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  2. this is what i know: when i was 3 to 7 all my mates at school thought i was a girl because i was red with bouclettes small curls
    2/ the more tyranics at school it was two bad girls! !
    3/ I was le chouchou of my grand mother
    4/ I have a sister
    5/ My mother is over protected…. even she put me during 7 years in my grand mother house…find the mistake? she is afraid by the dick, and when i want to have fun i say my next dog will be a good boy…
    So SHIT TO ALL THIS GIRLS and many of my femals colleagues are hysteric wih me …i have enough

    in my mind there are : Big M, Isabelle Huppert , stephane Audran et Cecile Helleu and few other good actress ..
    Ps i forgot to say my best friend during many years at the high school when i was teenager was my french teacher…
    Ps : i think Hilary could be a good president but her twist is her name… the name of her Husband, it is like the history has the hiccoughs
    Ps : i push all my femals friends to be like M but no one is enough clever, one was near but too nasty…an other sexy but without brain, an other a big brain but no body… it is a calamity to find many creatures in one girl…

    now i have said enough ! one of my best friend is black and for him it is not like in an gansta rap video…

  3. and now what can we do John ?

  4. Go Hillary!!!
    Go Girls!!!

  5. you are terrible girls…i go to bed xx

  6. Hillary suffering the dehumanizing degradation of a Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s day parade:

  7. You know, go to 28 seconds on the video and look at the photo of Hil and Barak. You know Barak and Hil are both like “I’m gonna kick their fuckin ass!” Haha

    I don’t like Obama or Hilary. I have my reasons. If anyone wants more, go to my blog by clicking the link.

  8. Indeed I do!!!!!!!!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Incredible to say the least !!!

    Oh Yeah! haha!

    Which girl are we talking about, you?

    I know!

  9. Your funny Andy,

    She’s the one !

    I know too

  10. Yep!

    Oh damn!

    I can’t say this!

    But I have to!

    Questions is, do I know she thinks about me?

    Answer: Vividly!!!!! haha!!!

    You put this in me! So now what? haha!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. Keep it in you.. ha ha

    Oh i woke up laughing this morning, i love it

    joy joy



  14. this what i have write to Smith now… it is a Shoe… but i have you read on madonnalicious that the team of M is looking for good fans to promote Hard Candy ? i was in my car an suddently i thought but us the fans we are multiple ( many in case you don’ t know…sorry) why we could do an interview with the Queen with few good fans…you for the USA, me for the France for example etc… and to do a little nice group of fans…i don’t go the icon, because i m afraid to find a fan without brain, i imagine all are saying you are amazing etc…so what do you think of this idea?

  15. ooooooooops sorrry for Icon i m sure they are good too…

  16. Love is a beautitul thing!

    Sincerity and Purity of the heart, mind, body and soul is who we are, merely by when choose to be.

    Indeed, Radiant and Bright is the way forward, is it not?

  17. She keeps me waiting, I keep on waiting, for I know the reason why, she’s so shy is because she loves me.

    Not! hahaha!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    It’s all your fault Marco! You sincerity within you is who you are, is it not?

    It is good then, that you know who are, yes?

    Children of God

  18. Actually, she’s shy at all!

  19. She’s not shy at all…ok, maybe a little.

  20. I don’t know!!!


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  21. I know who I am though.

    A child of the light.

    We all are. Most just do not cognitively know it.

    Those who shine radiant and bright, are the ones who shine the light into the children of the light.

  22. with your heart too Andy, but imagine if you take all the place ??? how can we do ? have you read on madonnalicous the announcement Andy? bisou

  23. I know who you all are within, radiant and bright, waiting for the light.

  24. Know your Destiny!

  25. With exceeding Joy, say to yourselves, “I know who I am! A child of the light, radiant and bright.”

  26. Truly we all know the truth, ‘that’ there is no substitute for love.

  27. All must face the truth.

  28. can i cry ? // it is a hard candy for me , thank you

  29. America is more comfortable with a patriarch than a matriarch.
    Sexism is bigger than racism – that is what Obama has shown me.
    Hilary Clinton all the way! Go girl!

  30. So far away is in my head like a seed of masochism, i love, i have to take care and to control…it is a delight… you are beautiful and if you speak french you can read on my blog what i have written about this song it is in the window where you can writte… kiss and may be i did mistakes…

  31. miles away …

  32. Life is the greatest teacher.

  33. I like it when M opens her eyes gracefully and slowly, smirking. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    That all knowing look ‘that’ I says ‘I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!’

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  34. ~ just thinking out loud, that’s all.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    The sun above is shining bright, giving warmth that feels so good. Birds are singing.

  35. Blokes too!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  36. Oh, you are real hilarious Marco.

    Like my shadow, always with me, just when I was being serious about M, you counter me.

    Feels like a bright sunny day, where she is sitting apon a throne, and you and I are the two court jesters, back and forth, with her laughing her ass off.

    Thanks alot Marco.


    Picture it.

    Funniest thing I have ever seen!


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    ~ it’s all good fun, I love all of you.

  37. We really should get together sometime and film the skit, costumes and all. The gay/lesbian/bisexual community would never forget, especially if it is Madonna sitting on the high court throne, laughing her ass off at us.

    Slap stick comedy, light and free of fear.

    We are bisexual.

  38. All of us, by nature.

  39. The eternal human body that is naturally loving, like all other creatures are…well, mostly, there are some really nasty queens here in the ghetto.

  40. Thanks Eric. I would like to try.

    although trying implies working or laboring something…where truly it is all joyful play, of a bright sunny day.

  41. she’s shy a little, i’m shy a little… then every other time the least shy person’s on the Planet…. yes…

    Shy of love… a little…

    It’s all my fault… I’ll change this time… Love is waiting .. not for long.. i am strong..

    it’s right let’s cuddle tight.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  42. Girlpower & Boypower NEED TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF TIBET!!
    Dear Friend,

    The still unfolding demonstrations and unrest in Tibet are bigger than anything since the Dalai Lama fled in 1959.

    After 49 years of rule by China, Tibetans throughout the country are showing how they feel about the β€œprogress” China has brought. And it is a resounding vote of “no confidence.”

    The size and scope of demonstrations continues to grow — and have spread from the monks to the laypeople, from central Tibet to eastern Tibet, and now to Tibetan university students throughout China. We are witnessing an amazing display of solidarity between Tibetans from all of Tibet’s regions.
    Tanks in Lhasa as protests escalate
    The Chinese military brings tanks into the streets of Lhasa during recent protests.

    Tibetan demonstrators are taking enormous risks. They could easily be arrested and tortured and spend months or years in prison. Yet they still demonstrate.

    Earlier today I received an email with an eye-witness account of events in Lhasa…

    β€œIt is not clear how many people were arrested. All of the main streets have been blocked by military. The soldiers have been checking for everybody’s ID. Specially, people who were wearing Tibetan clothes were searched thoroughly. Soldiers forced their way in civilian homes to arrest people. They were using stick to beat those who have been arrested, and teargas to drive away onlookers.”

    In coming weeks, we expect hundreds if not thousands of Tibetans will be arrested and tortured.

    Today, we received the first photo showing bodies of Tibetan demonstrators in eastern Tibet. China is rapidly moving tourists, aid workers and journalists out of Tibet so that a much larger and systematic crackdown can begin without witnesses.

    As I write this, we know that twenty-five journalists have already been expelled from eastern Tibet and only one is left in Lhasa. Without their coverage, we may never know how many Tibetans have been killed, how many arrested.

    Monday night at midnight was the deadline for Tibetans to surrender and be treated more leniently — but only if they agree to cooperate with Chinese authorities to identify friends, neighbors and relatives involved in protests. You can read more about this, and see the translated Chinese ultimatum at

    Monks march in protest at Labrang
    March 8th, protests begin near Labrang Monestary as monks begin to march.
    Photo credit: Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy

    China’s propaganda machine is working overtime to quash news of the dozens of peaceful demonstrations, to focus on the damage to Chinese establishments by Tibetans in Lhasa, and to constantly broadcast the news and images that most inflame the Chinese people.

    No historical civil rights movement can be reduced to the small handful of events that precede a shift in our culture and ethics.

    Tibet’s movement for justice and freedom cannot be reduced to the burning of Chinese shops.

    And now in this emergency, there is a great need for those of us who can stand up without fear of repression to do so.

    1. Urge President Bush to speak out publicly and ask China to show restraint, as well as address the fundamental causes that have led to events of the past week. Please call the President at 202-456-1111 or contact him by email at

    2. It is urgent that reporters be allowed into Tibet to independently verify what has happened. If you live in the U.S., please contact your member of Congress and ask them to demand that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao honor his promise to open Tibet to journalists.

    If you have not already, please make a donation to support ICT’s response during this critical time so we will continue to have the resources we need to react quickly and effectively. Donate to ICT

    In solidarity,

    John sig as GIF
    John Ackerly

    P.S. Please forward this e-mail to others — we need as many people with us as possible now.

    Let Others Know

    ICT logo tiny

    International Campaign for Tibet
    1825 Jefferson Place, NW, Washington, DC 20036 | |

  43. Heaven Marco.

  44. Kingdom Hearts.

  45. There is someone meant for everyone. Be of joyful loving spirit, love many, and loved by many, just as I love you.

  46. Say to yourselves, “My spirit is set free, to just be me.”

    Know in your hearts, ‘that’ of the truth, that we all love one another.

  47. ~ of another beautiful day.

  48. My feelings toward Hillary Clinton have nothing to do with her femininity. They have to do with her dichotomous, double-talking nature. First she is for NAFTA, then against. Then she is for the Iraq war, now against. Her less than egalitarian methods for getting elected are no different from what we have previously experienced with the current administration. In addition, she unabashedly takes money from lobbyists like all other politicians have done in the past. Her “experience” is not as widespread as she would like to have the world believe it is. Furthermore, she JUST released her tax information…months after the other candidates did so. How much doctoring of that information had to occur before it was privy to the public? Really, I think that blind advertisements for Hillary Clinton should be well examined before they are followed, and people should not vote for Hillary simply because Madonna says you should! As much as I have been a Madonna fan for 25 years, I must disagree with her political endorsement. Take it from someone who knows exactly what it feels like for a girl!

  49. Hey Louise,

    Nice new header! Heard your single in radio, I was so excited πŸ˜€

    28.04.2008 … I just can’t wait…

  50. la plus belle c’ est blanche beige…;-))

  51. blanche neige… what is her name in english? Snow White? and je suis un des 7 nains…Grincheux..

  52. Does anyone have Mariah’s blog address,

  53. For those that think it’s about Jesus, it’s just a fairytale that’s all.. Happy Easter.. goodbye

  54. In my heart and mind, it is about us and God, obviously by the lack of wisdom in the world, that is responsible for all wretchedness, devoid of love, the negative enegry that holds the world captive, gripped by fear and utter absurd foolishness.

    Cause for all low self esteem, of all age groups.

  55. Thank God for Madonna.

  56. Hey, where did everybody go? Wait, come back! I love you guys!


    If we don’t laugh, then how do we feel our inner joy?

    Oh spirits set free to just be who we are…loving of each other of another beautiful day for all, with sun shining above, meant for us to simple enjoy how good it feels!

    That’s how bright God’s love is.

    That’s how bright our love is, yes? Naturally good feelings of exceeding joy, extraordinary and wonderous of each second of the day.



    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  57. Nice song…..what exactly do you want to message from this video ?

  58. Madonna, I adore and trust you, but not many of American’s I know, trust or adore Hilary. There are so many things about the Clinton Family that I will not bring up but I am very undecided.. I know that rumors are rumors but

    This is a very strange election, even though I know a Woman should be in power the closer we get to 2012, why can it not be a woman in whose family we trust?
    Madonna, I cannot tell the difference between Hilary and George Bush, can you tell the difference?

    All my love


  59. indeed, we need to stop pretending that everything is ok, when deep down we know the truth of many things in this world, that it is not ok, to ignore our own sincere purity of feelings.

    Doing so, leaves us all feeling it within, manifesting itself in the wrong ways, a signal for us not to ignore, such deep seated sadness, wearing the mask of anger, or deep seated shame, wearing the of obvious mask of ‘sadness pretending’, that continues to taking no action, with zeal and compassion, always in step with love, in every breathe.

    Don’t the truth that is good for us, and touch these deep feelings, as difficult as it may be, is the way thru it, awakening, coming to understanding, the mask we wear that is false, without grace and joyfulness of purity of love that is available for all.

    Indeed, what many fail to realize, is the truth about Jesus. I am still having difficult grasping full, and yet I have grasped the incredible love of him, standing before him, alone, asking him why did you surrender your life to the beast, knowing they would do what they did?

    In gentleness of enormous grace him, the purity of love with him that is all encompassing and completely devoid of doubt of his love for me, I suddenly realize, that what they saw of Jesus on the cross, was what he wanted them to see, a reflection of the truth about themselves, where it was all of them on the cross, not him, that of the unloving within them for doing what he knew they would. Out compassion, Jesus did this, for sake them, to reflect later, and acknowledge all things unloving within them, the light that reveals with clarity, in order for them to see clearly, what not to do.

    How does a person come to that degree of compassion for another, even a stranger?

  60. It is by means of the great depth of understanding that within us all is the sincere purity of the child within, where when we look apon the child without, it is indeed our own inner child that weeps for the child without.

    Jesus knew this about us all.

    He knew they needed to ‘Face the Truth’, knowing that their inner child was held captive by the unloving false external ego, not of the purity of the inner child.

    Jesus felt the all encompassing feelings for all the world, then and of the future, just as I do.

    It is the undeniable sincere purity of the TRUTH.

    I look at from another angle as well, that is helpful:
    ~ every second of everyday, alters the future of every soul, for all eternity.

    If you sit with this long enough, you see clearly that it is TRUE.

    Like a soldier weeping, who puts down his gun, and goes home, knowing fully, that love is the only way forward, that the fires of hate fuels the fires of another of more hate, never ending.

    I thing Iraq war clearly. It estimated that 100,000 Iraqi boys were killed. The fire from this, is indeed a fire storm, because love of the brothers, sisters, mothers, father, and friends of the ones that died, the fire burns brightly within them still.

    World leaders pay attention.

    You must embrace you own Love Compassion and Wisdom, in step with love you feel within, for sake of many, and a brighter world for YOU in return.

    Jesus knew while on the cross, he was doing the right thing, knowing his destiny was with God’s urging, speaking with God daily, embracing fully the undenialble truth, that for sake of the value of many lives, his life was but one.

    I know the feeling of loving someone that much, and would trade places with him, of only could.

    Fueling the raging fires of hate, is not of God.

    All must embrace this on both sides of war, that should never have started in the first place, where the fire storm continues to rage out of control now in Iraq.

    War is not the solution. It is the result of those who are not yet completely wise of God.

    Bring them home Hillary. No more hate. No more tears of loved ones. No more injury from the beast of raging fire that burns within, that can only be extinguished by loving peace.

    And Madonna’s music of course!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    my kid inside has to always jump in and be heard! haha!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  61. The hidden treasure of love, consists of the love of all children without and within, the world over.

    Feel it.

  62. Do you feel the grace of Jesus approaching?

    He is coming.

  63. Into our heart, mind, body and soul, we feel his grace within us, that is of us all.

    Sincere. Pure. Love, that he came exists within all of us.

  64. to know exists within us all.

  65. Those of courage who gracefully pick up the child off the ground, know fully the grace within them that they feel fully, asking, “what are we doing ignoring our own loving hearts with all these children suffering, so many of them?” “What kind of world do we want for the future of these children?”

    “A glorious world of love, where love is of the only concern for us all, of the grace that is of us all.”

    “It is of the same grace Jesus felt while walking the earth.”

    “It is not only possible…it is the truth of how we all can feel, is it not, when we raise the bar.”

    “We know.”

  66. “We see clearly and easily, the beauty of our own loving hearts, like that of Jesus.”

  67. “It’s an incredible feeling, isn’t it!”

    “So much love!!!!!”


  68. “Radiant and bright, the light shines forth, lighting up the whole world.”

  69. “And then, the most incredible thing happens, the whole jumps in to help, because the compassion they all experience for our efforts, for all the world to know…we are loving compassionate human beings.”

  70. sorry, I am dreaming out loud again.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  71. I know you are feeling what I am feeling!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    “Visionaries is what we are.”

  72. ANDY, why do you post so damn much?

  73. There is no love, like the future….love.

  74. A voice Matt! That needs to be heard.

    It is the painful voice of many children suffering, that do not have a voice, unheard by the beast of the ignorant that deliberately turns the other way, unaware of the hidden treasure within them, the exceeds value beyond all riches of the world.

    It is God’s will for sake of all in the world, that is still unknowingly suffering from it’s ignorance, the crucial lack of wisdom that is of God.

  75. It is all souls held captive by the beast of ignorance, that silences the voice using fear.

  76. God is fearless, and without doubt, unafraid of the beast, that cannot comprehend the light that shines forth, revealing all truth for all to see clearly, the obviousness of wretchedness, by means of contrast of with that which is of the greatest value, that the child within sees and feels clearly, instantly.

  77. the future love.. ran away.. back to the past.. for you i hope it does last.. for me.. hiding in a tree..

  78. I had a dream time Marco. It was a moon lit night, and too was sitting in a tree, naked and thinking I was alone, but ever so silently, I turned and I notice someone esle there in the tree with me.

    It is the fear of homophobia, that inundates us within, thinking we are inadequate, when suddenly, we realize the TRUTH, that side of ourselves that feels the other sitting in the tree with us, naked, that we are loving, and not all things the world makes out be, wanting us to think that we are not loving, when indeed, we are actually purity of love.

    I know that feeling well, from a dream I woke from one time, of the silhouettes of me and another, where we realize the depth of love between us, of another male, just like us, only loving.

    I have always wanted to paint the tree, I found myself sitting, not realizing how loving I was inside, only to find, that there in tree with me, was someone exactly like me.

    You are loved by me Marco. It is I who looks into your eyes, speaking the truth, of what I know about your love inside, that is the purity of love…your love is pure, and without doubt.

    Embrace the beauty of your own loving heart, so radiant and full of love. It is who you are Marco, is it not?

  79. Actually, it has little to do with orientation, and yet orientation is a part of the beautiful feelings there. Instead it is more to do with our feelings of inadequacy, an empty negative energy from the world, that’s all, of a world that is still yet ascending into purity of love.

    There is some truly joyful music that speaks clearly of us…embracing that we are loving. Always!

    See negative energy as empty and devoid of love, knowing fully, that it is indeed empty, is it not, and is not of our great depth of love, is it?

    “Isn’t love incredible!”

    “Truly we know fully, that Love is the only thing of any value in life, that lifts us high above the world, that is yet immature of it’s self, that we have escaped from, at one with one another, acknowledging the truth, with one another, of the way the world really is, sadly unloving.” It is good to know that which is not of us, and that which is of us. We are loving.

    It is the empty things of the world, that we come to realize, are not of us at all, as we embrace, more and more, the truth of our loving self…we are loving, and not all these empty things of the world.

    It is the purity of the “garment of life”, that is complete loving, devoid of fearful doubt, and the many immature empty things found in the world, that are indeed empty of love.

    The world inundates daily with. Wisdom easily sees thru it, it’s obviousness in lacking of grace, and gentleness of spirit, yet immature. I compassionate for their souls, still held captive.

    Not to worry, M is leading the way for us all, a true and faithful friend indeed, she has been for us, all these years, has she not? Instilling confidence in us, helping us become free of the mean world we live in.

    It is the same “Garment of Life”, that Jesus wore. Come to know that the “Garment of Life” is YOU.

    The best is yet to come. We are only just scatching the surface.

  80. Every step, every breathe, always in step with love.

    God wants us to pick the children off the ground into our arms, for sake of both the Child without and Child within, that is complelely loving of life, and those who are suffering without our love.

    Truly, we are loving, are we not?

  81. We must teach the children of tommorow.

  82. I just adore Madonna. Luv u much Louise

  83. I hope you are all aware that this is not an official site and is fan made.

    The nature of some post would not be allowed on a offical site.

    Please keep reading the site but for entertainment value only.

  84. Go Girls!!!
    Go Hillary!!!
    We NEED a GIRL president!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    luv u M!

  85. oki for Hilary… i m not amΓ©rican… pour Sarko Γ§a ne sera pas du gΓ’teau…finished for him to cruise Bush !! i think she is not easy… and if she is fair it will be more hard for him but more easy for the world…

  86. Andy I’m a little confused, in my dream the other person there was a girl, and everywhere i go i’m drawn to different girls that seem to be the same person but they are all different so i am starting to think every girl on this planet is the same person maybe its the tenderness of female that is the same the warmth and gentle nature of a female.. except when they are angry that’s when i have to scale the tree for safety like a cat running away from a predator.

    Hillary will make a good president she’s a woman and she’s strong.
    The children of this world, most, are loving it is the world that condition’s them to be otherwise but the children of today are stronger than those of yesterday.. my neighbor’s children are half African an Anglo very attractive also their Frisbee flew into my kitchen window, the next day i put it back over the fence and when they were outside it was a joy to hear their excitement when it was returned but in their excitement they still managed to say thank you several times such gratitude and appreciation truly children of today are sincere and joyous and the teacher’s as well the children of today and tomorrow will change the world we need to assist them in that endeavor.

  87. interesting
    especially eh ro and the view

  88. Your mind is incredible Marco!

    Never have read one who is of utter connected with themselves so sincere and pure.

    It is good, is it not, to be the truth of who we are, purity of love we feel within.

    ~ again, it is not necessarily about orientation, but keep mind, that we bisexual by nature.

    Choosing a lover is not about sex, so much more so, that it is about someone who is ground and centered within, comfortable and sincere with us, that sees our own sincerity and purity.

    Within us all, sincerity and purity exists.

    Some have learned to nurture better than others, that’s all.

    We are all growing, a process which continues to ascend into purity, as time passes.

    It is important to become the strong in the light, avoiding others while doing so, as they can inadvertently distract us, those not yet of the light.

    Again, it is no ones fault for the way they are. Look not apon others with a scornful eye, and instead with a compassionate eye, as many are yet maturing, growing in sincerity and purity, something we wish for everyone, because of the inner joy that feels good for us, and just as wish to grow for ourselves, that are yet growing and ascending out of the mud, into the light.

  89. i recomeback from the Holland with the ducht where some i one is doing a mixe in front of the public it is just a bad imitation with a lot of stress of yungpulse…yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  90. Well i guess you all want to know how it all end’s actually it dose not end..

    Quite the opposite

    Everyone wake’s up from the dream and realizes that it was all just a dream and we are all one.,

    Oneness just one that’s all… no big deal really but with such a journey there are certainly enough memories to laugh an eternity..

    And an eternity it was.. one hell of a journey who’s was driver and where the hell did the captain get his license ??

    shoot him now …

    ha ha ha…..

    Happy Easter everyONE…………

  91. my secret… on presidential election day I am going to write in Madonna for my choice. If by some miracle Madonna should win, we’d have to not have a president anymore, but have a Queen of the U.S.A.! πŸ™‚ Long live the Queen!!!

  92. Madonna: Look Marco you can run but you cannot hide

    Marco: just 5 more minutes i’ll be back

    Madonna: No way i’m not getting any younger and my patience is wearing thin…

    Marco: but im busy working out who i am

    Madonna: i’ve heard it all before exscuses… exsuces

    Marco: What about Justine T go chase him ..

    Madonna: Right that’s it get it together

    Marco: 4 mintues

    Madonna: NOW

    Marco: alrioght …

    Jeese you know i cannot be controlled

    Madonna: I’m the Boss

    Marco: you win

    Then End

  93. Marco: I suppose 30sec is out of the Question…

    Madonna: Right again Marco…

  94. Madonna: Smack

  95. Only a life time of love’s embrace of the lovers who are loving is good enough for me…all of us actually.

    If you love someone, tell them, you love them.

    If they love you back, and say they want to be with you as much as you do them…great.

    If they love you, but just as friends, great.

    As a true and faithful friend I shall alway remain.

    As a lover, it is not for anyone to decide, but the other.

  96. She’s married Marco. Come on, let’s you and I get out of here! You and I together! It will be fun, I promise.


    Damn! I hate playing the role of the clown.

    She knows how we feel about Marco.

    It is not up to us, and always up to her.

    I just want her to be happy, that’s all, like us!

    Bah, let’s face it Marco, it’s her loss, not ours.

    Come on! Let’s go!


    Hey look, the sun is shining!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  97. her.

    it’s always about her!


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  98. I feel like one of those fucking rainbow sheep Marco, when I am talking to you.


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  99. Let’s face it Marco, she has better things to do, then hang around a bunch of rainbow colored sheep, like you and I, out here in the field with each, talking like we always do, of our unrelenting love for her, while she’s off with some super hero.

    We will never be super heros Marco, but it’s always ok to dream about it, like we do.

    I am her court jester Marco. And I am quite happy playing the role.

    But inside, I know I am much more than that to her.

    Laughter is good for us, yes?

  100. I jest with you Marco. Come on, jest me back!

    It’s your turn.

  101. they should have music on this blog.

    Happy joyful music!

    Light in spirit.

  102. Just getting you back Marco, from last time you got me, that’s all…remember?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  103. Look into the eyes of Jesus, and you will feel his compassion within you, the compassion of someone who gave his life, for the cause of what we know know, the truth of the love Jesus has for us ALL, for all eternity, he surrendered his life, for you, of you, for each other, for ALL.

    He is saying to each one of you, when you look apon him, “God Bless You. Thank you.”

  104. Andy, i remember how could i forget ha… am i forgiven now

  105. ……….XOXOXOXOXO




    It is no ones fault. Always blame on the teachings of the forefathers, who unfortunately were not able to grasp the understanding of and Adult Child, ‘that’ we understand today in the research in millions of case studies in psychology, which of the most significant improvements for why the world is doing so well today, since the research began, decades ago. It is all link together now, our clear understanding of Jesus, merely that of an Adult Child, who had wise in his sincerity of love for the struggles he saw all around, just as we do today, where we no embrace that within us fully, instead of ignoring it, the deep feelings of loving compassionate wisdom that understands the both psychological poverty, yet in the world, ‘that’ is clearly responsible for the condition of the one billion Children currently living poverty.

    We have wise of our Self, the same Self that walks with loving grace, hand in hand, with another, on a beautiful sunny day, along the shores of beach.

    We are Loving creatures, just like ‘that’ of the Dolphin, so obvious for us to see, how loving they are of one another, a creature that has nearly the same size brain as we do.

    I have always wondered where mankind fits in with nature. Now we know the truth…We Are Loving Compassion Wisdom, what our brain capacity is easily able to understand now.

    Look sky above, on clear night. We are part of ALL the stars of Heaven, word that just feels good to us, although one can call it what ever they want. It is not so much about our languages, is it not, where we see ‘that’ of our Self in others of different languages, feelings of compassion, empowerment, and love for a fellow human being. We can no longer look apon each other any differently now, than the way see ourselves.

    The peacefulness of it reminds of the beaches I grew on, here on Lake Ontario Canada. I was not more joyous, on regular daily basis, than I was as a Child at play on the beach, with a special cousin, David, my best freind, who has since passed away from HIV.

    We loved each completely, him and I as kids, all thru Childhood. We sleep in the same bed as kids, and would stare at the ceiling talking for hours.

    Later in life, just before died, I layed down beside him, and again, we talked, and felt exactly the same way we did as Children, our voices resonating with love we had of one another again in our hearts. David and I used to play guitar together, singing all the old Eagles songs, Kris Kristopherson, all the country music back in the 70’s, full of love and compassion.

    All is connected, is it not, where have arrived?

    Be cautious of those not yet of your wisdom, as these take time, like ‘that’ of pyschological growth, the internalization required for self actualization, where we need sit with our Self in safe and supportive environments, setting boundaries, being wise, of those we feel good around, and of those who may be cause for our feelings of becoming toxic, such as our work environments, certain friends, and yes, some family members.

    The best friend you can ever have in life, is psycho therapist, of your choosing, that you feel good with. You do not have to necessarily take the one the put you in with. Speak up, meet with other therapists, and decide one that is comfortable for you. They are the guide post for us all, as we venture into the future, using our brain capacity to ensure a radiant and bright life, for sake our Self , our Children, of those we love, and another.

    It may take another century before we rid the world of conflict, and poverty, but it will occur, by means of loving compassionate wisdom. The balance of ying and yang is false, and misleading, yet fundamentally, it is part of our compassion. The difference in balance is ‘that’ of the fact that the enlightened ones, like myself, see clearly the unwise Adult Children, of the things the say and do, where ignorance, by means of clarity of the truth, serves us, as well as the light. We balance is toward the light, and best of all, is the intensity our our loving compassionate wise feelings, far out weight ‘that’ of negative energy in the world, such as unwise condescending, belittling behaviour apon another, ‘that’ of an unwise Adult Child.

    These findings in pyschology, are rock solid, with millions of case studies now looked apon. My favorite people in life, are students and professionals in this field.

    Take a deep breath, and relax….all will be fine. Take steps towards understanding in pyschology, ‘that’ of books, friends, therapists, and surround your life, adjusting it accordingly in set boundaries, and addressing serious life issues, such substance abuse, that is a progressive illness, statistically growing worse as time passes, where most case studies show clearly ‘that’ it ends badly; violence, prison, car accidents, and suicide, like ‘that’ of my suicide lover Troy, that I miss with all my soul.

    Dysfuntional is also a part of substance abuse, where the dysfuntion of lover, inadvertently makes us feel feelings of neglect, that are not really neglect, rather that of the side affects of substance abuse, ‘that’ of dysfunctional behaviour.

    Jesus was and Adult Child who had become wise in his own way of understanding, easy to feel of him, what now know in our findings of psychology.

    Jesus did surpass his desires of wealth and the many things he refers to as empty vessels, devoid of love. He was wanting others to come to feel his loving compassionate understanding, knowing how good he felt for others, and sorrow as well for those feeling unloved, and neglected. We don’t know how ruthless life was back then, but I have read of story in the desert, where an individual of a different religious following, was forced to dig a hole in the sand, where apon the burried the individual up to their waste, and stoned them to death, where someone remember the dying words of them.

    You can find the dying words of them in the Nag Hammadi Library.

    It is allowing ourselves to touch these many things, like that of art work and music, that are good for us to know, that of our loving feelings, compassion, and clarity of wisdom, knowing bitterness, hate and all these things of the unwise hypocrit heart, stem from an unwise Adult Child, many of those who continue to do so today, to their own detriment, and pain of life.

    Our feelings, mingled with empowering wisdom of clarity, is the answer.

    However, more important than the answer, is our sincere desire to know more, to seek, to keep seeking, just I have for 20 years now, of intensive research and study, feeling my feelings growing stronger and stronger. I kept returning to Jesus, in study, alone, and felt good dwelling with him. As time passed, more and more, the amount of time increased.

    I was walking in the desert, alone, for days, weeks, years, until I saw Jesus there too. I stood before him, my head down, humbled, I said to him, something along the lines of(I forget the exact words), “I now know in my heart Jesus, that you are more worth of my life than I am. This I know fully and without doubt. I want you to have my heart, mind, body and soul Jesus, for I know you and father will make better use of it than I ever will.”

    I had surrendered my life that day to Jesus and God, because of the peace and love I was feeling for Jesus. I woke the next day, and I was able to see everything with absolute clarity, all those around me, thru the eyes of Jesus. As time passed, God started speaking with me, the same way Jesus spoke with God.

    There is spirit realm. But it is only revealed to those of sincerity of heart and mind, of empowerment, diligence, determination, becoming that of a warrior I suppose you could say, one of God’s warriors, but not in the sense that we wish anyone harm or suffering of any kind, and rather ‘that’ of the things we have come to know. I know who I am. I know I am chosen by God, because I chose God for me, alone in the desert, having shed all teachings of the world, that were going against the purity within me.

    I kept seeking, looking for the doorway into Heaven, and came to realize that it is a perspective of loving compassionate, all knowing wisdom, although am yet always humble before God, at all times, merely that of a student, a Child of God yet learning. We have to embrace that if something did create the universe, that without doubt, we are not of that wisdom yet, are we? hahaha! ;D πŸ˜€

    Man has always looked to the sky, like Stonehence, the piramids around the world, even in Mexico, where the structure is built using almost identical methods as the piramids of Egypt. Some think extraterstrial is behind it.

    God is meant only for good of everyone. None of us are any different. We embrace this fully, and put away our pettiness of feelings, like the racism in the southern USA, that still thrives and is rampant, now rising up, a voice ignored for so long, wisdom crying out, revealing clearly the truth, yes, of the oppression.

    Wisdom crys out, does it not, of all these things in the world. things that seperate, partialities of the heart, mind, body and soul, including that of orientation.

    ALL these things are that of wisdom for us to hear the CRY.

    There is only ONE HUMAN BEING, and it is Eternal, is it not?

    The gates of Heaven have been opened, where I stand guard. Always. Always.

  107. sorry, my spelling errors are everywhere!

    It is a good test for those who read it I suppose, of their sincerity of heart and mind, that requires them to slow down into the grace needed to do so.

    haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I too, am still growing in grace, as evident in the spelling errors.

    The slowing of the mind, needed to enter into macro thinking.

  108. I write with sincerity and purity of heart and mind.

    I read with sincerity and purity of heart and mind.

    I listen to music with sincerity of heart and mind.

    I look at art work with sincerity of heart and mind.

    I look apon you ALL with sincerity of heart and mind.

    I love all of you.



    YOU are the key to the Kingdom of Heaven, that surronds you.

    It is ‘that’ of ALL of you, who work joyfully in collaboration with one another, by means of sincerity and purity heart in ALL you do, that is of your loving compassionate wisdom, in anything you set you minds to.

    I learned how to play classical guitar well as a teen. I used to spend 12 -18 hours a day practicing in the summer time, out in the country side, in a farm house.

    I learned to master century old pieces of classical music, as good as and better, than some the best musicians in the world, like Liona Boyd.

    I learned at that tender age of teen, that no matter what I set my mind to, I was ABLE(no pun intended) to become accomplished as the best in the world.

    Know this of your Self, for truly, I look apon ALL, as the best in the world, of all the world, and the great many yet to be born of the future.

    Embrace this. Be Empowered by this. For this a deep feeling within of the Greatest Treasure one shall ever find, beyond all riches of the world, is it not?

    Our love for one another.

    Our compassion for one another.

    Our wisdom for one another.

    I stand in Heaven at the doorway. There is great nashing of teeth outside the door.

    If you sit for a moment, and embrace the clarity of truth easy to know in ‘that’ of everything we say or do, every second of everyday, does indeed alter the future, does it not?

    So where is the future? Is it not clearly right here with us ALL in the present?

    Indeed it is.

    We must become ‘that’ of Wisdom, ‘that’ of God’s warriors of the Light, Children of the Light, that is radiant and bright, lighting the entire world, such as Melissa’s music does, number one in my ipod, walking down the street, here in the ghetto, with my loving family of gay, lesbian, bisexuals, knowing I am a bisexual, loving both male and female. I think we all are, in the sense that I love my own body, ‘that’ of male, I love my own body ‘that’ of a female, where it is obvious, we love both male and female bodies, do we not?

    It’s all rather silly then, these things of attitude we put between us, that of an unwise Child, yes?

    Sincerity unlocks the door to our soul.

    One merely needs to commit to themselves.

    Set your boundaries with those who make you feel uncomfortable, no matter the consequences, even that of a job, of a negative environment, for things of wealth should not be a priority, and rather that of SELF.

    The sun above is shining today, for us, of us, for each other, for ALL.

  110. ~ the fountain of life pours forth for YOU.

  111. ALL of YOU.

    No one is different from another.

    Yet we are all growing at different rates of speed.

    Be of grace, and learn to control you mind and tongue.

    Be patient with yourself as I have for 20 years now.

    It takes time, since the time of ABLE.

    Alpha and Omega.

    Beginning and End.

    Here and now, always in the present, where the past meets the future.

    That is the doorway.

    The past teaches. The future changes according to our wisdom.

    I am no greater or lesser than any of you. I have merely come wise, and compassionate for us ALL.

    Are we not all of ‘that’, especially compassionate for the Child without, in such sorrow of hardship, my tears of wisdom that cry for the Child without, that are of my Child within.

    We are ‘that’.


  112. we are loving.

  113. Loving Compassionate Wisdom summons ALL of us together, united as one family…a loving family indeed, we are.

    Listen to Melissa’s music, and it is there. The simple truth so easy to know, like the Child yet learning of technology research that we tediously spent so long to learn, so much easier now to teach the child, what now know, is it not?

    Sad is all those lost in war over thru out the history of mankind, when in truth, we all love one another.

    The door is open for us ALL.

    Alpha and Omega.

    ABLE loved Cain

  114. Our Spirits set free, to just be.

    Be a musician.

    Be a singer.

    Be a song writer.

    Be a poetry writer.

    Be an artist.

    Be a writer of books.

    Be a film writer.

    Be any part of film.

    Be a psychologist.

    Be a spiritual teacher.

    ALL of these things matter.

    Be most of ALL, be a student of YOUR loving compassionate wisdom.

    I am merely a seeker, on the path with everyone.

    Hey look! I found something. I think it’s a key of some sort!

    Forever young inside, my joyful Self that loves to love.

    We all do. Every time we watch a film, or read a love story. Every time we pick the guitar and touch the stringed instrument, instruments of God, for us, of us, for each other, in love, we march forward with God always with us, compassionate for the (yet) unwise, compassionate for the Child without that looks apon us, hoping we are loving.

    We are loving compassionate wisdom, Children of the Light.

    If not Children of the Light, then always it will be, we are loving compassionate wisdom.

    I think of my self in the simple terminology of a Child of the Light, as it resonates of the truth of a humble student, at one before Jesus and God, with them, not against them, for them, not away from them, for my Self, not away from my Self, for each other, not away from each other, for another day, I pray.

  115. Hey, what time is it?

    Time stopped.

    Time to reflect.

    Past meets Future, where the future is always right here in the Present…at all times.

    Inavoidable, undenialbe sincere purity of truth…a simple that sets us ALL free to just be, who we really are…loving, compassionate, wise.

    For sake of our SELF, we are ‘that’, for sake of our lover, we are ‘that’, for sake of another, we are ‘that’.

    Hey this could make for some good song writing, yes?

    I wear a wood cross around my neck now, given to me by a homeless friend that loves me, and I him, like a best friend, we sit for hours, always in delight of each other. I like the sincerity and appreciation of the homeless ones, who are humble with me and I them, more so than most.

    Take time with them, and feel them within you, the radiance the shines forth from their Child within, of delight of even a smile, a gentle reasuring touch of the arm, a hug when it is cold outside, a warm cup of coffee, and warm time spent with them, reasuring my Self and their Self of sincerity of heart and mind.

  116. I’ll AAAAAAAAlways LOOOOOOOOOVE you.. my soul friend..

  117. Andy, throw away the key’s it’s a combination lock, you need the right mixture. one turn forward two turns back.. hang on that’s not right… one turn back .. two turn forward.. ah see unlocked the gates to heaven πŸ˜‰ dah ..

    or as the colored sheep would say bah..

  118. Louise……

    Sending….. LOVE…. LIGHT… and BLESSINGS… TO YOU, GUY… and the LITTLE ONES….
    Nothing’s more important than your FAMILY!!!
    Nothing… not us… not your career..
    You’ve got it… and YOU WILL KEEP IT..

  119. haha! You made me laugh Marco! Damn! You got me back again!

    my turn I suppose. Damn! I can’t think of anything funny when I get into my laboratory of the mind.

    Positive energy vs Negative energy

    Choose wisely, and set boundaries with those who are negative, until you are strong in positive approach, able to fend off the negative ones by use of the mind of wisdom, lest they poison your mind with their lacking in zeal, passion, spunk, radiant and bright, that of the joyful one within, that kicks the closet door down, sets fire to the closet and walks away, never again to be locked in that fucking closet again…EVER!!!!


    Let’s see now, there is the gay closet. Bin there. Done that.

    Then there is the bisexual closet, that I finally made my way OUT of. That was harder than I thought it would be, more so than the gay one.

    I say love your body, and find someone that loves it as much as you do, and you of theirs.

    Although you may want to pay attention to if they are healthy of heart, mind, body and soul.

    Make your SELF the focus of becoming healthy of heart, mind, body and soul.

    It has taken me years to accomplish where I am now.

    Hey where am I anyway? Ah fuck, I am that fucking rainbow sheep again, talking to you again Marco. Damn!

    hahahaha! Madman laughter, tears streaming down my face!

    Snuck up on you that time! I got ya back. It’s turn again!

    Why the fuck do we always always find ourselves out here Marco, and not with the one we love. EXPLAIN that to me, will you?

    Ya, we love her. Always. Only fool would not love her.

    She loves us too Marco. That’s why she has stayed in her music all these years, for sake everyone in the world. A true humanitarian of the Light.

    Of greater value than all the riches of the world shall ever be, where richness of the loving heart, mind, body and soul, is truly the only wealth in life.

    It is her loving heart for us all, which is why we feel the way we all do, loving of her.

    WE LOVE YOU MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you think she heard that one Marco, from out here in the field with you? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  120. The rainbow sheep Marco, is the sheep that went astray, from the dynamics of group mentality of the other 99 sheep.

    Jesus was a rainbow sheep, out in the desert alone with God, away from the dynamics of group mentality that grips the 99 sheep.

    Jesus returned to the other 99 sheep with instructions from God, where God is 100, as in 100 % with doubt, based on Truth Wisdoms, that do not fail, and rather is always we who have failed the truth, thru out history of mankind, war of minds that lead to war, closed minded to God, with God hoping at least one of us comes before him/her of sincerity of heart and mind, asking for instructions. Such was Jesus, and Adult of God’s instructions, not of any other in the world.

    We should always give thanks to God who loves us, watching over the ones of sincere heart, mind, body and soul, where a thankful heart is a heart of appreciation of even the smallest thing in life, such as the incredible taste of a mangoe, given to us by God who planted the garden for us.

    Thank you father. I love you father. Thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus. Thank you Madonna. I love you Madonna. Thank you Rosie. I love you Rosie. Thank Marco. I love you Marco. Thank you to all who are loving, choosing wisdom over folly.

    I Love ALL.

  121. 100 % without doubtfulness of heart, mind, body and soul, ‘that’ of Truth Wisdoms, so easy know and embrace.

  122. Jesus was an Adult Child of God’s instructions.

  123. We ALL are Adult Children.

    Jesus is our brother that loves us ALL, knowing precisely without doubt, the folly of the mind yet unwise.

    Be patient with SELF.

  124. I don’t know anymore Andy i’ve lost my creativity god’s stopped talking to me, maybe i’ll go to gym and take care of my self for a while, i think alcohol is poison and do not like it much, mineral water anyone ? .. see i’ve gone totally mad i need a holiday in the country side for me, i’m off to visit the sheep..

    hey madonna i like 4 minutes great song good beat and cute lyric’s …

    night all ..

  125. Hillary’s gang should be digging a little deeper in the mud pit for something stickier. If she gets something to stick, maybe she can at least get the booby prize, John McCain as President.

  126. Hi … oh just talking to myself again ::)

  127. You are loved by me Marco, for like you, I love ALL.

    We are Divine Children of God’s love for one another.

    Take the hand of a starving Child, so the that the Child knows the, yes, the world is a loving place for ALL, and replace the feelings of being unloved ‘that’ of the one billion Children living in poverty today.

    It is the collaboration of ALL that will usher the Kingdom of Heaven in here on Earth, where I dwell with ALL of you.

    Always know, that I am loving of ALL of you. Always. Always.

    But despise wretchedness, ‘that’ of an unwise Child, knowing ‘that’ ALL Children are able to become wise, just as you are becoming wise of me.

    Truly we are loving joyful creatures. Know that ALL has been provided for those who have been loving for a reason, to protect and nurture them as God’s angels of mercy, ‘that’ of Madonna who over sees the world of God’s loving Children.

    She is of God’s love for us ALL, where LOVE is the greatest hidden treasure within ALL of you that you shall ever discover.

    Truly love exists between the lovers of love’s embrace of the lovers who are loving, does it not?

    If you find a better place than love’s embrace, let me know will you? I have not found a better place than this yet! Nor do I want to! Damn! haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    So good the feelings of love’s embrace! I don’t want to get out of bed, if you must know! hahaha!

    We are meant to be completely loving of each other, where the negativity of the world, that leaves a bad taste in our mouth, truly feels aweful to us, in contrast to holding hands, walking down a beach on a beautiful day, does it not.

    I ask that you be loving of one another, in the same way I love ALL of you, knowing that love exists within ALL of us, of Jesus, of you, of each other, for Jesus, for you, for each other, and another, especially the Children of Starvation, born behind great walls of poverty, where the true poverty of the world is that of the yet unwise Children of God, led astray by the teachings of all the forefathers before you.

    It is not anyone’s fault. It is merely the way the world has come thus far, where ABLE loved Cain, where Cains behaviours have passed down into the future, that of today, as well as that of the love of the future, that is ABLE to be changed back into ‘that’ of ABLE, ‘that’ which also existed within Cain, where Cain was, and yet remains, ‘that’ of the unwise Children, to great misfortune for us ALL. May sadness of suffering souls of unwise Children, ‘that’ of Cain be what empowers you, motivates you, with diligence and determination, ABLE within you, ‘that’ of which Jesus came to know existed within himself, and obviously thru his eyes, exists within ALL of us, the capability to truly know how to see thru the eyes of Jesus, your loving compassionate wisdom of sincere purity of love for one another, where your feelings is sight returned to your soul, of ‘that’ which is you, of you, of Jesus, of each other.

    There is only ONE ETERNAL HUMAN BEING, just as there is only ONE ETERNAL DOLPHIN, of various types, ALL from the beginning, ALL on the same journey… on the path into eternity, so long as we embrace the love, where failing to do so, is obvious, merely by looking apon WWII. Such utter and senseless amounts of death and destruction, ‘that’ of Cain, the unwise Child ‘that’ ABLE loved.

    YOU ARE ABLE.(no pun intended) haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I don’t know where I get this stuff so easy to understand. Thanks Dad! I love you Dad! Always. Always. Always with me, not against me.

  128. Celebration Time!!!

    God love us ALL, and wants to be joyful of exceeding Joy and happiness. Take time to enjoy love between one another. And make time for others of you love for them as well, where every day is filled with grace and love at all times, meant for you, of God’s design, for God loves ALL what he created for you, the garden which surrounds you, meant for you, planted by God, so that you may see the delicate nature of your SELF within all of nature, of the many beautiful colours of the rainbow for your eyes to see, by means of the ever rising sunshine above you, meant for you.

    Indeed, your radiance and brightness is ‘that’ of the same magnitude and power of the Sun above you, ABLE to alter the entire future of the Eternal Human Being for ALL eternity, for ALL Children yet to be born of the future.

    You are of God, of God strength of mind, meant for you to know, that indeed, you are the power of God, of God’s all powerful wisdom, and of God’s all power weapons, meant only as the Purity of a shield, to protect You and your loving Children, which Warriors of God have in their hands, from ‘that’ of Cain, the (yet) unwise Children of God, no different that you, where compassion extinguishes the fires within you, yet always in despise of the Beast of ignorance that grips the world, not hateful of another, but of the learned behavious of another handed down by all the unwise forefathers before ALL of you.

    ALL of you are Children of God’s love and mercy.

    Give thanks for that which created you and all the beautiful things meant for you here in the Kingdom of Heaven which surrounds you.

    If some says, Heaven is above in the universe, is it not rather silly a thing to say, when the Earth is part of the universe? duh! haha! (sorry, my sarcastic side has grown rather weary of nonsense of so many things)

    I get it from my brother’s sense of sarcastic humor, of his great delight in out witting me in conversation, but I always whipped his ass in Chess, until the day he did not want to play with me any more. hahaha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  129. ~ Full Circle

  130. Music time. Slow dance time.

    I am going to take a break and relax.

    Enough learning for now, for you to reflect apon.

    I shall return later, another day.

    Like you, I too merely want to hold someone’s hand, and dance the night away, of love I feel for another.

    I love you Madonna. Always did. Always. Always.

    Blessed are those who ARE LOVING! for I know that you are, of me, of you, of each other, of another.

    We all are, and always have been. I am just raising the bar to the top notch, that’s all, leaving there, where it belongs for all eternity.

    You loved by God, and by me.

    Somebody put some music on.

    Melissa is amazing, is she not? Thanks Rosie. That video you created gave me such a loving feeling, and still does, a feeling of someone loving of me, that all is going to be ok Andy, as I cryed tears of love for Troy, and all of you. Great has been my anguish over Troy over many years, where news of his death, I dropped to my knees, head down, humbled before God, and Jesus, knowing I wanted to fly him. I had gone to the travel agency to purchase the tickets for him and his girlfriend, but I hesitated, because I was sharing him with her, the whole time I knew Troy. It was painful for me, and I hesitated because I wanted to be loved all the time, instead once a week, of the years I waited for him.

    His alcohol consumsion that day, was 18 bottles of beer, dased, of irrational thinking, he did what he did, because of the alcohol, a depressant, and indeed Marco, a poison.

    Don’t touch it. Don’t allow in God’s house. It is an evil device that must cast out of heaven, unless you are able to control the intake. Studies have shown though, that the amount of intake increase over time, where for some it is within a few months, for others a few decades. It is a progress illness, that spirals downward according to case studies, ending in tradgedy more often than not. Prognosis for recovery is poor to nill during the first five years of engaging in a recovery program, that does not change in prognosis during these five years.

    No recovery program = No recovery

    ~ wisdom must embraced of such issues.

    Protect your SELF and teach your Children well.

    God bless ALL of you!

    ALL my love to ALL of you,

  131. Hey, this would make a great film script, a love story, yes?

    Any good script writters out there, that can spell better than me?

    My thinking races faster than my typing, and is cause for the many spelling and grammer, as is evident, in the urgency of my thinkin thought process, that exhaust me, when I enter into the laboratory of the mind and spirit realm.

    Albert Einstien would be proud of me, yes? haha!

    What an incredible mind he had. They say his brain weighed more than that of most humans. I beleive it was exercise of his brain, like that of a muscle which was cause for the increased brain mass.

    Sorry, I am thinking OUT loud again. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I really want to meet Madonna someday, although I am terrified to meet her, unsure of how much she loves me, that I feel is the same way I love her, as I always have.

    Incredible is it not, the POWER of LOVE that alters the world for a better place, as you have Madonna?

    It is the Power of Love of Madonna for us ALL, and for each other, that will continue to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven, just as all musicians do, and artists, film, poets, all of it in the direction of love, compassion and wisdom. Love devoid of doubt. Not 99%. Rather 100% is of God and of us.


    We did it, united together in love.

    You keep the lear jet Madonna. It is meant for you. An instrument of God, for you to use, as one of God’s angels of mercy for us ALL.

    I was only teasing you about the blue jeans. It’s just how I see you, of country girl charm, like where I grew up.

    No matter what we do, as long as it is something loving, that of all things, we are in step with God’s love, of the love we feel inside.

    Is there any better place to be? How about with…

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Nah, I retract.

    And I apologize to the groom. Forgive me. I want you both to be loving and happy, ok? Yet Always know, that I love her, and will always be there for her, just as she has been for me, for us all in her sweet loving, empowering, passionate, confident, nurturing of self-esteem of everyone.

    It is of God’s will that I stand at the alter before Jesus and God, for sake of her, and everyone, where I dwell, in the bridal chamber with God, Jesus and ALL of you.

    Ok then, where was I? Oh yeah, music time!!!

    You are loved by God, and protected by the God’s loving warriors, that of God…ALL of you.

    Peace OUT! I love you Rosie! There is not enough thanks I can say to you for soothing my pain.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  132. More than one million people will be attendance at the Toronto Pride Parade this year, always the last Sunday of June.

    If can attend, please do, and meet with people from all corners of the earth of different languages, race and religion, all united on beautiful day, in enjoy and peacefulness of each other with helicopters film the entire event above, broadcast live across the world. It is truly the most beautiful of all feelings I know of, seeing so many, so loving and peaceful of one another, not a single event of violence, because of the comradery everyone feels, and all the film cameras, stages for musicians, beer gardens, you name it, we got it…although something needs to be done for more porta potties! hahaha! The line ups are excrusiatingly painful. Damn, I really gotta go! Hurry up would ya! I jest. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    i am relentless, i know.

  133. BIG TIME SENSUALITY is what we feel for one another. It is the Power of LOVE of the ALL, which changes the future.

  134. Of course having Bjork on a flat bed truck in the Parade, singing this song, has always been a dream of mine, that lifts everyone’s spirit up out of the mundaneness of life, of the magic deep within us ALL, that feels so good, on a beautiful day, of none stop cheering of exceeding joyfulness.

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. And of course, having all the musicians of the world singing selected songs of radiance and bright, has also been a dream of mine, that of the love of the future world, the Celebration of True Life, for ALL the world to see and here us, so unbelievable, they speak of it for weeks, the truth, WE ARE LOVING, JOYFULNESS of EXCEEDING JOY…the Eternal Human Beings that love one another.

    Having U2 singing, like they did on the roof top in LA, is certainly at the top of my list.

  136. Thousands of Law enforcement officers are dispatched for the day long event. Hotels are booked early and sold out months in advance.

    You could always crash my couch M, if you make a last minute decision.

    OMG! I don’t when to stop. Damn! I love you!

  137. Keep the music playing. Listen to all music. It is for our souls to embrace, keeping us free of silly negative energy.

  138. Ok, everyone. Enjoy the day!

    I’m OUT of here.

  139. Hi Madonna and Andy and everyone else who’s got a heart, i posted this on my blog today and i have to share it, i out did my self i think this time..

    “Once upon a time the was a girl with lovely big long blond locks of hair with a gentle loving heart and she was smart, all the boys in town were mesmerized by her but she was no tart, she always said sticks and stones may break my bones but nobody is going to steal my heart.

    until one day,

    and this is a true story,

    out of the blue came this boy, he was pretending to be a toy, but it was all a ploy, he dressed up in warm woolly colored clothes and said to the girl…

    Hi wanna try, a little shy that’s why i look so sly, truth is you made me cry.

    She was smart from the start, so was he she could see, almost a competition mostly apart until one day he said why don’t you stay ? but she was smart and it fell apart until one day, until one day … well until today anyway.. but he was smart and well it fell apart … until one day …

    Motto of the story !
    ( it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.. and since Mariah Carey cannot sing it ain’t ever gonna be over …)

  140. made you laugh yes πŸ˜‰

  141. i wont tell anyone if you don’t, it’s our secret.. now take your dress off … ha ha

  142. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  143. Indeed, the never ending story Marco.

    It is about our SELF and SELF in everyone, that we are ALL the same inside, ABLE to receive God’s programing, meant for what God created, the light which shines into the darkness of a closed mind, revealing all dark ignorace that is cause for all of mankinds problems of the past, present and future, where the future is ALWAYS here in the present, in ALL we SAY and DO, every second of every BEAUTIFUL DAY.

    Magnitude of the Empowerment is on par with that of the magnitude of the sun.

    I was teaching another yesterday, and ask the student, “Do you believe every second of your life alters the future for the better in all you say and do for all etenity?

    I pointed to sun shining brightly above, and said, “Look into the Sun, and embrace the magnitude of this Truth Wisdom that is true of you of the future of eternity for mankind yet to come. You are the magnitude of God’s Powerful Truth Wisdom.”

    I don’t recall seeing someone’s soul light like his did in that moment as I smiled. He was like, Holly fuck, where do you come with this stuff Andy?”


    Ah, just me and some friends I know, we cook this kind thinking all the time. hahaha!

    Of course did not tell him who friend was, lest he think me a nut case for having conversations with God.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  144. CAUTION:

    DO NOT look into the sun for more then 10 seconds, as it will burn your eye, causeing permanent blindness, that takes a decade to heal.

    As a Child, I closed one eye, and left other eye exposed to the sun. It blinded me one eye for over years, a constant image of the sun in one eye.

    duh! Not to bright! (no pun intended)

    Although I see the connection of the experience was meant to be. haha!

  145. Anybody see were Juliet went?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  146. It’s real for me, ok!!!?

  147. Tell her Marco!

    where’d Marco go? Not about me Marco, about your feelings Marco, the same as mine. Well ok, I know you have feelings for me too Marco, but tell her how we feel about her!!!

  148. Stop staring at me with you love stares Marco. Look at her, not me!


    I am so confused.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I am to go sit in the Hot tub for awhile, and just be me.

  149. please drowned Andy ..

  150. Andy i recome back from your blog, may be you should travel if you can, i don’ t know, but your taste is so shitty !! do something.. may be you could start to go the museum near of your place and to take time to wacht artists… at the end your so nasty taste feels depressed…oky it is not nice to say that…but from a blog i cannot do more for you, or go to the church to pray or start an politic action…or both

    and all this kids on your blog have a name, imagine yourself for an exemple for something you didn’t ask yourself… and if it is the relation with M is doing that i don’ t reconnize my self in this…of course it wd be more easy if M wd ring to your door and wd say now Andy stop your fucking shit on my blog…may be she will do ! and i will see your picture in the newspaper…M has saved her most stupid fan and you will be a case for the science, your brain will be analized… and what we will see Andy ? come on tell us… SHIT ANDY

  151. I told her Andy , she know’s

  152. yes where did Juliet go …. i can still feel her golden hair soft as silk, ok Andy you go have a bath, i need a cold shower ..

  153. Men can be so arogant, self centered, insensitive, egotistical, fake masked pigs, of their timid True Self. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    annoying to be around for me.

    Ya, I love the hot tub for decompressing after spending days in the laboratory of the mind, writing, interpreting, wrangling with macro thinking concepts, that leave me burnt out and stressed.

    The water mimics the feeling of being in the womb, surround and fully submerged in water. The grace and sensitivity of the body in water, connects deep within us, relaxing us completely, depending on if anyone is around us. I prefer alone, and sometimes with others of nice personalities. I hate the drunk ones, slurring and swearing the way they do. yuk.

    Sauna is nice too, again alone or with nice friends.

    Time in the sun alone, even for 15 minutes is very good for us, sitting on the ground. Isolation from everything, we can connect with our past of when we used to do this.

    All good for maintaining True Self.

    Ya, most men are pigs, afraid of being their sensitive true side, hiding behind manifesting masks of falseness.

  154. By nature we are very relaxed and of great grace, no concern at all, other than the moment.

    Spending time in our natural state, actually gives us better thinking capability for the rest of our day, at ease with everyone, clear mind, anxiety free.

  155. I figured out my sensitivity is like that of Jesus.

    Sometimes I am so calm with others, they have asked if I was doing drugs! haha!

    I connect with their true self in this way, that is assuring of them, merely by mirroring who they really are, of gentle grace and sensitive, a calming comes over them. It is in this approach, that I get a hugs and kisses from them!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  156. Alcohol is poison, it blind’s the soul and feeds the ego..destroying all in it’s path

  157. Ya, it took my lovers life Marco.

  158. This is not Madonna’s blog, think about it, Madonna is a hype queen and this blog would be full of Hard candy, weak

  159. And now you’ve got another lover Andy, Ya

  160. Time will tell.

    She’s got 4 minutes to think about it.

    And all the time she wants to decide.

    I know what I want Marco…the same thing you want….

    …no!!!!! Not that !!!!!

    hahhaha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  161. it’s your turn.

  162. Time’s up …;)

  163. Well we cannot both have her, and i Love her as much as you Andy, but they say if you truly Love someone you should let them go, so take care of her for me Andy,

    I’ve waited a lifetime actually two lifetime’s so i just have wait another lifetime. But Andy make sure you Love her true and stuff.. i don’t want baggage when it’s my turn πŸ™‚

  164. Just kidding Andy she’s married so we should both forget it right now, we can still love her but not have her.. seriously

    I hope in my next life I’m not egotistical and insensitive and a better person than i am in this life, and i hope in my next life i find a loving partner who is the same and that we are equal so the material illusions will never come between us, maybe it will be on another planet where everyone is equal and there is no such thing as money and materialism but just love and compassion, it does not exist on earth people just care more about jewelry and owning an expensive Picasso which was used as a money making commodity that even the creator/artist did not benefit from, how sad state of affair’s on earth right now.. but i would be ignorant if i was generalizing there is a vast percentage of soul’s on earth that to care and do want change and that’s gives me hope but for the other’s i pray some day they find their way.. until then they make me realize how beautiful a person I AM, not better but beautiful.. … hang on !! where did my ego go ?

  165. And to the person who gave me a half smoked cigarette last month, um what were you thinking ? do i look like an ashtray..Andy i am offended by people who walk around doing thing’s like that, rude..

    sorry Madonna i won’t use your blog again to vent my hurt

  166. Andy,
    Anyone would turn to drink having to listen to your views on love, God and wisdom
    Im a full blowen alcoholic just reading your crap!!!!!

  167. It’s just a fucking blog Marco. Fuck them and their whatever shit that comes out of their mouth. haha!

    Damn! I sware worse than she does! haha! ;D πŸ˜€

    Actually, that is one think I love Madonna, she don’t no motherfuckers garbage.

    Wisdom sees them as they are, not of us, nor for us Marco. Yikes. Bin there. Done that. Stupid to be with them again, is it not?

    Hey I know, why not you and me Marco? We could hit the road together, hand in hand, and just say to the world, go fuck yourself !!!!

    Damn, the hot tub and sauna really bring out the best in me! hahahaha!

    See look Marco, her and friends are laugh their asses off again!

    They love us Marco! We are her court jesters, able to distract her from the mean spirited world of illusion and delusion, entertaining her and friends, for sake of them.

    Personally Marco, I always want to where the clown outfit she worn in The Girly Show, so many years ago, the same one I reproduced to protect my True Self, gentle and mild, of joyfulness within, from the mean spirited (yet) unwise world. The satin against the my nude skin, is Heaven for me!

    Hey I know Marco, let’s you and make a big one that both of us can fit into. A three legged one, skin to skin, always within kissing distance, arm around each other, eyes of only love for one another.

    Ya, that’s what I am Marco. Loving of you, a loving bisexual I am, of everyone!

    It is more about love Marco, not sex. Although I have to say, I absolutely love sex with either a male or female.

    Especially in a hot tub, so gentle and graceful the touch, of the loving embrace of two naked bodies, floating in the gracefulness of water. Feels blessed for me, without any concern at all for the world outside, that is just going to have to wait until I am done with my one or two hours a day, that I always set aside for me.

    That’s how I live each day Marco. Everyone should.

    And no, I am not rich at all Marco. In fact, I am broke ass as they get, yet still completely intact, is my sweet loving peaceful by nature SELF.

    Nurturing and protection of my SELF has enabled this to be possible, not of anything of material of the world, and rather that of me, a nude body, standing in the sun shine, alone with God who created me, I shall always remain, a Spiritual Being of God, for God, for Self, the Self of everyone, the Self of me and you.

    So what do ya say Marco? Let’s blow this popsicle stand!

    Pride Day 2008, Toronto Canada, last Sunday of June.

    With or without, I am always with you ALL, on God’s side, who is always on your side, of God’s positive energy that flows thru me, thru you, thru another.

    Finite Truth of Kabala.

    Finite Truth of ALL of YOU.

  168. Oh ya, I use the hot tub at the local bathhouse. It’s cheap, like me, only $10 per day, sauna, all of it, for 8 hours.

    And for me, it will cost you nothing. I really am cheap eh? hahaha! ;D πŸ˜€

    I know, some of you are thinking, eewww, a puclic hot tube, by hey, they have enough clorine in it to cause blindness(physical that is).

    And besides, who the fuck wants hot tub alone? duh!

    Well, besides me. Honest! Well ok, most of time. Once and while? Often? Seldom? Never? hahaha! ;D πŸ˜€

    Oh man, life is too long to be miserable!!!!!!!

    Fuck that! Bin there. Done that.

    So now what?

    tic toc tic toc

    Oh damn, someone is knocking at my door.

    It better be you Marco!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  169. Either way, it is always one way for me…LOVING!

  170. Wow, I had no idea being OUT as a bisexual, could be this much fun! haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  171. NEXT!!!!

    No, I am not a tramp. People just interpret me as such. Their loss, not mine.

    I am a lover.

  172. Someone turn up the music. I can’t hear it!

    ~ Elton John, on Piano, opening of song…

    ~ all voices singing and clapping:

    Some…times in our lives
    we all have friends
    we all have sorrow
    but, if we are wise
    we know ‘that’ there’s….Always Tomorrows

    So lean on me
    when you’re not strong
    and I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    lean on me
    for, it won’t be long
    till I am going to need
    somebody to lean on
    you all just might have a problem
    that you’ll understand
    we ALL need somebody
    to lean on

    Collaboration of joyful loving souls…everyday is the way forward!

    Sounds fun to me. Where do I sign up?

    Hey Marco? Do you know how to use a sewing machine?

    Indeed, Of Joyful Laughter I always want to be found.

  173. Andy,

    I’m here to change the world, through my sensitivity i can remain connected to the wisdom of the Heaven’s thus express the knowledge of the God’s, I’m just here to give a gift of love to the world contribute to solving the world’s problems..

    I’d love to have a partner finding one that that is on the same journey is as important as the journey itself, time is imploding and I’ve left my run late so if there is someone that is on the same journey then i wont be alone if not then I’ll do it alone, until now it was looking like id be on my own however someone does have my attention.

  174. I have seen the spirit of God thru Marco, twice now, as it relates to things specific of my daily activities, while out walking in the world.

    God speaks to me thru you, without you being aware of it.

    Like today, a homeless person offered me a half cigarette if I gave him some change for food, return home, I read your post.

    I do not joke of such things. It is meant as a reasurrence for me, from God, always with me. Some moments I am weary, and God will revitalize the connection for me. Usually several times a week.

    Mind blowing, yes?

    Ok, who just called me nuts? haha!

    I do not lie about things of God’s spirit.

    My testimony is for you, that God wants you to know about me.

    Then again, it could just be a really boring book. haha!

    Like that will ever be possible.

  175. hmmm…I think maybe Marco and I are meant to be here with one another.

    Two nut case, meant for each other. Damn! We are so fucked Marco!

    I wish!

    Oooppps. Can’t hide it. Why even bother. It is the complete truth of me.

    That is why I think of Madonna, more so than any other female, as she is an evolved Adult Child, who embrace us fags, queers, lesbos, and me…meant for her!!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    She knows it, and I know it too!

  176. oh God, I can’t breathe. hurts too.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  177. I love you Marco.


  179. I say, love your own body.

    And if you find someone that loves your body as much as you do, and you of theirs…that is your lover.

    It all starts with knowing of Self, while alone.

    The tender gentleness of Self.

    It takes time to know Self.

    And even longer to find someone that loves the Self you come to know, someone who like you, where it is always someone who, like you, has come to know Self.

    The loving of Self of another, is by the Self you come to know of You.

  180. The Selflessness of Self that loves completely of Self of another, that loves completely Self of You.

    The two become one Self.

    And great are they who are truly loving of one another, of love’s embrace, of the lovers who are loving.

    Difficult to be away from each other.

    Always in sweet anticipation of each other.

    Memories so tender and loving of one another.

    They feel and see with eyes only for each other, of their Love devoid of doubt.

    There is no other lover for them, this they come to know fully.

    I do believe we all have a soul mate somewhere in the world.

    I think Spiritually, we are drawn to them some how, unknowingly.

    I think God knows who they are, and why they are meant for one another.

    And perhaps God plans the whole thing out in advance. Where apon, when they actually do meet, the timing is in sink for both of them, according to their life’s journey.

    I don’t know who my lover is yet Marco. But I sense deep within, that I will know when I meet them.

    I have heard it said, that they are often found closer than we realize, overlooking them at first.

    Men are mostly stupid about this, lead by the wrong part of their body, instead of their brain.

    It is the testosterone levels in the male body, ten times that of a female, which is mostly to blame, I would say, cause for their short sightedness.

    As we age, we become more self actualized, centered, and wiser of Self.

    One would hope they do, before they become 80 years old, as so many of them do, of a life full of memories of, ‘if Only’s.

    It would seem we are too late for M, Marco, married with family and all.

    Be happy for her, that she has found what we want.

    In the mean time, we too can find the same, if Only we look.

    And yet, I am perplexed by the spririt realm of why we are all here with one another, meant to be, that I know.

    The future awaits the future lovers…

    Choose wisely.

  181. yesturday i thought find my new b f , he gave me so much admiration than in one night all of my dreams with him get away and i think it was not a good idea to show him the movie Pusher in the evening…even his big dick it was not enough for me…i don’t know how you do with your fans ! may be you will think i m horrible, but when in the afternoon i went in cafΓ© to show my city to H J , the barman and me we were in touch eyes to eyes and now i wd like to know him is a sort of alternativ cafΓ© so i hope alot …

  182. I was hoping to be healed of my alergies.

    So I prayed.

    I have been healed of my alergies.

    It appears to be a stress, nervous anxiety condition of the body, from an over stressed mind. Special thanks to the fear and anxiety of the world we all live in, you can now understand more about the body.

    Thanks, but no thanks world. haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    ~ my spirit has been set free. Thank you Jesus. Thank you father. Thank you Madonna. Thank you Rosie. Thank you to ALL who are loving.

    I still don’t believe it. Damn! I have had alergies now for over a decade…GONE!!!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    ~ just one of the many things that come with spiritual education for the Higher Self I suppose. I wonder what other healing of the body is possible.

  183. Two weeks now, and no medicine required.

    I wonder how smart those alergy drug companies are in the scientific research? Hey, maybe the put stuff in it to stress your body? Billion dollar concern, I speculate on this.

    I always wondered about my stress, as it related to my onslaught of alergies when they first started, and looking back, I see clearly, at the time of when they started, and for a decade, I was in a stressful work enviroment the whole time.

    I think go work in a cafe from now on, serving beverages, living off the tips. Yep! Maybe write some songs, and send them out to artists to consider, like Kris Kristopherson used to do. Not sure if he still does.

  184. wow! has gone offline. weird.

  185. Here is the real truth about Iraq war, that geopolitical experts have spoken about.

    No more pretending, it is about the the economies of both China(exploding) and the rest of the world.

    Get this, China goes into countries like Germany, and buys the entire factory, technology and all, boxes it, and ships it into China, using the power of money they have, to meet any price asked, with no concern for how much, and rather the technology.

    We take that, tank you wery mush!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    So there have it, people die so we can have energy.

    I say Saudi is the dealer behind it all, with negotiations of exclusivity with USA, or we deal with China exclusively.

    One sentence. Trillion dollar deal.

    Mind blowing.

    I have heard rumors that China is funding the terrorist activities in Iraq. Highly plausible.

    Stupid of USA and China not to be friends is the problem. If we want to be part of the massive Chinese economy coming online, then why are we not being friendly?

    Because we are idiots.

    haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  186. That one was for you Matt. I know how you love the political arena. Interesting yes?

  187. Ok, I agree with Madonna, of favorite childhood stories as ‘Winnie the Pooh and Pippi Longstocking’, mine too, but ‘Horrid Henry’? Never heard of it.

  188. Ya, the live show performances is where it’s at, fun for you too.

    Promotional as well.

    The oneness of the audience is the greatest reward for us all. You cannot mimic that thru a PC or TV screen. It’s just not the same, and never will be. It attempts to, but the comradery is missing, that the audience connects with, identifying that special part of us all, is one and the same, where tenderness of love, and joyfulness are in abundance within us all, fearless of our emotions, rather than distant from them. Healthy for everyone.

  189. And as for Fetish, for me, it is old hat, not real(although for some it is), and rather silly. Blue jeans, t-shirt, converse footwear…I know, I am boring.

  190. I like the society comment! haha! Ya, more like I am the one disappointed with society, not by them of me, but by me of them, although there is joy in society that we can feel.

    But the greatest joy of all is always with our lover, and those we love, who love us without doubt. Forever Young.

  191. Ya, the thing with Positive Energy is it is always uplifting, good for another, and good for us, where negative energy is essentially, down sliding, bad of another and unwisely bad for us as well, unless it is constructive critic, that is not + or _, rather of the neutral zone of stuckness…not a nice place to be, found in uncertainty.

    It all starts with our Self, with Self leading, not following, yet following, but always our heart, mind, body and soul leading us to wisdom, of our own descerning, desire, diligence, determination, steadfastness, zeal, thru it, not around it, like those who follow one another seemingly aimlessly, not questioning, not even looking really, just in auto pilot.

    ie…not to make fun, but I find it fascinating to see a homeless person rushing down the street with a shopping cart full of whatever, and I see, that is their whole world to them. I just want to walk up to them and hand them the Nag Hammadi, but then I recall the farmers who found the clay jar with the Nag codices in it, who took it home and used some of them for lighting their evening fire. NOOOOO!!!!! hahaha!

    I wonder what was burned. God willing, likely nothing essential, where what is really the most essential and crucial thing of all, is out desire to learn.

    Failing that, they may as well make use of the books to keep warm with a fire. haha!

    i know, i really should get out more.

    I love you Madonna. Always. Always.

  192. + = + +
    – = + –
    o = + o

    should always be positive! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  193. oh my God what a weekend… I found Julieta she was in need and i picked her up and carried her to the … um was looking for the bed but she turned, so i threw her out the door and left her on the street … instead of under the sheets…

    But Karma got me and the next day i was on the escalator’s going Down to the subway train and nearly broke my neck when out of nowhere can this lady knocked me off my (heals..

    motto of the weekend).. enjoy life, love life, love those that love you … and be grateful when people say sorry with sincerely…. be gracious be loving and beloved…… but most of all be one… hun.. just don’t be a nun..

  194. Letting go and saying goodbye
    i’ve bugged you too long with no reply

    wishing you the best in all you be
    maybe another life
    not for me to see

    Goodbye for Good

  195. Wheres all the exclusive news Madonna? or anything???????????????????????????????????????????

  196. in her mind, i suppose…

  197. not yet on the radio of my gym club

  198. Cadbury Creme Eggs eh? Your funny M!

    Those things are just way to sweet for me, tasty, but the sugar crash is huge!

    Definitely, rewarding ourself daily, is something which keeps the motivation and zeal going strong. It is a trick I learned along time ago, where you incorporate it into your daily life, a reward to anticipate.

    My biggest reward at the end of the day is relaxation in a spa, and/or body massage for an hour or so, no negative energy, like that of TV, completely at one with self each day. Keeps us healthy and feeling good about ourselves, as well as our attitude with others, that of the loving gentle sincere self, which is both loving of self and another.

    YOU are unbelievable, you know that?

    Are you getting HARD…Candy?

    Damn! She read my mind again! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Of course I am getting HARD.

    HARD to resist!!!

    No…correction….Impossible to resist!

    which is a good thing!

    I don’t think I could baptize you in Hot tub, naked and alone with you.

    Well, I mean I could, and wood, but some people just don’t get what love devoid of doubt is, with their retarded right wing mentalities of those who think they understand sincerity and purity of love devoid of doubt…their own worse enemies.

    My problem is not so much having any difficulty about love devoid of doubt, as much is it is that I love everyone, wishing to spend time with each of them, except the drunk ones, and their irrational short sighted negative energy that is argumentive, I get toxic almost instantly…scary some of them are for me.

    Clasp your hands together(fingers thru fingers) and squeeze tight and hold.

    That is how I feel about YOU.

    I do this often thru out the day, thinking of you.

  199. the launch is doing good, yes?

    Must be exciting for you as an artist, with the whole world feeling the abundance of positive energy that shines forth.

  200. we are not many in the the world to think here it is the real blog of you or one of you…otherwise you are the spy of the bunker ! around me people think it is impossible to have a feeling with a blog and they think it is like a machin for the oil’s car… they are stupid, i can accept for those who are heavy but for my friends who are artists i cannot accept their stupidity …and i think that Andy, Smith, and Me we are on the border of he world because our past, i cannot speak for them but when i see so many fans…who would like to speak with you or it is a real bad trick of an other big artist in this world, and this artist can find your candy in your computer..How are you? and do you feel a strong feeling for this album? or it is too soon to say something ? can i ask a place for the Olympia in Paris? your shity french fan…

  201. Destiny for the ALL the world, is what you are, that connects with the special feelings within us all.

    Way to go everyone!

    Play safe, and I am pleased to hear the you keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. I know it is none of my business, but as friend, is important to me that you are healthy and wise, for sake of your happiness first, others second.

    I recreating the clown outfit again, brand new. Roller skates. Big Ass motherfucker squirt gun. White mask, like in the Girly Show( I found a stage outfitting company here that supplies the Live Stage Performance Companies). Blue with rainbow strips, like before.

    Exceeding Joy, is what it will be for me. This year has been remarlable for me…scary as hell at times, having spoken with you…my insecure side…only to find out, just how how sweet loving you really are.

    I identify my insecurity with that of how others are around me at times. Idiosyncrisies I accept of others, but some can be out right mean spirited, nasty, and deliberately hurtful of us in the world. In quiet reflection, I see them as yet immature. This perspective protects me, yet we still feel it, don’t we?

    That’s why setting boundaries is important, so that we can maintain our positive outlook, that just feels so much better, and completely natural for our true self.

    I know this may sound difficult for some to believe, but at 45 years old, I feel like I did when I was 15, of joyful spirit, only much much wiser to the mean motherfucker world, yes?

    hahaha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    So I guess you know who’s side I am on, yes? Always. Always.

  202. Of course two clowns will be created. If am not successful yet in finding another to tag along with me, then in the last minute, I will seduce someone if I have to!


    An easy task for me! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Hey, we are alot alike in that regard.

    Too bad people are so uptight about their own bodies, so anxiety ridden, and stressful for others to be around. Sheeesh!

  203. One clown just does not cut it. Two is joyfulness of spinning around, being retarded with one another, kissing of course, always holding hands( hand cuffed together to prevent seperation). Put it on damn it…then I keep the key. What fun it will be for ALL.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Best of all, I want to do this with a willful heart every year.

    Always of my sweet thoughts of YOU M.

    I love you. Always. Always.

  204. I got a new job today…a block from where I live. I have two part time jobs now. I used to work a full time job, two part time jobs, and manage website hosting from servers in San Diego. I just got bored with it all, and the 120-30 hours per week, that was draining me badly.

    Getting back to life, I have not felt this good since high school. And it looks like are feeling amazing too. I am so thrilled that you are M.

    I will always be around from time to time, shining some light your way, of someone in my life that I have grown to love and admire.

    I hope I don’t annoy you with so much chat. If I do, well too bad!!!!!!!

    hahaha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Wow, you post more than I do lately. Must be nice to have loving staff to assist you! Thank you everyone! I love you all.

  205. ~ Of your prompting of course! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  206. ~ just trying to keep up with ya M. With great joy, I might add.

    So nice to know you are smiling.

  207. Quick question. Is there a magazine in circulation, that you are not in?

    Amazing how many magazines and newspapers around the world are all part of it ALL.

    The Tree of Life is healthy indeed.

  208. ~ nurtured by love, and protected by wisdom, always growing stronger, it’s trunk larger, it’s many branches ever increasing, constantly absorbing the radiant and bright light, such is the Tree of Life, yes?

    At one with nature, our natural self beams with such joy.

    hmmm…I think maybe the white masks will interfer with kissing and smiling… a rethink….lose the masks, go with funky eye lashes, a splash of color, a natural healthy look.


    Ok…off the fabric district.

  209. Make sure you get lots of daily rest. There is no such thing as catching up on our sleep. Everyone is different for the amount of rest they need to be at peak performance thruout their day. Mine is 8.5 hours per day.

    You can easily gauge it, according to what you discover works best for you, merely thru awareness of your week. Steadfast regimented stick-to-it-tiveness is the key, although cutting loose from time to time to go dancing or whatever is ok too, as long as it is not too frequent.

    We feel better, we perform better, and the world is alot brighter when we do.

    ~ just being reassuring of things that work to our advantage, not to be ignored, or suffer the results of our own bad decision making. Responsibility for sake of Self first, others second.

  210. I want to meet the pope one day.

  211. I don’t know why, I just want to hold his hand.

  212. I am not Catholic, rather much more than Catholic.

  213. Their objective has always been to control the masses of uneducated people thru out history, and indeed, they have suceeded in many ways of enlightenment, don’t get me wrong, I just think the light is much brighter than that of the monks in one of their monestaries, of exceeding joyfulness of lovers, rather than the somewhat oppressed life of these monks, although I love the monks alot.

    Being a monk along side them in the monestary could prove to be rather difficult for me though.


    Me and my homoerotic fantasies eh? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Something the pope will likely never accept of me.

    It is about loving sex, not fornication sex, for sake of just sex. Two souls who love one another completely, is how I think of loving lovers.

    I am not like that of the leather boys mentality. Although some of them are rather sweet. I just don’t like some of the things they are into, lacking of grace.

    Porn for me is a turn off for me, for some reason. Acting I suppose. Not real.

    aannnyyyywwwaaaaayyyyyyy! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    One lover is how we should always be found, sweet and loving of another, yes, which is of the love that radiates from the hearts of the loving lovers, but with eyes only for our lover is the way. True Love.

  214. Hey, I should teach in University, True Love, class 101.

  215. Go at a comfortable speed, ok, of your own timing, not of the unrealistic expectations of others, as they can burn us out.

    You are the boss of you, not them, not ever.

    Cancel them if you need to, reschedule, always doing what YOU decide, never them, collaboration yes, but of that which is truly comfortable, and fun.

  216. oh i cannot stop yawning today… where did my fun go ? ran off with ego.. where did ego go ? ran off with go go .. !! go.. don’t go.. have a go.. yo

  217. I Love mySELF

    & SELF Loves me

    & ME Loves Madonna

    & Madonna Loves everyONE

    Me myself & I

    + ONE = 1..

    I LOve it..

    where did Andy go … Andy I cannot spell but me think’s my math is good, does it add up ? maybe i’ll change class rooms’

  218. Constant, like the sun radiates, so too is our observation of the world constant, of both + and – energy, of wise and ignorant, where all of us are somewhere on the path that leads to Jesus and God, where indeed, snares of the soul await many born into the world.

    When we are born, we are of God’s grace, lacking in wisdom.

    Constant is the world all around us in whatever form, where it is wisdom that sees with clarity and understanding of all observations, where even the dark bitter ignorance of the world serves enlightened ones of what not to do or become like.

    Some may interpret this as arrogance, when in fact, it is how Jesus saw the world, every second of each day, and how we too can learn to see thru his eyes, merely by our desire to do so.

    I think the door is locked for class 102. Let me check. Oh hey look! It’s open! No one is in here Marco! Come on, just you and me!! Kiss me you fool!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    The one who is most loving and most fun is the one I want to be with everyday!

  219. i am having fun…. kiss is on it’s way..


  221. fake

  222. boring get with the program blogger

  223. To proove this is a fake blog, my other e-mail adress has been blocked by this site….truth hurts

  224. Well now if that is not the most delightful news of the day, then I don’t know what is…someone born a female, went thru sex change to become a man, but kept the reproductive organs, and is now pregnant.

    There you have it, a man pregnant to give birth to a baby girl, where he will be her Dad, and his(her) wife will be her mother.

    Right ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check it out.

    What bugs me though is the people who still think of us as freaks and weirdos, not realizing we are more loving than they have yet to imagine. aarrggg!

  225. Oh man, how does one handle pictures of them Self, on the side of buildings around the world, and still be as gentle and sweet as you always were, and still are?

    LOVE, that’s how!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  227. Wow! She just knocked Elvis out of the top spot for top 10 Billboard.

    Now it that is not a milestone, then I don’t what a milestone is!

    Way to go M !

    The future is exceedingly bright for the music industry, with the more convenient accessibility to songs, with the advantage of easy access, buy one instead of the whole album(for us cheapos who are money conscious, think student), demo first, buy later.

    There will always be pirating of music. The trick is to realize the advantage of the shift in market trends, where mainstream is shifting, with or without artist approval, an advantage that far out weighs the piracy, that has always been around, and will not disappear any time soon. The reality is, there is a broader reach now with the use of downloads, on top of the CD purchasers, and with you M, most of us have all your Albums. We like the glossy picks I suppose. I do. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    You voice is part of our self-esteem, like a best friend for so many of us, for so many years, always encouraging of us, and still are.

    Wow! Elvis Presley! Way to go everybody!

  228. LOUISE…


  229. By Friday next week, April 11th, it will be # 1 everywhere.

    Simple, make sure every station has it with a personal phone call. Network, network, network. Leg work that is fun too! For everyone! I wonder how many stations there are out there, 10,000? 100,000? 1 million world wide? I have no idea. Someone should be on it full time, 24/7. What fun you guys must be having. M should be calling them too. Come on, you have your break, back to work!!!


    Oh damn! That almost sounded like her boss…sorry! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    100 % JOY JOY JOY! Win Win Win. Everybody wins when it comes to l o v e.

  230. Give M a wireless headset, and have someone lining up the calls to the DJ booth in advance, having them hold. A simple switchboard setup with 10 people working the lines, holding the DJs, she could easily talk to millions of fans, saying hello, in the span of an hour…to the delight of the DJs I might add, a career hightligh indeed…and as for the fans…well, a live voice over the radio, is awesome! It makes our day brighter, hearing not just the music of the one we love, but he joyful spirited speaking as well…LIVE!

    ~ just an idea.

    This town needs to liven up, spring is breaking loose all over the place here.

    Look at it this way, each 5 minute call is first of all fun for everyone, and secondly, like worth more than 10,000 in album sales for the reach of fans of the radio station…likely more.

    hmmm…let’s see, that works out to 120,000/hour, nearly 1 million for an eight hour shift…with a potential market target increase of around 300%. Ok, maybe I am optimistic, but so are the orphans out there of us.

    A simle Hi, and whatever M wants to say…say it ! They can beep out the sware words later.

    She steps up to the plate, whoa, another one out of the park!!! haha!

    Just make sure she is in a good mood, before going ON AIR. Ideally, before she eats those damn cadbury eggs.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  231. did I just call her a he? ooopppss.

  232. Ok, I am no music publication expert, but, personally, I would have a follow up album riding the momemtum of this album release, although I guess there are the remixes yet to come as well.

    I remember collecting all the albums of the top rock bands in the 70s, and we were always syched when news of a new release was coming. Look at what Flyod did, with it’s massive album release(2) of The Wall.

    anyway…just thinking OUT loud!

    What a great way to kick of spring, and summer, with another album in July, a summer feel good album. What? It can’t that hard to do another album, can it?

    I have no idea what I am talking about, as over exposure is likely not a good thing…then again, when you are better than the best(#1), it is like a magical never ending journey, especially in consideration of the good that comes from all the effort.

    Hi Madonna. I love you.

  233. Hey, do like Robin William, screaming, “GOOD MORNING USA!!!!

    I dare you.

    I double dare you.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  234. hmmm…why do I feel all bubby inside?

  235. bubbly

    ya, I really did flunk english in high school…twice.

  236. you are like that with Ludwig !! thank you Beethoven…no comment ! i go to walk my dog…:-(( you can be horrible, ahhhhhhhhhhhh ….with the paranoia there is nothing to do …i feel like a shit now !


  238. Im sorry for writing off topic but i dont have another

    I just want to say your video 4 Minutes is INCREDIBLE!
    Im so impressed! You look there better than ever!

    ….im inspired by you! You are my muse!

  239. yesturday when i was in my bed all my left floating ribs just before to sleep were bloked i thougt it was a hard attack, i couldn’t breath during few minutes… to see what there is in a body is very strong !!! i have watched again, today, what is this kind of curiosity ?? i have a friend xtiane who have spoken about that, she said it a desubjectivation meaning necessaire for the medecine but dangerous when it just a scopik pulse, in the last james Bond there is also a scene like that in a restaurant so i interroge my self if i m good or bad because i m not a doctor…and may be i should take it without words or i give to much importance for a clip… i m not sure too, and when last summer i was in Praha i went in a exibition on bodys, but i was with my boy friend, i he is a doctor and he could explain to me the anatomy… sorry for my gibberish…i don’t know why i love the scene in the supermarket of the station…

  240. Madonna is being whipped over on hellomagazine .com for most elegant woman of the month so pass on and get her to No1
    ; )
    tick tock xx

  241. She already is number one in this boy’s heart, mind, body and soul.

    She is for more than merely elegant.

    Personally, I like in those motherfucker boots! well, ok, for at least one round of dancing with her.

    She’s my Xanadu girl I keep dreaming about being with!!!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  242. Besides, who uses the word elegant?

    Delicate, sensitive, fearless, wise…is realistic.

    Do we elegantly touch the keys on a piano? Too queeny a word for me.

    No. We sensitively and delicately touch the keys. Sheeeshh!

    ~ just an observation.

  243. Oh look, he’s elegantly playing the piano again!

    see what i mean? …never mind…

    eloquently is more like it.

  244. Although I do admit, I see some males a elegantly effeminate.

  245. My favorite kind of male actually…the ones who are real at just being them Self…joyful and sensitive nature.

  246. Don’t forget to keep the Gulf Stream properly maitained, with maximum inspections, double if they allow it. And don’t question them if they say it can’t fly. I know how stubborn you can be at times. haha.

    ~ i just worry about you, that’s all.

  247. ok Jimbob, she is surpassing everyone in elegance, by a land slide I might add, according to the votes.

  248. haha
    She is everywhere…CNN played her music today, of a short clip reguarding the Mexican border. That’s another retarded issue the US fails to embrace properly, where collaboration with people of Mexico would be of benifit for the next 50 years of a prosperous economic productivity, using an open door policy that welcomes people to join our economy as equal contributing tax paying individuals, instead the hide and seek, non tax paying individuals, a result of short sightedness.

    All individuals contribute to taxes, and is the only real issue that seperates us from any other individual on the planet, where we should welcome any and all who wish to join a prosperous forward thinking nation, instead of kids bickering over which side of the sand box belongs to who…stupid immature close minded attitudes.

    I say open the borders to all with welcome arms, providing them with legal status, and even education programs for those that desire it. We need only to look at Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example of success.

    Do we really want to teach our children to dislike those of other race and country?

    These are long term positive issues that will benefit all, not next week, but next decades is the way to embrace an abundant prosperous economy that has no cap or end in sight.

    It would have been cheaper to bring everyone in Iraq to the USA and placed them all in school, as landed immigrants, than the toll thus far, especially that of the human life loss, and the anxiety of war that grips a nation instead of peaceful loving by nature.

    In all honesty, I think everyone in America secretly wanted revenge over 9/11, as evident by the re-election of Bush. As time passed, the bloodshed kept hitting closer to home, of more and more families of those injured and killed in war isbeing felt, the feelings of truth that war is always a bad thing, especially when there was no real reason to go into Iraq in the first place, and no real reason to stay…other than the security of the oil rich region.

    Providing freedom to a country is a good thing, but the push forward is equally as difficult as the growing pains that America first experienced over that past several hundred years. Reality check: we still have racism in America, and far worse than most realize. These immature attitudes are not any different than those of Iraq…always immature hatred over race, religion and politics, where all hate is not of God, but of our own ignorance, of the crucial lacking in desire for wisdom.

    It worse than a really bad movie….it is like watching the same really bad movie over and over again, day after day, year after year.

    God’s wisdom will be able to help anyone, so long as people do not desire God’s wisdom.

    Somebody or group outside of Iraq is funding the already burning fire inside individuals of Iraq, who need to be offered free education and programs to quench these burning fires. They have enough oil revenue to easily do this, and even pay America for security.

    It’s Time to stop baby sitting Iraq, and tell them that if they want security, they have to ask for it, and where our troops are given the opportunity to decide to either stay(with triple salaries and free education packages for their children paid by Iraq) or come home.

    So long as America chooses to enable Iraq’s uneducated children(no better way to describe them really), the bloodshed will not stop, keeping in mind that someone or group is funding the ongoing wretched hatefulness for sake of political, religious, racist or revengeful gain, all things of ignorance.

    Seeing that stability of oil supply seems to be the reason for war, there are other aspects as well that are overlooked, and that is the sense of instability of the oil rich region that has seen the oil price rise so much. The only good thing of this price increase, is that of the oil rich sands here in America, where it is costly to extract, where at one time, it was too costly to extract, given the low oil prices of decades gone by.

    So, there may be more to the Bush agenda than meets the eye, with regards to geopolitics of energy supplies, buying economies time to perhaps establish other sources of energy, and yet, one cannot help but think how billions spent on war, could have been contributed in better ways.

    ~ a lazy Saturday afternoon…sorry…I love to chat about issues.

  249. Wow…the increase in autism has jumped from 1 in 2000 children born, to now 1 in 150 children born, in just the last 10 years.

    Makes me wonder if it is either a stress/anxiety related disorder(brain controlled) or perhaps intake of chemicals used in foods(again affecting the brain).

    We should look at statistical data from previous decades of war, and see if there is a link, isolating it as perhaps a stressor/anxiety disorder.

  250. Wow, Andy your amazingly tuned in.. I have a dream last night that i was an FBI agent in the 50’s investigating a plane crash actually two crashes and the plane’s were noisy propeller types that were know to be unsafe and one crashed not long after there other i recall asking the office staff of the pilot/owner why he bought such a crappy plane, they called the plane a hummer and it was an appealing aircraft because it was so noisy a bit like a loud drag racing car, you know appeased the man’s ego anyway i could not interview the mechanic’s as they were on a weeks holiday so that’s why i was talking to the secretary of the pilot/owner in my FBI uniform and i think i was getting off on the power of being a man in uniform ha ha then the dream ended, I think it means we all have choices in life safe choices and dangerous choices.. and men in uniforms to keep us in line ha ha.. Any way’s that’s not all I’m spending the day with my Autistic friend today because he’s going to jail tomorrow for driving while unlicensed society does not offer the support for people with autism and drug problems and people often say it’s the person’s own fault but often they are very sensitive and influenced by negative people and have difficulty in saving themselves, but I’m here to lend some rope if it will give him some hope.. ha borrowed that line off Madonna.. it’s a good one too.. she knows so well how to express life and stuff .. just like i know how to save the world.. may be we should get together, like a chocolate M & M.. I can be the Team Captain.. oh know the chocolate’s melting quick eat it before it drips all over your chin..

  251. Wow, Andy your amazingly tuned in.. I have a dream last night that i was an FBI agent in the 50’s investigating a plane crash actually two crashes and the plane’s were noisy propeller types that were know to be unsafe and one crashed not long after there other i recall asking the office staff of the pilot/owner why he bought such a crappy plane, they called the plane a hummer and it was an appealing aircraft because it was so noisy a bit like a loud drag racing car, you know appeased the man’s ego anyway i could not interview the mechanic’s as they were on a weeks holiday so that’s why i was talking to the secretary of the pilot/owner in my FBI uniform and i think i was getting off on the power of being a man in uniform ha ha then the dream ended, I think it means we all have choices in life safe choices and dangerous choices.. and men in uniforms to keep us in line ha ha.. Any way’s that’s not all I’m spending the day with my Autistic friend today because he’s going to jail tomorrow for driving while unlicensed society does not offer the support for people with autism and drug problems and people often say it’s the person’s own fault but often they are very sensitive and influenced by negative people and have difficulty in saving themselves, but I’m here to lend some rope if it will give him some hope.. ha borrowed that line off Madonna.. it’s a good one too.. she knows so well how to express life and stuff .. just like i know how to save the world.. may be we should get together, like a chocolate M & M.. I can be the Team Captain.. oh know the chocolate’s melting quick eat it before it drips all over your chin..

  252. I love how Andy can sit behind a computer screen and solve all the economic and immigration problems in the USA so easily. It is much more complicated than arguing over which side of the sand box belongs to whom. Last I checked Canada does not have an open door policy which allows anyone in who wants to participate in the Canadian economy. Before you start lecturing the USA on how they should have open borders, why not ask yourself why Canada doesn’t freely open their borders to the people of Mexico and offer them legal status? I’m sure if you put the word out they will come. Why doesn’t Canada provide them with free medical care and an education? FYI, illegal immigrants are getting free medical care and a free education in the US along with a lot of other free government services. Why don’t you talk to the people who live in San Diego county who have had several of their hospitals go bankrupt because they offered free medical care to illegal immigrants. And no, the majority of people are not teaching their children to dislike or hate people of a different race because they don’t want open borders. What country in the world allows open borders? Mexico certainly doesn’t.

    Everyone in America did not secretly want revenge over 9/11. You need to pull your head out of your arse! Over 59 million people voted for John Kerry in the last election. The majority of Americans want the war to end. Everything isn’t quite so simplistic.

    Why don’t you stick to worshipping Madonna. It’s kind of hard to listen to someone who thinks they are so superior and wise when they can’t even figure out that Madonna isn’t reading anything they write.

    Reality check: Madonna wouldn’t give you the time of day. You’ve never had nor do you currently have a personal relationship with Madonna. Why don’t you start by lifting the veil from your own immature mind then maybe you would be in a position to help Americans and the US government solve their problems. And once you’ve solved all their problems then I’m sure you can solve the rest of the world’s problems.

  253. ya, i just worry too much for her, and would be really pissed is some idiot fucked up proper inspection of her jet. Redundancy is always recommended, using two seperate inspection teams. Human beings are lazy fuckers and make mistakes all the time. When it comes to her safety, no consideration of cost should be questioned.

    Some of these crews are known to cut corners, where at times, certain parts have to be hauled out in order to check them properly, a time consuming process that must be done properly, as all mechanical things wear and fatigue, with potential for breaking.

  254. sorry…haven’t had my coffee yet.

  255. Thanx 4 luving Cadburys Creme Eggs, i luv them 2.
    i can’t believe me & my idol luv da same food, (i do Ashtanga yoga as well, i’m da only 13 year old in skool who luvs it.) we have so much in common Madonna!

  256. c’mon guys..stop being such a kidds!do something serious with your life!what if you find out that Madonna is a Mormon!?what are you going to do eh?!are you going to start reading and stop being so ignorant!its going to take a while untill you have so much in common with Madonna!you even don’t know half of it!!!how can you claim you have something in common!?the truth is Madonna only shows a little bit of herself and she’s hiding the larger part from people like yourself …which is selfsentered,egoistical,greedy and pure evil!so educate yourselfes,open your mind and most importanto….get your head out of your ass!!!did you see Madonna yet?!No!That’s because you still have your head up your shiter!This is where its gong to stay!Cause you’ve had all the time in the world to do so!now its too late!the clock is ticking!tick-tock…too late sorry!

  257. does any know Chloe’s number

  258. yer change the mechanics Madonna.. good trustworthy ad reliable .. call Qantas ha ha

  259. i will not play with radio NRJ even my desire it is a too big humbling for me…no;
    i will watch a dvd movie this day about vampires…kiss

  260. The one with Tom and Brad?…such a gay film!

  261. Good morning M.

    So incredible is the feeling this week with you, beyond anything of recent years that I can recall, as far as joyful and love.

    After spending years returning to my solitary place of peace, as a student with Jesus and God, I noticed I was more and more of enjoyment of the stability and serenity within that I was increasingly feeling, until the day I realized that this is where I always wish to be, having not found anyone in the world of the wisdom and love devoid of doubt I came to know with Jesus and God.
    Eventually the day came(i think it was Oct -Nov of 2006) where alone with Jesus and God I told them that I had come fully to realize I would not find the wisdom I was learning anywhere else in the world, and that I had realized fully that my heart, mind, body and soul belongs to Jesus and God, where I said to Jesus, I want you to have my heart, mind, body and soul. I knew in that moment, that they both knew this moment would come, giving the greatest gift one can give to Jesus and God, not like that of those who desire a sense of belonging with other urging to do so(church organizations), and rather that of where my heart and mind had concluded, that I would not make any use of my life without them.

    It is in this way, that I was able to step out of the 99% seeker, into 100% belonging to Jesus and God, and it is here that Jesus appears before us for us to feel and see with knowingness of the love devoid of doubt. There is so much doubtfulness in the world with people, something that I found was taxing me mentally/emotional very badly during some points of my life, where at one time someone strangled me into unconsciousness, and on several other seperate occassions I was threated with death by use of lethal weapons(guns/knives), that traumatized me for months/years each time(still some residual).

    We see violence on TV and in the movies, but when it happens in real life, it changed my whole outlook and perspective on how delicate and precious life is.

    By God’s grace and will I lived, and recoiled away from the world, away from dark ignorances devoid of love, towards wisdom of the light, love and peace with Jesus and God.

    I know fully in my heart my life belongs to Jesus and God.

    I apologize to any whom I may have affended with my open mindedness of my sexual orientation, which has to do with me, and less to do with others, of my own heart, mind, body and soul, that does not wish any anxiety for anyone whatsoever.

    And yet, at the same time I encourage open discussion of issues of sexuality, that can be life saving for those struggling with the anxieties associated with homosexuality. My openness has to do with living in the gay/lesbian/bisexual cocoon I have surrounded myself with since 1994. And indeed, these anxieties are relieved thru safe and supportive discussions with others, especially of those in the profession of pyschology, which is the foundation of my belief system.

    I have been discussing alot with others in public about Jesus and God, and I realize there is so much that I need to continue writing about, and will, merely as a reflection of my understandings that continue to grow day after day. There are somethings that are so unbelievable, that I see all the time, and I feel that writing about them will enable further understanding of the spirit realm that so far has eluded mankind. I do not wish to sell these writings, as I know that once we embrace such an approach(for sake of money), the connection breaks, and sincerity within is deminished, losing the purpose of the understandings, although I do not discredit raising of moneys for charity. Rather, it is that of a thinker, a writer which is interested in the real gain, encouragement, empowerment, nuturiing and protection of others…such as your music, where I know in my heart, you are of the same reasoning and empowerment.

    Jesus loves us.

  262. God summons us to wisdom, and love devoid of doubtfulness like that found in the world, apon a mountain top we stand, fearless warriors of love and light of God that radiates brightly into the smallest places of dark ignorances, revealing clearly for all to see with clarity, so as to pluck it from our hearts and minds, these many empty things devoid of God’s love, Jesus’s love, our love, not of Jesus and God, nor of us do we desire such empty things.

    There is so much to write and I will continue to do so.

    You are a guardian angel of all souls the world over M.

  263. And indeed, you have been the one most significant in life for my self esteem, along side my therapists, and the professional community who strive for the same goal with society.

    As for sexuality, I see all of us as bisexual, where indeed a male or female love their own body(or in many cases they should), and those who claim they are gay or straight are in denial. It is not an issue of orientation, so much that it is an issue of fearful unnecessary immature anxieties between same sexes, and indeed, cause for out spoken unwanted negativity against those who choose homosexuality as a preference, to the degree that the gay male still holds the highest suicide rate, a result of ignorance yet in the world.

    Kaballa reaches to the highest level of sex, where indeed, grace and sincerity of love between lovers is of ‘Love devoid of doubt’, of God, of Jesus, of us, easily known by those who embrace their inner sincerity of love for their lover, as well the same of them for us.

    There is no greater place to be found, than that of love’s embrace of the lovers who are truly loving of one another. I had that with Troy, but we both suffered from substance abuses, and low self esteem, a result of the world around us at the time and of our own lack of understanding, yet immature.

    Hope for the future world hinges on if we embrace just how Crucial, Vital and Significant our ‘DESIRE to LEARN’ of the findings of truth wisdoms of psychology and spirituality, where truth wisdoms of spirituality can be down played and instead understood as easy to embrace common sense perspectives, where Spiritual seekers who become teachers, realize the stigma that comes with religion, and how common sense perspectives are able to cross all divisions of religion, not belonging to any religious organization, and yet of all religion the world over, the common denominators of truth wisdoms that are rock solid, unable to be challenged by anyone, where apon those who do, appear to us as those who speak and think like a yet unwise Child of God, where we can even dispense with using the word God or Jesus in many cases.

    I do enjoy speaking of Jesus, but only with those who love Jesus like I do. I can usually tell within a few minutes if they do, as I see tears of sincere love they have for Jesus, turning to common sense wisdom when I do not(layman’s terms).

    ~ more later ~

  264. + One Sky. One World. One Eternal Human Being +

    + Our wisdom, ‘that’ of heaven,
    protects us;
    our kingdom comes;
    our will be done,
    of earth which is heaven.
    Thankful of the day, of everything.
    forgiven of our trespasses,
    just as we forgive them that unwisely trespass against us.
    ‘that’ which leads us not into error;
    but delivers us from foolishness.
    For we are the kingdom,
    the power, and the glory, of the light,
    For ever and ever.
    For ALL. +

  265. Forgive me. Thank you. Jesus loves us all, but despises foolish teachings of the forefathers before us who claimed to know God, still do, but did not, nor do, nor desired or desire to truly know God.

  266. Forgiveness of Bay City should be honored, in your acceptance of the Key to the City, by the Mayor, as forgiveness is always the way forward, a part of maturity, which you are.

    Congrates! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Just in case anyone is wondering, this story has no end!



    Oh look, the flowers are starting to bloom everywhere! Six foot tall ones too!

    I still remember my first pride, standing in the sunshine, and six guys dressed as giant PANSIEs, my nick name that Mike gave me in high school.

    Talk about a spiritual moment, of my first pride day here in the ghetto! I think I had sex with one of them…a few times come to think of it…like everytime we bumped into each other at the clubs…i’m bad I know, but he was so……..

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  267. ooopppsss….i’m doing it again…sorry.

  268. We are very open about discussions of sex, here in the ghetto, where us veterans talk like this all the time in public, to the delight of the new ones still suffering with anxiety of homophobia.

    We know, eh Rosie?

  269. Wow!!!!

    What a delight this Spring is, with M’s music playing everywhere…I mean everywhere!!!!

    Clubs, resturants, cafe, grocery stores, shops, car radio, CNN, did I mention bath house?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I just go there for the eye candy and spa, to relax where I feel completely comfortable as a bisexual, with naked boys everywhere who all love one another. Sometimes I feel like I am living in the times of Greece and the baths they loved so much, and so beautiful those boys are!!!! haha!

    Preferably alone, the spa totally relaxes me.

  270. We are in Xanadu!

  271. Ascending upwards out of the mud, like the lotus flower, up into the sun light, where it is always warm, bright, and at times of exceeding joy and delight of life, like the taste of a shared mangoe.

    Hey M? Do you like mangoes?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    There…i just made your day a bit brighter, along with and like the sunshine…always there to nurture and warm you, like you do for us. Full circle, all are included.

  272. do you know what Andy ? i was to the hospital this afternoon i was watching the blood in the tube, and i thought 1/ when you are 43 and you phone to a stupid radio for a tiket your life is very down 2/ you can do this when you are 20 3/ my dreams are better than to win to the loto 4/ le courage sera d’ accepter de rester chez soi sans rien dire…

  273. My favorite dream is that of love’s embrace of a loving lover.

    My dreams are easily realizable for anyone, and indeed, we will not find a better dream than the one all can and, for some, do live.

    Best of all, the dream is free for all to dream and all to live.

    As for the rest of the things in life, like monetary gain, it is all rather silly.

  274. DID YOU KNOW???

    That WE MISS YOU???

  275. Did I ever tell you the first words Jesus spoke to me?

    Jesus’s first words, he spoke directly with me, “I am here.”

    I know, some of you think I have stopped taking my meds…but the experts said I am ok, in need of no meds, but to stay clear of alcohol or drugs.

    His latests words to all of us, “God Bless U. Thank U.”

  276. Is it just me, or does fresh squeezed orange juice tastes better at room temperature?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  277. with la isla bonita the radio is better…i love you

  278. and with Hanky Panky i feel straight otherwise i m gay, it is weird..who can give me this kind of feeling? only you …oh lalalala, have a good day

  279. Eric, Madonn’s institute for confused gay boy’s

  280. to day i do home work about all the titles of all the albums…it is terrible yesturday i wanted to die, today i feel better, even if it is hard to win a place for the concert…

  281. Sometimes we need to put things that may be bothering us Eric, and deal with it another day, and go do something we enjoy doing.

    I think of my entire life as a giant warehouse that only I have the key to enter(my mind). Inside the warehouse a ceiling of glass, that the sunshines through constantly, where it is calm and utterly peaceful, with dust lingering in the air. All around are these boxes that have all the different memories of life, and issues of life representing every single thing of my life. I am free to walk over and open any box I want to, a time of my choosing, and look within the box. Or, I can just read a new book, and leave the boxes for when ever I want to peer into them. I don’t the issues of these boxes rule my life, and rather look at them as educational things that I can learn about, always at a time of my choosing, sometimes for months at a time without bothering with any of it, and instead, just going out to live life, go dancing, read a book, chat with who ever, fuck, with who ever, male or female. haha!

    Make no mistake…I am not confused at all.

    I was with females the first half of my life…males so far in the next half of my life, yet I yearn for being with a female, even more so after nearly two decades now.

    It is strange, in the sense that before I was terrified to ask a guy to have sex with me, now I am scared to ask a gal to have sex with me.

    I think alot of people get involved sexually for the wrong reasons, instead of holding out for a soul mate. I actually study people closely and I can tell which couples are not truly happy with each other, a sorta there, but they are mentally/spiritually somewhere else.

    I used to think being alone really sucked. Now mature, I look at being with the wrong person really sucks!!!

    And so now being alone is better than being with the wrong person, where we can easily embrace that there is indeed someone out there for us.

    According to divorce rates, I doubt many people are with their soul mate(if there is such a thing), and yet, I know that it is also a maturity thing as well, at an individual level, where a mature person is naturally drawn to one like them, although many do not know what psychological/spiritual maturity is, and let’s not forget that we are always growing. I often wonder how we are able to bridge the gap between someone we may have out grown, and see perhaps the greatest maturity of all has to do with our patience for a lover, that like us, is also growning in each step they take…although I do see many who stagnate, and even that is acceptable.

    While I do firmly believe that our lover should be someone who excites us sexually, the real significant issue we need to address is, do we excite them as well.

    How many times have we been with those who are not really there for us, in body, but not in spirit.

    I remember meeting one guy, who gave me his phone #, and we left the club to go have sex. The next thing I knew, he had a hold of my cell phone and was deleting his number, handed it to me and left…that hurt.

    Rule # 1…stay clear of drunk ass jerk off mind fuck motherfuckers! *cough* sorry about the vulgarity…that’s how it feels sometimes.

    I learned from it. Be wise to cut and run when these drunk ass ones are clinging all over you, and simply say, “would you like to meet for lunch sometime?”
    If they hesitate, they are just body playing, with no conscious effort whatsoever of seeing your loving personality.

    ~ works for me. I drift quickly away from them, without any need to explain anything, and certainly not my thoughts of wisdom which protect me from their shallowness.

  282. Good morning M.

    Give it to me!!!! haha!

    It being you of course.

    Oh ya, we already did…along time ago. That’s why our confidence level is what it is…100% rock solid. Although I have been known to have bad hair days of uncertainty…we all do…usually a result of stressors, lack of sleep, not eating, exercising well…or in my case, going without sex way too long! Two weeks is the maximum for me, as I become all bitchy with everyone around me.

  283. hmmm…I like the bag of scrambled letters at the recent UK Album Playback for the press.

    Of course, one can unscramble the letters to read whatever they want, with emphasis on WANT!!!!

    Let’s have some fun, shall we?

    I may have to borrow some letters from you name M.

    Ok, here we go. Ready? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    DO ANDY ~ I like that one! haha!

    oh, here’s one!

    CAN ANDY DO M? oh oh! I will go to jail for that one.

    ANDY A HO?

    can we turn the letters upside down? Like M = W upside down?

    DROWN ANDY! haha!





    OH ANDY!!!

    OH M!!!!


    damn! I really need to get out more! hahaha!

    ahh, such fun!

    I don’t think Romeo and Juliet had this much fun!

  284. It’s Marcos fault M, he put this in me.

  285. Well, one thing is for sure…she will not foget me.

    Nor can I ever forget her…nor do I want to stop thinking of her the way I do.

  286. i get it.

  287. When I look at the picture with the two ropes, I see the two Iranian kids the executed.

  288. for homosexual conduct.

  289. 4000 of them so far.

  290. Say goodbye Mr. Iranian president.

  291. The Iranian president is an example of walking spiritual death.

  292. not of God, rather of things opposite to God’s love, so obvious of ignorance, and wretchedness of soul.

  293. Truly, he is no different than that of Hitler.

  294. I cannot give to Andy the last word…it is too dark and i need good waves…

  295. Without peace and love, war exists in the hearts of men.

    The difference between the master and the slave, is the master is master of his/her own heart, mind, body and soul, where as the slave has yet to learn this, tossed about by the world, a slave to the world. One who becomes master of their own heart, mind, body and soul, is no longer troubled by the world, wishing to bring only goodness to the world.

  296. Just reflecting Eric, on world issues, especially that of the Islamic atom bomb, that may soon be in the hands of those who do not know or desire to know God, claiming and thinking that they do.

    The world is gripped by these idiots of shallow thinking, wondering what to do, and what the future holds for us all. By 2009-10, Iran will have such a device, although I see Iranians a peaceful, it is the ones who sit apon these thrones of nescience that concerns me.

    Recent intelligence points conclusively that Iran will become a nuclear power.

    Hate and ignorance has always been the cause of war and arguement. Let us pray these leaders turn towards love and peace, and lead by example of who we are, peaceful and loving by nature.

  297. I woke this morning to my inner peacefulness, knowing I am a master of my own heart, mind, body and soul, wishing only the same for others.

    I recall as a child, how I looked out apon the world, from my frightened place within, of those around me. My first day of school, I was terrified, and not sure why I was overwhelmed, other than my feelings of insecurity.

    Today in the world, there are those who continue to bring forth descension with other, of their belittling, condescending approach with others, that is of the hypocrit unwise heart so easy to see. I see this everywhere, and I see those who allow their minds to become slaves these ignorant ones, in the same way I too have been inundated by their ignorance that is foul tasting negativity.

    We are all guilty of it from time to time, I am merely reflecting on how a slave becomes master of their own heart, mind, body and soul, where life is indeed the greatest teacher which teaches us clarity of sight.

    I see those who mock others, are ones who wear and hide behind these masks of mean spiritedness, that of an insecure child yet unwise and ignorant of the truth that they are unknowingly slaves to folly, where indeed, they truly appear childish and immature, do they not?

    While they don’t really trouble me personally, as I am wise in setting boundaries, I am concerned for those who fall victim to the negative motherfuckers in this world.

    Don’t let their ignorant negative energy be harmful to your loving soul, and instead see all negative energy for what it is, and where it comes from…the darkness of ignorance.

    Become wise of the world, in order for it to no longer be hurtful or harmful to your loving soul…becomeing a master, and not a slave of YOUR loving heart, mind, body and soul.

  298. hey look, I never even meantioned the word God or Jesus!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  299. Many do not understand what baptism is, thinking it merely as a ritual of religious sorts.

    Rather, baptism is of the heart, mind, body and soul, a cleansing of ignorance by means of the door of wisdom, for those who wise to become masters instead of slaves…deep inside we are all subconsciously seeking wisdom.

    They say our brains are actually more active during REM sleeping, than when we are fully await during our day. Fascinating, yes?

    The body is so remarkable, in so many ways! haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  300. as you can see by my spelling, I am not fully awake yet.

  301. Surely delicate tenderness of our loving SELF is so much better silly bitterness, where love we feel is sincere and real of our REAL SELF, who we really are…loving and peaceful by nature.

  302. If you aren’t going to blog anymore then why not just say good bye and bow out gracefully. Tell the truth for once and put poor deluded Andy out of his misery.

  303. aaahhhh…I can’t get away from her…everywhere I go, her music, her picture on the side of transit buses, my intimate thoughts of her!

    No escape from Xanadu!

    Of course I am pleased of every moment of my day.

    Love is in the air, everywhere I look around.
    Love is in the air, of heaven I am bound(to).

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  304. aaahhhh…I can’t get away from her…everywhere I go, her music, her picture on the side of transit buses, my intimate thoughts of her!

    No escape from Xanadu! ~ i thank God for ‘that’.

    Of course I am pleased of every moment of my day.

    Love is in the air, everywhere I look around.
    Love is in the air, of heaven I am bound(to).

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  305. Like you M, my joyful self is surfacing.

    As director and playwright of the upcoming stage performance here in Toronto(Pride Day Parade), I have not been more excited about expressing genuine feelings of love within, that many will easily see, sense, and feel their own inner joyfulness at the sight of the clowns on roller skates, of joyful delight and surprise for many it will be…love devoid of doubt.

    Of course I wish it were you and I performing, but I am able to accept my role in the world, much like any actor of a theater production does, for sake of the audience we push ourselves onto the world stages, empowered with our wisdom and the Self we have come to know, our Divine True Loving Self.

    I wish you love and happiness in every step, every breath, knowing it is I who wishes I could be with you.

    Fortunate are those who are.

    And yet I feel as though we are always together, of the spirit of our loving True Self.

    You are always loved by me. Always. Always.

    Love, Andy

  306. Hard Candy will easily out sell any previous Madonna albums, because of the global network marketing potential(buzz) of the internet, and the many ways in which we connect and interact with it, and each other, more so than any other time in human history…best of all, the world will change for the better because of the interaction of people around the world, via the internet, where even language barriers are now easily stepped over with translators, and of the easy accessibility to learn a different language, like the many in Japan who learn to speak English.

    Bravo once again M!

    Your loving spirit is of a cause for, of, and with, a more Joyful Loving World.

  307. I love the new Pope, although he has yet to fully know and appreciate me as an individual on the same path he walks. I would love to meet him though.

    His recent words, earlier this week;

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in the United States of America,

    The grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you! In just a few days from now, I shall begin my apostolic visit to your beloved country. Before setting off, I would like to offer you a heartfelt greeting and an invitation to prayer. As you know, I shall only be able to visit two cities: Washington and New York. The intention behind my visit, though, is to reach out spiritually to all Catholics in the United States. At the same time, I earnestly hope that my presence among you will be seen as a fraternal gesture towards every ecclesial community, and a sign of friendship for members of other religious traditions and all men and women of good will. The risen Lord entrusted the Apostles and the Church with his Gospel of love and peace, and his intention in doing so was that the message should be passed on to all peoples.

    At this point I should like to add some words of thanks, because I am conscious that many people have been working hard for a long time, both in Church circles and in the public services, to prepare for my journey. I am especially grateful to all who have been praying for the success of the visit, since prayer is the most important element of all. Dear friends, I say this because I am convinced that without the power of prayer, without that intimate union with the Lord, our human endeavours would achieve very little. Indeed this is what our faith teaches us. It is God who saves us, he saves the world, and all of history. He is the Shepherd of his people. I am coming, sent by Jesus Christ, to bring you his word of life.

    Together with your Bishops, I have chosen as the theme of my journey three simple but essential words: “Christ our hope”. Following in the footsteps of my venerable predecessors, Paul VI and John Paul II, I shall come to United States of America as Pope for the first time, to proclaim this great truth: Jesus Christ is hope for men and women of every language, race, culture and social condition. Yes, Christ is the face of God present among us. Through him, our lives reach fullness, and together, both as individuals and peoples, we can become a family united by fraternal love, according to the eternal plan of God the Father. I know how deeply rooted this Gospel message is in your country. I am coming to share it with you, in a series of celebrations and gatherings. I shall also bring the message of Christian hope to the great Assembly of the United Nations, to the representatives of all the peoples of the world. Indeed, the world has greater need of hope than ever: hope for peace, for justice, and for freedom, but this hope can never be fulfilled without obedience to the law of God, which Christ brought to fulfilment in the commandment to love one another. Do to others as you would have them do to you, and avoid doing what you would not want them to do. This “golden rule” is given in the Bible, but it is valid for all people, including non-believers. It is the law written on the human heart; on this we can all agree, so that when we come to address other matters we can do so in a positive and constructive manner for the entire human community.

    Dirijo un cordial saludo a los catΓ³licos de lengua espaΓ±ola y les manifiesto mi cercanΓ­a espiritual, en particular a los jΓ³venes, a los enfermos, a los ancianos y a los que pasan por dificultades o se sienten mΓ‘s necesitados. Les expreso mi vivo deseo de poder estar pronto con Ustedes en esa querida NaciΓ³n. Mientras tanto, les aliento a orar intensamente por los frutos pastorales de mi inminente Viaje ApostΓ³lico y a mantener en alto la llama de la esperanza en Cristo Resucitado.

    Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends in the United States, I am very much looking forward to being with you. I want you to know that, even if my itinerary is short, with just a few engagements, my heart is close to all of you, especially to the sick, the weak, and the lonely. I thank you once again for your prayerful support of my mission. I reach out to every one of you with affection, and I invoke upon you the maternal protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Que la Virgen MarΓ­a les acompaΓ±e y proteja. Que Dios les bendiga.

    May God bless you all.

    Β© Copyright 2008 – Libreria Editrice Vaticana

  308. I see the new Pope as a genuine sincere individual, who truly does embrace Jesus intimately, easily seen by his words which express his understanding of the significance of our intimate relationship with Jesus and God, and those who knew and loved Jesus, who came to know God, such as the undefiled heart of Mary. I don’t see Mary as a virgin(kinda silly to see her that way) and rather as one who’s heart, mind, body and soul was not defiled by wretched ignorant poison of others, as one who truly embraced her loving compassion wise son Jesus.

    Dear friends, I say this because I am convinced that without the power of prayer, without that intimate union with the Lord, our human endeavours would achieve very little. Indeed this is what our faith teaches us.

    Of all the things in life that come to mind, the one thing I think of as the most compelling of all feelings, is if I could have walked with Jesus while he walked the earth.

    How cool would that be??? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    This 100% compelling within me, is part of why I did get to see Jesus, where God has acknowledge with me, that indeed I have seen and spoken with Jesus.

    I know for some of you it all seems like that of a mad man, but if you look closely, my words are that of someone who is sane…albeit I do have my short comings, as does anyone. What is important is that we acknowledge ourselves as humble students, as I know I truly am.

    ~anyway, I appreciate your grace with me, in my postings which some may or may not deem acceptable. On that note I will continue my posting of such matters on my own blog. Thank you for listening.

    On a closing note, I will share with you a recent event of being a student, where I God was asking me, “why do you not acknowledge the value of you?” In that moment a really strong gust of wind came up and blew dirt and sand into my face. It reminded me of those in my past who had been bitter and wretched with me, and how I was able to overcome their betrayal of me(and of their true self) by means of my lessons thus far in my life at that time, without becoming vengeful and bitter, and instead compassionate for them as yet unwise students on the same path I have journeyed and continue to apon, seeing myself as a Child of the Holy Spirit still transforming, knowing the Kingdom of Heaven is found by those who commit egocide…a slow process of deliberateness and desire to understand(20 years so far).

    Jesus loves us all, by means of God’s loving compassionate wisdom, of Jesus, of us, for Jesus, for us, for each other, for another, where we are all of the sameness of Jesus, ‘that’ which Jesus came to realize fully, ‘that’ of reflection of his Self, ‘that’ of reflection of our Self, ‘that’ of reflection of capability, ability and sincere desire for loving compassionate wisdom which alters our life, and the life of everyone in the future, ‘that’ of the greatest treasure one shall ever find, the Loving Heart, Mind, Body and Soul of the Divine True Self within everyone.

    + One Sky. One World. One Eternal Human Being +

    Our wisdom, ‘that’ of heaven,
    protects us;
    our kingdom comes;
    our will be done,
    of earth which is heaven.
    Thankful of the day, of everything.
    forgiven of our trespasses,
    just as we forgive them that unwisely trespass against us.
    ‘that’ which leads us not into error;
    but delivers us from foolishness.
    For we are the kingdom,
    the power, and the glory, of the light,
    For ever and ever.
    For ALL.

    Thank you.

  309. Thanx 4 luvin’ Cadburys Creme eggs, they r sooo GORGEOUS, i read ELLE & laughed till i fell off mii seat! u were so down 2 earth in dat interview, mii m8s laugh @ me 4 being sooo obssesed with u. but i can’t help it, u r sooo cool & i luved ur new music video. 4 minutes is a gr8 song, U & JT

  310. were sexi as hell in ur video! by da way, i saw u at Live Earth (i was in da row right next 2 da stage) & i spotted u @ a 02 arena Justin Timberlake gig, i waved & shouted but u mustn’t of heard me. i’d luv 2 meet u & get an autograph or something off u!
    i’ll write again soon!

  311. I once awakened inside of a tangerine colored dream eating a nectarine
    it confused me because I prefer mangoes
    maybe it was God’s way of telling me not to be so rigid
    he whispered in my ear, all fruit is equally divine
    now when I walk inside the inner dreamscape of my mind
    blueberries and bananas call out my name
    they say, I’m going bananas
    oh wait, I think that’s a song
    why yes, yes it is
    some angel sang it
    if once again I should taste sweet nectarines inside a tangerine dream
    I still think I’ll prefer mangoes

  312. im sooooooooo bored… i feel like dancing…

  313. ya, me too.

  314. Im going out tonight to dance and lay some ground rules with the DJ, because he’s got a copy of 4 minutes, he played a 30 sec teaser last Sunday.. but tonight he’s going to go all the way and play it from begining to end and again and again.. if he know’s what’s good for him … and he does… hey DJ

  315. where is next to you Louise?

  316. Hey Mr.DJ, put a record on, I wanna dance with my baby.(is that M’s voice synthed to sound like a male? i always wondered if it was…awesome!)

    Hey, is the album available everywhere on the same day, or a day late in America…I am confused. Ah well, what’s is one more day to wait, when compared to the years I have waited so far!!!

    Good morning M. ~ made you smile!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Keeps us waiting
    sweet anticipating
    forever shading
    our love that wants to explode.

    hehe…I know you liked that one Marco! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    i’m bad, i know.

    it’s all good fun, light hearted.

    What is the magic word Marco? Abra cada bra, poof, you’re a rabbit Marco! Hey, you know rabbits are one of the fastest reproducing creatures on the planet, with an average of 35 young born per year. That’s alot of sex, yes? haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  317. Come on Marco, jest me back!

    We all need to laugh and be of joyful spirit that celebrates our love of life.

  318. You know what I love? I love the feel of the wheels of roller skates under my feet. Always did, even at 15, trying ever so desperately to convince Mike to come roller skating with me at the roller rink, instead of his ‘tough boy image of a hockey player’.

    I remember the day he got me all geared up in hockey equipment, where I could hardly move, skinny little twirp that I was, and then proceeded to make fun of me with his friends playing hockey, where I could not even hit the damn puck(1978). There is such a thing as a Sissy, and then there is Andy. I still weigh the same as I did at 16…maybe five pounds more. I burn alot of calories everyday.

    I really think obessity is linked to the PC and game consoles, where when I was a kid, we were always outside playing sports, biking, hiking, fishing, cross country running(i was a marathon runner in high school), down hill skiing, water sports, camping, beach volleyball, badminton, tennis, touch football…everything.

    So turn off the TV, the PC, and the Game console, and go live an adventurous(play safe) life, and remember, you will learn more from reading a book, than any of the BS you see on TV, or the internet, unless you hang out at Wikipedia, the biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Over 7 million articles in over 200 languages, and still growing.

  319. hey, what round is it?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  320. do you believe in tarot cards M?

    This image suggests it >

    I always found them fascinating. The one who gave me the Nag Hammadi, used to play with Tarot cards.

    Still, I think they are more of an entertainment thing, although, they do help us to think about things in life. As for destiny, I think we all able to choose our own destiny.

    We all get one kick at the can of life. Be sure to live a wise fun loving life. I do.

  321. Tarot Reading:

    Check it out Marco. Fascinating and fun…just don’t take it seriously. It is an exercise that stimulates the brain, nothing more.

    So are fanatics about them, and usually of those who are not brightest light in the universe, or so I have seen.

  322. some are fanatics (spelling)

  323. oh hey, the Temperance card is An influential tradition originating with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn associates Temperance with the astrological sign Sagittarius.

    Hey, I am Sagittarius.

    ~ my wishful thinking side is showing again…a good thing.

  324. and you thought you were obssessed Marco…haha!

  325. oh wow, I never looked into this until today.

    As the hanged man, I wish to be consumed(literally), and suffocated with your love. As for the bitter vile of poison, I already broke it apon the ground.


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  326. You still bored Marco? hehe.

  327. Oh hey look Marco, they are laughing again.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  328. The Empress(the Object of Desire), is of the love of the beloved, the hanged man(the one who desires).

    hmmm…not sure if I am the hanged man or the fool…both?

    Hey can I wear the clown outfit this year?

  329. oh wow, this is like a romance story from centuries ago, like Romeo and Juliet.

  330. Only difference is Romeo and Juliet were both stupid, where as we are not.

    In her beneficent aspect, she gives, nurtures, and/or celebrates life.

    We lead by example.

  331. My only attachment is to the air I breath and the food I eat, here in the physical world, that allows my brain to continue functioning…not very well somedays, I might add. haha.

  332. I really love the country girl pics of you, that for me, is of the relaxed, easy going, pick up a guitar, strum a few chords, write a few words, fun loving calm sensibility, which is how I grew up in the country, where we did not lock our doors, much like Tennessee country folk, although some of them are really bad alcoholic nightmares.

    For me, it is not about attachment to country music, as much as it is that of being relaxed about life, as a song writer, musician, lover…of who we really are, always were, and still are, given the right environment to thrive in.

    It is here, that my magical feelings of being alive is always with me. You know, beyone everything in life between two lovers, nothing compares to the feeling of holding their hand. As ordinary as that may sound, that is real life to me, and of all I ever want to be…a loving lover, with a loving lover.

  333. You look like an olympic athlete M.

  334. hmmm…100,000 views of the new video in just 5 days, all from the buzz, people searching the web for the video, no advertising mostly, just pure buzz.

    That is not bad, 20,000 searches per day. Could easily be more, like 20 million searches per day, considering people now spend more time on the net, than watching TV.

  335. Madonna Madonna Madonna.. it’s not all about Madonna… you know… geezz.. I feel for her spunky husband.. Guy… he must be such a together soul that one.. Married to Her.. jesus… Andy maybe we should take Guy out for dinner .. we can lock Madonna up in the wardrobe.. it should be safe during the day …i’ll keep a wooden stake and silver bullet close by … just in case..

    Yer anyway … keep it together love..never loose sight ..your usually always right…. sometimes anyway.. Hey Mr Guy Richie..i feel for you i really do .. but it’s worth it you’ve, got a hot chick ..


  337. crazy as fuck.. Ramonn ..

  338. RAM on n………………………Ram Me.. fuck ..

  339. Of course it is not all about M…it’s about love.

  340. Andy … what .. i pulled a tarot card.. the DEVIL .. big horn’s and sharp teeth ..

  341. Its ALL about Love .. Love win’s ..

    what round is it ?

  342. Love begets love.

    Hate begets hate.

    M be gets me. haha!

    I be gets her? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



  344. Dear Madonna,

    When you are enjoying your summer in NYC. Please stop by the soSIC collective’s art table in SoHo.. (on Prince between wooster and greene) .. you would love “Nobody’s ” art … he uses “Art as his Weapon” against violence….


  345. I’m just teasing.

    On all issues of maintaining healthy mental/emotional well being, we need only to google it, research, and devote time to the well being of Self.

    On all issues of Spirituality, we need only to google it, research, and devote time to the well being of Self, where Spirituality, in my opinion, is like pyschology, meant to help nurture and protect the well being of Self, and Self within others, who choose to assist other in life.

    Perhaps I have over stepped boundaries with others, while dwelling in the bridal champer, in indeed I have, but only for sake of everyone have I done this.

    My life belongs to Jesus, who is my true and faithful friend, with no desire whatsoever to leave me, where it is only me who ever turned away from Jesus, which I no longer desire to.

    On issues of sexuality, there is loving sexuality between lovers of the bridal chamber, irregardless of orientation, this I have learned. Always should be with someone we love, so take your time in finding a healthy lover, or suffer the consequences of your own decisions. It is your life to live, no one elses. Choose to become wise, and remain wise thru nurturing of Self thru love and protection of Self thru wisdom.

    It has been fun chatting with everyone, and now the time has come where I merely wish to take my place in life, where I am always here for any who wish to approach, knowing I wish to remain, ‘that’ of a true and faithful friend to all, of all, I shall always ‘that’…no more clowning around, and yet I always wish to joyfully clown around. haha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Jesus loves you. God loves you. I love you. We love Jesus. We love God. We love each other, and another.

    + One Sky. One World. One Eternal Human Being +

    Our wisdom, β€˜that’ of heaven,
    protects us;
    our kingdom comes;
    our will be done,
    of earth which is heaven.
    Thankful of the day, of everything.
    forgiven of our trespasses,
    just as we forgive them that unwisely trespass against us.
    β€˜that’ which leads us not into error;
    but delivers us from foolishness.
    For we are the kingdom,
    the power, and the glory, of the light,
    For ever and ever.
    For ALL.

    Thank you.

  346. where’s my coffee!!! haha!

    i tend to write badly when I am not fully awake…

    ~ (corrected version) ~

    On all issues of maintaining healthy mental/emotional well being, we need only to google it, research, and devote time to the well being of Self(best investment you will ever make).

    On all issues of Spirituality, we need only to google it, research, and devote time to the well being of Self, where Spirituality, in my opinion, is like pyschology, ‘that of wisdom, meant to help nurture and protect the well being of Self, and Self within others, of those who choose to assist others in life.

    Perhaps I have over stepped boundaries with others, while dwelling in the bridal champer, and indeed I have, but only for sake of everyone have I done this.

    I know that my life belongs to Jesus and God, who is my true and faithful friend, with no desire whatsoever to leave me, where it is only me who ever turned away from Jesus and God, of which I no longer desire to turn away from.

    On issues of sexuality, there is loving sexuality between lovers of the bridal chamber, irregardless of orientation…this I have learned, as have others. We know.
    Always should be with someone you really love, so take your time in finding a healthy lover, or suffer the consequences of your own decisions. It is your life to live, no one elses. Choose to become wise, and remain wise thru nurturing of the loving Self thru love, and protection of the loving Self thru wisdom.

    It has been fun chatting with everyone, and now the time has come where I merely wish to take my place in life, where I am always here for any who wish to approach, knowing I wish to remain, β€˜that’ of a true and faithful friend to all, of all, I shall always be β€˜that’…no more clowning around, and yet I always wish to joyfully clown around. haha!

    Jesus loves you. God loves you. I love you. We love Jesus. We love God. We love each other, and another.

    + One Sky. One World. One Eternal Human Being +

    Our wisdom, β€˜that’ of heaven,
    protects us;
    our kingdom comes;
    our will be done,
    of earth which is heaven.
    Thankful of the day, of everything.
    forgiven of our trespasses,
    just as we forgive them that unwisely trespass against us.
    β€˜that’ which leads us not into error;
    but delivers us from foolishness.
    For we are the kingdom,
    the power, and the glory, of the light,
    For ever and ever.
    For ALL.

    Thank you.

  347. Okay, well this long non-writing period confirms the feeling that i have had for the past year and a half. This blog is definately not Madonna’s!!!!! Oh and Andy, go fuck yourself, cause seriously no body wants to hear all your bullshit. Maybe you should be seeing a phyciatrist, that way you can tell them how you feel all you want, but don’t do that on a blog that isn’t even yours.


  349. You have to wait 20 seconds for this radio interview to load.

    I love it!!! Everyone is so bubbling over with excitement, anticipating the call for M to come thru. For sure some joy was expererienced by all tuned in that day!!!!!!

    Way to go everyone! That’s what i’m talking about!

    more more more!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  350. San Fran Sissy radio interview:

    (right box)

  351. ^ 20 second Miami load time(wait for it) ^

  352. haha!

    That’s awesome, NBA playing her music…a huge fan base.

    I hate basketball, it sucks, and everybody at works talks about it everyday, and I think to my self, ya, I usually am busy with better things than watching grown men playing with their balls. haha!

    Sooo borringgg! They get all excited about these male players, as they squeal, and I recall how similar they are to the loco gay boys at the club…nice ass on some of them too!

    Kinda hard not to notice, ya?

  353. visit my wordpress blog Madonna, plzz!
    here’s da address:


  355. Good morning M.

    You see? I am not the only gay(bisexual) that loves you completely, and would like to be your lover!

    A good thing for me, as I was beginning to think mayby you all thought of me as some kind of derranged insane freak, that only has eyes for Madonna, alternatively choosing to live a gay life, if not with her.

    Perhaps it is because she truly loves us gay boys…family…”keep it together”, the words you sang over and over again and again, of the conviction of love we all share.

    I don’t want to do the clown outfit this year without you, and so I will choose something else to wear…like one of Rosie’s Love and Peace T-shirts. Even though I know I would have your blessing, it is something special, for the one most special in my heart, YOU.

    So you wish to be invited, yes? I personally invite you into my life forever to stay damn it!!!!!!!!!!!


    We all do! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  356. hey, at least I have not changed my name to obi-wan kenobi…damn, and I consider myself a big Star Wars fan too…I guess not quite as much as others.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    what a sweet heart you are ob1. Let’s java sometime?

  357. I suppose one could think of learning about life, as equally challenging as learning a new language.

    Or one could opt out and use the easy to use language translators, without appearing lazy, and rather that of smart effeciency, yes? Especially considering how long it would take for everyone to learn Hebrew…hint: hit the english translation button at aviv edition). haha!

    Damn! Guess I will have to wait for it…as usual.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  358. oh, for those wondering, what the fuck is Andy talking about now?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  359. ah fuck it, i’m going back to the spa…anyone care to join me?

  360. i jest…

    I love you Madonna. Always.


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  361. Here one for Rosie.

    I have posited another the possiblility of autism, having worked with autistic children in institutions.

    A strange word, ‘posited’, and funny to pronounce too…think of the queenest gay guy you know of pronouncing this word, with a slight slurring of speech.


    Ok. Here is what I put forward for consideration and further study.
    I have looked at the many characteristics of autism, such as avoiding eye contact, and most of these characteristics point to hyper-nervous, or hyper-anxiety turmoil within.
    I have seen social workers who work with these kids, and I to say that I don’t think many of them are quailfied to assist autistic children in becoming free of the potential anxiety disorder that may be the root of autism.

    Here is one place to look, that may reveal light into autism being linked to social enviroments or stimuli, that may be intrusive of families, but rewarding if correct.
    Take a look at children born and raised by professionals in the field of psychology, and do a statistical analysis of how many of the children are autistic.

    I predict that the number will be substantially lower, as difficult a truth as that may be to embrace. We have to look at environmental possibilities, trace and isolate possible causes of autism…or keep doing what we are doing, going around in circles.

    Another interesting statistic is the ratio of 4.3:1 autistic children as male, which points to a missing link.

  362. For me, the dream of life, is life itself, in every sublte moment…although at times, I am not very subtle…still working on that one…I suppose starting with a less vulgarity and profanity is a good place for me to start.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I think this album is going to explode bigger than anyone realized.

  363. I like this saying:

    This is a journey without distance.

    Stop traveling and you arrive.

  364. ~ for me the saying represents standing in front of Jesus alone, with no element of wandering aimlessly or doubtfulness, feeling a deep connection of oneness with him, a feeling that does not leave me.

    It is of my surrendered heart, mind, body and soul to Jesus, i suppose. Feels real for me, free of anxiety, full of the grace of love between us, sorta like being married to him I suppose, commited, willingly surrender to him, at one with him, about depth of the love of the soul that is able to be free of silly anxieties, like that of the world.
    A comfortable feeling for me, that feels as though it is the only place where I belong, and it does not feel like a religion, or even a need to preach, rather it is as though what I have been searching for, about how the depth of my soul has stopped searching…a journey without distance…no wandering aimlessly, as though I have arrived.

    I know, I really should get out more.
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  365. Not thinking Hillary is the best choice for president does not immediately make those who think this sexist. Looking for a community builder with fewer ties to big business. Looking for someone who isn’t “seasoned” in American politics. Hillary is a wonderful, powerful woman. Not my choice as a PERSON for president.

  366. I think she will a good president for the US =)

  367. you will pay

  368. Madonna is older than most of your moms but she probably looks hotter than most of you too.

    Now how does that happen, she is 50 and still smoking sexy.

    The reason for this is that she doesn’t miss a single workout and keeps her diet in check no matter what, so what type of a diet is this and what kind of a workout?

    Check this link out!!!!!!

  369. sorry for my bullshit …revolver is a nice song… je fais du jardin

  370. my deepest issue in life, has always been having my own children, so perhaps purely mentally, emotionally, spiritually i am paving the way for this in my life, in casting alcohol and drug use out of God’s house of love and peace, unlike the forefather household i grew up in, i truly do adhere to God’s law, no alcohol allowed in God’s house of love and peace, for sake of my children, for sake of ‘me’

    clearly my life has been one continuous awakening fully into my own awareness of what has been of my every blessed step all these years, all the same now, since childhood, the same lessons over and over again and again, all pointing in the same direction i have been looking towards for so long, that pure true absolute pure place within, my love is TRUTH, no desire to deny my own divine self TRUTH any longer, of only love and peace feels good enough for ‘me’, and God willing, my children some blessed day, who you know without doubt, i will encourage them in a blessed path safe and clear of all these learned forefather behaviourals, in my looking to God who is of my pure introspections daily, always there, the undeniable TRUTH, LIFE, WAY.

    i am set free from the generational mad flood drowning ignorances of death destruction and oppression of ‘me’

    lead by example of who you authentically purely truly R

    the mark of a true artist who’s only desire is for others to come fully into awareness of what is the sacred pure true place we dwell in as our ‘real’ self set free.

    bless you all

    God is LOVE
    God is YOU

  371. water finds it’s own level eventually….those that do not pure truly care to know ‘me’ in order to purely truly love ‘me’ in following whatever may be of their snaring mad flood drowning ignorances, such as alcohol and/or drug use in following those in likeness and form in the raging river of death destruction and oppression of our precious pure loving holy joyful absolute carefree happiness spiritedness of ‘me’.

    well, i pray for you all that you come free of the mad flood generational drowning river i too once was caught up in, that nearly did take my own precious life, and did take the life of my first boyfriend Troy, who died consequentially of his alcohol drug use and friends of alcohol drug use he chose to run with, among other unresolved issues, of what was my past life learning experience that did teach ‘me’ the depth of my wise spirit, and the depth of the raging drowning river i was caught in, as to the true nature of the beasts of generational mad flood drowning ignorances of death destruction and oppression of holy joyful absolute carefree happiness YOU of eternal all YOU.

    bless you all

    God is TRUTH
    God is LOVE
    God is with YOU always

  372. feels is as though i am denying the spirit and life of my blessed beloved child yet to come in the future who is calling ‘me’

    strange as that may sound, is how i feel, so pure, so real, so ‘me’……


    so besides ‘me’, how is your day going anyway? lol :mrgreen:

  373. hmmmm…..maybe i really am female, yes? :mrgreen:

  374. Rosie is like, “that is one pissed off lesbian!” lol

    and i say, “i look to YOU for TRUTH”

    what you and others so fearlessly turn towards as you have all this time, the TRUTH

  375. enter in weakness…..

    as our divine true ‘real’ self

    i am

  376. something i speak about as a homosexual, that other homosexuals are afraid to admit or embrace that part of their life that is missining, which i feel is a primal innate issue for every human being….of the beginning, end.

    well, one day i shall have my own children, and already, in my heart, i have my own children, in what is my concern for all your children the world over….

  377. correction… a bisexual

    ‘of’ the bisexual i am

    we all r

  378. clearly this is about my own children………..

  379. the taboo world is more than just damning of our pure loving homosexual sex…………..fuckers!

  380. perhaps one day my own child will purely ask, “who was my Dad, and what was he purely about in his heart of hearts?”

    and i’ll say, “YOU”

    bless you

  381. hey, what did i say about helicopters?

    they are not safe, ok?

    fuck, you don’t listen to ‘me’


  382. a helicopter does not want to fly. It is maintained in the air by a variety of forces and controls working in opposition to each other, and if there is any disturbance in this delicate balance, the helicopter stops flying, immediately and disastrously. There is no such thing as a gliding helicopter……


    mechanical metal things wear from continuous use, in what is known as metal fatigue, according to physics experts, and the eventuality is the metal……BREAKS

    no matter the best maintance, the amount of variouables, such as the metal forging prior to assembly, as crash case files have shown, instruments are just not able to check every single moving metal part of a helicopter, and if even one of these parts metal fatigues and breaks, you are fucked



    remember….i love you

    damn it

  383. what are you one of those kinda people who puts their trust in God completely?

    ya well, stop putting your trust in the hands of others then, will ya?

    trust me, God is not able to help anyone in a helicopter falling from the sky, and plumetting to the ground at over one hundred miles per hour………..

    ok, i think that about ensures your fear of helicopters, yes?


    bless you always

  384. and if not, well, i get premonitions of the future, ok?

    which is not to say i have had such a specific premonitions, or maybe i did, and i am not telling you, but either way, physics alone tells you the TRUTH

    stay out of helicopters

    although a car is statistically more dangerous i suppose……

    oh for fuck sakes, do what you want

    just be sure to do me someday, ok?


  385. the angel spoke,”the body is the garden of the soul”

    ~ Meryl Strep, speaking with the angel in the garden, such a lesbian moment! :mrgreen:

    although the scene is somewhat overboard corny, surprised she chose that script……..yet a pure underlying message……..of God’s constant awakening nurturing protective TRUTH seeds meant for the divine self of us all(pure thoughts planted that take root and grow as YOU). :mrgreen:


    oh, i did not spoil the moment!


    besides, it’s all so silly, the emotional lacking commitment of one’s own divine, irrational vs rational, beginning end, make up your fucking mind, WILL YOU? :mrgreen:

    no one loves you more than i do


    always and forever

    i am

    and so are YOU

    i promise to quit smoking…….

    with or without you

    purely surrendering to ‘me’ now

    i am the WILL within

    to constantly LOVE

    “only LOVE from now on, ok?” my Dad’s spirit spiritually spoke to me after he died, as i cryed alone with him there, knowing without doubt how much my Dad did love me all those years of my life since i was born.

    only LOVE is good enough for eternal all YOU

    bless you all

    forever more

  386. 100% spiritual commitment to yOUR divine self is of God

    of what is the constant yearning running high spiritedness of yOUR eternal divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU


    only love

    in truthfully entering in weakness surrendering fully to yOUR exceeding graceful ‘real’ self kingdom of heaven love devoid of the generational absurd useless seperational ignorances across all false divisional barriers of race, religion, sex, orientation, status, wealth, political nonsense……..

    bless you bless you bless you all

    i purely and truly know who i am

    who we all r in doing so

    just as you do 2

    doing as i do


    Main Entry: 1do
    Pronunciation: \ˈdü\
    Function: verb
    Inflected Form(s): did \ˈdid, dΙ™d\; done \ˈdΙ™n\; doΒ·ing \ˈdΓΌ-iΕ‹\; does \ˈdΙ™z\
    Etymology: Middle English don, from Old English dōn; akin to Old High German tuon to do, Latin -dere to put, facere to make, do, Greek tithenai to place, set
    Date: before 12th century
    transitive verb
    1 : to bring to pass : carry out
    2 : put β€”used chiefly in do to death
    3 a : perform, execute b : commit
    4 a : bring about, effect b : to give freely : pay
    5 : to bring to an end : finish β€”used in the past participle
    6 : to put forth : exert
    7 a : to wear out especially by physical exertion : exhaust b : to attack physically : beat; also : kill
    8 : to bring into existence : produce
    9 β€”used as a substitute verb especially to avoid repetition
    10 a : to play the role or character of b : mimic; also : to behave like c : to perform in or serve as producer of
    11 : to treat unfairly; especially : cheat
    12 : to treat or deal with in any way typically with the sense of preparation or with that of care or attention: a (1) : to put in order : clean (2) : wash b : to prepare for use or consumption; especially : cook c : set, arrange d : to apply cosmetics to e : decorate, furnish
    13 : to be engaged in the study or practice of ; especially : to work at as a vocation
    14 a : to pass over (as distance) : traverse b : to travel at a speed of
    15 : tour
    16 a : to spend (time) in prison b : to serve out (a period of imprisonment)
    17 : to serve the needs of : suit, suffice
    18 : to approve especially by custom, opinion, or propriety
    19 : to treat with respect to physical comforts
    20 : use 3
    21 : to have sexual intercourse with
    22 : to partake of
    intransitive verb
    1 : act, behave
    2 a : get along, fare b : to carry on business or affairs : manage
    3 : to take place : happen
    4 : to come to or make an end : finish β€”used in the past participle
    5 : to be active or busy
    6 : to be adequate or sufficient : serve
    7 : to be fitting : conform to custom or propriety
    8 β€”used as a substitute verb to avoid repetition ; used especially in British English following a modal auxiliary or perfective have
    9 β€”used in the imperative after an imperative to add emphasis
    verbal auxiliary
    1 a β€”used with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses in legal and parliamentary language and in poetry b β€”used with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses in declarative sentences with inverted word order , in interrogative sentences , and in negative sentences
    2 β€”used with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses expressing emphasis

    β€” doΒ·able \ˈdΓΌ-Ι™-bΙ™l\ adjective

    β€” do a number on : to defeat or confound thoroughly especially by indirect or deceptive means

    β€” do away with 1 : to put an end to : abolish
    2 : to put to death : kill

    β€” do by : to deal with : treat

    β€” do for chiefly British 1 : to attend to the wants and needs of : take care of
    2 : to bring about the death or ruin of

    β€” do it : to have sexual intercourse

    β€” do justice 1 a : to act justly b : to treat fairly or adequately c : to show due appreciation for
    2 : to acquit in a way worthy of one’s abilities

    β€” do proud : to give cause for pride or gratification

    β€” do the trick : to produce a desired result

    β€” do with : to make good use of : benefit by

    β€” to do : necessary to be done

    do as i am


  387. TRUTH in exploration of yOUR inner happiness is revealed thru emotional honesty of divine self set free from all false spirits of immitation

    why pretend to be anything other than the pure YOU i love as i truly do, in the same pure true way i love my own blessed divine self?

    starts and stops, beginning and end, always the same sacred door to YOU where i am easily found

    to whom am i most like?


  388. so how is my holy harlot of an angel girlfriend this morning? lol :mrgreen:

    what we are is not just of sex, no, we are a wholeness of well being physical mental emotional sexual spiritual at all times.

    compatibility of the well being with others is of our ability for holy joyful absolute carefree happiness, provided a wise helmsperson is present….lol

    ok, so i am a wise helmsperson does that make me your present?

    Biyatch! lol :mrgreen:

    somebody present ‘me’ as a gift, so i can wrappred and tangled up in your blessed body, the garden of yOUR soul, your mental fortitude of wise nurturing awakening protection, your spiritual emotional holy joyful happiness yOUR reward, set free to forever be, who we purely truly constantly yearn to always see, the TRUTH, that only LOVE feels good enough for the divine blessed true ‘real’ YOU of eternal all yet to come.

    blessed is the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU

    forever more

    bless you all

  389. [bed head hair, apon waking in the morning, still dressed in his wacky solid gold armoring disarmoring outfit once again from the night before, with holy joyfulness flowing abundantly, Andy jumps to his feet, and raises his mighty TRUTH sword high in the air, exclaiming with strong, forceful, intense emotional conviction, vehemently expressing, “YES!!!! i am of present!!!! ]

    [as he stumbles, and crashes down to the floor with a loud crashing noise, waking everyone up, their usual first thoughts, without doubt, that biyatch so needs to get laid, and soon!] lol :mrgreen:

  390. what we are is not just of sex, no, we are a wholeness of yOUR well being physical mental emotional sexual spiritual Wise Loving well BEing at all times.

    compatibility of the well being with others is of ALL yOUR ability for overflowing abundant holy joyful absolute carefree happiness, provided a wise helmsperson is present, ‘that’ of the Wise Loving Spiritual BEing YOU

    bless you all

  391. if it’s not 100% authentic true pure ‘real’ love sincerely of the ‘real’ YOU…….i don’t want it……

    ‘it’ being all the false spirits of imitation, the lackluster zeal, insincere spiel speak extravagantly lip service, the patronizing waste my motherfucking time Biyatches!


    oh, somebody just fuck me for fuck sakes! haha :mrgreen:

    that’s not begging is it?
    im not resorting to begging am i?

    [silence fills the room, no one saying a word, Andy feeling the sense of their not wanting to laugh out loud, hesitation so as not to leave Andy feeling as though a joke, something wrong with him, her……]

    every day feels purely blessed to me, of what is going on daily in our war on drugs, the death, the destruction, the oppression that yet grips the unwise world as we speak, feeling what is to come is already come, my being hear with you, speaking and feeling what is of authentic ‘real’ we all purely easily see with clarity, all the bullshit facades, the insincerity of divine ‘real’ self submerge of so many, the oppression, the regression degeneration that flows from forgetfulness that is yet drowning the earth, infecting soul and body, veiling the soul like a cloak and stopping one from abiding purely and truly in the heart, the constant ‘real’ concern for the future of beloved children of what is our wise alert awake stature kingdom of heaven halo perspective of TRUTH that is everywhere, in every corner of everyone’s blessed life, family, friends, lovers…………’me’

    So don’t be swept away by this mad drowning flood of the ongoing generational binding false spirits of imitations everyone.

    Find the true way into yOUR blessed pure true divine constant overflowing abundantly wise compassionate loving heart!
    Look for a good teacher to show you the path to the gates of yOUR intuitive remembrance of the true ‘real’ YOU constantly there in constant yearning hopefulness knowingness certainty awaiting for genuine safe conducive passage opening wide the soul of eternal all YOU who are there in this moment.
    Where there is wise light radiant brilliant bright like the constant sun shining above within YOU, free from fearful blinding binding falsehood darknesses of heart mind body spirit and soul, the divine wise eternal day light(YOU) of the unfailing TRUTH of all TRUTHs and unTRUTHs constantly everywhere YOU look.

    blessings to all

  392. eternal all WE is in process

  393. if ain’t ‘real’ YOU, i don’t want it………Biyatches! :mrgreen:



  394. keeping it ‘real’

  395. If I Ain’t Got You Lyrics
    Artist(Band):Alicia Keys

    Mmmmmm Mmmm mm ooo

    Some people live for the fortune
    Some people live just for the fame
    Some people live for the power, yeah
    Some people live just to play the game
    Some people think that the physical things
    Define what’s within
    And I’ve been there before
    But that life’s a bore
    So full of the superficial

    Some people want it all
    But I don’t want nothing at all
    If it ain’t you baby
    If I ain’t got you baby
    Some people want diamond rings
    Some just want everything
    But everything means nothing
    If I ain’t got you, Yeah

    Some people search for a fountain
    That promises forever young
    Some people need three dozen roses
    And that’s the only way to prove you love them
    Hand me the world on a silver platter
    And what good would it be
    No one to share
    With no one who truly cares for me

    Some people want it all
    But I don’t want nothing at all
    If it ain’t you baby
    If I ain’t got you baby
    Some people want diamond rings
    Some just want everything
    But everything means nothing
    If I ain’t got you, you, you

    Some people want it all
    But I don’t want nothing at all
    If it ain’t you baby
    If I ain’t got you baby
    Some people want diamond rings
    Some just want everything
    But everything means nothing
    If I ain’t got you, yeah

    If I ain’t got you with me baby, ooo whoaa
    So nothing in this whole wide world don’t mean a thing
    If I ain’t got you with me baby

  396. did you see that pic of Blake?
    amazing, the pink triangle, the soft blue and pink transexual colors……..argh…….i see this all the time and wonder to myself, maybe God really does know who i purely truly am ……..a transexual lesbian……..

    you wish! :mrgreen:

  397. The sun will have to set,
    on all our old ways,
    will surely rise again,
    for a brand new day.

    If we give up what we are wanting,
    and hold on to what we need,
    If we stop the pointless searching,
    for something at our feet.

    Slow down,
    only one more step to grace,
    slow down,
    it’s really not a race.

    ~ Cody Sewall, Andrew Olesen

  398. if i did’nt love myself so much

    maybe i would have time

    to love you as much

    but after all

    time is an illusion

    but my

    love is


  399. but why should i bother your a lesbian

  400. and my watch is your pocket !

  401. the pocket on my tight fittin jeans, or the more casual loose ones? lol :mrgreen:

  402. the female and male sex organs operate as ONE reproductive unit that creates ONE eternally reproducing human being(or more if blessed with twins or more), of either a female or male.

    the female sexual behavior within the female brain, having sex with the female of the female brain, is of greater purity atonement in female self-love sexual awareness joy, than the female having sex with the female of the male brain, as is evident of the well adjusted obvious at ease true inner joyfulness outward appearance of lesbians.

    the male sexual behaviour within the male brain, havine sex with the male of the male brain, is of greater purity atonement in male self-love sexual awareness joy, than the male having sex with the male of the female brain, as is evident of the well adjusted obvious at ease true inner joyfulness outward appearance of gays.

    the common thread here is the well adjusted at ease true inner joyfulness that is purely of one’s own self-love, that is attainable irregardless of orientation.

    obviously the more well adjusted one is in their own self-love exploration, the greater the at ease true inner joyfulness outward appearance will be, irregardless of orientation.

    i am exceedingly well adjusted in both female and male sexual behavior self-love, to the extent i know i am 100% both female and male within a male body, which in my opinion, makes me the best choice life partner of either a male or female, provided they are as well adjusted as i am for sake of ‘me’.

    oh, relax… will learn soon enough and get used to ‘me’ :mrgreen:

  403. i am happiness of 2 :mrgreen:

  404. it’s just unexplored sexual tension, that’s all, of the male of the female brain, and the female of the male brain, as regards hetersexuals, something i am highly intrigued bi :mrgreen:

    i am versatile female/male of a male body, seeking a versatile female/male, of either a female or male body, preferably of a female at this point of my life……for more reasons than just the sex, as already stated above……….

    for ‘me’, my happiness revolves around the potential thriving happiness of the mental emotional physical sexual spiritual well being compatibility, which i know of my own divine self, divine self of YOU, in establishing what is the condition of yOUR soul, respectful of the soul of eternal all YOU, in what is clarity of my mental powers in evaluting awareness of ‘me’, the sacred mirror of exceeding overflowing abundant holy joyful absolute carefree happiness YOU

    bless you
    i love you

    forever more

  405. optimistically, i am free!
    pesimistically, can’t YOU see?

    i am ALL of thee

  406. +

    optimistically, “i am free.”
    pessimistically, “can you not see?”
    realistically, “i am ALL thee.”

    YOU are the key to YOU and ‘me’


  407. +

    4 minutes, 2 decide
    eternity, we all abide
    one heaven, the divides
    yOUR heart, purity pride


  408. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  409. hey, how come i don’t see rainbow flags on the world stages of U2 and Madonna?

    what the fuck is up with that anyway? :mrgreen:

  410. oh for fuck sakes, see what i mean, their all fucking gay now!


    tell ‘me’ i am dreaming….somebody pinch ‘me’! lol :mrgreen:

  411. Great post and a superb read. You have raised some logical points. Fantastic job, keep it up. I adore returning back to this web site and reading the high quality content you always have on offer.

  412. wish me luck in love and life OUT there….bless you all

  413. i’ts not about letting go

    it’s about letting grow

  414. can you imagine someone alone within, dealing with their homoerotic self in secret, having come fully into awareness acknowledgment of their sexual orientation, identifying with, oh, say someone like me(telling me i am like medicine man like they did today ;), and then showing up at this concert, purely feeling of their spirited oneness sameness of our decades of gay history angst? :mrgreen:

    such a powerful atonement half way thru this song by Muse

  415. you like the new piece i just finished today? My favorite so far

  416. what to say…….well……uhm?………you know, it’s always a bad idea to get involved with the hired help………..

    ok…….uhm…….maybe that was not the right thing to say……..

    oh, you have no sense of humor! lol :mrgreen:

    what to say……….uhm?

    you know, it’s only natural of these fuck buddy younger ones to be attracted to their own self-love beauty of their own age group, not to mention their somewhat lacking intellectuality that can get really boring at times, where no matter how much we think we can hide that from them, they pick up on our subconscious unresolve……….uhm………..did he have a big dick?………..just waundering………..hey, i know, why not take me up on that dinner date you stood me up on last year?………..uhm?

    i could wear something skimpy and flowery, small all nice, and sit there and tease you for however long i feel like it, watching you squirm…………..oh, i know, paintball……….yes!!!! let’s go play some paintball!!!!!!!!!

    oh, we played that already……….uhm………i don’t know, you know i really don’t know how you feel about ‘me’, and that pisses me off not knowing and sorta always knowing, you know?

    so you love the new Emo art? Good yes?

    You can feel the powerful purity spiritedness of the Emo thinking and feeling so at ease in their pure love they feel for you in oneness sameness as your own……….hey, i know, let’s go dress in some hardcore emo outfits, wigs and all, no one able to recognize us, and see if we can recognize us………. :mrgreen:

    i love you i love you

    say it like i mean it?


  417. Rosie is going to spill her coffee over that last post, yes? :mrgreen:

    oh cheer up, you two did not spiritual connect as much as you wanted 2

    and there in lies the problem, yes?

    ok…..i’ll leave you to think about whatever you want 2 think of…….

  418. took me forever to find a super hero t-shirt store online .. proved to be the answer – and my nephew was happy with his hulk t-shirt. 5 stars.

  419. i don’t agree 100% of a potential cataclysmic threat to mankinds survival, although the balance of food and water to human population will naturally find it’s own level as it is currently doing, of people dying directly as a result already of the world population growth that is currently experiencing the vice of over population and continued dwindling of the resources of food and lowering water tables in the world, of a slow global reality check of what is taking place that this film clearly points out.

    the Eastern Island inhabitants supposedly became extinct directly as a result of shortsightedness in not replanting the trees they cut down, so they speculate, and if so, well, the lesson is one of their lacking shortsighted intelligence.

    we are of the most exceeding level of a global pool of intellect from which to draw from, in forecasting with pinpoint accuracy the future of dwindling oxygen supply, and the releasing of carbon into the atmosphere we know is heating the earth.

    the world population growth will continue as it is, in it’s head on collision into what is currently happening with the world population growth daily, where some thrive healthily and others do not.

    for me, what we are witnessing, as regards capitalism, is somewhat like a computer virus program that is concerned only of it’s own survival and purpose, with complete disregard for anything(anyone) outside of the virus progams survival mode and purpose of usefulness of any human being on the planet, where we do currently see huge uneducated populations currently willfully left behind by the capitalist mindset, which has a short term get rich quick mentality of what is the fastest and highest rate of return on investment.

    exactingly, that is what we are witnessing globally where the uneducated poor are left to their own survival mode defense of all the poorly educated children of God treated as unwanted outcasts who are deemed useless to our capitalistic mindset get rich quick rate of return on investment.

    concern for the future forcast of where capitalist get rich quick mindset and get out is leading to, is obviously already happening, of the wealthy retreating out of participation in society like they are doing, leaving billions of people to fend for themselves, not only of the uneducated like they currently do, but also of the working class educated of our democratic free world, where indeed, we are currently witnessing Wall Street trickery of investors and bankers huddled together in how to make use of the working class naive.

    i mean look at the level of dept the working class has today, the highest it has ever been per capita in history, and still, the goverments embrace this free for all loaning of moneys as something ok for the economy, when in truth, it depletes global prosperity of the working class.

    individuals who pay monthly interest charges, of say $500, of moneys that could of gone directly to purchases of products the global economy produces, in further employment of the working class, of greater prosperity.

    this allowed drain on the economy to exist, is the result of not being purely truthfully embraced by politicians of shortsighted four year term concern for themselves, politically speaking, who want to falsely bolster themselves as cause for supposed increased economic health during their tenure, all of which is stems from the same false capitalism get rich quick mindset of politician, law makers and corporate all sleeping in the same bed shortsightedness without wise insight into just what is possible in greater prosperity, not only of more production, more jobs, but also more taxes being paid, where the correct mindset has enough moneys to bring every single human being into the economic prosperity fold

    the real curse for mankind currently, is the increasing numbers of capitalist get rich quick rate of return on investment, where already we are seeing the exact results of the increasing number of investors worldwide.

    the danger is in the symbiotic relationship of investors in the global economy, who are of the thinking they can be demanding of politicians and law makers like they have in the past, where of recent, we are seeing the exact truth of such, are we not?

    left to the whims of investor demands of their increasing insatiable get rich quickest way possible appetites……….the global economy will self destruct.

    governments are the ones who control this balancing act, in keeping investors as participants in their country, where an even greater potential problem exists that the investors find alternative flexible countries of no restraint to play in, leaving behind many countries to fend for themselves.

    that is what is happening in the global investor economy pushing pushing pushing of useless lending lending lending, borrow borrow borrow, more and more of these false money politic, investor alike false bolstering of the false economic correction taking place.

    without question, it is the law makers who are able to save the world economy in bringing it back into normal realistic furture prosperity for all consideration growth rates

    left unchecked……..

    well, we see the evidence, clearly now in what happened of our past laws, that did leave the gate wide open for the investor bulls allowed pretty much fuck anyone they wanted to………..and did


  420. the really bad news is that much of what we are witnessing, does stem from our primal brain survival response.

    goverments need to band together as ONE global economic realisitic growth rate future prosperity mindset consideration for all the inhabitants on the planet, beyond goverment leader tenures, of what exactly do we want to leave behind for our children and our children’s children’s children of the eternal future?


    i am confident we are on the correct path infrastructure building like we do, of quite stable and prosperous healthy economies of many countries.

    but left to the whimpy whiny jackass whims of investors?

    kiss it all goodbye

  421. and if the investors do want to invest in these slave labour camps thruout the world, well, we have tarrifs for them, don’t we?

    at anytime, of the government law makers who DO sit apon the global economic throne as wise rulers, we can shut down free trade with any of these slave labor camps in third world countries of a dollar a day wages being paid, that these whimpy greedy investors choose to promote, in thinking they can find an alternative feed for their insatiable appetites that are of complete inconsideration of the REALISTIC INFRASTRUCTURE PROSPERITY FOR THE ETERNAL ALL YET TO COME

    “Go ahead punk(s), make my day!”


  422. i think governments should be the ones who own all the world’s resources, rather than corporate, of all revenues going to building and maintance of the REALISTIC INFRASTRUCTURE PROSPERITY FOR THE ETERNAL ALL YET TO COME

    we can still take 100% ownship of any countries resources away from today’s corporate who are allowed by the government laws the forefathers created, in making new laws………..morons!

    this would give us the resources we need, as well as stability, without the whimpy whiny ass greedy investors ever being in control of the global economic prosperity consideration of REALISTIC INFRASTRUCTURE PROSPERITY FOR THE ETERNAL ALL YET TO COME πŸ˜‰

    i should of been a politician?

    nah, id rather just give them free advice

    what a horrible boring job, being a politician, listening to every fucking whiner on the planet!



  423. there are energy resources of the future that we have not discovered or utilized yet, that will eventually come into the fold as oil reserves dry up, where already the research is revealing many ways to harness energy, such as the tidal currents of the oceans that result from the moon passing overhead each day.

    hydrolic fluid movement is powerful in the tidal waters, where we could harness the oceans tidal currents that result from the constant gravitational pull between the moon and the H2O of the oceans, that is constantly churning, constantly always there and always will be in the eternal future.

    children of the future will be the ones who see just how vast this energy is the currently constantly exists as we speak, we merely lack the infrastructure, and will, so long as the whiny whimp ass corporate insatiable greed boys and girls are allowed ownership of direction in renewable energy resources, why we are where we are today, without the tidal current energy harnessing infrastructure yet to come.

    then there is the vastness of the sun’s energy

    and what of these methane moons in our solar system?

    children of the future will be the one’s of moon harvesting

    these moons really have no other value than to eat them


  424. i am a virus, and i have come to eat the universe!

    lol πŸ˜‰

  425. here is a brain teaser for you all, if all corporate moneys today went back equally to all the inhabitants of the planet, how much would each person have?

    oh look, where did all the poverty go?

    it disappeared!

    the greatest power mankind has, according to God, is our mental power

    indeed, it is our mental power that is directly linked to current prosperity today and eternal all of tomorrow

    who of you is not concerned for your own child’s prosperity, and their children’s children?

    it is purity of constant true primal brain response, that none of you are without concern, no matter how repressed your whiny whimpy ass brains may currently be



  426. oh look, the government shut down all oil drilling in the gulf!

    see what i mean?

    governments are the law makers, and their warships rule the world, so don’t think for one second that the inconsiderate corporate boys and girls have any control, where they do not, unless of course you are a corruptible government leader……..oh, don’t get me started on that list of names!

    Jesus speaks of corruptibility as the single most important issue of divine self protective discerning wisdom ability

    so there you have it, corruptibility is the single most important issue

    the wise true nature of the divine child is not corruptible, albeit, corruptible

    every evil death destruction oppression we see and feel today is of corruptible/currupted/corruption, is it not?

  427. seriously, if i was president, i would say to the corporate boys and girls of energy resources, as owner and rule make of this monopoly game, i am taking ownership of your operations you currently own as a result of my allowing you to own it, in what was always mine in the first place!

    GET OUT!!!!!!!!!

    oh and thank you!


  428. hmmm…….i may need to stop by the military lab for some thicker body armor for that day of announcement, you just don’t know what sick rats may live in that cage


  429. the inconsideration of future prosperity really starts and stops with the democratic voting process, where the majority of the ones voting are all fucking naive babbling idiots!


  430. ohhhh, that’s why we have the senate!

    always wondered what they were for………


  431. consenting to treaties as a precondition to their ratification and consenting or confirmation of appointments of Cabinet secretaries, federal judges, other federal executive officials, military officers and other federal uniformed officers, as well as trying federal officials impeached by the House. The Senate is a more deliberative body than the House of Representatives because the Senate is smaller and its members serve longer terms, allowing for a more collegial and less partisan atmosphere that is more ‘insulated from public opinion’ than the House. The Senate is considered a more prestigious body than the House of Representatives because of its longer terms, smaller membership, and larger constituencies

    key words: insulated from (naive babbling idiot) public opinion

  432. while governments do gain from taxing the coporate energy resource companies, the governments do not have control of the investment direction and speed of investment direction these corporations are slowly taking, who are lacking any incentive to invest in the building of say, ocean’s tidal current energy resource harnessing infrastructure, that has a slow rate of return compared to cash and grab sell it today oil revenues.

    the tidal current harnessing infrastructure is a beautiful thing is 100% constant in it’s daily renewable use, 99% clean electricity energy output and operations, that only has to be built once, for the eternal future to be of eternal use of, sorta like the great wall of China yet standing.

    the real pay off comes in the eternal future, where it is the lacking motivation consideration of the unborn yet to come, of needed motivation to build it

    why it likely won’t come into exlusive global use existence

    it has a low output and low rate of return

    but is purely clean and 100% constantly renewable for billions of years yet to come

    in that light, the ocean tidal renewable energy harnessing infrastructure is a spiritual divine self constuction effort, is it not?

    why it won’t ever exist

    ah fuck it, the world is fucked, and the bridge is out up ahead

    fuck it

    it’s going to self destruction selfish hell

    correction, already is hell for most of the world’s inhabitants, thanks exclusively to all you of insatiable greed desire

    thanks everyone!

    you are all so smart and so considerate of your brothers and sisters!


  433. Jesus is correct, if all the leaders where on the same page of divine self prosperity concern for all brothers and sisters the world over in constant awareness oneness equality preferred state of constant being love devoid of doubt sameness, there would be no more suffering, no more pain, no more death and crying

    the kingdom of heaven is a higher subtle intellect awareness perspective mindset of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul within us all

    the future unfolding is yet as of the past Jesus experienced, and that is how it is that i am of the flawless feeling oneness wise awareness of Jesus, fearlessly unafraid to feel the truth of everything and everyone, of everywhere i look, i am there, feeling what another is feeling like we all do.

    these falsehood insatiable greed selfish mindsets have not changed

    not at all

    what the poor do not realize purely in their hearts, as do the rich, is that you are all lost, rich or poor, where none of you are looking for the greatest treasure already purely always there within you, that you shall ever find, the flawless feeling healing divine child of God’s pure feeling you yet unattended, unaware, bound and asleep in the snared generational binding ignorances that lead away from our constant love devoid of doubt flawless feelings, the only real value in anyone’s life

    to be wealthy without love is not wealthy, rather is wretchedly more poor than the constant spiritually wealthy financially poorest of greater peace of mind, stress free.

    i purely know and feel the truth of ‘that’

    i am ‘that’

    mostly πŸ˜‰

  434. the true wealth we all look for, constantly exists already that we all purely constantly are within, past present eternal all future

    we exist

    in a universe

    where no one knows why we exist

    we just do

    we all constantly eternally ARE from the oneness same pure flawless feeling harmonious place of past present future existence….

    and we all constantly eternally ARE the oneness pure flawless feeling harmonious place of past present future exact same existence….

    only a fool thinks otherwise

  435. and here is another possibility everyone, that i don’t feel many embrace purely……..

    we may be the only life forms in the entire universe

    and that makes everyone and everything all around is purely consecrated sacred at all times, all of it, every atom of the universe we exist in and are of the same atoms of the universe we look out apon from behind our eyes that all visually exists to us, billions of years old, billions of years of evolution, of perhaps the only life that may exist and may ever have existed EVER in the history of the eternal universe

    it is all just so mind blowing really

    when you really stop and feel your own existence, in acceptance that none of us are different from one another, in our sensory perception, our feelings, our thinking, no one knowing why any of us exist, and sadly so many of us who seem not to care at all for the plight of another who is there in existence, our knowing how they are feeling of environmental situation, mostly of our own lacking love created environmental illness of heart, of all those we look apon, who pure is exactly as YOU, no different today, no different in the past, no different in the eternal future, all exact replicas of the beginning thru eternal (end)

  436. you need not ever wonder how another suffering is feeling, hoping and praying love in your hearts like their own

    none of you need ever wonder how you too would feel in their shoes

    you all purely know

    but what of the affliction sufferings beyond physical survival of food and water?

    our physical laboring is not difficult and is actually healthy

    blind jealous afflictions that none ever need be jealous of and if anything be grateful in not being snared by these illness of heart binding stressful gross materialism masters of deception slavery ego mentalities that are indeed blinding and binding of our true nature, are they not?

    and what is a person’s labor actually worth, in terms of the value of the output that corporate world’s cash in on and trade?

    and what of any of it that none of us can take with us when we all die?

    so why spend so much time and effort building these vast empires that have no value beyond survival?

    i mean really, what of any of your fancy digs anyway?

    do such things make you want to be with another?

    apparently it does for some of you

    and what is that?


    how many of you are in unhappy co-dependent relationships because you allow yourself to be in one?


    answer truthfully now πŸ˜‰

    not me

    if you don’t treat me appropriately Biyatches, as many have found out, i ditch your sorry ass for not fucking me at least once a day!

    GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL :mrgreen:

  437. in truth, AT ALL TIMES, we are all of the divine child of God’s constant subconscious seeking of oneness with one another, everywhere we go.

    it is a primal beginning innately ingrained thing in everyone’s brain that cannot simply ever be shut off, although attempts to suppress it is everywhere.

    our greatest flawless healing ‘feeling’ oneness is found in our loving sex, is it not?

    it is our oneness feelings that is of what the divine child of everyone is seeking

    all the time

    of every passing blessed moment

    of every blessed child of God

    eternal future

    always has been this way

    and always will BE this way

    so the question of 2 BE ‘or’ NOT 2 BE, is not actually correct Shakespear, you moron!

    rather it is a question of 2 BE ‘and’ NOT 2 BE!

    2 BE love
    2 BE wise
    2 BE compassion

    ‘and’ NOT 2 BE




    well a good thing one of us took time to figure it OUT!


    2 BE the constant flawless wise compassionate love devoid of doubt feeling healing divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul one eternally bound generation oneness freeing of all NOT 2 BE the falsehood generational hateful ignorant apathetic forefathers of yesteryear who did and do not know God, who claimed and yet claim to know God, and so obviously do not, as evident in all they say and do at all times, of the eternal all you of the eternal future unfolding

    as it purely should and does

  438. all poverty is of segregation

    segregation of what? uhm?

    what of our the constant pure divine truth of our eternal oneness is able to ever be segregated? uhm?

    all false

    all of it

    all a lie

    all one giant mean spirited fuckhead lie of a monopoly board game is what this world is fuckers!

    ironically than none of you can take with you


    fucking nuts!

    that’s what we all all

  439. what of a robotic world of 10 trillion robots being run by a giant solar collector sphere that surrounds the sun, where no one is of a job of survival mode labor any more?

    what do you suppose those of the future generation think in looking back on us with their oneness hearts? uhm?

    think about it

    they have nothing to do more entertaining actually, than to look back on our history


    what if i said, in this moment, they are there, and purely feel and see the suffering we are causing out brothers and sisters?

    we are the illness of heart suffering cause of everyone of our brothers and sisters in harsh reality poverty

    there is no need for such at this moment of human development history, and yet we continue to let it exist, in letting the suffering continue, in letting them die, children of no defense whatsoever, we just let them die, of our illness of heart willfulness in doing so.

    that is what the children of tomorrow are doing right now

    looking at us, feeling our history

    they are purely there in their hearts, just as we too are in our hearts looking back on history, like the prisoners of Nazi Germany

    so too these children of the future, are there in questioning why we don’t question the existence of our own illness of heart, of what ignorance does to our hearts, in binding it, making us blind like it obviously does so many.

    these blessed children of the future are closer than you think

    they are your own blessed children next to you

    and indeed……..

    YOU are all the blessed children of the future

    are you not?

    you are according to where i am, stuck here writting to all you from hear in the past

    not far away


    we are all purely spiritually always right there in our oneness love

    one generation eternally bound together in oneness, even of all our wretched illness of heart we all feel like we do, do we not?

    bless you all

  440. at all times, the divine children of God are awakening into their constantly pure spiritual sense of BEing who we purely constantly always are

    the same

  441. or maybe, i am actually spiritual someone of the distant future channeling thru a wise devoted monk of the past in speaking with eternal all you who i ‘know’ R there? :mrgreen:



  442. and maybe i am the same spiritual someone like all of YOU, of the distant future channelling thru the wise devoted monk of the past called Jesus, speaking wisely with the eternal all you who i constantly always ‘know’ r there?

    maybe :mrgreen:

    i will tell you all one day

    and maybe i just did?


    many there are of you who do not know about the existence of what you call a spirit realm, of so many many billions of you of the spiritually unintelligent past?


    well ok, no maybes

    other than may YOU BE yOUR divine SELF ONEness

    which i already purely constantly always ‘know’ you all eternal always r

    even of those who do not ‘know’ you r

    you really really actually R! :mrgreen:

    morons, that is!


  443. i love the music at the end of the HOME video you posted

    thank you

    bless you always

  444. the eternal devoted spiritual art works continue to come forth into the unwise world daily, as much time as i can alot to them, to what extent as will be of my own time alotted by God for me and others to do so.

    i know purely in my heart, there is nothing of greater value in life that i shall ever endeavor in, a calling of sorts, wondering why it is i had not commited to such work before now, like i do daily.

    homosexuals purely reach out and hold onto things like of acceptance like this

    i learned this of myself, with things like fridge magnets of Harvey Milk, rainbow anything, especially my rainbow freak wigs i love so much! πŸ˜‰

    as with ‘me’ of today, i know this of all homosexuals, purely so, and the fact these devoted works will be held in the hands of those thousands of years from now, well, maybe i am that same person in the distant future?

    giving thanks to all you who were accepting of our loving LGBT brothers and sisters of the past, no different than we of the future?

    maybe :mrgreen:

    and you say, “You are fucking mental Andyy!”

    and i say, “Yes i am!”

    and i am spiritual 2! :mrgreen:

    ain’t no maybes Biyatches!

    i am

    the same as you

    where i too was once a moron

    so don’t worry about that so much!


    LOL :mrgreen:

  445. ask yourselves, where am i?

    am i not right here in your present?

    am i not also still right here again, now of the past?

    am i also not in the future?

    somewhere i am

    am i not?

    so where am i?

    am i not always right here in the present?

    at all times?

    well ok, i was in the present there with of in the past, but now i am actually in the future.


    am i of the future?

    am i of the past?

    am i of future of the past?

    at all times

    i am

    we all are

    even if we don’t know we are

    floating thru time and space in existence, none of us knowing why any of us exist, only that we do and did exist

    that’s the part that sucks the most

    we get to exist only for a short time

    but if i am of the future channeling back thru the past in greeting all of you, how long do i exist in feeling the same way you feel?


    do i eternally exist?

    do you of the future feel as i do?

    well ok, subtract the insanity

    do you?


  446. what of research into salt water farming?

    we see the water tables dropping from usage of water that is replenished, is it not?

    the real issue is the ‘rate of consumption’ of the water underground faster than it is naturally replenished.

    why not use gravity feed tidal current ocean salt water feeds thru 10 meter pipes strategically positioned geographically into the water tables?

    the water naturally becomes salt free as it moves thru the ground, does it not?

    and what about salt water farming using the oceans unending water supply?

  447. our entire human history is one of adaptation survival migration around the planet of life sustaining subsistence ways we adapted to

    salt water farming is one such adaptation

  448. research is ongoing in the incorporation of a reverse osmosis membrane into a sub-surface drip irrigation systems

    running out of water……..that’s so silly and false

    indeed, we yet are of our entire human history migration enviromental adaptation

    as in either migrate like the animal kingdom does to sustainable locations………or die

  449. and as for the Easter Island inhabitants dying and becoming extinct?

    that’s just silly

    they likely learned how to build ocean going vessels to travel off the island they got bored out of their fucking minds with, migrating to inhabit the rest of the planet as we continue to do today.


  450. the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

    no it ain’t you fucking morons!

    it’s all just your imagination!

    and the lack thereof. :mrgreen:


  451. does coffee keep me speaking with my lover?

    no, tea does!


    then again, that depends on which lover you are asking about? πŸ˜‰

  452. on the issue of repeal of the military’s controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy Don’t Ask Don’t Tell……….

    since when is the truthful evidence of statistical data high risk homosexuality behavioral issues of a political side these politicians are on?

    how stupid is this?

    in the House, most Democrats backed the bill that includes the repeal, while most Republicans opposed it.

    and the Senate committee likewise as the House, divided sharply along partisan lines.

    this is the clarity of just how stupid serious life issues are treated as they are by politicians, where what matters to the politician is not the issues, rather the taking of sides

    homosexual issues are not a political debate morons!

    your OBVIOUS lacking concern of conducive environmental, is felt by your own blessed children, and the USA policies are an influence on the entire world’s policy making.

    truly, this voting taking place, because of which political side you are on with complete inconsideration disconnect atonement on serious life threatening issues is truly absurd!

  453. and be sure to blame yourselves directly when your own blessed children suffer directly as a result of your ignorance everyone!


  454. well ok, the bill passed 229-186

    this kind of political voting is in the same absurd realm of thinking as taking a vote on whether to allow your own children life saving medical treatment, or to let them die.

    and to see the Senate doing the same as the House, you may as well rid yourselves of the Senate that is suppose to be intelligent and free of these mindless babbling idiot politicians who make themselves look obviously stupid to the voters………

    well ok, most of the voters are equally as stupid……but is that not the point of having a Senate?

    truly absurd!

  455. absurd

    Pronunciation: \Ι™b-ˈsΙ™rd, -ˈzΙ™rd\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle French absurde, from Latin absurdus, from ab- + surdus deaf, stupid
    Date: 1557
    1 : ridiculously unreasonable, unsound, or incongruous
    2 : having no rational or orderly relationship to human life : meaningless ; also : lacking order or value
    3 : dealing with the absurd or with absurdism

    β€” abΒ·surdΒ·ly adverb

    β€” abΒ·surdΒ·ness noun

  456. i could us that long walk on the beach with you if you like

    the same long walk we have been of all this time, yes?

    fully of our higher subtle intellect growing flawless healing truthful wise feeling divine self-awareness sacred awake discerning wisdom, as regards others, are we not?

    in each passing moment, at all times, the two gay guys are always there in feeling their harsh reality, as are many

    i will not allow them to be forgotten like many will and do

    purely at all times, they are my empowerment motivation in each step, each breath, each heartbeat, each word of each blessed day the same day of steady true real self certainty consecrated sacred divinity wisdom, not just for those of current times, no, for all eternity yet to come

    at all times

    forever more

    bless you all

  457. God asks you to humiliate them Madonna!

    you are ‘that’ of a wise divine child of God’s wisdom light truth of all untruth humiliation revealer of their divine self unknowingly bound in horrid dark false tabooo generational forefather captivity ignorances, where only by means of their divine true ‘real’ self flawless feelings as yOUR own in feeling the humiation of their false ego, is sight returned to their soul, as is our own.

    bless you Madonna

    keep them in your prayers daily

    do not let them be forgotten

    thank you

  458. and you sure as fuck better not forget about me either!

    not to worry………

    i won’t let you!

    hey, do i annoy you somedays?

    i picked up on emotional intensity in your words, as you pass by somedays……….

    what an incredible spiritual journey life constantly is, yes?


    the kingdom of heaven found!

    let me know when you want to go for a walk on the moonlit beach with me someday, and not just spiritually either, physically 2!

    perhaps one day with these two gay guys walking with us……..a dream i will not let fade away, where i cannot turn away, just as i cannot turn away from my own divine self as their own

    nor can you

    nor should any of you like you do

    blessings to all

  459. it is the false self unfeeling ego masks we wear that is incapable of feeling the blessed true tears that our true ‘real’ divine self feels

    blessed is the tears that our true ‘real’ divine self purely, lovingly, flawlessly feels

    forever more

    blessed is the truthFULL peaceFULL graceFULL lovingFULL happyFULL true nature of true ‘real’ divine self YOU of eternal all YOU

    BE ye FULLness of yOUR true divine nature

    forever more

    bless you all

  460. They know not the hour in which their true divine real self child of God comes forth, just as you knew not the hour in which your own true divine real self child of God came forth like you do

    is it not true that no one knows this hour that God knows of you all?

    and is it not true that ‘what’ the true divine real self child of God you has already come?

    my true divine real self child of God came forth apon news of Troy’s suicide, where my true real self fell to my knees in my true nature humbleness before God unable not to feel the truth of all the moments of my life before, during and after my time with Troy.

    i did not know the hour in which my true divine real self would come forth in what i subconsciously looked for then and yet do cognitively awake today, had already come.

    and i pray that none of you ever experience the harsh awakening of your divine self the way i did, in the avoidable loss of a loved one as i have…………as we all have

    bless you all

    forever more

  461. it is true that ‘what’ the true divine real self child of God of eternal all subconsciously looks for, has already come………

    the kingdom of heaven constant oneness sameness flawless healing compassionate feeling love devoid of doubt discerning true divine real self-awareness wisdom halo perspective

    bless you all with unfailing true divine real self-awareness child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul true nature forever more

    what you look for has all ready come, of the many yet alseep and bound in generational taught forefather ignorances, some seemingly unreachable, yet always there within is their constant oneness sameness flawless healing compassionate feeling love devoid of doubt discerning true divine real self i see/feel with clarity of everyone i look apon, not knowing i am wisely there observing them all of whatever ring thru their nose survival mode most any are of, not purely cognitively question much of anything, and yet constantly there is their subconscious true divine real self

    at all time

    across all time

    forever more

    bless you all

    forever more

  462. well now, that was quick!

    did you kick the president in the balls or something?

    Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika has ordered the release of Steven and Tiwonge, the Malawi gay couple sentenced to 14 years hard labor for the “crime” of homosexuality.


    bless you always

  463. Did you know that with Tidal Power the higher density of water relative to air (water is about 800 times the density of air) means that a single generator can provide significant power at low tidal flow velocities compared with similar wind speed.

    Even so, when you look at what ‘exactly’ they are attempting to harness thru whatever method, it all revolves around the gravational pull of the moon and the sun on the water, so why not try to harness every atom of the water of fluctuating movement that the moon and sun constantly are of in the oceans, using the weight of the water as opposed to the flow of the water, of a 100% output on every single atom of the water’s gravitational earth’s weight that changes in these areas of tide at the bottom of the ocean?

    forget using turbines and dams that are of environmental destruction of ecosystems, and simply use both the gravitational change in weight of the water downward, as well as the equal and opposite upward buoyancy change of the water surface?

    the unique opportunity here is that you can use buoyancy materials at the water’s surface(upward lift) that are slightly heavier than the weight device matereals at the bottom of the water(downward push), that automatically engage with one another during low tide change, of the buoyancy device above pushing down on levers in lifting the weight device naturally back into up into position, with the use of the earth’s gravity, and then disengage the two devices as low tide begins changing to high tide.

    this approach has the least amount of environmental impact on the ocean, with no interference whatsoever on marine life, where the weight device(ocean floor) naturally comes back up into position(slowly) as the low tide receeds.

    using this device, you can harness tens of thousands of miles of the oceans’s weight on the ocean’s floor, with low interference on the ocean’s surface, using whatever size and weight of buoyancy device is required to push the weight device back up into place once the tidal waters receed.

    basically, you are harnessing the moon’s gravitational pull and the earth’s gravitational pull at all times in all the moving parts of this device.

    a thing of beauty, is it not?

    so just how many tons does a 100km X 100km X 10m body of water weight, and how many KW per hour is the gear linked downward push output on a massive electric turbines? :mrgreen:

  464. the real trick is in using what is the most strong and most light weight possible material for the downward weight device?

    whatever this material is, will determine the size and weight of the buoyancy device on the surface that pushes the downward device back into position.

  465. and that my friends is how you wisely harness the energy of every atom of the ocean’s water electrical output result of the moon and sun’s constant gravitational pull on the oceans.

    cool eh?

    and you can use the device over tens of thousands of miles of the ocean floor, with no interference on the fragil ecosystems or the marine life, other than the small rods that connect the buoyancy surface device to the ocean floor device.

    beyond 10km X 10km, how much is the output of 10,000km X 10,000km?

    and how much is the world’s energy consumption as we speak?

    so how soon before construction output reaches today’s energy use worldwide?

  466. oh come on people, i cannot do all the work here!


    best of all, it is a clean daily renewalbe constant output.

    and with today’s new materials, rather inexpensive to built too.

  467. in a sense, the ocean floor and surface device is much like a lung, is it not?

    and what does the daily tidal change look like in time lapse photography?

    like a breathing lung, yes? πŸ˜‰

    i know, it’s brilliant, but not really, common sense actually.

    the output in harnessing thousands of square miles of the oceans gravitational weight is truly mind blowing!

    with no affect on the ecosystems, other than during construction, where we can find ways to place the device under the ocean floor without too much damage, where only 1% of the ocean’s floor has any the coral ecosystems.

  468. you will need to use battery storage systems as well, as regards Tidal Power daily and seasonal fluctations……..”psst……stock tip: invest in the battery companies?” lol :mrgreen:

  469. and of course, it should be owned and operated by government, always belonging to the people, so that once the return on investment is over, the power is free for all to use, of surplus supply always ahead of demand, simply by adding onto the size of the ocean electric lung.

    truly, once you caluculate the amount of how much 10,000 square miles of the ocean electric lung produces, you will clearly see the ease of surplus.

  470. I was wearing my leather boots Friday, my fault for not realizing I should study more….. Oh we’ll I’ll have to spend the next 12 months grounded more than I anticipated & kicking some ass while I’m at it…

    God Bless

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