Think Before You Vote…


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  1. Wow thats shocked me..i dont live there im from London and the worse thing is i would have voted for him had i lived in America , i really liked him ….people need to watch this first…who do you want to win then M?

  2. i m not american but the vote of america interest me like a citizen of the world… Obama represent the real changement and it is easy to show poor peoples in america like if he is responsible and to show his house… show me your houses too and show me the Malawi after your travel etc… you can buy a child in africa, shut up of your lesson of morality !

  3. ooops sorry for my agressivity, can ou take off my messge, thank you

  4. “VOTERG.COM”…..

    Watch this video……….


  6. it is not a site it is a blog…and i m not pround of my answer !



  9. i will do, and what does it mean this video with Obama?
    how can i do now? i wd like to die…hope she is strong and know my love for her..sorry

  10. Any one other than a Republican as President is OK with me. Go Hillary!

  11. As an American, this is not how I want America to look. Chicago shouldn’t look this way, New Orleans shouldn’t look this way, in fact, none of our neighborhoods should look this way. I strongly doubt that the people who made these messes worse have the wherewithal to clean them up (or even acknowledge them), so why would I vote for them to lead the country?

  12. regardless of who wins this year i still worry for my america . i remember being so young and proud thinking my country really cares about you and the rest of the world. i really hate to say this but im afraid to even want children myself just because i watch my own siblings struggle trying to make it while raising children and where im from ,we are not so wealthy at all .we have eachother and we make the best with what we have .i even once ask almost everyone i knew if they vote and almost all of them said no because they feel votes dont change anything there will always be poverty,voilence and hatred.there are alot of us out here that are good people .i would give you the shirt of my back if you were cold and i would give you my last dollar if you are hungry and i would risk my life just to save yours if you were in any danger .dont hate me because im american,and to those americans out there that never votes….please vote because YOU are VERY IMPORTANT and OUR voices must be heard!!!!

  13. Luis…
    You are a wise soul.. And it’s you who makes America GREAT.. Not the poliitians..

    Honestly, I think we all get so heart broken with politics.. But it’s still the BEST COUNTRY EVER… We must keep trying….

  14. I’m right there with ya. I think Obama needs to gets real. McCain ’08 betches!!!

  15. Uuuufff…
    I just can say…

    am with luis =)

    Take care Mady!


  16. RON PAUL will bring the troops home!!!!!

  17. i agree with eric:
    “i m not american but the vote of america interest me like a citizen of the world… Obama represent the real changement and it is easy to show poor peoples in america like if he is responsible and to show his house… show me your houses too and show me the Malawi after your travel etc… you can buy a child in africa, shut up of your lesson of morality !”

  18. whats going on here? guys this is M/L ‘s blog if u want to say some shitty things do it else where please ! eric u shocked me

    and about the ELECTIONS 2008 even when i am not an American i want to say something to awra

    Too awra:

    we need to bring the troops back home only when Iraq and Afghanistan will be stable free and democratic! (and when i say we i talk about our troops too the dutch troops are also there )and only when the the both country’s will be violence free!( and i don’t see it happening any time soon !)and i am against this war! besides united states bomb these country’s started a war on them(again with some help from other country’s) so now united states and the rest of the country’s who are in this war needs to help these people and rebuild the both country’s! so in short no one is going home until the job is done so Ron Paul will not bring anyone home if he will win he just can’t do that anyways

    the only 1 who needs be in the white house at moment IS CLINTON!

  19. Thank you Madonna for bringing this video and the question. I am not American and will not vote. I am not also feminist but I think this world needs more women in power. I hope Hilary wins, she has got the experience, wisdom, head/heart to make America a better country and to inspire other countries in the world. Shalom! Shalom!

  20. calling names to eric or whoever else defies MADONNA well she puts this out for opinions and will not judge or chastise if u disagree or put a question in her head. So using the seeunexttuesday word is gross especially for a woman get it cunt…..ccee uu next tuesday so that is more demoralizing then what he said so u should think again b4 using that filthy word.
    I wont agree or disagree about any of the candidates for i have my own opinions and i will keep them to myself
    however, i do vote………

    Madonna i saw an add yesterday and they said
    people want nicole kidman back
    and ur arms……that was anice compliment

    taking my daughter to see little mermaid next week
    this friday dear g-d hannah Montana omg Madonna this kid will be bigger or if not as big as u someday
    if she plays her cards right
    and what a good role model thank g-d
    although when we dressed like u in the 80’s with our torn shirts and bras and all of that stuff it seemed so exciting….
    anyways, so that is that for my week
    and my daughter is going through a phase of spiderman, hannah montana, highschool musical and so many things i am so confused is she a tomboy?
    lol well, she is 5

    we had a really great bday party for her and i am so happy it turned out well.
    Just came back from an incredibly cold vacation but so much fun……..

    again, rosie’s dog worries me it seems like it has some sought of cough and i hope she makes sure noone steps on her it has happened to mine
    little dogs are great but u must be extra careful with the kids…….just sayin

    i cannot wait for ur new album, tour and all that u have in store for us.

    i hope ur family is well, ur dad is holding his own, ur children are well and all is good.
    loving Madonna and her beautiful gifts.
    a stranger friend, fan and very very very choosy of who she admires………….

  21. That is such a bunch of propaganda. I definitely WILL think before I vote, but not because of slick garbage like that. That video implies, but definitely does not make the case that Obama’s relationship with that developer guy, Tony Rezko, as well as Chicago’s 13th district’s troubles, show that Obama’s a corrupt and a lousy leader. Anyway, power, anywhere you find it is never going to leave perfectly clean trails. I hope we all can base our votes on more substantive markers than this!

  22. Excuse me monica moray yes she does put it up for options but not to be told to shut up as eric did u go and defend him and talking of freedem of speech then if i think hes a cunt then hes a cunt so fuck u

  23. ooh…i totally have no idea about Obama’s background, if this is the factor then I will let my friends in the States be aware of this.

    gees..hard to believe, such a powerful speaker….

  24. hey M, it is true what you say about voting, but unfortunatly here is S.A. we are the minority and our votes don’t count. as you may know this country is run by the A.N.C (Nelson Madela;s party) unfortunatly Madiba’s dreams have been crushed by Greed, racisim and small minded thoughts (Hell our President says that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS) and the current leader of the party Jacob Zuma belives having a shower after sex will kill AIDS…now you think America has it bad with small minded people, here in SA it is worse…just want to share that with you. be good;-)

  25. john boy i have not one bit of problem with u or anyone else but i feel that vulgar language is not necessary
    i will not stoop to ur level to curse at u back
    have a nice day

  26. Vugar in your eyes ….go away

  27. vulgar even

  28. iam for who ever god says is too win
    iam also for obama or hillary but i prefer obama

  29. remeber we are not safe any where america or london

  30. even JEZZABEL would have shame,to try for such an office in his shoes.i see him as mantimboo,see him slightly squintting!

  31. i’m in Love with you Madonna!!!


  32. This video has been widely criticized for its tainted portrait of Obama. I urge you to go behind the compelling video and into its critique – you may find yourself swayed yet again. Thinking through this campaign will be difficult and there will be many shots fired, some by camera, some by critique. Consider all sources and especially beware anything that makes you think one thing only.

    This video greatly disturbed me when I saw it – and now I’m not so surprised by it. We’ve got many months to go…

  33. A man who would claim to believe in the dignity of gays and lesbians and then turn around and hire a well-known homophobe to campaign for him in African American churches has no integrity. When Obama was asked by the Human Rights Campaign not to use this homophobe, he told them to take a hike. I don’t trust him to represent me anymore than I believe he represented his poor constituents in Chicago well.

    That’s a very nice house he has though, isn’t it?

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  35. i wd like to vote for Hilary, how can i do …hi hi hi hi

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