Indian Food

I love the food in India, but it doesn’t love me. Guy was joking around about wanting to sleep in another room last night! I admit it.  It was BAD! LOL.  Oh well. Isn’t that what marriage is all about? I mean you have to love someone to overlook their stinky farts.

Be patient. Something good is coming soon.


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  1. A wise woman once said, ” A fart it’s a chemical substance it comes from a place called bum! It penetrates through the trousers and lands with a musical hum! To fart to fart, ’tis no disgrace for it gives the body ease, it warms the blankets on cold winter nights and suffocates all the fleas!”

  2. Hi M!..

    jajajajja….yeah!..that’s marriage!…poor Guy anyway..LOL

    Why you change blog?

    Take care M!..

    Wainting the good news

  3. I’m patient and caint wait in one! I’ve been telling all my frieends….GET READY! cause i am!

  4. totally agree with you ! and i still stand up for you ! en français très vulgaire on dit aussi “lacher une caisse” pour the stinky farts, par exemple, oh t’ as laché encore une caisse !!

  5. LOL i LOVE it when you talk about farts 🙂 LOL You are kinda crazy which make you soo charming, Louice! Its great you have your spirits so high 🙂

  6. The Indian food makes u have gases perhaps?

  7. Yeah, farting is a really funny and stinky thing but it’s impossible to live without it, I mean it’s the natural process like eating, bleeding, sleeping etc. If a person loves you it’s great when such “discomfort” 🙂 can be considered as something funny.

  8. Ha Ha!…its terrible.
    Indian food very hot and spicy,i also had a problems first time… But I got used to it!
    Because i should live in this hell, i mean in country, where this food very popular. 🙂

    …poor Guy.

  9. i like that you are very open minded. you are talking about real things that happen in our life. family life is a great patince, understanding and love.

  10. you are such a tease …..LOL
    as long as Guy doen’t call you a old bag of wind……..sorry it’s all the freash air, getting to my head;-)
    so comon spill the beans (no pun intended) 4 minutes of you time or candy shop?

  11. Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

  12. I love indian food too.. They sneak dairy in it.. and I think you don’t eat a lot of dairy.. It’s probably your body trying to digest the dairy… But yes.. That’s what marriage is all about …
    My husband poots up w/me too… lol..

    We’re waiting.. Patiently.. and I must admit, I’ve been told that’s not my virtue…so you’re giving me opportunity to work on that.. 🙂

  13. Hi Louis Veronica. I see this list in
    True or false?

    I wish that:
    -Very Lucky four your next Album
    -Que nunca te canses de cantar y bailar y tampoco de defender la musica
    – Que defiendas Africa

    1. Candy Shop *
    2. The Beat Goes On *
    3. 4 Minutes To Save The World +
    4. Dance Tonight +
    5. Across The Sky + [Might be cut from the album]
    6. [Even] The Devil Wouldn’t Recognise You +
    7. Miles Away +
    8. She’s Not Me
    9. Feel It In My Heartbeat
    10. Give It To Me *
    11. La, La ( LA LA LA de Masiel ¿yes or not? this is my favorit song of 60´)


  14. thy bum bum rumble, eh?!

  15. You said that you would letting us know on Tuesday or Wednesday.. It is Thursday and still no word. What is the deal?

  16. Hey Madge,

    That is the funniest ever i cant believe that! lol I was die hard laughing!!!!!!!

    I also love indian food but not so much anymore lol

    Can’t wait for that news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. i like indian food but hold the hot stuff !!!i thought you stopped blogging for a while there but im glad i found your site again :^) i absolutely love curry
    reggaeton mixes to any of your singles this year would be hot!!!
    have you tried any delicious sweets and candy from there??

  18. ok, wait….wait….wait….here it come….ok, pull my finger! 😀 😀


  19. The human body is such an incredible thing.

    We have the largest brain mass of all creatures.

    We sense sound, touch, vision, taste, temperature, odor, able to walk freely in any direction of our choosing, any time we want on this planet of earth and water, and the many beautiful creatures and plant that grow here, floating in space around a ball of energy that provides for all life here, other than the thermal life at the bottom of the ocean.

    It is such an incredible thing, where the possibility exists that we may be the only life forms in the entire universe, perhaps for some as a freak of nature from a spark of lightening so long ago, or as others may thing, a creation of a higher life form than we are from the beginning of time of the primal universe.

    Above all things we say or do in life, joyfulness of each day of life is made easier, merely be avoiding all things foolishly unloving that we see in the world today.

    Emotions are something we can also learn to deal with, just as we are able to control our own thoughts, with practice.

    I have found that the wisdoms of Dr.Charles Whitfield have worked best in my life thus far, and the spirituality of sincerity and purity of love is what is ingrained in all of us, able to be nurtured and protected, by means of practicing truth wisdoms specifically for our Divine True Self.

    I am always in appreciation of my incredible life, here on planet earth, in awe of the many things I continue to seek and learn about.

    Love Life!!!!

    P.S. you may want to avoid those methane gas clouds, as some people have actually died from them…it’s true! Check it out….google it….people have died from someone’s farts!!!

    😀 😀

    That would be an interesting therapy session to be in on, of the one dealing with survival guilt of a fart that caused the death of someone they loved….haha!

  20. So if we see Madonna heading to the fridge in the middle of the night for some beans and milk, then we will know what she’s up to! 😀 😀


    …well I thought it was funny.

    And I know Matt is still laughing about it….eh Matt ?

    yeah sure ~ whatever.

  21. Hey, you know what I find, is I see the searching in people’s eyes of everyone I meet.

    People seem to be looking for acknowledgment from others, where at times you can sense the uncertainty feelings they have, trying to hide them, as they attempt maintain their confident composure.

    What bewilders me is the need of attention they seek from those who really are just not suitable for them to be around, as in a positive environment that is safe and supportive, that they unknowingly are searching for.

    The wisdoms of psychology is so incredible. We get to look at others in a whole new light of wisdom.

    And along the way, continue nurturing those we get to spend time with.

    When I woke up today, I felt the same as I did as a teen at 15, insecure and afraid, mostly from the recent bashing I took from my place of employment.

    For me, this is a good thing, becoming grounded and centered, ever in remembrance of just how sensitive we all are to everything, where sometimes the mean spiritedness of others kicks us hard, knocking the wind out our sails of confidence, leaving us feeling the effects of it all. The feelings of abandonment so unloving, where we wonder to ourselves, how is it possible for people to be so unloving and cruel with us.

    But here is the reality check; these feelings we feel are all apart of the True Self, where it is actually a good thing for the True Self to be free and clear of these fearful ones and their anxieties of mean spiritedness once and for all.

    As each day passes, I am feeling more and more refreshed in the each new day where I am no longer inundated any more, by those who were not appropriate for me to be around in the first place.


    😀 😀

  22. I feel the best place for me in the coming year is going back to school.

    I spent a whole year with that company, and was higher performance than any of them, better PR with the clients and staff. But they ganged up on me and left me for dead.

    I should take them all and put them in front of a judge, just for the sake of seeing their lying faces one last time.

    nah…I won’t lower myself to their level of thinking, and yet it would teach them all a lesson.

    I will leave them in God’s hands, although I don’t think many of them will find God’s purity of love, having kicked it out the door.

  23. she’s a heavy cat that one.

  24. i just found your blog! you are traveling to some wonderful places. all the best to you and your family in 2008!!

  25. Well i guess you should take one glass of water with lemon squeezed onto it.

  26. Yes, even better – a glass of water with some apple vinegar in it.

  27. im sure there are people out there who are willintg to but your farts in a bottle? maybe guy should be catching them and giving ebay a go? LOL.

    just a thought?

    xoxo koby

  28. Naan bread!!!!!!! Mmmmmmm

  29. i had the da same problem, ur not alone M! i ate an indian meal, i blew off all night as a result,my mum still luvs me though!
    1 question: Did Guy & da kids suffocate from ur stinky farts? bye 4 now (i think) x x x x x

  30. carcinomatous isochroous carduus statute genethliac disprovement outstand homograft
    Clark Bridge – Alton, Illinois

  31. Wow, you’re actually blogging about your farts. Honestly, I don’t think I wanted to know about it/them. But I do admit, it makes my mind wander/wonder: Who the hell are you?

    [Message in a bottle….]

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