The Reviews Are In!

Today’s world premiere was hailed as the hottest ticket in town, but many people at the Berlin Film Festival were expecting Madonna’s directorial debut to fail spectacularly. Yet her new career got off to a surprisingly auspicious start without exactly convincing anyone that she should give up her old job.

Filth and Wisdom, a sprawling comedy, is a celebration of London’s ethnic stew, and stars Eugene Hutz as a Ukrainian gypsy with an intensely annoying habit of looking the camera in the eye and spouting gobbets of wisdom that have as much relevance to real life as Chinese fortune cookies. Hutz’s hero, Andriy, shares a dilapidated house with a collection of similarly unlikely characters. Vicky McClure’s Juliette works in a chemist shop and steals medicine for African orphans. Holly Weston is a ballerina (also named Holly) and a pole dancer at Beechman’s Exotic Gentleman’s Club. Richard E. Grant is Flynn, a blind professor with a shock of grey hair and rooms crammed with unread books.


54 Responses

  1. Congratulations, never doubted your potential.

  2. Dear Veronica Cicconne

    i love your new LOOK and your Shoes 🙂 very elegant
    I like to hear you in the Berlinale, it was very funny hear and watching you
    I was very nervous when crazy photographer screeming at the first time :s

    It´s very nice to see you
    I hope will wacht your documentary “I am because we are”

  3. there are so much characters who look engaging and close to me… is still it to say that super Louise is a great artist with alot of imagination and that I am doubly impatient ! thank you , you are an angel…


  5. You’ve cracked it!! Well done! A learning curve of course…. but in the main what an achievment and double whammy as u have tamed the critics somewhat! The net sounds like a good avenue for viewing this film…. loved your shoes also & nice to see that you don’t wear things only once! always think its a crime & waste when people particularly celebs do. Big, big congrats to you again – please do carry on being a beackon of light! Commiserations to Guy though, he’s not getting great press by being in your shade – most be tough …

  6. Well done, Marco

  7. well well well no doubt you can do every thing

  8. Trish you aren’t wrong ,Guy is in Madonna’s shade
    It must be hard for him,hope not as he must love her.
    Lets face it every one who comes near Madonna is in shade

  9. VIVA, Ciccone! Bravo…!

    Yeap, I knew it. That’s why I love her.

    Happy Balentine’s day!…and don’t forget I love you!!
    Also, thank you for making my day.

    God always bless you and near you,

  10. GREAT!!!i cant wait to see it i bet its really funny!!!

  11. Firstly, kudos for leaving a review that was also a constructive critique. It wasn’t filled with accolades, but what it had to say seemed sensible enough to make me want to check out your flick.

    I appreciate the humility.

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

    Love is just something we do, so get out there and enjoy doing it!!!

    😀 😀

  13. As a beginning Film Director you seem to have started out well by showing promise but with enough criticism to give you an opportunity to improve your abilities. Be thankful that you weren’t applauded because your incompetence was mistaken for talent because it seemed to be some avant-garde new style, otherwise the opportunity would be snatched away from you.

  14. …..come baby-mama,come to me,lets be together,forever !waiting!waiting!hopeing….thinking about you…..innamorratto conte sempre cara mia!




  16. Congratulations Madonna!
    This is a big deal for her true fans!
    Can’t wait to see it!

  17. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone….=)

    Congratulations Mady!…


    I love you M!..a big hug in this day…

    Take Care!!


  18. Congratulations Louise….. I’m sure tomorrow you’ll make sure Guy does not feel he’s lost his mojo to his lovely wife… You know it’s important to the men that they maintain their mojo… as difficult as it is with intelligent and capable women…

  19. Congratulations, Madge! I can’t wait to see it for myself! Just don’t forget about the great music you make!

  20. u know what i think! finally good reviews after all this time i want to see it myself and u look great btw :-)) love u

  21. Congratulations!
    Really want to watch this movie!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  22. Cheers for your endless potential!

  23. As with anything, when we put our heart into something, like a good script, or reshooting it until it is right(not stopping until it is), a full knowingness of what we want to convey is required, where a good script and crappy film equipment, will alway result in a better film, than a bad script with the best equipment.

    I used to think film directing was what I wanted to do, but now I think writing is where it all starts/ends.

    Although I see directing as equally challenging a role.

    I’ll get back to you with a directors script someday.

  24. what does Altmanesque mean?

  25. As for potential, I think we are all capable of great potential, but what I notice is people do not step back and be their own worse critic of their own work.

    I see all these new comers get on stage, and it is like, don’t they listen to themselves?

    That’s where it falls apart for them. The meekly go about, all sorry for themselves, instead of stepping up to the plate a few hundred times practicing it, knocking it out of the park a few times before getting on stage.

    I don’t believe in talent. I believe in diligence, the drive that comes with a purposeful dedication, and compassion for the results of devoted works that have a deliberateness to them, conveying a positive affect on others, what ever the devoted work is, be it film, art, music, or humanitarian relief work…what ever it is.

    Take a look at the numerous weak attempts of auditions that fall way short of even being considered. Don’t these people have brains? They are their own worse enemies, feeling sorry for themselves like they do. Pathetic. ~ American Idol.

    😀 😀

  26. They say the artist puts a bit of themselves in all their art work.

    I look forward to seeing this work.

  27. Congrats! cant wait to see it!!

  28. I’ve been reading snippets of critisism and I HATE THE MEDIA…they don’t allow artists to take a swing at something new. Madonna is brutalized so often as she brings something new to the table and Im sooooooo sick of it.

    If Madonna wants to take a swing a directing let HER dammit!
    If Madonna wants to write children’s books don’t beat her over the head with your nasty remarks.
    If Madonna wants to adopt a little boy from Malawi…friggen let her…don’t judge her, don’t knock her for it, don’t bash her for it.

    I’m so SICK OF IT!

  29. Damn M,

    You are amazing to everyone!!!!!!! Of Course!!!!

    && Why wouldnt this movie get good reviews wait amazing reviews! Yep Everything U Touch Is Amazing beyond words!!!!!!

    But for those haters, they can just keep talking cause its not like we are listening to them anyway.



  30. Hi Madonna,

    I hope to see your film sometime soon. I´m very happy for you. You´re such an inspiration and with you we can say ” The sky is the limit!” when we want to make our dreams reality. I wanted to share with you a nice clip I was sent today:

    Lots of Love and Light!

    Cristina xoxo

  31. Congratulations!

  32. Hey the fans of the worldwhile if your bones are not too much rusted come to ski with me in Tignes except Andy 😉

  33. Hey eric33 why not Andy?

  34. (A)ccept Andy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    😀 😀

    Actually, I am a ski instructor eric. If I annoy you for (deliberately) running over the back of your skis, and you do a face plant into the snow, please know that I was merely wishing to have some fun.

  35. Andy you have many strings to your bow ; )

  36. I’m happy for you.

    I read an article about it in the paper yesterday. Fortunately, it lacked that ‘let’s see how Madonna shock us today’ kind of attitude, that is just pretentious sh*t.

    Good for you, embracing something new. People who try new ideas are the ones who are able to change the state of things.

    (‘Altmanesque’ is an adjective made from Altman.
    Robert Altman was a film director – ‘Gosford Park’, ‘Pret a Porter’, among others – who died in 2006.).



  37. Well, I am sure that you have done a wonderful job again but I am not sure about the comparison with Guy. I think you do different things.

  38. Hyeh!

    You can listen to Madonna’s new track 4 Minutes To Save The World its only 17 Seconds long 🙂 . Better Than Nothing 😛 .

    You are most welcome to add it to your Madonna fansite 😉


  39. good luck Ma

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  42. Estimada Madonna, te pido sinceras disculpas por no escribirte en inglés, bat writer in english very bad.
    Soy un enamorado de tu transgresión y tu filosofía sobre los retos de la vida.

    Me alegré mucho cuando supe que estás dedicándote a la dirección en el cine porque también soy un apasionado de este arte, ya que soy guionista. Tengo 33 años de edad y llevo seis años escribiendo guiones.

    ¿Puedo hacerte llegar una muy breve sinopsis sobre un largometrade de Falklands war 1982? Trata sobre la manipulación política de la época.
    Te lo enviaría en inglés para que me des tu opinión.
    Quiero aprender de tí.

    Un abrazo.-

  43. Maybe this has been asked before, but I can’t read through a zillion posts to find my answer. I still might not get an answer but I’ll try asking.

    Will this movie be released on DVD? For example will I be able to go to HMV or Blockbuster video and go rent it or buy it? Will it come directly from your website. How will we be able to own a copy of your first movie project behind the camera?


  44. As you said in your speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, “It will always be about the music”!

    We know you love it. Fans who read everything about you knows you love music and always have. Reading fans, paying attention fans will know that you’ve always been interested in the sounds of street music, urban beats, candy, and the darker side of things. Whether fragments of things have changed I don’t know…but I think that this new album finally will explore that part of your interest. It always has to a degree, but I feel you are finally diving into an amazing new journey with this album…

    As for directing, making movies, writing childrens books, making clothing etc…GO FOR IT! You have every right to explore every avenue of creating …isn’t that what artists do?

    We all want to explore everything we have interests in…that doesn’t make us wannabe’s or posers or whatever the modern 2008 terms are that are equivalent to wannabe’s and posers.

    Adopt as many babies as you can handle…and keep on rocking Madonna. Keep collaborating with whomever you damn well please…I know you will…you don’t need me or anyone to give you permission…but just know that their are some who look forward to your projects. You interesting, you’re not boring, nor predictable…you have depth, you have wit along the way…

    Sometimes I read what you’ve said in a magazine or an interview…and you’ll say things…and I just look at the page or TV screen and I’m like ‘YEAH! THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!”

    For example: I read on MTV Flaux about (wait I’ll pull up the article. MADONNA: I’m a Rubbish Mother

    Madonna admitted to finding the balancing of being a huge superstar and a mother very difficult. “I’m always going, ‘Oh God, I’m a crap mother!’” she said. “I want to get home and put my kids to bed.

    “And then sometimes, if I’m spending a lot of time with my children, I think, ‘Oh God, I just want to be an artist…'”

    I FEEL THE SAME WAY! I dont’ have children myself…but for example in my case:

    If I’m working full time I think Oh man, I just want to go home and read my bible and teach people…
    when I’m doing that I think ‘Oh man I just want to work full time and make lots of money so I can have a cottage in the hills” The opposites are always seeming to tug at one another. Anway when I read that a light went on. I finally read in words what I’ve been feeling. Simple thought, put into words that I couldn’t seem to spit out and then I read what you were quoted as saying. The key word is CONTENTMENT! I started to take stock of what I have in my life and I need to say THANK YOU! I need to show gratitude and instead of singing ‘gimme gimme more’. I think I’ve developed an ungrateful attitude. Your comment to MTV started a self-examination of myself to refine my character, my personality so as to be a better person.

    I swear I could use a day with you…

    Madonna are we content? You live an amazing life, you have access to whatever you want, you are in search of spiritual things, for a better world, a healthier planet, a home for all children without one…

    I have everything that I’ve prayed for. I’m blessed. I know I am. We as humans are always looking for more…

    do we as humans become more selfish as we get older to get what we want because “time” is running out? It makes me more sure that we are not meant to die. We are not meant to live feeling like this. We are suppose to live forever. You spent your life exploring music as your major in life. Think of everything else you could spend a good 25 years doing.

    I’m going to go and be with myself now…the sound of George Michael seems to be getting on my nerves as much as I love his music…okay…I must go…

    sorry for my scattered random rants and thoughts…you bring it out in me I guess…

    I love you,

    Peace and Love to your children and husband.


  45. Congradulations Madonna.
    Not easy to describe yet is was possible.

  46. dear maddy,
    I’m david and I’m your big fan…I don’t speack good english because I’m italian…but I love you and l Iike your song…I have all about you and I want yuo see…I don’t go in your tour because we don’t have enough money…sigh…however I continue love you,love your famyly,love your project…
    with love
    your David

  47. DEVIL!
    You took what was mine, now it’s in you….

    You’re drunk… remeber the scorpions?

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    do they have a drug which does the opposite?

    i find 3 and 4 times a day does not leave me enough time for other things i want to do during my day!!!lol :mrgreen:

    from the time i hit puberty, i continued to 100% love sex consistently, which contributed to the healthy sex drive attitude i have today.

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    and of course, by nature, our bodies do biological slow down, without the issues of poor approach to a healthy life.

    personally, i prefer addressing the issues of a healthy approach to one’s life, and accept the ‘natural’ course, unless of course you are desperately trying to keep up with Madonna, which one may as well give up on, seeing as she has a beautiful healthy viral 22 year old sex God beside her! :mrgreen:

    im not sure if i am upset over her prefering him over ‘me’ or him prefering her over ‘me’!!! :mrgreen:

    oh fuck, im upset over both!!!!!!!!!

    this is not good!

    i better go and leave those two love birds to find love and peace.


    Halo spaceboy! do you like girls or boys?

    BOTH damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh. i have to decide on one or the other?

    (andy flips a coin. heads or tails? HEADS!!!!!!!……….tail) LOL :mrgreen:


  50. if you desire to BE with someone, let them know.

    if they too desire to BE with YOU, great!

    if not, move on down the road and find a new dance partner who is of the VITAL psychological wise understanding concern for genuine true reciprocating of*for*with both ‘real’ self of a relationship, which IS REQUIRED for positive mental emotiona sexual spiritual well BEing of both partners involved in a relationship.

    failing that, we FEEL the toxic obvious difference, which can derail a partners mental/emotional well being if of prolonged exposure to the mentally/emotionally unavailable dysfunction of another.

    hence, why i HAVE to leave for another, according to the professional team who is assisting ‘me’.

    we could of and would of been the happiest couple on the planet and you know it!

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    never mind………i already know all the answers.

    bullshit generational unwise transferences which have nothing to do with the ‘real’ me, someone you don’t want to truly know 100% like i know my self.

    what is it? my homosexuality?

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    you cannot ever blame me for wanting to get my VITAL needs met with a loving partner, as instructed by a professional who is wiser than either one of us.

    ah well……..i was there when you needed me, only to get kicked in the fucking head.

    Andy gets thrashed for all the bullshit everyone ever did to Madonna, a mental/emotional punching bag that would of destroyed most any other soul, if it were not for God in my life.

    i keep asking, “Why are you in my life God?”

    Gee, i wonder why. NOT!

  51. yeah! good old fashioned egotism wins another round!

    ok fine. maybe next year. or the year after that. or how about the year 3010?

    ya, maybe.

    no maybe welcomed here.

    100%, or forget it!

  52. a sucessful relationship requires reciprocation of genuine sincerity of both souls.

    God says i am 100% deserving what HEAVEN constantly IS of*for*with a loving partner.

    so here is a tip, be anything other in approach of less than 100%, and where all untruthful egotism is, you will not find ‘me’ hanging around for more after this day.

    i respect my self, and im simply not going to waste what precious time i have left, giving my time to someone who respects ‘me’ 100%

    i leave it for you to decide

    at all times, it takes less than four minutes to decide between the true and untrue ‘real’ you

    who i know.

    who i know you know i know

    always 100% or forget it

    and i will try to BE as well

    it’s a path, and i know the path to what HEAVEN constantly IS

    ‘me’!!! lol :mrgreen:

  53. yawn! im bored!

    i’ll be in the ghetto, where daily i am made to FEEL welcomed, obsessed with holding someone’s hand, and they are obsessed with holding mine!

    it appears you don’t have time for me, and that is what emotionally unavailable dysfunction IS!

    for those of you who actually give a fuck about ‘me’!

    lame lame lame

    who wants to stay where they are not made to FEEL loved and welcomed?

    oh i forgot, you have all the answers………and obviously i feel the truth of this!


    ok, i accept, Andy was just an obsessed fan!

    into the trash for you Andy, where Jesus and God found you surrounded by ignorant motherfucking bullshit!

    last chance!

    say goodbye or say hello!

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