Thanks A Lot, DrownedMadonna!, a popular fan site about me, has ruined my New Year’s trip to India. They posted my entire schedule and this required me to cancel part of my trip and hire an entirely new security team! I was so angry that they did this to me. To top it all off they posted my new schedule after I made the security changes. This is a terrible thing to do, but my team is aware that this particular fan site makes money for ruining my schedule. They sell ads and actually make money by ruining my trip!

Despite all this, I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year. I forgive them for this invasion of my family’s privacy, but I wish they would have more consideration in the future. I’m sorry it took so long to post. The internet connection here is rubbish!


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  1. Hi,

    I can imagine you’re frustrated.
    I read the news on and always thought they were quite reliable and supportive on your own actions and appreciate your need for private time. However they seem always to be one step ahead with news on this weblog from you.
    Anyway, may I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2008, may your new projects become succesful!
    With kind regards,

  2. Happy new year L and everybody! god this is pissing me off in a way but oh well at list u forgive DM but i still don’t like to read what they did to u … u know speaking about forgiveness, for 2008 i wish that u and Nikki will be friends again! and maybe both Nikki & Donna will work with u together again after all this time ….
    maybe u can do a song together and this time they can’t just back u up vocally but it will be g r e a t i think if they will sing with u cause u know , u are 25 years in the bizz this year and they have a part of your success(and more) in the last 25 years don’t u think it’s a good time to…?
    anyways i had a good Christmas! and a very quiet new years eve it’s nice to try to have a quiet holidays season with a low profile i needed that although .. . anyways happy 2008 L !and sorry for the long post! LOVE U

  3. I wish I was there too! I would like to visit India…Make the most of it. and have a great time. All the best for 2008. Lots of Love, Cristina

  4. This name is what my sisters’ called me for many early years (my-moe).
    Cute and funny – that’s my sisters!

    Hey, sounds like a RAW deal – who are these jerks messing wit you.
    You know I’m sticking up for you – privacy should be your right not a priveledge. Comes with the territory I assume – but still?

    Let it go I guess and try harder next time –
    sounds like your double is a secret agent

    Happy New Year Louise and to all your family and fans ( even the snotty spoiled ones )

    Quiet time is nice – feels like everything is offline these days

    Love & Light
    Johnny AB Good

  5. Hi Madonna !

    Glad to know that you are here in India. I read this news in local newspaper here in Jaipur but i thought it’s rubbish coz i didn’t read in your blog. Later when you confirmed it here ; i went to drowned Madonna website. I came to know that you were at Jaipur ( where i live ) for a while. Ummed Bhavan Palace Hotel is really a nice place. I visited it 4 years ago. Sorry to know that you has to cancel your trip to Jaisalmer but believe me you must visit there….don’t miss the opportunity …looking forward to see pictures of your visit ….

  6. this is soSic. absolutely 5150.

  7. Everyone i know that has been to India has had a bad experience why everyone thinks that its a spiritual experience is beyond me when everyone sells you out to make a buck !!! There are worse third world countries when the people have more respect..

    Anyway you should have gone to Ayres Rock in Central Australia it’s a very spiritual place and safe and until you’ve experienced it you won’t understand what i mean but it’s so quiet and serene and just one of those places on earth that make you feel connected to the heaven’s, at worst you might get your beer or drink stolen by an aboriginal but that’s it, you should research Aboriginal Art and Music and dream time… very interesting indeed….

    Happy New Year

  8. That sucks. But desipte that, I hope you have a wonderful time there.
    Happy New Year to you and your family

  9. They simply dont care about your privacy , they just really care about their money! its true…

    But i cant understand why you choose India, such a dirty country with such a bad people!There so many magic, so be careful what you eat !
    …and be careful with a people they are a huge racists ,all Indians just a devils!
    Now i have so many troubles because of them…i have big experience…

    But anyway i would like to wish you a 2008 year to be the happiest year ever and full of light and peace!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Hmm,.
    I think India is a great and beautiful country!
    A lot of my friends are from India.
    And then the Indian girl are soo pretty.

  11. happy super new year for super M !

  12. Happy New Year Louise!

    India sounds magical and I hope it will be for you and your family…

    It’s on my list after Machu Picchu Peru.. There’s a whole beautiful world out there to be discovered and what a blessing to be able to do so…

    Missed your Christmas Well Wishes, but I’m sure you were sending them..

    All the best…..Excited for you upcoming release….

  13. oh well, it’s not as bad as what I have to deal with.

    I lost my job today. She fired me.

    The problem that comes with protecting the True Self, is our inability to deal very well with inappropriate behaviour of others who have yet to grow as much as we have, where patience is the virtue.

    Unfortunate for me I am still learning about patience with others.

    Oh well, I have hit the ground many times before in my life, and the truth is I just could not tolerate working someone who is consistently condescending and belittle of me daily.

    I called her boss and expressed how I have become acustomed to working with the more polished professionals in my decades of retail environments, and that these old school mentality managers of push oriented approach with their staff, breaking their spirits down don’t cut it for me. I knew last month the writing was on the wall for me, that I could not stay much longer.

    Head office is calling me in the morning. I expressed that I love this company with them earlier today, and I pray they do not shuffle the problem off their desk, like many of the higher ups in command often do, and let my life crash into the ground.

    Funny thing is I feel relieved over it all, where I really don’t at all about my financial situation at all, knowing that I have what matters most in life, a loving spirit, no matter where, going with the flow of what life throws at us sometimes.

    I handed her the store keys, that had a key chain with a dove on it.


    I’m free!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    how was your day everyone?

    Without despair I still stopped on my way home to offer a native indian what he needed to get out of the cold, for I know what matters most, is my own loving divine true self, that I know exists in everyone.

    I nurture that, where I can, although some I have yet to learn how to deal with.

    I know my manager prodded me on purpose in order to get my reaction, and the keys back, getting what she wanted, for me to leave, and that is what hurts me, how some people can be so mean spirited of someone like me who is so loving of others.

    The staff were visibly more upset about it than me, as I walked the door, knowing she fired me.

    In the end it will be her loss not mine, knowing fully the impact of her old school management style will affect everything for the success of the store, where morale left unattended results in high turnover rate of staff, low productivity, and poor public relations.

    I should be a teacher!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Blessed are those who are loving, for God is with always with you.

    But how do we love these wretched souls so mean spirited of us?

    Send them to school! Make educating the number one priority in life in all areas of psychology, teaching not only good management styles, but also the much needed life skills that so many of us need.

    Life has been my greatest teacher called the school of hard knocks.

    sorry if this is off topic, although it is similar in context, of what we can often expect from the immature world around us at times.

    Besides, I know how you love us to express ourselves! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    This world is not able to break my loving spirit. It’s not possible, because my loving spirit is mostly who I am.

    I gotta to control my abreactions though. πŸ˜€


    I love you!

    Love, Andy

  14. I remain optimistic, although my insubordination with my boss, which she provoked, may stick where head office is concerned, although they have seen what I am about at other locations…problem is, there are networks of friendships within these organizations who take sides rather than the truth, which is unfortunate for these organizations, because they lose the right people all the time, keeping the wrong ones who continue to bring it down, or hold down the potential that keeping the right ones would ensure.

    Either way, I have good credentials from a long career, that will open any door of my choosing, where it is always me in the end, who decides what team I feel best working with, where in the morning I awake, and feel genuinely excited about going to work, provided the environment is positive and light, conducive to my mental/emotional growth and well being.

    It is priority number one in my life, knowing fully the toxic effects of the wrong enviroments we simply cannot avoid. Some environments are fixable, while some are not, without great effort on our part to see it thru.

    No turning back as they say, where I am cautious now about selecting the right enviroment, where it is always we who are able to descern this for ourselves, provided we do, of what works for our True Self first, others second. For how can we be of any good for this world if it is we who are not healthy to begin with.

    I remain optimistic, where wisdom only fails those who choose not to embrace the proven truth wisdoms.

    Like God, it is not God who fails us, it is we who turn from God. We are all responsible for our own outcome in life, starting with ourselves.

    I’m FREE, I’m FREE, I’m FREE…pick me!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    You make me happy! It is your loving spirit that is the guiding light of love, that we all feel everywhere we go, in resturants, clubs, car radios, at home, on TV, on the internet, on our cells phones, in book stores, and most of all, in each and everyone we meet, for truly you love shines thru them.

    Extraordinary and Wonderous is what you are Madonna!!!!!

    That’s why we love you so much!!!!

    I love you!

    Love, Andy

  15. Short sightedness is the foe.

    Fortunately, governments embrace long term planning, implementing proper health care programs, such as free therapy for any who seek it. Truly I have learned that this was the best thing I ever did for my own life, resulting in my optimistic outlook today.

    Peering into the future with optimistic outlook of the potential of all good things is indeed how the world changes for the better. It is individuals of wisdom that ensure goodness for the world yet to come, where tomorrows world will wake up to a brighter day. Keep marching forward is the rule, of the wisdoms we come to know about the goodness of our hearts, where unconditional love is of God’s love that shines into our heart, mind, body and soul, eminating outward from us thru others like the tree of life. It is an eternal tree of life, and not merely a tree of life, where every second does indeed alter the entire future. Most just do not stop long enough to fully embrace the truth wisdom, and yet it is one of the most significant wisdoms of all.


    Oh…I am doing it again…getting off topic…sorry!

    Hey what was the topic anyway?

    Oh yeah. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I love you!

    Love, Andy

  16. made you smile! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  18. oh you could not possibly delete that last one, could you? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  19. I’m not the one laughing, you are!

    Ok, maybe just a little.

    I’m bad, I know.

  20. But in a good way, YES?

    I like to lift spirits up!

    Especially my own somedays.

  21. Ok, no more clowning around. I will leave peacefully, and respectfully of you and those you love.

    I love you!

    Always did. Always will.

    Because you love all of us!

    Love, Andy

  22. Oh, I am going to where the blue clown this year, and every year after, with roller skates and a big ass super soaker squirt gun.

    It is the closest thing to the trueness of my ever happy True Self that wants to always laugh and play, with exceeding joyfulness of myself that loves everyone. It is who I always was, where I am truly loving of everyone I meet, like we were when we were kids. I see past all the shortcomings that once were of my own, that I learned to shed and let go of over the years, freeing my True Self of useless drudgery like that of so many of the world, including myself once before.

    Not anymore…my carefree loving spirit is FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!!!!!

    Is it just me, or do I seem happy to be free of my place of work that was making me feel toxic?

    hmmm…It’s just me!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    and you of course!!!!!!!



    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    No matter what, come what may, I will be wearing the clown outfit every year from now on!!

    And so should all of you, let your True Self out to just be who you always were!!!!

    Full Circle! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    I want to wake up the True Self in everyone!!!!!

    not just us!!!

    It’s no fun having fun alone!!!

    This year will be so happy for me!!! Already is, and always will be, even more so than ever before, knowing what matters most is nurturing my True Self, and for others to feel what I feel.

    I can feel it!!! It feels exceedingly joyful and free to just be me, with squirt gun in hand!

    To see them gasp, and breathe in the love I feel for them, in their delight of someone like me, that is a reflection of their own True Self. A true and faithful friend who continues to summon them to the tenderness of their own fun loving spirit, that I know exists in everyone, and I know you know this too in your ever creative making of joyful songs that resonate loud and true in their hearts that loves to dance of love so true for one another.

    The True Self!

    I love you!

    Love, Andy

  23. I’ll update tomorrow…

    I already know the truth!

    I AM LOVING!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    of YOU!!!!! πŸ˜€ :d

  24. nah…everything will be fine. I am a polished seasoned professional(mostly) and I am sought after by many companies, where my old company keeps asking about me, wanting me to return.

    at 44 years of age, I am not as insecure as I used to be with regards to my career.

    with regards to love, I still am, and yet I am not, for I know love within, and I know love is meant for me with someone. I don’t pine over it like I used to as a teen. By just being my happy go luck self, our inner happiness draws happiness towards us…and then I just pick the happiest one from the group.


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    That’s not arrogance….that’s being smart!

    Any guess who is the happiest one in the group?

    You are such a moron!

    I love you!

    Love, Andy

  25. Andy i’m sorry too hear you lost your job, be positive i quit my job last month, but today i got offered two job’s better pay and condition’s and now i don’t work shift work so i can take guitar lessons during the weeks yeh…

  26. hahaha!

    Here is a funny one for you.

    I just noticed on one of my pens is printed the words Paper * Mate, and then at the top of the pen is the letter M.

    I suppose the M represents medium, as in fine, medium or bold.

    As in she’s so fine!
    I wish she was mine!
    this is our medium
    where I am always so bold
    with my paper mate!

    πŸ˜€ :d

  27. Not only bold but brave, really crazy and you stimulate my creative side.. im gay today.. straight tomorrow and mixed the next Paper mate.. hmmm mm mm m ,m m she so fine, wish she was mine, i can share it’s its only fair.. we have the flare..hope nobody will stare..

  28. Oh back to the Subject
    Dear Louise, i hope you had a good new years in spite of all the unwelcome stress, it must be so difficult for you just to do normal family things without all the attention from idiot’s why don’t people just respect that you need peace and quiet like everyone else… to all the obsessive idiot’s out there.. leave Madonna and her Family alone and go buy a CD / DVD or concert ticket if you want to see her brilliant performances.. but for god’s sake respect her privacy when she’s out and about ESPECIALLY when she’s with her family how would you feel if your privacy was constantly breached…

    Not nice….. get a life.. idiot’s ha ha there you go Louise i’ll put a gypsie curse on those moron’s that cross the line.. and my curses are powerful…

    Wishing you and your family a safe and happy and grand new year… love and light..Marco

  29. hmmm….did you just call me an obsessive idiot Marco? Rubbish!

    Is God’s love stupid or wise?

    Is love love or hate?

    Wise or stupid?

    Oh…I get it…she is the one who is stupid for not wanting to be with us!!!

    hahaha!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    You’re so funny Marco!!!

  30. Hey don’t get me wrong Marco, I wish her only happiness, not matter who it is with. My love is not the jealous kind Marco, especially for her whom I cherish.

    I come in peace, for sake of her, as a true and faithful friend, letting her know consistantly that I am always near.

    When you are far away from me, I am near.
    When you are near, I am far away.

    So where am I Marco?

    I am physically far away, but always in her heart.

    I always liked that one. Jesus spoke it.

  31. Ok…somedays I am not peaceful, I agree.

    It’s a work in progress, for all of us, starting with us first, where it is always we who need to take responsibility for our own mental/emotional well being.

    It is we who save ourselves by means of others who are wise.

  32. ~ salvation

  33. Oh yeah…Happy New Year beloved.

  34. HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!!!!!!!
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  35. What is wrong with those two?

  36. Being far away, by virtue challenges the realness, separation purifies the connection of oneness..

    Its my birthday Saturday so i am going to Sydney to party i deserve it. i am going to sing and dance with my friend who is a most talented song writer and singer and he and i can make fan video that will make Madonna proud maybe she will post it for all to see and enjoy.. now the hard part which song to choose, too many wonderful Madonna songs to choose from …

  37. dunno whats right with those two πŸ™‚ mmmmmmmm

  38. I like the lyrics to Hey You and The Beat Goes on so cannot wait to hear the CD, waiting.. waiting.. my heart’s stating.. your a star your a star…get in your car…and don’t go’s a song a song of hope for all the world to come so far.. all it takes is a star and the light can shine so bright,, your a star get in your car…

  39. very close by….

  40. Three… Two… One ….lift off … destination…. Heaven and the Star’s …

  41. When you come to know your destiny is with the divine True Self within you, then you abide in love’s embrace of the lover who are most loving of each other and another.

    For truly we know fully the truth, that the love’s embrace is so incredibly happy and so overflowing with exceeding joyfulness that we want everyone to acknowledge and feel, where none of us are any different at all from each other, with regard to feeling and experiencing the tender loving feelings of love’s embrace, where truly it is here that we fully acknowledge that love really is all that matters for any of us, above all these uselessnesses of pettinesses of heart that are indeed useless and absurd for us to embrace or waste our precious loving lives dwelling in bitternesses that are unwise.

    Truly we know, love’s embrace is where we belong, and where we always yearn to return to day after day, wishing the mean spirited world would wake up and realize that love is all that matters, and not all these useless and absurd things the world tosses high in the air as though it has significance above love’s embrace.

    For Truly we know that there is no greater treasure in life than our own loving hearts.

    It is here that I take my stand, always in the truth that I have come to know that exists within me, and fully embracing the pure and perfect TRUTH, that my loving feelings exists also within everyone else.

    Love is my only purpose in life, beyond all riches, all religions, and all useless absurdness of those that choose to remain unwise and doubtful of love devoid of doubt. For Truly we know the Truth so easily felt of love’s embrace with the lovers who are loving, that everyone is capable of.

    Make Love and Happiness your focus in life, and not all these distractions of Heart unwise, for Truly Love’s Embrace is where we ALL Yearn to Dwell !!!!!!!

    It is God’s divine will that we do.

    It is God’s divine will that you come to know fully the Truth, of the Divine True Self exists in everyone of YOU.

    Where ever your heart is there too is your treasure and your life…AT ALL TIMES. Be wise therefore in discerning where your heart is, merely by reflecting on if your feelings are loving.

    What you turn towards you become…AT ALL TIMES.

    Therefore be wise and turn ONLY towards LOVE, lest these lesser things of life, such as the pettinesses of heart, fill your heart and mind with uselessness and absurdness, preventing LOVE of the divine True Self within from growing.

    Truly we know the feelings we feel of Love’s embrace as lovers who are loving of each other and another, just as I am with all of YOU.

    I LOVE EVERYONE! and I am sad for those caught in the bitternesses of chains which bind their loving hearts in dark captivities of useless absurdnesses that are devoid of love.

    Your own Wisdom breaks these chains, where it is always YOU who holds the key to freedom, by means of the light of wisdom that sees clearly all things for you to discern for your selves, in order that you become free of such things, plucking them from your heart, so that only love is able to grow there, nurtured there, protected by Truth.

    Truth does not fail where it is always we who fail the Truth.

    Only the fool thinks they escape from the Truth, where I remain compassionate for all those yet foolish and unwise.

    I greet you in peace and brotherly love.

  42. and yes…I am still learning…how to spell that is!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  43. The Divine True Self is Loving Compassionate Wisdom, that embrace with Knowingness, that everyone is capable of what we know to be True of our own journey towards God.

    As we come closer to God, we look back with great sadness for so many loving souls of the world so helplessly entangled in the spiritual poverty of the world, where with God’s grace we walk in the world with loving compassionate wisdom for all those yet unwise.

    I merely wish to be a guide for the fit, setting an example as a lover who yearns always to dwell in love’s embrace with a lover who is loving, where many are able to easily know us, by the love and happiness the shines forth from us into the world for all to know fully…

    …that love is all that matters.

    hmmm…now where could these lovers be found? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    ah yes of course…within everyone of YOU.

    I love you!

    Love, Andy

  44. especially if they are wearing a short black mini skirt!!!!!!!!


    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Spins my mind inside out and back again when ever I think about her!!!!!!

    It has been 18 years since I have been with a female!

    Not much wonder I am the way I am…being celibate for so long.

    I had a sad feeling yesterday as I looked apon my own son who’s hand I shall not ever hold.

    It ripped me apart inside as I cryed.

    I actually spoke to him and held his hand in a vision of my own son, “My son, always know that you are loved, and that it is only love that I shall always wish for you your entire life, and not all these things so unloving that exist in the world, where it is only love that is good enough for you, my beloved son.”

  45. I came away realizing the most significant feelings I have felt so far in my life, that it is not only my own son or daughter that I am able to love with the depth of love that I feel, but that these feelings so true exist for each and everyone of you, especially true with all the loving parents in the world.

    May peace and loving tenderness so happy and joyful, fill your every waking moments every day.

    I know love. Love knows me. Sight restored to my loving soul by Jesus.

  46. Coming full circle for me is my loving family, which is everyone of YOU.

  47. Coming full circle for me is the love I feel, which is for everyone of YOU.

  48. I realize now that when I reach out my hand for anyone, that the love I feel for them, is the love I feel for the son or daughter I never had, and always wanted to have.

    I used to dream having a family of my own with ten children running around. I speak with parents about this and I always get the same response from them, “No! You don’t want to do that!!”

    But what they don’t see is the love I see in their faces of having a family that I always wanted to have and never did.

    Today, for circle for me is that I know I still want to have a loving family and that I will someday, where rather than my own child will I have, I will adopt children of my own who are trapped behind great walls of spiritual poverty in the world, in such great need of me, and all of us who are loving enough as I am to do so.

    hmmm….one from every country around the world!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    hhmmmm…how many countries are there? Oh Damn! That will make for one big family YES? And alot of exceeding joyfulness of love and happiness.

    Make this your priority in your loving lives, for this is what I want most for all of you to do. You will thankful of me for encouraging this, when you do. And so will the world that will feel all the happiness and joy that surrounds you everyday!

    Be a Leader of the world by example of LOVE we feel, of our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters….our FAMILY.

    I love you!

    Love, Andy

  49. My Therapy sessions with you are doing quite well YES?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    For everyone’s sake including my own.

  50. i just had sex with the universe, biggest orgasm ever ha ha..

  51. Funniest session’s ever.

    Now lay down on the couch and Andy will start from the beginning because I need to just go over it one more time…….WHAT???

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  52. haha…you are laughing at my spelling Marco!

    I never was good at spelling, and when I am tired and weary, it is obviously worse.

    The vision of my own son really got to me.

    I now know how parents feel of their own children, and the true value of a loving family….beyond everything in life.

    I feel rather silly now, and yet I don’t, knowing the my own depth of love.

    Forgive me father. Thank you father. Thank you to all who are loving.

  53. Now where did that black mini skirt go? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  54. and don’t say it is in my closet…I am not talking about the one in my closet…or am I ? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



  55. full circle, as in round and round and round we go, where it stops, who cares, as long as I’ve got my short black mini skirt !!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    the music is just so incredible in pulling us into love’s embrace!!!

    ah, there she is!!!

  56. She is waiting for someone like me, that can see clearly now, of where I yearn to be and belong. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    just trying to keep up with you Marco.

    Hey, you and I Marco should dress up as clowns and be the queens jesters….oh wait, we already are her jesters.

    It is an honor Marco to be a court jester along side of you here with the king, I mean the Queen.

    What? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  57. Let us take a bow before one another Marco, as I shall not forget you as one who loves our Queen.

    She is only loving Marco, and is why it is important that we take a bow with her and one another with humbleness of spirit that is of God’s grace, meant for us.

    LOVE is all God wants for his children, just as all parents want for their children.

  58. Marco – Aboriginal people wouldnt steal Madonnas drink, at worst a dingo would eat her babie! And yes it is a very spiritual place, it isnt known as Ayres rock any more, its now known as its traditional name Ularu. I lived on a Aboriginal community called Papunya it is a huge culture shock, i mean you havnt seen Audtralia until youve seen its origin, rifght?

    PurPoison – You say all indians are racists? well saying this makes you prejudice! which is just as bad if not worse then racist. Its like me saying all English people drink tea, not true. the majority maybe, but not every one. All aussies eat pies, the majority but not every one.

    maybe your schedual got leaked for a reason, maybe you wernt suppose to be in a certain spot so now your going to be in the right place at the right time.

    x0x0 koby

  59. brittlestem limnetic matty metromalacosis annularia phallorrhagia oestrus cycledom
    A.J.’s Curb Design

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