4 Minutes to Leak My Song

I am so annoyed that people are hearing such a low quality version of my song “4 Minutes To Save The World.” Timbaland was given permission to play a segment of the song and someone recorded it and leaked it to Youtube and Perez Hilton posted it on his blog. My legal team went into action and ordered Perez and all the rest to remove the file. It’s sad that in this day and time Timbaland can’t even play a sneak peak of my song without it spreading all over the internet. I guess it’s ok though…It looks like this generated some publicity for the new record! Publicity is a good thing when you are about to release a record. The new song is going to be sent to radio sooner than you think! I just hope you’re ready for my jelly!


26 Responses

  1. Are you kidding?, I’ve been starving for that tasty goodness mama!


  2. very curious i m, and i found this incredible clip on you tube on 4 minutes to save the world :http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=pVhC1NjOaVM

  3. Tha’ts the bad thing of the internet, everything goes around the world in seconds, and How much time is soon?

  4. Thank goodness i never heard it anywhere, i’m so excited that your new Music is nearly ready for our DELIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  5. seems like many things are leaking these days, including interviews with people i am sure you know who i am talking about. Who cares Ma so many more things to get annoyed at……in the realm of things really don’t sweat the small stuff, especially when you are an artist. I know you can get disapointed especially when you should have all the say when ur music should be played but these days Ma so much is happening on the net that their is no control anymore.
    Sad actually no human to human anymore
    no written letters anymore, not even ans. machine messages
    all emails………
    text messages
    no more human to human
    this is the way it will be in our childrens future as well
    everything will be computerized
    even sex lollllol
    again, things get leaked
    so what!!!!!
    enjoy ur moments as u deserve it honey.

    merry cmas to ur family for next week.
    i wish i could be a fly on the wall to see ur kids open their gifts and little davie ripping the paper
    he is adorable and ur daughter is all you all u
    so well spoken very,
    u are doing an amazing job as a mother
    that is all that u should be concerned with
    when ur name goes down in history it will be people buying ur stuff, your music
    and then what
    your children grow up
    and again all you should be concerned with is your family the other stuff is narishkite(a yidish word)

  6. jelly?

    that’s an interesting word.

    Queen bee’s Royal Jelly:

    Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of the larvae. It is secreted from the hypopharyngeal glands in the heads of young workers and used (amongst other substances) to feed all of the larvae in the colony, including those destined to become workers. If a queen is needed, the hatchling will receive only royal jelly – and in large quantities – as its food source for the first four days of its growth, and this rapid, early feeding triggers the development of queen morphology, including the fully developed ovaries needed to lay eggs. Some commercial royal jelly suppliers disseminate misinformation such as “Only queen larvae and adult queens are fed royal jelly”; the fact remains that all larvae in a colony are fed royal jelly, and adult bees do not consume it at all.

    An good metaphor!

    Actually, I really needed something like this leak, where sometimes it feels like merely a song, like so many I have written too, just words, big deal, a true connection…with someone, but not real enough for even the song writer, I should know, I write too.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is all good, but sometimes the boredom takes over, leaving me thinking it is all merely words like so many writers write, poets write poems, singers sing, writers write books, as in no way, it’s just a song, nothing more.

    But I know as a writer, it is always more than a song written. It comes from the core of our soul, the harmony of the strings, it’s real alright!

    It’s like why bother writing anything that we do not truly feel as the truth of how we feel?

    So now what?


    One thing I have been noticing lately is the my true self requires real contact, where I can pick up a book any time and read it, or put it down and go live life, where in true life, who has time to read or even listen to anything, where it is the life of true self, that takes priority over what ever and whatever of anything in the world.

    I had a strange feeling lately, looking at all the people wondering if they are living happy lives or living compromised lives, as in ‘ you will do’, let’s get hitched.
    I was wondering if anyone ever gets together with the one they truly wanted.

    As a teen I wanted my next door neighbor Mike as a lover, where even today I still think about him. He is married with four beautiful kids. He moved directly across the street from his parents, where we grew up together till I turned 16 and I hit the streets, broken family, everyone split.

    I have gone to see him a few times, and he gets me high like he used to. We laugh exactly the same way we did way back when, in the late 70’s. He has not changed at all. So incredible to feel. I know he still fancies me. I can see it in his eyes, but I have never told him my desire for him, and want to so bad!!!! hahaha!!!!

    But I will not, as he has a truly wonderful life with is loving family.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Be sure to lend a hand to someone who is without, where both you and they feel God’s love.


  7. Mucho Love and Light to You LOUISE.. Light, light, light!!!!

    WE’RE READY!!!!

  8. Can’t wait for you to storm the charts again. Bring it on — we’re ready for your “Revolution”!

  9. congratulation’s damn it was leaked oh well such is life, get over it

  10. Hey Louise, I don’t call this leaking. It’s just some kind of ramalama-bang-bang-ding-dong mobile device record which doesn’t even have the flair of your single, I’ sure. I can’t wait and see how much fun it’s gonna be!

  11. bits and bobs again with utube, super M, Timbaland, and the crownd …ahhhhh!

  12. Louise.. I just heard the clip from Timberland’s Jingle Ball performance..

    It’s ALL GOOD, you’re right.. The publicity it will drive (not to mention the anticipation) BECAUSE THAT’S MIND BLOWING STUFF…. Will be Over-The-Top….

    Things are as they should be.. You know that!!

  13. Waiting and anticipation is part of the fun. I eagerly wait to hear your new tune.

  14. Why songs are leaking ?

  15. you should work with NOBODY next. he’s rockin. TMNK :5150!! (the me nobody knows) just an amazing artist that considers himself a nobody

  16. hey madonna

  17. Hi!!!

    Muchos love and respect to you and all that surround you with joy.
    Many blessings and beautiful dreams for your fulfillment.
    May your Heart beat as One as intended for all to hear.


  18. look it’s simple L everybody are hungry for some new stuff and that’s inculcated me ! so maybe it’s not right to leak the song but sometimes, it brings u just some good publicity like u said look what happened to ” the beats goes on” the old version is still in the charts in some places and i love it too so it’s not that bad is it?

  19. Majesty M, load your missiles and send that jelly out a.s.a.p. We can no longer survive without some moving inspiration and tunes to rock to. Happy Holidays and lotsa love to all at home… Oh, by the way, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR XMAS?????

  20. do you think it is enough 4 minutes to save the world or it is just enough to save your money ?

  21. it – is- a -joke !!- i hope it wd be a good song , voyons!

  22. The wise man said perhaps yes, perhaps no.

    Like the wise man said when a man seeked his advise about an event if it was good or bad.

  23. when can we leak a clean version 😉 ?

  24. I understand how u feel! However it is not low quality… It was a bad recording, but the “QUALITY” is not low!
    Meaning, the (quality of the content and music)
    Madonna, never think of anything as low quality, you know better,

    Love you



    Love the SONG

  25. wow its you you really you!!!! My dream has come true. NOW I CAN WRITE TO YOU MY GODESS EVERY DAY.

    I can’t believe I found this site! So cool…to think you are so much more internet saavy than I thought you were. And what better way to keep in touch with the “word on the street” sort of thing with your FANS (US…tee hee).

    Hey Madonna, how the heck are you? WOW! I’m actually shaking a bit as I write this because I have always wanted to intersect you in a visual plane in this manner….I am actually typing WORDS that MADONNA herself will ACTUALLY READ.

    It’s so nice that you take the time to do this. I know you are so busy with your three beautiful children. Hey, I wanted you to know that I pretty much have ALL of your albums. I have one or two to get still, because I switched from minidisc (don’t ask) to cd’s recently.

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!! Play your songs forever and ever, ok?

    GOSH I AM JUST SO EXCITED TO BE HEAR and know that YOU will be looking at this what I wrote and reading it.

    SO many things to say.

    JUST KNOW that YOU ARE THE BEST EVER in the WORLD and I am a very very very very big big very big fan and admirer of you and of your WORK. Your fabulous fabulous work.

    I don’t know what else to say. I will be waiting then maybe you will comment on my writing. I want to write this novel I am working on, well it’s not really a novel, it’s the starting point, well I have this idea for a novel. and was hoping that maybe you might be interrested in seeing parts of it or it’s progress. It’s about the story of my life, and how I got to where I am in Denver. I like to ski, and have many great adventures to share, in a way that’s fun, exciting, exhilarating and stylish, with more than a little bit of sass, just like you!

    I try to do everything I see you have done, wish me luck!

  26. you can click on this:

    to go to where I am working on my novel. It’s not very long now, but it’s starting to shape up. It’s about skiing and being 43 like I am and finding my way even after I lost my hair. It’s about hair loss , but I don’t want to give it all away.

    Just, if you have time, click on the link above and it will take you there, Ok?

    Your FAN

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