Busy Busy BUSY!

Hello to all of you! I am working with this new kick-ass choreographer and she is literally working me to the bone! I am exhausted. I must be ready for my upcoming video shoot. It is going to be so kick-ass! Sorry I’m using the work kick-ass so much. It’s just that’s the only word I can come up with that fits my new video! It is going to be so hot. I can’t wait!


42 Responses

  1. Good to see a post here…
    Almost deleted this bookmark because there’s so little activity..
    Can’t wait for the KICK ASS video…..
    Cudos to you for allowing your ass to be kicked (for us)……
    It’ll be awesome, I’m sure!
    Please post more often…

  2. I want to see the new Kick Ass video!!!

    You have to be exhausted =(…to much Kick ass….stop a little

    I can’t wait for see your new video!!…
    Take care Madi…..a big hug from Chile..=)


  3. You’re always a busy girl…put me to shame !! kick some arse girl!!!! love ya.. squeeze ya.. kiss ya x

  4. You’re always a busy girl…put me to shame !! kick some arse girl!!!! love ya.. squeeze ya.. kiss ya
    #sorry forgot to change my name to johnboy as two John’s #

  5. don’ t break my Queen the choregrapher !!

  6. choreographer i forget a o !

  7. omg i cant wait!!!!

    on http://www.madonnalicious.com it said that u were coming back with a more edgier look and no more dance! i just want a Madonna club banger!

    cant wait

  8. You are such an amazing inspiration! Awsome!

  9. sorry but I just had to comment.. I am busy writing my script.. and one of my characters loosely based on you.. has just said kick- ass three times in the scene i’m writing.. I then take time out and check out this blog and.. talk about reading someones mind.. this isn’t the first time this has happened either.. sometimes I think you’re writing this script, not me.
    anyways I can’t wait to see the kick-ass video.. but for now I gotta get back to work.

  10. complete fearlessness is of God’s will

  11. only love is where we all belong…at all times, as much as possible.

  12. feel it all around you. It is you.

  13. Here we go its Andy!!! me me me me me me me me me me me me me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I love to hear you are getting ready to shoot a video., CAN’T WAIT!!!!..want to share with you this cool website of a friend of mine ..

  15. Yeap,

    Me, too!

    I’m busy,busy and a little bit take a break…
    Nice to hear from you and don’t forget I love you and always near you!

    Love sweet love.

  16. I can`t wait to see the new video and ofcource the new single and album.

    Andy, your being disrespectfull to Madonna by posting more than once and being offtopic all the time!!! It`s getting realy annoying and childisch…..

  17. Ah…You are my muse….

  18. It’ll be great I’m sure & no apologies for being busy – prob one of reasons your work so great, you put your heart & soul into it! Great to see how your going (with your blog input) when you can fit it in and generous for you to do so too for your fans …

  19. ya, it’s True Johnboy, I love myself!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

  20. oh, and you’re not off topic madonnaboy?

    well, too make sure everyone is happy, I will stop posting here.

  21. Talking about God Mboy, does have to do with a child of the light, but as for the annoying part about God’s love, know that fate awaits the unwise.

    Therefore be thirty for wisdom that summons us.

  22. You go girl, so much passion and determination an artist who love’s performing as much as the fan’s love watching, great combination a connection of love..

    uhm did i cross the line i mentioned love guy’s, i mean all the rules on free speech..

    looking forward to the video..

  23. It is me who wishes to leave your bitternesses behind, that is not of God. I become toxic from the affects of Ignorant bashers. I am surprise she let’s you post the way you do.

  24. hahaha…..work hard and get the reward !!! We all are with you.

  25. not you Marco, Mboy, and Jboy…likely the same person.

  26. Anyway, I have had enough of you miseralbe fucks.

  27. For your own sakes, think pretty thoughts, light and true, and loving, and not all these useless words that bring it all down, casting out the hypocrisy of a fool from your selfs(the old man in you, that is not real, and rather is learned behavior of the forefathers before you that you are unwise about).

    Blessed are those who are loving.

    I do not love misery that is cast about here against love.

    I will share my thoughts and feelings with Madonna in private, away from this blog.

    And to think I was trying to save you from a snare you are hopelessly enjoy being in.

    Who knew, eh Rosie!

    We know!

    😀 😀

    I just wanna dance!!!!!

    Love, Andy

  28. Oh, we either can`t wait dearest Louise!

  29. looking forward to it, just don’t push yourself to hard;-)

  30. My Mom just told me mt grandmother’s madden name was Ritchie, born in Scotland.

    ~ small world

  31. That makes me a cross of Scottish, English, Danish, and Black.

  32. ~ great gradmother

  33. ok people, looks like that’s it for me…all the best to everyone.

    Love, Andy

  34. Andy…see ya wouldnt wanna be ya!!

  35. It is you who desires and swims in the delight of spiritual death for yourself and others Jboy.

    Makes absolutely no sense why one would love darkness like you do. I despise it, yet understand why it exists.

    If you have children, I pray you treat them better than you have me.

  36. And i turn it around on you…you seem to crave attention why other would you post so much??? My spiritual side is in me not on here and not forced on other people ..You are the dark one my friend im happy in myself to keep to topic end off

  37. OMG!

    I Can’t wait to see it, hear your new single and Album, and See you in concert AGAIN! YAY!


  38. Blessed are those who are loving.

  39. encore busy … i m waiting behind the door i need to go to the bath 😉

  40. I am so xcited about the new cd and all the videos that come with it. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  41. hey my queen,

    i have been busy too.

    in fact i just came back from my business trip in china and hong kong.

    one week after will be Chinese New Year, Mouse will be the symbal to represent this year, so you can see Mickey dresses in traditional Chinese style recently and says good words to the people who come to hong kong Disneyland.

    wish you a good success in Chinese New Year!

  42. Great Post & thanks for sharing. I’ve saved it.

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