I know you’re so tired of waiting and anticipating; however, in reality waiting is not only the hardest thing. It is also an important part of pleasure. Waiting for something can make it so much more enjoyable. NOT! Seriously, I just wanted to let you know that the single has been prepared for shipment to radio! It is going to be just a little while longer before you hear it. I have approved all of the remixes personally and you are going to have so much fun dancing to them soon.

I have been so busy with saving the world and preparing the album release. I think making the music is actually as difficult as saving the world. Isn’t life complex and wonderful!


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  1. FINally an update From Our Queen,

    The quote “I have been so busy with {saving the world} and preparing the album release.” That saving the world part defenitly is refering to “4 Minutes to Save the World” the single that had been speculated!
    omgosh i can’t wait!

    This is gonna be huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This post was written the day my baby was born, strange coincidence. I was looking for a place to ask for help. Hello,
      I have been a faithful stay at home Mom for the last 7 years while my husband has been deployed 7 times. Since I was in 7th grade I have been an avid Madonna fan. For some reason I never made it to a concert my entire life. I am now 44 and I never even go out with my friends. I would love to make a dream of mine come true and see Madonna live in concert in San Antonio or wherever! I am getting back surgery for degenerative discs on October 2nd after struggling with dibilitating pain for seven years. I have not had a night out since I had my little girl and the dream of mine would be to see Madonna. I still have the original Madonna CDs that I bought 30 years ago. If you know if anyone that has some sort of connection to Madonna that could make my dream come true, I would be greatly appreciative. Please help this old 44 year old Mom at least have one amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you and Take Care.

  2. WOOHOO!! cant wait missus its gonna be soooo good

    btw im just back from mexico was there for 2 weeks
    fabulous place i loved it, the people were lovely and so
    gay friendly i had a ball

    anyway cant wait for the new album its gonna RRRooCCKKKK!!


  3. I can’t wait too …………………………………………….. but we have to.

  4. no, not tired of waiting.. yet.., we are young but not children.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, i’m working with time every day without counting the seconds, believe it or not..

  5. That’s a good news of the day!

    I was waiting for long time and felt hungry.
    Now, I was eating too much I’m quite not sure I can dance or not…but I’m sure my blood pressure heart beat goes on and my sugar can make some tons of candy…and, still Waiting is for something can make it so much more enjoyable. NOT!

    but, I still love Madonna!!
    She is always best and I’ve got a very best of her love!
    Ahhhh Hah!

    Don’t you think so, Louise?!

  6. I lean toward the ‘Six degrees of seperation’ theory.

    Like the ripple from a drop of water, we are all directly, indirectly affected by each other. The gradual growth of mental/emotional well being of society is occuring because psychological and spiritual works, where I believe the artists are the one who makes the greatest contributions.
    Last time I checked, the artists tend to be more in tune with their emotions, and give greater emphasis to issues of love and life, or more sincere contact with their emotions at a personal internal level…a being real feeling that is genuine.

    As for the being affected directly or indirectly, I prefer directly, especially when it comes to my ass! haha!
    Where anticipation drives me insane

    NOW! damin it!!!!!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    What a joy M is! Both brilliant and loving.

    Complex and wonderful indeed. As a bisexual, I have come to realize my sexual identity is one and the same. It is me and my body that I enjoy, like the feeling we feel when we get skin to skin with one another.

    I have realized lately though, how much gay sex means to me…as in, can’t live without it.

    And yet, sexually in my mind, I am the same person. Although a bit more relaxed than a straight guy who is not anal retentive. A whole lot more wild you could say, with unstoppable mad laughter of total body…
    …well, you get the picture.

    bah…I so wanted to be with her to dudes!!!

    I am insane in the membrane with these incredible thoughts of her and I.

    Ah well, for sure I won’t be settling for anything less than the best from others, having spent some quality time with the best, here with M.

    We are blessed everyone! It is a sincere purity feeling in the core of our being, that originated at birth.
    Seek it, stand in it, feel it…utter peacefulness devoid of all BS, sorta like the feeling of when we are about too….

    Hey, I should be a sex therapist. I get it from my Mom’s twin sister, who is a sex therapist. Her and I have had some remarkable discussions. She is always bewilder by the discoveries I speak of as a bisexual man.

    Sex is the most wonderful of all things!

    Nice to see you back. I will keep my posts limited…no worries. I am fine…I justed my ass….

    I found if I go to long, I go insane, and turn into Rupal, after she has fallen off the stage in her high heels.

    Keep healthy, by having sex everyday! Or at the very least, every two days. Doctor’s orders!

    And more than once a day is allowed, and encouraged.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I totally agree. Waiting is important and wise.

    Something completely opposite to an awful feeling:
    instead of enjoying something, wishing that it would end soon.



  8. Hey, can you release the remixes to Gay Internet Radio Live.com?

    I am certain they would absolutely love to get your music…they will eventually anyway…you know, via the buzz that takes place within 24 hours, worldwide, when ever you do something.

    Extraordinary is the buzz of M, that is like a lightening flash across the sky, around the entire planet.

    Internet increases the speed of the buzz for sure.

    They say most people spend more time on the internet now, than watching TV. Marketing is tuned into this vibe of shifting trends, although M is more about the soul, than about marketing, although wise are those who see the internet as tool for global change, crossing all divisions of mankind.

    I always am amazed how we can have a relaxed chat with someone say Japan(in a different language), and simultaneously chat with someone say in Germany(another language), sitting here in Canada(speaking english).

    Once fiber optics are installed in every household, everything changes, with live HD video feeds spanning the globe, everywhere, all in real time.

    Of course, hacking into these feeds is inevitable, but the loss can be thought of as a gain, when in consideration of the buzz gained, and the fact that not everyone can afford LIVE broadcasts…coining the homeboy emo nickname, LOVE broadcasts. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    …where at the beginning of the day, aspiration for a better world is the road we travel…it all comes back around to us, where it is not just helping change the world for the better, for sake of others, but for sake of ourselves eventually.

    Truly it is a better world today, for all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender individuals than it was 30 years ago. Change is slow, almost unnoticable, like the growth of our hair, but change indeed is the road we travel on…an eternal road that has no end, and no beginning, where the end and the beginning of the road is always found right here, in present moment…at all times, ever changing for the better, as we all grow healthy and wise.

    Here is the internet radio link:


  9. Ok..just one more post, I promise…what?

    Your quote of, “making the music is actually as difficult as saving the world”.

    I ponder this at length, thinking that your music has the greatest impact of all on the world, not to deminish your dedicated works, rather I see the truth of how your music lifts people up above and out of all the religious foolishness. Can you believe some of the superstitions of these religions. I see religion more as a form of entertainment in mankind’s history, story telling, where even war between religionous groups was entertainment, maybe not so much for those on the front lines, but certainly for the power mongers(children at play). Any names come to mind? hmmmm…GWB?

    Seriously, embracing the healthier aspects of our Self, what it is, how it feels, and then translating that into music, that touches the soul, nurturing what I think is fundamentally the most important thing in life…being real, sorting thru the rubbish of life lessons, and finding the core of our being…what is it? Feel it. Sit with it. Express it. Grow with it. Where is leading us? Ascension up out of doubtfulness and the silly anxieties of the world? I think so. That special place of meditation, where I am with you, one and the same feeling, I think we all are exactly the same in this place. Some are much wiser to this, having nurtured it, as I know you have. I sense it with you. Incredible is it not? How so much the same everyone is, on the inside, and yet, not at all on the outside, unless you embrass understanding the manifestations.

    Beyond being real, descerning.

    Lyric example:

    Every Time Our Eyes Meet,
    There Is A Feelin Inside Me
    It’s Almost More Than I Can Take
    Baby When You Touch Me
    I Can Feel How Much You Love Me
    And It Just Blows Me Away
    I’ve Never Been This Close To Anyone
    Or Anything
    I Can Hear your Thoughts, I Can See Your Dreams

    I Dunno How You Do What You Do
    I’m So In Love With You
    It Just Keeps Getting Better
    I Wanna Spend The Rest Of My life
    With You By My Side
    For Ever and Ever
    Every Little Thing That You Do
    Baby I’m Amazed By You

    The Smell Of Your Skin
    The Taste of your kiss
    The Way You Whisper In The Dark
    You’re Hair All Around Me
    Baby You Surround Me
    You Touch Every Place In My Heart
    Oh..It Feels Like The First Time, Every Time
    I Wanna Spend The Whole Night..In You’re Hands

    I Dunno How You Do What You Do
    I’m So In Love With You
    It Just Keeps Getting Better
    I Wanna Spend The Rest Of My life
    With You By My Side
    For Ever and Ever
    Every Little Thing That You Do
    Baby I’m Amazed By You

    Every Little Thing That You Do
    I’m So In Love With You
    And It Just Keeps Getting Better
    I Wanna Spend The Rest Of My Life
    With You By My Side
    For Ever And Ever
    Every Little Thing That You Do
    Every Little Thing That You Do

    Baby I’m Amazed By You!

    These lyrics encourage healthy attitude, a being real sensibility of sincerity, honesty, truthfulness, genuine, beautiful, like the touch of someone’s hand.

    here is a remix of this feel good song:

    is this guy beautiful or what? So incredible we all are!

  10. I’ve missed you dearly.

    I love you.

  11. On topic: Saving the world

    Iraq population: 28 million(as of July 2007)

    Iraq Oil revenues: 20 + billion

    Income per person divided equally: 700,000 + per year

    Problem: Power and greed over the people by those in power, be it business or government.

    Cost of iraq war to US tax payers present and future(borrowed money): 465 billion (thus far as of today).

    Solution found, but the power mongers are too stupid and mostly(obviously) too uncaring to fully embrace and implement it.

    ~ sorry, I did it again, thinking out loud…I’m bored, can you tell?

  12. The greatest word for mankind to fully embrace and move towards, is the word, ‘EQUALITY’.

    The greatest resource for mankind to ensure ‘Equality’, is thru our combined intellect and wisdom, worldwide, where the artists, writers, poets, film producers, thinkers, and alike, are the ones leading the way towards a better today, and tomorrow.

    Food for thought.

  13. It’s “4 Minutes To Save The World”, right?! The single?!

    I can’t wait!

    Bring it on, Madonna!!

  14. OMG!!!…finally an update!…i was worried =D

    I really can’t wait for your new album!…and obviously i can’t wait to see a new world…..

    Take care M!…i love you!


  15. Is this really Madonna?? me wonders…everything i hear on here is what I’ve read maybe one/two days earlier on fan websites…surely M would give us exclusives??? mmmmmm #thinks#

  16. i can’t wait i can’t wait i can’t wait !btw someone asked me if i know anything about the releasing date of your album my queen lol how about the April 4th my queen? we have waited so long now …

  17. oh come on, everyone knows you are Madonna Johnboy!

    ~ ok, maybe it’s just me?

    I wish !

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. goodnite Johnboy!


    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    I need to get OUT more!

  19. And why wouldn’t Madonna post to a blog or have her assistant find stuff and post at a gathering place blog? Madonna is human too, and besides all cool people blog! Madonna defines cool in my book and always has.

  20. shut up Andy, no body knows who is the owner of this blog , even you…and John is John !
    for the next album of M i will try to be less greedy and to take my time…if the world can be save in 4 minutes, i can wait few hours more.. few days more, etc but can i wait one year more with the mate Andy.? the eternity is very long to wait, especially towards the end ( woody Allen, and sorry i did the the translation from the french )

  21. and sometimes I imagine that the owner of this blog is a fatty woman eating chips all the day in front of the screen…

  22. lol v funny

  23. Could this be the Album track list??????? #thinks#

    1, 4 minutes to save the world

    2, Candy shop

    3, Sweet Darling

    4, Little by Little

    5, Society

    6, The Evidence

    7, The beat goes on

    8, All the things

    9, Britney dont do it

    10, Pharrel

    11, I Have the key

    12, It Hurts

    13, My baby

    14, So lonely

    15, Surprise

    Bonus track, At-atitude

  24. Time goes by so slowly for those who wait…

  25. cant wait Madonna
    heard saving Malawi went amazing and u raised alot of money for ur foundation
    ur mom would be so proud of u
    ur amazing as u already know
    dont wanna fill ur head up
    but i am sure u know why all of this has been given to u
    there are no accidents g-d knew u were chose to do
    as we all have our gifts and obligations
    i cannot wait for new cd
    i will jump and dance withur music as i have been doing since the 80’s
    lots of good luck to u

  26. It seems like time goes slowly but in real it goes VERY fast …or may be its only for me goes fast?
    But in any way i miss so much for some new projects from you.
    … i even more excited about your new movie,no about next tour!
    by the way i saw some changes on your face something with your eyes… im sure you did something!

  27. I think its the cheek bones….she still looks fab x

  28. Finally! I Can’t wait!

    Please try to keep us updated with whats going on!


  29. I have heard an offical to my ears clip of the new single its on
    Crazy World of Music

    i deleted it i swear go tell them too

  30. I’m taking a chance on this blog…

    I hoping it’s what you asked, there’s more to say but I’ll wait to see if this is real first…


    P.S. I love the title of the album and the song!!!

    Is 4 minutes – 4 seconds in reality?

  31. Hi Madonna:

    Why don’t performers donate 1 gate from a concert, performance etc, to a Global Warming foundation to ensure a future for our children. We can call it “Gateway to a future”.
    Hope to hear from you.

  32. i love

  33. oi madonna meu nome รฉ laura eu sรณ tenho a te dizer eu te amo muito Deus vai realizar meu sonho de te conhecer te amoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Eu moro no brasil vem aqui me conhecer please me responde

  35. i love you forever

  36. madonna me responde por gentileza

  37. it was when i was nice

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