Great News: Confessions Tour Nominated for Grammy

Best Long Form Music Video

The Confessions Tour

Jonas Akerlund, video director; Sara Martin & David May, video producers
[Warner Bros.]


18 Responses

  1. omg it’s true congratulations! what a great news to end the day and this evening with!

  2. has to win louise, amazing show with fantastic performances, forbiddn love rocks! and the rest!



  3. Naturally…but, Congratulations!

    I love the video as same as girly show…as one of live…
    of course, blond ambition tour was sensational…
    Confessions Tour was the best of international tour all around the world so far.

    I believe more blessings come into your life…
    Stay healthy, keep beauty…LOVE,LOve Love.

  4. i love only two songs of this concert : Like It Or Not and music….bisous

  5. It would be a shame if they didnt nominate this masterpiece!

  6. I have confession tour DVD. Do you want me to send the picture of it ?

  7. I’m so upset with comments from Ms bitch attacking me, Madonna and Andy, i’m sweet so are Madonna and Andy. How do i know that ? Well it takes one to know one. A loving heart stands out from the rest and in a world of dear fear it at times feels like whats the point in all of this why do i try to be nice and loving when there are so many bitter and selfish people in the world so many users and abusers ! Well people like Madonna and Andy give me hope and i admire their conviction and their strength so here’s to them. The light still shines in a world of darkness.

  8. oh sorry yes, best concert i’ve ever been too but too hot for me, i was in a trance and fainted, when my babe came on stage. Thanks for every thing you know nothing goes unnoticed with me.

  9. So who’s fantacy is this now ? I said it was real. True ? Blue, i love you. xox

  10. Isaac was a good song too , to show the way to the peace , like the pop music can do it, it is better than nothing…oki

  11. oh god get over yourself guys PLEASE! your so self righteous

  12. why does it have to be so hard.

  13. I love this album! It is a little peice of heaven. (except for live to tell.) (that was suppost to be a joke, get it?)

  14. Congratulations!

    I watched it some weeks ago.

    I really loved the Music Inferno part…

  15. Mucho Congratulations Louise!!!

    You may not have been happy with the viewing numbers a year ago.. It was Thanksgiving, wasn’t it? This should make you happy… 🙂

  16. Lousie,

    Congrats to you! I loved the Confessions Tour! I liked the way you mixed lucky star and hung up at the end! It sounds so cool! Can’t wait till your next tour!


    P.S- Is it true you are having your Birthday Concert in NYC?

  17. Parabéns Louise!!!

    Do you know portuguese? We were so sad you din’t come to Brazil. I hope I can go to your birthday concert in NY (if it is true).

  18. This tuer is PERFECT! 🙂 love it

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