Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis


On July 7, 2007, more than 100 musical acts performed at a series of worldwide concerts collectively called Live Earth, kicking off a multi-year campaign to combat climate change and advocate environmentally sustainable living. The CD/2DVD Live Earth package brings together the most popular artists and best performances at Wembley Stadium in London, Giants Stadium in New Jersey and Makuhari Messe in Japan from this truly global musical summit. The organizers say Live Earth was the largest global entertainment event ever held. The 2-hour broadcast reached audiences in more than 130 countries through radio, television, and the Internet. Live Earth attracted a record online live audience of more than 8 million people. Within the following two weeks alone, more than 55 million video streams hadbeen watched. SPECIAL NOTE : Live Earth’s net proceeds from the sale of this DVD/CD package benefit the Alliance for Climate Protection. It includes my performance of “La Isla Bonita” featuring Gogol Bordello!

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19 Responses

  1. Oh thats cool! I think “La Isla Bonita” feat Gogol Bordello is the best remix of this song ever, and also
    i think, that you have to try to work on other songs with him! He has such a original style!

  2. That’s great, your performance ‘La Isla Bonita’ feat Gogol Bordello is one of my favourites. And also I would help the people who live in those climates.

  3. I have alot of ideas.

  4. We are just scratching the surface of what is coming in the next 10 years, where growth is ten times that of the last ten years.

    Think MASSIVE…for that is the reality of ten years from now.

    More people will be viewing the internet via mobile headsets ten years from now, than people using the old fashioned and obsolete desk computers.

    It’s coming, and it is coming ten times faster than most realize, as a result of demand.

    Staying plugged into the main stream is where it is at, and knowing in advance where main stream is shifting to is key.

    But anyway…it all means nothing, as in a bad movie with a bad script and the best equipment or a truly great movie with a great script and average equipment, where connectedness of soul is the key, that resonates in our soul of the incredible zeal and passion for life, that is of the exceeding joyfulness free of absurd doubt and useless fear.

    Passion and zeal for life is easily cultivated within ourselves, merely thru being passionate and full of zeal with those around us, be it our lover, friends or aquaintances, and even those we have not met, where God’s unconditional love is embraced. Truly unconditional love is the greatest of all love that one can embrace, for it is of God’s love.

    The light that shines brightly into the world, from the loving souls of the world.

    Best of all, the light is felt by the world, and we wake to a better day than yesterday.

    So motivation of God’s love thru us, that is unconditional, ensures market share.

    Such is the success story of Madonna, who embraces the win win win relationship.

    Cultivating greater passion and zeal for life within SELF, occurs with those who dwell in love’s embrace longer than those who do not.

    We all agree, love’s embrace is where our true self yearns to dwell.

    So do not hesitate to do this for SELF, for sake of SELF of with and of others we have never met, especially for all you artists in the world, who nurture and feel the resonating of harmony in the strings that is of beauty and love.

    Besides, is there anything else that feels better than love’s embrace?

    Last time I check, I found myself running from the cold world to love’s embrace! 😀 😀

    Thank God for love’s embrace!

    Cultivate Cultivate Cultivate.

    Love Love Love

    Joy Joy Joy

    Smile Smile Smile

    Free Free Free yourselves from the clutches of bitterness that is so not who we all are.

    Obviousness of truth is easy to see in others of those who cultivate happiness and love in their everyday lives.

    We see it everywhere with everyone we meet.

    And they see it within us as well…and they feel it too.

    What is a boy to do?

    But find a girl that says I do.

    Or a guy for that matter!

    For regardless of orientation, when we close our eyes, it is love that we feel, with who ever that may be, where fantasy is not for me.

    I love you guys! Take care of one another. Be wise. I am.

    I’ll be around and will stop in to see that you are ALL ok.

    It’s my volunteer job with God, u know.

    I wish only exceeding joyfulness for everyone, especially me, for it always starts with me and the way I choose to think, just as it does for everyone.

    Why be miserable? When joy awaits all those who turn towards love and joy? You won’t find me there! Bin there. Done that. Lost my lover along the way, because of the I don’t cares of the world. Fuck that. I care damn it! For everyone!

    Love, Andy

  5. You ROCKED BIG TIME with that rendition of La Isla Bonita….

    What a find from GUY when he found Gogol Bordello.. The blend with you and them, was over the top phenomenal…
    I hope you continue to work with them…

    I need something to keep me inspired during a recovery period.. ..
    DVD’s on it’s way..Thx…XO

  6. I love this video!

    It’s so GAY!!!! ;D 😀

  7. This is funny as funny can get!!!!!

  8. What’s a boy to do when he gets bored!

    Check in on the family of course! 😉 😀

    So many gays in the military…can you really blame them?

    My greatest fantasy of all would be to serve on a submarine full of MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The subs are very compact inside too, where they have to be close to each other all the time, able to smell each other all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah! I am so there!!!!!!!!!

  9. That is a butch and fem as I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

  10. for britney…

    this is cute…

  11. Ok everyone…I’m outta here…take care.

    Laughter is the best medicine and comes natural for us.

    Don’t be so critical of yourselves and each other, ok?

    Now this is truely funny!

  12. OMG!


    Insane with Love for one another that comes natural for us when it is true!

  13. Have fun damn it…that’s an order!

    I do!


  14. Live each day as though it is your last, like these guys do, whom I love so much.

    Some of them do not get the chance to come home to love’s embrace.

    They truly love each other over there, because each day they loose someone close to them to death and destruction, of the maiming from those without God’s love.

    Always remember that it is the soldiers of life, who take up position on the front lines who are the ones who deliver the greatest gift of all…Freedom and Liberty from the clutches of useless bitterness and absurd fear in the world. That’s where you will always find me, along side them as their brother. For I love them and all those who fight for sake God’s love on the home front.

    It gets cold for them sometimes, so be sure to let them know you love them, as some of them are without family and friends. I meet with them everyday, and I embrace them with my whole heart, mind, body and soul, for they are most loving like me, who also has come forth from the bitterness of this world. You will not find me among the bitterness of this world, and yet I am always there in spirit and understanding that is of God’s love and wisdom for sake of the power of love of the ALL which changes the world, unknowingly for most. I have been on the front lines for a long time. I am a harden veteran that is of the wisdom of God’s love, an appointed savant.

  15. But my heart does not dwell in bitterness.

  16. Christmas time is the best time of all to join with those on the front lines in person, letting the whole world know, and especially them, that you appreciate all they have done for sake of love on the home front of God’s love and peace.

    Regardless of politics, it is important to realize the heart and soul of the soldier is always with love’s embrace on the home front, whom some never get to see again.

    So let them know how truly special their loving heart really IS…for like me, the care!

    Love, andy

  17. So remember…it’s not about power and politics…it’s about love that is for all of us to know and feel.

    God’s love that is true.

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