Fan Video of the Year: Santa Baby

This is my favorite fan video I’ve seen all year! This really made me laugh! I’m sorry I took a few days off from posting…Mama’s been busy! I’ve been meeting with my team about an important photo shoot I have coming up! The upcoming weeks are going to be very interesting. You’ll see soon enough!


20 Responses

  1. ahhh,
    you’re such a tease….
    If we don’t speak each other any more, I wish you and your family my warmest wishes for christmas.


  2. hanky panky, outch !!

  3. Hi
    I would like to read your post,
    you don´t write too much 😦

    Perhaps you are very BUSY 😦

    i like your music but…. it´s come too late 😦
    I would like to see you again in spain :>


  4. Nice to see you’re back..

  5. hahaha!

    It’s like that all the time for me! Makes me crazy and wild with desire!

    Merry Xmas beloved.

  6. Now damn it! Now!

    Oh man, too slow! ;D 😀



  7. I never told anyone about my teenage lover, that was never to be, Mike, my gay fantasy lover, until recently in therapy.

    Therapy sessions are required to open up, by means of established trust of a therapist, and trusting friends who have are safe and supportive with you at all times, and loving of us over long periods of time, where they can just be their retarded selves and feel good about their true self, laughing ever step, every breathe, everday, going to bed with a smile and waking to another insane day, only worse than the one before

    “OMG!” being the favorite expression of choice, for the lover’s who are loving, dwelling in love’s embrace, where exceeding joyfulness explodes in their brains with a complete synergy between them of the oneness they truly are.

    hmmm….I should be a writer! ;D 😀

    Hey, I was reading about the female orgasm, and it’s significance. During orgasm the females cervic actually deeps down into the pool of sperm, drawing up sperm into the womb from the vagina.

    Ok…say it Rosie, “Who knew?” 😀 😀

    So there you have it, orgasm is required of both the female and the male, in order to recreate our own life, or like Rosie says about those who help save others, “Save a life, maybe ur own!” ~ spiritual.

    Indeed, when we become spiritual givers in life, we save our own life too, by means of sincerity of love that is the true connection between God and ourselves, as well as with other souls.


    Find something more valuable than this…let me know.

    It does not exist. I already looked. I see clearly now the understanding of truth that exists in all things in life, sight restored to my soul.

    Thank you father.


  8. when does the Moon Light come and then go
    every month so they say – backwards and fro

    she is the greatest woman that I may ever know
    her Light is just perfect in case you didn’t know

    once in a while – I fall deep asleep
    all at her footstep – all quite – no creep

    she sings me a lullaby to pass all the time
    I never remember the words – just the rhyme

    I’ll miss you forever – till we come again
    these wires are live ones – never begin – never end

    keep me updated with all that you know
    fire and ice – I crawl through the snow

    back to a place that none will see
    a place in your Heart –
    hidden for me

    Oh Louise – really you are so incredible
    I miss you – that’s all


  9. Your favorite ALL YEAR???

  10. It would be nice if you had the same elfs
    on your shows ! Ah… i love the way they dance…

  11. Haha..very nice…wishing you best holidays.

  12. Those queens are so talented! LOVE IT!

  13. Funny Video. Why do people write so much shite that has nothing to do with your blog? I thought you were going to remove them. Can’t wait for the photo shoot. Can you tell us what magazine yet?

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  15. Aaaaaa!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Ja ory)) Especially to me has liked dances on a background)) Fuck my brain)) It is wounderfull)) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Respect))

  16. Oh I really can’t cope with those drag acts. Sorry, I see nothing in that at all. I promise I won’t go on a rant about it again.

    But the German “Lady Madonna” I really enjoyed. You could tell they were a good band.

  17. That got me clicking around German bands. I love this – the “Fantastic Four”:

    I’d heard the first one before.

  18. My last comment is “awaiting moderation”!! Gah!!

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