Nathdwara Temple

I don’t have much time to write, but I thought I’d share this photo with you from the entrance of Nathdwara Temple. I stopped there to pray. I am on the move again. I will definitely write more later.

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  1. Thanks for the picture. Glad to read that you prayed there. I’ve never been to Nathdwara but one day when God will order; i will be there to pray and thank him for the beautiful life. The God at Nathdwara is Lord Krishna.

  2. Beautiful picture. You deserve this time with your family traveling.. completely UNRELATED to work..
    Enjoy the people.. Enjoy the culture..
    And thanks for letting us live vicariously through your journey..

    Namaste Louise

  3. seems weighed down in spirit, like most all religions are, lacking the joyfulness of spirit so light and bright that is of the True Self.

    The say that the church was one of the first to settle North America, and was in fact the controlling government in the very beginning.

    I don’t like any of these religions, that are still so old from so long ago, and of great lacking in complete understanding(not that I have complete understanding), where the True Self is able to become free of all bitternesses, by means of wisdom.

    Albeit the church has it’s good things, there is so much more for the True Self to discover.

    A breathe of fresh air would be good these far off lands.

  4. To give you an idea of the obsessive stupidness of religion, we had a terrible incident here where I live, where the father of his teenage daughter, in a fit of rage, killed her because she would not wear the religious head dress once she got to school. Albeit the real roots of the problem in this case are psychological, it is easy to see how limited religions are in FULLY enlightening people’s hearts with love, where your music far exceeds the ability of most of these religions.

  5. Love and Happiness is not just the goal, it is what is ingrained inside of us all.

  6. …just curious what can christian do in Nathdwara Temple and pray to who?

    But in anyway thats so sweet that you spend so much time on your blog, probably for all us and put all this wonderful pictures! I appreciate from all of my heart.

  7. i love this pic !thanks for that L 🙂

  8. Beautiful picture so glad you’re exploring India that’s my next place i want to visit ; ) And thanks for putting up my Isaac video that i made glad you like …love you x

  9. PurPoison ! Madonna is praying to Lord Krishna. If you don’t know about Lord Krishna then Google or visit your near ISKCON Temple.

  10. Satya!Im so happy for you that you know about Google and about Lord Krishna.

    But its so sad that you didnt understand my question.
    Just for let you know, christian dont go to indian temple to pray Krishna usually christian pray to Jesus Christ!
    …And if you dont know who is Jesus Christ ,go and find out!

  11. Today was did not turn out as I had expected.

    They called me into another meeting. I had a feeling I knew what it would be about…my termination.

    Seems they had to look further into the matter to draw their conclusion.

    As I exited the building for the last time, and made my way to the bus stop, I noticed my initials AO scratched on a bus stop shelter that I will likely not see again. God.

    It is God’s way of telling me that I am more loving than their shortsightedness cared to embrace and see me thru, where I was not the one that was mean spirited in this recent event that saw my insubordination.

    Insubordination is insubordination, I agree, and should not be tolerated, but I know the real reason for their decision has more to do with the lack luster sales that always come with Jan. Feb. and I was a convenient cost cutting measure for them, that and the obvious network of long term friends that existed long before my arrival. Their own shortsightedness will see them fall short of the potential that it could of been had the kept me on.

    Oh well.

    I know myself well, inspite of them, knowing God’s love is always with me.

    Seeing my intials spoke to me, that I can always expect this kind of unfair treatment in a world yet unwise.

    Today feels like the day I stepped off the bus, with a one way ticket so long ago, as I made my way to the ghetto.

    A CD of Queen was playing at the local cafe where I stopped in to find some peace of mind.

    A feeling of freedom fills me today, where I will enjoy the entire day feeling my free spirit ascend above all the silly and foolish bitternesses of this world, yet immature and unwise.

    I know I cannot thrive in negative enviroments, and so I am pleased to step thru this door of freedom they gave me.

    I know I am not about status and wealth, where I feel more for those less fortunate in life, who like me, feel everything in each moment that passes.

    I saw the starving artist with guitar on a corner, thinking, they do not realize how more fortunate they really are to not have to work in a negative environment like the one I left behind.

    On the subway I wondered to myself, of the passenger car so full of people, how many of them have fun loving environments? Not many I thought to myself.

    I feel like returning to school again, in creative arts this time. The bogus world of business is definitely not for me. I know my true self yearns for something enjoyable like art work ~ painting, sculpting, music. Such a relaxing and joyous place that is so good for the true self to thrive in, free of all these absurdnesses of the lower mentalities so often found in the business world.

    Well that was an easy desicion! 😀 😀

    I will look into my options tomorrow with the local schools. My credit rating is going to interfer though, with all these useless debts I racked up in my useless pursuit of business that I should of never ventured into, other than the positive things that would of come with it, had I stayed with it.

    It turns out my ever changing life has discovered the truth, that I should of paid more attention to my subtle feelings while young so long ago, and followed thru on a career of choice then, instead of today.

    I am pleased nonetheless, to at least arrive half way thru life, knowing where I belong, and the right enviroment for true self to thrive in.

    I know what the starving artist needs most, appreciation to be free spirited and not chained by all the useless bitternesses so often found in the business world.

    My loving soul is officially free of this world!! 😀 😀

    I don’t hate the world, I see it for what it is…unwise and yet immature.

    And so I will take my place in the world, knowing my greatest fulfillment in life will be thru what has long be held within my true self, the loving feelings of the way I feel in every moment of time that passes. This is who we are, where the true self feels everything in each moment with everyone we meet.

    That is what matters to an artist, to express what we feel, both good and bad, where the bad things are truth of the feelings of the true self in all of us, able to teach all of us the truth of these things unloving and not good for us, reminding us all where we all yearn to be and belong….in love’s embrace of where the true self feels everything in each passing moment. I see this clearly in Rosie’s art work that I love so much. Incredible how fearless she is in so easily expressing what she feels, regardless of what others may see, more often not see what I see…

    …the True Self, the feels everything in each passing moment.

    That is what we are…children of God that feel everything all the time, in every passing moment.

  12. Actually I feel optimistic, as funny as that may seem, because I realize fully that my art work will be of the matured true self that has gone thru so many struggles in life only to realize that it is all about LOVE, or in many people’s case, the lacking of LOVE in the world.

    YES!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

    As I consider where I am today, I know fully that I am more fortunate than any other place in time thru out my life. I know the truth wisdoms about love and lack of love.

    Truth wisdoms of the heart, mind, body and soul, are the only things of any value in life.

    ~ Purity and Sincerity of Truth.

  13. Truth Wisdoms of God’s Love, that is meant for all to know…

    …that LOVE is all the matters.

  14. my biggest concern is supporting my kids. I have set some gold aside for them in the event of something like this, that is able to carry them for a year or so.

    All is well, when our heart is in the right place.

    I am free of this world by means of the ascension of loving compassionate wisdoms that protect and nurture the True Self at all times, the loving soul that is unable to be destroyed by the unwise of the world.

    The True Self in all of us.

  15. I embrace the new chapter of my life yet to be written, as I the last chapter closes.

  16. Wow! You must be learning so much. Can you share some of what you’re getting?

  17. very ironic that on the day of my birthday you went to the temple and elephants are all over my house i have loved them for many years and collect many.

    enjoy ur trip.

    that was funny with the indian food with u and guy

  18. J’ aimerai voir une photo récente de me Pieuvre LR
    Cordialement Keanu

  19. I wonder if Jesus has sensual kissable lips?
    And his body is likely effeminate like his mom.
    His hair soft and long natural curls, so amazing to feel when naked.
    Hands and feet like anyone else, not sure if he works with his father. I dont think so. I think he finds it boring working with his dad, and prefers the company of soft spoken intellectual crowd i see him hanging out with so joyfully, who are equally as effiminate as tall slim perfect ass GAY! Jesus.
    Does Jesus enjoy his sex?
    Biologically speaking he can not avoid wet dream occurences, as is true of anyone, so yes, beautifully so, he loves it!
    Does Jesus enjoy orifice exploration of his ass? Unavoidable and natural occurring ass well, duh, something we all do at one point or another….and another. Ha
    Does Jesus have good self-esteem?
    Absolutely! So obvious!
    Ok. So amazing effeminate oh so kissable lips and body…soft spoken intellectual graceful and confident in approach…i ask would someone like me, a trans male, feeling overwhelmed by the beauty in presence of Jesus, just run up and kiss him on a beautiful day and hit on Jesus sexually??
    Pffff, stupid question!!!! Duh!!!! Of course i did!!!!
    And how does Jesus feel later when he saw me crusified that peaceful morning with sunshine, birds singing, soft flowing hair in the warm gentle breeze, me still alive on this barbaric cross starring down in delight of seeing him again?….
    Completely Mortified in loving tears, kneeling before me….of course….duh

  20. Well do any of you have any accounts of the young closet case Jesus?


    just like you dont have, or care to have any true sense of ‘me’ fuckers!

  21. Well ok thats not entirely true….what with all the annoying reads here….

    Ok, so lets say God the webmaster and creator of this beautiful universe hypothetically does exist, and knows mathematically what we all do next, and how best to respond to lawless souls without cultivation of the good helmsman, as we plod along aimlessly thru the mad flood, as it dawns on us that maybe this is heaven?

    It is

  22. It pisses me off to no end the God knows the validation sequencing flawlessly, which is just more proof that God exists, even if we prefer our blind lawlessness like anyone stuck in cycle pattern whatever shit for brains garbage existence in the cruel gutters of narcissitic personality disorder negligence of so called friends and lame ass dysfuntional user abuser lovers….

    As the dust settles and i am nowhere to be found, pondering is it any wonder Andyy left our half truths of deceptive lying, hiding, cheating, false presentation covering of our real life he was excluded from?….

    And what does God say?

    The usual crap…”if you return and sigh, you will be saved and will know where you were when you (stupidly) trusted in what is empty.”

    “from now on those who deceived you will not approach you again”

    duh of course they wont, too busy fucking their brains out with someone else! Pffffff

    like come on, i already figured that part out!!!

    “your eyes will see those who are deceiving you”

    oh ya right, by means of my feelings i can SEE, right???

    As if i am blind to the truth i want to avoid right????


    Fuck off

  23. Oh sorry, pray with all my soul without hypocrisy. Pfffff

    how about the motherfucking truth??

    Is that hypocritical of me??

    I dont think so fuckers!!

  24. What does not kill you, makes you puke your guts out thru your fuckingnose, making you wish you would die. Ha

  25. The worse prison of all is the one we allow ouselves to remain in, where you ALWAYS have the freedom to simply walk away to a better place, anywhere but stuck in denial of the motherfucking truth that always hurts us…..temporarily.

    It is as if we like being hurt by stupid lame ass user abuser narcissitic others….why is that?

    Oh right the dysfuntional unavailable narcissitic fuckhead father i had growing up. Unresolved shit.

    Ya well where is my .50 cal, i will resolve it!!


  26. Epigenetics can only be a good thing, no matter how absurd our thinking may ‘choose’ to think otherwise, after all, we are talking about evolutionary process that is millions of years in the making. An open mind to infinite understanding is the only path for growth towards a higher awareness for improvement of our lives, that unfortunately leaves us all in the lessor dark past here in the present, according to all in the future.

    In biology, and specifically genetics, epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence – hence the name epi- (Greek: επί- over, above, outer) -genetics. It refers to functionally relevant modifications to the genome that do not involve a change in the nucleotide sequence. Examples of such modifications are DNA methylation and histone modification, both of which serve to regulate gene expression without altering the underlying DNA sequence. These changes may remain through cell divisions for the remainder of the cell’s life and may also last for multiple generations. However, there is no change in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism;[1] instead, non-genetic factors cause the organism’s genes to behave (or “express themselves”) differently.[2] There are objections to the use of the term epigenetic to describe chemical modification of histone since it remains unknown whether or not these modifications are heritable.[3]

    One example of epigenetic changes in eukaryotic biology is the process of cellular differentiation. During morphogenesis, totipotent stem cells become the various pluripotent cell lines of the embryo, which in turn become fully differentiated cells. In other words, a single fertilized egg cell – the zygote – changes into the many cell types including neurons, muscle cells, epithelium, endothelium of blood vessels, etc. as it continues to divide. It does so by activating some genes while inhibiting others.[4]

    In 2011, it was demonstrated that the methylation of mRNA has a critical role in human energy homeostasis. The obesity associated FTO gene is shown to be able to demethylate N6-methyladenosine in RNA. This opened the related field of RNA epigenetics.

  27. peace and love be to you

  28. todays coincidence occurred with Troye Sivan

  29. artists and lovers alike see by means harmonious flow of feelings, in much preferred dwelling as our true self, rather than hypocrisy heart false self

  30. atonement of graceful calm at ease pleasant flowing true nature love of real self, the ‘holy joyful’ oneness within all; heaven

    spend time as your true self and realize the uselessness of all falsehood(s)

  31. here is the HD 1080p version

  32. The WBC (white blood cells) count goes up significantly when there is any infection present, and move to the infected area of the body where needed, therefore the brain and body is in a constant state of awareness to what is happening thru out the body.

    WBC have a life cycle of 3 days or so for most of the WBC immunity system that hiv uses as part of it’s reproduction cycle to continue it’s existence….and most notably….hiv CANNOT reproduce on its own…perhaps the brain/body knows this as its approach to maintaining lower levels of hiv viral loading? maybe…

    If WBC knows to increase when infection is present, then it knows how to decrease, and may use this as the weakness of hiv using it to reproduce.

    i keep questioning what we may not be questioning in how the body can combat hiv when of ideal rest, exercise and diet, free from use of hiv medicine, where i have no doubt the body knows what to do.

    Just as the body comes into alert awareness of early opportunist infections, so too do i move into action in working with the body when needed, with strict adherence to rest, exercise, and diet.

    what is the achilles heel of HIV?

    HIV cannot grow or reproduce on its own.

    we know that hiv reduces our WBC, but perhaps it is the natural brain response approach to combating hiv, in causing the WBC reduction, as part of reduction for nesting hiv reproduction levels.

    mathematically it makes sense, where at an extreme end of the scale there is zero WBC count immune system, that eventually could wipe out the hiv….if possible…or….keep hiv at levels that the body considers low enough for hiv to not pose a threat?


    3rd year, no meds


    perhaps we are approaching it all wrong?

    maybe 😉

  33. well perhaps the meds are indeed necessary for some of you too lazy to maintain a proper regiment of RED40, for those of you who can afford the meds…

    but what of those who cannot?

    they are not dying from hiv, if you look closely…

    so what are they dying from?

    in every case it is likely found to be poor diet, poor amount of daily 2 hours of rigorous exercise, and rest

    as well are likely things that increases the WBC, such as smoking or other bad habits that interrupt daily regiment of RED40

    in 20 years of all those i knew who died with the ongoing experimental hiv drugs, they had bad habits and poor RED40

    Rest, Exercise, Diet, 40 days to change a habit

    RED40 is also a color

    tip the balance of the natural way the brain/body knows how to maintain hiv viral load balance, and it spells disaster for the body to get back in check its already natural balance.

    ya ok, i read in lab tech notes the terrifying words that hiv will eventually overun the body….or so you retards think and say it does…..but does it….when of a natural running balanced body with proper RED40 and none of your meds causing chaos for the balance?

    3rd year, no meds, feel same as always did since the start

  34. it just makes sense that the body is in constant monitoring of the need for WBC immunity, and drops production of WBC as part of keeping a low viral load balance.

    i mean i can feel the difference when of a high hiv viral loading, it is a doping feeling that is quit noticable.

    so ideally you want a low WBC to maintain low leves of hiv viral loading, and increase WBC as needed for infections….AND ONLY ENOUGH FOR CURRENT INFECTION…

    and that appears to be what my body is doing…naturally

    oh but i should panic that my immunity is low, and i should run to the doctor and get my meds, and i should worry about all you mad idots running around terrifying us, of you people who think you are smarter than millions of years of evolution?


  35. The achilles heel of HIV is it cannot grow or reproduce on its own.

    The body knows this, and that is why WBC drops to half of normal levels, a natural response of the body to do so, and not the panic that all you stockbroker companies want us all to believe.

    still the same apathetic business world it always was, your own worse enemy

  36. wouldn’t it be nice to prove in court that you are all negligent greed driven business people?

    pffff, of course we already know this to be true, duh!

  37. why does the body drop production of WBC with presence of HIV?

    double duh!!

    because the brain/body knows how to keep optimal balance of hiv viral loading so as to not be able to overun the body

    duh duh duh!!!



  38. ya for you people with horrible RED40, you will need the hiv meds, not because of hiv, but because you are all too stupid to take optimum care for your body.

    that is why you need to have meds

    but the big question is, can we combat hiv without meds, for sake of those who still cannot afford the meds?

    yes we can, but that would take life coaches who actually care more about people than insatiable greed



  39. would it not make more sense to suppress the immune system during normal healthy periods, like they do with over abundance production of WBC that comes with Leukemia? (combination chemotherapy with chlorambucil or cyclophosphamide, plus a corticosteroid such as prednisone or prednisolone.)

    Then when an early opportunistic infection occurs, simply stop with the suppressing medications until the infection passes.

    The idea is to slow the hiv virus reproduction, using it’s achilles heel of not being able to grow or reproduce on its own.

    Maybe it sounds crazy at first, but mathematically it makes sense, where the ultimate low level of hiv virus spreading is with low WBC, the nest for hiv reproduction

  40. Standard treatment for leukemia is to kill off most of a patient’s blood cells with chemotherapy — a process called conditioning — and then to rescue the patient with infusions of stem cells from a matched donor’s blood or bone marrow. The new stem cells then repopulate the immune system and kill off the leukemia cells that survived the conditioning treatment.

    This was the treatment that supposedly cured someone with hiv

  41. The holy spirit Jesus talks about….is the pure true feeling of subtle discerning ability of one’s own inner divine child of God’s self, that Jesus knows better than most of us do, from his meditative monk study of his own sel and self of another oneness atonement of true human nature. Jesus realized this about his own timid ever seeking self of subconscious awakening awareness as one who trusted no one of the numerous forefather falsehood ego snaring blindness. It is atonement oneness bonding with purity true feeling wise descerning emotional trust building during meditative study that the divine child self comes fully into awake heightened state of oneness awareness(halo wisdom), that Jesus speaks as and to for those truly listening alone before God just as Jesus often found himself doing, calm, relaxed, defenses down, holy…spirited…YOU

  42. halo wisdom kingdom of heaven is a vast macro thinking discerning perspective between what is ego falsehood forefather learned and adopted masks that the divine child of God uses to hide behind…

    and that of what is the divine true real self nature of the divine child of God’s real self YOU

    I think all behavior revolves around natural release of brain chemical pleasure, that is both subtle enjoyment and explosive enjoyment, with all our socialization activities.

    the cells of the body live together in harmonious coexistence, and that is what is truly most authentic of our social true nature, always ‘that’, no matter the masks we may at times wear to hide behind.

    are we a fluke of nature?

    i do not know

    but what i do know is that we are existing within the confines of the laws of the universe that do not change thru past present future, an eternal realm devoid of time

    our harmonious true nature is an extension of the flawless pure laws of the universe, and therefore our true nature is indeed an eternal atonement

    therefore the kingdom of heaven is an eternal atonement spiritedness that resonates with what is, was, and always shall be, our divine true nature

    did something create dna?

    if so, what created those that created the dna?

    and even if we knew, what difference would it matter?

    life would go on the way it always has to like it has and does

    what really matters is our value of time spent in atonement of our divine true nature

    and that is the real mystery of Jesus, God, and all religions of the world, that we can all simply ask, what is our true nature?

    our true nature is millions of years in evolution….that is what it is for all life forms, where if we want to come into atonement with our harmonious true nature, one need simply spend time observing how all other life forms have evolved along side of us within the same confines of the laws of the universe.

    therefore true harmonious nature is not different from all other forms of life

    it is only our blind egocentric indifference that keeps us from truly seeing and being the same harmonious atonement that all life naturally enjoys being

    blame the evolving questioning curiosity part of our brain that is cause for us to be able to go into outer space, where i ask, where is outer space, when our body is made up mostly of space at the atomic level view, not any different that that of….outer space?

    bah…obviously im currently bored in my life

    need to find a lover and go live out the remainder of my life as happy as possible….

    bless u all with peaceful loving true nature YOU

  43. Global wage equality/inequality is not embraced by long term thinking and planing, where what is possible, is mind boggling, as to why we tend to think it is not possible…

    for example, of the 250,000 Indonesia people of whom 60% live on less than $2/day, how many of them do you think will be able to afford your new product that was manufactured at $10/hour, when they are barely hanging on in their subsistence existence??? uhm?

    why are we so arrogant in the face of such stupidity?

    we see corporate companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and whoever, in these so called 3rd world developing countries, paying staff $5/day, and bragging about how cheap labor is out there, all the while shooting ourselves in the foot, of potential prosperity not embrace by not just for this generation, but for countless generations and centuries to come, so long as we do not talk openly about the REAL possibility in a world of global wage equality.

    ok, so i think it is safe to say that of the 60% of Indonesians living a subsistence existence, that 99% of them will not be buying any of your expensively built products this year or the years after that….and why?

    because we are arrogant and stupid, of blind following the blind gross materialist get rich quick hit and run hands off investors, who remain oblivious and without care to knowing just how fantastic our own prosperity would be for all of us worldwide, when we stop listening to these whining spoiled rotten rich bitches with their small penises and none existent clits.




    please helps us lord, we are surrounded by fucking idiots

  44. i think i’ve got the bug…. 🙂

  45. i love listening to them, their spirited oneness seeking, is beautifully interesting…no matter orientation, in the face of the fact we are indeed all one and the same human sexuality pleasure response brain activity that is not male or female, could care less if we are male or female, as far as objective is concerned….PLEASURE!!!!! 🙂

  46. clearly in a time such as now, when the majority of a country believes it is OK to fire a homosexual from their job, then the weight of change towards a world of equality, falls entirely on the shoulders of the more intellectual thinking and planning law makers, when it comes to all forms of inequality….worldwide.

    may their empowerment feel that every step is not just for the worldwide community of mankind, but for the eternal future of ALL mankind yet to come, where you shall find the warriors of God marching forward thru ignoramus unloving apathetic hell, in a place that is actually heaven.

    the forefather mad flood is ignoramus death, destruction and oppression, that does indeed take your beloved from you, and so i challenge all of you to really stop and feel what it is that you see in the eyes of us all worldwide, as i have done and continue to do…..BE YOURSELF

    thank you

  47. oh and for you bullies who fired us from our jobs? You did us all a favor as we walked away from your cruel unloving worlds to our loving communities of self love acceptance of individuals who truly always did have better self-love esteem than any of you lame ass ignoramus bullies and all your fucktard useless words of self-belittling hate

    Jesus is correct….it is not the words you hear that are most harmful to you, rather it is the words you speak….without halo wisdom discerning atonement macro thinking and feeling of divine real self….behind all your shit fake ass bullying fucktard falsehood…where even unto death we who grow wiser, embrace our empathy of truth that reveals with clarity, just how evil and horridly devoid of compassionate loving wisdom the void was for us and yet is for so many of you

    truth is truth, and no one escapes from it, only the blind egotistic fools leading the blind egotistic fools, that is not just death, destruction and oppression of others, but of their own foolish falsehood self.

    we pity you, but stay clear of you at the same time, from a distance where we WILL continue to shout…eternally

  48. when is society going to wake up and realize the human sexuality is actually just one and the same brain sex activity pleasure response to stimuli of the same embryonic structures we all start out as?

    It is not i am a boy or i am a girl
    it is not i am a gay or i am transsexual
    it is not i am lesbian or i am a straight boy in a female body


    i am a sexuality being….

    …who shares the exact same brain sex activity pleasure response as all females and males, of most who do not yet embrace this oneness intellectually, while all embrace it sexually….in our brain, that does not distinguish or care if we are male or female, as regards the sensory perception transmitted to our brain, that is free of any need or care to know if the stimuli response transmission is from a male or female sex organ, because it is actually the same sex organ of the original embryonic tissues!


    fucking morons, i am surrounded by meek minded morons…

  49. in truth, you are all meek minded pundits to me, for sake of being accepted as a pundit, rather than seeing as a revealer of truth without the useless need of being seen.

  50. Here is a website that keeps track of minimum wages by country

    in order to get a better idea of how most of the world exists in slave wage subsistence, you need to convert the wages to our currency.

  51. Unskilled labor minimum wage for 2013:

    Cambodia = $0.37/hour or $64/month
    Argentina = $2.50/hour or $412/month
    Mexico = $0.89/hour or $153/month
    Punjab India = $0.41/hour or $71/month
    Malawi = $0.07/hour or $11/month
    Sri Lanka = $0.32/hour or $55/month
    Egypt = $0.60/hour or 104/month


    a long ways away from global prosperity when entire societies are barely hanging onto to life

    fucking bullshit

    a big thank you to the slave master businessman fucktard investor

  52. some people are so poor….

    ….all they have is money

  53. Indonesia = $0.87/hour or $150/month
    Vietnam = $0.56/hour or $96/month
    China = $1.03/hour or $177/month
    Chili = $2.24/hour or $386/month
    Costa Rica = $2.10/hour or $361/month

  54. Minimum wage is absurd in Malawi!

    How is it we who pride ourselves on being against slavery, still invest in companies that pay slavery wages? uhm?

    too afraid to ask the real questions?

    beyond absurd!

    it is criminal

    crimes against humanity

    that is the truth

    so long as the world follows the whims of the foolish businessman, there will be no future prosperity for all of mankind, left behind to struggle as slaves to the slave masters of gluttony hording deception

    ya well prepare for change

    this is a task for politicians and lawyers

    you cannot keep entire societies blind to the truth of you slave masters, that they are learning with their global telecommunications

    ya they may be meek right now, but like we too overcame our ignoramus forefathers, so too shall they overcome all of you

  55. how the fuck does Malawi get hammered with a 50% devaluation of currency? uhm?

    you fucking banker investor thieves, just like pirates who prey on unsuspecting vulnerable ships at sea, that’s how!

    leaving an already weak society with an average life span of 38 years to try and cope with the that?

    seriously, God should strike the earth with a massive meteor and start over somewhere else

    fucking unbelievable the garbage shit you investors truly are….without a soul!


  56. rapist mentality control freakers is what you are

    not of God

  57. it is the same as an emergency ward that requires electricity, where the businessman is allowed to simply unplug all life support on a whim, not because they could not pay the bill, no, because of an anarchist mentality

  58. murderous

    did people die from the devaluation?


    murderers in our midst

    thats who you truly all are

  59. crimes against humanity

    oh but you investors have special protection

    not from a .50 cal you dont


    this path will lead to a world war one day, after a total economic collapse.

    i hope they hunt you down and kill all of you as the fucking heartless bastards you all are

    Malawi needs political protection, out of harms way of the investor world.

    Only long term compassionate driven and health concern investors should be allowed near the Malawi society

    the circumstances of Malawi is a reflection of our global society

    it is not a question of why do they not have labor laws that protect them….rather it is a question of why do we not embrace our own labor laws as to what is morale sanity?

  60. global investors are LAWLESS pirates

    they are not bound by any global labor laws, and yet what they are allowed to do is crimes against humanity

    i mean how much more obvious does it have to get, than the average life span of 38 years of age in Malawi, for everyone to wake the fuck up and feel the truth that it is a reflection of our global society!

    when we stop caring about people as one global society of our own making, then prepare for a dark path ahead for all of us to venture thru….like we already do!

    you fucking morons!

  61. seems the Chinese business are following suit in Malawi, by not paying minimum wages

    ya well that is how it is for Chinese at home, and that is their excuse, they simply dont know any better

    im sorry, i thought we were a liberty fighting society

    i guess that just is not true any more for global investors

    i say that all global investors should be bound by global laws that are based on compassionate grounds to rid the world of crimes against humanity, where you simply cannot rid the world of it, so long as we do not move forward with prosperity for ALL

    when we ensure prosperity for others, we ensure for ourselves


    corporations cannot exist without consumers


  62. oh im sorry, correction on the Malawi wage of 0.07/hour, rather it is $0.12/hour or $21/month….


  63. value add to a manufactured product is calculated as X amount of value add, no matter where it is manufactured, no matter what cost it is manufactured at, it is still the same value add for the product’s wholesale price and asset inventory calculations, in a highly competitive world….

    therefore, all corporations look to the cost of manufacturing a product at a cheaper price, in order to be more competitive.

    what if everyone in our wealthier countries worked for these same slave wages?

    what would happen to the economy?

    it would disappear….

    there would be no demand for any of our products manufactured in our own countries

    this would lead to no jobs and further decline of demand for products

    this would lead to no jobs to pay taxes, which would lead to lowering or complete absence of any social safety net or health care, over crowded schools with less teachers, more health problems that comes with poverty…

    ahhh, that is why they call them third world countries, enslaved prisoners of controlling rich, who make demands of the governments for lower wages, who justify to the people that it is necessary to attract more investors???


    dont the people know the truth about the mark up value add profit making going on by these slave master off shore pirate investors?

    they will get away with it only so long as the people tolerate the absurdity, and until labor laws are formed with a mandate to bring up their wages to the same level as our own.

    will it increase the prices?

    yes and no

    it will increase manufacturing costs, but with the increasing demand of product, will see lowering of mass production costs go down with the higher numbers, like all manufacturing natural does already

    so in truth, there exists a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY in the so called third world countries, that was obviously coined by we who think we are better than the slower developing countries.

    let us not forget, we are the forward thinking wiser leaders of these so called third world countries we stigmatize as with our self righteous indignation segregation….of our government and business models of greater success??

    oh wait, im sorry, the honor of your success actually belongs to the slaves you all have in your sweat shops worldwide

    ya well look out fuckers, because telecommunications is going to see a big hammer blow to your thick skulls, daily for decades to come…

    taking advantage of the meek?

    i guess that is why Jesus despises the retarded self righteous businessman, who is not righteous at all, in their tunnel vision gross materialist insatiable fixation desire….

    that does indeed hurt people

    …..a lot of people


  64. when you look closely at people subsisting in these many countries, you realize they are beaten down by their constantly daily struggle of trying to cope with absurd wages, wages that are not acceptable and punishable by fine if caught in our own countries, and yet it is seemingly ok for us to be ill treatment of others worldwide?

    it makes no sense, other than to say it is greed at the expense of human life and the well being of countless millions.

    it is a prison camp, no different than Nazi Germany, of prisoners who dont realize they are held down as prisoners by their greed driven oppressors, who consider themselves upstanding citizens from law abiding countries?


    there is minimal economy that comes with slave wages, and that alone is the reason why it should end, and indeed it will end when enough of us beat enough drums, and kick down the doors of the oppressors.

    clickity clak clan of the insane morale jam

    and all the dead bodies

  65. the question is, do you want prosperity of a global economy for others and yourselves.

    you cannot expect entire societies of millions of people subsisting to be participants in the economy

    so long as they remain unattended, then so too is your own bottom line scratching away at the competition for survival, rather than filling a void that does not exist, other than at the dinner table…….oh right, many do not even have that

  66. You really put together quite a few outstanding stuff in ur blog
    post, “Nathdwara Temple Madonna Blog”. I may be coming
    to your blog eventually. Thank you ,Evie

  67. black holes exist because of the properties of dark matter that we dont know about, that continues to cycle like it does, of which all energy in the universe comes into existence…

    the exploding universe from black holes, of energy left behind in the form of our sun and the molten core of planets, energy that will fuel many generations for future consumers.


    million year old energy right there for us to harness

    so why are we not harnessing it?

    millions of years worth of it that will last almost as long as the sun’s energy

    we are so small in consumption of energy, compared to the energy of the molten core

    we just need to learn how to harness it

    the energy source is there, just like tidal current energy is constantly there, so it is just a matter of building devices that harness it like we already do actually

    so all this whining about energy is bullshit, other than the pollution contribution

    all the more reason to pursue what all future generations will be using


  68. Existing technology also does not yet allow recovery of heat directly from magma, the very deep and most powerful resource of geothermal energy….

    solve this problem and you change solve the problem for the peak capacity oil demand wall we are already hitting

  69. fucking morons in the research field …

    when water strips heat from the rock faster than the conduction through the rock can replace that heat, we need to step back and establish areas that have a constant flow of magma underneath the rock, and regardless of the time it takes for energy to transfer thru the rock, we simply accept to work within the confines of the laws of physics, of where we just are right now without ability to tap directly into magma flows.

    rather than one well into the rock that is slow recycle, we have to bare in mind that it continues to recycle indefinitely, and consider how much 100 square miles of wells will provide constantly, rather than quickly

    the value is not how much energy return per well, rather how much constant energy returns over a 100 year cycle, or average human life span in the future.

    morons of the insatiable desire greed just dont think long term, and never will.

    this is something that one generation has to invest for future generations to be rewarded, and that leaves only one contender, world governments

  70. it will one day be the largest human development ever created on planet earth….and subsequent planets of entire galaxies that mankind will inhabit, but not so long as we give no consideration to future generations as responsible forefathers we should be and are

  71. of course harnessing the sun’s energy with the same technology yet to be developed for magma energy extraction, is the step that comes with the solution


    obviously the naysayers should not be invited to the table

    it is possible

    we just dont know how….yet

  72. without exercise, the body will be taken over by disease much sooner. FACT. Choose vitality. Exercise daily with 2 hours of rigorous exercise. It wards of depression, anxiety, and disease. Only you can give this gift to yourself

    Rather than chips, i buy yogurt pistachios nuts. Rather than pop, i buy pure orange juice. I feel like i did in my 20s, simply by eating natural foods found in nature. Exercise too, is equally as important to VITALITY feeling

    and take vitamins when over the age of 40, because the body is not as able to absorb nutrients as well as the body ages

    a B-complex, plus a good multi-vitamin, even if you eat well….the body uses what it needs, and throws out what it don’t need. It is better to go over what the body needs, using supplements, rather than under.

  73. People dont live in slums….slums live in people

  74. millions of years of harmonious peaceful evolution….

    did anyone notice we lost one of the dolphin species?

    corporate greed and the slave wages that kills prosperity

    and the dolphins

    survival of the fittest

    survival of the gluttons

    a sad survival it will be without the creatures

    we are not our true nature, because so many are in survival mode

    the planet is becoming extinct

    there is no point to our existence without these beautiful creatures

    for what, to be a cog in some fat fuck shit for brains glutton slave master business machine, subsisting on slave wages?

    its no wonder they killed off all the dolphins

    they are eating them to survive

  75. Who among you of the insatiable fixated gluttonous greed driven slavery lords of nothing is going to take Cate of the families affected by the loss of life in Bangladesh?

    Oh right, they cannot afford lawyers to sue any of you…how convenient for you all.

    And will anyone volunteer a life time lost for them?

    Ha. There is delusional and then there is me


    Fuck off

  76. Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work.[1] Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand compensation. Historically, slavery was institutionally recognized by many societies; in more recent times slavery has been outlawed in most societies but continues through the practices of debt bondage, indentured servitude, serfdom, domestic servants kept in captivity, certain adoptions in which children are forced to work as slaves, child soldiers, and forced marriage.[2] Slavery is illegal in every country in the world but there are still an estimated 27 million slaves worldwide; some opponents are hopeful that slavery can be eradicated by 2042.[3]

    Slavery predates written records and has existed in many cultures.[4] The number of slaves today remains as high as 12 million[5] to 27 million.[6][7] Most are debt slaves, largely in South Asia, who are under debt bondage incurred by lenders, sometimes even for generations.[8]Human trafficking is primarily used for forcing women and children into sex industries.[9]

    In pre-industrial societies, slaves and their labour were economically extremely important to those who benefitted from them. Slaves and serfs made up around three-quarters of the world’s population at the beginning of the 19th century.[10]

    In modern mechanised societies, there is less need for sheer massive manpower; Norbert Wiener wrote that “mechanical labor has most of the economic properties of slave labor, though … it does not involve the direct demoralizing effects of human cruelty.”[11]

  77. 3rd year

    Managed thru first bought of pneumonia, without using antibiotics, a common early opportunistic infection and leading cause of death approach countries for those who cannot afford antibiotics….over use of antibiotics is also not good, but necessary when adviced.

    As early opportunistic infections come and go, it is clear where adherence to proper rest, exercise and diet is being ignored.

    Most common is adjusting to proper rest, although faultering in any of these areas can be detrimental to trying to manage an gov positive life with meds.

    I still remember so many who died in the early 90’s, using AZT, a horrible drug not fully tested at the time, only to read later that it may have been a hindrance rather than helping those struggling with maintaining their immune systems, complicated further by lack of motivation and life coaches in daily adjustment to how best to approach what works and what does not work for staying alive, meds or no meds…

    Meds are necessary for those who do not address a holistic approach to living with his…for those who have access to them…

    For those who do not, the seriousness of living with hiv is a life and death seriousness that requires full attention to researching a healthy apporach to correct rest, diet and exercise.

    Thus far, for me, this my routine that works;

    2-4 hours of rigorous daily exercise
    1 – 2 multi-vitamins per day
    1 vitamin B complex 100
    Normal 8 hours restful rest

    If and when the body feels tired and in need of rest, you will feel it, and is indicative of not getting sufficient rest….where often associated with this is the presence of an opportunistic infection.

    Holistic approach to helping the body fight the hub virus is necessary for all who ate living with his, including friends and family of those infected, who are the most influential potential life coaches of good…and bad habits.

    Don’t let hiv rule your life, rather rule hiv with your life that belongs to you, not hiv

    Blessings to all

  78. Also for diet;

    1000mg vitamin C daily

    Replace as many bad eating habits of non-nutrient foods such as soda and chips with pure juice and dried fruits(and nuts).

    The feeling of vitality is felt immediately, and does pull up the immune system with noticeable differences of reduced infection occurrences and helpful with ending of any current infections.

    Worse than the hiv virus are those who care to know nothing about the virus and the 34 million people living with hiv

  79. 40% of population, 2,600,000 people, live on less than $2/day, sharing 5% of global income.

    Congrats to all you who legally honor yourselves with absurd salaires, taking of millions of the global income generated, shared income not made available to 22,000 children who die each day.

    Negligence homicide

  80. When Jesus kicked over the tables of slave master bankers, he was kicking at negligence death that he walked in daily that everyone was witnessing and ignoring.

    What the slave masters do not realize they are ignoring is the kingdom of heaven atonement equality oneness of the poor and meek slaves, who likewise did not know, but they felt it more closely in less distraction of useless status quo egotism.

    Happiness is the journey

  81. 2,600,000,000

  82. Yearly costs

    Basic education for all = $6 billion
    Water and sanitation for all = $9 billion
    Basic health and nutrition = $13 billion

    Military spending in world = $780 billion

    Narcotic drugs in the world = $400 billion

    Where is leadership?

    How is it possible that these countries do not have money from their natural resources?

    Exploitation of entire meek societies?

  83. Ah well no surprise here that the corruption of Chinese businessmen is taking over Africa, the same way they steal our patents and low wages work force, and still we do business with them like everything is ok as they rape the entire world’s potential prosperity. Fuckers!

  84. Hypocrite world, that prides itself on ending slavery, while paying slavery contract prices to companies we KNOW are paying way below our legal minimum wages.

    Why do our own labor laws not apply to our corporate company business practices?

    We ate lying to our own people and the next generation about our ongoing maintaining….of slavery

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  86. I came all this way
    Just to say
    I AM….Soooo gay

    If you carefully give the body time to fight illness that we sometimes give antibiotics for, then we give the body a false sensability to knock down whatever flu virus or infection that comes along, disabling our the building of immunity, which is highly complex by the way, as to the processing involved in programing newly born white blood cells, of whatever duration needed to complete.

    It took a month for my lungs to naturally process a fight against an invading infection, that slowly moved thru my entire lungs from top to bottom, much the same way a cold or flu virus does.

    So what about other virus, like hiv

    Are we not artificially suspending our immune system from developing a natural response to fighting hiv, when we use the newly developed drugs, researched, developed, manufactured, marketed and sold by stock market companies, that would rather sell a long term drug therapy, rather than a cure.

    I trust our natural evolving ability that shows proof positive it’s own immunity ability in my own body fighting off the ever persistent hiv virus, here in my fourth year…although I hesitate in speculation of long term prospects as regards to serious opportunistic infections like cancer

    Even cancer is preventable they say….with the same regiment of exercise I use for battling hiv, or more accurately speaking, battling opportunistic infections with a hampered immune system that IS constantly annoyed by the hiv virus, an annoyance, not a killer virus.

    People with hiv don’t die because of hiv…they die from stupidity

    Same with cancer and heart disease in people withpoor diet and exercise.


    only our self to blame at the end of our long journey, of coming so far to say…

    I AM…Soooo gay!!!!!!!!

    Hahaha HA! 🙂

  87. Heaven is truth, love, wisdom and compassion.
    Hell is false, hate, ignorance, apathy.
    ‘Discerning the difference’ is what the kingdom of heaven halo perspective constantly IS.
    Heaven and hell, all around us.
    What you allow your heart to turn towards, is what you become.
    A true fearless loving wise compassionate divine child of God found…
    Or a false cowardice hateful ignoramus apathetic divine child of God…lost

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    page, for the reason that i want enjoyment, for the
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  90. average consumer spending with global equality wage laws would translate into:

    $ 280,280,000,000,000 Trillion dollars / year

    _based on average of $57,200 / year consumer spending with 70% of 7 billion global population over age 16 and under age 65 (4,900,000).

    Statistic Verification on consumer spending…
    Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Agriculture, Department of State, Centers for Disease Control, Bureau of Transportation Statistics

  91. by 2100, this number will increase to $401 Trillion dollars of a global consumer spending, with a population of 10 billion, after global equality wage laws are in effect

  92. (4,900,000,000) 2013
    (7,000,000,000) 2100

  93. expensive party yes?

    HA 😉

  94. Whether we evolved or devolved with regards to leaving our natural habitat, is debatable by many of you, however, this is where we arrived and where we are going, and it IS our responsibility of global leaders of the global economy, to instruct, motivate, and empower all pockets of humanity out there, to join and participate in ushering all into equality of heaven all around us, without need or want of any suffering by any of us.

    Heaven IS the equality pure true love compassion wise feeling atonement of oneness true graceful delicate nature with one another, past, present, future, eternally

    amusement of sensory perception is the only purpose of life and God created us merely as an amusement, just as we create, for sake of amusement.

    scoff all you want as the ridiculing fools of anarchy like so many of you yet are….but it is the inescapable truth of all you who are plodding along aimlessly without a guide, in all you egotistic ways that lead to nowhere but annoyance of self and self of another and others….

    HA 🙂


    Perhaps when running to a burning fire, we panic to try putting it out as quickly as we can, without slowing down to evaluate what kind of a fire it is, and end up using an incorrect approach that makes the fire worse, such as water on a fuel fire, where foam is the better choice.

    Low T-cell counts are normal occurrence for both hiv + and hiv negative individuals, that is the result of various infections, not so much the hiv virus.

    The real danger of the hiv virus is the lack of appetite to eat sufficient nutrient intake, which thereby leaves the body in a weaker state of immunity, just as it would for a normal person fighting infections.

    With lower nutrient comes lethargy that hinders vitality energy feeling motivation to exercise, which further adds the a weaker state of the body to fight infections.

    The research clearly reveals how T-cell counts are lowered by infections, than by the hiv virus.

    Yes, hiv is an infection too, that reduces immunity, just as does any infections, but the real danger of hiv is the potential for increasing a victim mentality that coincides with lethargy of hiv hindering appetite resulting poor diet and exercise, as well as rest linked to both duet and exercise,….that predisposes individuals for infection, just as it would if we mimic the affecting behaviour resulting hiv condition in an hiv negative person..where hiv is also an infection of the body that adds to lowering immunity

    The real killer of hiv is ignorance about proper nutrition, exercise and restful rest.

    Of course poverty is also a contributor to death in hiv positive individuals, just as it equally does for negative people.

    Add to this the biased approach of our need to medicate self and others and profit in medicine, and you contribute to all manifestations of victim mentality, including running to a burning fire with the wrong approach, not knowing we are…too late.

  96. I wass wondering if you ever thyought of changing the structure of your website?

    Its very wdll written; I love what youge got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so pople could connect with iit
    better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two images.
    Maybe you could space itt out better?

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