Oui Oui, Wee Wee, or Wii?

Little David has started speaking in bits and bobs of French and English mixed. From time to time if he wants to answer “yes” he will say “oui oui.” If he has to go to the little boys’ room, he will say “wee wee.” I have been confused so many times wondering which “wee” or “oui” he means! To add further confusion Nintendo has produced a game console called a “wii.” Of course one of our friends has purchased one and we all played with it during our last visit. Now he is wanting one of those for Christmas! There is just too much wee, oui, wii, confusion!


11 Responses

  1. Wow! David is multi lingual? Thats very impressive. I am guessing he speaks Chichewa too?

  2. I have Wii !

    Update: i dodnt have to wait until Christmas! :O)))

  3. Tell him that after he goes Wee Wee, he can say Oui to using the Wii with Lola and Rocco. LOL.

    David’s going to be such an informed, intelligent child, as I’m sure Lola and Rocco already are. Congratulations on instilling a sense of independence and curiosity in your kids, and congratulations on being able to officially adopt David.

  4. Have you tried ask him in French? maybe he answer in english, but it maybe confuse him. Maybe you can teach him a new word for the little boys’ room.
    And I love playing Wii.

  5. that is so adorable
    well he hears french from his siblings and english from his folks and so it makes sense
    too young for wii not too young for wee wee
    very cute!

  6. lithergoal
    sorry nothing personal
    just stick to the subject
    peace out

  7. We.

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  9. That is so funny.

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