Guy Loves My Album

Guy told me he thinks my new album is my best one! I mean he’s never really liked any of them before. I’m shocked that he likes it. I hope he’s not just saying he likes it just to be nice. That would be rubbish! I just hope all of you like it!


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  1. Hey Louise!

    I can’t wait for your new album, I love ‘Candy shop’ and agree that this should be your first single!!!!

    Peace and love, J x

  2. of course he loves you…we all do!

  3. It’s great to know that he loves “Revolution” so much. I can’t wait to hear it!

  4. i look forward to hearing it, and Guy has a lot of chance and i m more curious to know he loves it ! until to wait (for waiting ) the new album of course we can listen to the albums you did but you can give us advises for the other artists, like miss Platnum, or Sound of Silver etc like you did, it is always good, Eric

  5. Hi Louise!

    OK – we know it’s great but when do we get to hear it?
    I’m still sorry that I tried to steal your ear candy with those loose samples and all – but they sounded pretty distorted and low quality.

    I loved your new English Roses series – well…. I’m still on book 4 but I’m a slow reader b/c of partial dyslexia – my Dadda has it too.
    I don’t let it hurt my feelings though – you learn how to live with it – but it can affect speech when nervous which is no fun.

    You’re an inspiration to everyone – it takes a lot of guts to do what you do. Cheers to you Louise.
    Oh fearless leader – I salute you.

    MD : )

    PS. Smile – It’s free!

  6. surprising that he doesn’t like any of ur albums their are so many great ones. Sorry but you are so successful and quite frankly he is not so i think his opinion shouldn’t really matter with ur music. Personally of course his opinion matters with ur affairs with him but when it comes to ur shit he has no clue but he loves his irish jigs and all of that which is fine but you are the most paid entertainer in the world and if u took a poll most people love ur music. But, i am sure he is always honest with you Ma.
    He is really georgous i have to say that adorable.
    Don’t let him go Madonna and like i told you before don’t be the boss let him be the man always and ur relationship will be ok……
    sorry if i am getting insulting as far as his career i am not one to talk, but he trys hard but something doesnt go right with his directing somehow
    maybe he should hook up with the big wigs like spielberg and weinstein and get something going
    i do wish him alot of luck with revolver and i will be sure to see it ok.
    My husband is into those kind of movies.
    do us a favor stop using that word rubbish it is becoming annoying to me atleast………sorry!
    I know it is a brit word but you use it all of the time.

    I wish u could be the Madonna from Michigan like Ro is from Long Island and keep that part of you……
    I know you want to be like them but you can take the girl out of brooklyn but you cant take the brooklyn out of the girl. I love the down to earth kick ass Madonna
    the one that is so i dont know i cant explain it is just not the Madonna i want to hold on to
    i know we all change, but i love that Madonna who
    is just so fun and down to earth………
    sorry if this is an insulting letter i dont mean it to be
    we adore u for who you are regardless
    and i can not wait for this album
    but i would never compare to any of ur others each of them has its reasons and date in time each of them has its own theme and lyrics that rock……..

  7. it would be less gay…. it is a good idea i think even i m gay myself 😉

  8. Louise and all of u i think that some of u will not like what i got to say no matter what u do

  9. grrr damm site i made mistake and pressed send before i finished sorry about that

    lets start again:
    Louise and all of u i think that some of u will not like what i got to say about Candy shop ” it’s a great song! (although the remix is allot batter) and no matter what u do release only the remix of the song if u release it as a single and only as the last single … and nice that guy loved the album but he loved WIFLFAG too in 2000 as far as i remember that was hes favorite on the Music album and that ‘s why u both worked together on the video right?..

    love u Ron

  10. Great !

    That’s a good news of the day!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Louise, yeah!

    Much blessings for your wonderful love light.

  11. yesssssssss

  12. Come to find out, “Licorice” is being reported as the official name of the album. I love it. It’s gonna be great!

  13. Marc it’s not the name of the album ! so what are u talking about? but what is true Louise is the fact that everybody can’t wait everybody wants the album to be released so u need to release a statement maybe? or something about the album name and maybe a release date ?or do an interview somewhere just feed them with something …

  14. Hey Louise, that’s good he likes it! strikes me as quite an honest guy so why would he lie- maybe his love for you has grown so much, he appreciates and loves all of you including your talent which he coudn’t see so clearly before ….

    by the way, have you ever thought of adding an irish music slant to your music! think this could work well – perhaps guy can even do some Irish dancing in the video to complement it – this would be him adding to & complemting your work – a sure hit I’d say!

  15. I think you know better than all of us here whether Cuy is honest or not but it’s ok I guess you want to see what we think and it was a good starting point:)
    This Monica that writes to you is in delirium I think. “Let him be the man…” ffs that’s why feminism will never work with all these labels.
    I have said before Guy is the guy you should be with, and he is soooo talented. By the way who said Guy is not a good director? I guess it’s natural though, the majority of genius people were recognised after death.
    Guy is a genius and I agree here, you are the queen but he is the king too. And you need bith in order to have a kingdom:)
    Love and peace
    (I’ve been listening to you since I was 13. I am 33 now. We almost grew up together and it’s good that I am not afraid now to get 43:))

  16. Hi, Louise

    You deserve it.


  17. Wow!
    That makes it even more exciting for us… Guy’s tastes blended with your talent… sounds like magic… Can’t wait!

  18. Everything you do creates Madonna Madness.. If Guy likes it I think it must be better than ever.. I ca’t wait for your New Album and Tour.. and everthing else in between..

    Love You,


  19. It better be better then your last one, you are Madonna, you don’t settle for second best!

    I for one cannot wait to the next WORK OUT ALBUM!!!!



  20. Candy shop good tune.
    Hard Candy not bad for a album title.
    Candy Shop would be just as interesting.

  21. it is truly one of your best have so many best very proud of you…and man do i admire you…you always have great taste..and most important a good team working for you..God Bless…nothing like quality..ill keep praying……..Mr More

    could talk forever about style and whats next

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