I am so sorry that I have been too busy to post. I traveled to LA and then to NY. In LA I had so many meetings with possible video directors, choreographers, and much more for my new single. The video is going into production soon and I have to get all the details finalized. In NY I am attending a special screening for someone very close to me! I am so busy right now!


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  1. I dont wanna hear I dont wanna know know, please dont say you’re sorry!
    Take care of yourself.


  2. WE MISSED YOU… Good to have you back…

  3. Yeap,

    Me too…I’ve just got my new place to work Nov 30( to get my high salary) and Dec 01 was my first day to attend…this shopis open 7days a week…now, I’m looking for my day off…not money…SO SORRY!!

  4. You worry too much!

    Fear not, for my love is always with you!

    I made a pact with myself, that I shall always love your friendship….even more if you want more!

    But hey, that is not for me to decide, now is it.

    Either way, my love is sincere for you.

    Always was. Always will be.

    Love, Andy

  5. Indeed.

    And so they should be.

    All the best in your loving pursuits of the heart.

    Love, Andy

  6. I’ll be around somewhere. In love’s embrace of course.

  7. Hey remember…no alcohol allowed in God’s house!

    If you want to drink, do it away from God’s house of peace and love.

    God blesses those who are loving and the ones they love.

    Love, Andy

  8. ;D

  9. Isn’t that amazing? 😉 😀

  10. Wow…it is not like you to apologize for anything.

    And what do you have to be sorry for anyway.

    You are doing work that helps the future, so don’t apologize.

    I have enjoyed chatting with Marco. He is a most loving soul so gentle and mild of tender heart, like me! 😉 😀

    You were missed.

    I looked for you.

  11. u are thoughtful to ur fans.
    It must be quite difficult to juggle it all.
    They say g-d hands the people exactly what they
    can do, well he handed it to the right person.
    U have surpassed ur packages and then some.

    take care ok

  12. Its incredible that you manage to post after all, Louise dear! And btw my horsies had a BLAST eating the Esy ride horse cookies! Thanks again for the recipe! Its the ultimate hit amongs the other riders!

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