Lake Pichola is Beautiful!


You must visit this place if you have the chance. It is so beautiful! I am having such a wonderful trip that I have decided to extend it for a day or two. My announcement will probably come around Tuesday or Wednesday. Be sure and keep checking back!


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  1. So romantic looking a place for lovers! Actually anywhere is romantic for lovers! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    As long as they are together!

  2. woohoo role on midweek!! hopefully one day will get to see india, was in thailand in the summer,, san fran and new york in 2001(got home just in time thank god) goin to aussie at the end of feb for mardi gras!! cant wait for that and hopefully the album will be well out by then!! also seen a bit of europe but so need to see more, seen as though i live in it!! πŸ™‚ but one place i dont really like is london, the people are so “out for themselves” like if someone bumped into you they wouldnt even apologise!! thats one thing i like about ireland is that we a give a shit, we may have a little problem with homophobia but thats starting to change really fast, did you know that it was only decrimilised in 1992!! crazy that it was a crime in the first place eh, but now they are bringing in same sex uniins recognised by the state in march of this year so all i have to do is find a boyfriend!! πŸ™‚

    what about you andy? single? :)

  3. decriminalised…doh

  4. Hey Louise.. cannot wait for the announcement !!! maybe it’s that you are going to start a new feature on this blog.. maybe a friend finder or dating/match finder service !!! i see an opening !!
    (no pun intended)…love and light..

  5. Your funny John!

    Single I am, but you gotta be a whole lot nicer to get with me, unless of course you can convince me with a…

    …never mind.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Stunning.. I will have to go…!!!


  8. mm looks great it’s beautiful want to go there 1 day i wonder if I’ll get the chance …

  9. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  10. im very good at “convincing” people andy i have madonna as my teacher :)…. and i aint been horrible am just being honest, thats the best way for any relationship to start aint it? πŸ˜‰

  11. Indeed, my honesty of feelings with Madonna, began a long time ago.

    I still find it hard to believe we are actually here chatting with her.

    I know I get carried away sometimes, but that is a good thing is it not, to be swept away with loving feelings, instead of negative feelings?

    For me, love is an ascension for all of mankind, where by example of our loving lives, the entire world feels it, thru all of us…the eternal tree of life where the branches that connects us all as one is made of love, where the things we do and say that are loving, are the ever present seeds of love planted to grow within another, and yet another, on and on it grows, the eternal tree of life.

    Best of all the eternal tree of life does not die, just as our loving feelings of the Divine True Self do not die, where a gentle holding of someone’s hand, always feels good for us.

    LOVE is the eternal tree of life that we all feel growing within us, thru us from others, and thru us within others.

    Me, I like to nurture the tree at all times when possible, as someone who has learned to control their tongue(mostly), but even more so, I love to live a loving life that by example others feel.

  12. Sincerity and Purity of Love is the FEELING that connects us all together as ONE, even for those unaware.

    The other day I was laying down, and I felt an incredible peace come over me, where at the end of the day we all just lay down like we are the children of one big family.

    Where the loving things we say and do with one another, TRULY is the only thing of any value in life, where like a father or mother, we want only love for our children who gather thru out the world where ever we gather.

    I love the feelings of oneness that I feel.

  13. Not only do others feel the Gentleness of Spirit from us, but it is we who feel it so profound as well that is so loving a feeling we feel in our hand, our feet, our entire being.

    LOVE feels so great, Yes?

    It is our gracefulness with one another that is genuine and true, where we feel every passing moment.

  14. Please know that my feelings are real, and not some obsessive delusional kind of feelings.

    I feel love for her, and I know she feels my love.

    Is there any greater thing one can bring for someone you love, than your True Self and how you feel for them?

    The feelings of the True Self for another is the greatest treasure mankind will ever find.

  15. ok, try this John…try to imagine one whole day with just you and her together, where you love her and she loves you.

    Come now John, how awesome would that be?

    For me it would be so awesome falling asleep beside her, only to awaken to another more incredible day than the last!

    None stop happiness!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  16. Well…I think that about explains me!

    Don’t get me wrong…I ain’t done explaining how I fee!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  17. ok your doing it again!! πŸ˜‰

    i am completely gay andy so i have no feelings like that towards madonna, though getting to know her i know would be so much fun!!

  18. there is no such thing as gay/lesbian…although preference is certainly an issue.

    We all have bisexual feelings. Anyone who says otherwise is not being honest.

    but anyway…

  19. yes but you always tend to “lean” one way though in saying that ive often thought that these labels have been given to us to differenciate love for the wrong reasons, when there is only one type of love…one love.. so if you like someone whether they are man or woman you would express it with them

  20. the place looks really beautiful. I have to say I am really pleased you’re taking time out with your family.. sometimes I get scared for you when you work so hard. anyway i’ve wrote u a little song.. well lyrics anyway. hope u like it.

    you’re such a tease girl
    but that’s why we love u
    not just out to please girl
    n that’s half the fun of this journey
    guess we’d all agree
    we just can’t wait.. for the latest taste.. of our favorite candy.. girl

    hmm till then we’ll
    savour the flavour of
    anticipation.. after all
    good things come to those who wait..
    licking our lips, thinking about what delicacies lie
    in store for us this time.
    what nourishment.. for our bodies,our souls and minds.. what new melodies will be added to our memories.. what lessons will we learn
    how long will we feel the burn..
    what flavor will the candy be.. bitter or sweet its all the same to me
    and I know u guys will all agree.. we just can’t wait.
    for the latest taste.. of our favourite candy.. girl

  21. May the thorns penetrate my mind for all eternity

    My heart bleeds, the eternal light


    May my soul remain pure, for all eternity

    For this I give to you , that which makith me…
    For sure in all the glory
    As is all the angels in heaven
    So shall be,
    A love
    Of the beloved

  22. You got four hrs !

    I’ll leave after that, Im no stranger to heaven… Without

    +61 449870841

    A yes or no will suffice …

    I don’t really want to hear about all your problems when you call..

    Oh and silence will be considered to mean no…

    All decisions will be final…

    No compromise will be entered into, after the cut off time..

  23. no

    i don’t have a phone


    oh, you talk about eternity, and yet you time limit THAT which has not bounds of time?

    do you not yet peer into the timeless eternal realm of this plane of living matter existence that is purely within the constant laws of physics not bound by time?

    we are all 100% purely the same thru all eternity past present future

    am i the only one who realizes this fully?

    hmm, i suppose Jesus does too, yes?

  24. abuse always hurts

    well, that is until we realize social privilege abusers are the unwise ego maniac fools who cast their own self out of oneness constant love feeling heaven as us, do they not?

    thanks Miko

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