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Since time immemorial mankind has been plagued by the question “What do you do with a dead cat?” I remember reading this in the 80s and just laughing out loud! I believe it was 1988, but I can’t remember for sure. Do you remember this one? Click here to check it out.


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  1. smiling is such a joy, is it not true?

    It’s true for me, how about you? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    hmmm….a dead cat?

    ZAP it back to life? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Throw it away and get a new cat?

    Feed it to the dog?

    Hey, in some parts of the world they eat cats everday! πŸ˜€

    Do tell us what one is to do with a dead cat.

    Let’s try Zapping it back to life.

    Hey, you know there are some frogs that can be frozen solid for months, and come back to life?

    Incredible how life can continue, even while frozen solid. Perhaps during the freezing process, the body of the frog naturally injects something into the cells to keep them from becoming damaged during the freeze.

    Buzzy and I used to experiment with them, freezing and unthawing them.

  2. OMG!

    You are such a tease! I love it!!!!!!!!

    To you smile is to see God.

  3. Ya, I am still the same as I was back in high school, emotionally.

    Although emotionally I am wiser.

    Mentally, I am functional, but I do need to get my needs met more than I am. Thankfully these needs can always be addressed and remedied. Sex works wonders for alot of our needs, and wants.

    I am a vintage wine waiting and wanting to be savoured! πŸ˜€

    Anyway, I just want to say, I want to keep falling in love with you, as I have been for along time.

    We have come so far, and our strength is now of God’s strength, above all useless absurdity including gross materialism.

    So you like how I presented the lesson?

    I guess you know me better than I realized, and where I am reading from.

    I love you i love you i love you i love you i love you.

    From this day forward I will love you!

    And if you are to be with another, I will look closely to see if they have any life in them, for they must be extraordinary and wonderous for you, with exceeding joyfulness and happiness. So try as you may, I pray you succeed in what ever direction you may choose.

    My feelings will not change. How is it possible for my feelings to change?

    I feel the way I feel, and even more when you smile!

    I just want to kiss you so bad!

  4. You know, who we always are, is who we always were.

    Remember the first time you kissed a guy or a girl?

    It is like OMG!

    Ya, we are who we always were, back in high school.

    Like Rosie says, “You expect me to do math?”


    I was actually good at math. I was top of the entire school, with the highest mark in math department for the previous ten years.

    My english was bad though…still is come think of it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Oh look, she’s doing it again!

    A lot of OMGs since then.

    People should say OMG everyday! Yes?

    Works for me!


    How was your day?

    It is so good to know you are smiling!!!

    You have no idea how it warms my heart.

    So always know who we are is who we always were, is the love we feel of love’s embrace of the lover who is loving.

    I honestly cannot think of a better place to be, nor can I think of anything else for that matter!!!

    Must be the celibacy! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    People should do this more often. It refreshes the heart, mind, body and soul to it’s original state.

    Although staying too long is not a good thing. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. cant say i remember it and i wouldnt read even a joke i love animals and have 2 cats and had like 5 when i was younger.

    oh well, guess my sense of humor sucks.

    u look pretty even then


  6. 1988…hmmm….I remember it well actually! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Where everyday was like, OMG! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Ok…now we are even! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. Me allergic to Cats but me love dem still.
    I take em in and find em new owners sometimes eh?
    Lost ones that there be.

    Dead ones be deservin a proper burial and a prayer me thinks.
    Maybe thee be thinkin otherwise though?

    You’re a good girl now – go and tell it on the mountain, eh?

    And if ya bother to look around
    be considerate of us little ones that can not handle da cameras and all

    I be thinkin of ya lassie
    like I say – you’re a Good Girl
    and Daddy never forgets this fact

    Call me when I’m sober
    (just laughing wit you – huh? – you so funny (and pretty))!!

    talk soon
    on the moon

    bye for now
    love you somehow!

    maybe backer

  9. LOL

  10. Although the book’s excepts seem funny…I am still grieving over the recent death of my dog of 16 years. Sometimes one’s sense of humour can be clouded by certain life events.

  11. a umbrella stand i will do with a dead cat, it would be nice in the entrance , what do you think about this idea?

  12. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i m lithargoel!

  13. ooops i wanted to try the smiley

  14. I’ve been so concerned for Andy i searched Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and made a discovery

    check it out at my blog


  15. Should I call you Lousie or veronica (ronnie) anyway that a nice pic

  16. No need to worry about me Marco.

    I am highly educated in ways that most are not.

    If one does not try to find their lover and soul mate, then how does one ever find them, if they are not looking?

    Some people are meant for each other, some are not. I have been with many who are not meant for me.

    Discerning of these truths is meant for us to do.

    Where I have not spoken the truth?

    People tend to muddy things with jealousies and useless attitudes of tyranny.

    I prefer not to engage in such uselessness.

    So is it wrong of me to love someone like Madonna?

    Last time I checked, I am not the only one who loves Madonna.

    Truth is, we should all love each other more than we do in the world, and bring to an end the spiritual poverty that so many children dwell in as a result of the lack of love in the world that is replaced with useless apathy and greed.

    I merely wish to love Madonna, the same way she has loved me and everyone of you, in ways that some are not aware, that is for sake of the mental emotional well being, for she embraces the darkness that many souls struggle with each day. She is the light of hope for love’s embrace that shines into our loving hearts, ever renewing our sense of love, keeping us awake for love’s embrace, where we all yearn to dwell.

    So what if I want to dwell in love’s embrace with Madonna…at least I am honest with myself first and secondly with her and everyone of you.

    Should you decide to think of me as a fool with his mind not right, realize that you do not fully know me, for I am of God’s wisdom, and the many wisdoms of the world.

    If you knew me, then you would love me. I do. I love myself. So should everyone.

    I like how your post end Marco…listening to Madonna CDs. You had me going there for a minute, making me think I am a fool.

    Truly I tell you, I am not like the heart of the fool, with hearts black with hypocrisy, that is far from the truth of the tender loving heart.

    I merely wish to acknowledge to Madonna, that love is true for those who turn towards their loving heart.

    Where your heart is, there too shall be your treasure and your life…at all times.

    What you turn towards, you become…at all times.

    Turn towards your own loving heart, for that is the greatest treasure known to mankind, that you shall ever discover.

    I yearn to dwell in love’s embrace, for exceeding joyfulness and happiness is experienced there, beyond anything the world could offer me.

    So what if I happen to be drawn to Madonna. She is beautiful, is she not. And she is wise in so many ways, especially about loving someone.

    I keep waiting, anticipating, as I have stopped, all my shading, of my love that wants to explode with you. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I see you as a loving soul Marco. You are incredible with the things you say.

  17. But ya, at some point I need to move on with someone new. That’s life.

    I call it bad time, that’s all.

    And if I upset all you do good church goers, with partialities of the heart, I don’t give a fuck what you think.

    I am much wiser than anyone of the church.

    Hey, you know, maybe Madonna feels the same was as me. Did anyone ever think of that?

    What is wrong with wanting love for another? Absolutely nothing wrong about that.

    If I raise the bar on love, for others to strive and reach for, then that is good for everyone’s sake, is it not.

    I would feel blessed every second of everyday if I was with Madonna, where her every gentle caress with me would tingle with exceeding joyfulness of knowing where I am, in love’s embrace of a lover who is loving of me, unlike so many I have met and been with.

    Where’s my coffee? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    God blesses all those who are loving and the one’s they love.

    With gratitude in our hearts we are to greet each day of love’s embrace for one another. I do.

    What is so wrong with loving another. Some do not realize, that I want everyone to love the way I feel and am, for I know everyone is capable of feeling this way every second of everyday, merely by turning towards their own loving heart that knows love.

    Love, Andy

  18. I unite my soul with hers, because of all the goodness that she is, trusting no one other than her.

    A spiritual marriage of sorts, of love devoid of doubt, unlike all the useless rhetoric that comes out of some people’s mouths.

    Remember, what goes into your mind, is not able to hurt you, but what comes out of your mind and mouth, is able to bring bitter derangement and twisting of the loving heart, mind, body and soul.

    Therefore be wise in the things I speak of about love’s embrace, for it is from the lips of Jesus that these things were first spoken, who was and is of the knowledge of the bitter derangement of the world.

    I know love. Love know me. And so do all of you know love.

    So why say or do anything unloving, when truly, loving is where our tender heart yearns to always dwell.

    I mean, can you imagine waking next to Madonna? I can! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    And I do.

  19. For I am in her heart, where I belong, and she is in my heart, where she belongs.

    We all need to feel and think more positive of each other.

    Madonna and I do this everyday, with all of you, unknowingly for many.

    I love you

    Love, Andy

  20. One thing I have learned over the years, as that we can love one another, regardless of physical intimacy with them, where our feelings are indeed yet intimate for them. Trust me, there are alot of these in my life! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    So beautiful to behold are so many of you!

    So adorable in my eyes shall you always for me.

    So loving have I seen so many of you of one another too, of gentleness of touch and kiss so true.

    This is love’s embrace that we all feel in our loving hearts, with and for one another, that is always intimate, even if not physically intimate, for love’s embrace is where we all yearn to dwell, and do, and love’s embrace is what we all want for each other too.

    Hold someone’s hand today, and feel the tender love of love that is true of love’s embrace, for every single one of you.

    I love you.

    Love, Andy

  21. I walk with love, every second of everyday, and not with the belittling and condescending ways, that is of the pettiness of the heart of many who choose to mock me, and so should all of you, for is not the gentle loving spirit of love’s caress what you truly yearn for?

    I do. Every second of everyday of love’s embrace, like that of the lovers who are loving of one another. Life is extraordinary and wonderous for those who turn towards the beauty of their own loving heart.

    I love you.

    I love all of you.

    Love, Andy

  22. Where’s my coffee?

    I am just waking up! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  23. If you choose to make a mockery of anyone, truly you are making a mockery of yourselves in your pettiness of heart with your approach with anyone. Such useless bitterness of the heart so proud and boastful of the empty void one chooses to stand in, where only emptiness comes forth that is not loving.

    I choose to stand in the kingdom of heaven, for I know where it is.

    And so can anyone who seeks with sincere heart, to turn towards their own loving heart that God gave them, for this is where the kingdom of heaven is, that can sense the kingdom of heaven all around them.

    Try closing your eyes and just stand in the moment.

    Discern for yourself what it is that you hear.

    Is it a bitter tongue passing you by.

    Is it a made laughter of mockery passing you by.

    Is it the impatient soul, blasting their horn to get by.

    Truly none shall get by God into the kingdom of heaven, with approaches like this.

    The bitter nashing of the teeth can be heard all around, and serves the enlightened ones of the world who stand fully in the kingdom of heaven as I do.

    We are all guilty of bitterness. That is not what matters.

    What matters is that we are able to control our tongues.

    What matters is the understanding of how mockery begets mockery, just as:

    love begets love

    hate begets hate

    joyfulness begets joyfulness

    When was the last time you had a serious squirt gun fight with some super soakers?

    Try it sometime and you will be amazed how joyous this is, refreshing your heart with joyfulness you always felt as a child.

    Adults are stupid when it comes to what matters. All too soon we enter into forgetfulness of the tender loving soul we have always been since we were born, and take on these absurd mentalities of useless bitternesses that are truly useless, serving only to beget yet more bitterness.

    It takes time turn towards the greatest treasure you shall ever find, your own loving heart, but it will only occur for those who are deliberate in their approach with who they really are and always have been.

    In time our focus comes to despise these personality traits we pick up along our journey from others in life. I did.

    And so can anyone.

    Beware, for some bitternesses and impatience of the heart are able to bring great sorrow into your world, as has mine.

    Why stand in a void of emptiness devoid of love, where only bitter and useless things come forth from. Truly our loving heart feels better to dwell in, does it not?

    Hey, what’s that old song? ‘I’m gonna keep on loving you, because it’s the only thing I wanna do!’

    youtube it

  24. Don’t get me wrong Marco. I love you. I am merely making my acquaintance with you as I have with Madonna long ago.

  25. Perhaps you are trying to save me from myself Marco, and so you may choose to think, but truly I tell you that there is no one here to be saved, where I am concerned, for I already gave my heart, mind, body and soul to God, having surrendered my life to God already.

    Nice try though. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Where’s my coffee?

  26. OMG

    I heard that. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  27. God wishes us all only love, with who ever that may be.

    I know love and love knows me.

    Love devoid of doubt is where you will find me.

    Here’s a hint: my love is for all of you.

    Love, Andy

  28. As for the dsyfuctional diagnostics, I am functional in all areas of my life.

    As for delusional, I am not delusional about love, having been the loving lover of many.

    As for fatal, indeed there is spiritual death that awaits anyone who turns towards bitterness that is an empty void, where you will not find me.

    Spiritual death is of this world, and truly is a fatal death for many children who go without food each day. Spiritual death is for the foolish and unwise who do not know where to find the kingdom of heaven of love’s embrace, that is easily seen in the lover’s who are loving.

    But if we choose bitterness over love, then it is we who become walking corpses of spiritual death.

    Spiritual death is a dark sphere in which bleak voices and pains manifest, clothed with dread.

    I cast down all wretchedness of hearts that are vile and bitter to the taste, for truly we know love is sweet, is it not?

    So why speak or do things that are unloving and unwise, when already we are able to easily discern the difference for ourselves, for our own sake, and for sake of others.

    Drink always from the cup that is sweet, for that is where you shall find me, in love’s embrace, like that of the many lovers who are loving.

    Is there any better place to be? Truly we know that there is not.

    I greet in peace and brotherly love.

    There is a loving place that is devoid of absurd doubt and useless fear, like that found in the world of spiritual death.

    You shall always find it within your own loving heart, where your own loving heart is not able to leave you, for it is the loving heart of your divine true self, which I have come to know in many of you, including myself.

    Where your heart is, there too is your treasure and your life…at all times. Beware that no one leads you away from love, who may cajole you or entice you with their bitterness of heart that is far from the truth of the tender loving heart.

    What you turn towards you become…at all times. Beware of those who may cajole or entice you towards bitter and useless hypocrisy of the ungrateful and pettiness of heart, lest you become like them in the bitter derangement and twisting of the soul.

    Be wise in the truth that exist in all things, where you merely need to take time to reflect and discern for yourselves, that which is of God and that which is not of God.

    Love is of God. Everything else is not.

    God’s love is without doubt.

    It is the uselessness of this world that is without God’s love, and is seen everywhere, especially the 30,000 children who needlessly die everyday. I despise this about the world so full of apathy and greed.

    And yet I am certain of the seed of love devoid of doubt is the doorway into the kingdom of heaven all around us, that is easy to feel in our own loving hearts that shall not ever leave us.

    We cast ourselves out of heaven when ever we are not loving. God does not cast us out. What kind of father would cast their own children out of heaven? Truly God is not a fool or unwise of these things. Truly it is we who are unwise. Truly it is we who are the spiritual poverty of the world.

    Truly it is God’s divine will for us to feel and embrace love devoid of doubt, for it is all around us in splendid beauty of the loving heart, that is able to feel each second of everyday.

    I do.

    Love, Andy

  29. Discerning.

    That is what is needed to enter fully into the kingdom of heaven, where love devoid of useless doubt exists Marco.

    You are close Marco, in your sincerity of the loving heart that yearns always to dwell in love’s embrace.

    Your writings are so truthful of the loving heart. I love reading them.

    What you look for you already have found, the love within your loving heart and mind. Truly there is someone special for you Marco. Look for the one who is most like you. And special you both shall be for each other when you are always grateful for each day together, for that is the way one feels for the one they love. A best friend, like the ones we loved when we were kids.

    Be discerning for sake of yourself in selecting who this is, and yet not too discerning for no one is perfect.

    Love, Andy


    We are to be grateful of love that we know is true in our hearts that is meant for us to know and enjoy every second of every day.

    Truly we know the child who is grateful of food to eat and another day to live. We KNOW this in our hearts to be true.

    Truly the child in starvation is more grateful than many of us, and yet gratefullness is always available for us to embrace and enjoy, merely be turning towards the love we feel in our hearts to be true of every second of every day.

    One needs only to be grateful, in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven all around us that is meant for us to know and enjoy.

    I am.

    Love, Andy

  31. Andy. The world would be a better place if more people were true to themselves as Madonna is. She’s a true pioneer it’s is wonderful you see beyond just her stardom and understand the true depth of her wisdom and love she is teaching to the world not enough people see that there’s nothing wrong with the love you have for her, im just jealous because i want her. I think she would appreciate those that are strong enough to make a difference in the world. One can change the many and the many can change the world. There is never a better time than the now. Poverty will never end whilst people continue to lack the love of self it is a reflection of the soul the yearn’s, to change the world to end war and famine is for humanity to embrace and awaken to who they really are. And no religion or scripture or teachings will do it they are guides but external which can distract, the answers lie within oneself and the oneness is the truth of it. Kill me and you kill yourself starve me and you starve yourself love me and you love yourself and v versa. How do i put those cute smiley faces on this thing πŸ™‚ love Marco

  32. Andy, beautiful one, im just teasing contrary to what everyone else says i think your the most sane on here, perhaps amusing at times but none the less your heart is in the right place and that is all that matters true ?

    I never doubt for one second that the love you have for Madonna is wrong except for the fact that i love and want her all to myself and so im jealous ha ha. maybe we can share her there’s plenty of her Love to go round true..

    The world would be a better place if more people were like her she’s a true pioneer and what most people fail to see but i know you do, is to look beyond the stardom and appreciate the deeper meanings of her music and art, she is teaching the world so much, its all about awakening the spirit and there is no time like the now.

    War and Famine is central to the pain awakened soul’s feel, many cope through denial and sadly others just don’t give a shit, no amount of awareness or charity will reverse the situation but it does help thats for sure.

    What will change the world and make it a heaven on earth cannot be found in religion or relied soley in scriptures or teachings of spirituality they are guides which can direct us to the path but they are external which if relied upon too much can distract and they can be open to manipulation something the authors and prophets of ancient times would not have desired.

    The truth emanates from within it is central to our existence, for humanity to heal and for war and famine to no longer exist humanity must embrace and love as one and that begins on an individual level, that is why such great teachers like Madonna come to play there have been many like her and many more will come to be, for she has awakened many but if even only one that one will change the world.

    Anyway im glad you saw the humor in my blog and realised at the end i was only kidding but had that last paragraph not been there would you have taken me seriously and doubted yourself i hope not, because if you truly love yourself and that s all that matters who gives a shit what i or anyone else thinks it does not matter what matters is your love for yourself will be contagious and effect all those around, do you think Madonna gives a shit about the controversy and criticism when she adopted David, i think not, people only criticize when someone threatens their belief systems their comfort zones the weakness of the weak souls afraid to love. The comfort zones that people have relied on so much afraid to wake up and evolve the very reason the world is in such a place. Bring it on M the world needs more like you. and i doing my best and even better to give you a helping hand, Andy too, we know ya

  33. Heaven is a place, hell is a space, and earth is the dream of the dolphin. watch them play watch them laugh and listen to them sing. they are wise, as we all are….

  34. Just one thing Andy,

    STOP TRYING SO HARD, your distracting me

  35. OMG guys please! yes madonna is a fantastic woman and of course love should be shown to each other but andy why dont you read over what you are saying before you send your comment? its a tad bit much! if you knew madonna as a check out girl in a supermarket would you be writing the same? all we know of this woman is her work and art which is fantastic but none of us actually know madonna! she could be a really horrible person( i know your not but just making a point) so why dont ya talk to her like you would talk to someone you consider an equal?i mean no disrespect to anyone but its getting painfull reading some comments and to me this page is about having fun. again i mean no disrespect but just CHILL!.. πŸ™‚

  36. Oh Andy i just read your msg that i was trying to save you.. like come on, i though you had no doubt.. of course your perfect.. like why would i save you. You can save yourself..you already have… EGO

  37. OMg i was just trying to be funny,,,, im not trying to create doubt or test or challenge but if i have then well…it was a pleasure…to help… makes me feel special…life is so sweet… like candy…where’s mine…i like chocolate.. ha ha … got ya…no doubt… REMEMBER…doubt creates uncertainty .. a bit like pushing shit uphill…messy

  38. hahaha

    you are laughing Marco!

    I am happy you are laughing.

    I am the child I always was, and inside I am overflowing with happiness, but sometimes the negativity of the world overwhelms me and I fall into my comfort zone of over protectiveness that manifests itself agressively with anyone who happens to be too close. This behaviour is indicative of my fear induced by others by their bashing. I work with some nasty people who are dragging my life downward. I just need to remove myself from their presence and I will be fine. I know and love myself well. I know what works for me and what does not.

    You seem like a happy soul.

    I think all we need to do is live happy lives that are genuine and true, with everyday full of loving tenderness.

    The path is difficult to achieve when we are not discerning enough for sake of ourselves in setting proper boundaries with those who make us feel toxic.

    I feel like a dear friend to Madonna, who does not have any thing for me other than tender love. I merely wish to encourage and protect her as a true and faithful friend at her side, in the same way I have learned how to protect my own joyous child within.

    I am happy you are of good strength mind and spirit, like a friend I have met on life’s journey.

    I do not wish to keep Madonna from a life of her own choosing, rather I am just stopping in to make sure she is ok, letting her know that I love her completely, and that I always will.

    Is that not what true loving friends do and feel for each other, where complete freedom to say anything among friends is how it is for long term friends?

    I have experienced some difficulty of my own, and I too take comfort in her warmth of heart the feels so good.

    I have grown to enjoy the real Madonna lately, with dancing of thoughts in my head, of how it could be if I were in her life, and yet I feel I am in her life now, merely because we enjoy each other’s company, a part of the day.

    Sometimes I go into my believe system to reveal it with lengthy posts, and for those who do not like my posts, then do not read them. Coming back in here to cast your anxiety upon words of Jesus is tantamount to closing the door into the kingdom of heaven of your own life. Not wise.

    I speak these things that are light from the kingdom of heaven, that is meant to draw you into the kingdom of heaven, able to remove all anxieties from your mind so that you may come to know love that is devoid of doubt.

    Ah well…the gnashing of teeth is plentifully, for those who take delight in such, outside the door with the others. Be careful, it’s a dangerous world out there.

    Anyway, Marco, it is always nice to see and read your words, that are pure of heart.

    I have entered into celibacy as a way to restore my heart, mind, body and soul to it’s original state. It is comforting to read words of a pure heart that so many do not embrace of their own heart and mind. Indeed, liberty and freedom awaits all who are drawn to the light of love and wisdom.

    Life is meant to be joyous, extraordinary and wonderous, the same way we felt as kids at the beach.

    All this negativity of the world just sucks, with all their attitudes I have grown tired of and so not me. My protective shell is God’s wisdom of truth, that is unable to be penetrated to bring me harm, and rather it is more of an annoying issue, for those of limited understanding, and ever boastful in their mockery of me. And to avoid entering into engagement of useless arguing with them in the future, I will perhaps retort to a simple and quick way, such as saying, fuck off.
    But that would not be very Christian of me, now would it. But then again, I am not one of the so called Christians.

  39. Anyway, please understand that I am in my protective mode.

    Have been for awhile. Life sucks when these nasty people keep bashing you daily.

    I almost walked off the job last week. I keep asking myself, why stay here.

    At some point I will determine once and for all, when I have had enough, just as I have always done in the past.

    Discernment is important. Without it, we cannot free ourselves from those who make us feel toxic.

  40. where is the cat in all this bla bla?

  41. who care’s about the cat. It’s dead anyway. What do you do with a dead cat . Put it in a bag and bury it. The cat’s in the bag.

  42. Andy,

    your wise word’s, Discernment, point taken and seriously at that, i’ve had enough toxic.

  43. Dear Souls,
    could anyone tell me what are you talking about…???


  44. Spiritual death is the foe, ever present among those who turn away from God’s love that is meant for you to know and feel in every waking moment.

    When you turn toward your loving heart, you turn toward God, and God is there with you, for God wants you to reflect on the issue or circumstance that is part of the path we are all on as we journey towards the kingdom of heaven filled with only love devoid of doubt and wisdom of truth about everything of this world.

    I am a true and faithful friend of God, and I am here for all of you.

    I dwell in the kingdom of heaven, the keys now found. The keys are meant to help deceive spiritual death, and are available to everyone, but it requires commitment and surrendering of your heart, mind body and soul to God’s love that is meant for you to know. For we are all from the pure and perfect place of harmony of the womb. It is ingrained in everyone.

    Truly we know how it feels when others go against the harmony of tender love that is the fabric of our soul.

    Truly we know tender love that is so easy for us to feel in our every waking moment.

    Truly you know tender love Marco, as is easily seen in all your words so cheerful of delight of love so bright.

    You are loving Marco.

    We all are, yet there still, is the ever lurking element of doubt about tender love in others with their approach with others. A mockery of sorts that is only of themselves, for the enlightened ones who dwell in the kingdom of heaven, that is much more than a mere perspective, and rather is our feelings of our own tender loving heart in every waking moment.

    Truly I tell you the kingdom of heaven is your own loving heart that senses the kingdom of heaven all around us.

    Truly I tell you that you shall not find any thing more valuable in life than your own loving heart that is able to know fully, love that is devoid of useless doubt, like that of those who are yet unwise.

    Who am I?

    I am a child of God, and God is the only one I trust, and yet I love all of you.

    We are all children of God swimming in the madness of a world yet unwise, that is often of spiritual death.

    Spiritual death is the lack of discernment of that which is loving and that which is not loving, that we are easily able to feel, and do, both of things which are unloving and so not us, as well as the tender loving moments of loved ones who are near.

    Spiritual death is for those who choose to remain unwise.

    Spiritual life is free for anyone to embrace, for God’s love is free for anyone to realize.

    We are all part of one big picture Marco, as you already know. Your genuine sincerity of heart is tender and mild, that I love. For I see this in everyone, even the most wretched of hearts is it there.

    We must be always in remembrance of the wisdom that love is FREE.

    Indeed, we are FREE to love one another all the time, just as I am loving you in this moment, for I always yearn to dwell in love’s embrace, like that of the lovers who are loving. For exceeding joyfulness is found with the lovers who are loving, and truly we know that this is where we all belong…in love’s embrace.

    I take shelter in Madonna loving heart, along life’s journey, because she is most loving, and I trust only her completely not to harm my tender loving heart.

    Do you remember the video of the doves flying out from her. We are her dove’s Marco, that she protects and nurture’s along life’s journey, in a world so bitter and cold sometimes.

    To meet with another dove like yourself who is taking shelter, is most extraordinary for us to know and feel the truth of who we are…tender loving souls.

    Truly we know love is the only thing of any value in life.

    Truly we know love is meant for us to fully know and feel.

    Truly we know the world is not a loving place, with so much doubtfulness about love, from many who shine for useless bitterness, that is of the pettiness of the unwise heart.

    Truly we know that we choose not to be like them, and yet where are we to go, when sometimes we find ourselves alone along life’s journey?

    Truly I tell you that God’s love is with us during these moments, for if we do not come forth from the bitterness of this world, then we shall not find the kingdom of heaven.

    And yet we are able to dwell in this bitter and unwise world, while ever learning and becoming wise on our journey.

    So take my hand Marco, and I will stay with you along life’s journey, for I am most joyous to be among someone who has a tender heart like yours, that is like mine.

    There is much to learn. But I am of the love that is devoid of doubt, and great is my patience to teach about the only thing of any value.

    I have already come before God, and surrendered my heart, mind, body and soul to God, for I too, found myself coming forth and away from a world so bitter and unwise, for great has the sorrow been in my life, that has been the result of bitterness and impatience with others, when I lost my lover to suicide.

    Although he died, he deceived spiritual death, and it was I who awoke to the truth that I was the one dwelling in spiritual death. His death awakened me to spiritual life, and the path I have been walking on since 1993, where Troy killed himself three days before Christmas.

    Worry not, for I am blessed and rich in my spiritual life, that is of great spiritual wealth of God’s love.

    Although my journey has been difficult, nothing shall ever be more difficult for me, as having lost the love of my life, on account of my own stupidness, that I shall not forgive myself of, and yet God has forgiven me, and dwells with me, knowing the depth of my loving heart.

    So worry not, for I shall always be somewhere near, ever yearning to dwell in love’s embrace of love so tender, like that of your love Marco, that I enjoy so much.

    I love you.

    Love, Andy

  45. Everything, everyone does, in every second of every day, affects us all directly and indirectly, and directly alters the future forever.

    Truly we know that each second of our life, each breathe, each heart beat, each step, alters the future forever.

    It is here, in these truth of all truths that I embrace as Truths that no one escapes from.

    It is here, in the doorway of the kingdom of heaven that I stand, looking upon each and every soul, in discernment of what is lacking in them, for I see clearly the truth in all things.

    All too often we take refuge in our comfort zones, becoming forgetful that there is a harsh reality out there for so many.

    I cannot turn away from the child who lays upon the ground with no food and shelter, or parents to hold them in the arms of tender love’s embrace. I cannot walk past these children any longer like I used to.

    So what is the solution?

    BEHOLD the Kingdom of Heaven that is spread out apon the earth that all loving hearts are able to know and feel. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  46. Come with me then, on our journey of tender loving kindness that overflows in the kingdom of heaven with hearts so bright and cheerful, for great is the abundance of exceeding joyfulness that is extraordinary and wonderous to behold.

    Truly I tell you that none shall find greater wealth than their own loving heart that is easily able to feel tender love that is gentle and mild in the kingdom of heaven all around us.

    Enough talk. Control your tongues. Listen.

  47. Every step matters.

    Every thought matters.

    Every discernment of the heart matters.

    Every second matters.

    Everyday matters.

    Everything matters to the loving heart, that feels everything, including the bitterness of this world so unloving at times.

    I greet you in peace and brotherly love.

    Take my hand if you dare, for many think that I am a fool and unwise, and yet I am not, and rather it is they in their speculation and presumption of me of their seemingly unlimited understandings of me.

    To be sure, I let them drink their own poison that they spu forth, knowing that they are not of the divine willingness of God’s love (yet), for if they were, their approach with me would not be so harsh.

    They have had their way with me, but not again, for I will not be found among their untruthfulness of the tender heart, like that of those who cast forth wretched bitterness of hypocrisy that is of the pettiness of the unwise heart. I am above these things that seek to cajole and entice us into bitter derangements and twisting of the soul.

    My love is sweet to the taste and tender to the touch of a hand that wishes to hold yours.

    Love, Andy

  48. Where’s my coffee? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  49. Wow…a foot of snow came down over night.

    Everything is so peaceful, with the blanket of snow that absorbs the sound, even more so on this quit Sunday. Incredible. So peaceful and mild.

  50. oh oh

    you won’t this one…

    yet you will, because I can prove it…that God exists.

    Hold on…I need to upload the video and pics.

  51. This one is for you Rosie…

    …who’s more nuts…I am for sure!

    But this one is truely most incredible I have ever seen.

    Uploading now.


  52. The time line is the proof for me, and yet I know that I likely will be the only one to believe the truth of it.

  53. Truly I tell you that it is God speaking directly to me.

    It is my relationship with God.

    I merely wish to share it with who ever.

    Coming soon to a theater near you…God and the craziest one of them all…me. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  54. brb

  55. I need some music for this video….hmmmm

  56. Joni?

  57. Here you go Marco.

    Check this out.

    I posted this youtube video on one of my blogs yesterday.

    And the next day I woke to a foot of snow and snow drifts, and this is what I found on my roof top.

    I know God exists.

    I know God’s love. I feel his presence with me that is of sincere love for everyone.

    Love, Andy

  58. On December 2nd, I posted this video on one of my blogs.

    The next day I woke to a foot of snow and snow drifts on my roof.

    This is what I found.

    I know God exists, more by the feeling of his presence with me. And to see this is simply amazing for me and my relationship with God’s pure love, that we are all able to feel, merely by the genuine and sincere feelings of love within us, regardless of race, religion, status, orientation, or what ever.

    We are all God’s loving children, and God is only loving compassionate wisdom that he wishes all of us to know.

    God is my destiny, which is my purpose in life to teach about Love.

    I greet you in peace and brotherly love.

    I love all of you.

    Love, Andy

  59. spelling error.

    should of said,

    December 1st, not 2nd.

    Today is the 2nd….doh! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  60. jesus Andy that was amazing, thank you for the credits and the surfing video very sweet, was waiting for the shark to come and stuff but lucky they were safe, i lost all my song’s and stuff i wrote on my blog and some that i never posted on my blog, well i posted them to a friend the originals and forgot to keep copies, omg im so stupid, anyway i trust that they be in safe hand’s. I have to be more organized.

    Omg everyone must think were crazy how funny is this i have not laughed so much in such a long time, no body knows..how crazy this is every ones crazy but to realize is to be sane, healthy crazy. God knows..
    Goodnight God, take care of sweet Andy and protect his tender heart.

    Oh and from tomorrow i promise to post comments that are relevant to Madonna’s posts omg ha. Sorry Madonna didn’t mean to take over your blog, but that’s what you get when two tender hearts collide..Indeed

    I am

  61. Joy! Joy! Joy!

    I have a new friend!

    And he is so incredibly loving and sweet like me!

    You are Awesome Marco.

    Thank you for being my friend. God knows I need loving friends right now, what with all the wretchedness of hearts in my world that continue to bash away at me.

    If it were not for God’s wisdom of the truth about wretchedness of the many hearts in the world, I would not have made it this far.

    I love you Marco.

    I am over joyed with our newly embraced friendship that is loving and true of us, for we know our own loving hearts, just as Jesus always knew we are capable of.

    Jesus spoke of the pearl. The pearl is our own loving heart so tender and mild.

    So protect it well by means of the truth of all things, where darkness of ignorance serves the enlightened ones, by means of the truth of what not to become.

    Where your heart is, there too shall be your treasure and your life…at all times.

    what we turn towards, we become…at all times.

    Turn away from wretchedness of heart of those yet caught in the snare of captivity that holds fast and binds their heart into bitter captivities. The power of the All is able to free them, but difficult for just one to adjust them back to their original loving state of heart, mind, body and soul.

    Just as we are able to do so, in the way that we do, by turning towards the love we feel everyday in our heart, for God is with us when we do.

    When we turn away from God, we turn away from our own loving heart, for God dwells in our loving heart, and I dwell in God’s heart, as well as the many loving friends of God that we have come to know, like Madonna and Rosie.

    Blessed are those who are loving, for God is with us.

    I am a true and faithful friend of God, and you will always find me here, somewhere close in Madonna’s heart who shields us from the bitter cold of the ignorance of this world.

    She too is like us, a tender loving soul. We all need each other. Remember this.

    Love, Andy

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