Here’s To The Future…

I was fortunate to have inducted my idol David Bowie a few years back, so to be included alongside him and so many other amazing artists that have come before me is an honor.I want my career to be about the future, however. I don’t want to spend much time looking back. I plan to continue moving forward and thinking outside of the box.


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  1. We know you’re far from being done..
    But it’s awesome for you to get this recognition…
    WELL DESERVED, I might add!…

    Looking forward to the NEW ALBUM!!

  2. Congratulations on your induction! It’s about damn time they honor you for your achievements! Frankly, I’m tired of you being overlooked by your peers. You have single-handedly changed the face of our world culture by consistently standing up for what you believe in. I’m glad they will now have to acknowledge that. I hope your induction will be as memorable as your career has been. You deserve it.

    Thank you for provoking thought, and at the same time entertaining us, for the last 25 years. Can’t wait to see what the next Madonna “Revolution” will bring…

  3. congratulations ! but i agree with u u need to focus on the future but it still nice to take a moment and go back in time and remember how it all started : u with 35$ on u and a great ambition ..

  4. Kudos!

    You are truly an inspiration to all. Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. ; )

  5. u deserve it all
    past and present
    bravo madonna

  6. Wow, congratulations! However, I like all other readers look forward to the new album and all future projects and tours you have planned whatever title it will have 😀 !

    Thank you for the inspiration you give me when I go astray or fall, because the most important is how you pick yourself up and you help me to cope with this challenge.

  7. Much deserved recognition for your Hall of Fame induction. M you make the world go round!! You are a Maverick and I look forward to every new project that you achieve with great anticipation. I really can not imagine life without you. Thanks for always thinking outside the box and for being such an inspiration we as fans trully appreciate everything you have contributed to this Earth. Long live the Queen!!

  8. btw
    the reason why u have been chosen is because of the fact that u have been around and have evolved for 25 years so why would you say wanna go forward and out of the box
    if you didnt have ur chutspa
    you wouldnt be here today
    so hurrah for your past
    and u should be way proud of it
    and stay in that box also and be so lookin forward to the future

  9. Awesome blossom!!!

  10. You don’t have to look back. That’s what the SEX book is for. Haha. Like a scrap book of my every teen fantasy. Once you shot a movie in my home town of Evansville, IN and my mom had your phone number and wouldn’t let me call you I was so pissed! Back or forth your the best!

  11. hey Madonna,
    Cong. and Mazal Tov .
    I’m am your fan from Israel.
    you deserev it.

  12. I had a meeting with the Vice President today. I told him I spoke with the Metro Inc. about merging with our company, in order that we have more buying power (cheaper price per unit when buying higher quantities), and then passing the savings onto the consumer, guaranteeing our market share over the competition. Basically a Wall Mart approach, who have made alot of big companies in the USA bleed for along time now.

    A&P, my old company, whom I still work for, has been losing money in the USA division for awhile now, mostly because of Wall Mart, and so they sold the Canadian division, seeing Wall Mart was moving into Canada recently. They sold the Canadian division to Metro Inc.

    Combined value of the companies if they merge would be around 10 billion, with enough might to hold back the crushing forces of the competition.

    Banks have been leading the way for sometime now, merging together.

    If you think positive about the future, instead of against seemingly opposing competition, and embrace the potential of combined fortitude, and the possibilities that are endless, then you miss out on the opportunity you could have had.

    Keeping an open mind is the key, where wisdom sees clearly the path of the future, based on the path of the past of both good and bad ventures.

    I found out today, the VP knows alot of the people from my old company, having worked with them in the 1980’s. small world…BIG fish! hahaha! ;D 😀

  13. Oh ya, congrats, I am proud for you! ;D 😀

  14. Hi from negara Brunei Darussalam.

    The other day I was compiling a list of prominent inspiring figures from all over the Planet, people who make a difference and continue to aspire to be better .
    The reason I am doing this is because I am working on my second book and I want to know what one ” word” defines Life for you and motivates you to be such a dynamic person.

    My intention is to get as many people from all parts of the world to contribute a ” word” and then explain why that word has helped them , how it has defined them as a person and the origin of that word.

    I am probably going to get deleted off as it is not relevant to the topic but, thought I would try., then again it is a bit relevant as it is about word definition.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  15. Hey Louise!
    Thats the Queen we all love! I wish you all of the world`s light and luck in that !

  16. Hi Louise,

    congratulations on this milestone of your career.
    Im a simple follower of yourself, so heads into the right direction and heading forward, march into the future.


    BTW-is there a new contest coming up soon?

  17. You deserve it. Really.

    (I’m sorry it is off topic, but I found somebody who is copying you and I posted it on my blog).
    Bravo for the talented, creative souls!


  18. Congratulations, recognition for your fine efforts, by the time your done there gonna need a greater bigger and better award, but good work for making use of ure unique talent! i admire your artistic endevours! xx D/

  19. as long as I come first!!! 😀 😀

    could not resist that one!


  20. Hi Lou

    Big congrats to you! You deserve this recognition – u had it all along anyhow, just nice for this to be formally recognised by the ‘establishment’.

    Onwards & upwards – keep up the good work, your doing great! thank you for being our guiding light!

  21. I’m sure this person that you’re sick of waiting for really has no clue how to get to you. All the rules that no one knows how to follow.
    how are wild animals supposed to know how to tame themselves?
    dreaming of daisies not daggers

    illuminate what with so many cloaks?
    don’t like what they see – go look somewhere else
    lots of statues for sale and they don’t even talk back

    why o why
    bluebirds don’t cry

  22. Yes you are right.

  23. that’s a tmnk: 5150!!! congrats


  25. If you ask me, I think you should have been inducted years ago, but I am glad you are there now! I grew up in Cleveland, your the best thing to happen to it!

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