Coming Soon…

The new video. The new single. The new Icon. All of it is coming soon. Justin and Timbaland are both here and we are ready to make a video!

I’m sorry I haven’t been here much lately. I am so focused on the work. I hurt my ankle recently and I have been training so much!

Are you ready?


29 Responses

  1. Congratulations on these developments. Looking forward to all the new goodies!

  2. We’re soooooo ready M …so excited i may pee my pants!!! ; ) love you xxx

  3. READYY!!!!!!….
    I just want to see the new video!!…

    Be careful with your ankle!…okey? =)

    Take care M!…I love you!


  4. We’re READY..

    Got the new ICON email.. they said they’d send a link to reset my password which never came?

    Did I say.. We’re READY..

    Feel better with the ankle… Energy work is DA BOMB!!!

  5. ………………………………………………..oui

  6. Timberlake, Timbaland and Timbre…….where are you going to shoot the video- Timbuktu? 🙂

    Good Luck, cant wait to see it!

  7. mm i am ready of course i just can’t wait for all the goodies ! but L /M just do yourself a little favor (and all of us) and rest a bit if u can ! take care !

  8. So thats why you went to Claridges in those battered looking trainers, sending you lots of healing energy and a new pair of trainers…but i guess your ankle must be comfortable. I hope you heal as soon as possible. From my deepest pain came the most blessed healing energy. Rest. Even God did once. Decxx.

  9. Ready?
    im needing to ‘get up out of my seat, move on up to the dancefloor’
    ill be your one stop

  10. Oh Dang. Can’t wait. I’m not a mem, but I can be!

  11. Yeah!! I’m ready to work it with you Madonna!, I hope you don’t look like Manly Janet when you come out, her new video is pretty good so you got some competition!
    I hope you will be able to top this!




  12. Your so dedicated, this will be a great year for you, a turning point.

    I am certainly looking forward to the new CD and meaningful lyrics as always. I wonder how Maria is these days, fat and inflated. r u upset with me

  13. Are your ankle OK??
    Take care

  14. whats up with Britney?

  15. me gusta la gasolina!!im all fired up now!!!cant wait to see you kick ass!!!!

  16. mmmmmm NOT I NOT READY!!!!
    Dont hung your music because……

    Todavia tengo que ponerme en forma para bajar mis kilos 🙂 y teñir el pelo de azul :), y… comprarme una gran piruleta y muchos caramelos….. hehehehe, chicles, gominolas, polvos pica pica, globos, zumo de mora, gusanitos 🙂 …… i WILL HAVE TO BUY IT

    expose yourself

  17. We r all buckled up. Send the music in we will do an aerobic workout with it.

  18. Ready- needless to ask! I really hope your anckle is better and btw yesterday i rewatched `In Bed With Madonna` and i am really glad that your life is getting better and better because your life is fullfilled now and you really look happier! I honestly hope my observations are right!

  19. Omg! I know I got the email about the new Icon! Its so cool! Can’t wait! (actually I can but i don’t want to)


  20. Ready!! I’m so ready I think I’m going to pass out! I send your ankle healing love and light energy.
    Love you!

  21. great news, M!
    I’m still waiting for your new album…
    Bulgaria’s love ya!

  22. needle in a hay stack, where have you gone… ????

  23. 29/04/08?
    If this is the new album release date then people are gonna be fucked right off.

  24. hello Madonna,first time here,i gest love your song Forbidden love takes out a piece of me!
    you a are great but you are tired of all this kind of words.anyway i like your stuff.
    by the way i’m from Romania when you are going to have a concert here by us.

    Best regards,

    Sorin Visilian.

  25. keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer?
    from your spiritual conecction edward woodstock your black prince.

  26. said

    ( I wanted to post this under the post “Which Madonna Era Are YOU )

    but could not find the link so I settled for second best ! this one )


    HER LOOK …. the 2011 one

    YOU ARE ALL THINKG ING ha what ? THE FUCK are you talking about

    I SAY wait & SEE

    what I SEE

    the FUTURE

  27. AWESOME…

    because the FUTURE ERA is THE BEST

    EVER …

    well actually i lie a little

    ok so the ERA after this one will be better

    but the NEXT one is better than the last one

    & so on

    it never stops…

    she just never


    but isn’t that why we LOVE her soooo MUCH …



  28. this technowledgy is so primatitive it blows up in your face…

    THE FACE 🙂

    is in every space, place


    it’s just



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