Sticky and “Sweat”

I am so exhausted. I have been rehearsing over and over. I know I’m still youthful looking, but I am starting to feel the effects of time on my body. If I have to sing “Borderline” one more time! I know you guys love that song and would like to hear it in the tour, but it drives me bonkers. Maybe I’ll keep it; however, I will be the one who decides. You can count on that. It won’t be you. LOL. I was singing “Spanish Lesson” on Tuesday and I thought, “Why the hell am I singing this? Yuck!” I immediately pulled that song from the set list. I’m just not feeling it right now. At least I have it rehearsed in case we need to add something later, but I cannot imagine singing that over and over! Arrrgh!

I was so sweaty during rehearsal the other day that one of the dancers said I should call the tour “The Sticky and Sweat Tour.” I was like “Ok….NOT!” Could you see the awful sponsors like “Arrid Extra Dry.” I can’t take anymore. Have a great 4th, you guys!


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  1. oh maddy…s&s is nice…plese…dont divorced by guy!!!lola rocco and david aren’t happy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey queen,

    there are tons of rumors about your tour, maybe come to asia, maybe not, maybe in japan, maybe in hong kong, even my hometown Taiwan…..brabrabra…

    so far looking at your schedule, no asia. so i guess we still need to wait.

    sometimes i feel like the same feeling that time is really an issue when talks about energy. Gees! i don’t even want to know how old am i now.

    keep going, you are always be my queen now and forever.

    love ya.

    Eric in Taiwan

  3. me neither.

    although more love is always welcome! 😉

    if only people were fearless like we are M.

    unstoppable, is what we are, love devoid of useless doubt, and the uncertainty so toxic that exists in the world for so many innocently born souls into the ignorant world yet unloving in so many ways.

    not us.

    love is what we are.

    i am…because we are…LOVE.

  4. did you see the pic of one the hottest friends i know? 😉

    isn’t he beautiful?

    we all are, when we fully come clear of the attitudes of the abusd world that projects useless fear, by means of our descerning wisdom, in our knowingness of how beautiful we feel inside, making the outside like the inside, just as you do, just as i do, just as i pray Matt continues to do.

    i love him, and he feels our love that is true, just as we do of his…without doubt…forever more…of Jesus and God, of us.

  5. Happy 4th everyone!

    Peace and love be to you and those you love who love you as much as you do them.

    Only love feels good, not all these useless attitudes so many unwisely walk around it. I laugh inside as i pass them by, a quick snap of the fingers, spinning around, running away. haha! 😉 😀

  6. you know…vogue style! 😉

    remember how they used to hold their hand in front of them. “talk to the hand biyatches!”

    ok…maybe somewhat immature, but still good gay history for us all.

  7. Have a Great 4th Madonna. You are awesome. Tell both your “Guys” hello.

    Love you.


  8. Madonna,

    Must be so hard (candy) being at the top! Rumours, or not being able to live a private life.

    Hoping you, as a person aren’t on the Borderline!!!

    Good luck and much success with upcoming tour!

    N’Awlins John

  9. When i was a child i wanted to be your friend now that im older i want to date you when you and guy ritchie are over ok? you sweat more with me. thankyou!
    please sing spanish eyes!

  10. Hey M,
    I think you should sing Spanish Lesson on your tour – it’s such an awesome song! Anyway, good luck with rehearsals and with your Sticky and Sweet tour.

  11. I hope you sing Like A Prayer again

  12. Hi Queen,
    I’m 15 and this year, for the 1st time i come to rome to see u…
    To see u is my dream ’cause i’m the only child so when i hear your songs i fell protect… Thanks because u have changed a lot in my life.. Now i’m not scared of the others.. Thank u!
    And Good Luck with The Sticky And Sweet Tour…
    You’re Amazing…
    P.s. All your songs are beautiful especially Sorry …Congratulations!

  13. why car’nt people just be themselves, instead of playing games ?

    why is it so hard to just be real ?

  14. How do they celebrate getting their asses kicked in England on the 4th?


  16. fear is a part of life, which comes from the majority of the world which is unwise in their approach with one another, where statistically, 95% of us do not have the fortitude of wisdom in psychology to properly address current, past and future issues of their life, that is able to health, nurture and protect their (divine) true self from the yet unwise world, unfortunate for us all, even those who are healthy, as it is nearly impossible to avoid the reality of the human condition of so many souls in the world.

    Everywhere we look, it is there in our life, of the unwise, sometime inappropriate approaches of others with us, no fault of anyone really though, as everyone is behaving perfectly normal in accordance with how their entire life has been thus far. For example, a trauma victim behaves in a certain way after a trauma, which is considered perfectly normal response, in the behavour after a traumatic event.

    Everyone is connected in the world, as enlightenment continues to thrive and grow in the world as it has for decades now.

    i was thinking about how the world came thru WWII, of such horrific scale the world faced during the war, and how those who lived thru it, embraced peace and prosperity in the decades that followed, such as the 1950’s, and the new generation of Children of the generation before them, who felt the higher increased value of peace and serenity from their parents, thus the flower Child generation was born, the hippies, the Beatles, all of it, a direct result of what the world had experienced prior, subconsciously felt for decades.

    Today, issues of homosexuality and the homophobic fears that come with it, have steadily been embraced by most of us, in our TV shows, films, members of our families, of us all becoming more informed and easily accepted than they did just a decade prior.

    In retrospect, as a society, we have experienced growth since WWII, which is the forecast of the future, of more and more people embracing education than before, of the enlightenment that spreads thru them and all the ones that feel and grow along side of them, and those they know and feel….and so on and so on.

    on we go

  17. why is it so hard to just be real ?

    ah…you just contradicted your self Truth Fairy!

    as in, you are not being real using a nick name, although i too can relate to fairy, as i am one! ;D 😀

    hmmm…sounds like something Matt would say.

  18. If it’s gong to be called Sticky and Sweat…then Justin should definitley be in the show for VANCOUVER at least.

  19. you can talk…. Andy …

    you can call me a hooker just say im gay

  20. just dont say im gay, i mean

  21. sorry Andy, i;ve had a few drinks and a little unsteady on my feet,

  22. let it be, let it be,

    and in your hour of darkness, let it be let be

  23. guys if you all still think that this is madonna your all fools especially andy with arrogant self righteous and sanctimonius writings


  24. this is not me
    waiting around hoping to BE,
    when already i can see,
    no one here truly loves me

    they would be holding my hand by now if it was true.

    as i exit the cross roads, i know my future is a most joyous one, as God has revealed it to me to see and feel.

    The one with me in the vision of the future is a soul mate exactly like me, who feels love of the same sincerity for me as i do them, of exceeding joyfulness running down the street.

    i don’t know who the soul mate is, and i realize that that is not what is important, as many there are who are like me in the world, sweet loving tenderness so sweet, of me with them, of them with me.

    Before i used to feel bad for walking away, thinking God would be upset with me for doing so. God has since asked me to come away from here, where i am not holding the hand of one loving of me as of yet, and so i venture alone on my new road, enthusiasm all around me, knowing the future is how i feel inside of the soul mate i shall one day meet and recognize instantly, as i am the one most like them, easily felt and known who i am when we meet.

    That is the process, one of the transition into becoming the soul mate for your soul mate who is no different in any way than you are with regards to the sincerity of love that is 100% pure and true.

    ah well…it’s bin a slice everyone…i wanted more from everyone, actually, alot more! But no one came to me, at least not yet.

    I know in my heart i have served God here with all of you, just as many have been equally loving and pleasant with me, but i cannot handle my days of being alone without love any longer, as i venture away from this cross road to a new one, with those who are there that i shall meet, knowing God will align my soul mate to greet me, and i them…it is my destiny to dwell within the gates of Porta Caeli, as revealed to me by Jesus and God, of the spirit of Jesus who dwells with me, merely by my turning to him, always there to speak with me anytime of my choosing.

    Jesus loves you. God loves you. i love you. Thank you Jesus. Thank you father. Thank you to all who CHOOSE to be loving, for when you do, you feel the magic of love that radiates bright between you and those you love, thru you from God, to them from God, thru them to other, back to you from them and others.

    times up.


    catch me if you can. i ain’t looking back to see if you are looking back to see if i am looking back to see if you love me….although i will look forward to meeting you one day! ;D 😀

    life is too long to miserable! 😉

    i love you, and i know you love me too, but i cannot keep waiting if you don’t show just how much you really may love me…why should anyone wait when love is true, like we have come to know.

    what are you afraid of, Love? 😉

  25. pacentro

  26. Dear M ,

    I hope you’re gonna make it!!I know you can , you’re Madonna for god sakes!!!!!
    And please , don’t forget your promise about Russia , last time you said that u’d visit us again.So we’re counting on u.really.

    P.S. Spanish lesson is awesome song, i would say one of the best, so please don’t delete it from the list

  27. Madge,
    You really need to start scheduling “down” time. We love you and want to see you but don’t kill yourself with perfection. Rumor has it you a schedule freak, well tic toc, scedule in some down, and alone time during those hectic crazy days.


  28. hi madonna!

  29. I agree i too can’t stand spanish lesson yick, i would love to hear borderline, maybe it can be the last time you sing it

    i really hope for the third single it’s “devil wouldn’t recognize”
    then “candy shop” or candy shop in time for halloween
    release a new song from your ghv3
    then go back to hard candy & release beat goes on, then for the heck of it
    release “she’s not me” don’t release miles away, or dance 2nite, i hate those, sorry. but i’m really upset about give it 2 me, it’s not too late to fire some of those people at warner bros, seriously though, pls do a pop remix & a hip hop mix. anyways i luv ya! one of your future managers

  30. another great idea do “nothing fails” love that one

  31. I think your music is GRAND. The one or two odd song from Hard Candy. However, to say you have have not had cheek implants is funny. You are starting to look like someone else. It’s sad as I myself am a 49yr. old woman, soon to be 50 on 21July, does know what it feels like to be getting older. It’s disappointing that you are so afraid to age, you are still quite beautiful. Alas, you do not look the same anymore.

  32. Hi,
    have a great week and a great rehearsing time!!!!!!!!!
    If you think Borderline is not ok for the show…there’s no problem you can throw it apart for something better…have you thought about Gambler…it’s a great song and a great music to go with it…
    Think about it

  33. You know , I really admired Live to tell confessions version , it was adorable , and that’s not just my opinion. But anyway , it’s up to u to decide which songs to put in the tour list.

  34. Hello,
    I bought the tickets to watch your show in Brazil on the 20/12 in São Paulo with my friends. We´re so excited about it! I even had to delay 1 day my flight to Paris because of this show, i just couldnt miss it! First Madonna then Paris! 🙂
    But i also got sad as well as a few people i know who´s going to the show …..that the songs Material Girl, Like a Virgin, Take a Bow, Hollywood, American Pie… are not in your set list 😦
    These songs are very famous here, your new hits are great just like you but these ones are very special… we even made a group with some of the people who´ll go to your show on, we have around 25 000 people there and these songs are the most wanted! When you came here last time i was 9 years old! i´m 24 now as most of my friends and we dream to see you singing Like a Virgin, Material Girl…. pleeeaaaseeee!! We love ya!

  35. Madonna is a 50 year old gap tooth skank. The only thing she has for herself is money.

  36. the tour seems better in america than in europa..more fun, more free etc…like a virgin in montreal gaves me good waves…i m a virgin !

  37. quel joke..lolYOU TOURING??CRUSTY CONNIE WHO???

  38. How can you insult your fan by starting your concert with 2 hours delay and not even offer an excuse? Yes, this is what happened last Sunday in Houston. As respectful people, we were on time for your concert scheduled to start at 7:30pm but you left us waiting, with no opening act, no explanations for 2 solid hours. This is not professional and maybe you are not even aware of it so I give you the benefit of the doubt and hope you’ll see into it for future concerts.

  39. YEAAH! It`s amazing that I found this blog, oh my god…okey, I`m from Argentina, and let me tell you that I`m waiting for you, I spend most of my paycheck in you ticket, I`m so happy that I`m going to be able to see you live!! Oh my god, Ì`ll die if you don`t sing american life, I love the rap part, is awsome, I use that song a lot in the gym, I`m not like you, I don`t have a lot of determination, but I do like to walk with you on my ears. I love “nobody knows me”, and “Love New York” funny thing, I`m going to New Jersey next year, visit some family there, but first I have to have 21, as my father won`t let me go outside the country, he is an ass. God, I`m telling you nonsense, I`m sorry. Okey, that`s all, wish you the best luck and keep going and never stop

  40. OK, it’s bugging me. Madonna!!!!

    I am so sick of hearing about how u are desperately trying to stay young. I don’t know why??
    I grew up in the 80’s. You were my idol. I adored you for your daring, for doing what u wanted when u wanted. For not fearing to have a point of view and say it out load. To get what u set your mind to get. Your father said it best once on an interview. He said u were an achiever. Never truer words have been said.

    Go back to classical ballet you sure have the discipline for it. Open a dance school right in your back yard. Perform intimate concerts of music and dance.Things that you grew up on and that inspired you. Music that you love,music that opens your heart. Learn to cook and enjoy watching your children grow. Stop chasing. U’ve done it. I envy all the options that are at your feet. Yet I see u do nothing about them. I wish to see u kicking back. There is no high or low u can’t reach. Let go your age. Enjoy it. Age gracefully. Remember what Kieth Herring said to you? What he taught you? “We’re all made of flesh and blood” It seems like you forgot that.
    In a world of Paris Hilton’s’ and Britney Spears flashing, you no longer belong. You’ve been there, done that. You created it but at least you had more class. Why would you wish to continue in an industry you helped built yet has changed so much for the worst.

    Get a home in London where your kids belong cause that is what they know and that is where their father is. Just for now. They won’t stay young forever. If u don’t the consequences will be emotionally devastating to you. Your kids will turn against you and think you crazy for constantly chasing youth. What are u teaching them by doing that anyways?? In the western world women think it is NOT ok to grow old, they think that they are not worth much of anything cause they do not look like you at 50. But even u do not look like you do at 50. You have had plastic surgery and you as well as they, are trying hard to stay on top of looking young. Who the hell needs all this pressure??? It gives you wrinkles!! You have the ability to influence so many people inspire so many lives yet you do nothing about it. All the Kabbalah in the world would not help you. It is within that u need to go. Within yourself. Stop caring what others say, think or do. It is killing you. If your rabbi gives a fuck about you he should be telling you this. It seems like it is very convenient that you stay where you are emotionally cause that leaves you needy which gives him the opportunity to make more money off your back. It is so obvious. I can’t believe you don’t see it

    If u do this, if u let go, you’ll come out a winner. You’ll achieve so much, you’ll help so many people.

    You’ve had kids. I know you’ve loved at least 2 men in your life. You know what love is. What are u so afraid of??? That you won’t shine? That people will actually see that you are like the rest of us?? That you won’t be number one?? That people may actually forget about you??? You always will be Madonna. No one can take that away from you yet you’ll inspire so many if u do, as you have before just in a different way. Evolve! Truly evolve not just with a new hair do or some new dance moves. We know u can do that. We’ve watched you do that for 30 years!!! But enough! I grew out of it and wish to see u do the same. I will love u and adore you forever.

    We all get old. You think I have not worried about it?? But I learned to accept it and welcome it cause it is inevitable, it happens to us all.You have the ability to throw in the towel, to point out that the king is naked!! To show that when Gods gives u lemons you make lemonade. If u do so many of us will! Stop escaping. Just Be! These Kabbalah guys are after your money, Kabbalah water my ass. You’ve lived and succeeded many years without it. Trust me girl, water is best from the tap. It’s all a scam

    Enjoy who u are and what u have built. If u do not, you’ll regret it. It will hunt you till your last day on this planet. MARK MY WORDS. It all went up to your head. There will always be someone better, more talented, more beautiful, much younger, more fit then you. You did your thing, gained power to influence. In spite your insecurities you climbed to the top. Teach others, your children perhaps, guide them. Use it! What a waist it would be if u didn’t. So many will follow. You posses such wisdom, such courage. Look at the world. It’s a mess. You can truly create a revolution for women all over. Help them feel comfortable with themselves, their bodies and their age. That is what u did back in the day. Move a long to the next message you have for us all. Your message is inside of you. Only you can pull it out only if u stop chasing youth. It is distracting you from your true goal.

    Your gurus seem like they enjoy the cash flow. A real friend will tell u the truth. The truth that u may not wish to hear. The truth that may be others wish to point out yet they fear your reaction but regardless it is the truth. I wish I had an hour with you .Best thing is go to your Father. There is nothing greater then family cause blood is thicker then any other circumstance

  41. your mind rules your body not your body rules the mind,and if your mind is as fit as your body(“and god what a body you got a body of a goddess”). you have found the philosophers stone the elixir of lifemiraculous a true alchemic. xxx

  42. bucharest 2009 – big bullshit,
    maddona dont know to sing enymore, all the songs, wich songs? that is not music, exception ” give it to me”
    shame on u madonna, u tryed to sing a romanian song………. romanian u mean gipsys songs? that was not romanian, most of the ppl blame u for that. remember, we are not gipsys…..
    very desepointed ex fun….

  43. Hey hey!

    I got my advanced copy of Modonna’s new Sticky and Sweet book. I have an insider in the publishing world who hooked me up! THE BOOK IS AMAZING!! It’s based off of the sticky and sweet tour..(duh~).. The Vogue page is so cool!!! I only got to see this tour twice, but the book brings it alive for me on every page….

    go Guy Oseary!


  44. Hi. I stumbled across your website while I was searching for something completely unrelated. While I do not agree with some of what you say we do have almost the same viewpoints for the most part. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will visit again in the near future to see what you’re writing about in 2010!

  45. Cheers for this post, I’ve learned a lot more now about world of warcraft! Your post was an huge aid. I wonder you will post more of your guides!.

  46. This is an interesting blog. I’ve been a fan for a long time and she never fails to amaze with each tour.

  47. Just don’t ask ‘Is it in yet’

    Cause I’ll get really pissed of

    & make you pay

    Until you scream oh no stop

    Then 2 seconds later

    Oh God

    Keep going

  48. lol

    uhm….im sorry, i don’t do pencil dicks babe.

    that’s what strapons are fore


    no no, just go abit slower, ok, like i am a human being of exceeding pure true grace, not some fucking sex toy you biyatches get bored with and toss away as though nothing, when in truth, i am everything baby, to the ONE who truly purely loves as though ‘me’!

    and well, if not, no worry, lots of pretty fish in the sea of tranquility, especially the boy/girl name tranBilly! 😉



  49. *-: I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ,~’

  50. it comes down to ONE thing….

    when you hack away all the bullshit

    does it feel bad when its going bad ??

    does it feel good when its going good ??

    is it feeling bad because its not going good ???

    point is

    does it FEEL ???

    anything thing ??

    hello ???

    do i have a heart beat ??

    anyone got a defibrillator ???

    well one thing about time,

    is it’s LIMITED

    something you’ll grow old to appreciate …

  51. God Bless her beautiful kind soul & greatest respect and admiration for being the worlds greatest pioneer for Aids charities the world is a better place for having shared her life and love… ….

    a true angel

  52. key word……true

  53. & so are you …

    there i said it… your pretty cool …

    except when you get angry with me … that’s no so hot

  54. i have issues…….sorry

    but i am being assertive in addressing them, maybe resolve(dump) some of the stuff in asking simple questions of self, self of others, you know, get your spirit free to just go BE!

    me 😉

  55. [Andyy, in his knee high spike boots, black tights, leather harness, foot high rainbow mohawk, pretty and long feather eye lashes, prances over to Marco, goes to dig his spike heel into his foot, as Marco moves his foot just in time, grabs Andyy by the harness, spining him around to sit in his lap, on a most beautiful of sunshine days, somewhere………….somewhere……………somewhere in the gay ghetto of SanFransisco]

    you only live once, be sure to live it as happy and carefree as one can, and remember, other people’s stuff is other people’s stuff, not yours, let them keep it, let them work it out on their own, and don’t ever take their stuff as personal about you, cause it is not……i mean you ever notice some people are like you don’t even exist?……..arghhh……..i really need to make better friends! 😉

    oh, we all have our core harmonious flawless healing blessed feeling of being our pure true real self, just be sure to take time in silence each day to find and BE what that is……of only love feels good enough for this boys ass!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks Marco… is spring here, the birds are returning, argh, winter can be such a drag here some years, i really want to move to a nice place some day, a new way of living as the artist, did you say beach side studio, under a the moon and stars, the pets, the……?

    happiness starts and stops within, one merely need realize what happiness is for one’s own ass, ass of another i find works well too! :mrgreen:


    and i am not flirting with you……i am being assertive……..or at least i don’t think i am flirting, sometimes people interpret my just being me as being flirting, and well, ya, i guess i am flirting with everone, as the real versatile transgender lover oneness of us all, is that so bad? The sacred mirror?

  56. oh, and don’t get stuck in someone else’s issues, by means of realizing when you are, not that anyone is bad, just maybe not spiritual in the same room with you, always thinking of someone else on their mind……and well, you eventually realize everything……eventually

    and just move on, get your SELF free to just go be with that really hot black guy with the nice cock!!!!!!!!!!



    im just being the usual me, oh come on, i am not a slut, i am a tramp!

    tramps are fussy who they………….well, you know…….argh……….anal retention always did get the best of me………..

  57. love has no boundaries …

    the good the bad and the gorgeous…

  58. I dreamed a dream,

    A Heaven on earth

    A world of Love, without Fear

    only unity of one soul needs to dream the same dream, Heaven on earth ..

    Heaven on a stick 🙂 pink fairy floss on a stick, melts in your mouth …

  59. the good the bad and the groceries


  60. lol…. your funny…

    I was coming back from gym enjoying my walk thinking about all the beautiful loving loyal and faithful and sexy and hot people persons … yer true that.. and anywaz this old fat narcissistic bitter and twisted old fat queen hit me with his 4WD BMW then got out and chased me with a baseball bat, I contemplated kicking the bat out of his hand with my leg ( im trained in Karate and it would have been easy to do ) then belt him up enough to teach him a lesson but I decided against it violence is not the solution but fuck I was tempted too,

    I never want to end up like that horrible soul, I’ll rise above it, his sad empty loveless life… narcissistic old fag seriously i’m not being homophobic at all I love everyone but sometimes gay men have a tendency to fall victim to narcissism and NOT ALL !! I might add only a minority but when they do it’s ugly, thats why I think bisexual or heterosexual is probably more balanced, and I am most certainly not having a go at and discriminating any group of people because im not, I am more referring to people like that ass hole who hot me with his car because …

    anyway … aside from my drama, im feeling really happy today and I hope you are too … and if your not then let me know if there is anything I can do to change that … 🙂

  61. being gay is fine and balanced healthy and normal … too soz I needed to clarify, point im trying to make is love transcends all it sees not distinction between race religion gender color creed and so on, all love sees is me and you living life as we do enjoying every moment and in the knowing that no one else could even come close to what it is that we have…

    and a sing and a dance and chanty …

    and all that in the one moment

    a moment in time…

    where momentarily time does not exist

    the foundations are in place, the fears have failed to manifest the truth has surfaced the trust has been earned the respect has been honored, it’s safe to say…

    ok you can unleash me now >>>

    this damn noose around my neck

  62. look just keep your BOOTS on.. there is always going to be mud, thats life .. but with boots on you’ll never get wet socks and there is nothing worse than wet socks as you know all toooooo well…

    just keep your boots out of my ass ..

    or i’ll kick your ass


  63. oh this is going to be fun !!

    this is the fun part…

    a bit like basking in all the glory ..

    except it’s less temporary …

    ENJOY !!

  64. that was so condescending, sorry

    i’ll make it up to


    cause you deserve it…

    ive made it my life goal to treat you right……

    and i’ll succeed…

    because I have a lot at stake …

    I want you to be my challenge…

    to love right

  65. but you run when i’m too nice to you,

    and I hate being the game player tosser to you that i am to get your attention the fraud but if I do it another way you run.. so

    i dont know

    we both need to CHANGE


    im just saying

  66. i mean it doesn’t have to be WE !!

    i mean it could be YOU and HIM or ME and Him or him and her and me and the milkman

    but im just saying

    in the end it’s gotta be someone

  67. Who’d like a cigar ?

    time to celebrate !!

    Lady Gaga just gave birth to a watermelon

  68. +++


    well, nice to see you found the happiness……of your ass again

    you know, the universe really does revolve around the happiness of my total body shuttering daily……..uhm….twice daily anal orgasm………it is such an amazing feeling, my God!!!!!!! HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    i knew i love the sensation of my ass my entire life, starting at five years old, openly too like i naturally was, not a sin, not some horrible thing, just a boy and his body alone that i grew to love, that is what homosexuality is everyone!

    it is merely our (greater) self-love extending beyond our pure joyful feeling of our body while alone, to the oneness of someone just like you, equally of the exact same joy of their body, mostly the penis, and eventually the ass, or vice versa, or more accurately, equally enjoyable of sensation, as evident of my total body anal orgasm like a female, when i cum at the same time………

    hello, is anyone listening, are you taking notes?

    EXPLORE your body pleasures everyone, and not in a gross arrogant sexual prowess way either, like some of you voyeurs at the spa, you want a transmitted disease, well, lots to catch there, WEAR A CONDOM, and don’t let anyone fuck you without a condom, and make sure it is the condom you hand them, you don’t know if they…….ok, enough about that crazy place………..

    uhm……count on people to be careless with you, like they are with themselves, that is how disease is spread, careless people……..THEY REALLY DON’T CARE, OK?

    so CARE about YOU!

    at all times, care starts and stops with YOU!

    i know, i was careless for my own self with careless other, and now i am careless other with the same disease, comprehendi everyone?

    ok thanks

    you want to know what love IS?

    love starts with caring YOU, for YOU, YOU of another, and others >

    bless bless bless bless you with only love feeling good enough 2 be YOU!

    God is Great!

    We are all God’s child!

    YOU are Greatness as God’s child!

    100%, YOU ARE!

    not 99%
    not 98%


    at all times you are 100% Greatness as God’s child!

    it is by means of your feeling self that this truth is revealed to you, is it not?

    Go in peace, and remember, 100% is who you all are!

    is it not our sex that reveals how 100% great our oneness harmoniousness 1000% IS?

    well, IS for me!

    always i love my ass, just as those who cum to love my ass 2, like i love theirs, like i love all females and males, as the female male………i am

    and so too IS God!



    stupid to think God is not both!

    is not your child born of both you the female and male?

    so is not your child of both female and male?


    since the beginning of time, you all come from both the female and the male, so why are you so sexist with one another?

    and why can you not phathom that ‘i am’ 100% both female and male?

    the same way you do not phathom that God is 100% both female and male you all are!

    you listen to blindly to the shortsighted merchants of God who claim they know God, well look and see, they do not even care to purely truly know their own self, how can they possibly know the child of God ‘me’ of they do not care to know their own ass like i know mine?

    you people are really sad to ‘me’, miserable, truly, YOU ARE!

    look at us, take time to look upon us, we are the sacred mirror of God’s most beloved holy joyful absolute carefree constant loving happiness!

    for those who survive, that is…..argh…….+++

    there is no greater love than one who lays down their life for another

    100% ‘that’ is the oneness will of God’s will within us all, 100%, not 99%, not 98%, no, 100% EQUAL LOVE YOU ALL ARE!

    my God, can you people not yet feel the TRUTH of your own beloved brother and sister weeping because you leave them heartlessly alone without warmth, without food, without a caring hand, without…………LOVE?

    how can you any of you just leave them like that?

    i cannot, i do not have it in me to simple turn away and not stop to take their hand, and i learn the most valuable lesson of God, i learn the gratitude so 100% pure in feeling they are that i do, of constant flowing holy sacred blessed in feeling like they just always do too, as though i am sent by God they say?

    well, nothing makes me cry like some of the things they say……who am i for any of them to worship, my God, how can this be, so many of us that don’t care for ones so loving, praying night and day, for us to be as loving as they always just are?

    forgive them God, for they know not what they do…… so many i feel only love with like we constantly just do………..and R!

    forever more


    save just one, and you save two at the same time

    i will let you figure out who, when you so easily lovingly just do………as i do

    blessings to you all

    and please, just be your self…….your real self that i know…….the same way God always knows how you feel, at all times, God is there


  69. Maybe just start by saving two, then tomorrow a million more and the day after another million more and don’t stop till the last soul if fact it would be ones greatest honor …
    They make me laugh cry & smile
    God says hi…

  70. & when exactly did we take this to the Next LEVEL ?

    I can play the Truth game better , i’m a pro..

    ok BRING IT ON 🙂

    everyone is listening @

  71. Truth or Dare Madonna !

    go on…

    I dare you to !

    shut up andy, that was personal

  72. fuck it .

    i surrender…

    may as well, i’ll never win 🙂

  73. what the fuck are you talking about Truth or Dare?

    i say Dare here to get married to one of us true loving transgendered ONEs and let the world SEE just how fucking happy we R, more so than any of the lame ass wanna be whatever mr. never, get the fuck away from with that thing, i don’t think so honey!!!!!!


    snap! snap!

    and well, hear is the thing…….MARCO…….are you listening this time?……..we already know who the happiest mirroring ONE of us ALL already just R!

    and what pisses ‘me’ off………..IS she knows this truth, not just watching and observing, no, purely, truly, the vulnerable real self feeling, surrendered to only love…….at all times.

    and if you think she does not know this exceedingly WELL……..guess again, you don’t know her, just like you don’t know ‘me’……..although i feel you have a brighter sense of ‘me’, yes?

    and is not the pure true constant flawless flowing forever graceful feeling of you the truth of who you just always are, wanting to fuck my ass every day? uhm?

    well ok, let me fuck yours then, no problem!!!!!!!

    oh right, making sweet love, yes, of course………but when i am about to cum, you sure as fuck better not slow the fuck down, and God forbids you fucking stop!!!!!!!

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkk…….i hate it when they do that, it’s like, what the fuck, are they not paying attention to what is happening to my eyes rolling into the back of my head? Like what the fuck am i to them anyway, i don’t think they even know who they are fucking half the time…….ha

    argh……actually they don’t………that’s it, i so am going to get with a versatile, we are the only ones who know, the rest of you are fucking clueless, YES YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!


    and if anyone knows this Marco, guess who?

    that’s right……….MADONNA

    she knows everything ok?

    she just does not know how long us two clowns are going to keep chilling here at heaven’s gate, watching the morons all wonder bi……..well, maybe you tell, she already knows i feel the same way she does……..the story does not end, it’s forever, and you don’t have a choice really, some think they do, butt not really, truth is truth, truth of us all, some are just lost more than we are, that’s all, hence……the sacred mirror…….

    you know, walk walk walk, stop, mirror, mirror, mirror, walk walk walk, stop, mirror, mirror, mirror, smile

    here, let me show you……would you please take your hand of my ass? ok thanks


  74. point taken…

    God i was just asking …

  75. im serious it was really well put and so truthful…

    mind repeating all that again in front of the mirror …
    so it is reflected in the sacred mirror….

    maybe edit the ending out and redo it, something a little more exciting perhaps liven it up a bit,

  76. my contribution

  77. love it!

    thank you

    ya, i love the females…… the female i am…..we R

    much more alike than most even care to realize…..the eternal TRUTH

    like how Mary did not leave the cross with Jesus the during the entire ordeal, always she was there weeping beneath him, in constant oneness eternal constant love FEELING between them, HEAVEN, all the while of the constant pure discerning of the truth about the ego blind fools laughing in mad laughter, scoffing as they came to the cross……

    like so many of you yet do

    not as Jesus and Mary do so many of you not do

    not as truthful constant pure flowing flawless healing oneness love do so many of you not “do as i do”, asks Jesus

    one need not EVER ask why, always there is so much unnecessary weeping that you all are cause for

    KNOW the truth, at all times, everywhere, always IS the truth, of every soul that comes before the cross, of Jesus and Mary always of their oneness eternal union love

    ‘that’ is what the kingdom of heaven is, only love, wisely, purely, truly so…… all times, 100%, where if even of 1% doubt, you cannot enter, distracted by whatever falsehood annoying other who blindly continue this mad flood generational disconnect of blind leading the blind………..TO NO WHERE BUT MORE WEEPING!!!!!!!!!

    argh……my surmon for the day………the eternal day that IS!

    bless you all

  78. except for those that woke up this morning in their lovers embrace,,, I doubt they were weeping…

  79. well, im working on it, ok?

    im battling Aids, slowly i am coming out of it, quit the smoking, so hard on the system smoking is

    i gain back ten pounds in three weeks since quit smoking, so ya, smoking and Aids = death

  80. ya, lover’s embrace, heaven

    surrender to following your subtle flawless feeling heart say

    all you need is a pair of jeans, no underwear, a denim jacket, white t-shirt if you want, alot sexier without, some leather boots, oh, and a job to pay the bills

    but mostly, find your passion, be your passion, night and day, turn of the fantasy bullshit of other people on tv and film, and BE the lover you are!

    and well, that is all i ever was, or wanted to be

    simple, i love my oneness sex

  81. exceeding holy joyful absolute carefree happiness constantly flowing, hand in hand, healthy heart, mind, body, spirit and soul of oneness connection with the eternal all of the mirroring oneness light so beautifully naturally bright that emanates constant pure connectedness at all times where ever you are, more and more this light continues on, as evident of the past

    well, i am unceasing prayer of ‘that’ of full surrender to just be my self, regardless of what anyone ever has to say, as if i ever care at all about the morons and all their taboo whatever, as if my lover is ever troubled at all by any of the opposite that we just passionately so easily R

  82. You take my hand
    And you hold my heart
    You stand by me
    And I can touch the stars
    I can see eternity
    In your eyes
    Now we’re looking
    For a tune forever
    And as long as
    We can go together
    We can get there
    We can fly
    There’s no dream
    Too far away, there’s
    No hope to high
    If we follow the feelings
    That answers our prayers
    And this love of destiny
    As long as we believe
    We can get there

    There’s no mistake
    That we met like this
    We sealed our fate
    With our first kiss
    Let the light in our hearts
    Lead the way
    To the paradise
    We discovered
    Holding on to each other

    We can get there
    We can fly
    There’s no dream
    Too far away, there’s
    No hope too high
    If we follow the feelings
    That answers our prayers
    And this love of destiny
    As long as we believe
    We can get there

    (I know, oh,
    Baby, baby)
    Now we’re looking
    For a tune forever
    And as long as
    We can go together
    To the paradise
    We discovered
    Holding on to each other

    We can get there
    We can fly
    (Oh) There’s no dream
    Too far away, there’s
    No hope to high
    If we follow the feelings
    That answers our prayers

    Gave me something
    To believe
    You and I were meant to be
    Come inside my heart
    You’ll see
    That’s the place
    That we’d be free
    In this love of destiny
    Darling you and me
    We can get there

  83. we can get there……i don’t know Marco, it is snowing like crazy out there, i don’t think i am up to going to the post office today with these parcels, can you please take care of that for me, ok thanks

    argh…..where can i find a man when i need one?


  84. making better love?

    oh really, well i just have to see that film then, now don’t i?


    yes WE shall SEE! 😉

  85. a person could die around here and no one would notice

    life goes on……we were what we were, traces that do continue on, merely as ‘that’ of our wise nurturing grace we were, we are

    forever more

    bless you all

    nothing lasts forever

    so does happiness, one merely believe in one’s own oneness pure true flawless feeling self, self of another, that’s what the kingdom of heaven constantly just is………YOU!

    just be your self!


  86. now if i could just find one who can last at least five minutes, that would be nice


  87. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!



  88. omg!

    misunderstandings and miscommunications can really make for a bad day…….at least we arrive in awareness of what the misunderstanding of lacking communications was……….argh…….

    and well, a day without love is like a without sunshine, but always the sun is shining, where a little rain really does help us grow and see deeper inside to the truth of how much you love you actually just are

    omg, i will slow down next time before jumping to fools heart conclusions without knowing all the truth

    what’s that old saying, open mouth insert foot…..well for me it was open mouth insert both feet today! ha

    hey, thanks for this amazing song! really resonates with my motivation empowerment we all need some days…….especially when someone’s cell phone is to far OUT OF RANGE! ahahhahaaaa

    well now, carry on then……… 😉

  89. you like the rainbow glitter? Magical, yes? :mrgreen:

    highly spiritual as you walk by it with the dancing rainbow star light that feels so right!

    first editions are now cuming OUT! 😉

  90. she’s not me, she don’t have my name,

    she’;ll never have what I have… ha ha

    anywzz ….so are you high maintenance ?

    do I need to work two jobs, I don’t mind but i’ll get to spend less time with you,

    unconditional well done…

    even if you had to get someone wlse to do it for you…

    it was very moving

  91. Viva La Vida lyrics
    Songwriters: Berryman, Guy Rupert; Buckland, Jonathan Mark; Champion, Will; Martin, Christopher A J;

    I used to rule the world
    Seas would rise when I gave the word
    Now in the morning I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own

    I used to roll the dice
    Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
    Listen as the crowd would sing
    “Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!”

    One minute I held the key
    Next the walls were closed on me
    And I discovered that my castles stand
    Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

    I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
    Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror, my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field

    For some reason I can’t explain
    Once you go there was never
    Never an honest word
    And that was when I ruled the world

    It was the wicked and wild wind
    Blew down the doors to let me in
    [ From : ]
    Shattered windows and the sound of drums
    People couldn’t believe what I’d become

    Revolutionaries wait
    For my head on a silver plate
    Just a puppet on a lonely string
    Oh who would ever want to be king?

    I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
    Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror, my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field

    For some reason I can’t explain
    I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
    Never an honest word
    But that was when I ruled the world

    I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
    Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror, my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field

    For some reason I can’t explain
    I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
    Never an honest word
    But that was when I ruled the world

  92. you can see why I love this



    that’s good to know 🙂

  93. well, i find most anything merely an amusement in what are these meandering streams of conscious scattered fractured incomplete thoughts, a void mostly to me, not of big picture macro thinking awareness comprehension of the eternal all past present future one generation bound together, ever evolving out of darkness, all the while growing towards what is yet our one and same pure flawless state of the celled body, no different today than it was in the begging really, maybe a few tweaks, adaptations, without the tail………you know, it is so remarkable the eternal DNA programing, how it works 100% purely within the constant laws of physics, exactly the same laws of physics in the beginning, not different to day, while you may ask why say that, well, i think we are evolving back to our original pure state of being atonement as was of the early beginning, and that everything really is just the celled body amusing it’s self in mostly subconsciously coming more fully into what the atonement already is for all of us while in the womb, not far from the early beginning at all, as much as we haphazardly think, no, the pure physics realm core of our being experience that all life comes forth from, the pure realm of the celled body that really is not different in the past than it is today, of the laws of physics that we know is no different then than now.

    the obvious truth most alarming we need take note of, is just how absurdly disharmonious we are with one another, completely against the innate core of our being harmoniousness atonement as the celled flawless body we are…..oh whatever, ok, not flawless, not perfect, some have this or that…….where what makes sense to me, is that when of the pure inner peaceful atonement we all experience while falling asleep, stress free calm pure physical emotional healing takes place from what is the bombardment of all physical mental emotional stressors

    for me, i realize i invite less and less individuals of absurd nescience near to me, who are of these falsehood ego maniac whatevers, and not of the more calm pure graceful nature like that of most monks, more pleasant more often than not, unlike that of ……….well, you all are what that is, perplexing how some feel this is what greater self-esteem is, when it is not really, stress kills us at younger ages, induces cancer and heart related illnesses, 50% cause for i last heard

    i don’t think any of us give value to the pure realm of atonement we all just are as the celled body pure realm we all came forth from, amazingly, an eternal reproduction of our own self again and again, even of the thoughtful words we leave behind for everyone there in the future, they become who we were, well ok, maybe not exactly the same, but mostly we are, we all cry during those touching moments, we all feel the way we feel, the same, just at different times, different levels of intensity, some not at all, some are really cold motherfuckers, yes?

    lmao 😉

  94. did you play Enya while you wrote that

  95. or Enigma is good too

    a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation: His disappearance is an enigma that has given rise to much speculation.
    a person of puzzling or contradictory character: To me he has always been an enigma, one minute completely insensitive, the next moved to tears.
    a saying, question, picture, etc., containing a hidden meaning; riddle.

  96. beautiful the feeling to just be your self, of holy joyful absolute carefree pure true inner happiness that merely IS that of our oneness atonement constant in feeling as the harmonious celled body we just are, without all the absurd useless falsehood duality teachings, where one does realize the absolute truth awareness so obviously easy to our flawless awake higher subtle intellect feeling know, as did Jesus speak wisely for sake of us knowing the truth that we just are…….truly absurd nescience away from our calm pure graceful flawless feeling true nature……the intuitive feeling child of God all are born as and yet are within us all.

    Awaken thy self, and you awaken(mirror) all, yes?

    Jesus not only constantly knew, he constantly just was his pure intuitive flawless feeling inner child self he willingly chose not to become unfamiliarly separated from; falsehoods


    took me back to my childhood years of joyful hours, weeks at play at the local beach, reminding me all i ever want is to just be who i always was in feeling………i am

  97. without inner tormenting duality, with a best friend of course 😉

    did you feel that?

    i felt that, so beautifully

    i always want to just BE ‘that’ oneness of only love the dolphins just are

    i always connected with the soul of other creatures who sensed my own subtle pure constant feeling soul as IS their own, always wanted to meet the dolphins

    i understand why Rosie loves the dolphins so much, because the connection is constant of the dolphin, that i always thought maybe the dolphin knows more about us than we do the dolphin, in all our absurdness, like a pet knows us too

    ~ what connects all living matter, is the inescapable fact all life is the pure flawless constant ONEness laws of physics, exactly that of our delusional absurd useless distracting away from our own true nature self generational mad flood drowning deathful destructive oppressive thinking of the forefather ignorance so binding like it obviously just IS

    the stupidness of war…..IS……rantings of an ignorant child tantrum so blindly stupid in not knowing they are 100% snared by the forefather mind trap snares, are they not?

    we can awaken them to this truth easily in first becoming the oneness atonement within all, of those along the sidelines we know are bound their in foolish false binding forefather retoric, compassion of Christ to free their true nature self so timid, submerged, afraid, barely there…..until it is too late, of the sunshine day they lay upon the ground about to die, grasping at as to what was their entire path to the false moment they foolishly arrived at, now dying…….

    can this mad flood be held back?

    already the truth of the mad flood is holding us all back, away from each other, falsely

  98. and my soul opened wide, as though for the first time, as i realized i feel the same as i always just did, the sand so warm under my feet, the soothing of the waves, i turned to see who was there with ‘me’ and it was YOU! :mrgreen:

    thank you

    Happiness really is the journey, not the destination, where the destination always is YOU!

  99. LOL…

  100. beautiful, I walked on the sand backwards,

    so I could see my footprints in the sand

    from where I once came to the awaken self ME no longer without inner dual toucher …

    except tomorrow i’ll be in the hospital, I fell off a ladder and smashed my elbow ….

  101. オーストラリアで15日、腹ばいになって写真を撮る「腹ばい遊び」の最中に男性が転落し、死亡した。 ブリスベーンで15日

  102. oh look

    God just gave me the invite list ….

    aparently Heaven is having a PARTY

    & guess who’a on the TOP of the invite list ?

    Demi Moore…

    cause she’s connected & she is the best


  103. bah…..who cares?

    pfffffff……as if i will ever feel unimportant for not being invited, would not want to go if i was…….


    im not jaded……i really just don’t like overly hyped adrenaline junkie environments

    everyone is brothers and sisters…..and if anyone wants us to know this truth the most, it is those of the deluded hype driven hollywood scene’s who’s who list, of no one greater in spirit than IS the constant eternal flowing oneness equality as and with the eternal all YOU!

  104. Lol… You are… And heaven is not full of adrenalin junkies, omg talk about transference …. pansy of paradise..

    Anywaz on a lighter note this is very funny

  105. Your invited…

    You can sit next to god….

    No sorry I’m already sitting next to god..

    You’ll have to sit on my lap…

  106. I know it’s all fake illusions.. Shallow empty spiritual voids, but I liked a comment she tweeted about 911. So I thought it’s was sweet.. Never met her but she seems spiritual

    how’s my jade..

    Can I call you jade from now on.. Better than babe.. Jade

  107. ahah

    in truth, when it comes to constant atonement of our real self, the only one we hurt in hurting another is our own self?

    falling from grace i think some call it….

    Jade is an awesome name!

    yooo Jade!!!…….you have like the nicest ass i have ever seen!!!! …..and those legs, my God!

  108. Wait till you see What else I got Jade…

  109. yesterday, i tried to explain to someone that the kingdom of heaven is a macro thinking divine self awareness wisdom halo of discerning protection for us to use while swimming in the perpetuated forefather mad flood deathful, destructive, oppressive environmental ignorance(darkness) all around us, where indeed darkness does serve the wisely cultivated helmsperson(divine child) who is constantly victorious over all useless absurd falsehood by means of discerning truth ability… they went on talking their lame rhetoric that was beginning to annoy me….lights are on, but no one’s home……so in realizing the one i was speaking with was asleep in ignorance, i raised my hands gracefully upward as the wind picked up, and defiantly uttered the holy truth words, “When i am speaking, i am speaking to the eternal all YOU!”

    still no response, completely oblivious, like nothing happened, wanting only to hear their own self speaking whatever whimsical rhetoric…..i was like, huh?

    ah well, perhaps their subconscious supercomputer brain will mull over the memory till their last day…..and well, as per usual of a cognitive asleep disconnected ego falsehood, not find one’s own self suppressed hostage that most don’t realize what i see when addressing the condition of one’s soul unattended to, plodding along aimlessly, sorta clown like, are they not?

    perhaps that is why Jesus took time to speak with the blind one, knowing their soul was not so caught up in the mesmerizing deluded destracting forefather mad flood, who right away recognized the harmonious oneness voice like his own, where it was the oneness awareness that is restoration of the soul, is it not?

    such IS the eternal oneness spirit of all the angels

    ok, show me… waiting…….

  110. You’ll see, when you see yourself in me..

  111. If your waiting, then I’m listening…hey no one listens to me much, occasionally they do but they don’t really listen to me they listen to what they think i am saying but they never really hear what I am saying, ego what their ego wants to hear..

    Oh but your listening, always did …

    That’s why I am hear..

    Here …

  112. mmm….the real self listens attentively, yes?

    by means of a pure true real self discerning feeling ability that is graceful, not graceless, like ego can be, so rude too, yes?

    i mean it was as though not one word was acknowledged by them, as though what i said was no great thing at all, and if asked to repeat it back well, they could not, because their will is of their own, not of God’s oneness will, such is the blindness of ego, more of an actor without direction, plodding along aimlessly, and yet, within all is the intuitive real self submerging/surfacing seeking oneness atonement as is of the core of everyone’s earliest memory, beyond the need of language to express, and merely just be the oneness harmonious blissful state of being, like how creatures of nature just are the natural intuitive oneness of living matter cells that we like to think we are superior over, and are not, although our brain capability is greater because of it’s size, it does not mean we are different from the natural harmonious state of being that all living matter life forms have in common, which we see with clarity this truth, with the dolphin and the cat at ease in playfulness, or how our pets can sense how we are feeling, where it is our pets who are more aware of how we are feeling than we are, of how creatures are just naturally their graceful delicate existence in pure true awareness of their surroundings, as we all continue on in our boring games of self entertainment stimulation overload of our sensory perception…….which is what any of us are actually doing in our supposed superior existence…..where we are rather absurd, than at ease of being our natural state, no longer of our natural habitat existence

    is anything anyone is doing of any great importance?

    we like to think so, in the scheme of our ego thinking self-importance, of what is this replacement migration out of our natural habitat existence, but not really, only as it relates to continuation importance of furthering this created economic landscape which is now seeing the truth about insatiable gross materialism obsession desire, of disconnecting apathetic natural occurring concern for one another, as was once before in our natural habitat, and unknowingly for many…..yet is the core of our million year BEing

    what is troubling, is that primal brain survival of the fittest may be main cause for it all

  113. and yet at the same time, we cannot rule out the subconscious seeking emotional honest safety oneness, that is also playing out in our communal living of the globalization across all race, religion, status, wealth, sex, orientation, language, power and lack thereof….where because of the pureness truth of our million year old natural harmonious state of the celled body, it is more likely the subconscious seeking oneness is what will be cause for the most change towards a greater and greater harmonious oneness existence of all of us globally, as the future unfolds, than will be of primal survival of the fittest, in surviving of us all as the most fit thing to do?

    bah……im so bored, can you tell?

  114. it is more our nature to take care of one another, as we do our own self, towards oneness seeking self of another, than is the falsehood separation of all egotism…..

    we see this play out when false dictators fall, of how freedom from a once controlled fearful environment is replaced with the more true harmonious loving nature of all, at ease of peace, as is seen in our freedom loving countries

    of course, the greatest prison of all is the mind, until such a time as we learn come fully into the divine self awareness truth of our true graceful nature, in easily breaking free of the forefather mad flood bitter useless absurd nescience mind traps that yet hold so many unknowingly captive

    welcome to compassion awareness of the eternal catharsis process of the eternal all YOU!

    the only battle worth devoting one’s self to, is the battle for freedom from the bitter poisonous mind traps that still hold so so many falsely captive by means of false heavy dark fearful lurking unwise hateful apathetic forefather falsehood egotism, which is cause for all death, all destruction, all oppression, past, present, future; eternal day awareness……the light

  115. Oh how could you possibly be bored Andy, Madonna is in Canada atm, & you have to admit she’s looking good, wearing many complementing outfits she must have put alot of thought into the clothes of late looking stunning… Very true what you said about animals they are very connected more than us silly humans so consumed by our ego, I wish I had lots of money today just for one day because I would give it all away to the children’s hospital, yup so they can by lots of books and presents for all the kids with cancer.”.

    Yup all those evil corrupt capitalistic money men out there playing their silly stealing games ripping of the venerable, do you think they give a damn about all the young kids in the cancer ward, suffering and in pain their childhood taken from them where they should be outside playing and growing.

    So today my prayers and love and energy goes out to them..

    My thoughts are with the sick children of the world..”

    I pray they get well soon, and I pray that more people in the world forget their selfish desires and think more about sharing in what ever capacity they can, with those that need it most.

  116. it is the biological nature of the cells of living matter, to share it’s supply of oxygen and nutrients, as well as protection from harmful invaders…..

    however, as relates to teaching and learning falsehoods, while the divine self may be of intuitive feelings, pure and true since conception, exactly that of the harmonious state of the cells of the body we come forth from, we are not born with ability to discern right from wrong intellectually, only intuitively of what is all discord that is not of our pure true graceful at ease nature.

    even if a person was told their high stress job will cause them cancer or heart disease later in life, they still don’t realize the gravity of such, until the day they are told… have cancer……as they look upon what was their life path that lead up to awareness of their mortality, which could and can be avoided, but only when they turn towards the will to do so, before, and after such a day of enlightenment which has already come

    while we may all just be visitors passing thru this eternal realm, our efforts of good will deeds can be felt by the eternal all yet to come, when we are of the will to change the future present, here in the present future, according to the past present existence, of whatever lacking was and yet IS of any of us.

    indeed, the kingdom of heaven revolves around our WILL to simply just be our constant compassionate wise loving oneness light, as with and with as the eternal all YOU!

  117. the lover self is the path to happiness, than any other self

  118. Hey Jade,

    I just got back from the spa. Omg I couldn’t get it up even after a Viagra it still would work haha thats never happened to me before, ohh well my manifestation… Well I have a friend coming after so I’ll have some company…

    I have to go earn some cash before it’s too late…. I’ll be a useless hooker today time to hang up my boots…

    I love you!!!

    My butterfly ….

    To hold & protect…

  119. When I put may hand on your breast don’t frack out..

    It is nessasary for me to channel the energy straight to your heart, when I heal you off all dis at ease….

    Also be extremely careful when having a bath, especially if you feel light headed as your prone to faint… & you cannot hurt yourself ok !!!

    I need you…

    I love you…

    No fake tranny padding for boobs … I want the real deal….

    I only do real……..

    Oh really,?.?.

    well we will see about that…..


    To love & behold….

    Your mum asked me to pass on a message… She said your a fat hag & that you just have to accept it .. & you will…

    She also told me you want to Kill me ….

    Now now … No need to resort to murder, you can control me if you want

  120. I think she meant fag hag not fat hag…

    oh and something about hot pink….

    Green doesn’t suit you…..

    Never did , never will again

    But Pink is hot…..

    Hot hot hot….


  121. arghhhh……is everyone a drug addict and/or alcoholic?

    i am going international, may as well start now, why wait for the inevitable?

    i believe i am 100% transgendered oneness of both sexes, or more accurately, simply just the enjoyment of my sexual perception, which i think is the same for both females and males, where it is sexism that is has been and yet is cause for females and males seeing each other as though different, when in truth, we are not at all different in sexual feeling of our brain sex activity response to stimuli

    just like innate paternal instincts exist in the brain, so too is innate sexual behavior instinctive as well, where it is society’s stigmatizing useless fearing suppressing of awareness of one’s own self internally, that manifests as external transference in keeping others from opening the door to our natural occurring other sexual behavior

    what is perplexing is that if you supposed heteros love the opposite sex so much like you feel you do, then how is it you cannot love the other sexual behavior of your own beautiful self?

    why is it so bad to love the female sexual behavior of your lover…….self?

    i am the oneness of both, and of any of you who despise me, then it means you despise not only the other sex of your own self, you despise your other sex lover too……as the scary closet freakers so many of you are……afraid….not of me, of your denial subconscious surfacing/suppressing awareness…..

    i really believe we are all of innate sexual behavior of both sexes, or more maturely, of what you all love………the ONEness of the same heavenly sexual feeling brain sex activity that IS EXACTLY THE SAME!


  122. go do whatever you want with YOUR LIFE that i pray leads to self-actualization lover happiness pure and constantly true…

    i am going to go ride this wave with those of at ease oneness activist spirit as my own and just let who ever discover the oneness of spirit with me or without me, i don’t care, i want someone constantly purely and truly…….POSITIVE!

    and one last quick note……..we all eventually die!

    im done with the faker ass all you……….ok?

    ok thanks

  123. & now is not a good time to say those things to me, anyway you didn’t mean it..

    I just quit my job… I just did my last job….

    And I’m venerable right now… I cannot hurt myself anymore I cannot prostitute myself anymore…

    I have made a decision.

    don’t ABANDON me now…

    Think very very carefully about what you just said to me…

    Think very carefully about those words you made about me saying faker ass…

    I know you didn’t mean it because I know you love me, and you would not love me if you doubted me…. And I would not love you if you did not love me too..

    Stop doing this to yourself… Deal with whatever you need to accept .

    Do it now … Because I am..& I expect you to keep up with me..


    I’ll be back soon, I’m going to buy some drugs…

    Your hurting me, seeing you do this to yourself…

    and if you bring up the positive thing again, don’t be surprised if I end up positive myself… you must take responsibility for what this is doing to me..

    Oh & your forgiven.. even though you didn’t really mean it, you only said those words because that’s all you have left as an excuse to run….. And your excuses have all but run dry..

    Turn around I’m standing next to you…

    I’ll be back soon…

    oh & I’d appreciate if you didn’t transfer your own guilt about drugs, onto me… and the alcohol thing is wearing pretty thin also … Might have worked as a great excuse for others but that’s one thing you’ll never get away with on me..

    Thorn in your side, try twin soul

    Really who do you think your kidding..

    I don’t make mistakes, I picked you for a reason…

  124. I have to also consider, your perspective & if you said that then your obviously feeling it, & if your feeling it then there must be a valid reason for it, which means I need to be open to the possibility that it’s true & if it’s true then I am lying to myself or not acknowledging my true intent.

    & as such I am hurting you as well as myself, and I don’t want to hurt either of us so maybe I was out of line or out of mind in saying it..

    Now how to repair the damage and hurt I have created is something I need time to get clarity about……

    I am totally confused…

    because I am not hetro I am bi so what you are saying is I cannot connect with my feminine self when infect I am more than most hetro so anywz I think we are on a totally different frequency ….

    Or you have me confused with someone else….

    And I think I have you confused with someone else also…

    So you go your way, I go mine…. & a valuable lesson learned..

    One we were taught as children, never talk to strangers as it could lead to negative consequences…

    and it is just a blog after all a safe medium to vent and ramble and share insights and express sides of ones ego alter egos, it’s not the real world by any means and really forms a medium to express….

    But it is open to miscommunication…

    Misunderstandings and I should not return. I would be better served to write my own thoughts on paper and keep them to myself.

    It has been an interesting journey and I have learnt a lot especially from your at times very clear expression of the world today the problems and injustices confronting so many, you have answered many unanswered questions I had about the world, and I hope you have gained some what from me.

    Take care God bless and thank you.

  125. ok granted, perhaps i am overly toxic from (other) players……and well, it’s time for real life for me, i really cannot handle any more players…….EVER!

    why are people so bullying on the internet, it is a dumping ground for them to vent on any unsuspecting person without any remorse…

    i get toxic quickly….or should i say instantly with some people’s aimless pissing

  126. i don’t know who you are, other than a coward with fake names……imagine if you were me of how insincere it feels on the receiving end of a cowardice play

  127. as for prostitution, it is a horrible waste of time lie, in avoidance of unexplored possibilities towards a genuine, authentic, sincere pure and true health life of healthy vulnerable delicate sensitive and beautifully graceful real self you….

    i despise it, while so many glorify excuse themselves away as ok, when it’s not… Jesus says, “don’t do what you do not like doing.”

    there are alternative paths, no matter your place in life, as someone vulnerable, able to become less vulnerable, by means of standing up for truth of what you believe in, while among the ever lurking sexual predators of empty zeal, who are of potential danger to one’s mental, emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual well being……i mean think about it, how pathetic is one’s self-esteem to resort to manipulation lure plying someone with money, alcohol, drugs, and sexual addiction in order to falsely feel momentary loving feelings in these totally false acts?

    so sad to see social acceptance of these falsehoods among the vulnerable young, going along with their jackass pimps that i despise uttterly, cannot even bring myself to speak with such jackass control freakers, that i wish dead….

    and in truth, they are spiritually dead in their every manipulation word, are they not?

    all i can say, it is a good thing i am not allowed to own a gun….apparently the judges know me well?


    ok, maybe a vigilante ‘Dirty Harry’ i am not, at least not physically, but spiritually(mentally) sexually i am as adamantly against these trixters

    so who are you? uhm?

    you talk authentic and genuine, and well, i need substance of real life contact, and less of role playing spinning of wheels that goes nowhere in more wasting of my time revisiting bullshit mud i would rather forget i ever walked thru and did…….keep walking…..

    the only alternative to legalizing prostitution rape is castration…..personally, i applaud castration as the better alternative

    and no, i am not laughing, so if you are, then think again about these paths of hideous fear binding hate felt fate vs paths of beautiful fearless carefree joyful love destiny……a choice that not one can take away from anyone, even unto death, where when one sits with what suicide feels like in paying attention to our inner child, one can easily feel the vulnerable true awareness of just how afraid our inner child is of these jackass zombie like shitheads, in waiting for permission to finally run away from them………FOREVER!

    so what is this to you, mere role playing bantering back and forth self-exploration……which is all goodness…..but personally… bored with it all….with them all

  128. the holy sword of truth awaits any divine child to simply step forth fearlessly and realize that is cultivation of the pure wise loving compassionate truth discerning ability of one’s own self which is God’s mightiest weapon in God’s armory…….YOU!

    it is not be reason alone that atonement in pure true self-awareness is able to be known, is it?

    rather it is by means of intuitive feeling atonement with truth wisdom which becomes the shielding weapon unable to fail, of truth that cannot fail, and only you who fail to come fully into cultivation atonement awareness of this truth ~ wisdom ~ YOU! 😉

  129. Neutrality appreciation as our graceful true nature, without need of control egotism, of control in our own self, rather than others…find where you may be in this awareness, with this personal development coaching….

  130. an eye for an eye does indeed leave both blind to the perpetuation generational mad flood drowning ignorance all around us, so absurd like it yet is out there, so much lawlessness, so much corruption, so false the ego mind traps so numerous, so devoid of any willing awareness of oneness true nature or real self….

    walking away, keep on searching, looking forward to a happier life, keep on believing in myself, regardless of any who don’t, pass on by, keep the friendships, a true investment i am to my own self in the end, a better wiser compassionate loving equality world to leave behind for my own kids one day, i pray, for all, to find their feet, happy in love, the only true value of life, kingdom of heaven; loving feelings

  131. such a beautiful shining gem of a soul in the collective who came forth recently, the belief of one’s heart so radiant as though to burst eternally, no matter the spurs, the ever constant seeking validation that needs no validation now, in her moment of awakening surrounded with what she just is and always was, the will to BE her true shining heart……wow, how could she ever doubt herself even for a moment…well, proof positive evidence of how spurs of the knock me down control freaker bullies cannot ever make us stop believing that pure FEELING spark within all….

    may the X factor collective continue!

    Stacy Francis

  132. seems i still have a need for passive aggressive waste of time interactions, forgetting my calling to assertive direction….the wise child cultivation changing in shedding old self cycle pattern spin behavior, to make room for divine pure true constant feeling divine real self; forgetfulness foe is indeed our greatest stumbling block foe!

    remain loyal to your own pure meditative monk study of inner sanctuary constant feeling graceful loving peace, especially in times of chaos upheaval around us, of just how others have arrived unwisely at their moment in time, of all in the mad flood drowning forefather perpetuated ignorance handed forward again and again, like it yet is, the truth, as it yet was when Jesus entered into this realm, eternally changing the world, in ways we are yet learning in higher subtle intellect awareness, the generational catharsis process collective, are we not?

  133. argh…….exiting and re-entering into the world collective conscious is always so frigin hard on my system, the toxic submissive feelings from the need to control ones, aimlessly plodding along, oh hi, can i mentally beat on you for abit, ya sure, why not, so random some are, so stuck and unaware, the compassion, who am i, who are they, do they see what i see, cause they sure feel it…..all……..words hit like a fist

  134. in truth, bullies hate themselves, in what is all their self-loathing of homoerotic natural occurring feelings they attempt to suppress that we all see manifest as attempting inappropriate social privilege abuse suppressing attacks on others; bullying

  135. do you see/feel the truth that this eternal place really is a kingdom of constant harmonious flow loving heaven for your divine pure true real self?

    just as i am, so too are eternal all YOU!

    why be afraid of your graceful constant feeling vulnerable intuitively afraid self of falsehood egos, in your inherited kingdom of heaven all around you, meant for eternal all you to share as equals, harmoniously, as is the true nature of all nature oneness graceful feeling, so beautiful the ‘real’ sensitivity, just as you, is it not?

  136. Melanie Amaro

  137. ah ha!……common sense nature……duh!

    bisexual squid found….

    Topping off an already fantastic month in which researchers reported that male bisexuality does indeed exist, new reports from the deep say the orientation is a bit more widespread. According to Gawker, a whole species of squid Octopoteuthis deletron (a five-and-a-half-inch deep-sea squid that lives a solitary life up to half a mile down in the dark waters of the Pacific Ocean) is ostensibly bisexual.

    Gawker quotes researcher Hendrik J.T. Hoving saying, “Male squid, for example, pay no attention to the sex of other squid. Understandably so. They live alone in the dark, males and females are hard to tell apart, and only occasionally do squids pass in the night. Far better to risk wasting a few million sperm than to miss out on a chance to reproduce.”

    While researchers argue the sexual orientation of the squid is nothing like human behavior, the news, reported in Hoving’s paper, “A Shot in the Dark: Same-Sex Sexual Behavior in a Deep-Sea Squid,” no doubt has many fans of same-sex animal couplings positively giddy.

  138. the issue of sexual orientation is that our orientation is sexual orgasmic oneness sameness pleasure, not different for male or female, and that is our missing link shortsightedness, of not questioning the pure true nature of a living species, of our minds caught up in the forefather perpetuated distracting annoying ego maniac battling, for sake of something to do, mere amusement, rather than soled pure insightful ever expanding seeking comprehension like some are doing, and that for me, is where i put my faith, my belief system, of TRUTH as nature just is and has been for millions of years past, the same eternally…………i am

  139. and sadly, Jesus was a fucked up closet case!

    more Muslim than Christian i feel, as evident of his (supposed) lame ass words on sexuality….

    im sorry Jesus, but it is i who knows you better than you cared to ever TRUTHFULLY admit to us all

    i will always love you, you know that without doubt, but you never overcame your fucked up shit, ok? YOU WERE SEXUALLY FUCKED UP JESUS!, exactly the same as so many i see all the time, all this fucking sex is a sin bullshit stigmatization, oh God forbids you love your true fucking nature, like fuck off, all of you, im so over this anal retentive fucked up spiritually murderous cowardice low self-love esteeming bulling world!

    it is the fool who hurts……….only themselves!

    it’s too bad i did not walk with you Jesus, i would of giving you what you were too afraid to ask, the best lover one could ever possible have, night and day, none stop motherfucking holy joyful happiness, that not one of these anal retentive ones you unfortunately aligned your lame lying ass with in order to feel safe, all your fucked group mentality? honestly?……….i would rather be dead than ever be as boring as they all are!

    fuck that

    it is time you catch up with me, like the way you always look in my eyes, waiting for me to ask you what you always ALWAYS wanted to hear the entire time i walked with you for how long now? for me to ask you to marry you? To be what i am born to be, happy? How the fuck can we ever be happy around them, i mean look at them standing there, look!, are they happy? Are you happy? no you are not! And it is time i leave all your sorry asses behind and go be what we know is most sacred, the holy joyful absolute carefree motherfucking happiness of what you and me always secretly dreamed about, and jerked off to about, night and fucked up day!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck that!

    you can keep that ok?

    you are boring ass dead to me, same as you ever were, still the fucking same!

    and you know what gets me, is that so many of us are like me, we see thru all your sad unhappy false ass living like you all yet do….

    anyway…….you know where to find ‘me’

    same as we ever were, only i am going to go be open to the world of what was that secret lover fantasy fucked up shit imagination jerk off place so alone and so crying all the fucking time, too afraid to be my lover?

    well fuck off already ok?

    im tired of waiting on any of you

    lame lame lame fucking fucked up lame


    don’t ask me to repeat it, just realize you are the truth you feel, as i go do what i know is the right thing to do………BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

    EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!!!!


    good fucking bye biyatches


    rant 😉

  140. Well I was going to say something nice , until I read your rant

    Omg, I must be seriously condemned to realize at this moment that I am not upset by your uhm… less than nice words, but mostly true with a twist of mad rant not really meaning the words you say…

    I’m not Muslim I’m not Christian I’m not anything ….

    I’m spiritual, well I trying to be & your huge ego is not helping me much…

    Anywaz.. I’m leaving my ego in the closet , with yours ..

    Meet me in the closet … Tomorrow night …

    We can have an ego closet party..



  141. oh, you know i only jest with my pent up venting frustration, with a splash of insight mirroring meant for the afraid closet ones, i mean my god, who knows this better than me, did you know i kept my secret of homoerotic feelings and masturbation that started at puberty, till the age of 29?…….did not speak to anyone until then, when it call came flooding back in how i ………just am who i love being now

    perhaps the emotionally intense angst will resonate enough with those of the fear this angst stems from well, and well, mission accomplished

    as for the rant contest, pffffffff, you know i will always win! 😉

    made ya laugh…………your ass off again!!!!!!!!!!!

    like we love to do, some just don’t get us, in how to just be the intense real self we are, especially intense the oneness pure true loving feelings, like how being under the same moon tranquility feeling of praying they too feel as we do, is always just there for us, such a magical place this is, yes? 😉

    all i have to say, is how could i not love someone so much like ‘me’?

    i only ever wanted to make you smile and feel………loved

    as one who is yet in this world with you

  142. uhm….which closet?

    truth is, when it comes to my natural pure true bisexality, as both a female and male, my greater fearful closet is now the heterosexual closet, isn’t that amazing, how that really is for me, wow?

    i went fully from an afraid homosexual closet male to female, and now i am mostly afraid to be the female lesbian, in being still closeted, well….until now, i just said it, so now i am out

    do you mind if i grow breasts and hips, no to sex change, no way, love my ‘real’ penis, and who needs two vagina’s, that’s just greedy, and what about the female of you? uhm? Ain’t no way i can be with you without my penis, just like there ain’t no way you can be without a penis for ‘me’…… do have a penis, yes?

    hey, does the female of the lesbian actually feel the bodily part of an imagination penis, like i feel the bodily part of my imagination vagina?


    why are people so afraid to talk intimately of their beautiful other sex?

    what sex did you say you were again?

    hmmm….the bisexual closet, what a fun place, i love it!

    did you know lesbians i always just more naturally felt a oneness sameness as, in an understanding lesbian way? isn’t that weird?

    like how the male lesbian and i chatter endlessly, and how the female lesbian and i chatter endlessly about penis shape of their boyfriend’s……sex toys

    you see, i am truly a proud lesbian, cause i have a real penis

    im attracked to ladyboys, cause i am one, and for sure, only can be with a versatile

    well, can only be with someone i am in love with…..and for sure they have to be in love with me, the magic

    sadly…….i said goodbye to miko

    he is not in love with me, too busy distracted by others i guess

    im officially done with internet relationships, like i say to him, real life always wins…… i crossed this awareness sometime ago, just took me longer to follow thru

    im so sad right now, in a good ‘real’ way…….i really was(am still) in love with him……this will be awhile for me……i will always love him, no matter what… more crying alone and praying for him, in a positive social environment, i won’t worry so much now, his first class today, God blesses you Miko

  143. I have a donkey yes but I ain’t riding it into town….

    It’s 2012, already, I’ll call a taxi …

    What was that you said about lesbian transgenderr closet erotic masterbations I didn’t get it ….

    Or did I..?

  144. Who’s Milo ?

  145. i love Adele too

  146. Miko is a young happy versatile transgendered, no longer isolated alone like trans people often do, crying alone, praying daily, and well, i guess i am his trans mother best friend, wisely realizing the potential danger s/he was in, as i easily put him into a positive social disciplining environment for his self-esteem well being to be ensured……tired of all the funerals of so many who just disappear….

    love your brother/sister like the pupil of your eye….you have to wisely (feel) how another feels, with outward unselfish love towards them as an observer, rather than inward selfish love, if ever you want to know compassionate wise loving oneness ‘me’, of how Jesus always just choose to be, to a fault i suppose, did not ever find one who would surrender to him as much as he always wanted his entire short life cut short……..not sure why he surrendered yet, but i will say this, he fell into a pure true compassionate constant eternal flow feeling awareness that revolved around his every step in life, and well, who knows what threats they were talking about in finding Jesus, who i know found his most beloved nailed to crosses on beautiful mornings, such deep feelings pushed him to his knees so many times like any of us can easily know it does….and i guess the sadness was too much for him to continue on, likely had enough of this world so fucked up like it yet is, compelled to step into his last brave act, for sake of the next generation(s) eternal to maybe learn from the impactfulness of his final act that still resonates today….

    but there was something else maybe Jesus knew about the existence of a spirit realm, that i do want to believe exists, beyond anyone’s comprehension, a mystery of sorts that is said to be revealed by God alone only to those God chooses to make aware…..and well, it’s all just fascinating for me, like intuitive clairvoyance experiences, and the visitation of angels?

    perhaps all imagination on my part, a manifestation of my child self surfacing….

    omg……..some people are truly frightful for me in life out there, the drug lords and gang leaders, had nightmares last night, someone who came up behind me, and grabbed me, their hand over my mouth, so terrifying for me as i screamed myself awake…..

    people sense my pure loving grace that intimidates them, their own ugliness of whatever wretched evil doer ego mind trap these fuckheads just are……….EVIL

  147. enough is enough………it is time we bring charges against humanity against the Catholic church merchant of God they are, a cult!

    they are without doubt at all, cause for the perpetuation bullying mindset of all bullying against homosexuality, linked to all these bullied teens who are taking their own lives as a irrational way to escape their low self-love environments

    ‘negligence causing death’

    the Catholic church is fueling the bullies in this world!

    wake up everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    what constitutes crimes against humanity?

    oh, im sorry, i am not human to them, that’s right, i am some evil sinner

    guess again Pope of the merchant of God cult church!

    i look forward to your arrest!

  148. what do you all need to see, mass graves?

    ya well you all better take some gravol for the mass grave these murderous ones are cause for, where there is no difference between directness and indirectness, ok, THEY ARE DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    and you are to blame, not 99%, 100%, ok?

    what gets me, is they KNOW they are negligence causing death, they have wise people who tell them, so why are they exempt from being charged with negligence causing death? uhm?

    or hey, why not wait another lame ass fucking year to go by and look at the statistics again……IT IS INCREASING WITH OUR MOVEMENT EXPANSION PROPORTIONALLY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

    why is everyone so fucking lame???????????????

  149. New York Lawmaker Wants to Make Cyberbullying a Felony
    By Julie Bolcer


    New York state senator Jeffrey Klein plans to introduce a bill to increase penalties for online bullying following the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, who lived in the state.

    The New York Post reports that Klein, a Democratic who represents the Bronx and Westchester, will announce the bill on Monday. According to lawmakers’ public schedules, he will announce the bill in downtown Manhattan this afternoon with other members of the state senate’s Independent Democratic Conference, a breakaway conference.

    “He said his bill would expand second-degree manslaughter to include ‘bullycide,’ or death by cyberbullying, when the perpetrator ‘intentionally or recklessly causes the victim of such offense to commit suicide.’ It would be a Class C felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison,” reports the Post.

    “Klein’s bill would also update third-degree stalking to include cyberbullying, defined as using electronic communications likely to cause fear of harm or emotional distress in someone under 21. That’s a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year.”

    The 14-year-old Rodemeyer, who lived in Buffalo, took his own life last weekend after complaints of relentless bullying. His idol Lady Gaga paid tribute to him at a concert and vowed to meet with President Obama to address the problem of bullying.

  150. where is the mental health association statistics?

    they have to bring this into view with all legal arguments on bullying, at all levels, especially the lawmakers!

  151. hmmm….i will carve 14 year old gay youth face of JAMEY RODEMEYER into stone, for all eternity to know who he was and IS!

    the TRUTH!

  152. here comes the white stone collection, that uses a 16,000 psi density material that looks and feels like stone, harder than the stone i carve in, a really strange material when mixed, has a honey goo consistency, won’t be painted, as paint would lessen the soft subtle look and feel of what it appears as, a statue…..who would paint a statue, the paint just wears off, gets flaky, and we all know how horrible flaky is! ha

  153. thank you Gaga

  154. these early editions of ‘The White Stone Collection’ have been donated to an HIV/AIDS fund raising event

  155. do patients in a hospital have access to doctor administered only medications?

    no they do not!

    sadly, Michael died at the hands of an incompetent doctor, who left a Michael alone with a doctor administered only medication….

    can you believe that?

    if an ill child wines in wanting more medication, that you know is medicated, do you let them have it?

    for sure, he deserves to at least loose his doctor’s license, so incompetently taking care of transgendered Michael

    goodbye Michael

    God blessed us with you

  156. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  157. Candle light vigil for Jamey ♥

  158. see what i mean?…… ❤

  159. No I don’t see what you mean… But I’m sure you find a reason to justify < 2 ….

  160. watch it again, the mixed messages youth are receiving out there, from all these bullying merchants of God, that even Jesus warns us all about who they are, not of genuine authentic sincere pure true compassionate oneness wise loving of one another real life serious life threatening issues, where these kids get naively caught in the wretchedness of illness of heart demented forefather teachings so far removed from current day understandings, of what God warns, ‘lack’ is the greatest foe of all……..time and time again and again, this truth resonates for all of LGBTQ family worldwide, the rising up out of the valley of spiritual death, destructive, false oppressive ignorance, that turns a hateful apathic unwise blind eye to the truth of their own wretchedness that is DIRECTLY murdering young gay youth such as Jamey, left to fend for himself among the bullies that all these false merchants of God perpetuate into the eternal future, just as we are here, yet witnessing……..the TRUTH all around us that Jesus speaks about.

    i go alone to God, of complete surrendering in my inner sanctuary true grace nature, the only way to learn, without binding of the group mentality falsehood ego maniac control freakers yet blind to this truth.

    they are spiritual murders who sit on thrones of nescience

    it is not i or God who judge them, rather it is the TRUTH which judges, without doubt, without fail, unwavering, unyielding, absolute……TRUTH

    that they care not to embrace fully that they are indeed…….murderers

    the Pope……..and all his wretched evil minded minions

    if Jamey was your son…….you would KNOW the truth each day you wake without him there, of what has transpired……..the TRUTH

    care not for the truth, and one’s world falls in falsehood

    fortunately, the light of truth shines forth in revealing all unseen falsely hidden darkness, where darkeness unknowingly serves the wise compassionate loving divine child of God’s self, and this is why the spiritual war is already won, of the ignoramus one’s who do not comprehend the TRUTH, their hearts and minds yet snared in distraction of their dark bitter binding blind false egotisms, which are not divine self true nature, far from it.

    subtle higher intellect purity of intuitive divine flawless true feeling real child of God’s self……is who i know i am

    and in so knowing this without doubt, i know this to be true of all YOU!

    i cry tears for Jamey, wishing i could of reached him on time with my art work, of stories like his which compel me in even greater empowerment motivation to impact the eternal all yet to come, where without doubt, so too did Jesus experience such moments like we all have with Jamey, forever missed……who among us will make up for all the lack of his daily presence shining bright?……is all one needs to ask, of realizing indeed, our every blessed step, every blessed day, is holy sacred for safe passage of the eternal all yet to come, is it not?

    as Jesus already has said, what we look for has already come, but most do not desire to know fully, the truth i speak, for if they did, they would recoil sharply, humble upon their knees, begging God forgiveness, for all their foolish wretched spiritually murderous ways

    absurdity is not how they see themselves……yet

    and so, i will return to my devoted works, and just forget about teaching these fools who cannot hear, of no desire to hear one who is far wiser than they are, too self-absorb by their bitter cruel egotisms so deathful, so destructive, so oppressive, so false, so hateful, so ignorant, so apathetic, so without God, so without Jesus, so without Mary, so without ‘me’…… without Jamey ♥

    or so they all still think, that they can keep hiding from TRUTH

    not possible, of only the fool who thinks they can, who does not think at all

  161. i always felt too much focus in negative angst emotionally charged abreaction acting out is a kin to the emotional intensity charged feelings of suicide(acting out), where as veterans we need to encourage what is the greater happiness of graceful true nature oneness constant flowing at ease feeling loving tender mild gentle authentic self….

    as artist’s, it is our responsibility to others, in not getting too caught up ourselves in these unhealthy cycle pattern behavioral mirroring, in wisely breaking away from our need for acceptance, merely for sake of only acceptance, in whatever unhealthy (acting) way, like how we know the difference when in our greater at ease ordinary real life sensibility

    especially for sake of naive gay youth, who may not interpret entertainment as merely that, just entertainment, something to do, something to amuse ourselves, which may or may not come from a highly intellectual place considered to be healthy, where honestly, all this angst is just not how our at ease gentle calm mild lover state is, and rather, is bad energy reaction to negative output of others, that does escalate to dangerous levels when left unchecked

    watch you kids, don’t let them overly obsess about anything, break their cycle patterns, with healthy activities, staying active with your family adventure life

  162. You inspire me too -:) …

    (No more tears )

    Send me your email when you got a chance, so i can reply with a song Heaven is helping me write for you…

    God bless

  163. ….the male and female sexual stimulation feeling and orgasm, is identical

    The clitoris is homologous to the penis; that is, they both develop from the same embryonic structure……therefore, they are both wired to the brain the exact same way, and therefore, the exact same feeling to stimulation that leads to the same orgasmic feelings.

    where we are blind, is in our sight, in seeing females and males as different, when in truth, our sex organs are blind, where stimulation is stimulation, it feels 100% exactly the same for both, completely blind and without care really, to if we are female or male, in mere fulfillment of it’s bodily function that is indeed identical in both female and males, which has no sight, or need for sight, it’s only job, to transmit stimulation signals to the same area of the brain in both females and males…..

    we are a human being shell with nipples, before our sex is determined, where the same embryonic structure is used for either a female clitoris(which is far more complex than just visible surface) or a male penis

    we are not different

    this lends to our shortsightedness that is yet lacking comprehension as to why female and male sexual behavior thoughts are more likely more than just primal innate sexual behavior, in fact, it is the same, were transmitting of stimuli response of the sex organs is (blindly) exactly the same in feeling, no matter female penetration or male penetration, the penetration feeling feels exactly the same for both.

    how cool is that? uhm?

    still, i wish i were a female, i mean, physically with female clitoris, because they can have multiple orgasms, although, i did have nine orgasms in a row one time, having not had intercourse for over a year…..

    so from now on, i am not female and i am not male, i am God’s child sent to tell you all how blind and painfully ignorant that you all yet remain as you yet are……..foolish! ha 😀

  164. omg…..i just stepped into the future, leaving the entire human race since beginning, of it’s yet foolish thinking, or more accurately, not thinking at all, behind me, as though all are not as wise as i am

    wow! this is a cool feeling…..

    well, there you have it, all these labels are utterly foolish and absurd

    we are all human beings of the exact same orgasmic feelings, although i would like to mention that the happy gay lovers are likely having alot more sex than you dysfunctional status quo heterosexuals.

    ok, so the illusion of feeling as though we are female is false, when in truth, the female and male IS exactly the same in feeling, and so we are doing an injustice to future generations in teaching confusing messages to them that feeling female is different from feeling male, when both are 100% the exact same feeling, sexually.

    it is as though someone handed you all a badly written script, that as the over paid actors you all are, have to read


    HA!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  165. omg i won! i won! i finally won!

    check mate!

    you …….no wait, we all win, but we are all still such losers!


  166. it all makes sense to me now

    as for the anal sex imagination female feeling vagina, well, anal sex is highly pleasurable, an i always loved my own body, and so should anal retentive denial all you, who could be so much more fun to be around, and happier, if you all stop feeling so horrible in hating others that you think are different from the human shell body you inhabit, but for a brief time, talking shit about nothing at all nonsense, as though i enjoy it, always worried one day your other destructive self-harm turns on your own self like i see it often does, so so many without wise cultivation of their helmsperson self, so aimless, so haphazard, just go along with whatever fucktard group of haters, for sake of your own low self-love desperado sense of belonging to spiritual murderers you are, so blind, so apathetic, so unloving, so ignorant………well, i pray i enlighten the eternal all YOU!

    peace be to you all

  167. by the time most of the eternal all you read this……..i am already dead, so for the last time, please, all of you, fuck off!


  168. just contact me thru my art gallery blog……i moderate all user comments that (mostly) i do not publish, rather keep the gallery clean and free of user chatter, for a better viewing experience

  169. Imagine a world
    in which every
    single person on
    the planet is given
    free access to the
    sum of all human
    Already this world exists, but only thru our WILL to make it possible WILL this world BE as it IS…….well, i donated, and so should anyone who cares about equality for all, in bringing and end to these wretched walls of false low self-esteem manifesting inequality of the wealthy and the poor, my God, i can’t believe what i witness happening out there, all for sake of the bullshit status quo empty gold vessels full of nothing but arrogance!
    i pray Wikimedia remains eternally free from the clutches of the corporate fucktards!

  170. and yes, male sexual behavior does exist in the brain of female rabbits, according to my own observations of two female rabbits.

    therefore so too does this likely hold true for the human brain, of both female and male sexual behavior(such a simple body activity), primal, innately, instinctive, call it what you want, i personally will go with millions of years of evolution, before listening to any of you

  171. i don’t know why the government cannot just tell the people the truth, that the supposed economy recession recovery optimism, is all a cover up lie for the fact that none of the jobs that existed as support for the 20 tillion dollar over speculation realestate market, which is tied to all other markets, are gone, vanished, just like the fake ass price fixing game they all played of false prices are gone, in what is yet this adjustment to realistic reality life, left high and dry by the gambling addict thieves who still have a license to steal……..until when, till all the pension money and all their savings are gone too?

    left to the whims of the already wealthy gambling addicts, you can count on the entire economy disappearing one day

    it’s truly absurd, that the entire world is corporate owned and controlled…….by greedy slave masters that i think will get worse in the future…….

    the world needs innovation of new markets, because what we really are experiencing, is saturation, which is why the gambling vultures circle, they really have nothing better to do than price speculate with the playing bored pieces they have…….which really is all so pathetic how people and this world just is…….self-absorbed shallow low morale, if any at all….

  172. hey, did you know not only is the glans penis anatomically homologous to the clitoral glans of the female, also the skin of the sac that holds the testicles, is the exact same tissue as the lips of the female…….the embryo (labioscrotal) folds evolve into the scrotum in males, while they evolve into labia in females, which even looks the same as the male sac in appearance and feel.

  173. we are all the identical sexual feeling human being shell, which has parts of the one reproductive system, parts which have the exact same sensory perception signal to brain transmission that leads to orgasm, not different in feeling at all, and that concludes the foolish notion in society of all who yet think females and males feel different, not true!

    not even is there a distinction in sensory perception of male or female penetration, of only our sight and imagination which distinguishes if we are male or female, again, the arousal build up to orgasm is the same feeling

    as for the self-mutilation of one’s own genitals, brought on by the same said ignorant society, that wants to accept us as either male or female, when in truth, we are neither, and rather are the same sexual human shell, well, did they not mutilate us in Nazi prisons too?

    sadly, a trans person of the false misleading notion of being the other sexuality completely, end up being stigmatized not only by heterosexuals, but also by gays and lesbians to a large extent, which further deepens the individual into greater isolation, where upon, as many have verbalized, they cannot take it any more, make the leap to become exclusively the other sex, when versatile happiness is more likely possible, as one who loves both sexes of their lover, where my love of my female self of a male, is more like a lesbian love than gay, as my female self, happy as the male, or now the correct understanding, neither, we are just sexual function of the reproductive system, millions of years in flawless evolving objective to procreate by use of great feeling chemical release in our brain.

    well everyone, please try to talk your trans kids out of self-mutilation, and i just know i am going to get flak from all you shortsighted closed minded ones, where all i have to ask of those who are considering M-F sex change, i ask, “If you love being your female self so much, then how are you going to love the female self of your lover too, left unattended by shortsighted exclusive you? uhm?

    fine, go enjoy your sadly dysfunctional see how long it takes for me to kick your lame ass to the curb, thinking you can just ignore my ass bitch, i don’t think so, Get OUT!!!!!!!!!


  174. Holly shit wrong link

  175. ahahahahahaha

  176. The Market is closed 😦

    I need to get a Rabbit 🙂

    i’ll try the GreyHound …


  177. when we take our eyes off our petty selfish ways to embrace others, only then do we learn who we really are….only love

  178. a happy ending for my life, that saw my life and the lives of many, safely thru the valley of spiritual death all around us

  179. Actualising tendency is basically a positive force that is based on the premise of trust.

    People grow when conditions are favorable, trustworthy and respectful.

    If there is a blockage such as being deprived, growth will be stunted.

    Like most morons in the world.

    Epic fail..

  180. Other blockages, could be varied trust is a central one.

    Epic Fail…

    My motto is Trust no one.

    And love everyone.

    Except myself ..

    Random words of nothingness …

  181. ‎’Out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope’

    i say bring them fully into awareness as is your own, that does not esteem the falsehoods of corporate greed insatiable desire fire despair, as to who you just are in constant pure true loving lover feeling, knowing we are all the androgyny homology embryo of our earliest moments of being, and not all these leading astray betraying learned falsehoods that go against our true nature that this world does not nurture and protect, so unwise in all of it’s empty nothingness gold vessels overflowing with useless arrogance, do they not?

    forgive us God, of all our useless betrayal of the divine child self.

  182. the pig head bullies of low self-esteem are circling me again, looking to undermine my job again, looking to undermine my brothers in school……they will get a legal fight this time, all the way to the highest court in the land, that will drag their entire future thru their own cruel gutter of homosexual hate…..should they not pay heed to my warning today at a meeting.

    i will contact every alliance in the country if i have to….a class action law suit if needed

  183. you know, my entire life has always been this fucking homophobic shit i keep fucking walking thru, realizing if i feel this way, so do all of LGBTQ family, worldwide

    ya well, i am going to depict it all in stone, for all generations to come, of clarity feeling in knowing how it was for us all when i walked in this bullshit world, of every inconceivable birth of evilness in the hearts of any eye witness

    fuckers, i will set fire to this world for all eternity to know the truth of all your useless hateful murderous ways

  184. i am the eternal holy fire of truth that none of you shall escape, and you will come fully into recoiling utter despair of just how ugly you all are before i am returned to God

  185. deprived has great depths in feeling of different levels of one’s wealth, and yet the feeling is the same, no matter how absurd it may appear as, such as one’s feelings being hurt over not being able to afford the utterly absurd price of a $5,000 dollar pair of red soled shoes

    all the while another in poverty walks past a favorite food on a shelf they cannot afford to buy, yet living in their subsisting life of barely any hope despair

    and why?

    because of all you who are fixated in your own seemingly valid feelings of self-absorbed deprivation.

    oh well, winds of change that comes with the greatest tool for change, telecommunications, is occurring, at least in my heart it is

    i honestly have absolutely no use for any of the status quo

    it is all so childish to me

    i simply long to see smiling happiness in their faces, as is my own, in realizing the truth, they are all my brothers, my sisters, exactly the same in feeling as ‘i am’

    all are the same human embryo we all start out as

    what we encourage, motivate, empower, is entirely of the constant oneness natural occurring true nature harmonious will within the core of everyone, just as is where we all come forth from, and are within, behind all the fake ass falsehood i have grown weary from seeing all the time, the disconnect, submerging of divine real self, that i know is all a manifestation self-defense mechanism perpetuation end result of how the environment just is for anyone at any given moment of their life, as is yet of the eternal all you, across all time, no matter the year, the century, the millennial time, truth remains the same, eternally as is the past, the future that can only change right now, in this moment, of the divine child surfacing when?

    here in the eternal presence, ‘i am’

  186. forgive them God, for they do not (yet) know….

  187. always they are there, in constant despair, or at least that is what maybe we want to think of them?

    i ask, how is it they are so thankful and happy to have $11 dollars in their pocket to get thru the week, so grateful?

    i ask all of you, who’s heart is the better?

    yours or theirs?

    i am constant oneness feeling harmonious happiness, just as they are, a true and faithful wise loving compassionate brother for them to have, till my last breath, just walking as we all do each day, encouraging what heaven is, our feelings, beyond all the empty gold vessels so full of arrogance, knowing we could not ever be like that, so ugly, so not one of us, unity compassion, unity wisdom, unity love, unity of heaven sent

  188. it is true that the poor survive because of their true humble harmonious constant flow loving compassionate (intuitively wise) loving oneness nature of divine self, and so in that light, we need them, not the other way around.

    i will educate each one of them that i choose, some without fathers, some without accepting fathers, of their own child, to become the most confident loving leaders in this world one day, like they already naturally just are.

    truly, none of shall be remembered for our selfish arrogance, where i ask, who would ever want to exist as only that?

    of no life at all

    as is the no life at all that some of us take in our last breath here

    and where is exactly is here?

    the same place we are all born into, heaven and hell

  189. The ultimate measure of a person is not where one stands, in moments of comfort and convenience, but where one stands at times of Challenge and Controversy, at the beginning, where is the end of all challenge and controversy, in one’s heart, as we unite in moving away from all false self created hell

    thank you Dr. King 🙂

  190. IDAHO – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

    My Own Private. Idaho… God bless River Phoenix…

  191. My love’s still here and fiercely battling,
    Because my love comes through anything
    My love comes through anything
    My love comes through anything
    My love comes through anything

  192. Its good so many new emerging young Artists comming out these days.. Sending a message it’s ok to be who you are…

    I thing when I finish my studies next year I’ll specialize in youth drug & alcohol Counselling cause that’s the underlying reason kids do drugs to escape the bullying not as drastic as jumping off a bridge but non the less it’s still destructive… & they just need someone to listen to trust and someone to respect amd admire them for their uniqueness… I’ve been through it worse than you could imagine even from my own family & I could only escape it on the dance floor but I survived I collected my own strength & I want nothing more than being there for a beautiful sensitive soul and teaching them about self honour … & it’s ok to be you … To express your own uniqness…it’s the beauty of who you are… Fuck the morons the quitters the looser’s who spend their whole life wasting energy patronising others instead of being fucking productive… And making a contribution to the world … Fuckers …

    Don’t fuck with me fuckers …

    I know too much…

    & heaven is on my side…

  193. perhaps all is of God’s plan, of our every step, every meet and greet with any who come across our path, at all times, everywhere, are we able to learn discerning truth awareness as relates to our divine pure true tender mild sensitive delicate vulnerable subtle beautiful feeling real child of God’s self, in contrast with all the falsehoods so annoying as are any bully comments that are empty and devoid of good will towards another, seeking chaos thrill reflection of their low self-esteem controlling behavior of unsuspecting others, so long as they want to be that way, of insatiable inviting self-harm to their own unattended divine self, miserably bitter, are they not?

    kids need free education past grade 12, where they are not really equipped to deal with life’s mental emotional well being, as much as they may think they are, of statistics which reveal the truth, that they should stay in school till age 21, of a positive thinking feeling direction evironment that has long lasting residual confidence thru the remainder life, far better equipped self-esteem to deal with whatever life throws at them.

    they are just too vulnerable emotionally at age 18, no matter their intellect, where it takes years, decades, to internalize sufficient intellect observation validation mirroring awareness confidence, not something you can simply fix for another, albeit it fix,,, for another

  194. yeah! Benjie decide on fashion design as a career path, a natural love of a boy who grew up with his mom as a sewer in the Philippines, a fun place for him to explore fully his passion for fashion. yeah! yeah! yeah Benjie! 😉

  195. for me, helping make dreams come true is what i love most to do, where all are part of my dream come true, so happy and beautiful tender loving feeling we all so easily just are……..YOU!

  196. ya sure, i could be like everyone else in the business machine junk collecting hoarding, but what fullfillment is there in that?……..none, and empty vessel, an empty life of no starters, no dreamers, no beamers and screamers! ha :mrgreen:

    Extraordinary Wondrous Holy Joyful Absolute Carefree Happiness YOU!

  197. he’s my brother, and honestly, Benjie is not heavy at all, maybe 120 – 130lbs. aahahahaa 😀

    may his smiling spirit light up the entire world for all eternity!

    all is of God’s will

  198. no chance for an education?

    what does this say about all of apathetic us?

    ya sure we care, but how many are the devoted will of action care?

    obviously not enough

    and then we wonder why we still have war in Afghanistan, when these very same kids are offered better money from Taliban, still we are warring, because we invest our attention in fighting, rather than a leadership government supporting role for it’s people, i mean why bother at all going into a country so half assed an approach as this for how long now? uhm?

  199. a stale mate stand off, of wisdom vs ignorance, that’s what Afghanistan really yet is, and so long as we continue to align ourselves with ignorace, the stale mate stand off will continue to be exactly what it IS!


  200. omg, it’s Benjie’s future husband…..shhhhh……..don’t tell them about each other yet….ahahahahhaaa

  201. is this a world worth saving?

  202. what are we to learn from this child’s life treated as though nothing, when in truth it is we who are indeed empty nothingness?

    Editor’s note: Joachim I. Krueger is professor of psychology at Brown University who studies self-perception and social perception. He is the editor of Rationality and Social Responsibility.

    (CNN) — A security camera video of a toddler being run over twice on a street in China has swept across the Web in recent days and has drawn a chorus of horrified denunciations. How, we wonder, could so many passers-by have so callously ignored the girl’s plight?

    As humans, we are horrified when we learn that a person in distress is not helped, even when, as in this case, many potential helpers are present. Our horror increases if the person is victimized in a particularly vicious or careless way by fellow human beings. Our horror is further heightened when we learn that the victim is helpless and the kind of person who normally stimulates our instinct to aid and protect.

    Our spontaneous reaction is to say: “Had I been there, I would have helped; what is wrong with these people?” If an incident occurs in a foreign country or culture, it is easy — maybe tempting, as we grapple with something so baffling — to conclude that the particular culture is to blame, that it is being callous, uncaring or egotistical.

    It is true that cultural differences exist in many aspects of human behavior, and many of these differences are not trivial. But in the Chinese incident, in which the small child was gravely injured before someone finally carried her away, it would be too facile to think that apathy in the face of others’ suffering is a signature of the local culture.

    First, the public outcry and outrage within China was quite the same as what one would see in other countries. Second, there have been, of course, similar cases in other countries. Indeed, there was the torture and murder of Kitty Genovese in Queens, New York, in a 1964 street attack. Early reports, which may not have been entirely accurate, indicated that many people listened to or watched the attack and did nothing to stop it, and so a media blitz followed . Commentators asked: What is wrong with New York City, what is wrong with these times, and what is wrong with the particular neighborhood?
    China: Hit-and-run video sparks outcry
    Psychologist explains ‘bystander apathy’
    Good Samaritan laws in China

    Outrage in China after toddler run over, ignored

    The incident spawned research on the so-called bystander effect: a set of brilliant experiments conducted by John Darley and Bibb Latané, who showed in their 1968 study that as the number of bystanders goes up, the probability of any individual bystander intervening goes down. This is so because each bystander is trying to solve a so-called “volunteer’s dilemma.” If everyone responds, the cost could be high and the volunteers might get in each others’ way. It would be best if only one bystander responded, the thinking goes. If this is so, it is reasonable to ask who it will be and why it should be me.

    Since the original experiments, many studies have explored the bystander effect. Recently, I was part of a research team brought together by Peter Fischer of the University of Regensburg, Germany. We surveyed the existing scientific literature and statistically integrated the findings from 105 data sets. We found that the bystander effect is quite robust, that it has declined somewhat in magnitude over time, and that there are certain conditions under which it disappears or is even reversed.

    For example, in a situation in which several bystanders need to band together to overwhelm a perpetrator, they will be more likely to act collectively than to act alone. The heroic effort of the passengers on United Flight 93, which was suspected to be in line to strike a Washington target on 9/11/2001, comes to mind.

    It is these extreme cases, the callous injury of a helpless toddler and the heroic revolt of ordinary people in the face of terrorism, that capture our attention. With a bit of luck, most of us will not find ourselves in such existential situations.

    We must ask ourselves, however, how we will respond in more mundane situations that present us with fellow human beings who are in need. Will we help or hope that someone else will?

  203. can you imagine what would of happened has Washington been hit as well? Nuclear holocaust could of been seen in response to so much terror, the human vs the non human in us all

  204. the natural occurring positive side of the symbiotic relationship with the hiv virus is it increases your strength, however noticeable the increased strength may or may not be, depending on the level of development of a victim mentality onset which is created by awareness of the doom and gloom crowd who are all morons when it comes to realizing the hiv virus is merely hitching a ride, using us a host in which to continue on, where it wants to move from host to host, not kill the host, that’s just senseless, and well, how the virus senses it’s way blindly in it’s real it cannot see is anyone’s theory to speculate on

    ideally, people should take time off during the first onslaught of the spiking viral loads initially seen at the beginning, and not be made to be afraid, if anything, told that they will be find, however, there are approaches to rest, exercise, diet one would normally get in their own working job, for those who actually labor at work physically, where for some reason, a person can lead pretty much a normal life without meds in living with hiv, not sure why, only to speculate that perhaps the virus does not do well with increased body temperature, that comes with any form of physical exertion(hint: lots of sex), and well, how do we explain why 100 chimps infected with hiv have only a 2% rate of developing into Aids?…..i think it is the metabolic rate of a 2 degree higher body temperature, that keeps a tighter balance with the viral load of the hiv virus, just as we too see how most hiv+ active athletes easily go one for many years in a normal life with or without meds….and why does the virus not trigger an immediate response coming in unidentified with the human body that later identifies it? Or even after the CD8 cells learn to identify and destroy the hiv infected CD4 cells, no real increase in body temperature high alert like we see with say a flu virus?

    perhaps the rate of spreading thru the body is slower, and let’s not forget we are dealing with a million year old highly evolved advanced super computer brain that has it’s own natural way for keeping check on what is constantly happening in the body in finding a natural balanced attack on its own without meds.

    meds of course are needed for those who do not dwell as what would be akin to our original natural habitat existence of a higher metabolic rate as before as hunter gatherers, in what is the million year old evolved way of dealing with the likely million year old hiv virus with we as merely its host.

    victim mentality development we see, is of this generations rather lame appreciation and lack of awareness as to just how perfect our body is able to respond to most any virus like it has for millions of years, where most just do not take into account exactly how flawlessly amazing the human body and brain constantly work together in awareness of our much wiser natural occurring subconscious flow

    take for example, back in a time when we had no detection awareness of the hiv virus, in it’s natural setting, of what would be the observations of an individual’s response to hiv infecting their body over the course of how ever may years, where we do need to do just that in our approach with all hiv+ individuals in coaching them along thru the initial fall out of infection (1-2 months) before the body naturally response with it’s own attack in finding balance with the reasonably ok CD4 count(again from a view point of a natural habitat survival mode existence), in applying what would be an approach of RED40 in mimicking the natural habitat survival mode existence, with the much welcome help of SWISS multivitamins! 😉

    failing that, well, we know what happens when we overly pamper them, in playing our pity party with them, equally as stupid as the one infected, that sees them die more quickly…..we need to stop doing that, as friends, family, lovers and professionals….in getting them back to as much of a normal without fear existence in realizing we are no where near as smart as our natural occurring powerful million year old evolved super computer brain which is in constant alert flow with our body, way better than any lab in the world of all you let’s play doctor victim mentality ego trip of this big pity party that is 100% cause for an early death that can so easily be avoided, and joyfully i might add, with the use of dancing, sports, lot’s and lot’s of sex….but no alcohol or drugs, as would not be found in large quantities in found in nature of our natural habitat as before, where personally, i always put more faith in millions of years of continuous ongoing research of our highly evolved brain than any feeble minded limited awareness of our let’s play doctor ego trip.

    well, so for i am med free, 15km biking a day, consistently, SWISS multivitam and a B complex, so enjoyable the vitality for those like me who love love love their every so amazing vitality and sex drive like i do, perhaps of a healthier sex drive than i see of most any dysfunctional all you

    hey, how is it those without hiv put more urgency and effort in these less rewarding burn out careers than they do their sex life? My God, don’t they realize how horribly boring they all are? pfffffffffff, no thanks biyatches, you just run along now in your deluded state that is so dysfunctional and boring for ‘me’


    HA! :mrgreen:


  205. well ok, there is a slight increase in body temperature(fever, cold sweats at night) during a momentary high viral load, a result mostly from not staying in the zone of RED40(Rest, Exercise, Diet, 40 days to change a bad habit), where the fever does subside after our amazing brain regains balance with the viral load of our friendly hiv co-habitant hitching a rid with us.

    the only way to truly think, is to not think at all, as would be seen in history with one not knowing at all they have a guest, no, the would go thru the initial phase of high viral load illness, and survive like most do, and well, pretty much back to normal, out of necessity(hungry), and the bitching of whoever may of helped us thru our short term sickness, in bouncing back to hunting and gathering, where if anything, there is an increase in will power that overcomes the on board effects of our friendly guest, natural increase in sleeping more, our body response like it just naturally does, shutting us down with a sleep chemical when the brain knows it needs to do it like it does, according to it’s own monitoring of the guests many friends(viral load), that the body keeps kicking out for not paying any rent.

    both our body and the virus are 100% equal combatants of survival, of why the hiv virus is with us today after millions of years, and in this truth lies the natural occurring balance one merely needs to approach in finding one’s ultimate feel good vitality, without fear, without paranoid friends and society so lame in all it’s whatever empty nothingness pity party of the rather non intelligence way off par with our million year old research expert brain.

    so, there you have it, either stop enabling people, or keep doing what you expect to see, their untimely death that you are all cause for, stupidly i might add, really stupid!

    [Andyy raises both hands up in flipping them all the bird]

    fuck off fuckers, im fine, it’s all you i worry about in all your stupidness!

    im going dancing biyatches, catch me if you can! 😉

    i made it thru the wilderness is an incorrect saying

    it should read more accurately in true oneness constant seeking natural occurring atonement, even if lame in so many ways, “i am making it thru the wilderness”….present, still alive, with all you wild ass sexy fuckers!



  206. you get to a point where you realize no one is able to validate you, so you have to take the lead and do the validating of one’s self, self of another.

    and is this not where Madonna shines the brightest?

    i always believe in her, and always want to believe in her, because i know everything of her entire life is of God’s will plan in her learning what her calling is, of where her pure true spirited atonement oneness feels so beautiful, in her own path, as is constantly my own, under the same moon above, i still am

    we are all in our paths walking towards heaven of only harmonious oneness love feels good for any of us, of the lovers who know this best

    we are all more alike in our pure true natural occurring spirited real self, and not so different in all our useless falsehoods either, where darkness of all the learned behavioral of the ignorant forefathers is all yet here and alive with us, just as it was for them all of them in human history, rather lame to ever think we are any different from others in the past than is today, considering the million year old flawless evolving human being that exists in harmoniousness of the laws of physics that are the same in the past thru eternal future, duh!

    apathetic is the one who says we are different….no we are not, we are all the same according to the mad flood drowning ignorance environments left behind by the unwise forefathers, some mildly fucked up, some severally fucked up, as is any child of God’s increasing kingdom of heaven halo expanding wisdom of nurturing and protecting them here in hell


  207. get them up dancing and singing, playing sports, playing games, working at building a life, a home, normal, because in truth, they are naturally normal with hiv, and not normal when we overly enable a victim mentality that is created by all of society, including all you who call yourselves professionals, professionally stupid is more like it!

    why do people attempt to speak on serious issues, when it is obvious they don’t really give a fuck about the issue, from the stance they are when they speak?

    so annoying and lame, feels insulting for me

    oh well, yet another spur for me to seek my own understanding of self

    you can save them all…..eventually…..perhaps not all in your life time, but i assure you, incredible fun for so many while we can be the life coach we wisely know they all need in a genuine, sincere approach with them as though our own child we want to save, and in turn so to do they become as we were with others, on and on, not defeated by our friendly hiv guest, rather victorious over all the apathetic sticks in the mud ones of lackluster insincerity that is killing we of the hiv+ realm of living… our best, beyond the dysfunctional of supposed healthy…..who are not healthy for us at all, are they?

    get them up dancing, and kick their asses to participate in working, although let them rest when they feel the urge, as that is the brain which releases chemicals to sleep, as needed according to what the brain does know about the viral load of the body, that they and we must pay closer attention to if we truly love them the way God love us all

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