Today Is A Special Day…


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  1. Every day is a special day!
    god bless us!
    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

  2. hey my queen,

    long time no see.

    i was pretty busy recently, so please forgive me for not being update for a while.

    what is it special about? your annuversary? or ??

    i just came back home from Asia Diva A-Mei’s concert, she’s from the same hometown as mine, a very small place in Taiwan. so I feel so proud of her success.

    hoping you can google her name “A-Mei” or in chinese 張惠妹 for her information. she can sing, can dance, she’s very popular in chinese community.

    anyways, so glad that i visit you again.

    have a nice day!

  3. Happy 7th Anniversary to you and Guy. Best wishes for many more….

  4. yes best wishes for you even my courage for me is to stop the realation i had since 4 years with F because it is not good for him and for me any more

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    It’s nice to see loving couples.
    Fée and I had ours on November 22.
    Hey you – I dig your new sound – how bout you call it Pop-Hop.
    Check out this track from the 50 first dates soundtrack –
    Somewhere over the Rainbow & What a Wonderful World Hawaiin Mixes.
    Sorry if I got off topic with any posts – I’ll be sure to watch my trajectory.
    Wouldn’t want to get banned from talking to you!

    merry X-mas and so much more!

  6. Love is what matters.

    With each other and one another.

    Walk each step, each breathe, each word spoken, that is of the loving person we are each day that we wake.

    Truly we know, love comes first in our heart, mind, body and soul, with all those we know.

    Blessed are those who are loving who dwell in love’s embrace, where our True Self always yearns to be.

    Just be yourSELF.
    (words written on a book of matches, sitting on the bar, at BAR501, my first day in the ghetto without Troy).

    Words of Wisdom, that is easy for all to know.

    Happy Holidays for you and your loved ones, where the knowingness of love we feel within, is true understanding of father’s love for everyone, the knowingness…

    …that love is all that matters.

    I want to see everyone holding hands, OK? Like that first day I got off the bus, a one way ticket, without my true love, and walked down the street into the ghetto, and how my heart filled with love seeing the gay boys kissing and holding hands, and the lesbians too. I knew I was walking into heaven that day, with true peacefulness and grace like of all those who dwell here in the ghetto. Be sure to stop by our community, from time to time, that is full of those who are most loving of all of you, no matter your orientation. For we are much more than orientation, so easy for others to know, merely by being among us from time to time, feeling our love that is true…an unconditional love that wants everyone to be loving, like the love we all yearn for, if only we would.

    Love, Andy

  7. Happy 7th Anniversary to you and Guy God time goes by so fast !

  8. Oh… Is today your anniversary?…..

    Congratulations and ….

    Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both…

    And to a lifetime of wonderful moments together….


  9. happy anniversary

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MADONNA AND GUY!!!!!Congratulations on this blessed day! My heart is filled with joy for you both!
    Many blessings

  11. Para Bems!

  12. Mazal Tov to u and guy
    are u thinking of having another baby, maybe ?


  13. Hey Louise and Guy,

    Happy anniversary to the most hapy family I have ever heard of!


    Christo, Berlin

  14. Happy anniversary and Merry christmas to the genious and the queen.

  15. Happy winter solstice, too!

  16. When will you share your gorgeous wedding pictures with us?

    I bet that was a special day..

    I know mine was.

  17. My secret and sacred bird now flies
    To meet the Spirit’s vacancy.
    All chaos of life today dissolved;
    In me a surge of ecstasy.

    Gold flames within my longing heart
    Invoke the cosmos’ Parent-Sun.
    A tapestry of Truth unseen
    Bursts forth within; the Play is begun.

  18. Happy 7th Guy and Madonna!

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