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  1. Hmmmm, it’s a verse from 4 minutes (to save the world)! Can’ t wait to see the video ;))
    Love, Maria

  2. Hi M!

    is going well the new album?

    Take care Madi…

    Love, Tere =)

  3. Various meanings of this proverbial idiom:

    ~ something that you say which means people often intend to do good things but much of the time, they do not make the effort to do those things.

    ~ This proverbial idiom probably derives from a similar statement by St. Bernard of Clairvaux about 1150, L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés ou désirs (“Hell is full of good intentions or wishes”), and has been repeated ever since. [Late 1500s]

    Personally, I think hell is a stupid word, a vague word cast about in useless conversations that do not delve deeper into understanding of the human psyche, or full scope perspectives.

    Certainly hell can used to describe such things as a childs struggle to survive starvation, but to truly go further in what hell really is for this child, would be to look closer at the spiritual poverty of the world that is cause for such circumstances.

    Or how about the issues of homophobia and it’s direct links to the highest suicide rates belonging to the young gay male, at the top of the list. Hell indeed for alot of grieving parents out there, where suicide is ten times that of homicide statistics.

    So the remedy for hell is thru understanding what path(road) one may be on, and addressing all the issues that lead to a healthy life, where indeed, the fate of hell awaits all those who do not take time to become wise.

    Hey, what’s up? I heard you bought a pub.

    You know, two alcohol beverages per day is actually healthy for some people, particularily the issue of enlarged postate for the male. So have one for me, will ya! ;D 😀
    I still have one once in a while, about five to ten times a year, and sometimes none at all in the course of a year. I watched so many nice guys become really bad alcoholics over the years. I look at them and see that they are not aware of their obviousness as chronic alcoholics.

    Have fun, but research all the negative results on issues that are left unaddressed in many people’s lives.

    At the end of life, we have only ourselves to blame for a less happier, healthy life, such as practicing safe sex.

    I think about the issues of homophobia that are real for many, and then consider the other hazards that many homosexuals face, such as self-medicating themselves with drugs and alcohol, and unsafe sex, and wonder to myself, should I be out there marching in the gay parades?

    Losing my first boyfriend to suicide, I march for him, and what we could of been, loving lovers, had we dealt with the issues of homophobia, and the self-medicating issue that comes with it, snow balling into hell for both of us.

    Be wise everyone. Hell indeed, is the lack of applied wisdom.

  4. So tell us everyone, what does the proverbial idiom mean to you?

    I am curious to know.

  5. i didn’t know it is here a theological blog !

  6. Then again ‘HELL’, used by the religious right wingers to often describe us homosexuals, could be viewed as a good thing, as in, “Ya, here in HELL, with my gay brothers and sisters is awesome for us, where those who claim to know God, do not, nor do they know us, nor desire to know us who dwell in HEAVEN, not hell, with one another.

    You know, I have seen such incredible love between the gay guys here, that is much more loving than I have ever seen in straightsville.

    So where are we? I say we are in HEAVEN!!!!

    and it’s all you motherfuckers out there that fuck it all up for us! haha! ;D 😀

    I love my brothers and sisters, even the stupid ones.

    God loves us all, even the stupid ones.

  7. Can’t wait to hear the new track… South Beach is ready!!!!

  8. That’s a fact, not a fortune, but they do get mixed up. My favorite is, “Impatience may be appropriate at this time!”

  9. I met someone last weekend and thay said Madonna was a Sociopath, i did not agree of course well i did not know what it meant to be honest, but after i googled it i thought to myself that would be Hell to be like that. haha

  10. Did i mess it up again……i do sooooo poorly without you PuppyDoll…..i miss you Puppy Chocholate……i’m always gona be in Love with you!!!



  12. In “4 Minutes” the lyrics on a buch of sites say its “.. The Road To Heaven Paved With Good Intentions…” But my Favorite # Is 23 And Thats One of the lucky numbers so im not gonna curse tihs fortune cookie!

    \/ \/ \/

    Wow Johnboy! That guy should get taken down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Goodnight John Boy!

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  15. Sacred sex…and they shall become one flesh.

    Life is sooooo incredible!

    😀 😀

  16. hmmm…if one knows HELL, then they would also know where(what) HEAVEN is, yes?

    and vice versa, if one knows HEAVEN, then they would also see clearly all of HELL…kinda hard not too. haha!

    So then, HEAVEN and HELL is a perspective, of wisdom, and feelings that indicate heavenly feelings, and hellish feelings, where wisdom helps point us in the direction of heavenly feelings, having had enough of hellish feelings?

    Best of all, heavenly feelings are free for everyone to feel, alone and with others, at all times, if we are wise not to entertain hellish feelings…such a rediculous waste of time.

    It baffles me how people plod along thru life as their own worse enemies(mostly), with no desire to change, or become insightful of themselves.

    I love to sing along with musicians. One of my favorite passtimes is jamming with other musicians with guitars, singing what ever the hell we feel like singing.

    The harmony of stings and spirit is true life!

    Ask any musician, and they will all agree, jam sessions is where it’s at for their favorite passtime.

    Great to see you drop in again! More would be nice!

  17. An image is worth a thousand words… M, you’re always enlighting our souls. Thanks.

    I’ve been reading the Queen’s posts for a long time and tried not to bloat this sacred space with nonsense.

    I see many people almost taking over this blog and think it’s unrespectfull, if not with all the readers, with M herself.

    For example, in this post, M put just an image and Andy (by now) posted 6 replies with a total of 836 words… Are you Andy willing to reach 1000?

    You should get a pet, Andy. Or even better, a life.


  18. Once one reaches hell they say we have never seen any heaven before at all. Once one reaches heaven they will say we have never sensed hell at all. One might have good intentions but without knowing what others are going through. one should not interfere inothers business and specially not to go to war in another land unless they are invited or sanctified. I hope someone with a decent purpose will fix the mess in Iraq.

  19. All this talk about Hell.. its frightening me.. Who started it ??

    not me !!

  20. Does the Devil do Deals ?

    I’m selling Madonna’s soul

    On Ebay.. ha ha

  21. Anyway back to the topic,

    Yes it’s the “intent” that matters most, the rest is an illusion mostly self manifested.

  22. FOR JOHN can you give your arguments? thk u

  23. I asked madonna ‘s people via this is a fake site!!

  24. Heaven is love devoid of doubt and fear.

    Hell is all the things that go against love devoid of doubt and fear.

    Indeed, Heaven and Hell collide, all around us.

    Wisdom is the invisible protective shield.

    Love begets Love

    Hate begets more hate.

    Be careful when out fishing, cause there are some nasty motherfucking sharks in the water of life that will eat you alive, especially if you keep stealing their boyfriends from them. Steal more than one from them, and for sure they’ll come after you! Seriously! haha!

    Some of these dumbass motherfuckers, just don’t understand who belongs with who, and why! haha!

    Make sure it’s with someone you LOVE!

    😀 😀

  25. AGAIN TO JOHN in the site I don’t see where you can write or asked some thing to “Madonna’s people”, can you help me thank you

  26. She’s a faker?

    I heard about women, who while having sex, they fake their orgasms.

    I suppose my secret fantasies of Mike, fall into this category as well.

    I guess that makes me a faker too!

    Fakers Annonymous!


    Somebody help me, please!

    😀 😀

  27. There is no such thing as a burning firey pit where bad people go. That stuff is made up by somebody to control someone. It’s not the least bit biblical. Religion made it up. No need to worry about burning anywhere.

  28. …but your not going to heaven either.

  29. i believe it is the real Slim Shady Madge here

  30. can i say the road to the heaven is paved with bad intentions ?

  31. witch good intentions are really good?

  32. Might I add that hell is no place to be spending all eternity, while you are burning in the lake of fire, I will be watching your suffering from my heavenly paradise.

  33. haha!

    The heavenly paradise of love with a loving lover paradise, Stan?

    People are so wacked about concepts of heaven.

    Heaven is just love devoid of doubt, and the wisdom that opens wide the soul to see with clarity of heaven all around us.

    Ok, imagine for a moment, that you are standing in front of someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you magically discover, that they feel the same way for you.

    That is heaven.

    Love devoid of doubt.

    Hell obviously, is the abscence of this someone, or that crazy motherfucker that keeps stealing your boyfriends from you! haha!

    And better yet, truly I tell you, I have met and spent time with alot of someones, and indeed see these someones everywhere I go.

    ~ it’s like that.

  34. Hell is a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.
    When faced with a pile of crap – it simply begs to be slain.
    Be merciful and remove chaos from existence.

    Miss the action on this site
    Keep the ride rolling

    Missing and howling at the MOON
    aka Harder than Most but not all of the time : )

  35. All chaos Mimo?

    That would require removing all jackasses from the planet.

    It may result in a very lonely planet.

    As long as they keep you Mimo, that is would be fine for me.

    😀 😀

  36. I’m playing those lucky numbers on the lotto tonight if i win, i’ll donate some to a third world country where kid’s cannot get fresh water, that’s a living hell for many people mostly children.

    So many people’s lives are a stuggle and living hell yet they still smile and laugh, yet we worry about such trivial matter’s in the affluent western world.

    So much inequality, so little time Mother Earth she’s so sad, all the children playing

  37. You’re right Andy – so many cavemen can lead one to live in a cave
    Hence my current position.
    Is this site a joke Andy? Am I naive?
    Who are the naysayers and why so they stay?

  38. Chaos may be required but we must realise that it is contained

  39. for Eric the link from there to Icon …there u can send a message….

  40. hEARiT! ®
    Fourtune Fits Cookie soooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh-
    READ it.
    *Dearest and Most Beautiful Madonna,
    Howard Jones® (remember)………

    hEARiT! ® No! You know that I know you know where beauty lives… And PLEASE PLEASE tell me now ® ??? SOMEBODY WAS KIDDING AND SAID, “What’s she gonna do next, PIN HERSELF TO A + AND SING LIVE TO TELL®?..?.. ?…. and it got back to you ….and you did it…………didn’t you?…… LOVESiT®

    My Kindest Reguards and I LOVE U ,

  41. On a positive note, i respect those that tell it how it is, constructive criticism is good and healing, more effective of course when the ego does not get in the way.

    Excuse me could someone here point me in the right direction ?
    I’m looking for the path to Heaven

  42. By the way Madonna’s album get released in Australia on the 26 April i hear that’s two day’s before the rest of the world and we are already 10 hours ahead of Zulu time…

    I think ill have a party that night, Madonna has lot’s of fan’s in Australia even though she has not toured here for 15 YEARS’ she’s coming back in the next tour I’ve heard, see loyal fan’s as well.

    Who love’s Madonna ?

    Everyone with a brain !

  43. The naysayers are all those who do not fully embrace where heaven is(yet), led astray, not of their own fault, but rather that of the teachings of the forefathers, that claim they know God, and do not. Teachings that continue to be manifest everywhere in the world.

    Naive perhaps, for those who do not know the humour side of Madonna. Funny indeed is this site, in a good way. She knows where heaven and hell is, and is smiling today. I love her, she knows I do. We love each other as friends for life, precious souls, inundated by the same absurdities that everyone experiences in life, although wiser perhaps than most, precious souls protected by wisdom.

    It is good to laugh about absurdities, and the many silly things people hold onto, unaware of the condition of their own soul, and the purity of truth wisdoms of all things.

    Humble students of God is who we all are, all on the same path that leads to the perspective of heaven that is love devoid of doubt. The enlightened ones light the path for others, so worry not, for exceeding joy is meant for us all, here in heaven, connected to God’s love by means of sincerity and purity of love, that is the core of everyone’s soul.

    Celebrate yes! But be careful of the pitfalls of drunkenness of both the mind and body, where drunkenness is uncertainty and lack of clarity that comes with wisdom.

    As students, it is growth process thru time, not only of our generation, but of all generations to come, where the divine true self is able to become mature thru truth wisdoms.

    Loving compassionate wisdom is how God sees all of us, aware of the numerous snares and pitfalls the derail purity of true life for many.

    Live your life whatever way you want, and be sure to spend it with the one you love, that also loves you.

    My problem is I love everybody, for I see clearly the divine true self in everyone, left unattended, that I speak directly with, saying, “Hey, wake up from the nightmare of life, it’s not what you think, as much as it is what others want you to think…fools!” haha!

    Surely love feels better, yes?

    Kiss somebody today, even yourself, if for lack of someone else. hmmm! Although you may want to avoid kissing a complete stranger, as they may deem something appropriate as inappropriate, and think you’re a nut case. I like kissing and hugging the homeless people. They always smile, as the bitter ones pass by us, bewildered. I was homeless once.

    Truly, heaven all around me, is my home now, where I see thru the hell(attitudes) of others, to the true self within everyone.

    ~ magic glasses

    😀 😀

  44. How is chaos required, and how is it contained?

    Surely it is not contained, obviously by the attitudes of many, and surely not required, and rather the manifestion of immaturity, is it not?

  45. If someone kisses you, does it not say to you, “I love you?”

    If someones says, “I want to kiss you”, did they not indeed, kiss you?

    “I want to kiss you!”


    😀 😀

    To the fool, I am nut case, fine!

    To the wise, I am there loving brother.

  46. ~ a loving brother that is still learning how to spell.

    😀 😀

    ~ we are all yet learning, as humble students of God, albeit, subconsciously for most.

  47. If you ask, “Where am I?”, is it not obvious that I am where I always want to be found, in your heart, standing before you, as someone that loves you?

    “I want to kiss you!” 😀 😀


    ~ Andy is drunk from the bubbling stream the flows forth from God.

    hic…”I’ll have some more of that please! ”


    😀 😀

  48. ~ LOVE DEVOID of DOUBT that surrounds us as far as the eye can see…eternally with thee!

    😀 😀

  49. Can you imagine following Jesus around, everywhere he went, with a delightful heart, always wanting to kiss him, and hold his hand?

    Question is, would Jesus kiss you, and hold your hand?

    Of course he would!

    😀 😀

    ~ it’s like that.

  50. Ya – put a couple beers in me and I’m a wreck.
    Cheap and not often is my weakness at times

    Thanks Andy

    Chaos only as a tool to learn and contained only by our ultimate freedom from it’s existence.

    Surely one must know Hell to truly know Heaven

    Methinks I can give many kisses today

    I’m already certified organic craZy
    Comes with my birthchart – no escape from thoughts like a strongwind

    Little boy lost his mommy
    Endless journey back to the breast that feeds

    Spring is starting to Hop
    Robins are chirping a lot


  51. Yep! YOU know YOU well!

    The same YOU in all of YOU!

    😀 😀

    ~ the divine true self ‘YOU’, within all of us.

  52. Ya, I was thinking the same thing Mimo, that the only good thing about chaos is seeing it clearly as something not to do, where all things unloving, not of God, but of the unwise, serve the enlightened ones, by means of the truth of what not to do or become like.

    And yes, ultimate freedom from such things is by means of the light of wisdom that sees with clarity, the truth of all things loving, as well as all things obviously unloving.

    Wisdom protects the divine true self, and love nurtures the divine true self in all of us. How else is it possible, if not be means of loving compassionate wisdom? Where it is obviously foolish to think otherwise.

    Now if we could just enlighten the suicide bombers that they are engaging in things that are not of God’s love, thinking they know God, and obviously do not, and rather that which unwise of God’s sincere purity of love, although they do unknowingly serve God, by means of the darkness of ignorance of what not to do, where all unloving things are not of God, and rather that of the foolishly unwise, that do not take time to diligently embrace their own purity of love within them, that is the connection with God.

    ~ such is the wisdom of God, is it not? Such is the crucial lacking of wisdom in all things unloving, is it not?

    Fortunately, wretchedness of spirit is eternally forgotten, by means of not celebrating wretchedness of spirit, that is not of God, and instead we celebrate our loving lives, as the eternal human beings, that ventures forward into the future.

    ~ Love devoid of absurd and useless doubt, is of the sincere purity of God’s loving compassionate wisdom that connects with the sincere purity of love within the core of us all. We are born with it, when we enter the physical realm.

  53. thank you John but your information is not reliable because Icon is a site where you have to pay… imagine te site saying of course it is the real Madonna and it is free !
    i prefer to save my money and to believe for free… and it is more kidding here because no body don’t know, execpt the owner… bisou John
    and if the real M reads that, i have buy enough cd of you and tikets of concert of you… bisous

  54. i don’t believe that M has no heart.. and i hope is more funny for her here too and with more truth too by her fans except andy ;-)) who is crazy // like me…

  55. Lets just use this to talk about Madonna even if its not her …were all here for her…
    Her new single 4 minutes is set for a 14th April release date according to HMV UK xx

  56. good idea !

  57. haha!

    😀 😀

  58. I hang out at other forums, and it’s just the way I am when writing my thoughts down, thinking out loud, free flowing.

  59. Seems there are alot of theology students out there, with all their ideas on this and that, including their numerous books for sale.

    All these complicated fancy words they use to describe their intricately detailed ideas and concepts, as I step back and think to myself, these people really believe in the garbage they come up with! haha!

    I am like wow! Some of it is really wacked.

    What ever happened to old fashioned sincerity and purity of love that easily descerns the truth in all things? Am I from another planet?

    Again and again, I find myself walking away from morons, and all their wonderful ideas, that I must admit, are amusing for me to look at, but all too often, nothing more than that.

    😀 😀

    ~ an observation

  60. I want to hold Madonna’s hand and Jesus too and kiss them both.. hold them both.. that would be a threesome ha.. tha eholy trinity..

  61. i love kylie

  62. I don’t really well maybe when i was 18, but fame has made Kyle shallow maybe she was always like that ( explains why i left her at the tram stop number 72 to camberwell )

    Anyway i need someone to be fantasize about, now that Madonna’s flicked me.. ha ha..

    Yes i am mad but i have a good heart, except its a little sore after i removed this bloody Spear of Longinus out of it.

  63. Do you think Jesus was sexually active?

    I don’t see Jesus as sexually active, and rather as a true and faithful humanitarian friend, admiting that he was merely a student of God, who embraced his own love and compassion he felt for those he met in life, and embrace we humans are not any different from one another, of past, present and future.

    I see Jesus as a student of himself and others, with a keen insight and thirst for greater depth of understanding, gained thru patience of attention to life experience, gracefully mentally and emotionally aware, as an adult child, who embraced his own purity and sincerity of loving feelings, of his own free will, becoming absorbed by his on going study.

    Although, his mostly male followers did get badly jealous of him spending so much time with a female follwer, Mary.

    This makes me wonder if Jesus was secretly(to himself) a sexually frustrated virgin, or perhaps Jesus was hermaphrodite, with low testosterone levels, gentle and loving like that of females.

    As males, we truly are clueless how it feels to be a female, mentally and emotionally. The great void that exists between males and females, still suppressed and oppressed in society thruout the world.

    Not for long. Enter center stage, Hillary Clinton. Finally!

    I have always thought of women as much wiser than men could ever hope to be.

  64. Andy, of course he was sexually active he had a girlfriend / wife kids , mates don’t know if he was sexual with them but if he had kids he must have pumped Mary Magdalena

  65. very good the blond skinhead boxer …you are terrible !

  66. and your eyes, wouah wouah

  67. And he defiantly had kid’s it has been documented in some of the dead sea scroll’s and they found his family tomb recently in Israel under a building complex.

    I also agree that he was connected to his feminine side
    more than many men are i think he was a healthy balance of both male and female energy that’s why so many people connected to him and loved him so much.

    He was defiantly a student of himself and other’s in his teachings he affirmed this as a goal or the purpose of this existence in the physical realm, to understand and connect with oneself which in effect connects to all others and life itself.

    I think he was closer to Mary than his disciples though he was a gentle and loving soul and without the wisdom of a strong woman he would have been eaten alive by the world

    I’ve also read he did not die on that cross because the herb’s that Mary gave him actually placed him in a semi coma to stop him from perishing and he was later taken down half dead but still alive and she cared for him and sheltered him, see you cannot keep a good man down, but then you wouldn’t want to either.

    And the motto of the story, it’s all about your perspective in life, (eg; whether you look at glass as being half full instead of half empty.)

  68. but now you could explain the paranoid sentence the hell is paved with good intentions naughty Louise… i don’t have yet the record 4 minutes to save the world…picture is one thing the words an other one… la tête et les jambes nous disons en français… encore un bisou

  69. Actually, the scolars don’t agree on Jesus being sexually active.

    Although we can easily speculate, that it would seem highly unusual for one not to be.

    But there are other possibilities as well, that Jesus may have been born deformed sexually. Back then, medical communities did not exist. So one could perhaps embrace the anguish such an individual may have experienced over such a thing, too embarassed to even talk about it.

    ~ A virgin, with a heart of sincere purity, undefiled by lust, because he had no testosterone in his blood? Perhaps. haha!

    ~ it just makes more sense to me.


    As for the bible, I tossed it out along time ago, as something fabricated by the ruling early church of that time, that sided with the Roman empire to be the only church in the land, who killed and took the books from the followers of Jesus, creating and editing the bible to serve them as something to controll the masses of the uneducated people of that time.

    ~ this is something today’s scholars do agree on.

  70. ~ getting funnier by the moment(smirk).

    ah, such fun!

    😀 😀

  71. on a ring there are two peoples, who is the second player? your husband? your children? a fan ?a pop star ?the human condition? god ? all of that together ?i should be your journalist..

  72. and the referee who is he ?

  73. No, but seriously.

    Ok, here’s one for you to ponder:

    Do you think there is a distinction between loving sex, and lustful sex, when the sexual desire is actually a natural trigger response, when testosterone levels in the male reach a certain level? We are hard wired to reproduce. So is sex love, or just something natural for us to do? Or is something natural that we do considered love? Makes more sense that something natural that we do is love.

    I think the only real distinction in individuals, is their psychological well being, however it is acheived and maintained, spiritually and/or professionally, nurturing and protecting the (divine) true self, that we always were as kids.

    The more mentally/emotionally healthier we are, the better our own attitudes are within, and with one another, providing an encompassing sense of love, that simply feels better, and is natural, like the love between a mother and child.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have not tossed spirituality out the window, yet. haha!

    I just think that it is as complicated as we think it is and rather is something more a long the lines as natural for us to be loving.

    Look at nature, where indeed, love seems to be more easily found, than among mankind, more often than not, and yet we deem ourselves as so much greater than that of animals.

    Does a dolphin live a more peaceful loving life than a human. Dolphins mate for life. How cool is that? How pure is that? How so not like the dolphin are we?

    Question is why are we not more in touch with our natural state of mind. I blame the power mongers and the fear mongers that rule the world, from business, to politicians, to the fear mongers of God in the church.

    Does it not make more sense that if indeed we were created by some divine ultimate wisdom or life force in the universe, that whatever ‘it’ is, it would certainly not want us to be afraid of ‘it’, nor fearful of each other like so many in the world do.

    ~ fear is absurd, and goes against our natural state of mind and body, peaceful like the dolphins.

  74. ta gueule Andy !

  75. cherish your cats Andy

  76. I wrote this song for Madonna, haven’t finished yet ha ha

    when the Star’s keep shining,

    and when the moon keeps rising,

    oh how the sun is shining so

    you know I still love you…

    And When your world is down, just look around and see the love

    It’s not so far It’s so close.

    and when the dolphin’s are Dancing, and the whales playing

    You’ll see the star’s twinkle

    But one thing is for sure

    you know I still love you…

    And when your pearl’s start shaking..

  77. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    I view hell as all things unloving, fearful, bitter, unwise, foolish, the chains of ignorance that hold captive the heart, mind, body and soul, all things not of God.

    So it seems the key that unlocks the chains of many souls, is loving compassionate wisdom.

    Who holds the key? We all do, unknowingly for some, of our own capability to understand.

    What is the beast? Who has the power to fight against the beast? Who will slay the beast of ignorance?

    We all will, and each and everyone of us do, in our every step, our every day becoming wiser, on our journey, on the road that leads to heaven, out of hell.

    The road is the ground under our feet, where every second of every day counts, in all we say or do.

    ~ the power of love of the ALL, our society that is maturing year after year, that constantly encourages one another as loving equals, rather than mortal enemies.

    ~ the unavoidable truth, at all times, that only the fool thinks they escape from.

    So I ask, what is hell for you, in each of your lives?

    For me, it is all things unloving.

  78. When is Jesus going to come again (no pun intended)

  79. Hell in heaven can only be extinquished, when each of us stops and takes time to feel the purity within, and acknowledge that the feelings of genuine love devoid of doubt, is what heaven is.

    Once we discover fully, the truth of this, no one shall be able to come up against us again, because of it’s purity.

    Sight restored to our souls, not thru our eyes do we see with clarity, but thru our feelings and wisdom of the mind that is able to easily see clearly, descerning the truth of all things, especially that which is obviously not of the natural purity within, that everyone is born with and has.

    Left unattended and unnurtured is the problem that each must take responsibility for our (divine) TRUE SELF.

    ~ how else is it possible to quench our thirst, if we do drink from the streams that flow forth?

  80. It is simple, and yet difficult, in an absurd world. Let the absurdities serve you, by means of the truth, as the light of wisdom.

  81. It’s as simple as a kiss.

    It’s as simple as holding hands.

    It’s as simple as standing still, on a beautiful day.

    Embrace the beauty of your own loving heart.

    Gentle and mild is our natural state, like the dolphin.

  82. I love Kylie Minogue

  83. Do you feel comfortable with yourself when you go to sleep at night.

    Are you comfortable with death be it tomorrow or in 100 years time.

    Can you honestly say you have contributed to the peace and harmony of the world in which you live.

    Have you gone out on a limb and changed the world for the better.

    NO ! your a vampire

    Yes ! you don’t fool me.

    the world is full of copy cat’s

    Angel’s do not wear rose colored glasses……….

  84. Madonna 4 Minutes To Save The World Lyrics

    I’m outta time
    I’ve only got 4 minutes
    Four, four minutes

    (repeat 6 times)

    T: Who it is

    M:Come on boy, I’m waiting of somebody to pick me up and go
    J: Come on girl, don’t stop, it really hurt tell me how you wanna roll

    M:Your body, speed it up for me and take on control
    There’s enough room for both

    J: Heygirl, I can get with that,you gotta sit, i’m sat
    Are we ready to go
    Are you ready to go

    If you want it
    You already got it
    If you’ve got it
    It better be what you want
    If you feel it
    It must be real, just
    Say the word and
    Imma give you what you want

    Madonna: Don’t wait
    Justin: You’ve only got 4 minutes to save the world
    Madonna: You got to change
    Justin: That’s what I got you girl
    Madonna: Don’t wait
    Justin: We only got 4 minutes to save the world
    Madonna: You got to change
    Justin: we only got four minutes

    Timba: who it is
    Justin: MA-Ma-Ma-DONNA
    Timba: who it is
    Justin: MA-DONNA

    You gotta care about
    Tick tock tick tock tick tock
    [4 Minutes To Save The World lyrics on

    That’s right, check it out
    Who it is

    M: Hey boy, now what, you are not that bad
    anticipating to get what i want (and I ain’t gonna stop)

    J: Hey Girl, i m whatcha want, i’m alone
    and waiting to make you my own (i will make you my own)

    M: Everybody, come and go,
    i hope you stay for a while
    i know that smile

    J: Heygirl, I m ok with that,you and me, that’s what
    I am ready to go
    Are you ready to go

    If you want it
    You already got it
    If you’ve got it
    It better be what you want
    If you feel it
    It must be real, just
    Say the word and
    Imma give you what you want

    Madonna: Don’t wait
    Justin: You’ve only got 4 minutes to save the world
    Madonna: You got to change
    Justin: That’s what I got you girl
    Madonna: Don’t wait
    Justin: We only got 4 minutes to save the world
    Madonna: You got to change
    Justin: we only got four minutes

    T:Tick tock tick tock tick tock
    J:MA-DO-NNA (that’s who it is)
    T:Tick tock tick tock tick tock


  85. I love Annie Lennox

  86. And i Love Madonna,

  87. Yes defiantly

    push and you shall receive, actually Eric it was originally 5 minutes to save the world i don’t know where the extra minute went..

    maybe it was for rest and recuperation and a bottle of water after all the hard work

  88. Hey Roxanne,

    your so beautiful

  89. I love Roxanne

  90. yeah so u dont fuck up

  91. Love in light for Madonna

    I am your angel
    nothing can stop what I feel
    the strength of gravity doesn’t arrest the vortex of love
    the love have another beat
    I will protect you anywhere road you will choose
    I will guard your good intentions
    and I will raise again during your emotions
    I will be the hand that follow the light
    and plotted your hair as the plots of a song
    I will bring you the silence and the patience
    I will save you from the deceptions of your time
    and from your failures that can come
    I am your angel, I will give you the sky
    the stars and the heat of my hands
    you will be near my heart and my pulsation
    it will be your time
    I will protect you from the fears of the hypocondrias,
    from the disturbances that starting today you will meet for your street.
    Injustices give and from the deceptions of your time
    I will lift you from the pains and from your of humor,
    obsessions give of your manias.
    I will overcome the gravitational tides,
    the space and the light
    don’t make to grow old you
    I know the laws of the world, and I will make gift of it.
    I will overcome for you the gravitational tides
    I will save you from every melancholy
    And you will recover from all the illnesses,
    because you are a to be special,
    and I, will have care of you.
    You can look for me
    I’m indeed your angel and I exist
    shake me the hand and you will realize of it
    I will speak a different language to yours but our eyes they will be understood
    I will seem you come by another world
    truth is that I come from your parallel world
    the language that you know will speak
    but your success has made to us meet
    Your words are melody for my physicists neurons
    but candy for my soul
    I were born for protecting you
    by now this is what I have understood


  92. I like the encouraging sense of honesty of the lyrics.

  93. It is the sorta feeling I feel when listening to Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’, on the highest quality system you can find, and on CD of course.

    I remember listening to this CD in my car all the time, with freinds and lovers, and how it lifted picked me up.

    It has the loving connection that yearns for another, a feeling that feels all encompassing, a surrendering to true love we feel for lovers and friends.

    It takes a high quality playback to truly appreciate it. Even better if you are out just cruising around with friends, or even by yourself. It’s these kinds of experiential techniques I love the most, that really work. You may be surprised by the results, in a good way!

    Maybe it’s because I love the guitar, in the way a guitar player does, a falling or surrendering into the harmony of the strings sensation that feels pure.
    😀 😀

  94. Set your soul free to fly high above the petty bitterness and sluggish down slide spirit of this world, kinda thing.

    😀 😀

  95. ~ harmony in music is a pure thing, like our souls.

  96. Hey, check this music piece out.

    It is an excellent example of pick me up music.

    Ok then, here we go! Ready?

    😀 😀

  97. Both are five minutes long, with more than enough time enough to save your soul from this miserable fucked world.


    😀 😀

  98. I hope the Jonas brothers don’t get into the party scene, and lose the spirit of their music groove they are in right now, like so many musicans do, and wash out. Great music comes from the joyful soul.

  99. Turn it up, I can’t hear it!!!!!!!!


    Come on, let’s dance!

    😀 😀

  100. Hey Matt, do you know how to dance? She is looking for some beautiful dancers.

  101. Heaven is only found by those who see by means of their precious loving soul.

  102. …or conversely, “The road to heaven is paved with with good actions.” It seems a characteristic of M’s and other’s success is taking action. I can only imagine what it must have been like to jump on a plan with a one way ticket to NYC. Thanks for the courage, M. You can see we all get a taste of heaven b/c of your choice to take action. You would not be where you are now had you stayed in Motown!

  103. the road to hell is paved with good intentions is a line in your new single 4 Minutes!

    I Love that song!


  104. Your the best

  105. Your the best love you

  106. Your awesome

  107. But a bit judgmental, spoilt who’s your soulmate ?

    Does he let you get away with having everything your way ?

    There’s not right or wrong in love

    Do you revenge him ?

    Is that not evil, to behave like that ?

    Are you evil ?

  108. You coming sat ?

  109. anyway if you do, then your invited back to my place afterwards i got lot’s of vodka & you can bring a friend too, we can have a party watch a movie and have a laugh, i’ve got a awesome fireplace & some funny home videos we can watch maybe even write a poem whatever we do it will be filled with soul, cause in the spirit of things love is all that is..

  110. no not those kind of video’s, 🙂


    i’m more innocent than you realize,

  111. where all untruthfulness is, they shall not find ‘me’


  112. when they do not desire to comprehend you, how can they ever bring harm to one they do see as though their own self?

    So who is it that they are bringing harm to, but their own self, do they not?

    Therefore remain compassionate for those yet blinded by all untruthfulness, for not only do they not see you, they do not know their own divine self yet in harms way of all things false.

    at all times, you are the center of your own universe all around you, therefore believe in your ‘real’ SELF that i know as though my own true self

  113. I see you …..

    & George 🙂

    I see my self two 🙂


    How fucked are these fuckers

    I shouldn’t judge …

    Just this once I will

    Your all dead fuckers

    Oh forgive me god


  115. sense of helplessness of an eye witness to those desperately trapped by murderous evil, seeking escape thru their inevitable death, of time that stopped for them, but not our memories should we ever forget what was done to them by the mind of foolish ignorance, that yet lurks in this world….

    speaking of evil doers, maybe the hunters of Jesus and his followers were murderously crucifying his beloved daily?……..YOU THINK MAYBE??????…..pffffff…….i fucking know they were……..hence: Jesus surrendered to his inevitable death, in the hopes their wretchedness would stop? A wishful thinking and feeling Jesus……..a wishful thinking and feeling ‘real’ you

  116. in the face of all evil, are the moments of no need for words to say, in realizing all we need to do is just be our pure true wise loving compassionate thankful blessed intuitive feelings flow that sharply discerningly truthfully realizes all absurd falsehood snaring mind traps we see so many (yet) of, amoung us, so blind they don’t realize they are………the truth of just how ignorant ignorance actually IS……….temporary mad blindness…..

    well, what to do, but mirror the opposite, that humiliates and humbles the divine self within all, in awareness of their own blindness who will recoil in awareness of the truth that reveals all hidden (submerging) truth, by means of the thinking and feeling divine child within all

    oh, and before any of you get complacent………WE ARE STILL BEING CRUCIFIED DAILY!!!!!!!!!!

    in every step, KNOW what time it always is……….TRUTH REVEALING TIME!


  117. missing lyrics….

    I did my best,
    it wasn’t much,
    i couldn’t feel,
    so i learned to touch,
    i’ve told the truth,
    i didn’t come to fool you,
    and even though
    it all went wrong,
    i’ll stand before
    the lord song,
    with nothing on my tongue,
    but hallelujah

  118. duh duh duh duh!

    ahahaaaaa :mrgreen:

  119. the female i love most in life, is the ‘real’ Madonna, that in dreams i connect with who i feel she is, without fear

    i don’t know why i do, but i know she knows y

  120. Maybe because she is n evolved soul having had a life experience of giving birth and life to Jesus?.

    & the heartfelt anguish of seeing her child suffer on the cross…

    I have no doubt Jesus loves her, she must be very spiritual and special for Jesus chose her…

  121. Did you see the statue of Madonna In Romeos bedroom, on the dresser with all the candles …

  122. 2 see and feel all : all feel and see 2


    the vulnerable self of all seeks emotional honest safety……that is the core within us all, so all behavior revolves around this our entire life, of all connected in this union, even if we don’t realize the vast macro awareness connection that spans around the world, across all time, where past constantly meets the future in the NOW.

    well, i pray pure true love flow feeling oneness i have come to know to be true of my own self, true of us all.

    we are all moving towards greater and greater unity of this core of everyone’s being, because it is the pure true harmoniousness(mirror) as that of the same place we all come from, the harmony of all celled living matter, the ever elusive eluding light, the ever elusive eluding source, that we still don’t take time to just realize what is the millions of years evolved living matter, that is of 100% pure realm eternal existence, just as is the eternal existence of all atoms, beyond all our lower cognitive awareness of speech that attempts to articulate what is our subconscious oneness seeking of the oneness truth we all just are, where the ‘lacking’ is always our pitfall, as regards what are all these absurd forefather thoughts left behind…….the lagging yet behind of our ever increasing awareness growth….

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