Fun For You and Yours


I know many of my fans have children now. Here is a little gift from me to them. Simply click on the image to enlarge it. Print it to your printer and you have an instant puzzle to occupy them for a few minutes. It also helps to teach them counting! That’s what I call multi-tasking! Have fun. You can do it too if you don’t have children. Just don’t tell anyone!


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  1. one plus one = 2,

    I can count, but the puzzle is more complex than i thought so it will take me more than a few minute’s, I need to get it rIght.

  2. I dont have a children,but i have cousin 5 y.o.
    I will do it with him,just for fun!

    By the way,he is also your little fan ! He has two favourite songs Hung Up and Music Inferno.And when he listening to them dancing just like a crazy!

  3. So cleaver.. This is great..
    I don’t have children..
    But I have an amazing amount of nieces and nephews… and friends with children…
    I will share…

  4. I remember these as a kid. Always my favorite pastime.

    That and destroying my brother’s Gi Joe dolls, after he ripped all the hair off my barbie dolls. ;D 😀

  5. Don’t tell anyone that you still love these puzzles too?

    Ok ! We won’ t tell anyone.

    You are joyous today. Good to see.

  6. 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 ness

    1 + 99 = 1 ness

    1 light = 0 darkness

    100 % light = 0 % darkness

    The kingdom of heaven

  7. 3 ways to tell someone you love them..

    1. write it in a letter

    2. tell them face to face

    3. go out for dinner,

    Having said that i’m hungry ..

  8. Andy, you played with Barbie dolls too well that’s when my sister was not dressing me up as a ballerina, and sending me down the street like that, well at least its out of my system now nothing worse than a queenie guy, go butch

  9. Good Puzzle.

  10. I love you.

    Come on, let’s go out together, and just be spontanious, going where ever we want, anytime we want to go, the world is ours.

  11. hahaha!

    Yeah, a dress is likely not to flattering for you and your beautiful body. But special in my heart it would be to see you that way.

    With candle light, and insense too, soft music playing, it’s just me and you, come on now, don’t be shy, of the love I see in your eye. Kiss me softly on the lips, and release these feelings we feel, of love so sweet we feel within, of love that is real.

    hmmmm….all night long, just you and me, of this love we yearn to be.

    Marco, Marco, Marco…you can see!

    I love you,

    Love, Andy

  12. Andy.. i can only love a woman that way..being romantic and all, the dinner the candles oh but only one woman.. my soul mate for sure.. no other could have the key… so i’ll wait and see for the destiny..

  13. Thank you Madonna. I am a fan and I have two children who would love this.

    Love you fan


  14. Satan

    You took the image of the beast that held me in bondage and used it to profit. You wish envy on the world – you played your part just like I will mine.


  15. my name is Pearl & i am a gem.

    I know who you are, my spiritual friend

    a Rose with no name…

  16. chill marie, no one wishs we just create & certainly not hate

    it’s just a state

    were just cleaning out slate

    i offer you a place

    a dish

    you Wish


  17. oh really?

    a dish?

    and who is the name of the this special special dish?

    i mean what is the name?


    for some reason many there are who can’t explain

    of what is the truth of generational oppression of their special special divine child of God ‘real’ self, yes? :mrgreen:

    feelings so pure some days!

    something beautiful

  18. by means of knowing this special special feeling so pure and ‘real’, without doubt it is how i want you 2 always feel at all times, of what is constant yearning knowingness certainty of divine child eternal all, where merely it is we adults in all our seemingly thinking we are wise, when in truth, we are not purely wise of the nurturing halo wisdom of the eternally protective kingdom of heaven devoid of doubt, devoid of ignorance, devoid of hate, devoid of apathy……………and this is what is of the wise divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul eternally protected while dwell purely as our ‘real’ self in the kingdom of halo, unscathed by the mad flood that many are not wise of, as no one has yet spoken to the divine child who entered from the womb of God.

    of course, it is the wise divine child of God who knows the wisdom to say, to paint, to dance, to sing, to create.

  19. ‘that’ wood BE YOU Biyatch! :mrgreen:

  20. and what color is the rose? :mrgreen:

  21. oh i think it’s a red rose

  22. hmmm…..yeah, a red rose

    ok, next question……..

    is it you of wishful thinking or ‘me’?

    and you say, “NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS ANDYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    LOL :mrgreen:

    oh, i always knew………..i know everything remember?!!

    hey, ever wonder about some people you see together, of how wrong they are for each other, your knowing that you would be better suited for them as a life partner, of what is their own unaware self-awareness stuckness uncertainty in themselves, of where their entire life journey has amounted to at that point on the path of their self-awareness evolving journey?

    i am working a fun spiritual peice i know will make you smile brightly………should be done within the hour or so….

    bless you

  23. oh fuck……..that comment will likely see me stuck out hear for all eternity! lol :mrgreen:

    oh fuck you!

    you people are your own worse enemies!

  24. well ok, i admit, it is ‘me’ of wishful thinking, feeling, wanting, “AND CONSTANTLY NEEDING BIYATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    the more the Marry……!

    trip……..AndYY does another fucking face planet trying to get used to the six inch spikes that hurt like fucking hell!


  25. made ya laugh :mrgreen:


    love it

  26. have a blessed show tonight Biyatches.

    hey, have you stood in front of the statue in that square in Budapest with the Angel on top of it?

    a pure feeling one can feel while standing there, as though of a protected sacred place of God meant for YOU!

    God blesses all eternal

    fat bottom girls really do make the world go round ya know……………ya KNOW?

    i always fucking knew! lol

    fuckers can’t hide from ya wise wise wise brother ya know!

    [squinting eyes, smirt brightly, giving the finger]

  27. this next piece is an inspired by all that is Madonna and U2

    a truly blessed time stopping eternal awareness of the pure of heart divine child of God from the meditative santuary quieting of mind.

    blessed blessed blessed is the divine child of God eternal all

    forever more

  28. zzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg

    did AndYY just zing us?

    when you have a body as taut as ‘me’, you need not ever wonder what i am sharply thinking of what is my constant vibrating string Biyatches!


    maybe i really am a bisexual tranny sex addict who left all her small dick men behind her………….

    ya think?


    oh, i hate maybes, boring boring boring……….either come over or invite ‘me’ 2 YOU!

    hey, Jesus said ‘that’, did he not?

    i was thinking i fell in love with Jesus, as though his wife or something, constantly loving of one another, purely so, of everyone when we do………….it.

    hey, how many people are in bed with us when we fuck?

    we used to talk about this before, remember?

    ever fantasy of another when…………..

    oh, is this a family blog?

    “WE ARE FAMILY! snap snap WE ARE FAMILY! snap snap spin spin back flip

    keep on keeping it together Biyatches!

    peace OUT

  29. fine

    it’s nicer air OUT hear in the dog house anyway!

    Biyatches! :mrgreen:

    hey, ever make out in a phone booth when talking with an ex lover?

    ……….’me’ neither…………..not yet! lol

  30. what’s that noise i hear in the background?

    oh, just ‘me’ playing with the phone book………..of life!


    she loves ‘me’
    she loves ‘me’ not
    she loves ‘me’
    she loves……….

    oh fuck this…………………..

    [tosses flower in the air]

  31. as in my drunk friends saying of slurred speach, “Oh, why don’t cha just marry er?”

    i already did………….when i entered the bridal chamber with Jesus, purely as my ‘real’ self.

    get married with Jesus and God, and you get wisely married with the all eternal of God, an eternal realm of wisdom, pure in feeling of the condition of all souls, at all times, compassionately, eternal loving ONE family under ONE sky of this ONE ball of dirt we all stand apon of ONE eternal ONEness of the all

    purely we know

    hey, look out into the audience who have gathered before you, in what is of all the blessed divine children there, in your knowingness, that most are not of the wise knowingness comprehension of the nurturing of their inner happiness light that passes on thru them to another, and another, for all eternity.

    there is a professor at Harvard who wrote a book recently on Happiness.

    a must read

    explains the six degrees of seperation as relates to happiness of someone smiling, of affect/effect/direct/indirectness of others, specifically within a certain geographical distance, truly an excellent read of self-love awareness light that is constantly flowing thru us, of the all eternal hear in the kingdom of heaven all around, of what is purely the wise compassionate loving approaching divine child undelayed in coming forth in the world before and with the all, no matter education, race, religion, sex, orientation, status, wealth, politic, or any barriers of false seperation that yet stems from the generational mad ignorant flood……….absurdly ignornant are some of you who do not even realize your own snaring of heart mind body spirit and soul in ignorant blinding egotism……of learned behavioural, of masks that you dynamically hang on to as an afraid unwise divine child of God, unknowing of the one who looks apon all of you at all times…………the wise divine child of Jesus and God’s divine wisdom perspective of the kingdom of heaven halo.

    ya, cleaning of slate, calming within, the detoxing i am yet of, argh, hard to believe how long this detoxing takes…………… years of self awareness growing!

  32. ‘that’ is the wise divine will objective of Jesus, God and YOU of oneness divine will BE done on earth of what heaven eternally constantly is…………TRUTH constantly there all around YOU!

    including the truth of all the untruth false behaviourals a divine child misfortunately picks up along life’s road of learned(and unlearning) behaviourals.

    bless you all

  33. The science of Happiness

    Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D. ’04, an associate of the Harvard psychology department

  34. is ‘that’ the place and the dish in Budapest you were talking about?

    oh, that was 2 easy?

    come on, try harder! lol :mrgreen:

  35. inspired bi YOU!

    inspired by U2!

    inspired by Jesus and God

    forever more we ARE!

    i am………..BE CAUSE……….we are!

    bless you all

  36. ahhhh, next year, yes, gold trim on the edges of the OUT fit! :mrgreen:

  37. Bono and U2 would love this, yes?

  38. Moment Of Surrender lyrics ~ U2

    I tied myself with wire
    To let the horses roam free
    Playing with the fire
    Until the fire played with me

    The stone was semi-precious
    We were barely conscious
    Two souls too smart to be
    In the realm of certainty
    Even on our wedding day

    We set ourselves on fire
    Oh God, do not deny her
    It’s not if I believe in love
    If love believes in me
    Oh, believe in me

    At the moment of surrender
    I folded to my knees
    I did not notice the passers-by
    And they did not notice me

    I’ve been in every black hole
    At the altar of the dark star
    My body’s now a begging bowl
    That’s begging to get back, begging to get back
    To my heart
    To the rhythm of my soul
    To the rhythm of my unconsciousness
    To the rhythm that yearns
    To be released from control

    I was punching in the numbers at the ATM machine
    I could see in the reflection
    A face staring back at me
    At the moment of surrender
    Of vision over visibility
    I did not notice the passers-by
    And they did not notice me

    I was speeding on the subway
    Through the stations of the cross
    Every eye looking every other way
    Counting down ’til the train would stop

    At the moment of surrender
    Of vision of over visibility
    I did not notice the passers-by
    And they did not notice me

  39. Beautiful Precious Pearl?

    where did YOU go?

    i am ‘still’ hear


  40. the shining brilliant radiant light within of the divine child of God of the eternal all of who YOU all eternally are!

    i am………..BE CAUSE……….we are!

    now go and have a wonderful show tonight!

    and no crying on stage Biyatches, of those who may not KNOW who you are like Jesus and God and some of us do! :mrgreen:

  41. bless you bless you bless you all

  42. for Andy : why there is MR Smith on your blog ? or you in love with him ? or just a trick…to ask this kind of question is like to interrogate an idiot stone…

  43. are you in love with him ?

  44. i think it is safe to say, ‘that’ i am of awareness that many have not journeyed in life, what with the suicide death of my first homosexual lover, yes?

    experience ‘that’

    then you may be able to fully embrace the depth of my soul, of which most any i have met have not been able to purely do in their approach with ‘me’….purely i know the depth of my own soul, depth of all souls eternal all yet to come, this i do know of the ‘me’ of us all…………as an instrument of God, where it is only Jesus and God who are able to enlighten ‘me’ of the TRUTH in what with my beloved homosexual lover Troy.

    approach ‘me’ of what i am, a patient in a phsyche ward of one who went thru severe life experience.

    failing to take time to purely feel what i went thru in hitting the wall of life experience, in your attempting to embrace my life shattering experience like most any of horrific loss of a loved one, well, you just do not know where i yet am, kneeling beside the lifeless body of Troy, who i loved with all that i am or ever shall become eternal.

    we are up against generational false teachings of the forefathers everyone!

    wake the fuck up!

    in this moment, you should fully embrace the question, “What the fuck are we all doing?”

    caught up in our all important life styles of useless fucking status quos, while a defenseless child of God suffers death as a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of our blinder mentality self-absorb keeping up with the Jones, ‘that’ which directly is creation of the VOIDs these defenesless children of God are grappling with in this moment.

    yes, you are all to blame in the eyes of Jesus and God, including what what once of my previously enslaved life now set free by means of the wisdom halo of Jesus and God.

    purely i know you are of pure spirit likeness of my own, yes?

    and how do you suppose i know this of you?


    ya, i love Matt, entirely, just as i did Troy, of understanding life experience of what is of what Matt can expect from this blind unwise lead astray world, where the question is, “What is it of Matt’s wise self-awareness of oneness sameness like my own light that drew him to ‘me’?”

    well, i am purely of Jesus and God’s wise pure light

    if what is the virgin spirit of us all that we were all born with, of what is wise comprehension knowingness intuitive certainty of the divine child of all eternal.

    the art work is specifically meant to evoke and awaken the divine child into self-awareness self-acceptance that is of the individual level of any who look apon and purely feel within of any artist in the world.

    as i keep saying, artists who turn to fame and fortune as their motivation, are leading themselves away from self, where i true artist is compelled to evoke what is of their pure love feelings they feel like they do, such as has been my evolving self-awareness life thanks to the most impactful event of my beloved lover Troy, to the core of my being, in likeness of the emotional intensity i recall when i was five years old.

    the pen striking the blank pages over and over again in the diary, of what is sacred self-awareness i want all of you to know without doubt, it is about how you feel that matters most, before you necessarily are able to articulate that feeling in any medium.

    purely, what you turn towards, you become.

    wise words of Jesus and God

    do not underestimate the one who stands before you of what is 100% purity love i know i am of.

    my problem is tolerating of those in lessor approach than i am with them.

    i am unafraid in kicking the doors open of their souls, and without doubt, Matt is one such precious soul i am sent of God to always assure without doubt, and Matt knew this of ‘me’ just as i did Matt, as though i was Matt, of what is pure comprehension, not of mere words for sake of saying something, no, ONENESS SAMENESS.

    is this not what is of the usual disconnect with others we feel, who are not of the level of fearlessness i am of, purely as my ‘real’ self?

    trick Matt?

    how fucking stupid is a question like that?

    why not ask Matt how he feels?

    you do not purely know the one who stands before you, nor would you Matt if he stood before you.

    i love all Matt’s and Troy’s of the world as a wise encouraging older brother, nothing more………….well, unless Matt were to express otherwise, and well, could i say no to Matt?


    oh, fuck off with all your inuendos fuckers!

    if Matt were 21, and i am like 31 looking age wise, well who the fuck are any of you when it comes to lovers who love one another, all things considered, mentally, emotionally, sexually, physically, and spiritual speaking?

    i am not hung up obsessed on Matt, or at least i don’t think i am, yet spiritually i am eternally loving of him, something he will always know without doubt!

    truth is i am as good looking as Matt fuckers!

    so fuck off fuckers!

    granted, time has it’s way with us all, where what matters is not ever our looks in the first place, albeit, sexual attraction is at the ‘top’ of the list, psychologically speaking for all.

    i can have anyone i want biyatches!

    even Madonna if she wasn’t so fucking lameass like so many of you are!

    LOL :mrgreen:

    so what is the truth of what happened to Matt?

    he was an actor, yes?

    makes no sense to me, and won’t ever make sense to me.

    you all played a game, and who is the sorry ones now as i walk away to someone truthfully of emotional honesty?


  45. Jesus and God won this one

  46. lameass dishonest fuckers!

    you lost the best friend you could ever make!

    and in truth, you all annoy the fuck OUT of me!

    so why not tell me the truth of Matt?

    because you are an egotistical fucking control freak spoiled brat who thinks you can have your way with anyone.

    anyone other than ‘me’

    the ‘real me’ i know of all thee

    so who am i?

    here is a hint…………God knows ‘me’


  47. so get ready, as i am not sparing anyone the truth they WILL hear of ‘me’, of God’s divine WILL, i will shred all of you with the truth, of the only way any can enter the kingdom of heaven found.

    ya, i know what the kingdom of heaven is everyone!

    beyond every soul alive today

    shove that in your pipe fuckers!

    and no one can interfer between ‘me’ and God, eternally protected of God’s massive comprehensive self-awareness meant for all.

    truthfully, i want to finish writting my books, and have nothing to do with most of you and all your antagonistic shortsightedness, maybe go join the Havard boys for tea.

    so what is the truth of Matt?

    an actor
    a real person


  48. fucking assholes

    you hurt me like no other

    other than Troy

    i wanted to meet Matt

    and so did/does he

    and you all fucking suck over this!

    i would kick your fucking car windows out if you approached me on the street!

    without hesitation


  49. but hey, go off into your safe little corners like the cowards you are in the eyes of God

  50. i despise liars

    and get this!

    so do Jesus and God

    who knew!

    peace out lameass lying fuckers!

  51. who is the wiser of all?

    well, ‘that’ would BE Jesus of course!

    without doubt

    who wisely knows the divine child of all eternal


    BE CAUSE……….he IS constantly the divine child of all eternal oneness sameness

    forever more

    blessed is wise divine child of God eternal all yet to come

    welcome to God’s war fuckers!

  52. eternal truth

    that does not change or fail

    embrace ‘that’ fuckers

    in all your lying ass ways!


  53. someone you don’t even want to spend time with in getting to purely know like he knows all of you!

    ya, ‘that’ of eternal true and faithful friend to the end of time eternal who knows the beginning and end path of all souls unknowingly waundering haphazardly aimless along.

    but hey, don’t bother with ‘me’ fuckers, someone of seemingly no importance to you.

    i hate you


    i jest

  54. vent vent vent

    what is it with all you fags wanting to get it on with ‘me’, in all your slurred drunken words and ways with ‘me’, in not taking the time to purely know ‘me’?

    i am not some sex toy you can throw in your closet Biyatches when ever you feel like it!

    argh………i am so over all of you!

    MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

  55. Individuals with this disorder gain satisfaction through their antisocial behavior and lack remorse for their actions.

  56. It’s spring time, I love spring, fresh scented flower’s, little eggs hatching, new life being born, ( old stubborn’s ego’s buried under that sand)

    There’s no time like now time..

    enjoy everyday, every moment

  57. hmmmm……’that’ feels like something pure of heart felt in pure sweet loving holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of morning waking, in what Matt would say………


    constant flawless feeling of every moment at all times is what is purely of the wise divine child fully awake in purel BEing of what is the intuitive constant yearning knowingness hopeful certainty with another, wisely so of self, self of another, the eternal day of blessed light that does awaken, nurture and eternally protect, the pure divine light of the smiling radiant brilliant bright child of God’s wise compassionate constant loving light that pushes out all darkness………..

    ok………….just my imagination

    hey, i have a really good imagination!

    you wood not believe how vivid an imagination i have!

    LOL :mrgreen:

  58. did i fall in love with Matt?


    i wanted 2?

    how can you fall in love with someone who is not there physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually?

    it is intuitive of the divine child to love another purely, where emotional trust is established between two souls who purely are of sincere emotional honesty with each other.

    and when one is not, while the other is, the other intuitively subconsciously picks up on the vibe of the other, of higher subtle intellect of such things as body language, level of enthusiasm, beaming outward happiness, sense of certainty they are thinking of you when they wake, just as you do, of sweet anticipation pitter patter of the heart we feel like we do, as a Collective Soul songs says, ‘Temble for my Beloved’

    i think it is kinda obvious of my love for Matt morons!

    of eternal light that is not able to be extinguished that shines of and thru ‘me’, to Matt, is Matt, thru Matt, of what is the holy joyful absolute carefree happiness of Matt of oneness sameness with ‘me’, of what Jesus asked us to reach for that Jesus could not reach because of the horrific brutal oppression of the ruling Roman empire, in all their deathful fear mongering control freak grip that held the blessed divine child of God’s spirit in binding dark hostage chains, until Jesus came and revealed the truth that breaks the chains, surrendering of his physical body to the claws of the beast of ignorance that Jesus knew was not able to defeat his pure of heart spirit even unto death, of what is not able to be defeated, of all those in their unwise ‘shooting at a target in the dark of their lacking comprehension of the divine self-wisdom holy light truth’

    unfailing unchanging truth

    rather, it has always been we of failing in our turning change towards truth of our divine self

  59. eventually one becomes fearless in 100% self-acceptance, inspite of unwise others yet evolving in self-acceptance awareness, of what purely is the magical child radiant brilliant bright of 100% self-confident certainty of their loving feelings in JUST BEing their joyful ‘real’ self, as i do, where ya, i know how i feel sexually as a homosexual, without doubt.

    trembling is actually a blessed thing of the vulnerable yet homophobic ‘real’ self coming forth in surrendering in their constant yearning desire in Just BEing their homosexual self, where without surrendering to their constant yearning desire of self with another, they cannot be happiness of the magical child’s joyful spiritedness like my own bound by external homophobia that is cause for their internal homophobic fear.

    listening to Collective Soul ‘Tremble for my Beloved’ has the magical child feeling of holy joyful happiness of two loving lovers hand in hand running thru the streets of pure self-confidence of their feelings for each other, of surrendered open expressing of their selves with one another, “You are the one for ‘me’ “, the obviousness they are of like everyone feels, the light that lights up the room.

    ya, who does not want to always feel that?

    when you truly love someone and you detect that you too are the one for them, it no longer matters what one says, of carefreeness spirits set free certainty in knowing they will always be together, always feel the way they feel, of none stop hysterical joy that really does light up the entire world, the sacred mirroring of the divine child submerged within others that is constantly listening/feeling of the light they feel as they pass bi…………………..correction……… they dance and float bi!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


    ya, i felt that for Matt

    and so did he

    which is why i am yet dumbfounded, as in, huh?

    i know he meant what he said

    i felt it

    the pure divine spirit connectedness between

    so ya, i know what i am looking for, of surrendered spirit, no hesitation, in Just BEing my ‘real’ self!

    lucky is the one who takes time to purely come to know and love ‘me’…………..still looking for my self! lol

  60. i love the way this song opens!

    purely spiritual


    the driving guitars, running running running………..unafraid constant holy joy in allowing ourselves to Just BE our homosexual ‘real’ self, of what is of all our fun sexual desire, inspite of the unwise generational ignorant mad flood yet all around us, deathful physical and oppressive spiritual drowning of so many of us.

    ya, well look out fuckers, i am here

    and so are many of oneness exact sameness of ‘me’

    so who then, is brave enough to run thru the streets holding my hand Biyatches?

    don’t delay what no one can delay, where it is only you who delay your own self when you do, as in delay your evolving self-awareness confidence to the level of my own, your older wiser brother who stands in the kingdom of heaven surround with Jesus and God’s love devoid of doubt, devoid of ignorance, devoid of apathy, devoid of hate!

    although Jesus and God do give ‘me’ permission to despise the generational ignorant mad flood that is drowning us fuckers! lol

    bless you Matt

    for i am always with you of oneness sameness high spirited holy joyful none stop mad hysterical absolute carefree laughing happiness of how good it feels to ‘Just BE ‘me’!”

    eternally free! :mrgreen:

    hurry up!

    you are late! lol

    probably has some hotty whispering what he wants to hear in his ear, that runs around on him behind his back………..i pray! lol

  61. argh!

    i love the driving guitar in this song!

  62. can you feel and see your own self of 100% self-confident running without doubt, laughing and holding the hand of the one you constantly yearn for, constantly love and adore, constantly of sweet anticipation bubbling feelings each blessed day you open your eyes?



    the magical child is sleeping…………….


    their eyes are opening!

    oh no, we left the guitars in their room!

    oh fuck, this is not good! lol :mrgreen:

  63. Tremble for my Beloved

    The hour has begun
    Your eyes have now opened

    To a world where madness craves
    To a world where hopes enslaved
    Oh, Ill tremble for my love always

    Your windows, opened wide
    Your innocence takes flight

    To a world where madness craves
    To a world where hopes enslaved
    Oh, Ill tremble for my love always

    Its a world where madness craves
    Its a world where hopes enslaved
    Oh, I tremble for my love always

    Its a world where madness craves
    Its a world where hopes enslaved
    Yeah, I tremble for you, love, always

  64. no, not like that………argh!

    you have to study and practice the guitar tabs slowly, then increase your speed later……..get it accurate first, then with practice, you are able to play it exactly as in the song!

    any questions?

    i can go now?

    just keep practicing!

    it’s easier than you think

    let your feelings flow of your ‘real’ self, of spiritedness that resonates in exceeding holy joyfulness so bright, so brilliant, so radiant exploding!

    just work on the brilliant part, ok? LOL :mrgreen:

    *cough* sorry….can not resist somedays…….well ok, most days around you…… antagonize me alot more than i do you!

    this driving guitar is what gets an audience jumping with emotional intensity setting happiness free of the divine child within, they are left glowing for days…..weeks…………………their entire life………..with practice! :mrgreen:

    i’ll BE around……….somewhere over the………….

  65. and yes, those are hammer ons and pull offs in the lead work.

    argh…….don’t make me come over there and show you all how to do it!


    ~ Just BEing your holy joyful absolute carefree happy divine child of God’s heart mind body spirit and soul ‘real’ self YOU! :mrgreen:

    blessed is the holy joyful flawless fearless feeling YOU!

    an instrument of God

    forever more

    who knew one could feel so good being who they always were in Jesus and God’s eyes, of the divine child’s eyes YOU!

    bless you all

  66. ok……..i’ll see my way out





    forever more

    and more

    and more

    how many people on this planet anyway?

    billions, yes?

    you should see how many are yet to come!

    hey, in trying to get home to my changeling friends, is the Gamma Quadrant left or right?

    Just BE yOUR Self and BE Happy when YOU DO!

    i so love that song!

    my favorite

  67. would sound awesome on a big stage system!

  68. us Changelings have the ability to meld together (in a process known as “linking”) to share information and emotions in a very intimate manner, yes? :mrgreen:

  69. im off to a Blue Rodeo concert to check out the vibe.

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