Thank You Nintendo!

I was frantic because I couldn’t find David this device called a Wii for Christmas. All the stores were sold out. I asked my assistant to contact the company and the next day a special one showed up at my door! This will go so perfectly with our Africa room! I cannot wait to see his face when he opens this! Have a great day!
Despite the rumours and what you have heard, my family does celebrate Christmas; however, we do limit the gifts to 3 per child.

11 Responses

  1. It pays to be the Queen….
    It will be a special Christmas, Indeed!

    What’s a WILI?

  2. Progress.

  3. I love you!

    It is so great to see your happiness that I love so much!

    Have a most loving day beloved!

  4. Oh! I like it ,looks really stylish! !

    Wii Haute Couture!

  5. Ain’t he gonna read the blog ? 🙂

  6. No…he isn’t allowed to use the web. I highly doubt he knows about this blog either. Just sayin.

  7. I’m glad to hear you still celebrate Christmas..

    Many people think that by studying Kabbalah you are practicing a different religion.. That is so far from the truth..
    kabbalah for me has expanded everything . It’s enhanced everything in my life makinge it all brighter and much more meaningful…

    Merry Christmas Louise!

  8. Ya – we celebrate Christmas too – only for the children though really – which would include all of us that don’t want to grow up ever!
    It’s about the whole season and experience and company – the magic – nothing else.

  9. Yes..i read that you have decided not to celebrate Xmas.

  10. he knows

  11. Hi Louise,

    what a unique gift from Nintento, so your blog is even being read by Nintendo.

    By the way, is David allowed to play with game consoles. I believe that in your house Rocco and Lourdes could not watch TV and a gameconsole is linked to a TV…..ah, I see they’re not watching TV in actual fact, they playing with the TV….hihi.


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