The Queen’s Music Club: Mary J. Blige

You have got to listen to this album! It has such a positive vibe and energy. I love it! The song “Come to Me (Peace)” is brilliant. There are so many good tracks on this one. Click here to check it out.


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  1. Hi Louise,

    Great song, idd.
    Is it possible to make a new category, share some fashion news with us. I’ve got a tip, Moncler outfits, you never want anything else. Check it out on

    Have a great week!

  2. That’s what I’m talking about… 🙂

    Love the Michael J meets Mary J move at the beginning…lol

    A modern day Diana Ross with a powerfully positive and much needed message..

    Go Mary J….

  3. I agree, its a really good vibe, I like Mary J Song’s reminds me of a time when i held my soulmates hand and threw her on the dance floor and danced to “Be without you” felt so happy. Now i am hungry, I better book a table at the restaurant.

  4. […] M wrote an interesting post today on The Queen’s Music Club: Mary J. BligeHere’s a quick excerptYou have got to listen to this album! It has such a positive vibe and energy. I love it! The song “Come to Me (Peace)” is brilliant. There are so many good tracks on this one. Click here to check it out. […]

  5. Andy, nothing can get in the way of true love, those that came in between were not mistakes just lesson’s a phase, and true love always willing to let go willing to waiting for their true love to return, of course the are no obstacles to overcome the illusion’s of the physical world cannot influence the truth of the heavenly world and the heart can only feel the truth of what is true and real, listen to your heart it’s all that matter’s. Get over the bi sexual shit, love is love OK…. What now…dinner maybe, because i’m hungry.

  6. famished, starving craving…. you get my drift…LOL..

  7. oh god here we go again….

  8. you are an extremley self righteous and arrogant man, nobody is wiser then anyone else,

    we all have different experiences so each and every intelligence is relevant

    if you want to preach the bible set up your own page
    or become a priest and stand at your pulpit.

    happy christmas and peace and light to all!!

  9. i love mjb she is great

    m/cmas ritchie family

  10. such a shame she likes to wear fur. sorry but i cant support anyone who likes to wear dead animals as a fashion statement.

  11. Andy loves Madonna

    Madonna loves Andy

    Andy Loves Marco

    Marco Loves Andy

    Madonna loves Marco

    Marco Loves Madonna

    Now can some please get me off this Cross, my feet a killing me and i’m not wearing any sunscreen.

  12. oh god…


    …and Happy New Year (after few days)

    I would like to wish you and your lovely family the best things!
    And all your wishes to come true and all points from your children lists to Santa to come straight to their arms (if its not so huge)
    …so…and the most important, peace and love in your family!

  14. Great song, i absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing. A great drag queen performing to the same song “just fine” is attached – hope you enjoy. p.s. i was at the show!

  15. it is absolute contrived bullshit you speak andy!! everything you “preach” on this page has been preached before, we’ve heard it all before, so what im asking is stop trying to win madonna over with ure “intellect” and maybe be you?? not the “i understand everything” you, cause its painfull mate and not enlightening whatsoever, we all know how we should act to eachother and how we should treat this planet, why? because we are all intelligent, i aint been mean mate if anything am just being honest and thats how we all learn to love, so please stop “threatening” me or anyone else who asks you to stop with ure “you dont understand god and the kingdom of heaven” because its archaic and you fall into the trap of self righteousness which will cut you off from people and send you off down the wrong road, so please lets keep this humain and not “im wiser then you bullshit” yeah??

    god i cant wait for the new album!


  16. this album is TMNK:5150!! google it and see!!

  17. am hugely upset u dont love me andy, actually, im distraught

    like what kinda crap is that??

    get OVER yourself mate, see my point your so full of your own self importance that if someone knocks you, you become a hypocrite and turn nasty, what happened to your ,quote”Turn towards you own loving feelings of love you that are easy for you to feel” end quote,

    set up your own wordpress and bring all your “fans” to that, yeah?? and maybe who can quote more lines of fascinating bible nonsense to the masses that you so eagerly crave

  18. ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH, no one needs to prove anything here… let’s get back to Madonna Shall WE.. you see.. it’s all about her After ALL..!!!!!

  19. Madonna’s Blog….

  20. The Queen of LOVE..

  21. Let Love Shine

  22. Nah, their all on drug’s and drunk at dance party’s its a one night of fantasy and escapism fun but not real.

  23. get a fucking diary mate

  24. i do not follow you??

    oh so your jesus christ now are you?


    god this is unreal like, who do you think you are Mr

    and now you insult madonna with ” you are more loving then her, marco”

    like, one minute you are infatuated and professing ure undying love for a woman you dont even know, you then preach about how you know love and that jesus is with always, then when somebody challenges you, you turn nasty, wow, u must be jesus then mate, OBVIOUSLEY you are, how stupid and niave of me to doubt you!!


  25. LOL…. i could say the same mate… i dread when i pop into this page and see 12 paragraphs of self righteosness plastered ev everywhere, even the owner whomever it may be feels the same, again


    you make me laugh you do and i dont belittle you mate, you beliittle yourself with your moaning about how nobody loves properly and understands properly, then get all indignant at the thought of somebody asking you to shut up,

    im not playing mind games mate am just telling you how i see it…i,e… GETTA DIARY… lol

  26. surely you are the only person that knows that, aspiration,

    i wouldn’t even dare comment on madonna’s qualities with such an expert in tow

    am off to bed now to seek the knowledge within that will spread forth in my every awakening on this planet,

    that i mean

    this i dont

    “may the force be with you”


  27. Were the hell has Madonna gone

  28. What ?? you jest Andy, candy,

  29. Yes Madonna, your absolutely right, this song is the bomb, I will be buying the album now thank you!

  30. Dear Louise,
    Are you a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest?
    this track is so beautiful it reminds me of you

    Singing on the Street

    Early in the morning, you slept silently and softly
    I covered myself in the coat, not wanting to look
    I left everything in its place
    And the keys in the box, as always

    Look at me singing in the streets
    Gathering loves
    Avoiding miracles and disappointments
    Singing in the streets
    because I wanted to give up
    and to not be with you anymore
    I wasn’t thinking about what is and isn’t worthwhile
    and you, who are all my life
    will remain like a sand inscription on my hands

    This morning has a taste of strange freedom
    Like of death or a blessing
    because I walked away from you

    Look at me
    Singing on the streets
    Gathering Loves
    Avoiding miracles and disappointments
    And the great waters that you had been for me
    have gone far away and won’t come to me anymore
    You, who are all my life
    will remain like a sand inscription on my hands

    For I went away from you
    For I went away from you

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