still giving Madonna the bird, up over a few hills, lyrics of song playing cut deep, spiritually in tune with her current emotional duality of light over darkness, as tears form and begin to stream, Madonna swearing, fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck! as she slams on the brakes, car parked in the middle of the road, engine down, door opens, Madonna gets out, walks across a ditch, up a hill overlooking the car parked in the middle of the road and waits.]

    [Madonna of occassional tear, seeing girlfriend walking in the sunshine, reminding her how much she loves her, whispering to softly, slight nevousness uncertainty, girlfriend unable to hear, “Get in the fucking car Biyatch!”, as Madonna waits to see what girlfriend will do]

    [girlfriend gets in drivers car seat, door closes, engine fires, passanger door opens, Madonna still sitting on hill, whispering as she calmly gets up, “You fucking Biyatch, you know i fucking love you”, Madonna gets in car, door closes, car spins off to next destination]

  471. exciting

  472. and relevant

  473. it has it key points.

  474. Scene three

    [inside the car, a moment of awkward humble silence fills the cabin]

    both speak at the same time, “Sorry”

    [car vears off the road quickly, down thru heavey brush behind a grove of trees, engine down, car still rolling, both car doors opening as they scrambling out of the car, taking their clothes off quicklly as they both exit, standing before one another as the car keeps rolling past them, running into a heavey passionate embracing and mad on kissing as they fall into the tall grass with bright sunshine above, a sense of privacy from the tall grass]

    [in between kisses]

    Madonna, ” You know, i love you so much it scares me sometimes.”

    girlfriend, “im sorry, it was nothing, just girls being girls”

    Madonna, “And did she give you a phone number?”

    girlfriend, “no”

    Madonna, “Did you want her phone number?”

    girlfriend, “no”

    [Madonna pushes back sharply from kissing with both hands]

    Madonna, “So why the fuck were you kissing her then?”

    [girlfriend calms, humble lowering of eyes in speaking the truth]

    girlfriend, “i was hoping to make you jealous, and waited to see if you would come looking for me”

    Madonna, “Why?”

    girlfriend, “Cause i am afraid of losing you too?”

    Madonna, “Marry me!”

    [girlfriend jumps to her feet, eyes widen huge in brilliance of inner joy disbelief of the words she hears, overwhelmed in tears of joy falling, accelerated breathing, panic attack breathing, frantic movement pacing exuberance enthusiasm, erratic speech]

    girlfriend, “Do you know how long ive been waiting for you to ask me that?

    [girlfriend trys catching breath, tears streaming, mascara running]

    girlfriend, “Like fucking forever, every day, since we met!!!!”

    [girlfriend trys to catch breath, sniffling now, as she gracefully falls to her knees, head down, Madonna gracefully reaching out her arms to hold her, now of at ease surrendering to her quiet sobbing of obvious smiling inner joy brightness knowing they will always be together]

    [car finally rolls to a stop 300 yards away in the shade of a 300 large year old maple tree, with two deer standing there calmly chewing and watching what is going on with the two girls gone wild] :mrgreen:


    i love nature, ok?

  475. how much time do you have on your hands?

  476. if i quit smoking, i could live till around 80

    if i don’t quit smoking, maybe, 65, 70

    depends how much sex i have on a regular basis too, in staying healthy

    then again, my biking is somewhat dangerous as fuck, and you just don’t know what idiot drive may side swipe you into post, or worse, run over top of you, ever see the size of those concrete truck tires? Those scare me the most, no survival if you go under one of them.

    so ya, the rest of my life, God willing however long that WILL BE


  477. the last scene is taken from real life experience, of a gay couple on the sidewalk in our gay ghetto i came apon one evening while walking home, of the one gay guy sitting on the ground crying, as i asked, why are you crying?

    my boyfriend just asked me to marry him

  478. and the sex scene? well, that’s just ‘me’

  479. pancakes anyone

  480. marcos on drugs

  481. is a porn addiction healthy?

  482. personally i don’t like porn at all, and seldom watch faker acting that is in my opinion a combination of desperate people seeking the wrong kind of attention self-deception and those who are of thinking that money is the road to love and happiness, i mean ya, you don’t to be starving to death, sure, but at the threshold just beyond survival is our ability to love and be happy with anyone, no matter your place in life.

    my ex liked porn alot, always knew where to find him at the DVD rental store. lol

    speaking of drugs as relates to porn addiction, apparently, porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Millions of people around the world struggle with overcoming this powerful vice once they acknowledge they have a problem. Its been compared to cocaine addiction because of similar neurochemical activity in the brain.

    i have always said, the only porn addiction you should be of daily, is the one with your partner, where for me, porn is in that realm of infidelity grass is greener on the other side………no it’s not, i mean what of all the pencil dig boys, do you know how annoying and boring a pencil dick feels?

    did i just say that?

    well, ok, everyone’s body is abit different from another, to each their own in self-exploration of what works for you Biyatches!

    personally, i have one life to live, and i am going to live it my way according to who works with ‘me’, so with that said, do you want to work with ‘me’ or not Marco? Adam? Madonna?

    Are you guys watching porn again?

    argh…………i really need to make new friends who have some passionate ‘i so want to make love with you all night long’ fire in them, and those in your porn movies, what do you see in them that you don’t have or i don’t have anyway? uhm?

    that’s right, they don’t have ‘real’ passion

    with that said, i do think ‘sexuality art’ is healthy, as it is more about reflection revealing of your own inner sexual feeling awareness evoking that motivate empowers you to go be your loving sexuality with another, and if you are going to stand here all day staring at that pic Marco, well, i’ll be waiting OUT side on the our bike, ok? :mrgreen:

  483. i’ve always loved the one of a kind unique voice of Louis Armstrong since i was a kid

  484. comical too

    always amazes me these stories of individuals who come forth from the world, of steadfast stick-to-it passion determination in following the BEing of their own brightness of heart, of musician, artist, writers, to shine forth in the world what they purely do value and are in BEing their preferredness light inner delight they are within, and always were, an extension of childhood pure spiritedness, in their sincere wish to brighten the hearts of others, for however long in passing, a sacred moment of sacred mirror, the knowingness we are so so much more than our working class stiff jobs within.

    for me, turning towards what that holy joyful carefree happiness is within, is my main focus as relates to self-actualization, where for sure, my healthy at ease natural fun loving sex drive attitude, is without doubt a main component of happiness, something i have always known and been my entire adult life in ease of maintaining positive physical mental emotional sexual spiritual well being.

    all these things are intertwined as one, where unaddressed weakness in one area sees the other area directly affected of what is our shining forth Spiritual Human BEing

  485. sadly, alot of these Jazz musicians historically, notably, develop(ed) chronic alcohol addiction and become what comes with that, of dysfunctional physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritually abuse with their own self and others.

  486. we are all amazing

  487. such a blessed pure soul of Louis, sadly no longer with us to see the efforts of Madonna that would no doubt cause a tear to fall for Louis, or then again, maybe Louis is with us still shining bright in our hearts of the same light we all felt as kids in those moments of hearing a special song of his purely resonate in our oneness within of only love

  488. thank you Louis

  489. Scene 148

    [girlfriend looking in firidge]

    hey, where did all the strawberries go in the fridge for pancakes, did you eat them all?

    [Madonna lets out a small belch]

    lol :mrgreen:

  490. Adam, I’m not on drugs lol. You should know me better. Anyway I’m still thinking about what it is that is on my mind since Andy asked me & no one else has I feel compelled to answer such an important question but I am taking my time answering that question because it is such an important question it’s kind of like I ask myself why does the human race thrive so much on superficiality & fear the REAL then complain about the current state of the world it’s like hello!!
    Anyway I’ll think about it some more and try to express it in a subtle way just like Jesus spoke in parables so as to not offend the masses.
    Hey Adam about that text you sent me! Do you really think Andy wants me to have my way ok I got that impression too not sure which way the pancake was flipped or how much cream & honey lol.. oh never mind I’ll just go back to my porn at least with the porn the fast forward button still works 😉


    nah porn is superficial so are drugs artificial & so are so many people but there is definatly hope because one only has to come to this blog to see that there are still real people left in this world..

    ok pancakes for everyone …

    why is Madonna’s tongue all red ?

    so she does eat strawberries .. nice

  491. why does the human race thrive so much on superficiality & fear?

    essay topic.

    1. greed.
    2. unable to love (appreciate ‘god’)
    3. they believe there above everybody else
    4. gives them meaning (they believe)
    5. the live in fear because of the superficiality they live in, because of the fake persona they have created and the false lies they choose to live in, they therefore fear what i do no fear.

    but hold on, this is simply amazing, the reason we live in such superficiality cause we have been told to, it makes us controllable, could you imagine if it was not present, there would be no control of the population. there is a vast amount of control of us and we don’t even know it, the food we eat, what we watch, what we buy, we are restricted. we are made to believe what is said on the news and newspaper, but is it true? no.

    they are able to control through such a vast amount of ways, music, is one way i believe they have begin to sell it. before i continue on the point, id like to raise the idea of sex, people crave it and simply cannot live without it (so we have been taught), the slut appeal has well taken over our society with it now being acceptable to look like a ‘slut’ (what wasn’t appropriate to wear about 30 years ago). Now back to music, if you look back in the last 15 years even 10year the amount of sex appeal that is now shown. i simply don’t understand it, yes it may be attractive but is the actual meaning of the song being portrayed. (This idea is very hard to hammer down accurately, but i believe very strongly that everything in our society is controlled so that we stay in a particular ‘norm’)

    MONEY!! superficiality costs and so does fear. think about it, clothes, plastic surgery etc etc. and thats not saying i don’t like to look nice cause i do like to look nice and dress up and all that etc, but i try not to follow the norm that if 1 person is wearing it that i will be wearing it the next day. And believe me i did go through that stage, oh what a joy high school, lol. the great muscles of the school jock, urgh!

    anyhow has marco continued this topic cant be ended here there is so much more to it, i will attempt to explain it throughly when i get the time.

    Anddy do you want Marco or not? ITS A QUESTION THAT MUST BE ASKED.
    his sexual connotations are simply too much, i had to ask it. it was getting me all flustered.

    Porn isn’t something i can enjoy very much anymore, i must say. theres something false, you can see it and even feel it. icky. now sex well theres are different story, i remember one guy who had to have porn on during sex and he would be watching and doing every move as the porn movie did, i just laid there like blah. i thought he was attractive until i met his soul.

  492. yikes……….

    some insecureness in so many of the immature mindsets out there of unevolved awareness

    im not feeling well right now, im actually very ill……….high fever, weak, no appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and my mental emotional state is out the window too……….don’t ask, a bad STD

    anyway, im too week to get into all that you wrote, but on the subject of wanting marco, such an incredible spirited person i am purely drawn to, but the deception has me feeling a deep sense of betrayal untrusting in the core of my being, a sorta unworthy kinda pervading feeling after all this time that keeps trying to take hold of me, compounded by so many other things

    im so not used to people on the internet of misleading personality(alter egos) in who they really are in life, and so flaky too at times, where i am so in need of an easy going pure true real authentic person’s tenderness of voice and touch, genuine holding of hands, where all can say is the sense of belittling betrayal has got me so fucked up after so long, i just want to walk on in life now, so much immature deception. yuk

    i want an ordinary real person of true self-confident brave sincerity in standing in front of me asking me a simple question, “What do you feel like doing?”

    and just go with our fun loivng free spirtedness spontaneous flow in running thru life as a best friend and lover with one another, knowing we have eyes only for each other as true surrenderedness of the pure loving spirits, an eternal joy doorway of sorts to divine self.

    argh……….blah blah blah

    no knowing where you stand with someone, or what they are thinking in not expressing themselves, because they want to explore trust issues, i understand, truly i do, but i am at that point now where i deserve to give someone new my time and energy, as i have hit the end now in this fucking blogging, really i have.

    i want authentic

    and you know that by the questions i asked of my calm stare into the eyes of the real i know is there, timid, vulnerable real you of protectiveness

    i am not here to hurt you

    i am here because i want to love someone 24/7 as best friend and lover

    i am here because i sense you do love me

    if that is true, that is what i want

    i have to feel loved by someone

    i cannot do the pretend away to myself like many do of convenient relationships they waunder into

    no, i want exciting true passion of the REAL person they are

    don’t get me wrong, as i said, im not well right now

    i respect all this time of you being protective of yourself

    i respect it from a professional view, and you know that about me for how long now?


    i respect your protectiveness too from where i went in my study with Jesus and God, and truly i tell you, their spirits did enter into me and sooth my soul so blessedly at some really dark dark points because of the generational fucked shit snared mentality of others, and i saw the divine child of God’s spirit ‘me’ completely isolated in a desolate place safely away from the world, and all the betrayal of falsehood others unable to be true in likeness of my constant pure loving divine child of God’s spirit, where he is of the pure emotional age of about five, mental age of thousands of years in awareness truth, physical/sexual age of 46, spiritual age eternal.

  493. my only pray as regards who marco really is, is that marco is dominatrix female

    and of course, you are so much more than that

    i was not ever really into the whole bondage thing

    just seems immature to me

    but sexually am both female and male

    and i don’t care if you people have a problem with realize the truth of this, as this is my awareness, not yours, where i feel i am the one more evolved here

  494. what i do know, many there are who purely not only respect this of me, they are purely capable of loving the versatile female male i am as a versatile female male they likewise are, so much alike in our evolved life of those our age.

    if you cannot handle me, well, let me go be happy

    but if you do love, you need to tell me

    you need to show me now

    as i really am standing back on the road again, walking alone to a new life

  495. and it’s tearing me apart to walk away and leave behind what i wanted so much with you

    and still want

    if you have something you are not telling me, and it is the truth that you do love me, and want to give us a chance, you won’t regret it


  496. you know that dreaded feeling when you go thru a breakup with someone and your attempts to regroup daily in trying to find excitement of moving on, even if that part of you that still loves them is yet there, that part of you that does not want to let go, but you know you have to get on with your life?

    ya, that is what i am going thru

    where i am realizing what i had not before, just how much i do love you

    utterly and completely

    and i don’t know why i feel so purely like i do, i just do, i just feel that maybe i am the only one meant for you of one who wants to give you my life to have and hold forever more of the only way love can thrive in happiness, you have to surrendered to the pure loving divine YOU who is of constantly only love

    it is fundamentally the very core of our being

    and ya, the world is so not a wise conducive world at all in assuring this with our unattended soul

    Jesus and God woke me up so purely, of such clarity to the truth of this all around us, where i know without doubt, the divine child of God Andy is wide awake and exceedingly wise beyond comprehension of the world that is blind to the truth of just how non-conducive a world environment it really really is, of a world i want to make realize thru sacred mirroring of what i know is my pure holy joyful carefree happiness of sacred mirror of the divine child of God of eternal all

    and in truth, there is no one who can ever bring harm to my pure spirit protected by God, where any who are of non divine child of God illness of heart approach with me, my wise divine self discerning sees the truth, oh, your one of them, unaware, unawake, beaten down, ring thru the nose masters of deception, the master slave world, that really is controlled…………..that was the plan of the forefathers of the early church that rose up in the first three centuries, to control the masses of uneducated people……….on down thru the millenium.

    did you know the church was the first government of North Amercia, and stayed on after a government was fully formed? My guess is they still are bed partners behind closed doors discussions

  497. i want to always feel each day i wake to, the magical bubbling feeling of another who does love me without effort as do i them, and that is what it is like for me with others every day, i love them all, i nurture that in them, and they are always of genuine true self in recipocation that grows and grows in them, knowing all along what i am doing, without them needed to know my wise approach with them, where it is so important to me as well, to feel their loving soul again each day of inner happiness glowing brighter, even if of just a few words, it always moves me every time, and likewise, when i don’t hear from them, i feel the void i dread feeling, praying they are ok, knowing like me all these years, they too are constantly in process.

    the entire world of all souls, past present future is one constant process evolving out of darkness, one soul at a time.

    it is the light(wisdom) of our true divine self purely fearless by means of our wisdom, that is sacred to the process.

    Jesus knew it.

    Louis clearly felt his effect on others over many decades, why he beams at times with pure pure streaming blessed tears of his inner joy knowingness of Louis likely knowing this as being what is most sacred and value of all things in his life, clearly he knew purely what he turned to fearlessly feeling within, such an extraordinary awareness to realize the value of the light that musicians know without doubt, a responsibility of sorts, that does lift the souls of so many.

    with that said, well, there is something musicians overlook, as i spoke on before.

    your devoted works, not only lift the souls of others in this generation, the light alters the landscape of light growing brighter in the world now more so than before, of light that is directly alter the entire future. We get a sense of this truth after looking back over the decades since say WW2, a really dark dark time in human history, on up thru to today, of light so bright thruout the entire world now, the contrast is really astounding of what needs to be our motivational empowering TRUTH

    and that is what Jesus says, “Look apon the truth that is everywhere you look.

    Louis did

    Jesus did

    and i know many of you do

    just as i do

    i love this world with every fiber in my body

    i am devoted to this world

    in spite of the dark generational horridness sadly of the mindsets of many, such as the middle east, but not entirely, they too have such pure blessed sense of their divine self, but i don’t like the Islamic teachings that are fractured, without taking into consideration the consequential psychological truths the continue to turn away from in some of the aspects of Islam that is in some corners against homosexuality, not to mention other issues.

    what to do…..

    well, marry ‘me’ and find out

    if not, i will stay on in life with you, and who knows, maybe there won’t be anyone to come along of just anyone i will settle for, although i hesitate in saying this out of fear of fueling your YET STALLING WITH ‘ME’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    seems i am feeling better than i thought……….

  498. what i do know about the souls of others, as much as they may be caught up in their status quo whatevers, or religious sense of belonging to, in truth, their divine child of God within is not about any of these things as regards the awareness awakening eternal day light knowingness pure and bright at all times, yet of unattended ‘lack’ of the process going on, and for me, it is not really a responsibility i feel, it is a compassion in knowing what i processed thru, that they can and do to in fully realizing, oh, “It has always been about my divine self flawless healing feeling and BEing LOVE at all times.”




  499. no one can cognitively appreciate God’s awareness until such a time they fully realize what God’s awareness is

  500. and yes, it is God who seeks to visit everyone’s heart, even if one does not realize this, in ways most do not cognitively wisely realize how it is of God who is visiting their heart, although they intuitively sense and feel what is of their awakening oneness with God’s spirit as to the true nature of their divine self God 100% knows at all times

  501. while all religions of the world have served God and mankind in surviving in us being the necessary social creatures we are, the religions are fractured, incomplete and scattered, where all souls past present future are one and the same soul of eternal all unattended to one extent or another, as to what is the true nature of the divine self of everyone, where it is absurd and ludicrous childish immaturity to think any of us are any different behind these false separation barriers of religion, race, sex, orientation, status, wealth, politic, as regards what IS the truth nature of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all.

    and until someone tells me what the fuck the universe above me IS, no one will convince me that God does not exist

  502. you know, when we lay under the stars and wonder to ourselves, what is this realm of existence we all are apart of, the subtle higher intellect awareness of divine self opens wide into genuine sensing oneness desire wonder knowingness that we are all the same, of compassionate tears for the harsh reality so many naive are brain washed into submission sense of belonging these false leaders manipulate the next generation of kids being born, and that is what hurts me the most, to see this happening with gay youth for example, in the middle east, who live in absolute sheer terror of being killed.

  503. so where exactly are we?

    well people, pay attention to what i am about to say, as some of you may know.

    we are on a planet in a solar system, hurtling thru space at about 600kms per second, near the edge of a galaxy cluster of 200 billion solar systems(like ours) in a universe………..are you ready for this……………that has an estimated 500 billion galaxies

    like holy fuck

    that blows my mind

  504. so until someone tells me how this is all possible, no one will convince me God does not exist

  505. although as much as i don’t want to say this, i really do wish some of you did not exist

  506. and truth be told, so does God

  507. but i will not let their darkness enter into me of vile hatred, of God who says, do not let them become victorious over my loving heart that wants to teach them the truth i know of their heart like my own, afraid and hiding behind the false masks of ongoing generational false teachings of the forefathers who did/do NOT know God, as evident of the TRUTH they are not as their divine child of God’s pure spirited oneness with the divine child of God eternal all thruout the world.

    and so i set forth to humiliate their untruth, of God’s request to do so, where their divine child of God shall be made FULLY aware and awakened as my own, as are others, where they will fall to their knees and ask forgiveness in light of the TRUTH they shall embrace as to the OBVIOUS TRUTH of their vile wretched falsehood lying denial ways.

    blessings to all

  508. Scene 227

    [girlfriend standing in the walk in closet]

    Madonna, “What are you looking for?”

    girlfriend, “The two androgynous full metal suits of gold plated armor, and the faith shields and truth swords, where did you put it?”

    Madonna, “Your wearing it.”

    girlfriend, “i know, i was just seeing if you were listening to me.” lol :mrgreen:

  509. and another thing, how can these morons theorize in saying the universe is 14 billion years old, when we are observing light from galaxies 70 billion light years away, light that left the galaxy 70 billion years ago, no arriving here? uhm?

  510. obviously, those crayons they had as kids that they were chewing on, were indeed toxic

  511. let go of the illusions that mean nothing

  512. everything in life we create is that of a child’s imagination everywhere we look

    it’s all just children at play of our creative imaginations of everything we create and enjoy playing with, one giant playground of God’s children at play

    that is the truth

    in a purely beautiful way

    but what most don’t really realize, is it is entirely an orchestrated occurrence set in motion by the forefather visionaries of things like education, that by law, children must attend school, a good thing, for sure, absolutely necessary, but in truth, it is also of grooming the child into post secondary career participation of the governing bodies that orchestrate our society, fine, great, wonderful, ok, prosperity, however, the stress people endure in careers today we know is killing us, where 50% of all terminal illness is brought on by stress.

    truly, the ones who choose creative arts careers i feel live less stressful lives, although in the music industry, i hear there is alot of drug, alcohol and depression that comes with the territory.

    so, what is the best life?

    personally, i think downhill skiing in the mountains with fresh air and the at one with nature anti-stress is the best way to live, and you do feel way different when you do, in feeling totally alive allllllllllll the time in exhilaration real self sensibility.

    what were we before all this industry revolting? lol

    hunter gatherers.

    on that not, i want to say what i feel may be true of my close observations of true blue blood native sensibility.

    i think the brain of the Native American is of biological evolving different than the brains our ancestral heritage, in that they are far more sensitive, which in my opinion makes them more closely to what the true nature of the human BEing looks like.

    bless you all

  513. I insured my cock for a Millions $…

    so i wont be cropping it anytime soon..

  514. good, about time.

  515. every male should invest. but then again maybe not all.

  516. can you actually insure something like that?

  517. ya, me neither, and that’s it for spas for me ever again. fuck

    someone said it’s not clean here.

    i should of ran then

  518. you know you have a progressive illness of the body when instead of waking up each day feeling great and refreshed, you wake up feeling worse than the day before.

  519. they disrespected the body of Jesus when they nailed him to a cross.

    they disrespected the body of the brothers and sisters of Jesus when they (knowingly) infected them with a virus.

    don’t let anyone disrespect you in likewise teaching them what is self-love self-respect demanding of practicing safe sex

  520. believe in who you R

  521. spa’s attract lower astral … yuk..

    I wake up this morning dreaming I was fucking you haha

    seriously i did.. i had a hard oh never mind..
    im being rude now

  522. ah, you see, it’s not just my imagination, it is yours 2 :mrgreen:

    oh, it’s not like i don’t know what the fuck i have BEen talkin about all this time.

    ok, good, we agree on ‘that’, what is naturally is of divine self you purely do know from dream state, where dream state is of pure and true innatenesses of divine self awareness.

    finally, we are the same light, butt my light is growing weary and you may have to carry on with OUT ‘me’, butt not ever without ‘me’

  523. lower astray needs God too

    you need only ask why they are there in the first place, seeking comfort self-acceptance participation, ya sure, some rather tragic souls indeed there, that would scare most any, but what i see is the true divine self as myself of equal unacceptance most anywhere we go for whatever reason, like the stuckup status boys and girls who look down on us, and you know what, if even one of those assholes got it on with me, they would not fucking believe what they were missing their ENTIRE MISERABLE FUCKED lives, why i avoid them mostly, no time for you, just wanna do the prance prance prance, show off show off show off, im so special, i have a small dick, and im really awkward with my internal homophobia to suck your dick, cause i think it’s gross, because i don’t actually love myself………AT ALL………why i keep my front up best as i can so that no one ever finds out in truth i go home and cry myself to sleep every night…………haha

    i see, well ok, i wasn’t the one that wanted to point that out to ya, but hey, you are making good progress in your awareness in coming out of denial, good good, but im sorry hun, i cannot do small penis any more, i mean i pretended one time for along time with someone, butt i really do know what i enjoy SO SO MUCH, argh, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW INCREDIBLE……………………

  524. im being rude?

    what does that mean?

    rude as in this has all been a mascaraed play of amusement for you, nothing more, a way to pass your time when you get bored with the boring pretend ones?

    some clarity would be nice.

    hmmm………what to say…………..let me get back to you, while you think that over………

  525. Scene 1

    [out on a mountain lake Madonna had wondered out onto on one of her private walks alone, not seeing the signs posted, thin ice, standing in the sunshine, the ice starts to crack and break around where Madonna is standing, as a really amazing ski instructor nearby, notices what is happening and begins to give frightened Madonna life saving instructions]

    girlfriend, “Hey, don’t worry about it, it’s just the sun heating up the ice, and it pops like that in the middle of the day, but in order to play it safe, i need you to take some deep long sustained breaths, and really calmly and slowly begin to lay down flat on the ice, so that your weight is distributed more across the ice, ok? Do it now……………..ok, now grap hold of the end of this rope, and i will pull you in off the ice, ok?”

    [God only knows what happened next, as is anyone’s guess, i mean we are talking about Madonna hear, and the ski instructor, well, let’s just say the instructor knows more than just teaching people how to ski] :mrgreen:

  526. hmmmm… pain and fever is increasing daily, and yet my sense of humor is intact………..interesting……….

  527. it’s not funny any more

    oh, im sorry, i waundered into the middle of your convention(all) meeting that i was not invited 2, 4give ‘me’, it is my own awareness i keep forgetting i am the only one who understands what really is going on, i’ll just go back to where i a belong in the lower astral

  528. that’s it for me marco

    referring to my loving brothers and sisters as lower astral

    fuck you

    that is as stupid a thing as i have ever heard you say

    purely and utterly stupid

    im not going any further with you if you actually believe that crap

  529. you know, i can chat to complete stranger of a gay person here in the ghetto for the first time, and feel like we have always known each other, but with you, it is not like that at all, always this sense of pervading inequality, and i don’t want to feel that any more, as it is toxic falsehood for me, where all i can say is you have been living the conventional life, and i have not.

    honestly, i seldom feel comfortable at ease around you, and have not since i started blogging here, which has not changed much in feeling, still the standoffish bullshit inequality.

    so i may as well say the truth, im not interested any more

  530. ok fair enough thanks for the honesty,,,

    enjoy your life without me

    god bless

    & take care


  531. i am a joke to you, and i always felt that way around you

    so fuck you and your homophobic shit

    all of you

    stay the fuck away from me

  532. oh, i think i will enjoy it alright, with someone leading me on, leading me on, oh, were on, oh, no were not, oh lead me on some more why don’t you, i love feeling fucking confused ALL THE TIME

    i was doing well mentally emotionally being the ordinary gayboy till i started coming to this blog

    and what did you do, you played with getting my hopes up, like a descent person would NOT do, and still you do it as though we had a real life friendship that i am supposed to somehow feel bad about ………THAT DID NOT EXIST.

    there was no real life friendship

    so what am i going to miss about that? uhm?

    like holy fucking shit, you can mentally fuck a person up doing shit like that

    admit it, i was an amusement to you, nothing more, that left me feeling unworthy

    you cannot truly know and love something of another, that you don’t truly know and love about your own self as regards homosexuality.

    and that is and was the rift between us ALL THIS TIME

    you conventional people are all the same, you think homosexuals are not loving, you see us in the light of deviant, but we are not, we are truly purely loving in our sex, really really loving, like all night long MAKING LOVE

    anyway, you act like jerk towards me, play me up, don’t ever ask me to go for lunch, no, don’t ask me anything, and too good to respond to question i put forth.

    do you know how toxic that is for a persons mental emotional well being?

    it is deadly toxic, ok?


    don’t fuck with peoples emotions in getting there hopes up in direct personal contact with them……….ever

    and you did it with me for along time

    or should i say, i am to blame in allowing myself to play along with someone immature and inconsiderate of my mental emotional well being

    but hey, that’s what arrogant people do

  533. there are homophobic experiences

    then there was the two years of my blogging with someone who is too self-important to bother with a real life friend of greater intellect than most people ever get the chance to meet.

    it’s called social privilege abuse, according to my doctor

  534. as for what’s wrong with me, i’ll be sharing that with real people only

  535. ya, honesty

    good point

    try honesty for a change instead of all the superficial shitheads

    you people are so plastic, and what is scary, you don’t even realize you are

  536. from the first day, it was naive and stupid of me to listen to the words of a LYING actor, and now my life is officially destroyed.

    my ex was god send, and yet is

    i made the mistake of listening to others instead of where my heart yet is, with him, to who i will return if he will have me, to live out what remaining life i have.

    i knew all along is was an act, and it always felt that way.

    so thank for the deception Biyatches

  537. i thought i had gotten away from you people when i got on that bus long ago, and to trust a single word like i naively did, was my own foolish doing

    my ex loved me all 14 years and he still does inside, where i realize and take ownership of the truth, that i was the one who yet again listened to others i should not of.

    no question, i have paid dearly for my infidelity, where in truth, i don’t feel i deserve my ex.

    he has his flaws, but no where near as bad as how cold it is out here with you people, who are barely human to me.

    anyway, they say i have a year to live, depending on the severity of liver damage that is taking place, of an already damaged liver i had from before.

    so ya, go play your funny haha homophobic shit on someone else, damage is done, and so am i

  538. homophobia kills

  539. your second last comment was

    Andy said
    “so i may as well say the truth, im not interested any more”

    so i politely responded by saying

    “ok fair enough thanks for the honesty,,,

    enjoy your life without me

    god bless

    & take care


    no need to get your tranny nickers in a knott

    I was just being polite and letting go of someone who’s not interested in me..

    no need for all your later comments they were quite Aggressievly.. Passive

    Oh i get it your a passive aggressive

    ahhhh now it all makes sense

    verbal abuser

    well i wont put up with that

    from my brothers and sisters

    only love for me

  540. go fuck yourself, i should listened to a single word from your homophobic lying ass trash mouth, where my life would not be fucked like it is now.

    you are a self-centered fuck

  541. ok, maybe i am upset angry, anyone would give the circumstances of being as sick as i am

    and yet, i can’t believe you are still acting like the jerk you are towards me

  542. you lied to me this whole time since the start of having no intentions whatsoever to do with me

    that’s just evil

    go deal with God who i had you over to now

  543. it is clear to me you are not gay

    all lies

  544. i wont lower myself to be verbally abusive towards you

    instead i will just wish light & love towards you during this time of sickness

    maygod bless you

    and i would appreciate if you do not lable me as not gay or otherwise

    we are all children of God

    & i do not lie

    I am not a lyer

    I am a genuine loving


    good night & god Bless

  545. i am not anything anyone can label me with

    i am me.

    thank you for time all.


  546. before i leave, one more advice, anddy, you may say and think you know more than people, but when what you believe in becomes an aggressive behaviour to other is when youve got it all wrong.

    being agressive to anyone is not okay, no matter what your going through, cause im sure if you were on the otherside reading what your writing youd feel bullied and shock.

    just cause you think you understand it all, means you hardly understand it at all

  547. it was my vulnerable self since Troy died

    that saw my old self ego mask, a know it all(still present at times) become humbled before my true divine child of God who is purely emotionally five years old

    the vulnerability is one where the divine self is of yearning to trust others, which i did.

    im not really up to sorting thru it all right now, so so sick, and it is getting worse.

    it’s over for me, my life, there won’t be much time left for anything, and anything i do will see me feeling sick all day and night, where i am sad that i have reached my end now, knowing it really is over, angry as fuck at myself for trusting those at the spa who gave me hep C, which is usually chronic with cancer and a year to live. I had heb B before that predisposes my life to cancer, even without hep C, they told me to expect liver cancer later in life, just did not expect it to be so soon. i was so optimistic a week ago, and not i don’t know how i am suppose to find optimism in being sick 24 hours a day, and who wants to be around someone sick? I don’t want anyone to have to be around me sick all the time. It’s only a year or so, i have fun hobbies, and i can get into the whole cancer care thing with other cancer people, laugh them up, something im good at.

    ya, shock

    i am so shocked right now.

    i did feel mislead all this time, but it was the fun spiritedness of friends, i know, just as i am with others, but i really did want us to be together in life. I always knew i did.

    and now it’s all just fucked

    im so upset, crying one second, histerical the next, back and forth like a mad person lately with this reality i am trying to deal with in accepting there won’t be you and i as lovers, that could of, but i can’t let you be around a sick person, that’s just so fucking depressing, bad enough for one, let alone two.

    i was of infidelity with a dear man, my ex, and i realize that purely in my heart, i let him down, someone i loved so deeply inside, listening to players that pulled me away, not so much you, i apologize for that, it’s not true of any ill intent on your part, i just wanted the same thing you wanted, pure and true, and now i know it’s over, it’s done, it was a beautiful dream of a boy who knew his heart purely as do you your own.

    and that is what God wants us all to know

    i know, im just really pissed of right now, a normal reaction they say one goes thru of initial news, angry with everyone for no apparent reason, just ignore it, it’s just manifestation shit of the sadness i have leave you all behind soon. I wanted to do so many things, like film production. I should of followed thru in college as a teen like i wanted.

    ah well, it was an incredible journey into divine self awareness

    forgive and forget nescience that is not ever true of divine self true nature, you know that.

    perhaps part of me feels if i cannot have you i will push you away, and now i don’t want you to see me this way, and instead be happy in healthy fun life 24/7.

    there are those who need me who are as sick as i am, in need of each other, as they too are of family who likewise have lives to live, and that is what i realize is the next and last chapter for me

  548. i can’t even get mad at those at the spa, as it is my own stupidness to trust anyone in unprotected sex.

    i used hear stories about people go thru what i am going thru, thinking i won’t ever let that happen to me, not really sure why i was so careless like i was, a sorta death wish of some sort.

    i worry about my ex in life, a minority with barely a grasp of the English language, of others who tend to treat them badly in life, and i don’t know how he is going be late in life, himself HIV positive. I let him down in exciting my career, and he is stuggling in life financially, so sad, it all just so fucked up, and he is such a sweet human being. I always wanted so much for him. I left everything with him when i stupidly left, in letting myself get burnt out in my career, relationship with self, and self others faulters, and before you know it, you are of silly immature false bickerings so untrue of divine self.

    i won’t be there to know he is ok, and does not really have others that give much of a fuck at all about him.

    that is one of the fucked things about homosexual life, is the isolation later in life. I say i alot in the lives of so many when i got here, living such isolation of no family who visit like most homosexuals know, myself included.

    granted, everyone has their own lives to live, but we all happy kids laughing and loving one day, and strangers the next.

    that’s fucked

    and if’s false

  549. i think maybe my ex is better off without me, but i don’t trust people to treat him properly, himself vulnerable to those who do take advantage, the smooth talking drunks i worry will get their abusive hands on him, and well how do you address that as a friend to them in life while alive, unable to do anything when i am gone, unless perhaps God grants me permission to be a ghost and fuck with the fuckers who come near him. lol

    alcoholics can be really violent, and he such a tiny guy unable to defend himself.

    i ask both God and Budda to defend his blessed spirit at all times, and if God lets me down, i am so not talkin to God or Budda again! lol

    see what i mean, im really losin a grip here. fuck

  550. ya, i have a passive/aggressive side to me

    i went thru 18 weeks of anger management, you are correct.

    they helped me take ownership of anger is always wrong, slowed me down into facing the truth, why i don’t feel good enough for my ex at times, myself still unstable in mood swing abreaction. I understand it, but i am yet applying the understanding assertiveness, and my ex and i fell low into the false defensive fighting posture with one another that came as a result of my burn out from working 100-120 hours a week, 7 days a week, how stupid is that shit?

    why i took that last two years off

    i had to, i had no choice, as i was getting abusive in my work place with my colleagues too

    burnt out is real and runs away on you without warning, and by the time wake up in awareness, you are too far gone for immediate repair that cannot be immediately repaired, it takes time, along time, but there is preventive measures to avoid burn out

    and ya, lots of loving sex is one component to positive mental emotional well being

    alcohol is a no no, or moderation if you can handle it, according to my pros

    you have to fully realize at all times along life’s road, that you are the only one who can assure your own positive phsycial, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual well being, and the vastness of healthy approach is extensive, as you know, but reading about it, and not taking the next step and applying it, you may as well not bother reading it in remaining in cycle pattern behavior.

    my ex is free of me right now, and although he may not realize he is blessed for that while i choose to stay away for sake of us both, i am not sure that i want to burden him in anyway beyond mere visitation of him coming to see, in searching my heart for what i need to be doing for sake us both.

    without friends first, there is no relationship, and ya, that means no inappropriate false self behavior.

    this week is really grounding me in a pure way, and who knows, maybe God does grant miracles that come our way if we pray sincerely with ALL our heart, ALL our mind, ALL our body, ALL our spirit and ALL our souls

    perhaps ‘that’ is what the miracle really really is, ALL OUR LOVE of ONLY LOVE

  551. ya, i have a passive/aggressive side to me…….obviously

    i always dreaded that about me, that always leaves one feeling self-embarrassed every time after like it does for any of us, sadly where many don’t have an insight into why what is happening is happening with them that stems from childhood unresolved issues and unaddressed issues of wants and needs being met consistently thruout our life journey, all of us somewhere on the scale of well being

    in truth, that is what is purely normal of our one generation evolving all the way thru the mellenia to this moment, all of us being 100% linked to the entire past of eternal all as to why each person is the way we are.

    in God’s compassionate eyes, at all times every soul is 100% perfect, in light of what is the dark generational residual that is exactly why every soul today is where they are today.

    for me, the mental health professionals are the most sacred people on the planet valuable to God and the future of eternal all, and purely in their hearts, they know they are at all times in their exacting healing approach with us all. bless them all, for truly they are wisely blessed in ways most of us do not know about why

    i went thru 18 weeks of anger management, you are correct.

    they helped me take ownership of anger is always wrong, slowed me down into facing the truth, why i don’t feel good enough for my ex at times, myself still unstable in mood swing ab-reaction. I understand it, but i am yet applying the understanding assertiveness, and my ex and i fell low into the false defensive fighting posture with one another that came as a result of my burn out from working 100-120 hours a week, 7 days a week, how stupid is that shit?

    why i took that last two years off

    i had to, i had no choice, as i was getting abusive in my work place with my colleagues too

    burnt out is real and runs away on you without warning, and by the time wake up in awareness, you are too far gone for immediate repair that cannot be immediately repaired, it takes time, along time, but there is preventive measures to avoid burn out

    and ya, lots of loving sex is one component to positive mental emotional well being

    alcohol is a no no, or moderation if you can handle it, according to my pros

    you have to fully realize at all times along life’s road, that you are the only one who can assure your own positive physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual well being, and the vastness of healthy approach is extensive, as you know, but reading about it, and not taking the next step and applying it, you may as well not bother reading it in remaining in cycle pattern behavior.

    my ex is free of me right now, and although he may not realize he is blessed for that while i choose to stay away for sake of us both, i am not sure that i want to burden him in anyway beyond mere visitation of him coming to see, in searching my heart for what i need to be doing for sake us both.

    without friends first, there is no relationship, and ya, that means no inappropriate false self behavior.

    this week is really grounding me in a pure way, and who knows, maybe God does grant miracles that come our way if we pray sincerely with ALL our heart, ALL our mind, ALL our body, ALL our spirit and ALL our souls

    perhaps ‘that’ is what the miracle really really is, ALL OUR LOVE of ONLY LOVE

    forgive me yet again

    i am no different than any of you when it comes to the generational mad flood all around us i have been determined in freeing my pure spirit of along time, as you know

    everyone has a story, and everyone’s story is able to help us all

    bless you always

  552. ya, alien = real self YOU

    i know

  553. no more excusing my inappropriate immature childish behavior

    thank you for that

    i am weary, and mom always said, Andyy, when are are tired or hungry, you are a mean spirited

    my retrort, takes one to know one mom! lol :mrgreen:

    here and i were best friends thru life as confidants

    maybe i should go be with her, she is a nurse after all, and she has a twin who also is a nurse

    where i can seek my revenge at long last in demand demand demand day and night that they MUST LOVE ME AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!!!!! lol

    and when they don’t, i get to ask over and over, again and again, was that loving? uhm? what?

    i see

    for their sake
    of everyone’s hate
    why Jesus spake
    do not be fake

  554. AND YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  555. oh, i am so worried for my ex, and i can’t stop crying over his future

  556. and yes, im a lesbian, not a fag, fuckers


    don’t laugh, it’s true, took along time realize accept the truth, but my partner has to be versatile butch like ‘me’ or forget it!

  557. i love you

    and you KNOW i do

    like you love ‘me’

  558. everyone has up and downs in their life but my only advise to remain positive at all times, as Adam said to me the other day everything always works out for the best in the end so all the stress and anxiety we manifest is unnessasary .. because everything always works out .. very true i think it is just human survival instincts but our mind is very powerful and it needs to be contained at times a form of disipline just as one also has to lead a healthy fullfilling life.. I often think of how fortunate i am when going through difficault times compared to those poor chi9ldren in third workd countries that have no food or shelter or parents and families then i quickly stop feeling soory for myself, its a selfish human nature to focus on what we want our life to be like rather than to appreciate what we have I dont like selfish people i am a giver not a take’r …

    And most importantly i person of true strength of character can be determined y how they adapt to life because life does not always go to plan so how we adapt and survive & live our life is what is most important, i am a surviver i am strong & I appreciative of and admire the most those who lead by example rather than those who preach … such as M

    God Bless

  559. like a virgin.

  560. why don’t you mate yourself? one time your boy and next your a butch girl?

    im so confused, is meant is it meant to be this hard.

  561. ya, lead the world by means of BEing sacred mirror of who the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul looks and feels like; oneness sameness within we wisely KNOW of true nature divine self TRUTH

    that is the divine will objective of God’s awareness that God knows we are able to purely turn fully towards in spite of the distracting generational binding blinding falsehoods that yet linger in the unwise world lead astray by selfish false behavior that is not true at all of divine self, divine self that purely intuitively does know the oneness feeling with divine self of others, where without love we purely flawless enjoy feeling between each other, there is not love, there is not life, where life is out flawless healing feeling love, is it not?

    especially so incredibly true of the loving lover’s embrace.

    ya, i was thinking about the kids in third world, how blessed and sacred for them to see one so brave and pure of heart as their own come forth from the world before them and say to them, “Forgive the unwise others lead astray by the false forefather teachings that yet bind and blind their minds that keeps them from dwelling in their hearts as you do.”

    the pure holy joy in the hearts and smiles of these kids, truly, that is the sacred mirror God knows of the divine child they are, the divine child you as well of the oneness same radiant brilliant bright eternal day light beaming with holy joyful absolute carefree happiness they R.

    is that not what is your blessed destiny God knows fully about your heart as do you?

    do not delay then what you already know 2 BE TRUE

  562. truly, there is no greater treasure you shall ever find in life than the pure flawless healing feeling oneness holy joy these kids R

    and that is what the world needs to come fully in realizing is TRUE of their own divine self you know of your own divine self, where without the wise enlightened leaders, the world will continue in selfish false blindness like it yet does, although not really, as we are loving in many ways, but not 100% like God knows we all can BE, of what is the constant yearning aspect of divine self to BE the TRUTH we all really really R

  563. and as for preaching, well, i would hesitate in saying something like that when it comes to the voice of God’s divine will summoning us all to divine self wisdom awareness LIGHT of TRUTH that pushes out all darkness of untruth about divine self unaware and submerged beneath the binding extrinsic/intrisic forces of so so many false blind leaders in the world, where grave indeed may be the future of horrific wars that may yet come without God’s wisdom

  564. ya, strangely i feel more tuned into my true(positive) divine self more so now than before, of 100% appreciation of each passing moment of each blessed day, knowing i only have so many left

  565. i know what matters now, only love is what i turn fully to now, no time for annoying bitterness i won’t allow myself to feel any more, no matter who my attempt to entice me into, im just not going to allow myself to ever entertain false self again, false self of others, fully surrendered to divine self now of complete disarming of useless ego masks of no desire to hide any more, the grace i feel so purely now like i do of my entire body, tender and constantly true of only love i feel and see of others who may not see what i see of their subconscious real self that is there within them all, however submerged, i can see divine self within them all, even if not of their wise awareness to BE who they really really R, i know otherwise, as does God, as do YOU

    you are one of the most spiritually wise i have met along life’s road, and i realize i am to BE the true and faithful friend to stand in oneness beside you of only love that i feel for you, for sake of you and your divine will efforts of devoted works, for sake of these kids we know the world needs to wake up as we have, our wise true eternal day light divine self awareness destiny God constantly know about us, able to free the world from the falsehood unwise fateful leaders yet unknowingly bound in dark captivities of the forefather false teachings that really do bind the heart mind body spirit and soul of these leaders and their followers, that is yet there.

    do not weigh lightly the TRUTH

    as i said, great may be the horrific wars of the future without divine self of us all coming forth in the world in pure flawless healing radiant loving light we really really R, of sacred mirror that does awaken the divine self within the false leaders and their followers.

    this light grows thru the future generations yet to come.

    we cannot change the world in a heartbeat like some may believe

    but when we see the world in eternal time of one generation bound together, it is as though in a few heartbeats the world becomes free of the illnesses of heart yet of the world we know without doubt is not only possible, it constantly IS the eternal TRUTH

  566. in truth, there is no other way you want to ever feel than the love the constantly flows for you and these kids each blessed day, of blessed pure flawless feeling inner joy that is cause for the oneness sameness tears of YOU as are the tears of Jesus apon the cross who purely constantly always knew our blessed pure TRUE hearts as his own……….without doubt

  567. perhaps this healing feeling i feel will cure my body, as i am beginning to feel abit better, as though an eternal door i have stepped thru into what i know IS heaven; the wise loving compassionate true heart mind body spirit and souls of the divine child of God of eternal all YOU

    Just BEing yOUR Self

  568. these kids, so so many of them, await us all each blessed day we all wake 2

    that is what God’s awareness constantly IS

    it is absurd for anyone to question this TRUTH

    oh how my heart aches for them all, visions of them all dancing one day in the eternal future where there is no more pain, no more crying, no more death………………

    already you know the truth, and i know you have known for sometime

    i merely come as one to stand beside you in support of the TRUTH so that unwise others do not destract you falsely away from you dwelling purely in your heart at all times like you obviously constantly yearn to and yet do

    bless you

  569. the way it should BE

    eternal TRUTH of the pure flawless healing feeling divine child of God eternal ALL YOU forever more

    oh how i wish i could be there in reaching out in holding the hands of these blessed children of my eternal love for them all, where without words the door to the kingdom of heaven of their precious hearts opens wide for them to constantly feel and BE the flawless healing feeling holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of love they already purely R within like our own.

  570. bless bless bless bless you all forever more with peace grace love and happiness

  571. I’d rather be with you whenever
    Than without you all the time
    And I will forgive you whatever.


  572. Adam where did Andy go ??

    taking time out from his Breast Enlargement operation… !

    must have found out about my 12 inch penis enlargement

  573. or….andyy’s popping the pussy!

  574. babes.

  575. when we are haphazardly careless in disrespecting self-preservation ways, such as substance abuse, unsafe sex, unhealthy choices of friends and lovers, well, we suffer the consequences of foolishness.

    I knew at the time i was not following my heart, in being true to holding out for one meant for me, and i fucked up big time.

    ah well, i pray this life lesson of truth serves another, without them having to learn the hard way.

    cancer may not develop, and symptoms have subsided. I am relatively healthy from all the biking, so hey, im not tossing in the towel just yet.

    As for casual unprotected sex, obviously i have learned my lesson.

    i am saving myself for a blessed loving lover this time around, with no way i am ever returning to these spas that are dangerous places to pick up disease, without even having sex, such as Hep, which you can pick up merely from touching something with virus contamination, so easy to pick up Hep.

    what will be will be, of weekly blood tests for cancer of the liver, so far i am ok, however it is still early.

    i pray this is the scare i need to end my foolish ways.

  576. hey, if guys can have anal sex with their girlfriends, how come girls cannot have anal sex with their boyfriends, of the exact same enjoyment? uhm?

    and you boys who think you don’t like penis, uhm, what are you thinking about when you are enjoying your brain sex activity? uhm?

    that’s right, your penis you love so much like we do.

    well, i absolutely purely love having sex with the female of a female, more so than with the female of the male, truth be told.

    and as for my female self, well, she is also equally loving of the female of another, as a female herself of pure self-love, who does know what being a butch lesbian feels like, as she is one.

    and so there you have it, the truth of a versatile transgender M-F who wisely chose not to go thru surgery, for sure, ya, i am lesbian thru and thru, 100%.

    i think we all are when we really explore the fixations.

    anyway, i cannot believe how much of a fuckup i am in hazardous unprotected casual sex

    DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    you not only cheat yourself out of a longer life, you cheat yourself out of being with the one meant for you, and for what? Casual sex with some pencil dick horrible of an experience, ‘are you done yet?’, what a fucking waste of time that was!

    oh, i learned alright

    and now i pray God grants me a clean bill of health, and if not, well, may the truth of my life serve you all forever more, of what not to be, a fuckup like me

  577. spa’s are really ewky .. yuky…

    girls can fuck boy’s just ask adam he got spooned by a girl..


    anywaz’s ya everyone if its not on it aint on…

    safe sex everyone…

    hep c … ewky.. not that easy to catch unless one use’s needles..

    needles ewky… another form of self abuse ..

  578. Let’s have some fun,
    This beat is sick.
    I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.
    Don’t think too much just bust that kick,
    I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.

  579. I don’t do regrets neither do you… if you think i will hold that one against you one day then you have misjudged me, a consequence pehaps of judging me…

    thankyou for the health advise although it is not needed i have to much self respect to self hurt, myself & my surrogate & my child besides alien’s do not contract dis ease as we are always at ease with our self.. as we truly do know who we are..

    God Bless

  580. nah, no needles or or substance abuse of any kind, not even alcohol lately, recovery is slow, not out of the woods yet.

    life is a purely joyous experience of the tantilizing sensations of touch with out most loving lover, where i know i am an exclusive lover, wondering how it is i could let myself entertain anything less than a soulmate lover like i foolishly did…….i feel violated, and a self-loathing of my own body, a depression that comes with the illness.

    our life is but one day, our suffering but one hour

    will keep you posted on my progress

  581. if someone is a carrier, how can they knowingly infect another like they did me?

    im angry about that

  582. because responsibility comes from within, & you cannot trust anyone but yourself,

    because there are too many selfish people who do not respect or love themselves and they cannot love or respect others this is why they knowingly infect others, lack of self love, anywaz it takes six months for hep c to show up so dont stress you probable did’nt get it anyway.. lol

  583. ya, likely hep A, and maybe HIV?

    will know soon, what i don’t want to know, if positive, as that pretty much rules out my fathering kids of my own.

  584. argh…….i am so stupid to trust others over myself…..indicative of my low self-esteem, and yet there is nothing wrong with lower self-esteem, perfectly normal, however, hazardous self-harm behavior does come with lower self-respect.

  585. wtf

  586. im a monster.

  587. but then again aren’t we all.

  588. Lady Gaga is a monster too !

  589. i do recall saying ‘aren’t we all’ she is no exception. theres a beast within each of us. it is how we choose to show it, it is how we choose to live the beast which tells a story about each individual person.

  590. anything unloving and unwise, is monstrous falseness mask

  591. yet sometimes we have to be unloving and unwise, all this attribute make us human. thus my statement again, we are all monster.

  592. rewrite: ‘all these attributes make us human.’

  593. i’m not a monster,

    but then i’m not human either, i’m an Alien..

  594. your still a monster, whether you like it or not.

  595. what happened to the picture of Madonna on this thread the one with her hands on her hip ?

    & the new edition of this book ? this pictures changed !!

    it’s a nice pic

    but WTF ?

    whats going on


  596. uhm…aliens, as Extraterrestrial life, is defined as life which does not originate from planet Earth.

    therefore you are not alien, biologically speaking, however, psychologically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and sexually speaking, one who IS of prefered priority of our true divine loving joyful happy ‘real’ nature are sapient(wise) alien beings, particularily females of male bodies, who wisely do not need anyone to tell them if they enjoy their ass fucking… lol


  597. you know, i still say, stimuli of male and female sex organs, biologically registers in our brain as feeling exactly the same…..we just have not proved it yet.

    i say the pleasure sensation is identically the same for both, both of the same biological objective, to reproduce, and remind us of the truth of our pure harmoniousness onenesss that is of every cell in our body we all orginated from of beginning thru end exactly the same.

    maybe we are a fluke of nature with no real purpose at all, other than being what is our harmonious nature, that biologically is of reproductive purpose according to our sexual copulation stimuli response.

    and we really cannot knock the joyful pure delight we indeed are of, in our everything that is of biological existence, especially of our pure oneness flawless feelings during sex, for those of you who actually enjoy sex.

    which reminds me, Marco, do you like sex?, cause you would not know it in taking your sweet time to fuck me! lol :mrgreen:

    biologically speaking, feelings of our brains sex is the same for us all, so what does it matter who one copulates with?

    well ok, so i love big penis, but stay away from me with those pencil dicks Biyatches!

    nothing is going on!

    which means i am bored out of my fucking skull!

  598. seems someone has bounced back to normal…. :mrgreen:

    miss me?

  599. NO !!

    I dont MISS YOU !!!

    but i do miss perving at your Legs

  600. andy. this is not a site to talk about sex on, especially trying to find out if marco does or doesn’t enjoy sex. it is neither for me or you to know. and as normal as sex is, cyber sex is certainly not they way to approach it.


  601. omg LAdy Gaga comes to Melbourne & everyone turns into a Monster..

    wats gonna happen if Madonna comes to Melbourne

    Like that’s ever gonna happen

    Were All Virgins her

  602. omg LAdy Gaga comes to Melbourne & everyone turns into a Monster..

    wats gonna happen if Madonna comes to Melbourne

    Like that’s ever gonna happen

    Were All Virgins here

  603. well i did not buy this book, my ex flat mate gave me a copy on Sat & although I’ve only read the first chapter it’s seems well written kinda personal but & I have always prefered to form my own opinion about someone rather than hear or read about them through the eyes of another because no one really knows a person trully expect themselves and I’ve never been one for gossip especially when their is a motivation such as I assume in this case financial, & Chris probably should have written a book about his own achievements instead of writting about his sisters lol am i being judgemental now…

    Anywaz im so fucking bored today it’s raining & it’s miserable outside but oh look the sun has just peeked through the clouds, he comes the sunshine.. I love the sun

  604. he grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me close to his body and kissed me, while grinding his pelvis into mine, with no concern whatsoever of those looking on, as they all started clapping, applauding our fearlessness to be the pure loving lovers we purely were without doubt of our feelings we felt for each other for so long, all those times of sneaking around having sex like we did, the sweet anticipation of naked bodies next to one another each day we woke 2, fucking for hours without care of where, of overwhelming sensation that flooded our brains in removing each others clothing for yet another round that always seemed better than the last……… :mrgreen:

    oh just miss me mr! lol

  605. this shits on all your videos.

    bow to me.


  606. my male self loves a female
    my female self loves a male
    self love of female/male self loves female/male self of both the female or male

    when someone loves you and you them, that is what matters.

    of course they have to love both my female and male self as do i them.

    miles apart
    denial parts
    have 2 start
    in our heart

  607. we travel along life’s spiritual awakening road,
    waking to our gentle true nature time and again,
    of pure exceeding grace not at all pretend,

    at times, it all just seems a wreckless aimless noise to me

    life is this way
    life is that way
    buy my wares
    sell it back to me what i already know

    thank you

    fuck, it’s all so annoying, the same old shit, no originality

    well ok, my age is showing

    motivate empower, ya sure, it matters, i just find it all boring as fuck lately

    all of it, all of hollywood, the arts, whatever, blah blah blah

    ya, im not back to health yet, obviously

    i say to myself, don’t be discouraging

    why the fuck not? it truly bores the fuck out of me, so why not?

    what do i/you want most in life?

    inner happiness that is already there….

  608. maybe i really do want breast implants?

  609. what is heaven to you?

    who do you really listen to?

    are you happy?

    one life to live, i say to people, don’t get to the end wishing you had of………who the fuck cares what?what? what? no, that is what you want to think at the time, what does it have to do with me, nothing at all, everyone shutup, i know who i love and want to be with, do you?

    uncertainty is not for me, done that too many times

  610. I just finished the book.. very depressing reading .. too negative … way to negative.. almost a sense of urgency in the writing to be negative….. I think people should deal with their own emotions instead of trying to bring it upon someone else….

    & I cannot stomach Jealousy … it reek’s of Jealousy…

    nah sorry I dont like the Book … one shouldn’t be Jealous of their siblings one should be Jealous of anyone in fact …

    Jealousy is a very dangerous emotion it’s very self destructive if left to spiral hurting those in it’s path but more so self ….

    I know we all are capable of it as we are all human after all except Frank.. but it is more positive to understand our hurt and pain and deal with it in a loving way ( by that I mean embracing ourselves loving ourselves and understanding that we are all Children of God infact we are ALL GOD) .. because once it turns negative it becomes destructive..



  611. bien sûr qu’ on va pas l’ acheter puisque tout est faux et sans intérêt dans ce livre…sinon le machin gaga sort du même atelier ? ça semble cousu de fils blancs : on lui a refilé un plumard… faudrait pas changer les vieilles recettes de grand mère

  612. would i give my soul to God. Are we not already married in God’s eyes. Are we not already in heaven. I love you. Because you loVE. Me. I am because you are. In my bed. In bed with you. Heaven. Xox

  613. i am trapped by your sincerity. Omg it’s buck’s night i’m gonna cheat on ya. Tonight. !

  614. i never wanted fame, when i was 15 I used to cry about the inequity in the world it troubled me I thought I was weird, but 25 yrs later it kinda made sense I realised I had a profound connection to the world the human suffering & I realised I was special after all.. well that’s my secret & I’m pretty proud of the fact I felt such emotions & I feel Like Ive let myself down cause I aint done nothing yet to correct the concerns I have or made a difference but you know I have FAITH & I will find a way to make a difference so yer I guess that’s why I love & respect others that feel the same way as I do..



    YER why not

    its just a STATE of BEING after ALL





  615. when you are born, you are purely 100% of the biological constant free flowing intuitive harmoniousness atonement feeling that of the cells of your body, of the cells of the body you came from.

    as we venture further along in life, we become educated not only of school, but also of a higher subtle intellect subconscious descerning that is constantly ongoing in our brains in it’s attempt to make sense in connecting the dots of the behaviourals we witness, dots which are linking together of our own life experience awareness in self, self of others.

    our brain is like a constant recording camera of all our sensory perception, as well as emotional interpretation of all our sensory perception, of a massive data base collection that is used to as part of our subconsciousn constant discerning that is going on in our brains, while awake or asleep, our subconscious discern brain does not stop processing

    what is the main driving motivational empowered core of the subconscious discerning understanding seeking?

    is not the intuitive core of our being, the same life experience memory we all start out with in how we all enter into the chaos absurd world?

    seeking intuitive pure 100% harmonious ONEness that is constantly there in our cells?

    our hardwired sexual bodies during sex, reveals just how purely harmonious our ONEness of sensory perception truly is perfect!

    is there anything more enjoyable in life than sex?


    although sometimes i would rather enjoy a nice meal than have sex with some of you………


  616. surrendering to our own intuitive knowingness certainty ONEness, is what loving lovers do with one another, the true nature of our divine true real self able to just BE, without silly need or want of false seperational recriminations our ego self enjoys spuing forth, leading to nowhere, stuckness, isolation, like our false ego self actually is…….unfeeling empty nothingness of a mask that has no feelings, it is a mask the vulnerable pure flawless feeling real self defensively creates to hide behind……….a normal behavioral of most any.

    but to stay of the stuckness………..well, not healthy, and not much fun.

  617. enjoy your summer

    play safe

    blessings to all

  618. This is a great tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Short but very precise information… Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

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