My Favorite Candy

Many of you commented telling me your favorite candy. I have a favorite as well. It is called Hot Tamales! Let me educate you all on this candy! Hot Tamales are a cinnamon candy manufactured by Just Born. They are shaped like Just Born’s Mike and Ike candies and were introduced in 1950. They are available in both paper boxes and in plastic bags. Click here or on the photo below for more information on this amazing candy! Don’t eat too much, however! I am not responsible if you buy the 5 lb. bag and eat them in one sitting! Ha! No, seriously. At my listening party a few weeks ago they had tons of candy all over the place, including my favorite shown below! Have you tried these? I was so impressed when they gave me these! I can’t believe they knew my secret addiction! Don’t forget to refresh this page. You never know when something new is posted. You don’t want to miss anything I might have in store.


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  1. Hey, they make Super Hot Hot Tamales too!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Tamales…hey that name has an almost west indian sound to it.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Hi Andy, I’m home all alone on my birthday, no one to talk too why this lonelyness people afraid to talk to me

  4. This was already posted on Madonnalicious..
    What can you tell us they haven’t already posted, Ms. Louise?…

  5. trust goes a long way to building on friendships, i have trust this blog its so impersonal, its my birthday and i don’t want to cry, tears of joy but tears all the same. i’m struggling with this you understand me, you need to help me with this i’m asking you to help me with this because it will not be resolved unless we talk i need to talk and today is a very real day for me, i can have all the courage in the world and call you and convince you how i feel but thats not the right way to go about it, i need to know you a true and you don’t need courage for that you just need to hold me that is all am asking if i feel love i will certainly cuddle you back and i you feel love also then that is good.

  6. Only Love Marco. That is all God wants for us.

  7. Happy Birthday Marco!!!

  8. Britney is going thru an emotional time right now too. She needs safe and supportive friends right now.

    I just hope she takes my advice, of what I know works.

    I have spent nearly two decades working with psychology experts, that has found me healthier than ever, dealing with my True Self.

    While many may think I am all about spirituality, the foundation of my belief system is psychology, where spirituality is of my higher self that I am yet learning about.

    The best investment anyone can ever give themselves is a solid understanding of psychology.

    They need to make it mandatory education for everyone, providing us all with the life skills so greatly needed to discern for ourselves who is healthy for us and who is not.

    While spirituality has become incredible for me lately, it has taken decades to achieve, in always maintaining healthy boundaries for sake of my True Self, where negative environments are always bad for us to dwell in.

    Who we are is who we always were. Love yourselves. I do. I do it alot actually. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    made you smile!

  9. Hahaha!

    Refresh, refresh, refresh!!!

    damn, that’s are hard word to type!

    Good to see you as excited about me as I am of you…finally!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. You just never know!

    Oh but that is where you are wrong…I know!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. Wow! you seem very excited!!!

    What’s up?

    Did you find yourself yet?

    Just Born?


    could not resist that one! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  12. god andy you seem to have done everything AND KNOW EVERYTHING, what a perfect human being you are

    if we were all like you the world would be perfect… wouldnt it??

    why dont you and marco set up your own page of adoration of yourselfs and leave us madonna fans to get to know madonna


    god almighty HELP US!


  13. you just hope britney takes your advise? WHAT??


    jeeeeeeeeeeesssshhhusssssssss mate!


  14. you will regret your words of the hypocrite heart one day John, but then again, those who dwell in the hypocrite heart, take delight in such smallnesses and pettinesses of heart that are a void of nothingness, and why such things vanish in history…forgotten.

  15. it is attitudes like yours John which maintain the spiritual poverty of the world, where apon the ground lays a child dying and in great need of loving hearts.


  16. mmmm… I wish was skinny enough to allow myself to eat some. Not for at least a month. But dang! Talking about Hot Tamales and seeing the pic of them is realy making me crave them.
    Can’t wait for your anouncement!!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!!!!


  17. hey
    Do u know what is going on with Britny SPears?
    are u not worried?


  18. there is nothing wrong with my spirituality thank you very much andy

    i know poor britney she hopefully is now hitting rock bottom so as to bounce back to her fabulous self, pretty, talented and fun.

    hey madonna why dont you take her on a holiday to your place in england? or something similar? there is so much you can teach her i think, in your 25 years of being famous you have never let it “break” you, as you say in human nature song, i think maybe one time you let it get to you(i’d say its awfull though) was david letterman show about 1994 when you cursed like 24 times, you looked the bomb and i thought it was hilarious(laughing with you i mean) anyway lots you can teach her i think


  19. Hey John…
    The difference between Louise and is this girl, Brittney, is Brittney started so young with the Mouskateers….
    That poor girl never got to learn how to be anything, except a performer…
    I’m guessing with parents pushing and all….
    I can’t imagine how it must be for her… So difficult..
    She’s not equipt with the tools to handle life….
    Yes, I agree.. Louise.. You’re probably one of the only people she’ll listen to… If anyone could get through.. You stand the biggest chance..

  20. i LOVE anything with cinnamon πŸ˜€

  21. butterfly, thats so true she never gotta chance to get to know her and now she has to do it the hard way! i sooooo hope she doesnt do anything stupid, even for her kids sake aswell!!

    cinnamon SCARES ME πŸ™‚

  22. i agree with John, litharmachin is too stupid, and his advices i take it in my ass !! you make me earl lithartruc

  23. oh great, another hypocrite of love, calling me stupid.


    Well, ok. I still wish everyone love, in spite of themselves.

  24. You don’t know even 1% about me, yet each part about me is all the same….


  25. As for Britney, I explain to her what worked for me in the past, seeking advice of professional experts who are safe and supportive, unlike you morons with your hateful mouths.

    Do you honestly think Madonna likes your bullshit mouths with me?

    You obviously do not know her at all, and it is you who scare and frighten her with your bitter hatefulnesses.

    Perhaps it is time she deletes all negativity from this blog, leaving only LOVE.

    I explained to Britney that the foundation of my belief system is grounded in psychology, and is the best investment one can ever make in their entire life.

    She needs safe and supportive people right now. We all do.

    Psychology teaches us to set boundaries with people who are not healthy for us, like you motherfucking morons, with you hateful attitudes of someone you have never met, know absolutely nothing about.

    You remind me of the gangs of gay bashers that chase us down the street, beating and killing us, thinking you are so wise and knowing of us, when if fact you know nothing about us.

    I don’t hate anyone, I just despise useless absurdnesses devoid of love, that is an empty void that is far from God, where apon frightening chance of encountering such individuals, I would be running from.

    Bully mentalities of weak mindedness is obvious in your limited words that you use which are completely devoid of love.

    I ask, why be so hateful of someone who loves Madonna, who I know is more loving than most anyone you will ever meet?

    You do not know what she means to me, nor do you know anything at all about what I mean to her.

  26. Ah damn. Britney lost visitation rights.

  27. It is only temporary, so long as she does what is required, and is easily fixed with adherence to what makes for a healthy life.

  28. is john one of those “wannabe hypacrite” type’s but does not quite cut it…

  29. we’re not being bitterfull or hatefull andy we’re just asking you to stop preaching your crap

    we dont care if your highly intelligent or an evolved human in love…lol…. we just dont wanna hear it comprende??

    ok, so tell us then, what do you mean to madonna?

  30. was that marco trying to sound intelligent??.. a hypocrite is someone who acts different from their beliefs, so lets see, a wannabe hypocrite is someone WANTING to act different from their beliefs, so am not sure marco is that you trying to be funny or intelligent or maybe both!!

    god will the 2 of you just set up your own page of arrogance and self righteousness, andy is the hypocrite here he slags and insults people who challenge him, im just telling you how we all see it here including the person who put this page up whether it be madonna, louise of the fucking tooth fairy!!

    again this isnt a preachers page for the arrogant, its a page for madonna fans to have a laugh with each, not the “im the only one who understands madonna” or “madonna knows me” like why dontcha read your txt before you press send??

    its very disconcerting and extremely irritating to have sift through.

  31. I bet they’re not as hot as “Tyrkisk Peber”… and cinnamon…?!? It sounds really strange πŸ˜‰ I sent “Tyrkisk Peber” to a (American) charity auction and they asked me if the were like “Hot Tamales”, but I have no idea…
    Looking forward to that new album by the way and I love Hey You… the lyrics, music and video… been a fan since 1987… I used to buy everything you released, but now I mostly buy albums because I’d rather spent my money on sponsored kids and I hope you understand this πŸ™‚


  32. Love is crap John?

    So is Madonna’s love crap John, or just my love?

    Is your mother’s love crap John?

    Or how about anyone that loves you John?

    Do you have anyone that loves you John?

    I suppose not, seeing that you view love as crap.

  33. Indeed, we can be our own worse enemies.

    I care not to entertain your smallness of heart John, so you take, ok?

  34. Howcome there is no link on to your blog here? And why would you have a blog hosted by wordpress? Oh well, what I’ve read was pretty good – it’s been fun believing…

    Lithargoel… you should get your own blog, you have a lot on your mind… I’m sure Madonna will link to you, she links to quite a few already…


  35. someone here sound’s Ms Bitch in disguise, as i recall Ms Bitch was banned from this blog from being so negative and spreading sourness and scorning anyone who did not conform to his narrow view’s on life. ah such hate.. embrace your hate and give it love, for love is all.. ha that should stir the pot and bring forth the demon’s set to pounce on me and retaliate with word’s of hatred.

  36. here John, maybe this will help you know love better.

  37. It’s called wretchedness of spirit Marco…just ignore it, for it anything unloving is always unwise, and should not be embraced.

    When I see someone like this, my compassion mode kicks in, as I see them as one who is yet unwise of nurturing the True Self, that wishes only to feel love and give love.

    I just love the video I posted above.

    I love to swim in love, and not all these useless pettinesses of the heart that just drag us down into wretchedness of heart, cajoling us and enticing us to engage them.

    Don’t engage them Marco. Let them stand obvious among us as the darkness of bitter ignorances, where these darknesses serve those enlightened, by means of the TRUTH of what NOT to do.

    ~ truth wisdoms are only able to protect our loving hearts, if we as students, embrace them, understanding the journey we are on is towards love devoid of doubt. If we do not, then we fall from God’s grace my Angel Marco!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Did I just hear a bell…someone got their wings!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  38. made you smile, my loving friend Marco!

  39. Isn’t the music in that video beautiful? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I knew you would like it !

  40. Listening to that music, I see myself laughing with a loving friend at the beach, swimming in the water, surfing, so carefree of all the useless absurdity of this mean spirited world, that swims in it’s many ignorances, that are illnesses of the heart, where only love is able to heal them.

    I am compassionate for all those yet lost, who are not diligent in freeing themselves by means of truth wisdoms.

    I am astonished that they attack me like they do. I mean, I am a complete stranger to them. I mean, would they go up to someone on the street or at the yaught club and start throwing insults that are only injury so deliberate in their approach with others, to cast fear into others like they do?

    It would appear they enjoy that sorta thing. I despise and prefer to ignore it, as something immature, unloving, unnurturing and untruthful of the divine true self within us all.

    I can’t believe I even take time to read their trivialnesses with me, knowing they have nothing nice to say.

    So, how are we able to love someone like that?

    ~ compassion

  41. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  42. what?

  43. I love people!

  44. I like this video…has a summer feeling to it, making me smile.

    I love how it opens, like waking up in the morning in some tropical place near the beach.

  45. now fuck me you fool!!!

    OMG! did I just say that?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  46. made you laugh! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  47. I like that saying Marco!

    LOVE is ALL!!!!!!!

  48. Indeed, the lacking of love in the world results in many things, including lack of education, which to me is the highest level of love that needs to be made mandatory thru out the world.

    Love is what we all want for our children, where only the best education will do.

    So too the world is yet learning about the depth of love that is nurturing and wise, able to provide, where these things are forth most of highest priority, and truthfully, of the only thing that matters…


  49. I just wish people would wake up and realize the value of their own loving hearts is beyond anything they will ever do in their entire life?

    Truthfully, the West Indian girl put this in me!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    She’s so fine, I wish she were mine!!!!

  50. nurturing the True Self.

  51. I guess I should watch my mouth here.

  52. delete…

  53. there is a little problΓ¨m again! instead of speaking about the hot tamale some one take all the place with his speach about love etc. Louise can you do some thing again…
    yesterday i was in a drivin in belgium looking for this kandy and they don’t have, in france too where i live, in my head i m blocked! how to taste before to buy it? if i m desapointed, what doesn’t it mean? i m stupid to follow you even in your food? or it doesn’t it mean nothing! at the end it is a question of pround etc, it is heavy just for something good !!!

  54. i can a sure you my dear marco am im nobody in disguise here, dont know who Ms bitch is but im john from ireland, and andy i know love, i feel it, live it and enjoy every minute of it, what i dont need is some deluisioned madonna stalker telling me how to be so why dont you cut your crap and stay on topic and as i said before if you wanna preach go and stand at your pulpit in your local church.

    i really dont like cinnamon so i will be staying far away from these candies!! πŸ™‚ even the smell of it makes me gag!!, i do luv peppermint though!! god peppermint tea is yum!! what type of hot drinks do you drink louise?

  55. Well…I know she loves me John, and has for along time, where it is you who does not know me and where it is you who she dislikes with your unloving words of me.

    How can you possibly come in here and be so disrespectful about love?

    Well YUK! to all of those who are so unloving!

    ~ Truth

  56. as for the 5 lbs of candy, I will eat 5 lbs of Sweetie clementines instead!

    Sweet and Nutritious, easy to peel! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  57. i aint disrespectful of love andy i just dont like people like you who think they know it all, like why would u say madonna loves you? and for a long time?? you really need some help mate and i mean that with the upmost respect ok,

    y’see i havent said anything unloving towards you andy, remember, you call me the asshole, someone as “loving” as you surely would not curse?? and madonna has not loved you for a long time, unless of course if your andy bird, which if you are then it makes complete sense

  58. no you moron, she loves all gays/lesbians/bisexuals….well, mostly!

    ~ family

  59. indeed, we all need help with someone who is loving, I agree! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  60. ah but she loves what it stands for, love between 2 people regardless of sex, god andy shes just a woman who got her finger out and did something with her life, like you though and many others i would love to sit down and have a chat with her, start with a coffee then onto something light like a cosmo(not light i know but chic!)then some shots then go party!! but that would be the old madonna wouldnt it, now she has a family shes gotta be that bit more sensible eh, still meeting her and getting to know her would be so much fun!!

    did anybody see that mtv thing about 10 years ago, you get to meet your idol and its recorded for mtv, cant remember its name but this girl from america got the chance to meet her and what a complete waste is all i can say, ah well cant wait for this week and more!!

    peace y’all



  62. Wishing a peaceful New year to Madonna and her FAMILY, except the stray inbred ventilator’s on here.

  63. Hey, do they taste the same as the cinnamon love hearts?

  64. O.K, so i cant help but notice the constant sneaky bitchiness, this s my first visit on to madonnas blog, and this is the first blog i and to see someone (someone being madonna) talking about thier favourite candy, and a whole bunch of people start argueing about Brittney spears i mean wow. Im sure if Brittney Spears was a candy shed be a very good tasting one but unfortunatley shes not, im sure if Madona wanted to talk about britney spears shed post a blog? maybe im right? forgive me if im wrong!

    xoxo koby

    p.s my favorite candy is musk sticks

  65. Well, I would have to say that my favorite candies are Mike & Ikes, Dots and JuJuBe’s. I love fruity flavors and chewy candies and these definately have it! I always get one of them when I go to the theatre.

  66. You once revealed your guilty pleasure on an interview at Muchmusic in Toronto. (The environment) They had a hu-mung-go bowl of candy and you went for the Hot Tamales. This was during the promotion of ‘Ray of Light’. You showed us how to squat in your highheels. It was hot. I hung on to that detail about you ever since. So it didn’t surprise me that when I opened this blog that your favorite candy is Hot Tamales. YOU’RE A HOT TAMALE.

    Talk to you later hot stuff!!!

  67. I love Hot Tamales too! They really are addicting. Some of my other favorites are Raisinettes, Dots, “Big Turk” – Turkish Delight baby and so much more!

  68. no no sugar coating..

    sweet sugar, candy delight…

  69. ;D πŸ˜€

  70. purity love trust God has of the divine child, is the same puirty love trust the divine child has of God and each other, ‘that’ which always exists between God and the divine child of God, and ‘that’ which does not always exist between the divine child of God and each other.

    In God We Trust

  71. ++

    not each other……….

    and nor should we, i mean look how they bring bombs on board our planes and such, and what of even our own stock markert brokers, or the businessperson who leads us in error of ways, or the drug dealers lurking in every corner of life, always it is there, the falsehood treachery of wretched lie snarings of blessed true life way?

    somehow i found my own way thru all these years of blessed life since born, and yet, i have still not found my way as yet, as one who always wanted my own family, and yet, i really do have my own family of the LGBT community, of the only true way to encourage and motivate family, bi means of loving example………without all the falsehoods.

    such is my life

    not necessarily ‘that’ of our own family

    psychology crosses true of all walks of life, just as God crosses true of all walks of life……………just BE sure you know which cross both psychology and God reters as TRUE, ‘that’ which is True Spiritual Life Way of the divine child of God, ‘that’ which is False Spiritual Death Way of the divine child of God, ONE and the same cross, TRUTH of ‘that’ which Jesus and i surrendered 2, TRUTH of ‘that’ which no one can ever escape, ‘that’ which only a fool thinks ‘that’ which they cannot ever escape……..eternal TRUTH of ‘that’ which reveals all untruth of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU.

    Trust in ‘that’ of God, ‘that’ of Jesus Christ; oneness sameness ‘that’ of your own divine self, ‘that’ of the divine self of others, ‘that’ which is always there of us all eternal within, yet not always ‘that’ which is always there of us all eternal within, of those without ‘that’ in outward appearance of oneness sameness of ‘that’ of the divine child of God within eternal all YOU

    bless you all

    forever more


  72. ++

    truly i tell you what i truly have come to purely know……..without doubt…….the world is CONSTANTLY the cross road TRUTH of brother Jesus Christ, lord and saviour, of God’s Almighty TRUTH to look apon and purely reflect, ‘that’ which does not fail, unable to fail ‘that’ which is the TRUTH of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal ALL YOU

    forever more

    blessed is the TRUTH of divine child of God YOU

    forever more

    bless you all


  73. ++

    beyond all our forgiving one another, time and again, of all unwise falsehood tres(t)passes, always there, is the divine child of God within us all, of constant knowingness certainty, ‘that’ only love feels good enough to always feel and BE of ‘that’ of the Trueness graceFULL nature of the divine child of God eternal all YOU.

    ‘that’ which i am

    truth of us all

    even of those who yet remain of obvious truth of all unwise falsehood untruths

    ‘that’ which constantly serves the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul eternal all YOU

    blessed is the constant TRUTH, past present future, that serves the divine child of God eternal all YOU

    forever more


  74. Something i came to embrace in living a gay lifestyle of so many steps of so many days, so many years, is in constantly always knowing ‘that’ every step, every heartbeat, every breath, every word, of every day, has always mattered to me as regards everyone of the LGBT worldwide community who may be out or not out completely, struggling most any do, of family that continues to grow thru each one of us, moment by passing moment, at all times, as simple as just merely being there in our constant presence as out homosexuals, no matter where, everywhere we go, where you just don’t necessarily know who is there who may identify themselves with what is of yOUR obvious joyful outward proud fearless appearance, in outgrowing fears we too all journey thru as every single one of us do, day by blessed day.

    at all times

    bless you all

  75. PART ONE





  76. The Hetrick-Martin Institute for LGBT youth in NYC.

  77. The Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk High School, believes all young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential. Hetrick-Martin creates this environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth between the ages of 12 and 21 and their families.

    Through a comprehensive package of direct services and referrals, Hetrick-Martin seeks to foster healthy youth development. Hetrick-Martin’s staff promotes excellence in the delivery of youth services and uses its expertise to create innovative programs that other organizations may use as models.

  78. and you jump in and say while eating your lunch and speaking at the same time, “Gee Andyy, really? I never would of guessed that about you! Duh!”



    you know, you really should finish chewing your food before speaking………. lol

  79. keeping it real

  80. some food for thought in our inner contemplation subconscious seeking……………

    “And reveal Thyself still clearer”

    i like this saying, as it is what is of all our subconscious seeking of inner divine self awareness process centering focusing BEcoming, in what is of the divine will of Jesus and God for us all, awakening fully to the spendor and beautitude of our exceeding holy joyful absolute carefree flawless healing feeling happiness ‘stature’ devoid of the useless absurd annoying generational blindness fearful binding doubt, beyond all measure, that we purely know within is certainly not the false ego maniac shortsighted vagueness masks the divine child creates, learnes, adopts(generational/environmental extrinsic forces) and fearfully hides behind.

    obviously, the kingdom of heaven perspective is exactly that, our gradual generational growth in divine self awareness centering wisdom(stature), where wise descerning TRUTH is what is of the power of God, of God’s divine will summoning eternal all into FULL awakeness of divine self stature………kingdom of heaven.

    what most fail to realize, as i said, is Jesus is merely wiser in greater macro thinking awareness of his own divine self, in what amounts to ever word Jesus speaks of at all times, all his words pointing to the divine self in his constant willing to awaken the divine self Jesus always knows is of us all within, always there listening, albeit, not necessarily intentively as Jesus constantly wants us all to BE in our own awareness processing of eternal ALL YOU up out of the muddy waters of the mad flood generationa falsehood binding blinding bitter wretched dark drowning ignorances of death destruction and oppression.


    for those eager for a second course of food for thought……….

    of continued inner growth in divine self awareness centering, true of us all, where even of those who may not be aware cognitively of the subtle slight changes in us all by means of affect/effect/direct/indirectness inner connectedness contact feeling of the core of the divine self within us all, all bound together at all times, past present future, in one time dimension of no time alters the unchanging TRUTH of the trueness aspects of divine self, rather only is it our gradual changing of direction of our divine self awareness centering focused wise awareness BEcoming we all are of, of what is the wise descerning intuitive divine child of God’s knowingness intuitive certainty aware halo perspective, often referred to as the kingdom of heaven wise aware perspective, as Jesus speaks of;

    1There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews:
    2The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.
    3Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. … See More

    ya, i know exactly what born again means, where one can easily realize that Jesus is an invisible (holy) spirit, ( in likness as those of you who can atest to the existence of the spirit of Seth, an ancient spirit of the beginning), where we know what is of eternal living, merely ‘that’ of our thoughts that do become of another, and each other, at all times, even after we die, our thoughts live on as ‘that’ of another who BEcomes like us, is us, in likeness and form.

    To encapsulate Jesus, one can come fully into awareness that Jesus is merely ‘that’ of his own divine child self, only more wise, more evolved in his deliberate meditative process evolving in divine self awareness centering, cognitively speaking, which is not so much of what most any of us do, in what is wise approach deliberateness of monks, as only monks purely know, and yet, this door is eternally open to the divine child of God within everyone to enter any time they want, and feel the blessed reward that comes with divine self awareness centering so blessed in purity love flawless healing feeling devoid of the useless absurd bitter childish back biting ego tripping we all contend with on any given day.

    Welcome to God’s sanctuary. Please, take your shoes of and stay awhile, as we all venture forward into the wise opening of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU.

    it all means the same thing, all points to the same thing………..awakening widely, fully, protectively, eternally, into wide awake divine self awareness centering stature that purely is flawless healing feeling holy joyful absolute carefree happiness for those who surrender to preferred priority in constantly BEing their inner graceful pure trueness nature with one another and others.

    i mean look how beautiful our loving hours of tender loving sex is!


    oh never mine………….. :mrgreen:

    what we tend to overlook, is the eternal human BEing YOU, is exactly the same as it was in the beginning, however changed in evolution(to appease you evolution theorists), just as the same in the eternal future, and yes everyone, they will all being having wonderful sex in the future, just as we all love 2.


    bless you all

  81. ++

    hey, don’t ever be annoyed by ‘me’!

    do not listen to those evil twin sister inner voices that just fuck everything up for us and everyone else Biyatches!


    one day God will take me home and i shall not appear no longer hear BEfore you………only God knows when that day shall inevitable one day come.

    BE thankful of the nurturing God is of you thru ‘me’, always of God, i know i constantly am, an instrument of God.

    you know, i always felt strongly about the presence of Seth during my studies of Seth.

    i also feel Jesus is an eternal spirit(as Jesus does speak often of this), exactly ‘that’ of my same feelings i had felt in my studies of Seth, ya, i do feel the eternal spirit of the presence of the one they call Jesus, profoundly so at times, especially of compassionate tears i often am of(daily).

    at all times, our compassionate tears is what is of the beauty of the divine child of God YOU, is it not?

    feel further in realizing the oneness sameness PURITY LOVE inner connectedness of yOUR compassionate tears in likeness and exceeding graceful form of brother Jesus.

    do not ever believe that any of you are ever wiser than an eternal spirit who knows they are an eternal spirit in ways we do not know how to the full extent Jesus obviously did/does know like he does, and yet always know, that all are of the oneness sameness intuitive flawless healing feelings of Jesus, no different than the blessed compassionate loving holy joyful tears of Jesus, no matter how meek or unlearned any of you may be, of the oneness sameness Jesus constantly is of wise knowingness of the ability of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of eternal all YOU.

    honestly, i don’t really know what is going on with the existence of an eternal spirit realm, nor does anyone know 100%, just as none of us 100% know what or why is this ETERNAL place we all enter into and pass thru.

    i do suspect God may know


    i am merely one of many messangers of God who seeks to wisely awaken eternal all YOU into fully BEcoming wisely descerning nurturing awake alert in what i purely feel is the kingdom of heaven protective halo, that does bring one fully into flawless healing purity love divine self awareness centering TRUTH, that does reveal just how absurdly lame and dull the mind of so many obviously TRULY are in their unwise unknowingly(sadly) generational snared fateful existence of death destruction and oppression of own divine self, and ongoing battering snaring oppression of others, even of their own children.

    Always it is of God’s divine will thru ‘me’, wisely free, my destiny i know is with God, in summoning of eternal all you into divine self awareness centering awakening in order to stem the of the wretched mad flood drowning ignorances, only by means of awakening eternal all you out of the asleep in ignorance so many of you obviously yet are of, are you not?

    the generational growth is a slow process, sadly, as we know, many there are who will no longer be with us after today, who do died wretchedly as a direct result of these horrid falsehood generational binding falsehoods, and yet, no perhaps no one ever dies, if the existence of an eternal realm, really really does exists as i exist, as you all yet exist.

    do not let evil ignorance become victorious over the precious purity love flawless healing feelings of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul eternal all YOU

    this emergency message broadcast has been brought to you by the corporate sponsors of the LGBT community



    bless bless bless bless YOU YOU YOU YOU


  82. ++

    i say to God, “God, it has BEcome obviously clear to ‘me’…..without doubt………. that you Jesus and you purely truly 100% know ‘me’ better than i know my own self, and i do know myself rather WELL, thanks to you, better than others purely truly sincerely obviously do/don’t want to know ‘me’, as is evident in all they say and do, they 2 do not purely truly know their own divine self in as much as Jesus and you constantly willingly yearn in wanting needing thinking feeling you do……… likeness and form like we all do, even of those who claim they don’t and yet do.

    as i do

    do as you do

    bless you and thank you Jesus, God and eternal all YOU

    bless bless bless bless YOU YOU YOU YOU

    forever more


  83. ++

    hey, you know, if i missed someone like you miss ‘me’ like i miss you, as i know you do, as i am like you, i would grap hold of their motherfucking belt and not let them go.

    i mean what of when the day comes i really am gone for good, and you wish you had of.

    you know, it is not up to me when i am to return home to God, that only God knows what day that shall one day come, as for any one of us passing thru this eternal realm eternal all you pass thru 2

    pass bi ‘me’

    pass bi YOU

    always bi 2

    sorry………my bisexual side is yet alive and well, merely who i purely am at all times.

    hey, did i tell you about this girl who came up to me in a gay club of all places and starts hitting on me?

    to my surprise, i became completely enthralled and waited patiently to ask me for sex.

    i know, it seems rather shallow, but the point is, i really really am bisexual, openly now, more so than most care to admit.

    i love this about myself, and don’t give 2 fucks for any of you who counter my pure feelings of such!

    in truth, i am BEing TRUTHFULL

    God says, “At all times, speak the TRUTH”

    i do

    so should all YOU

    to be sure, it is of God and ‘me’ who knows when you do and when you don’t

    cannot hide from ‘me’

    EVER BIYATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not that some of you obviously do not want to……….just saying


    Emotional Honesty Safety is the constant inner connected process of divine self awareness of eternal all YOU, bound together in ONEness sameness at all times, past present future

    bless bless bless bless YOU YOU YOU YOU

    and ‘me’


    hey, you know, when you think about it clearly, the manifestations of the divine self constantly in subconscious awakeness is evident most anywhere we look, like in the past, when we built fortresses with water motes around them, always of the divine self seeking asylum of sorts from the yet unwise world of wretched treachery foul smelling bitter tasting ignorances of death destruction and oppression, clearly, our inner protective knowingness intuitiveness is always there, past present future, is it not?

    so what is the most powerful weapon of God?

    TRUTH of YOU, is it not?

    Eternal Power of the Eternal Day Light of wise descerning unfailing shining revealing TRUTH of all TRUTH(s) and unTRUTH(s), where the beginning TRUTH(s) meets ending unTRUTH(s), one and the same place, same door, Alpha and Omega.

    ok, so if i am TRUTH

    then i really really am Alpha and Omega, am i not, are we not?

    [Standing wisely, joyfully, fearlessly, compassionately, lovingly BEfore everyone in attendance, Andyy gracefully raises the mighty sword of TRUTH God has given to her/him to wield at all times, shouting with a clear confident voice that resonates in pure oneness atonement within all souls at once across all time past present future]

    “I AM ALPHA and OMEGA, BEGINNING and END of ETERNAL ALL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    always wanted to say ‘that’

    so do you like my new wig?

    oh fuck!

    you know, you are so god damn boring at times!

    [yet again, Andyy lowers his head in disbelief of the fucktard naysayers, moping, as per usual, walking away, wondering, surely there has to be some people around hear who are as fun as i am, and so all fucked up all the time…………]


    i jest………………………wait……………………………….wait…………………………………………………………….oh fuck it, stand there and wait all you god damn well want 2, i don’t fucking care any more, im leaving…………………..



    enjoy the blessed day everyone

    you only have so many of them to enjoy

    one less than you had yesterday

    each day a precious gift meant to be Celebrated in pure spiritedness of holy joyful absolute carefree flawless healing graceful purity love feeling in Just BEing yOUR Self

    bless bless bless bless YOU YOU YOU YOU

    and ‘me’

    always and forever more

    and more


  84. hey, how come no one comes into this blog much, being how famous you are and such?

    i would of thought there would be like millions of people visiting this blog all the time…………….

    do you think it is maybe because they are afraid of a gay guy who believes in Jesus, God and them more so than any other?

    i suppose i am kinda odd


    and weird

    2 many



  85. hey, do you think Jesus was a closeted homosexual?

    i bet he was slutting around incognito alot, with alot of the gypsies who loved him so much like they obviously did

    like the one who reached out to touch his garment

    do you ever feel what is of the purity love of that one in feeling like they did in doing so?

    i think and feel thru things like this all the time in my study of Jesus

    i bet Jesus got his heart broken with one of his gay boys while yet as a teen

    or perhaps the Romans killed one of his gay lovers as they went around using fear of death to control the supposedly uneducated ones of that time period

    i feel that in order to purely feel who Jesus is, you would have to have lived his life in what was his accumulation of pent up revengeful battling ignorances with constant wisdom he spoke, that eventually lead to him surrending to the claws of the beasts of ignorance as his finale, death by execution, publically displayed for all to come, of mockery mad laughter all about, in contrast with those who purely constantly loved Jesus at all times, even if in secret within, of Jesus constantly knowing all the secrets of everyone’s unattend heart mind body spirit and soul of everyone past present future, ominpotence oneness with God that Jesus looked 2 in his wise ability processing in coming free of all the useless absurdities that are no different than today, all the same eternal day, is it not?

    so you wanna do lunch sometime?

    oh, why do i keep asking these questions i already KNOW the answer 2?

    argh……………cannot escape from ‘me’, ‘that’s y


    hey, what would the world do if Jesus returned?

    they would all run and hide, yes?

    and do they not all run and hide like they all do anyway?


    just wondering OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  86. i get this distinct sense of the purely loving happy joyful homosexual Jesus within Jesus who is there in secret, waiting for ‘me’ to acknowledge him purely constantly there, smiling all the while as he waits for what he knows to BE true of ‘me’ 2, not mean spirited or anything, no, purely loving of ‘me’ in what is his own pure self-love he 2 came to know as i do of myself and him, the only way any of us do in the LGBT community, of exterior defenses disarmed, out comes the queey Biyatch with razor sharp claws, beware, or suffer the consequences of your own unwise unloving self………..alone in despair………..without ‘me’……..the one who can see………….YOU………… we not?

    ok, so is Jesus Seth, or one like Seth that none of us know yet?

    i think Jesus and Seth is of the oneness sameness omnipotence of God’s voice, that God knows we are of the ability to intuitively clairvoyantly channel eternal spirits, all of us of the same ability as most any practiced mediums, all of God’s wise doing(God’s higher intelligence like an alien intelligence).

    or maybe……..i just have too much free time on my hand and i really really need to go find a lover?

    WELL, ok……….’that’ 2

    blessings to all

  87. i bet dolphins are spiritually clairvoyance with us humans, a knowingness like our pets who know when we are happy or sad, just as any creature in the animal kindom is in likeness and form of us.

    ever see a creature sad in despair when of the lose of one of their loved ones, especially of the love between the mother of the offspring?

    i remember one time on the farm, a calf had fallen into an open well that had a covering removed, like from the cattle grazing.
    i remember the night that calf fell into the well, in hearing the mother crying out for it’s baby.
    i woke my uncle to ask about the crying out in the night that i could hear, and he said not to worry about it till morning……….
    in the morning i found the calf in the well, still holding itself up from drowning in the water, it’s legs all torn open to the bone, week and barely alive………
    i kept the calf alive, nurse feeding it artificially…………..but then the calf became infected, and rather than my uncle paying vet fees………….he shot and killed it.

    i hated him along time for that, considering how much i wanted to see the calf run and be happy again………..

    i always had deep feelings for creatures, like a rabbit i found in the wild, bringing it home, would not eat, cannot tame a wild animal once living freely in the wild…………soooooo…………..i set it free again, Mom taking pictures of me crying as i let it go……….such a sap


  88. ++

    you know, when you purely feel the truth of creatures in nature, they are more compassionate than we humans are of one another, are they not?

    not that we are not of the same ability, and not that we are all cold and heartless, no, just saying we need to turn to the treasure within us all of constant purity love for one another the world over, in purely flawlessly healing feeling the truth, the reveals the untruth of what are all these useless ego maniac untruths that do seperate us, of all the falsehoods of the wealth and status quo seperationalists, falsehoods of sex and orientation seperationalists, falsehoods of race and religion seperationalists, falsehoods of political and power seperationalists.

    well, i see only one solution

    humilation of the sacred mirroring light of the enlightened ones of eternal day wise light shining forth into and of the entire world, merely by Just BEing yOUR DIVINE Self…………… all times.

    we feel the tugging at the heart within us, of divine self awareness process centering, do we not?

    in truth, it is God who is wisely leading us to our divine self nurturing protective awakening, of one generation bound together across all time.

    i am merely one who has taken time to purely reflect apon my flawless healing feeling introspective awareness, fearlessly so, as i just don’t want to see anyone’s TRUE STATURE likeness and form of my own, same as Jesus, same as all YOU, of useless unnecessary absurd bitter dark false suffering in anyway from all these falsehood generational snarings of your heart mind body spirit and soul.

    truly, i know, thus far in human history up to today, that we have yet seen the TRUE human potential thriving happiness prosperity that is gradually being realized and released, and BE sure to get this everyone, it is with no tiresome binding false evil inclinations, no illusion and delusion, no usurping, cardinal, egotistic arrogance, no wilful presumption and jeoprardising bravado, no greed; avarice, miserliness, springing from passion for wealth and perishable possessions, no deceit, betrayal, guile, and calumny, lurking in ambush……………on and on the list is long…………

    the ONLY TRUE LIFE WAY the kingdom of halo is seen by means of the intuitive flawless healing purity love holy joyful absolute carefree happy feeling divine child of God YOU.



  89. ++

    it is merely ‘that’ of the TRUTH of the divine self awareness process awakening of any yet asleep and bound in generational false ignorances at this time, of any of you who yet are indeed bound in falsehood ignorances, sadly of your divine child of God within eternal all YOU

    always there

    at all times

    bless bless bless bless YOU YOU YOU YOU

    and ‘me’ :mrgreen:

    forever more


  90. ++

    LOVE + PEACE is the goal….tolerance is the wise awareness method of we who purely always wisely purely truly always know in turning 2 the TRUTH of the divine true nature of eternal all YOU

    ~ God’s constant yearning WILL Wisdom is Our constantly yearning WILL Wisdom

    forever more


  91. ++

    Abe Lincoln intuitively said what the solution is….

    The best(only) way to destroy(reveal) an enemy(falsehood) is make(reveal) them as a friend(intuitive oneness sameness trueness aspects of divine self true nature within).

    Falsehood Power Struggles are what the exactly are, that only lead to inevitable futile absurd useless battles of deathful destructive oppressive fueling of fire false self hypocrisy heart unwise foul tasting hatreds that are not of the genuine true nature approach of any divine self with another.

    Fuel the false self of another and in truth, we are the same unBEcoming conduct in what is one and the same unBEcoming conduct enemy falsehood(s) of divine self false approach.

    We have seen enough war thruout human history that points directly to the truth in our turning away time and again from what God speaks wisely with our divine self, “Do not allow desire of evil inclinations to BEcome victorious over your now wise compassionate loving divine self, lest you BEcome the same childish immature cajoling ridiculing mocking enticing of heated futile battles, just as is of all the same falsehoods of the forefathers before you all.”

    Clearly it was all the unwise leaders who are to blame for all the senseless death, is it not?

    i say remove power away from these absurd leaders, and you remove the power struggle that leads many into death destruction and oppression.

    At this time in human history, we still have warring factions that are the direct result of lacking priority preferredness of the unwise unawareness of the true nature of divine self that is NOT purely celebrated by many who cannot celebrate that which they cannot see of themselves in the none existing sacred mirror that is not easily found in so many of these yet immature circles of ego maniac thirsting power mongers, in what is of intrinsic/extrinsic invisible lingering forces left over by the forefathers yet all hear with us in the present.

    remain haphazardly plodding along blind to this TRUTH evidence, and yet again we allow our divine self to yet again remain of the same unBEcoming conduct of the forefathers in all their futile power struggle seemingly infinite wisdom, in what was and yet is of any who are seduced by the power of weapons they hold in their hand.

    i say hand me the laser targeting weapon and i will take out these childish leaders myself, should they not stand down, no different than our law enforcement officers who raid drug dealing houses of known unlawfulness, where as law enforcement officers, we look for the kingpin, do we not?

    well, as for these warring factions of world leaders, we know where the kingpins are at all times, do we not?

    we are not out of the woods into the clear yet everyone, along way from it actually, where the religious morons are still sitting at the tables of these thirsty power mongers of fearful false mongering of ugly falsehood heads of death destruction and oppression.

    oh look, the President of Iran has disappeared, along with all his retards, and no one seems to know where they went………….just like we don’t know what happened to bin laden………..i know

    we are now well into advanced weaponry robotics capability that surpasses anything ever seen or yet used in human history fuckers, and to be sure, i would love to test it on some of you asshole leaders who have nothing better to do than be of blind leading the blind divine child of another into useless absurd death destruction and oppression on both sides of war.

    take out the leaders

    and if another idiot rises up in taking their place, take them out as well, until a wiser one from the next generation comes along, embraces their own oneness sameness inner divine self-love and peace priority, just as the majority of the free world does already.

    end of discussion

    what’s that saying of Dirty Harry again?

    oh yeah, “Go ahead punk……….make my day.”

    and the other line, “Question you need to ask yourself punk, is did i fire five rounds or six?”

    question you need to ask yourself punks, is the exact pin point GPS accuracy capability of the weapon i hold in my hand?


    sorry……….been hanging around the flyboys over at the hanger lately……….getting back into my flying the F16 Falcon again……….mostly out of boredom, and the detoxing downtime i am yet in need of, another six months or so………

    peace in Biytaches!

    or peace your self out of the kingdom of heaven with God, your choice, we already made ours………..God’s wisdom, oh and look, God’s amazing weapons too!

    fuck, these weapons are like so friggin deadly, i would not want to even be in the same room with them when they are moved around.

    blessings to all


  92. “Triage in sextor 43.66515 -79.37785!!!!”

    lol :mrgreen:

  93. “Happiness News Years Biyatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” :mrgreen:

    “roll cameras…………….and…………action!”

    “wait wait wait a god damned minute for fuck sakes…….i have not finished my makeup!!!!!!”

    “What? Oh, and i suppose you think you can get in there and play my role do ya, well go ahead there mr.small dick man, let’s see whatcha got!!!!!!!!!!”

    “fucking queens, always bossing my ass around like they got something i don’t! Ya, you wanna not just believe it Biyatches, and realeyes know it, i got more than you can handle, and we’ll just see who is tryin to catch their breath before i even break a sweat!”

    “I do like your ass though, you doing anything tonight? Wanna cum over?”

    “What you mean you got plans? Honey, you ain’t got no plans until you realize your plans in getting with what choo ain’t got baby, what choo keep dreaming of like ya got, and can’t get with it, cause you too afraid to admit to your own self, i am everything you want need think and FEEL this baby!!! Ya, see? I told ya, you don’t know whatch talkin bout!!!!”

    “Crazy lameass small dick Biyatches, guess again, thinking you all can keep my big ass eyes closed! Try again babies, no wait, you need to get your ‘Get out of jail free’ card first honey, before you start messin around on my streets!!!!”

    omg………i better stop………………..just practicin some script writting i love doing in my spare time, of some of the jive talk i’ve listened to all these years gone bi………..

    “hey, did i ever tell you about this one i met, who society tryed to mold into being a straight boy titty fucker, who all the while was secretly fantizing day and night about being a gayboy ass fucker? Ya, well, after twenty years of practice turns out that Biyatch finally realized she really really is, not just some lame gayboy ass fucker with too much attitude, no, she was a hot lovin mama titty gayboy ass and pussy fucker Lesbian!!!!!”

    “Can You believe that shit?”


    made ya laugh……..your turn………omg……… :mrgreen:

    “HEY! SOMEBODY EXRATED MADONNA(s) BLOGs………..again……………

  94. so where is the party?

    oh ya, i am the party

  95. this song is so friggin gay!

    sounds like he’s choking on something………

  96. what?

    well ok, maybe that is not what i am really like, but it’s funny, is it not?

    my problem is, i dread being alone, and i dread being overly involved with those not appropriate for me to get overly involved with, up close personal…………am i alone in this?

    although sometimes you have to let go and just go with the flow and mingle, and that is how one is able come to learn more about our own self of spritual awakening journey restoration of our pure spiritedness we all were born as.

    i just see so many people of haphazrd sorta lost sensibility disconnected within like they do, and yet, one can easily sense the manfesting behaviourals of the anxiety inner turmoil of lacking understanding of their own divine self-love, that is pervasive annoyance at times when overly involved.

    i mean ya, we all are of the purity love harmoniousness in the core of our Spiritual BEing, always there, it’s just the reckless annoying nescience facades that tends to dominate their divine ‘real’ self they are afraid to be, what with all their false bravado, particularily the straight males that i am always afraid of………gee, i wonder why? NOT!

    perhaps their attempt to run me over one time pretty much did it for me in my ability to trust supposedly straight(closeted) males?

    ya, maybe

    not much wonder i don’t want to step outside the community, always retreating to where i feel comfortable for so long now………

    anyway, just thought i would let you know i want to keep the everlasting friendship going, and yet, we all need our space, and for sure, i’ve more than just stepped over some boundaries…………. lol

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    think i’ll go chill out in the community for New Years……….oh, what the heck……….for the rest of my life……….why not?

    and yet, are we not all one generation unto God?

    we R

    same as the beginning thru end, all from the same harmonious blessed pure place we all enter into this eternal place none of us know what it is, indeed, all of us of are of the harmonious blessed place we all came into this realm from, from within the same eternal reproducing human being of the begining, one and the same eternal reproducing human being YOU, one and the same eternal reproducing human being eternal all yet to come.

    forever more

    bless bless bless bless YOU ALL

  97. seems no matter how much one has or how little one has, always tugging at the heart strings of divine self in us all, is the intutive divine self’s constant knowingness certainty that only love is all any of us authentically sincerely genuinely yearn to always feel, yes?

    hmmm…..i suppose this is what Jesus purely was always about, yes?

    hmmm…..i suppose by now we too know this to be true of everyone, yes?

    hmmm…..i suppose all the useless banter really really is useless too, yes?

    hmmm……i suppose if you invited me over sometime for tea, i would be happy to apear, yes?

    made ya smile :mrgreen:

    cathardic, yes?

    with you, i sense a purity of such profound unreleased inner happiness you want to always feel and be of with someone……….

    well, that someone is everyone, is it not?

    especially the beautiful children you hold back the crushing walls of death and oppression for.

    at the threshold just beyond mere survival, there is a purity self-love awareness point as one who is purely content in just existing in feeling their flawless healing feelings, prior to such paths in life one ventures down after leaving school, in endless empty persuit in following the status quo junkies. It is at this momentary time of reflection one has the opportunity to chose a different path, in say creative arts and music.
    As a musician, i came to realize this pure loving place within of divine self-love, who’s motivation as an accomplished musician was purely for sake of what musicians know about themselves, that self-love within, same as within another, is what a musician is constantly of resonating harmoniousness desire to always evoke that within another, the true nature of the musician, not at all about fame or fortune.

    as i wisely know, wisely knowing this of the musicians and artists of all you.

    like the U2 video, written on the wall, ‘Art Saves Lifes’…….we know art and music more than just saves lives………art and music purely resonating within the core of our BEing of what is the core of our BEing…..Life is (divine) Self.

    bless you

    my love is always true for you Biyatch, and you are a damn fool if you don’t know that bi now Honey, seeing ‘me’ always having to chase you round, explainin every god damned thing to you all the time! Ya know girl, you really should do somethin bout that boyfriend you call a boyfriend of yours, in tellin him to stop knockin on my god damn door every time you kick him outta yours!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    black comedy…….always was my favorite, going way back to when i was just a shit disturber, roller skatin up and down the street, hopin one of them boys might take a shine to ‘me’ and never did, or at least that’s how they all pretended they did, and yet do! And what of Mike, who knows i died a thousand deaths the day he caught me with my Mom’s playgirl magazines, and what gets me, is he knows and yet hides to this day, i really did die a thousand deaths that day, as he watched me suffer like he knew i was, thinking of him all the time……….he knew. And when he got a load of Troy on my arm, it was him who died 10,000 deaths the next day, and ya know somethin, he’s still dying, he ain’t even barely alive, in all his lameass pretending away day bi day, still secretly wishin he was with ‘me’! Ain’t no way Honey, either you or me can jump across this damn hole you done dug for yourself to jump across, and to be sure, ain’t no way im comin to get you, huh huh, no way! You done run my ass outta town, instead of runnin wit me, like i know you wanted 2………BIYATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    hey, remember SanFord and Son?

    love it!

  98. During my coming out years with Troy, i was alone at a comedy night, and one of the comics was doing an extreme stereotypical gay comedy, where i did laugh along with everyone else, which is something i still wonder, why do they always laugh like the homophobes do, not so much in a mean spirited way, no, in a embracing loving way, indicative of their own secret love they all have for homoerotic i suppose…………..anyway, i walked outside, and fully embraced being gay, as i sat there alone, away from Troy, who was running with his girlfriend, and i cryed the way homosexuals cry in pure self-love acceptance in contrast to the lacking acceptance all around them, that only a homosexual can purely relate to FULLY, as it is not something merely in passing, no, the self-love moment of pure acceptance, opens wide the entire future of every step we will be taking from that moment on, irregardless of any who we may be involved with who do not, as we let go and move on, as i did with Troy, although, i wish i had of flown him home to be with family, even if not with me, which he seldom ever was, mostly of my fantasy in my heart is where he was………..and yet is.

    had i known then, what i know now, centered and ground like i am, i would of stayed the course for how ever long it would of taken for him to likewise step thru the moments of self-love acceptance that i realize now, he was a few steps behind me in doing so, just as so many millions of you yet R.

    without doubt………i know my destiny is with the LGBT worldwide community, as i always have all along since that night of the stereotypical comic, purely of God’s knowing, who i was and why i needed to be there, even of the shallow mockery i felt from others there who knew i was gay, not knowing how purely i was feeling within, and the inner turmoil what i was going thru……… just don’t know this of others, who likewise may be secretly dealing with their coming out years, unless of course, you take precious quality time sincerly purely talk about with who they really really are, something i feel most parents are not able to do so, if only they would, as it could save your own child’s life, in the event they don’t have anyone else to talk with as their homosexual pure loving self.

    you know, it really is true, homosexuals are the ones who are most like Jesus, in their natural true graceful authentic true ‘real’ self, same as they always were, purely so of the purity love we are all born as, and this is what reveals to me, ya, without doubt, Jesus was a closeted bisexual with pure loving homosexual feelings, likely of possible homosexual encounters along lover’s road, just as any of us do.

    bless you all

  99. i recalling that night, i realize i am like Rosie, who says, “You think it’s funny……….i don’t think it’s funny? It’s not funny. Ok, ha ha, it’s funny. It’s not funny…….at all.”

    bless you all

  100. 2010

  101. ok…….Twinnings English Breakfast…………in France!

    no wait, make that Israel, on the steps Jesus walked on, early morning, twilight hour, the magestic subtleness of the whisper soft flutter of occasional cool breeze on our skin and in our hair, the inner calm purity love exceeding gracefulness purely flawlessly healing feeling within, in our outward appearance, the tranquility of the moon and the stars above, the morning sunrise barely noticable of what is about to happen, the surrendering disarming without need for words to say with one another, as you take hold of my hand, our pure knowingness certainty, in fearlessly constantly BEing what we always R and always were, oneness sameness of the divine self of everyone the world over, no matter any of the false masks any divine child may fearfully hide yet afraid behind, as though waiting for something they subconsciously intuitively purely R within, what we wisely know, of the seemingly invisible intrinsic/extrinsic forces yet lingering in the world that stem from the unwise forefathers before us all, even of those who claim to know God and do not, as evident in everything they say or do, of we who have BEcome fully awakened by God, earnestly of the yearning always there within, tugging at our heart strings, as though held captive, indeeed……..without doubt………we prefrerredly prioty celebrate constantly KNOW……….TRUE LIFE WAY is of the true at ease nature of the divine child of God’s self, of ONE generation unto God, bound together at all times, across all false unwise boundaries, across all time, the divine child of God of eternal ALL YOU πŸ˜‰

    i am………..BE Cause………..WE R

    forever more

    i like cream in my tea too

    oh and honey

    and sliced mango, strawberries, banana, pinnapple and 8% M.F. yogurt




    forever more more more more!

    of YOU

    damn it!

    heavenly body of YOU and ‘me’

    wow….i can’t believe how fit and trim this body of mine is now………beautiful………a shame to have to cover it up all the time!

    lol :mrgreen:

  102. ++

    i feel one of my now subsiding fears i once was more afraid of, is that i want to teach divine self of everyone i know are all yet unknowingly in process, according to God, revealing nurturing protecting focusing evoking awakening them to intutitive preferred priority wise BEing of divine self discovery awakening fully into the kingdom of heaven halo, ushering in of eternal all, that purely always is of the divine child of God’s self eternal all YOU

    i too, am of the oneness sameness process, according to God, according to Jesus, according to ‘me’, according to all who know who really really am most like within in likeness and form, brother Jesus who knows the TRUTH of revealing all untruths that also wisely descerningly constantly serve as TRUTH, by means of the flawless healing feelings, that only the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul of oneness sameness purely always KNOWS, of eternal all YOU

    bless bless bless bless you all

    forever more


  103. ya, maybe at times, i was a tripper in outward appearance, that when viewed in context of the spiritual journey road i travelled, one purely is able to see the light of TRUTH, that indeed, i am of the same oneness sameness process as r all YOU, am i not?

    blame the seemingly invisible fearful binding intrinisic/extrinsic lingering forces of the forefathers, of my too loose boundaries i was at times, in realizing the purity love TRUTH that serves YOU

    the process of surrendering disarming to preferred priority BEing, is exactly that everyone……..a process…….something homosexuals purely relate to in successfully coming free of the binding taboo naysayers who do not purely celebrate the trueness aspects the tend to remain blind to of who everyone of the LGBT worldwide community fearlessly earnestly endeavor in escaping and surviving OUT of the deathful destructive oppressive self-harm process replacing of divine self-love awareness BEcoming of the ONE who is coming to the celebration party of the divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul, and in TRUTH, did not ever leave us, just as we cannot ever leave our own divine self.

    who you ask?

    ‘me’ of course

    the ONE who is most like YOU

    like Jesus

    like God wills us all 2 constantly BE who we really really always R

    Just BEing yOUR (divine) Self!

    amazing, a simple saying on a book of matches, sitting on the bar at BAR501, now extinct, is of the center core of every word of Jesus Christ, who i know without doubt, is of God, just as i know i am of God, just as i know God is of all YOU

    forever more

    blessed is the flawless healing feeling divine child of God eternal ALL YOU

    forever more

    bless bless bless bless YOU YOU YOU YOU


  104. ++

    ok, i am going to go have sex now, ok?


    with or with OUT YOU, knowing i really really am the same

    same same same same

    although i suppose i would like to have bigger breasts

    but in truth, that is still something too weird for me, chicks with dicks, that always tosses me, while at the same time, you have no idea how beautiful my feelings are for Jamie and his Brooke Shields hair, her/his oh so effeminate female hands, her/his oh so tender delicate tremble now and then of her/him self yet in process, where i do not see females and males as different the way society yet wants to mold us from the time we are born.

    and don’t even get me started on David, my childhood exceedingly joyful all the time love we were of year in and year out, sadly of the haphazard path David wondered down later in life, the drugs, the self-harm low self respect, lacking self-acceptance, the promiscuity of unsafe sex, his HIV status that brought about his early demise, no longer with us, of ‘me’ being is most sought after lover in his final year of life……..

    ah fuck…………not much wonder i am so fucked up………too much overriding my brain like it has over many years of true introspective reflecting, my god, my god how the fuck did i survive all that, like i said to my therapist, “How did i alone get on that one way bus ticket out of hell so fearlessly like i did, with such determination that i actually believed in my heart that i would one day build the world’s largest church like i exclaimed to the gaybashing minister of God calling me a sinner in front of my beloved lover Troy and his family?

    i did not do it alone

    i always had all YOU as one who knew at all times, the TRUTH we yet all struggle with each blessed day, of eternal all YOU yet in process.

    God says, “Forgetfulness of your divine self is your greatest foe!”


    for sure, without doubt, i have not forgotten anything of everything anyone ever wisely truthfully or haphazardly falsely said or say, knowing now, i am TRUE LIFE WAY to what LIFE constantly is……….divne self YOU

    forever more

    and more

    i am taking time out to heal for awhile, away from everyone, alone in a desert with Jesus who is there, and it is working better than any therapists, where even therapists have their jaded mockery side to them, unknowingly that i feel thru, to the ‘real’ YOU of ALL.

    extrinsic begets intrinsic begets extrinsic…………on and on it goes eternally

    ‘that’ is what Jesus stepped OUT of and what Jesus stands up against, in stemming the unwise mad flood drowing tide of death destruction and foolish oppression.

    i have had some teachers in life, but none compare to the teacher God is with me, as far as God’s knowingness of how difficult it is for me to stand the divine eternal day light of my divine self God has been unsubmerging from the extrinsic/intrisic binding forces of the generational flood i was caught up in, now free of in a wise descerning way that the negative false forces no longer trouble me as much as before, albeit, at times the inner frustration process does manifest itself like it has, in what you call a tripper…………that was one of the most wise things you ever said bi the way, just one word……..tripper……..although i am not sure what context you yourself may have been referring to, where i felt it as the wiser spiritual one who i have always felt is more exceeding in ways of divine self wisdom that i am not, and yet, i am likewise of ways as well for you, which combined, i don’t think this world could handle the Power of God’s radiant brilliant bright revealing eternal day light that would literally humiliate crush every falsehood on the planet, leaving them all in despair of their own divine self awakening into awareness, of just how horrid wretched their false self TRULY is.

    i like that vid you guys made of the mini coming out onto the stage……..blew me away the other day i first saw it.

    a bit overkill though, of too much of the same random thing, where more wise flow journey towards divine self awakening awareness would serve God better, that for me, the vid falls short of, and ends up in the Hollywood garbage containter out back……….



    well, it’s true, you guys go on and on with all this flash, no substance, albeit substance, lacking in macro thinking divine purpose prodding evoking carthardic experience end result divine will objective, coming up short with what so many of you artist do, bang for the buck.

    i mean look how hollywood does so many useless films now, always the same blow them up, blow them up some more, and some more……….if i want a fireworks display to tantilize my senses, i’ll go watch a fireworks display.

    you really need better scritp writters, seriously, it’s all so god damn boring for ‘me’ with the same shit that has already been do so god damned many times before!

    hey, i could write some scripts for you, but directors are not allowed to challenge ‘me’ on any scenes, no way, i won’t give in to the morons who are completely cluelss about ‘me’.

    you have to feed ‘me’ everyday though, and not that shit fucking tea you film producers provide either, got it? Fuck, some sets you cannot even get tea!

    LOL :mrgreen:


  105. ++

    ok, so you want to know what i am up to, do you?

    i’ve been playing tackle football with the religious morons lately, all of them, of only Jesus speaking with them……………who knows what he is talking about, in knowing they do not, when it comes to the constant divine will objective for ALL God’s children yet unattended, challenging them at every turning away from the light they cannot stand.

    what is strange for me, is that it really really is Jesus speaking, with my own oneness sameness words of elaboration connecting of the dots…….in laymans terms so to speak, that even a child can easily understand…..every………single……..word………of……….God.

    i think i may have spooked a few of them, perhaps cause for some horrible nightmares like the ones on Elm street, where i am fedup with jackasses force feeding us with their fuckedup shit for brains like the ALL DO!!!!!!!!!!!!


    they are killing us with their garbage mouth as though completely wise of God, so obviously NOT!


    and then when Jesus shows up, they are like, “Oh fuck!”

    Jesus fearlessly wisely purely humiliates all their false self limited little minds completely, not boastfully, not bravado, no, pure wise light that knowingly slices thru the external layers they are not aware i peer thru, to the divine child of God within them who is intuitively always listening, awakening, in what is of every word of Jesus, always of God’s omnipotence of the divine self sadly compassionately afraid and asleep in generational false ignorances………unknowingly, as though knowingly of what is their nothingness cup they offer others to drink from.

    slowly, increasingly of their macro thinking awakening ability of their divine self God knows at all times, they become disarmed in the delight of greater exceeding wisdom of divine self awareness self-love discovery, yearning earnestly for more, a dynamic only God knows about, Jesus too.

    or, i could do like the rest of you do, and wait for Armagedon to come crashing thru our doors, like it yet is, where we just do not know what the future holds, do we?

    we are so wide open for Armagedon attack, and sadly, there is nothing we can do to stop those of determined effort to do so, so long as we allow them to secretly continue in their aimless plodding along unwise ‘lack’ of divine self haphazrd false generationally snared approach as they yet are doing.

    all it would take, is 30 nuclear devices detonated in 30 major metropolitans of the world, and it’s over people, where most people would die from starvation on a scale unimaginable, in what is our yet lacking comprehsive motivational empowerment to seriously way the needs of the many far far far outweigh the needs of these insatiable fixated fucktards of desire for power of we they call Evil Crusaders.

    if we don’t talk openly about it now, what? After it’s all over with?

    personally, i would put these falsehood leaders all in a room, and tell them, this is how it is going to play out, with no recourse of any alternative input of action on useless unwise decision making part, of decisions we outline for you, and if you do not cooperate with us by this date, we will proceed with the only option left on the table, our declaration of war, where we will bring out all of God’s wrath of weapons to use apon you who yet choose to remain unlistening to we who know without doubt………..WE ARE OF GOD’s DIVINE WILL OBJECTIVE FOR PEACE LOVE and PROSPERITY.

    you got that fucktards!

    sorry………my sexual frustration is showing again………… lol

    you know, everyone stands up, and has their say against people like me, at times like this, and then, after we are attacked, they are EXACTLY like they were after 9/11…..”How come we did not know about this?”

    truth is, we did know, just not to the FULL TRANSPARENT EXTENT, we ought to ALWAYS KNOW.

    got it fuckers?


    i am so sick of listening to assholes dictate unwiseness towards not only us, their very own people rising up against their foolishness…..daily.

    the only word that comes to mind for me?

    urgency as in NOW!

    RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow……..NOW!

    peace OUT

    blessings to ALL


  106. ++


    in my opinion

    i the last year for us to STAND UP as the divine children of God in TAKING action against the potential Amargedon that is lurking.

    Intrisically speaking where we are completely blind, is that the Catholic church teaches Amaregdon, dulling us into submissive belief to the extent………are you ready for this?

    we welcome it

    TRUTH of purity understanind extrinsic/intrinsic of the seemingly invisible forces yet at work, that all stems from the forefathers WHO DID/DO NOT KNOW GOD CLAIMING THEY DO.

    the Catholic church is more like the Roman Empire than they are of God., to the extent, they are actually on the same side of the fence dictatorship of these insatiable desire fixated fuctards who do seek our demise, purely in their hearts thinking and feeling as though we are evil crusaders, in what is the oneness sameness of every single one of you who look apon a homosexual brother or sister as though unloving.


    WE of the worldwide LGBT community know without doubt the TRUTH………WE ARE LOVING!


    and remember this, we are so loving, we are compassionate in our blessed tears we shed everyday for all those of you who sadly remain of the false unloving deathful destructive oppressive approach you not only are of us, you are deathful destructive and foolishly opressive of your own divine child of God’s self.

    and if Jesus appears one day before you, and calls you out on all your bullshit words that keep spuing ignorance like you yet hatefully degeneratively deathfully destructively oppressively spu forth as the ignorant falsehood wretched fuckedup morons you actually all are………well, don’t say i did not warn you of the TRUTH Jesus and God say i am.

    i am…………TRUE
    i am…………LIFE
    i am…………WAY
    i am…………’THAT
    i am………… OF
    i am…………BLESSED
    i am…………LOVING
    i am…………YOU
    i am…………FOREVER
    i am…………MORE

    lol :mrgreen:

    oh, and the crosses word off and protect against foolish uwnise evil spirited false self inclinations of the morons yet unknowingly asleep in generational binding ignorances….in case any are waundering….away from TRUTH of YOU…like some of YOU yet do….away from Jesus, away from God, and thankfully, all the while compassionately, i admit, away from ‘me’, the one speaking directly to the divine self YOU you pretend not to know like i do.


  107. Champaign Andyy?

    no, i don’t want champaign damn it!

    well ok, maybe one

    just one


  108. ok Andyy, here is your ONE glass

    when it runs out, you can easily fill it up again over at the eternal flowing fountain, ok?

    gee thanks, i already knew ‘that’

    hey, what is it like BEing you?

    i was thinking about this the other day, and i was purely of feeling what it must be like for you, and i came back to the words someone said awhile back

    without doubt…….what i’ve always wanted

    to always feel LOVED and LOVINGLY constantly BE, yes?


    so Shakespear was right then, “To BE or not to BE….that is the question, yes?

    2 BE……….constantly with YOU!
    2 BE……….constantly as YOU!
    2 BE……….constantly undressing YOU!
    2 BE……….constantly caressing YOU!
    2 BE……….constantly in love with YOU!
    2 BE……….constantly loved bi YOU!
    2 BE……….constantly HAPPY!
    2 BE……….constantly FREE!
    2 BE……….constantly like THEE!
    2 BE……….constantly looking for that Celebration champaign fountain…….”OK….I FOUND IT!”

    butt i already AM 2 BE

    what 2 BE am i missing?


    oh ya, ‘that’

    can you imagine us having sex for the first time?

    i don’t think i could handle ‘that’, so overwhelming to even think about it like i do………….alot actually, cum to think of it……..

    LOL :mrgreen:

  109. ++

    truth of the postive side of extrinsic/instrinsic forces awakening the divine self in others in the world, is evident of the intuitive fearlessness of those rising up in Iran, who are the affect/effect/direct/indirect end result of what has been our every blessed step since the time Jesus walked the earth, one and the same intuitive intrinsic extrinsic efforts of every word of Jesus, every blessed day Jesus spoke, not just the scant amount of words in the bible.

    in truth, Jesus knew without doubt, his own gracefulness without a word spoken, is what was of his intrinsic/extrinsic Power of God’s eternal love force……..every…….single………second……..of……..every……..blessed……..heartbeat……..breath………step……….word…….every……blessed……..sacred……..DAY

    of the only DAY Jesus and God constantly R


    of the sun above that is not able to stop shining

    well ok, maybe not right away, we still have 9 billion years to learn how to get along and work together in escaping this solar system before our sun goes into super nova phase……….i would like to offer a word of caution though, at the rate some of you are process growing………….you know what i am going to say next, yes?

    we might not make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    LOL :mrgreen:

    i jest…………….wait…………………wait…………..I SAID WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

    4 ‘me’


    blessed is the Eternal Day Light of divine self radiant brilliant bright YOU

    forever more

    bless bless bless bless YOU ALL

    forever more




  110. hey, why can’t we just arrest the Iran President and charge him at a Tribunal with evidence of Crimes Against Humanity, what with all the false trumped up charges of the thousands of homosexuals they still are executing publically like they are?

    oh yeah, our own governent leaders are not all on the same page yet…….as another homosexual in Iran hangs by the neck for their self-love crime of loving another’s self-love oneness sameness as our constant loving brother Jesus Christ.

    hmmmmm……….these morons make no sense to ‘me’, as though someone handed them a bad script to read at an addition, where half way thru the script they realize purely in their heart, they are not the character in the script, too afraid to speak up and say, “I cannot do this, i don’t believe in it, it’s just not funny, it’s just not ‘me’, i’d rather keep my dishwashing job, prancing and dancing the night away freeling like we do, in constant pure loving happiness of our oneness sameness sex!”


    there are OUT homosexuals, and then there is ‘me’, yes?



    i miss you

    you know i do

    purely so

    same as you

    God blesses YOU constantly

    even of those they do not realize what is happening extrinsically/intrinsically like we purely constantly always KNOW…………the TRUTH.

    blessed is the constant TRUTH everywhere the divine child of God YOU looks apon and flawlessly healingly purely feelingly refflects……the only way YOU can see God’s Kingdom of Heaven all around you and inside of YOU who dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven, even of those who do not realize eternal ALL YOU constantly DO………..

    as i do

    forever more

  111. oooooooo…………a new word……….FREELING

    at the grocery store you hear some gayboy who happily just came out to everyone the day before, doing an announcement……

    “Attention all Freelings, all of our sex toys are now half price on sale, that we still make money on you morons who don’t know how cheap we buy this crap no one needs and instead should really consider the real thing!”



    they don’t sell sex toys in grocery stores……… know, they sell everything else, i mean now they have a dry cleaner in some of these massive super markets, of what is the wise market share think tank boys upstairs, “Give them a reason to come in the store, and while there, make the realize that we are everything they could EVER want need think feel they deserve!”



  112. ++


    i don’t understand what context they are referring 2 when they ‘room enough for 2’

    what are they talking about

    i mean ya, sure, we do threesomes, duh!

    but they are monogamus………


    oh, that kinda room………..what is behind that door over there!


    hard to believe some of the stuff the get away with on TV now compared to 30 years ago…………..other than say, “Dancing Queen” or all that disco we boys ran into with the tightest fitting hot ass pants we could find, like the Cream jeans i always wore…….. lol

    im too old for that now……..looks silly on someone my age, although i still have the same shape body, too desperate looking, and besides, a little mystery is exciting…………

    ok…….i am rambling on now, catcha sometime next year Biyatches!

    peace and love = love and peace = getting your beautiful ass in bed with ‘me’ :mrgreen:

    blessings to all

    NO DRINKING AND DRIVING……….EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    don’t even think about it…………………EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  113. Gay Rights UPdate

    The guy who brought us Proposition 8, and who fought to take away gay marriage in Maine, has a lesbian sister….

  114. not to be mistaken, i do love Islam music and it’s people.

    we all ALL one eternal generation unto God, according to God, according to the without doubt true feelings divine child of God of all YOU who purely feels what we feel for each other of all of us around the world, none of us a different, only the morons think otherwise.

    Happy New Year everyONE!

  115. fantastic work, all of it!

  116. i like the pure spiritual moment of realization atonement within connectedness, within another, about half way thru this vid

    well done

  117. sometimes i feel so much love inside it makes me cry holy joyful tears so pure in feeling in just feeling what ever it is i am feeling about, thru my entire body, a glowing sensation in my hands that i love so much to feel, when love is real

  118. i met one of Benjamin Franklins kin………no one could of told me one day Andyy, you will meet one of Benjamin Franklins kin, a most beautiful of all beautiful…….gay guys!


  119. smile damn it!

    isn’t Jared so adorable?

    i am befriend him in a supportive way he needs, like any gay youth coming out of the closet. I think he is abit overwhelmed of how out i am all the time, as one who lives 24/7 in being out, in one of the world’s largest LGBT communities, a good thing for him, as he needs my mirroring fearlessness like his own that is yet growing each day, step by blessed step.

    it’s all just so beautiful for me, always has been, my knowing without doubt, the value of my life each blessed day, the impactful truth of life experience that brought me to my knees like it did in 1993, where you can easily feel the powerful liberty freeling i am, yes?


    carrying a mighty sacred Sword of TRUTH at all times Biyatches, that is constantly swift and gracefully descerning at all times, without hesitation!

    ya, i know my life is always of God’s radiant powerful unfailing TRUTH at all times, every breath, every heartbeat, every step, every word, at all times of every blessed day.

    argh………he is so adorable and tenderly sweet fun loving……too young for me, but he needs us, just as we all learn we are always there on lover’s road alongside each other as we all always are.

    forever more


    bless you all

  120. i sent Jared the new art piece i created this morning…..a great way to kick of his year, yes?

    he is stumbling, his grades failing, my kicking his ass, “STOP SLACKING OF AT SCHOOL JARED!”

    he is mostly on the healthy side of life, not running with the self-medicating ones, as far as i can tell, praying he won’t, where sometimes all they need is someone to chat with, always there…………i am

    i will be of a small amount of time in Jared’s precious gay life unfolding, my own life running out of time now, where perhaps one day he will purely reflect after i am long gone, of that someone along lover’s road who took time out to simply chat with him purely so, as i always do, where we just do not know how their future will unfold, do we.

    as artists, this is God’s sacred motivational empowerment, where there are no words to say ‘thank you’ enough to any of you artists who keep pushing forward alongside of us all wisely keeping us unafraid in our fearlessness as individuals each blessed day.

    the only true value of artists and musicians

    sacredly blessed you constantly all are at all times in God’s eyes, our eyes of the heart that purely see who we all really really constantly are, thanks to all you.

    bless you all

    forever more

  121. In God’s name, do not ever doubt for one second, the pure sacred value of your life in God’s wise heart eyes omnipotence knowing, ‘that’ of yOUR constant pure loving wise compassionate LIFE of every breath, every heartbeat, every step, every word, at all times of every blessed day, is constantly of sacred value in your fealess wise knowing motivation empowermet certainty……….without doubt, as artists and musicians along lover’s road, it is you who keep us unafraid of the yet fearful false generational asleep in ignorance ones of death destruction and oppression of we who remain free, because of YOU.

    bless bless bless blessed is YOU who KOW

    ok, let’s keep this party rolling……….keeping it togather…….at all times!

    forever more

    i love love love this remix!

  122. we have Benjamin Franklins kin on board with us now, so no fucking up, ok?

    it’s not allowed!

    family comes first!




  123. hey, what year is it?

    fuck, is it really 2010?

    are you sure about that?

    last time i checked, it is the same eternal day of divine self all YOU, is it not? :mrgreen:

  124. get back to work everyone!



    i love bossin you around! :mrgreen:

  125. to lend comfort to Jared, i told him i flunked English twice, and it really really sucks having to take the same damn course over again.

    “really Andyy, you flunked English twice, i would not of guess ‘that’?”

    oh fuck you!

    lol :mgreen:

  126. oh fuck……..this is fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!

    1 second…….standing bi……link established……….incoming signal……..transmission NOW!………in 5 4 3 2 1


    20km a day biking for a whole year, and this is fucking hot hot so fuckable HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well ok, i would do ‘me’ if i were you! lol :mrgreen:


  127. oww oww owwwwwwwwwww……………..fuck this is hot!

    too hot to handle…………..shhhhhhhhhh……….don’t tell Paul about this,ok?


  128. OMG!!!!!!!!!!


    my only wish is that i had i had a twin!



    standing bi……… ready?

    ok……….i sec…………..

  129. here is your favorite candy Biyatch! :mrgreen:

  130. for my emo kids………

  131. made ya smile Biyatch!

    your turn! :mrgreen:

    butt ya better HURRY THE FUCK UP DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!




  132. a classic piece for Gay history, yes?

    love it!

    who could possibly not want to fuck this body Biyatch?

    homophobes don’t count!

    try again! :mrgreen:

  133. hmmm…..i really really am my art work, yes? :mrgreen:

    God’s art work, a masterpiece!


    of anyone who already have, not just anyone. …….



  134. so far so good………utube, blogger and facebook have not chosen to bash us………….fingers crossed everyone! :mrgreen:

    what is it with facebook anyway, speculating on our homosexuality anyway?

    just a matter of time before we rise up and take them to the supreme court on hate crime against homosexuals………..or, the eventuality someone’s job is replaced with one of us……….either way, what will come is coming fuckers!

    ‘me’ :mrgreen:

    and so many millions of all thee, just like ‘WE’

    who KNOW we are always loving, 24/7 Pride Biyatches! :mrgreen:

  135. so do you like it?

    you know, you learn to like it now, and learn to love it later!

    i forget who first said that…… stuck in my head for years………….

    ah…….i want 2 have sex with someone!

    not just anyone……….how about YOU? YOU 2? :mrgreen:

  136. oh, Rosie and her crew are just going to so much love love love this ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    love and peace be to you all

    bless you all

    forever more

  137. that was a hint bi the WAY!

    im still single fuckers!!!!!!!!

    lol :mrgreen:

  138. oh fuck, it’s only the second day of this year so far…….oh oh, this could be a fun fun fun…..did i meant FUN YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? ?

    lol :mrgreen:

    see what celibacy does for ONE everyONE?

    good, yes?

    i know :mrgreen:

    i am






    forever more and more and more

    blessings to all

  139. what?

    you were not ready for this one?

    caught ya off guard………..again?

    all goodness, yes?

    of every ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holy holy holy holy
    joy joy joy joy
    love love love love
    peace peace peace peace

    of ‘me’ Biyatches!

    get it?

    peace of ‘me’?

    peace of ass?

    oh never mine…………. :mrgreen:

    although easily you could BE

    if you just make up you’r MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  140. oh wait, i lost track of time, it’s the third day already!

    already damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all ready?


    here comes 2010………..more! lol

  141. so which one, or which side of any of you am i admonishing?

    the unloving one of any of us who are all loving, yes?

    the ego one of any, yes?


    bless you all

    forever more

  142. fuckers!

    facebook trashed my account over that gay pride video.

    unfucking believable how anal fucking retentive this miserable lying world is, in all their daily motherfucking bash bash bash, oh bash me some more motherfuckers, i like it!


    what a bunch a useless jerkoffs, as though sex is a bad thing, and i am some unloving pevert who knows jack shit about the tender sweet loving ass i have loved getting fucked since like the age of fucking 12 motherfuckers!

    and when i express openly for the youth in self-love acceptance of their beautiful self, oh, i must be some perverted demonic satanic hell worshiper.

    fuck right off homphobic fucked world, you are killing your own children, not even knowing you are, too late as some of you find out at their funeral, all of you asking the same stupid question, “Why did my child kill themselves?”


  143. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….fuck, i did not keep track of all my friends names………………fuck

    i took time with each and everyone of them daily, laughing it up in true positive homosexual self ways at all times with them………..for sure, they will shed a tear over this, each and every one, until such a time i return once again, as they all know i will, being who i purely always am, constantly loved and loving just as they all naturally purely R

    can you fucking believe that? In this day and age, facebook bashing us.

    i should send them a class action 100 million dollar lawsuit up their lying ass!

    they delete us all the time, the witch hunters at facebook, as we jump back in the ring under new names.

    some of us deliberate commit suicide on facebook with advance warning to everyone as they exit with their final publishing of homoerotic whatever…….as we all laugh.

    fucking jerk offs at facebook

    and we all know it, but they cannot ever break our pure champion spirit they are fucking clueless about.

    anyway, enjoy your day, as i go do the same with those just like me, where i constantly belong as i always have, always WILL 2 BE

    blessings to all

  144. you need not ask why Lawrence King was murdered


  145. new facebook account today………

    so what does homophobia look and feel like?

    here is an example from our open discussion gay pages at facebook today……..

    someone asked……

    “If being Gay is legal how come there’s so few of you?”

    my response:

    because we hold the highest suicide rate in the world
    because we hold both the lowest and highest self-esteem in the world
    because we hold the highest drug and alcohol use in the world
    because we hold the highest murdered rate in the world
    because we hold the highest execution rate in the world

    because of YOU

    thank you bashers, for making me stronger in BEing the Light

  146. I cna’t readx your siute in Safari 2.4, just fguured I might let yoh know!

    vdos onilne

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