Ear Candy

Hello everyone! I hope you are looking forward to the new year and all of the surprises I have in store for you! I’m reinventing myself and coming full circle all at the same time. You won’t believe your ears! My ear candy is definitely RAW!

Sorry about all the crazy comments on the blog. My assistant has been monitoring them regularly; however she took a few days off for Christmas. I hope you’ll understand. Things should get back to normal now! I would like to remind those who comment to stay on topic. I do want you to express yourselves, however!


34 Responses

  1. I already thought that you like all this terrible comments!Was shocked!
    But now Im SO HAPPY that everything get back to normal, and you came back on a blog!

  2. Hey!
    Best wishes to you and your family for 2008!! Can’t wait for the new album and your new look!

  3. I’m waiting for your new music so much!

  4. Cool… Ya. things were getting a bit out of hand.. that’s for sure…
    Looking forward to the ear candy…
    Hope you your family and your assistants all had a wonderful Christmas…
    Welcome back!

  5. seriously cant wait for the new album!! any hint on a date yet or even when the first single will be first aired on tv or radio!!?



  6. πŸ™‚

  7. the work in progress continues, where LOVE is the feeling for everyone, and not a proud and boastful one.

    Be Joyous!

    Be Exceedingly Joyous, just as I have been, and all will be fine in the world.

    All that matters is your own loving feelings.

    Simply put, God is your own loving hearts, where you need only to turn towards the love you feel.

    Happy New Year Everyone! Be sure to celebrate your loving lives!

    Blessed are those who are loving.



  8. Should of been released yesterday.

  9. Express my SELF?

    Oh no, you don’t want me to do that!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Truth is, words cannot express how we feel, where what we feel is so incredibly beautiful, and sweet loving.

    Incredible to say the least. Beyond this world. Of the future, where the future is right here…every single second of every day!

    The doorway where only love devoid of doubt exists, without all the useless and absurd fear, like that found in the world.

    That’s what I feel.

  10. The knowledge of the Book of True Life, written by the Living Spirit of God!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    I Love it!!!!

    I love YOU!!!!

    Expressing myself…I am still on topic…come on now guys…don’t hit the delete button!!!!


    I need a pink room, with lots of soft padding in case she gets to rough for me. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Oh man, leave to Marco to put this in me.

    Hey Marco, what’s up with the pink blog? Any pics of you in a short black mini shirt yet?

    What? I had to say that !!!!

    Nice attempt, but no thanks, I am already spoken for by someone who loves me completely. God’s love.

    God is a female!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    And I love her completely, especially in the RAW!!


    hey…get your finger off that delete button!

    Well….you said to express us!

    I mean express ourSELF!

    I mean express MYSELF!

    as in by myself, and it is getting really boring now!!!



    Ok fine, delete my words.

    But when comes to deleting me, don’t! As if that were possible! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    What do you mean full circle?

    What are you saying?

    She keeps us waiting, anticipating, forever shading, our love that wants to EXPLODE with LOVE and LIGHT….lighting up the entire world!!!

    Every second of everyday!!


    Ok…I will stop. It’s Marco that put this in me…now take it out damn it. You have go slow, other wise it hurts too much.


  11. So is it like front page news on every news stand around the world kinda thing, when you speak of Full Circle?

    ~ just asking.

    Sorry for being so unstable lately…you know why.

  12. OK!!

    I Expressed my SELF!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yes, I am looking forward for the New Year. Wish you success with all your upcoming projects I hope that film will make a difference. I hope you asisstant will make a section were we can post any irrlevant material perhaps you can find in it material to which you can comment on.

  14. Thanks for the update.

  15. :pEverytime you sing you wake me up scared and i remenber your smile i fly :). I keep your music next to me:)

    Thank you Louis Veronica

  16. madonna,

    cannot wait to hear your new stuff. However, I know you like to collect art. If you are thinking your new stuff is RAW, just check out “nobody’s” art. Search TMNK on ebay!! asap… to see what I mean……

    I love you@@

  17. it is not posible to reciev for xmas few samples? it wd be nice of you…biz

  18. Hey Louise and fans,

    I can’t wait for the new single and album, is there a preorder yet? Id love to preorder it NOW! πŸ˜€

    Well, I’ll remain patient and wish you all exciting and peaceful new 2008!

    Best from Berlin,

  19. so excited Madonna. Happy New year too.

    I just got Alecia Keys new CD now that is one Super Mom lady she rocks what a great CD
    I cannot wait for urs i have every single one since the 1980’s

    yes, please i am so sick of the arguments between the fans. The freaks and Fanatics and all of this stuff is so way tired.

    We all have our issues but come on this is supposed to take us away from what ever it is for a few moments and just be pen pals shall we say
    it is nice to be answered and not ignored i wil say that much and u know who knows who i am speaking of……..what a shame when u care.
    anyways, cant wait again
    and thanks angela way too petty

  20. Can’t wait for your music “Revolution” to begin! Hurry and release your new single!

  21. 4 minutes to save the world ” I Like that song Title” but i though
    maybe it should be 5 minutes because you need a minute to drink a bottle of water afterwards don’t you think it was worth a present after all that hard work i mean saving the world and all.

  22. hey madonna cant wait for the new cd


  24. hey my queen,

    It’s Jan. 1st 2008 now in Taiwan, we just had our countdown and fire works on the top of Taipei 101 building, it’s amazing.

    I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from your new album and tour soon.

    love you.

  25. HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!!!!!!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  26. Happy New Year

    2008 is sure to be a shocker –
    I’m glad that you’ve held out with the big new release!
    I’ve already got my amp cranked ready for new beats.

    Will you tour out West in Canada – pleaseeee!

    : )

  27. I like to stay on stay relevant to the topic but I hope if I say somethhing wrong now or then it does not upset you. I hope freedom of expression is allowed to all with all due respects to you of course.

  28. I am advised not to give up on my passions and you are a passion of mine. I am advised never to say you have asked and known enough. I know that you are a light ever since I have dreamt you holding on to a rope. A rope in a dream is said to resemble faith and belief. I hope I never give up on you and you never lose faith in me or whoever you trust.

  29. best of luck and a happy new year in 2008 M, role on new album WOOHOO!!

  30. Madonna,

    Happy New Year! What’s your thoughts on the Presidential Race? Madonna I met Guy OSeary and Angela Becker at your Confessions Tour on July 13, 2006 in Philly. I am the one who complained to Guy about the Event Security Staff. I am also the one who Guy O’seary came and brought down front row to see you. I gave him and Angela a big hug and Thanked them immensely. When you tour this summer by the grace of God, please make sure the event staff keeps us safe, but allow us to party and express ourselves with you… Can’t wait!!! Be Safe in the meantime, and stay healthy!!! Love you…


  31. Just waiting for the new single to arrive. I was psyched to learn about the video being shot, but bummed the single hasn’t started playing on radios yet. I know you like to keep us guessing, but come on already…Let the music play!! I know that wasn’t your song, but it did compete with one of your earlier hits, remember?

    Can’t wait for the new look and sound. I’m sure you are as beautiful as ever.

  32. is ur ear candy gonna b big gold GANGSTA hoop earrings, cos i luv them, u would look sooooo kool in those!
    luv from Rachel (DRAMA MAMA)

  33. hope da music vid will b a hit! i think da album will go 2 No.1 & so will all da songs u release from it!
    bye! x x x

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