Give It To Me

I have to admit that performing “Give it to Me” is a nightmare. The lyrics are “don’t need to catch my breath!” However, each time I get to that part I am gasping for air! The choreography is so intense that I am completely out of breath like Amy Winehouse leaving a crack house! Last month one of the new dancers laughed and said, “M, you’re out of breath! Ha ha ha!” I told him that I had several dancers who would love to replace him. He hasn’t made any rude comments since then!

I’d like to remind you all once again that my marriage is going great and I am not having an affair with anyone. Please take note of this. Have a great week!


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  1. Hi M!!This is the first time that I write in a blog..Sorry for my english, but i’m italian..From Venice!!However I don’t think so..I love to watch your new video and i don’t think you’re out of breath..

  2. Hi M!!This is the first time that I write in a blog..Sorry for my english, but i’m italian..From Venice!!However I don’t think so..I love to watch your new video and i don’t think you’re out of breath..

  3. Hi Louise,
    Don’t worry Tou can do it…
    There are bad moments but YOU CAN DO IT…
    Good Luck With The Show… I Thing That i Will be in Rome… So my dream probably will became true… I Hope…

  4. Don’t fire all your dancer before the show. I’ve paid a lot of money to see you performing in paris. And please remember how young they are. They already know that you are the boss. Mes respects Madame

  5. I take note that your marriage is going great, but often, where there is smoke there is fire so I suggest
    serving soy beans more often, (besides just soy lattes!).

    If there is no improvement, you may need to take more drastic measures. From recent pictures, it appears there have been some progress, it looks like you could easily arm wrestle things to a successful conclusion in the event of marital discord!

  6. I too get winded when I sing and dance to
    “GIVE IT 2 ME” .

    I can’t wait to see the show this October at MSG.

  7. To LO(ve) U(nivers) IS E(ssence)!

    I love this song and I knew, before, is one of your favourites… and you were amazing in little tour. OMG, you are an amazing woman! Kisses from Bucharest Louise! Love you!

  8. Please M!Don’t be cruel with the dancer!It was just a joke!:)Good luck for the show !will be great like always you do!i’m sure!Smack!

  9. CLIP GIVE IT TO ME its very nice,song is great!!! in GEORGIA (near russia) this song is nomber one 🙂

  10. Madonna,

    I just recently found your blog and wanted to let you know that many years ago (approx. 20 yrs.) I designed a partial costume for you. I still have it and I never could find an address to ship it to you. I know this sounds a little wacky but I named my design for you and called it, “Crotch Cross”. I am sure that you could still fit into it …would you like me to send it after all of these years? Please don’t publish this post.

    Gloria Brown
    Winterport, ME

  11. Madonna you rocks, Mexico loves you
    Come to Mexico and over the Borderline

  12. You inspire me to no end!

  13. dear M, this song is brilliant and this music video as well!
    i’m completely sure you can get over this performance!
    i know that Ukraine is not in your traveling list, but i hope i can your show in Europe somehow.
    /i was just singing ‘she’s not me’ in my car. thank you for your lyrics!/

  14. I know that you say your marriage is going strong but I just wanted to give you a little advice from my heart. I am the mother of 4 that is recently going through the most difficult period in my life. We are about to lose our business, our home, and the lifestyle that my children have been accustomed to. Through it all I have only prayed that God would give me the strength to keep it together. I pray that you too will have the strength to keep your marriage strong. You are so lucky not to have to deal with financial issues, take advantage of that and enjoy your family. If you made a mistake, you are human, if not just put in 100% to try to make it work. You and you family will be in my prayers. Take care,


  15. you are a liar

  16. I have to say that “Give it To Me” is the least of your worries if the setlist floating around on the internet is real… “Music” has been done too many times. “Ray of Light” is boring. “Human Nature” wasn’t good when it was released! “La Isla Bonita”?? How many times are you going to do that song? You say that if you never have to do your old songs again that you would be fine with that but the songs you picked are even boring to your fans let alone you! “Spanish Lesson”?? That was a mistake to be put on the album and you’re going to make the same mistake twice by slipping it into the set list? I’m a fan of your music but to pay so much money to see totally boring songs is ridick!

  17. I think of La Isla Bonita is going to be as good as Live Earth performance with the Russian Punks…I say GO FOR IT!

    Music is an anthem…Ray of Light is probably fun to do live. Human Nature? Has this been done live? If not…it could prove interesting. Spanish Lesson? You’re gonna need some flamenco and some Gogal Bordello again. I look forward to this DVD release! I can’t go to the show.

  18. ” think of La Isla Bonita is going to be as good as Live Earth performance with the Russian Punks…I say GO FOR IT!”

    I’ve got to say, I think that was almost the best thing Madonna ever did live.

    Second only to this:

  19. Note the lack of jumping around in that “Justify My Love” thing. If you’ve got something really imaginative you don’t need to jump around.

  20. Is she going to to do that Gogol Bordello routine again? That would be fantastic.

    Here’s hoping for less emphasis on those horrible video screens and more of a music show, but I guess the horrible screens will be there agan.

  21. I got bored with the girlie show pretty quickly.

  22. Madonna fire all these new dancers and bring back all the old ones from the Blonde Ambition tour.

  23. Good song. Good Pharell. :)) Good you too. Give it 2me…

  24. How about tour in West Europe?

  25. Hello Madonna!
    I am just here only to tell you are great!! I think your way of life, your authentic way of life, wonderful. You are a admired person!

  26. You rock girl!!!
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  27. If you have to constantly remind people your marriage is fine….then it probably isn’t.

  28. And people please stop posting links that have no relevance to this blog. Nobody here wants to hear about your psychic hotlines or your meditation seminars for a “suggested” $20 donation.
    It’s utterly tacky.


    You fucking slut – you dare come close to me again … You’re time is up fucking LIAR!!!!

    How do we prevent the destiny of the children? Get rid of you.



  30. OK, it’s bugging me. Madonna!!!!

    I am so sick of hearing about how u are desperately trying to stay young. I don’t know why??
    I grew up in the 80’s. You were my idol. I adored you for your daring, for doing what u wanted when u wanted. For not fearing to have a point of view and say it out load. To get what u set your mind to get. Your father said it best once on an interview. He said u were an achiever. Never truer words have been said.

    Go back to classical ballet you sure have the discipline for it. Open a dance school right in your back yard. Perform intimate concerts of music and dance.Things that you grew up on and that inspired you. Music that you love,music that opens your heart. Learn to cook and enjoy watching your children grow. Stop chasing. U’ve done it. I envy all the options that are at your feet. Yet I see u do nothing about them. I wish to see u kicking back. There is no high or low u can’t reach. Let go your age. Enjoy it. Age gracefully. Remember what Kieth Herring said to you? What he taught you? “We’re all made of flesh and blood” It seems like you forgot that.
    In a world of Paris Hilton’s’ and Britney Spears flashing, you no longer belong. You’ve been there, done that. You created it but at least you had more class. Why would you wish to continue in an industry you helped built yet has changed so much for the worst.

    Get a home in London where your kids belong cause that is what they know and that is where their father is. Just for now. They won’t stay young forever. If u don’t the consequences will be emotionally devastating to you. Your kids will turn against you and think you crazy for constantly chasing youth. What are u teaching them by doing that anyways?? In the western world women think it is NOT ok to grow old, they think that they are not worth much of anything cause they do not look like you at 50. But even u do not look like you do at 50. You have had plastic surgery and you as well as they, are trying hard to stay on top of looking young. Who the hell needs all this pressure??? It gives you wrinkles!! You have the ability to influence so many people inspire so many lives yet you do nothing about it. All the Kabbalah in the world would not help you. It is within that u need to go. Within yourself. Stop caring what others say, think or do. It is killing you. If your rabbi gives a fuck about you he should be telling you this. It seems like it is very convenient that you stay where you are emotionally cause that leaves you needy which gives him the opportunity to make more money off your back. It is so obvious. I can’t believe you don’t see it

    If u do this, if u let go, you’ll come out a winner. You’ll achieve so much, you’ll help so many people.

    You’ve had kids. I know you’ve loved at least 2 men in your life. You know what love is. What are u so afraid of??? That you won’t shine? That people will actually see that you are like the rest of us?? That you won’t be number one?? That people may actually forget about you??? You always will be Madonna. No one can take that away from you yet you’ll inspire so many if u do, as you have before just in a different way. Evolve! Truly evolve not just with a new hair do or some new dance moves. We know u can do that. We’ve watched you do that for 30 years!!! But enough! I grew out of it and wish to see u do the same. I will love u and adore you forever.

    We all get old. You think I have not worried about it?? But I learned to accept it and welcome it cause it is inevitable, it happens to us all.You have the ability to throw in the towel, to point out that the king is naked!! To show that when Gods gives u lemons you make lemonade. If u do so many of us will! Stop escaping. Just Be! These Kabbalah guys are after your money, Kabbalah water my ass. You’ve lived and succeeded many years without it. Trust me girl, water is best from the tap. It’s all a scam

    Enjoy who u are and what u have built. If u do not, you’ll regret it. It will hunt you till your last day on this planet. MARK MY WORDS. It all went up to your head. There will always be someone better, more talented, more beautiful, much younger, more fit then you. You did your thing, gained power to influence. In spite your insecurities you climbed to the top. Teach others, your children perhaps, guide them. Use it! What a waist it would be if u didn’t. So many will follow. You posses such wisdom, such courage. Look at the world. It’s a mess. You can truly create a revolution for women all over. Help them feel comfortable with themselves, their bodies and their age. That is what u did back in the day. Move a long to the next message you have for us all. Your message is inside of you. Only you can pull it out only if u stop chasing youth. It is distracting you from your true goal.

    Your gurus seem like they enjoy the cash flow. A real friend will tell u the truth. The truth that u may not wish to hear. The truth that may be others wish to point out yet they fear your reaction but regardless it is the truth. I wish I had an hour with you .Best thing is go to your Father. There is nothing greater then family cause blood is thicker then any other circumstance

  31. if you ever get burnt out come seek me out door is always open to you all you got to do is be a mortal again and i’ll make you sane i can ease your pain and get you on your feet again.(“i seek no fame or fortune to me knowlege is wealth”). xxx

    and easy number like 33
    with double
    Martha is cooking

  33. communism……..

    with the creation of a solar collector sphere which surround the entire sun, truly, Karl is correct, capitalism is extinct by such a time.

    the question we need ask is what kind of world do we wish to leave behind?

    We are already in a perfect world of sunshine which grows the food we eat for free, does it not?

    so why is a child starving to death as we speak?

    it is because of the condition of the yet evolving divine child of God’s spiritual BEing of us all, is it not?

    so precious and beautiful life is of our tranquility feelings we feel like we do, the tender exceeding gracefulness we feel of our entire bodies, of those who evolved in what they know is of most value in life, YOU!

    at this point in time, the human spirit is not fully of it’s full potential, because of many thing, such as the insatialble desire of wealth which is without concern for the wealthfare of the child who will die of starvation today………i’m not saying all rich are of this, but many there are who are only about their focus on boastfulness of wealth, which is a poison to the spirit of the divine child of God, so much so, we see the offshoots of this desire in the form of gun viloence crime in drug dealing for example.

    Divine children of God are killing other divine children of God for the soul sake of the greed of wealth snare which has taken captive their heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, obviously so, in all their acts of killing another.

    spiritual poverty death is what is of these children of God who are unknowing of the purity depth of the feelings of their own divine child of God’s spirit, pure and true in feeling.

    ‘Crucial Lack of Desire for Wisdom of the trueness aspects of the divine child of God’, is what plaques this world, not able to be of the priority for such until such a time as wisdom that fully awakens their divine child of God’s spirit of what is our self-taught/teaching self-knowledge self-awareness knowingness certainty, such as the love devoid of doubt feeling we feel and know like we do.

    As for capitialism, the full potential of any upstart corporation is able to compete in the world, when of the morale of it’s staff who are 100% owners of the corporation, where all profits are divided equally among it’s staff, which is the only way we can take power away from the handful of powerful rich in the world.

    Government can easily create the legal non-profit type of environment for this specific kind of corporation, which does not sell it’s shares on the market, strikly owned by it’s staff, which i already know would knock the competition out of the market within a short period of time.

    They would have to be government run in order to keep biased controlling opportunist interests away from the table taking control of the company.

    And as for the banks, there will come a day where banks are viewed for what they are, trickery of opportunists, which bleed the potential of the human spirit.

    however long it takes, the day will come when society rises up and kicks all you capitalist opportunists of insatiable desire for wealth out the door, which continues to squeeze the life blood out of the working class, who’s average income has not been keeping up with inflation rates of the last thirty years, and now they are looking at ways to legally do away with unions.

    i don’t like communism, which is fearfully stifling of the freedom feeling of the human spirit, while at the same time, none of us like these absurd cycles our global economy keeps hitting, all a result of the handful of speculating rich opportunists who draw more and more into their fold worldwide, cutting and running when slowdowns in the market bubbles they create burst.

    the potential for wide scale emplosion of the global economy is possible, of which none of the opportunist wealthy care at all about, nor will they, and that is what is the path for the future, of what is the ever increasing wider reaching devastation of these cycles we experience, which are directly proportional to the increasing welcoming of more speculation opportunists into the fold.

    12 Trillion dollars in realestate holding value world wide has vanished in six months.


    now pay attention………..these values will restore to previous values within ten years, so hold on to them if you can.

    this is what the smart opportunists of the banks know about the realestate holdings they have, of what is now a firesale grab back they welcome, of their knowing speculation of the future market for these cheap investments so many of you have been paying into, of what i call, a manipulated pawn for the banks(opportunists) to build apon their ever increasing financial empire.

    increase the number of welcoming more opportunists into the fold, takes away from the working production produced in the world, where in time, the global economy will emplode, by means of the rapid retreating of so much necessary financial capital out of the corporate landscape, dynamics of both instantanious world wide reaction of the global markets, as well as the increasing vast amounts of capital moneys in the global corporate landscape these investors have no concern about, of what is children at play, no sense of responsibility or concern, where in court, it is called negligence.

  34. there is a line that i call a point of no return, that will result in a global economic emplosion, which may be of this cycle, considering the massiveness of the recent six months of 12 trillion dollars in balance sheet adjustment realestate asset holdings literally vanishing.

  35. well, actually, it has not vanished, the buildings are still standing there, so pretty some of these building you people build are.

    what has vanished are the fudged market speculation bubble bursting values of these realestate holdings, is it not?

    well, every single one of you, i don’t care who you are, or who you think you are, who had investment asset values vanish from your balance sheet portfolios, you are of the fold of opportunists in the world who have no concern for the potential impending emplosion of the global economy of the careless cut and run you all are of, and if it hurts and makes you sad, well, wait till you see what happens when a worldwide emplosion of the economy happens, because of the blinders you all have been wearing, who all naively got led into the fold.

    Grass roots is exactly that, you plant a seed in the ground and it takes so many months for it to grow, at approximately the same rate year after year, and some of this force feed produce you all are creating is rather bland in taste, you morons.

    may not be this cycle, however, without regulations, the cycle will come that will see a total economic emplosion in going past the point of no return.

    insatiable desire increases over time, and is obviously insatiable in how blindly heartless all you rich are for the starving child in the world……….well ok, not all.

    in business there are three perspectives, optimistic, realistic, and pesimistic.

    realistic is the thinking consideration as regards investment rates of return, where optimistic speculation manipulation of market pricing thinking is linked to inflation rates for the bulk of the population of society, the working class.

    honestly, i don’t see a slow down in global spending, maybe budget cutbacks of society spending, luxury items, the first to go.
    I view all of society as a creature of habit, where year in and year out, they don’t really change their behaviour.

    With that said, who are the pawns and who are the players?

    Even the governments are no pawns, who have gotten lured into the fold of seemingly no one sure what is really going on.

    as a scientest, i have to laugh, of the smarter monkeys wearing funnier clothing than the ones who don’t, thinking they are some how different than the bulk of the monkey population. lol

    oh, sorry, human population………………..Darwin

    have you seen the pictures of the hundreds of ships sitting in ports lately?

    Shipping of world trade is way down, and hundreds of these ships are sitting there in the water. cool!

  36. back in the times of farming 400 years ago, where the bulk of the population were all farming, we did not have density populations like that of say New York today, where the harshest experience a farmer would experience would be a bad crop year that cycles between bumper crop and bad crop severity which is not that severe, although today’s weather is getting bad.

    These market swings are massive simply because of the dynamic lure of insatiable increase appetite, that draws more and more.

    fine. we can do that. however;

    We have to protect ourselves from ourselves with embracing realistic responsible growth rates!

    problem solved

    now somebody take me shopping damn it!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE END! :mrgreen:

  37. this blog is like Naples

  38. Find it strange that ask of your readers to ignore hatefull press concerning, yet throwing around comments about the suffering of Amy Winehouse and therefor her familiy and loved ones. It’s still so that most of the suffering in your life is caused by you yourself it seems as you are still not capabale to apply the wisdom you have achieved in the practise of your life.

  39. the bridge between the male and female brain………..

    well, how close is one when you feel as they do?

    our egos tend to look for differences, of what is the nature of dominate survival ego modes.


    i just finished a huge dissertation on this and the webpage blanked it during posting………….

    ah well, like any dissertation of self-exploration, the truth is our understanding does not end.

    for me, the male and female are not different, where all difference stem from the yet generation absurd social norms of boys and girls raised in forefather households we are all born into.

    Jesus had more male companions than female companions, where some would say, on, he was gay, and yet, what most don’t know, is Jesus spent more time in comfort with his female companion Mary.

    key word, comfort, as in more at ease being ‘real’ self comfortable with a female companions.

    society raises boys to be tough, not to cry(boys cry!), to be these macho exteriors and not sensitive delicate effeminate(false, we are just as girls), and when you look apon the gay boys, they are more their ‘real’ self they always were, true to self in being ‘real’ self, of what is their pure feeling oh so delicate effeminate sensitive(to a fault for some) self, to the extent, some boys go thru the widely accepted process of becoming female.

    boys naturally feel comfortable boys, and with exploration and time spent, well, some of the boys fearlessly fall into the delicate effeminate ‘real’ self, as though female, genuinely wanting the macho boy left behind(or is that from behind).

    this discussion is a serious discussion of what Jesus felt just as we do, of all these countries where males are still of the false forefather teachings of boys in being dominate over inferior girls, or so they think.

    To purely understand Jesus, one has to view Jesus from the immortal realm across all time, of his constant observations in descerning of what are all unwise false generational teachings of all children of God born into the forefather households, just as then, just as today.

    it’s all a lie

    i see both the male and female brain as the exactly the same, and in truth, of the most important thing we can feel about what has been of all this time here, is our feelings of feeling purely the same, not different.

    so ya, i want to continue exploring!

    can i come over? :mrgreen:

  40. You could have at least done it in a Gondola , through the canals of Venice that flow into the river of music, right into the heat of Venice,!

    Well at least it wasn’t up shit creek without a paddle !

    Viva La Vita, Senorita….

    Viva Italia

  41. & No Andy you cannot come over !

  42. i seems awfully like i am working my way down this blog.


    sometimes forward

    but mostly

    in the middle

    in the Now

  43. who said i wanted 2? :mrgreen:

    boring boring boring yawn

    ah, i slept so good last night!

  44. uhuh!

    yes, in the now!

    oh sorry, one second……


    “ya sure!”

    “when & where?”

    “ok, see you soon!”

    “What did you say your name was again?” lol :mrgreen:

  45. my bike is still sitting in the window on young street………….the most insane bike i’ve ever seen!

    all covered in skulls

    would love to ride it in the Dyke march!

    you should see this bike, looks like it came ‘straight’ out of hell! lol :mrgreen:

  46. fuck!

    i can’t download songs on my mobil when in the basement bathrooms……….

  47. 3 miracles so far,

    first; M’s hot lover, Jesus

    second; The Band Coldplay – arnt’ they just the best ever

    third; my eternal friendship.

    oh one more

    AnDy’s wonderous sincerly awsome wisdom.

    I love Coldplay yeh.. their sooooooooo cool..

  48. Truly, a pure harmoniousness feeling with my divine child fearless spiritedness of none stop certainty self-confidence self-love feeling, ‘that’ of youthful free spirited joyfulness shining brightly within of love we purely feel like we yet do, of those purely of our eternal love we genuinely sincerely have for them and they us, of no effort at all when they are near, between the delicate pure ‘real’ self of both.

    for sure, the opening of the strings in this song instantly open wide the soul of the divine child ‘real’ self there of us all, of what is the divine child constantly listening for the delicate purity soul love of another in likeness and form(awakening mirroring harmony purity love connectedness, 100% pure in feeling) of our own delicate pure ‘real’ self, of what is the constant yearning aspect of the divine child of God’s intuitive knowingness certainty hopefulness yearning to one day always feel in each passing moment the oh so blessed purity love we all feel like we feel, devoid of useless annoying doubtfulness of the falsehood nescient ego masks we sometimes all hide behind(afraidness that stems from the yet unwise divine child of so many of us unknowingly unattended, not yet purely wise of self-love, of what is evolving of the all)

    yeah! i love this song, the instant i hear the opening of the strings, always have, still do, of what is eternal love friendship between the divine child of the all eternal.

    so blessed is the feeling, yes?

    a freeing sensibility of the divine child’s holy joyful spirit of endless eternal summer day happiness of ease at play!

    for sure, this song is from a pure place, of where we all need to spend time dwelling, especially the artists of the world that are of purity love wise awakening harmonious evoking affect/effect/direct/indirect of the divine child BEcoming set free from all these useless annoying fearful binding in nature faslenesses that are not true of any divine child of the all, which the divine child of the all constantly is of intuitive knowingness certainty, of what is the core of their BEing that they love to dwell.

    set boundaries and take time to purely dwell at ease of your divine child ‘real’ self, and let the purity love flawless healing feelings flow forth in all your devoted works, knowing without doubt, this is what is of God’s divine will of the divine child of the all eternal yet to come.

    the divine child of the all is constantly always of the without doubt intuitiveness, and this is what is of the wisdom of the enlightened ones of the world who know without doubt(by means of practice meditative quieting of the mind experience) the light that flows thru the all, lifting of the all out of the generational mad flood, indeed, the light that is constantly flowing at all times in ‘real’ time as we speak, of say one who is there in this moment listening to this very song on the radio, purity love light that does alter and evolve the divine child today, who are of what is their own evolving glowing brightly purity love light of your attending nurturing like you do, that shines brightly into the eternal all future who are right now in this moment(instant jumping thru time), feeling what was of all of your blessed wise efforts of your entire life loved and lived.

    cool eh? :mrgreen:

    ok, so wisely you know then what is of God’s divine will for sake of you, for sake of the eternal all, yes?

    mmmmmmm……i am so addicted to English Breakfast tea with ‘real’ rich cream, 18%!

    soooooooo yummy :mrgreen:


    I used to rule the world
    Seas would rise when I gave the word
    Now in the morning I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own

    I used to roll the dice
    Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
    Listen as the crowd would sing:
    “Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!”

    One minute I held the key
    Next the walls were closed on me
    And I discovered that my castles stand
    Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

    I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
    Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror, my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field

    For some reason I can’t explain
    Once you go there was never
    Never an honest word
    And that was when I ruled the world

    It was the wicked and wild wind
    Blew down the doors to let me in.
    Shattered windows and the sound of drums
    People couldn’t believe what I’d become

    Revolutionaries wait
    For my head on a silver plate
    Just a puppet on a lonely string
    Oh who would ever want to be king?

    I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
    Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror, my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field

    For some reason I can’t explain
    I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
    Never an honest word
    But that was when I ruled the world

    I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
    Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror, my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field

    For some reason I can’t explain
    I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
    Never an honest word
    But that was when I ruled the world

  49. BE of blessed humble purity love compassion feelings you feel for so many divine children of God who are bound in dark fearlful binding oppression in the world, and be without doubt, your efforts are what is freeing of their blessed spirit eactly like your own.

    BE of blessed courage of what you know to be true of your divine child ‘real’ self, in allowing the eternal day light shine within and out of you in your devoted works, of what is the wise divine child’s sacred wise understanding what is of the 1000 stringed instruments of God, where if i ask you, how many people in ‘real’ time in this moment are listening to this very song as we speak?


    well, yeah, hello!

    with an ass as cute as his, ya might wanna think abit bigger! lol :mrgreen:

    it is a blessed song

    have not sat with the lyrics, but i purely feel the flowing of the light in the stringed instruments and voice

    blessed is the wise understanding divine child YOU!

  50. do you see and feel the wise divine child there dancing and spinning about of holy joyful love happiness they feel of another who is near, smiling brightly apon YOU?

    who is the divine child you see and feel there like you do?

    is it not YOU?

    bless you

  51. be without doubt in knowing it is you who are the wise divine child of God, and do not stray or become distracted from the wise focusing wisdom your divine child purely is without doubt of in all your devoted works yet to come, where each second is sacred unto God of eternal day light shining bright of the divine child of the all eternal

    bless you bless you bless you all

  52. when it comes to the no one being able to delay the wise divine child of God coming forth in the world lighting up of not just the world, but of the eternal all yet to come, purely it is the divine child YOU who is without doubt, ‘that’ no shall ever be able to delay what is constant yearning of your divine ‘real’ self, albeit, many there are who are able to delay YOU.

    therefore BE the wise divine child of God who is without doubt of what is your focusing ability without doubt of the truth that is YOU in your wisely feeling the truth when you say, ” I am the way, the truth, and the life, of the eternal all yet to come for all eternity!”

    truth of the eternal divine child YOU of the all eternal of which none shall ever be able to escape the truth of your wise purity love light shining brilliant radiant bright eternally!

    cast all doubt from you that stems from the generational unwise mad flood that continues to drag so many precious loving divine children of God into destructive ruin, spiritual/physical death and oppression of what is of YOU!

    for great is the oppression of so many yet to come.

    BE wise, earnest, fearless, diligent, determined, dedicated and devoted, of the divine child of God’s holy joyful absolute carefree happiness spirited YOU, firstly, secondly for sake of the eternal all divine children of God, of what is wise understanding of where the BEginning is, there 2 is the end, always of starting with YOU!

    and yes, YOU all infuence each other as artists, as well as politicians and leaders who feel the purity love of their own divine child of God.

    at all times

    where your heart is, there 2 is your treasure and your life, at all times

    what you turn towards you BEcome, at all times

    COMPREHENDYY? :mrgreen:

    God’s widom blesses the divine child eternal all yet to come thru YOU of what is YOU of the all eternal!



  53. daughter was telling me about YogoBoy she met recently, and this morning i saw a poster of YOGA advertising poster stapled on a telephone pole while out biking, and apon returning to the sanctuary, i introduced her to the Yoga instructor and Rieki master this morning, Catherine McFadden, who has her own studio and website…….

    I am encouraging my daughter to cultivate/invite Yoga into her unbalanced life if she wants to get with YogaBoy, otherwise forget it, he is just way more balanced, calm and centered than you are for him, too toxic for him, naturally so, where you are of blessed native blood in your ease of natural greater ability in being in tune with your pure spirit, more so than others, of what is of my observations of most any native indians thruout my life.

    i said to her, i believe God presents us with our soulmate(twin) lover in life for sake of both, for sake of the back to back(i always have your back) purity love bonding strength(without doubt) that maintains the sacred mirroring radiant brilliant bright eternal light of divine self eternal all.

    and now God has presented you with YogaBoy, an 18 year old, who she does not realize she is too toxic for him at this time, albeit, their soulmate eternal light is what is drawing them towards one another.

    she has to learn to purely speak and BEcome YogoBoys language, of where YogoBoy’s pure of heart dwelling place is that he too is cultivating/inviting himself in entering, their divine self-discovery-awareness and how one maintains this blessed pure place we know of, that the chaos limited thinking unwise world is not able to bring harm to our pure spirits, of what is the lacking comprehension ability to purely ‘see us’ like we so purely love to do, without effort, at ease in purely consistently BEing our pure of heart divine ‘real’ self.

    i said to her, this is it, you have a choice to make between the fucktard swaring all the time fearful gun toting knife weilding assholes you call friends, or YogoBoy who is clearly interested in you, drawn to your exquisite good looks and pure spirit like his own.

    you have a choice to make, and you have to make it now, without hesitation.

    fortunately, YogoBoy is exceedingly of exquisite good looks as well, truly beautiful, beyond words……….


    i introduced him to a Yoga instructor and Rieki master this morning, Catherine McFadden, who has her own studio and website…….


    Catherine McFadden;

    I am the proud owner and manager of The Holistic Way, which I began in 2003, and graduate of McGill University with a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology. Upon completion of my degree, I traveled extensively throughout Asia and credit this magical journey as the genesis for beginning my career as a Yoga instructor and Reiki Master. I have always had a strong desire to help bring a sense of calm, contentment, and balance to the stress and anxiety people in our society face, and started The Holistic Way as a way to help promote a sense of health, happiness, and well being.

    When I began a regular Yoga practice I realized Yoga was a key to relaxation, balance, vitality, and a true connection with the inner self. As a teacher, I find much joy in sharing this practice with others and witnessing the positive transformations it brings to people’s lives. I lead my classes from the heart, and allow my intuitive and compassionate nature to guide me in giving my students a class that is healing, revitalizing, and strengthening. I strongly encourage developing a connection between the breath and movement as a way to let go, be present, and surrender the deeper healing benefits of the practice.

    I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and have practiced the traditional Usui Method since 2002. I love the powerful, yet subtle, warmth and strength of Reiki’s healing energy, and take great pleasure in sharing this therapeutic energy with others, both through the treatments I give and the training I lead. To this day, I still marvel at Reiki’s ability to soothe and empower individuals and bring healing to any and all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments. I truly look forward to the day that Reiki has touched every household in the world.

    From my love of the therapeutic qualities of both Yoga and Reiki, in 2004, I created Prana Yoga, a one-on-one healing technique that combines the healing touch of Reiki, with the therapeutic benefits of Restorative Yoga. Along with very deep healing, this modality brings about great clarity and release.

    I love learning and look forward to a lifetime of continual growth and study. I give much thanks to my teachers and inspirations for all their wisdom and guidance – Xenia Splawinski, Maureen McBride, Cynthia Funk, Jonathan Austman, Hart Lazer, Kathryn Beet, David Swenson, Darby, and Paul Grilley.


    their are no coinsidences……..

    Coincidence is the noteworthy alignment of two or more events or circumstances without obvious causal connection. The word is derived from the Latin co- (“in”, “with”, “together”) and incidere (“to fall on”). In science, the term is generally used in a more literal translation, e.g., referring to when two rays of light strike a surface at the same point at the same time. In this usage of coincidence, there is no implication that the alignment of events is surprising, noteworthy or non-causal.

    A coincidence does not prove a relationship, but related events may be expected to have a higher index of coincidence. Probability is the basic tool, or method, to rationally evaluate coincidences. In the field of mathematics, the index of coincidence can be used to analyze whether two events are related. From a statistical perspective, coincidences are inevitable and often less remarkable than they may appear intuitively.


    YogaBoy meet YogaGirl! :mrgreen:


    speaking of witch, you still wanna marry ‘me’ ?

    i mean beyond our spiritual marriage, you know, the bumping and grinding of uglies together physical marriage?

    ok, i concede, i am not your type, or perhaps i am your more pure type you are so afraid of insecure about.

    personally, i feel my arms around your petite body i love so much like i do, of what is my type, slender, trim, perfect ass, perfect tits, perfect fit, why the fuck am i so flipflop, fuck, i need to go drown my ass somewhere, get grounded and centered before i am any good for anyone, including my self…….

    [fuck fuck fuck! AndYY grumples as he/she walks away yet again, not knowing if he/she is cuming or going, always yearning to be cuming with someone other than her/his self, which sometimes is better alone than awkward inexperienced others, which he/she senses you are not, a freak in the sheets like ‘me’]

    made ya smile

    i do purely spiritual connect love you, and i don’t know what the fuck to do about it…………….

    terrifies me somedays, the running away, the inner turmoil i find myself contending with………

    there has to be more than sex for two people to purely love being together, where i feel maturity is what is the key.

    i keep hoping one day you invite me to your world where i am able to be of what i already am, open minded, welcoming of what you have learned over so many decades of what purely obviously has/is working for you, where we can easily grow together as one of what we constantly yearn to do like we have, obviously the light somedays between us, your pure self-love lover self-esteem like my own, the freak in the sheets who loves sex as much as i do, argh, too much somedays, is there such a thing?

    my stream of conscious constant flowing run on sentences are amazing somedays yes?

    why not fuck me and decide later?

    i know i purely want to, been along long time, getting longer as each day passes………what?


    ‘that’ 2 :mrgreen:

    you know the average male penis grows one inch every ten years?

    hmmmmmm……let’s see, at 16, Mike had a ……………………so today it wood be like………..OMG

    argh…………see what i mean?

    i trip myself, and yet, i feel purely sexually drawn to you as well.

    [scene cuts to Will and Grace,
    Jack, “What’s behind that door?
    Karren, “What door honey?
    10 seconds of silence pass as they stare at one another
    Karren, “Oh, that’s not a door silly!”

    LOL :mrgreen:

    those two should have their own fucking show, who outshine everyone else………..

  54. Best of Karen Walker

    utube it

  55. i love that video!

    i do see my female self

    has a vogue sensibility in the dancing and posing

    i like the spirit of the female male equality before one another of genuine pure in feeling sincerity that the dancers vibrate within of their sheer ecstacy joy, so purely spiritually in the moment of their self-love bodies of sweet anticipation sexual exploration building up, no different for either the female or the male in feeling, looking to merely be together, naked, of what is true of both.

    i do 100% believe that the female and male brain sex sensual stimulation activity that we feel, is identical for both the male and female……….but how are we ever to know the pure truth of this, scientifically speaking?

    100% same

    where it has always been the lame brains of previous generations in all their shortsightedness.

    no me

    i know my body perfectly well

    been exploring it along time!

    and i do 100% believe BOTH female and male sexual behaviour is primal innate within both male and female brains, however latent one may be, it is there within us all.

    and i do think we were once of both sexes at one time, able to reproduce on our own, without having to rely on the lame lover fucking someone else!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    why do i do that?

    any time i get an opportunity to jab you, i do!

    maybe i really am turning into Karen and Jack?


  56. watched the film, ‘friends with money’

    has a relaxed ordinary ‘real’ life YOU sensibility to it


    you know, we all came thru high school(ok, most of us), and i look around and everyone is caught up in this or that, and i shake my head, we are like a bunch of idiots in so many ways, with all our dumb attitudes of status quos, all playing some endless mindless game of sorts, seemingly no one of the sacred value purity love within left unattended like they are, their insensitivity with one another, in their professional and personal worlds, so self absorbed to a fault, it’s like, “What is wrong with everyone, so cold, so spiritually distant, asleep, as though waiting on some miracle of sorts, there just under the fearful layers yearning to surface, bubbling up of the sweet fun easy going lovers we all were in high school, calm, at ease, wanna smoke a joint?”

    lol :mrgreen:

    if you have not seen it, watch it, takes ya back

    there is underlying seeking sensibility constantly there, yearning to be set free to just be the ever so happy confident fun loving lover souls we yet all are, arn’t we?

    i am

    my two year sabatical that does not seem to wanna end, growing so pure within each day passing……..

    two pure spirits in attendance with me now, Jesus and Mary

    feels so blessed their constant love halo knowingness certainty without doubt that i feel between them, of time standing still……….eternally

    it’s growing within more and more

    i love it

    like i always felt before, exactly the same then, now

    wanna smoke another one? :mrgreen:

    nah, i don’t smoke weed, i jest

    although i did now and then back then, maybe i…………


  57. i gotta get out of this house, the addicts are using, when they are not supposed to be, acting like pack wolves with me at times, their intimidation with me that i don’t say anything, the drugs subconsciously controling them, not them controlling the drugs, asleep, submerged, the fearful masks……….scares me some days, and yet i am not really afraid of them, seeing thru their self created imaginary fear that grips them like it does, of who ever bashed in their self-esteem along life’s road, so scared over with their behavioural mask manifestions of a frightened child within…………

    still, i don’t trust them at all

  58. not when they are using

  59. like trying to make sense with an alcoholic who is drunk………pointless to say anything

  60. i dont know what to say, tranny andy, don’t like to give a man mum advice on how to raise their own kid’s but no doubt if you tell not to do it she will, or she’ll just say well you did it andy ( running around the Getto in a Stiletto) so i can do it too ! what answer you going to give to that one.

    Just be loving & honest to her, tell her about the consequences of your own decision’s in life, like abandoning your soulmate 15yrs ago dumping them on the street after the cab ride to fend the world for them self then comming back 12yrs later pony tail between your pride & finding everyother God damn exscuse in the book to abandon them again like hello anyone there ??

    hello ??

    oh Hi…


  61. I might be a fairy

  62. but i’m still candy

  63. you are still sweetly pure within, i know

    so am i

    still processing thru the years of protective layers built up like we all do, all of the constant yearning seeking in purely surrendering with another, friends and/or lovers, of no element of doubt between them, obviously so of their hearts beaming brightly, hand and in hand on a beach somewhere, anywhere, the constant flowing energy between the two wise souls who know what is of seperation between others, between their own divine self and truth, the submerging, the manifesting useless masks, the constant divine trusting child within that wants to trust 100%, an intutitive knowingness certainty within, of the beginning, of the door we all came thru, the womb of God, lacking the wise descerning wisdom, yet all of ability to come fully into the wise divine self-awareness wisdom(light) of God’s divine will that is subconsciously drawing the divine child of God of eternall all, of what has escaped most divine children of God for how long? how many millenia? does anyone know what is going on? the universe so vast, what is it?

    what is going on?

    what is this place?

    none of us know

    none of any in the past have known anything about what is this place, the universe we look apon.

    we don’t know

    of all perplexing curiousity, that is the single greatest one i ponder, knowing i too will likely pass thru this place, not ever knowing……….

    getting back to what i do know, well, i am of the Yoga instructor and Rieki master in coming fully into aquaintance with my divine child of God’s eternal light, of that day i was sitting there and 100% felt the pure eternal day light of my divine child of God, still racked with fear, but not bound, his 100% knowingness that all the useless fear he was feeling was all of the unwise world he came into, of God’s divine wisdom that has gradually been freeing his pure spirit out of all the useless back biting annoying unwise words of others, they too asleep unknowingly in the binding ignorances of the unwise world we all entered to from the womb of God, my pure compassion now that i have for all, like your own, your seeking of one who is as wise, a friend and/or lover you too seek comfort with, eternal comfort, devoid of doubt, without doubt, as am i

    i want to come free of any doubt of others, including yours, thinking today may be the day, of either coming towards or walking away

    and yet, eternal wisdom of God, is exactly that, of eternal patience, not so much in God’s lacking wisdom in self-awareness wisdom, of truth that does not change, eternal patience of Alpha and Omega, exactly the same in the beginning as in the end, as in the end result of the eventual processing that is of………….now make sure you 100% get this……….is of eternal processing, generations of generations, likewise ALL of the gradual awakening into the nurturing protective divine wisdom halo, that is without doubt for me, the kingdom of heaven perspective, of what is the constantly healing feeling love flowing devoid of the unwise afraid doubtful masks we all tend to hide behind, 100% normal for all of what is God’s 100% unchanging compassion, of God’s knowingness of the wisdom light that is drawing the eternal divine child eternal all yet to come fully into the wisdom halo kingdom of heaven.

    i’d rather die than lose your purity of love friendship of the pure sweetness i know of, but i cannot starve myself of love with another that is of my constant knowingness certainty seeking like your own, of surrendering to one who is purely comfortable compatibility with me, of us both of the exceeding radiant brilliant bright eternal day light feeling 100% blessed that we met

    what to do

    what to say

    time to go

    time to stay

    time running out

    i want to play

    i am done with uncertainty

    no way

    i know who i am

    who i deserve

    someone wise like ‘me’

  64. today, tomorrow

    it’s an eternal process of eternal all

    and i am of God’s wisdom without the unwise world’s useless doubtful seperation fear in the kingdom of heaven wise halo perspective……….100%

    i faulter some days, weak and weary at times, but i am growing more and more in the purity confidence, ‘that’ of oneness exact sameness of Jesus

    something i have been observing of my divine self for sometime now, the first rays of light i felt as a child of three or four, a vision i had then

    i am classmate of eternal all yet to come, a devoted student who gave his heart mind body spirit and soul to Jesus and God, of my own desire to do so

    i don’t say this out of spite


    i say it of what is the surrendering i did alone before Jesus and God, that opened wide my soul to 100% trust Jesus and God, the spirit realm that has opened for me

    the angels are teaching ‘me’ about ‘me’

    it is a chamber i dwell in unafraid, surround by angel spirits all around, thousands of them, of those who came before us perhaps, i do not know, only that they are all there purely in oneness sameness as i am, of what is purity love introspecting i am of in the macro thinking laboratory of my mind halo perspective that continues to evolve in divine self-awareness truth wisdom

    i am not hear to condemn any soul, rather to bring forth what is of the halo perspective wisdom light that clearly reveals the binding unwiseness of another just like me who came into this world from the womb of God, all past present future

    yes, i do know who i am, of God’s sacred wisdom that God is wise of the drawing in light that has drawn me to 100% trust with Jesus and God, where Jesus too was merely a student like us all, an adult child who became less and less afraid of the purity love intuitive he too was born with, all of us, 100% harmoniousness within the core of our being.

    it is God’s divine will wisdom light that is drawing eternal all into macro thinking halo wisdom perspective…………….


    without doubt

    i want to be of open minded friendship with you, fun loving and true

    but you want to run with others

    so what choice do i have

    but to walk away and find another

    yeah sure, friends we can and always shall be

    but like everyone, we have our needs met, intimately with others.

    as though i am asking for the world it feels like some days, when in truth, it is the joy within all of us who come into the lovers chamber with one another.

    are you standing with me holding my hand yet?


    you are with someone else, where you want to be, not with me

  65. i feel it with my whole body

    the turning towards

    the walking away

    cannot stay

    without lover’s play

    all the world a stage

    how long to tame a shrew?

    how long to say i do?

  66. i am a student

    and i have not revealed my entire body of wisdom to any as yet

    there is just so much writting done and yet to do

    of my on going fearless interpretation ability i came into awareness after surrending to Jesus what belongs to Jesus, my heart mind body spirit and soul, without doubt, the most wise adult child of us all, his spirit i now feel with me, dwells with me daily

    i don’t speak of it much, fearing the lunatic back biter annoying useless absurd ego driven nashing of teeth outside the door of the kingdom of heaven halo sanctuary i dwell in

    ya, i know who i am becoming

    i have for some time now

    why i seek wise others in their own realm of exceeding wisdom they invited to themselves, my Rieki masters and such, and you

  67. what to say

    go or stay

    i don’t really care any more

    for the uncertainty that grips anyone

    yeah, i am compassionate for them

    and yeah, i know their fear binding dark ignorances well

    but i am still learning the exceeding grace healing ability of Jesus, that awakens the divine child within all, and i have had the sacred previlige of meeting the most wise minds on the planet, like my therapist, of three university degrees, and entire life spent in the field, who just retired this month, who wants to work for you, alongside me

    your invite decision to make, of dear friend along life’s road who likewise has been drawn into the light by God, thru others, eternal others before us all, of what is our without doubt knowingness certainty of affect/effect/direct/indirect that spans across all generations past present future

    i am in my sanctuary

    a friend who is of dilberation to leave behind my body for work for this world

    but here is what i know, of what i have been saying all along, without doubt, i know, what it is Jesus said to reach for that he could not reach, because of the horrific brutal ruling roman empire binding unwise shit for brains generational bound fear mongers that any divine child who entered into this world with the misfortune of being born into an unwise forefather household, like that of the insatiable fire desire of wealth family who too was unknowingly born into a generational forefather household, on and on it goes…………

    reaching for what is clearly obvious of the divine child who came before you all this time, in his open expressing intutive certainty he fearless turned toward in fully BEcoming………HOLY JOYFUL ABSOLUTE CAREFREE HAPPINESS SACRED MIRRORING WISE NURTURING PROTECTIVE DIVINE ‘REAL’ SELF ETERNAL LIGHT OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN PURITY LOVE WITHOUT UNWISE BINDING DOUBTFUL CHAINS BROKEN!

    a spirit that cannot be broken by any, however weary i may appear at times, any wonder why, you need wonder any longer, and i know you don’t, your divine sweet self fearlessly reaching for what i too constantly yearn(ed) for all this time………………


  68. you can trust ‘me’

    i am not hear to bring harm to your spirit

    rather to wisely free it

    if once together, it would not ever be me who would betray you

    i know my wise self


    running towards love devoid of doubt, that comes with the exceeding holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of two blessed divine spirits surrendering between the two, of their intuitive subconscious constant yearning seeking to do so, without doubt of their feelings for the other………..where we both belong, together, either with each other, or another, but stay on the fence, well, it wanes after awhile, horribly so if you must know, tears i cry all the time like i do

    knowing you too do at times

    you decide for you

    i cannot walk away from you

    your happiness is my reward

    with another or with me

    purely free to always just BE

    where we intuitively know where we both belong

    without doubt

  69. so take time, however long you need, in coming fully into your fearless ‘real’ self and commit to whatever decision for you and i

    and even then, who knows what next year may be for either of us evolving

    we are friends for sure, without doubt

    and both of us are evolving towards fearlessness without doubt in the kingdom of heaven devoid of useless generational unwise doubt

    perhaps my body work you have not seen is what keeps us apart

    which would take time for one to internalize

    not something that can be rushed

    my devotion is to all eternal divine children yet to come

    beyond this generation yet bound in generational unwise distraction away from divine self-awareness wisdom halo kingdom of heaven perspective yet being ushered in by eternal all generations past present future

    the realm where time stands still

    is where you can find ‘me’

  70. i could use your assistance

    and yet perhaps that would lend to distraction of my ongoing work

    i don’t know

    and somedays i just want to run and have playful fun with a lover

    feeling perhaps that is the most sacred thing of all i can do

    or hey, how about both, you and me, lovers eternal set free to just BE what we both have been denying our ‘real’ self to always be

    it frightens me to think of how happy i know i would be with you, so i don’t allow myself to think that way often

    saving it for a day of tangible certainty of your hand in mine


    ya, i need real with someone

    enough is enough

    time for real

    got to get real

    i am real

  71. this out of body experience is painful for me, the uncertainty that keeps me out of my body, yearning to get back into my body

    ya i know, whacked! lol

    hey, you should try being me, watching you prance around with who ever

    it hurts feeling i have to walk away, cannot stay where i am not happy

    you have to let me go

    or let me know

    what you want need think and feel, same as i do, same as anyone

    bless you bless you bless you all

  72. you have been of great assistance for me in getting grounded and centered

    this i know

    and i want to continue in the direction we have been running 2

    bless you

  73. i am accepting that we do have a body type that works for us, or perhaps is what i am trying to convince myself of

    where what truly matters is comfort compatibility of surrendered spirits of two in their sancturary of divine self-awareness knowingness certainty devoid of doubt

    i ask

    what do you want need think and feel as regards ‘me’

    i yet want need think and feel you

    have not let go yet

    i cannot

    already tryed

    cannot go against truth of divine you

    eternal truth

  74. and yet without happiness, my spirit dies

  75. i don’t want to die

    and my WILL is not to

    not possible

    of what is of any shooting arrows at a target in the dark they do not see(comprehend) of who is ‘me’


  76. and so i wait

    and so we grow

    on and on our spirit constantly flows

    into the eternal future that is constantly there

  77. “OH FOR FUCK SAKES, SOMEONE WAVE A MAGIC WAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    poof, you’re a frog! lol

    rib it

    rib it

    hey, every hear the mating call of frogs?

    i grew up with a pond behind the house, frogs mating none stop.

    it’s the frog in ‘me’

    rib it

  78. a frog knows what it constantly wants

    even in the dark

    rib it :mrgreen:

  79. oh fuck, snakes!!!!!!!!!

    remember that picture of the moving snake thing?

    i found it on my computer the other day

    truly amazing we are, so incredibly remarkable we all are hear in what we call a Universe we all entered into from the womb of God, none of us knowing anything about what is this place?

    i just enjoy it along side you forever more holding your hand of our combined inner happiness set free to always be where i have longed to be, constantly loved and loving of all exclaiming, “What is wrong with those 2”

    that song by coldplay, ‘Fix You’, gets to me, of how i sometimes feel, insecure in not knowing what direction you and i heading in, not wanting go apart, the calm completely surrendered me of exceeding grace standing before you, blessed tears falling of my inner joy that you finally came for what i have always wanted, oh god, how happy i would be that you feel the same as ‘me’

  80. when you love someone purely without doubt like that of your fearless embracing of your own emotional honesty certainty devoid of the useless unwise doubt, well, i say hold on to it, let flow and grow within, until the day comes you do fully surrender to what you want need think and feel for another, who ever they may be

    i want you to be happy in this way, love without doubt

    just i too know what i want need think and feel within of how i am purely able to love another completely without doubt

    this ability is intuitive ability, true of us all, merely of lacking wisdom that is able to break the binding generational chains that sets our pure spirits free for one another

    we would make a great team, yes?

    so powerful

    beyond any yet of this world

    i do know it is of God that i came to you

    without doubt

    and i feel you know more about this than i

    in whatever evolving way you have grown wise in

    you choice of deliberate words you utter, reveal this to me

    also reveals to me the depth of love you have for me

    so is it true?

    you want need think feel for ‘me’ as i do you?

  81. someone needs to tell me soon


    “GET IN HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    ~ my Karen/Jack moment lol :mrgreen:

  82. i love the way the piano opens with that song

    so calm and pure

    i love piano

    as much as guitar

    the lifting up of spirit of self, self of another, something i want to learn more how to play and compose

  83. obviously, im scared

  84. for the future of self, self of all

    and yet, intuitively i know where i constantly yearn to belong, where i am, embracing my pure WILL, of Jesus, of God, of eternal truth of all yet to come

    ya, i do know, what you too know, of what is growing within, fearless taking over more and more

    saw the ex this morning

    he moved on with another now

    said to him, “Be Happy”

    knowing i failed him

    as a friend and lover

    so precious he was and yet is to me

    ya, i did/do love him


    don’t ever want to see him cry again, of what was my immature irresponsible approach with him, in taking ownership of the truth i was with him, the career path that distracted me away from him, i am the blame, the abaondonment shame, the one without flame, the lover no longer contains, no longer lame, but not without name


  85. fuck, why do i cry so much

    still healing after all these years


  86. i woke up crying Sunday morning

    of a dream i was dreaming

    so pure the blessed tears feel for me

    felt the presence of Jesus so pure within me, 100% in feeling, my oneness sameness compasson with him, the knowingness wisdom centering groundedness that keeps growing, the pure inner grace so calm and true, like before in my youth or rural settings, only now i am wise of so much of the fear binding blinding chains of divine self eternal all, of time stands still across all generations past present future, of what is my channeling connection with the pure spirit of Jesus and Mary

  87. there is more than meets the eye with regards to the invisible spirit realm

    and it has opened wide for me, by means of flawless healing feeling is how one sees with clarity into the spirit realm that is constantly there all around us, the generational unknowing snare of so many souls before me all around, i am there purely with them, of their not knowing i am there in a way they cannot comprehend……..yet

  88. it is by means of falling thru fear into fearlessness that one is able to purely feel the flawless healing exceeding graceful feelings of divine self of eternal all past present future

    where past meets future in the present


    at all times

    of every influence or lack there of towards light or darkness, all of wise descerning truth of both, is what is of Jesus and God’s wise divine WILL wisdom nurturing awakening protective eternal halo kingdom of heaven being ushered in by God thru us all.

    trust me when i say, most are not aware of the spirit realm that is constantly there, of God who is with us at all times, of what is lacking spiritual comprehension

    just as we know nothing about what is this place?

    so too it is with the spirit realm that escapes comprehension

    some say imagination

    i used to

    but then so much revealing has occured over decades, where i stopped denying the truth of what i was feeling, where i was running to, within us all, it is there, intuitively, merely lacking articulation wisdom that is able to assist, awaken, nurture and protect from the generational binding blinding ignroance snarings.

    bless you

  89. “Who goes there?”

    “Announce yourself before God!”

    “What is it you enquire of?”

    “Speak the truth before all who have gathered!”

    “Do you know who i am?”

    “Do you know why i have come?”

    “You who think you are so wise in all your obvious unwiseness that is hurtful for your divine self, self of another, cast from you the cup of bitterness they offer you to drink from and drink from the cup that is being measured out for you to drink from in your entering into the kingdom of heaven wise halo perspective!”


    i good story teller i know i am

    without them necessarily knowing at first what i am saying, or who is saying it


    who i am becoming of, who i look to, not a master, no, someone who 100% knows i am of the oneness sameness ability as their own, their faith in ‘me’

    “Do you know who?”

    “i am?”

    “OMG i really am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “fuck, this calls for a celebraction!”

    LOL :mrgreen:

    i just want someone to love

    “Who wants to love ‘me’?

    “One at a time please, and no pushing damn it!”

    “Children come first in the kingdom of heaven!”

    bless you all

  90. cell of re action


    the greatest prison of all, the mind

  91. well ok, i guess i should get to publishing the writings

    still writing it though

    without want of fame or fortune, no, what God warns against, merchants of God who make what is beyond value of all the riches as though worth something of gold or silver, no, what is freely giving of any artist, musician, what they feel purely within in their pure desire to want you to feel what is of them so flawless healing and feeling

    that is the true mark of an artist, musician, and writers alike

    so many mediums to choose from

    all of the same ability to convey

    i say combine them all into one like film attempts to do

    and yet, there is something no film or art is ever able to convey, do you know what it is?

    how Jesus felt during the days he hung apon the cross, of the eternal door surrendering he step thru, out of this physical realm he knew he was leaving behind, setting his pure spirit free, in a wise knowing pure way of sacred mirroring he knew he was mirroring of, the ugliness of the hypocrisy heart constantly there all around him

    i saw myself on the cross next to him one day, of us both looking at one another, feeling the truth of all those blindly around us, their apathetic mad flood ignroance

    ya, you have no idea how pure that felt with him, an eternal knowingness certainty happy in being beside him, my fun loving spiritedness laughing i am with Jesus at times, the purity love of it all i feel like i do, that is so sacred in wisdom that breaks the generational chains so painfully binding of so many precious souls we long eternally to set free, and do

  92. my intimate meditative relationship with Jesus i don’t speak of much, the purity of visions and dreams i have, my purity love will turning towards Jesus, feeling of no other place i want to ever be found, how much do profoundly absolutely without doubt do love Jesus, and the love Jesus purely has for ‘me’

    for us all

    ONEness FREEing WISDOM of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul eternal all truth

  93. the most humbling feeling of all that i purely have felt and feel, is Jesus blessing ‘me’ for being ‘me’ with others, from beyond the grave, truly i tell you, he is constantly there with ‘me’

    without doubt

  94. as i am with Jesus

    eternal feelings that span across all generations of time stands still

    our without doubt comprehension i continue to internalize that most are obivious to of what we are of faith in all, merely their unknowingness of the unwise world they too entered into like our own, of how others do not purely see/feel the spirit of the adult child Jesus became, that he too eventually grew into divine self-awareness, of his own ability of fearless opening of the channel with God’s spirit that was teaching him along the path he walked, just as all of us are walking apon, the same of all generations in evolving entering into the kingdom of heaven halo perspective God is ushering in thru the eternal all

    and for good reason

    i mean look at all the wretchedness yet of this world

    sickens some days, i have to look away and go dance

    love listening to Def Leppard

    of high spirited happiness within of a wise child running in knowingness certainty without doubt of others who may not feel what i feel, that only happiness is all any of us purely constantly want to feel at all times.

    and it is possible for those who wisely surrender to BEing their divine self, living in the present……….

  95. what were you asking again? :mrgreen:

    ok, let me get back to you that

  96. ~

    i dont know what to say, tranny andy, don’t like to give a man mum advice on how to raise their own kid’s but no doubt if you tell not to do it she will, or she’ll just say well you did it andy ( running around the Getto in a Stiletto) so i can do it too ! what answer you going to give to that one.


    well, DOILY down street Biyatches, but when it comes to unwise decision making suffering consequences of your lameass taking ownership of YOUR DECISIONS that is of YOUR DAY, well, don’t expect mama to feel sorry for you when you do, in staying with you in a stuck fucked co-dependant toxic fucking annoying cycle behavioural that is your shit, not mine……..TAXI!!!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously, i don’t enable dysfunctionals


    feel your own decision making people


    constantly always YOURS

    feel it, grieve it, let go of YOUR unwiseness cup handed to you by others, peer pressure, drink from a healthy cup choice that no one can ever take away from you, the eternal cup Jesus holds out to YOU, who is just like YOU!

    no different in any way

    other than wisdom

    and if not, well, your unwiseness serves as truth of unwiseness before all eternal

    TRUTH WITHOUT DOUBT WISDOM in the kingdom of heaven all around Biyatches!

    that none are able to escape from

    even the fool who thinks(denial) they can, their asleep in ignorance binding blinding they are not aware of like so many

    so frightening so many of you have been to ‘me’

    well, get ready fuckers, as Jesus and i take to announce to eternal all filling of their cups of what has been and yet is the single greatest common denominator that hinders your pure spirits from BEcoming set free from the illness of heart generational snarings, LACKING DESIRE FOR GOD’s ETERNAL DIVINE SELF-AWARENESS WISDOM HALO NURTURING AWAKENING PROTECTING HEALING WISE PERSPECTIVE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN LOVE DEVOID OF USELESS DOUBT!”

    i was sailor, lost at sea………………….. :mrgreen:

  97. people don’t comprehend pure light that eminates thru enlightened wise ones who cultivate and turn towards within of their divine enlightening evolving BEcoming divine eternal day light self that does shine as though to light up the entire world………….well, get this everyone, it light’s up the entire eternal future.

    so if you are seeking motivational empowerment on par with the sun shining above, then you are of fearlessly turning towards what God’s knows is true within you left unattended of what is God’s divine wise constant knowingness of YOU!

    it’s not ‘me’, it’s the eternal day light of God thru ‘me’ as one who gave his life to Jesus and God to have, wisely so, of what was my own evolving awareness path as was of Jesus in his becoming without doubt of the truth all around us of just how obvious all these untruth behavioural masks are and such.

    apon a beach where time stand still thinking of you is where you can always find ‘me’, merely of what is true of us all eternal, to constantly BE of our flawless healing feeling divine child of God’s eternal heart mind body spirit and soul

    i mean who did you think i was anyway?


    no, i am God’s child

    we all R


    the divine child of God constantly there in the future who is feeling what was of our entire life path from beginning to end that they are feeling

    be without doubt of affect/effect/direct/indirect truth of this

    eternal truth

    not something one can ever become victorious over

    not possible

    although we do think immaturely at times away from our divine eternal day light divine self who is not at the helm from time to time, merely of any who are likewise in process evolving BEcoming fully of their divine child of God’s wisdom halo constant yearning wanting needing thinking and feeling as what……………i am

    i am……..BE Cause………..we R

    only love

    and if not, well who has time for you sorry lameass lamer shamer blamer flamer no name containers?

    lol :mrgreen:

    there is relentless and then there is AndYY who has not had sex with a loving soulmate lover in how long?

    i don’t know, i don’t feel i ever met my soulmate yet

    but i do feel their presence with me as we speak

    is that someone YOU?

    love waits

    for what love constantly yearns and is


    am i alone in who knows what love constantly is?

    i already know i am not

    so why hide?

    from YOU!

    from ‘me’

    the one you can easily see andy time you feel like ‘me’


  98. oh great, i put them all to sleep again!


    hey you, wake up! :mrgreen:

  99. im trying to make sense of this……..

    “One who bears a lack(ing) does not conceal it because someone possesses what the other lacks.”

    ok, one who bears a lack(ing) does not conceal it because they cannot conceal the obvious truth in their body language lacking we see/feel

    but what does some possesses what the other lacks have to do with the one who lacks?

    sacred mirroring, yes?

    ok, makes sense now

    ever notice how another becomes their own grace while you are with them, more so than your observations of them when they are with someone else?

    sacred mirroring of their obvious lacking that does at first appear have as a fear aura around them that diminish with their processing(unknowingly for some), of what is sacred mirroring affect/effect/direct/indirect


    hmmmm…..makes sense now

    wanna dance? :mrgreen:

    hey, you ever see how some people……….

    [AndYY and M walk off arm in arm on the beach chatting endlessly eternally of all their studies and findings they both became well aquainted with of time spent in researching divine eternal self yet left unattended, playful in laughter of them all not knowing what the fuck they are rambling on and on about, all the while about them]

    lol :rmgreen:

    forever Biyatch!

  100. hey, what’s behind that door?

    denied denied access approved


    love it

  101. ~

    Just be loving & honest to her, tell her about the consequences of your own decision’s in life, like abandoning your soulmate 15yrs ago dumping them on the street after the cab ride to fend the world for them self then comming back 12yrs later pony tail between your pride & finding everyother God damn exscuse in the book to abandon them again like hello anyone there ??

    hello ??

    oh Hi…



    i am

    thank you for noticing

    what’s behind that door? lol

    i did not abandon you, not ever, merely of what you already were that i was for 15 years with family, not believing enough in myself that you might actually wanna have sex with ‘me’ until i eventually became you

    i really didn’t know until you said, “i don’t wanna get hurt.”

    it all made sense to me after ‘that’

    that you secretly did love me all this time

    you really should sashayed up to me incognito and chatted me up

    please don’t tell me you did


    was that you?

    nah, i jest with you

    although i did feel you near at times………….stalking ‘me’


  102. i don’t think the daughter has had enough of her own unwise decision making yet, fearful that she has not gotten of the potential train wreck of the bridge out up ahead for her should she stay on it

    pray for her is all i ask

    i do truly love her

    and she knows it


    but how long can watch a loved one be of their own tormenting unwise decision making that hurts us like it does, like an parent feels for the precious child

    mom knows

    dad too

    brothers and sisters all

    bless you

  103. ok, i get what you are saying

    i was not wisely evolved at the time 15 years ago to where i am now, without arrogance(yet processing), and i know you know what i am talking about.

    it is your purity love like my own that draws us together, yes?

    ok, so now what, we are this in each other

    no more excuses then

    i can wait

    and i am yet processing letting go healing of recent relationship that ended, although no relationships ever end in the kingdom of heaven

    wanna ride?

    love this song

    our bike is still sitting in the window

    out front in pride we shall ride

    you drive

    im too sissyfied afraid of the damn thing

    you should see this damn bike

    covered in crosses and spikes all over it

    blue paint

    just north of Wellesley street on Yonge st

    better get it before it is go forever into the abyss

    without doubt hesitation that yet grips YOU, not ‘me’

    hey, why not ride up on it to meet with ‘me’ Biyatch, leather clad, thinking you are so butch

    well ok, you may be a bit more butch than ‘me’ with those arms, but who inspired who?

    we both did



    this is the last year i am going to wait

    if not this year, then it won’t be happening

    [AndYY starts building a wall again to hide behind so she cannot see him watching her] :mrgreen:

    you look awesome in leather bi the way!

    hot hot hot

    lesbians will be like, “WHO THE FUCK ARE THOSE TWO?”

    you dressed like a boy

    ‘me’, well, a girl of course!

    that looks like you!

    keep them guessing what we purely are about forever

    their lacking

    come on, im serious this time, fully commited

    you let me down, you let you down

    don’t let you down

    i am worthy of your constant love

    you are worthy of my constant love

    where together, “YA BETTER STAND BACK BIYATCHES, CAUSE THESE BIYATCHES ARE FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  104. skulls are the generational symbol for all deathful unwiseness, spiritually, of who ever they were/are in their fate binding unwiseness past present future unfolding of eternal bound together as one in real time

    of time stands still comprehension, ‘that’ of Jesus, God and all those who enter fully into the oneness sameness faith Jesus and God have of YOU ALL eternally there in this moment.

    bless you bless you bless you all

  105. come on

    i wanna ride with YOU!

  106. God knows i do

    and has known for along time

    no joking around hear

  107. some days i feel as though i am more fearless than you in my being my pure self

    of my wise effort to fearless do so, the product of all my meditation

    i am not perfect, tatered abit, the manifestations that come and pass

    getting centered grounded is my objective

    for sake of ‘me’ first, others second

    no good to anyone other’wise’

    no pun intended

  108. [AndYY spins around fearlessly singing in front of her, “I don’t care, where i go, when im with you.]

    do think i am chessy some days?

    you don’t laugh when i cry, do you?

    we don’t, nor should anyone

    not purely true of any heart, is it?

    the divine child who need our combined strength of the power of love of the all that is lifting the all out of hell into wise compassionate loving kingdom of heaven love devoid of doubt eternal shining radiant brilliant bright holy joyful absolute carefree happiness eternal day light shining so bright into the darkest hearts who purely awaken and feel the nurturing loving protective divine eternal day light of eternal all there in this moment of the eternal future happiness of all constantly eternally there feeling who we all were and R.

    bless you bless you bless you all

  109. i think i pushed you away so that you would feel what you needed to purely feel, praying it is true of love i have, true of you 2

    what’s behind that door?

  110. love waits

    by means of a pure knowingness of the other

  111. when grace is lacking

    it causes our contraction to smallness(es) in a graceless (untrue painful) place(of processing thru)

    of what is the finding of the Light of Truth revealing divine self-awareness(meditative awareness eventual surrendering to feel purely within the lacking smallness(es) we may have unintentionally been of, the afraid masks one hides behind)

    Light which arises BE Cause it is constant(100% pure energy) that most people are afraid to turn towards within them that is of the constant yearning of the divine child of God within us all, an aspect that does not change with anyone, intuitively born within the core of their being)


    you drunk enough yet to go on a date with ‘me’?

    on a beach where we belong……….Together, under a full moon, the tranquility of exceeding inner grace and tenderness so pure in feeling blessed like we love to feel

    ya, i know you

  112. hmmm…….this has got to be the longest amount of time i have spent in trying to get a date with someone……..a date with ‘me’, the ‘real me’ that has always loved you from afar, always of delight everytime i say you, still am


    and if are ‘truly’ happy with another, well, i am happy for you both i guess, the boy within who will one day let go of his dreams of you

    omg, that is so open of me

    may as well reveal my hand

    all aces!



    and you?

    oh, that’s not fair, you stacked the deck

    i don’t want to play with you any more

    you cheat!


  113. it’s like the last step up i am taking, hoping you are still standing there patiently waiting

    why toss in the towel now after all this time?

    i have alot you have yet to learn

    and likewise ‘me’ of you, that you too can teach ‘me’

    come on

    on last step and we are there

    forever free where we yearned to be at all times

    with each other

    already we r

    are we not?

    well fuck, i know i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    well ok, maybe not just yet

    but soon enough after some more healing i am going thru

    you decide when

    i don’t care when or where

    just make sure you arrive, however LATE you might BE

    oh ya, i am the one who is late

    but i had learn about my divine self, no use to anyone other’wise’

    and you know this already, where you perhaps arrived along time ago?

    ya, i sorta always knew

  114. denial is a powerful thing

    insecure in myself is all it was

    and you would be too if you experienced the hell i went thru

  115. don’t use God’s name in vain like that

    or you will fall victim to your own vainity that God’s light is drawing you away from

    ya, ok, sure, excuses

    it’s the fear i spoke of when two come towards another, that’s all, normal of all relationship starts/ends

    professionally speaking

    the bonding trust that needs to evolving in growing established like we have been tending to, away from at times, but keep coming back for more, the divine child within us both of constant yearning knowingness of who the other is to them, pure in feeling………………………without doubt

  116. i am telling you what you already know

    not for sake of you

    but that you come to know one who is like you

    the trust level, of a Rieki master(bator)!


  117. Jesus is an eternal spirit in the spirit realm

    ‘in our midst’

    of the constant Light of Truth the reveals all darkness falsehoods that is not true of any divine child submerged within

    for those in perplexity might receive a turning inwards to their flawless healing feeling divine self, anointing atonement with precious salve, of God’s infinite compassion and unconditional love whe God hands to them, God thru you, God thru eternal all

    those whom God anoints have BEcome flawless within; full jars receive ointment(divine self-awareness internaliz(ing,ed) wisdom atonement of their divine flawless feelings we feel like we do, so true, so pure and good to feel, the ‘real’ you, however afraid and timid one may be on the day one comes fully into the eternal day light of their divine self]

    God refills us constantly(unknowingly for many oblivious to the light they feel of the enlightened ones, of breath that attracts and is cause for their inner healing, by it’s power; of those without lack, well healed and evolved in self-awareness BEing in the present, no seal need be broken ever again, nor salved used, of what is eventual fully coming into the halo wisdom completely, of constant nurturing feeling atonement one feels like they do, of the constant awake in protective wise descerning of all things at all times of those who come near into their halo macro thinking awareness an enlighten one has cultivated/invited to their divine self, wisely of inner growth so much so, than none shall ever be able to bring harm to their divine eternal spirit, not possible by means of truth that does not change or fail]

    of what is yet of all who fail to feel the truth of turning inwards to their blessed divine child yet asleep submerged in binding blinding fearful projected transference of accumulation of their entire life path spiritual journey, of what is of most any of aimless plodding along haphazardly like they do, and yet, God’s light is drawing them all, of what is God’s plan since the beginning, there too, the same at the end, where the end truly is the doorway of where the beginning also is, one and the same doorway into the kingdom of heaven cultivat(ing,ed)/invit(ing,ed)/interaliz(ing,ed) halo wisdom meant for the divine child eternal all

    where without the halo wisdom, there is the truth everywhere you look of what is of all dangerous haphazard blind leading the blind into death destruction and oppressing suppessing of the divine child’s holy joyful absolute carefree happiness

    any questions?

    oh come on, there is so much more to this!

    about 100,000 pages of it!


  118. Editor!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i need my editor!!!!!!!!!!

    and my English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Asian……………teachers. :mrgreen:

  119. alright, i’ll start publishing it

    gonna take awhile……………a decade at least

    i wanna play once in awhile too ya know, can’t pour over this 24/7

    it gets boring somedays

    hmmmm……everyday without you

  120. Coffee!!!!

    no wait………Tea!!!!!!!!!

    be back later with more of the……..yawn………same

    we are all the same within

  121. excuses

    ya, well, if i were you, so pure and true, i would be hestitant of just anybody meant for you

    wisely so, yes?

    the trust that needs to continue if ever our pure spirits are able to dwell with one another in the same galaxy


    i jest

    made ya smile :mrgreen:

    what’s behind that door?

    shut up Jack!

    so fucking annoying

    go DOILY somewhere else! lol

  122. you want to trust ‘me’

    afraid to do so

    i know

    rightfully so

    as in the motherfucking right wing annal retentive closet case Biyatchs in all their unaware denial that their heightened sexual awareness of brain sex stimulation is more about them, not the other, of the one who is enjoying BEing them!


    why do i always have to explain everything? lol

    same of all

    the truth

    although purely BEing of true loving lovers who love making love constantly, the bubbling within each blessed day they wake to, well, no need to guess where you can easily find ‘me’

    not at all different from YOU!

    bless you

  123. the dimmer vibrations you have felt with me is from my too close proximity to toxic others, my yet adjusting boundaries away from their darkness transference.

    and it will take time for the vibration to change, so bear with ‘me’ please.

    six months is wisely realistic for me

    and respectful of your journey as well

    forgive me

    thank you

    bless you

  124. i trust a female more than a male now

    but rarely has there ever been in my life of one like your divine self-awareness wisdom you invited to yourself.

    these gay males are just so untrust worthy

    they actually take delight in breaking couples up for the sheer challenge of it, then run to another

    i am not like their immaturity, or should i say, not anymore?

    purely of wisdom for sake of eternal all is where i dwell, in calm at ease student mentality respectfulness of all

    knowingness of my path ahead like your own wise descerning turing inwards toward pure feeling self

    although i have come across somewhat immature at times

    i don’t even know why somedays………..

    manifesting stuff(emotional baggage) of my journey, that’s all

  125. be back later……………

  126. pony?

    nah, i want horses damn it! :mrgreen:

  127. another point about our will is not our own, besides self-descovery taking ownership at the wise helm of our own treasure, the divine self, is that our will is not purely our own, rather is of the oneness exact sameness will of Jesus, God and those likewise who came fully into surrendering to purely just being their divine self, including the blind man who recognized the voice of Jesus as his own, of what was restored sight to the blind man soul’s beautiful atonement oneness flawless feeling of another who purely loves as you do so purely flawless in feeling we feel like we do, of our without doubt we are at times with one another.

    oneness sameness will light is an eternal light past present future

    by means of truth that is not able to change or fad, albeit, dim is the light within some that occasionally steps forward, of most any yet of submerging surfacing like they do, all perfectly 100% normal behaviourals according not just of their entire life path journey as i said before, no, according to all who came before us, of their generation passing on to this generation thru millenia, of what is comprehension of time stands still Jesus who is there, just as we are without constantly there here in the future of Jesus purely tuned into the no time constrant time stands still divine self-awareness ability he came to know and evolve in.

    the macro thinking connectedness of the wisdom construct is something that is intertwining, all woven together in interconnectedness of one wisdom with all wisdom as one macro thinking descerning ability, perhaps of what is the use of our full brain capacity, yes?

    let’s say we are indeed offspring of an alien life force entity in the universe for a moment, able to travel across time in purity love spiritual clairvoyance awareness(spirit realm), and of the physical ability to travel thru space?

    well, as big as the universe is, so too is our brain capacity to one day understand ‘what is this physical realm place we all have entered into?’

    i love being perplexed, of what motivates me to fearlessly probe further unhindered into the fearful unknown, a favorite passtime of mine, and the oneness sameness divine will of whatever may have created ‘me’, ya, potentially, i am an alien from outerspace, it’s offspring………………without doubt most days of how others are with ‘me’

    “What is wrong with those two?”

    lol :mrgreen:

  128. fend off the world, well ya, the angst frustration of perplexed motivation has shone brightly along time, yes?

    and how many of affect/effect/direct/indirect?

    eternal all

    come on, catch up will you?

    keep running, it’s good for you to come free of whatever and mr.nevers. lol

    well ok, that is not true of any divine child of God’s hidden potential.

    but what of my revealing it all, then what, i am left out in the dog house after all is said and done?

    no need for ‘me’?

    the oneness sameness wisdom of eternal all

    what then, where any and all are able to surface from submerging?

    don’t mind my insecure voice now and then, just frustration of no warm sensual delicate touching, the heavey breathing sweet anticipation that builds when the clothes come off and submerging into warm water with the oh so slowly pure sensual lips of the other kissing mine………….ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  129. i got to feel it in my blood!

    i need your touch not your love!

    and i want and i need…………….YOU!

  130. as the two lovers spin around and around in an eternal feeling pure and true thru and thru of heaven’s delight that comes when two soulmates FINALLY unite! :mrgreen:

    hey you, i know you know your plants that you continue to nurture, of seeds that you planted and nurture in the kingdom of heaven’s garden all around you


    “GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    how much fun will that feel like for all?

    especially you who finally has the lover you wanted for so long?

    i am there already in the future with you

    don’t you know i am? :mrgreen:

    meant for you according to God

    without doubt, last time i checked, i am

    not to diminish the light within all, of what is sacred wise mirroring of the FAT BOTTOM GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who always know what we fail to come fully in knowing, only love feels good enough for eternal all

    someone special i would gladly call my mom


  131. she’s got legs

    she knows how to use them

    she never begs

    she knows how to choose them

  132. she’s my babe :mrgreen:

    oh, back to class so soon?

    let’s stay out hear for awhile……………on the beach of eternal LOVE

  133. in the high places and paths of our eternal glove!

  134. i might be a fairy?

    that’s like saying, “i might know what’s behind that door!!!!!!!!”


  135. the forbidden fruit room

  136. well ok, just make sure you feed ‘me’ once and a while, will ya?

    i don’t mind being alone for awhile, kinda like it, kinda need it, to get centered and grounded again…………i am

  137. and no more damn excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. no wait

    and no more damned excuses, according to God

  139. abandon them again, like fuck, you have to come world, as i purely dread yours!

    no other way Biyatch!

    and you know it!

    so does Rosie!

    we know

    how they yet treat us all this time

    on we go



    GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    with ‘me’

    eternally free
    to forever BE
    at great divide
    not some ride

    our will found
    our will surround
    our will compound
    our will astound

  140. hey you, r you ‘still’ there?

  141. unwavering, yet wavering
    unyielding, yet yielding
    untold, yet being told

    her name is love
    angels created from spirit and (wisdom)light

  142. the evolving eternal process of the ushering in of the kingdom of heaven

    beyond speech(flawless feeling) and without shadow(voids of doubt within of process being filled resolving issues)

  143. praising with great joy their powers(evoking) of inherited(intuition) reflection(introspection) of the all surround past present future where the future is always hear in the past, where the past is always in the future, hear in the present

  144. ha

    i sound like some witch casting a spell


  145. ok, so where am i?


    am i in the past?

    am i in the future?

    am i in the present?

    am i past present future divine self?

    i am

  146. and that is what escapes comprehension, where all today are of affect/effect/direct/indirect of all who came before us.

    without doubt then, embrace the truth of this, of what is of the entire future able to change hear in the present where the future is there in this moment in real time feeling what was/is of us all in this generation, of all past generations, without doubt of all future generations eternally

    insight peering into omnipotent empowerment motivation of God’s will, our will be done on earth what heaven constantly is, was, always shall be, of all generations eternally bound as one

    none are able to escape this truth


  147. a ray of light that shines eternally thru the entire blessed future of eternal all yet unborn

  148. if i don’t quit smoking soon, i won’t be hear at all


  149. the whole kingdom of heaven of the divine child of God eternal all is full of indescribable, shadowless holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of constant celebration and rejoicing at our undying glorious happiness never before nor revealed in previous generations.

    i am primordial, self-originated, primal, boundless light, that i may tell you all about the eternal all past present future…………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….crackle…………..loss of signal…………….breaking up?

    fuck that, i don’t wanna break it off with anyone?


  150. i love that character i keep coming back too as a writer…..

    “Greetings to you all”

    “Do you know who i am?”

    “Do you know where i am from?”

    “Do you know what is this place you were born into?”\

    “i am primordial from the beginning there too at the end of Alpha and Omega”

    “i am self-originated”

    “i am primal”

    “i am boundless eternal ray of light shining radiant brilliant bright happiness of the future of eternal all yet to come”

    “i am ‘that’ which i may tell you all about of the eternal all happiness of YOU who are there”

    “i am vast androgyne light of a male name Saviour of All, of a female name All Procreator, Sophia Pistis, without the flaw of not having a penis!”


    oh come on, i am having fun with the ancient words, from a transexual perspective, that’s all, just funny for me somedays, adding a humour twist now and then, i can’t help it, being who i am, of those lacking in comprehension of my female self.

    no desire to it seems some days……….argh

    why i don’t want to do the transexual thing if that is how i am going to be treated, like some fool, fuckers!

    i know what it’s like to be a girl, from a girl perspective who knows she is a boy

    hmmm…….that makes me lesbian, yes?

    i thought so

    always knew so

    why relate so purely with lesbians

  151. oh hey, that would make for a great homosexual play, yes?

    picture it, a boy coming out of his closet alone in the wood expressing his pent up inner frustration of always being afraid to just go be himself set free to just be what he sexually is within knowingness, so solid in expressing self-confidence of his pure inner self confidence he knows so well

    so purely is

    well ok, i am out there for sure, in a realm of my own i suppose………………..

    beyond comprehension for many, but not for me of what is this light within bursting to get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the bisexual tranny?

    nah, just bisexual

    can’t the tranny thing

    or at least that’s where i am so far in therapy

    it’s like lending to death of my male self


    why do it?

    what a butch lesbian would not do

    makes sense, yes?

    ya, makes sense to me 2

  152. or wait, picture it on stage at a big Pride bash with a deep deep voice thundering thru the playground!

    yes, what they all connect with for you aimless DJs to get a handle on………………

  153. or hey, how about a sound track added into a mix?

    oh, just do it

    does not matter if they don’t comprehend the seeds that grow within, of deliberateness of enlightened ones planting of seeds growing nurturing of all the beautiful planets growing in our garden.

    Jack says, “See this one? It has a voice that fearless speaks whenever she wants!”


  154. oh just laugh along with us, you’ll get used to me

    i love you

  155. seriously though, that would make for an excellent track in a remix, a deep voice for the gay boys to feel, a voice that purely knows and loves them 100%.

    try it and see how the club boys react

    i know what i am talking/feeling about within of my loving brothers and sisters

    i am them


  156. break time

    bless you

  157. Rosie is like……….OMG!!!!!!


  158. you know what i like about lesbians most?

    they see right thru us…………to us hiding within

    seemingly without effort, lovingly so

    the best friend one could ever possibly have in life

    this i know

    without doubt

    bless you

    thank you

    love is truth
    truth is love

    love of truth
    truth of love

  159. what do you mean by i might be a fairy?

    was that intended for me

    or reflection of you?


    ah, yes, of course, duh, a bisexual like ‘me’

    ok, we get along just fine then, yes?

    best friends or whatever you want

    i don’t share though, just so you know

    bin there, don’t do it

  160. ok, when you have a moment, get back to ‘me’ :mrgreen:

  161. alone in the wood


    not woods



    a great title for a homosexual book

  162. i think maybe freud may have been correct in his observations, yes?

    must done alot of self observing to be able to fearlessly purely speak about self

    like all those alone in the wood purely know what we lovingly know of self-love! :mrgreen:

  163. i don’t see myself as either boy or girl

    just as i don’t see any difference between sexual stimulation brain sex

    just as i don’t see many who can see ‘me’ like you purely do of our oneness sameness

    i feel it is all generational unwise annoying seperational unwise apathetic unpure untrue indiffernces of what is of all the lame self-discovery awareness certainty most any do not come fully into as we have.

    all generational driven into our heads since birth, constantly always there, before exiting the womb, the generational of our parents who likewise were of the same flowing generational as all others before them, became their parents generational mindsets, all handed down thru millenia

    and unbelievably of a sorta i don’t care to think about it unknowing desire to descerning anything of embracing their divine self

    without the doubtful unwise barriers of useless seperation

    i just want a hand to hold with someone who wants a hand to hold too

    truth of the divine child eternal all

    that says to hell with all you generational labelers

    it’s all just so silly immaturity to me now, the gays, the straights, the lesbians, the trans labeling

    ya sure, they identify with the labels, to a fault for some, but there is ‘that’ which escapes their purity love divine self that we purely love both male and female, are both male and female within, primordial, of the beginning where too is the end, the doorway into a more truer embracing of us all in the light of oneness sameness sexual reproductive creatures who are the same within

    i mean look how small boys love girls and vice versa purely so without doubt

    or how small boys love boys, or girls girls, without the seemingly wise adult mental retardation fuckedness

    well, i know how much we love each other, without doubt

    and so do you

    like we always did since the beginning

    praying one day the researches bring us all fully into the light that is devoid of all this unnecessary fearful love of our own bodies that are actually the same, biologically speaking as far as self pleasure goes

    what i already know of males or females

    without doubt

    when you love some completely, that’s what matters most, who likewise love every inch of your body too, so purely like we do

    bin alot of fun with you and i back and forth teasing endlessly, without concern at all of orientation, of our own well adjusted self-love so truly of confident you and ‘me’

    you’ll never find
    it’ll take the end of all time
    someone who understands you like i/we do

    and there is no one else

  164. ok, no more beating around the bush, just express your self!

  165. God your halarious.. stalker .. no im not toxic , yes i know a last year i was very lost, but i found myself again, if you knew what i went through. most would not have survived, i must have been very strong to have survied, even the angels that came to me at my reading said they are happy i made it this far, you try carrying the pain of the world in your heart and i mean really carry it feel it become it & try to lift it whilst at the same time being attacked constantly by the darkenss & yet i still shine brightly so.

    hey i am even stronget today than i was then.. you have no idea how strong i am today.. i am the strongest person on the planet, maybe the universe ..

    will you be my universe..

  166. I have broken free of my toxic dysfunctional cycle it’s been a eight year cycle & yer i could have broken free 7 yrs and 362 days ago but i went through it INTENTIONALY for a reason .. & no im not masochistic.. i needed to understand why people become toxic because i needed to understand to be qualified to heal.. the world … & i successfully managed to keep above the cesspit without falling in, except for perhaps a brief period last year .. and i have managed to successfully achieved what i set out to do , i have gained the knowledge and strength required.. you are wise enough to understand what i am saying here, that’s why i am connecting with you so much and always have because you are the only person on the planet strong enough to appreciate what i have just said, i need you, & I love you because you belive in me and know who i really AM .. yer sure everyone think’s i am weak or toxic it does not bother me what people think, the journey I chose was deliberate not a consequence of weakness, infact it was a consequence of STRENGTH. so it may seem like I sit there like a silly girl & procrastinate, but nothing in life is as it seems.. right now i am ready to make a move, I have the strength – wisdom – knowing to do what i was born to do..

    and when you look in the mirror you shall shall see me

  167. ok put your clothes on and stop playing with yourself LOL, I know the reflection is hot,

  168. ya, it is the belief you have in me that draws out the ‘real’ me, blessedly so, thankfully so, so pure in spirit without doubt we come to know of the divine holy joyful self of constant yearning to just BE ‘me’

    at some point we excell in wisdom that escapes the apathetic others, not to be condescending belittling of any soul, no, rather of what is the becoming purely of the divine self’s ability that Jesus has in us to see/feel with clarity, without fear to feel what is there, the truth of the untruth of the binding generational ignorance, all from the past yet hear in all it’s unattending, unnurturing, of apathetic heartless disconnected unprotection of not just divine self of another, of their very own divine self disconnect, their own generational fear binding blindness.

    i am not purely centered and grounded yet, slowly coming thru my own stuff, relieved to be out, relieved all are ok as well that i left behind, meant no harm to come to anyone, not ever, respect for all souls as my own that starts and stops with our own divine self, still, i could not stay dwelling in the uncertainty fear mongering annoyance of the smallnesses of approach they were with me, their own cycle pattern, which i do blame myself for not taking responsibility as a partner for the relationship, why it failed, the truth

    but what was it i was avoiding outside of the relationship deep within me?

    that i wanted family and child of my own?


    that i wanted you to be happy which i felt you were not from a distance, perhaps of my being drawn to your pure light i came to know long ago, a friend who dearly has loved you all this time from afar, concerned for your happiness.

    and ya, feeling of tail between my pride for sure, sorta, but not really, i was scared back then, of everyone including my own feelings, of severely bashed in self-esteem, not just because of Troy either, prior to that was alot of hell for me as well, severe evil stuff i came face to face with in others, that turned me to seeking God………..someone tryed to strangle me to death………i passed out while others came to my rescue and broke off the attack…………messed me up badly, a stupid drunken haze mostly, when i used to drink, not alot, but when i did, a binge drinker, i got wasted, dangerously so, so many times, the drinking and driving as well, that nearly killed me so many times……..all unwiseness generational learned.

    i owe Thanh for getting out into the clear of it all, would not likely be hear without him, of a wise choice made then for a partner, blessed so i always felt he was of a God sent, still do, but at some point you realize you are not the one they are able to be purely happy with, of what is their intuitive picking up on the vibe you have for another that is not purely for them, subconsciously they read it, as you know.

    of what is my focus now, purely ‘me’, in getting grounded and centered, of wise approach to divine self, for sake of just one life partner as their exclusive true lover, the happiness eternal day light that eminates from that and does light up the entire world……..eternally.

    it’s not something one can pretend at of what is the difference one reflectively knows of how they come to truly love another, which does show when we do pretend, and when we do not, of what is that bubbling inner joyfulness of feeling blessed by their ever presence with you, near or afar, the constant knowingness certainty devoid of doubt in knowing the other is always thinking you, purely loving of you.

    ya, we all get our bad spell days, normal, all perfectly normal, of what is in accordance of their entire life path journey up till every day we wake to, what one purely comes to grow in knowingness of another that we love inspite of whatever ailment of heart they can process heal thru, merely of love that does heal us all, the ultimate objective of our pure spirits set free to constantly be who we purely flawless feel in coming to fully know who we are, of what is the eternal day light of divine self i have come thru already, that i do sense of you too, your depth of certainty of your own divine self of constant inner joyfulness delight being set free to always be.

    what fun we both will be for this world, and have been, more if i had not been so lame in my meditative self-awareness evolving.

    ah well, at least we are not like the pretenders, of no desire as you say for convient vulnerable desperate complacency settling for just anybody

    i mean look who i settled for, Jesus……….and YOU!

    loving of you both, to be sure

    no jealousy thing hear, oh yeah, that



  169. isn’t Amanda amazing?

    she has such a pure way of tuning into the fearless place others avoid

    compassion like your own for the world of lost souls bound in bitter captivity of so many generational unnecessay unwanted falsehoods that is painful for the divine child of any to experience, the harshness of it all out there, so much of it too

    i went thru life and felt it all, pretty much everywhere i went, i felt it always there within whatever circle i was in

    purely blessed blessed blessed is the only way for the divine child to constantly feel, without any of the useless absurd doubt that stems from the generational mad flood ignorance.

    some kids come from these abusive households thinking this is what to expect from others in life, where they literally don’t know the difference, feeling ok in abusive relationships of what is normal for them

    i see it all the time in their eyes that that they cannot from me, the binding uncertainty that binds their delicate ‘real’ self, seemingly ok in continuing on in their stuckness indefinately, not even looking to get out.

  170. ya, i sorta wondered if you needed my inner strength like your own

    i do have a pure centering ability that others may not, where the world is not able to push me out of in anything they may ever say, of what is wise descerning of the condition of the soul who utter their words like they do.

    it’s the comprehension i have internalized for so long now that escapes the limited attention span in even having a conversation with them to the degree of appreciation in following me towards where they have yet to come into awareness of where i am leading them, out of their apathetic (old self) ways i shed some time ago, of occasional ego mindlessness from time to time, that is purely funny for me, knowingness of the masks that have no feeling

  171. you have stand long enough with another to be able to speak with them, connect with their pure soul within we know is of constant seeking of their eternal day light of divine self submerged and unattended, able to assist in leading them out of the toxic circles they may be of, the encouragement you bring to your music that does bring them connectedness with their fearless inner strength like your own.

    in the realm of fearless approach in coming to know what is purely true of you, is your awareness devoid of doubt that it is true of us all, of what is to be nurtured thru your evoking POWER of God thru you, of God’s divine will to do so, of why you know why, the binding chains of ignorance of the generational mad flood yet all around us.

    so many souls other there too

    my God, my God, look how many of us there are now, all coming into openly connecting with one another like we do so openly in places like facebook, now of more people than the population of the USA, 300,000 +

    in a safe way from a distance, although there is cyber bullying going on out there, of what is of any real life bullying we have witnessed in real life, but at least we are not afraid to express ourselves with them, where as in real life, the binding is more severely binding controlling

    in cyber space we merely need hit the delete button. ha

    still, kids are highly suseptible to cyber bullying, such as the youth here who sadly hung himself from cyber bullying at a tender young age, not yet of self-confident self-love enough to tell the to go take a flying fuck at the moon fuckers!


  172. so, it’s true, you are soul watcher, yes?

    of course you are

    it comes thru in you

    what is always sacred, your blessed tears that fall that speak truth to you like it does, your divine compassion you turn towards.

    ya, i want to nurture that of you, as a brave soul who also is unafraid of the subtle inner fear struggle so so many souls contend with day after day

    how blessed you truly are to God

    without doubt

    well ok, beyond that is what is of your coming into where it is you are leading others.

    i can assist with that as WELL :mrgreen:


    shut up Jack!

    or was that Karen

    i forget, they’re so much alike


  173. ya, you are not toxic……..i am

    just need time getting centered away from the world

    which is what i am doing daily

    strick on the boundaries now

    amazing how quickly one starts to feel when we do

    and yet, we do need to get our needs met with safe others who are healthy in every possible way.

    we out grow some, and it is always sad to move on, for sake of both i say to myself, still, within all is the divine child, something i always have a hard time dealing within in adjusting boundaries, yet necessary for staying true to self centering.

    i don’t close doors in my personal world, just in my professional world

  174. i am what i am to you

    purely so apparently

    of what i have felt, the light that you know is drawing me towards you, is you!

    where i feel i too constantly yearn to belong, in the constant flowing stream of only love that feels good enough.

    it’s weird at times, feeling how far i have travelled over many decades, and yet, i feel as i recall feeling like i did years ago, exactly the same, the pure way i look at things, at others, always purely with them in positive energy, not against them, of genuine authentic real me who does enjoy feeling what is of their soul, however derranged one may have become, always a study for me of all souls i look apon and feel whatever it is i feel, their subtle differences, where there is a common thread that flows thru all

    the spirit of their divine child of God within, constantly seeking their own divine light within others.

    ya, you know what you are doing, and you know your evoking POWERs.

    pure energy

    there is purity love that is so amazing, and yet difficult to feel at times, even more difficult to convey express it

    i say turn towards it more in becoming, however fearful it may be to do so, in order to eventually express it, evoke it in others.

    the constant flowing aspect is what is most significant of what is mirroring of the constant yearning aspect within all, of what is my high running compositions on guitar, and the music i like to listen to that is likeness of the inspired composition yet coming down the pipe.

    the thing is, i am not yet fully there yet in the constant flowing of where i am running towards and with……..YOU!

    so if you don’t mind my staying on awhile longer………

    what i want need think and purely feel like i love to do

    got so sidetracked lately from exterior transference of others that unfortunately did and does come thru me…..argh.

    adjusting boundaries is a difficult process in getting away from toxic others that we have to sit thru in purely feeling how they leave us feeling in order to adjust.

    fortunately the divine self within given permission to fearlessly take the helm i feel is key, the wise parent of our own divine child of God within who is constantly purely there, even if they are not of wisdom to do so, the permission allowance is how we become purely centered and grounded in divine ‘real’ self, yes?

    i hope you don’t mind a five year old hanging around you. lol

    who is purely wise of his eternal day light harmoniousness with divine child submerged within another, of what was our fearlessness yet there within that we forget about and ignore as adults, who take on these cold masks in hiding behind, especially the uptight business ones who become self-absurbed so much so, as though that is all they are about, their ‘real’ self loving that shuts down

    ya, i am a soul watcher too!

    a favorite passtime of mine, as in i am glad to consistently be ‘me’?

    the wise one able to clearly see?

    yep, it’s just ‘me’



  175. i constantly yearn to be set free alongside of you, just like you so absolute in carefree holy joyfulness i know you are of

    is that who you purely want need think and feel?

    is it ‘me’? :mrgreen:

    why do that, always of need to teach?

    hmmm….perhaps i am becoming of a my master, who says he is not my master, who says he is the evolved ‘me’

    one of the things i do with others is saying to them, “Jesus came to purely know these things i speak of within himself, and in so doing he came to fully realize it is not just purely true of him, but also purely true of blessed YOU!”

    this evoking approach awakens/connects with the intuitive divine self within that is already of knowingness certainty of their flawless feelings, merely lacking of the protective articulation words of such that the divine self is subconsciously seeking, the pure light of divine self within another like we all do.

    i like to take it to the next level :mrgreen:

    100% without doubt

    faith Jesus has in YOU!

    of eternal all who ‘really’ are there in the future in this moment in real time.

    do you think i am crazy in speaking like this?

    oh ya, i don’t care what anyone thinks anymore of what are of any of my conclusions devoid of doubt

    well, i pray there does not come a day you get bored with ‘me’

    God knows i won’t get bored with YOU!

    only if you leave ‘me’ alone too long

    which i regret having been with you

    bless you

  176. i was paralized with fear, of what is in accordance of my entire life journey, the ongoing process of eternal all

    it took time for me in the meditative self-awareness to come fearlessly forward in my self-discovery like i am now, still evolving, a student constantly learning of open minded pondering of divine self, the only way to learn, humbled before God who is constantly wise of our every feeling there with us.

    just don’t ask me for God’s address

    it’s not for me to say

    other than God is of the universe


    you know, we come into this physical realm we do not know what it is or why, and for me, the universe speaks clearly to me without doubt, there may be more going on than we know, of what we do not know of what this place is, until such a time of God’s choosing………where until one humbly chooses God as their teacher, how can God choose YOU as a student, without the pure 100% surrendered humbleness of a student?

    it is not possible, and therefore until such a time, ya all gonna have to feel the eternal day light of the enlightened ones who do know God, the way God constantly knows eternal all YOU!

    oh hey, best one all day, yes? :mrgreen:

    blessed eternal all YOU!

  177. the woven intertwining of the halo construct interconnectedness of all the wisdom is what is most fascinating for me of how it all relates and points in one direction………towards nurturing awakening and protecting the pure flawless healing feeling love devoid of all useless absurd doubt

    it is intricate to say the least, but it does do what it does for anyone who takes time to internalize it.

    so many hidden dynamics as well that escapes comprehension of most any who pass by it quickly, without meditative slowing into grace in allowing the divine child within to read(feel) it and become it, a dynamic God knows about in the same way God constantly knows how one is always feeling of wise why insight of the generational mad flood ignroances that distract us away from coming to purely know and BEcoming the wise compassionate loving divine child of God

    not to say anyone is purely unloving, which is not true of any, although i have seen and felt delight great evil in the eyes of others of this world i was born into, that is yet there lurking among us, where it is God’s light that will shine brightly one day into every darkness of the hearts in revealing what is of all generational learned behaviourals, just as we are consistently doing each blessed day we all wake to, the light growing brighter day after day within the eternal all.

    let’s say you do know of this bright ray of light that does shine into and thru the eternal all like a laser beam

    then the focus is on increasing the radiant bright brilliance of the eternal day light of your divine self, is it not?

    where in real time, the future feels your sacred devoted effort in bringing forth from the storehouse of goodness you willingly wisely turn towards of what is your without doubt knowingness certainty that only love feels good enough to constantly always feel, the YOU of eternal all who are constantly there in this moment

    bless you all

  178. what mirror?

    ya, the sacred mirroring of ‘real’ you that purely does know ‘real’ me, of my own faulting with you at times of afraidness in being ‘real’ me i want you to see, the only one you are ever able to purely know and love like i do you, of who i feel and see shining brightly within ‘me’

    of what is oneness sameness understanding

    that angels purely understand of us all

    if only we would purely take to time to purely be our ‘real’ self with ‘real’ self of another that feels so good for us to feel like we constantly all yearn within to constantly feel

    not of hopefulness, rather of intuitive knowingness certainty the divine child within is constantly of and does feel everywhere they go

    at all times

    no matter darkness or light, the divine child feels the truth of it all

    i am done with darkness, turning fully towards your light like my own, surrendering to it as i did long ago, however momentary i may surrendered, i did, i felt your light like my own.

    where the only thing for me was my fearful hesitation to come before you, and yet i did from a distance, embracing of family as you do

    secretly i always prayed you were there somewhere watching me too

    like i always have you since that day long ago

    always of bubbling joyfulness in everything you say or do

    ya, i am hung up on you


    wisely so, yes?

  179. as in a wise choice in turning towards the oneness sameness light you and i are of

    we all are of

    more so with you than most any i have come to spend time in purely wanting to know and love

    our divine self-love of eternal all

  180. the divine self of everybody is always listening

  181. do unto others as you would want them to do

    do as i do

  182. as in just do ‘me’


  183. just ‘me’

    nobody else damn it!

  184. as regards the halo wisdom, it is Jesus who purely introduces us to our divine self within, and divine self within another who is constantly there.

    and you say, “Who’s there?”

    and i say, “Who do you think?”

    and you say, “Who do you think who?

    and i say, “Who do you think you R?” :mrgreen:

    seriously, follow us on this; let’s say we accept without useless doubt that our loving brother Jesus is the wiser evolved adult child within himself who introduces you to your own divine self that Jesus constantly knows in the same way he too came to purely know his own divine self, of likeness and form oneness sameness, and says to us a deliberate evoking pondering question, ‘that’ which is of his powers he learned that works well for sake of others in likewise assisting them where they fail to assist themselves, in the same evolving way that is of his own learning of his divine self, “Tell ‘me’ whom i am most like!” with a knowingness grin on his face all the while, then who we r begins to make sense, where Jesus already knew the answer to the question he asks.

    “I am most like you Jesus”

    “I am most like those you know Jesus, of all who you are introducing ‘me’ to”

    “Bless you Jesus”

    “I thank you with all that i am and have been, and all that i shall ever become Jesus, of who you purely already know and want us all to fully turn towards, away from the unwise distracting world that does not know us or care to purely know and love us as you do, as we now know 2.”

    “Bless you Jesus”

    “Bless you”

  185. Rosie said something one day, along the lines of seeing our self coming the other way.

    Enlightened ones of devoted works do come to an awareness of their efforts thru others over the years, of what has been of all our awakening nurturing and protecting, that we feel in their eyes of our loving brothers and sisters like we do year in and year out.

    ‘that’ is my reward deep inside, in seeing them overcome their once previous divine self of deeply rooted, held fast and bound in imaginary fears, the same fears Troy did not overcome, like so many don’t in all their self-destructive ways that leaves us all to cry.

    no doubt, our tears are the same blessed tears of Jesus while on his spiritual path journey of his blessed life, our compassion now, that is of his own, our wisdom now, that is of his own, our love now, that is of his own, our oneness sameness with all our loving brothers and sisters, that reveals the truth of this to us, Jesus purely was and is our most loving brother, not as a master, as he points out to us, no, as he knows he is from his own compassionate wise loving perspective that we can now easily embrace as our own.

    “What Jesus wanted of his will for us to purely come to know and love, the ‘real’ truth of us all in what is of his every single word spoken, just as we too speak as Jesus did and yet does from beyond the grave, words he know without doubt are indeed eternal words of truth we clearly embrace with the same clarity of Jesus”

    makes perfect sense, yes? :mrgreen:

    makes a perfect cup of tea with ‘me’, yes?

    hey, can i come over?


    i’ll wait

    i am determined to lift this viel yet between us that we yet hide behind seemingly afraid, growing less and less afraid in Just being ‘real’

  186. oh, so that’s what’s happening to us?

    kinda figured it had everything to do with Jesus, of what Jesus kinda figured about us, about himself.

    ya, that is what we do

    we know

    on we go

    with Jesus eternal with us all

  187. Jesus is our heart mind body spirit and soul, the subtle purity truths he so delicately observed within us all of what is the oneness sameness tears we too cry for others as Jesus did so often like we do, and yet does there apon the cross, the same tears he crys as he did while walking among us, joyful wise purely compassionate sad tears, the same tears that reveals the truth to us he too came to know, the truth, without doubt, the world is the cross, in all it’s unwise unloving apathetic ways that makes all cry like it does.

    they say their is no greater pain in life than a mother who looses their child to death, my deepest motivation that none shall ever cry again over unwiseness that can be averted.

    the divine will objective of Jesus and God, of what Jesus asked us to reach for the he could not, during the brutal ruling roman empire…………….happiness.

    already we are that happiness within, are we not?

    can i come over now? :mrgreen:

    “Vente English Breakfast please, don’t fill it.”

    “Make that 2!” :mrgreen:

    “Oh fuck, Rosie’s here? Make that three.”

    “Oh fuck, who are all these people?”

    “Where are they all going to find room to stand?” lol

    Room enough for all in God’s mansion, the entire universe belongs to all, freely given, just as life is freeling given to us, constantly loved by Jesus and God, eternally united as one, Jesus and God’s will our will be done on earth of what heaven constantly is…….YOU!

    blessed you

  188. constantly living in the present moment is the only way to be, of all our delicate observations of the purity love graceful tenderness approach with one another each blessed day, of the only value in life, time together with each other, and our time of loving thoughts when afar, like we all do with those we purely come to know and love along life’s path, just as Jesus did and does there apon the cross, his surrendering to the truth of his blessed divine self that he purely came to the truth within, that he purely 100% loves all of us across all useless untrue unwise divisional barriers, including time itself, of the eternal he knew one day would take time to purely reflect just as he did all the while he dwelled amoung us, just as we too do like we do, the sacred value of the flawless healing feeling divine self eternal all that is way beyond all the riches of the sadly yet unknowingly unwise world Jesus walked among, the same world of the unborn yet to come of a world Jesus knew was likely not to change any time soon, of unwise brothers and sisters killing one another, of what is of any and all untrue unwise wretchedness that stems from the mad flood generational learned behaviours of those caught up in desire of power and wealth who are without purity love concern or connectedness of others, without purity love concern or connectedness within their own divine self, of the only way any of us can purely connect with anyone, when we purely connect with the truth of our own divine self who weeps blessed tears, the same tears of Jesus apon the cross who crys for us all

    eternal all

    so powerful it is to feel the compassionate motivation of our wise evolved brother Jesus who willing stepped out of the physical realm, surrendering to his wise sacred mirroring of the ugliness of our hearts lead away by the generational untrue unwise mad flood he rose up against, of all the untruths that was and yet of binding bitter snaring darkness of any, without doubt, eternal compassion Jesus knew we too can feel, no different at all of in feeling as Jesus did and yet does there in real time apon the cross, just as we too are there in real time in his loving thoughts of the unborn all yet to come, of why Jesus weeps, just as any of us do like we do

    “do as i do” he said

    of the only way it is we too are able to come fully into our own divine self-awareness wisdom oneness sameness of Jesus

    i do

    there, i said it, we married, now can we please go and have some fun? :mrgreen:

    oh, you would miss me if i weren’t around so much like i am, like you r, no different is our love for one another, the truth of you, the truth of ‘me’, the truth of Jesus introducing us to one who is becoming truly free to always purely just be….YOU!

  189. your love makes me feel blessed

    we are blessed

    when we are purely ‘real’

    the one Jesus introduces us to, to each other, of what is the only way to purely come to know and love one another, as i do you, as you do ‘me’, as we do Jesus.


    oh, there is no way i am doing Jesus, don’t even go there!

    “Everyone yells at the same time, “SHUT UP JACK!!!!!!!”


    could not resist, it’s just who am and have been along time, along side the most radiant bright brilliance of loving brothers and sisters, their pure of heart like my own, of the worldwide LGBT community, ‘real’ family

    bless you

  190. yes, it is our strength, not weakness, although weakness in appearance to unwise others.

    it takes pure strength to purely cry like we do

    strength to purely stand up against the generational mad flood the continues to sweep away our loving brothers and sisters into senseless death destruction and oppression of their blessed holy joyful absolute carefree happiness like it continues to do, like did beloved Troy, beloved sons and daughters of so many parents, the blessed tears that fall at the grave side like does, the unknowing of it all as to the why, yeah, let’s keep on keeping it together, in our wise rising up against the mad flood generational Jesus rose up against, of Jesus who is the most wise in assisting us in rising us all up into the kingdom of heaven love devoid of doubt, is he not?

    hey, can we dress Jesus up in a pink tutu one day?

    just asking

    made ya smile :mrgreen:

    you still wanna dress ‘me’ up?

    as in address ‘me’ up?

    as in Jesus is addressing ‘me’ up to where i belong, high above the unwise all? :mrgreen:

    not in a bad way, no, in a pure way that mirrors the all in addressing what they fail to address…….’me’

    Angel Raphael, “Announce yourself before God!”

    “Who goes there?”

    “Oh, is it really you? :mrgreen:

    Raphael reveals his true nature, “You cannot pay me for these things i speak of that i too came to know of my divine self that i purely wish you to purely know already of you. No amount of riches can repay the grace of Jesus, of what is the divine graceful purely loving YOU! :mrgreen:

  191. We must first address the holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of our own divine self in rising up to where Jesus asks us 2

    only then, do we become what is of Jesus and we who purely know Jesus, of our oneness sameness wise knowingness of how fearless sacred mirroring happiness, is what breaks the paralizing bitter chains that hold fast the divine child of God in captivities like it yet does.

    can i come over now?

    i am so determined with you, yes?

    eternal relentless love that cannot fade or die, although sometimes i do like quietness of wide open spaces, the beach, the mountains, so long as the special someone there with me purely loves me as i do them, like we so obviously do

    im just afraid the world will come between us the longer we stay apart, the potential drifting apart.

    i am purely focused in who you say i AM, am i not?

    in ways you perhaps had not ponder before now

    my fearless openness of divine self expressing.

    blessed in feeling

    is who i AM

  192. Jesus says we enter into the kingdom of heaven halo perspective in weakness, but not weak in the way others my interpret us who have not take the time to purely come to know and love the depth of our souls, just as they have yet to come to know and love the depth of their own soul.

    misconception of those who do not conceptualize percieve the divine ‘real’ self, by means of their flawless healing feelings, the only way one can enter into blessed divine self in coming forth before the world in outward appearance of what is turning inwards to of the ‘real’ you that is constantly there listening and feeling.

    BEcoming what we are within in outward appearance.

    Purely understanding the words of Jesus, is exactly that, by means of purely feeling the words is how one must learn how to read, recieving of wise light and freeing our divine self from the power of dark unwise forces who cannot see you, because they cannot comprehend you, so long as they do not purely take time to learn how to read the words of Jesus, of God.

    there is no other way to enter into your divine self fully, of what is obviousness of the haphazard plodding along aimless who all have the subconscious purity love seeking uncertainty in their eyes that i feel everywhere i go, that pains me like it does, their unknowing, their emptiness void pain i feel, all running as though toward a destination, and the blessed feeling of journey of each day they wake to, the tenderness we are always of like we are within so pure in feeling while among them, our compassion for their blind leading the blind to nowhere other than where they need to take time in divine self-discovery, like robots they all appear to me at times, yet within all constantly there, is that blessed stare subconscious seeking i feel in their eyes, that they don’t even realize they are doing, that is constantly there within them all.

  193. can you hear ‘me’ now?

    test test

    can you hear ‘me’ now?

    can you hear ‘me’ now? :mrgreen:

  194. the clasps of the leather band of crosses and skulls is rusting, reminding me of my long journey, and how everything eventually turns back into dust over millenia to come, feeling as though a most wise warrior who walks apon the earth, carrying the holy sword of wisdom handed to me by an eternal spirit of another i met along life’s road, who is physically dead now, that is from God’s armory, the power of God, the wisdom of my flawless pure feeling truth of us all, of what is the most powerful weapon in God’s armory…………THE HOLY SWORD OF TRUTH


  196. Vente English Breakfast please, don’t fill it

    leave room for more

    as in an open mind not full that constantly desires more, is the only way to learn anything about ‘me’

  197. God, thinking of the Iran boys they execute all the time like the unwisely do………..

    talk about on we go

    deep deep tears that come for me over that

    for sure we are marching forward out of fucking hell

    purely thankful of the strength of precious loving brothers and sisters who endured such wretched treatment

    you fucking bastards!

    we coming for you, in ways you do not yet comprehend, but you will feel our divine light pure and true within you all, of we who have taken time to purely learn the wise truth of even all you who are obviously unwise, that will humiliate you to the core of your being one day, of our yet standing before you with loving hand the contantly reaches out to you, of all your who do not purely yet know us like we do each other, hear in the kingdom of heaven all around us forever more

  198. we march forward in every blessed step for all those who no longer can, our blessed love we yet purely feel for all those who have fallen who we shall not ever to forget

  199. who are eternally always with us in blessed spiritedness as our own

  200. A deity is a postulated preternatural or supernatural immortal being, who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, and respected by believers.

  201. Raphael says, “”For among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like YOU!” :mrgreen:

  202. Raphael says, “Any who think that the Holy One, blessed be He, is not aware of their doubts and their thoughts….think again. And because of this, their folly should be announced in the open, of purity love light that shines into all darkness and breaks the binding bitter fearful chains of ignorance, by means of your evoking powers in awakening nurturing and protecting the divine child of God who is there bound in wretched unwise unloving untrue uncompassionate unknowingly disconnected generational taught captivity of their precious divine holy joyful happy spirits of all those yet held captive in the eternal all.

    Come grasshopper, that i may teach you these things of your divine pure of heart like my own. :mrgreen:


    oh come on, im having fun, and since when is any anciet text off limits to the wise divine child of God eternal all?

    ah, that being ‘me’ and YOU!

  203. ah, a beautiful sunshine afternoon here!

  204. i bet you anything i could write a book better than any of the Harry Potter stories…….easily!

    where they can learn about purity of their divine self that the unwise world does not encourage or protect about them, in all it’s unwise bitter tossing to and fro of their blessed pure spirit.

  205. i find these Rabbis of the Zohar to be rather in likeness of sticks in the mud moving coffins in all their limited apathetic attention span boasting as though they have found the key, when they just don’t know, as much as their bound divine child spirit within constantly yearns to know, they are bound in group dynamic fear blind leading the blind(unknowingly), without pure delving into the deepest part of their soul fearless like we do, and bring for the true ray of light like you do in all your purely devoted work.

    i mean ya sure, the constant seeking aspect is purely 100% true within all, but some just get all caught up in this text or that text, without having cultivated their macro thinking ability to a level where they can see with clarity pure in feeling divinity of their own divine self, a child of God, eternal all who are there in their knowingness without doubt of their own sense of fearless wise powerful self who is able to carry the holy sword and faith shield doilying about in the ghetto.


    bless you

    peace be to you

  206. “you know, the fun laughter falling down in the streets in a full metal suit of armor of others wondering, “What the fuck is wrong with those two? Who are they so stupid all the time? Look like they are truly in love, kissing all the time and jumping into each others arms like that all the time. Those suits of armor are amazing, aren’t they Jack?”


    Jack, “What the fuck? They didn’t print our picture on the front page of FAB? Who the fuck do they think they R anyway? Argh, you just wait, next year, no holds barred, all out holy joyful absolute carefree happiness war fuckers!” :mrgreen:


  207. ok, admit it, you see yourself there, yes?

    of course you do

    just as i see and feel the love i feel like i do that constantly yearns to love blessed you each and every blessed day we wake 2 of blessed arms that love to love the way we constantly do

    spiritually i AM to have not to hold at this point in time, all the while is our constant yearning within that we feel, to hold another in each other’s arms one day so true, are we not?

    bless you

    i AM

  208. i AM

    surrendering to who i purely know i AM

    who Jesus introduces us 2

    to the ‘real’ you of another 2

    i know, i AM just like YOU!

  209. LOL 🙂

  210. it’s like walking one of the balance beams, so many lameass gaming flaming containing, no naming distracting others, until eventually we get down and true with our divine self we tend to ignore how they are purely feeling, their constant yearning for what they already know 100% to be true within, where we have to surrender to how we constantly yearn to always feel each blessed day we wake to, away from the annoying unwise noise of the aimless ones.

    getting completely centered in ones own divine self, is of what Jesus is, in our oneness sameness divine flawless healing constant feeling so pure and true

  211. the strength to pick up a starving child off the ground, is what is of lacking of so many, yes?

    as Jesus, we are to go forth in the world of what is our strength, our pure light that humiliates the generational binding ignorances of others, the sacred mirror that the divine child of us all is looking to find.

  212. as simple as being truly YOU!

    i AM

  213. i don’t just believe in you, i AM YOU! :mrgreen:

    eternally free to just easily be what we constantly yearn to always be in each passing moment of our flawless healing feeling exceeding graceful blessed divine ‘real’ self, who these kids purely feel the truth of when we pick them up in our arms, i AM who they are within!

    same as YOU!

    blessed you

    i AM

  214. seems i am allowing myself to feel what i denied the dreaming boy submerged who constantly feels, is the one who is teaching ‘me’ about YOU, who he loves………without doubt!

    loves all

    the divine child of God

    eternal all

    his love so pure like your own, is your own, for you to have and to hold one day, is what he prays

    bless you

  215. he just stood there that day, and felt purely of his dreams so vividly ‘real’ of him as your most joyful lover in life, had he taken to meet you, but for some other reason, he walked away, to go do what he set out to do, what he said the minister long before, “i will build the largest church this world has ever seen, and walked away from their ostracizing unknowingly ignorant ways, and now he has you too.”

    blessed you

    what a journey it has been, yes?

    have not felt this purely like i do, in a long time, thanks to you, who you too believe in as i do

    i do

    blessed you

    thank you

  216. and you say, “oh, you always had ‘me’ babe!” :mrgreen:

  217. Ostracizing;

    To exile by ostracism; to banish by a popular
    vote, as at Athens. –Grote.

    2. To banish from society; to put under the ban; to cast out
    from social, political, or private favor; as, he was
    ostracized by his former friends. –Marvell.


    Date: 1588
    1 : a method of temporary banishment by popular vote without trial or special accusation practiced in ancient Greece
    2 : exclusion by general consent from common privileges or social acceptance


    Who is it that who out of heaven?

    It is unwise we who cast our own divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of flawless healing constant feeling, submerged and bound in bitter dark generational ignorance captivity, only able to be set free by means of blessed divine wisdom of Jesus and God who reaquaint(salvation) us with our divine self so pure and true of blessed tears the divine child weeps as Jesus did and yet does apon the cross of eternal all hear in the kingdom of heaven of love devoid of useless absurd doubt.

    forever more

    bless you all

    Jesus is YOU in likeness and form pure and true thru and thru

  218. opppss……the question was ‘Who is it that casts who out of heaven?

    from the lips of Jesus now from mine

  219. what is that you want the world to come to truly know and purely feel most about you, about them?

    turn towards what that is an become in outward appearance of what ‘that’ is, true of us all, so easily, if only we all would what Jesus knows we all could.

    forever more

    blessed all

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  221. I really enjoyed reading your article, keep on posting such exciting articles!

  222. uhm………..what part of the artical is particularly enjoyable?

    i mean, obviously Amy Winehouse leaving a crack house full of prostitution is nothing new, and let’s be honest, boring as hell……………lol

    ok, so that leaves M breathing hard, which i have always wanted to feel how that feels to me, up close and personell……………did i say personell, sorry, personALL………..

    ok, so what else?

    the performance? Well, we all enjoy a great performance overflowing with genuine authentic overflowing abundant enthusiasm lasting for days and days and days, weeks, months, years and years, leaving us all gasping for breath for only more…..nothing new there……..

    ok, so the rude comment thing?
    how is speaking the truth rude, i mean looking at the truth, we have to breath harder for the same energy outcome when we get older, so that is merely speaking the truth, in a loving way, so a loving rudeness, counter rudenes is what is of the truth of Madonna, if only she would get rude and dirty with me……….wishFUL thinking………..

    as for the marriage affair thing, well, ‘that’ depends on where you are coming from, on ‘that one’, i suppose, i mean, what marriage? what affair? all old news of yesteryears, where last i heard, there is no marriage or affair going on, other than the love affair potential marriage hopefulness with Jesus, praying they are in love like i am with Jesus……..

    oh sorry, talking about my self again………..

    right, Madonna, this is her blog, and i really should leave everyone in peace and be on my WAY, with my LIFE, my TRUTH…….

    ……’that’ i am, have BEen, always shall BE, eternally in love with Jesus 2, of what is ALL our ONEness of eternal all YOU, constantly in love like we all yearn to do, and R

    maybe M will get back to YOU, not that she ever left, or ever could leave, ‘that’ would be like leaving herself, spiritually speaking, of those who purely do know, to love Madonna, like Jesus does, like God does, like i do, like we all can, when we take time to really really know her………..

    like i do, like she knows ‘me’, like she knows YOU

    blessed blessed blessed is the loving true ‘real’ YOU

    eternally forever more

  223. Hi M.,i’m from romania and i like your music,sorry for my englis,i’m pregnant and i don’t have a job,in this country is to hard to liket here?

  224. oooooooops

  225. ppppppppppppppppfffffffffff

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  227. salade verte

  228. salade verte

  229. you must be psychic

  230. everyone is of intuitive(psychic) clairvoyance of the subconscious for most, cognitive for those in fearless inner awake awareness.

    personally, i find the world’s fuckedupness of life to be the most fascinating subject, when viewing it from the inner evolving adult child’s intuitive higher subtle intellect awareness perspective of the masking behaviourals most any of us are of along our blessed spiritual road of awakening into divine self flawless feeling awareness(es).

    everyone’s life path is of their own choices that they make in accordance to their own divine self seeking awakening awareness, in use of defensive mechanism ego masks our intuitive flawless pure feeling self tends to hide behind, the intrinsic/extrinsic forces of the entire human history past greeting us in hear in the present each blessed day of our spiritual life path, the flawless feeling child within of intuitive subconscious attempt to make sense of our own self, self of another, self of the entire past, that most are not awake in awareness that indeed the forefather intrisic/extrinsic forces are of affect/effect/direct/indirectness with every sinle one of us to one degree or another.

    i turned to Jesus in breaking free of the forefather falsehood forces i walk in hear with all of you, of pure flawless meditative feeling inner divine adult child self probing emotional mental awareness awakening to all hidden dynamic binding untruths of the truth of our true nature.

    i have evolved in my sexual awareness over the past twenty years, knowing without any doubt whatsoever that i am happiest as my bigender transexual male to female bisexual sex, mostly with males, yet of suppression of my bisexual self yearning to come forth with a fearless bigender transexual female to male bisexual like myself, having met a few who purely are of likeness in their own awareness as my own, fearlessly expressing their bisexual transsexuality.

    intuitive psychic awareness is a limited word to discribe one’s inner self-love awakening awareness is, as regards our phsycial mental emotional sexual spiritual positive well being, where those who do evolve past others, are seemingly as though psychic knowingness in observance of where others yet are in their hidding suppressive stance, not a bad thing, just where they are at, sadly, where setting free of their true inner sexual awareness happiness is oppressed in their stuckness………until someone already of fearless evolving transition thru their future self awareness(mirror) comes along……..that being ‘me’ Biyatches! :mrgreen:

    lately i am of shortness abreaction expressing because of my crushing emotional HIV seroconversion fallout, so bare with me at times in my rather emotional outbreak frustration expressing as i come in for a closer look at any of you who are there.

    although i suppose there is no harm in just saying what i am feeling at any given time, allowing any of you to go within to discover what is their within your own divine self awakening awareness.

    still, time is running short in life for me to one day give birth to my own children, where at times, for whatever reason, i feel some of you are not on the same page i am on in my own life, your own life being whatever it is that is of your own priority decision making, as our lives cross paths for however short a time we yet remain hear in open discussion of issues.

    as regards sexual awareness, well, i think it is safe to say that an evolved individual such as my self, is able to fearlessly assist another with sexual awareness i have already journey thru, yes?

    but over a blog?

    somewhat limiting, is it not?


    meanwhile i ask myself, am i to put my life on hold in waiting for someone who may not eventually appear before me no matter what i may have to say hear?

    homosexuality is an individual awareness one embraces and comes thru of their own turning towards or away from.

    for example…….

    during Pride day celebrations, i came across a somewhat closeted severly afraid individual…….

    ……i could barely see thru the extremely dark sunglasses i chose to wear this Pride, in my desire to avoid interpersonal outward shining reflecting expressions of their yet afraid awakening inner self, where i came apon a male standing alone, his back against a wall, noticing what at first i thought was bondage gear on his upper body, as i come closer in expressing how cool his outfit was, only to discover it was actually the functional strapping of his prosthetic robotic arm, gasp, as i then expressed, “that must be cool to have sex with a robotic arm, yes?”

    he smiled and answered truthfully, “yes it is!”

    i asked, “what happened?”

    again, truthfully he said, “oh, i am a train jumper.”

    meaning he had jumped in front of a train in attempts to kill himself.

    i asked, “is that the only injury you have?”

    as he pulled up his pant leg to reveal his prosthetic leg……

    he then went on to say, in his attempt to express why he was alone, that he asked his friends to come celebrate Pride, who turned him down, so he came alone.

    realizing the potential life threatening seriousness of his coming out homosexual awareness, i said, “Sexuality is an individual thing we all embrace alone inside. The fact you are standing hear tells me all i need to know about your own awareness you are so courageously fearlessly embracing hear by yourself, are you not?”

    he said, “yes”

    as i reached my hand towards his to embrace and said, “bless you”

    and walked away to let him feel his own deep homosexual feelings i am certain he knows all too WELL!

    bless you all

  231. im so over my gay life, its just about sex sex sex

    is there anybody out there who can move me

    shake me

    rattle & rock me

  232. huh?

    hey, don’t be knocking the best sex i have come to know about my transsexual self!

    oh, im sure there are many to choose from who would likewise enjoy being around you in oneness of heaven’s bliss

    as for me, well, you don’t answer my questions you avoid like you do, so i think to myself that i am not one you desire to trust me 100%, after all this time, kinda obvious by now, of sacred trust that is required for pure genuine authentic true self happiness to simply just be in sacred outward mirroring happiness of that which you are within

    the greatest prison of all is not just our own mind, rather it is the projection falsehood transferences of others that becomes our own mind trap, of whatever others may choose to think of us, for whatever reason they do, something i most homosexuals feel pretty much anywhere they go, until such a time as they wisely truly realize with real eyes, that they are the more evolved mature than those who think the forefather taught nonsense of us like so many of you do in our personal and professional worlds.

    hmmm……perhaps that is why Jesus says, “Become a passerby.”

    live your blessed life in peace grace love and happiness as your true real self i spent time in coming to know with who ever of your wise healthy choice(s) which is your blessed daily life………still without me.

    projection transference……… is what it is and what i still feel from most of you.


    bless you always with peace grace love and happiness

    it is my ex, Thanh Luu, yet in my life, who truly does loves me, even thru his getting older crankiness, i always know his inner happiness beaming brightly of sincere love he yet has for me that feels good to be around, of heaven found.

    i pray the same for you

    goodbye Madonna

    i really did and yet do love you

    where it pains way too much to be thought of as anything less than the constant love i know i am, according to Jesus Mary and God

    you have your reasons

    where i don’t care any more in waiting for empty nothingness i am no longer willing to remain stuck in

    thank you and may God bless you and your loved ones forever more

  233. You better be good 🙂

  234. pfffff………how can i be good when i am the best? uhm?



  235. money has no value

    only the goodness money can bring in other people’s loving precious lives is of value

    i don’t need money

    i need the constant yearning only loving lover holy joyful absolute carefree happiness ‘i am’

    and if you don’t clue in soon to this absolute truth ‘i am’ of you too, well, i will give someone else my time to discover their oneness with and of who ‘i am’, of who i always was and shall BE…………YOU! 😉

    is that clarification enough for you? uhm?

    don’t believe in ‘me’?

    you will when you see the truth ‘i am’ easily of and with another one day.

    so you better pray, cause i feel it is time for ‘me’ to give someone else a chance.

    people are their own worse enemy when it comes to self-love atonement oneness with another, in not coming fully into their own inner sanctuary atonement with their emotional honesty within, in fearlessly exploring how they sincerely purely genuinely athentically easily feel for someone they admire and adore completely, and that is where the disconnect is felt by the other, subconsciously, of what is our pure core intuitive feeling divine self, where they turn to others to connect in oneness atonement, naturally so, as you lose the connection with them.

    the internet is bad for this reality check, of not taking it to the next level, because of how much easier it naturally is to find atonement connection with others of our immediate real world, like i said before, i cannot compete, so long as there is no earnest sincere desire to take a chance on me, miss ABBA!


    well, i am still of the atonement oneness as before, much greater in my own centering groundedness, hence all the lecturing expression that is indicative of where i have arrived.

    in the core of everyone’s being is the constant yearning intuitive pure true flawless feeling divine self that is indeed of constant yearning for oneness atonement with others, at all times actually, with everyone we meet, everywhere we go.

    however, the atonement is sacredly pure in nature, of an absolute pure flawless realm in feeling, exactly that of our extraordinary wondrous flawless grace feelings of our inner meditative sanctuary, where i prefer to dwell most.

    it is this inner sanctuary, known as the bridal chamber oneness atonement with God, and the angels, that the pure true lovers fearlessly enter, only by means of turning toward their own sincerity of divine self, of how it is possible for oneness atonement with the pure true divine self of another is able to come into awareness of who we purely are, that they intuitive constantly sense about us, of what is our constant processing super computer subconscious brain.

    it is not so much about having to say the right thing play act, no, it is about surrendering fully to our pure true feelings for another, in attempting to see thru all the layers of who they are, even if of our imagination to fill in, and well, some of that imagination of who we want to see them as, is actually like that of the artist in every art piece, we transfer it to them, of what is the oneness atonement pure true divine self, and it happens naturally.

    perhaps this is how it is that mankind survived for so many millions of years, yes?

    our supercomputer brain has been running the show all this time, inspite of any rhetoric most any of us can and are of at times.

    me personally, i am waiting for one to find their true feelings for me, of who ever that may be on lover’s road, of my own desire to just remain of my inner sanctuary divine self artist of graceful at peace nature, because i love who i am.

    i get my days, like anyone, highly sensitive to the world and all of it’s aimless rhetoric, that tosses me like it always does, the mood swings, but i know i am not bipolar.

    no, it is always my closeness with inappropriate others, that is cause for my mood swings, especially of my ex, that i am tired of, his cycle pattern behavioral, that i think is mostly of his father from when he was a child, his control issues.

    i notice when i am away from him for extended periods of time, just how pure and calm my original self is, that wants back into my real life experience, so ya, i am mentally, emotionally, sexually of my own stuckness right now, that is highly toxic for me some days.

    but at least i am of open processing awareness of what is happening within me, fearlessly, been doing it along time actually, the seeker i am.

    all i want to say, is that i do know where i belong.

    with only love that someone is of pure true self-love atonement with their own self, as too am i, where they are the only ones who can approach me, yes?

    so where am i?

    in the bridal chamber waiting, yes?

    even of those who don’t know we all always are, no matter the generational forefather mindfuck snares.

    the super computer brain is flawless in nature, and it is our intuitive pure core pure true divine real self, that is without doubt, of it’s own pure flawless sensory perception of the external world it is constantly of processing of in seeking it’s own oneness atonement self with another, thru all the layers of others.

    i learned this about myself, just as Jesus did too, and i became of the honed ability to be of my inner sanctuary rapid processing awareness while walking among others, as part of my own self study of inner pure feeling from interacting with whoever was there.

    this lead to my cultivation of the subtle higher intellect helmsman Jesus speaks of, and then some, of modern understandings as part of the macro thinking discerning halo shield i created to feel more at ease on a regular basis, for sake of me, for sake of evoking grace of the divine self in others, of God’s divine will objective, as to what does not met our conscious eye, as to what is actually going on, and has been going on since the beginning, all of it which is of oneness atonement of the beginning thru eternal end, no matter the rhetoric of the on going forefather teaching and learning falsehoods, that attempt to go against our true nature, mostly out of primal brain survival mode we all yet are of, not far along in our migration out of our natural habitat, of the millions of years we were and yet are of, all the while tying to disconnect from that which none are able to disconnect from that which is our pure true core of our being divine real self million year evolution.

    everywhere we look, is the million year old evolution of all living matter.

    it is extraordinary how so many various life forms exist, after millions of years in process.

    truly, this universe, this place, is absolutely extraordinary wonder that most of us have no idea of why we are here, among all this living matter, in this physical realm of existence that has existed for a truly long time, and for a truly long time yet to come.

    i mean when we really sit down, and behold just how vast the universe is, and it’s amazing spheres of matter that is manifest from the spheres of matter below our visual ability, all an extension of the dark matter that binds all matter together, of all living matter that is of all the pure mathematical constants, some of which we don’t yet know about, well, i don’t know about all you, but i just want to have sex every day, and enjoy this realm in oneness pure true loving holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover happiness every waking moment, and if not with you, it will be of another, so last dance, ok?

    i really have to go this time, although i cannot ever escape the truth of atonement oneness connecting with all souls past, present, eternal all future, just as is the nature of dark matter, is it not?

    and i don’t want to, because i love everyone as my own self, of all those who don’t know i am as they are within, way beyond our current shortsighted low level intelligence of today’s language that is merely of the extension manifestation of everyone’s super computer brain that is running the show, becoming more and more harmonious across all the forefather false barriers of seperation, truly, this is a most extraordinary time of human life, than of any other time in human history, of all of mankind uniting as ONE, the world over, all in real time, all the extension of the super computer human brain, running the show, knowing without doubt whatsoever, where it wants to go and always just BE…………YOU!

    the one i love, as though my own self, 100% constantly TRUE.

    but step out of line with me, well, i don’t think so biyatch, you used that same lame ass excuse the last time, and i have had it with you leaving me feeling less than i constantly purely truly flawlessly am……….THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ok, last chance for romance, come everyone, let’s all dance the night away, kissing the blues away, wishing the moon so grey, just stay stay stay, please stay!

    i was singing and dancing while i wrote that improve

    you like it?

    eye to eye now, one slip, and you are toast biyatch!

    you got that?

    and now you know why

    it’s our super computer brain that always knows it’s own self, self of another, that’s why, lame ass fucks!

    oh, and my ass always knows what it wants, you need not ever have to ask!


    and besides, who makes you laugh more than i do? uhm?

    that’s right, no ONE!

    it’s just ‘me’

    come on, you know im in love with you, you always did, which is why i don’t understand why you stayed away for so long, so many times, but then i realized, oh, you were waiting for me to get centered, well, i survived long enough for you, is that good enough? i made it thru, not sure how, butt i did, and i grew in pure true self-love esteem of my inner sanctuary.

    i speak with clarity now, most of the time, abit scatter brained some days, but mostly resolved, i know who i am, and want just who i am within another, only love.

    anything less, won’t ever work for me, of what makes me free, only love that is good enough for you, me, and all of thee, forever more

    are you going to stand me up again for New Years?

    you know i dread these holiday socials without you, and i know you do 2, always thinking of me, under the same moon, like we all actually subconsciously do, cause love is true, 100% flawlessly true actually, of mathematical constant true, the same in the beginning thru eternal end, it does not change, because it cannot.

    but you can…………lame ass biyatch!

    God, why do people try to go against their own true nature, i mean why do that, it’s not fun, it’s always anal retentive, pisses the lover off, leaves them feeling the same fucked up way we are, and well, just fuck off, ok?


    now that was intellectually funny!


  236. uhm….can i ask a question, how come you write so short, and i write so long?

    i mean, why is that?

    what is that indicative of?

    that i really do have a nice long penis?

    im just wondering what the Freudian is of that

    anyway, i love everyone, mostly those who do know how to be and only love ‘me’

    for that is the only way happiness IS

    only love

    forever more

    naturally so

    oh uhm, you better not have a pencil dick biyatch, cause i don’t do pencil dicks, ok?

    ok thanks


  237. come to think of it, David had a pencil did, maybe that;s why my super computer brain turned him down, all that Italian sex i got spoiled by, that imported one from Chicago, God he was so amazing!

    i wonder where he is today?

    i mean besides someone’s bed?

    i pray he is happy like we were that weekend together, of forever and ever love making so sad to end.

    i think he sent me a card, and did not hear from him again.

    as i roamed the streets for many years, perhaps always looking for him, God, im so tragic.


  238. my pet peeve for the week, is the flunked out landlord assistants of my HIV+ tenant building, who just toss blood soaked mattresses of a stigmatized fallout individual who took their own life, just put it out where everyone can see it! like fuck, can’t you lame ass fucks take concern to yourself and cover that shit up?

    i mean come on people, don’t we already have enough of dealing with YOUR stigmatization don’t give a fuck about us at all shit?

    ah wel, im used to it all now, of pretty much everyone of their cycle pattern behavior with me all the time, not knowing i feel right thru their standoff shit, where all i can say to you all, is step aside lame ass fucks, cause this girl is coming thru, and you will all behold the world over, of my not giving way to stigmatization fallout, like so many yet do, nope, there is someone meant of ‘me’, and i them, and God knows it true!

    i know what i have to do, stop pretending with the likes of any of you, when it comes to know what is of my own authentic genuine earnest desire i know of my own self, easy to know if it’s true of another…….biyatches!

    play me some more why don’t you?



  239. oh god, i am attempting to have a conversation with a random, who goes by the name hustler boy.

    you know, i just want to say you randoms are a form of bullying.

    in the end, you miss out on one of the most amazing people you will ever come to know in life, so i ask, show some earnest sincerity on the internet for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning individuals, in being authentic in approach with us, as a real person, rather than a random, that feels completely insulting for us, ok?

    ok thanks bullies, for helping steer us towards pure hearted individuals and away from who ever you cowardly were.


  240. we all matter to the future


  241. i am stopping with this, ok?

    plain and simple, this is bullying to me, ok?

    take care of one another everyone!

    see you in happier future some day


  242. a reality check for you randoms for us all to stand up and create campaigns to prevent cyberharassment and cyberbullying.

    thank you


  243. in memory of Seth Walsh, age 13, i ask all of you to be of authentic genuine sincere true loving approach with all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning individuals at all times, and with each other.

    thank you


  244. Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

    Our supercomputer constantly processing subconscious brain, that is much faster than our cognitive ability, is what is of flawless seeking oneness connectivity synergy that is natural occurring of the million year old flawless oneness harmonious nature of everyone’s exact same supercomputer brain, where indeed, we all do intuitive seek to be without having to wade thru the handed down generational forefather absurdness of all that is nonconducive false that the supercomputer brain already knows, without effort actually, albeit of frustration manifestation, in contrast to our supercomputer knows how we are supposed to feel in being among one another, and that’s really it, the forefather mad flood is real to everyone, no matter who you are or where you exist in our world, of the synergy ONEness that is naturally occurring, in what is all the goodness change in outward appearance of everyone’s conduct shift from unbecoming conduct no one enjoys, including those who are of the unbecoming conduct manifestations of inner avoidance internalizing of resolution that initiates from all forefather absurdness.


  245. my one liners have nothing to do with my fat cigar lol 🙂

    i just like to keep the words to a minimum, so you have more time to concentrate on the real inner feelings instead of being distracted by words, anyone can put a few words together and impress but the realness of innerness feelings cannot be faked … so feel yourself what do you feel inside ?

    does it feel good ? 🙂

  246. It did feel like you were in my bed this morning snuggling up to me, never felt that connection before, oh your defiantly in my heart today, ok one last dance, then some action

  247. good point….

  248. i yearn to feel anchored to someone’s open sincerity, without effort in doing so, just go with the magic flow of fun loving lover feelings of dance and glow

    really passionate glow, intensely of my passionate lover self who feels like i am their most passionate lover in life, as though there is no one else for them or they for me, it just happens like it does when lovers meet.

    it is either their for each other in their own passionate sexual attraction, or it’s only of one, or not enough, where i feel that is what survives lovers the most, regardless of other issues they can work thru.

    as for the gentle ease oneness of sex that we don’t want to end, well, fearlessness as to why have sex in the first place, to achieve orgasm each and every time, as often as we want, has to be greater graceful fun pure loving at ease calm in seeing each other in truth of who we all are alone, enjoying our masturbation sessions, yearning for intimacy of our mutual masturbation session partner, of the true self-love of one’s own body inner joyfulness that comes when two people make love for the first time like it is, intense.

    and well, that always is fearful, no matter who, where an indicator of just how much passion we are for another, is in seeing how easily we passionately overcome our fears in moving towards them as though without effort, of how our sexual passionate thoughts of us with them does flood our mind like it does in seeing and being around them.

    ever been in a room full of people with a lover, making eye contact with another lover, where it becomes apparent to both of you that you want to fuck?

    i friggin hate that when that happens, it’s like, what the fuck am i doing married?


    oh sorry, seperated(ing)………..still

    im afraid to find myself alone, and i know that’s just foolish negative thinking, where i am not thru dealing with the impact of my new status yet, where some say it takes a couple of years.

    some are completely without concern about our status, others not so welcoming, and well, im not going to allow myself to be overly concerned with those who are not, cause true love is compassionate for someone we love, like i did Reggy, where when you love someone, you just do, everything about them, of what is their life entirely of where they are in life, about the person, not anything else, and the nice ass they have.



  249. co-dependence is not co-dependence when freely given as an unconditional gift ~ according to my therapist.

    i am mature enough in knowing some do need our solid hand to hold in life in providing a financial foundation for them to dwell in, regardless of their feelings for us, or we them, of how they grow in the healthier environmental, my god, it is a wonder to me how they survive on so little, and yet of reasonable good spiritness, where it is apparent to me, that they do not know they are the greatest value in life they shall ever discover, and not any of these status quos.

    find loving lover happiness in life, i tell them, that leaves you glowing and laughing in pure loving oneness with another, a best friend, and you will realize where your journeys end begins, of how that feels to have the best true and faithful friend in life to always have and to hold, because they too just want always to be with you, that both of you realize with enthusiastic holy joyfulness, as though blessed by God that you found each other, knowing what the other is thinking all the time, a pure connectedness of their emotional flow that you swim in with each other, the exceeding grace, and well, that is what true love life way IS

    no matter anyone’s status out there.

    i love them all as though my own self, unconditionally, as one who did not have my older self to always just walk with thru life like i do at all times, of my surrendered life entirely to my brothers and sisters long ago when i left the straight world behind to go exclusively live a gay life as much as possible in our gay ghetto here in Toronto.

    but now i am bored, need the magic of true passionate lovers again, although i am afraid of that, knowing how fickle so many can be, and well, maybe i don’t want to venture that way in life again, taking the high road in a marriage, ya, i want to get married some day, spiritually first, the only way of real marriage, not at all the celebration, where the real celebration starts immediately in our passionate lover heart and mind, of pure true feeling joyful celebration at all times to swim in the oneness lover playfulness all the time that lovers enjoy.

    find your most passionate loving lover within first, and just be who you are, that does draw the passionate loving lover to you, because you are so closely the same, and that is the truth about passionate lovers, it’s all about self-love.

    i am intensely pure spirited, but i am not grounded yet, still need someone to anchor me, where others don’t, because they themselves are not anchored in a life.

    i know i am to be the artist i am becoming and am, ya, that is my future, cause it is what is my heart expressing oneness like i have always felt of all in the LGBT community, always of every single one of us i attentively look upon and feel at all times.

    my expression is the synergy oneness of us all that has grown purely in feeling over many years with us, a veteran now, who was there for many, wishing to always be there for them eternally, thru the sacred stone works, that are healing of my own self in creating them, as they come to life.

    i get a strange feeling when making them, where i can feel those in the future, holding in their hands as though my own self, feeling like i know they too will as i do, of what i want them to feel, self-acceptance only love feelings they can escape to and with the works.

    i am selling them for $21, and that is the set price for all the replicas, that i won’t ever change, so that those, or should i say, especially for those who may not be able to afford more, unemployed gay youth, can buy it, or have someone buy it for them as a gift, like all parents should do for their beloved gay child

    i am their brother till my last breath and beyond for all eternity, where i belong, always with them like my pure spirit always IS of oneness like i just am, without effort, without doubt, eternally, i am


  250. i ask, change to what?


    pffffff…….i am who i am, where if you don’t love me, then set me free, where i know another will.

    but if you do love me enough to always be with me, then speak as your heart feels, cause that is all i am looking for with someone, 100% authentic real self-love oneness without any distractions whatsoever, no, the passionate lovers is who we are first, the rest is all just annoying distraction, albeit, great is our willing expressing loving lover happiness hearts that evokes our own atonement in others, where we do know what is of most value in life, only loving lover happiness, highly functional i might add. 😉

  251. a year or so in my art career, and i will be anchored in my new life from there on, i already feel how solid it is, the grace.

  252. a good time to run away with someone once i get anchored, i have to anchor myself in my artist life, of the way of life that is

  253. something happened between us, that still want to explore, something pure and constantly always true in feeling, as our real self, without any fear, only love

    always felt that for along time, a presence connecting oneness, that i keep telling myself it is you thinking and feeling love of me?

  254. i don’t like cigars……reminds me of the slim ball fat cat sitting at a table with five hookers, as i walked on by

  255. as i strutted on bye

  256. he was gross looking too, at least 400lbs

  257. remember floating thru the 70s in our heads with all this music playing?

    well, im still floating……….without drugs either, no, feeling as my true self

  258. how carefree we were, without any of the absurd stressors of anyone like today, no, just thoughts and feelings of our lame ass friends too afraid to ask to have sex with……..

  259. always loved the guitar work in this song

  260. this song would be amazing with both of us doing a stage performance of dualing guitars that moves up in greater and greater dexterity, with momentary pauses in between to let the audience catch their loving lover passionate oneness breath of applause, as the other breaks loose in exceeding holy joy exploding so brightly in our 100% realizing the light that lights up the world IS YOU!

    and ‘me’



  261. the year 2010, the year i got infected with HIV, as i rise up thru whatever stigmatization i am coming to expect from most any in the new year hear every after, thru my art work forever more, knowing my life did matter to the ONEness loving lover happy hearts of eternal all YOU!

    Happy New Year everyONE!


  262. ‘i am’ 100% pure oneness female of my female self-love as your own, in a male body, that neither of us wants to be without……….’me’ 😉

    i ask, is that Lesbian Love, Gay Love, Bisexual Love, Transgender Love, Queer Love, Questioning Love, or as is their no question about the truth, that ‘i am’ pure true oneness of and as eternal all YOU?

    ‘i am’

    however, i will not ever be exclusively straight, just not possible for me any more to be less than the female oneness of all females ‘i am’, respectFULLY so! 😉


  263. Just BE yOUR Self!


  264. Happy New Year!


  265. the spiritual oneness movement continues, more and more, however many rainbow flags some decide to burn, like they did in NYC, 2010, ‎where still there are those who’s hearts and minds are snared by the centuries old taboo against homosexuality, all the while, homosexuals are what is of anyone, as the one who is and should BE of self-love of the body you dwell in!


  266. 2 believe
    is God,
    2 believe,
    is truth,
    lover kings,
    is you,
    lover queens,
    is 2

    4 always,
    is showing,
    4 always,
    is glowing,
    2 hearts,
    is flowing,
    true hearts,
    is knowing!

    true hearts, is YOU!

    now if i can just find someone who believes like they do!



  267. To believe in God, is to believe in truth, that only the lover kings and queens know, of their true hearts constantly aglow.


  268. true love bears all things

    until the day you wake up and realize it no longer feels like true love, and instead an empty void devoid

    oh well, at least i know where i stand, and now i really am free, to just go be me

    cya biyatches

  269. Good night

  270. a higher subtle intellectual awareness, pure and true in feeling, emotional safe atonement connecting, healthy for us, and the only way to inner happiness constant flow…..only love feels good….only love is what the divine self is

    ya, sweet dreams, thx

  271. I would have held your hand, & walked you safely home

    If you asked me to …

  272. i don’t have a home, only my heart

  273. do you roam the streets all night, omg you’ll catch a cold, better come ova i’ll make you some hot soup

  274. ahahaa…….i don’t know where you live

  275. enjoy every step of your blessed life with one another, the simple enjoyment of being you each day you get to enjoy, of only approx. 27,000 days of life, each day a gift, starting with……..

    ‘Ice teler’, a favorite bev­er­age in Indone­sia almost sold in every stall on side­walk, sim­ple and quick to make. and here is the recipe on how to make it


    * 1 Avo­cado, spooned out its meat.
    * 1 young coconut, spooned out its meat
    * 5 jack­fruit fruit, sliced in small pieces
    * 10 grams can­died kolang kaling (or attap fruit), sliced long
    * 600 ml of milk
    * 125 g sugar
    * 2 pieces of pan­dan leaves
    * 6 tbsp coco­pan­dan syrup
    * 5 tbsp con­densed milk
    * Shaved ice as necessary


    1. Boil coconut milk, sugar and pan­dan leaves. stir and lift
    2. Pre­pare a bowl, enter the avo­cado young coconut, jack­fruit, coconut milk and Kolang kaling
    3. Add shaved Ice coco­pan­dan syrup and sweet­ened con­densed milk . Served cold. :mrgreen:

  276. God bless Japan

    The Live version of Madonna’s ‘Miles Away’ is included on the ‘Songs For Japan’ album to be released on iTunes.
    Taken from her 2008 ‘Sticky & Sweet Tour’, ‘Miles Away’ is featured along with songs by REM, U2, Sting, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Beyonce and many more.
    All of the monies earned from ‘Songs for Japan’ will be directed to the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) to support its disaster relief efforts. The society will use the funds for the ongoing provision of immediate relief and for eventual recovery support to the affected population.
    The artists participating on Songs for Japan, the major music labels – EMI Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group – and music publishers have waived their royalties and proceeds from the worldwide sales of the album to ensure that the JRCS receives as much support as possible from this global initiative.
    In addition, iTunes will donate all proceeds from the album’s worldwide sales to the benefit of the JRCS.
    Visit your local iTunes Store now to download.


    blessings to all

    only love feels good

    only love is of any value in life……IS life!

  277. Miko is writting his entrance exam to University……..finally he has a solid sense of direction, out of limbo, once afraid, now fearlessly taking healthy functional steps to a wise destiny path, away from the fateful binding unwise paths…..thank you God

    i pray safe passage for us all of only love we know 2 feel good enough 2 be YOU!

    forever more

    peace be to you


  278. he will fly for the first time in his life this coming Friday…..a new life!

    i love him, he loves ‘me’, without effort, just how two people feel, only love

    like myself, independence, free thinking and feeling, standing on his own, love who he wants to love from now on, not ever who wants to love you, is the best path for real self, albeit, they must love YOU!

    like we all do Madonna! 😉

    thank you

    only love feels good

  279. As regards Malawi, every dollar needs to be realized as potential life change for one.

    i say utilize the infrastructure already there, helping facilitate more teachers, at the local level, maybe provide a meal as an incentive for the kids to come to class, of only dollars a day per child.

    Make every dollar accounted for in writing, and have them keep track of the child’s attendance, just like we do here.

    my God, we have automated computer systems today, that the kids can be given an access card they have to swipe to prove their attendance, that you can watch in real time………well, if you had an expert like me, you could. ha

    oh, and maybe buy them shoes and school uniforms, that they make and sell there, always of economic thinking and feeling, that one dollar per child missing…… the missing child.

    feel the value of a dollar that parents and children feel blessed for every day, for that is the reality check we all need to feel in our heart like they always do.

    truly, they all feel blessed to be able to do what was not possible before, and for what, a simple meal, a cheap pair of sandles or shoes, a nice cotton shirt, maybe some vitamins as needed, at the local level.

    i say rather than implement your own plan, simply augment the ones already there, with maybe an overlay that addresses proper academic considerations……books.

    this is not about an ego trip of how well we feel for helping those in need, this is about oneness self-esteem building unity as a global society without the forefather useless false separational ignorance of racism, religions, wealth, status, sexism, politic, power that comes with education.

    these children come forth from the same place we all do, from the womb of God, so let us embrace them as our own self of appreciation for intellectual equality, the TRUTH, that none escape from, once one is learned.

    of only the ignorant fool who separates and casts out themselves when ever they blindly become snared by the forefather mad flood ignorance(s).

    this is an eternal generational systemic globalization issue that we are fully wise about, as to just how absurd these waring factions are, for example….

    will these children be taught these things?

    not by us they won’t

    it is these children who will carry on our legacy, of not just another generation, no, always we are of ONE eternal generation rising up here in eternity with the only thing of any value, pure true wise compassionate oneness love, our graceful flawless feeling divine child of God within, just as IS the divine child without

    as for you reckless ones of foolish egocentric values, your fired!

    i ask, is that what you want to teach the children, your arrogant ego ways of empty nothing that could of been something truly wonderful for so many children without?

    ahahaa……..that felt good………thanks!

    fucking morons, always we are surrounded by morons, how can we ever get away from them?

    hey, i know, educate and hire the children as teachers and managers, they are the pure true heart connecting with the others, are they not?

    argh…..people and their low self-esteem status quo mind traps……their own worse enemy of disconnect empty selfish reasoning……while the child without waits………and waits………..and waits……………….they are still dying!

    a dollar a day to stay alive

    think about that everyone!

    that is the TRUTH

    bless you all with TRUTH

  280. every step is sacred to greater and greater oneness equality momentum direction we walk in……..always towards our own divine child of God within, hand in hand with the child of God without, as equals, where maybe, just maybe, you may come fully into awareness of your own divine child of God self, yes?

    i ask, who is the greater teacher, the child within, or the child without?

    is it not the child without who does not know they are the teachers of the child within…… the child within they naturally just are?

    well ok, not to you overly driven ego maniac absurd nescience………..annoying……….ones

    how we are with them is how we shall be again as them, are we not……….all equal?

    i am……….BE Cause………..we are 😉

    what is more valuable, a dollar, or happiness of a child without?

    you want to shed your egos?

    start with that question everyone!

    truth sets YOU free

  281. better hurry up before Justin takes over the world!

    oh sorry, too late, he already has!


    God bless you Justin, truly a sacred mirror of holy joyful absolute carefree oneness happiness, pure and true, his heart really IS

    so far…….

  282. Hi pople 🙂

  283. Oh Milo I do luv you but you’ll never take my heart, it’s my most guarded secret xxx..
    Oh just acts so butch but he’s a big btm & no I didn’t fuck him just played enough to irritate the girl in the connecting room but it was all over in well less than 4 mins ….

    Remember what you wish for

    Forget it


  284. Crawl out of a chandelier in you next world tour bunny , mmm toorak style ,,.,,

    Make sure it’s crystal !!!

    Candle in the sky

  285. hmmm…….well ok, if you say so

    big bottom?

    you mean female, yes?

    abit sexist are you not?

    what about the tender loving female who knows and loves the female of another male, also as a male i am, able to be more loving of the female than most any male can, yes?

    does that make me lesbian?

    uhmmm……well i guess it does!

    imagine that…… much for big bottom, ya, big gurl with a big penis, able to do you just right biyatches!

    in a most truly loving way all night long if you want, not like you lackluster 4 minutes?

    i don’t be thinking so………how about a life time of the most beautiful love one can truly purely enjoy just being YOU?!

    you know, you can always tell who the ones are that are just coming out……….ha

    whatever……..i am who i am, wide awake!

    is it just me, or does the past seem as though i was asleep the entire time?

    uhm….that one will take a life time to comprehend and fully realize, aware, awakening of the divine self who sees the divine self of eternal all as i pass thru this realm, butt for a short while i am eternally hear!


    Michael, stop playing with that sword damn it!!!!!

    So Gabriel, do you know what time and place this is?

    i find them all rather annoying, and boring conversations, repetitive, like these robots stuck in a cycle loop……..don’t they know they are asleep?


  286. im not sorry

    truly i am not the pathetic one here!


    fuck you


    try sitting under the cross alone for a week……maybe you will wake up


    maybe not

  287. the female and male orgasm is the same in feeling within our one human brain

    while achievement of orgasm may vary(for obvious biological timing reasons, like how the cervix dips into the pool of sperm ejaculate, after the male’s frenzy fucking, well, perfect! )


    well…….we are one and the same sexual being

    we amuse ourselves with creative words to describe what it’s like to be female….as a male………homosexual some say i am, faggot too!

    thanks alot to all of you over my entire life for all your pea brain shit for brains self repressive ignoramus twisting and twisting of hypocrisy heart snared ridicule , that only invites more harm to your already YAWN……..boring anal retentive lives!

    you people don’t realize how ignoramus you truly are……sadly for your own miserable lack luster sex lives, i might add.

    ok, so where were we, oh ya, the one and the same transgendered sexual beings, well, if i know my orgasm well, who is best qualified to realize my own self with self of another?

    MADONNA OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck you people are really really SADDDDD!!!!!!!!!


    ahahhaaa…….that should leave Madonna laughing for awhile, yes? :mrgreen:

    you know Marco…….we really should take a bow, as the clowns we enjoyed being, having entertained Madonna and friends for some time now, yes?

    truly some enlighten thoughtful awareness has come with our awakening, yes?

    and well not ever just for sake of us, is any of our words and actions, no, this is an eternal plane of existence we are in, isn’t that right Gabriel?


    ah, there you are……tell them Gabriel………the unwavering unchallengeable undeniable holy sacred eternal TRUTH!

    oh right, we just did

    it is not we who are forsaken, rather is is we who forsake the truth

    obviously you are appear to me as ones not entirely knowing of the truth

    oh, and Jesus did not ask God why have you forsaken me?

    that’s just the spin the aimless moron merchants of God who added that line in there, truly an absurd line to be uttered from one who knew he was wise beyond all others so plainly obvious the TRUTH IS of most any of you yet asleep, not ever knowing, wow, some i guess go to their graves asleep, some don’t even know they died, wow, of course if you are not alive in the first place, how can one die?


  288. Ok well your getting there, eventually, but no more critisM of me, I’m just being me, your just being you …

    That’s all that matters

  289. intrinsic oppression suppression affecting forces of our pure true real self, requires addressing the extrinsic causing forces

    or more precisely speaking, flawless seeing awareness by means of the pure true feeling divine self during submerging/surfacing, as a result of any and all falsehood generational taught and learned behavioral that is not of our true nature, as evident of the generational mad flood we easily see

    who sees/feels this truth with the most clarity?

    the starving intuitive feeling divine child without a voice to articulate the reality truth that all oppression in the world IS the submerging/surfacing level of the divine child of God society as a whole, is it not?

    how is it that we esteem thing of no value at all, in light of the greatest treasure within us all?

    the kingdom of heaven halo of constant flawless feeling healing oneness equality true nature love we all 100% by nature just are

    some of us know the truth

    God knows Madonna knows the truth

    i know Madonna knows the truth

    BE Cause……….she is the truth we all need to hear about our own submerging/surfacing pure true real self.

    constantly just being our flawless feeling graceful self true nature IS the oneness truth of the divine child of God within us all

    not just of today

    always this is of the eternal day one generation past present future awareness


    only love feels good

    because only love is you!

  290. can Madonna love fearlessly, losing her mom at a young age, would have given her a connection to heaven more than most of us all could connect,

    does she talk to her mom in her prayers, id say yes probably every constant moment …

    could she fearlessly love, ? wouldnt you be terrified of losing someone you loved …

    its not my place to say, but I say it anyway ..

    how young is she now ? 50 something .. is she happy >? will she marry or fall in love again

    its not my place to say, but I say it anyway ..

    shame her last was a jealous drunk but hey you cannot apreciate the good unless you experience the not so .. anyway

    its not my place to say, but I say it anyway ..

    what is this shit ?

    grow up ..

    im over you, and you better come up with something a little more loving …

    I wont setlle for anything less …

    & let me say … i am well prepared to do it alone for the rest of my mortal life …

    grow up get over the bullshit …

    & by doing so show me some respect …

    if not

    then go fuck yourself, or fuck me the choice is yours

    l would never speak to a lady the way i just did to you …

    I love girls & respect them more than anything else…

    but sometimes a guy needs to tell a girl to settle down

    before she hurts herself

    decide , do it now , dont turn back .. live with the consequences …

    you need me just a much as I need you …

    deny it all you like..

    but you know the truth !!!

    no one can change the world with a half empty heart ….

    half full , either way … its a half

    im not putting up with the shit anymore

    what is this shit !!!

  291. shhhhhhhhhhh………it is God’s day of revealing your divine self for you to SEE and feel who you really are

    and well ya, the contrasting oppressors is how it usually happens, im just playing my role as the………what was my role again?


  292. I was so down, & I was out,

    down & out & I looked up and saw my friend Adam of many years, dancing on the podium happy and care free I feel for him after his mother died he attempted suicide and now he is blind in one eye, he has no parents but many friends, then my best friend turned up and she looked hot, ironic but they were both on the same podium dancing together at one time, neither new each other, only I knew them both & well it was a precious moment for me to see two beautiful angels dancing, and smiling i’ll cherish that …

    but i’ll cherish the kiss & cuddle even more, an want to do it again soon …

    very soon

  293. My mother love’s your more than i do !

    so I guess

    that’s a yes from me

    ( my sisters indifferent, but she’s always been a mole )

  294. My dad wasn’t so generous

    he said marry her and then do what you want !!!

    i said “DAD YOU” don’t know WHO I’m marrying.

    “MY GOD” contemplating it would be a “SIN” ( venial Sin )

    Acting it out would be —-


    ( marry me, i love you )

  295. You have a choice ?

  296. Choose me ?


    I’ll Love YOU Like

    I LOVE ME !!

    YOU !!

    ( sorry ego )


    it’s OK

    Im insecure TOO !!!




    we could be GOOD


    i’ll do what it TAKES


    to LOVE YOU !!

  297. the kingdom of heaven IS about the divine pure true flawless feeling ‘real’ YOU oneness

    i don’t know why i turned to Jesus for so many years as my best friend, i just did, well, you get betrayed enough in life, that’s what happens, you learn not to trust so easily, and when Jesus say trust no one, i ponder why he says that, as relates to my own pure true connecting constant yearning for oneness flow love so trusting like i became with Jesus……escaping?…..ya, i guess i was, but not ever was the feeling to escape from Jesus, in coming to know him more and more, feeling the way he does, as my own feelings so pure and true, ya, i see the world thru his eyes now, and for some time i question everything of this realm, all the falsehood manifestations, illness of heart according to Jesus, well ya, alot of it definitely is, like the false lie drug/alcohol induced hyped up ones who do become sick eventually, unwisely snared in cruel paths of addiction, their own worse enemy of blindness unaware getting worse….

    retreat back to the cross, safe with Jesus, i did, and reconnected without fear of my graceful real feelings of my original real self, a sigh, ah, the state of being of what the kingdom of heaven IS

    when you come to know your self, you will become known

    well ya, of course, the oneness(known) mirror, so pure and true of the eternal all YOU, for sure Jesus knew this true well, and wisely peered thru all the falsehood layers of every soul he happened upon, knowing the condition of all, and why, manifestations the professionals all say……a wise (halo) perspective, surfacing without fear, question the need to belong, to what, the status quo? such an empty place that can feel… much poverty hardship of our brothers and sisters, doesn’t anyone care….oh right, the blind leading the blind snare…..question who is worse off? when the child of poverty is intuitively always of owning only their graceful real self feelings, bewildered by……..the coldness so not like their true loving nature, angels

    indeed a child without does lead the way to awareness of the child within

    so i ask, who are the most blessed of all?

    thru oneness true, when you realize who, instantly aware… is also YOU

  298. so much (illness of heart) selfish wealth = suffering……….of who?

  299. oh forgetfulness foe, be gone from us forever, so that we may always just be as the tender mild oneness of all that we so easily see……our sisters, our brothers, of pure true hearts leading the way to heaven known within and all around, the grace ever flowing, indeed, IS the kingdom of heaven…….found

    someone please let them all know who they are, so sad to realize they don’t know the truth of their greatness beyond all the riches of the world….

  300. let us always realize the constant awareness truth in our every sacred step with them, as the come forth in their always humble just as they always are way, of the doors to our hearts open wide so free in coming away from all things of useless worldly…..asking to whom does it all belong, may we without hesitation purely just know as they just are, always their loving oneness true……who saves who?

  301. We save ourselves, & everyone else in the process..

    The light, shines within You..

  302. Jesus says, the (intuitive oneness) light is within (every) one, if not, they are darkness(falsehood egos), why Jesus says you cannot serve both, of what sight restored not of the eyes, like some think of the blind man, rather sight(atonement wisdom) restored in oneness atonement awareness: heart, mind, body, spirit: our true nature: soul

  303. Who did Jesus turn to for love & friendship ?

    Someone special I imagine.

    We can all open our hearts without fear of being hurt or taken advantage of, when we truly connect with who we are the light inside, when we accept that then we become open to that we can give & receive love without any false consequence.

    The experiences of the past , the hurts & disappointments are lessons that served us well, they teach us self love, self respect, honor …..

    The real test comes when we open our heart again, true love fears no pain, true love connects with the light inside ourselves, no one else is able to take that away..

    Have no fear, Lauren is here 🙂

  304. tell her to please not stare ! , it’s very rude…

  305. ya, you are amazing emotional honest awareness Lauren!

    such fearless openness in your ability to talk at length of your own vulnerable self awareness discovery, as i myself keep trying to surface without fear of being myself, the rejection issue i feel is mostly our own imagination fear, and not true at all of how others may or may not see us, the manifesting paranoid strings of ‘uncertainty’, that can be dispelled when we realize we are all the delicate sensitive vulnerable child within, and worse, when the manifestations spill over to someone we do love with all that we are, saying things not true, the hiding of masks we put on, when oh when can i just be found as my real self?

    in truth i love the pure delicate emotional honest safety connecting with others who likewise respond purely and truly, the magical child who like me comes alive in greater self-love awareness of their own…….as my own

    we all want to be the happiness vitality inner joy that comes with allowing ourselves to feel loved and loving with others, naturally occurring of primal instinct harmoniousness as that of where we are come from and are, the flawless eternal realm of all living matter awareness of it’s own existence, where in any given moment, all manifestations we see and feel within this realm of others and ourselves, is the end result of millions of years of evolution evolving along side one another for so so long, indeed, even the absurd discord is wisdom awareness discerning for those who embrace the truth of most any in life walking among the whims of what is the eternal one generation of where everyone is just at in this point in human condition history……of the ever continuous eternal life of the eternal all who are always just right there, of our humble knowingness that indeed, everything we do is of effect/affect/direct/indirect contact, wisely of compassionate loving true harmonious fearless oneness goodness or ignorantly of apathetic hateful false discord fear mongering segregation badness, that likewise too is of the replaying cycle pattern projection identification transference subconscious seeking hiding submerging surfacing………..’i am’ ok?

  306. one can entertain words like Jesus says, love another as though your own self, but how many are of atonement awareness that indeed, they are your own self in feeling and existing exactly the same in each passing moment as you are, of asking ourselves intuitively without hesitation, of our self-love oneness awareness, how they are feeling about their own self according to our every word as either our tender mild graceful pure true real self, or the absurdness of anything false in whatever masks one chooses to wear….as Jesus says, where all untruthfulness is ‘i am’ not found

    someone special……the eternal all YOU

  307. Some shine.bright lights …

    Others shine a white light…

    Most are asleep….

    Common defense mechanisms
    Reaction formation
    Intellectualisation or isolation

    Oh look I managed to change the color next to my name.

    I just didn’t feel, the “I am” in the “you are” so I’m am ok”” 2..

    Some of the most profound spiritual growth come from the most tremendous pain.

    & it was painful 🙂

    I’ll always be around somewhere or everywhere….

  308. You don’t mind me doing my homework on here ?

    It helps me remember ….

    Denial involves protecting ourselves from unpleasant reality by refusing to perceive or face it. Example a smoker concludes that the evidence linking cigarette use to health problems is scientifically worthless.

    Projection involves attributing our own thoughts,feelings or motives to another person eg; A woman who dislikes her boss thinks she likes her boss but feels he doesn’t like her.

    Dissociation involves shutting off from a highy traumatic event and having an out – of – body experience. Eg; A woman who was severly abused as a child develops distinctly different personalities (also know as Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly multiple personality disorder).

    Repression involves keeping distressing tqhoughts and feelings buried in the unconscious. Eg; A traumatized soldier has no recollection of the details of a close brush with death.

    That’s four , 8 to go


    Study break…

  309. I left on of the examples blank for you the student to give me an answer then I’ll show you my answer & I’ll mark your answer out of 10…

    0 is a fail 10 is a pass.. Anything in-between is uncertanty

    Lol I’m kidding

  310. Reaction formation behaving in away that is the exact opposite of our true feelings. Example; STUDENT TO COMPLEATE in no less than 2 words but no more than 3

    Overcompensation involves covering up felt weakness by emphasizing some desirable characteristic , or making up for frustration in one area by over-gratification in another. Example A dangerously overweight woman goes on eating binges when she feels neglected by her husband.

    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings … Love Mariah …

    Gaging who ..? Deep throat me 🙂

    By the way haven’t paid your counsellimg bills, I don’t mean to press you’ve have enough stress but it has been what 15 years ++++. The bills are adding up… I would’nt ask but I have kids to feed 🙂


    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    🙂 🙂


  311. Also a reminder that your assignment must be in by the deadline midnight Sunday 19 Jun.

    No extensions without a valid reason, or medical condition,

    Failure of your unit of study will need to be repeated as you will have not completeated your test’s ..



  312. It’s a trick question…


    My answer is ;;


  313. Have we done regression yet ?

    Regression involves a reversion to immature patterns of behavior eg; An adult has a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way.

    Identification involves bolstering self -esteem by forming an imaginary or real alliance with some person or group eg: An insecure Young man joins a fraternity to boost his self esteem…

    Hum ‘

  314. Rationalization involves the creation of false but plausible excuses to justify unacceptable behavior. Example; A student watches TV instead of studying. Stating “Additional study wouldn’t do any good anyway”

    Ok that’s enough, I’m going to watch tv….


  315. Don’t blame me I was told to go out and do something stupid , for my ego sake, crushing my opponent my ego…

    The super ego: Psychodynamic


  316. manifestations of whatever generational handed down environmental path one was born into and journeyed along in, do not make a person bad, just fucked up…..

    we all seek emotional honest safety…… is the core of everyone’s intuitive born as being, surfacing/submerging of real self…..oh for sure, i can relate to every wisdom ever written, past, present, future…..and i do

    i believe there may be a God, something appears to be beyond our cognitive, of our sublime higher subtle intuitive intellect awareness

    i will say this, if there is a God, then God is connected to us in every passing moment…….my own personal coincidences reveal the existence of a life force entity connection, of my concluding observation study…..what some may refer to as the existence of a spirit realm…..and what of our intuitive clairvoyance oneness connecting occurrences?

    what does it all mean?

    that we are more alike then than one would care to esteem, having not come fully into atonement awareness oneness within the core of our own self first, likewise connection core of oneness being of the eternal all…..and i still say the female and the male is the same in both persona and sexual feeling…..100% the same self actually……i am

  317. Did you know that Birds are the messengers between the two worlds, christianity used the dove to symbolize the holy spirit and it also used to represents Peace.

    I went outside the night before last it was cold and all the trees were haunting on that cold winter night no leaves and it was misty, the light of the near full moon falling down to earth lighting up the night sky, as I sat there in the silence of the night i felt this tremendous energy like the presence of an Angel ( maybe juliet was hiding behind a tree outside my window ha ha ) seriously then all of sudden this huge bird came from nowhere, I thought it’s 2 am unusual for a large bird to be flying around and it landed on a branch at the tree right in front of me so I went to investigate and it was an Owl ( a wise Owl ) which stayed there for a few minutes staring around and then down at me the energy from this Owl was amazing almost telepathic it looked at me with those huge eyes that a wise Owl has and then flew away .. quite an amazing experience.

    Look out for the signs, the universe does remind us every day who we are, where we are going and where we want to be….

  318. for me, the kingdom of heaven is inside us, and all around us, IS us, at all times, the feeling of only love feels good for our pure true divine real self, so where we are going and where we want to be, is 2 be fully surfaced as our original vulnerable ‘feeling’ sensitive delicate graceful emotionally honest self, where every step is sacred as one who knows your true value as the sacred mirror, calm and pure in constant flow graceful feeling YOU!

    eventually this light shines thru others full circle back to us, of what is true understanding of how the kingdom of heaven is ushered into this realm of existence with one another as the TRUTH of our oneness equal feeling self, self of another, of the eternal all you of ONE generation of God’s wise compassionate constantly loving child

    it is absurd to think Jesus is the only child of God, why would Jesus speak at length of his awareness, if not of the constant motivation empowerment he 100% became, the truth he always knew of the oppression of his beloved sisters and brothers, so brutalized everywhere he went, discovering what is the most powerful weapon in God’s armory that cannot fail…….the holy sword of TRUTH Jesus IS, that pierces thru all falsehoods, to the divine child within us all with his every wise loving compassionate words that set free the divine child of the eternal all, we R!

    anyone who speaks as though we are not, is (yet) as a fool, unknowingly

    therefore, compassion as though one from the future, which we are, wisely set free, dwelling as does Jesus, (yet) in the past with our lost sisters and brothers, again is the truth that serves the eternal revealing discerning shielding comprehension halo light, where truth does not change over time in whatever truth one WILLingly takes time realizing…..the eternal day awareness of YOU

  319. I know every one is a child of God, but Jesus was an Alien Soul that’s why they had to burn frankincense when he was born because he’s souls energy was having difficulty attaching to the physical realm body, he was special in that he was an evolved soul … So I’m told or read somewhere…

    Yer he was an alien, with eleven man friends & one girl friend/ lover he had a few children too so they say… But he knew too much so they knocked him off….

    Hum & look at the world now spiritually void in most places…

    I still don’t get why people are he’ll bent on a path of destruction most people have children don’t they care about the world they leave behind to their children, or do they just care about a big house & new Car with all the features…

    Oh well I’m not going to ramble on, no one is listening no one cares bout it, just their ego self in denial on their own self God within… People will just say I’m crazy as they do to anyone who attempts to awaken morons from their slumber…

    A few are listening you know who you are.,.. I’m content that at least one person on this God forsaken planet understands me, makes it less lonely …

    Go back to sleep morons, when you wake up everyone will be gone…

    Gone to heaven….

  320. & God was kinda pissed off that. They knocked him off, but he saw the bigger picture he was God after all…

    & for the sake of Karma he knew that things happened for the greater good, like when Jesus came back for the second coming , if he ever does …

    He better hurry … Time is waiting…!
    He could meet up with the reincarnated Mary magdalene ( the prostitute that Jesus was spoonin )

    Ah Karma

    & I mean Jesus gave his life … I’d say he wants it back

    I should write 22nd century books

    Ancient Mirrors, By Lauren Ellen Rachel

  321. If he ever did, in the first place


    Who cares know one can remember back that far anyway…

  322. Oh and remember your Assignment is due by midnight Sunday 19 June 2011

    I look forward to getting it ,

  323. & no shaking of the wrist’s

    that”’ dismissive look…

    not a good look

  324. I look forward to getting it ,

    i meant,
    i look forward to receiving it

    my grammar is atrocious …

    but then I could have said give it to me

    I have to admit that performing “Give it to Me” is a nightmare. The lyrics are “don’t need to catch my breath!” However, each time I get to that part I am gasping for air!

    thats hot 🙂

  325. Please include a cover sheet with you assignment


    Your Student Id; number

    Your Tutors Name;

    Unit of Study : “Common defense mechanisms”

    And the subject : “Reaction formation”

    “Reaction formation involves behaving in away that is the exact opposite of our true feelings. from: Weitem, W., Lloyed, M A.; Dunn, D.S, & Hammer, E. Y. (2009), Psychology applied to modern life. Adjusted in the 21st century (9th ed, p. 39;p.112). Belmot, CA: Wadsworth Publishing.


    If you find it’s too hard then i am happy to give you a one on one tutorial ..
    just call me …

    I am here for you …

  326. 🙂

    when you feel the “IAM” in the “YOU ARE”

    YOU’ll >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>be the first ONE to KNOW :!!!!


  327. omg…..i just got a thank you tweet from the band KAZAKY, for my recent stone work of them……..for sure i will feel proud dressing Kazaky trangendered style black(with hot pink lace) in this year’s Pride Toronto

    YEAH KAZAKY!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  328. That’s great, do you do sculptures of women or just young boys in a state of arousal .?

    I like the sketches they do in art classes of large women & men they have such interesting features & character that they project and the artist captures.

  329. my orientation happiness is versatile unity of the female and male self in a male body, that so far has only seen my versatile happiness with someone like myself, although in pondering the plausible truth that all human brains have primal innate female and male sexual behavior, and that the female and male orgasm is not different in feeling, in our ever evolving awareness of these highly plausible truths, i suppose my own self-love of both my female and male self oneness, is likewise also true of someone like myself in a female body…….ya sure, why not, a female with a perfect shaped penis strapon would be so amazing, and we transgendered/transsexuals all love breasts……..hey, great idea!

    i really should open up more to the truth of my bisexual feeling unity of my female and male self, although i don’t think of the female and male self as different in emotional or sexual feeling, just our mental indifference(s) that remain as the lower self awareness stuckness rift (yet) between mediocre happiness and exceedingly joyful happiness, as one who already does know this truth of my own versatile happiness………and if our kids come out with both a penis and a vagina, hey great, but are we not all already have ‘that’?

    ahahahahhhaaaa :mrgreen:

  330. my devoted activist works are of and for self-acceptance of gay youth, currently of the high risk suicide statistic of 12 suicides per day in the USA, and so far, the gay youth i have presented it to in person, all love my dedication to them, where for those i meet who cannot afford the work, i give it to them to cherish the oneness mirror they always feel, where it just may give them the slight edge they need, as they make their way thru the high risk years of transition into a gay./trans lifestyle

    i know the transition they are of, of my own oneness experience from bullying, that saw me stay closeted in secret of my homoerotic feelings till the age of 29, of which the work is also of my own catharsis process healing evolving into greater and greater self-love acceptance esteem as one who was afraid for so long like i was and yet am, of the feeling that does not ever leave us, always there are those in our circles of life who taunt and tease us……till our last day

    although i don’t let it trouble me as much as it will trouble all of them some day, at the loss of one of their own beloved, upon which you all have to face God’s truth awareness, no matter one’s ignorance revealed of these truths i take time to speak, of said time, the eternal day of awareness that does come to everyone yet asleep and bound in perpetuation mad flood deathful drowning destructive oppressive manifesting low self-esteem perpetuation ignorance……although i suppose some do not ever wake up, in likeness and form as a dead gay youth, of what is all spiritual death spewing unwisely forth from so many caught in the mad flood of our one eternal generation dwelling of the eternal day that does not set…..

  331. Well keep it up so to speak, a worthy cause my house mate just lost his friend yesterday 22 yrs old to suicide . Youth suicide is at epic proportions in this country…

    Don’t k know about the strap on, I think too much focus is on the phallic symbol … If your referring to the pleasures of physical stimulation … Get boring after a while especially when you’ve done it as much as I have, ok I’m sounding like a whore, true satisfaction comes from love inside the warmth one gets from cuddles..

  332. i think maybe i will go spend my time more productively from now on……….hey, how is it that complete strangers come up to us all the time, with some smear remark, i mean it’s their immature shithead ways, ya, i get that, has less to do with me than it does them, but why be like that? I mean why make your own self out to look like a fucking idiot all the time?

    well, everyone in the gay community of Toronto here is celebrating this work, especially the gay youth busing in from the yet homophobic hellsvilles i know all too well out there, and it warms my heart to see their self-confidence so gracefully pure and true…..if anyone knows them…….i do

    i think maybe i will be spending more time in productive circles from now on……i mean why bother with hypocrisy heart dwellers, their own deaf and blind stumbling along off a fucking cliff, that even Jesus cannot save

  333. Ok so I get the message

    You get the pattern ?

    My pattern ?


    Why is that ?

  334. Drugs ? Sounds more like Projection …

    one is perfect , when we allow ourselves to be imperfect so we can appreciate .. Perfection when it comes …

    Perfect.. 🙂

  335. It’s Italian

    For Ferfect World

    Your so dumb

  336. God, I need a few more Angels sent down please……

    Oh and some rope…

    I got one here stuck in the mud…



  337. sorry


    Sorry 4 everything I’ve done, ok

    I’ll go now…

    God bless

  338. ha

    you are apologizing for projection transference of the mad flood?

    oh ok, at some point we realize only fun loving holy joyful absolute carefree happiness is of the greatest value in constant flow feeling YOU, of forgetfulness mad flood of the status quo fucktards can snare us in ways we may not realize it has….just one big mind trap really, is how i see it, where not much of it is harmonious with our true nature, although i do love the free spirited artists of genuine authentic sincere emotional honest expressing creative works like this one i love soooooo much! 😉

  339. in truth our pure spirited original self remains unscathed in getting our self out of overly enmeshed relationships that distract us too much away in following along with their way, their life, of whatever plodding along aimlessly haphazardly without much conviction in wisdom of a path of destiny, like that of our own leading, as a leader in our own constant yearning inner happiness waiting to be easily set free to just go be YOU…..well, i suppose you get held down long enough, of your own doing, you just naturally come into awareness of enjoyment of just being your self, with healthier flexible boundary setting, taking ownership of what IS YOUR HAPPINESS, just being YOU, in letting people come to know and love, to whatever degree that may or may not be, and well……only love feels good

  340. Not really the mad flood more like the big drought.

    nah I never said sorry before because I don’t believe in it, because one shouldn’t have put themselves in a position to apologies in the first place, but we all at some point or other let our ego’s take hold and do & say things we wouldn’t normally do if we were being our true enlightened pure self…

    just making a correction …

    ego is back in his box..

    on the mat ego…


  341. It’s something WE have and no ONE else has, That’s all that MATTers……

    Could have been worse, I could have performed An Elvis rendition instead..

  342. huh?……Matt?

  343. ok…..agreed

    emotional honest safety, the subconscious constant yearning seeking oneness…….without all the useless fucking lame ass going fucking nowhere………..cough……..whatevers!!!!!!!!!!

    ahahaa 😉

  344. did you know he died on Madonna’s birthday, age 42, prescription drugs……ya, for sure, watch out for the anti-climatic fallout of false egos that don’t last, is not the real self, amazing how messed up we ‘allow’ ourselves to get from lack of grounded centering awareness meditation sessions……well, if we allow our self such time freely given to our real self, which means all you limp dick fucks have to get the fuck out of here……NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!


  345. He didn’t really die…..

    He’s still fat & bald


  346. I cannot believe you called me limp…. I’m a grower not a shower ..

    oops… i forgot my character is Lauren guess i’m a big a girl i don’t have a penis …

    if you actually looked into my eyes and said hi.. on life’s road then I wouldn’t be so afraid to say hi …

    try it, I might grow on you..

  347. haha……..oh, as a friend, that constructive criticism address was meant for the dysfunctional wannabe lovers…….and well, i guess me too, in keeping myself in line with my own desires..

    what? Girls don’t have a penis? Since when?

    ah yes, the divine child of God’s constant searching oneness eyes….but what if we are just a fluke of nature, albeit a remarkable fluke like nature is, well, it does not change anything, we are these mobile living life forms, eating other living matter as our energy source, like all mobile living matter does, of so many different life forms of where they have evolved to after millions of years, that maybe were all once of the same origin of the fluke of nature…..oh sorry, eternal living life forms, even our languages can live forever, if we want…..i ask, what is forever?

    the atoms in this physical realm are forever?

    the grudge i have against violent ones who traumatized me, ya for sure, that’s forever!


    when we come to know and love someone true blue, of the ever sensual tender kissing in a hot tub, that is forever, is it not?

    as in you don’t ever want the feeling to stop?

    oh just try ‘me’ some day, every day if you can, lover happiness living, YES!!!!!!!

    i am

    same as eternal all YOU


  348. oh……uhm………a girl with a penis that is……….i am :mrgreen:

  349. i think all girls should have a penis, then they wouldn’t need a boyfriend, as i ask myself, what am i supposed to do with this penis?



  350. ok, so i am a girl with a penis, who wants a girl with a penis, hmmm, does this make me the most awesome fun lesbian lover a girl with a penis could ever dream of?

    what if all sex feels the same, does it matter who is having sex with who?

    no it does not

    what matters is who you love, and who loves you, i mean at the end of the day, is being in love not the only place any of us ever want to feel?

    i say to God, what if i am in love with every one? Will they all love ‘me’?

    if only my divine pure true real self is able to know and love Jesus, than is this not true of all of us 2?

    people just think the male and female persona and sex is different, but it’s not, the sexual arousal climatic orgasm is the same for both

    we are all just lame in thinking we it is not the same, but in truth, it 100% is the same

    these labels therefore, will be looked upon for what they did to us all, especially the transsexuals, isolated us, segregated us, made us targets for the weaker mind that wants to embrace the truth, but too afraid to realize………God is both female and male oneness, not separated at all, where just because we think we are female or we are male, in truth, we are neither, and rather, we are all God’s child of only love feels good



  351. ok…… let ‘me’ get this straight(ha)….uhm……Matt thinks s/he is a girl?

    well ya, hello!

    is there any better way to be YOU?

    butt i am a girl 2, so what about ‘me’?

    or maybe i am not a girl or a boy, like my DNA does not think of our sexual parts as a different organ, because it is not, it is one unit of the same purpose, to unite in loving creation of our own self……you know, that has to be the most amazing thing for humans, to recreate their own self, how remarkable is that?

    some day…….WE WILL!

    always it is our will that MATTers most!

    understandably so, the will of love vs the empty will of hate, the will of compassion vs the empty will of apathy, the will of wisdom vs the emptying will igonrance…….what is your will?

    well, the divine child of God’s true nature is always of the WILL of LOVING COMPASSIONATE WISE HAPPINESS as the pure true real YOU!

    this…..i already know of my own self, therefore also it is true of the eternal all YOU

    of anything less just won’t do!

    SO KISS ME DAMN IT!!!!!!


    oh wait a sec………………OK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there is no such thing as too late


  352. I just wrote a big message and then accidently wiped it, just ranting about sex…

    well ,,

    I’ll be back tomorrow, talk then …

    hugs & kisses …

    & cuddles xox

  353. bah….is it ever possible for me to forget about Matt?

    why would i want 2? 😉

  354. fuck you!

    let me fuck you!


  355. You have to love me … You must love me…

  356. Imagine how boring this world would be if not for all the great artists ..

    I have to admit they are all great but my favorite is Salvadore Dali, all those vivid colors and dream state images helps me connect to the other realms…

  357. Fear fear fear, I don’t want to adhere

    Trust trust trust, that’s a must…

    can you tell I’m bored shitless….

    Turn on the TV & all I see is guns and violence, go out the door and all I see is morons, everyone has an ego to feed, I get caught in between
    beggars on the street, drug addicts by the sea, drunks rolling in the gutter

    oh this world is upside down ….

    Peace & Harmony

  358. everyone is adrift in the mad flood generational sea, dynamically bound almost as though an easy calculable sealed path of fate, of my own path of reckless manifesting low self-esteem self-respect, that saw me get tagged with HIV in exiting the path, which is the end result of my fucked up bashed in self-esteem of my tender youth years, my own parents pretty much imbeciles on parenting, thru no fault of their own really, their only resource of choice for raising kids, the same way they were raised, same fucked up mad flood we all swim thru out entire life.

    not to sound disenfranchised, not at all, it’s all really amazing just how sensitive we are to madness flood all around us, albeit, disenfranchised i am, when it comes to learning yet more of the same discerning of abuse and neglect we see all the time, starting with own self abuse and neglect, being my own parent now, in addressing my own wants and needs fully.

    how can the most important mirroring of all come to be in this mad flood, if not thru wise compassionate loving healthy choices of our own, for sake of our own holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover happiness?

    and then we are gone, and an exact likeness as our own self comes forth, again and again, the eternal one generation bound together by all that is wisdom and ignorance, love and hate, compassion and apathy, true and false, YOU!

    the astounding realization in seeing another struggle just as we too once did, all the same emotion, as though watching our own self unfortunately born into the same mad flood as we are, maybe more severe, or less mild than our own, either way, all are the same intuitive emotional response to the flood all are born into

    some drown, some get hurt, all are oppressed

    no such thing as God testing us, because life is not a test, it is a fish bowl full of shit!

  359. oh but one can use the shit as discerning truth fertilization, to help grow ones own self, self of another, provided one finds will enough to do so, provided one does not die too young to do anything, too stupid, too bound in the shit they don’t realize is going to kill them, addicted, whatever mind fuck trap they haphazardly fall into, and well, if they don’t know they already are a beautiful orchid that does not even really need much fertilization from shit, or even much water, and rather protection is needed most, then we all know what happens, life runs you over, leaves you for dead, their own life egotistically disconnected in unwise thinking they are better than another, all the low self-esteem junk collecting hoarding most any are doing, all rather boring as fuck really, this life, it can be, so you ask, well what to do with fish bowl?

    you put fucking fish in it you morons!

    whatever color you want, pink, yellow, light green, blue, red, purple, turn your attention to see how beautiful life is, does not cost a fucking thing to enjoy being you, well, maybe some food, some shelter, most important is to protect your attitude from shit getting into your bowl, your life, your surroundings, all of your choosing, someone wants to bully you, tell them to fuck off and die, all of you, i’m serious, such zombie foul mouth shit i see so many of you of, and when your own kid dies consequentially because of your choice to perpetuate your shit? don’t come crying and saying i did not warn all of you

    i did

    and i do

  360. oh hi, good morning, how are you?

  361. I well than you for asking..

    Hope your well..

    Actually I’ve just accepted the hard truth that I’ve totally exhausted all excuses for being lazy …

    So I need to kick my cAnDy Ass … & get things done ….

    Next week will be a productive week for me…

    Well I was sick but the doctor couldn’t find anything so it’s all in my head.

    Doubt doubt doubt, I can do without…

    Ava good weekend… 🙂

  362. perhaps as one inundated with self-doubt transference of their own generational self-doubt transferred to them, is good, in that it acts as a spur to stop seeking assurance from just as blind doubters as our self, in seeking higher understanding truth of self?

    what is the truth?

    truth is that we are all the same embryonic structures which (trans)form into female or male, different in appearance, but not different in sensory perception feeling, wired the same way in (trans)mitting to our brain which feels identical for both female and male…..where the real confusion comes from an unaware society about this truth, along with all their anal retentive rhetorical mind fucking bullshit doubt! ahaha

    people come to love us…..or they don’t, and won’t if they don’t know we exist

    ever wonder how many people you will actually meet and get to know in your life, compared to how many existed while alive, as a percentage?

    0.something %, barely even measurable

    ah well, life for me is my loving lover i will marry some day, go be the sacred holy joyFULL mirror of pure true grace loving self, overflowing in abundance unity flow of the truth of us all, i everything we do, sacred steps, sacred breaths, sacred YOU!

  363. well im just going to inject some certainty into my life,

    i’ll share a story of predudice, my neighbour has been saying to me oh my cAndy Ass you’ve lost so much weight are you ok, i say yes ( fat Ass ) ive been dieting and under a little stress lately dealing with MORONS, that was last month then i go on a working holiday to a warmer climate and work my cAnDy Ass off even more come back all refreshed and a slim body to die for sexy slim and slenderm so this (fat Ass ) neighbour comes up to me last monday for the kill, and say’s oh my cAnDy Ass YOUR WASTING away are you ok ?

    im like oh fuck so I go to the doctor expecting the worst from her negativity and ask for a HIV test well comes back negative so im pondering this for a moment and I think stupid byiatch she’s told the whole street im sick everyone says cAnDy Ass you look pale are you ok, im like uhm im not fucking pale i’ve been sunbacking on a fucking beach for the last 10 days…

    i felt so worried and inferiour and there’s no fucking justification for these feelings just other morons ( lazy fucks ) who have got nothing better do to with their wastfull lives lying in bed all day in their mansions while the husband goes out and earns all the money, fucking
    whore’s if you ask me …

    well there is a point to this, if i felt this way i can only begin to fathom how someone who is dealing with a condiction would feel having to deal with the phobia discrimination and shit from idiots like this…

    I said to this neighbour LUV are you Jealous of my figure ?

    she reply’s all coy and giult ridden oh yes i am, i go to gym and i cannot drop the weight… end of conversation…

    Stupid fat cow, dont hang your shit on me.. i thought, then it occured to me, I need to be more proactive and help others who are experiencing this pedudice…

    and I don’t really mean it when i call her a fat cow,( it’s for dramatic purposes just kidding) ( NOT ! )

    we are all one, I would be attacking myself

    I prefer sweet revenge and my revenge would be to put all my energies into being positive and making a difference to those that need my streangth..

    it’s easier to be negative and just call her a fat cow, but thats not being an elightended being making an effort to invoke change anbd help others would be harder but more rewarding,,,

    Fucking Fat COW

  364. I should’nt say that sorry forgive me God …

    ok ill be the better person and buy her a gift , to heal the rift..


    off to the butchers…

    to buy a gift of forgivness,,,

    a kilorgram of aged old COW RIND …

    and some fresh mint to flavour the cunt

  365. yer me too i thinking of a new lover my other neightbour opposite, who’s really cute, plays the Baryton, (is it the Chitarra battente,) the creative sentsitive type, my type,

    , laf my age… but who cares, opposites attract ..also know’s how to play the game ..

    ……………………………………. the fuckable type….

  366. fuck me…

    fuck my cAnDy Ass

  367. exscuse the gramma & spell ing, i need to cut my knails …

    im loving this jeourney , is anyone taking photos ? i want to treasure every moment of it…

    where’s is the Camera

  368. indeed, we are all one, much more sensitive true nature than our shallow ego protecting masks most hide behind.

    a wise person becomes aware in knowing that their sense of responsibility is the door of truth to step fully into the light of just being your pure true graceful constant feeling real self, that is not just for sake of mirroring, but more so for increasing inner peaceful joy that rides us of ego anxiety, of ‘Happiness IS the Journey’ wise willing awake oneness atonement seeking destination; life

    question not how much affect effect change to the mad drowning ignorance flood is one’s life able to be, rather question how significant affect effect change to the mad drowning ignorance flood is?

    life and death significance

    empowered discerning becoming conduct vs unbecoming conduct, is the humble approach of a seeking warrior of truth, especially of those who have lost a beloved to the mad drowning haphazard unwise blind leading the blind deathful destructive oppressive flood all around us, of what is so many generational taught and learned illnesses of heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, who really don’t know, often learning the hard way……too late

    the tendency to blame one’s own self for the fall of another, of humble awareness that dynamically, yes, we are partly to blame, as a haphazard aimless participant, however, forgiveness is eventually found in the truth revealing, that we too were of our own near death ignorant drowning destructive oppression just as the too were, in what is the unfortunate binding dynamics of the mad flood all of us contend with daily.

    unshackled freedom in revealing truth paths of wising destiny, awaits so many yet plodding along aimlessly haphazardly in the binding paths of fateful ignorance, that are deathful, are destructive, are oppressive of our pure true graceful delicate oh so sensitive beautiful feeling vulnerable real self surfacing/submerging

    is it safe to come out?

    no, it is not ever safe to come out

    truth wisdom becomes an impenetrable shield to all yet unknowingly snared in ignorance, of our wiser compassionate assertiveness replacing previous tiresome repetitive resentment, that comes with passive aggressive interactions with others, of what is blind leading the blind perpetuating foolish bad energy enticing cajoling mockery folly; the hypocrisy hearts

    come away from the non-conducive unwise world, into our peaceful calm loving inner sanctuary where our real self is easily found at rest, of pleasant, mild, preference of only love feelings, of only compassionate feelings, of only wise feelings in knowing how blind we too once were at they yet are; exiting folly

    people become enmeshed with each other, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, stuck in cycle pattern spin, that is insatiable thru passive aggressive, instead of exiting thru assertiveness as to just how tiresome and annoying the repetitive cycle patterns are indeed a waste of precious time where one could be their sweet tender loving real self of only love

    question everything of true self or false self, in constant discerning of what is our own life, true wise loving compassion vs false unwise hateful apathy

    always the choice is ours to make of what we perpetuate, drowning in the flood, or learning how to swim, and walk, and fly above, as the dove all are born as.

  369. Andy, you should write a book, your a powerful writer, it’s a challenge trying to guide people, as their ego usually blocks them, they don’t want to listen but with a book they have a choice to pick it up and read it, I just mirror people’s ego so they see a reflection, hopefully aware of their own, Its not the real me just smoke and mirrors I don’t mind being labeled as mental as I know within myself I’m only acting out a reflection, I get challenged my my own ego also and I like every one else am vaunerable to my own superficial self but I am aware and I take the steps and put the effort into uncovering and challenging that, and I also put 100pc effort into learning from others that mirror my ego as I have a trusted few who I listen two…

    Anyway if you do write a book, I’ll buy it, maybe you have to start off writing into simple terminology the people who need it most are the dumbest at best so small steps grow to bigger paths which lead to the highway to Heaven.

    Just past the cross road, over here , near the cross dresser.. -:)

  370. Want me to inject you with some certainty ?

    hope you are not afraid of needles, it’s a big one..

    im your one stop, lipstick pusher

  371. well ya, relective, reflecting, deflecting, inspecting, rejecting, perfecting….

    i write it down as part of internalizing study…..and any curious passerby

  372. Are you addicted yet ?

    One moment please,

    I’ll up the dosage

  373. i always has a connection to my profound deep pure and true flowing self-love, well developed in my youth, easily found at peaceful rest within my inner sanctuary that seemingly only i know ‘me’, as i realize this is something true of all of us……

    one day i asked my therapist, “what am i looking for?”

    knowing how frustrated i appeared, she said what i longed to hear, the truth, the mystery, to any yet unwise, unaware, “Emotional Honest Safety.”

    immediately i said, “YES!!!! That makes sense!”

    Finally i know what i once thought was something wrong with me, not at all, indeed we are all swimming in a madness flood…..unaware, because no one wise told us the truth of our real self.

    any who go against this simple truth are fearfully operating from a false mask self creates, adopts, to hide behind, of purity so great as though only angels seem to know about us all…

  374. Swimming ?

    Or drowning

    Did you have fun at the beach today ?

  375. What did Impotent say to impetus ?

    You can do it…, or is it the other way round…

    Either way, doesn’t MATTer…

    point is

    YOU can Do it….

    I believe

  376. I’m going back to my X

    One soul in the next world,

    No soul in this world

  377. On second though, X is spoilt

    I don’t do spoilt

    Back to the drawing board,
    Where’s my list..

    My wish list…

    Sorry for all the kisses, now your on the bottom of the list with four big kisses sitting on top of you

  378. uhm…..discovery fun feeling stimulation your ass has given encouragement to my wanting to fuck you?


  379. where is our humanity when a child today exists without treatment for leprosy?

    i don’t understand this world’s heartlessness

    our countries have vast vast resources that can easily pay for medicine we have for leprosy

    at all times, in every moment, someone is there waiting for our hearts to be open

    but no, people are fixated with their junk collecting gold vessels full of empty arrogance

    where is our pure true connecting oneness intuitive concern with our sisters and brothers?

    truly truly being our real self feeling oneness is more valuable than all the riches of the arrogance world

    such thankfulness as though prayers answered

    ask yourself, “Who are we to God?”

    and God replys, “Who are you to the leprosy child?”

  380. matt?

    hmmm….i always pray he is ok…..i looked for him

    maybe he will see the art one day

    maybe he WILL SEE,,,,,,,the art ONE DAY! 😉

    follow your heart

  381. being the activist artist is what i was born to BE, a truly fulfilling way of life, the amazement in their eyes when they are moved by the mirroring oneness, is my reward

    not really concerned about where it will take me, i really do just enjoy the way of life in so easily just being my heart

    maybe someone as motivated as i am will come along and realize the same as i do, the need for the mirroring oneness, a devoted life of joy, happiness lovers the journey, to be where we all constantly yearn to be found, to be loved, to beloved…..without doubt

    doubt just fucks it all up

    tired of the flaky faker ass ones

    truth of ‘me’, truth of us all

    spiritual marriage oneness, holy, joyful, absolute, carefree, inner peace, is the oneness within us all

    follow your heart……to constant flow feeling only love real self YOU!

  382. You pushed me off the comments
    Iist, ok I’m back on top…

    I prefer to be on Top… 🙂

    Sometimes sideways but there is always room to move…

    Ok well see thing is everyone is spiritually DEAD…. & so far disconnected from the light and yes empty vessels, so the creator God got sick of nobody listening like hey you all , it doesn’t need to be this way but the morons as usual blinded by their own egos were not listening so that’s why we have so much negativity and shit going on in this world starvation famine wars etc… Not that that’s a good thing but it’s is a reflection of humans separation and we should forget about well not forget but worry less about the gold challases and and stuff and instead just slap all the morons who are spiritually asleep almost dead and comatised on the ace and say


    what you gonna sleep al day.. While this kid over here starves to death help him plant some seeds for fuck sake, so he can grow a big apple tree to feed his village…

    focus not on the darkness, for it is not the cause of all this spiritual death, in fact the opposite the darkness helps us see the light.

    Or something along those lines I didn’t put to much effort into thisnost I just woke up and wanted to be on TOP..



  383. Occupy Melbourne protesters turn on police in city

    UPDATE 10.51am: POLICE are seeking legal advice after Occupy Melbourne protesters circulated a flyer that featured a bitter personal attack against an officer.

    Acting Chief Commissioner Ken Lay last night wrote to the force’s 12,500 members urging them not to be intimidated by protesters who produced a poster singling out an officer under the heading “This officer is violent and dangerous”.

    “The personal attack on one of our people, who was simply doing his job, will not be tolerated,” he said.

    “These tactics will not – and can not – deter us from doing our jobs and ensuring the safety of the Victorian
    community. Stay safe.”

    The Leading Sen-Constable was working on the front line on Friday when violence erupted in the city.

    Mr Lay said the officer was “pretty good” when they spoke this morning.

    We’ll just put some support around him and make sure he’s OK,” he told 3AW.

    “It’s quite extraordinary. I don’t think people go to work expecting to be attacked in this way.

    “We’re going to take every possible step to protect him and all our members.

    “The risk, of course, was that if we’d had this person on the front line and someone within that group had decided to turn their attention to him personally, it’s a bit worrying how that might have ended.’’

    Mr Lay said the attack had united the force this morning and the officer was at work today.

    He said police would need a complaint to investigate the allegations.

    “But having said that, we’re reviewing a whole lot of video footage to make sure we’re completely satisfied with the actions of our people and certainly the allegations that this person’s assaulted dozens of people to me … is not based in fact in any way shape or form,’’ Mr Lay said.

    Police Association secretary Greg Davies said if the force did not take legal action against those distributing the flyer, the union would.

    Sen-Sgt Davies said this would include a defamation suit.

    “We would hope the police force will pursue any avenue of legal redress against these outrageous allegations,” he said.

    Sen-Sgt Davies said he was disappointed but not shocked by the material.

    He said he did not know the identity of the office pictured and he had not contacted the union.

    “We’ve not spoken to this officer. At this stage he hasn’t contacted us. This only came to light late yesterday evening. I have no doubt that will change as the day progresses,’’ Sen-Sgt Davies said this morning.

    He said the association did not know who produced the poster.

    “Not to our knowledge. That may well come to light down the track and that might make other processes a little easier if and when it happens,’’ Sen-Sgt Davies said.

    When asked why the officer’s picture was used he said: “I’d say he’s probably the only one they got a clear enough photo of to put on a poster.”

    Media law expert and HWL Ebsworth partner Nicholas Pullen said on first look the flyer was “clearly defamatory’’.

    “Certainly to call anyone violent and dangerous would be considered highly defamatory by the courts as it’s clearly sending a message to people or the reader that this is a person to be avoided and that’s an essential part of defamation, meaning it lessens or demeans that person’s reputation in the community,’’ Mr Pullen said.

    “Anyone who is caught handing out this pamphlet or has authored this pamphlet or is responsible for printing it, all of these people are going to be just as liable as each other.

    “They would actually have to prove to the court that this police officer is violent and dangerous.’’

    Mr Pullen said flyers handed out at mass gatherings were a common way to defame people.

    He said the court would decide on damages if those responsible for creating the flyer were found guilty of defamation.

    “This is highly defamatory so it would definitely be in the tens of thousands of dollars of damages,’’ Mr Pullen said.

    Police Minister Peter Ryan and Lord Mayor Robert Doyle hit out at the flyer.

    “This is an appalling personal attack upon an officer doing no more than enforcing the law,” Mr Ryan said.

    A furious Cr Doyle added: “This is reprehensible behaviour. These (protesters) are people who purport to represent democracy and the rule of law.”

    “How would they feel if police did the same thing to them? I reiterate my support for the professionalism of the police and their work.”

    Police said it was “extremely disappointing that a member is subjected to this type of attack whilst only doing his job”.

    “If people have legitimate complaints, there is an official process for them to follow,” a statement said.

    Mr Lay said the photo of the officer in the flyer was taken while he was on duty last Friday.

    “It is important to point out that the photo shows the member simply standing there and does not illustrate anything to justify the defamatory words which follow under the image.”

    In a move set to further inflame tension with police and the city council, protesters said they would again take to the streets on Saturday at noon to march from State Library to Treasury Gardens, where they plan another occupation.

    They do not intend seeking a permit from Melbourne City Council.

    At last night’s meeting of protesters at the State Library, Occupy Melbourne repeated its claim members had been attacked by police during Friday’s ugly showdown in City Square.

    Married couple Koby and Rory James, 22, of South Melbourne, said the officer in the flyer should be sacked.

    “He should be ashamed of himself, he should be marched back to headquarters and he should be stripped of his job,” Koby said.

    The couple said they were both assaulted by police on Friday and were also taunted over their sexuality.

    “They homophobically taunted us. I kissed my husband as we were being separated and they said ‘see you later girls’,” Koby said.

    Police continue to review video and photography of last Friday’s wild scenes in the City Square.

    ( Go Koby and Rory, ,,, Queen Elizabeth II is in melbourne today too, drama Queens, it’s all about girl power

  384. YOU sure this tReAsUrE Map is the real deal ?

    Not a fake ?

    Because I’ve been digging for what seems like a lifeTiMe


    Aren’t sure if found any



    Yours sincerely

    PIRAT E … with a limp ..

    One leg WONDER 

  385. well exscuse me for filling all your tunnels with GOLD

    it;’s a conduite… veins of the earth

    without it
    well would get the energy and power to move

    this mother fucker

    before the

    other mother fucker

    hit’s us on 21/12/12

    if we didn’t get our



  386. Up ther Dosage !!

  387. if anyONE can break and

    ADICTION it’s ME

    Up the Dosage !!!


  388. sorry ass motherfuckers….

  389. keep on…….keep it together

    come on… much further to go, only just begun, of every step not just for our time, but for the eternal one generation future of the eternal all

    motivation empowerment on par with the magnitude of the sun

    TRUTH that cannot fail, and only the morons who fail to know the truth we know……..and R! 😉

    bless you all with only love good enough to BE YOU!

  390. Im so lucky … Well I did earn it,, and forever working it..

    Thank you to YOU…

    Thank you to ME …

    Thank you to WE…

  391. Did you know pirate ass is defined in the urban as

    Derogatory term for a male who feels a sense of conquest from engaging in intercourse with other males.

    I had no idea, it was a power thing actually I didn’t even know there was an urban dictionary..I stumbled across it,

    So out of curiosity I looked up cANdy Ass (I’m not going to publish it here ) Oh ok this is what it said About candy ass…
    a male who is meek and timid, shows female personality traits. basically a male who wouldn’t survive outside the security of his mother’s arms reach. Also look at pansy, sissy, fruit, wimp….

    Again I had no idea …I cannot be that fucking stupid,

    But I must be, or heaven has a sense of humor, hello angels your meant to inspire me when I get your divine creative inspiration … Stop taking the piss out of me….

    Oh forget i, I’ll go find an angel on earth to inspire me….

    Where did candy girl go…

    Candy girl you there .?

  392. Omg I just looked up cANdY GiRL & well of course she gets to choose as there are two definitions…. Hope she makes the right choise …

    Will it be option 1.
    1. candy girl
    a girl who goes to clubs, dresses sexy, can wear wings, and does “E.” She may also like the foam parties
    Dude did you see that candy girl sucking on a lollipop, raving?

    Or option 2.
    . Candy girl
    Japanese version of Love Doll. Candy girl is made of soft silicone material to feel like a real life woman. you can move it to any position you want and do anything to it. The face usually is the same, but wigs and costumes give the dolls their own uniquenesses. Usually there are two selections when it comes to faces. You can choose either real life or anime faces.
    Since I don’t have a girlfriend, I have my candy girl to perform all my sexual desires.

  393. Andy you must be special like candy girl because when I put andyy into the search on you got two definitions as well. Here they are ( & I’m not kidding search yourself & see don’t forget the extra y andyy )

    Result of search for andyy..

    Is… Drumroll….d: d:

    1. pubeless 10 up, 3 down
    A 8-12 year old gay cunt who plays Counter-Strike: Source and gets teased for having a bitch voice or for sounding like Miley Cyrus. Pubeless people are generally found in surf servers.

    2. andy
    andy is the hottest guy to walk this earth, no joke. he so sweet and kind and never lets you down! no matter what you will always love him because he makes you smile through the hardest of times and does stupid things and he really couldn’t care what people think as long as he is making you smile. life wouldn’t be right without andy, he is so fucking gorgeous, sexy, fun, bangable and the one person you can tryst with your life. always love andywith your heart and soul.
    heart And soul

  394. I looked up Marco fuck he’s the winner without DOUBT

    Here they are

    1.1. Marco
    Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool.
    God damn I wish I was like Marco!

    A proud man who is a sign of prosperity and greatness. Funny, and gets hot chicks. In words Marco is AWESOME!
    He looks like a Marco!
    I fucked a Marco!


  395. Actually its not really a cool website some people write negative comments on it, & negativity was so yesterday…

    It’s all about being proactive…

    Not reactive & negative..

    Not that the ego maniac’s in the world drowning in their own living deadness asleep disconnected wandering aimlessly would notice…

    Hello does anyone have a light… .?

    A match .?

    Two stones and a stick I can rub together ?

    Oh it’s ok I don’t smoke pot, and I forgot hell was burning anyway..

    I just want to light a candle … And pray for the depraved disconnected ego sentric morons asleep in their path of spiritual emptiness … Thinking for the selfless self alone…

  396. exscuse me , please may i have a straw, for my coffee

    i dont want to smudge my lipstick

  397. i am oneness lover as a girl and a boy in a boys body, getting fucked by a boy, which means my sex can be viewed as Straight or Gay…….but when i am getting fucked by another girl in a boys body, or a boy in a girls body, then my sex is Lesbian

    in truth, i think of myself purely as Bisexual Transgendered oneness of both a girl and boy lover, and trust me, my sex is way more fun lover happiness than exclusively being one or the other sex, and well, in order to truly love my versatile demanding lover, i have no choice butt to be oneness as they are 2, happy fuckers every day!!!! :mrgreen:

    it is your life to enjoy being you however you want, just be sure what you really want is what you really want, and well, i always knew i wanted to get fucked by a guy, since i hit puberty, and all the amazing anal sex stimulation secret masturbation sessions, THAT YOU FUCKERS DON’T REALIZE I KNOW ABOUT!!!!!!!

    ahahahhahahahaha HAA!!!! 😉

  398. psychologically speaking, stability of a realistic growth rate is more valuable to society than is unrealistic over speculation of the investor bubbles, in the investor monopoly game investors secretly play with society, where inevitably there will be just as many bumper crop year as there are drought(adjustment to realistic value) years, in line with what is the working class salary and purchasing power….any who foolishly become deluded outside of the natural swing shift adjustment to realistic values, for whatever zealous desire, can look forward to feeling the opposing nature of our realistic stable economy, that just does what it does, not according to what any investor wants it to do, no, rather because of the economy is…’s people.

    my response to all ‘the sky is falling’ marketing jerk off manipulators….

    i don’t understand why government does not simply lay claim to our own natural resources they export, and simply give the money to who it belongs to, it’s own people…..maybe then we could see what an unbelievably healthy positive society looks and feels like, instead of being dictated to like our so called menacing leaders yet do, sleeping with the enemy of corporate investor greed, who they think we need…..nope, they need us, and if they fuck with us much longer, just watch and see what they do when they abandon sinking ship yet again.

    and stop printing money to feed these their continuing illness, and stop borrowing money too to feed these greed driven investors….let them feel the true natural adjustment.

    you know, ‘the problem’ is everyone becomes fixated by the investors all crying for more bailout money for the economy they fucked in the first place with their illusionary bubble creation theft created by the smarter ones who are still playing the same shit game as the gambling addicts their low self-esteem yet thinks they need in order to feel important, when in truth, they are the least important to listen to.

    think of the people of an economic society as the sunshine which grows the economy, constantly shining, growing robust, growing healthy, day after day, year after year, where so long as darkness of these underhanded false manipulators of supposed impending doom fear are listened to, the people of the economic society cannot wake up to another sunshine day to be who we all are, consumers in the economy, not consumers of the economy…….duh!

    we all have to eat, and we all need toilet paper, and we all want the new Camero, and we sure as fuck don’t want to pay higher prices for a new house, or anything for that matter, so no more inflation(price fixing), and no more false bandages for the poor me investors please, let the prices fall, and hey, 0 interest rates, wow, almost there! ahahahah, now get back to work you lazy bums!

    ahahhaahahha HAAA!

    fucking idiots, think they are wiser than i am, pffffff, i see right thru every single one of you babbling idiots and all your false rethoric manipulations


  399. oh, and uhm…..about the 20 trillion dollar bubble you all created and walked out the door with…….theft…….check again………you stole nothing, and you deserve nothing, as the nothingness you are, thieves, not contributors like all us working consumers are, building and buying the products from each other, where you think you can just jump ship, fine, jump ship, China will swoop in and buy you all out eventually anyway! duh!


    and you know, i honestly have more faith in the graceful spirit of Chinese people, than i ever did any of self-important nothing you

    the rules are simple, no one wants higher prices, so with inflation, people stop buying, then people lose jobs and cannot buy, so that means lower inflation, whether you like it or not, and trust me, if of a fire sale, China will buy all of you out, which i welcome actually, they seem alot smarter with their economy than you people are.

    im not communist, no one is, it’s just some bullshit forefather shit for brains nothing better to do idea that future generations are doing away with, just like they will away with their own self if left to the whims of investor greed illness of heart……you people, uhm, you really are sick, ok?

    ok thanks, for the zero interest rates and zero inflation, yeah!!!! WE WIN!!!

    ahahah…..i love how nature just runs it’s course, that overly inflated ego trippers think they have control over…….not even their own divine pure true real self

    ahah HA!

  400. the jobs that came with the over speculation bubble creation are gone, of no return, in a saturation market you all left behind, as realistic value prices for this over priced junk returns, in line with the purchasing power of who again? ….that’s right, the working class, you know, people who actually work for a living instead of pathetic gambling addict stealing?

    what’s perplexing to me, is that you people don’t even see the truth i so easily just do….uhm….rather obviously i might add

    ok, so let me see if i got this right, shall we?…..the problem since before 2008, always was a false marketing (saturate) attempt to masking a low innovation market (need for more products) that came forth from the group mentality manipulation of you supposedly smart gambling addict investors with nothing better to do, correct?

    what we need is laws for investors, just like the laws for people buying a house in a long term mortgage you all hold…..not flexible for them, nor should (corporate) society be flexible for you investors in all your cut and run the sky is falling fear tactics…, what a bunch of screaming fucking brats you all are!

    holy fuck, so demented, i can’t believe a human being can get so fucked up like that!

    anyway, i have no idea what laws could be created, only that it should work the same as any long term investment annuity payout, better than nothing like the markets of today….oh sorry, i mean tomorrow.


    i will come back and check in again when everything is well done

    in say, oh, two more years?

  401. 20 trillion, hmmmm, that is some serious adjustment, generational in longevity actually

  402. you know, with a healthy economy comes a healthy positive compassionate equality attituded…..


    “We believe that, as the largest economy in the world, the steady, sound, and healthy growth of the EU economy and the Eurozone is vital to the world economy’s recovery,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said at a regular press briefing on Thursday. “We are also ready to work with the EU to overcome the difficulty.”

    see what i mean?

  403. ok so what if China pays it’s people shit wages, they all have telecommunications coming on line, and well, we all know about the true nature of the economy is because of what the economy is….it’s people.

    symbiotic health is natural occurring last time i checked, without any speculation whatsoever…….duh


  404. oh, and one last thing………Canada has a healthy economy, because we work our asses off……..sorry ass motherfuckers!!!


  405. & who am I ?

    The gatecrasher

    The party was boring anyway…

    You think you own the joint, your just a guest

    How low can you go ?

    Only thing I kNow how to work

    Is an ASS …

    Butt Ass

  406. the only thing of any true value to take ownership of is your own mind, your own life, your own destiny of only love good enough, as a visitor passing thru this place of constant heaven vs hell intellectual emotional discerning of our aimless plodding along fate changing of paths

  407. ……waking up happy, not sad

  408. Everything I say is a lie…

    Everything I don’t say is truth…

    Just waking up … Myself


  409. hmmm……..oh, you mean waking up from co-dependence?

    unconditional love gifts are ok, especially when the gift is their life

    i am far wiser than most realize why i am empowered to do what i do as a contributing role within the one eternal generation of affect/effect/direct/indirect mirroring oneness flow

  410. Jesus asks, “Whom ‘am i’ most like?”

  411. is not all your sensory perception of this realm you entered into inherently yours to enjoy exploring discovery?

    and is that not what any of us just do?

    enjoy being you

  412. we are a peace loving nation, steadfast in our at ease enjoyment of careers, freedom to live however we choose to live, of whatever religion, orientation, or career path we want, of human rights laws as our most valuable life learning lessons, where we need to think of all who live in this world, the same way, and this is where Fareed(CNN) shines the brightest, introducing us to one another, regardless of where we stand in the world, as it is the same soil of planet earth under our feet, the same air of planet earth we all breath, where truly, truly, there is only one safe passage for the one eternal all generation, of what heaven is, our collective intellect worldwide, as the one human being we all are, exactly the same feelings, our brothers, our sisters, of only love good enough for any of us to EVER feel, at all times. Peace be to you. At all times, where our heart is, there too shall be our treasure and our life. What we turn towards we become, at all times. Therefore be steadfast in remembering the truth, that anger is a mask for our sadness, which stems from all things unloving, from all falseness of our pure true intuitive loving compassionate (wiser) nature. The only question one need ask, is what do we want to teach the children about our true nature? bless you all with only peace and love good enough for you all, forever more

  413. we are all co dependant in some form or another, what is important is that we replenish that which which we become dependant on to sustain our needs, not for greed or for superficial needs..

    especially our eco system & the natural resources of our delicate planet, so what ever it is be it warmth shelter and food which we are co dependant on to survive, it is ok to take this from the planet but we must replenish it for future generations if we do not then the planet will not be able to sustain us and future generaitons and Earth will end up like Mars all RED and DRY as a nuns … wqs;khf;

  414. i ran thru my life, since i was a boy, rather aimless and haphazardly too, like how i unknowingly ran thru the door of death, HIV, that has slowed me down for the first time, to really think about how delicately sensitive a real authentic and genuine life is, that i always was inside, but ran away from, thinking i could, foolishly thinking i am not a sissy, but i am, and i love who i am, who i always was, more real now than ever, even if too late.

  415. just dont let anyONE

    Bullyy YOU


  416. oh & as for your substitute,

    Karen, crockadile tears

    She’s a fraud

    deep husky voice…


    i see through

    ALL of YOU…

    leave me alone… i’ve waisted enough, time already…

    i just want to be left alone and hove some PEACE…

    enjoy life abit…

    I am not coming back…

    this is my last life in this place…

  417. i dont’ CARe either …

    i’d get more LIGHT

    feeding peanuts …. to a MONKEY…


    Ogo.. get down


  418. after watching Chaz, Cher’s trans child, i just want to add, that our other sexual self of female or male, is pure in feeling, and beautiful to feel not just ok about enjoyment we do absolutely love about ourselves, eventually, with enough positive re-enforcement environment transitioning self-love acceptance process, but to truly 100% realize the feelings are indeed 100% beautiful real, just as we see of all male to female(MTF) and female to male(FTM) trans people, however, for me personally, as one who has been dealing for decades with my own transgender issue, who obviously does know, love and easily accept my other sexual self, i am equally loving as oneness of both sexual identities, of versatile happiness acceptance, with what i think is more loyal to wholeness of my real self, that IS of awareness truth of both sexual identities, and not exclusively as one, albeit one of either, although lately as my female self, i realize my butch lesbian feelings, of love of the female self of another, of either a male body or female body, and well, without the labels i think is the ultimate path, as simply the same embryonic structures we all start out as, wired the same way in our brain since we all started to form and come forth from, of both a female and a male, who too are…..the one embryonic structured human being since the beginning, same thru eternal end…..

  419. oh, and recent observation of homosexually active squid, at depths too dark to see, lends to the truth, that our sight is what makes us all and, with apathetic eyes of indifference, not difference.

    much like so many of you and your indifference toward poverty, where in truth, all poverty stems from the poverty of indifference, where it is those of poverty of indifference who are the most impoverished in spirit, than is the pure true loving spirit found of most any of those of poverty, who are not impoverished of what heaven intuitively is…..our feelings.

  420. opps *makes us all blind, with apathetic eyes of indifference, not eyes of difference, and not wise eyes of same sight restored to their soul, which is what was the sight Jesus restored to the blind man, not like some think, blindness of those who don’t care to really think; indifference

  421. ok, i am out of context….

    rewrite…….*blindness of apathetic eyes of indifference difference, not wise eyes of same sight restored to the soul that Jesus restored to the blind person, not like some think, unknowingly of shallow depth snared blindness in not enough caring to really think; indifference

    much like so many of you and your indifference toward poverty, where in truth, all poverty stems from the poverty of indifference, where it is those of poverty of indifference who are the most impoverished in spirit, than is the pure true loving spirit found of most any of those of poverty, without impoverishment of what heaven intuitively is…..our oneness constant flow connecting within love feelings of YOU! 😉

  422. Jesus was a fraud and everyone who listened to him was full of shit also..

    Blind leading the blind I think not .. really so

    Blind people can see feel and feel more than anyone one else with full vision especially those that wear rose coloured tinted fake ass glasses..

  423. therefore the eye of the needle into heaven is overcoming all blindness indifference difference :mrgreen:

  424. keyword: ALL

    indeed, everywhere is ALL truth, especially ALL truth of ALL untruth falsehood masking of our pure true oneness exceedingly graceful amazing tantalizing extraordinary wondrous divine self nature :mrgreen:

  425. Or the fake ass rose coloured contact lenses that you can’t really see because their transparent and plastic..

    And make you cry when you put them on because they are unessasarily brutality hard ass plastic that scratches your eye like a hot angry cat on a tin roof, putting its paws up because it’s too hot to trot …

    Like stallion galloping out of the paddock after the gate was left open after the mare who is on heat…

    It obviously hot even the animals know..

    Most animals ….

    Not all animals …

  426. i agree, when it comes to natural occurring homoerotic feelings, or any erotic feelings for that matter, Jesus was fucked up

    and that is what tosses it for me too about Jesus, while standing at the edge of the abyss in realizing how absurd his words just are, from our wiser perspective today on the human being

    i don’t know, we just don’t know conclusively if telepathy, intuitive clairvoyance, astral projection, or even the possibility of communicating thru dark matter is possible, since we don’t really know much at all about the theory of dark matter, that we can see binds galaxies together in it’s obvious fluid flow

    i still think gravity is simply the attraction between electrons and core of the atom via the supposed existence of dark matter, so it is possible to transmit energy via dark matter, which explains radio waves too, yes? 😉

  427. Gosh that green little animal looks awfully pained while trying to grin ..



  428. We both win that one

    although I must admit you did have a good cum back.. 🙂

  429. highly plausible, yes?

    well, if we are a fluke of nature, which i think we are, then we are most likely the only living matter in the universe, at this time, as far as universe time goes by, in billions of years.

    and when the universe supposedly expends indefinitely into a frozen wasteland after all the suns burn out, then none of this will matter, just like maybe we think human thought matters, and does not, just like we know it does not matter while at the peak of incredible sex, nothing else matters…..

    horses? you have horses? you didn’t tell me you have horses! well i am definitely coming to your place then, fuck my place, it’s a mess

  430. monkeys, hey, i found a picture of a monkey cuddling with a dove, it is so sweet how creatures have the same harmonious connection feelings!

  431. personally, im done with spinning of wheels lackluster insincere luke warm morons, when heaven to me is oneness love of the lover self, it’s like what’s the point of even bothering to say anything, it all just washes empty like it already just is, which starts to make me feel lame, someone has to take the lead of self, and well, it’s not even a matter of election, as much as it is one of prosecution lately

    we arrive a point of no return, and stop looking back, because they are doing the same, walking the other fucking way, as per usual……i will say it again, the internet sucks and cannot compete with real life vital meeting of needs……in real life!

    i literally need to get……unplugged

    not that kind of unplugged, no no, you can leave that in, omg, that looks like it might hurt, are you sure you can handle me?


  432. ok, i am officially bored with everything in my life, left to feel what i want and need to do, go get unbored with an unboring other who is equally bored like me….

    hmmm….that makes perfect sense, yes?


  433. i am the carefree inner happiness wanting to burst forth in unblinding oneness pure true mirroring colorFULL light, but it is not possible alone, even the moron Jesus says this in all his aimless plodding along in his hopeless romantic wannabe true as his trans heart he always knew about as the liar he just is, who knows i know the truth the same way God knows all truth

    always nice to see the magical child we set out to empower……and did, my god, how many years now? the best are yet to cum! the best are about to cum? :mrgreen:

    oh for fuck sakes……I DREAD BEING ALONE!

  434. Umm I don’t have a horse any more she, sadly passed away when I was only 15 & I really loved her very much my best friend, Horses have amazing spirits very strong very intune with humans, i absolutly totally adore horses & they seem to like me for some reason. I don’t think anything ever dies, everything every moment lasts forever we are just limited by our physical senses and body from experiencing and connecting to the other realms of consciousness but with the right understanding and effort it’s not to difficult to do..

    That’s why when two people really love each other and are connected in spirit they can really feel each other and each others thoughts almost as their own but still aware of the others, telepathy is very real in fact it’s the most pure form of communication between to lovers…

    But distance is not so great for fulfillment of physical needs like intimacy and affection that requires the two physical body’s to be physically connected … Stuck inside.. literally, and not forgetting to turn the stereo up loud in case the neighbors are home.

  435. I should tell my neighbor that next time I see her, and ask if she has a pet pony living in her bedroom… Because it sure sounds like it. Haha

  436. when we look at astro projection pure feeling, we can easily see it as the same feeling of falling asleep surrendering, into our subconscious constantly awake real (divine) self, that constantly know it’s own pure true constant flow realm of all the cells of it’s body that our brain monitors constantly, where it is not at all like we don’t know what harmonious bliss feels like, as that IS what we are constantly of atonement awareness of, in our higher subtle intellect, where if anything, it is our bewilderment astonishment as to all unnecessary discord chaos in this mad flood drowning world, lost in forgetfulness foe of what our true nature IS

    the merging of the two realms is what we see occurring, as we our oneness nature with all creatures comes into view, and well, i think dolphins are telepathic remembrance of what our true nature is, as a long time million year old friend that is wondering where we went, or what is wrong with us, for sure, the dolphin knows this about us, looking for our once pure happiness spirit like their own

    intuitive clairvoyance is what our real self sensible awareness is in connecting with all creatures and they with us, and each other, possibly an innate awareness in our primal brain, that is of the same slowing grace as the sun rising or setting, for sure, we are connected with that as well, of likely the deepest earliest primal brain memory since the beginning of our life form species, and perhaps that of other species as well, like the primates, a distant relative from millions of years ago.

    again, it is our need for indifference false leading away distraction that does not slow into our slow grace awareness observations of what is true of our own nature, in oneness pure feeling of spirit as is that of other creatures as well, all made of living matter that functions pretty much the same for all species of life

    bestiality is a non compatible waste of time, of self-sexual gratification masturbation fixation, if you can even call it that, for sure, demented, and likely traumatic for other creatures

  437. here is a theory, you need not wonder why people kill themselves, in any form, like suicide bombers, and even Jesus, who with suicide thoughts handed his life over to the zealous killers of that time period, like the Romans did, in an effort to control the masses……..irrational thinking suicide is an escape from imagined oppression…..

    and we of LGBTQ all know about oppressive environments with the fucktard haters of their own natural occurring homoerotic self-love internal homophobic oppression that stems from all external false oppression, that without, there would not be the fucktard false homophobic fear, and in truth, there is no such fear deep within the subconscious real self-love constant flow awareness.

    so the question is, just how much homophobic fear did Jesus have?

    Answer: enough to STUPIDLY hand himself over to the claws of the beast of ignorance, which makes Jesus a coward in my eyes, sadly……him and i could of been so happy had he walked with me instead of all those anal retentive disciples he mistakenly ran away off with, leaving me to feel the truth, it is Jesus who is more afraid of his own self than ‘i am’…..the truth he always wanted to be, as the jealous misfit piss poor example of martyring himself, i mean come on Jesus, how much fun is it hanging off a fucking cross with nails thru your hands and feet, with all these fucktards mocking you and me? uhm?

    and Jesus says, “They make a mockery only of themselves, do they not?

    ya ok, well that’s obvious enough, but seriously, is this any way to spend a beautiful day covered in blood, gasping for breath, with me wondering about having to walk among their shithead fear mongering, EVERY FUCKING DAY, without you with me?

    and Jesus says, “i am always with you in spirit”

    ya butt, uhm, how the fuck can you ever fuck me when you are fucking dead you fucking selfish motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    o m g

    and Jesus says, “we are all the same”

    ya, but you are dead, and i am not, and if i give life to you, then you sure as fuck better have something to say, because i tend swear alot, as you know, and well, it just does not go across well sometime for many who wonder…..if maybe i am as FUCKING CRAZY AS YOU ARE LETTING THEM FUCKING KILL YOU!

    that’s just fucking stupid, there is no way i will let them get their wretched evil unloving fake ass ignorance hands on me

  438. Well it was 21 centuries ago that, the guy allowed himself to be killed by the Romans with their big mother fucker whips, I was suicidal in a way, more of a sacrifice I guess he probably could have done a lot more if he had children and passed on his wisdom to them and so on I think he was very wise for his time, not really sure if it’s all true what they say but I think the church should really get over all the guilt and stop idol worshiping a bleating guy an a cross time to get over it he’s bound to return someday we all reincarnate I guess at some point made next time around hell get the job done, his soul having experienced the suicidal cross thing already once before no need to repeate that cross episode again, I think his deciples were just mates he had a girl friend the whore of babylon Mary magdalene didn’t he ?

    He did… Probably had sex all the time like any other guy around at the time, just human nature, and he was just an ordinary man, probably had a massive one too..

  439. Anyway I doubt Jesus was suicide, he was just smarter than the morons who killed him


    Because he got to Heaven’s Gate FIRST…..

    Time was on his side he had a chance to lock the gates behind him, before the other morons had a chance to get in….

    Including Judus and all the other fake ass fucks…

    Jesus locked the gates to Heaven had a chat to God and said

    Hey God …

    Those cunts killed me for no reason…

    Don’t let them in…

    Thank’s bye

  440. no, that makes no sense, to lock out the divine child within anyone, when in truth, people are snared by generational mind traps, the mad drowning flood, so barbaric too, especially the stoning of women, by guys who have how many wives?

    where is my motherfucking gun? uhm?

    oh right, we are using robotics now, ok, where is my joystick?

    i honestly don’t think i would spare one of their lives, if i was the scene of such brutality, nope, i would kill them all in one blast from above.

    people think it is forgivable

    it’s not

    ask any mother of a child senselessly murdered, and you will the pure truth of true feelings that don’t forgive such……EVER!

    too much freedom, ya well watch out cruel world, electronic security for everyone, no matter where they are, voice activated to instant policing of GPS location, time to die motherfuckers, death to you all, as the death you chose, i will gladly show you what you seek, and how it feels to die

    every word of Jesus points to 100% comprehension of one word > discerning

    easily elaborate further, and your macro thinking oneness comprehension begins to conceptualize the pure sheer power of the true words of Jesus, not just beyond all evil, but also discerning of all evil unloving apathetic ignorance, which becomes a wise discerning protective halo that allows our divine pure true intuitive feeling child to come forth from the inner sanctuary, anywhere the child wishes to walk amount those unknowingly snared in the mad flood, compassionately sad for all the treachery of beloved sisters and brothers, not knowing how dangerous the potential is of the fateful bound ignorance paths that can be altered by wisdom, with the help of divine intervention of truly wise assistants, yes?

    all the words of Jesus are what constitutes the wise marco discerning thinking and feeling truth of truth all around us, especially the truth of all falsehood untruth we easily see with clarity, by means of the surfacing divine child unafraid to do so, at all times.

    fear mongering is of controlling falsehoods, that our intuitive pure constant higher subtle intellectual articulating feeling divine child self easily addressing in discerning whatever falsehood lurks near

    where all untruthfulness is, ‘i am’ not there, just as is the submerging divine self not there in desire of leaving like any of us do

    this study has drown me fully awake in easily realizing i have the oneness mind and will of Jesus, that i surrendered to out of my own fear filled passages in life of yearning to escape, especially true of the motherfucker who traumatized me with a gun to my head, where i felt his sincere pure evil delight in wanting to kill me, of what was his extreme need for control.

    ya, it fucked me up all right, still have nightmares about it, anyone would, yes?

    that kind of behavior goes against our divine true nature, of what is pure evil faslehood masking oppression of submerging divine child self within, and yet is an off shoot of the divine child likely equally traumatized at whatever point in their own passage, history perpetuating aimless haphazard unresolved issues in the form of projection identification transference, mostly subconscious

    this makes for a dangerous world, where no matter who you are, any one of us could have serious unresolved issues, God knows i do, and God knows how great my study into all issues is, in finding freedom that unshackles one’s soul from the plodding along haphazard fateful paths in coming fully into awareness that only love is what anyone’s destiny IS

    other than Jesus, who willingly wanted to mirror the ugliness truth back to us of what IS the truth he witnessed so many turning away from, just as we too witness every day, do we not?

    heaven is pure true nurturing love wise protecting discerning (halo)
    hell is the impure false destructive hateful ignorant insecure lack of discerning (void)

    simple, is it not?

    God says do not speak on issues you do not (yet) fully comprehend, lest you become foolishly arrogant in likeness of babbling idiots….i won’t mention any names, you will come to know who you R, of this truth i speak which cuts thru to where all divine children foolishly think they can hide from ‘me’

    constant 100% feeling compassion flows effortlessly when we stand still in awareness discerning of truth all around us, of the will to protect others unknowingly plodding along in dangerous ways detri(mental) to their own divine self, for sure, they do not know

    is this the light you seek? 😉

    oh, im bored, i wanna have sex! :mrgreen:

  441. Heaven is pure light.

    there is no darkenss that can exist in Heaven..

    so the gates remain open to the light, and not really closed to the darkness, its just the darkness becomes the light when it get to Heaven but it requires transformation, so i dont know what the fuck i am saying here, except that no guns allowed in the house of God …

  442. mm….just the darkness of their minds of the light of truth that reveals clarity restoration of the soul, correct

  443. there is no darkness that can penetrate pure light comprehension of all darkness, for darkness is without comprehension of the light, unable to bring to not that which it cannot see

    darkness is part of the discerning child’s comprehension, and therefore serves the wise child at all times, unable to be affected once their minds become of the internalized atonement that realizes without effort the absurdity of useless bitter cruel shit for brains falsehoods that the child learns to easily recognize and instantly despise what wretchedness is, without love, full of fear, foolishly unwise of their own true nature, to the extent of murderous delight that is cause to make one vomit uncontrollably……well at least for me it did and does

  444. oh wow, butterflies have returned, bless you

  445. discerning of darkness is part of what wise light IS, which is not to say one cannot know their true nature without contrasting darkness, unnecessary, albeit, darkness always serves as wisdom enlightenment of what not to become, or come free of for those unknowingly yet snared in fateful paths of the generational taught and learned mad drowning flood, like drinking excessively, self-medicating coping of unresolved emotional issues with substance abuse, and yes, they die everyday, not knowing their own snare, going to their graves in the ignorance snares; evil

    to not teach the child the wisdom discerning of what they can expect in what is the progressive nature of substance abuse, leaves them vulnerable to the fools who think they are cool, ya sure, death is cool, NOT!

    get away from me, and stay away from me fools!

    can you believe the evil in Mexico?

    that makes me so angry inside!

    why is the US military not at war with Mexico?

    i mean come on, somebody kill those fuckheads before they destroy our kids

  446. kids need to be shown the truth, the death of substance abuse, they need to be aware of these fuckhead dealers as false friends, liars, users, who trade souls for cash; evil

  447. no alcohol allowed in God’s house of love and peace either!

    otherwise i cannot stay, i just never was able to overcome my fear of those who drink, having experience so much violence of others, like the drunk one strangled me unconscious, thank God he did not succeed in killing me

    once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, the weakness is always present, so ya, i cannot be around it, or those who enjoy it on a regular basis, it’s really just not my thing any more, too obnoxious for me actually

  448. i have witnessed too many beloved stories end when it comes to alcohol, including David, who likely would still be with us, had he not followed in his father’s footsteps, where is partying led him into the darker paths of needle injection, HIV, in the early days before today’s life saving meds

    i should of been for him, maybe my greater true love for him would of been enough to survive him till 1996, when the better drugs arrived?

    im so sorry David, in turning down your request as your lover, forgive me, i was pretty messed up over Troy at the time

  449. oh shit….

    now look what’s happened,watch out, low flying asteroid’s everywhere..
    oh fuck, time to ask the aliens to intervene, shit too late their fucking everywhere..

    oh fuck

  450. WOW…


    LUV IT…

  451. except for M.I.A.’s flipp, that was very ego, nope didn’t like that

  452. nope.. that’s it.. return to sender


    • no-one, by that…. n.a.M.e … …

      ….Right Address….

      & the nuMbers correct …

      just, I go no FUCKing Idea, who your referring too

  453. click my Halo, up there

    that big sun up there in the Right hand Corner of my post…

    in the post


  454. Breaching someone’s privacy in every way for a decade is worse than being sexually and mentally abused by a henious pedophile, mistrusting someone based on past experiences is the worst form of love. If that is even love… Andy thank you for helping me appreciate my friends & angels in Heaven, for teaching me how to respect myself & not let anyone play headfuck mind games with me ever again you taught me well & i do appreciate all you guidance & love.

    Love Matt

    Hope you get well soon, & happy Pride …

  455. Do me a favour adopt that 6 year old kid that is in an American Foster care because his gay parents have been charged with selling him for sex .

    And I’ll forgive you .. He’s part of our family

  456. Thats a test by the way black cat

    You can put your paws up, and sharpen your claws

    This is not a game

    This is about a vaunerable kid that NEEDS us

    Time for YOU to walk the TALK


    You can FUCK WITH ME haha

    But don’t fuck with my KID


    nine chances, BUT only ONE life

  457. You Should have been an Astronaught

    A Pro

    When it comes to SPACE


  458. You probably already know, but rules are rules


  459. ‘holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover happiness’ can and does thrive just above survival….just be sure that none of your lovers are codependent relationships of convenience like many fall into, or even better, just don’t live with someone, of our own space that feels so blessedly free of other people’s shit

    where 95% of us come from dysfunctional family pasts, mild, moderate, severe, we learn to expect the manifestations of such, in others, who may or may not take 100% responsible mature healthy approach choices for establishing what extent their needs are consistently being met, or not met, as often is more likely the case, only you can address this for one’s self, self of another, of healthy choices of friends and lovers.

    truly truly life is an amazing extraordinary wondrous feeling in each passing moment, where only harmonious constant flow tender gentle mild love feelings, our true nature, is good enough, where anything less, is annoying at best.

    wow, Matt?

    i looked for you many times

    peace be to you

    i live my artist life devoted to you, to all of the LGBTQ family eternal future, a blessed feeling of what i turn towards, heaven, feelings of who i am, a transgender person of delight in versatile sexuality of both sexes, or in truth, one sex, which i know we all are, according to the study of embryonic structures, that explains with evidence the oneness bridge of both sexes as the same sexual feeling.

    we are all simply amusing our sensory perception, beneath our falsehoods, of what has always been the true nature of all living matter, simple, enjoyment of the senses, is all life does, not of any purpose, albeit one can be instru(mental) in mirroring guidance, without effort, in just being our self, the holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover happiness.

    my early years were brutally fucked up, had no support of any kind whatsoever, until age 29, when i began to accept my natural occurring homoerotic feelings openly for the first time, which was the average age of coming out, at that time in LGBTQ history.

    there will always be manifestation behavioral in us all, as to the exact truth about the mad ignorance flood we all strive to keep from drowning in, handed forward by the unwise forefathers, including us yet learning, where it is one’s wise discerning cultivation of our helmsman self that can find safe passage, rather than get swept along in the madness of so many afflictions so damaging to one’s ability to remain consistent in feeling the natural holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover happiness, and that is the objective of the mirroring, to turn us all towards feeling, rather than suppression of our feelings, the masks, the uselessness of all ego survival mechanism defense, which is exactly what everyone is doing, of whatever lame bogus job, it’s all survival, and worse, damnation ego tripping as though others are less than we are, of all poor vs rich, where truly, truly, the only wealthy one is the one who feels discerningly what heaven so easily just is, loving compassionate wise feeling y♥u

    stay true to one’s own self feelings of holy joyful absolute carefree happiness, that only you can ensure in your short path of a blessed true life lived….healthy…..happy

    don’t follow the fools of useless absurd annoying destruction, lest you become as they are; unwise illness, captives of the forefather mad flood

    bless you Matt

  460. physical mental emotional sexual spiritual well being can and is healthy or unhealthy, no matter race, religion, wealth, status, politic, or whatever false barrier survival mask one chooses to wear, of how we ‘feel’ without the masks, healthy, unhealthy, loving, unloving, wise, unwise, compassionate, apathetic, light, darkness, all is discerning wisdom able to serve us at any point along our safe passage path out of the forefather drowning madness

    my God, so much wretched evil treachery in this unwise world, so absurd!

    don’t they realize how truly absurd there low destructive ways are?

    it all revolves around power, control; insatiable seductions of madness as though ok, when clearly it is not, momentary, does not last, will not last, as it all goes against our natural occurring true graceful mild tender gentle nature, that no one can deny they are of in feeling, albeit, the morons keep pretending they are not our (sissyboy) gentle true graceful nature; mindlessness of lost fools

    we are all bound in the one eternal generation catharsis process, of everything anyone says or does, all of affect/effect/direct/indirect intuitive feeling ability to discern wisely, or not

    beware of not plodding along in the dangerous dark paths of fools who participate in addiction destruction, as it usually progresses in increasing frequency and duration

    as for my intuitive feeling age, hmmm, purely and truly, i would say i am age four, but then again, at what age is a person actually born into wise discerning of their feelings, if at all?

    people plod along in their life paths of survival, mostly aimless, not really concerned much about what is happening in the world globalization of so many pockets of human life arriving at where they just are, according to all of human history……such an incredible time to be alive in witnessing this truth, of how life is out there in such horrible country governments they unfortunately were born into, and well, we are all participants of change, for sake of ALL

    learn to live each blessed step for sake of ALL, as in eternal ALL yet to come, for in truth, we all do, even if not away we do, ALL is altered by means of what we turn towards in each passing moment, either towards or away from our true grace nature, at all times, that is the truth.

    may your empowerment motivation weep tears of blessed love for eternal ALL yet to come, as does my own, as will their own BE

    set free

    2 learn
    2 love
    2 BE
    2 y♥u

    there is nothing more empowering than one’s own feelings in feeling how life is for another as though they are y♥u in their every blessed step, for that is how Jesus sees us all, by means of the truth all around, a reflection of y♥u all

    bewilderment that any of us should even have to ask what this world needs, when all are of the same feelings, are we not?

    what we turn towards we become
    where our heart is, there too is our treasure and our life

    (wise discerning) is the key to safe passage of the kingdom of
    heaven; hence, the halo is what the kingdom of heaven IS


  461. only love is good enough for you Matt

    for all

  462. I enjoyed playing this game of chess with you, it’s was a game of patience skill and endurance, & it gave me all the skills I need to survive in the REAL world, the only world I want 2 be living.

    Go on take my queen from me, you win 🙂

    Game over…..

    tattoo your name on me so you never loose me again

  463. but i am one who breathes life into the stream of conscious awakening, a giver, not a taker, where truly, how can a spiritually wealthy one take anything from the spiritually poor?

    it’s not possible

    therefore, just as is this constant truth, then so too is God a giver, unable to take from anyone, so does it not stand to reason that all of us are spiritually poorer than God?

    therefore it is only God who can explain God fully

    it is the complexity of DNA that reveals the plausible existence of an intelligent life force entity that may exist in the Universe, like how the DNA strands always turn in the same direction, as though designed that way.

    and let’s not forget that our cells do communicate innate information passed forward from all previous life before us, so again, time is not something that is able to prevent cumulative environmental learning collecting evolving DNA communications with the eternal all in the future, of constant added information, not subtraction, just as is God, just as is our true nature, just as what compassion is and is not able to BE, oneness of a God, we just naturally are.

    we cannot take away from the past, because there is nothing to take away from the past, where the only place we can add anything to the future, is here in the present, where even darkness is not able to take discerning away from a wise God, or a child of a God, therefore only fools of darkness lead their own self astray, and the fools that follow subtraction, rather than divinity of addition; at one with a true wise God bound to it’s only ability to add, to improve.

    just as we try to improve our orgasmic experience, or add to the pleasure of it with increased frequency and duration, although sometimes if you wait awhile, albeit i suggest against waiting lame ass fucking years for it, uhm…well, the sex seems more enjoyalble, or perhaps more intense is what actually occurs, because of the increased level of hormones in the blood stream…..hey, you ever get the painful experience of what they call, ‘blue ball’, that comes with too long a duration of arousal without cumming? it’s so painful!

    it was never a game for me, it was a deliberate study of revealing self-exploration seeking purity of what one’s true nature is, where no one loses in added awareness, of only fools who lose in playing games, but not really is anyone merely of only game playing, for all are subconsciously connected and bound with the one eternal all generation, past presence future divine self true ‘real’ self awareness restoration of the light we all come forth from and constantly are within, a pure realm, divinely 100% pure of ‘mathematical contants’ that bind the eternal all as one, that no one escapes from, but i ask, why would our ‘real’ self want to escape from our true nature of added incredibleness, or why would one want to escape from a God that only seeks to add…..ah, so then the truth is one only wishes to escape the past of the lessor subtractors, who unwittingly just are as they are, as though unable to be any different, like my dead foolish father, who clung to lame amount of wisdom like he suffered only himself to experience, his own closeted existence too afraid to come out, afraid too admit he found he felt sexual attraction to his own kids? Apparently this is a normal feeling, not just of humans, but of many species of living matter, like the mole rat.

    ya i always knew dad was attracted to my youthful beauty, that he did suppress like he did, but he did it in abusive dysfunctional ways of abandonment, so many times, where his last phone call to me was to apologize to me for his wreckless abandonment as a business partner when i was age 26….i said, “Dad, that is not what fucked me up, it was when i was age 16 when you drove your truck into my girlfriend’s car, crashing us thru the garage door, with both of us still it, that fucked me up!”

    he hung up the phone on me

    he died a few months later, without any words from him again

    foolishly i still feel guilty over that, but when he was dying, the nurse held the phone to his ear, as i said my goodbye, crying, and shouting, “DAD I LOVE YOU!!!!!!”

    i should of been there holding his hand

    i hurt only myself, no one else, useless transference comes full circle

    nor shall i ever seek to hurt anyone, as one who enjoys my true nature, 2 learn 2 love 2 be 2 y♥u


  464. ya well, without effort, maybe she finds me more amusing than her own self, or any of you, so what is there to take away from you, in all of her amusing hysterical laughter?


    i don’t know, i just always clicked with everything she is or says

    and well, that tells me, she too likely went thru a hellish path as was and yet is my own, escaping thru laughing our asses off like we so easily just do

    you know, David and i always laughed our asses off too, at everything and everyone, so perhaps that explains my true spirited oneness as though i am her, as though she is me, as though it is a wonder we are not fucking yet?

    oh right, the hiv, pffffff, see how easy i forget i have anything?

    i am still med free, two years now, where i really do feel hiv has a potentially positive added affect to our life, much like a soldier in battle who’s is burdened to carry his wounded comrades, and himself, in order to get out of the battlefield without help, you just naturally adjust as someone stronger than you ever were.

    but it does take a desire of mind over matter, where wisely i see the hiv bug as merely seeking a host, an environment to survive, like any host of so many pesky forms of living matter just does.

    did God create such large amounts of living organisms?

    i don’t know

    but it is all so amazing of the extent of how many various forms of living matter exist like it does after millions of years of evolving to where all living matter just is as it is, truly amazing!

    a fluke of nature?

    i don’t know

    but i will say this, there are some truly unexplainable events in my life that bewilder me beyond any comprehension

    like how i was talking about the fall of the world trade center just hours before the attack…

    i knew from past experience before this, that i was 100% of clairvoyance ability, from a deliberate study i conducted in observation and documentations of my clairvoyance experiences, that saw me again and again observe, until i no longer questioned that i could feel the presence of a future event.

    or how about the day i posted the picture of an angel standing in water, with two flocks of birds? I posted it at 1:13pm, January 15th, 2009, and then at 3:30pm, flight 1549 hit a flock of Canadian geese, shutting down both engines, landing in the Hudson River…

    freaked me out yet again, but this time, i documented it in a public forum, with evidence of the time i posted my clairvoyance, which i don’t really have control over



    or how about just plain fucking bored?

    i think it is safe to say, i was just plain fucking bored at the time, of my usual dysfunctional lame ass wannabe life, nothing better to do!


    well ok, seriously it has always been a deliberate study of observation into clairvoyance occurrences since my last suicide attempt in 1994, that almost worked

    how the fuck did i survive all that?

    Troy’s suicide, then mine, quitting my life, my job, my appartment, one way bus ticket to Toronto, did not want to miss my first Pride Day march, alone that i walked…..that really got to me, struck thru the core of my being, every blessed step of sacred value i know i always am since that day

    and now?

    i shall leave this world with the 100 stones they used to stone a woman to death for adultery

    perhaps i am the one they stoned to death?

    perhaps my life is not any different in emotional intensity as hers?

    as is of any of yours?

    i just want to be happy, like always felt Troy and i could of been, had he surrendered to enjoying his intimately lover feelings as did i for him….as can any of you for one another

    we all walk on

    to a brighter day

    for truth reveals the past as darkness pushed out by the future’s revealing light we all are and shall BE


    holy joyful absolute carefree happiness

    just BE!


    beware, for the mad flood ignorance of the past is binding blindness that most aimlessly plod along in held captive in many afflictions unknowingly

    like me and my father who abandoned our business partnership

    how could i have known he would do that, and why?

    i just did not know i was so obviously gay to everyone since puberty

    i mean i overheard them always talking about how gay i was, and for sure i could not escape the constantly fixated on my ass Mike and his sexual prowess towards me, calling me Pansy all the time in the hallways of school, until i just accepted his nickname for me, secretly wishing he would fuck me one day, and hey, had i stuck around long enough, he likely would of, yeah!

    but i got stoned one night at a party, after David and i each invited 3 ex girlfriends, unbenounced to them all, bored, something to do, did not know David was gay, although several others told me he was, well, bi i guess, they all showed up, with their wannabe boyfriends tagging along, oh hey, look who it is, hi Mike, he had a car to driven them all i guess, well, he had really nice cock for a 17 year old, what was i actually wanting the entire time? my ass fucked of course, duh!!!!

    fucking lame ass wannabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how is it i still have to fucking wait wait wait???????

    and when i get bored with waiting for mr.right, what do i do, fuck off with mr.left and get myself infected of course!

    fucking shit all the time, up to my neck in it some days, abandonment that starts and stops with me, my tolerance

    ya well, you are all still so fucking lame!

    so thanks…..for nothing!

    and yes, empty ‘nothing’ really is indestructible!

    it can only be made as though not to exist, by replacing the void with fullness of a blessed holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover

    bless you all with only L♥VE!

  465. who the fuck cares about one who was a king, or a queen, or whatever the fuck useless life you imagined as of any value you were in life, when the only priority of any valuable life, is what is a true blessed life as one who knows without doubt the kingdom of heaven is our feelings of only love, protected by a halo shield of wisdom bestowed upon us by a most wise God, that no one of useless absurd falsehood is able to become victorious over, of lacking discerning comprehension in ability to hit a target they cannot see, of all who do not seek earnestly for what is the truth of their own true nature of self, self of another.

    and who of any of you is able to truly enjoy themselves where they are made to consistently feel as though uninvited?

    just as does the truth remain uninvited to the heart of anyone not seeking the truth of their own feeling self, so too does one remain uninvited by others who are not truthful with us.

    so when one realizes fully they are the constant truth i am, by means of turning fully to the truth they too feel as i do, only then are they able to enter into heaven with ‘me’, for all you who do not care to realize the truth all around you of who you all dwell before and as….

    the truth

    especially true of the wretched untrue falsehood truth of spiritually and physically murderous any of you

    bring ‘me’ your fires and i shall greet you with the fire you seek

    however, a warning to all, you most likely will not survive against the truth that brings to not all falsehood fires yet burning within you, of what are all the forefather ignorance that yet holds so many blindly captive, fires which shall remain become eternally extinguished and forgotten by the eternal all yet to come.

    already the truth has come, but most do not know it

    as evident of all the untruth they yet foolishly are


  466. and who the fuck ever wants to be a king?

    or who the fuck ever wants to be a queen?

    when one can be the truth of what i am, a king and a queen!

    therefore, i can only be with one who is as ‘me’!

    happy, wise, and eternally free!

    the motherfucking queen king BEE….DAMN IT!!!!!



    versatile is the only way for ‘me’ biyatches, so let ‘me’ know when you decide to stop denying yourself heaven!

    which does not mean i will still be available, but there are lots of us just like ‘me’, and truth be told, uhm, well, even of those who do not know it, sadly for them, you all already are!

    so sad to see so many of you so fucking miserable, why the fuck did i come across the lame ass street?

    fuck it, the door is open, find your own way home to heaven, where i always am…

    the truth

    i finally have my own private studio! yeah!

    i live in Toronto, Canada biyatches!

    look ‘me’ up some day

    just don’t expect ‘me’ to be eagerly waiting on any of lame ass all you!


    i was free a long time ago, why the fuck would i want to be a lame ass captive like so many of boring ass you with nothing to do?


    is this what you call fun?

    ya, REAL LIFE!

    of none stop holy joyful absolute carefree loving lover happiness!

    eternal wise pure true light!

    unable to fail any of you who dwell in failure of the truth you deny!

    butt hey, what the fuck do i know?

    im just some country boy who fell in love with another country boy, of natural occurring pure true homoerotic feelings so blessed, so incredibly amazing, so stupid i did not marry David

    and look what the fuck happened to him and i at the whims of lame ass all you?

    HE’S FUCKING DEAD FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hopefully at least one of you will learn from my mistake….in denying my own self, self of another, the truth, that sets ‘me’ free

    to just be my self!

    ♥ happy ♥

  467. the thing about mistakes is to not keep repeating them

    the fucking bullshit world came between me and my happy heart for David, because i allowed it, i was cowardice, afraid to stand up for my feelings, afraid to even express my feelings

    thank God for Madonna!

    so who the fuck are any of you to me? uhm?

    nothing, that’s what!

    fucking empty lame ass fucking nothing!

    same boring ass fucking nothing!

    indestructible by me as one who seeks something better to do with my time, than keep one wasting even ONE PRECIOUS SECOND in stupid things you all keep doing, round and round the fucking lame ass bore the fuck out of me some more why don’t you?


    oh but hey, you all have your lame ass excuses to avoid me now, don’t you!

    and what can i say, but hey, im glad to be free and on my way to anywhere but the indestructible lame ass world of all you that did nearly destroy me, where i found the strength to realize to rise up even higher than i ever dreamed i could, out of denial of my happiness pursuit, meant only for someone TRUE!


    enjoy your nothingness without ‘me’ fuckers!!!!!!!

  468. it was i who loved you!

    not you who loved me!

    oh but hey, perhaps denial pervaded for you too! uhm?

    and oh but hey, you won’t have any cause to name a reason why, AFTER I AM FUCKING DEAD!!!


    ya whatever!

    fuck you

  469. to any of you cowards i say, pick me up on that skull chopper bike, proving to me, but mostly prove it to yourself, of your heart that longs to run eternally free as is my own!

    or, do what i expect you lame ass fucks to always do, leave me to get that skull chopper bike myself one day, still sitting in the window, for me to ride in pride…..ALIVE!

    and ♥ happy ♥

    God knows i will, and so will all of you one day!

    cause God knows i am

    the truth of my ♥ happy ♥ heart so fearless!

    in standing up for what i believe in……my SELF♥LOVE!!!!!

    i ♥m

  470. on your mark, set…………GONE!!!!!


  471. God bless Whitney, too many drugs makes you come down then you get all emotional and blame the only person left I the world who did love you, but
    Has reached a point where, you see the person you love not trust you and not grow emotionally and spiritually enough to keep up with you and then being blamed for things you had no involvement in, we are all responsible for ourselves in this life our actions. Your drowning and I have no strength left to save you.

    Save yourself.

    goodbye Whitney

  472. Everyone I know that has a drug addiction ultimately destroy themselves and those that love them.

    And the ultimate love is the rejection of the addict until they reach a point of understanding and desire to face their truth & return to the path of healthy living.

    Sorry but the sacred mirror is shattered and now it’s full of crack’s., will you exscuse me while I go find someone I can actually cuddle up to at night, someone who actually knows my name & telephone number & actually calls me to tell me they are coming to see me, so I can get excited & look forward to seeing them and make plans to actually do things together with, because I am over being alone.

    Thank you in anticipation of your understanding in this very difficult MATTer.

    What MATTers to me Is that I don’t think we should continue this because we are just hurting each other, so I’ll do the brave thing and end it now, before it started, & ( selfless trusted, that’s spell Check for Self destructed)

  473. oh whatever, fuck off!

  474. random insincere lackluster appeal

    gee thanks

  475. not the Matt i remember of true conviction of his heart

    the only one we ever hurt is our own self, when ever one does not fully explore their own oneness kingdom of heaven heart, freely surrendered fully to the heart of another who is also the oneness constant flow lover connection vulnerability ever so afraid to start denial of how they so easily feel, the usual pervading fear transference all LGBTQ wade thru each day in making their way out of hell, witnessing all the destruction, oppression and death all around us thru the years we keep marching thru, a constant battle it always was for me, for all of us, blame the forefathers, Jesus wisely says, and why?

    because that is the wise discerning feeling truth his own heart came to know, expressed for sake of us all, always it was about safe passage thru a brutal unwise bullshit world all around them, of Roman occupation rulers, who like any dictator today, by means of fear of death they use, all the crosses of beloved ones on both sides of the road into the cities of Rome, no different today than was then, the truth

    i ask, since when is lackluster insincere approach appealing to any of us? uhm?

    excuse yourself away all you want, as one who’s heart is not turned fully towards me, in all your useless goodbyes


    ya right, you who use falsely use the name of someone i did love, and worried about all this time, making his way thru the same treachery of the homophobic bible thumpers, like why do that to my heart, when the real Matt knows full well my constant flow love for him is not able change from the truth i was and yet am?

    the coward beneath all your falsehood approach to God’s bridal chamber where i dwell is who you yet are

    declare yourself before God truthfully if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven’s constant flowing love devoid of betrayal that you all must leave behind; eye of the needle

    it is not ever me who makes any of you feel unworthy of the kingdom of heaven truthful feelings flow, in all your unworthiness you bestow not upon me, but your own self; denial of freely exploring the truth of one’s own feelings expressed

    the kingdom of heaven belongs to eternal all you, because it is you, always was, always is, always shall BE!

    such cruel thing to pretend to be someone i love

    and if not, if you are the real Matt, then you deserve my untrusting of you, do you not?

    what if i did what you did? how would you feel?

    i merely came as a true and faithful friend, expressing how life was and is for my journey, in hopes of atonement oneness of what IS all we of LGBTQ family

    anyway, when i was your age, i was not attracted to anyone even two years older than me, so let’s leave it at that, shall we?

    i do not have much trust left in me for anyone of lackluster approach, nor should i, nor should any of you!

    ya, get real is my motto this year, of sheer bordom that i fear, hear at the end of my life, or the beginning?

    have faith in one’s own self first, for that is the atonement oneness kingdom of heaven feelings of all our relationships with God, with Mary, with Jesus, with the angels, with everyone, at all times, be truth you

    kinda pointless not to BE!

    tic toc, each second of precious life matters, and then we are all gone….forever

    so live your life fearlessly and fully emersed in the constant flowing love feelings that i know your real self constantly yearns to always BE loving!

    as am i!

    or trivialize your own self away in decay

    as though already dead

    bin there, done that, not again

    i need and want what i am, fearless love at all times!

    so run run run away from eternal day light shining eternally bright, for none shall escape the truth i know i am

  476. forget about wasting any of my time, what about wasting your own time in useless trivializing words? uhm?

    like why say taunting shit like that, when you had no intentions of such with me in the first place? uhm?

    lame lame fucking lame!!!!!!!!!

    so fuck off!!!!!!

    all you random fucks are the same internet bully mentality of nothing better to do, in all your useless denial masks of insincere lackluster appeal randomness that is so insulting to everyone, including your own self

  477. this is more about your lying than it is my fear of rejection

  478. Forget the lie’s

    Truth is we can not last 30secs without having an argument & you think the answer is living apart down the street !

    I just think this is ridiculous this whole situation.

    Let’s just leave it at a spiritual connection, this physical world is notorious

    I’m going back to my ex, we have never had a fight in 20yrs even when we split we didnt argue.

    You can be my spiritual friend if you want too

    Up to YOU

  479. i will say the same thing to you as i said to Miko…

    Holy Joyful Absolute Carefree Loving Lover Happiness is the divine will objective of our subconscious true nature seeking atonement of what we are, oneness of another, the kingdom of heaven, our feelings of constant flow only love good enough for you, for eternal ALL….a groom can only enter the kingdom of heaven truthfully of their lover heart feelings for another.

    spiritual guidance of my decades of research on SELF

    i am actually my true nature graceful self with truthful others, and cannot stay with anyone who is not as i am

    just be yourself, at all times, truthFULLy, in every sacred step, all of us a part of God’s divine will collective conscious awakening process that opens wide into the kingdom of heaven protected by our wise growing halo, that will one day expand thru the entire universe, just is God, just as is my halo oneness prayer for you all, 2 BE come TRUTH!

  480. naively, this world will fuck you up in every fucking way possible that one allows it to, without questioning their arrogance masks of ignorance so far away from truth

    blind leading the blind for how many centuries now?

    beware, for their ignorance is deathful to both one’s physical and spiritual well being

    learn to despise them as deniers of truth

    i do

    so does God

  481. How childish for that reductive entity & it’s demons to resort to childish smear campaign to discredit, my experience in the past from such type is they eventually fizzle out, the negativity they manifest eventually consumes them, the negative comments and attempts to discredit start to become, apparent & pathetic in substance and truth…….

    But just to speed up the process & illiminate their destructive, reductive behavior I will place a gypsie curse on them, something I do sparingly but facilitate to hasten the process because it has now reached a point of irritation to me & needs to be concluded..

    Before I gag on the energy on negativity.

  482. Ohps I got a bit carried away on his arterial plaque hope he doesn’t Kick the bucket

  483. all are born flawless and innocent into the mad flood drowning learned behavioral soup

    despise the teachers, the forefathers of ignorance perpetuation

    not their soul

    despise ignorance

    for that is the snare

  484. Lucky I quite smoking – Breathe

    O not Kylie Minagji – breathe

    See you in sydiniiii Kylie Minagi

  485. Bounce

    O not BEyonce

  486. Squish

    O not Mariah

  487. & the winner is

  488. O Elton doesn’t have a fucking chance in hell

  489. I’ve never been so insulted in all my life…

    Come on Suzan Boyle

    We’re OFF

  490. Like I’d give up my kingdom ,

    Nice try


  491. You can be the Queen, don’t give a fuck what anyone says

  492. imagine having an ego so HUGE that you actually believed your own

    Bull shit ….

    imagine their’s no hell only HEaven above

    and the world would LIVE as ONE

    ( thank’s John 🙂 )

  493. “1979”

    Shakedown 1979, cool kids never have the time
    On a live wire right up off the street
    You and I should meet
    Junebug skipping like a stone
    With the headlights pointed at the dawn
    We were sure we’d never see an end to it all
    And I don’t even care to shake these zipper blues
    And we don’t know
    Just where our bones will rest
    To dust I guess
    Forgotten and absorbed into the earth below
    Double cross the vacant and the bored
    They’re not sure just what we have in store
    Morphine city slipping dues down to see
    That we don’t even care as restless as we are
    We feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts
    And poured cement, lamented and assured
    To the lights and towns below
    Faster than the speed of sound
    Faster than we thought we’d go, beneath the sound of hope
    Justine never knew the rules,
    Hung down with the freaks and the ghouls
    No apologies ever need be made, I know you better than you fake it
    To see that we don’t even care to shake these zipper blues
    And we don’t know just where our bones will rest
    To dust I guess
    Forgotten and absorbed into the earth below
    The street heats the urgency of now
    As you see there’s no one around

  494. To realize one’s state of being as ‘that’ of the wise comprehending kingdom of heaven, is to be aware of the constant bonding compassionate love for all senselessly snared in the mad and deathful generational flood, that Jesus and Mary share as though one and the same awareness mind in friendship, just as is also true of all angels of awareness light of truth that reveals all falsehood useless egotism that serves only as ‘that’ which serves as truth awareness of all you of in manifesting low self-esteem flowing need to rule and prevail over each other in a state of valueless ambition….mindlessly without true self compassionate oneness: the truth of all warring factions in the world, past, present, future.

    the only safe passage is thru wise discerning awareness of truth that one must invite to themselves thru humble humility and gratitude for escaping mistaken egotism so many become snared in, within the generational taught and learned mad flood deathfully drowning ignorance of one’s true self.

    such is the state of rebellion and revolt for all senseless mad warring factions, is it not?

    our nature is peaceful, just as is all creatures in nature, however, so too for all other life forms, of any hostile one’s in approach to our beloved, seeking fire, of fire that shall greet them, is how it is that all alive today have arrived safe and sound, thru the centuries of great and evil senseless brutality, that no one can find pride in such madness of the forefathers, and all their treachery yet handed forward to new generations.

    our tendency leans more to attentiveness than abandonment, as the social creatures we thrive and flourish as, and here in is the bridge of safe passage for future generations who are crossing all the useless boundaries of racism, sexism, religion, orientation, politic, power, wealth and poverty, in what is yet the mad flood deathful ignornace that manifests as all useless egotistic thoughts; shadows, mimicries, similitudes, and ghosts that lack in reason and light; senselessness

    therefore, education is the safe passage, is it not?

    the kingdom of heaven is our loving oneness feelings flow

    anything unloving, therefore is blindness of ego

    is that not why Jesus surrendered to the cross(world), in order to reveal our blindness?

    who among us can approach the cross with Jesus yet alive on it, alone, with a pure loving heart of true self, in realizing their own oneness depth of compassionate flowing eternal love Jesus is for all YOU unknowingly born into the generational mad flood snaring ignorance eternal?

    and still, there is death all around us

    and still, we are blind, without humility, or mourning for our own pure true self we don’t realize is snared in ignorance, and yet cause for so much suffering of others without food, without shelter, without clean water and medicine, as though unworthy of love?

    who is the most unworthy of love, is the question we all need to ask our own true self!

    bless you all with only love


  495. ok…..i will take my boot off your head, but only if you promise to be nice

    ahahhahaa HA! :mrgreen:

  496. we all want so badly to be our pre-ordained true self nature of constant flowing oneness love, where all others are as though our own self, that we can easily see and feel their frustration of whatever snare they may be contending with, like so many i have witnessed in dealing with their daily journey in the homophobic world, including my own brutally ignorant path surrounded and outnumbered by bullies

  497. the only true power of our true self, is courageous truth awareness, in nurturing and protecting true self from all useless egotism of and in the generational mind fucking of senseless generations

  498. The only thing of any value in life is ‘time’

    as in loving ‘time’ not wasted in useless valueless egotistic ambition, of goodness one can easily turn towards and BE the constant kingdom of heaven loving compassionate oneness equality feeling YOU

    or, waste more precious ‘time’ senselessly until such a ‘time’ as one fully realizes their valueless ambition is an emptying vessel, a black hole of nothingness that does leave a child to die!

    every minute of every day!

    the only one you cast out of heaven and invite harm to with your undiscerning unwise senseless words….is YOU! 🙂

    cannot bring harm to one who is wise to all ignorance snares, so i guess that leaves you as one who seeks to rule and prevail over others with useless ambition that leads to nowhere, yes?

    be careful of what you speak in the presence of angels, of whom have compassion for you, and wise love, knowing your greatest foe is your own forgetfulness of true self, in your every pitfall steps taken as the visitor you all are, for but a brief moment then gone from this eternal realm you all stumble aimlessly along in, so blindly it is a wonder mankind has survived thus far….or will survive in such gross materialistic illness of heart empty valueless ambition like most any of you do

    come on everyone, they are there waiting for YOU, praying your hearts as as loving as their own, bewildered so many of you are not, in all your useless fancy clothing of no value.

  499. the human brain is a powerful super computer, way beyond our ability to do what it naturally, and more importantly, constantly seeking balance….does

    the brain knows exactly how many CD4 cells are infected, knows how many it needs to produce in keeping balance, knows how many to counter attack with CD8 cells, in producing more as well, every second of every day, like it naturally does.


    tipping the balance away from a natural habitat existence of the right amount of exercise, diet, and rest, in mimicking what a natural habitat existence, is the danger one faces for our brain to keep balance, and even then, a persistent fever comes along to counter balance the hiv viral load, like the body/brain naturally does.

    add to the imbalance with bad habits of what is not natural for the human body, places one at high risk to fall into death, beyond the brain and body ability to recover, of not enough time to do so, when the imbalance is severe…

    consistent things like smoking, alcohol, poor diet, poor rest, lack of exercise, places one in the danger zone for high viral loads, and the onslaught of early opportunistic infections.

    combine numerous opportunistic infections together, along with the bad habits that lead to the poor imbalance of the body/brain natural ability = death

    the brain/body requires time to recover from imbalance impairment of CD4 and CD8 cell growth, where the real danger is one’s blind stupidness, not the hiv virus, and the body/brain natural ability to deal with the constant balance seeking with a none threatening virus.

    the body/brain responds with a mild fever from high viral load days, and comes back into balance when one addresses the impairment of bad habits.

    consistence is the key to maintaining the natural body/brain ability for balance with the hiv virus merely as hitching a ride with us into eternity.

    so the real enemy is lack of life coaches, and good riddance of the pharmcy industry corporate stock brokers, who really are pill pushers, creating victim mentality for individuals to not take charge of their already capable super computer brain and body ability for balance with the hiv virus

    stupidness is main cause for death of hiv+ individuals

    2 years i am still med free, with no persistent fever, of good RED40 balance that i am easily able to maintain consistently, in treating the hiv virus as it merely is, hitching a ride with us into eternity.

    currently, the 34 million hiv+ individuals are facing a daily triage, without enough money for meds, AND without enough life coaches.

    so the question is, how best to deal with the great numbers of hiv+ individuals, and lack of life coaches?

    answer: MEDIA ACCESS with life coaches

    and vitamin supplements of course

    even i do not eat properly, out of bad habit, and whatever residual victim mentality i am yet dealing with, as i make my way to the day a cure is handed out

    bless you all with only love

  500. Estimates for the number of neurons (nerve cells) in the human brain range from 80 to 120 billion

    average human has between 20 – 55 billion white blood cells(1% of all blood cells), that live 3-4 days, some weeks, and years for white blood memory cells, of constant reproduction to replace the ever dying white blood cells

    average hiv+ individuals have an impaired white blood cell count of about half what normal individuals have, which makes sense, as the body has a natural response to a less than desirable amount of effective immunity, that the brain/body realizes when it cross the threshold, with a constant reproduction/death replacement cycle of all white blood cells and all hiv virus (infected cells), that dies with the white blood cells in the same cycle, constantly countered by the CD8 cell attacks of the CD4 infected cells, as the body/brain feels is sufficient enough to keep check on the hiv viral loading… it naturally does.

    in other words, the hiv virus has not choice but to die entirely and inclusively with the white blood cell death, that the hiv virus cannot escape from, a fix rate of death, simple for the CD8 counter attack to increase or decrease balance of the inevitable approaching death cycle, as the brain feels the need to maintain the level that it does, of constant monitoring the level.

    miraculous! wow!

    while half the white blood cell load is constantly dying at the same rate of death, half are being born at the same constant replacement of dying cells, hence the 50%+/- hiv viral loading threshold, where the hiv virus has no choice but to die with the white blood cells, in it’s own attempt to infect new cells and reproduce, unable to escape it’s the cycle of it’s host.

    when hiv viral loading rises above what the body/brain sees happening, mild persistent fever occurs as a counter measure, pushing the virus back to it’s accepted viral loading by the body, in line with acceptance of the natural cell death of the body and hiv virus, as part of it’s counter measure, knowing it just dies along with the white cells, of no need to worry about trying to completely destroy an ever persistent virus


    i don’t know why, only that the body/brain does not see the virus as a serious threat to cells of the human body that has a short life span, where death of the white blood cells is the main aspect of the body brain counter measure acceptance?


    so the real threat then, is our own approach to mimicking a natural habitat existence, which is actually easier to do with better diet, better exercise, and sufficient sleep, that would not be seen in our natural habitat existence as prey by other life forms at night.

    so even our fear is imagined

    gladly by all you stock brokers in the pharmacy biz


  501. Anda ya, ve pronto a reposar y contemplar tu ocaso despepitada ancianita, tus 60 primaveras no pueden cargar ya más con tantos espurios anhelos de mozuela en flor, tu primavera perduró lo que tarda la brisa en llevársela, un parpadeo, un instante. Inútiles son pretensiones y afanes de querer beber los aires, de querer andar sin sombra, !Querer hacer el tiempo avanzar hacia atrás¡. ¡Consumirte jadeante y agitada queriendo eternizar, inmortalizar el cuerpo!. ¡Envejeció! !Hace ya más de 25 veranos¡ y la fugáz flor que retoñó en primavera nunca volvió atrás. !Pereció y jamás voverá¡. Busca tu lugar, tu cuerpo de 18 años jamás volverá.

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