Tick Tock…


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  1. cross between Alice in wonderland and willy wonky hehe

  2. I was caught in an avalanche yesterday! Things could have gone one way or the other but I stayed calm – missed the trees – and skied out in the right direction – only getting buried waste deep when it stopped. If I had gone the other way I would have been buried over my head and gone over a few sets of cliffs.
    My climbing partner was watching me from safety ready to dig me out and yes we play it very safe and stick to all the rules and proper equipment. Big lesson for both of us in real time. I was listening to Let It Will Be on my MP3 while I was going down in the avalanche and I think it helped me stay calm – so thanks Louise for always being there and helping me out.


  3. i have seen the website you have a great graphics there but we need to wait for more i guess…..

    btw i have listened to the full track of 4 minutes my queen and i love it! guys u will all love it! its meaningful and fun in the same time it will be a smashed hit!!!!!

  4. ~ It is always ” Four minutes to save the world”, ‘that’ saves the world ?

    😀 😀

  5. I think everyone is sleeping, and there is no correct time to wake them up, as it is always the same time according to watch?


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  6. Any time at all, is always the right time for love?

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  7. WTF time is it ? Don’t you know?

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  8. I think we are late, what time is it?

    Oh ya, how could we forget, it’s the same time, all the time for all eternity ?

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  9. Hey, I think it’s time for love?

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  10. Excuse me, can you tell me what time it is?

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  11. This time, I won’t forget ?

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  12. As good as the last time ?

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  13. Better than the last time?

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  14. I think of you all the time?

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  15. off topic *andy will u stop?gosh get a life already

  16. Acording to my time, it’s time to go? What time have you got?

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  17. How many lives do you want get Ron?

  18. Gee, we try to have a fun time, and there is always some motherfucker that wants piss on me ?

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  19. I think my clock is like that because I often arrive late to my school! But my clock doesn’t look like a candy-made clock…. I want a clock like that one!

  20. This is great… so much fun you are creating around your release..
    I’m back in a very special city that loves you in a very special way, Buenos Aires.. I was in Uruguay/Punta Del Este for a couple nights which we cut early due to it being off season and somewhat boring.. Now we’re back in BA with perfect weather and our hotel room overlooks the Recoleta Cemetary… Ha.. where Eva Paron is buried.. My husband loves it. I admit it’s kinda cool, but sleeping over a cemetary gives me a bit of the creeps and I’m glad it’s for only one night before we change hotels..
    I’ve only turned on a TV once while here and their “E” channel was airing your “I want to tell you a secret”.. and yesterday while visiting the famous CONRAD hotel in Punta Del Este, all throughout their lobby/lounge area, they were viewing your CONFESSIONS tour… I tell you.. they love you…
    I stood watching the locals bobbing their heads in time with your music… I love their spirit here…
    Tic Toc… Can’t wait for the single to drop..

  21. MAN! What a TEASER!

    Can’t wait for it!


  23. It’s just this really funky music I am listening to, that is fun loving, like the questions I asked M.

  24. i come back to read peoples comments…regardless if this is Madonna’s page or not , we’re all here because we love her…what annoys me is that i see 22 comments been left then i see 90% are yours ???

  25. I think it’s time to be fun loving, all the time.

  26. how is it possible? neither too early nor too late… right time on my watch,
    You are a magician, this candy is a rocket !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Did no one laugh at all about the questions?

    Wow! It is obvious the picture is something fun, is it not?

    It’s fun time!

    “That” is what it “that” means!

    😀 😀

    never mind, go back to sleep everyone.

  28. It only takes four minutes of your time to know the truth.

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  29. and less than one minute to shut you up ; )

  30. 4 Minutes to save the world bitches!


  32. How can you tell what time it is, with a watch like “THAT” ?

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  33. TO JOHN if i was the Queen i wd like to have pleasure to go sometimes to the bal masqué/ masked ball..and behind masked sometimes may be it is not Her but may be her Husband, her Sisters , her friends.. and she recomes back, and she says to Herself, SHIT my free site has this crazy Andy and again the poor eric…pooooooooooooo what can i do with them ? ahhhhhhh but it is important to stay in touch with the basis… and Andy one day will see by himself it is not kind to take all the place… but i m not the Queen and she should have her reasons…and sorry to have spoken to your self BUT I HATE THIS ANDY OF SHIT EVEN ALL HIS LOVE FOR YOU ANDTHE UNIVERSE etc

  34. and i don’t like his site too where evry things are mixed animals, poor peoples, you, gays etc this confusion makes me earl or vomir !:

  35. if you don’t like the daulphins, the cats of ANDY LOVE

  36. Love is in the Air and not a minute to spare
    come to my lair , don’t look at the clock, just feel my.

    I’ve got butterfly’s in my heart bright and colourful like the all the colours of the rainbow.

  37. I don’t know how to read what time it is.

  38. ah, there, that’s better!

  39. Bedtime

    time to make love


  41. Love is eternal, time is an illusion, candy is sweet, your such a treat, it’s time to eat..

    it’s time i got a new bed, King size

  42. It is always the right time.

  43. I heard 8 tracks from new album it’s great.

  44. http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=MFViB9vrB1E
    Maurice Ravel, l’ enfant et les sortolèges…
    it is in french..if you can wait 6. minutes and 12 secondes you will see the crazy clock…it is a nasty child waiting alone in the living room because he is punished, i didn’nt do his home work etc

  45. sortilège

  46. he didn’t do his home work , he is now alone, punished and suddently all the furnitures are angry,..the clock because he took off the pendulum of the watch etc

  47. sweet!


  48. haha!

    nah, it’s about time.

    as in, “Well it’s about time!!!!”


    😀 😀

    ~ took me long enough to figure it out. But figure it out, I did. No mystery any more of what heaven is!

    I think all us deep inside feel the pure joyfulness of life thru out our life. Is they any other way one should walk thru life? A fool if they do!

    Dancing, singing, playing guitar, camp fires, friends, lovers, all of it is joyfull for me. Especially the sandy beaches on a beautiful day, like one I grew up on.

  49. That’s what I am doing this summer. Heading back to my Mom’s, and her twin sister. They both boats in the water, that they live on all summer long, gather in big groups on the water, anchored near the beaches, camp fires on shore. A truly great time they always enjoy. Read some books. Do some writing. Time out for me to regroup, and just be me for as long as I need, they always asure for me.

    Mom’s health is failing. She needs me.

    ~ Love and Zeal for life!…at all times if you can!

    😀 😀

  50. i’m in Love WIT U!=HAPPY:-)

  51. there are only two ways to be cannibal: to eat the man or to be eaten by the man… i say that because i have found a picture of you eating…on a blog, i think it is from Icon, but i m not sure.. i don’ t have my entrance ticket… you should do some thing for me…i m almost the best of all your fans ! no ???

  52. Eat the lion, or be eaten by the lion.

    The lion is not wise enough to eat the man.

  53. dats sooooo sweet!
    cu l8ter M!


  55. of course i m the best fan !

  56. play with your friends with this test…the test of the stink finger…le doigt qui pue en français


  57. Eric why put a link up to a site that hates Madonna ??…why give them more publicity??? idot!!

  58. Evry days i go on u tube to find 4 minutes to save the world, sometimes i find a link and sometimes the link is destroyed.. today i was on this trash site…oky the hate is a bad affect…but near of love, like the light with the shadow…oky it was a mistake. i should have gone to walk my Leeloo…

  59. I Know what TICK TOCK is from . . .

    Its from 4 Minutes to Save the World! It was on the radio yesterday in the USA!


    Cant wait to hear more fantastic songs from your new album!


  60. finally you, i mean you and Tim have thrown out your Sweet gum, i can hear 4 minutes to save the world…

  61. The clock reminds me of the White Stripes.

  62. today i m not ready to go in the french fan club even free… be sure i will go pour y jetter un oeil, and i will see what i can do or not…Have a good day, and here my chance is that Andy is sleeping now because he ls in USA…but in France we go to bed in same time…social time you kill me

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  64. tick tock i keep the link in my computer and i could vote every 15 minutes.. Zachary is hard to understand she is not a cartoon…

  65. Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here preonrelt@mail.ru

  66. Good Morning…

    what day is it ?


  67. what’s the date ?

  68. go back to sleep

  69. sheer terror


  70. oh for fuck sake Marco!

    ‘real’ countryboys is who we r

    constantly real

    without the peel

    i can stip for you if you want, like the male strip bar i am standing in…….. :mrgreen:

    oh come on, you would not be able to keep your hands off me within the first five minutes of me being naked in front of you, with only one thought on your mind……….’me’!

    speaking of ‘one thought’ ……God speaks about sacred arrival(day) in our ability of constantly being one (wise awareness descerning) pure thought, as opposed to the previous impure toxic falsehood thoughts(hypocrisy heart tendancy) in one’s coming fully into the eternal day light awareness of their divine self………i’ll speak on this later.

    that’s what day it is……..one thought constant flowing purity love day

    are you going to fuck me someday or what?


    somebody better fuck me soon…………..i lose it after two weeks without a warm body next to mine………and it’s been like how long now?

    too long sitting around here acting like everything is perfectly ok, all the lameass waiting for no one to ever come like they said they want to, making excuses for them, the inauthentic hollow emptiness feeling within of no one holding my hand, i ask, who ever wants to feel that way?

    no one

    i am not denying myself happiness any more in moving on with someone……anyone…..who makes me feel loved every blessed day, that magical feeling of happiness in their obviousness of not wanting to let go of my belt, in constant desire to take it off, the way i prefer being as much as possible, naked all the time in my lover’s nest, so free and authentic the feeling is of our bodies all day long, the constant awareness of whatever fabric or surface our skin is next to, especially the tantilizing titilating sensual pure arousal of another’s body, the hot steamy bath of bodies submerged in water, the graceful pure joy that floods our brain of the graceful tangle of our bodies, the taste of sweat on our tongues, the graceful sensual kiss of each other’s loving lips……….argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    i have a healthy sex drive, yes?

    100% pure blue jean baby just for YOU

    is all i ever truly wanted and enjoyed most in life, beyond everything else in between the loving lover’s time together of where they so constantly yearn in sweet anticipation to be each day they wake 2.

    i love the countryboy cowboy image of you, BrokenBack Mountain, as in my back feels like it’s broken after you fucking me for so longggggggggg! lol :mrgreen:

    oppsss……i am so x-rating this blog now……..ah well, maybe they will archive it, delete it, and start over…….

    i’ll get back to you on the one thought eternal day, that is a coming fully into constant wise descerning abilities, that does require desire to initially, after which you become the constant wisdom awareness that feels thru what is of any who unwisely haphazardly approach you, like how most any of us unfortuneately yet are, of no wise helmsman, no one telling them they are the wise intuitive constant pure flawless healing inner grace loving feeling divine child of God yet, of what is of God’s light yet ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven wise healing compassionate loving nurturing awakening protective halo perspective of love devoid of all these useless taboo absurd generational doubts about purity love between us, ‘that’ which is of within us, is us, of all the world over, of us all past present future, constantly there in the pure loving intuitive eyes of eternal all YOU

    all of us the divine child of God



    forever more

    i am

  71. ok, i don’t know what you are refering to in your comments, as usual, the same vagueness you yet are in your comments.

    care to explain?

  72. come on damn it, im tired of seeing you amuse yourself all the time, and for sure, i am really tired of amusing myself alone……if you know what mean.


    i so need a new fucking lover life that i miss being! lol :mrgreen:

    well, to those who hesitate with me, i ask, “how wood that feel to you if someone hesitates like you do, in your asking why they walk away from your lameass approach with them, that feels exactly that, lameass, as though i have a problem, as though i am not worthy of a most loving lover?”

    why wait for even one hour for anyone who obviously is not coming for you.

    i’ve walked away from alot of potential lovers in life, and they don’t realize their own feelings until after i am long gone, hooked up with someone else, and then they come up to me later, saying, you know, i realized how much i loved you, after you walked away.

    i say, well, what it actually is, is how loving you purely are within, always were, where all i was with you, was someone who wanted to share in being who you purely constantly always are within, you know, the pure subtle loving feeling we feel like we do in the loving presence of another?

    all of us are the same

    other than the generational behaviorals of unwise falsehood mask seperation that continues to get handed down thru the mellenia like it does, like it deathfully, destructively, oppressively does.

    the kingdom of heaven halo wisely descerningly protects the pure divine child of God, in quietly wisely desceringly peering thru of the veil, so to speak, the viel being of layering falsehood masks, all perfectly normal, disarming of such, when a wise divine child wisely approaches in knowing this of us all, of who Jesus was, and eternally is, an exceedingly wise adult child who constantly is the wise awareness of the false generational mad flood ignorances of the forefathers.

    Welcome to God’s war of divine child of wise eternal day light that shines eternally into the darkness of these binding fearful dark captivity mind traps of death, destruction and oppression of every generation bound together as one eternal generation of the divine child of God YOU

    this is not something to be taken as a mere read

    unwise senseless death is a real path of a divine child, who is killing or of being killed

    past present future

    unwise senseless destruction is a real path of a divine child, who is destructive or of being destroyed.

    past present future

    unwise senseless oppression is a real path of a divine child alive today, who is oppressive or of being oppressed

    past present future

  73. we have all experienced the many falsehoods, and yet to experience the many falsehoods.

    where even the darkness ignorance of these falsehoods constantly serve as wise light of truth for a divine child to wisely descerningly feel the foul taste of such in what is of any bitter foul tasting, foul smelling falsehood(s).

    and guess as to which path i am on?

  74. the high places and paths perhaps? :mrgreen:

    there have been some profound spiritual experiences in my life, that even i do not understand, other than to say, it is as though i have entered thru an eternal spiritual door that opens wide, as a powerful spiritual warrior who is constantly of God’s powerful wise presence, where time is something foolish, of no waste of time consideration, in pure awareness of past present future generational that constantly surrounds me of so many who do not even contemplate or comprehend as i do, the obviousness of it all, everyone like robots of preprograming, until i enter, as though a white blood cell that enters into the constant connected matrix of all souls connected past present future, knowing exactly what i am doing in turning wisely toward the light of spiritual wise being, where things like one’s own exceeding grace so pure in feeling, in meditatively turning towards, is constantly of affect/effect/direct/indirect eternal day light altering of the entire eternal future.

    Jesus knew this without doubt

    became his own constantly exceeding grace, and we all are to some extent, we all have our moments of the ever so pure feeling of exceeding in grace peaceful moments, especially of first waking in the morning to a peaceful quiet house like we do.

  75. any more surprises for me? :mrgreen:

  76. too young to get married?

    hmmm….that’s right up there with i am not ever getting married again!

    argh……a match made in heaven, for sure, you two are….. lol

  77. that relationship is over before it has a chance to begin?

    spiritually married is a pure blessed flawless inner graceful true ‘real’ you feeling…..

    what are they, like fuck buddies or something?

    or how about, “You like my new sex therapist, so young, so hot, yes?” lol

    or how about, “I don’t care for either of your lameass shortsighted had your chance to get with the best, leaving your lameass in distress?” lol

    or how about, “I’ll show interest in one who obviously, sincerely, authentically, honestly shows interest in me, and stop denying myself true happiness with one who really really does want to be of ‘me’?” :mrgreen:

    all of the above?


    all of the above…….whatever


    made ya smile

  78. and enter into Thine ineffable splendour and unending joy and attain to union with Thee who wert and art and art to cum!

    oooo, i like that ONE! :mrgreen:

  79. what day is it?

    more accurately is, “Who’s life is it?”

    the divine child of God’s life of eternal all YOU

    yours and mine, of constant burning within, a true and faithful friend, till the end, since the beginning, same as before, of love galor, lighting bright, paths of plight, love love love, everywhere i go, everywhere i am, of God, of you, lovers 2

    i come in the name of happiness i am

    of God’s divine will objective that i am happy

    for sake of ‘me’

    for mirroring sake of eternal all

    i am happiness seeking happiness i am

    cannot deny my own happiness

    stop denying the truth

    i am not happy like i constantly yearn to be

    and i will

    i am the will of my inner happiness eternal day light of my divine self, same as everyone

    what is wrong?
    what is missing?

    i say move away from what is wrong towards what is missing….

    do as i do

  80. [dressing in gleaming armour of solid gold, Andyy swings his sword instantly, pointing to one standing there, exclaiming with a sharp voice, “What are you looking at?”] lol :mrgreen:

    [Andy lowers his sword, gracefully turns, and walks away……….frustrated……….again………..mumbling to himself, “fucking theater arts drama class, i knew i should of followed my first hunch, and taken that cooking class instead…….”] lol

  81. what day is is?

    going home day, returning, ‘Take to yourselves your destiny; henceforth I come no more to your region; I have forever become alien to you, being about to go to the region of my inheritance.’…… of loco gayboy in the gayborhood….. lol

  82. respectfully, of everyone’s boundaries, yes?

  83. spirit of imitation no longer hears……’me’……Biyatches!

  84. sheer terror is hilarious to you?

    been a few days since the break in, a violation of my sense of safety, and everyday so far is like every bang i hear spooks me……why break and enter is 20 months to three years in prison i suppose………….

    im glad you find my life so amusing Marco…..really……the kind of friend everyone should have………not

  85. Authentic Self ~ Do who you are(do as i do:)

    Stop faking it and live the life you were born to fulfill. Rediscover your core values and return to your authentic self. Regain the passion, excitement, and confidence locked inside. Get real and leave the old phony behind.
    Authentic: Genuine; literally self-authored or endorsed.

    Self: Your physical and mental being with all its human and unique characteristics.

    Authentic Self: The true you; aligned and congruent self image, stature, values, beliefs, goals, behavior, word, and public image.

    Becoming Authentic
    To become your authentic self begin by knowing yourself. Understand: human nature, what you can change and what you cannot, your own personality traits, learned behaviors, and your values, beliefs, sense of justice, needs, goals, and motives. Integrate these to form your personal model for human interaction. Analyze the events, choices, and people who have contributed to your self-spiral throughout your life. Understand what guides you throughout your life. Discover your signature strengths, and the basis of your true stature. Then apply those signature strengths toward your authentic goals. Become an authentic person by aligning your self image, stature, and public image. Gain the confidence to be humble. Choose to be content. Work toward integration, alignment, and congruence of what is with your values, beliefs, and actions. Express yourself authentically. Do what you say. Do who you are.

    To understand the gap between who you are now and the authentic self you can be, begin by writing a list of words that describe who you want to be; who you believe you can be. To get started consider the list of trait nouns and trait adjectives. If these complete lists are overwhelming, use the shorter lists of personality trait markers, including both adjectives and nouns. Concentrate on words that describe who you are, not what you do. Now write down a separate list of words that describe who you are now. How many words are the same on both lists? How many are different? How closely do the lists compare? What changes do you have to make?

    Authentic people respond to their intrinsic motives. They exercise autonomy, dismiss introjected regulations, and choose among the extrinsic motives available to them. Their thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions originate deep from within and are true and secure enough to resist destructive external pressures. The result is a genuine, quiet, deep, vitalizing, serene, and lasting fulfillment and confidence without anxiety, self-doubt, or other sources of stress.

    Authentic people choose authentic alternatives. These include: wisdom, well-founded beliefs, valid conclusions, purposeful actions, candor, trust, placing needs ahead of wants, knowing when they have enough, balancing gratification with hedonism, nimble actions, treating others humanely, and establishing symmetrical relationships. We become authentic when he path we choose through life is congruent with who we are.

    The alignment essential to an authentic person is illustrated here. Actions aligned with your authentic self are authentic behaviors. Actions misaligned with your authentic self are alien, false, fake, pretentious, stressful, insincere, fraudulent, strained, bogus, phony, and not authentic. This is typical of a person who is misaligned, off balance, stressed, alienated, detached, and faking it. When what you do is fully aligned with who you are, you are an authentic person. Authentic people “do who they are” and enjoy gratification, serenity, success, and significance. Authentic people act with more interest, excitement, and confidence and often demonstrate better performance, persistence, creativity, vitality, self-esteem, and general well-being. Authenticity reduces fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame.

    Your authentic self is the unique combination of all your qualities including your skills, abilities, interests, talents, limits, insights, experiences, memories, beliefs, purpose, and wisdom. It is the expression of your core values through all your quirks and your strengths. Our authentic nature may best be revealed by how we enjoy playing—by what it is we most enjoy doing simply for our own pleasure—at any age.

    Increase the congruence between what you do, and your goals, beliefs, and values. Pay attention to how you spend your time. Do the activities you spend your time on advance your most important goals? Do your goals reflect your values? Do your values reflect your authentic self? Reappraise your values, beliefs, goals, and actions to improve the congruence.

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    2.Don’t take anything personally. It’s not all about you. Reject the fallacy of personalization. Rely confidently on your own well-founded self-concept; it is the only evaluation of your worth that matters. Challenge and balance your first-person viewpoint.
    3.Don’t make assumptions. Suspend judgment. Readily acknowledge what you don’t know and have the courage to ask questions. Carefully examine the evidence. Don’t attribute intent to others. Retain a healthy skepticism as you avoid cynicism. Develop, refine, and constantly apply your own well-founded theory of knowledge.
    4.Always do your best. Do all you can while you recognize you can’t do it all. All you can do is all you can do. When you have truly done your best, there is no reason for shame. Apply your time and effort toward your well-chosen and enduring goals.
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    ■“Know thyself.” ~ Socrates (470–399 BC)
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    ■“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 – 1519)
    ■“Life is not a dress rehearsal.” ~
    ■“It’s not what they think; it’s what you know.” ~ Nathaniel Branden
    ■“Popularity is not self-respect.” ~ Nathaniel Branden
    ■“Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too.” ~ Voltaire, in Essays on Tolerance
    ■“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”
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    ■“This above all: to thine own self be true” ~ Polonius’ advice to his son Laertes in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
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    Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment, by Martin Seligman

    Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Self-Motivation, by Edward L. Deci, Richard Flaste

    I Am a Strange Loop, by Douglas Hofstadter

    Ryan, R. M., & Deci, E. L. (2000). Self-determination theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development, and well-being. American Psychologist, 55, 68-78.

    Authentic Happiness Website, by Martin Seligman, director of the University of Pennsylvania positive psychology center.

    Self Matters, by Phillip C. McGraw

    Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, by Nathaniel Branden

    The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

    The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, by Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica

    Peaceful Warrior — Dan Millman learns to enjoy the journey in this docudrama.

    Everybody Needs a Rock, by Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall

    Knowing Yourself, an Amazon.com Listmania List

  86. not to sound disingenuine, but i am done with pretend relationship, what my therapist refers to as my reaching to delusional, in avoiding my own life.

    well, i love my own life, i love who i pure am within, like others who do love me in real life, their pure hearts sincere and genuine like my own, like we all purely are within according to Jesus and God.

    i purely know who i am

    cannot do this disconnected imaginary friend thing any more, nor would you if you were me, feels insulting if you must know, why i must go and be what i constantly yearn to always be every second of every blessed day, 100% real, genuine, authentic, sincere, emotionally honest at all times in a ‘real’ life, not some page in a book, going to go live my life now pure 100% as……….’me’

    blessings to all

  87. anyway, just ranting, of what has been my distracting myself like i did, of what was my processing avoidance of toxic relationships i was dealing with, my own inner unhealed past issues, the spiritual awakening becoming in outward appearance of what purely is of feeling within, as we all do along life’s road with one another, all of us in wise awakening process, according to the words of Jesus, and my professional team.

    and now, it’s time for a genuine authentic ‘real’ life experience of what is my inner happiness, the gay life i finally chose, knowing i was of beautiful incredible intense homoerotic fantasy masterbation at a tender age as a young teen, a secret i kept from most, till i was 29, a few who hit on me along the way, all part of my eventual coming out, like the beautiful Indian guy in Tennessee, alone, sitting on his coach on evening, both of us getting drunk on Souther Comfort, his eventual opening up to me that he wanted to have sex with me, out i came, expressing wildly, enthusiastically, shocked beyond belief of my own awareness, in saying, “How did you know this about ‘me’?”

    am i that obvious?

    i am


    what was i thinking………….

    ok, so no more pretending

    i am gay

    and i have always loved my gay sex

    and i shall always love and be of my gay sex

    till my last day

    and the love of those who purely do love everything about ‘me’, so free to Just BE yOUR SELF!

    i needed friends, to get thru these past two years, and you were there, and i thank you for that, but to go on pretending in this yet lameass place, is what it is in feeling for me, spinning of wheels, lame lame lame, no phone calls, no dinner dates, just words back and forth, which was beneficial, and a necessary need i was processing along with, in setting healthier boundaries with all my toxic past relationships i out grew, the necessary awareness of annoyance i went thru, harshly i might add, my transference, ya, my own nescience of yet being here, your words, to kick my ass, as i kick my own ass in getting on with my gay life that i do purely purely love like i do, the sex is just so beautiful, intense, amazing, total body loving, not something deviant thing all the homophobes know nothing about appreciation of, where if they did ever allow themselves to explore their own potential latent homosexual sex within, especially with me, trust me, they would come fully to love that part of themselves they yet tabooingly hate like they ALL yet do, their manifesting behaviour of their own inner fear of even thinking homosexually, of what is behind all hate crimes against homosexuals, of an estimated nearly one billion of us worldwide, where i speak today with them, in twenty different languages, from every corner of the world thru facebook, their inviting me to their part of the world, if only i could afford to travel, i would, and perhaps that is what i resent of not having a you as a real life friend, ya sure, finacial poverty(an understatement) i am, but poverty of my heart mind body spirit and soul?

    think again

    bless you all

    forever more

    i gotta go be ‘me’ now, of holy joyful authentic genuine sincere honest absolute carefree happiness not only of ‘me’, ‘me’ of so many, especially the one who eventually does get with ‘me’ as their most loving lover, where your lover is and always should be, the most important person of your blessed loving life, of what is yOUR blessed loving happiness purely constantly flawlessly healing within each blessed day you wake 2.

    and if it’s not, then kick their sorry ass out of your life, knowing there is someone OUT there just for YOU, of God’s constant knowingness that YOU deserve to constantly always feel LOVE.

    i am……BE Cause……..We all R LOVE

    blessed blessed blessed YOU of eternal all, the ONE who is constantly TRUE

    forever more

  88. and yes, i am bisexual, but it did not blossom in the direction i was spiritual going, nor will it when only of one openly of emotional honesty turning towards, and not the other, that same old feeling of the other spiritually not in the same building with you, not even the same planet, come to think of it………lol

    ah well

    can’t expect someone to wait eternally, that’s just cruel

  89. the date was 11 Nov 2009, like 11/11/2009 = 11


  90. 1 + 1 = 2


  91. 1 + 1 = 2

    something you’ll never have !

    oneness with oneness = 2oneness’sss



  92. i lost my watch

  93. as in ONE billion homosexuals on one planet?


    you are self-absorb in what ever is of your life Marco, no room for me, my speaking openly of so many special beautiful things in life, that are purely sacred for me to one day experience, like the steps Jesus walked on, like meeting my sponsored child Rodrigo in Paraquay………not once did you openly person to person express how wonderful that is, as though i was talking to a stone wall, i mean are you this cold with everyone in life, or is it just me who you have selected to treat worse than anyone has spoken with me in life?

    i have one last concern for you…….if your kids turn out homosexual, don’t isolate and alienate them like you did ‘me’

    we all have so much time each day for others, and you were emotionally unavailable most of the time, by choice i feel, oh, just ignore anything beautiful Andy speaks of.

    you have made me feel as though i don’t exist

    are you this horrible in speaking with your own kids?

    if i were you, and someone special like me came along in life, i would realize the full value of their sacred life like my own, of what is oneness connectedness we were striving for, and i would not have treated them so completely isolated and cold as you did, i would value them as a sacred blessed spiritual friend deserving of only the best in life, you know, a real life genuine sincere authentic honest best friend.

    well, you don’t have time for me, and i am tired of pretending i exist to you when so obviously i don’t, unbelievable how cold you are.

    you talk like a moron in having exclusivity on oneness, when in truth, we are all one eternal generation according to God, according to wise children of God.

    i am

    If you happen to be near Paraquay someday, say hi to Rodrigo, not that you give a fuck for any of my sacred holy joyful feelings.

    you are so insulting to me, worse than i recall of any along life’s road, so self-absord, so selfish, so egocentric, all of it bullshit, not who i thought you were, approachable, authentic, or at least not with me, as though i am undeserving of blessed friendships in life.

    that’s how you left me feeling

    without question, according to Jesus and God, and my feelings, i deserve better friends who treat me as though i am worthy of love.

    which you don’t

    empty nothingness

    as cold as a human being could possible be, as though dead, i am

    i am embarrased now in all my words all this time, and the empty void i was left in, so please, i deleted my blogs, too embarassed to admit to anyone i was ever here.

    please, it’s all totally embarrasing for me now……and the coldness of your emptiness towards my dreams, as merely even a friend, has killed me inside, i honestly would rather i was dead than to feel who isolated i yet feel after all this time.

    i ask, is that delusional?

    100% emotional honest

    delete delete delete

    i am dead to you

    i did not exist

    i do not exist

  94. you do not know ‘me’ or desire to purely know ‘me’ as Jesus does and i Jesus

    i feel exactly as i know Jesus did and does…..unknown, uninvited, dead to all who do not purely take time to know their divine self as i constantly do now.

    you do not know ‘me’ or desire to purely know ‘me’ as Jesus does and i Jesus

    Jesus WILLINGLY stepped thru the door of physical death, lovingly so, out of his blessed physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual life in order to mirror the ugliness of yOUR hearts of what is all generational inauthentic phony falsehood egocentricities that yet unwisely, unlovingly, uncompassionately grip this horrid world so cold, isolating, and unloving, all of it falseness fearful controlling binding in darkness disconnected oppressive suppression, a lie, as though a ring thru the nose, like the insatiable desire greed of wealth businesspersons, empty nothingness, of the divine child within eternal all YOU

    you do not know ‘me’ or desire to purely know ‘me’ as Jesus does and i Jesus

    you do not know ‘me’ in what is yet of all your lackluster desire to purely constantly know ‘me’ in order to purely and truly flawlessly healingly love ‘me’.

    you do not know ‘me’ or desire to purely know ‘me’ as Jesus does and i Jesus

    Jesus did this………..for sake of teaching ‘me’ the truth of the generational mad flood drowning disconnected unwise world i too was born into.

    you do not know ‘me’ or desire to purely know ‘me’ as Jesus does and i Jesus

    Jesus knew his divine self without doubt, knowing 100% what he came to know, i too would come to know of what is of all TRUTH that surrounds me, where it is my pure flawless feelings each blessed day i wake to that constantly descerningly reminds me of what is of all these disconnected isolating inauthentic falsehoods that leaves me to feel like it unlovingly does, as many of you yet do, of ‘me’, of so many divine children of God behind horrific walls of (spiritual)poverty DEATH you leave them to feel in each passing moment of each blessed day.

    you do not know ‘me’ or desire to purely know ‘me’ as Jesus does and i Jesus

    these children of God did not ask to be born into this yet unwise world of horrid self-absord self-centered egocentric maniacs who isolate them like you all yet do.

    you do not know ‘me’ or desire to purely know ‘me’ as Jesus does and i Jesus

    truly i tell you the truth, the warm clothing on your backs, according to Jesus, is more valuable than your wretched selfish life is, able to keep a divine child behind these horrife walls of spiritual DEATH poverty warm at night.

    you do not know ‘me’ or desire to purely know ‘me’ as Jesus does and i Jesus

    i am 100% oneness exact sameness of Jesus who does purely and truly know and love ‘me’ as i purely and truly know and love Jesus

    constantly every blessed day i wake 2

    so what was that of your shortsighted words again Marco?

    fuck you

  95. i despise all of you in your horrid sickness greed of wealth that leaves a divine child trapped behind these wretched walls of spiritual DEATH to feel as i do each blessed day of what is obviously the TRUTH of you all.

    forever more

    none shall escape TRUTH in coming before the cross Jesus is WILLING apon, of all you who you do not know and love Jesus, nor desire to purely and truly know and love Jesus like Jesus loves the divine child of God eternal all YOU

    that is what i want for all of YOU

    i cast out multifarious hypocrisy heart and laughter of tongue thoughts like so many of you of the disconnected netherworld of oppression of others and your own divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU

    so what single thought do you suppose i am of?


  96. +

    bless you bless you bless you Jesus

    and thank you to all who purely come before the cross Jesus is eternally apon, of the eternal door Jesus WILLING stepped thru in order to teach YOU the TRUTH, for sake that no divine child of God ever experience what Jesus witnessed so many divine children of God experience of this yet unwise world……….wretched cold unloving disconnected cold false emptiness illness of heart that yet grips so many of you like it yet does.


    does not change or fail

    nor shall any become victorious over the eternal TRUTH of Jesus, the mose wise divine child of God who God who fearlessly went alone before God in searching the hearts of us all for the TRUTH Jesus came to purely and truly know without doubt of eternal all YOU

    just as Jesus knows and loves YOU, so too do we love and know Jesus

    bless you bless you bless you Jesus


  97. i don’t suppose your rabbi has the fearlessness to say this to you, does he, what with not wanting to bite the hand that feeds a merchant of God

    that’s what best friends are for, they do not spare you the TRUTH

  98. i will sit on the steps Jesus walked apon one day, with or without you, and weep and feel what it is i know i shall feel as i already do, the eternal light of the divine child of God Jesus, our brother

  99. ok, i admit, i am bitter, so what of it? :mrgreen:

    we all have so much time in our lives for our friends and lovers, and when of others are of inauthentic ‘real’ life with me, i say fuck that!

    it’s all just so fucking cold to me, and i am going to go spend authentic ‘real’ life time with ‘real’ people, and forget about this phony bullshit isolation i yet am of at this bullshit place of empty nothingness cup you people offer me to drink from, deserving of genuine ‘real’ life hands that love to hold mine and i theirs.

    two fucking years of it…….unfucking unbelievable, where i once sensed that i was the most valuable friend in your life, and where am i, isolated in feeling i am not worthy of a ‘real’ life friendship.

    fuck you

  100. i’ll leave my sensitive homoerotic art blog up, for sake of your kids one day who may come into awareness of their homosexual feelings, but beyond that, i am done interacting with someone who leaves me feeling i am not as valuable as Jesus and God constantly know i constantly 100% am

    one who is without doubt, of oneness exact sameness of Jesus and God’s divine self awareness wisdom of the kingdom of heaven halo, as though a laughing joke to you people.

    perhaps my own paranoia, but i ask you, why do you suppose i feel this way?

    well, i look apon the truth of what is authentic genuine sincere honest pure and true ‘real’ life, and those who alienate me in isolation, which is fine, i am so used to it now, decades of it, where it is i who feels sad for the way you people are with the most loving brothers and sisters on the planet i have come to know authentically, genuinely, sincerely, honestly, purely and truly in my ‘real’ life, just as they know ‘me’, just as we all know and love one another CONSTANTLY.

    i value every second of my blessed day as 100% sacred, knowing without doubt 100% that i constantly am sacred unto Jesus, God and the divine child of God eternal all YOU

    even of the smallest seemingly insignificant step, word, smile, or warm hand, constantly 100% blessed divine sacredness that i am there for those i love who have come to purely and truly authentically genuinely sincerely honestly know and love ‘me’, of what is our constant oneness exact sameness overflowing abundant shining radiant brilliant bright LOVE we flawless healing feel like we do every second of every day, just as i have been for decades now with every one of them and they ‘me’.

    just as i have attempted to be here

    it just feels insulting to me now, that’s all, honestly, i feel unworthy, unloveable, and i dread how that feels for me, as though there is something wrong with me, as though i am evil, not to be trusted, when in truth, those who do know me, know how loving i am, just as they are, our constant oneness sameness.

    i don’t really blame anyone, i do as Jesus and God ask me to wisely do, look apon the TRUTH, it is all generational bullshit.

    well, keep it, or give it to someone who wants to feel your horrid phoniness disconnect isolation that is toxic for me now……….

    i desire what i deserve and what i constantly am…….authentic

    100% each second of every blessed day from now on with ‘real’ life ordinary people, not aliens, no, spiritual human beings.

    if i came across someone like me in life, i would snap them up in an instant and not let them out of my sight, knowing they loved me as much as they do……..without doubt, all this time, all these years, so long, only to be left feeling absolutely the worse anyone has ever left me feeling………..unloved and unworthy of LOVE

    thank God for Jesus

  101. the disconnect over sitting on the steps Jesus walked on, is the most valuable thing of all in life for me, and you did not even so much as comment about how you felt about it………..is that how loving friends are with one another?


    spiritual i already am sitting there on those steps in the morning air, the soft breeze, purely meditatively feeling my own pure presence of eternal day light of divine self set free from the forefather generational mad flood drowning ignorances of all YOU people yet unknowingly snared in all your useless self-serving empty nothing disconnected void of nothingness you swim in like you haphazardly aimlessly do, of no wise helmsman, and apathetic desire for one, for what is so blessed in flawless healing feel divine self you within held in dark empty binding chain captivity illnesses of heart mind body spirit and soul.

    How do you people sleep at night when there is so much empty wretchedness a divine child of God is experiencing because of all your apathetic wretched nothingness cup you offer them to drink from as you pass by in all your empty nothingness as though so much greater than these defenseless children are.

    do you not question how they it is that you leave them to feel like you all do?

    obviously not

    oh sorry, slowly, slowly, some of you are waking up to your divine flawless healing feeling treasure of constant overflowing abundant feelings of blessed LOVE in oneness exact sameness of all these defenseless children of God trapped behind these wretched spiritual walls of DEATH poverty you people create for them like you all unwisely yet do.

    you need not ever ask how much Jesus and God 100% constantly despise your apathetic bullshit that leaves a defenseless child suffering so horrible like they do, so unloved, so isolated as though feeling they are nothing…………….

    i fucking hate this world………i really do

  102. and you treat me as though i am nothing……….


    i am nothing………..the same way the church called Troy and i sinners in front of the entire congregation, to the extent, Troy actually believed he was………..hence, his suicide death, the binding generational mad flood drowning taboo ignorances of death destruction and oppression, and you treat me as though unwise?

    it is you who needs me, not i who need you

    well ok, a warm loving real life friendship would of been nice, and we all need one another in getting our needs met, and yes, i am (abit) bitter……………. lol :mrgreen:

    an anal retentive thing i think…………..hmmm……yeah, that’s what it is……….been awhile………….

    oh forget it, i’ll be fine, i already was, still am

    i am determined to sit on those steps one day, and i know i will, already am, of blessed inner peaceful authentic purity of love eternal day light of my divine self.

    rant over………..

  103. anyway, i’ve said my peace, and say farewell in easily stepping away from this inauthentic disconnected isolation i feel in being here all this time, as though i am nothing, once thinking we could of collaborated in likeminded projects i so wanted to work with you on, tired of feeling i am worthless nothingness, as i return to my long time place in loving life alongside my loving brothers and sisters of oneness sameness equals, where i purely do belong, as equals, harmonious and true, and you can keep all your oh so important status quo mind fuck bullshit i seemingly don’t belong to, and to be sure, don’t ever want to belong to all you falsehood status quo class junkies, nor ever do i desire to sit at your table so long as a defenseless child of God is in starvation.

    of God’s advice that i don’t, lest i become heartlessly disconnected like so many of you yet are……….

    take a week out of your life and go authentically be as though the starving child, at the same table as a starving child and you will come to purely know the truth in oneness sameness of the blessed loving heart mind body spirit and soul of the divine child there before you, in fully realizing the TRUTH of what is all your empty falsehood generational snaring illness of your own heart mind body spirit and soul.

    and maybe you will purely come to know ‘me’ as i constantly am

    the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU

    forever more

    blessed is the constantly flawless healing feeling pure heart of the divine child of God eternal all YOU

    bless you all

  104. something you’ll never have !

    to who do you speak this false egocentric imaturity childish lie to Marco?


    here is a tip, speak wisely with others as though you are speaking with God who is constantly there in awareness of everything you think and feel.

    yet again, just one more of your useless absured unwise ANARCHY antagonistic wasting of my precious time……..

    Anarchy (from Greek: ἀναρχία anarchía, “without ruler”) may refer to any of the following:

    “No rulership or enforced authority.”[1]
    “Absence of government; a state of lawlessness due to the absence or inefficiency of the supreme power; political disorder.”[2]
    “A social state in which there is no governing person or group of people, but each individual has absolute liberty (without the implication of disorder).”[3]
    “Absence or non-recognition of authority and order in any given sphere.”[4]

    morons :mrgreen:

  105. to be sure, you will not ever rule over my wise compassionate heart Biyatches!


  106. A delusion, in everyday language, is a fixed belief that is either false, fanciful, or derived from deception.

    i agree with my therapist now…….she is wisely correct, was not quite sure what she meant……

    I am delusional in reaching towards the TRUTH of ‘that’ which i have purely and truly come to know of my own divine self to also be TRUTH of ‘that’ within others. lol :mrgreen:

    i jest………

  107. To know ‘me’ is 2 love as ‘me’ :mrgreen:

    which you don’t, so fuck you


    ok, whatever, i let myself out

    blessings to all

  108. ok, i was hurt, fine, im over it

    be happy

  109. only thing i want from you is to “STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!” lol

    i am such a silly boy

    MisterGaga pretty much sums it up for me….

    thanks Robert

    Don’t be silly Biyatches, when they have no love for you like i do!

    fuck that

  110. Robert lives in Chile

    i love the fearlessness that is out there that they have some fun genuine self-actualization getting unstuckness we all contend with from time to time, yes?


  111. ya, i suppose you may be correct, i may never have a child of my own……and yet i have seen and purely spoken with my own child…..flawless constant feeling without doubt……..only love

    1+1 = 3

    ……explain that……

    the single most sacred issue of my life

    in place of my absent loving feelings of my own children, is the loving feelings i search in the hearts within all i greet in love and peace.

    someday i will have my own children, and already i am the dependable role parent who is missing in an abandoned child’s life…..Rodrigo

    your math is horrible


    1+1 = 10
    1+1 = 6,795,000,000
    1 of 1 = 1
    1/1 = infinity of 1
    ONE Eternal Generation of Eternal ALL YOU created by God in God’s image, the Constantly Spiritual Human BEing ONEness of YOU
    1/1 = 1

    argh….i dread senseless bantering with the morons

    Stay in school :mrgreen:

    and already they are constantly in the school of life……..unknowingly

  112. Fresh Air…….feels like the 1960s……..love it

    love ‘real’ YOU as i constantly do

    who needs all this banter exhausting stressful competition?

    im going to go smoke a joint, wanna cum? lol :mrgreen:

    if you cannot be happy in your own body and life, then who can be yOUR happiness for you, if not ‘real’ YOU?

    oh no, don’t look at me, i have enough difficulty dealing with my centering of my own inner happiness fuckers!

    guess again

    times up

    you lose

    i jest………..fuck……lightun up for fuck sakes……….

    can you fucking believe this prehistoric old man bullcrap with the Catholic church?


  113. so true, is it not?

    ever feel like you are not where you want to BE?

    i dread the feeling, and yet, i am where i am by choice…..who i am that others did not purely come to know and love like i know myself………..fuck

  114. BE true to your divine self


  115. it is eternity constantly calling apon us all from the future, purely praying in their looking back apon us, knowing we can change, of what is yet of their present, you of us too hear in the present, just as we look apon the past that is yet hear all around us in changing the future out of the horrid past our eternal ONE generation is evolving out of.

  116. ONE eternal generation compassionate consideration as regards what we purely and truly know without doubt what is our divine self flawless exceeding grace healing feeling awareness treasure of oneness sameness beyond all the riches of the worldly, of what is wisely of every word of Jesus and God, in our constant mirroring dwelling within ushering in of the kingdom of heaven nurturing awake protective wisdom halo of eternal all YOU

    hey, do you think Jesus was a writter, a reader, or just a thinker, i mean did he go to school to learn how to write and write, or could he not read and write at all, undestracted by any boring books like all the boring books of today, left to his own accord of constant dwelling within his contemplating feelings of constant growing meditative divine self awareness devoid of all the useless distractions, honing his meditative abilities within in becoming that constant special place within we know is there like we do, in constant mirroring awakening healing nurturing protective outward appearance of all the divine ‘real’ self he met, of the divine true ‘real’ self we too know without doubt?

    just wondering…..

    my questions are getting bigger……bigger is good, yes? :mrgreen:

  117. all we not all singing the same song?

  118. are we not all the same songs singing?

  119. are we not the same ALL songs singing?

  120. are same we not ALL singing songs?

    not all singing songs same are we………

    there is alot of miserable people who don’t sing at all and don’t even want to………..

  121. what’s sad is seeing those who do not realize they already are the greatest treasure they shall ever find

    that’s what makes me sad

    the disconnecting led astray from divine self awareness

    thank all the arrogant bullshit status quo junkies burned out and dead at 55 who likewise are also not wise at all, thinking they are, annoying for me actually, to be in the same room with them……….

  122. their distracting arrogant falsehoods prevents them from accepting the great exalted stature(true ‘real’ exceeding graceful constant purely loving self within)

    children naturally already are of their own great exalted stature when born, their natural at ease calm divine self, merely lacking the wise protetive articulation wisdom that shields/descerns them from getting caught up in the falsehood generational mad flood drowing cold disconnecting/distracting ignorances like it continues to do, on and on it goes, death, destruction, oppression.

    like all these precious kids and the street gangs

    don’t they realize how absurd and severly unloving untruthful their falsehoods are as regards the divine self they sadly become disconnected from, replaced with the lure and seduction of the power of a gun in their hand?

  123. ok, so what is the connection between the status quo class junkie, business, and these kids caught up in criminal gang activity?

    is it not all the same thing, dynamically feeding in the same wrong direction distraction?

    asleep in ignorance

    explains why Jesus adimantly spoke against the businessperson nose ring, yes?

    you know the purity of exceeding grace while among the poor, so beautiful is the feeling, are they not?

    who Jesus knew they could grasp(not as severely distracted as a businessperson nose ring) what the kingdom of heaven constantly is, they R

  124. healing from the dispersal(multifarious thought), or Synagogue of Salvation, returning to the single thought we are natural of when born, constant flowing love.

    i feel what is mostly overlooked from a purely scientific perspective, is where we all come from.

    close examination of the interior function of our bodies reveals it is nearly perfect in every way, flawlessly functioning, harmoniously, constantly, all of us from inside the human body in entering into the unwise disharmonious unwise world we feel the truth of.

    and that is what the doorway of fully embracing comprehending truth that we are indeed up against generational handed down bullshit, where in truth, we are all from the same perfect flawless body from the begining of what is our perfect eternal reproducing bodies we all dwell in

  125. hey, no holding hands in class!

    pay attention!


    Ok, so already we are our own Storehouse we own and give to rest to our own self alone, from the unwise world so severely fucked up, it boggles my mind, so much so i don’t want to go outside………lol

    we all need our downtime……..more so for me i suppose of late……..

    i am also called Bride in giving myself to him(Jesus), because of the joyful hope of the fruit of the union of who appears to me……..

    [teacher has been smoking too much grass again….]

    hey, i heard that!

    It is also called Kingdom, because of the wise stability we receive(like that in likeness of our constant stable bodies within), and the rejoicing at the domination over falsehood those who fight against our natural divine self, of those we know are unwisely unknowingly snared by the generational mad flood drowning ignorances of death destruction and oppression………

    i wrote an email to the Vatican again………..i think i am starting to annoy them, or should i say i hope i am………called the Pope a merchant of God theif of the few teachings of Jesus they managed to steal from his followers, of what was their centuries of killing any religious group(heretics) like they did.

    i asked a direct simple question, “merchants of God, why do you yet lie to your followers about how you stole the small amount of teachings of Jesus from his followers that you have in your possession?” :mrgreen:

    been contemplating a question of God

    “What is my stature as regards others?”

    well, it all revolves around the exceeding graceful holy joyful divine child, does it not?

    the greatest hidden treasure one shall ever find according to Jesus

    and so, my stature is less to do with others, and starts and stops with ‘me’, does it not?

    a trick question of sorts, that only thru deliberate pondering in awareness do we realize we already are the great exalted stature we have such a hard time accepting………..

    ah fuck it, no ones listening……………on and on it goes, death, destruction, oppression………..you know, sometimes i feel you people are not worth saving!

    class dismissed

  126. oh, and it’s also called JOY of God because of protective nurturing gladness the robe(wisdom) one clothes(shields) themselves in, the light, which gives rest and freedom.

  127. i really do just find you all so absurd most days…..if you must know.

  128. already i have in my possesion the resolution of all my issues.

  129. ‘me’ :mrgreen:

    my own exalted stature….according to God

  130. oh, and i told the Vatican, they will not ever become victorious over the happiness of the one billion homosexual divine children worldwide in the unfolding centuries ahead. lol :mrgreen:

    well, i suppose there is room as merchants of God advertisers they could join forces with the corporate boys like they do in marketing the fractured incomplete scattered few words of Jesus they stole………so long as the remember who is in charge…….. ‘me’……….cannot get past ‘me’ Biyatches with all ya hatin on your own latent submerged suppressed homosexually frustrated anal retentive divine self! :mrgreen:

    hey, i should go infultrate the Catholic church and publically out some of their high rank dudes, as a way relieve my boredom, yes?

    actually, the Pope scares me, i mean historically they are one powerful force to contend with and they could make me disappear if they wanted to………ok, that’s just a horrible thing to say, i actually love the Pope………there, i said it.



  131. i despise the generational taught ignorances of the forefathers who did/do not know God, not the heart mind body spirit and soul of the divine child of God sadly snared by the generational mad flood drowning ignorances that continues to kill, destroy and oppress my loving brothers and sisters of eternal all YOU

  132. bless you all

  133. life makes no sense really, i mean Jesus was here on this planet for a brief time, as i realize i too shall be gone, and it just makes no sense to me, we are born only to die?

    what’s up with that God?

    a cruelty of sorts……….you fall in love with love only to die?

    hey, maybe we don’t really die

    and what is it that dies of us anyway, besides the obvious, our body, i mean what use is there of most anything we learn anyway, of our thoughts that die when we die?

    or do they

    hmmm….let’s see, Jesus had thoughts, he died, and left his thoughts for me, which are now my thoughts, so is Jesus dead?

    i mean ya, our body dies, you have a body, i have a body, everyone has a body, but as far as who i am or who anyone is, what comprises who we are is our thoughts, so in other words, the thoughts of Jesus is who Jesus is and now his thoughts are mine, so Jesus is not really dead, although he likely had a nicer body than mine………….

    ok, so i leave my thoughts for another, which once were Jesus passed on thru me to another, where in truth, the thoughts of Jesus do not ever die so long as we keep passing along who Jesus is, who Jesus knew we all are, the divine truth of all YOU

    i emotionalize the thoughts of Jesus, just as Jesus did, and so too does anyone today, so too does anyone of the future, become the wise thoughts of Jesus merely of a body that technically speaking is no different than each others, other than Madonna, and you may as well forget about trying to keep up with that Biyatches! lol

    ok, so Jesus is not dead, just his body, of my body that i surrendered for Jesus to have, knowing it belongs more to him than it ever did me, able for Jesus to make more use of it than i ever did or will, and so if this is all true, and this body is a gift to Jesus and God at the alter, then who am i?

    i mean ya, i am a wise divine child of God, but who am i most like?

    now before you answer this question, Jesus asked the exact same question.

    when we allow our minds to drift to egocentric tug of war nescience like those who love the tree and hate the fruit or those who love the fruit and hate the tree, then we miss embracing the truth that is easily obvious that we are all of thoughts and emotion, of who any of us ever are, and the truth is, our feelings are oneness sameness across all lanquages, something i am learning that is so cool in speaking in twenty different languages, i pick up on realizing their feelings are exactly as my own, all divine children of God, what Jesus was trying to reveal to us in his every word, every thought, every emotion.

    hmmmm…..ok, i now know what eternal life is without doubt.

    how did we overlook what eternal life really is?

    another in the future will think whatever thoughts we leave for them, of what dies when we die, thoughts that become their own, so in other words we don’t really die……….oh, this is so blessed and true, knowing another in the future is there feeling who i was, who they now are, feeling blessed truth of who they purely are within, just as we all do.

    and as for this body, well, i don’t have a perfect body like Madonna’s, and i doubt Jesus did either, come to think it, i don’t anybody alive does, but hey, it functions pretty much the same as anyone elses, and oh what fun we like having when our bodies get together, yes?

    all of us love our sex, hey, who wants to have sex with me?


  134. now that is a productive day, we figured out what eternal life is, yes!

    as revealed in the question Jesus asks, i now ask of eternal all YOU, “To whom am i most like?”

    and you say?

    2 love ‘me’ is to know ‘me’

    hey, what is it with this Madonna chick anyway, what is she all about so self important anyway?

    i don’t get it with her, impossible to even get a date with a guy who has loved her for like since forever, does not return my calls, shows up for our dinner date with someone else, i mean who the fuck does that kinda shit anyway and gets away with it, all is fine, ya sure, no problem, i can wait, huh?

    oh fuck that, i have better ways to waste my time…….. lol

    still, she must be amazing in bed, like have sex with a wild Stallion, fierce, mindblowing kinda sex, you know the kind you want to last all day long and into the next day?


    oh, talkin bout myself i suppose………….. :mrgreen:

  135. well now, i suppose i better get to finishing my book of Life if i want to live forever, yes? :mrgreen:

    and besides, when this body gets old and useless, who the fuck would want to live in it forever anyway, when you can just jump into another new body in the future, of any body, of eternal all YOU

    blessed blessed blessed is the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU who are there in this moment

    bless you all

    i constantly love you all

  136. hehehe…….shhhhhhhhh……….you watch, Madonna is so going to have some snide remark on me figuring out eternal life before she did…….. i think it’s a female male rift thing between us she still holds onto, of all males are only good for one thing………..easy guess on what that is when it comes to Madonna, who does not need or want a man, being half man herself, i mean have you seen those arms of hers, fuck, bigger than mine for fuck sakes, which is great, i love getting fucked by a male, with different penis sizes i can switch to, behind that door over there, you know, sorta like an orgie of sorts………… oh fuck, i am she is so not ever going to trust me, give it up, i give up, fuck this, im bored and she no where to be found, or at least not with me………..the usual, a mere mortal who figured out what immortal eternal life is actually is, your thoughts, my thoughts, Jesus thoughts, God’s thoughts, all of us bound eternally as ONE constant single thought of all TRUTHs

    bless you all, get out and enjoy the blessed day with one another, and all the beauty of nature.

  137. oh, there is one other thing, there is something wierd in the spirit realm i detected that does appear to exist, apparitions and such, of extensive study in high subtle intellect awarenes, that i am still writting about for you curious ones to sink your teeth into eventually, oh wait, if i am already dead, and you are reading this, then you have already read my findings, right, ok, enjoy the blessed day with ALL that YOU constantly R

  138. oh hey, here is a thought, i speak to myself in the future?


    “oh, in speaking with myself YOU there, can i ask a question, is it just me who always wondered what it would be like to have sex with my own self, or do you feel that way sometimes 2?” lol :mrgreen:

    made you laugh

    oh fuck, here comes Madonna, run

  139. oh wait, one last question

    who was the antagonist and who was the protagonist?

    me or Madonna?

    both R?

    hmmm…..2 of us as 1, cool

    [sticks OUT tongue]

  140. a lesbian thing……..oh never mine………….

  141. i am not coming down to search around for you, i need to know a time and place, as i have no reason to come down there really, i look like crap, so picking someone up ……..hmmm……..would like to go to the spa though…….

  142. opppsss……….wrong page……..fuck


    multitasking can get you in trouble people……. lol :mrgreen:

    ah well, back to my original self, and if they don’t love me for ‘me’, fuck them, i love ‘me’ and so do eternal all YOU, and i am just getting warmed up to YOU all……best is yet to come

  143. ok, i think i figured out what you meant by something i will never have !

    you know i am in love you….purely, truly, spiritually

    of what is our oneness sameness spiritual connectedness you know and always knew about

    that’s not fair, we need to resolve this


  144. how be you do your thing for however long, till you get bored, and i do mine, and if by chance we find ourselves single and alone at night, i can finally come over and you can fuck me?

    let’s do that, ok?


  145. you know, sorta like the do with breeder horses, no introduction, no need for one, just fuck


  146. omg………i am so bad

  147. now that………..is hilarious……….fuckers!

  148. i know you want 2 and so do i

    so there


  149. ever notice how delicate the sensation and purity of your subtle fluctating emotions of the higher self from visual stimulation?

    Sound is half of one’s emersion, visual the other half.

    Now get to work on some better remix videos will ya, some this stuff you people create is so out of touch where mainstream audience is……i jest

  150. eternal blessed day light

    bless you all

  151. Sometimes, antagonists and protagonists may overlap, depending on what their ultimate objectives are considered to be…..such as Holy Joyful Absolute Carefree Sexual Happiness of the Divine Child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU, which is not limited by orientation, and rather just my/yOUR imagination. :mrgreen:

    bless you bless you bless you eternal day light of eternal all YOU

    forever more and more and more ONEness Exact Sameness…..is always GOOD

  152. who’s body i dwell in as regards the enjoyments of the body of ‘me'(God’s body) and YOU….

    is it you or is it ‘me’?

    ONE you can see any time you feel like ‘me’

    all exact sameness ONE body of God’s creation

    eternal infinity ONE/ONE

    Sex is Sex is Sex :mrgreen:

    just make sure you enjoy yOUR Brain Sex Activities, which is always YOU alone within yOUR ONE body of ONEness both of male and female Primal Brain Sex Stimulation Activity Respones of both the male and female within the ONE Human brain of eternal all YOU

  153. The consumer debt for the U.S. is now over $2.43 trillion, based on a report by the Federal Reserve. This comes out to an average of about $21,900 per household.

    The interest payments alone on this yearly debt could bring an end to all world poverty, yet another angle of the truth that this world is self-serving disconnected from where their divine heart is and is not……where not only do others suffer as a result, so too does every divine child of God snared by the self-serving ego rat race mentality like it yet is, has been and shall be.

    pure spirited slaves unknowingly serving these ring master falsehoods who they themselves feel as though wealth is the greatest stature…..

    our own exceeding grace flawless in feeling moments with one another reveals the truth of what is the greatest stature of so many led and distracted away from the TRUTH that it is the divine child of God YOU within eternal all YOU that already is the greatest stature so many are unable to come fully into awareness knowingness certainty acceptance of this TRUTH.

    stay true to YOU

    forever more

    bless you all

  154. i get like these moments of clarity where……………i know

  155. & maybe a little rearrange

  156. just depends how you look at it,

    & who’s looking anyway

    looking away …

    like a stray black cat

  157. as regards the condition of most any soul along life’s road…..

    of whatever that may consist of however many illness of heart plaguings and nescient distraction, within all is the pure running high true spiritedness of the divine self….of what is the core of our being blissful harmonious experience while yet of the place eternal all enter thru into this realm….the womb of God….

    spiritually, we know without doubt the world is not a mature wise in exceeding priority valuing of our true nature, albeit, every behavioral is perfect natural according to what is of every blessed day the divine child of us all journeys thru, up to each and every passing moment, completely perfect in accordance…..of what is our one eternal generational evolving in divine self awareness knowingness certainty priority valuing, all connected with one another, past present future….

    spiritual marriage with what some call the ominpotent wise constant aware Holy Spirit is auspicious, alone without a partner, husbandless, wifeless, conducive to (true) success, favourable, promising, tangible in the occurance of what is sacred mirroring of Jesus in mirroring, awakening, nurturing, protecting awareness knowingness certainty connectedness with the core of the divine self of eternal all.

    my interpretation of, i am she/he whose marriage is auspicious, but i am husbandless/wifeless, yes? :mrgreen:

    hey, not bad for my first cup of tea, yes?

    it is in full embracing of TRUTH of the true nature of us all, that we become disarmed of useless tiresome jealousies, in turning to the constant pure place stature that purely and truly is of divine self eternal all YOU

    of what i know is of how purely i feel within………clarity i know……….YOU know and are exactly of as well.

    even if there is pain and sorrow of any who come fully into awareness of the constant pure place we know of, for whatever may be and/or has been of their spiritual journey of us all on the oneness sameness eternal generation road, what we need to realize fully in what is sacred, is that this pure awareness stature one stands in, is what is the kingdom of heaven LOVE without doubt i know i feel, and in so knowing, i know YOU too feel as i do, of course, i constantly do LOVE YOU just as YOU do, of what is our sensing how another, rather than may feel as we do, letting go of the uncertainty, by means of embracing the wise TRUTH that uncertainty is what is yet of all unwiseness that stems from the generational mad flood of all those who do not know God, just as they do not purely know, or desire to know, blind leading the blind, sadly the snaring, the unwise darkness, their own divine self that God is wisely revealing the constant TRUTH of what is the kingdom of heaven YOU within eternal all.

    the divine child within all are of the constant intuitive subconscious knowingness certainty that Jesus and God knows how to purely connect with…..which leaves us to ponder if indeed, Jesus is of the wise channeling of God, the eternal Holy Spirit Jesus speaks of.

    do as i do

    forever more

    blessings to all

    peace be to you
    and peace be to you

  158. i don’t want to look away from that which i have surrendered in purely knowing 100% the truth of my feelings that are flawless and without doubt, the becoming of outward appearance i purely am within…..

    i am not the stray black cat………so i ask then, who is?

    i am the true and faithful best friend i have been for sometime now, and i remain true to even further ponderings that do disarm and dispell for you any false notion i may be of…..

    of what we both want, someone who purely constantly does love us like we so purely constantly yearningly desire to and do

    do as i do

    obviously, when of the full standing in acceptance of the wise stature knowingness certainty of what the kingdom of heaven LOVE without doubt is, any others along life’s road not of this wise maturity we have become feel alien to us, and that is my daily struggle, of what is of all these falsehood lessor fearful hiding behind masks, that while i am compassionately wise of all, i really cannot take them for too long, in my pure pondering in not wanting to look away from where we both have been striving to one day stand fully in oneness of our own awareness we have been for so long………

    my approach with you obvious of my sincere disarming desire to of what is of my every word, am i not?

    i just makes me cry somedays, the tears of the TRUTH i am

  159. ya, there are those who are somewhat more spiritually centered and grounded in sincere priority desire of what is of every divine child of God’s true nature, compassionate for everyone as to where they yet are in involving, constantly, where it is merely a comfort spiritual compatibility thing for me, as though alone even while among many……..in returning to the inner peace of my sanctuary of study…….gladly i might add.

    perhaps i am impatient as regards others, and that is my lesson i am yet internalizing within becoming in of the sacred outward appearance……ya, clearly i am impatient somedays…….and it all comes down to this clarity, does it not?

    where am i running God asks………away from my/yOUR self

    i know you too are of seeking those of priority valuing, as is of most any rabbi or wise enlightened ones like you do, the oh so beautiful spiritual compatibility necessity……

    it is a necessary issue if ever we are able to detox, in what is the most sacred divine will objective, the sacred mirroring fearless outward appearance of holy joyful absolute carefree happiness.

    truthfully, in response to your concern of my ever getting bored with you, i am like, bored with you?

    not in a million years, of what we don’t yet know as to how insanely happy we might of been had we taken the devoted time to find out.

    i am eternally yours

    without doubt

    love andy

  160. admittedly i am looking, for that which i am within eternal all YOU

    spiritual compatibility comfort

    it is terrifyingly harsh for me right now, vulnerable, too loose boundary decision making, of what is of most any vulnerable self during detox……….

    running away, running to my self

  161. if only you would get me out of here i think to myself, even if it is complicated in sexual tension between us, i just wish you would get me out of here to a safe place in life i can purely detox for a year or so, however long it takes, and yet, is not everything of everyone perfect normal defensive masking, and is that not what is of all our learning in what is of the light, comprehension of all truths and untruths as regards the true nature of divine self of eternal all left unattended, unprotected, unnurtured unawake, the entire world one laboratory of our awakening minds?

    still, it is you i trust the most in life, of what has been of my deliberately cautious approach with you all this time(mostly) in my steadfast widening in spiritual comprehension i want for you what is of my own constant growth in awareness………

    have no doubt……i too need you

  162. entering in weakness, i am, the vulneralbe true child within, no doubt there……..i know my stature, purely flawlessly in surrendering to it constantly now, of what is standing in the kingdom of heaven love devoid of doubt, where even doubt all around me constantly serves ‘me’ in what is comprehensive wisdom light of the eternal day light awareness of the divine self eternal all YOU

  163. unfortunately, in my own life, the light attracts all, including those of dangerous behavioural chronic substance abuse, my own knowing i am allowing myself to get too closely involved in potentially dangerous others, and yet all the while, who is most wise for sake of them, in questioning is not their life just as valuable as my own, and truly they do need a wise older fearless brother to kick their ass with TRUTH :mrgreen:

    still…i am taking a risk, so much violence all around them daily, the constant presence of the police, as one by one their progressive substance abuse runs it’s course, and down they go, falling thru violence, death, hospital, prison, taking everyone involved with them in some way………..

    my favorite song right now?


    holiday of course

    perhaps from unwise compulsive impulses of my self?


  164. some may say i am too personal hear, but is that not what the divine self constantly is, TRUTHFUL?

    well, truth is it is you i trust most………of what i have always sensed in my likeness of YOU

  165. i got myself in, and now i want only to get out unscathed, my compulsive issue being my worse foe…..at least i am seeing with clarity, as they say, sometimes you have to stand in the darkness to see and feel the eternal day light of our own divine self?

    ya, for sure that is TRUE

  166. in truth, it is what has been of every day since i was born, and is that not the truth of every divine child of God past present future?

    must feel so blessed to be you so free of it all

    where i feel what you want most in life, is someone like YOU

    so i ask one last time, is it ‘me’

    and i say

    “oh for fuck sakes, of course it’s ‘me’ damn it, hurry the fuck up will ya, it’s fucking cold and raining like fucking insane out hear! fuck!”


    who expresses themselves more than ‘me’?


    and me, and babies makes……….hmmm……let me get back to you on that ONE, ok?

    ten……….twenty, hey why not a hundred or even a thousand………can you imagine the sound of the pitter patter of little feet of a thousand children of our own? :mrgreen:

    i do

    all laughing 400 times a day, argh, who would not want to be surrounded by that?

    the morons of course……

  167. i am the nicest person i KNOW

  168. that’s what true and faithful best friends are four

  169. surrending to divine self, surrendering to YOU when i/we eternal all do

  170. i am bride and groom sired by my spouse, mother of my father(s, yet to come), sister of my husband, and he is my son?

    makes sense from the perspective of a wise older evolved adult child……my brother Jesus in introspection of who we all constantly purely are within of what is our ONEness connectedness of eternal all ONE generation past present future………with a homosexual twist. lol

    i don’t embrace homosexuality the way the world does, and rather of what i know is the primal innate female/male sexual behaviour within the ONE human brain of all females, all males, not limited of orientation boundary, purely scientifically speaking, and perhaps knowing what an insane couple the two of us would make everywhere we went, leaving most to wonder, “What is wrong with them, so insane, so happy all the time?” :mrgreen:

    ain’t no bi-curious hear, when it comes to knowingness Biyatches! ha

  171. anyway, just though i would share my ponderings……in case you were wondering, don’t

    blame my therapist in not being able to let go, who asked me to celebrate the truth in loving what is my true nature…….bisexual.

    and so i won’t

    why i want 2

    because i am 2

  172. wow…..not a single speelling mistake……lol

  173. this has all been purely cathardic for me

    thank you and bless you always

    i know i love you

    and i pray you sense that i always do

    just as i constantly do my own self

    just as you do 2


    do as i do

    do me 2


  174. +

    i hold conducive spiritual compatibility as the single most valuable priority knowingness certainty issue for sake of my divine self, divine self of eternal all sacred mirroring when i do

    do as i do

    it is a must for ‘me’

    cannot lie any more

    done a life time of it now……

    cannot settle for just anyone

    i’ve tryed
    i’ve pryed
    i’ve lied
    i’ve cried

    i don’t want to cry any more

    i want to be happines i am

    conducive spiritual compatibility is where it starts and stops four ‘me’, beginning and end for ‘me’

    of eternal all YOU

    the eternal door constantly open to self, the kingdom of heaven love devoid of doubt we purely flawlessly healingly yearn to always feel, authentic YOU

    what you turn towards you become in outward appearance at all times

    where your heart is there too is your treasure and your life at all times



  175. if i am your happiness, then wisely take ‘me’ to you

    i already know the purity of my inner happiness like your own…..without doubt……….

    we are wisely explored yet unexplored is the future path happiness ahead of us all

    best friends for sure we shall always be

    how could i ever get bored of someone who truly loves my every moment as i do them?

    surrendering to self, we both wisely do, while alone, afar, apart

    spiritual compatibility is the issue, that pure desire to constantly authentically always be every blessed day of our exceeding priority value grace

    i am

    i just wish others were 2

  176. it’s one thing to know one’s own exceeding grace

    it’s another thing to be of constant priority value of one’s own exceeding grace

    of what is of all seperational barriers of this yet unwise world surround.

    lead by example of eternal all YOU eternally bound together by your exceeding grace past present future

    blessed is eternal all you

  177. can we work out the sexual tension later?……i need you

  178. without question it is my too loose boundaries, my own worse enemy as we speak, all the while dealing with acceptance of my wise stature………argh…… lol

    just another crazy annoying day in the life of ‘me’

  179. What is this tic toc?

  180. now that was an interesting read!

  181. this is the trailer to the movie, make sure you see it .. I wont be watching myself in it, omg how embarrassing

  182. ahahahaa, wow, where did all these rainbows come from?

  183. our true nature is exactly that found in nature

    we cannot argue what is of millions of years of evolution

    anyone who does, is a fool

  184. graceful harmoniously joyful

    the dolphin knows it’s true nature at all times, harmoniously happy like they obviously are

    spend time with nature, and gracefully realize your own true nature that easily connects in oneness as exactly ‘that’ of all living creatures, harmoniousness as is the cells of living matter

    life is bullshit everyone, it’s all a lie

  185. peace be to you

  186. Unrealistic expectations with those of passive/aggressive cycle pattern approach, is 100% their shit, not yours, and the way out is to see/feel the consist toxic repetitive annoying cycle spin emotional truth you get to feel when overly enmeshed with such individuals we should set appropriate assertive boundaries with, for our own sake, and their sake too, yes?

    no one is a bad person, we are all just where we are at in our own catharsis process, well, dealing with this reality check can be trying on us sometimes, when it comes to the uncertainty plodding along emotionally aimless others so haphazardly, tripping their own self in their processing.


    We’ve all met them: they are the people who drain you of energy instead of enriching you, the people who pull you down instead of pushing you up, the people who require more then they can provide; the negative, wining, needy, manipulative people who can turn a happy day into a living hell.

    I call them toxic people. One thing a notice is that no matter how good our people skills are in general, most of us have problems with dealing effectively with this kind of people. Even those with really sharp people skills often get caught up in the polluting relationships (personal or professional) toxic people create.

    The good news is that there are effective ways to deal with toxic people. Working as a communication coach, I came to realize there are certain patterns of behavior and communication which work really well with this kind of persons. Here are the most significant of them:
    1. Avoid toxic people

    I believe the best way to deal with toxic people is to not deal with them at all; to avoid them. In some cases it may not be an option, but more often than not, it is. This is why I encourage you to really think about the options you truly have with every toxic person in your life.

    It is common to think you have to deal with someone, when you actually do not. It is also common to believe you can get a toxic person to change while interacting with her. My experience is that unless you are a professional, you will not get her to change and trying it simply is not worth it.
    2. Anticipate toxic people

    It is harder than usual to get out of relationships with a toxic person. Toxic people tend to have this ability to make you feel bad for avoiding them and to attach to you like a leech. This is why it’s important to be able to spot them quickly, and start avoiding them before the relationship truly develops.

    The best way I know to do this is to come up with a list of clues which you believe might indicate a toxic person. Then, every time you meet a person and a significant number of these clues are there, distance yourself from that person.
    3. Set firm boundaries

    Toxic people will often use you, one way or another. The may complain to you all the time while you listen hopelessly (?), or they may constantly get you to get them out of trouble. This is where boundaries come in. Boundaries are reflections of what you are and are not willing to do.

    Setting firm boundaries means not allowing toxic people to use you in any of these ways. It means refusing to listen to them complain, refusing to get them out of trouble. When you have firm boundaries, there is basically nothing bad any person can do to you.
    4. Get over your guilt

    Most toxic people are very skilled at making others feel guilty when they don’t do what they want. This makes it particularly hard to set and maintain firm boundaries with them. But, there is a way out of this dilemma: getting rid of your guilt. It is your own guilt which toxic people use to break down your boundaries.

    When you can set and maintain boundaries with them without feeling guilty, the weapon they have against you is gone. Realize that your guilt is irrational, pointless, and it is used against you by toxic people. This is the best way to get over it.
    5. Do not defend yourself

    When you avoid toxic people and you set boundaries with them, they frequently resort to accusing you, complaining and playing the victim in an attempt to get you to change your behavior.

    One of the worst things you can do when this happens is to defend yourself. It is usually a futile action and it only keeps an immature dialog going which eventually helps the toxic person get what she wants. You won’t get anywhere with them by defending yourself and your actions.

    Unfortunately, toxic people are everywhere. And they tend to attach themselves to those persons who are kind and have the most to offer. When you have the people skills to deal effectively with toxic people, you have the option to respond to their attaching in the best ways for you.

    As for helping toxic people change their ways, I encourage you to leave/pass this task to the professionals in this area.

  187. go in peace…..gracefully as your true natured pure true divine real self that God constantly wants you to come fully into awareness of just how purely sensitive you truly R

  188. When You Love Someone

    When you love someone so deep inside,

    It seems like it’s so easy to hide.

    You’ve loved him for so very long,

    …You would think he could do no wrong.

    Every day you would hope and pray,

    That he would always stay this way.

    He treated you like you should be treated,

    You thought your life was finally completed.

    You thought your love was growing true,

    And then one day it was all so blue.

    He started putting you down and it hurt,

    You thought all you were to him was dirt.

    He started ignoring you and you wondered why,

    All you wanted to do was curl up and die.

    You thought your relationship would never end,

    But that was all so fake and pretend.

    One night he was so sweet to you,

    You thought all those things were maybe untrue,

    Two days later he was back the same,

    You thought you were the one to blame.

    He thought the relationship was getting too serious

    And that you had become a little too curious.

    By this time you knew it wouldn’t last,

    All the nice things he said were in the past.

    You thought that you would marry him some day,

    But this time God wanted to get his way.

    You wanted things back how they were before,

    But you knew this couldn’t happen anymore.

    It was a Saturday night about ten o’clock,

    You heard the news and it wasn’t a shock.

    You knew this was going to happen soon,

    As you laid there and cried in the pale lit moon.

    ♥ jadiel hAnson♥

    thx Julieel ❤

  189. perhaps Madonna knows her true self better than most, yes?

    is that not her sincere approach with us all?

    always has been for ‘me’

    the question one need ask, is how do you say thank you to someone like Madonna?

    i say try being loyal to the happiness pure and true in just being YOU!

    the sacred mirror she knows so well, yes?

    i love her, more than maybe i realize i do, more than maybe anyone knows Madonna, other than to say, i love how i feel when i am purely in my inner sanctuary as my divine graceful real self of constant love flow of only love i want always 2 know, like i know she does 2, of God who blesses the ‘me’ of YOU! 😉

    but marry her?

    well, depends on what’s behind that door!


    oh, i already know biyatches!

    maybe it is ‘me’, yes? :mrgreen:

    waiting……………..wait!…………ok NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    live in the NOW!

    yes, that’ works for ‘me’


    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well……….not your egos………we can all do without the useless egos………say God

    say i

    whom God recognizes and knows, for how else was i able to know my own self, if not introduced to my own self by God?

    realize it may take a life time for one to fully know the meaning of those words, of God who does visit your heart as my own

    beware then the mad flood is cause for all forgetfulness distraction like it does, yes?

    go in peace

    be your inner happiness pure and true, the ‘me’ of YOU!

    eternally free to just BE your SELF!

    love love be


  190. se i was always better at vacuuming then you ever were

    see no mess

  191. UC Davis Health System researchers are a step closer to launching human clinical trials involving the use of an innovative stem cell therapy to fight the virus that causes AIDS.

    Finally a cure that works

    See above

  192. Sorry to interrupt, but 34 million people are waiting, we need traction on this stat!

    Clinical trials are starting, but I fear slow movement by you brain dead HIV negative people, of each second, each breath, IS the last, for many, in each passing moment, where anything any of you are doing is not as important as firing this to the top of all media news momentum. Come on people, look like you give a damn!!!!

  193. Norwegian Wood, also the name of a beautiful Japanese film now available

  194. oh sorry

    did i miss something ?

    don’t worry just sweep it under the carpet..

    no one will know

    except my bank manager

  195. the vacuum cleaner is broken

    too many abortions

  196. tell me to stop if you want me too

    just don’t make me die

    a poor man

  197. One would need to fully embrace the truth awareness of their foolish low self-esteem repetitive egotistic need of belonging to the group mentality of the majority yet stuck in the dark ages who actually believe male and female sexual brain pleasure as feeling different, when in truth it is not, if ever one is to genuinely realize true richness of oneness heaven constant flow love feeling all around YOU!

    I mean what good is a man who has no appreciation for the ultra sensitive penis of the female?? Uhm??

    Or likewise a female who has no appreciation for the ultra sensitive male vagina?? Uhm??


  198. Omg…did I say that?



  199. Jesus is from the glorious beautifully joyous caree future, not the hideous past, of his every oneness heartfelt sacred step that he 100% knew as the only value of his wise compassionate life as, in changing the (spiritually) murderous forefather mad flood ego mind fuck death rate all around him, by means of altering the precious minds of the (unborn) within the past present future eternal day continuum of the subconscious macro thinking highly capable real self YOU!

  200. When a beloved dies within the bullying forefather mad flood ego mind fuck all around us, you tend to wake up to the obvious truth of every moment as sacred precious time to alter the world in however means possible with the sacred time aloted to any of us of the ever dying LGBTQ family, my only true family that I ever knew…or would want to know, albeit I know all of you better than you know your own self, omnipotently I suppose…of binding paths of fate I witness so many stumbling along in with another beloved about to die, oblivious to this truth ‘i am’ constantly awareness of.

    Every step IS sacred valuable time for all of you, past present future, where all awaken to our beloved, however humbling the life shattering experience unfolding may be, the devasting finality of death that ropes us all apart inside.

    All of God’s plan…to learn the truth of all wretched disconnecting illness of heart afflictions, for sale of brightness eternal day of the eternal ALL YOU!

    Peace be to you and love

  201. *For sake of

    And sale I suppose too, of many of my transgendered brothers and sisters, with hideous many of unloving all you…prostitution porn appears to be leading the low self esteeming accepted ‘way’?

  202. How does one kill that which does not die?

    Easily….use a .50 cal full auto sniper rifle. Duh!!

    Arghhh….I really am a soldier…of God’s most powerful weapon….TRUTH

    And love

  203. And faith that truth and love IS…the only way home to God and each other….eternally we march on with our beloved, as beloved we constantly all are.

    Every year at this time, I begin to feel the energy of LGBTQ spirit lifting up in unity, however dim my dignity may appear as, the best is yet to come, 100 stones that will connect you all within….heaven all around us.

    May God guide us all to the truth we dare not face about ourselves, in shedding all binding wretched useless falsehoods, for same of thriving holy joyful absolute carefree lover happiness of eternal all YOU!

  204. Man(kind) is poor indeed

  205. Poverty stigmatization feeling, is like a punishment of crime you did not commit, ensured by many of the gross materialist falsehood…

  206. my only desire …

    “””” wait for it “”””

    IS TO !!!!!!

    KEEP it REAL

    CAPITAL ….



    HIV INFECTED >>>>>


  207. VICTIM



  208. HELLO

  209. Heaven is the constant flow love grace feeling true state of being, made possible thru the deserving halo wisdom that shields against all falsehoods, even while living as an artist with hiv to provide for LGBTQ student youth scholarships, while they too contend with the likes of human louse borne diseases, such as typhus, often associated with over crowding poverty circumstances….

    Our new found dignity has hit a new low, gee thanks

    That’s ok, we are creating a documentary film for the corporate greed driven world, that asks the question, “why does poverty exist?”

    Perhaps a new global minimum wage labor law will come some day?

    Or perhaps the eternal day has already come?

    Hate, apathy, ignorance, all the same mind numbing empty zeal of falsehood all you, where the truth about who is the most impoverished is surely not us, and that struggle is an instrumental spur for enlightenment of what heaven IS, where indeed it is the poor who inherit heaven, the obvious truth of wretched ungrateful derangement of soul all you.


  210. * discerning halo wisdom: heaven

  211. You need not ask if I need you, rather who needs what, when it comes to entering fully into atonement feeling heaven all around us…

    I may be physically weary and appear weak, but my mind is strength of unfailing truth.

    I already am what heaven is and need not want of anything from the likes of derranged you, other than forgotten eternal death of your ego bullshit that already are, even if you don’t realize the truth yet. Fear not, no one can escape.

    Sorry, I’m really not into your piss party

  212. Why does corporate not see greater success and longevity when the symbiotic relationship with everyone needs to address the health and education required for a healthy relationship? Is their egotistic greed appetite really that short-sighted? Short-sighted to the degree of 8 million of us dying each year, to poor to stay alive?

    Miko and I will survive not only ourselves, but others as well. All shall hear the truth one day.

    Somehow the word heathen really is not the right word to discribe most of you…I mean what is negligence causing death? Life in prison is not?

    God’s prison is boundless, without barriers.

    Precisely just how selfishly stupid you all are.

    Change is slow…so is death

  213. May the light of God’s revealing truth burn away all that is useless to the migration of the eternal one generation bound for glory that will despise the selfish illness of heart mind body spirit and eternal soul of the eternal all yet to come!

    Why teach your children the truth you deny your own self? Uhm?

    One such child is already come to teach prevailing truth against all forefather falsehoods

  214. Someone should inform the poor who will die, that it is scum like you who make life seem not worth living, to not give up on hope that many people are not at all like empty nothingness you

    Thank you God!

  215. 1/2 of world population lives on less than $2 a day

    Without heaven = gross materialism illness = root to many other branches of injustice such as human trafficking, drug cartels, child prostitution, and human slaves = helplessness

    Congrats to miserable all you fuckers!!

  216. Of course social inequality falsehood leads the way

    Thank you for being a jackass spur!

    Seems darkness untrue falsehoods really do serve a discerning child of God

    Holy burning truth revealing!!

    That’s what ushering in of burning hell actually IS

  217. Oh lookg some of your sociopathic friends

  218. Corporate slave camps is what is happening globally, and everyone seems ok that this is happening to not just someone else, but entire countries.

    Crimes against humanity

    Bravo fucktards!


  219. [andyy sticks out tongue]

  220. I don’t want to die
    I don’t want to die
    I don’t want to die
    I don’t want to die
    I don’t want to die
    I don’t want to die
    I don’t want to

  221. i’m a genetic experiment gone wrong

    Time for God

    to exterminate me

    hang on can you wait 4 more minutes

    so i can have a cigarette

  222. WE

    I have a question…does being rich and shameless have always feel like a permanent stay at the museum?

    I wear a ring with a single pearl that I found in a junk heap recently, that serves to remind me of the story of incognito Jesus teaching behind the walls of the great walled city his metaphor story of the pearl and the soul seeking to realize the beauty of its own self awareness…or so I thought….having forgot the shattering nightmare that rudely awakens the girl dreaming madonna video, the breaking pearl necklace returns again to haunt in WE…

    Alcoholism really is a sickness that hurts everyone

    Then there are the ever hopeful ones of blind delusional escapism attempts to avoid the truth they seek to one day swim in emotional honesty safety oneness WE all seek

    The film leaves me wondering if the only one whe truly knows us best is our own self, and God

  223. I think it’s about dealing with ones own demons, instead of transferring them onto others & realizing that this material world is just that physicality & listening to the angels & not the ego, but that’s a real challenge becuase it requires a lot of faith to rely on “escapism” if that’s the term … There is no justification for being malicious or spiteful it doesn’t bring one closer to god at all

  224. I was young at the time, when dad threw a full 40oz bottle of rum at my head, as I stepped out af the way in time for it to miss me, exploding against wall, shattering any built up sense of safety I kept seeking to hold onto that i prayed one day would come and did not, until the day I final felt enough courage to walk away and not look back, like I did eventually do later in life, the little boy inside who yet loves his father, saddened by the affliction that did not let go its grip on him, ever questioning all the reasons why, where there is no reason….ya, dysfunctional empty voids without love, ‘nothing’, truly is seemingly indestructible, that sees the affliction run it’s course with all who it comes into contact with, which is all WE of the one eternal generation bound together like WE is…

  225. Today I have this instant fear that comes up for me while with anyone who is drinking, realizing to myself that I cannot switch off ignore the fear, as I attempt to find and say the words why I have to go. So many I passed on by and just kept walking in search of the brighter day eternally shining inside my heart, the discerning wisdom light that does not fail, that keeps me alive.

    Sometimes I wonder if God is testing me, like yesterday seeing someone drunk and drinking illegally on the sidewalk, twice my size, as i point to the can of beer in his hand and say, “you know that is illegal to drink in public places? Come on, there are children walking here!”, as he starts yelling death threats at me, the psychosis, and my fear escalating up higher and higher, panic takes hold of me, heart racing as he steps toward me, me still badgering him, threatening him with jail, waving my cell phone in front of him, slowly stepping away.

    I waited till he was out of sight to call the police, still feeling the adrenaline rush hyper ventilating, the right thing to do, worried for the next unsuspecting one he will be even worse with than he was with me….seems I am forever running away from the past, the forefather teaching treachery ever lurking and looming over holy sacred eternal day

  226. Projection Identification Transference



    Unrealistic expectations of others fuels PIT

    If someone genuinely authentically whole hearted flat out loves you, wants to get you off at every possible moment alone with you, you will know it when they do, or equally know as well….when they don’t.

    Stay true to the holy joyful absolute carefree feelings of spirited YOU, lighting up the eternal unsettling day of the eternal one generational YOU.

    While egotisms are unfeeling falsehood masks, that eventually become repetitively annoying for us while held hostage by its binding unbreakable insatiable nothingness void desire illusional hypnotic trance like state, it serves as a place with which to be seen and seek.

    Whoever it is that we too want to get off with

    Honestly I don’t think anyone loves sex more than ‘me’

  227. Yer sex is the new God,

    SEX and religion have swapped places in public perception, with sex moving into the public arena and religion away from it, according to British scholar Tariq Modood.

  228. With the happy chemicals released from brain sex activity, cums a healthier society?

  229. I think gravity and magnetism are the same force

  230. Or maybe the pearl represents my clitoris envy??


  231. Argh, it’s so true!

    I mean how fantastic a clitoris would be, with sensitivity ten times that of the head of the penis, same type of tissue, just more compact.

    I would be afraid to walk in a tight pair of jeans, screaming at every turn….oh right, I already di that…

    Butt seriously though, omg, a vagina too, is that really possible? But who wants a girl with no dick, god knows this girl don’t, we’ll, unless her name is…

    Oh I am not going to say it, I am so not her gay husband!!!!!!

    Ok ok MANDONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hehe HA!

  232. Sex is the ultimate climax for lovers already of the holy joyful absolute carefree genuine pure true authentic original personality of the real self YOU.

    Forever more

  233. Winner Take All ~ Dambisa Moyo

    China’s race for resources and what it means for the rest of the world

  234. true if you were her gay husband Andy you’d be in the closet and and alcoholic….

    who needs AdDICKsions

  235. sorry my SPELLings atrocious

    i mean adDICKtions

  236. Hmmm, I suppose gay is a closet and I know I a bisexual or transgendered happiness of both sexes is what I feel like, where my male self enjoys sex with females, my female self enjoys males, or best of all I love someone who accepts me, which can only be someone like me, of both sexes.

    As for the alcoholic I am clean and sober two years, my health and preference demand it, a more genuine ‘me’

  237. My abandonment issues from childhood actually serve me well in what not to be do or say, of insightful awareness in knowing in advance how another would feel if I allow myself to emotionally behave as the manifestation of my father and his father before him

    Which leads me to the question…. Who is my true father?….cause it sure as fuck was not my biological father!…..sorry dad, but you know it is the truth

  238. As for you demons, you cannot see what you chose not to comprehend, therefore it is you who is your own worse enemy to any semblance of a true fun loving happy oneness existence with all our bothers and sisters of the worldwide LGBTQ family, my only authentic feeling family, even while sometimes annoying as fucking hell, as yet is the immature forefather demonizing ignoramus all you that still haunts us in the eternal past meets kick you all in the lame ass present future!!!!! HA!

  239. HIV is like a minor defect to ones existence, where the worse thing about HIV is learning about unrealistic expectations of those who cannot deal well with their own manesting stigmatizing fear of death, which is actually a normal response you learn to expect, an immaturity of sorts.

    What is most sad is that all any of us ever want and need is happiness that comes with healthy fun loving sexuality.

    Which means someone out there with HIV is going to be so friggin happy one day that I was born…..

    To die along with all you miserable fucktards!

    Ha, could not resist

    Ok, rant over

  240. Stone # 17 haunts me…

    A random selection of million year old stone, that I was not aware it had large flaw in it, that now seems fitting to rename the piece ‘Homoerotica and HIV’…but then it is not so homoerotic any more, is it?

    Of course in all my years as an activist I always questioned if it was ok to be doing what I was doing, in light of the HIV virus and the high risk activity of unsafe sex practice that LGBTQ is more high risk in thier behavior than others…

    I suppose this piece is more of a justice than an injustice ?

    Bah, blame God for putting this stone in my hand as though knowing I was coming…

    As though only God ever really knew me….as do all of you

  241. I am donating all the stones to the AGO ~ Art Gallery of Ontario.


    Cause they are priceless and none of you lame asses can afford…

    …to BE without them, duh!!!!!


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