Crazy Photographers!

You should see the chaos outside. I’m so busy working on the new video and there are literally photographers all over the place! They have been offered thousands of dollars to get the first photo from the shoot. I can assure you that is not going to happen. I am asking for all cell phones to be confiscated and checked for images before anyone leaves the studio! They won’t get that shot. Trust me!

If you see any illegal images, please report them!


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  1. Ok, I report here from Copenhagen.. photos and photographers…!! how do we get them off our streets?
    Love Peter

  2. give them a body search, cannot trust anyone, and if anyone gets caught taking photo’s they should be punished by being tied to a chair and endured to watch Maria Carey’s movie GLITTER

  3. well just have a rule in the studio maybe that will help?no cell phones in the studio near or around it till the video is done!

    love u and good luck!

  4. incredible !

  5. great!! i cant wait !!!

  6. Lol, no offence , but i would die for picture from the shoot ! But i understand it`s very annoying to you.
    Just get the video out very soon please!!!!

  7. i cant wait to her the song or see the new album cover or even the single cover!!!!!!!
    This is gonna be WICKED CRAZY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. some photographers are really a pain in the ass…thank’s god im not like them….i just do art =)

    I just want to her the new album!!…I hope you be okey, take care Madi….=)

    a big hug!


  9. Is obvious that anyone can wait to see something of your new video.
    I hope that your actions help to keep your video as a surprise.
    Well, take care and relax, lately you ‘sound’ a little stressed : )

  10. Sorry… The first word must be “It’s ”
    Sorry again, sometimes I make mistakes like this one 😉

  11. Watch out not one secret should be revealed. Every time they take a photo they will be gaining thousands of dollars from your revenue.

  12. i dont know ma they need to make money too
    ur in this business and i dont know if i agree with ur thinking sorry

  13. Ur the Boss Lady – have it your way – it’s your creation.
    I was in a big nasty four vehicle accident yesterday – Death came but took none – praise Hashem. Nerves rattled as a witness passenger –
    oh Mama – always on me mind. Stay strong on that ankle – are u getting enough calcium?

    hugs please

  14. kiss of this saturdaynight…

  15. Madonna’s a Pimp ha ha.. smack… x@#

  16. Hi Veronica!!

    It´s very sad.

    La policia y la justicia deberia hacer algo para mantener la seguridad en tu trabajo. Deberian de respetar el trabajo de Madonna si es que quieren que Madonna los respete a ellos

    Kiss Veronica


  17. Hi. Glad to know it. I am out of home for job so unable to write frequently. Keep rocking.

  18. Hy Madonna! My name is Flavius and i am from Romania, i love your work, and you are wonderfull!
    But i write you because i need your help! If you wanna help me please give me a replay!

    Love you

    Thanng you!

  19. i have seen illegal pictures in my imagination how can i do ?

  20. Well guys i just found out that April 29th is the confirmed date for Madonna’s new album….. I wonder why she wouldn’t tell us instead of making us go to various news sources in order to find out?

  21. Yes.. I heard that to Steve-o..

    I don’t know the answer, but if you notice there’s been very little posting period!

  22. While I’ve seen no pictures. I have seen written details of the new music video. This blurb comes from Kimmos blog

    The Mirror reports: “The Queen of Pop’s latest transformation will see her don a dominatrix-style latex catsuit in a raunchier-than-ever video for new single ‘4 Minutes To Save The World’. We can reveal that in the promo Madge plays – wait for it – a pimp who rescues the planet in an impressive 240 seconds. Justin Timberlake and US producer Timbaland play her bitches. The video has been shot over three days in a top-secret location in West London, and included a gruelling all-night shoot yesterday. In the sexually charged video, Madge cracks the whip and gets her slaves, Justin and Timbaland, to do whatever she wants as she towers over their quivering bodies in killer heels. The 49-year-old has brought in her fashion-god pals Dolce & Gabbana to create the no-holds-barred outfits. She’s also roped in the winning team behind her Confessions Live sell-out tour in 2006 – including Grammy award-winning Swedish director Jonas Akerlund. We’re told: ‘One of the highlights in the video is the nightclub scene. Timbaland eyes Madge up in the darkened room, and they disappear off to get close. The camera cuts to Madonna challenging JT to a dance-off and it is just magnificent. They get up close and personal in the battle of the gyrating hips, with sweat dripping all over their bodies.'”

    Some rumours have also said that the report about Åkerlund directing is false and that the video is directed by French duo Jonas and Francois. In a video for Icon members, Madonna kids around that “the queen of pop is going goth” because her wardrobe consists of black:

  23. shut up Butterfly !! why to kill the surprise ?

  24. Eric its on most fan sites and newspapers u telling me you dont read?

  25. how do you know John? but evry years in my kitchen i need the official eminem calendar , i have tried one time with M only one week because evry body was laughing on me… the skindheads are not very indulgent and you know why because to much Sissi boy love M…aaaaaaaaahh me too ;-))

  26. ?????????

  27. and i don’ t know why you can’ t find the remixe on u tube of i love new york, on the remixe the beat is very straight and the time enough long and you can dance in rubber on it , cool…

  28. no i don’ t read…

  29. What the f…..e happened to you!!!I’ve been trying like crazy to get to your blog!!!I know you don’t wanna see me,but i need to read you blog aiii!!!!Madonna you made my life insane!!!How the f….am i suppose to live a normal life after i have met you!!!!!?????F……!!!!F…..!!!!f…….!!!!Are you kiding me!!!This is nuts!!!And thank you so much for having my kids!!!!What the f……am i suppose to do with the rest of my f…….life!!!Come on honey cut the bull!!!!You can come wherever you like….the river…..the bar or just pop trough the wall in my f…..bathroom!!!I’m in Love with you Madonna!!!Please come to me i’m waiting for you!!!Perfavor chiqitta!!!Yo te quero mucho!!!Mi Amor….jeu tu dir un sucret…..

  30. are you comeing tu berlin to the bagaluu?

  31. Innamorratto conte sempre mi Amor!!!Jeu tu dire une sucret:There will be no photographers in Heaven…….i promise you!!!So hurry up perfavor!!!I’m waiting for my PuppyChokolatteBabbyDollatte,Hurry UP BABYMAMA!!!


  32. i miss you … i have readen all your books for children in french and in english, and with the cd, sometime you are like my Big Mama in the car with the voice of Mr Peabody…

  33. Dear Madonna:
    I am your fan in Taiwan
    our people in Taiwan hope you that your next concert can be held in Taiwan
    We are crazy about you

  34. Eric i think you are the infamous Andy AKA …..god loving preacher man…because u spill similar shite ??? am i right??

  35. no it is ho -rri-ble !! i m not the Andy Aka… John if you are more clever than me, find the words to touch the Queen and what to say about the photographers? if not that they are creazy… (like me !), may be i should speak to Britney, but her music don’t touch me !! or to miss kittin ? no desire… go John say something good on this blog… do you prefer the smily Obama or the old Hilary ? or what to do in Russia where there is no democratie but alot of Gaz… etc and Eminem what is he doing? i think he shoud take some lesson of dance with the Queen…

  36. just testing….; )

  37. off topic – I’ll say it here too as i wrote in my blog just now!

    M/L u looked g r e a t! and she said that she want to help more kids around the world guys(and I AM SURE U will M/L!)and Lola was saying that shes proud of her mom ( god shes growing so fast !)M/L u are the queen and everybody knows that i love u! it’s a shame that i have no $ 600,000 to have the chance to have a dance class with u and Gwyneth Paltrow and to go on tour with u …

  38. Hi SEXY MAMA,
    Obama….hallo ….whats up my bumma….who cares…too much of this too much of that….whats on the other side…..when you draw the line you will see there is only ….you and me….so lets get it on cause you are like a good drug to me….my universe stays strong and the sun is making his rounds endlessly like its on crack….the bitch is behaving bad like its on coke…cause there is no real man in here life..she’s raised two kids based on films and old flicks…they never knew the yr real father cause …..according to the highest standards he was considered a high risk…of fuck up…a moderator …someone please erase this ….it’s setting me back…..perfavor….do me a favor will you…..just wake me up in 10years or something…cause right now i can’t stand people phantoms in my life ….ghousts with telephone numbers….ghosts who have slept with Madonna..oh well none is perfect,angry and speaking of angry…..Donald Trump(with billions…..with billion cockroaches in his grave)…Rosie she speaks like ….truckdriver…wow at least she speaks some English ….jerks….Madonna…come on Chichewa….Bulgarian….honey…did you learn Chinese for me too….oh….you’re so sweet….still can’t get over Letterman…..if only he had a body of a Bulgarian ..barberian… what else…..this is getting to Britney Spears of course…could you be more stupid….its real…still can’t believe it…my car…my frappe…my ass…lol…there is no one person in this world …besides you Madonna and there is no need of research…..i’m serious…Marlene…she is quite something….Pet…is the Bum….but there is still something missing not quite….which i have found in you….that time it doesn’t matter…please teach me,show me more….give me more..or just walk with your high hills all over my back….don’t you love to f……when i got my brains back!!!
    You gonna wait for more brains….OK with me….make me a president of Bulgaria and we gonna rule the world…..we would name it Heaven….let’s just start with Zion….as a humble beginning…i’m learning fast this time and stayng on the safe side….so come chek it with me…WHEREVER YOU LIKE!IBM IN Love with YOU!

  39. hi madonna there is a 18 sec leak from 4 minutes to save the world

    you can also hear justin just to let you know ,- )

    ps. are you comeing on wednsday to bagalu or are you flying back to London?

    love joseph

  40. sorry i forgot you find it on

    its shothot 😉

    love joseph

  41. Madam Ritchie doesn’t move much this week, at least on the blog… are you completely cooked by the photographers? bizoux

  42. Don’t worry MO I will looking!!!

  43. A super giant HI LOUISE!!! How are you today? I wish you that you are super Happy right now!!!

    Please Louise, appear and retune again on your Blog, please!!! I have super much curiosity about how do you feel right now, with so much activity in your private and public life?

    Please, tell about that… Ufff! Are so much stories:

    1.- How was the realization of the video “4 Minutes for to Save the World”… Did you won to the crazy photographers? (((Smile)))

    2.- The super Night for Malawi… I suposse that here there are so many funny tales! (((Smile)))

    3.- The Birthday of Ashton Kutcher (((Smile))), and all activities that you are doing on New York…

    4.- The premiere of your super Film “Filth and Wisdom” in the Berlinale…

    And All what is happening on your life right now… (((Smile))) Please, I beg you that you write on your BLOG again!!!

    Well Louise, I wish you All the BEST today and ever!!! Thank you! Brenda (

  44. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Send word to the photographers that you are going to give them a special SHOOT and show up in your best hunting/stalking outfit with a double barrel shotgun. EVERY Bahhhhh Dee TAKE CARE…

  45. Loui-se we don’t know where she is ? this bitch should be in a palace again… how do i know if it is a mistake? or may be there is a serious problem in her familily, and i m the bitch ? it is better to say no thing………..euh, kiss

  46. what???????????? Eric M is in New york v busy so get over it ; )

  47. too much concern
    can equal too much burn

    down flames down
    you wit me now
    and that don’t mean much
    but it means a lot

    I work for you
    this true

    could need new tasks
    you be willing to see
    turn this shit on
    already be

  48. Go Mimo….go

  49. I’m def going to copy them and mail them to all of my friends at Star Magazine. Ha.

  50. Who’s Mimo ? we have a talent in our mist’s

  51. Mimo can you play a song because here i is too long to wait…i m sure if she was doing a lifting in hospital we could have more news on Her blog, isn’it?

  52. Mama is just so busy
    That we’ll all have to wait
    She hasn’t forgot us
    So don’t stay up too late

    Treats are in the oven
    For all to enjoy
    The recipe is secret
    So no one can spoil

    We love her so dearly
    And soon she’ll be back
    To Love all her children
    So that will be that

    I miss her too but be patient – she hasn’t forgotten anyone
    Meditate on her, send her good energy, listen to her music
    She has sooo much on her plate – especially right now

    Have a good day all
    Peace out

  53. To M and all of us x

    Wisdom is the sharing of wise experiences and knowledge, but a lot of it is common sense. The difference is how we apply this common sense – we all have the ability to keep going even when we face challenges in our lives – basically it comes down to your attitude. We can have a positive attitude towards life, or a negative attitude. We can focus on the good or we can focus on the bad. Keeping a positive mental attitude is one of the keys to success. The choice is always up to us!

  54. Mimo.. You are awesome!

    Love and Light!!

  55. of course it is up to us and how to apply the common sens is the book of René Descartes , discours de la méthode is the french touch positive attitude… Mr John you a seem to know what it is success…

  56. so true johnboy!!

    but please dont go all “andy” on us!!



  57. I heard that! ;D 😀

  58. no way lol anyway im sure hes still around us me thinks ??

  59. Alright, time for Ms M the Pimp, to come and whip everyone before this gets nasty.

    oh i mean Mrs..

  60. haha!

    Indeed, I am not far away…closer than you think.

  61. Admit it everyone we are all Madonna’s slave’s… well i’d like to be..ha

  62. and i m one too ;-))

  63. this one is good too if some one forget…ok we have to work before…

  64. She is gay, isn’it ? , kiss… and John don’t say something !

  65. some of us work lol eric x

  66. you got to work it girl ! ~ Rupal

    😀 😀

  67. and thank you for the song of Mimo, kiss for you

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  70. enjoy you holiday

  71. i am wisely running to happiness of my future, of what is the summer breeze constantly blowing thru my heart, and i do not know who is going to be there beside me of lovers and friends, only that i know i will make it thru, inspite of anything anyone ever says or does, in what is my own grounded centering within balance i have been striving with for along time, purely in constant yearning preferredness of Just BEing ‘me’, of what has been my life long struggle since entering into this obviously yet unwise world surround, of all others i identify with purely as ‘me’ within 2, in what is our oneness sameness coming together worldwide, across all the forefather unwise divisional bullshit absurd false barriers of seperation, meeting so many of you along life’s precious road, in what is of all of us constantly of the process evolving up out of the mud, to the beautiful warm endless summer days of none stop happiness we all purely are within, no matter how unattended some may feel they are, no one is abandoned by God, or the divine child of God eternal all YOU

  72. ya, we all need each other along life’s road, at critical times for so many during the holiday season, of ‘me’ being one who purely is safe and supportive that they turn to, always of God, i know i always am, just as everyone is, even of those who do not purely know the constant TRUTH awareness we see like we do, for sake of you, for sake of everyone today, or sake of all yet to come, all of one generation bound together in what is called beginning end eternity that we all are a part of, no matter how small one may seem, in truth, all are the abitlity of Jesus Christ our wise evolved brother who came to know what it is we all constantly yearn to know………..the blessed true ‘real’ YOU of us ALL.

    bless you and peace be to you all

    always and forever more

  73. here is a glimpse into transexuality for anyone OUT there who may be wondering what is happening within…..truly insightful of those further along on life’s road ahead of us, so brave and fearless, it is astonding for so many who have not taken the time to peer into this incredible issure of recent human history evolving called Transexuality that i have been exploring for some time now, amazed that i too am perhaps a transexual transgender, where at this point, i just don’t know to what extent that is for ‘me’, although at times, i do feel as though i do know, without doubt, i purely am both male and female, but i love both of my sexualities, or should i say, all of my sexuality in purely just BEing ‘me’, seemingly so much more free in precious flowing joyfulness than i feel of others, somewhat alarming i am sure for so many at times like im sure I AM.

  74. so amazing, yes?

    my most dearest of friends in life are the transexuals in transition for along time, like Alex, a female to male i met here, who when you spend time with Alex, you can actually feel the pure centering of Alex as though time stopped when Alex arrived here in the LGBT community of Toronto, in the 70’s, truly of time standing still i do feel of Alex, as though it is yet still, the 1970’s, where no one can feel what i feel, until such a time as spending time with him like we often do.

    a glimpse into my world, of so many worlds, all of one world affect/effect/direct/indirectness we all constantly are, even if we do not acknowlege the constant truth that we all are, always of the incredible journey i love so much in pure freeing feeling oness i love so much to always feel everywhere i go, as do we all when out and about with those who are so incredibly ‘real’, irregardless whatsoever of what anyone ever may think, or as in most cases of transexuals, as we know, not think of them like we purely should, as i do

    do as i do

  75. i am doing really well actually at this point, of the centering they speak of here in this video, which is exactly as they attempt to describe how it is that we purely do feel while of self-awareness exploration as transexuals, an individual thing one can only do for themselves that no one can purely say they are transexuals, no, you have to go there alone in order to identify who is there, and ya, i really is emotionally powerful and overwhelming at times, that fluctuates all over the place at first, calming as time goes by like it has for me, now in my second year of transexual awarness therapy, with no end in sight as to what is to come really, it’s not like that, of what is daily centering more and more transitioning process, different at the end from where we started from, in my realizing fully now, i am changing in such a profound way i had no idea at all whatsoever before last year of the truth that i may be transexual transgender, a special part of me i love so much like i do, of no one really there in appreciation awareness to the extent i am aware, sorta like a door one goes thru in exiting one world and entering another, changed(ing) as we enter, those who step away from us in unaccepting ways, not so much bad of them, rather equally overwhelming for them as in of the intensity of those of the overwhelming transexual transition.

    i don’t drink alcohol or self medicate at all, a preference that is of my female self who despises the drunkard wayward ones she, or should i say, i am afraid of, something i realized, that no matter how much i may be drawn to someone, if you drink alcohol at all, i am not of the ability to ever trust them purely from the perspective of one who is of what i feel is the more grounded centering abstainer i purely actually am within, as far as preferredness of what is my own self-loathing life journey experience i went thru, loathing of the same of others i no longer run with now, i really do not entertain anyone to any great extent who likes to drink alcohol.

    it is as though a seperate door for me, on the issue of alcohol as regards self and self of others for me, unable to ever relax in pureness of unwavering comfort certainty trusting like i am who are likewise of the no alcohol allowed in God’s house of love and peace.

    and this is something only one’s only self can reward one’s own self with in coming fully into their own awareness that i like to call safe distance appreciation awareness out of my old self-harm destructive ways i once was before, badly of influencial with others of what we purely know indeed are dangerous life threatening paths, not to mention the violence that is often associated with those who self-medicate with alcohol.


    well, ya, if that is what works for you and where you are in life, fine……… purely is not for ‘me’.

    bless you all

  76. ++

    so this is where we have purely arrived, yes?

    of what has been our wiser genuine authentic true ‘real’ self of constant yearning longing, has it not?

    what do you think so far?

    amazing, are we not? :mrgreen:

    at all times…………..i love you

    this i have purely come to know of your higher self, by means of my own self-awareness journey discovery we have all been all along, have we not?

    blessedly so………in the wise eyes of God’s eyes, yOUR eyes of the divine child of God eternal all YOU

    forever more

    best of all……..the best is yet to come, of what is the summer breeze constantly there in the Heart’s core of us all, free, to just BE your self.

    thank you to everyone from that pure place i came to know within, knowing within all YOU

    it is what we do

    as Jesus wisely says, “do as i do”

    we do, even of those who do not cognitively realize they do………the divine child asleep, waking ever so gently into divine awareness of who they really really R and always WILL

    bless you bless you bless you all forever more

    peace be to you
    and peace be to you


  77. been working on a music piece on the guitar for over a year now, will soon demo it and release it for you…..

    it is of the higher self running free in high running incredible energy that purely comes thru in the composition, which is a fast paced pounding of strings rythme strumming of tempo the ebs and flows thru slowing soft delicate grace of strings, exploseding up into the hard pounding confident pusling beating of the strings…… best composite ever, that is purely of where i have arrived, i realize, the higher self expressing, as though leading my own self into awareness i am yet fully realizing, an aspect i have come to discover of my self in givine wise permission for my inner child to freely express any way they want, of music, art, sculpting, writing, and YOU one day, i pray………and already, i am! :mrgreen:

    i love what we have, and we all need space to grow, so please know, i am of exceeding understanding comprehension of the human condition awareness, that is less about impatient patience for ‘me’, that what it actually is, evolving growing at all times.

    i am here, and i will be there for you, just as i yet am in purely being all this time, absurd to think or feel that i ever will not…….knowing it is always about the divine child’s constant WILL i know of ‘me’ of YOU

    always and forever the beautiful constant love flowing, like you, i always to feel, as that is who i am, oneness sameness of all YOU

    bless you

    my love is TRUE

    and i know you know 2

    without doubt

    i would rather die than let go of you

    it’s true

    so don’t ever think what is not true of 2

    i will likely sit down and record the composition sometime in the coming weeks, maybe release it New Years Day!

    always a time of introspection journey ahead according to our past, so yeah, New Year’s Day, i will release the composition, or maybe for the fortunate few i know, New Years Eve. :mrgreen:

    bless you

  78. fuck your hallarious …

    thank fuck im an alien … i dont have a gender…


    surrender your gender

    before you go on a bender


  79. lol


    hey, do you know what causes the male penis in some males to bend and curve like it does?

    it is not what people think at all…….or should i say what i used to think…

    i have a slight bend in my own penis, and used to think it was because i was tucking it too often into my jeans too early after my masterbation sessions all the time like i did, but no, that is not what cause it, in truth, it is actually a calcium buildup deposit on one side that cause it, although i cannot help but wonder as to why that is, hence, maybe i was cause for the bender……

    anyway, there is a simple fix for this, of injections that break up the calcium deposits in the penis, which straightens it out, even for those who do not want to be straight, albeit, straight acting is ok……..i suppose……..long enough for the rest of the motherfucked world to catch up with us.

    hey lonely boy, i am lonely 2

    so when you are ready, i am waiting, just for you



    out love is TRUE :mrgreen:

    hey, i was thinking, one way for you to overcome you inability to completely trust ‘me’ is to get into the groove of daily thrusting ‘me’, where eventually you realize by the exceeding unbelievable happiness of sheer sexual exhaustion of your hours of fucking ‘me’ and i you, you will know……..without doubt………for sure, i could not ever leave you, and more importantly, the issue we don’t fully openly speak about, is that i know how much you love me now, yes, what with all your fantasies i seemed to realize you were of, and i you, not sure how i knew, i just knew…..hmmmm……probably cause i do it too?

    for years actually, just don’t ask ‘me’ how many years.

    so because i know the confidence within of the truth of your undying love for ‘me’, knowing i can always trust you, please know, that is what i need most, having had such a struggle finding it with so many others, as you know, who are spiritually somewhere else.

    the pure spirituality of the higher self is where we purely meet, and our surrendering to our higher self is how we know our love for one another.

    oh how i want to meet you on the steps Jesus walked on, i just do, a surrendered place of eternal love inside i have for Jesus, God, you and all others too, but i can only be of one exclusive lover, having learned this of myself for sometime now, of the true dynamic that runs true within everyone, in what amounts to Emotional Honesty Safety Surrendering of our divine child higher self, for sure, as you know, always of the higher exceeding inner joyfulness, and for sure, the sexual fun we both purely so easily truly are within, well, who does not want that?

    it is not at all deviant with me, no way, purely loving, gentle, oh so sensual, and the orgasms, well, that is the highest place of all for us functional ones of our own awareness, ya, sex every day is like, who i purely always am, knowing this of ‘me’, true of thee

    so when you find your true courage of where you long to be, do not ever wonder, if i am free for thee……..i honestly don’t believe that i am able to purely connect to such an extent of pure freeing as you have been for sometime in your own awareness work…………where perhaps i know you better than you may give ‘me’ credit for, yes?

    and you ‘me’, yes?

    that is how we are 2 meet……….with no element of doubt………talking everything thru first as we have been doing, the disarming of doubt, in no desire for poubt, fuck that, it’s just not true of the ‘real’ self we let others bind, the transferences of eternal past unkind, that we constantly yearn to leave behind.

    the two lovers are instrumental to God, of the sacred mirroring we know full well is true, of why i am 100% surrendered exclusively to you, as others are just not in awareness in their inability ability priority to be of the journey we have been of with our self for how longggg now?

    how long did you say it was? lol :mrgreen:

    i am what i am, of both genders, and the only bender i am going on is with the one who surrenders, 2 what i know 2 BE TRUE, 1 has 2 BE 1 of 2, that BEing the other half ‘me’ of YOU who knows the other half 2!


    nothing butt smiling faces we shall always be, as ones wisely always of their constant desire of free, to just BE yOUR Self.

    just make sure that i do love the 2………cannot live withOUT it, and it has always been of my imagination in playing the role of my female vagina envy self within, than it has to do with most males who really just don’t know what to do with that small dick of theirs, as in like nine out of ten are bottoms, and the tops left over, well, the really are left overs……….if you know what i mean.

    Tops are so cruel too, real head cases, who toss you as part of their whole, im the best, i can have anyone i want promiscuity that rules their tiny brain………..

    anyway, it is not my decision to make of a decision i already made, spiritually, a long time ago.

    not a matter of what to do or when

    rather it is just a matter of a pen

    as in, sign up for this class with ‘me’, come on, it’s time to BE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    don’t keep teasing ‘me’ either, time to get ‘real’, i am done with the spiel………..

    and i do purely feel you want 2

    for sometime, have we not?

    you really should of approached ‘me’ way back when.

    i kept waiting and you did not appear, believing you would, hurt when you did not…………..did not understand, what i tryed so hard all the time to do, so i moved on, or so i thought, till one day i woke up, or should i say, God woke ‘me’ up.

    i am still waking……………………..up 2 holy joyful absolute carefree happines of 2

    it is not ‘me’ who knows not what to do, so much as it is of the others and all their boo hoo


    argh………….Bora Bora

    and we will see thru, all the bullshit facades of every single 1 of you, their own worse enemies, spiritually speaking………..

    so stop being afraid, i am yet waiting, since way back when…………

    i am quiting the smoking, improve the RED40 too, for sake of ‘me’, for sake of YOU, for sake of ALL, always of 2

    bless you bless you bless you

    peace be to you
    and peace be to you

  80. hey, why do people like toying with your heart like they do?

    i don’t understand that………

    i realize something though……….it has to do with because we let them

  81. and why do we let them?

    it has to do with the pure running constant yearning trueness aspect of the higher self inner subconcious awareness, where cognitively speaking aware, in awakeness, we can easily realize that we do fully realize the subconscious submerged of another in denial, that gets our compassion juices flowing, or at it better if i am with you, and you have not fucked me in over a week, and i am all sad as a result, so much so you feel sorry for me and bring out a new toy!


    and we all know, you can have any toy you want…………DON’T WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    made you laugh

    your turn……

    face it, you really really really cannot get enough of ‘me’, can you?


    so stop denying with all the lying around like you have nothing better you truly want to do and set your self free for ‘me’


    fuck, i mean what about ‘me’ moping around 2

    did you ever think of ‘that’

    it is like we are both in seperate buildings constantly thinking of the other, denial denial denial, waiting waiting waiting………FOR WHAT?

    when they run out of viagra on the shelves when the baby boomers hit older age?



    ya, you could say i am abit sexually frustrated…….an understatement……….must be the 12 inch i cannot get out of my ass…………..i mean my head…………

    ………..that 2

    fuck fuck fuck fuck

    i am so screwed…………….i wish

  82. as regards others, there is the lover ‘me’ and the friend ‘me’, which one has to maintain in their own mind as regards others who sometimes play over the line with us recklessly at times like they do, disrespectful of us when they haphazardly do, like those who play the field all the time, bouncing from one to another, fine, that’s your life, this is my life, don’t play that with ‘me’ ok, i am not interested in your momentary spatterings of intimacy love making, waiting around while you are off fucking someone else, your own self in denial of solid groundedness you constantly yearn for with just one, that you are afraid to purely embrace as true, in what is indicative of your reckless flightiness with so many, ok, so don’t play that with me, i am not at all interested, and besides, your penis is too small for me………

    hmmmm…….keeps coming back to the penis denial issue for me………..

    ok, course correction…………

    [andyy turns to the no more denial of constant inner joyfulness s/he constantly knows of within, into a steadfast holding pattern of pacing up and down the same beach each morning in Bora Bora, knowing without doubt, s/he knows what s/he wants needs thinks feels s/he is deserving of, only the best, fuck the rest, as future history is changed forever]

  83. just don’t leave ‘me’ waiting too long for that which truly is not too long…………. :mrgreen:

  84. ok, i know what i really really am now………

    a ‘Versatile Bisexual (Transexual) Altitude Adjuster’

    Altitude, not attitude………although i suppose that is true 2………

  85. you know my vagina envy started when i was really young? Don’t recall the age exactly, but i do recall purely feeling of my missing vagina so purely, and today, i question that, i mean, a young person alone purely tuned into their female self at such a young age, and it was not of just idle thought, no, it was of pure profound awareness of my female self, with no counseling or books on it like today, in the 1970s, where i was more wanting of my vagina than my penis.

    this is not something for laughter, no, this is what was happening with me frequently for many years as a young teen hitting puberty………..subject matter the professional community delve into of case study conversations……….

    my thinking is, well, if this is true of me, then it is also true of others, where talking about it was what prevented me from going to counsel and dealing with it when i should of or could of and did not………how much struggle could of been avoided had i come to accept the fullness of who i am back then, avoidance of all the self-medication with alcohol and all those who participate as such……….

    anyway, my path unfolded, and i did come to love my male sexuality, alot actually, so much so i grew to love other males in what is of my self-love male pleasuring of my own self, equally one and the same self-love pleasuring of another male, only to discover they too are of the same female vagina envy, now of self-love male pleasuring the female of the male or male of a female self-love pleasuring of my female, and vice versa…………

    still with ‘me’?


    and for sure, neither my female of male wants to die physically mentally emotionally sexually spiritually , as they love one another within………ok, let’s not go there, oh, i can’t talk about that………………….there is a word for it………can’t remember it………… :mrgreen:

    hey, if i am the observer of my female and male self, then who am i?


    ~ bi-gender

    A bi-gender person is someone who experiences mental swings between genders. Their charactaristics or mannerisms change from male to female depending on the situation.

    ok, that too…….. :mrgreen:

  86. rather than the initial swinging back and forth, calm takes over and we accept 100% both the female and male purely so, without the duality struggle as before, no, not at all actually, purely comfortable of exceeding inner joyful delight with the versatile crowd who are the only ones purely compatible for me, no denying myself the truth of this, not possible any more, or when i do, frustration bursts out and i end up exiting the relationship(s) as i have in the past…….

    so that is where i am, and have been along time now, although my male was suppressed alot in a none versatile relationship i was in for years, and in truth, the (top) male is the one who was the driver in exiting………partner was not my type……….

    denial is the doorway of beginning end

    i have stepped thru that door along time ago

    where there is no doubt, a versatile other is the only one compatible for me physically mentally emotionally sexually spiritually

    and so appears who i pray you actually are, and not ‘Just My Imagination’ :mrgreen:

    so in other words, it is not ‘me’ who is out of play hear, rather it is the one i am seeking ‘me’, am i not?

    see what i mean, this higher self one of oneness sameness of combined female male self is the one who knows YOU

    and that is what i feel God is, a mystery of such that eludes most others in what has been the rift between the female and male since beginning, now of end of mystery, yes?

    so maybe we are all offspring of an androgynous hermaphrodite alien, sadly alone in the universe……..i can relate, just as an of us OUT there in what is our alienNation

    versatile hermaphrodyke male/female meets versatile hermaphrodyke female/male

    comfortably so, purely so

    not just my imagination

    although in truth, just my imagination

    but not just imagination any longgggggger that you love ‘me’

    lol :mrgreen:

    im bored………………need companion, and all the lameass unaffection ones are spiritual fucking someone else………….argh

    i have to get OUT of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. at some point, and i say this purely for sake of anyone, we stop denying the truth of the pervading unaffectionate others inability ability and leave for another…….fair warning to all.

  88. at this point we crossed a threshold of certainty, and that is so what i needed, in rejuvenation of what i have been holding out for all this time, doubt now shed, no time for the dead, come on, i need……………… :mrgreen:

    oh, you really really are ‘me’!


    as though you are the ONE writting, yes?

    which is something i have always sorta sensed in how i am so much like you, in what is of the ONEness of the female/male YOU, same as ‘me’, is it not?

    intrinsic, yes?

    and so true all this time, have you noticed that of my writting, as though you were the one writting?

    eriely so for ‘me’ at times, leaving one to wonder how far along in your own awareness you may already have been in what feels as though you leading ‘me’ all this time to ‘me’, yes?

    oh, this is like the coolest place ever that i have arrived at, waiting for someone to say, “Andyy, you are day dreaming again! Wake up!”

    huh? what?

    i was?

    i am?

  89. society is what keeps us apart

    as everyone of the worldwide LGBT community constantly know every blessed day we wake 2

    like i said BE4, it is YOU who has to cum 4 ‘me’

    argh……..i so want to have sex with someONE!!!!!!!!!!!


  90. what do they call it, oh yeah, the boring boring boring……did i meantion boring…………conventional crowd

    not 4 ‘me’

    ‘me’ 4 them

    the same ones who crucified Jesus

  91. ya WELL, you ain’t getting your motherfucking hands on ‘me’ fuckers!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    i ask, who are the physically mentally emotionally sexually spiritually challenged, bound, and asleep,……..again………argh, these dysfunctional ones are all the fucking same!………… surely it is not ‘me’!

    i love them all inspite of themselves of where i once was, and that is the truth, i purely do

    i just cannot get involved with them intimately……….EVER!

    a passerby

    thank you Jesus

  92. a passerby?

    a passerbi?

    a passerbye?

    oh, just pass bi and see if you can really really handle ‘me’!

    hurry up, i am still free!

    and i am not ever 4 sale!

    hey, there’s an imagination sight, yes, Andyy standing in the front yard, dress in some wacked out bisexual transexual outfit head to toe, standing like a man-i-can, with a big sign saying,

    GOING FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    lol :mrgreen:

    not much wonder my brother is institutionalized……could not deal with competing ‘me’

    within us all

  93. whoa!

    you look so incredible……..ALL WOMAN

    so purely WISE looking WOMAN is your incredible stature M, of confidence unlike anyone else alive EVER!

    no one

  94. maintain your pure relationship with Lordes, as her best friend, lest she gets lured away into the wrong hands of the morons……..PROTECT her at all times, where by means of the stronger true friendship you have with her, she will listen to you over others!

    Teens become rebellious at a certain point, the whole, i don’t need my parents advice self-confidence thing they process thru in coming forth into their own light as adults like they do, where seeing and being eye to eye with them like an older wiser sister, is what is of greatest value between parents and their kids, always of genuine sincerity feeling at all times between, joyfully so, wisely protectingly so, as there are so many morons in life that do come there way.

    Don’t let her near the party hardy morons of dangerous paths, no, the gentle, mild, pure and true consistently ‘real’ friends only, and make sure they all are monitored by a professional team………


    well, they are too naive and unwise to make any wise decisions on their own, i mean ya, they have to get their needs met with others, but not just anyone

    as you already know

    bless you all

  95. make her realize fully without doubt, there is no one more valuable in life than her, of all that must always be purely respectable of her at all times, as she is going to one day sit apon your wise throne she will inherit, meant for her, always of God she will be known, as you purely are as well.

    we all are

    and we are all yet growing as well, as ONE global society, in wisely coming fully into awareness of what is the greatest hidden treasure ONE shall ever find…….the flawless healing holy joyful absolute carefree constant loving feeling divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU

    blessed blessed blessed YOU

    forever more

  96. you know what is weird for me, i have been sensing this invisible spirit for some time now, so much so i am seemingly becoming the invisible spirit, and when i look back on those in the past, it as though i am of the eluding invisible spiritedness within them that they just are not yet purely tuned into of the one(enlightened ones of hidden treasure awareness) who passed by them of inner joy like their own, they wisely know of all others, and this is where i do realize, i am of the promise of Everlasting Life to all, of the child(ren) yet to come who have succeeded them as a result of where they left off in leaving the entire future generations yet to come in what it is we do feel what was of their existence of wise path chosen they turned to.

    what we have to always realize fully, is that there are those who know the hidden treasure beyond all the riches of the worldly in the past, who did exist in the past each and every blessed day as they did, and not just of mere scant words in a few books, no, they BEcame the ONEness of the invisible spirit knowingness of the greatest hidden treasure as we have, as we know of wise spiritual others in life, like the rabbis, or any wiser enlightened ones, in what is of the oneness sameness affect/effect/direct/indirectness of what is most eluding for most, of the smallest of any who are purely of their divine exceeding gracefulness at all times, that does alter the entire future of eternal all………DIRECTLY.

    God’s HOLY DIRECTIVE of CONSTANT TRUTH that serves the divine child of eternal all YOU

    safe passage

    forever more

    that is the divine WILL objective of God

    of YOU

    blessed blessed blessed eternal all YOU

    bless you all

  97. ONE voice bigger than the drowning sea

    of eternal all thee

    ONE generation unto God is who YOU all R

    at all times

    forever more

    Give thanks to God in our no longer turning from the purity of TRUTH we constantly are in ONEness SAMEness awareness of across all these false generational unwise forefather barriers of absurd seperation, especially for sake of children born behind these ugly spiritual walls of horrid deathful places no child of God asked to be born into, who purely reach out in weakness in their purely feeling our wise courage to easily feel the pure compassionate blessed tears of Jesus who is constantly with us all………

    Jesus is the invisible spirit ONEness angelic feelings of us ALL bound together of ONE eternal generational, in what merely is the constant trueness aspects Jesus came to purely know and wisely fully turn to in knowingness of his own divine child of God, same as all YOU, encouraging and asking us proding wise questions that point to the TRUTH that was eluding us, of so many useless distractions away from our purity love so beautiful to feel at all times inside like we do.

    It is constantly always of God’s WILL that we reach out to all these outcast blessed children who are all yet there every blessed day waiting for us in what they intuitively always know is always right within them…….ONLY LOVE.

    indeed, it is these blessed outcast children who teach us the most about our own blessed divine child of God self.

    What Jesus came to purely know in what is of inability ability of everyONE of our ONE generation at all times bound together for all eternity.

    As world leaders, let us all rise up out of the forefather binding past, in fully realizing the kingdom of heaven we look for has already come, within us all, surrounding us all, in oneness sameness constant LOVE devoid of the useless absurd immature doubt that is not true of any divine child of God, albeit true, of an outcast child who ponders bewildered in doubt as to if we have any love for them in leaving them to suffer daily like we do, do they not, do we not?

    indeed Jesus, it is astounding how such spiritual wise wealth has fallen into such poverty

    bless you all

  98. for ‘me’, it has always been about the TRUE and ONLY value of the single dollar in Troy’s pocket that the divine child of these outcast children know full well how greatly valuable it actually is, freely shared what belongs to us all, planet earth and everything that has been here for us to enjoy, meant for eternal all.

    thank the business one’s for foolishly selling it back to us at an inflated price for something that actually was always free, and yet is, is it not?

    Give thanks to God for the ALL which belongs to ALL, is us ALL, of this world we ALL entered into, where no one really really knows what is this place or why any of us r hear, nor shall any until such time of God’s (chosing).

    bless you all

  99. ha, i understand God, but i cannot spell to save my life!



    i choose YOU!

    always ALL YOU! :mrgreen:

    just as God does, even of those not purely truly knowing as i do.

    do as i do

    i am just the messenger of God

  100. all the wise pure TRUE words of God’s WILL point to the pure place within all YOU God constantly knows in what is (yet) of the inability ability of any of YOU

    do no slight in anyway any of the wise words of God at all times, where none purely know the omnipotent picture of God’s divine will of ushering in the kingdom of heaven thru eternal all YOU………at all times.

    forever more

    bless you all

  101. Give thanks to God for truly i tell you, it is God who is rising us up to where we ALL BElong and always did.

    forever more

  102. ++

    thank you God


  103. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    thank you God


  104. what is it like wearing something so perfect up front body hugging sexual YOU?

    is it like that constant sexual tunedinness feeling that just does not go away, of everyone who comes up to you, secretly laughing inside how you seemingly know they all wish they could be Cougar you constantly are?

    just wondering………

  105. oh hey, i can be Maverick and you can be Cougar, and could just find OUT who really really is the best! :mrgreen:

    ok, i have some sculpting to get back to……

    uhm………you actually trust him Djing in Brazil, his home place of birth away from you…… know, you are just asking for the inevitable doing that, are you not?

    oh…….i get it………that’s the idea

    oh, you are so cleaver

    did i spell the right?


    oh, whatever Freud, is that all you think about is sex?

    well ok, ‘me’ 2


  106. If i were a tender tear drop that kissed your beautiful face.
    I’d know inside your crystal heart i’ve found a special place.

    So many miles away, so many days apart,
    So many times a day, so many times i fart.


    it’s the only words that rhyme and make sense!

    lol :mrgreen:

  107. i am not what people think, am i?

    the delicate pure exceeding graceful divine child

    of us all

    do no lose sight of who you purely always are

    the one i purely know

    the same way you know

    i know

    i am

  108. i am…..BE Cause…..WE R

  109. ok……i am running to the future now

    meet ‘me’ there

    i am already there

    waiting 4 YOU


    bless you bless you bless you all

    forever more

    i love the medium of film, of music, words, image purity calm evoking awakening of the divine child of God that overcomes our inability ability more so than in person, the third part perspective i am of, both female and male united as ONE

    constantly at all times……..without annoying absurd doubt, no matter any of the inability abilities sadly of another less focused in priority preferredness i constantly yearning in who i really really


    Andy + Madonna


    Biyatches! :mrgreen:

  110. hmmmm……

    come to think of it…….

    God is thirdy party perspective, yes? :mrgreen:

    rather than have faith in God

    realize fully the faith God has in all YOU

    as in all of the TRUTH, ‘that’ which is of all YOU, even of the unTRUTH(s) of the (yet) inability ability of the unaware, that constantly serve the aware divine child of God YOU, yes?

    i am

    of God


    at all times

    constant like the sun shining above

    same as YOU

    blessings to you all

    forever more

  111. i am……….’that’ which some do not think(unaware inability hidden ability)……….am i?


    I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO R YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:


    ONLY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is good enough for ‘me’

    and (all) of YOU

  112. what?

    Madonna + Andy?

    oh fuck that, i always come first damn it!

    oh yeah, i forgot, you have like that multiple thing i don’t have….damn, no wonder why i want to BE the female i am, yes?

    lol :mrgreen:

    ok fine, you won before i even ever had a chance to win…….

    ‘me’ that is :mrgreen:

  113. i don’t know who is who any more………..

    and yet, r we not all the same of the trueness aspects……….

    i am stopping, as i really am not sure of the authenticity of who is who……..

    perhaps ‘real’ life is the answer for ‘me’

    it has been a journey of self-reflect introspection since the beginning, of Jesus and God’s divine WILL, our WILL one and the same of the divine child of eternal all you.

    i have all eternity to do the invisible spirit thing……….

    time for feeling like i am alive

    and let those in ‘real’ life of the same will as my own experience who i really really am

    and as for the lamers……….i have not time for any of you now…………please respect ‘me’ when i ask that you get authentic in your wise emotional honest safe surrendering of your divine self in approaching ‘me’ in ‘real’ life, where i will know the difference, not able to take any more of the phone spirits of imitation egotisms so many of you are of………..

    merely of tender genuine consistent holding of my hand, hugs, in delicate pure true gentle loving ‘real’ self way of you is what WILL only do for ‘me’ from now on, starting right now……

    i have not time left with those of the annoying phoniness, so please hear ‘me’ when i say, “please fuck off.”

    as i do the same………..

    thank you

    God bless you all

    signing off

    peace out

    bless you bless you bless you all

    forever more

  114. and no, i will NOT respond to anyone on this blog ever again, so do not expect to ever find ‘me’ here

    i have left contact info if you do want to meet ‘me’ in person some where, and the longer i do not hear from you making ‘real’ life constact with ‘me’, the realization of you not really being truly interested in ‘me’ as a ‘real’ life friend will gradually set in, as i leave for others and another, of friends and lover(s), where i purely belong, according to Jesus and God……….alive in ‘real’ life

    i am

    i realized this morning, out on my bike alone with God, that i am the one allowing others to leave ‘me’ feeling the way this yet feels all this time………contrived.

    and that i am the one who has to take charge and not leave my divine self to the whims of any of you ever again.

    if i am not someone you are purely truly interested in having ‘me’ as a real life friend, well, according to Jesus and God, we are all the divine child of God, where without doubt, i know, others WILL, so hesitate all you want, my time hear has come to an end, as i set my divine ‘real’ life free to go be what i constantly always yearn to be in just BEing my self.

    alast i am free to come to know who my ‘real’ friends R going to BE in ‘real’ life, and not just my imagination, albeit, i will continue to BE of just my imagination, in bed with courageous lover friend, so long as i don’t call out another’s name, i should be fine, yes?

    lol :mrgreen:

    thank you

    bless you all

    forever more

    and please, for sake of you and others, get and stay ‘real’

    do as i do

  115. ++

    i don’t trust this blog any more, asking that you all trust in Mary Jesus and God, who’s eternal spirit oneness is what is summoning all you, even of those who may not BE congnitively awake in wise higher subtle intellect of self, subconsciously, you all are, of God’s doing, and of all you who are in process at all times, since the beginning, across all time past present future, one generation unto God, even of all those unaware, truly i tell you, i am constantly aware, in purely know without doubt, who i am

    God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of the divine child of God forever more

    knowing without doubt

    so R all YOU

    M, you know where to find ‘me’

    just show up

    please KNOW……….without doubt………… heart is forever open to you eternally

    and if you do not purely realize ‘that’ bi now

    i pray someday you WILL

    bless you bless you bless you Madonna and friends

    our love is TRUTH

    thank you Mary
    thank you Jesus
    thank you God

    thank you ALL


  116. ++

    from now on, i will write about those of my ‘real’ life interactions only

    thank you for understanding that i just cannot, will not do this blog any more, of my professional team asking that i discontinue, where if any of you are of true respectfulness of ‘me’, you will understand the more genuine authentic healthier interactions of real life is what i need from now on in getting healthy and staying healthy, doing this purely for ‘me’ first, others second, where i am no good to anyone until i do.

    bless you all

    thank you for listening/feeling with your heart, the only way to know Mary, Jesus, God and ‘me’ of all thee

    forever more

    shields up

    ok Scottie, warp factor nine, no wait, make that ten, no wait………do they have 12?

    hey, if Jesus had 12 followers only(as if, so stupid to think that way, you of the Vatican), then Jesus was 13th, yes? My birthday you all missed, where not one of you wished ‘me’ a happy birthday………oh yeah, ‘that’…..not to mentions other ways some of you left ‘me’ feeling……….unbelievable. Just so cold.

    i could not do that to anyone………nor should any of you in your loving approach with inner circle family, friends and lovers, which left ‘me’ feeling what i felt, i am not of your inner circle………….any more. I think i will just stay out hear, and let those of ‘real’ life treat ‘me’ appropriately from now on, living in the NOW.

    time to GO!!!!!!!!!!

    you would do the same, as would and should most any, of where i eternally take my stand in the doorway of the kingdom of heaven’s beginning end love without useless absurd doubt outside the kingdom of heaven halo perspective.

    i deserve only to constantly at all times feel LOVE

    same as all YOU

    blessings to you of 2

    forever more


  117. ++

    Boundaries and Relationships ~ Knowing, Protecting and Enjoying the Self ~ Dr. Charles L. Whitfield, M.D.

    read all of his books, as i have and yet do

    repectFULLy yours

    love Andyy


  118. ++

    Happy Holidays!

    Your Blessed Life is Constantly a Holiday

    according to God who sets us free from our life not feeling as though we constantly do and should, if only they would.

    CiAO!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:


  119. ++

    look up ‘Social Privelege Abuse everyone, and see if you recognize any behavior modifications that may need your attention. I say this purely out of respect for all YOU

    bless you and peace BE to you all forever more


  120. ++




  121. ending is awesome, yes?

    depending on who you are, lesbian or trans as she breaks thru the wall

    love it!

  122. if you sing and speak in only one language, when God’s children R of all languages, then you are limiting your divine child of God as 2 the constant TRUTH of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul, ‘that’ which is of eternal all YOU

    blessed you of eternal all YOU

    forever more

  123. oh oh…… thinking what i am thinking, Madonna prepares to storms Asia?

    just BE careful OUT there, ok?


    i am only ok

    when ALL of YOU R ok



    i know where i BElong…….the heart of all YOU

    as r constantly all YOU

    R all in mind


  124. hey, how come i hear a mandolin in the Coldplay video, but i don’t see a mandolin?

    just wondering……….

  125. oh wait, that’s not a mandolin, rather one of those small pianos……what do they call it again, a spinet?

    love the high running joyful energy of the child within of this coldplay video, so radiant inside, of that knowingness certainty happiness without doubt of how much we love everything there is to always love about life and everyone who is there………

    only the morons think we are actually any different from one another, of what is that same high running energy we all were of as youth, yet still there within you all, is it not?

    turn towards what you all yet are within, and let the music, song, dance and laughter begin in bringing an end to all that is not true of wonderful extraordinary holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of all YOU :mrgreen:

    fuck, i was looking i the mirror today, and i am like, whoa! Who is this hot fucking beautiful body anyway…… know, i look like a perfectly slim trim 18 year old’s body, and better yet, i feel 18 again……….

    did you know 18 is the age the male hits the highest level of testosterone in their blood stream, called sexual desire peak?


    females hit it at around 33

    AHHH!!!!!!! i feel extraordinary inside, the subtle beauty of dwelling in your own body after a fresh shower, the aromatherapy everywhere, the tantilizing sensation of even the air on one’s naked body, the oh so sweet anticipation of another………WHO IS NOT THERE!!!!!!!!


    i so gotta get OUT of hear!!!!!!!


    tic toc

    i feel stupid waiting around…………..of no one there……….

    so should any of you………..

    not a matter of what to do?

    but when to just go do it!

    all of us, on lover’s road,

    those who care,
    flowers in hair,
    without care,
    am always there,

    knowing i care,
    s(am)e old stare,
    of truth or dare?
    care care care

    always aware
    dare dare dare
    always aware
    care care care

    ………….those of care

    yawnnnnnnnnn……………… bored………………

  126. all i can say, is lucky is the one who gets their sweet loving hands on this Biyatches body so incredibly healthy trim slim, all that biking that has paid off, the 20k a day, up up up is where i am, somewhere over the rainbow, of hot hot hot body i am in!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i reward myself with ‘me’, you see?

    of constant glee!
    meant for thee!
    not some plee!
    wait, have to pee


    somebody fuck ‘me’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  127. plea!

    plea plea plea pleaseeeeeeeeee!



    when i go to long without sex, my claws come OUT!

    fair warning to all…………

    and to all a good night

    catcha in the morning sunrise rising ever more

    forever more

    and more and more and more


    is all i can say

    wow wow wow wow wow!

  128. Olympic torch came thru our area today, one of my dear friends was a participant in carring the torch!

    YOU are responsible for the health of YOU

    no one else

    reward YOU with YOU as healthy as can possibly BE

    and YOU WILL see the ONE of ‘me’

    inside all thee

    forever free to Just BE

    my own divine self set so free

    no different @ all of all thee

    he revealed himself to him, within him,
    since he is with him, a fellow sufferer, who gives him peace,
    little by little, nourishes his growth, raises him up,

    and bestows the joy of vision!

    But to those who fall, he shows himself quickly,
    then withdraws, only giving them a brief glimpse.

    hmmm………sounds like my tranny Biyatch alter ego when ever she does not get what she deserves………and after two weeks without it, ha, you do not want to be anywhere near!



    is good enough for ‘me’

    yes! at all ti’me’s
    not so’me’ cri’me’s
    not so’me’ bly’me’s
    not so’me’ sty’me’s

    see, i really really am everywhere!



  129. oh, you know you are so going to regret it if you don’t follow your own heart to ‘me’, and believe it, i am the happiness with all of thee, so easy to just BE with not just anyone without willing of ‘me’, but just anyone of willing of ‘me’ to just BE.


    WELL, it’s true, i love so many, same as you

    i tell all my emo boys and girls, “it is not about what others want of you, albeit, want of you, rather it is always what you want, of who is your type, of who is purely ready and compatible with you physically mentally emotionally sexually and spiritually available, just as you 2 are available 2 them, of constant inner connection……….without doubt.

    i am always ‘that’ of ‘me’ at all times of surrendered pure spirit like your own, in constant knowingness surround, ONLY LOVE is all i ever want to feel…….

    and when i don’t, WELL, sometimes i WILL wait, where in truth, i am always waiting on all thee to BEcome set free as i constantly am, likeness of the gentle breeze you feel so pure within of warm summer’s wind.

    it is not that i am able to change from truth of what i purely constantly am within, rather it is i am able to change direction at any time away from ‘lack’ desire fire another, towards Mac desire higher brother, of pretty much anyone God presents ‘me’ 2 within. :mrgreen:

    you know, sometimes i find, the more you chase someone, the more they run, and then, after like a thousand and one miles higher, you are like, oh fuck this, im going back home, see you around, as you slowly walk back home, as though they are of some ego amigo, you know the type, and all their useless annoying hype, too busy looking in the mirror, while the other is there, and then when they turn around, without a sound, they are gone, they are like, huh?

    “no wait!”, they say

    and i say, “4 what? More of the same? fuck you! better things to do.

    LOVE takes 2
    constantly firer
    LOVE makes 2
    constantly higher

    oh how i dread the in between of trust inspire, where in truth, if they really love ‘me’, they would know without doubt, i am not the mire, just the fire, of light that burns so bright, most are not able to stand it.

    ya, i am the fire of God’s eternal burning radiant brilliant brightness of constant TRUTH

    in the core of the BEing of eternal all YOU

    took ‘me’ awhile to realize this

    where with God, it is always LOVE of 2

    in what is the same oneness of you with God’s delight

    constant constant constant burning white light


  130. remember!

    it is about what you purely truly want within, same of another, that you both feel……..without doubt.

    and when you feel, what is obviously so blessedly ‘real’ in WHOLEness of 2, you WILL purely know constantly what is of the Kingdom of Heaven constant LOVE devoid of doubt that was is always purely ‘that’ within, of the intuitive emotional honest safe surrending fully of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul’s holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of eternal all you.

    clearly, i am without doubt of how i purely feel, am i not?

    where it is ‘that’ of others, who leave ‘me’ of their doubt, not mine……….like i am some crime.

    argh………..fine……….i am always better when i am withOUT that part of all thee who think they are in, when clearly, they R withOUT doubt!


    oh hey, you could not write like i do, and you know it!

    so purely constant in TRUTH introspection, yes?

    amazing even to ‘me’

    although i suppose i am of my own process awakening to who i really really am, yes?

    so who am i?


    ya, ok, i am honest, what else?


    ya, ok, i am brilliant bright radiant light, what else?

    “Hot as fuck!”

    well ya, i bike 20k a day, hello? But what else am i?

    oh come on, say it!!!!!!!!!!!

    “The ONE 4 ‘me’?

    Yes! Exactly! I AM always the ONE 4 ‘me’!

    ok, now which ‘me’ am i 4?

    “ALL of ‘me’!”

    Yes! I AM ALL of ‘me’, of all those so free, to forever just BE what God constantly knows, you are the ONE 4 ‘me’!

    just practicing my pickup lines, don’t mind ‘me’………


    i jest…………fuck the rest!

    i confess

    i need some eternal rest

    with only the best

    i know

    i am


    same as all YOU

    forever more

    bless you all

  131. argh……….i knew i should not of stepped outside the community, i just knew it, expecting what it is i am left to feel like i do


    gives head a shake and steps back in to where we are constantly always OUT

    peace out Biyatches!

    i am OUT

    and i am staying OUT

    of all harms way of those who think they are in




    to each their own……………i know my own happiness, don’t need one to explain what i already know, as one who purely is constantly of the kNOw with all those who do not know, what i am ALL about, seemingly to tham as though i am with OUT

    ya, i am with OUT

    as in, i am with OUT family Biyatches!

    have been for a longgggggg time!

    as though i am a crime

    we shall see, who is the happiest of us all one day, where already within, i am there, God WILLING.

    you can all chase ‘me’ from now on



    im done…………..with those who r not much fun

    must be the rum

  132. I think i will have the same fate as Troy …

    there really is nothing left here for me…

    i am too strong to be wrong

  133. fuck off Marco

    The beautiful fires of passion go out when you do not reciprocate that which is purely of your constant lover within, within another. Sometimes we have to stop chasing someone in order to catch them, either with you, or someone else. Fuckers!

    as simple as that, and you are all talk, no action, where more than words is all i ever need to hear.

    truly, that is the most wretched fucked shit thing you could ever say to ‘me’………………………………………

    FUCK RIGHT OFF FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  135. i will not be back

    and you cannot ever be forgiven for that, not even by God

  136. nor shall i

    i lead only yourself away from ‘me’

    and Jesus
    and Mary
    and God
    and all God’s divine children

    including your own wretched fucked self

  137. YOU



























    who is not free of your viper grip that poisons only you, of the cup of poison you love to drink from and offer others to drink from

    from the lips of Jesus, now ‘me’

  138. pay heed to wise others who take precious time to offer your foolish soul advice that is of


    which you obviously are not of crucial desire of

    ‘that’ which is of your own downfall emptiness nothingness in spuing of wretchedness lies

    i shall not return this way ever again for more of the same shit for brains drunken bullshit i came to know of you actually, on several occassions as before.

    enjoy your stupid drunken bullshit life with ‘me’

    as i loath it


    you people are all the fucking same in all your shortsighted empty nothingness of fool hardiness of useless nothingness puke for fucking brains.

  139. you love your wine

    and i don’t

    simple as that

    end of conversation with ‘me’

  140. so please, stay the fuck away

    as i do the same

    knowing you won’t likely ever change

    claiming you are strong, when in truth, you are not weak in falseness you take delight in, where you dwell in your hypocrisy heart so FUCKING BLACK!

    i vomit you out of my soul and out of my precious loving life

    puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke puke

  141. purely

    i despise you

    and no longer am of the desire to ever ever ever trust you ever again

    this bridge burns eternally between us, of what is you turning away from God

    not ‘me’

    fucking ego maniac shit for brains

    how dare you ever say something so wretched as that

    Go to God and ask God what God thinks of your foul stench

  142. of drunken breath slobbering drunk that you love so much

  143. i smite you in the name of God and all God’s blessed children

    forever more

  144. it was i who is of the ability to purely love you

    and obviously not you of ‘me’

    i knew i should not of strayed from the extended family, and instead wait there in the heart of where we are found daily, in constant loving environment expectations with one another, even of those like you who do not purely take time to give a fuck in purely knowing us as we constantly do

    make no mistake

    i despise you now

    and there is no bridge for you to return ever again to ‘me’ as one who will not ever trust you ever again,so help ‘me’ God, of any of you in all your drunken fuckedup shit

    fuck right off

    i so deserve pretty much anyone else alive who treat ‘me’ better than you in all your glorified party animal hypocrisy mad laughter of death destruction and oppression

    fuck right off

    forever more

  145. you do not know ‘me’

    nor do you purely truly desire 2

  146. i sorta figured you were a waste of my precious time

    and behold

    i was right

    according to God

    in what is of your desire to remain as you are

    of the stench of drunken disorderly deathful destructive oppression that comes from your unwise lips

    i despise ‘that’ of you as you prefer to remain………without ‘me’

  147. this is the last time i am ever going to entertain someone who is fucking someone else, ridiculing ‘me’ ever step of the way

    for the last time

  148. enjoy your wine and your hypocrisy mad laughter everyone, of one who is a best friend of God

    strangely, God loves ‘me’ completely

    and you don’t know how 2, nor purely truly desire to love ‘me’ as God constantly loves ‘me’

    here is something i have not told you, God warned ‘me’ to be careful in coming in to close to you

    i always sorta knew why, the wine you love so much, more than ‘me’

    well, i truly have better places to BE

    you need not ever wonder why i do not return here ever again, and merely realize fully those wretched words about Troy you aimlessly haphazardly spoke, as though i am not of God.

    perhaps at one time i was without God

    make no mistake, i am 100% of God now, and for you to not purely realize this tells ‘me’, it is you who is without God purely so as i constantly am

    you think to yourself these words are of hypocrisy, but you do not realize they are words of blindling white light of TRUTH that burns away the mask you love to wear in cajoling enticing mockey of ‘me’

    not ever again shall i ever trust anyone at this blog

    only in person now

    thank God for my professionals

    thank you Scottie

    you were right

    ego fucking maniacs

  149. people really do not purely know the 100% level of both the male and female bisexual

    i am

    that goes beyond the LGBT community in fully embracing all eternal all you as ONE family

    ya well, there are those in my life who do, and for sure, i do have females who want to have children with ‘me’ as do i them

    so fuck off and goodbye forever more

    trust destroyed you drunken idiots who lead others into death destruction and oppression as you yet remain and r

    God speaks and you run away from TRUTH that is meant only as goodness for you

    remain as you choose to remain, unwise of the one who purely came before you, who will not ever trust you directy again so help ‘me’ God i pray that i do not.

  150. you thought you purely knew ‘me’

    truly i tell you, you do not

  151. nor will i give you the opportunity to ever again

    enjoy your bullshit Christmas of all you who leave a starving child to die while you celebrate your egotistic self serving lie of a wretched life without God purely in your hearts as in mine.

    you do not purely know ‘me’, nor do you desire to purely know ‘me’ as i know you

    just as all the divine children trapped behind these spiritual poverty death walls you all create know ‘me’ as they know you, in bewilderment of the you that you yet remain as to every single one of them……..WITHOUT CONSTANT LOVE 4 GOD!

    i cast you wretched liars unto God to deal with, as i am done speaking with fools who lead themselves and others away from God, slaves to the worldly ego maniacs you all are in the eyes of God.

    i serve God

    not the worldly

  152. so ya, raise a glass of your expensive wine everyone, in pure celebration of the cold heartlessness you turn towards………

    while another defenseless child behind the spiritual death walls of poverty you all love to create

    takes their last breath

    and dies

    ya, you people have so much to celebrate

    as those who are without God

    and to be sure

    without ‘me’

    as i shall not ever sit at your table, even if you invite ‘me’, so long as there is yet these wretched walls of spiritual poverty that exist

    because of the yet unwise all you

    who do not purely truly know ‘me’

    as God constantly does

    as i know God

    the only way God can choose you

    when you choose God

    this world is hell for so many

    and i am one of God’s warriors who comes to reclaim this world from the foul stench of all your drunkards of mad laughter and foul smelling spiritual death

  153. alast

    i am


    forever more

    what was i thinking?

    oh yeah, the children who die without love

    the same way Troy died fuckers!

    fuck right off

    go celebrate your nothingness in the eyes of God who is constantly always there, in what is of all TRUTH and unTRUTH everywhere you unwisely wisely look

    you are such a fucking jerk Marco

  154. correction………a drunken jerk

  155. go jerk off without ‘me’

    i’ll find someone else to constantly purely truly love ‘me’ at all times

    easy actually

    like most ordinary commoners easily do every blessed day, not like all you of your high class cold to the touch ego maniac ways of self serving rich wordly that Jesus says not to ever dine with, lest you become like them.

    for sure, so easy to understand Jesus who knows the kingdom of heaven has indeed fallen into spiritual deathful destructive oppression for the divine child of God born each day, of all you who turn the other way as you all yet laughingly do, drunk on your expensive wines.

    Make no mistake, God has come

    in truth, God did not leave

    rather it was all you who turned away from God, as evident that you all yet do

    sadly, you do not know the kingdom of heaven is constantly your own divine heart you turn from in your what remains of your inability ability process to come fully into eternal day light of the divine child of God, as i have, where one day you shall behold what pure happiness constantly looks like, as i turn from your cold heartlessness of your glasses of wine instead of holding a divine child’s hand, trapped behind these walls of spiritual death poverty




  156. you have mocked God for the last time

    where the only one who you mock, is your own divine self

    so obvious you all yet are

    i came and i appear to them in the flesh………….and i found them all drunk


  157. morn for yourselves who are without love

    for truly i tell you, these divine children are not without love when they die, and are spared any more of your unloving heartless pain on pain, and returned to God


    you are death
    you are destruction
    you are oppression

    of YOU

    in all your wretched ways

    that the divine children of God purely intuitively easily know, even of those who cannot yet speak.

    where ONLY LOVE is all the divine child of God ever wants needs thinks and consanty yearns to always feel.

    you do not know ‘me’ as i know all you

    as one who came before you all who is of God

    same as all you

    but you are drunk

    as you choose to remain

    as you all yet are

    in the eyes of God

    and the divine children of God

    who die without yOUR love


  158. make no mistake

    i purely despise you all for what is of the wretchedness you turn towards, away from the weakest divine child of God who is yet there, able to be saved, and instead returned to God, lest they suffer your horrid ways devoid of love

    as you yet are with ‘me’


    for the last time

    fuck off

  159. what is most pathetic of you, is that you did not even take time in ‘real’ life to come before one who is of God in order to purely know ‘me’

    and instead you attempt to mock ‘me’ as though you know ‘me’, of those who clearly do not know ‘me’, as evident you do not purely know God as God constantly knows ‘me’

    you make mockery only your own divine self

    not ever ‘me’

    not ever God

    you do not know ‘me’, nor purely desire to truly know ‘me’

    your loss

    not mine

    i deserve better

  160. bisexual bashers

  161. transexual bashers

  162. lesbian bashers

  163. oh and look, they like to leave defenseless children of God to starve to death, as though that is ok

    while they drink their expensive wines in celebration of the self-importance……….

    while another child takes their last breath

    to all of you, truly i tell you, you are not constantly of God

    but the dying child is

    in each passing moment

    in purely feeling the truth i truly tell you

    you are not constantly of God

  164. as evident by all you constantly say and do

    not as Jesus Christ asks you all to do

    “do as i do”


    fuck off

  165. nor are you constantly of ‘me’

    of one who wisely purely sees


  166. fuck, why do i even bother with you people?

    you do not desire to know ‘me’, sitting here thinking maybe they do hear the voice of God

    you ridicule and make a mockery only of you in front of God………

    at all times

  167. how dare you speak of Troy as you did

    i fucking hate you now


  168. of should i say i hate your shit for brains unwise approach with ‘me’ as though you are constantly wise of God, when clearly you are not

    enjoy your expensive wines fuckers!

    without ‘me’

    go ahead and invite ‘me’ to one of your useless parties

    my answer is clearly, NO THANKS!

    Jesus and God too say, NO THANKS!

    as in no thanks to any of you who left a child to die last night, another one tonight, oh and look, again at all the self-important parties, yet again, another child dies

    you are heartless in all these wasteful ways

    in the eyes of God

    forever more

    stay the fuck away from me

    forever more

  169. Jesus is right, the clothing on your back is worth more to God than you are, as you all yet remain.

    without God

    hear in the Kingdom of Heaven

    where children are left to die needlessly

    because there is ‘that’ which is yet of the ‘lacking’

    crucial desire for God’s divine self awareness wisdom love devoid of what is yet of all these wretched heartless ways of you all that i despise with all that i am………….of God


  170. ok, i am happy, i can move on now, thinking you were of God, and obviously yet are not, where God has someone special, meant for ‘me’

    enjoy your celebrations of wretched self-serving lies devoid of God

    oh, and look, devoid of yet another defenseless child of God 2


  171. to all you who think i sit in judgement of you, i don’t

    God does

    i am merely a messanger of God who brings TRUTH to you, for sake of you

    so interpret ‘me’ anyway you want fuckers!

    and always know, in the eyes of God, i spoke the words of God’s TRUTH for sake that you stop denying your divine self the TRUTH

    where my concern is always for sake of these blessed children you all turn your backs on like you all yet remain as obviously as you all yet do, unconcerned, while you yet drink more of your expensive wines.

    carry on foolish drunkards

    i am not coming to your parties

    better places to be with those constantly loving of ‘me’ as i am them, at all times.

    just when you think you know someone, their evil fucking drunken twin shows up……………..fuckers!

  172. Go to God and ask God for forgiveness, i already know God won’t

    nor will i

    as you have hit the lowest of the lowest with ‘me’

    a 100% pure true BISEXUAL

    just like Jesus

    so fuck right off, ok fuckers?

    you fucking bashers!

  173. trust is permanently destroyed now

    no reproach here

    and besides, i despise your worldly shit for brains self-serving empty nothingness cup you offer ‘me’

    the same cup you offer the starving child


    fuck off

  174. Just as Troy is dead, so now am i to you, so stay the fuck away from me in who you think you are, as though wiser than God, when clearly you are not.

    nor shall you ever be without ‘me’

    who is now free of your bullshit


  175. admit it to your own divine self, and ask your own divine self for forgiveness in what you yet are

    a drunken fool

  176. to be sure, God forbids entry into the kingdom of heaven constant divine self awareness presence, to those of shameful evil jealous greedy violent irreverent drunken habits

    congrats on ‘that’

    oh hey, did i just cast you out of heaven?

    hmmm…, you cast only your own divine self away from constant love devoid of doubt presence in heaven, where i constantly wisely dwell who purely know their own blessed divine flawless healing presence with God.

    fuck, try to make friends around hear, and you get dirt kicked in your face like you are the one with the problem

    in truth, i am glad to be free of your fucking annoying condescending belitting mockery you have mostly been all along in your approach with ‘me’, in your blind lascivious lust well fucking another…………..i should of known better than to trust you like i wanted to.

    fuck this

    i am not returning ever again in foolish entertainment of the fool you yet remain as, in delight as, without someone so purely loving as i constantly am.

    you burnt this bridge

    hope he is worth it

    and if one day, he trashes you, because of the way you like to trash him, as you do others, well, don’t say i did not warn you.

    truth is, you cannot be with ‘me’, because in God’s eyes, you do not purely truly know, nor desire to purely truly know ‘me’ in order to purely truly love ‘me’

    according to God

    i honestly thought you were the one, where your ego mania wants in, and wins

    wins what?

    empty nothingness, in what all ego is, the mask of empty nothingness, that i cast back into the abyss of empty nothingness from which it came.

    praying it is only you that one day remains

    anyway, i know how long it takes to beat alcoholism

    and i know you are an active alcoholic among other things

    it is i who does not want that in my life ever again, knowing you are not likely going to change any time soon.

    so wish me luck as i turn cut a new path to one God knows is purely truly meant for ‘me’, that i think i may have already met, seems as though they are, still getting to purely truly know them, and they ‘me’

    thanks, but no thanks fuckers, bin there way too many times.

    bless you all

  177. YOUR SHIT

    not ever mine

  178. thank you God

  179. i so won that fucking round, and you fucking know it!

    do not deny the TRUTH

    of who you know i am

    your fucking brother of true and faithful friend

    even onto all you yet of liar deniar conspire useless patronizing waste my motherfucking time!

    when i all want is to get fucking laid for fuck sakes, as though ‘that’ is a fucking crime!

    fucking lameass wannabes in all their lameass put-on-abees

    ya well, try puting on the holy sacred divine robe of shielding wise eternal bright radiant brilliant light of constant TRUTH Jesus and God gave ‘me’ to always where as i do what they ask ‘me’ to constantly do

    speak the TRUTH

    i did

    i do

    not you

    it was i who loves you more than you desire to love ‘me’, which is a shame, as i have one of the hottest fucking bodies on the planet right now!

    fuck, i could walk down any fucking street, on any given day, meet a complete fucking stranger, and be fucking our brains out before the fucking midnight hour, till morning light, radiant brilliant bright, of my dick still in their hand…………..fuckers!!!!!!!!!

    it has been weeks since i have had great sex with someone, come to think of it, fucking months, fuck, and i gave you fair fucking warning, did i not?

    as though i am some jerk off without a home who enjoys you thinking of ‘me’ as some poor lost beggar.

    what part of ,”i stand in the kingdom of heaven halo construct of God’s full eternal comprehension of eternal all you beginnings end of what is constant safe passage?”


    i did not hear that………

    could you say it abit louder?

    oh, you are sorry, please forgive ‘me’

    nothing to forgive!

    it’s not your god damn fault!

    you learned your behaviour just as everyone of you fucktards did from who ever it was that made you think alcohol is ok, not realizing it is an evil device when used arrogantly improperly, rather than of medicinal spiritual cleansing purpose, like when one cannot sleep from whatever the fucktard stressor world tosses our way.


    you are welcome

    don’t ever disrespect ‘me’ like that ever again in front of God and the whole god damn world.


    all i wanted was an answer, “do you want to fuck ‘me’ or someone else?”

    but no, you cannot say, “oh, maybe another time Andyy, im just not ready yet.”

    no, you have to toss some bashing bullshit at one who is dealing with transexuality, i mean fuck, what part of bisexual transexuality do you not purely realize?

    i love females so much i want to BE one

    fucking people, just say something for the sake of saying something, with no concern at all of who they are saying it to.

    ya, there is nothing hear for you but TRUTH i left for all eternity to purely read, meant for all

    i have returned in full restoration of my original blessed self i always was before ever drinking alcohol, you know, the happy teenager we all once were, without all the annoying fucktard ego maniac facades of the useless stressor morons

    but no, you just have to blurt out hurtful words that are not true of anyone, including you.

    you fucking love ‘me’ and you know it, to afraid to admit it to ‘me’ and the entire world, of how happy we could be, but only when you become purely fearless as i am, as we both once were as youth, you know, carefree, forever just BE, of the constant none stop running runnining running together holding hands thru all eternity?

    argh………..i give up

    you are making the biggest mistake of your life, and what gets ‘me’, is your ego knows it!

    and your going to just sit there and let everything we ever learned all this fucking time, hurt ‘me’, hurt you, and hurt everyone else when they subconsciously feel the truth, you’d rather always be with ‘me’

    well frankly Scarlet……….i do give a fuck

    where it is only you who does not give a fuck

    or at least not to ‘me’

    so ya, go think of ‘me’ while you are fucking him, see if i care, and see how long i wait around for more of the same fucking bullshit lying ass you, or any of you in all your pretend your motherfucking life away that you are happy, when obviously, you are not!

    anyway, if he is good in bed, then keep him

    just don’t expect to find ‘me’ hanging around any longer for as long as i have waited.


    according to God

    and ‘me’


    same as the beginning

    same as the end

    where at the beginning, ONLY LOVE, sees hateful end

    to all wretchedness of this yet ego maniac self-serving empty nothingness cold to the touch burnout dead at 55 lackluster sex at best fucktard world that keeps pissing ‘me’ off like i am some sorta fucking alien!

    fuck fuck fuck fuckers!


    oh, you love ‘me’ and you know it

    and best friends do not spare you the TRUTH you need to embrace and stop denying your divne self God’s sacred TRUTH, meant only as pure sacred blessed goodness of the divine child you were born as, constantly loved by God

    i mean what kind of a parent does not love their own blessed children?


    that’s right, the ones who did/do not know God, and yet claim they do, when obviously so many do not.

    it is God who summons the divine child of God to eternal TRUTH of the blessed divine pure true spiritedness of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU

    not ‘me’

    albeit ‘me, merely an instrument of God freely surrendered to Jesus and God, the greatest gift you can give to Jesus at the alter

    you own divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul that purely belongs only to God, and the divine child of another likewise of God’s pure divine self awareness internalized sacred wisdom that nurtures, awakens and eternally protects the divine children from all useless falsehoods yet of this unwise world you were all born into.

    God wants to say something to all of you, “I my Self, I AM, ever present to the blessed, good, pure, aware, compassionate, truthful, holy.”

    thank you God

    which side of the TRUTH vs FALSE fence do you suppose i stand on lamer flamer shamer blamer absurd empty containers?

    at all times, you have only one guess when it comes to wise descerning of all TRUTH

    bless you all

    forever more

    i am going to go to church and see if i can find ‘me’ a pure sweet loving nice Christian, who Troy was, until he got fucked up in running with the wrong crowd, including my own bullshit fucked shit, that i am eternally ashamed of forever more, as one who turned fully to God and admited the constant TRUTH i do not ever want to be found in turning away from ever again.

    of Troy’s will that i do not
    of Mary’s will that i do not
    of Jesus’ will that i do not
    of God’s will that i do not

    of my will that i do not ever forget what happened to Troy, my most beloved lover i am eternally indebited 2……………..without doubt.

    forgive ‘me’ Troy and thank you

    God bless you all

  180. I hardly call 3 glasses of wine, (standard glasses) 3 times a week “alcoholism” cock breath .. but feel free to vent your venom, you black snake… water off an Angel’s back..

    I fully understand with your amphetamine addiction you find it hard to be rational and stable … all that crack well it’s melted your brain..

  181. whatever mr. gay lesbian bisexual transexual basher

    purely, i am of feeling as the same student i always was sitting in class with all of you, of mild delicate sensitive inner circle ‘real’ Andyy i always was and yet am, and if you cannot fully realize the true nature a student mentality who loves school like i do, i don’t really care any more.

    go back to who ever you obviously want and are fucking rather than me

    take care

  182. i did crack once, one hit, in 1989, did not touch it ever again.

    i take fever and pain reducing medicine only when i have a cold or the flu, maybe once a year.

    anyway, enjoy your life, while i go do the same with those of genuine emotional honest safe authentic desire to be with me as their most loving lover, while you go back to whoever……………….not me.

    i’ve had enough of your lameass to last several life times, honestly, about as much fun as a pair of wet socks.

    i’ve made up my mind, i want a gay versatile lover, and forget how much time i wasted at this blog.


  183. you don’t even see the truth, nor desire the truth, of you yet the defending alcoholic you obviosly are in defending your alcoholic wine habit.

    let me ask you this, would it make any sense to let your own child go into class every day with ordinary normal behaving students sitting there normal……….drunk, laughing and incoherent, and not of the normal behavior as the rest of the class?

    i say this purely on behalf of all kids out there with parents who consume alcohol on a regular basis, who just don’t purely connect with their own children’s ordinary normal behaving health way they consistently do each blessed day like they do.

    and let’s not forget the progressive nature of alcoholism everyone, as evident by millions of case study load we now have our our worldwide data base.

    constructive criticism purely meant as only good for you.

    anyway, ya, i love the male body, as one who has been intimately loving of a male partner of the same self-love i am of in my own male body for twenty years now, and in truth, i am most comfortable at this point with those in likeness and form as i consistently am, so ya, i guess i’ll go back to what i like, the male/female lover i am, role playing as both the female and male lover versatile homosexual with another versatile homosexual and all our beautiful loving cock breath.

    whatever mr.never

  184. argh………how i dread talking with the defending alcoholic personality of disconnect from their own sincere pure loving ‘real’ self you so obviously are not, in what is of your choice of words, all for sake of defending the alcoholic personality, the one speaking.

    let me know when you want to sit down and talk as the calm ordinary normal student mentality some day.

    till then, please go back to the circle of those you likewise are in defending of, who likewise love their wine.

    i do not want to sit at your table, ok?



  185. in other words, i am on the outside wisely looking apon what is yet your denial.



    after coming this far in sobriety, since Troy died, i am not going to allow myself to entertain what i walked out of over many years, no alcohol allowed in God’s house of love and peace.

    that’s fine, if that is what is of your inner circle friends and lovers, go be whatever you want with whoever you want, knowing without doubt, i love my normal daily existence of ordinary student mentality others, calm, centered, grounded, without the stimulants that desensitize the body, or over sensitize the body, depending on which crowd you are running with.

    i am not of consistent intimacy of those cirle of friends, nor shall i ever be found.

    and one need not question too long as 2 which circle of friends i do run with

    your choices = your life

    my choices = my life



    im not interested any more

    thank you for your honesty


    bless you all

  186. and remember, your children are highly impressionable as to what is of your choice of behavioural(s), that does leave them predisposed to developing serious life threateing problematic behavior that can and does take years to get free of once on these dangerous paths some of you walk apon each blessed day of precious loving life.

    i do not know how this is going to play out in the future for you all, other than to say, expect the worse, praying for the best.

    i do know how it played out in mine.



    bless you all

    peace be to you
    and peace be to you

  187. and what is with this spuing of tiresome lying words that i have an amphetamine addiction?

    clearly i am the one of greater rational stable mindedness words, am i not?

    God seems to think so

    as do i

    so which table am i sitting at?

    how be you go and purely feel thru who was once hear with you all this time as i was and yet am, however long it takes, the rest of your life in need be, while i carry on in my own life with those i love like i do, of ordinary gentle student mentality preferredness i am of.

    i belong to God’s house of love and peace, where i dwell, of God’s rules.

    forever more

    thanks, but no thanks

    God bless you all

  188. i really do belong to God, and it is God who protects ‘me’ from all the haphazard plodding along in life without the wise helmsman Jesus Christ.

    ya, that’s who’s table i sit at, with Jesus, Mary, and God, and all the divine children of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU

    i am a devoted monk who while alone with God one day, in silent prayer with God, wisely surrendered his heart mind body spirit and soul to God some time ago, saying to Jesus, “this body belongs to you Jesus, i want for you to have it, the only gift i have to bring to you that i purely now know belongs to you and God.”

    i am protected by God’s halo shield of eternal wisdom that i have taken along to internalize in BEcoming who i am and always was, ‘that’ of the wise divine evolved adult child of God, Jesus Christ, who purely tells ‘me’ so.

    i am ‘that’ of Jesus Christ

    i am ‘that’ of eternal all YOU

    i am ‘that’ which Jesus knew

    of all those who are purely TRUE

    so come sit at my table when you purely are of the wise surrendered constant love to do so, where i am only hear to speak of ‘that’ which is true of eternal all YOU

    forever more

    blessed is the divine heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU

    not some witch’s brew


    i jest………..




  189. you do not know ‘me’ as i purely know my own divine self.

    God does
    Mary does
    Jesus does

    and so do all of you who take time to purely surrender to the divine TRUTH of who you all purely constantly always are within, the wise compassionate loving heart mind body spirit and soul of God’s children

    truly i tell you, i know who i am and always was
    truly i tell you, i know who you are and always were
    truly i tell you, we are all ‘that’ of Jesus Christ our saviour and lord

    forever more

    you can foolishly stray from God’s constant TRUTH all you want, but you cannot ever be found without God’s wise revealing TRUTH, even of all the unTRUTH(s) which constantly serve as TRUTH for the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU

    at all times

    where your heart is, there too shall be your treasure and your life at all times

    what you turn towards, you become, at all times.

    i turn to ‘that’ of the constant radiant brilliant bright revealing loving wise eternal day light halo of Jesus Christ my saviour and lord, who is wisely purely of God, who are my best friends in life as we speak, and have been along time, of God summoning me to come fully into awareness of who i purely always am, ‘that’ of the wise evolved adult child Jesus Christ who speaks to me about ‘me’ at all times, for sake of ‘me’, lest i remain of the dangerous paths i once was aimlessly haphazardly plodding along as i was in the dangerous deathful destructive oppressive paths that nearly did take my life, and did take the precious loving life of my most beloved lover Troy, of my own humbleness to the obvious TRUTH, i too am to blame for what was of my reckless generational learned behaviourals i picked up along life’s road, asking forgiveness of God and all God’s angels forever more, in surrendering as one who now serves God’s eternal day light of revealing TRUTH, for sake of ‘me’, for sake of all thee, to come fully into the wise descerning protective halo that i now know is the kingdom of heaven love devoid of doubt, devoid of ignorance, devoid of hate, devoid of tiresome jealousy, greed, violence, evil and irreverence that is yet of the blessed path of so many of God’s defenseless children who we all know indeed, are caught in horrid deathful destructive oppressive paths thruout the world, of so many wretched evils so evil do not wish to speak of them, such as child prostitution slave rings in the world, so vile, so evil for these precious children to endure like they do each blessed day.

    ya well, tell them all that God has returned and is about to reveal the eternal day light of the divine child that will shine forth in revealing uprooting humiliation of every single one of you who is of these evil falsehoods of pain on pain death destruction and oppression of my loving brothers and sisters.

    what you look for has already come, the wise compassionate loving eternal day light of revealing TRUTH

    i am one of God’s wise warriors, and i will uproot the evil trees that yet grow in God’s garden, by means of exposing all of you to the blinding light of God that you will not be able to withstand, of humiliation that will slice into the core of your being as you fall to your knees and beg God for forgiveness at all times.

    i know who i am

    i am the divine child of God of God who tells ‘me’ directly who i am daily

    indeed, ‘that’ of our wise brother, the revealer, saviour and lord Jesus Christ who i know without doubt, is of God, just as God is of ‘me’ now

    forever more

    blessings to all

  190. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    truly i tell you, i do not require anything from any of you, merely asking of what i am constantly deserving of to always feel, as do all the divine children of God forever more


    i know who i am

    ‘that’ which is constantly purely TRUE in the core of the divine child of God eternal all YOU, that does not change, is not able to change from the purity of the constant trueness aspect of the divine child of God eternal all YOU


    is all any of us constantly yearn to always feel and constantly BE of inwardly, in what is our radiant brilliant bright constant eternal day light in OUTward appearance at all times.

    i know who i am

    who i always was

    a divine child of God

    ‘that’ of Jesus Christ our saviour and lord

    forever more


  191. ++++++++++++++++++++++++

    oh, an i do not forgive you for drinking from a fucking mickey on stage in front of so many blessed children of God, who i tell you now, you are tandamount to the deathful destruction of the depressant called alcohol that most likely lead to a divine child of God’s suicide.

    you flaunt it like it is ok, and for what?

    for sake of acceptance promoting of false self of others in selling it like those who sell the falseness of pornagraphic fucking instead of love making?

    oh hey, let’s all get drunk, so cool to get drunk……………..

    AND DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck, so fucking stupid!

    did i tell you of the four kids from high school, who drunk behind the wheel, went off a road side cliff, and were all decapitated when their car slamped roof down into the rocks below?

    they took the car and desplayed it for weeks on the front yard of the high school.

    ah ya, it is of God to promote kids to drink alcohol, you fucking idiots…………… likely are cause for some parents child that died.

    God knows

    and so do i

    unwise paths of destruction are what they are, however small the influencials of affect/effect/direct/indirectness are, they are what they are.


    do not deny the TRUTH that is of God’s divine WILL you all come fully into constant awareness TRUTH

    or follow the morons in all their reckless foolish ways, selling it back to you in keeping their ratings up, of all you who do not know they are yet fools in God’s eyes, leading you into…….


    BE of joyfulness of yOUR TRUE nature, mild, gentle, sensitive, calm, confident, positive, radiant brilliant bright as you always were and yet R

    and as for you who excuse reckless behavioral in defending your own denial of what is your reckless behavioral, i ask a simple question……….

    is it ok for your own blessed children to behave as you do?

    not according to God


    forever more

    blessings to all


  192. ++++++++++++++++

    i spoke the TRUTH God asks ‘me’ to speak of at all times, for sake of your own blessed children that you love with all that you R

    as does God
    as does Mary
    as does Jesus

    as do i yet love Troy more than my own life………too late…….

    it is NOT too late for eternal all YOU

    blessed is the TRUTH of the divine child of God eternal all YOU

    forever more

    bless you all

    forever more


  193. i march forward in TRUTH, for sake of your own blessed children and your blessed life, perhaps for sake of my own children one day, of what is my blessed life each blessed day i wake to, always of God, even of those who do not realize we R all of God’s inescapable constant TRUTH, even of the unTRUTH(s) that serve the divine child of God eternal all YOU forever more

  194. ++

    peace OUT Biyatches!


  195. ++

    how pathetic………..i got bashed by someone of unTRUTH useless tiresome defending words of their alcoholic personality, all for sake of defending their love of wine denial…………….

    you bash only your own divine self, not ever ‘me’, wisely purely always free to Just BE my self, everywhere i go, no matter foes, of all you yet snared in forgetfulness foe………………not ever of ‘me’



  196. ++

    i do not know what it will take for you to purely wake up fully one blessed day…………obviously it is not ‘me’, of one who is purely wise in ‘that’ of Jesus Christ our saviour and lord, of God always ‘that’ i am

    and so it is likely of the future path ahead unfolding, in what Jesus wisely warns in saying, “Life is the greatest teacher.”

    wise are those who pay heed to those who take time to offer sound advice, lest they learn the hard way……………as i did…………….and yet do.

    bless you all


  197. ++

    yes, you r correct, i am holy water of the blessed tears of Jesus Christ, the wise evolved adult child of God, yOUR brother, saviour, of lord God Almighty.

    forever more

    blessings to you and your loved ones during the holiday season of holy joyful absolute carefree happiness unbound by all the useless generational spirits of imitation falsehood snarings of death destruction and annoying oppression

    forever more

    bless you all


  198. ++

    and at what expense?

    i already told you…………’me’

    i prefer blessed life consistently constant in how it feels to just purely BE ‘me’ at all times.

    healthily free from all the wannaBEs, couldofBE, shouldofBE, why the hell don’t you want ‘me’?

    true, im not that much fun to BE around, or at least that is what some people think, of all those who drink, when in truth, i am healthy in the mornings so fresh and pure, functional too, and not some blur, all the tme, of constant slyme, of the Japanese hip hop goop, in hanging around all these alien friends of mine!



    ok whatever

    peace OUT………….Biyatches!


  199. ++

    wish ‘me’ luck!

    ok thanks


  200. ++

    cock breath………

    hmmm…….i guess that is what i am to the baby sitter who raped ‘me’ as a child

    thank God they did not kill ‘me’

    like some of you who do seek to kill ‘me’

    to kill my loving wise body and spirit and soul of the worldwide LGBT community

    i think that about covers my desire for any more of your non-productive passive aggressiveness with ‘me’ in wasting precious time

    i do have one question left for you though………….

    “Would you say those exact same words to your own beloved child of God born from you who may or may not be homosexual?”

    then why do you say it with ‘me’?

    forever i am free of your tiresome bashing annoyance that stems from your own frustration within

    i am going to go spend every minute of Christmas in the LGBT community of Toronto and all who are there on Christmas day, where i purely do feel as do others…………where i BElong, and have felt the blessed truth so pure like i do since moving here of that one way ticket train ride home………or was it a bus, i think it was a bus, ya, it was a bus, i prefer the train, just could not afford it at the time, just as i cannot afford to waste anymore non-productive time hear at this now annoyance of a blog……….unbelievable, at Christmas time, you decide to bash the fuck out of ‘me’, calling ‘me’ a viperous poison snake?

    thank you for your untrue falsehood words………..i think i will go where others genuinely constantly desire to love ‘me’ and i them.

    you know who you remind ‘me’ of?

    my own family that said i could not sit at the Christmas dinner table with my partner on Christmas day.

    congrats on that.

    i am going to go volunteer serving Christmas dinner at the 519 LGBT community center on Christmas day, as i have in the past…………as in what this is now with you, past tense.

    i am in the future now, while you read this.

    and if you don’t mind staying away from ‘me’ at this sensitive time of year, i would appreciate it, unless you have something gentle and loving to say………….fuckers!

    like ‘me’!



    ok whatever

    i love my homosexual bisexual transexual life

    bless you all


  201. ++

    ok, maybe i did wisely poison your ego with God’s holy words that humiliate vaporize the dark ego into the untruth nothingness it actually always is.

    death to ego, you shall not hurt ‘me’ no more!

    give thanks to God for destroying the creep of you that takes delight in willful want of bashing ‘me’ and my cosntant loving brothers and sisters.

    what were you thinking, that i am somehow different than they are?

    am i evil to you?

    not according to Jesus and God, i am not evil

    thank you Jesus Christ, Lord God Almighty


  202. ++

    come on Toto, let’s go, these people creep ‘me’ OUT :mrgreen:

    hey, did i tell you about the homosexual twist of the Wizard of Oz Play my partner and i worked on? i think i meantioned it…………..anyway, follow your own light home everyone, as i already have, here with all the brothers and sisters of the worldwide LGBT community, who are all purely as i am within, without fear of the creepos any more, as some of you yet know…….

    it is of God that i am always there with them in purely knowing who i constantly am, just as they too easily purely feel as i always do

    treat ‘me’ badly creepos, and i will set you on fire and leave you to burn for all eternity and for all to purely see and feel…………the TRUTH

    of God’s WILL


  203. ++

    blessings to the divine child of God eternal all YOU forever more

    love and peace be to you
    and love and peace be to you


  204. ++

    versatile homosexual lover seeking same

    bashers need not reply


  205. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    ++++++++++GOD BLESS YOU++++++++++++++


  206. oppsss……

    the image is actually Jesus in a text document

    does not appear correct here………..

  207. this one is better, with 200 text wide, just copy and paste into a text.txt document to see the image

    oooo++++++++/+++/////////////////:::::::::——-…….“““““`…““““““““““““““““““` “““.“-+/……““““….““““`…………..—-:::::::::////////////////++++++++++
    oooooo+++++////++/+///////////:::::::::———–..–…..“““““““““` “““““““““““`…-.-:–:—–:::–::-::::—.-.““““““““““““….—::::::::::::::://///////++++++++++
    ooooo+++o++++//++////////////::::::———..-…………..““““““““““““““““` ““………““`…““……–.-.““““““““““………–:::—-:::::::::://:/+/+///+++++++
    ooooo+++++++++/++////////////::::::———……………….““““““““““““““ “`……..“““““““…..-..-.““““““““““`.“`…—-:——::::::::://:///////+++++++
    oooooo++++++++++/////////////:::::::——…………………..““““““““““` “ “`…““““““““““`……“““““““““““““….———–:::::::://:///////++/++++
    oooooooo+++++++//+///////////::::-:——–……..“`..“`……“““““` ““““ “` “…““““““““““……` ““““ “““““““….————-:::::://///////////++++
    ooooooooo++++++///////////////::::::——-…..“““““““““““ “““““““ “` ““““““““““““““` ““““““.“““…….—————::::///////////+++++
    oooooooooo++++++//////////////:::::::——-..-…““““““““““““““ “““ “` “““““““`…““` “““““““`.““…..–……—–::::////////++++++++
    oooooooooo++++++//////////////:::::-::———….““““““““““““““““ “ ` “““..““….““` ` “““““““`………………—-::::////////++++++++
    oooooooooo++++++///////::::::::::::-:::————…““““““““““““““ “““`………….–..-.–…““ “““““““““““`…………-:::::////////++++++++
    ooooooooo+++++++////////::::::————————-…““““ ““` ““.–::::::::::::—.-::://////::-.“` ““““““““““………—::::://///////++++++++
    ooooooooooo+++++////:///::::::—.-………………–……““` ““ “`.-://////::::::::::/:::::////////:-.“` “ “““““““`…….—-:::::::://///+++++++++
    ooooooooooo+++++////:://:::::——-…….““““………..““““ “.://++/////:::::::::::::::::://////::.““ ` “““`….———:::::::::////+++++++++
    ooooooooooo+++++////////////::::—-………““““““`……““““ “.:/+++++////::::::::::::::::::///////:—.` “ ““….————:::::::::////+++++++++
    oooooooooo+++++++///////////:::::::——-……““““““““““““` ` “..:/++++++///:::::::::::::::::::::/++///+/+-““ ““““……———:::::::::::////++++++++
    ossoooooooo+++++/////////////:::::::-:———….“““““ “““““ “ `.://++++++//::::://::::—-::::::::/+o+///+/-“` ““““……——–:::::::::::////++++++++
    ooooooooooo+++++/////////////::::::::———–………“““ ““` ““`./+/+++oo+::/::::++/::::–::++::///+oo+/+////-` ` ““““““……——–:::::::::////+++++++o+
    ooooooooooo+++++++//////:::/:::::::——-.—-……….“““““ “-///:/+/+++++/://////////:–::/++/+oo+///++s+-.“ “` ““““……——::::::::://///++++++oo
    ooooooooooo++++++//////::::::::::—–…………““““““““ `.:/:://+//+//////////:/+/:-:///++///////++//.` “““““`…….—–::::::////++++++ooo
    +oooooooooo++++++///:::::::::——–…….““““““““ “-/://::/+/++++//:::::::::/+++o++/://+o+/..` “““““`……..—-::::::///++++++++oo
    +oooooooooo++++++++/:::::::::———…–….““““““““ “ “`///+//+oo+//++++++///+/:::+o+//////+/+-“ ““““`……——–:::://///++++++++oo
    +osoooooooooo++++++/////////:::::::————……….““““““““ “-..///+ooo++/++o+//::/:::/++/+//////-..“ ` ` “““`………——::::::://///+++++++ooo
    ossossoooooooo+++++++///////////::::::::———–……..“.““““““““` ““.-:/+oo+soo++///:::::://+/+///+/-““ “` “““ “““““…….——-::::://////+++++++oooo
    ssoosossoooooooo+++++//////////:::/:::::::———……..“.““““““““` “““ ` ““-/+o+/o++++/////:://////////:.““ ` ` “““““““““…….——-:::::://////+++++++++++
    ssoooooooooooooo++++++////////:::::::::::::—–………“““““““““““ ““““““ “-:+o/o++/+//++//://///++//-.` “““““““…..——:::::////////++++++++oo
    sssooooooooooo+++++++++/////////:::::::——.-……““““““““““““““““““““““““` “`./+/o++/+////+++/+++////:.“““““““ ““““““……..-..—:::::////////+++++++oo
    sssssssooooooooo++++++++//////::::::::——-………..“..`.““““““““““““““““““““““`-:-:://+++++++++++++//:.““““““““““ ““““““`…….——:::://///////+++++++oo
    ssssoosooooooo++++++++//////////:::::::–::————-……………….““““““““““““““““““.-:///++++++++++/:-“` ““““““““` ““““““““……—–::://///////+++++++++

  208. in ‘real’ life is where one can easily find ‘me’

    im done with the blogging introspection that all points to the same thing……….get OUT and go do ‘real’ life with a most loving lover with what time i have left to live, so much more enjoyable of someone’s real hand holding mine. real lips kissing mine, of what we all want, more than words can say, with no need to say anything when love is true between 2, always of obvious sweet with one another, of no hesitation frustration lackluster zeal insincere spiel, come on, get real!

    i am

    go live your life everyone

    as i go do the same, of oneness same of another, of lovers arms always in sweet anticipation of ‘me’ at all times, as i am of them.


    i am :mrgreen:

  209. first train back home with my most loving brothers and sisters, and i am on it…………

    genuine sincere honest authentic emotional safety love and affection is indeed exactly that between two lovers with one another, delicate, pure, mild, gentle, graceful of the true nature obvious effeminateness of the two homosexual lovers when love is truly felt between them so real like it is, like i have experienced so many times, always of that pure calm place within like we R

    and that is where i am most happy in life, in purely of the centered homosexual gay guy i have grown to love so much about myself and others true, like so many of us genuinely do, inspite of all unaccepting others of tiresome misconstrue blue we all remain compassionate for in their not knowing fully that they are indeed the most valuable of all things in life beyond all measure, in what is the only measure of any of us worth noting, our oneness sameness soul of ONE.

    it is not a question of knowing where i belong, rather it is always the same question of knowing where i am made to feel like i belong, made obvious by those who do not make me feel like i belong, as so many have and yet do along lover’s road.

    it is not so much to cast blame apon any of those we remain compassionate for, no, rather it is merely where they yet are in their own self awareness process along lover’s road, just as we too have all journeyed thus far in marching eternally forward in our oneness sameness of ONE soul eternal all YOU.

    in staying loyal to myself and others, i take my leave now and return to where i am without effort made to feel most comfortable like i have for so long, in their every glance, every dance, every word, every smile, everywhere i go in the LGBT worldwide community, where what is so amazing, is we do see in our own self in others who are just coming out, as we once were, where we slow gracefully in nurturing support we feel without effort at all with them, knowing this time next year, just as we have always done, they too will return this way again, of each day, we pray like we do, for every single one of us at all times.


    forever more and more and more

    it’s time…………i have to go

    and catch up where i left off…………knowing what to expect when i arrive, seeing myself coming the other way, in all their smiling faces, day by day, of our constant love true of 2, true of all YOU

    it is not about getting or letting go of anything, as regards what we constantly R within, even of those who do not purely appreciate know like we do, yet of what we constantly know, in how we all continue to grow in our self-confidence…….thru each other, day by day.

    it is about those who either accept us and love as we constantly do in getting with us, or letting us go, where sometimes we know, they still have a ways to grow, in our letting them go, but not really ever letting them go in our hearts, no.

    we are all responsible in being loyal to our own happiness in what happiness is for us, our most loving lover at all times, so easily like we are with them, of all the tenderness moments, in joyfulness of being who we authentically enjoy just being, purely of our true nature we come to know so well.

    where there is tiresome binding false evil inclinations, no illusion and delusion, no usurping, cardinal, egotistic arrogance, no wilful presumption and jeoprardising bravado, no greed; avarice, miserliness, springing from passion for wealth and perishable possessions, no deceit, betrayal, guile, and calumny, lurking in ambush………


    none of these things are of the TRUTH in measuring the oneness sameness constant loving divine child of God’s wise compassionate soul of eternal all YOU

    nor shall we ever be when it comes to these tiresome false intererence that keeps the loving lovers apart for those in the know of where we all constantly yearn to always BE found, in a lover’s arms we find along lover’s road of………….


    feels good enough for the divine child of God eternal all YOU to constantly always feel as we do.

    blessed is the divine child of constant ONLY LOVE feeling good enough to always feel at all times.

    who you all purely truly always R, even of those who do not yet know they always R

    forever more

    gotta go catch that train home now everyone………to where i always feel like i do belong, of all you who really R………..more than words can say.

    thank you all

    Jesus loves YOU!

    peace be to you
    and peace be to you

    peace OUT

    one we go

  210. lier lier, hot pants on fire..

    you could lie straight in bed

    ever tried to lie gay in bed..

    You Wish

  211. ya, it is not like i can lie about being gay in bed, even if i wanted 2, which i don’t, and did not, so what’s your point?

    i suppose anal orgasm is ok for the female of you conventional crowd, but god forbid it’s ok for the male, of you females who say, oh, my lover is gay.

    ya well, i am female, and i would rather die if my lover was not as friggin happy gay as i am.

    so what is your point again?

    i am being rational in my exercise thinking ability 2 reason with a sound mind, sane, am i not?

    other than momentary sexual frustration manifestation seemingly insane, when i continue to hesitate in waiting on MY LAMEASS FUCKING BOYFRIEND?

    fuck, wait around for some of you who know i need water, and it is you who enjoy laughing your ass off while i am dying of thrist, just as so many are you dying from your inability to quench your thirst for wisdom like Jesus does mine…………thank God for Jesus.

    so what is your point again?

    oh yeah, im gay, butt my boyfriend is not.

    let’s say i go thru the sex change, and i am not female, then sex with my boyfriend is no longer gay from my perspective, is it? Butt when i fuck him, for sure, he god damn well better be gay, or get the fuck out of my bed and my head……….BIYATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am not even trying to lie gay in bed……… is you who cannot purely love ‘me’ as i do you, like you claim you want 2, and don’t.

    end of conversation

    i am not the mistake……… are!

    bisexual transexual everyone……… who loves sex with both a male and female as one who purely is both female and male

    so what is your point again?

    argh……..lame lame lame………..why do i let myself get to close with the lamers anyway?

    oh yeah, just my imagination of my most loving female brain.


  212. my feelings are all perfectly normal for one in transition acceptance of their authentic bisexual transexuality.

    well, i love both my sexuality feelings everyone, and so do those who love the role playing of female male they too are of, so if you want to get with ‘me’, you better not be lying to ‘me’, where i always know, you can only lie to your own self, not ever ‘me’, as one who purely is free and has been for HOW LONG NOW?

    i should not even have to explain this to anyone who purely is of true desire to know and love ‘me’, in what is of your own imagination to do so, in likeness and form as my own.

    remember this………i am nothing butt beautiful loving within and OUT waiting on someone in likeness and form as ‘me’

    sex 101 is down the hall, and i am late for my next class, so what do you want?

  213. in your head, i am gay

    in my head, i am bisexual transexual, 100%

    i am not the one with the problem here

    you are, in seeing ‘me’ not as i truly am and always have been, with no ability to change from the TRUTH.

    so when you realize the TRUTH fully, only then are you ever able to embrace what bisexual transexuality is.

    for some it is confusing, the love within of the female for other females, so much so they want to be exclusively as a female.

    not ‘me’, i am both female and male, and as hard as it may seem, it really is only while we do not accept we are both female and male, that the frustration remains.

    i love who i purely am at all times

    it is the inability ability yet of others that holds ‘me’ back from the happiness i am.

    i am so late for my next class, so what do you want?

  214. awesome!

    i held one of the Olympic torches today, that 12,000 Canadian participants are able to buy, a commemorative of their relay part of catching and passing the flame to another participant’s torch, all of them who get to keep their torch.

    so awesome, where you do not have to be an Olympic athelete to participate, in what truly is of our ONEness spirit, yes?

    love it!

  215. anyway, where were we, oh ya, the double standard thing…………..

    well, for ‘me’, happiness life is of those who are of their true natured inner peacefulness calm and true of delight with those likewise of preferredness BEing, in what is of trueness of divine ‘real’ self compatible heart mind body spirit and soul of everyone, even of those not fully of their eternal day light awareness shining radiant brilliant bright at all times, simply of delight of other(s) along lover’s road, no matter their disposition, in truth, as veterans, without doubt, we love each and everyone of YOU.

    not to sound condescending, no, not at all, where i feel so much for those of you yet of the unaccepting environments you have yet to move away from to where you are most comfortable in purely just BEing your divine true ‘real’ self, OUT of harms way of those who are of the lessor awake in divine self awareness, as we do and have done in adjusting our flexible healthy boundary settings with who ever, friends, family, lovers, ex lovers, co-workers, bosses, friends of friends…………whoever.

    for sure, i am always emotionally overly sensitive this time of year, but more particularily has been of recent adjusting of too loose boundaries, more than anything, where i am of calmness returning when i take charge of establishing what feels better for ‘me’ of boundaries as regards others, not to knock anyone, no, and rather sometimes others do overly invade our boundaries haphazardly as some do, their own needs not being sufficiently met as well as they could and should be, where ya, some of you are a handful, hence, my transference behavior of late, that also comes from my own needs not being sufficiently met, in what is the obvious manifestations of my overly sensitive emotionally charged passive agressiveness of late……………..

    anyway, i don’t seek empathy or patronizing of another, no, not even any need to do so, in knowing we all are exactly as we beautifully are according to whatever and whatever at all times along lover’s road, where at times, it is perfectly normal to be emotionally all over the fucking place as i have been late, and so would any of you in process of what has been my recent transitioning of so many life issues……perfectly normal.

    no such thing as good or bad in God’s eyes, albeit, not much fun for anyone to endure what overly sensitive overly reacting like one does during difficult moments of our transitioning in life, in whatever it is of our professional and personal worlds.

    ok, so here is where i am in conclusion of my own beliefs as regards my personal worlds………….

    i have always pondered what is of a more pure insight into the human condition as regards sexuality, and so i delved into my own phsyche to find the answer in a pure way, and no, not just of a moment or two in reflection, rather of several years of self awareness, where i truly do hold onto the concept that we are all both male and female primal innate sexual behavior within our brains 100%, and as one who has been living sexually predominately of my female sexual behavior for twenty years now, i do feel i am an authority on this more so than most any others who yet are of lessor awareness centering groundedness than i am in their own journey of life along lover’s road, although i am truly amazed by some of you youth who so purely are in awareness as your female self of male bodies like so many of your are, so beautiful for me to behold each and every one of you as i always do and have.

    when it comes to these labels we like to identify with, well, i feel they are indeed important during transition, as to who and where we do feel most comfortable in belong acceptance of the indentity circles we run to and with, yes, for sure, important for us all.

    but at the end of the day, these labels are merely words to me, as one who now has stepped out of the labels i too once held onto, where i am actually beyond the bisexual transexual label i seem to label myself as, where in truth, i say we are all of the bisexual duality of the primal innate sexual behaviors of both the male and female with everyone’s brain, where if you want to really bring it all down, well, it all revolves around the delight of everyone’s erogenous zones of all the openings of the human body, clinically speaking of the pure biology of our wonderful fun bodies we all purely do enjoy everyday.

    no matter if you are male or female, we all are of delight of the more sensitive sensations of all our erogenous zones, even if we are not of deliberate stimulation delight of such, in what is the normal functions of the openings of our bodies, be it whatever, breast feeding, scratching our ears, taking a shit, taking a piss, or on occassion, to our surprise, we get envolved with a more evolved lover we happen apon on lover’s road, who takes time to reveal to us first hand, just how incredible deliberate stimulation of all our erogenous zones purely really is, in so many ways one can deliberately stimulate these zones, of what is of every sex toy out there on the market, and lets not forget all of you into the body piercing, including the piercing of the penis, like some of you love so much, which is really cool in my opinion, although i am not so sure about tearing of tissues of another when you go to work with it in one of their erogenous zones, you may want to fully investigate the potential hazard of such…………

    anyway, in truth, i see my own self from within my own brain as an Erogenous Androgenous Hermaphrodyke Male/Female within a male body who is of the higher evolved less fearfulness in simple delight of my entire body, seeking a lover on lover’s road who likewise is as evolved as i am, and if not, well, spend time with ‘me’ and let ‘me’ reveal the ‘me’ of you i already am.

    and as for you lamers in all your boring ass excusing away approach with ‘me’, well, i have needs that have to get met on a regular consistent basis, of needs that include sex, in what is my own healthy wise aware approach i have come to learn in how i am able to remain of my positive mental emotional physical sexual spiritual well BEing i love feeling how i purely do, just as any of you, after hour long sexcapades i love so much like i do.

    hesitate too long with ‘me’, well, don’t expect ‘me’ to wait around too long, in going and getting my needs met with another, where we are not any different from one another, in all our tiresome jealousies i really don’t entertain much any more, where i can easily be with you, or i can easily be with your own lover, no matter male or female, where i love each of you equally as potential lover partners, and yes, i have broken some of you marred couples up before in going after what i wanted, mostly for sake of another who likewise wanted what i am with ‘me’, so sexually free liberty.

    i am an evolved Versatile Erogenous Androgenous Hermaphrodyke Male/Female within a male body Lover seeking same, of either Male/Female of a male body or a female body, where of lately, i am of leaning preference for the female body, having not been with a female body, other than to say, the female of the male body.

    any questions?

    how much do i charge?

    i am free

    but disrespect ‘me’ at any time in all your useless annoying bullshit, and well, how would you feel of ‘that’ of another in purely feeling of the one who is yet hear before you that some of you have a pure interest in.

    either shit or get off the pot as they say, in making decisions for your own lover self, or i will make them for my own self and yours in walking away to another.

    for those that do not know and want to know the lover ‘me’, well, you need not look far at all, and realize purely, i am YOU

    thanks your for purely listening and feeling…………..YOU

    no more chit chat please, a simple yes or no, even a maybe another time is all i want to hear, as regards hooking up with ‘me’, and make no mistake, many there are in my personal world who want ‘me’……badly i might add.

    the lover door of anyone does not really ever close, or at least for ‘me’, as regards the closet door i once was of, that no longer exists, where i set fire to my closet, unable to ever return to it……..thanking God for ‘that’

    lol :mrgreen:

    ok, i think that about covers any of you and all your innuendos, yes?



    so annoying some of you can be……….as if i don’t know how to have fun………..think again, hello? Twenty years of incredible sex with my entire body? hello?

    argh……….the double standard crowd i dread.

    trust ‘me’ when i say, of any of you who do not hook up with ‘me’, watch and you will purely see next year, who i am most like of the most loving radiant brilliant bright lover i have on my arm, where there is just no way i am ever going to march the Pride Parade alone, even if i have to snatch someone from the local bath house for a the day, i WILL

    for sake of all YOU

    ok, a recap…………

    what is sex called of male self of a male, having sex with the female of a male, or vice verca?

    what is sex called of male self of a male, having sex with the female of a female, or vice versa?

    what is sex called of female self of a female, having sex with the male of a female, or vice versa?

    what is sex called of female self of a female, having sex with the male of a male, or vice versa?

    for ‘me’, there is no such thing as a male have sex with a male, or a female having sex with a female.

    and in truth, what are any of us doing anyway?

    merely enjoying our own sexual bodies,

    and for those of you who call yourself heterosexual, i ask you males who are having sex with females, or felmales having sex males, whose body are you truly tuned into in what is of the pure enjoyment of YOUR explosive orgasmic BODY experience?



    could you repeat ‘that’ please?

    oh, i see



    i will let my self OUT, ok?


    tic toc tic

    ah fuck, my watch stopped…….again.

    fuck it, what of these things that bind, and who needs to be bound by a man made peice of serving the worldly netherworld anyway, that none of us can take with us when we leave this world of nothing else matters more than our flawless feelings anyway?

    does God of all eternity have need to wear a watch when it comes to constant ‘TRUTH’ that has not changed, cannot change, and does not change from that which is the same at the beginning thru to the end of the no time constraint eternal realm of constant TRUTH?

    for what?

    to check the time and see if anything has changed that cannot ever change from TRUTH that is eternally unchanging within all YOU, albeit change with OUT YOU?

    i see

    certainty of constant TRUTH

    that is the microscope widescope comprehension of God, inclusive of all God’s children’s inability ability to constant learn and constantly love the pure beautiful TRUTH of their divine self, that reaveals the unTRUTHs that falsely bind the divine self in shortsighted fearful untrue darkness.

    bless you all

  216. oh ya, i forgot, one last question………..

    what is the difference in the pleasure sensation platitude level of orgasmic peak experience, between the male and female?



    it is not any different at all?

    really now?

    hmmmm, i suppose God design us all the same then, yes?

    i see

    so why does the male see the female as different then, or you females as different from males, or any of you who do not see the TRUTH of all those of the worldwide LGBT community who purely always know we are not any different?



    could you say that abit louder for those at the back of the class to hear?

    because we are all morons?

    yes, you are correct, you are all yet of the inability ability evolving learning of your own divine self that is not any different whatsoever from any one of you in the world, as regards the beautiful orgasmic experience you all purely enjoy like you all do, male or female, no different in anyway, other than to say, you males need to be abit jealous of the females for their multiple orgasm experience that leaves you guys in the dust for another female, when ever you are not attentive enough of the female, and be sure to explore your own female self like their own, if you genuinely want to know and love the female lover they are, same as you within, if you truly care to know all there is to know about YOU

    and let’s not forget you females who are not attentive to your male lovers in all your indifferences you put between you and your male lovers, that is in truth, is because of the male’s own fear you may recognize their female self that secretly wants to get fucked by the male self hidding within you females, that shows itself from time to time of manifestations like wearing the pants all the time in the household, and all the brow beating latent homosexual suppressed male self in all you females, where some of you swear and fight worse than some males do.


    class dismissed

    oh, and if any of you need more assistance after class, just signup on the clip board outside my door, ok?

    and remember, i have not time for lateness, where it is only you who fails in the end.

    lol :mrgreen:

    peace OUT Biyatches!

  217. As evident thus far of the past two years or so, i feel it is best for me to move on, based on what i feel is where we have arrived at, in what has been all along what i feel is according to my research, in purely feeling thru what i do agree with within, of what is unrealistic expectations in relationships, which is not to say i do not feel constant love for you as i all along, all this time, since way back when, but for sake of my maintaining my positive mental emotional phsycial sexual spiritual well being, i’ve decided to move on, based on what has been consistent of our yet contrived stuckness we yet are of, that in honesty i dread it, where i am easily most comfortable in being with those without have to explain anything in what is genuine authentic sincere delight of the presence of the other, in what i now turn towards, another lover, anything but remaining hear………

    it has been a slice everyone of pure introspection for all of us, but when it comes to my own happiness, i have to let go and just get back to the ease of simple daily enjoyment of another, that in truth, i have so easily been of all this time living as an OUT homosexual gay lifestyle that i do love without doubt, thinking perhaps i am what i am within everyone, irregardless of orientation, which i do truly purely feel i am, however, that does not necessarily hold true for others who are not yet at my own level and ease of subtle higher intellect awareness……..with that said, i wish you all ONLY LOVE constantly every blessed day forever more as i return to Just BEing my self.

    We are all brothers and sisters in oneness sameness of Jesus Christ, lord God Almighty, the True Prince of Peace, purely truly of the divine ‘real’ self i purely know of ALL YOU, in what is our ushering in of the kingdom of heaven, by means of yOUR Onenes Sameness Power of the ALL ETERNALLY UNITED that lifts the ALL out of the generational mad flood drowning false ignorances of death destruction and oppression of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU.

    anyway, this is where i have arrived in my conclusions, merely wishing to get on with the authentic loving enjoyment my male/female sexual behavior i have been all along, without effort, without doubt, wishing you all the same.

    bless you all

    love Andyy

    ~ Unrealistic Expectations in Relationships

    Often, we believe that others ought to treat us the way we want them to respond. We may tend to put a relationship on a pedestal expecting more from an interpersonal relationship than it can deliver. Then when others fail to meet our expectations, we feel betrayed, frustrated, and resentful. Albert Ellis, noted psychotherapist has said, “Where is it written that others must act the way we want them to. It may be preferable, but not necessary.”

    We may expect a great deal from others because we are dependent. We may lack confidence and rely on others to fill the void of our unsatisfied needs. Our demands of others may become overwhelming as we pursue and then watch as our friends back-peddle in reaction to our needs. As our friends pull away we project our own desire for wholeness in an emotionally dependent manner and a cycle of pursuing and distancing is created.

    We may also carry over “expectation illusions” from childhood. Children expect their parents to nurture, protect and affirm them. However, many adults are unable to do these things. Children, in an effort to change their parents, perform to please, hoping that their parents will reinforce them and fulfill their children’s emotional needs. When parent’s behavior does not change in response to our needs, we become disappointed, feel abandoned, and internalize our feelings as being unlovable. What we didn’t receive from our parents in terms of affection, support, and direction, we project onto others. We expect our friends to provide that which was missing during childhood. When friends are unable to deliver, we may become disenchanted and may give up on the relationship. We believe (as we did in childhood), that if we try harder, and perform for approval, others will be impressed with us and will fill our emptiness. Sadly, the void remains, and the expectation illusion continues.

    When we expect too much from others, we are generally self-critical as well. The part of us that is self-critical is a remnant from childhood that typically represents the echo of one of our parents. The inner critic is the judge and jury of our behavior. It is the part of us that is filled with mandates such as, “you ought to”, “you must”, “how could you”, “why didn’t you.” and so on. Often, instead of taking control of our critic, we project it onto others and make friends feel defective. We may use the same critical terminology on our friends that our parents used on us. It is always a good thing to take responsibility for our critic. We must listen to it, understand its history, and learn to give up its demands. Then we can approach our friendships with realistic expectations.

    Invariably, unrealistic expectations are connected to issues of power, manipulation and control. We might embrace an underlying assumption which says, “People must act the way I want them to, or else I have no use for them.” Another twist on this theme is filled with rage and anger. It goes, “People better act the way I want them to, or else I will pay them back!” Many times these assumptions are behind patterns of physical and emotional abuse. One partner will try to manipulate and control the behavior of their mate in order to get what they want. If the abused partner refuses, conflict ensues.

    When a romantic relationship

    begins, the partners may be oblivious to each other’s weaknesses. Often, our partner may carry our disowned energy in the relationship. Disowned energy represents the part that our partner overtly expresses that we wish was apart of our own experience. This is what makes the relationship intense. For example, a mate may be impulsive or free-spirited. In the beginning, this quality may be valued by the other partner and may be lacking in their behavioral repertoire. These complimentary qualities bring energy to the relationship during the early stages of courtship. Later in the relationship, however, the quality which was an asset may become a liability. We might complain, “I used to like your free-spirited attitude, but I didn’t think it would lead to you making embarrassing comments to our friends.” Conflict emerges as we reassess our expectations of our partners.

    Having realistic expectations for others involves realizing that all of us are less than perfect. Instead of looking to others to meet our needs, we must take responsibility for our own life and make necessary changes that are in our best interest. We must leave our self-blame behind and find ways to untwist our thinking and behavior to make our lives more fulfilling. It is important to value and accept our partners and friends for who they are. It is in our best interest not to spend our energy trying to change them to fit an image of what we believe we need and what they can provide for us.

    James P. Krehbiel, Ed.S., LPC is an author, freelance writer, and cognitive-behavioral therapist practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Read more:
    He can be reached at

  218. the time for LIFE is always in the NOW in following our own LIGHT to what LIFE always is……..ONLY LOVE…….constantly at all times…..without annoying doubt.

  219. *gasp*

    my sponsored kid added me on facebook today!

    how sweet is that?

    God blesses all

  220. this music piece is so incredible what it does for me!

    it frees my mind of any useless nonsense false negativity, like a shield, of just me standing there feeling inner joy excitement i always have been my whole life, just being me………

  221. you know, i honestly did not know at the end of the movie ‘NINE’ what condition he was thinking/feeling, what every girl wants to hear, and then i was like, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck, my brain really is melted lately……..

    ok, honestly, who knew what he was going to say?


    no lying, be honest………..of course only the guys fuck this one up everytime…………you girls always know everything we need to know about our own self.

    Happy Holidays! Lot’s of Cheer without the beer………

    bless you all

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