The Year of Magical Thinking

Didion’s husband, the writer John Gregory Dunne, died of a heart attack, just after they had returned from the hospital where their only child, Quintana, was lying in a coma. This book is a memoir of Dunne’s death, Quintana’s illness, and Didion’s efforts to make sense of a time when nothing made sense. “She’s a pretty cool customer,” one hospital worker says of her, and, certainly, coolness was always part of the addictive appeal of Didion’s writing. The other part was the dark side of cool, the hyper-nervous awareness of the tendency of things to go bad. In 2004, Didion had her own disasters to deal with, and she did not, she feels, deal with them coolly, or even sanely. This book is about getting a grip and getting on; it’s also a tribute to an extraordinary marriage.

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12 Responses

  1. Extraordinary marriage! Now I can relate to that, where to souls of combined effort and massive zeal for life are able to do wonderous and extraordinary things, that comes natural for them, because of the sincereness of heart that is the same for each other.

    Get on the same page, or forget it.

    It is not merely a rule of thumb, rather it is who we are.

    Communication is the missing link for so many couples.

    Communication not just between each other, but were great diligence and truthfulness of heart in communicating with our own loving heart is not just essential….IT IS VITAL and CRUCIAL that they do.

    Other wise, forget it.

    IT will not fly the the heights of God, where God only greets those of sincereness of the heart.

    The road is wide, but the path of the loving heart that is focused on God, in narrow. Beware, lest you fall from God’s grace into disaster that awaits all who are truly on the path, unfortunately unknowingly towards God, and find their hearts bound in dark and bitter places that are not of God.

    Truly God’s love is with us. So pay attention to your own loving heart, and the light that is shining brightly thru others of God’s loving tenderness that is the Power of Love of the ALL.

    Bathe in the light.

    Crave the light of truthfulness and honesty that is meant for everyone to know, that is of God and our loving souls.

    Other wise, forget it.

    FATE is for the UNWISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wise are they who pay heed to the one who takes time to offer advice for them to HEAR and FEEL the truth of God’s love that is for ALL of us!

    I greet you in peace and brotherly love.

    Forgive me of my old self that sometimes surfaces. It is not who I truly am, and is the immature side of me, that I despise, that is inconsiderate of others who dwell in the bridal chamber with God.

    I am sorry if I have caused anyone distress. Forgive me.

    Love, Andy

  2. I will not speak of these things again.

    So pay heed to what I am saying.

  3. FATE is for the UNWISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do not be found of Fate that is not of God.

  4. Either work at your marriage or get out of it.

    Do not sit on the fence of Perdition.

  5. I have spoken my peace with you and now I will take my leave of you, for I have not been sincere for all who are of concern.

    Forgive me.

    Blessed are those who are loving and sincere, for SINCERITY of the Heart… IS….. the connection with God and each other’s soul.

    I will not speak of this again.

  6. Call me sincere.

    Call me honest.

    Call me sincere.

    But don’t call me ungrateful, for if you truly knew me, then you would love me, and you would know that I am not ungrateful.

    I am grateful for every second, where every second counts.

    Call me! 😀 😀

    Love, Andy

  7. Damn…must be the celibacy!

  8. Forgive me, as I forgive all those who trespass against me.

  9. For the loving heart, mind, body and soul is ever learning of it’s divine true SELF.

  10. Sorry Guy….your wife is extraordinary and wonderous!

    She is beautiful both inside and out!

    Love, Andy

  11. +

    If you want loving peacefulness with Madonna Guy, then you must stop drinking alcohol and wasting precious time with utter nonsense, when truly we yearn to dwell in love’s embrace.

    Forgive me, just as I forgive you of foolishness that is not wise.

    I too was once a fool, and still am at times.

    I lost my lover to suicide, mostly because of his tangled engagement with alcohol, that affects the mind with irrational thinking.

    Who we truly are, is the gentle loving self we always were, but only when we are sober are we able to be the true self that is mild and tender like your wife is. I know her. You would be greatly mistaken in thinking anything other than love for her.

    Anyway…take care.

    Peace. Peace. Peace.

    Love, Andy


  12. This is the last time that I am using words to express how I feel. 😀 😀

    God knows how I feel.

    Must be the celibacy! 😀 😀

    Love, Andy

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