Fan Video of the Day: Isaac


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  1. Hi Ms L …

    I just realized what the word’s to this song mean, God i am so dumb sometimes i take so long to work things out anywaz very impressed love this song very much cage and ALL

  2. aNDY I lOVE YOU VERY muCH But I Love MadoNnA JuSt As MuCh and It Is Her BloG After ALL SOOOOOOOO… Stop HijAcKiNg hER Blog Lol if You Feel ComPellEd to WritE All That Pour;’s From YOUR TeNDeR HeART you Are WeLcome to Use My Blog So MaDoNnA’a FaN’s dOnT Get ShIttY WiTH YOU !!

  3. the scary thing is that andy is quoting books and poems and not his own thoughts in an effort to sound profound.. scary

  4. really andy? and did jesus come to you and tell you that? if so why did he not tell to go forth to people either by media and spread forth your knowledge? you are another person who craves attention through the belief that only you know what is right.. that is what causes wars and misjustice

    may not succesfull in your desire to be special

    we are all special, not just you

  5. of course he does andy, that is why you are writing this crap here, if anything was to be revealed to the world through you do you think that it would be found on this page??

    like are you for real mate?

    you live in a arcahic way of thinking

    nothing you say is enlightening whatsoever

    its all about how YOU know what is right and how YOU are special because god, jesus or whomever is with you

    this people you speak about are not people they are a metofor for a way of thinking

    christ is hebrew or greek for “the golden light” as in we all have the potential to understand the “light” as in we are all spiritual beings, not just you andy, all you profess is “i am amazing” there is nothing amazing about claiming to be better then anyone, if anything it is
    lame and crude

    so enlighten yourself before you try to “enlighten” others.

  6. of course andy, and you only know this, i have not called you any curse name on this, yet you call me an asshole consistantly,

    you are not the light of god for those who are wise

    you are disturbing for making that comment

  7. ANDY your concepts are spot on and your wisdom too, its your expression that distracts people you are taking on the burden of trying to reverse all the damage the church has caused, mention the word God or Kingdom Jesus ext… and because of the damage the church has caused it puts people off, sure there universe is a perfect and perfectly in sync it is impossible to think there is not a higher force, energy intelligence at play, only a loving heart could reach out beyond the self to realize the self is the whole and the whole is all that is, ignorance breeds contempt and i would love to see all that you already see and express without others criticizing you so express to your hearts content, be proud of it, love.

    Know your audience and respect this blog is Madonna’s she created it to connect with her fan’s and share her thoughts and most people here read it for that reason so it would be less of a challenge for you if you went sick on your own blog and then if people criticize you can tell them to not participate or block them and delete their comments, however on Madonna’s Blog is about her and thats what people expect it to be.

    i love your poetry and word’s of wisdom and i’ll read your blog for sure, but when i need a Madonna Fix ill come here and look and all the sweet things her fan’s have to say like WHEN IS THE NEW ALBUM being released give me a taste let me lick your candy and all that stuff… hey my blog has no comments so go wild its free and its hot and its yours

  8. in any way to be dogmatic is Andy doesn’t want to hear nothing just to be in his crazy pink mind where evrythings are mixed…we are yet in 2007 i prefer to live with my time than to live l in the past without the 18e centery !! his culture is a misery even the good feelings, he should beging to read the newspapers…and with the song of Madonna it is not the same because firts it is a song and not a preach, and just the time of a song i can be little bit arcahic without damaged, and it is good to have this feeling, after when she think she is surnatural since ray of light… if it is in a real and strong meaning because i love her, and ii think she need this belief for herself and if she can play good music like that why to critic, and if is a metaphore way of course she is divine, or her talent is divine

  9. Eric33, I don’t think Madonna needs affirmation of any belief in herself i think she knows exactly who she is, if she has any doubt it most likely would be towards the world and the people so disconnected that dwell in it, thank Christ (oops Archaic word there) she’s strong & determined to guide teach and learn, yes her talent is divine indeed… she’s a Goddess, (well a young Goddess anyway).

  10. As for Andy well he should write a book so his audience can reach for his knowledge his truth and then it is by choice for those that choose to search the knowledge, i personally don’t mind if people express themselves,but i can see how people feel he’s preaching ANDY, STOP IT naughty ….

    “The Gospel according to Andy”

    Chapter 1. Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a man his name was Andy he was really dandy but eat too much candy he got a sugar rush and felt so flushed, so he kept on talking and wouldn’t stop in the end he started again one thing was for sure it would never end, until one day the King’s and Queens took away the candy tray.

    Chapter 2. Andy’s battle with diabetes , from too much sugar.

    Motto of the story… EVERYTHING in MODERATION, Balance Harmony and Peace..just a little not to much, i don’t like smartie’s or chocolate coated NUT”s, but M & M’s they just ROCK….

  11. idiot, your coffee is cold, let s go to the kitchen for making a new one

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