Hello fans. While I am glad to see your comments on the blog, they need to be relevant to the topic at hand. I have instructed my assistant to delete comments that aren’t relevant. If you post a comment that isn’t related to the subject of the post, you will be banned for life. It is sad that I have to do this. When I ask your favorite candy, it is not appropriate to post many comments that don’t apply to the topic. I apologize to those of you who reported this to me. Thanks for your understanding.

Update: I didn’t mean this to sound mean. I just don’t want to see 50 rubbish comments by one person in a post. If you get off topic from time to time that is ok. It’s just that some people are ruining the comments for others by posting 50 or more off topic comments. Thanks for your understanding!


45 Responses

  1. as u wish my queen … …

  2. thank f’n g-d already i swear i know we should all be kind but enuf is enuf

    peace in

  3. I recently read that someone names Mrs. Bitch has tried numerous times to contact you to no avail. I think you should give her a Christmas present and allow her to post a comment on your blog at least once!

  4. nice choice of action – explicit and effective – i choose to obey

  5. the brush off.

  6. Hi hi ( lol ) for my neighbour up to me !

  7. no need to ban me for life, I ban myself from this blog.

    Oh, my final note…I am true life for many, even those who do not know me, or desire to know me, like most of you here.

  8. I was 100% sure that you will do this.Because last time some people really talk too match.

  9. Your wish is my command.

  10. too right! very annoying indeed!

  11. Thanks Louis Ciccone for your work, your music and your blog, you are very special for me. I feel that you are near to me with your blog, i hope that you will write about one day in your live.

    see you soon litle girl

    Markos (spain)

  12. I glad to here that!


  13. As I’ve said before, “AMEN, SISTER!” Let the excitement for the new album truly begin!

  14. THANK F@CK! was gettin very painfull!so can we now start talking about the new album peeps??i wonder wat the remixes r goin to be like they are always brilliant, i love the ray of light “ultra violet mix” i played that in a house party last wknd, and it was for a bunch of really “tough” guys and first they were like “no your not playin madonna” (unfortunatly they dont know your music) so i played that remix and they were in shock so preceded to play the ray of light album and they were mighty impressed, so slowly im converting them! haha

    peace and love y’all

  15. Thanks! That would reduce the unpleasurable moments of reading your blog to 0.

    Best from Berlin,


  16. Does this mean, LOUISE, you DON’T READ OUR POSTS????
    It seems from this entry, someone else alerted you to this topic……???
    That would be so sad if it’s true…..:-(

  17. Also.. I love the update..
    It shows compassion…

    Lithargo.. can be too much at times and overwhelming to other posters, but it’s obvious he comes from a place of LOVE… especially for you…..

  18. As a new reader of all this – I applaud this action. I don’t want to name names, but the “L” word was about to put me off. It was like being downwind from a very very bad speakers corner orater.

    I don’t seem to have a life this week. I’m watching Ellen again and reading the queen, and ordering x-mas gifts via the web. Saw the English Roses tea at Harney and Sons. Nice going. But, shame on me for getting off subject. I’ll spank myself later! 🙂

  19. Hello Louise and everybody. I’m sorry for my English… This is the first time I post here since a very long time ago and unfortunatelly what I saw yesterday really required this kind of attitude from Louise and her assistant…

    Of course it’s understandable the fact that in many moments and at a certain time in our lifetime we need strongly to speak our minds about life, God and faith and to share our opinions (no matter which they are and no matter what we believe in)… I agree with some people who showed themselves extremely disturbed by the frequent posts about a totally diffrerent subject and mostly, about a subject which is so delicate to discuss, simply because the way we face all those “things” concerned to God and religion are extremely personal!…

    Surely the expression of anger and disturbance are understandable also and I really believe there are many ways to express feelings and opinions without disturbing or taking the peace away of people who just want to get involved in good, funny – and also in a clear way – constructive discussions, because is healthy to share and consequentely to learn by other’s point of view… Instead of driving people crazy, why not to create an own blog and then to talk, to post, to speak one’s mind freely, being sure that only the ones who were REALLY interested on his / her opinions, would read the things there and in this way, to have a deserved value?… In this way, nobody would have the obligation to stand certain kind of things…

    I also would love to share with you all different aspects of life, of faith and I suggest, why not to create a post where we could discuss freely and respectfully our points of view about certains things? Well, I am really sorry if this idea is not new or is not such a big deal, I am really new here and I really wish that more and more Louise’s blog becomes better and better. Anyway, I feel sorry for that sad thing, of course among so confusing things, one can have good thoughs to share – I believe it could be only a matter of limit and a better way to express feelings and thoughs from one side and from other side, sorry guys, a matter of only to take in consideration the good lessons one can give to other people.

    A very warm brazilian hug to you, Louise and also to you all people, who make this blog to be so special!

  20. ” i” = self-cousciousness, and webcab= webcam the english is not my language , xx

  21. lithergoal we know u are an imposter as well u can never ever just leave itisnt ur nature so cut the bs and just try to stay on topic
    madonna is not being mean but it isnt fair to the other people to blog when u take up 50 things to say relating to nothing about her blog


  22. oh well when louise is not posting the blog will be boring without Andy’s madness he did say interesting things between the lines and was at times entertaining and well just being who he is crazy but a heart of hold, but you guy’s got over him being just himself so he has to certail his way’s or else should make his own blog instead of hijacking Madonna’s, i suppose we’ll have to deal with the vacuum the Queen leaves with her busy lifestyle and all and just wait for the next exciting post from hey majesty.

  23. Would the reference to quintessential usage of the word “rubbish” be a related or unrelated comment?

  24. I’m glad about the decision you made. It’s tiring pass a lot of comments which talk about everything but the topic of the post. Those people who do this don’t have to stop reading the blog, they have to write just about the topic and nothing further than that! Everybody know that you love Louise, as we do, you don’t have to write 50 messages a day to let her know that.

  25. This could be a little irrelevant but it is a general comment. Congrats for you being inducted to the Hall of fames. This makes you forever an influencial part of the history of music for this era. Congratulations again.

  26. Thank god. Some people need to chillax on their commenting!

  27. I’m not sure your assistance are listening??

  28. HELP!! There does not seem to be a way to keep people from posting comments not relating to the subject unless someone truly is working behind the scenes to control what gets posted.. Is that possible? Let us know



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  31. Madonna PLEASE come down under Australia needs you. I mean can you imagine us having to go through another KYLIE concert??????

  32. PRETTY PLEASE, we need our real queen!!!!!

  33. Words they cut like a knife ..i dont wanna hear your words….we have a good vibe ..the best tour yet ? are you ready or are you paying for the top ? xXx

  34. If you actualy are reading this then tell me hov you feel
    don’t say you’re bussy that is not emotion Lots of love from Rome=)

  35. He further argues that there cannot be lawlike connections between physical events and mental events involving propositional attitudes; for instance, there cannot be a strict correlation between a certain type of brain event and the belief that the economy is improving. ,

  36. as an enlightened Sage monk devoted to becoming of oneness comprehension with God, as anyone can, in purely surrendering to embracing and internalizing the vast exceeding amount of divine self awareness, you realize fully in understanding what is actually going on in the world from a wise omnipotent divine self-awareness of the eternal all YOU, of what is not open as a proposal discussion debate of any mental emotional attitude of any kind, rather it is what is the constant pure TRUTH at all times, of what is the eternal day light(divine self-awareness wisdom atonements) of devoted enlightened ones(Sage monks) in the world who inject(massage) light into the matrix of all divine child of God eternal all YOU of what is our oneness sameness knowingness certainty TRUTH awareness of the constant connectedness at all times in affect/effect/direct/indirectness of eternal all YOU

    do as i do

    or don’t and feel what is and has been going on since Jesus walked the earth, and those who became of the oneness sameness of Jesus who taught them about divine self within him, divine self within eternal all YOU.

    in truth, the strict correlationship you speak of, is a 100% constant truth aspect of the divine child of God eternal all you connectedness at the profound higher subtle intellect awareness level of those who do purely feel with clarity of this truth by means of coming fully into awareness ability seeing.

    but hey, what do i know, as one who dreams as though i am constantly in love with eternal all YOU?

    who i AM

  37. and yes, the deliberate nurturing awakening wise protecting massaging eternal day light of divine self eternal all YOU, is exactly 100% that, eternal, as in the light continues to spans thru and of across all time, much like a particular circuit responds in a specific way to electricity the way it does, so to does our brain respond to eternal day light of the seemingly invisible divine child within eternal all you who are constantly always there within.

  38. God forbid i give a sweet fuck about all you egotistic fucktards of insatiable fire gross materialism that leaves a child to starve to death each fucking day!

    while at the same time, great overflowing abundant prosperity is not to be turned away from either, where the question is, “What is complete comprehension of the great overflowing abundant prosperity of the wise compassionate loving heart that of constant knowingness certainty of only flawless healing feelings love is what one constantly wisely compassionately feels the WISE DIVINE SELF-AWARE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN HALO PERSPECTIVE, such as the constant empowerment motivational love one feels in purely feeling how a starving neglected child is left feeling each blessed day, as though worthless and nothing by so many unwise others who do not yet purely flawless constantly feel and know the hidden treasure within them that surpasses all the riches of the absurd useless gross materialistic egotistic fucktard worldly, God forbid i ever become of heartless cold likeness of these aimless plodding along in life dangerous deathful destructive oppressive haphazard ones without a wise helmsman.


    WHERE’s MY GOD DAMNED TEA??????!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    any questions?

    one at a time please………

  39. fucking morons don’t even know they are drowning not only their own divine self, divine self of another…….at all times.

    this is an incredible time in human history of divine self-awareness across all the absurd useless divisional barriers of unwise falsehood separation that we are witnessing unfold.

  40. [there cannot be a strict correlation between a certain type of brain event and the belief that the economy is improving. ,]

    what the fuck is that?

    that is like saying there is no relationship between my brain sex that results from someone’s hand on my fucking dick!

    fucking morons, of course when people feel better, they spend more.

    retail has known this for along time, as in a well kept store(pretty, tidy and clean) results in higher sales, environmental………..mental one!

    argh…….i dread talking with the morons……so annoying…….


    yes you there in the back!


  41. the science of happiness in six degrees of separation is 100% factual of what env(i)ron(mental) constantly is……where the more people around you laughing, the more you laugh, and vice versa.

    To be without loving laughter and delight is to be dead.

    There is no point to our life, other than what is evidence of the pleasure response senses of our bodies that we all enjoy, rich or poor, across all the unwise barriers of the yet unwise absurd world forefather seperation of that which cannot be seperated any more than a mother from it’s child, even unto death.

    anymore stupid questions for stupid ‘me’s?

  42. the ‘Cucial Lack of Divine Self-awareness Appreciation of Divine Self Truth Aspects’ in constant outward appearance BEcoming atonement of what is constant inward appearance of the seemingly invisible divine child of God within eternal all YOU, is what is of ALL ‘Cucial Lack of Divine Self-awareness Appreciation of Divine Self Truth Aspects’ of another, in what is the mad flood generational binding blinding drowning ignorances of death destruction and oppression of the holy joyful absolute carefree happy divine self of eternal all YOU, is it not?

    When you do not desire to purely come fully into the constant radiant brilliant bright eternal day light TRUTH of this fact, then YOU are of what is the continuing continuation of the mad flood generational binding blinding drowning ignorances of death destruction and oppression of divine self eternal all, are you not?


    that does not change across all time past present future, of what is wise awareness in the no time constraint meditative divine self-awareness halo perspective of what constantly is the kingdom of heaven surround yet bound in false neglecting ignorance’s that are deathful destructive and oppressive, are they not?

    Spiritual Life vs Spiritual Death

    one cannot escape spiritual death without inviting/cultivating divine self-awareness eternal day light that does nurture awaken and eternally protect the divine self eternal all YOU forever more

    The kingdom of heaven is a wise compassionate pure loving divine will of God’s PERSPECTIVE

    blessed is the divine child of God eternal all YOU

    forever more

    bless you bless you bless you all

  43. argh…….Rosie really got to ‘me’ today………..profoundly so, more so than any other time………..

    blessed are you always LOVING YOU Rosie

    i carry that same stone in my pocket.


    no such thing as coincidence of wheels set in motion each blessed day we all wake to, such as the one who carved LOVE in the very stone i too yet carry in my pocket, always reminding ‘me’ who i constantly AM of eternal all YOU

    bless you Rosie

  44. i AM yet a student of the teacher who is teaching ‘me’ to BEcome the teacher i AM

  45. Life is the greatest teacher of divine self-awareness TRUTH that is everywhere we look/feel

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