What Is Your Favorite Candy?


candy store

What is your favorite candy? Please leave a comment and tell me what you prefer. Is it Turkish Delight? How about Chocolate Kisses? Maybe you like Peppermint Candy…There are so many options. Please tell us all what you prefer!


59 Responses

  1. Well most north american choclate I don’t like.
    I do realy love Lindt white choclate balls especially the inside smooth creamy part. Looooove it!
    The other day I was cutting off the outer part with a knife just to get to the good stuff. I think I ate to many but what the hay its the season and I dont’ realy indulge very often.
    Is Lindt American or European? I should check.
    Sours are fun, Rasberry jube jubes, yes peppermint(fresh tasting), candy canes, Hot tamales are awsome. Have you tasted the candy in Mexico? Particularily where I have family in Torreon there was jelly type candy with hot peppers! Very different. I also like jaw breakers the colors and the feeling of getting to the last color then crunching it to the gum. Licorice is very good ( wish I could eat it but I am Gluten intolerant) I do realy love sours as well. They are fun. I love caramel candy preferably in a creamy form. MMMM. Oh yes Toffee. Remember the Mac kind that you had to drop on the ground to break.
    Love and Light

  2. Lollypops! ; )

  3. Hi, Madonna,

    Actually my favorite candy is chotolate kiss!

    I like your new song ” CANDY SHOP” ! This is a good collaboration with justin timberlake.

    I love your music!

    I must get your new album!

  4. When you enter, you become the teachings, which is the grace of God with you when you enter, and once you enter, you no longer are the same as the old self, and yet you are the true self you always were, before taking on the many things along life’s road.

    I know you are close in your wisdoms of these things, for I see it radiate from you.

  5. depends really i mean i can go for a white chocolates to a milk or a dark ones from any kind i can go for Chocolate Kisses too or Peppermint Candy’s or even chips really depends what i feel like having and oh boy i do have allot of those chocolates candy’s and chips every evening after dinner lol horrible don’t u think? …

  6. oh…raw sugar is not good for the metabolism.

    It requires heat to be generated from the body to break down the raw sugars found in candy, which drains the metabolism, making us feel weak.

    Avoid it and eat natural sugars which readily enter the blood stream with no requirement of our body to break it down.

    these raw sugars lessen people’s drive, resulting in lack of exerciser and over weight problems…

    I eat apples, bananas, pears, mangoes…but not candy…other than chocolate covered almonds occasionally.

    All rich in fiber and nutrients that are meant for the body…candy is not meant for the body…so don’t let your kids eat it.

    It is the success of the manufactures advertising campaigns that has everyone eating like they have for over a century, and is resulting in alot of diabetics.

  7. i like tirkish delight 🙂

  8. “through the wildeerness ” is my candy of today , hung up has a new color ;-))

  9. wilderness i wanted to say

  10. ooops candy is the name on my mobile phone for xtasy with my dealer when go in a big party with acid music and the fraise tagada : The Fraise Tagada (Tagada Strawberry) is a candy invented in 1969 by the Haribo Society. This society was created in 1924 by Hans Riegel and his wife Gertrud in Bonn, Germany, with a product that is still one of the society’s best-selling: the golden bear, a colloid candy in the shape of a bear. The Fraise Tagada is presented in the shape of an over-inflated strawberry covered in fine sugar, colored pink and scented.

    In France, the Fraise Tagada is one of the most widely sold candies (1 billion Fraises annually) and also one of the most imitated. Indeed, all the enseignes now have their own imitations of the Fraise Tagada. wikipedia

  11. I love Tamarind Candies, especially, the hot and salty ones from Mexico. I also love Sweet Tarts!

  12. For Christmas, my favourite ones are the sweets we are preparing in Greece, meaning, kourampiedes and melomakarona:) Sorry but there is no translation. They are unique and fantastic!!!!! Have you ever tried?
    You should, you are going to love them.


  13. A mi me gusta…..

    La piruleta grande de colorines! jajajajja

    you are my favorite candy 🙂

  14. Dark chocolate…… organic….
    Raw Chocolate.. Cacao

  15. love chocolate, blowpops original, bazooka gum,
    jelly beans the tiny ones in all flavors, hot tamalies, hot candy period the jawbreakers the really hot ones that u have to put down, i like sour candy also realy sour, worms with sugar, old candy like maryjanes, and charleston chews, love caramal
    just love the junk i love snack foods alot too……always loved candy

    i was thinking however that ur kids cannot indulge in television which i totally get in most ways tv is trash so i was also wondering if u are like the 2nd wonka film and u give ur kids candy on occassion for a treat or when they are really well behaved.

    I think you are totally obsessed with candy but that is cool cuz you work it all off never changed ur teeth despite the world like Barbra with her nose, and you love candy and u eat what u want when u want and it doesn’t show i bet u have little cavities too so that is awesome.

    My daughter is going to be 5 and the only chocolate she likes is oreo cookies no chocolate bars no chocolate period….even in cakes.
    she loves twinkies……g-d help us……the white gooie stuff that who knows what is inside but she is so tiny and so little and so petite we give her what she wants to eat because she is not great eater..

    now Luthergoal you really should chill the f out u are totally starting to get on my last nerve with all this jesus stuff


  16. I LOVE CARAMEL !!!….even more then chocolate!

  17. Louise – OK, so I have no life today! Watching Ellen and looking over your website….

    I grew up in the 60’s (I’m 52) so I think about malo cups – left out in the sun to melt before consuming. Gooey and yummy.

    As my taste buds matured – I never turn down premium dark chocolate.

  18. LOLIPOPs and Sour Gummies

  19. My favourite candy are the cherry lollypops, the chocolate, and the ‘candies of milk’ wich are made here in Mexico. Well, in fact I like all the candies.

  20. Madonna.

    Well let me think . . . I Like alot of candy but i’d have to say Sweet tarts, Candy Canes, Reeses Peanut buttercups, Lindt Chocolate, and Peanut M&M’s are my favorites!

    Oh I also like your new song “Candy Shop”


  21. i don’t do candy. Its bad for your teeth. Although saying that i used to make my own at my aunty’s hourse in Italy. They had a huge walnut tree and we would make caramelized walnut’s, always better when you make your own. It was rock hard on the outside and soft inside, yummy

  22. for someoene who professess to stick to their gun
    u have said this b4 ma ok alittle conversation here and there ok but really now their are some people which u know that do not even answer the question they go on and on and on
    so thank u for impressing upon this it gets very
    tired for the rest of us

  23. Hot Tamales and Cinnamon Bears!!

  24. You know really I go wild for chocolate – Dark Organic? Why not, honey – it’s like a deep magic or something all over you know?
    Gummy bears is nice sometimes along with Citrus Mike & Ike but hey?
    How close and personal does this get? I like kisses – but never without hugs. And I’m not sure if Baaclava counts – but damn – we’s gots to have some honey somewhere in there with a tall glass of milk to calm the senses after and coat the belly with some protective qualities. Lastly I think I will move to something with a bit of peanut butter but no actually I choose some Maple Walnut fudge with the real tree blood so high in antibiotics and immunity powers! Oh this is too much – I could go on and on so I must get real and go make some Organic popcorn with a tad o butter and some flaky yeast high in B vitamins and then I will laugh just a little more. And apparently if I don’t come home with a nice Christmas Tree tomorrow – I may be making dinner for a week – ouch – I will do my best so as to limit the amount of chaos in the world.

    Cheers Louise,
    Sometime maybe I sing you a song for you, eh?

  25. Milky bars – white choc

  26. Rainbow Crystals
    Tooty Fruities
    Dolly Mixtures
    Love Hearts

  27. At the moment, M & M’s

  28. well i can totally overdose on M&M’s but probably my fav is got to be a great big BUTTERFINGER. But then again if M&Ms ever collided with a butterfinger that would jsut be like chocolate love! I also love! M&M Bars!!!

  29. Hi, Louise

    It would be dark chocolate with nuts.

  30. Hi Louise,

    My favorite candy at the moment is all the German Christmas candies, but the classic will remain the same: 85% Lindt dark chocolate.

  31. My favorite candy is dark chocolates in a wide variety of combinations. Dark chocolate in moderate amounts is heart healthy for you. A health tip Madonna may have interest in.

  32. Jelly Belly’s rock!!

  33. Anything chocolate. Peanut Butter cups. MMM, Yummy!
    Your fav. candy??? I bellieve you like something red? Do you like chocolate? I know it’s not good for you, but you do have to live a little. =)

  34. I LOVE Sweet Tarts. I can eat an entire roll in about 5 minutes.

  35. My favorite candy is Lemonheads, Red Hots, and I Love Hot Tomales candy too!! Of course I like Chocalate too.. like Peanut M&M’s , Almond Joy and Snicker bars.


  36. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Turkish Delights. I also recently stocked up on some discounted chocolate from Williams Sonoma because it is soooo good. I have to have sour candy’s when I do eat candy. I often indulge in sugar free chocolates from Rogers Chocolate or Purdy’s chocolate. I have desires of checking out the Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York one day. Oprah had a show on child hood candies. I could go on. The Payday Bar. Now I want to go in search of Turkish Delights.

  37. candy shop song sucks it is her worst song ever!!
    madonna you’re better than that c’mon wake up it’s crap a flop.

  38. Candy shop song sucks it is her worst song ever!!
    madonna you’re better than that c’mon wake up it’s crap a flop.

  39. hi M. i luv turkish delight, especially the one covered in chocolate! YUMMY YUMMY YUM YUM!

  40. YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!


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  43. I love those caramel candies that melt in your mouth. I don’t know what they are called but ever since i was young my grandfather had a stash of them in his closet. And he’d give me one. Now because he’s at risk of being diabetic, he can’t eat them anymore. But I love them, I have a sweet tooth at heart.

  44. hmmm i’m from turkey and i like turkish delight and TUrkey sop sweet country and İstanbul so great and sweet city madonna please come turkey please !!!!

  45. Alfajor con dulce de leche es lo más!!

  46. […] leave a comment and tell me what you prefer. Is it Turkish Delight? How about Chocolate Kisses? …https://madonnablog.wordpress.com/2007/12/11/74/Clubhouse MagazineDo you like candy? what is your favorite kind of candy? … what is your favorite […]

  47. cinnamon bears or HOT Tamales. HOT, get it??? Mike ? Ikes ‘ll do in a pinch

  48. ehm, well…i live in Germany and the german chocolate is better than anywhere else…

  49. my favourite candy is the strawberry thing from Haribo and I love I dont remember how to say that in english el regaliz
    I love it me encanta jajaja

  50. M Louise ummm….I am a great big fan and i dont mean to bitch… but, I just went to your show in Vancouver, Canada and it was amazing although the tickets said you where on @ 7:30 and it actually started @ 9:30. You rock all the way! I own a busy salon and alot of people are bugging about that in the city and i would love to gossip back to peeps with the real answer…. big, huge favor …..

  51. I like any sweets.

  52. i m sexy

  53. and me i m like a potatoe

  54. Yes.. Louise.. I just saw you in San Diego and the same issue that Melissa has I have… It was crazy to be waiting for two hours.. My brother, sister in law, and sister came down to see you and celebrate my birthday.. We cut our private together time to not miss the concert and then sat there..

    Also, just a note, the security in San Diego was non existent. We paid a lot to be right next to you and the stage and unfortunately next to us snuck in a huge number of sketched out drunk druggies without tickets ruining the experience for us loyal honest fans.
    Love you, but I would not do it again.. It wasn’t worth it the way San Diego put it together.. You were awesome, but the fan base in San Diego sucked!!!

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  58. my favourite candy is definitely Lindt, absolutely delicious chocolate. I love grabbing chocolate hampers as gifts for friends, always goes down well. ahhh, to eat chocolate all day, I can but dream. 🙂

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