A Gift for You

Click here and you will find something very special. It’s something to satisfy your cravings until the new album arrives. It’s my way of saying thanks for your patience. Hope you like it!


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  1. Hi,
    Thank you but don’t push your luck and dont let us wait too long, alright!

    Waiting for you to satisfy my love….


  2. Loves it! Can’t wait to hear the new album! Very interested to hear what it’s going to sound like!

    All the best.


  3. It’s cool……….

  4. Is it from Confessions album, unreleased track?

  5. What a sweetheart you are. Thank you.

  6. Madonna,
    ILove that you are still blogging. I am so erxcited about some of your upcoming evenets. Gucci Fundraiser, watching VH1 for you being indoctrinated into the Rock & Roll hall of fame.. and of COURSE your new album and the TOUR!!!! and anything else in between. I am a Hugh fan of your and have been one for over 23 years!. You are truly like fine wine. You know the saying.. you get better and better as you get older.. What does it feel like to be a “Queen”. You are loved, and surrounded by such excellent people. Thank you for using your incredible celebrity to give back to those less fortunate. May God continue to bless you and your family richly for all you do.. Love you..
    Now as far as the single you graced us with..
    It is cool not great yet… It needs some bass or deeper back beats. After you say “keep the trance” It needs something that would make the listener feel or think he was in a trance like state on the dancefloor. Just my opinion.. which may not be popular by it is my honest opinion. It is mediorcre not great yet..

  7. Madonna,
    I love that you are still blogging. I am so erxcited about some of your upcoming events. Gucci Fundraiser, watching VH1 for you being indoctrinated into the Rock & Roll hall of fame.. and of COURSE your new album and the TOUR!!!! and anything else in between. I am a Hugh fan of yours and have been one for over 23 years!. You are truly like fine wine. You know the saying.. you get better and better over time.. What does it feel like to be a “Queen”. You are loved, and surrounded by such excellent people. Thank you for using your incredible celebrity to give back to those less fortunate. May God continue to bless you and your family richly for all that you do.. Love you..
    Now as far as the single you graced us with.. Thank you so much !!
    Can’t wait to see you again..

    It is cool

  8. oh my god i love this track! thank u L ! i love the line from “hey you”which is nice lol the sound is different a bit but still i love it look what u did lol now i can’t stop from playing this over and over and over again

  9. Great track, My 2yr old and I have just been dancing to it!!
    Great Gift
    Thanks xx

  10. While patience is a something we all need to have with each other, what stands out most in life, is our connectedness with each other.

    Special indeed, when the sun is shining, like it is this morning, birds are singing, feels like spring already, emotionally.

    I am not in any hurry, being already in a state of joy and peace where I am, but truly I have to say, what a pleasant surprise you greeted us with this morning, making us feel more than special, and rather how sweet it is for you to take the time to….well….for me….to kiss me, you fool!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    She kissed me!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Feel the ascension of love lifting us all up out of the useless nonsense of attitudes so not of us.

    This is only January, with Spring and Summer yet to come!

    I usually start costume designs in January for the summer run. For sure this year will be spectacular, with exceeding joyfulness, even if….

    It is about who we all are, isn’t it?

    What we mean to you as an artist, that started out in the beginning with the connectedness of family, and still is, even much more so than before, having grown wiser.

    The world as we know it, as we feel it…in all it’s silly and useless drudgery so unnecessary and so not about who we are in God’s eyes.

    It is a gracefulness of spirit, delicate and light, floating upwards into the arms of lover’s delight.


    Hey can you add a few low end base drum to it? Needs a grand opening and finale too.

    The DJs are going to love this one!!!!!

    Indeed, changing the world all starts with everyone in the flow of love’s ascension.


    Beyond words!

    It’s the way you make us feel our feelings!!!

    The emotional journey of love’s embrace.

    This is great. A throw back to family. Full circle! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. Hey I was thinking the other day about becoming a studio engineer.

    What a great job!!

    I almost did fifteen years ago, when I was dating a girl that worked in the offices of CBS records.

    I remember talking with them about Celine, and saying, “Watch out for Celine, she is going to become bigger than anything they have seen thus far.”

    Or hey, maybe a DJ job, where the emotional connectivity is the key to a great emotional journey that flows thru all the emotions, from uncertainty ascending upwards and leveling off at the top graceful and true trance.

  12. I feel fun feelings bubbling inside, confident of what it is all about, that is free and jumping around inside me, wanting to break out!

    Not sure what it is. Maybe my repressed bi-sexual self of years gone by?

    Perhaps! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    So strange how I feel afraid to share it with anyone else, and not you.

    It is because of the trust we have.

    I love you!

    Dancing the night away!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    She does!

  13. Keeping it REAL !!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  14. Ok everyone, hold on tight, here comes 2008!!!!!

    It’s going to be the best we have ever seen or felt before!

    Higher and higher it will rise up, year after year we will ascend upwards into love and light of wisdom of who we all are…the loving lovers who dwell in love’s embrace.

  15. I just wanna dance!

  16. and kiss you of course!!!!!!

  17. Hey You! Nice song, I understand why it didn’t make Confessions on a Dance Floor tho.

    This is going straight to my YouTube channel!

  18. Now that’s what I’M TALKING ABOUT!!…

    How generous of you….




  19. yeah, I was thinking the same thing Matt !

    I had my sub woofer turned off (rattles my neighbors kitchen cardboards). There is plenty of base in it.

    Actually I was thinking of a few base crashes that break it up (a remix version or two or three, or twenty until it’s just right).

    Other than that, it is fantastic!!!

    Huge for the DJs to play around with!

  20. It is a mix of years of creativity, coming full circle.

  21. As for creativity, indeed patience is important, but beyond this is feeling the higher feelings of the True Self, that require us paying attention to when the True Self is experiencing the higher feelings, and making notes that discribe it.

    I find the trance music easily brings it out in me.

    There are feelings there that are liberated and free, a playfulness of exceeding joy that has an incredible confidence to it. It is of the future, that I know.

    What is difficult about tuning in to it, is the negativities in my life right now, and yet the negativities are all apart of the driving force the keeps the fighting spirit alive, a knowingness of where we are is not where we belong, if you will.

    Here, follow me on this recent reading; In the cosmic drama(book), it reveals those with self knowledge(self-actualized) enjoy the jubilation of the unborn(yet to embrace wisdoms of self-actualized), nameless(all self of the world), inscrutable, formlessness; it is the perfection of fatherhood(taking responsibility for sake of those unwilling or unable to. ie music), so overflowing love creates the birth of the aeons(ie a new era); they were ever in His Will(compassion for others), when their Being was actualized(fortifying self-actualization for sake of others).


    There’s more!

    I like reading and writing about this stuff as a re-enforcing of the divine will, that is always a good thing and not bad, even if it gets repetitive at times. How else are we able to shed all the negativity and fear we are inundated with, from an unwise world so full of anxiety and fear.

    Where’s my coffee? πŸ˜€

    ok…continuing….the primal( wisdom) wished to propagte that which was lacking in comprehension so they begot aeons(eras), like themselves(healthy self-actualized self); since they are as they are, they are a source undiminished by their own flow of perenial fresh water(sweetness wisdom that continues to strengthen), and unconditional love(music, dance, art, poetry); while held in the divine will, in God’s concealed profundity(intellectual depth; penetrating knowledge; keen insight), the “profound” knew them, but they weren’t able to know the profundity that they actually were(self-actualization of the divine true self).


    How else is ascension possible, if not thru the light of wisdom?

    “I asked for honey, not sugar, take it away and bring it back when it right!!!!”
    “No, not you honey, you are always right for me, I’m talking about this horrible coffee!”

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  22. Anyway…for you nay sayers, this is not about me being arrogant in wisdom, like some of you may think, no, this is between me and M, where apon listening to this latest creation this morning, I read the above from the cosmic drama this morning, and ‘for me’, it is about the spiritual connection with God’s divine will(in the moment).

    And yet, no matter where I read from(regarding love), it all means the same thing…LOVE is what matters.

    There is only one path for the True Self.

    Spiritual connectedness is by means of sincerity and purity of the higher self that is reaching higher, partly because of where the world inundates the True Self with so much drudgery all around.


    And here is the punch line; “It’s about being REAL!”

    Don’t you just love how music on the dance floor makes us feel?

    So incredible, is it not?

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Andy thats boring now do u think anyone wants to read your rants?? this is about Madonna not you!!!

  24. full circle, in more ways than one!


    I love you!!!!!!!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  25. WOW!!!!!!!!

    What a beautiful song!!!!!!!!!

  26. Lyrics:

    Hey You!
    don’t give up
    either good or bad
    there is still a trance, around you
    Keep the trance.

    Hey You!
    be Your Self
    don’t be shy
    here’s the reason why
    you’ve got to keep the trance, keep the trance

    ~ ~ ~ chorus
    Keeping it together
    You’ll make it alright
    come on check it out
    and we can keep it tonight

    Keeping it together
    You’ll make it alright
    come on check it out
    and we can keep all night
    ~ ~ ~

    Youn girl, young boy
    open up Your heart
    that is what you’re born for
    if you want to change
    you’ve gotta keep the trance
    keep the trance

    Hey You (old man)
    none of this is real
    including how you feel
    that’s why you keep the trance
    keep the trance

    ~ ~ ~ Chorus X 2 ~ ~ ~

    Hey You
    Love Your Self
    If you never can
    love anybody else
    You can keep the trance, yeah!
    keep the trance, yeah!
    come on, come on

    Young boy, young girl
    now open up your heart
    this is what you’re born for
    if you want to change the world
    you keep the trance
    come on

    ~ ~ ~ chorus X 2 ~ ~ ~

    come on, come on, come on!

    ~ ~ ~ chorus X 2 ~ ~ ~

    hey crash on the bass and drums ending*beginning πŸ˜‰

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  27. I think there should be a 2 comment limit per person! whos with me!?

  28. i didnt know people like you M would put a download on your own blog but its making the anticipation build and build!!!!!!
    I think the next gift u give us should be either a clip of the first single or the cover!!!
    ily M!


  29. sweet loving feelings

    I can see Cloud spinning and jumping around

  30. hey, I’m with you Matt!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    just don’t delete the Lyrics !

  31. sorry….my intellectual side likes to make an appearance once in a while.

  32. I agree m smith… ; )

  33. Hey, who’s side are you on Matt?

    oh, yeah…my other side!


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  34. yeah, I know…I can be annoying some days.

    what do you mean, I am annoying all the time?


    yeah, I suppose I should tone it down. But hey, I was talking with M…and anyone interested in wisdom.

  35. Having coffee in the mornings with M is what I enjoy!!!

    So if you don’t want to sit at our table, then sit somewhere else!


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I mean really guys, need I remind you of who is here?


    The greatest artist of all time in the history of mankind!!!!

    more popular than Jesus.

  36. Say hello to M everyone!

    and be kind and gracious with your words please.

    who wants to read or feel negativity of any kind.

    no pushing and shoving on the dance floor allowed.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    keep if fun and interesting.

  37. You stopped your medication Andy?

  38. not sure if I got those lyric accurate or not.

    is the word trance used thru out the song?

  39. medication for the world John?


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    soul dancing all night long is where we belong.

  40. all negativity is spiritual death John.

    Please, at least try to be civil.

    You keep bringing it down for all of us John.

  41. Where is the civility and gracefulness in bashing me John, and need I remind you I am a bi-sexual.

    What ever happened to family in the gay/lesbian/bisexual community John?

    did you skip out on that class?

    as in ‘no class’?

    ~ just asking.

  42. thank you for the good grass i recome back from Holland with your song in my head, bisous bisous bisous, it is wonderfull

  43. First what the hell does sexuality have to frigging do with it?? your just boring that my opinion as you brought up sexuality you being Bi says everything case closed!!

  44. ….honestly at first time i didnt like this song at all,
    i was very disappointed
    …but now, when i tried to listen it again and again,i can say…I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

    Thank you for this wonderful gift!

  45. well last time I checked John, being gay/lesbian is a difficult process that is safe guarded by veterans in the gay/lesbian communities that is of the knowingness that we are not accepted by most of the world…with that said, I would expect you of all people to at least be civil with me.

    You choose not to be civil with me, revealing you enjoyment of the hypocrisy heart you seem to love to dwell in…of your choosing, not of God’s choosing and not of Jesus’ choosing.

    Jesus and God despise hypocrisy.

    And so should everyone, because of the obvious fact that it is negativity that cajoles and entices the positive spirit to drink from your cup of bitterness John…that is poison for ALL souls.

    I speak wisdom for you to embrace, for sake of you, not against you, rather the truth that light(wisdom) reveals for you to see obvious these things of the heart, in order that you may pluck it from yourself, sparing you, and sparing others from the bitter gnashing of teeth that keeps coming forth from you, sneaking and hitting others unsuspectingly over the head.

    You are a basher John. Trust me, M and Rosie despise bashers, having been bashed long enough by you motherfuckers.

  46. indeed, case closed.

  47. anyway…how’s your going day M?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  48. I see we’re back to you again??? Hello Madonna Blog??? me me me!!!

  49. here is an something that may help catch you up to date, for anyone interested in M

    thanks Matt!

  50. you are disconnected John.

  51. not to worry, most people are…unknowingly, without desire of the higher self awareness.

  52. so I guess maybe M may be interested in my scribbling. Yes?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  53. ItΒ΄s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!

    I make this video and mix for your generosity and keep awake my ears and mind
    Best wishes!!!!

  54. ALL things unloving disconnect…spiritual death(often referred to as death in scripture, where in fact it is spiritual death that affects the condition of our own soul we are unknowingly responsible for nurturing and protecting by means of truth wisdoms)

    ALL things loving connects with God’s love…spiritual life, that nurtures and protects the divine True (higher) Self, as one with God’s loving compassionate truth wisdoms.

    Fear disconnecting from wisdom, where fate awaits the unwise. God knows the next step we take, and who is able to see God, where 100% belief that God exists is required, made possible by embracing a significant amount of macro thinking that connects all the truth wisdoms…where apon God reveals him/her self to us.

    ~ such has been my experience.

    I weirded me out the first time God spoke with me. I remember the day clearly, in an unseen way that is of my relationship with God and me. God’s first words with me?

    “Amazing, you finally understand!

    God was delighted, knowing this day would come, before I knew, ever present and knowing my next step, of my entire life, but only while I was actually seeking and diligently searching with sincerity of heart, did God him/herself to me, which most people don’t make an active effort to do.

    Looking back over my life, I realize that the painful spurs I had experienced, was why I yearned to leave behind all the foolish teachings of the world, other than the only valuable teachings, that of psychology.

    The fountain of living waters that I drink from is spiritual life for any who wish to drink, even for those who choose to through dirt in the fountain, unwisely thinking they can bring harm to enlightened souls which have become wise about the pettiness of the egotistic heart.

  55. Wisdom breaks the chains that binds the heart in dark and bitter ignorances of all things unloving and untruthful of the divine True Self in all of us.

  56. Mat:

    I’m with you… Great idea…
    Two post limit..
    Oh… this is my second post..
    I’m out..
    Let’s call it.. Blogging etiquette…
    Similar to cell phone etiquette.. Right?

  57. One of the most powerful moments in my studies is revelation of why Jesus sacrificed his life to the cross.

    Jesus linked his own sacrifice with the tendencies(all things unloving, such as hypocrisy) that are leading the people away from God’s love.

    It was not Jesus on the cross that they saw and felt, rather it was the truth they saw and felt about the bitter wretchedness of the hearts of those who did what they did, nailing a fellow human up to bleed out and die like he did.

    Reminds of the bashers that dragged a beautiful gay guy here in America, rope tied behind a truck and then leaving him to die, tied to a fence post.

    no shame in what they did, the law finally caught with the killers.

    Matthew Shepard was a gay student at the University of Wyoming. He was abducted, tied to a fence, beaten about the head and left to die there, on October 6th 1998.

    The two men who murdered him (Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney),, when brought to trial, tried to excuse their actions by using the ‘gay panic’ defense. They were both found guilty and are currently serving two concurrent life sentences each.

  58. oh come on guys!

    Don’t you people chat in live chat rooms?

    so boring, and then when you do chat, it is like so negative.


    I am going over to see Rosie!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  59. Thank the lord ..bye then ..and its not a live chat room or a church its a Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT MADONNA GIVING US A GIFT REMEMBER THE SONG?? HELLO??

  60. blogging etiquette?

    ~ and there in lays the problem…lack of interest or desire to know about God’s love.

    ah well, thank God for artists like Madonna who continue to lift us up from our own foolish demise that lacks what is crucial…LOVE and LIGHT.

  61. ya John, I took time to write the lyrics in a previous post, you moron!

    I can’t believe your complete and utter dis respectfulness of another human being. So lame, with only words of bashing and negativity, each and every time John.

    The path of only love is narrow, and wide for egotistical petty bitterness of heart, I suppose. Reasoning enough for me to find something better to do with my time that chat with you.

    Yuk! is all have to say about it.

    where’s my guitar, my old faithful friend?

  62. Hi Madonna!
    Thank you for the gift, I like the music but agree with whart Janice said about the beat after keep it together. I wonder if the new album will have any ballad. I have been listening recently the soundtrack of The Next Best Thing, itΒ΄s very good and I simply love your balad, Time Stood Still. What I like about your songs is the powerful messaged you give us, very spiritual indeed. I think everyone needs to hear them over and over again in case we forget, because we certainly do sometimes… Although I have followed your career for 23 years I have to say IΒ΄ve never been to anyone of your concerts (first I was far away from the places you toured, then while here in London I simply could not afford it…) but this year I will and I look foward to hear you live. Please include some ballads!
    Lots of Love and keep shinning your LIGHT! XOX

  63. Andy please dont think im chatting with you i have a life ..By the way you must have mistaken me for john in another life cause i dont give ashit so go to Rosie

  64. I like the echo(hall) effect in the opening of this sound track, that is tantalizing anticipation for opening the song.

  65. sorta like a calling or awakening for the True Self, as in, “Ok everyone, relax, here we go…are you ready?”

    Ok then, up we go, higher and higher, ascending out of the mud.

  66. Wow John, do you have and friends?

    with an attitude like that, you never will.

  67. So back to the song( ignores Andy the nutter who needs medication) i really love it think it would have fitted really well on confessions ; )

  68. oh and like wise John, regarding all your negative crashing against your True Self…harming only you, not me.

  69. fuck off John

  70. you are such fucking asshole John, making a comment about medication that some people actual need in order to stabilize themselves after serious life issues have hit them.

    You have zero class and limited intelligence regarding the human condition.

  71. Wow Andy true colours are showing now… God will forgive you go and confess ..get it? ; )

  72. you just stigmatized everyone who require medication for life serious life threatening psychological issues needed to save their life, you ignorant fuck!

  73. One last thing Andy if you dont think im Religous then look in madonnas fan videos mine is the Isaac video that she posted on here so ill leave you with that Adios

  74. confess the truth is what I do best John…where you are not of God’s loving compassionate wisdom.

    maybe trying thinking before opening your mouth that flows forth poisonous garbage of an ignorant mind.

    oh, sorry, you may have to read a book first.

    can you read?

    if not then shut your mouth and stop embarrassing yourself as an ignorant fool.

  75. delete delete delete

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  76. you turned this blog into bitterness John.


    I am foolish to regard any of my time for anything you have to say…a complete waste of time for anyone to read your posts John, where your bitter poison of the egotistic petty heart lurks waiting them.

  77. Andy, you are getting boring and insulting, and i don`t think anyone is interested in your babling (wasting space). John is right, please stop being ignorant and just post one time, like everybody does here, and be on topic. I don`t understand why they don`t blog you from this site.
    I`m sure Madonna doesn`t like your pestering either!!!
    Thank you, god bless!

  78. I love it, it’s exactly what i wanted, i cannot wait to get off on it, on the dance floor, someone out there loves me.

  79. this song makes me want to be a Dj.

    hmmm…they have Dj software for the PC now.


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    when I get the right sound, I will reveal it for ya!!!

    don’t get me wrong, I love the song!!!

    I am thinking about an hour long version for the dance floor.

  80. just for you of course…no leaks from me.

  81. oh yeah, I forgot, you like it when they start buzzing about your creations…right!!!!

    free advertising! Bravo!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  82. ….mixing…

  83. Very Nice Song…I really like it….Many many Thanks…I hope you are doing fine….keep in touch. πŸ™‚


  85. Angel’s love’s me… thank you Angle’s Thank you Andy, Thank you God, thank you Madoona…

    Thank you… Marco .. fuck off John….

    I hour !!! What…

    Was Rome built in a day ??

  86. haha!

    I get ticked off rather easily, I know.

    It was such a special feeling, and then for John to come in and knock on me like he always does, trivialized the moment for me.

    My own fault for not slowing down and thinking more clearly, and ignore it when people get on you like that. nonsense.

    You can’t really do a proper remix with out the original tracks.

    I always love the remixes. Some are incredibly well done.

    I will play around with it for a few weeks, and see what I can do…something fun, high spirited.

    here is the first rendition of the song;

    thanks Marco.

    I always feel worse after trashing someone that gets on my case, because I know bitterness is not to be engaged in, no matter how much they cajole or entice you. But some days I fight back.

  87. friends aren’t perfect, yet are precious.

  88. bΓ©h bΓ©h i m the real good cheep… we can do do a good trance all together..just with the good cheeps Dennis, Daniel, Jannice, Ron, John, Andy, Anna Christina, Butterfly, Satya, eric33, Marco, Smith, Jane, Andrew, Cameron, Pur Poison

  89. 16 cheeps for the world !!!

  90. and 462 downloads !! , just one question,t is it normal there is no clip vdeo with sceen with link ?

  91. syndrome Andy

  92. an other question : the voice is the real voice of super M or avoice of some one else? i m not sure, may be it is the quality of Mp3..or i m deaf, it is possible too
    the song is good

  93. IT is the QUEEN ; )

  94. oky i m deaf…


  96. M, thanks you so much!!
    I love the song!!…I can’t wait for your new album!!
    I hope everything is fine with the release…
    and don’t be stress with all this..

    Again, thanks for the song =)

    Take care M!!


  98. eh i see there is another john om this!! well me is john from ireland the original andy basher!! lol.. where u from john? totoally agree with obviously this self adoration and smugness from andy is unreal, how dare you put an opinion on people regarding their beliefs and say they are not connected? how the hell would you know?? you are extremley arrogant andy and thats a primitive emotion their nothing enlightening about it whatsoever… jeeeeeeeez

  99. I wish I could get in touch with Madonna. It is about the children of Bulgaria, there are very special gifted children that need help…

  100. Hi John This is John from London….he must have thought i was you y’day lol i better start calling meself Johnboy my nick name ; )

  101. Well john, this was an enlightened moment for me, and for you to start on me in the first place, in your unbelievable belittling and condescending remarks of me, naturally I am going to feel pissed off about it.

    It was like being a theater performance, and jackass coming into the theater and interrupting the performance of the enlightenment of the beautiful dancers on stage, with vulgar and slang words tossed all around.

    We are all guilty of disconnection from God’s love when ever we do or say anything unloving. Instead of seeing that I merely offer you wisdom John, you are the one who wishes to continue in arrogance against me. Why not try to see my compassionate perspective that wishes wisdom for us all.

    Negativity is negativity, of which I too am guilty of from time to time, I admit, and is always useless, leaving no room for tenderness of loving feelings and words to flow from us, so long as we turn towards the pettiness of the egotistic heart(that everyone has).

    Where our heart is, there too is our treasure and our life…at all times.

    What we turn towards, we become…at all times.

    ~ TRUTH, as is made obvious in our approach with one another lately, Yes?

    So forgive me of my smallness of heart, lacking in patience, just as I forgive you.

    ~ Peace and exceeding gracefulness is what feels good for the divine True Self in all of us.

    Life is the greatest teacher.

    And so, I shall leave you in peace John, and find another table to sit at.

    Everyone is connected, directly, indirectly thru out the world, by means of everything we say and do, every second of everyday, where every second alters the future for the entire future of mankind for all eternity.

    So where is the future?

    It is right here in the present, in this moment, in every moment.

    The kingdom of heaven is all around us, but mankind is yet learning of the divine True Self in all of us as we speak.

    Turn towards the goodness of heart within, at all times, if you can, where the flow of your own perennial fresh water of love and light flows from, and I will try to do the same.

    The path of only love is narrow.

    But easy to stay on, merely by taking the time to feel the truth, that these negativities we have felt for one another, really don’t feel good as all for us, Yes?

    Life is the greatest teacher for our souls, where our feelings is sight for our heart, mind, body and soul of where the kingdom of heaven really is.

    We are the Truth. The divine True Self in all of us feels everything, good and bad, in every waking moment.

    ~ the cup of wisdom that is sweet to drink from, that is of the words that Jesus spoke long ago, not my words, and yet my words of love that I hold onto.

    It is about transformation of the old man into the divine True Self, that feels everything all the time.

    Love feels better, this we all know, Yes?

    So let us all turn towards our tender loving feelings for one another instead, with open hearts and open minds, humbled before God, knowing that what we genuinely look for, is LOVE and wisdom, knowing love is the best feeling of all.

    We can feel God’s purity of love, merely be doing and saying loving things…at all times, if possible. So forgive me of my bitter foolishness, just as I do others.

  102. We all come from love, and it is thru love that we all return to God’s love and God’s love returns to us.

    God is the true and faithful friend, because of the purity of the truth wisdoms, where truth does not fail, and rather it is we who choose to fail the truth.

    Some think God casts us into hell. Truly God does not have to, as we do this all on our own (without God), where anything unloving is not of God, but of our own foolish desire to dwell in dark ignorances devoid of love and wisdom.

    Fortunately we learn from these feelings, lifting our heads skyward, at peace with ourselves, under one sky, one world where the divine True SELF in ALL of us experiences feelings exactly the same.

    Jesus felt everything. Where we don’t fully connect is in our acknowledgment that we are all exactly like Jesus with respect to experiencing our feelings.

    It is not difficult to try to imagine how Jesus looked apon us, compassionate and wise, knowing fully his own loving feelings so tender and mild, are exactly the same for everyone all around him.

    Truly he knew this, Yes?

    So who is the divine one?

    Is it not every single one of us?

    Indeed it is.

    Truly Jesus was sad and compassion that we were not able to acknowledge this as 100% true, asking God to forgive us of our lacking in God’s divine will to become wise about love, knowing love is what feels so much better than all useless bitterness(the slippery rocks).

    So forgive me in fueling the fires with in us.

    Thank you father. Thank you to all those who are loving.


  104. JESUS LOVE US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  105. Peace out.

  106. love the music but i dont like the vocals

  107. Love ya MADONNA~!!!


    Waiting for your new album! …

  108. Like Madonna John, I seek the path of love and light(wisdom) where love is devoid of useless doubtfulness and absurd fear, like the fear and anxiety that keeps coming out of your mouth.

    The demons of this world are ignorant of God’s love and wisdom, and is why they lack gracefulness of spirit with one another.

    These are merely observations I have made as one of God’s students, that you can take or leave.

    You want to vanquish me John, but you fail to hear(feel) the words I keep saying of speech you cannot grasp.

    We all choose not to grasp the words I speak, that are of God…and therein are is cause for the spiritual poverty of the entire world.

    It is Madonna’s blog John, not yours, and if she wants me to stop, then fine, I will stop.

    Who are you John, to say things against what she may be interested or not interested in hearing from me, you ignorant, arrogant egotistical person, with a heart of blackness, an empty void of nothingness in all your words against God’s teachings, that are devoid of love in your approach with me?

    I am not a judge. I am a revealer of God’s TRUTH WISDOMS, a teacher if you will.

    Last time I checked, Madonna invited me here. But I am growing tired of your uselessness John, where it is I who will invite her to another table, leaving you behind.

    Forgive them father for their lacking what is crucial, a sincere desire for all things loving, where instead of love, they take enjoyment in laughter of hypocrisy of an ignorant heart yet unwise, not of their own fault father, and rather of the teachings of the forefathers before them that yet exists in the world.

    Many are the snares of bitter ignorance that take captive the souls of this world, lacking of God’s loving compassionate wisdoms.

    ~ the swift sword of truth that vanquishes the foe unknowingly, where light reveals and makes obvious all things for all to see clearly the truth of what not to do.

    ~ darkness(ignorance)unknowingly serves the enlightened ones by means of the truth of what not to do.

    Be wise. God wants us to be wise in the transition of our souls into beings of light that shine forth in the world, lighting up the whole world.

    Where untruthfulness exists, I do not dwell, and yet I am there in spirit of those who know me.

    You don’t know me John, and likely never will, so long as you cast such bitterness apon someone you think you know, who personally invited here by M.

    Instead, I will invite her somewhere else to chat.

    So take care, and choose to be wise in the future, ok?

    Blessed are those who are loving, for God is with you when you are.

    ~ I am merely a student and teacher of God’s wisdoms for those who can hear(feel) God’s teachings of love and wisdoms that are of all things loving and of all things unloving.

    ~ a revealer of truth do I come forth in the world.

  109. deluded more like

  110. Oh, and thanks for the kicking in the head John, of a dear friend of Madonna who personally invited me here, and in which I take my leave now of this blog, away from your insult and injury, not of me, but of yourself.

    I just find you annoying, that’s all.

    If I come back here, you can be sure I will be incognito, where a few may recognize me, like Marco does.

    Hey Marco!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    Hey Marco, where did all these morons come from?

    I understand the frustrations of teacher student relationships now!

    If I had a piece of chalk, guess where it might be right now?


    I LOVE YOU MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I don’t love your bitterness John. I despise it. And so should everyone. Garbage attitude begets garbage attitude, just as love begets love.

    Wisdom vs Ignorance

    As one who is wise I will vanquish all ignorance(unknowingly for those who enjoy pettiness) that comes before me, for sake of maintaining the enlightened ones of the world. You know who you are.

    God wants us to be wise.

    Speak against God and you speak against the divine True Self in all of you.

    I am God’s servant.

    I greet you and peace and brotherly love, of those who choose to know me, like Madonna chose to know me, by inviting me here.

  111. So I guess that pretty much settles that conversation.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  112. I thought this blog was about Madonna miraculously talking and communicating with her fans… Please don’t ruin it for everyone else.. Let’s be respectful of HER wishes to stay on topic and to be respectful to each other.. Please don’t waste this space to air your interal angst, un-resolved emotional or mental problems. Please don’t waste the comments space with empty and frivilous words. Let’s just keep it light and be thankful like I said earlier, that Madonna, or someone speaking for Madonna would grace us with their words…. Respect is earned, never demanded People can’t be taken seriously when they go on and on about nothing…



  113. It is foolish to remain foolish.

  114. My attempts of enlightenment is proving fascinating for me, with those who hear(feel), like Marco does, and those who don’t.

    People can bring out the best and the worse in others?

    I would seem so!

    I feel like a doctor, drawing out the poison venom from it’s victims.


  115. hmmmm…what name shall I use now?

    See if you can recognize me Marco!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  116. hey, remember hide and seek as kids? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    what fun this is!

  117. If you would notice, I purposely chose to not refer to anyone in particular when I was making my comment above. I was addressing it to only those to whom it applys. With that said, I still say that this is a MADONNA BLOG and our conversations on it should be reserved for mainly her. Not our personal attempts to “Enlighten, inspire etc.. Nothing personal but that is not what this blog is for. MADONNA herself said “remain on topic” That seems pretty clear to me..
    When we don’t do that it seems like we are “Pimping” her celebrity for our own personal needs.. I Love Madonna and I am on this Blog because of her and more things I can learn and get from her and her fans.. This Blog is Great because we get a chance to hear from Madonna.. Why would we want to ruin that?

  118. Andy and Marco are one and the same..
    I agree .. It is foolish to remain foolish

  119. thanx M;-)

  120. I cant wait for the Album soooooooo need some new songs to dance too!!

  121. i send the song to my friend of dance floor…he is terrible kinkybiker, Marco, i hope we will do the creazy on this song soon…

  122. I’ll find you, ha ha ..

    my life was burdened and i suffered because i wanted to be connected but was disconnected … i knew where i wanted to be but there is no short cut to that place i had the desire, not self loving enough to find the path, thankfully an Angel graced me and guided me.. perhaps my pain was to gain so i can also
    guide other’s who desire a place to be, a place of love..

    the power of love.. Frankie Goes to Hollywood.. like those lyric’s nice song..

    speak soon..

  123. profile on recon, bullrotboxer and kinkybiker

  124. I’ll find you, ha ha ..

    My life was burdened and i suffered because i wanted to be connected but was disconnected … i knew where i wanted to be but there is no short cut to that place i had the desire, not self loving enough to find the path, thankfully an Angel graced me and guided me.. perhaps my pain was to gain so i can also guide other’s who desire a place to be, a place of love..

    “The power of love”… Frankie Goes to Hollywood.. like those Lyrics a nice song..

    speak soon..

  125. Thank you Louse – thoughtful of you & fab too! Looking forward to new album & tour dates!

  126. Janice

    Andy and Marco are ONE and anyONE who is connect to the whole is ONE.

    Like two drops of water in an ocean are also ONE ocean, would you like to come and swim in the ocean with me and become at ONE with the ocean.. we could swim through the coral and see all the pretty colors and play with the dolphin’s

    Watch the Shark’s though they come from no where and bite your bum.. seen a few on this blog myself.. ha ha..

    Who’s pimping on here ? introduce me.. i need a pimp πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ force me to make some cash to pay for a bum lift..and some Botox..

  127. My patience has only grown more intense. Damn it! I predict a fun late Spring and Summer listening to the new album. Summers are made for dancing and sweating. Go for the burn!

  128. Impatience, I should say has grown more intense.


  130. Bonjour Louise!!!

    Ca va? Je suis bien!
    Hope your trip was enjoyable and that Family is well.
    Thanks so much for the track – any new material from you is always a blast! Won’t stray too far of topic but I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done over the years. You inspire me to be the best I can be everyday – and if we were never to meet it wouldn’t really matter in the bigger picture. Although, it’s no secret that my biggest desire in the whole Universe would be – to look into your eyes and say Hello! You are a very special child of the Cosmos and I salute you and all your efforts to make Our World a better place.

    Love from above

    (they say today Jan. 21st is clinically the saddest day of the year – let’s all make some effort to make that not true anymore!)

  131. o my gosh Andy do you have anything better to do than talk about yourself on somebodys else’s blog!

    but anyway Love the track M, ur always suprising us!!!!
    way to keep it fresh

    what will she do next?

  132. here is a Dj mix I put together. Upbeat, fast moving, energized, happy, ecstatic dance.


  133. non stop spinning, laughing, on and on we go, where no one is ever able to bring us down!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  134. hey, how networked are you with the Djs world wide?

    is it like none existent, a few, or moderately so?

    Networking with the Djs is direct contact with the people who love your music, setting off a buzz instantly when new releases are made available.

    The internet is the key for networking with them in real time, with updates sent out to all of them instantly on an up coming release.

    You could do a special release just for Djs only, to wet their appetite, sorta like what Justin has done, but only on a grand scale. Every club in the world, a pre release specifically just for them. Of course you know they love this kind of thing.

  135. A way of keeping it exciting out there, with some teasers in between album releases.

  136. ascension; dancing the night away.

    ~ good exercise!


  138. i dont like it, and i do like all ur songs, but this one is really crap.

  139. hehe

  140. Thanks!

    I Like this song! Why didn’t it go on the Confessions on a dance floor cd? or as a bonus song on one of the singles like history and fighting spirit! Can’t wait till the new cd and TOUR!!!!!!!!


  141. ~ it was just written Lauren

  142. nothing special….. ;o(

  143. “Hey you don’t give up!”

    I like your song. Hit out all over globe!


  144. Can I play this at my wedding?

  145. I can tell you how people respond to it.

  146. Hey you used a word yourself…

    How about ‘Cravings’ or crave. or Sweet Tooth
    or food or yummies or junk food or this is my best album ever or im the best or don’t copy this masterpiece…you bastards…

    I’m just throwing out the ideas…just trying to help ya out…

    kiss kiss

  147. How about

    Eatiable undies

    is that a huge spelling mistake?


  148. baumhauerite bine geissolomataceous extrovert gonadotropin vesturer tophaceous luganda
    Roger’s CSU Basketball Page


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