The Queen’s English: Bits and Bobs


This is a vintage vocabulary word that I used on my old blog. I used it in my last blog post and some of my virgin readers may not know what it means; therefore, I have posted it here for your reference. Mama is here to spread my scintillescent light upon you all! Remember Kabbalah encourages you to share your knowledge with everyone!

bits and bobs
plural noun
1. Small objects or possessions; odds and ends.
Example: I’ve been doing bits and bobs about it and I suppose I was looking for a big, big project I could sink my teeth into!

Make a sentence with this one and make me proud!


27 Responses

  1. Hi Madonna!! Yea!! I found you Girl! XXX
    anywho, I love this new blog its great! I got a new camcorder! Im so excited, since you share so much of your life with us M, I want to share some of mine with you! I used some laughing tracks to make it more interesting. Hope it gives you a laugh! Happy Holiday’s Madonna and Fam!!

    Lots of Love



  2. Odds and ends of God’s words is what most people embrace, and is obvious in their partiality of heart made known by their relentless hypocrisy and pettiness of the heart where they dwell.

    I too was once like that, yet even as a child I despised their negativity so unloving of others.

    We are all susceptible to slipping on the rocks, and is why I chose to become strengthened in the light first, before venture to far along life’s road as a teacher.

    So in the mean time I will cast out bits and bobs of my learning, as I am merely yet a student, just as everyone is and should think of themselves in humbleness of spirit with God, who is only able to teach those who’s heart is open and humble to the truth, that we are not yet of God’s complete wisdom.

    What is significant, is not what we know, but rather that we thirst for more of the sweetness of the kingdom of heaven of the future, that mankind will one day know fully in their hearts, love devoid of doubt.

    As for those who chose to cast bits and bobs at me, beware, for it is your own loving soul that becomes deranged on account of the bitternesses you embrace, which is not from me, nor for me. I left those things behind me on life’s road, where i wish to bring only sweetness to my own loving soul, as well as those whom I love.

    Love, Andy

  3. my phone has been playing up for the last few months so i’ve only read bits n bobs of your latest blogs.

  4. ‘ I would becareful what with her bits and (his) bobs, things could get dangerous ‘

  5. All these bits and bobs around me seduce me to sink into the sea of candy. I have to surrender.

  6. Today i went to the dog shelter and i worked bits and bobs to help the poor abondoned dogs!
    Thats true lol i started yesterday!

  7. Here’s my sentence:

    “I’d love to say I’ve heard bits and bobs of Madonna’s forthcoming album “Revolution”, but unfortunately I haven’t yet. I’m sure it’s her best yet.”

  8. isn’t on the bits and bobs you can feel the tenderness or not ? 😉

  9. Just finishing up some Holiday “Bits & Bobs”….

    This Queen’s English is a bit unusual for us on the other side of the pond.. Ha…

    With her “Bits” & his “Bobs” things could get dangerous… Ha…
    We’re having fun now.. I love that…

  10. oh theres a song there m!.. “bits and bobs” lol


  11. If you have BITS and BOBS of fantastic art ideas in your head you should pursue them. They come to you for a reason.

  12. Congrats on being nominated an inductee of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame today!! Will you post about this honor??

  13. i thought u left us lithergoal. Once again you went off subject MADONNA WILL U PLEASE PLEASE STOP ALL OF THIS RUBBISH ALREADY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    NOT SO GOOD SORRY!!!!!!!!!
    MY G-D



  14. I have worked bits and bobs the whole year, so I deserve an special gift this xmas.
    Thank you Mama for teachin’ us english.

  15. It is not I who leaves you Monica, and rather it is always you who leave you monica.

    So I ask, who am I ?

    Perhaps the divine True Self that exists in everyone?

    Perhaps, I am for those who know and embrace their true self ?

    Wisdom summons all of you, as in ALL of you…your heart, mind, body and soul that is of God who is much more than the whims of bits and bobs.

  16. At one time I had your complete album collection, now I only have bits and bobs. I am excited to see your blog and to tell you I have always loved your work. Somehow, I am excited to think you will actually read my words. XOX~ VJ

  17. Hi Majesty M, missed blogging you, I’v been hectic at work but now it’s quieting down due to holidays coming up. I’m in the holiday, relaxing mood, so I’ll be doing BITS AND BOBS at work. Can’t wait for your new album, I want to attend your concert in London. Keep us posted on concert dates and so on. Anyway, lotsa love to David and the family…..Kiss Kiss, ’til next time. ys bi

  18. I’m back:) just flew in. Ha ha. anyway settle, i’ve got some bits and bob’s to give, enough lovin to warm up the universe, any one got a problem with me sending some love and light ? Or just being me huh ? I wanna know cause poor Andy get’s bashed for being Andy, how judgemental you all are.. People in glass house’s…

  19. lithergoal
    i dont leave or care to argue with u
    all i was trying to say is that it is not fair that
    u connstantly bring up g-d and all of that
    that is all i am sorry andy but for many many many months i have heard u pontificate all this stuff regarding jesus etc etc the bottom line is we all should just be good people right?
    didn’t mean to offend u.
    however, read ur last comments and u will see u said
    that u are leaving and that you were not going to write not I.
    again, happy holidays
    dont take it personal but sometimes we dont want to hear all this stuff regarding jesus and his laws
    i am jewish and yes jesus was a jew
    so nothing to do with that
    but be reasonable and fair
    wouldnt u say that for the many many things madonna has asked u will go on about jesus and for what is all i am saying
    we all know u are and i am sure a wonderful human being
    but to tell us your bi or gay or this or that
    is just very personal
    i myself have shared too but i apologize if i offended u
    however, i feel i am right
    just stick to the topic
    and if u need to write madonna
    send her a private letter to her emal adress or write her at her london address perhaps
    again happy holidays
    peace out

  20. i thought of a good one

    Madonna will be showing us always bits and bobs of her music however only bits and bobs of her true self in her music to make us really think

  21. wtf
    i keep writing and nothing being posted

  22. ok now something happening
    just a blog
    bits and bobs of slices of life
    and way cool and lots of fun
    for all
    peace out andy
    ok lets move on just a blog

  23. peace out andy
    sorry didnt mean to offend u
    not my blog

  24. bits and bobs,
    bobs and ends,
    where to start?
    where to spend?

    The Time
    The River
    The Ocean – I spend

    The Rhyme
    The Rhythm
    The Beat – I lend

  25. Give a little Bits, make alot’a of Bobs, the bigger the project the bigger the star shine… sunshine… 🙂

  26. Give a little Bits, make alot’a of Bobs, the bigger the project the bigger the star shine… sunshine… 🙂

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