Rumours About My Life

Hi everyone. Thanks for all of your support. I have been too busy to blog lately with all the tour preparations and videos and parenting and the list goes on and on and on! I’m just so busy. However, there is something I have to get off my chest. My marriage is going great. I would never adopt a child and then file for divorce! That’s just not me. Please spread the word. I’m also not having an affair with a baseball player. How silly can you be?


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  1. Good to hear Madge! Dont let those vicious bitches tear your marriage apart. You guys are strong. When your albums come out they always start rumors.

  2. I’m so happy for you……. I don’t know you personally obviously but was truly very upset about the stories……….wishing you well in your marriage always-you are an inspiration to women everywhere and that includes how you juggle your career, marriage and life. Thanks for blogging the important stuff and all the best with the album. I knew it couldn’t be true:) xxxx

  3. God blesses you both, as do i.

    Only love is good enough for us all.

  4. peace be to this house. peace be to you.

  5. forever more.

  6. M –

    I’m glad the rumors aren’t true. I like seeing you and Guy together. It’s good to know that your marriage is still going strong.

    Congrats on all of your recent successes.

  7. No wonder your marriage is going great, you are a perfect team, on the one hand, you are able to help get him work due to the publicity you might bring to the project and on the other hand, he gets first-rate promotion for his movies by being Mr. Madge!

  8. People just love to gossip about failiure…
    I’m glad for you and your husband, and specially for the kids.

    Hail the queen!

  9. I’m very happy for you and your children…I hope that rumours about you and your life will soon stop. Kisses and good job gor your tour…see you in Rome!!!!

  10. Madonna,

    I always knew those were rumors about your marriage. I like Guy for you. He definitely seems man enough for you and he seems like he is a genuinely nice & down to earth. I wish you & guy a lifetime of happiness..


  11. Madonna,
    I can only imagine how much work is put into one day in your shoes. I truly hope your marriage will only be made stronger after the rumors have died out and you two will still be standing side by side. Girl your new album truly is OFF THE CHAIN!!! I used to listen to you alot for years and lost track of you a few years ago as I too started my own little family, priorities right! But I happened to be scrolling through the radio and heard “4 minutes” and I was hooked all over again. Me and my 2 little ones have been jammin’ to your new CD. So hooked my husband bought me 2 tickets for your concert in LA, I’m real gitty. But back to the rumors…stick it out with the hubby, no boddie’s perfect. I have to forgive daily as I am forgiven daily. Just love him no strings and your kids will be sooo proud when they’re all grown up telling stories about you guys. Rest when you can and take it easy, wouldn’t want you to burn out before you get to LA.!

    Love ya,

  12. madonna,

    i’m so glad to hear this. i wish u and your family all the best!!! i love your work and your attitude.
    -david abad

  13. I’m glad to read the blog entry. Exactly what I was thinking – why adopt a baby boy go through the turmoil of social workers and hula hoops just to turn around and get a divorce. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

    And if Guy gets on your nerves sometimes…so be it…let it go…I know you’re crazy about him. There you go…drop Spanish Lessons and bring in CRAZY FOR YOU! You don’t even have to sing borderline. Just an idea.

  14. i think that you and a rod are soooo hot for eachother it is insane whether or not u slept with him i dont know i know that it isnt your style to cheat
    two leos well we all know that sean was a leo
    and two leos together well all i can say is you are so hot for him that you will be fantising having sex with him big time i am sure he gets you so wet it is insane

    guy is controlling and you are well falling out of love with him
    however you have a hefty bag on your shoulder
    2 kids that are now his
    i told you from the get he is controlling and likes to be in charge and is so knit picky and well i bet you alot of money you guys will not be together
    so stop being so hard on your self
    my friends are all so so sick of their husbands too
    and so join the club
    i wont speak of mine
    we are together 14 years
    and he works alot and we have seperate lives too
    and that is why it works

    stop worrying what the fucking world thinks
    so if it is true and you and arod are hot for eachother well then enjoy life is too short
    dont expect you two to be a forever thing either
    he is a hot headed spanish leo
    and sooooo
    it is kinda spooky
    joe d and marilyn monroe
    and now you and a rod yankee and you loved m.m
    well, again
    true or not
    remember life is too short and
    if guy is sooooo not for you
    and you dont even get wet or excited to seehim
    anymore well that is normal for any long time relationship
    but if you dont love him anymore
    than that is that
    your kids are young
    and now is the time to get out
    if you are not happy
    if it is not true than
    but dont have an affair
    i know you would never do it
    not ur style
    but if you are dying to be with another man
    then it is over
    and you know it
    believe me i told you
    i know you inside
    how u think
    even though we never met
    you could just tell sometimes
    when you have been such an incredible
    long time stranger/friend/fan for so many years

    you are bored and tired
    of the bullshit
    but in any commited relationship
    their will be that
    you know that
    well, he is a hotty that a rod i dont blame you one bit

    him and guy are sooooooo different from eachother

    again, just remain calm
    dont answer the media
    at all
    you sell papers and people buy into it

    be true to yourself and do what u feel in your heart
    but it will be just sex bet. you and the a rod
    and he too has a lot of bullshit bet his wife and kids

    maybe you should just do the dirty and get it out of your system and go against ur beliefs and stay with guy

    i dont know all i know is
    rich poor famous unfamous
    trust me alot of my friends are going thru the same thing
    and guess what the minute they find out that their ex is with someone else they want to vomit

    sorry cant see ur tour this time around
    i am too busy…….
    however, i love the cd and it rocks the house

    always a fan
    and someone who always admires you

  15. Good grief! The media love to knock you and constantly want you to fail! That’s what you get for being a strong successful WOMAN! Keep pissing the world off and creating your unique waves (for the greater good of course)…. you rock! Stay stong!

  16. i really hope you are not breaking up a marriage, the flesh is weak, and you portray weakness of the flesh since you started. at your age havn’t you arrived that a good strong family is the best thing for your children. just think of alex’s babies, they need their father and their mother, just like your children. remember they didn’t ask to be brought into this world, you did it.

  17. M –
    I’m glad that the rumours are NOT sooo true. I knew it’s not true and was glad to see the articles telling us that your assistant told publicities that your marriage is going great!
    God bless you and your family!

  18. Some people seem to feel better with themselves hurting others with lies and such things; it happens so often (and it goes out of proportion with celebrities). Imagine you cut a pillow filled with feathers: trying to repair the damage is like trying to recover all the feathers you threw away in the air.
    Check it out here (I found this for you all):



  19. I should know better than listen to pesky rumors. I am relieved though. I didn’t think it made sense for you to go off with a baseball player when you have a nice family unit. I am sorry that this happening to you. But as you know … these things do happen for a reason and perhaps to show the world that you are better and your light is shining brighter as ever.
    All the best!



  20. Guy is too cute to leave. Too cute and you made such a cute little boy together….

  21. Rumors are the part of life of the fam people and if these are all about madonna then what is strange in is lovely..cheers man

  22. You are the greatest! We love YOU!

  23. Comme disait un écrivain célèbre, insulter dans le dos ,moi mon cul vous contemple.
    C’ est facile de vous prendre pour cible.
    Tous ces imbéciles qui sont prèt à vendre leurs mères, leurs âmes ,pour vendre des infos pollués, qu’ils aillent ce faire foutre .
    La vie, l’amour, la mort mérite le respect……
    J’ai demandé aux anges de vous accompagner ,ils veille sur vous.
    Ils rassemblent toute votre énergie pour mener à bien votre tournée.
    Qu’il vous soit donner la paix….

  24. This is all so silly. Madonna is not even allowed male friends without the press turning it into something squalid and sleazy. What kind of a woman do they think she is? We should all realise we do not know the real Madonna and we should not believe anything we read.

    Especially things written by Christopher Cocaine Ciccone.



    • Learn manners, Have you once thought there may be reasons other than what you feel obvious for no concert. Nice reasoning for such crude and immature comments to someone you claim to like. Peace be with you and may your bitter heart find happiness.

      mr d

  26. You live in England-who are you to comment on American politics? and who care what you think anyway? stick to singing and swishing your arse around – you are not suited for anything else

    • Apparently you care. I guess M, as well as myself didnt get your tyrannical memo that if you dont currently reside in the US, you are not allowed to comment on US politics. Forget the notion that being citzen and having lived there all of your life. You have some work to do to get the Constituton to reflect your way of thinking. Good luck with all that.

      Mr D

  27. ok

  28. u must love me u sounded awesome

  29. well the truth comes out, you are a liar, and you have ruined 2 marriages. how special do you think you really are. have you taken a look at your face and your mannerisms when you are on stage. you are old and you are not cute any more so go home, try to reconcile with your husband and maybe for once be a good wife. or is it just an act

  30. What a disappointment!!! blah 😦

  31. we are not in their intimity, they do the best for them if they have bad time together now there have no reason to save just the apparences…and to stay with a rock star i think it isnot easy could say Monsieur de Lapalisse…



  33. why? :[[
    i’m so sad. It was just a lie?

  34. Who’s been telling lies then madge??

  35. What’s this about lies? Is it Guy?

    I’m sure he loved you. But divorce becomes like warfare. Shame. Spoils the happy memories.

  36. What’s the point of being verbally hurtful and antagonistic to one another in public? If a relationship’s over, it’s over. You’ll get your divorce anyway. Is there really a point to have the situation degenerate publicly? Whatever immediate gratification the jibes bring, aren’t they overshadowed by the harm their effects will have on your children and the rest of your family? Your children will understand one day how you handled this situation — an important point to keep in mind.

  37. I don’t know the details (no one does).

    I see no point in a slanging match either. Still I’m reading a lot of female columnists really sticking up for Madonna:

    I do actually think watertight pre-nups are a good idea. And make them public knowledge so that neither party can quibble about the arrangements.

    I think pre-nups actually make people more likely to stick together, which is perhaps not what would be expected. People know precisely what they’ll get if they leave, so they stick together purely for love. All gold-digger/financial aspects are removed from the equation.

  38. After all, if you’re getting married for life, a pre-nup is an irrelevancy, so why should anyone mind signing one?

  39. the rumour was true !

  40. are you not happy today for the election ? you could do a new item !! and if you have no time for that ask to your friend Rober to do it… i m sure he loves…X

  41. i m stupid since many months yet you are doing this light blog…je ne connais quasiment pas tes films sauf celui où tu te fais avoir par ta meilleure amie…est-ce une obligation ? un cerveau c’ est beaucoup mais deux à la fois je ne suis pas assez intelligent…autant apprendre le serbe pour devenir chauffeur…et il y a un dicton qui dit qui n’ est jamais bon de servir deux maîtres à la fois…x

  42. Madonna – I would never think of that you would have an affair with anybody 🙂 You are very nice because of your thoughts regarding adopted children. God bless you!

  43. Hi,dear Madonna!I’m glad to read your blog.Don`t cray for Guy! I know you’re crazy about him!But he is not for your.He loves himself very much.He gets on your nerves sometimes…let him to go…Don`t think about rumours!I wish you happy and love with a new handsome man!

  44. OK, it’s bugging me. Madonna!!!!

    I am so sick of hearing about how u are desperately trying to stay young. I don’t know why??
    I grew up in the 80’s. You were my idol. I adored you for your daring, for doing what u wanted when u wanted. For not fearing to have a point of view and say it out load. To get what u set your mind to get. Your father said it best once on an interview. He said u were an achiever. Never truer words have been said.

    Go back to classical ballet you sure have the discipline for it. Open a dance school right in your back yard. Perform intimate concerts of music and dance.Things that you grew up on and that inspired you. Music that you love,music that opens your heart. Learn to cook and enjoy watching your children grow. Stop chasing. U’ve done it. I envy all the options that are at your feet. Yet I see u do nothing about them. I wish to see u kicking back. There is no high or low u can’t reach. Let go your age. Enjoy it. Age gracefully. Remember what Kieth Herring said to you? What he taught you? “We’re all made of flesh and blood” It seems like you forgot that.
    In a world of Paris Hilton’s’ and Britney Spears flashing, you no longer belong. You’ve been there, done that. You created it but at least you had more class. Why would you wish to continue in an industry you helped built yet has changed so much for the worst.

    Get a home in London where your kids belong cause that is what they know and that is where their father is. Just for now. They won’t stay young forever. If u don’t the consequences will be emotionally devastating to you. Your kids will turn against you and think you crazy for constantly chasing youth. What are u teaching them by doing that anyways?? In the western world women think it is NOT ok to grow old, they think that they are not worth much of anything cause they do not look like you at 50. But even u do not look like you do at 50. You have had plastic surgery and you as well as they, are trying hard to stay on top of looking young. Who the hell needs all this pressure??? It gives you wrinkles!! You have the ability to influence so many people inspire so many lives yet you do nothing about it. All the Kabbalah in the world would not help you. It is within that u need to go. Within yourself. Stop caring what others say, think or do. It is killing you. If your rabbi gives a fuck about you he should be telling you this. It seems like it is very convenient that you stay where you are emotionally cause that leaves you needy which gives him the opportunity to make more money off your back. It is so obvious. I can’t believe you don’t see it

    If u do this, if u let go, you’ll come out a winner. You’ll achieve so much, you’ll help so many people.

    You’ve had kids. I know you’ve loved at least 2 men in your life. You know what love is. What are u so afraid of??? That you won’t shine? That people will actually see that you are like the rest of us?? That you won’t be number one?? That people may actually forget about you??? You always will be Madonna. No one can take that away from you yet you’ll inspire so many if u do, as you have before just in a different way. Evolve! Truly evolve not just with a new hair do or some new dance moves. We know u can do that. We’ve watched you do that for 30 years!!! But enough! I grew out of it and wish to see u do the same. I will love u and adore you forever.

    We all get old. You think I have not worried about it?? But I learned to accept it and welcome it cause it is inevitable, it happens to us all.You have the ability to throw in the towel, to point out that the king is naked!! To show that when Gods gives u lemons you make lemonade. If u do so many of us will! Stop escaping. Just Be! These Kabbalah guys are after your money, Kabbalah water my ass. You’ve lived and succeeded many years without it. Trust me girl, water is best from the tap. It’s all a scam

    Enjoy who u are and what u have built. If u do not, you’ll regret it. It will hunt you till your last day on this planet. MARK MY WORDS. It all went up to your head. There will always be someone better, more talented, more beautiful, much younger, more fit then you. You did your thing, gained power to influence. In spite your insecurities you climbed to the top. Teach others, your children perhaps, guide them. Use it! What a waist it would be if u didn’t. So many will follow. You posses such wisdom, such courage. Look at the world. It’s a mess. You can truly create a revolution for women all over. Help them feel comfortable with themselves, their bodies and their age. That is what u did back in the day. Move a long to the next message you have for us all. Your message is inside of you. Only you can pull it out only if u stop chasing youth. It is distracting you from your true goal.

    Your gurus seem like they enjoy the cash flow. A real friend will tell u the truth. The truth that u may not wish to hear. The truth that may be others wish to point out yet they fear your reaction but regardless it is the truth. I wish I had an hour with you .Best thing is go to your Father. There is nothing greater then family cause blood is thicker then any other circumstance

  45. Yer MBZ many valid point’s, i agree.. except when you go to who the core of Madonna is, she’s a pioneer, & she’ll always be an inspiration..

    it is who she is, no one no matter how young how talented & how awsome, will ever achieve what she has & has yet to acheive.

    Like i said before she’s not old, she’s not even halfway through her life yet, people live to over 100 you know especially now with the advancement in medicine and the healthy lifestyle she lead’s, mind you she should chill a little, perhaps take a holiday..

    Holiday .. come together .. celebration… put my bra strap back on .. lol 😉

  46. yer I agree she should let her boys live in London, boys are more resilient they bounce back like a football, her daughter is another matter, girl’s are more vulnerable, & if M has had a hard time finding real imagine what her daughter will inherit, little miracle need’s to learn fast what the world is, can be and all the rest.. and there is no better teacher.. uhmmm

  47. however i would not worry too much i think little miricle is one step ahead of her greatest teacher..


  48. im full of it, am i not ?

    full con artist

    well as a wise women once said; “Marco your an upfront con artist” !!

    wow i am real.. thank’s

  49. vulnerable; capable of being physically or emotionally wounded 2 : open to attack or damage

    so less niave, more wise, more truthful as ‘real’ self, unwavering, not open to unwise absurd ego attacking damage, not BEing capable of physical or emotional woundedness, would be the direction, yes?

    so we already know the answer, where it is just a matter of what constantly BEing the ‘real’ self IS, IS it not?

    such as BE TRUE to your SELF! yes?

    for ‘me’, to BE TRUE to your SELF, is of the assuredness of one who is of the BEing the divine pure of heart pure love feelings in BEing the ‘real’ self, where without doubt, BEing TRUE to SELF, is of pure respect of what the ‘real’ self thinks, wants, feels, needs, is it not?

    without doubt, BEing respectfully TRUE of your ‘real’ SELF is 100% tuned into BEing respectful of SELF of another, once one is tuned into fully as BEing the divine pure of heart pure love feelings of ‘real’ SELF, yes?

    so, not only do we know the answer to our relationship of SELF, we know the answer to our relationship of SELF of another, of what IS BEing TRUE to SELF relationship of Loving Lovers, yes?

    in retrospect, stage performance is a business, however, i have always felt the truth that Madonna has brought forth her spiritually evolving connectedness into her work, of God, of wise knowingness of her own ‘real’ self, respectful of the ‘real’ self of another, yes?

    ‘I FEEL’, everything we do starts with BEing TRUE with the relationship of our own ‘real’ SELF, where automatically we ARE of the respectful BEing TRUE with the relationship of ‘real’ SELF of another, BE it of our professional artist career relationship, our family relationships, our inner circle relationships, our lover relationship, where instrumental in all of this, is our wise discerning of who is appropriate of our discerning invite for the relationships of our professional worlds, our inner circle worlds, our lover worlds, and that the discerning wise choices are to BE made while of our State of BEing as our divine child of God pure of heart pure love feelings in BEing our ‘real’ SELF.

    ‘I NEED’ my BEing TRUE to SELF healthy choices to BE of this TRUE WISE awareness, of what is respectful wise discerning awareness RESPECT that ensures what IS constantly BEing TRUE to SELF, of what is preservation of BEing TRUE to SELF within, SELF of another, for sake of RESPECT of all these relationships, starting with my own relationship with SELF, of what it IS ‘i TRULY NEED!’

    ‘I WANT’ my BEing TRUE to SELF healthy choices to BE of this TRUE WISE awareness, of what is respectful wise discerning awareness RESPECT that ensures what IS constantly BEing TRUE to SELF, of what is preservation of BEing TRUE to SELF withon, SELF of another, for sake of RESPECT of all these relationshils, starting with my own relationship with SELF of what it IS ‘i TRULY WANT!’

    ‘I THINK’ my BEing TRUE to SELF healthy choices to BE of this TRUE WISE awareness, of what is respectful wise discerning awareness RESPECT that ensures what IS constantly BEing TRUE to SELF, of what is preservation of BEing TRUE to SELF withon, SELF of another, for sake of RESPECT of all these relationshils, starting with my own relationship with SELF of what it IS ‘i TRULY THINK!’

    ‘I FEEL’ my BEing TRUE to SELF healthy choices to BE of this TRUE WISE awareness, of what is respectful wise discerning awareness RESPECT that ensures what IS constantly BEing TRUE to SELF, of what is preservation of BEing TRUE to SELF withon, SELF of another, for sake of RESPECT of all these relationshils, starting with my own relationship with SELF of what it IS ‘i TRULY FEEL!’

    i think, feel, need and want what i think and feel we have, however, i realize i am not the most stable in life of your wise discerning respectful choices of these relationships, and so with that said, as a friend, i ask that you BE TRUE to SELF in selecting of others for these relationships where i don’t feel i belong, my unstableness that comes with having lived a hard life.

    although i want the opportunity to explore the possibility of the these relationships with you, there are far healthy individuals in life to choose from.

    it is a hard reality check for me at this point, knowing how unstable at times i am, and i don’t want you to be of the affect/effect of such, for sake of you, for sake of these important relationships.

    the most i can BE to you i feel is of my pure of heart pure love feelings i am of spiritually.

    i know it sounds like a cop out, but in truth, i really am not stable at times, although, the on going therapy will eventually see me rise to the healthy self i once was, which according to my therapist takes a long time, years.

    i study psychology, and i know were i am, and how far i have to go, of no denial as to how far it is i have to go according to case study statistical data. i do not want to hinder you with this, so please, BE of TRUE RESPECT of SELF and choose healthier individuals than what i currently am right now, albeit, some day i too WILL BE healthy. Boundaries are vital, of what IS BEing TRUE to SELF, not something to ignore, the TRUTH.

    i also don’t feel i would make a good parent role model, but then again, perhaps my current view of my self is of my current bashed in lower self-esteem opinion.

    anyway, i shall remain true to you of what we have been all these years, a loyal true and faithful spiritual friend of my ongoing quest into pure spiritual understanding wisdom of God.

    and like i said before, i know that the most happy lover relationships IS of those who are best friends in life, of best friend relationship which constantly grow and mature. You have been of God’s blessing for me, of my sincere genuine pure loving reciprocating with you. i pray we continue to grow and mature along life’s road as best friends, however, i do not expect this of you, knowing perhaps i have unknowingly unwisely been toxic for you at times, of your greater maturity than my own. It is just where we both are in life along life’s road, that’s all, like any soul IS, ALL connected.

    i am going to focus into my pure love awareness of my peaceful sanctuary State of BEing, slowing into the grace of my ‘real’ self in bring forth my reflections, which i will post on my blog.

    blessings to you and those you love forever more

    bless you bless you bless you

    peace be to this house

    peace be to you

    and peace be to you

    bless you

  50. spiritually, i know i am fully surrendered to God, of my the day i did genuinely, sincerely, humbly give what i feel belongs to Jesus, my heart, mind, body, spirit and soul, of my going before God of my acknowledging and requesting i truly feel to BE true, after which i came away with the gifts of God i am now of awareness of, such as my slowing into the exceeding grace of the divine child ‘real’ self, of how it is i am able to learn Jesus(God’s) eternal truth wisdom, of internalizing evolving which comes with the ongoing seeking. Spirituality as relates to the psychological ‘real’ self is my greatest passion in life.

    you can look forward to my ongoing reflections being posted on my blog, till my last day, that i assure you!

    as for contact with you, i will be of every other day from here on, giving what i feel is healthy, your space to grow, of my respect for you as a best friend.

    bless you


  52. like i said, our enemies are not our enemies, even when they present their SELF as such, in truth, they are not.

    every soul is of evolving, past, present, future, yes?

    the thing about evolving in questioning what IS it we want to evolve in, and where we fail to realize, IS that who and what we were as a small child, IS what we already were of evolved in, the exceeding grace, calm, fearless, exceeding joyful happiness, which we can recall how we were indeed fearless exceeding joyful happiness, calm and of exceeding grace, of what was then, true pure fearless exceeding joyful happiness with our favorite childhood friends.

    what we lacked then, and today, IS the knowingness atonement acknowledgement from God that what we look for has already come, that all the answers are within, not in the unwise world led away from the divine child of God pure of heart flawless pure love ‘real’ self YOU!

    children are wonderful for us as parents, in re-establishing the inner connectedness of our pure of heart flawless pure love of our ‘real’ self of which children naturally are, just as we once were and yet ARE!

    what we look for IS the divine child ‘real’ Self YOU within who is constantly yearning to just BE what we constantly are, with the aid of a wise discerning helmsman which sees/feels with clarity the truth/untruth of the world yet snared by the generational unwisenesses handed down from the entire history of mankind.

    for me, i know i need someone like myself, who is of the mindset in nuturing my peaceful at ease pure loving true by nature ‘real’ self, naturally so as their own (evolving) ‘real’ self who embrace who the helmsman/helmswoman IS………….the WISE CHILD YOU!

    bitter ego masks are a defensive mask our child within wears, when another is not of accepting us, so in that sense, keeping near, as in peaceful loving, gracefully near to the divine child ‘real’ self of our enemies, is indeed the objective of Jesus, God and our WILL BE Done on earth, what we KNOW HEAVEN constantly IS………..the divine child of God ‘real’ Self YOU!

    bless you bless you bless you

  53. toc toc toc…. il y a quelqu’ un ?

  54. …awww. Life goes on madge..!!!

  55. & I do not think with my cock
    I think with my head
    Cause im not that
    kinda guy

    & the games goes on and on

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