Amazing Choreography

I have seen some amazing choreography while on this trip! I might have to work with some new people on my next tour! Just watch this video and let me know what you think!


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  1. Certainly any part of the world where love can be nurtured is always worth looking into.

    No matter the culture or religion, the we are all exactly the same when it comes to our Divine True Self, where the highest place with God is merely the oneness of sincerity and purity of love for one another, devoid of all these old religious things.

    Make the goal of nurturing love in all cultures incognito, where the lifting of spirits is always a good thing for everyone.

    It is a coming together that the future will see, and is feeling, where we are putting aside all these differences between us. It will not be our generation that sees the greatest end result, yet we are an integral part of the end result of the coming together of spirit, where LOVE is the connection.

    Cultivate love in anything, and we are doing God’s work.

    Love devoid of doubt, how do we express that?

    It is so much more than song and dance!

    Gracefulness of spirit is certainly a big part of it, so gentle and mild.

    It would be interesting to see the religious followers and their temples. I know the spirit of God is there in the loving works.

  2. Indeed it is wonderful to see the joy in their dance!

    The celebration of a loving life, no matter who, where, culture, religion, the delicate emotion of love is everywhere in the world in our smiles and in our eyes.

  3. Yes, Louise..

    Did you ever see “Bombay Dreams” when it was in London?
    I still have the CD in my car.. I love the music and remember the energy and dancing.. One of my favorite plays..


    You do have to do something with this group… You do!!

  4. If u like that watch these:

  5. it’s nice! the dance is really fast but it’s still colorful and i think that thats what makes it an amazing video to watch! i think that on the next tour u should work more on: the colors of the stage clothing and etc and and for sure: choreography that will fits to all of those elements will just make it a perfect show to go on tour with

  6. I have seen this movie. She is Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai. Now she has got married so her name is Aishwarya Bachchan. The name of movie is “Hum dil de chuke sanam”. “hum” means “i” , “Dil” means Heart, “de chuke” means Given , “Sanam” means the person whom you love ….so the name is like ” have given you heart my love” sort of.

  7. Here you can watch her interview with Oprah Winfrey :-

    Here you can see her :-

  8. All is well, when our attitudes are kept in check, knowing a positive attitude is the only one to have…they gave me a new store to work in.

  9. Nimbuda means Lime or lemon..she is singing….”bring raw , small, green lemon from farm……”. Sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and danced by Aishwarya Rai.

  10. Of course i like it …
    but i think its not your style.Your style is more aggressive,you are female fatal, not happy jumping elf!

    But anyway you may take some movements yes, just some choreography but not more please :O) )))

  11. its fabulous choreography and the way its put together is absolutley amazing…… i just cant take it seriously though 🙂

  12. Satya: Thanks for sharing that Oprah interview.. She’s adorable!.. Really Adorable!

  13. the motions of her neck makes me laugh…o_o-o_pss !

  14. If Love devoid of doubt and uncertainty is the finale, then the lead up should be the obviousness of silly doubt revealed by means of how it makes us feel.

    It is a human struggle what we look for and seek, not realizing that we already have it within us all, where the world is not the necessarily always nurturing of us, and indeed quite the opposite in our struggle to become free spirited and fearless, where the world uses the devices of fear to maintain everything.

    It is all so silly seeing these many snares in the world, that hold so many loving souls in captivities of blind ignorance.

    It is not that difficult to see things clearly of the many useless attitudes racked with fear that really are nonsense and obsurd, in almost everything in life.

    A reflection of our path to the most enlightened place of love devoid of doubt, where wisdom uncovers and reveals the truth of the devices of fear and negative hypnotic powers that are unwise, is where we see clearly the light of truth wisdoms that educate us.

    The feeling of love devoid of doubt is without all the junk attitudes of the world, and yet it is, in the form of truth wisdoms which protect the child within us, by means of the truth that makes obvious the negativities of so many things.

    I would say a good place to start is with the love devoid of doubt and fear, where everything else around is what comprises the devices of ignorances unwise, not able to prevent love devoid of doubt, where truth wisdoms are the means by which sight is restored to our loving souls that is our feelings.

    Sounds like a fun project, where fearlessness is the wave of certainty, once we know fully the feeling of love devoid of doubt so easily expressed merely by knowing that we are always standing in it. We feel it within. It is the True Self that feels uncertainty, and wishes not to. We feel all these distractions that we wish not to that are anxiety for us.

    At times when we feel these feelings of uncertainty around us, it is here that we can feel clearly the truth that the True Self yearns for what it knows deep within itself…

    …love devoid of doubt.

    For me, love devoid of doubt is when someone genuinely loves to hold my hand. It is a gentleness of spirit full of sincerity and purity of love for another.

    I would love to hold your hand Madonna.

    This feeling will not change for me, so cast doubtfulness from you, for I know how I have felt and will always feel for you.

    Love, Andy

  15. So for the True Self to become free, we merely need to make two lists.

    1/ all the things that make us feel good.

    2/ all the things that make us feel bad.

  16. It is here that we can see clearly that attitudes as well as lacking in wisdom in other’s behavior with us are obvious.

  17. Certainly you entire career has been one of the True Self expressing itself.

    There is a sincerity and purity of love that is beyond mere entertainment, where the purpose of the entertainment if to kindle purity and sincerity of love within others, leaving no doubt about love devoid of useless fear and absurd doubt.

    So let your creative loving self out to play once again, just as I do every year, where the project itself is so much fun and good for us as well in our own internalizing of wisdoms about our True Self.

    Anyway…I am just going on about my understanding here, in an easy to understand way. There are alot of great books on the subject. I am not the most wise in these understandings about True Self.

  18. Let me know which list I end up on! 😀 😀

  19. I love you…you know I do!

  20. keeping it real.

    hey, I think there is a song, ‘I wanna hold your hand.’

    This one is funny!

  21. Always loved Indian movies,all colorful and positive. And the dance,even though they are traditional, they are interesting and amazing. I’m sure you would look so hot in these costumes dancing all around! A fairy tail like!
    Best wishes for the 2008!

    Cheers! :)))

  22. these guys need to move from the library to a private room! 😀 😀

    happiness so joyous, unable to be contained!!

  23. well this is very well done. are you going to do this on your next tour. if you are im a little shaky about it though. you’ve always been known to make anything be outstanding but in my opinion i think you should do another theme for your tour if you are through. don’t take it the wrong way you are a wonderful performer write me back if you have time my full address if it is not listed above this comment is

  24. Beautiful photos.

    All this reminds me of “Hideous Kinky”.



  25. It´s OK. You have already borrowed some indian dancing to your concerts. I remember you had this fantastic indian female dancer.
    I personally think Spanish/south american dance moves suit you better…..
    But still thinking about India, have you watched the Mistress of Spices it´s with the same actress that dances on this film/dance you shared with us. Fantastic film! Keep enjoying India! Om Shanti xox

  26. i watched all these videos L and i think it’s GREAT and i think that these videos and dance can be a great inspiration for the next tour i think that u get some inspiration from the girlie show 93 and the blond ambition tour too here is what i am talking about


    these parts of the both shows are still amazing even after all these years !

  27. correction
    watched all these videos L and i think it’s GREAT and i think that these videos and dance can be a great inspiration for the next tour i think that u can get some inspiration from the girlie show 93 and the blond ambition tour too here is what i am talking about


    these parts of the both shows are still amazing even after all these years !

  28. Thanks Butterfly…

  29. I can say only one word: MAGICAL 🙂

  30. Hi Madonna, I cannot believe your in India, you lucky lady!!!!
    I love Indian dancing as you are well aware of! Have fun!!

  31. Perhaps Nitin Sawhney producing some tracks with Madonna in the future? How hot would that be?

  32. i advise you to watch old indian films of Raj Kapoor as “Awara”( Tramp) or “Shree 420” . They are full of tears and amazing music and dances.

  33. MADONNA,in the video she sings in ambiguity.her quesrion was about sheryl hall,and the indian royalty she was on call for(escort).he gave her herpes and she gave it to me,i will speak on both our behalves.neither of us will ever make an official complaint.MADONNA,are you studying the kabbala as an original quest of THE KNIGHTS OF TEMPLAR,to find the HOLY GRAIL if in fact it does exist?you are my president,why can you not put up with the ambiguity of insults from the class of drop outs?and now COURTNEY LOVE wants to follow you to LONDON.your loyalty is so powerful,my new female rank will not complete is not the same,her love is secondary.and i sent word to blender magazine to give LYNDSY LOHAN whatever rank she wanted,she wanted to be by me and GWEN STEFFANI.the only cure for the AMERICAN HOLLYWOOD love story is WYNNONA RYDER.except everything is referance to you.all my victories are nothing without you.and your so far sing to people as if they are gods,can we not worship you?all your studies were to be better than the rest.HOLLYWOOD agrees,as far as i know.what is good enough to be by your side?how could anyone including myself want anything else.i do not want you to play nurse maid in EUROPE if you choose to stay,be my it should be.i am the E & S,your the star.I LOVE YOU!

  34. She’s saying:

    1) I’m going to take your job, silly American!
    2) I’m going to divorce this arranged husband in five years!

  35. we pray and beseech you,venerable brethern,to join your efforts with ours,and earnestly to strive for the extirpation of this foul plague,which is creeping through the veins of the body politic.(….) we wish it to be your rule first of all to tear away the mask from freemasonry.and to let it be seen as it really is;and by sermons and pastoral letters to instruct the people as to the artifices used by societies of this kind in seducing men and enticing them into their ranks,and as to the depravity of their opinions and the wickedness of their acts. (example) sicilain tax paying regulato community/8-21-54/OF SHALLOW. .820-96-40/TEMPER TANTREM….fonzerelli luscios scandantario/#3337321….when it jingles the question is where,my freedom can be a bell….elipticle angel mezzanine thor….forever a part of the family of ron padula and tom scandantario and john guido messetti….for merit has preveiled over coolness….love always uncles and brothers in the wonderful world of zoosuits….the singing quala witch-dah-wish-tah-doji-tomi….unredeamable till the end of man….free for love maintainence….road runner plays his flute and rides his harley into the sea shell….flavor senor aleman trujillo….do not scratch the paint it is a pecos original….have some secret sauce while we eat to our hearts joy….computers budjet the hands efforts to kill a blue jay under orders,brings great respect….ketchum mafia….PASAGULA MASSACHUSETTS UNIVERSAL CHRONICLES SPIRIT OF RADIO VIVE VERVO SEVENTY SEVEN BEETLE MEZZANINE WARNER BROTHERS….43578,45 RECORD OBVIOUSLY KNOWELS PASSAGULLA MASSACHUSETTS RALPH POLOCO XXX DVD….FFFFFFILA AOXX….GET AWAY DIRTY ANGEL KLYBY NEW YORKE….MALE 45 RECORD BLUE GOLD RODEO CHAMP WKQXFMS QOTSAS….VANCOUVER JANOV AUDIOSLAVE AMPHITHEATER LIVE FAST DIE TNT DAHB ALIGATOR SALAZAR ALEMAN TNT TRUJILLO SHAKIRA COSABELLA MEOM GROHL SENOR KANAL….3 CD 7 40 DJ 4….RCOM COLE….82096 SPRING HOTEL MEBARAK GODDESS VIRGIN KAZZAR SHAKIRA VALIANT….SENE STUFF FKCBS CKCI KCJ NIKE DYNOMITE SEVERE MESSUTRA LIADCORCHALK CAPAZILLO KAMAVETTA ZEDASUTRA AGIEL ZAZELAK ZEN YATA MONDATA….WISE….MASSERVY….VINCENT….GRAVENS….MANUZIGOR….BREWHA BRAWLTOM….CHUPACOLBRA….PRANKISH ASPETETEVA….GETYLIA BARBARIA FALMIS,GANZA ENTIRE KANTOR. (CONUNDRUM)

  36. its a HOT TAMALES and Durexes!!!Hey Madonna call me when you change the Valentino Durex with HOT TAMALES one!!!Or you can come and have diner with me tonight!!!Lets beat the Indians….lets do it as the Eskimos and Gypsys!!!Lets get married in Every country and every temple!!!


  38. Hi, Madonna. I’ve watched the video and I’ve liked very much. It’s colorfull and the choreography it’s fast, but delicate. I think the moviments of hands, necks and arms of the dancers are precious and can be very important for your next work. I’m sure you can use this very well.
    God bless you, your husband and your babies.

    Devdas – she was exquisite


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