New Look


Do you like my new look? Click here for a very special surprise.


19 Responses

  1. very good and smooth

  2. and i don’t forget your advice about the roots for the hairs : i don’ t spend all my time to the hairdresser … little bisou

  3. Love the new HAIR…. YES.. IT’S A WINNER… !!!
    It’s more edgy….. Looks GOOD….

  4. the special surprise is too good ! with my boyfriend François it is too funny…

  5. The new look is nice – mature and strong but still sexy!
    You’re not trying to hide your hands are you?

    I’ve been thinking about you : )

    Hope things are well

    Don’t stress – OK!!

    (I’m keeping well and strong – I’d love to dance sometime)


  6. Oh, I get it….return to your roots…as in let them grow out and just be your true SELF! 😀 😀

  7. yes i love the new look and the hair they gave a little bit of time for guy and u on the RTL BOULEVARD tv show .. here it is

    love u have a great day

  8. you don’t look so wise in this pic. and certainly not wise in the retard Xmas thing.

    Yet I know fully…that you are wise. For I feel you sincerity of heart that is pure.

    I have for awhile now.

    Thank you for that.

    I don’t want it to ever end. Ok?

    Remember this. For it is of complete sincerity of my loving heart that dwells in God’s loving heart, who dwells with me that I say, ” I don’t want it to ever end. Ok?

    As if it ever could! HELLO!!!!!!! 😀 😀

    I am so bad.

    I love you with all that I am!

    Love, Andy

  9. i will not tell you the truth of what i think of this pic because it was not taken at the right moment but the knife does show and in your business its important. Just some how the time to expose was premature as a cut ABOVE THE REST and streach OF THE MIND needs time to settle. But yes you are gorgeous for sure. And i do love tif hair and outfit and the hubby with you that you cut out he’s a spunk too.

  10. GORGEOUS!just love it!!!

  11. By the way ,i forgot to tell you, this wonderful elf made my day!You look so funny there!
    I made the same with some of my famely ,they was just dying of laughing.

  12. Great Look, You look amazing, and the elf is really funny.

  13. as a huge fan of yours just gotta say: please try something else… your makeup is great! but hair…?

  14. I liked the way butterfly said it “Edgy” it is perfect for your 50-milestone year! Shows you are here to stay!

  15. Hey great. I still remember last year’s Elf yourself.

  16. i dont like it.
    I prefer Long Blond hair.

    Ruty – ISRAEL

  17. I saw a different picture yesterday – with hairpins on each side. What gives?

  18. Smoking Hot Babe As usual you have never looked bad you have always been hot from the 70s till present… your just a sexy woman!

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