My Sweet Listening Party

I had a party yesterday to play my new album in NY. I played the song I want to be my first single and people actually preferred the other songs to it! What a rubbish reaction! I thought “Candyshop” would be an excellent first single, but people keep telling me they prefer “4 Minutes To Save The World.” Everyone was surprised when I played the new version of “The Beat Goes On” featuring Kanye. Oh well…You know I’m going to do what I want to do anyway! I think I’ll call the album “Give It To Me” and as you know I am allowed to change my mind! Check out a couple of photos of my party after the jump!

It was so sweet! I loved the chair they had set up for me with “Reserved for the Queen!





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  1. Louise,

    Has your gut ever steered you wrong? I say go with “Candyshop” as that first single, to introduce people to your new sound, then hit them hard with a killer second single, and go from there. I’m amazed at how people can initially reject something that they eventually grow to love. Don’t be sorry — it’s human nature.


  2. hahaha

    indeed, we are always able to turn towards our loving heart, with and for who ever that may be.

    My heart is with you and all those who are loving.

  3. Oh honey.. Listening parties are great.. Wish I was there.. That would have been fun..

    We don’t have to tell you to go with your gut.. You know that..

    Technology? Weren’t you just mentioning something about that a few days ago?
    Wouldn’t it be cool to somehow have a listening party with all your devoted bloggers on-line? THE REAL PEOPLE!.. You’d need some kind of secure log in… I don’t know??
    You’d get, I’m sure, a completely different reaction than from those @ your listening party.. which I’m guessing are all, pretty much, industry people and friends.. RIGHT?

  4. i would say this first : LUCKY THEM THAT THEY HAVE HEARD THE ALBUM FIRST! about the first single i think u need to go for the new version of ” the beats goes on” it’s a great song for the first single it’s a hit already in allot of places(even I’m addicted i love this song it’s a great 1)and it could help the album sales too..

    about the album name here are 2 more options that i thought about … i love the second option lol
    1) music fantasy’s
    2)25 years of fame everybody knows my name

    love u louise


  5. Thats right!Dont listen to people,coz today they will say this and tomorrow they will say something opposite,and then you will running around like a stupid. :O)

  6. First, I wish I was there to be one of those who heard your new album before the whole world.
    I think that it’s better ‘candyshop’ because it sounds more ‘danceable?’ than ‘4 minutes to save the world’.
    But don’t worry, any song you release as first single will be a hit!

  7. change your mind to what? Love?

    How is that changing your mind?

    If we close our eyes in a room full of lovers who want to be with us, and we walk around not knowing which one is there and touch their hand and face, does it not feel good to our touch of another, as well as good for them?

    So what does it matter who we love, when love is the same for anyone we meet?

    What matters then is not who we love, but rather, who do we want to love and why?

    For me, I discern for myself of the many things I address in selecting a lover that I enjoy spending time with. The most important question to ask is, “what do they want in a lover?”

    If they cannot answer the question with details, then I pass them by, for I want someone that knows fully what they want, able to describe with great zeal and clarity of what works for them.

    Sincerity first with SELF, of course is at the top of the list, and sincerity of SELF of the other is second.

    Obviously there has to be a mutual level of sincerity between the two, but more important than this is the amount of sincerity of both, as well as addressing real life issues that create illness for the connection, such as too much time away from each other.

    While we can say this or that about the necessity of our careers and whatever, and even be ok and in agreement with it, there is the reality that we do not get our needs met well enough for maintaining good mental/emotional well being when too much time apart leaves us feeling toxic.
    These feeling are real for us, where even while we ourselves agree to such thing and think it is ok, we end up negating our well being in doing so.

    Personally, if I am not able to be with my lover everyday, I am not interested. Fuck that. Bin there. Done that. No way!

    Loving is the most important thing for me, where career and the whole fucking world can just fuck right off, because I come first! 😀 😀

    Damn, this celibacy thing is really affecting me!

  8. Well actually I come second sometimes…damn, late again! 😀 😀


    Oh, I thought you wanted to know me?

    Oh, well.

    At least I tryed with great zeal, where zeal for a loving life is what I AM.

  9. ‘Give it to me’ is too immature of heart, and smacks of the mockery of love.

  10. There is enough mockery in the world already.

  11. How about “Revolution” as an album title? Considering that you cause one each time you release an album, I think it’s about time you give props to your art in this way. What do you think?

  12. Oh, and think of the marketing taglines you could use:

    “Come join the Madonna Revolution.”

    “Are you ready for a dance revolution?”

    Just a couple of ideas there. Not to mention the implied sense of joining you as you create a world revolution with regard to your humanitarian efforts. Geez, maybe I should be on your PR team…

  13. hahaha

    You already are Marco…you moron!

    You fly in here everyday and greet us with your loving presence so good to feel!

    😀 😀

  14. hahaha

    She would like to change her mind!

    As if that were possible!

    Do you think I am a fool who is unwise?

    I know sweetness of a loving soul, in yours and others who I encourage.

    You take to long in album releases. Should be kicking a song out each week. Have fun in the studio where the spirit of love flows freely.

    Always did for me when I was composing music for 18 hours a day.

    hmmm…maybe I should put some tracks down that are better than yours!


    Made you smile.

  15. Actually, I have yet to hear anything that is even remotely similar to my compositions.

  16. just when you were bored it starts to get interesting again! 😀 😀

    just in time too!

  17. “she hung up on me…”

    “no, I mean she really hung up on me dude!!!!” 😀 😀

    So now what?

    You put this in me!

    It’s all good! I love it actually! More than anything anyone has ever do for me.


  18. Thats why i love you so much dear! You always do what yout thinк is right! i wish there were more people liкe you!


  20. We need a REVOLUTION!!!! That’s a great title, Madonna! Go for it!!

  21. I love the idea of “Revolution” as an album title. It’s so appropriate for you, Madge. Do you read these posts? I hope so, because your fans would love for you to choose a name that has been thought of by them.

    Great idea, Marc. Maybe Madge will name her album Revolution!

  22. o.k i thought about this Louise and all of u guys what do u think about the title ” The Blond Revolution”?

  23. hey Louise!
    Well, i cant help but telling you that in my oppinion `Give it to me` is not a good name for the album! i mean its just lower class than you! Its far too trivial and not classy enough! I think it should be something more original, something customize. On prima vista the first thing that came to my mind is something like enlight—-> Mlight! Cause you are always trying to spread the light and to enlight the worlds problems but in yor own special way so… I hope you will get my point and in any case i don`t want to offend you! Just want the best for The Queen!
    Sorry for bothering youo or your asssistant lol!
    Sincerely yours,

  24. and i think revolution is too trivial too!

  25. I think if I saw that table with the candy and flowers and ice bucket…I’d cry.

  26. If you released 4 minutes to save the world as the first single would people get the impression that this would be a political album?

    You need to pick the right song for the right impression you want people to have. Does that make sense? I don’t know the contents of your lyrics to each and every song but…I would assume that the ‘4 minutes’ song would tell me…she’s gone political and she’s into rally’s etc…and then find the album is actually about something else.

    Summing it up…what is the album about? Which single tells us that. The first single should be the introduction to the rest of the album. Should set the tone. I don’t doubt that ‘4 minutes’ should be a single…but should it be the first one?

    I hope my uneducated opinion helps.

  27. candy shop is a bad single she should not release it the lyrics aren’t good too.

  28. Did David Banda write the lyrics to most of your new songs whilst learning English?

  29. My first time… like a virgin…. and I just want more! I saw you in Oak Town on Sunday 9/2/08. I’m still on a cloud and so happy since your vision graced my life.
    Being a visual artist I know now to spring for the close seats….binoculars are great but very hard to dance with! Try that in your performance some day….
    I loved looking at the fans just below the catwalk, they gave me the chance in their delighted expressions to feel your up close energy.
    I marveled to “She’s Not Me”, especially your gyrations on the floor, please release a DVD as soon your tour is over.
    Now I’m wishing I could take my life savings and fly to Rio to see to see your performance. Not likely….. as you say, NOT.
    I’m a young 61 and will wait impatiently for you to return to San Francisco for your next world tour…. maybe at SF Giants Stadium.

    Love and light

  30. Hi Madonna…. I forgot to say that in my comments previously. I realize this reply to your blog is perhaps off subject. I don’t find any more current.

    Also I want to thank you for your “get out the vote” number at the concert… very strong.

    Today is the day for Barack Obama, and No on 8. It is 10 am here in SF and it will be a happy conclusion to a long national nightmare…. we must believe.

    I envision you hearing the great news tonight on stage in San Diego.

  31. Louise, love the new album and everything but the Kanye stuff makes me nuts. Don’t jump the shark inviting these people into your life and letting them screw up a good thing. They won’t be around in 10 years (here’s hoping) – you will Love you but Kanye West? Really???

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