False Information

There is a rubbish story in the press this week. Billboard and others are reporting that my album is called “Licorice.” This is not true. I have no idea why they reported this, but it is NOT true! They also are reporting the wrong release date. I will report the correct info for the album when I am ready for you to have it and not a moment sooner!


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  1. Louise –

    No offense, but I’m glad you didn’t decide to name the album “Licorice.” It doesn’t seem to be an all-encompassing name — like “Revolution” does (he he). Maybe there’s still a chance you’ll think about my suggestion. Let’s hope…


  2. I know about it,i ve seen the cover!Can you imagine?
    Now i will send you…

  3. …already sent! :O)

  4. What to say?
    Not much online these days –
    Not much attention in front of all to see –

    I can no longer speaketh –
    the Cat’s got mee tongue in a twist

    bye baby gone by baby
    this time you truly drove mee craZy!

    where to start?
    where to end?

    things like this don’t really belong in my head


  5. ok madonna it is rubbish uhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Hi Louise,

    I’m posting for the first time here. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with everybody.

    I must admit I have heard two leaked tracks from your new album and I got bitten by the bug. I can’t wait to hear it. And I am thankful that it wouldn’t have the title “Licorice”. I mean not that it would affect my attitude but the name is pretty shitty.

    I can’t wait till early 2008.

    Greetings from Berlin,

  7. Since my last comment has been somehow erased, I’m giving it a second try:

    Hi Louise, thanks God your new album wouldn’t have the title Licorice. I mean, it would have been a nice title for an album of some German folk band, but not for the new hot album of the Queen.

    Greetings from Berlin,

  8. Many falsifications have been reported to the Authority regarding the absolution of repeated lies involving the worst subjects and criminals known to main frame. However, we must re-negotiate the cross-member file directly to his Lordship Jesus Christ before noon tomorrow or his secretary will have Hell to pay for all this inquiry.

    We never should have been allowed to transmit the file unless proper supervision was required by law of the maker of law her most honorable and presentable mistress. This hour has less than twenty-two minutes and laughter should be guided with wandering eyes within city limits of your local jurisdiction. Please excuse my English for I was raised under a palmy influence in a foreign matter which could not be concluded with your current suspicions.

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    Good day and Good night from around global positions to where you are currently located!

  9. I read it on the newspaper and I knew it!

  10. how are you Louise?

  11. Thanks for clearing it up!

  12. i think this is all rubbish people putting out fake fake fake things like covers dates songs collaboration info. its all just rubbish but i like seeing all of it, it make me anticipate the real material more! I dont like hearing the songs before they are out on an album on the internet though.
    I did like the orange cover someone made for the so called Madonna album “Odyssey” that one was a good fake……..

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